Randy had gone up to his brother Steve’s house for lunch and was met at the door by the new houseboy Tommy wearing his smart black uniform. Thanks to Steve’s lover Lloyd, the uniform had been modified to include a black matador jacket which came down only to his waist and showed off his gorgeous ass to perfection.

As the boy turned and walked away Randy’s eyes zeroed in on his bubble butt, accentuated by the tight black pants below the short jacket. “Holy shit, Steve, that’s new. Where’d that fucking jacket come from? Lloyd I bet.” Steve raised his eyebrows, grinned and shrugged. “Damn,” Randy said, “I’ve only been in the house two minutes and already I’ve got a fucking boner.”

He followed Steve out to the deck and they sat at the table by the pool, already immaculately set for lunch. Tommy reappeared with a tray of martinis and hors d’oeuvres. With his blond good looks he looked even sexier in the bright sunlight and smiled shyly when Randy said, “Thanks, kid. You enjoying life here with these two degenerates?”

“Yes, sir, very much. Thank you for asking.” Randy watched him go and said, “Shit, man, I could rub one out just looking at that ass. So how is he doing, bro? You think he’s doing OK?”

“You really have a soft spot for the kid, don’t you, you old roughneck?”

“Yeah, I do,” Randy said. “Bob saw it first … underneath all that phony arrogance he’s a decent kid once we knocked it out of him. So what if he’s a fuck-boy who likes a bit of the old rough, nothing the hell wrong with that.”

“Well don’t worry about him, Randy. He’s happy as a pig in shit with us. Except since he came here he’s not been getting ‘a bit of the old rough’ as you call it.”

“Not even from Lloyd and his gym buddies? You mean that gorgeous ass hasn’t been ploughed since you employed him? Man, we can soon take care of that. Handsome young jock like that … we can’t have him jerking himself to sleep every night. Steve, old buddy, you’re a fucking mess. I always said you can’t manage without your big brother. Just leave everything to me.”

Randy was as good as his word and after lunch, well lubricated with liquor, he led the way as Tommy was spectacularly double-teamed by the two nearly identical brothers physically despite their separate backgrounds – Randy a rough, muscular gypsy and Doctor Steve a suave Beverly Hills therapist. Spit-roasted and serially fucked, Tommy became a sex-toy for the macho brothers as they made love too each other while they fucked him.

After their final triple orgasm the young jock was dimly aware of the brothers’ cocks pulling out of him, fore and aft, as he fell face down into a pool of cum, his naked body shuddering with exhaustion, semen oozing from his beautiful ass and mouth. He lay in a daze fantasizing that he’d been butt-fucked and face-fucked by both brothers while they made love to each other. Except that it was not a fantasy. It had just happened.

After a communal shower the three men emerged from the bathroom and got dressed. Tommy had the talent of becoming immaculate again in his uniform only minutes after having been used, abused, serially fucked and spit-roasted by two macho brothers. And it was just as well, as they heard several cars pull up outside and the sound of raucous voices.

Steve said, “Sounds like Lloyd’s home with some of his buddies from the gym. They’ll probably want drinks … Tommy?”

“Yes, sir. Right away, sir.” As he went to the door Randy stopped him and held him in his arms. “You’re a good boy, Tommy. You were a whole load of fun. One day soon I’m gonna persuade my brother to lend you to me and Bob for the night. Bob would enjoy that ‘cos we both remember the hot night we all spent in that hotel. Would you like that?”

Tommy’s eyes sparkled. “Yes, sir. Very much, sir. I’ll look forward to it.”

“And jerk off thinking about it?”

“Absolutely, sir,” Tommy said with a shy smile. There was a spring to his step as he went to the living room to greet Lloyd and his guests.

They turned out to be a rowdy bunch of gym jocks fresh from their workout together and horny as hell. They were still in their gym gear – shorts, tanks, sweaty T-shirts – all of them good-looking muscle-studs like Lloyd. “Hey, Tommy,” Lloyd said. “Just the man we need. Guys, this is our new houseboy, Tommy.”

He was greeted with raucous shouts. “Hey, Tommy.” “Hot damn, great ass.” “Jeez, Lloyd, you sure know how to pick ‘em.”

“Tommy will get you guys drinks and … er … he’ll supply whatever else you need, eh, Tommy?”

“Yes, sir,” Tommy said, at once turned on by this group of lusty males but a bit nervous too.”

“OK, guys, everyone in the pool. And Tommy will be on hand for drinks and … whatever …”

Back in the bedroom Randy and Steve had heard the bawdy voices and Randy now looked at Steve with a slight frown. “Mind if I stick around for a while, bro?”

“Of course, I want you to … I’d love you to.” Steve grinned and shook his head knowingly. “Always the protector of boys, eh, ever since your little brothers in Texas.”

“Always,” Randy grinned. “Bred in the bone.”

Steve’s eyes were moist. “You big old construction boss softie, you. Man I love you.”


Steve took Randy into his office as this was not entirely a social call. Whenever they got together Randy consulted his brother on personnel issues of the construction crew. As a company owner and the commanding boss of the crew Randy worked as hard as any of them and earned their respect.

But he was a gypsy and street fighter, raised on the tough streets of West Texas, and was not the most subtle of disciplinarians, preferring to settle disputes with his fists rather than negotiation. While he rarely sought advice (his word was law) he used Steve as a sounding board for his problems, with most questions some variation on, “So, you being a shrink, bro, what would you do with a guy who fucks up by ….”

Steve, using his professional finesse to avoid the appearance of actually advising his big brother, threw out a few suggestions which Randy waved airily away – and ended up doing exactly as Steve had recommended. In this way the two opinionated brothers performed a delicate dance round each other, a far cry from their hotly coordinated double-teaming and love-making with Tommy, which had given a whole new meaning to the term ‘brotherly love’.

