Story by Eric

After spending Thursday morning touring The University of Washington campus with stops at the workouts for the hot college athletes men's tennis team and the men's rowing club, we had lunch on campus with some of the hot jocks. Then after lunch, we changed into our running shorts, tank tops and tennis shoes for a long run with some of the hot studs around the men and women's track. We got back to the hotel around 3 PM. I in particular was exhausted and flopped down on the sofa in the setting room while John got us both a cold coke from our room's bar.

As we set there drinking our cold drinks drenched in sweat from the long workout run smelling our sweaty feet after taking off our tennis shoes, it was not long before horny John, the constant aroused libido driven sex addict, moved close to me and began to rub one of his sweaty legs against my wet leg. As he used his handsome black eyes to look deep into my blue eyes, he radioed pure lust for me. In less than two minutes, he took his sexy hand and began to rub it up my leg. Then I felt his hand go under my shorts, locate my balls, massage them and soon he had pressed his hand on my stiffening cock. It was obvious we were about to have another hot session of wild sex. I had no intention of stopping John as I wanted him as much as he wanted me.

I did say: "Oh Fuck Buddy, you have me so turned on. How could I ever resist your incredible sexy body and especially that beautiful face, hot lips, wild kisses, gorgeous dark smooth cock with a huge mushroom cock head and yes the most beautiful bubble dark ass cheeks. Babe, we both need to clean up before we fuck."

This gave John the opening he was looking for when he removed his hand from my pulsating cock, took my hand in his hand, pulled me off the sofa and said: "OK Baby, off to the shower where we can clean up. You need to know that I've been wanting you to fuck me in the shower ever since we met."

We shed our clothes. The idea of making love in the shower had me wild with lust, as I felt my cock swell until it was stone hard. I also noticed that John had a huge full erection and a few drops of pre-cum had formed on that incredible huge cock head.

The presidential suite had a huge walk-in shower that included several different types of scented soaps (both liquid and solid bars). John had discovered and turned on pipe-in music that came down from the ceiling of the shower. He had also lit the most sweet smelling scented candles that were placed at the entrance to the shower room. My fuck buddy knew just how to make me horny as hell and he would get just what he wanted and that was my hard cock up his pussy. I began to wonder how many straight and gay couples had fucked in this awesome shower in the past. Man was I ever ready to be added to that list.

As the showerhead streamed warm water over our sweaty bodies, we were so excited and soon we were clean from the sweat and dirt. At that point, John took charge of our needs for sex and began to pour the best smelling scented liquid soap all over my body. He pushed my whole frame under the showerhead; I placed my hands on the wall behinnd the shower head; spread my legs for John; and pushed my ass backward for my fuck buddy. Holy shit, he used his young sexy soapy hands to run them up and down my entire body from both the front and back. I almost lost my load when he began to clean and massage my hard cock and balls. I was at his mercy that was different from our usual roles as me usually being the aggressor. Holy shit, next I felt his soapy fingers drive deep into my ass.

I began to beg: "OH FUCK, OF FUCK, BABE, this is so hot!!! Man, I'm hornier than a female cat in heat. Oh my god, your hands running up and down my body, your stroking my cock, your fingers up my ass and your hot breath are making me wild with lust for you."

Then John made the ultimate move that made me wild for him. He got down on his knees as the water ran over us. He used his hands to part my ass cheeks and I felt his wet lips and tongue began to suck my asshole. John went wild thrusting his tongue deep as he could into my ass pass my ass rings. He moaned and wildly thrust his mouth forward rimming my hot ass. This was too erotic to control my urges any longer.

I felt the surge building in my nuts, my cock actually grew a little more and with an animal lust, I used my hand to grab my cock and I began to stroke it wildly and very fast. In less than a minute, I shot burst after burst of my thick seed onto the wall of the shower. This so please John that he turned me around facing him and he used his lips to circle my cock head and he began to suck the remaining cum out of my dick and swallowed my man seed.

Then he said: "OH WOW, did you like that buddy? Man you shot a mother load on that wall and it really tasted good in my mouth. Now I want you to fuck me with that still hard cock. Look your cock is still stone hard. I bet you can shoot a second load in my pussy, you slut."

I don't think I'd ever been more eager to come a  second time in such a short time. My Babe pushed his dark smooth bubble ass back toward my cock and placed his hands up on the wall connecting his hands with my cum stuck on the wall. I was not about to take time to rim that awesome ass as I was wild to stick my cock up that pussy. I used my hands to spread those dark hot ass cheeks of John and thrust my aching cock deep inside the world's best ass. I began to feel primordial desires as I soon was fucking that ass faster and faster.

