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The tribe’s house was much quieter than usual. The senior boys were away on an out-of-town trip, the junior boys were at the homes of their respective masters, which left only the five senior men in the house – the boss Randy, his lover Bob, the cop Mark, the leatherman Zack, and the Aussie Adam – plus the twins, Kyle and Kevin, to take care of them.

While the five men gathered for lunch by the pool the beautiful identical twins were in their favorite place (the kitchen), doing what they loved most (cooking), with the man they loved best (each other). They were the boys of the handsome co-founder of the tribe, Bob, whom they idolized, so when they heard, “Hi, guys, how are things going?” they looked up and beamed identical smiles as Bob walked in.

“Thought I should see if you need any help in here. I want this to be a special ‘senior-men’ meal, guys … and you’ll join us, of course. Anything I can do?”

“We pretty much have everything under control.” Kevin said. “Healthy, filling, gourmet food to satisfy the appetite of any senior man … even ours.” Kyle added, “Though now you mention it, sir, those carrots on the counter there need cutting.”

“I’m your man,” Bob smiled and set about his task with gusto. He loved this, working with his handsome boys in their kitchen, seeing them so confident, relaxed … and so happy. But, even though he was their master and one of the tribe’s bosses, there was no doubt who were the rulers of this little kingdom, and they didn’t hesitate to throw out orders.

“No, no, that’s all wrong,” said Kyle. “Not big chunks like that … you need to julienne them.”


“Julienne means cutting them in thin strips like this,” and he demonstrated to a flummoxed Bob. But Kevin interceded. “Oh never mind. Here, maybe you should just take care of the risotto. It just needs continuous stirring – all there is to it. Hard to screw that up … sir,” he grinned.

“Even for a klutz like me, eh?” Bob smiled. “Hey, tough room. I’m glad I’m not a kitchen assistant to chefs like you two.”

“But you are, sir, right now. So keep stirring, slowly, and don’t stop.”

“Aye-aye, sir.” Suitably chastened and put in his place by his own boys the handsome alpha male smiled to himself as he stirred per instructions – and caught the mischievous glances between the twins.

After his task was complete and before he left the kitchen Bob had a quick word with the boys, reassuring them that, although they were the only boys in a group of horny senior men, nothing was expected of them that they did not want to do.

The twins exchanged quick smiles and Kyle said, “Thank you for saying that sir, but we already discussed it and we know exactly what we’re going to do.”

“I bet you do,” Bob chuckled. “I love you guys.”


After the meal was served the twins took their place at table. Conversation flowed as freely as the wine, and the men held nothing back in the presence of the twins. The boys joined in almost as equals, voicing their opinion on many of the topics discussed with no inhibitions or hesitation.

Bob flashed a smile at Randy, who knew that Bob considered their self-confidence to be the ultimate sign of their undeniable manhood. No fists, no yelling or boasting, just supreme self-assurance holding their own in the company of men.

In fact, halfway through the meal they coolly dealt with what could have been an embarrassing moment. Randy, well lubricated with wine, was known for speaking before he thought. “Well, guys, our boys are off doing their own thing, no doubt fucking each other in a senior-boy orgy instead of getting fucked by us. So what ya’ll gonna do to get your rocks off? All we got today is the gorgeous twins here and they can’t take on all you guys at once.”

In the uneasy silence Bob shot a warning glance at Randy who raised his palms in the air and said, “Oops, there he goes again … every time the dumb gypsy opens his mouth he puts his big hoof in it. Sorry, boys, my words didn’t exactly come out the way they went in.”

But the twins smiled serenely, taking it all in stride, and rescued the moment. “No problem, sir” Kyle said. “You know that Kevin and I always plan a meal to the last detail, not only the food but the entertainment too.” As always the boys spoke in sequence, completing each other’s sentences, and Kevin spoke next.

“Yes, sir,” he said, “and we already foresaw the problem you refer to. We agree that it would be difficult – though not impossible – to accommodate all you gentlemen with, shall we say, extra services – or as Randy would put it, to help you all ‘get your rocks off’.” Bob snickered quietly and the others grinned at this subtle put-down of the boss.

Kyle took over. “We would be privileged to offer ourselves to any of you gentlemen, but in the interest of fairness and impartiality we thought that the only solution was to draw lots so that one of the masters will do us the honor of using our bodies for the entertainment of the others. That is, if you all agree.”

The men all looked at Bob as the natural arbiter of his boys’ rather radical suggestion. He frowned at first, then looked at the twins, at their smiling, eager faces, and realized they were even more in control of the situation than they let on. His face broke into a smile and he said, “Boys, I think it’s a great idea. If that’s what you want, go for it.”

“Thank you, sir.” Kevin reached over to a side table and picked up a small silver bowl. “We already prepared this bowl as you see, sirs.” He tilted it toward them so they could see the folded pieces of paper inside. “Five slips of paper each with a name on it – simple as that.” He held it up high and said, “Brother, will you do the honors?”

Kyle reached up and fumbled in the bowl as suspense settled over the group. He pulled out a folded slip of paper and held it in the air. The tension built as the masters focused on the boys, each man trying to anticipate what he would do with the twins if selected. The brothers delayed the moment of truth by unfolding the paper, looking at it and smiling at each other.

“This is as bad as the damn Oscars,” Randy blurted. “Come on, guys, who the fuck is it?”

“Sorry, sir, but we had to milk the moment,” Kevin smiled. “OK, without further ado … here goes. And the winner is …” They held up the paper so the others could read it.