While they talked, Steve noticed that Randy glanced frequently out of the window, which had a partial view of the pool. Randy had an instinct for guys like Lloyd’s gym-jock buddies, as well as his instincts to protect vulnerable young guys like Tommy.

But right now Tommy needed no help at all. Waiting for drinks orders he was happily standing back from the pool salivating over the eye-candy of four hot jocks in Speedos horsing around in the pool. Professionally trained to remember guests’ names, he now learned and lusted at the same time.

In addition to Lloyd, there was Franco, a handsome young Latino; David, an all-American stud with brown hair and eyes and a flawlessly muscular gym body; and Nick, a tall, husky guy with a hairy chest and Eastern European accent. Letting off steam after building up a head of testosterone in their gym workout the four jocks wrestled and challenged each other in the pool in friendly horseplay, their muscular bodies churning in the water.

To Tommy they were clearly a close bunch of horny guys, obviously good friends – except maybe for Nick. In his former hotel job Tommy had learned to watch guests’ expressions and body language to judge their level of satisfaction and their needs. Now he applied this skill to Lloyd’s friends. Franco and David were simply young jocks having fun as they teased and challenged each other, but Nick seemed different.

He joined in the horseplay but not as light-heartedly as the others. There was an underlying sullenness in him, a resentment even, and Tommy thought he knew why. He was bigger than the others, more bulky, but without their muscular definition and not nearly as handsome – rugged but with rather bloated features.

Randy had once told him, “Kid, some of those guys you see at the gym groaning real loud and lifting massive weights are often showing off because they’re insecure. They can’t match the stars of the gym with their ripped physiques and handsome faces, so they compensate with sheer size. A lot of the time they’re bulking up on steroids. Be careful of those guys Tommy ‘cos they often have what we call ‘roid rage’. The steroids cause mood swings and can make them mean sons-of-bitches.”

Tommy put Nick in this category so he was careful to be respectful when Nick, who had been eyeing him salaciously, called out from the pool, “Hey you, kid, get your ass over here.” He came to the edge of the pool and said, “Yes, sir? Would you like a drink, sir?”

“Hey, Lloyd, you’ve got this kid well trained.”

“Tommy is very good at his job,” Lloyd said protectively.

“I’ll bet,” Nick smirked.

The mood was lightened when David said, “Hey, Lloyd, I thought you said we were gonna come up here and finish off those squats we didn’t get to at the gym. Before we all start drinking don’t you think we should do a quick half-hour working on our glutes in that gym you got downstairs?”

Lloyd laughed, “Dude, you’re a glutton for punishment. But sure, if that’s what you guys want, let’s do it.”


All four got out of the pool and toweled off. Lloyd said to Tommy, “You wanna come down and watch, Tommy? These guys look real hot when they’re working out. I’ve even creamed my shorts watching them sometimes. How about it?”

“Yes, sir, that would be cool. Thank you.” Lloyd led the way downstairs to the gym/playroom and murmured, “Take off the jacket, kiddo. Show off that body of yours.” Tommy shed his uniform jacket and Lloyd grinned, “Yeah, that looks hot dude,” admiring Tommy in his sexy gray T-shirt and tight black pants. It was a sharp contrast to the four near-naked jocks wearing only the Speedos they had worn in the pool.

They had already put weights on both ends of the shoulder-high barbell and Franco went first. With a towel over his shoulders he crouched under the bar and he bent his muscular legs in a set of squats in front of the wall mirror. Then David took his place, teasing him that ten reps was for sissies and, after a few deep breaths, proceeded to power through fifteen. Lloyd went next and matched David, then grunted and strained through one last lift.

But working their legs and ass muscles was only part of it. Mostly the horny young jocks were getting off on themselves and their buddies in the mirror and they all had long bulges in their Speedos. When Nick swaggered forward he ostentatiously put additional weights on the bar and crouched under it, admiring himself as he loudly and showily lowered himself in a set of power squats that left him with a sweating body and a look of conceited triumph.

By now Tommy was totally turned on by the sight of the athletic jocks and their ripped bodies, but not so much by Nick. The biggest and strongest of the four his tree-trunk thighs bulged but Tommy found it all too much … his beefy body and arrogant attitude made him far less sexy than the others.

Suddenly David yelled, “Hey, Tommy … you work out any?”

Lloyd interjected proudly, “Tommy was a champion junior gymnast. Show ‘em, kiddo.”

Like a boy on display Tommy pulled his T-shirt off over his head and stood there stripped to the waist waiting for the judgement of the four jocks. Their verdict was clear from their gasps of admiration as the men stared at his ripped, fat-free torso, the broad shoulders, rock hard pecs and washboard abs gleaming under the ceiling spotlights.

“Perfecto!” Franco smiled “Great definition, boy.”

“Yeah,” Nick smirked, “but what about the legs? Guys like that work their upper bodies like shit but always neglect their legs.”

“Are you kidding?” Lloyd laughed. “Tommy here was a competition ice skater before taking up gymnastics. Legs like iron and buns of death.”

“Huh, ice-skating,” Nick grunted contemptuously. “Like a fucking ballet dancer on ice.”

“And have you seen the legs and butts on dancers, dude? You wanna show ‘em, kiddo?”

Tommy realized he was doing a strip tease for these guys but, although it was humiliating in a way, he was excited to be the object of their lust. In fact, it was the sense of humiliation that turned him on the most. In his previous job he had done exactly this for the secret pleasure of some hotel guests in their rooms as an extra service and had always been handsomely rewarded for the show.

So, as the four men watched, he kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks, then unzipped his pants and let them drop. He was wearing simple white briefs underneath that clung to his bubble-butt, and that was the focus of the men now. “Holy shit,” David grinned, “great legs, Tommy, not to mention that spectacular ass. Hey, Lloyd, you gonna let us sample that thing? Gives me a wicked boner.”