John began to experience pure pleasure as he begged: "Oh Babe, FUCK ME , FUCK ME, YAAAAAAA, MMMMMMMMMM, that is it. Come inside me. Breed me now Baby."

WOW, John was so turned on that he began to use his lips and tongue to lick my cum off the wall. When I saw him do that, I lost it and erupted with my second load of cum deep in his ass. I turned him around, got down on my knees and took his pulsating cock deep in my throat. Shit, he did not last more than a minute when he erupted with blast after blast of his semen deep in my throat that I swallowed. 

We finished showering off the cum and the cum out of John's ass, got dressed and went out for a nice dinner with great satisfaction of yet another great fuck.


After a day on the lake sailing on Friday, we returned to the hotel around 3 PM and discovered a note under our door from the hot hotel bellboy who had delivered our luggage to our room that last Sunday on our arrival. The note invited us to a "sausage party" that evening at the home of a wealthy gay couple. We had dinner around 5 PM and arrived at the home around 8 PM.

The hosts greeted us at the door, a handsome couple in their early 30's. We noticed ten youn gay couples ranging from what apperaed to be around 20 to 23 years in age setting on sofas around this large living room drinking beer and liquor dressed in shorts and tank tops. They all were really hot and very handsome. We spotted the 20-year-old bellboy from our hotel, Dirk, and his dark handsome boyfriend that looked to be no more than 21-years-of-age. Dirk and his date approached us as Dirk said: "Hey guys, thanks for coming. You're in for a hot wild evening at this "sausage party". Joe, the bar tender, will mix you a drink of your choice. Have you ever been to a "sausage party before? They are wild and there is sex going on by ever one here."

We had no more than got our drinks and took a seat on one of the sofas when the hosts took the temporary stage at one end of the room. They introduced three hot male dancers that looked to be about 20 years old dressed only in a very tight pair of red shorts revealing what looked like huge packages inside those shorts. They were each about 5-feet and 10-incheds tall, weighed around 150 solid ribbed pounds with a blonde, a redhead and a dark haired dude. They began a very erotic dance to a strip tease music blaring from an expensive musical equipment.  The guys in the room began to let out wild loud cheers and cat calls encouraging the dancers. Soon many of the guys yelled: "Take it off, take it all off, lets those big cocks and balls, shoot a load for us."

Man was the action hot and I felt my cock grow stiff as did John's big boner. I'd never been in a room with more hot horny guys.

In less than five minutes, the ten couple plus John and I were totally horny watching those exotic male dancers. The party really got going as each couple began to wildly kiss their date, grope each other and take off their shorts until everyone was butt naked. We followed by removing our clothes to become part of the action. Some of the couple spread out on the sofas and other couples got down on the carpet. Soon the guys were giving thier partner hot blowjobs. I stretched out on the sofa as John took my throbbing cock deep in his throat. The room became filled with sloppy blowjobs, moaning and the smell of raging libidos by the hot studs. This was the first "sausage party" that John and I had even experienced and we loved what was happening.

Things really heated up when the three dancers slowly removed their shorts and revealed those monstrous cocks that were at least 9-inches. Oh my god, the hot blonde got down on the stage on his back, lifted his legs and feet high in the air, the sexy redhead got down and drove his huge cock all the way in that pink hairless ass of the blonde. Then the dark haired sexy guy shoved his cock into the blonde's mouth. WOW, what a threeway that was.

All the couples got ready to fuck following the fucking action on stage. One of the guys from each couple got on his back and his partner drove his cock deep into the bitch who had become the bottom. Man I was so hot and loved to be an exhibtionist so grabbed John's hand, pulled him up on stage where the dancers were fucking, put John down on his back, put his legs and feet on my shoulders, drove my hot cock deep in his ass and began to fuck the hell out of his now familair ass to me.

The sounds of sex and hot sex smell filled the room. It was not long before everyone was ready to cum. I heard guys yell: "I'm coming, I'm coming." Load after load of cum was shot in those asses until everyone was spent. The bottoms shot their loads on the carpet, the stage and on the sofas.The hosts gave us all cum rags, we cleaned up, put on our clothes, had more drinks and some food. We chatted for awhile and got to know one another.

In the end there were pools of cum all over the room. Man, the hosts would need a cleaning crew the next day.

Finally, we all were tired and many were drunks ready for bed.

When John and I got back to our hotel. we were too tired to shower so we stripped naked and went to bed still smelling of hot body sweat and cum. The post orgasm odors of sex had us ready and horny for more sex but we needed some sleep as we would have an early flight Saturday morning to Spokane, Washingtton.


Naughty Eric


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