“The winner is … Zack!”

During the ensuing commotion round the table Bob surreptitiously reached behind him to the side table where Kevin had replaced the bowl. A quick look was enough to confirm his suspicions. Every slip of paper bore the name Zack.

Bob looked up, smiled at his boys and touched his fingers to his forehead, saluting their devious ploy. Just like their master, the twins were in total control. Of course they were.

*********************   CHAPTER 335    *********************

The men congratulated Zack heartily but the leather-master looked uncomfortable. He smiled weakly at the twins and said, “Guys, you are two of the sexiest guys around, and the fact that your beauty is ‘times two’ makes you even more irresistible. Bob is a lucky man to have you as his boys and it would be an honor for any man to fuck you. But … I don’t think it should be me.

There were looks of surprise round the table. “See, don’t get me wrong, I’m real flattered. But all you guys know me – a rough construction worker who’s into leather, bondage and all that shit. Man, I play real rough – just ask Darius – but you guys deserve something more refined and subtle than me.”

Zack grinned. “One time when we’d both drunk too much – remember buddy? – Bob told me some of the things he does with you boys when he visits your bedroom, and it made me cream my jeans just hearing about it. That’s what you deserve, kids, a gorgeous muscle-god like him who can turn you on just by looking at you with those soft brown eyes, a guy who can make tender love to you and wrap his arms round you while you sleep.”

He shrugged. “That’s not me, kids. I don’t do tender. Like I said, I play rough and I’m afraid I would hurt you. That’s the last thing I would want to risk with beautiful boys like you, and it would be an insult to a man I love and respect, my buddy Bob.”

It was a long speech for the normally taciturn Zack and it surprised and moved everyone, testifying to the honor and decency of a man known as a tough leather-master. Bob grabbed his hand. “Thanks for saying that, Zack. You’re a prince among men.”

“But you see, sir,” Kevin said smilingly to Zack, “it wouldn’t be like that at all. My brother and I may look kinda soft and fragile sometimes, but under the surface that’s not us at all. We’re not Bob’s boys for nothing.” Kyle added, “We guarantee you won’t hurt us, sir. We always know just what we’re doing.”

Zack looked questioningly at Bob who grinned, “They do, too. Just go with the flow, buddy.”

“Well, that’s settled,” said Kyle decisively. “But that’s for later – after dessert. Now how about some peach cobbler, sirs? It’s a recipe we got from Danny up at the Grady House – orchard-fresh peaches, low-fat pastry.”

Kevin explained, “You know Danny’s a master pastry chef and he’s always serving up great desserts to Grady and Mario. They love them more than anything … except for each other,” he grinned. “It’s in the oven already … we’ll just go and get it. Take us ten minutes.”

They ran off, taking the dirty dishes with them, and Randy laughed, “Shit, talk about changing the subject – from rough sex to peach cobbler in under three seconds. Hard to keep up with those boys of yours, Bob.”

“Well my head’s spinning,” said Zack. “What am I letting myself into? I guess the real question is, what have I got to lose?”

“No, mate,” Adam said in his Aussie drawl. “The real question is, what have you got to gain?”

“A whole lot, I’d say,” said Mark. “Those kids sure looked happy it was your name that came out of the bowl.”

Bob looked around the table. “Er, yeah, about that … I think in all fairness and honesty I should give you an idea of just how in control the twins are … and don’t let those angelic faces fool you. They know what they want and they go for it – by hook or by crook. This time it was by crook.”

Bob put the silver bowl on the table and let each man pull out a slip of paper. Laughter erupted round the table as they realized that each slip bore the name ‘Zack’. Randy laughed loudest of all and pounded his hand on the table. “Son of a bitch, I love those guys – right out of my own playbook … just go for it and to hell with the rules.”

Zack looked pleased. “Hey, that means the twins really wanted me.” Then he frowned. “You think that’s a good or a bad thing?”

“Guess we’ll soon find out,” Mark said. “Have another drink, Zack. You’re gonna need it.”


The peach crumble was a great success, greeted so enthusiastically that it chased thoughts of the upcoming entertainment from their minds – well almost.

Zack saw the twins in a new light – two gorgeous, identical boys so intent on having sex with him that they had resorted to conniving methods to ensure that it happened. He had never done anything sexual with them before because they were so different from him, a whole different flavor – vanilla to his chocolate – white linen to his black leather.

But on the whole he was feeling better about the whole thing. It was ironic that the boys’ gentle assertiveness was needed to overcome the leather-master’s hesitation. He was sure now that he would not hurt the twins – because they had told him so. That was enough.

Eventually, after second- and third-helpings of dessert, the meal was over and the twins cleared the table, leaving only wine bottles and glasses, then bringing out coffee and brandy. The men, well lubricated with liquor, settled back comfortably to watch the show. All except Zack who wondered what came next. Was he supposed to take the lead?

No, he wasn’t. That question was answered by the twins who smilingly took the floor and addressed the men. Kyle went first. “Gentlemen, we wanted to bring you something different from your everyday fuck and suck routine – not just two identical brothers getting fucked by a leather muscle-god.”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mate,” laughed Adam.

“Certainly not,” smiled Kevin, “as a basic theme. But we thought we should, er, dress it up a little – maybe add a touch of the fantasy this tribe specializes in.” He looked at Zack. “So sir, we would like you to accompany us over to your house so we can make our entrance from there.”

Kyle grinned. “After all, making an entrance is something else the tribe specializes in.”

