In the previous chapter:

Brandon had made a new friend, a young man named Brian. He was the same age as Brandon, nineteen, but their lives couldn’t be more different.

Brandon had gone on a motorbike run to the desert leather bar with Zack, Darius and Pete. Impressed by Brandon’s independence, the bar owner Mike had mentioned his nephew who, like Brandon, used a wheelchair. But unlike the vibrant, outgoing Brandon, Brian had been overwhelmed by adversity and now lived reclusively in an old trailer park out in the desert – ‘in the back of beyond’ as Darius described it.

Remembering his own solitary life before the tribe had rescued him Brandon’s heart went out to the boy and he had driven out to visit him. He broke down Brian’s initial reticence by taking an interest in his big porn collection, his only companion.

Brian opened up and his eyes sparkled as he said, “But I got a new favorite. He’s not a porn star but he’s hotter than any of them. Here, I downloaded a ton of pictures of him off the Internet.” He opened his laptop and turned it to Brandon. “See? Don’t you think he’s the hottest guy you’ve ever seen? I jerk off to him almost every day.”

Brandon’s jaw dropped. He was looking at a picture of his friend Grady, resplendent in his Tarzan loincloth. “He’s gonna be the new Tarzan,” Brian gushed, “in a big blockbuster film. Dude, I can’t wait for that to come out. I never go to the movies but I’m sure going to the first day of that one. They let guys in wheelchairs into movie theaters don’t they?”

They chatted a lot after that, though Brandon never let on that Grady was his friend. But finally Brandon made up his mind. “Look, dude, I know we hardly know each other but … I want you to come visit me in L.A.”

It took some persuading but eventually the shy, reclusive boy agreed to take the train from Palm Springs to L.A. the next Saturday. Brandon met him and took him up to the Grady house where his young friends Eddie, Ben and Danny were setting up lunch for Grady and his lover Mario.

When Grady appeared at last, wearing only cut-off shorts after a sweaty gym workout, Brian was dumbfounded. He grabbed Brandon’s hand and squeezed it tight. “It’s him,” he croaked.

Having already been told all about Brian Grady’s natural kindness and compassion kicked in and he focused all his attention on the boy. Gorgeous, upcoming movie star though he was Grady knew how lucky he had been to have all this – beauty, celebrity, a big new house and a handsome Italian lover. Life, he thought, was pretty much a roll of the dice, and when he met someone like this kid, who had had precious little luck in his life, he felt very tender toward him.

Throughout lunch he entertained Brian with stories from the film set of the big-budget Tarzan movie he was starring in. And when the meal was over Grady said, “Hey, Brian, can I give you a tour of the house? I love doing that … I still can’t believe that it all belongs to me and Mario.”

The dazed young man was shown round the big house by his idol and one thing led to another until … Brian found himself lying on the bed in the master bedroom with Tarzan standing over him wearing only his loincloth. He was in a fantasy world as Tarzan ripped off the loincloth.

Brian’s formerly sepia world turned to Technicolor. All his fears, inhibitions, frustrations and loneliness, accumulated over so many solitary years, now vanished as he felt his idol’s cock easing into his ass. He was getting fucked by the man of his dreams, the muscle-jock whose picture he jerked off to every day. He was getting butt-fucked by Tarzan!

As the fantasy went on and on Brian lost count of how many times he had cum. As always with Grady it was not only sexy it was fun, and finally Grady laughed, “You want the jungle man to fill up your ass with his juice, boy? OK, kiddo, stand by for the big finish. Here it comes …”

Brian watched in disbelief as the spectacular body above him flexed, muscles rippling, and Grady laughingly gave his Tarzan yell as his cock erupted in the boy’s ass and Brian shot one last load that rose up and splashed on Tarzan’s chest. They were both still laughing like schoolboys as Grady fell on Brian and folded him in his arms.

They kissed and licked each other for long minutes until at last Grady rolled off Brian and lay on his back beside him. “Hell,” he grinned, “this bed is a total mess, smothered in jism. Don’t know what Mario is gonna make of this.”

“Oh, he’ll make something of it, amico,” came the lilting Italian accent, “something that will blow your mind, young Brian.” Grady’s handsome Italian lover, Mario, had just come in. “I can’t let my famous friend here have all the fun. Brian, there is still one thing I bet you don’t know about this Tarzan – something you would never guess. Would you like me to show you?”

“Yes please, sir.” Brian sat by the bed and watched in disbelief as Mario pounded his lover’s ass. This was the hot, alpha male on the billboards, the macho stud in all the pictures, the new, rugged Tarzan. And he was getting his ass ploughed by a hot Italian!”