Before Lloyd could reply Nick interjected, “Yeah, pretty enough, I guess, but pretty don’t mean strong. Those legs may be good enough on the ice-rink but how are they in the gym? Let’s see how much weight you squat, boy. See that bar over there that I just used? How much weight you want me to take off – all of it?”

“Er, no sir. You can leave it like it is – same weight as you used.”

“Yeah right!” Nick burst into sneering laughter. “One squat, max, before you fold like a fairy.”

But Tommy was sure of himself at least on this. His training as an ice-skater had included hours in the gym making his legs stronger for the demands of the rink. He had not used weights this heavy to avoid becoming musclebound, but he knew he could. Besides, he wanted to show off for Lloyd and make him proud of him.

The room became silent as Tommy crouched under the bar. Franco put the towel he had used over Tommy’s shoulder to cushion the weight of the bar and said softly. “Take it easy, kiddo. I’ll be here to spot you if you need it.”

“Thank you, sir.” But Tommy didn’t need a spot … he did it all by himself. Taking a few deep breaths he steadied himself, lifted the bar off its cradle and slowly bent his legs into a deep squat … then effortlessly straightened upright. After the first squat he got into a slow steady rhythm, taking deep breaths and absorbing the pain in his legs. As they strained hard, so did his butt, on bulging display under the fabric of his briefs.

It was getting tougher and tougher but he was encouraged by the men shouting … “seven … eight … nine … one more … ten!”

Gasping he let the bar drop heavily in its cradle and Lloyd, Franco and David surrounded him with support and effusive congratulation. “You OK, Tommy?” Lloyd asked. “That was terrific, dude, I’m real proud of you.” But as Tommy glanced over Lloyd’s shoulder he saw Nick hanging back scowling and he realized he had just made an enemy.


As the other three ran admiring hands over his body and his still rock-solid butt Franco said, “Shit, Lloyd, an ass like this is too good to waste. Please don’t tell me it’s off limits.”

Lloyd grinned, “Depends on Tommy. Only thing off limits in this house is unwanted force. So it’s up to you, kid, no pressure. You want me and my buddies to work your ass for a while?”

“Yes please, sir,” Tommy said eagerly.

“Thought you’d say that, somehow,” Lloyd grinned. “OK, Franco, you get first crack of the whip.”

“Or first lick of the crack,” David laughed.

Lloyd groaned, “You had to say that didn’t you, dickwad? Here, help me raise the bar.” They raised the barbell from shoulder height up above Tommy’s head. He stood under it, stretched his arms up and grabbed it, staring at his own mirror image of a near-naked blond gymnast waiting to get fucked in the ass.

He went weak at the knees, not only from his residual pain of the heavy squats but from the fulfilment of another of his fantasies … getting gang fucked by a hot and horny bunch of gym jocks. He watched as Franco pulled off his speedos and his long hard dick sprang out. “See this, Tommy? You really want this in your ass?”

Tommy gazed at the darkly handsome Hispanic stud with the square, stubbled jaw, black hair and ripped body and said, “Yes please, sir. Very much.”

“Good,” Franco smiled. He went behind Tommy, sank to his knees and slowly pulled down Tommy’s briefs, unveiling the ass he had lusted for ever since he first saw it. “Oh shit,” he groaned as he gazed at the perfect white globes outlined by tan lines at top and bottom. That is fucking gorgeous. Mmm …” He licked the cheeks, then buried his face between them and pushed his tongue in the tight hole, making Tommy squirm in front of the mirror as he felt his ass being opened up.

When Franco had eaten his fill he stood up and Lloyd held out an open jar of lube. “Here, buddy, you’re gonna need this.” As he dipped his fingers in and lubed up his cock Franco grinned, “Hell, Lloyd, you sure know how to show a guy a good time.”

Then he turned his attention to Tommy, looking over his shoulder from behind into the mirror. “Boy, that is some boner you got there. Think I can make you cum without you touching it?”

“I could cum just looking at you, sir.”

“Good answer, kid, but there’s no need for that. Here, let this do it for you.” Franco moaned softly as he pushed his dick between the mounds of Tommy’s ass, over the sphincter, then all the way deep inside. “Oh, guys, you gotta feel this … un-fucking-believable.” He pulled back then drove his rod in even deeper. And as the fuck got harder and fiercer he looked at the blond boy in the mirror and said, “Jeez, you’re a hot motherfucker. That body, that face … and man, that ass.”

The other men watched the dark Hispanic stud ploughing the blond gymnast, his lithe young body writhing, impaled on the piston driving into his ass as he stretched upward gripping the bar for support. The three jocks all dropped their Speedos and stood naked, stroking their cocks, careful not to cum before they had their turn in the houseboy’s ass.

And that turn came sooner than they thought. “You feel that, Tommy? You like that big dick in your ass?”

“Yes sir, I like it a lot sir.” To show him how much Tommy squeezed his ass muscles round the pounding cock and it drove Franco to the edge. As always, Franco had got horny at the gym, surrounded by hot guys in that temple of sweating machismo, and now, in the testosterone-heavy atmosphere of this basement, with his dick pounding one of the most beautiful asses he had ever fucked, he couldn’t hold back.

The crunch came when he felt the young blond’s body shudder, his ass tensed round his cock and …“aaagh”… Tommy blasted a stream of jizz so hard that it splashed on the mirror. “Holy shit,” Franco yelled, watching the gymnast bust his load. “I’m gonna cum … here it is, boy … fuck … fuck … fuuuck!” His muscled body shook as his cock pumped all his pent up juice deep in Tommy’s ass.