Zack hesitated again but the rowdy consensus round the table was that he should go for it. Mark laughed, “Like you said, dude, what have you got to lose?”

“I guess we’ll find out,” Zack smiled. He got up and led the twins to his house across the street.

“Have you got any idea what they’re up to, mate?” Adam asked Bob.

“Nope, none at all. They don’t tell me everything, you know. They like to surprise me. They’re good a surprises.”

“Yeah, something they learned from you, buddy,” Randy grinned. “Well my money’s on the boys. That stunt they pulled to set this up impressed the hell out of me.”

“And don’t let those placid polite appearances fool you,” Bob said. “Those boys have hidden depths. They’ve let me see a few of them in the past and I reckon we’re about to see more.”

As they drank, the men traded ever more elaborate theories of what the boys had in store for Zack, when suddenly the gate opened and their questions were answered.

“Holy shit,” said Randy.


It was like a scene from a low-budget porn video – a macho black leatherman wearing only boots and leather chaps, no pants, bare-assed, his huge dick swinging free between his legs. Behind him were the twins, buck naked, arms stretched in front of them, led by Zack with ropes tied round their wrists.

Mark smiled, “Huh, pretty standard so far … leather-master captures two gorgeous boys, identical twins, drags them to his lair where he’s gonna fuck the shit out of them in turn. So what else is new?”

“Too right, mate,” drawled Adam. “Been there, done that.”

“Let’s just wait and see, eh guys?” Bob chuckled. He saw Randy tense instinctively. “And no springing to the boys’ rescue, Randy. I have a feeling they can take care of themselves.”

When they reached the center of the lawn Zack said, “OK, boys, before I butt-fuck you both you’re gonna make your master good and ready.”

“Yes, sir,” they said obediently in unison and held out their wrists to be released. When Zack untied them Kyle fetched a blanket they had previously stowed nearby and they both spread it on the lawn in full view of the intrigued group of men at the table.

“Please, sir.” They stood symmetrically one on each side of the blanket, one arm stretched downward extending an invitation for Zack to lie on the ground. “Right,” Zack said, “let’s see what you got, serving your master.” He lay on his back on the blanket in his leather chaps and boots, his upper body bare, ebony muscles gleaming in the sun. With his strong, square-cut features and shaved head he was the iconic leather master giving orders to his boys.

“Hm, Zack sure seems to be getting off on this,” Adam said.

“Wouldn’t you?” grinned Mark. “Displaying your macho dominance to you buddies, with two gorgeous boys obeying your orders?”

The boys were getting into it too as they knelt one on each side of him. Only Bob noticed the brief glance that shot between them, their silent way of communicating with each other. Yes, he smiled to himself, the twins could take care of themselves.

From each side the twins leaned down and, working in rhythmic harmony, kissed Zack’s smooth, ebony skin, then licked it – between the ridges of his washboard abs, up the cleft between his solid pecs – and then flicked their tongues at his hard nipples. “Mmm,” Zack groaned, linking his hands behind his head and watching the two beautiful faces work on him.

“Yeah, make that body feel good, boys. Work on it … make my dick good and hard so I can give those asses the treatment they deserve.”

The boys obeyed, redoubling their efforts, lightly biting the nipples, then turning their attention to his arms and kissing his biceps. His hands were still locked behind his head, elbows bent, putting his armpits on full view. The twins glanced at each other with a trace of a smile, and buried their faces in his pits, savoring the smell and taste of his damp wiry hair.

Zack was moaning now, giving himself up to the tender ministrations of the sensuous twins. They pulled their faces off his arms then licked his stubbled chin … and kissed his lips, both of them probing his mouth with their tongues. He removed his hands from behind his head and ran his fingers through their tousled hair while they kissed and licked his lips.

When they pulled off Zack’s mouth they turned their heads and kissed each other inches from Zack’s dazzled eyes. “Holy shit,” he groaned, “that’s fucking incredible, kids.” He flexed his muscles as he felt his cock stiffen, and stretched his arms above his head on the ground, looking like a muscular black prisoner stretched on the rack. He closed his eyes and surrendered himself to the erotic sensation of the twins’ sexual talents.

The warm, sensual mouths moved down his body and he felt tongues flicking at the head of his cock. They licked the length of his shaft, then suddenly one mouth was over the head. As Zack’s cock slid into the warm mouth he groaned, “Oh man, that feels amazing. Suck your master’s dick, boy, take it all the way down.” And while one brother sucked his cock the other sucked his nipples.

“Gentlemen,” Bob said quietly to the other three men, “you are watching the gentle art of seduction. And these boys are experts – I should know.”

“Hell,” Mark said, “they should be … like all the boys they’ve had lessons from Eddie, the master cock-sucker of all time. When that kid worked at the leather bar in the desert he spent so many hours on his knees he created techniques that were so new he could have taken out a patent.” They laughed quietly, but suddenly they were stunned into silence by what came next.

Kevin worked Zack’s cock using all the tricks Eddie had taught him, bringing him to the cusp of orgasm, then leaving him in the exquisite frustration of orgasm denied as he paused and exhaled warm breath over the trembling cock.

By now Zack was in a state of nirvana, totally in thrall to the sensuous nurturing by the twins, so when he felt Kevin pull off his cock he moaned in a trance, “Don’t stop … feels so good. Suck me, boy … suck your master’s dick.”