It was the perfect end to Brian’s Tarzan adventure and he laughed along with the two lovers as he stroked his cock and waited until they both howled and climaxed together before he came for what had to be the absolute last time. In a daze of homoerotica, the boy smiled at Tarzan and his beautiful Italian lover as they rolled over and lay side by side on the bed.

Then suddenly there was a shout from the garden below. “Ah, new arrivals” Grady said as he leapt up off the bed and pulled Mario up beside him. “Loud ones too. Let’s take a look, kiddo.” Brian wheeled himself over to the window and sat looking out, with Grady and Mario on either side, each with a hand on Brian’s shoulder, all of them still naked.

“Well, no wonder,” Grady said, “it’s the big bad boss and the boss’s lover. Kiddo, that tall gypsy hunk looking like he just came off a construction site is Randy, and the gorgeous muscle-god with him is his lover Bob. They are the founders of the tribe – you could say Randy’s the brawn and Bob’s the brain. No one says no to Randy or he’d slug them, and no one says no to Bob because … because everyone loves him.”

********************    Chapter 315    ******************

Brian looked down in awe at the two men and the young blond surrounded by the other boys. Grady patted his shoulder. “So what d’ya think, kiddo?”

Brian cleared his throat and stammered, “W-well, sir, the big tall guy in the tank top with the long black hair looks kinda scary, like a gypsy.”

“Yeah, Randy scares everyone at first, ‘til they get to know him. But I tell you this, kid. If you’re ever in trouble he’ll defend you like a tiger defending his cubs. Now the gorgeous dark-haired man with him, his lover Bob, is a whole different guy – kind, gentle, wise. Don’t get me wrong, he’s tough as nails … had to be the way Randy treated him at first. But Randy is totally nuts about him, crazy in love, and Bob has Randy eating out of his hand.”

Mario smiled. “Whatever you say about those guys, they sure know how to make an entrance. Look at the way the boys swarm round them.”

“Hey,” Grady huffed, “I’m the actor here and if there’s one thing I know about it’s how to make an entrance – I do it every day on the set.”

“Yeah,” Mario laughed, “but this time you don’t have a vine to swing on from the trees.”

“No, but what I do have is young Brian here. Come on kiddo, let’s knock ‘em dead.”

“I should get cleaned up first, sir.”

“Nah, not on your life. Leave everything to me – hair makeup, the lot. First, that jism smothered over your face and body? Leave it – it’s perfect. Now the hair.” Grady ran his fingers through the already tousled long curly hair, mussing it up even more. Great, now put on your shorts.” Brian pulled on the shorts that had a huge cum stain at the crotch from the load he had shot when he first saw Tarzan in his loincloth.

“Now for the shirt.” Grady picked up Brian’s old T-shirt and ripped it down the middle, then draped the ragged remains round his own neck. “Like a trophy, see? Don’t worry, kid, I’ll give you one of mine.” That thought alone made Brian’s cock stiffen in his wet shorts. “OK, Mario … you take the shoes.” Mario tied the laces of Brian’s sneakers together and slung them over his own shoulder.

Grady laughed as they looked at their reflections in the window. “Picture perfect,” he announced. “You look like a boy who’s just been used, abused and fucked rotten by Tarzan and his mate. The boys will go ape-shit over this. Huh, make an entrance? We’ll show ‘em.”

Brian grinned up at Grady. He had always guessed from his smile in his pictures that Grady was a guy who liked to have fun.

Grady and Mario pulled on their shorts and Grady said, “OK, Brian, you ready for your close-up? Lights, cameras … and action!”


In the garden the boys – Danny, Eddie, Ben and Brandon – still clustered around Randy and Bob. The arrival of the tribe’s two boss’s always caused a stir. Most of the boys had been fucked soon after they joined the tribe by Randy, who usually asserted what he called the boss’s privilege – first one to fuck any newcomers. They were in awe of Randy and in love with Bob.

But suddenly a door banged open and everyone looked up … and gasped. Standing in front of the house were Grady and Mario wearing only gym shorts and resting their hands on Brian who sat between them in his wheelchair. Brian, barefoot and shirtless, looked scruffy, with disheveled hair, cum-stained shorts and obvious signs of cum over his face and chest. His ripped T-shirt hung over Grady’s shoulder and his sneakers over Mario’s.

There was a stunned silence, broken (inevitably and loudly) by Eddie. “Dude … you have been seriously fucked.” In a disorderly stampede all the boys rushed over to him, full of admiration and bombarding him with questions. Grady grinned across at Mario and said, “Told you. How’s that for an entrance?”

Left suddenly on their own Randy grinned at Bob and said, “Hmm, ever felt upstaged, buddy?”