“Shit damn, kiddo, that was one epic fuck. Your ass is so fine and you are so into it, boy. Man, I could do that all day.”

“Fat chance, buddy,” David said. “Give your buddies a piece of the action here.”

Tommy felt Franco’s dick yanked out of his ass to be replaced immediately by David’s stiff prick. Tommy gasped in shock as he looked up at the mirror and saw behind him the handsome, roguish face of the All-American with his chiseled features and his big arms now wrapped round his chest. Tommy’s ass was still raw from Franco’s dick but any residual pain was erased as he felt the pleasure of a second big dick pushing inside him.

David was the youngest of the four jocks and his over-enthusiastic fuck was rougher than Franco’s. But it didn’t last long enough to really hurt, as his impulsiveness, his buddies’ encouraging cheers, and Tommy’s blazing hot ass all combined to make him lose control. His pile-driving cock moved faster and faster until his screams echoed round the room and he busted a massive load of jizz inside Tommy’s already cum-filled ass.

David pulled out to raucous applause and Tommy looked at himself in the mirror, his body gleaming with sweat, semen running down his legs. He felt a twinge of degradation as the naked butt-boy being worked over by these oversexed young jocks and wondered how long it would go on. Would they take turns fucking him all afternoon?”

But then he heard the soothing voice of Lloyd in his ear. “You’re doing great, kiddo. My turn next, but I know you’re sore so we’ll take a break, let you catch your breath and let your ass cool off. Take it easy, there are towels over there and lots of water. When we come back I’ll be gentle, but you don’t have to say yes, you know the rules.

“But I want you too fuck me, sir.” Tommy grinned. “I always want you to fuck me. I’ll be fine when you come back.”

“Good boy, Tommy. OK, you guys, let’s take a break – another swim. And when we come back you’ll have the distinct pleasure of watching a real master, yours truly, make love to that primo ass.”

With loud scornful laughter the guys pounded up the stairs and the door closed behind them, leaving Tommy all alone in the silence to towel himself off, wipe the jizz from his legs and take long gulps of water.

He liked Lloyd’s friends and the fantasy of being used in turn by these horny, fun-loving jocks, but he tried to put Nick out of his mind. He knew the big bodybuilder didn’t like him and hoped that when his turn came he would think Tommy was beneath him and not worth the effort of fucking him. Anyway, Lloyd would be there to make sure things didn’t get out of hand.

He was sitting down relaxing and was surprised to hear footsteps on the stairs so soon after they had left. He assumed that Lloyd was coming to tell him something, but when the door opened Tommy’s blood ran cold. The hulking body looming in the doorway was Nick’s.


Tommy leapt to his feet and faced the naked bodybuilder, who grinned lasciviously, “Surprised to see me boy? Told the other guys I needed to take a leak, but what I was really going for was a few minutes alone with you.”

“Sir, is Lloyd …?”

“Nah, he’s busy in the pool with the pretty boys. So it’s just us two, boy, the way I wanted it when I got my turn at that ass of yours. Assume the position, kid, just like you were.”

Tommy had no choice but to go back to the barbell, reach up and grab it as he had done before. “That’s right, boy, but see, when I fuck I ain’t so vanilla as those other guys – like to spice it up a bit. I noticed these things lying around before, just what I needed.” He picked up two wrist restraints from the floor that Lloyd and Steve had used in their sex games.

Tommy eyes opened wide and he said, “Sir, Randy told me never to let a guy tie me up unless I knew and trusted him, so I don’t think …”

But it was too late. Nick had quickly buckled the leather restraints round his wrists and clipped them to the bar. “I don’t know who this Randy guy is and I don’t give a shit what he told you.” His voice got menacing. “See, boy, you may have a hot body and ass but I don’t like you, especially after you did that squat thing and made me look a fool in front of my buddies. Look at me, asshole. Do I look like the kinda guy who takes that from a pretty-boy hustler like you?”

Trembling with fear Tommy pleaded, “Sir, I didn’t mean to …”

“Shut up, or you’ll get more of this. He raised his muscular arm and brought his hand down across his ass, slapping it ferociously, one cheek then the other. Tommy gritted his teeth but his ass stung so bad that he was soon yelling in pain.

Finally Nick stopped, walked over to the door and locked it. “Gotta make sure we’re not interrupted, ’cos I’m gonna enjoy this. See, what you got before from those guys was kid’s play. But when I’ve finished with that ass it’ll be ruined for any other guy. See this? He grabbed his huge, beer-can-thick cock, already iron hard. “This is a real man’s dick, hard and dry, and this is how a real man fucks.”

“No, please, sir. Lloyd said I don’t have to … aaagh!” Pain speared his body and he screamed and pulled frantically at the restraints as the huge club slammed into his ass.


Steve and Randy were still talking in the office, though Randy was still rather distracted, more than usually on alert. But he relaxed a bit when he looked through the window and saw Lloyd and his friends came back to the pool. Then he frowned, “There was another one … big steroided guy … I don’t see ….”

Suddenly a muffled scream sounded, obviously coming from the basement. Randy, shirtless and barefoot in jeans leapt to his feet but Steve grabbed his arm. “Randy, cool it. I suggest you …”

Randy shook him off. “Not this time, Steve, no advice. This one is my show.” He ran from the room followed by Steve and down the basement stairs. But the door was locked and behind it Tommy was screaming. Randy took a step back and, leading with his shoulder, charged the door, knocking it clear off its hinges. His anger surged as he saw Tommy tied to the bar, the brutal bodybuilder behind him pounding his ass.

NO ….” Randy flung himself forward, grabbed Nick from behind, pulled him off Tommy and hurled him to the wall. “Steve, take care of the boy. This one’s mine.”