Zack was distracted by the other twin, Kyle, rolling his nipples harder in his fingertips, even his finger nails, so he was only dimly aware of his leather-clad legs being raised in the air. But he was jolted back to reality when Kevin’s cock suddenly, without warning, plunged deep in his ass.

“Aaagh! No! Fuck you, boy. Pull out … that’s an order, or I’ll fucking … mmm …”

His words were stifled by Kyle’s mouth clamping down on his in a churning kiss that forced Zack to respond with his own tongue sliding against the boy’s. Kevin fucked gently while Kyle kissed tenderly and once again the leatherman was tamed.

When Kyle felt Zack relax and his resistance weaken he pulled off his mouth and shifted position. He moved behind his head leaned forward and arched over him, only his hands and feet touching the ground, his cock pointing straight down at his mouth. Looking up Zack saw the golden-tanned body stretched over him, saw the young stiff cock inches from his face … and he opened his mouth in a final act of spellbound surrender to the twins.

The rest was inevitable. Kyle lowered his hips and his stiff cock sank easily into Zack’s open mouth and down his throat. The macho leather-master was now getting butt-fucked and face-fucked by the twins – generally known for their politeness, gentleness … and culinary skills. They had dipped their toes (and their cocks) into the rough, tough world of leather, and come out on top … in every sense of the word.

“Wow, good on ya, mates,” Adam murmured, stroking the bulge in his shorts as he watched the leatherman get double-fucked, leather chaps and boots pushed high in the air. “Now there’s a turn-up for the books. Didn’t see that coming. But I guess they had it all planned – they wanted him bare-assed in chaps, so they could get to his ass and dick. One thing I don’t understand, though, is why Zack didn’t fight back. He’s a natural fighter, an alpha stud who would never let himself be overpowered like that.”

“Nah,” Randy said, with a hint of pride, “you don’t know those twins like I do. I taught them how to defend themselves and told them the first rule is to scope out your opponent’s weakness. And they found Zack’s – his love and respect for them. He said right here that he would never hurt them. Sure, Zack is as tough as they come – he could beat any man in a fight – even me sometimes. But he would never hurt a hair of those boys’ heads and they know it. They know that’s why he would never fight back.”

Bob grinned, “Yeah that, plus he’s having a helluva good time. Why fight that?”

And Zack was not fighting at all. Bob was right, he was having a hell of a great time, feeling Kevin pounding his ass while Kyle’s pre-cum dribbled into the back of his throat. The twins were smiling at each other, their faces close as Kyle arched over Zack’s body and Kevin leaned forward between his legs. The tableau was complete as their mouths touched and locked in a loving, decidedly un-fraternal kiss while they fucked the leatherman beneath them.

It was too much for Zack who reached down and stroked his rock-hard cock. He needed to cum. But Kevin batted his hand away and said, “Not yet, sir. My brother hasn’t had his turn yet. It’s a rule we have … we share everything equally … especially an ass.”

Suddenly they were off him, both standing over him stroking their cocks. As Zack looked up at them, with the sun behind them creating an aura round them, the smiling boys looked angelic and he would have done anything they asked for. “Sir, it is my turn at your ass,” Kyle said, “but I would like to make it easy for you. I would consider it an honor if you would sit on my cock sir.”

Zack watched Kyle’s youthful muscles ripple as he sank to his knees and lay flat on his back on the ground. Zack scrambled to his feet and stood astride Kyle’s chest. The boys looked up at the shirtless muscle-god, boots planted on the ground, his long black cock standing stiff out of his leather chaps. “Please, sir,” Kyle smiled seductively.

Zack sank to his knees over the boy and lowered his hips so his ass slid easily over his cock. “Oh yeah,” he groaned, your cock feels so good in my ass, boy.”

“Please, sir. Would you kiss me?”

Willingly Zack leaned forward and marveled at the serene, handsome young face as he bent closer and closer and felt the warm, sensuous lips touch his. His hips moved slowly up and down on the boy’s cock while their mouths explored each other. Once again Zack was lulled into an ecstatic trance as he made love to this exquisite boy.

Then suddenly … “Aaagh.” His head jerked back as he felt another cock forcing its way into his ass, sliding against Kyle’s. He was getting double fucked by these beautiful boys … identical faces, identical cocks! At first the pain was intense and reflexively Zack started to object but Kyle looked up at him with a broad smile. “Please relax, sir. This was inevitable. As my brother said, we share everything equally … especially an ass.”

Inevitable. Suddenly Zack realized that this had all been inevitable, right up to this stunning climax. He had been seduced and subdued by these bewitching brothers – overwhelmed not by fists and physical strength, but by tenderness, affection … and sensual beauty. Submission was unfamiliar to a powerful man like Zack but now he surrendered willingly and moaned, “Oh yeah. Fuck me, boys, both of you. My ass is yours.”

The four men at the table stood up and watched in disbelief as the scene unfolded. They came forward and stood round them, stroking their cocks as they gazed down at the amazing sight of the rugged leather master getting fucked in the ass by both handsome young twins at once.

As they fucked gently Kevin kissed Zack’s neck from behind, then looked over his shoulder at Kyle smiling up at him from the ground. Zack suddenly flashed on one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen. As he stared down at Kyle he saw in his eyes the reflection of his brother. One stunning boy reflected in the eyes of his identical twin. And both their cocks were inside him!

As the cocks moved in unison, sliding on top of each other deep in the leatherman’s ass, Zack moaned, “I gotta, cum … it feels so damn hot … I gotta bust my load.”

“When we hear the magic word, sir,” Kyle smiled mischievously.