Nick bounced off the wall and his eyes blazed as he charged Randy, slammed his shoulder to his stomach and forced him back to the opposite wall. The guy was heavy, strong … but no man was a match for Randy when he was in a rage like this. He clamped one hand round Nick’s throat and slammed his other fist against his face, one side then the other.

Steve had unhooked Tommy’s wrists and the boy fell in his arms as the other three men, having heard all the noise, crowded into the room. Lloyd moved to intervene but the other two held him back. “Don’t go there, Lloyd,” Steve warned. “When Randy’s like this nothing can stop him.”

He was right. Randy had let go Nick’s throat but kept punching his face, driving the naked bodybuilder staggering back across the room under a hail of blows and curses. “Motherfucking, son-of-a-bitch asshole. You fucking bastard, you hurt my boy.” By now Nick was slumped against the wall begging, “No more, man. I can’t take any more. I give up.”

Randy hauled back and slammed one last brutal punch to the gut. Nick doubled over in pain but Randy grabbed his hair, pulled his face up and slammed it one last time with the back of his fist. “No, no more,” Nick pleaded, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. “Who are you, man?”

“Don’t matter who I am, asshole. All you need to know is that kid over there sobbing in my brother’s arms is one of my boys, and you hurt him bad. Now get this, you prick, nobody ever hurts my boys, least of all a scumbag like you, without getting punished by me. And I’ve got this rule, see, the punishment fits the crime. You’ll be sorry you ever shoved that sorry dick of yours in his ass, ‘cos guess what.”

Randy spun Nick round shoved his face against the mirrored wall and grabbed his ass. Getting Randy’s meaning he howled. “No, man, I can’t. I don’t get fucked, never have … I’m an exclusive top …”

“You’re an exclusive asshole, is what you are and, you know what they say about assholes? There’s a first time for everything.” Randy ripped open his jeans and pulled out his massive cock. Fighting was an aphrodisiac for Randy so his dick was rock hard. “And for your first time, buddy? A good dry fuck, I think. Something on these lines …”

Randy slammed his shaft into the bodybuilder’s dry ass and his agonized scream ricocheted round the room. He struggled to escape the pain but Randy had him pinned against the mirror, his wrists pinned against the glass above his head and his ass impaled on his merciless cock.

Randy pulled back and plunged in again, the start of one of his legendary merciless fucks. “See how it feels, asshole? See what you did to that boy, my boy. Not such a big top man now, eh? That steroided body not much use to you this time.”

As Randy reamed his ass Nick pleaded, “Please, man, I can’t take it … please let me go.”

“Not until you feel a man’s jizz in your ass for the first time, you loser. And what always makes me cum is hearing a big alpha stud like you beg … and I mean reallybeg. Now all your buddies over there are watching. Maybe they thought you were the big stud around town, but not anymore. I’d say you were a pussy, wouldn’t you, pal? Let’s hear you tell your buddies what you really are. Start talking, man.”

Randy pulled back and brutally ramrodded his huge shaft deep in Nick’s shattered ass. “OK, OK, you win, man. I’m begging you, I can’t take anymore. Please, please stop, sir.”

“So what do you want, man?”

Nick was sobbing in despair and humiliation. “I … I want to feel your cum in my ass, sir. I want you too fuck my ass.”

“And what are you?”

“I’m a pussy. I wanna get butt-fucked. It feels so good. I need to feel your jizz inside me, sir. I’m a pussy, sir, begging for mercy. Please, sir. Cum in my ass …”

“Like this …?” Randy’s hips slammed forward and his cock exploded in the man’s ass. He pulled back and drove in one last time, unloading another stream of hot juice deep inside.

Randy’s real talent was to make a man believe all he had confessed to, and Nick was no exception. Totally broken by the powerful gypsy he surrendered completely and sobbed in a haze of delusion, “I’m a pussy, sir. You’ve beaten me … you fucked me …your rod’s in my ass … I can feel it … it feels so good, I’m gonna cum. Shit, I’m gonna cum. Aaah… aaah….”

His body shuddered and his cock blasted a stream of cum against the glass. Randy released his wrists, yanked out his cock, and the broken muscle-jock slid slowly down the mirror and slumped in a heap on the floor in total degradation, the glass above him streaked with his cum.

Randy hooked his foot under him and flipped him over on his back. In a daze he stared up at the dark gypsy towering over him as Randy growled, “Man, if I ever see your face again I swear next time I will rip your ass wide open. So stay away from me and my boys.” He turned to leave but then added, “Oh, I suggest you find a new gym. When word gets around you were a pussy boy begging to get butt-fucked, your tough-guy reputation will be pretty much shot to hell.”

He walked back across the room, pausing to look Lloyd in the face. “I’ll leave Steve to deal with you, buddy.” As he stepped over the shattered door he said to Steve, “Bring Tommy upstairs, bro.” Then to the boy. “It’s over, kiddo. I always told you I’d take care of you.”

He went up the stairs leaving a stunned silence behind him. Franco looked at David wide-eyed and murmured, “Hell of a workout, eh dude?”


Nick was the first to leave the house. Without making eye contact with anyone he gathered up his clothes, stumbled out to his truck and drove away. “Doubt we’ll be seeing much of him anymore,” David said to Franco. “What a jerk. Hey Lloyd, we’re off, we’ll call you later, dude. Thanks for the, er … swim.” They exchanged wry grins and fist bumps and left.

Randy was in the office downing a double Scotch when Steve came in and said, “Tommy’s soaking in a hot bath and Lloyd’s in there talking to him – apologizing for bringing that guy here. And I’m sure gonna have words with Lloyd later.” He watched Randy pace back and forth, then pour another Scotch. “Randy, I can understand why you’re feeling unsettled after all that …”

“I’m not fucking unsettled, man,” Randy barked. “I’m never fucking unsettled. The asshole got what he deserved and I did what I had to do, and that’s an end of it.” He took another slug of whiskey. "It’s the kid … I, er … I don’t know how to handle him now. He’s gonna be all over me thanking me and stuff and … dammit, Steve you know me, I don’t go for all this feel-good Kumbaya shit. I don’t want the kid’s thanks. It’s over, done, and that’s it.”