“OK, guys … I give up … I need to cum so bad. Fuck me … please … alright, I submit!”

The twins exchanged a smile of triumph and their cocks pistoned against each other inside Zack until the climax came with the boys both shouting, “We love you, sir!” Zack’s body bucked and his muscles tensed, as he felt semen pouring inside him from two cocks, and his own erupted over his own chest and face.

They were dimly aware of streams of jism raining down on them from the four men staring at one of the most incredible sights they had seen – the musclehunk black leather master submitting to the flawless twins as they double-teamed him. They had lived up to their rule of sharing everything equally … especially an ass.


The four men applauded loudly and stepped back as Zack rose up off the two dicks, stood up and pulled the twins to their feet. Dripping with cum he held his arms out wide, wrapped them round the boys and flashed a gleaming smile. “Un-fucking-believable,” he said. “Man did I walk into that honey trap! Hey Bob, any chance you’re looking for a buyer for these two studs. Name your price.”

Bob laughed. “Like they say in the commercials, Zack – two identical, gorgeous golden boys … priceless! Not for sale, buddy. They belong to me, and always will.”

“Damn, well at least let me give them a reward. Come with me, kids, I’ve got a present for you.”

They flashed a triumphant smile at Bob and followed Zack through the gate and across the street to his house, leaving behind a stunned group of men, shaking their cocks dry and stuffing them back in their shorts. “So, not bad eh, guys?” said Bob beaming with pride. “Told you they were full of surprises.”

“They knew what they were doing right from the get go,” Mark said.

“Well, some of it they made up as they went along,” Bob said, “but they have this way of communication with their eyes … like they can read each other’s thoughts. They’re closer than any two guys I’ve ever seen. They’ve spent their whole young lives fighting to stay together, even though people wanted to separate them.”

“Well that ain’t never gonna happen,” Randy growled. “Anyone tries a stunt like that they’ll have to trash me first, and that ain’t never gonna happen either.”

They all smiled at Randy knowing he was deadly serious. Bob’s boys were part of the family and nobody messed with Randy’s family.

Just then Zack came back with a broad smile on his face. “I gave them their birthday presents early. Just wait ‘til you see this.” He sat at the table with them and Adam poured brandy all round. Randy raised his glass and said, “A toast to our buddy Zack, the unbeaten leather stud who just got beaten by a couple of sexy young brothers – and not a punch was thrown. Next time I fight you, big guy, I’ll try and remember some of their moves.”

They were drinking an exuberant toast when they froze, glasses still raised in the air. “Holy fucking shit,” Randy said. “I don’t believe it.”

The boys came through the gate, striding in lockstep. Zack’s present had been leather outfits – boots, tight leather pants and black leather vests flapping open over their chests. It should have looked incongruous on two polite, mild-mannered boys like this, but they rose to the occasion and carried it off like seasoned leather boys.

“You like, sir?” Kyle asked Bob as they held out their arms to the side showing themselves off.

Bob had never seen the twins like this – he was used to their usual white shorts and T-shirts – and these leather outfits created a whole new image of raw masculinity. The vests accentuated their muscularity and they instinctively clenched their square jaws and their fists. “You look … you look amazing,” Bob said. “Real tough … almost kinda scary.”

“Good,” Kevin chuckled. “Be very afraid, guys.” (Bob noted the temporary lack of ‘sirs’.)

“Zack,” Mark grinned, “that is a perfect gift for the boys, especially after what they did to you – like two leather boys double teaming their master. Hell, I want my boy Jamie looking like this. Gets my fantasy wheels spinning – the blond surfer becomes a macho leather stud.”

“Bloody brilliant, mates,” Adam agreed. “And I know a thing or two about the leather world after spending all those nights in the Sydney leather bars when I lived there. Hell, if I’d walked into a bar and seen two hot young blokes looking like that I’d have told you … no, I would have asked you to come home with me to my private leather room.”

Kyle said, “And we would have said …” they spoke in unison … “’Yes please, sir’.”

Randy had been silent thus far but now said, “The look is great, guys, but you gotta have the attitude to go with it. Someday soon I’ll take you to the gym downstairs and show you what I mean.” He glanced at Bob. “That is, if Bob agrees.”

Bob laughed. “Boys, that’s what Pablo calls Randy’s ‘butch-it-up’ training – essential for anyone in macho gear like that. I agree, provided I get to watch and bust a load – or two – while I do.”

“Talking of the gym, sir,” Kevin asked Randy, “could we get your permission after lunch to go down there … just the two of us?” They both blushed.

“Guys,” Randy said, “here’s ‘butch lesson’ number one. When two leather guys look as hot as you do now, you don’t ask a man for permission … you just tell him!”

“Thank you, sir,” they said in unison, absorbing the advice solemnly. Kevin looked at Bob and said, “And would it be OK if we …” Kyle interrupted by clearing his throat. “What my brother was saying was that we are gonna wear these outfits for the rest of the meal, sir.”

“Whether I like it or not, eh?” Bob chuckled. “Well I do like … of course I do.”

“See, sir,” Kevin said, “it’s a kind of rehearsal. Uncle Mike in the desert wants to hire us to cater a party he’s giving at his house for all his leather buddies from the bar. We would like to do it – it’s great money – but we were not sure what we would wear. Now we are sure … thanks to Zack.”

“Perfect,” Bob smiled. “Only thing is if you serve those guys looking like that they’re gonna want you for dessert.”