“Randy, it’s not over for Tommy. It was a traumatic experience for him and he’s still kind of in shock. My guess is that the first thing he’s gonna do is apologize to you. He’s probably thinking it was all his fault and he put you in jeopardy …”

“I wasn’t in fucking jeopardy, bro,” Randy snapped again. “I’m never in jeopardy …”

“I know, I know, but that’s not how Tommy will see it. Now, you wanna hear how I think you should handle it?”

Randy looked at his brother and grinned. “Sure, bro. Listen, sorry I barked at you there.

“That’s OK, Randy. Not the first time my big brother has yelled at me, I can take it. Just don’t slam me against the mirror and fuck the shit out of me like you just did to that prick.”

Randy grinned roguishly, “But now you mention it, bro, maybe that’s not such a bad idea.”

“Asshole. Now shut up and listen to me …”


A short time later Tommy came into the room wrapped in a big soft bathrobe and Randy said, “Hey, kiddo, how ya doin’.”

Steve had been right. “Sir, I want to apologize for all the trouble I’ve caused. I shouldn’t have yelled out like that and …”

“Now listen, Tommy, get this clear. You did absolutely nothing wrong. That asshole should never have come here, but we got rid of him and I promise he won’t be back. It’s over – water under the bridge. But listen there’s something else. I need your help. See, Bob and me are having Zack and Darius to dinner, and Pablo will be there of course, plus the twins.

But Bob’s worried about the twins ‘cos they’ve been working real hard lately and they’ll be coping with this dinner all on their own. Bob called Danny to see if he could help but there’s an event up at the Grady House so he’s gonna be tied up with that. Now I had a word with Steve here who’s gonna have a quiet dinner here with Lloyd … they’ve got stuff to discuss … and he wants it to be like the old days where they both cook and eat by the pool – real casual.

“Anyway, he’s offered to release you for the evening if you would agree to come and help the twins prepare and serve dinner. It’s fairly casual but Bob would like you to wear your uniform, minus the jacket, just dress pants and that gray T-shirt. He likes you in that.”

All the nervousness and anxiety lifted from Tommy and he said eagerly, “Yes, sir, of course, sir. I’d like that a lot.” The thought of helping Randy and Bob after what Randy had done for him excited him.

“Only thing is, we’d have to leave right now ‘cos the twins are running behind schedule and there’s a lot to do. So if you don’t mind my muddy old truck I’ll drive you down there.”

“I’ll go find my uniform and get dressed right away sir.” Tommy grinned for the first time. “And I don’t mind your truck at all, sir ... I love it.”

He ran away happily and Steve said “Well done, Randy. Just what he needs. See, you do Kumbaya pretty well. Maybe you should try that sometimes instead of your fists.”

Randy threw his arm round Steve and chuckled, “Not a chance, bro. You do your thing and I’ll do mine.”


Down at the house Bob was in earnest conversation with the twins who listened closely and nodded frequently. Steve had called Bob and described the whole scenario in detail, the drama in the basement and his idea to help Tommy recover.

It was true what Randy had told Tommy – Bob was concerned about finding help for the twins so Tommy’s being available was a blessing. Bob actually took it a step further knowing that the kindness and maturity of the twins, coupled with their sexiness, might be just what Tommy needed, so together they hatched a plot.

When Randy and Tommy arrived Tommy went straight to the kitchen where the twins were (literally) up to their elbows in food preparation. “Dude,” Kyle said, “thank god you’re here. We could never have got through this alone. Listen, the guys want to eat in the dining room, kinda smart/casual and Bob wants a nice table setting. We’ve had no time to do anything, so you think you can handle that on your own, then come back for the drinks and appetizers?

“Absolutely, sir,” said Tommy eagerly.

Kevin grinned, “Hey, dude, drop the ‘sir’, OK? We’re in this mess together.”

Upstairs Bob was bathing Randy’s bruised knuckles. “Randy, I’ve told you before, you have to stop using your fists. They’ll get you into trouble.”

“They’re what get me out of trouble. They sure got young Tommy out of trouble.”

Bob smiled at him, “Yes they did, and I thank you for that. It’s why I love you.”

“Not the only reason, I hope. How about being a great fuck?”

“Well, yes, there is that.”

“Let me show you, buddy.”

“Randy we’re expecting guests. You can’t fuck in the middle of a dinner party.”

“Why the hell not?” Randy grinned like a mischievous young boy.

“Randy, I won’t talk to you if you’re just going to be stupid.”

Meanwhile Tommy went to work in the dining room using all his hotel expertise in arranging the room, pulling out the best china and silverware and dressing the table. He was so happy to be an essential part of the event that all memory of his earlier terror was erased. Bob looked in on him once to make sure he had everything he needed. He hugged him and thanked him profusely for coming to the twins’ rescue, with no mention of the afternoon’s events.

Everyone worked hard and, right on time, drinks, cut-crystal glasses and hors d’oeuvres were set out on a white-clothed table by the pool. Tommy was standing in readiness when Zack, Darius and Pablo strolled in from Zack’s house across the street.

By now, thanks to the grapevine, everyone knew what had happened at Steve’s house. Bob had told the twins, Darius had dragged the story out of them and had breathlessly related the drama to Zack and Pablo.

Pablo was especially enthralled by the story of a fist-swinging Randy coming to the rescue of one of the boys. Pablo himself had been similarly rescued by his hero – it was how they first met in the desert – and he tried to model himself on Randy’s merciless take-no-prisoners style (though not always with positive results … the boy still had a lot to learn.)