“Not when they see the real dessert we have planned for them,” Kyle laughed. “Another of Danny’s special recipes. Not even we could compete with that, leather boys or not.”

Amid a gale of laughter they took their places at the table and Randy poured brandy for them. As Bob’s boys they had been accepted as full members of the group right from the start of the meal. But after their stunning performance with Zack – and their macho look now – they were treated with increased respect based on the revelation of what Bob had earlier called their “hidden depths”.


The meal was starting to wind down and the twins ‘rehearsal’ service was much admired. In their leather pants, boots and black leather vests they maintained their air of authority along with their poised, deferential service. It was a seemingly paradoxical combination, tough to pull off, but the twins achieved it flawlessly as they replenished drinks and cleared away used dishes and glasses.

Bob watched them with pride and Adam said, “Well they’ll sure be the stars of that show when they serve dinner to all those leather blokes in the desert. Like you said, they’re good enough to eat. You sure they’ll be OK?”

“Sure they will,” Randy asserted confidently. “Mike will take care of them … I’d trust any of our boys with that guy. I’ll have a word with him before they go. Him and me speak the same language.”

Bob smiled to himself. ‘Not always you didn’t,’ he thought, recalling how Randy had once quarreled with Mike, slugged him and spent the next few weeks making amends. But Bob knew he was right about Mike taking care of the twins. He wouldn’t have let them go otherwise.

While they drank the last of the brandy it was clear that Zack and Adam had something going on as they chatted quietly with each other.

As Adam had mentioned earlier he was a leather enthusiast from way back, and when he strolled into any one of the leather bars in Sydney all heads turned. In his full gear the tall, handsome, muscular Aussie was an iconic leather master and had his pick of the admiring crowd. The twins were not alone when they had said earlier that if he chose them in a bar their response would have been an eager “Yes please, sir.”

And Adam had been totally turned on watching Zack bare-assed in chaps getting worked over and double-fucked by the twins. So it came as no surprise when they both stood up and Zack said, “Looks like we’re gonna love you and leave you guys. Adam’s coming over to my place for a while.”

“Yeah,” Adam grinned, “Zack’s gonna show me a few rope tricks, and I’ll show him a few Aussie tricks I picked up in Sydney. Gotta do what we can for U.S./Aussie relations, ya know.”

Mark laughed. “First time I ever realized that international relations were improved by an Aussie stud stringing up a Yank, whipping him and fucking the shit out of him – or vice versa as the case may be. Sounds more like an act of war to me.”

“That, old buddy, is because you’re a cop, sworn to keep law and order,” Zack chuckled.

“But you know,” Adam said, “uniforms are part of the leather scene too. Hell, Mark, if you had walked into a Sydney bar in your uniform the whole crowd would have sunk to its knees as if a priest had just said ‘let us pray.’ And if I had been there it would have ended up as leatherman versus cop. Hmm … not a bad idea … food for thought.”

“Come on, stud,” Zack said, “before you start mixing your metaphors. One fantasy at a time, OK?” He turned to the twins. “Amazing afternoon, guys. Not often I’m on the receiving end of a dick, let alone two at once. And you look fucking gorgeous in leather. Wear it with pride, kids.” He hugged them both and shook hands with Bob and Randy.

Adam thanked them all profusely – “the company, the food, entertainment and most of all … that brilliant peach cobbler!” Leaving laughter behind them the two men went through the side gate to his house to pick up Adam’s gear before crossing the street to Zack’s house and down to his hardcore basement room.

The twins had a similar idea. The table was clear and Kevin said to Bob, “Sir, would it be OK if …” He was interrupted by a cough from Randy who looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Sorry, sir,” Kevin grinned. “Er, my brother and I are leaving now. We’re going to the gym downstairs.”

“Aye-aye sir!” Randy grinned with a quick salute.

Kyle leaned over and said quietly in Bob’s ear. “And if you would like to come down and watch in a few minutes, we would like that.” Without waiting for a response he and Kevin stood up, walked to the house and through the door to the basement.

“What did Kyle say?” Mark asked.

“Wants me to go down there in a few minutes as a spectator. I have a feeling he meant all three of us. You up for that?”

“Try keeping us away,” Mark said. “After the spectacle we saw earlier, it’ll be hard to top that.”

Randy laughed. “Don’t underestimate them, Mark. Like Bob said, they’re full of surprises.”


The first big surprise came before the guys entered the basement room.

They had waited for twenty minutes, taking their cue from Bob, who eventually stood up and found to his surprise that his heart was beating fast. “Let’s go,” he said quietly. They were halfway down the basement stairs when they stopped and Randy said, “What the fuck…?”

It was opera! The sound of opera floated up from the room – two sopranos singing a soaring duet. Bob instantly recognized it as the famous Flower Duet from the opera Lakmé, a lyrical, heart-stopping aria that always brought tears to Bob’s eyes. But here? In this gym? In this sexual playroom?”

Randy had long ago installed a sound system in the gym where they played edgy house music when Randy took Grady through his rugged early-morning workout routine. But Opera? That had to be the twins’ doing. Randy frowned in confusion. “Fucking weird!”

“No,” Bob said softly. “Wonderfully weird. Sshh, not a sound.”

Silently they followed Bob into the room and saw, over at the side in the shadows, three chairs that had obviously been placed there for them by the twins. Quietly they took their seats and as their eyes became accustomed to the muted lighting they saw an extraordinary sight.

Across the room the twins stood facing each other. They were still wearing their leather pants and boots but were now shirtless having shed their leather vests. Their arms were stretched upward, their wrists placed through padded leather restraints that hung down from two sets of short ropes tied to the gym’s chin-up bar.

In sex games in the gym one guy was often tied in this position, his body straining upward. Only this time there were two, facing each other about two feet apart, their arms slightly bent at the elbow for comfort.

“Amazing,” whispered Mark, staring in disbelief at two other features. The boys were tethered together by two cords. One stretched between their chests, attached at each end to clamps on their nipples – not the painful alligator clamps, but milder clamps that caused discomfort that was more sensual than painful.

The ends of the other cord were wound round the base of their cocks, so the boys were roped together by their cocks and balls, and by their nipples. Right now they were standing close enough together that the ropes were slack so there was no strain.

The three men gazed in amazement at the two boys, sideways on to them, and held their breath waiting for what came next. But nothing happened, nothing moved. The edges of the room were in shadow but the boys were lit by subtle pink spotlights from above. They looked absolutely beautiful as they stared at each other.

Whether or not they were aware of the men’s arrival was uncertain – and irrelevant. Their entire concentration was on each other – on each other’s eyes. The stillness, the serenity was otherworldly, accentuated by the haunting strains of the lilting operatic aria filling the room.

The men breathed again, deep breaths as they relaxed into the ethereal atmosphere of the room, simply gazing at the twins gazing at each other. Randy had the most trouble getting his mind round this. He turned and frowned at Bob but was struck by the glow on Bob’s face that matched the radiant joy of the twins. Randy turned back toward the twins and realized that he was witnessing something uniquely special, though he wasn’t sure what it was.

“They’re not even looking in the mirrors,” Randy said quietly.

“Yes they are,” Bob said. “Their mirror is their identical brother … and his eyes in which each sees his own reflection. One boy sees exactly what the other sees, feels what he feels, loves what he loves. It’s magical.”

Like the other two men Bob was also struck by the utter incongruity of the scene – two beautiful, shirtless leather boys in bondage, facing each other in this bastion of grunt manliness and sexuality, set to the soaring music of one of the most beautiful arias in opera. But Bob knew instinctively that it was so totally incongruous as to make it perfect.

They sat absorbing the scene for several minutes … and then there was movement … the slightest of movement. As if on a silent signal the brothers stretched out their tongues and leaned forward until the tips of their tongues touched. A faint smile came to their eyes as they felt this fragile, sensual contact with their brother for a few seconds. Then they withdrew their tongues and again stared into each other’s eyes. The music swelled … and tears flowed down their cheeks.

Bob, sitting between Randy and Mark, pressed his hands on theirs on the chairs’ arms and felt tears coming to his own eyes. Mark whispered what they were all thinking. “Man, those boys are totally in love with each other. It’s love, pure and simple. Never seen anything like it.”

The boys moved closer together and licked the tears from each other’s faces. And they kissed, tentatively at first, running their tongues across each other’s lips, then pressed their lips together harder and harder until they were locked in a passionate embrace.

There is a point in the aria where the lyricism gives way to a few dramatic moments and the twins, in total harmony with the music, chose that moment to pull back so the ropes tightened and they felt pain in their nipples and in their balls. But their eyes remained fixed on each other’s, smiling when the other smiled, wincing when he winced. They were perfectly matched, feeling exactly what the other felt, every twinge, every stab of pain.

It reminded all three men of the times they had looked at themselves in the mirror, in self-inflicted bondage, feeling the pleasure of pain, able to bring themselves to the very limit of endurance before making the pain cease. They had been in total control of the man in the mirror, just as now the brothers were in complete control of each other … of their twin … of themselves.

The boys were pulling hard now, grimacing at each other, stretching balls and nipples to the climax of pain until the aria reached its dramatic climax, paused … and then resumed the romantic lyricism of its melodic theme. The boys relaxed and the pain dissolved once again into love. This time they moved together, close together, their chests touching, rubbing sensuously against each other, their cocks sliding together between their bodies.

The aria was reaching its finale and at last they separated and stood once again two feet apart, motionless, gazing into each other’s eyes. Again tears came to their eyes, they smiled and as the aria reached its climax, its final, soaring high note … the boys climaxed. Their cocks sprayed their juice across the space separating them, splashing onto each other at exactly the same moment, their bodies and souls in perfect harmony.

The aria had ended, and the twins were in love.


In the ensuing silence Bob gripped the others men’s hands tight and glimpsed each one using his free hand to wipe his eyes. It was a long time since Bob had seen Randy’s emotions spill over into tears.

The twins’ smiling eyes were dancing together as they pulled their hands out of the wrist restraints and detached the ropes tying them together. They walked calmly across the room and faced the three seated men. They were a stunning sight, two handsome young men, shirtless in leather pants and boots, semen running down their bare chests and stomachs.

“Sirs, we want to thank you for a memorable afternoon,” Kevin smiled. “We had a great time.”

“Hey, kids,” Randy said, his voice still choked, “this time it’s definitely us thanking you. You’ve been …” he groped for the right words … “you’ve given us …”

Mark helped him out. “… a beautiful experience, guys.”

Kyle directed his next comment to Bob. “Sir, if it’s OK we would now like to spend some time alone in our room before we make a start on the evening meal.”

Bob gazed up at them lovingly. “Boys, why don’t you take the rest of the day off. It’s only Randy, Mark and me in the house now and it’ll do us good to fix our own dinner. OK if Randy uses one of your aprons?” he grinned. “Can’t wait to see that look.”