Although the story was still vivid in their minds nobody, of course, made any mention of it to Tommy who stood, poised and elegant, waiting to greet them. It was hard to believe that the handsome blond in his smart uniform was the same boy who only hours before had been tied up naked and forcibly fucked by a muscle-jock asshole.

“Hey, Tommy,” Zack said, striding forward with a gleaming smile of dazzlingly white teeth set against his ebony features. He treated him to a bone crushing handshake and said, “Wow, the drinks table looks like we’re in for a classy dinner, kiddo. I should’ve worn a tux.”

Tommy smiled and felt his cock getting hard. Zack, as usual, looked magnificent in black jeans and a black T-shirt that left none of his muscular torso to the imagination. Pablo and Darius, both wearing crisp white T-shirts and jeans, stepped forward and gave Tommy successive hugs. Tommy responded shyly, not sure how Pablo was feeling since he had renounced his position as Tommy’s master and ‘sold’ him to Steve and Lloyd.

But all that was, as Randy had said, water under the bridge and everyone now gladly accepted the status quo. Bob and Randy came out of the house and the party got underway. Tommy served drinks with professional smoothness, happy to be in this group of handsome men.

Zack was right that Tommy’s presence and the elegant service did add a touch of class to what could have been a boisterous free-for-all, a change welcomed by the naturally refined Bob, and by the others, even the boys who enjoyed the adult feeling of being pampered.

When drinks had been served Tommy hurried back to the kitchen to help the twins. Kyle and Kevin made him feel very much at ease with them and while they worked they talked animatedly about food and its presentation, comparing their own experiences in various restaurants with Tommy’s former job in a luxury hotel.

And that’s pretty much how it continued after dinner was served and the three of them joined the others at table. Bob was pleased to see them getting on so well as it fitted in with his plan. While they were engrossed in conversation Zack was holding forth about a trip he was planning.

“I haven’t spent much time with Ranger Pete, so him and me thought it would be a neat idea to take our boys Darius and Brandon on a bike run out to the desert next weekend. We’ll take the three Harleys and Pete says Brandon is dying to get out on that motor-trike of his. Amazing how he mounts his wheelchair on it and rides as fast and as confidently as all of us.

“We’re gonna stay in that little house Hassan has out in the desert, and we’ll probably drop in on that leather bar near Palm Springs where Eddie used to work and where Darius was such a hit when we acted out a bondage scene in the back room. Dunno what we’ll get up to this time but I sure can’t wait to find out.”

Randy launched into reminiscences of the many motorbike runs he and various guys in the tribe had gone on, though he didn’t mention the disastrous ride where Bob had been forced off the road by a gang of thugs and seriously injured. Something best forgotten.

Tommy and the twins went back to their own conversation. It was more about food than bikes, though Tommy did get their attention when he related his only motorbike experience. They listened wide-eyed as Tommy told them of the recent time when he had been driving erratically and was pulled over by the cop, Mark. He had been punished by being tied down to the police motorcycle and fucked on it by the hot, uniformed blond cop.

After that all three of them had stiff boners in their pants and the subject drifted from food to sex. Again they swapped experiences but now they were more carnal than culinary. As the long meal eventually wound down Kyle glanced knowingly at Bob who nodded and turned his attention to Tommy.

“Er, Tommy, thank you again for helping to make this evening such a smooth and stylish event. We should have more meals like this and I hope you’ll be available to help out again. Now I know you and the twins still have a lot of clearing up to do, so I was wondering if you would like to spend the night with them instead of going back up to Steve’s so late. I, er, did have a word with him and he said it would fine, so long as you’re back up there to serve lunch tomorrow.”

Tommy felt his cock stiffen even more and he glanced at the twins whose handsome faces smiled eagerly. Suddenly he knew that’s exactly what he wanted. After his earlier traumatic experience a night with these two gorgeous, gentle young guys was just what he needed. He smiled at Bob. “Thank you, sir. If Kyle and Kevin agree … I would love that.”


It was a weary trio that later climbed the stairs to the twins’ spacious apartment above the kitchen and the king-size bed looked especially inviting. They all agreed, no more drinks, no more chat – bed right away. Throughout the evening Tommy and the twins had established such a close, even intimate, rapport that they began to undress without any embarrassment or inhibitions. They were just three hot young guys getting ready for bed.

But when they took off their shirts they couldn’t hide their admiration for each other’s muscular physiques, and when the pants came off and their hard dicks sprang out … they burst out laughing and the naked twins pulled Tommy down on the bed.

They rolled around playfully but soon Kevin paused and looked seriously at Tommy. “Dude … are you … are you OK? I mean, like, recovered from …”

Tommy grinned, “You mean is my ass still sore? Not anymore. Thanks to Randy that guy didn’t get much chance to do any damage. Why do you ask? Do you guys wanna fuck me?”

The twins looked at each other and came to a silent agreement. Kyle grinned and said, “Tommy we gotta come clean. No secrets. Don’t get me wrong, we both wanted to sleep with you and we would love to fuck you, but actually Bob planned this. At first Bob and Randy wanted you to spend the night with them, but after what happened up at Steve’s they didn’t think you’d be ready for what they had planned.”

Tommy looked startled and Kevin took over. “See what they want to do with you is something new, just about the only thing they haven’t done with you yet, Bob says. So they asked us to give it a try first. But of course, you don’t have to if you don’t want to after everything you’ve …”

“I want to, guys,” Tommy broke in eagerly. “If Bob and Randy want me to, I want it too.”