“The kitchen is all yours, sir,” Kevin smiled. “And thank you again … for everything.”

The twins turned and left the room together, leaving a deep silence behind them. Mark was the first to speak. “I … I’ve never seen anything like it … guys so close, almost like they melt into one. That look in their eyes … pure love. Makes you feel kinda humble doesn’t it?”

Randy nodded. “You’re right, buddy, and humble is not something I feel often – if ever. But Bob, it seemed like such a private act. Why do you think they wanted us to watch?”

“I think I know why,” Bob said quietly. “See, the twins’ only fear in life has always been the fear of separation. I think they wanted to show us the intensity of the love they have for each other, how much they are part of each other. Like Mark said, they seem to melt into each other as one person. They want us to see how impossible it would be for them to live without each other. In a way it was a plea for our protection … a plea to never let anyone separate them.”

“Yeah,” Randy growled, “well you can tell them they never have to worry about that. As long as I have breath in my body I’ll never let those kids be split up. That’s my promise to them.”

Bob looked at him lovingly, put his arm round his neck and squeezed. “And that pretty much says it all. It’s one reason I love you, you big lug.”

“Hey, guys,” Mark said, lightening the mood. “I’m still here ya know. I thought this was gonna be a three-way afternoon … three-way lounging round the pool, three-way effort in the kitchen and … well, since Jamie’s away, I’d like to invite you to spend the night in my apartment.”

“A three-way in bed, you mean,” Randy chuckled. “Well, the twins gave three-ways a whole new meaning when they worked Zack over. Maybe we can take a page out of their playbook.”

Bob’s eyes sparkled. “Long time since we spent a whole afternoon and night together, just us three. Let’s see here – the pool, the kitchen, the bed – who knows, maybe we can write a whole playbook of our own. The story will begin something like this: “A construction worker, a cop, and a businessman meet in a garden one afternoon and …. Well, we’ll make the rest up as we go along.”

“OK,” said Randy leaping to his feet. “Last one in the pool gets gang fucked.”

Bob rolled his eyes at Mark and sighed, “See? A one-track mind.”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” Mark laughed. “Provided it’s the right track.”

They rushed out of the basement, peeling their clothes off as they ran up the stairs.


News of the events of the afternoon naturally spread like wildfire. The tribe had split up into three separate groups – the men in the tribe’s house, the senior boys up in the dunes, and Pete, Jason and Hassan and their boys in the Grady House with Grady, Mario, Danny and Brian.

But no matter how dispersed the tribe was, the grapevine stretched its tentacles far and wide. Zack had called his boy Darius, who phoned Eddie who was now giving a wide-eyed blow-by-blow description to Grady and the group, hanging delightedly on his every word.

“Man I wish I’d seen that,” Grady laughed in his usual merry way. “Can you imagine, those gorgeous twins double teaming Zack, then dressing in leather pants, boots and vests? OK, guys, for the rest of you that’s the outfit du jour – the boys in full leather topping their masters.”

There was laughter all round and Eddie joined in energetically. “Hey, Ben, you and me could double-team Jason and Hassan – both of us in leather, you standing astride your fireman and me standing over my Marine. We could work them over real good.”

As they boisterously competed with one crazy idea after another, their masters smiled indulgently. But one of the boys was unusually silent. Brandon found an excuse to leave the group by picking up used dishes from the table, piling them on the tray table of his wheelchair and wheeling himself away into the kitchen. The rest of the raucous crowd were so involved in their noisy story telling that they barely noticed Brandon leave.

But Pete did. The handsome Ranger had watched the expression on his boy’s face change from amusement to melancholy as his buddies swapped their fantasy leather stories. Brandon had not joined in and had finally found an excuse to go off on his own. Pete followed him and found him gloomily stacking the dishes in the dishwasher.

“Hey, kiddo, what’s up?”

“Nothing, sir.”

“Hey, Brandon, look at me. This is me – Pete. Now tell me the truth like you always do.”

Brandon plucked up his courage, looked Pete straight in the eye and said, “Sir, if you ever wanted to take on another boy, instead of me, I would quite understand. I mean a proper boy, one who could do what the other boys were talking about, run around, dress in leather, stand over their masters and make them proud. I can’t do that, sir. I can’t walk, can’t even stand, so I can’t give you everything they can. I mean …”

“Hey, hey stop right there, kid.” Pete sat in a chair next to him and gazed into his eyes. Brandon, let’s get one thing straight. You’re my boy and always will be – only you. I love you, kiddo. Where’s all this doom and gloom coming from? You’re usually so tough and optimistic.”

“Sorry, sir, I just thought that if …”

“Well stop thinking right now and leave that to me. We can sort all this out later. When we get back home I’ve got something I wanna show you, and I’ll tell you the plans I’ve got for us – just you and me. And then I’ll take you to bed and make love to you. How’s all that sound?”

Brandon had tears in his eyes behind his black-rimmed glasses but he blinked them back and a smile spread slowly over his face. “Sounds great, sir. Sorry I kinda lost it there. But one thing’s for sure … I love you, sir, and yeah …” he held his head high “… I’m your boy alright.”

“Good to hear it,” Pete grinned. “Now let’s get back to the party.

And so that evening, while Randy, Bob and Mark partied hard – a trio of horny alpha males finding new ways to love – Pete was reassuring his insecure boy that the power of love overcomes all doubts and fears. It was as if the twins’ passion had permeated the other men and boys of the tribe, opening the next, vibrant new chapter of their story.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 336



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