“OK, dude,” Kevin smiled, “let’s give it a try. See, after want you went through, Bob always says that if you get hurt falling off a horse the only thing to do is get right back up and ride the horse again.” He grinned sexily. “Except you won’t be on a horse – you’ll be riding something else.” Kevin lay on his back, Kyle handed him a jar of lube and he greased up his hard dick that was pointing straight up. “Now, kneel over me, Tommy. You know what to do next.”

Tommy knelt astride him on the bed and felt the tip of Kevin’s cock touching his ass. He lowered his ass, Kevin raised his hips and eased his cock between the white globes. By now the young gymnast was used to feeling dick in his ass and he sighed happily as the good-size cock penetrated him.

Kevin reached up, curled his hand behind Tommy’s neck and made him lean forward by pulling his face down toward him. He kissed him, then smiled, “How’s that feel, dude?”

“Feels great, Kevin. I love your dick inside me. But I’ve done this before with Bob and Randy.”

“Not this you haven’t.” Hearing Kyle’s voice Tommy looked up at the wall mirror behind the bed and saw Kyle’s face behind him over his shoulder, identical to the face beneath him. He frowned in confusion until he felt it … a second cock pressing against his ass above Kevin’s.

Suddenly he understood, and he panicked. “No guys, I can’t do that. No way … I’ve never…”

“Tommy,” Kyle said gently. “Imagine this is Randy’s dick. You know how you love the big gypsy’s cock inside you. Would you ever say no to Randy if he wanted to fuck you?”

“No, sir.” The ‘sir’ was back as if he were talking to Randy

“So relax, dude … and take it.” Tommy breathed deeply as he felt the head of Kyle’s cock push into his ass, sliding on top of Kevin’s. He had a fleeting impulse to pull away but he flashed on Randy’s face and knew he would never pull away from him. So he tried to relax every muscle in his body as Kyle’s cock pushed all the way in to join his brother’s, resting deep in his ass.

Then nothing moved as the twins waiting for Tommy to get used to the sensation of two cocks filling his ass. Resisting the urge to push them out Tommy looked down at Kevin’s smiling face, then up at Kyle’s face in the mirror – identical faces, identical twins, two beautiful brothers … and they were both inside him at the same time!

He was overwhelmed with the sensual euphoria that surged through him. It was all he could feel, all he could think of … all he wanted. His body relaxed, his ass relaxed and he moaned, “Oh … yeah … that feels so good. Fuck me guys … please … both of you … fuck my ass …”

They moved ever so slowly, their cocks sliding in perfect unison as Kevin raised his hips and Kyle pushed from behind. Tommy’s eyes filled with tears, diffusing the images of the identical twins, making them more beautiful than ever, one looking up at him, one behind him over his shoulder, both of them moving rhythmically inside his ass. “Fuck me!” he shouted and they knew he was ready.

They moved faster in perfect sync, their cocks sliding over each other in the boy’s hot ass, making love to his ass and to each other’s dicks at the same time. Kyle leaned his long supple body forward over Tommy and lowered his face onto his twin’s in a passionate kiss. Tommy felt dazed, delirious. These two beautiful brothers were making love to each other, kissing each other right beside his face as they both fucked him, both their cocks sliding together in his ass.

Then Kyle pulled back and whispered in Tommy’s ear. “You feel that, tommy? Imagine those cocks filling your ass belong to Bob and Randy. Look, it’s Bob beneath you, that gorgeous Superman face looking up at you, and his hot lover Randy is behind you … and they are both fucking your ass. Those two men you worship, they are both in bed with the beautiful young gymnast, both fucking his ass.

“You feel those huge dicks inside you? You never thought you could take them both but now the big gypsy boss and his gorgeous lover are making love while they both fuck you. You feel it don’t you, Tommy. You feel their cocks swelling in your ass. Man, they’re both gonna cum inside you. They’re making love … to each other … to you … and you’re making them cum. What you gonna do, Tommy? You know what you have to do. We’re gonna cum … we’re gonna bust our loads inside you, Tommy. Yeah, here it comes … aaaaagh!’

The triple orgasms were spectacular. Tommy felt two cocks pouring hot semen deep inside him as his own cock exploded over Kevin’s sculpted chest and beautiful face. The young gymnast had never felt anything like this … it was another world, another life … he couldn’t … he didn’t … In a vortex of whirling emotions … Tommy passed out.

In a few seconds he slowly came to and as his mind cleared he found himself lying on his back between the twins. Kevin kissed his cheek and said, “Flying colors, dude. You passed with flying colors. Man that was spectacular. My brother and I loved it. So, kiddo, shall we tell Bob you’re ready? Those guys’ dicks are much bigger than ours, so what do you think?”

Tommy’s breath was heaving. “Say yes, Kevin, please. I want it. I want it more than anything else in the world. Tell them I’m ready.”

“We will. And now … we don’t usually give orders, but this is an order. We sleep, dude. Now.”

Between the bodies of the two beautiful twins Tommy closed his eyes and fell instantly asleep. And he dreamed of this extraordinary day … how he dreamed! Of Steve and his brother spit-roasting him. Of Lloyd, gym-jocks in the pool, taking turns fucking him in the basement gym. Of his hero Randy busting the door down and demolishing the man hurting him. Of working in the kitchen with the beautiful twins, of getting double teamed by them.

But mostly he dreamed of Randy and Bob. He was in bed in bed with the two muscle-god lovers and he was offering his ass to them … both at the same time!


And not far away, in a bungalow up the hill, another boy was dreaming. Brandon was asleep with his head on Ranger Pete’s chest dreaming of motorbikes, of the desert, of the leathermen Zack and Darius. He dreamed of the leather bar Darius had described to him and of Hassan’s small house they would share. But most of all he dreamed of Pete and of riding his bike proudly alongside him on the highway to the desert. He dreamed of being one of the guys … one of the guys … just like the others.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 313


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