“Let’s go say hello to Brandon’s friend,” Bob said. “And go easy on the boy. Apparently he’s led a very sheltered life, and you know how intimidating you can be.”

“Me? Intimidating? I’m a fucking pussycat.”

“Yeah, as in tiger. Come on.”

As they approached the group the boys stood back respectfully. Brian looked up in alarm at the fierce-looking gypsy towering over him, in his grubby old jeans, boots and a tank top hanging over his muscular chest. The effect on the boy was confusing. He gripped the arms of his wheelchair in fear, at the same time as his cock got hard in his shorts. But he was reassured by Grady’s hand squeezing his shoulder, and he remembered what Grady had said about Randy being ultra-protective of the boys.

The deep voice said, “Hey, kid. The name’s Randy.” He gripped Brian’s hand in his in a bone crushing handshake. “You’re Brandon’s buddy, right? He’s a great kid, I love him to death. He’s tough and I admire that in a boy. But I’m disappointed in you, kid. Seems you just got butt-fucked by Tarzan here. I can see the attraction, but I’m the boss of this clan and I usually get the first crack of the whip at a boy’s ass … sometimes literally.”

Bob laughed to break the tension. “It’s known as the ‘Droit de Seigneur’, Brian, the right of a medieval lord to have sex with any newlywed in the clan on her wedding night.”

Brian’s freckled face blushed deeply as he looked up at Randy. “Oh, I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t know that. Are you gonna do it now, sir?”

Randy threw his head back and roared with laughter. “I like you, kid. I think we’re gonna get along just fine.”

Bob chuckled again. “Don’t you worry, Brian, that’s just Randy being Randy and I’m sure he’ll, er, talk to you later. For now, let me welcome you to the big city. I’m happy that Brandon brought you here. So, are the guys treating you well since you arrived?”

He looked at Brian’s tousled hair and the dry cum on his face. “Dumb question, eh? Of course they are. But this crowd can be a bit overwhelming so if there’s anything you need don’t ever be shy about coming to me, OK?”

“Thank you, sir.” Brian wasn’t sure what this beautiful man meant by ‘anything you need’ but he’s mind was already spinning fantasies.

“Grady,” Bob said, “sorry to invade you like this but as your business manager I need a few minutes of your time to go over some of the investments I have made for you.”

Randy added, “And Mark’s coming up soon to check up on the security system here, and Zack is gonna join me to plan the garage extension. With all the cars and trucks around here the current setup is not nearly enough.

Mario looked thoughtful. “Hmm, Hassan mentioned to me that he might be dropping by later too so, er … you know, I think it should be one of those Open House afternoons. Open to the tribe only, of course. That’s if you can cope with a crowd, Danny, with the help of the other boys. I’ll put the word out that everyone’s welcome.”

Danny, the young house manager and master chef, said cheerfully, “Of course we can manage. And as for putting the word out, sir, I suggest you just let Darius know. You know him and his megaphone – it’ll be all over the grapevine in minutes.”

“Good idea,” Mario laughed. “Hey, Brian. If you don’t mind helping out too Brandon will show you what to do. I’ll come with you and show you round the kitchen.”

As they all left with a clatter of excited voices Brandon smiled at Brian. “A bit more than you bargained for eh, dude? How’s it feel?”

“A bit scary, to tell the truth. Sure is different from an empty trailer in the desert. But it feels great. Nobody’s ever asked me to help with anything before.”

“That’s the general idea, dude,” Brandon grinned. “Just follow my lead and you’ll do fine.”


As the clamor died down Grady and Bob went inside to the small office upstairs and sat side by side at the desk. “That Brian seems like a nice kid,” Bob said. “Bit out of his depth – hell, who wouldn’t be in this group? But you managed to make him feel at home.”

“Yeah, I really like the boy. He reminds me a bit of myself at his age. I was lonely too, not because I was handicapped but because I was good-looking. My schoolmates were always talking behind my back – you know, that ‘find-a-flaw’ thing. You know what Brian said when I took him to bed? He asked if this was a mercy fuck. Poor kid. Talk about low self-esteem.”

Bob smiled at him with his soft brown eyes. “Grady, you are such a great guy, you know that?” Grady’s heart missed a beat as he stared at Bob, who was wearing his customary white V-neck T-shirt, blue-jeans and loafers. The T-shirt served only to accentuate his perfect physique and Grady’s cock swelled in his shorts. He wasn’t sure what to do (he knew what he wanted to do) but he was saved from responding by Bob saying. “OK, down to business.”

He had brought his laptop with him and opened it at the investment file he had created for Grady. “Like I told you before, buddy, even though you have big bucks coming in right now we have to be ultra-careful as we don’t know when the gravy train will come to a halt.”

Grady cleared his throat and blushed slightly. “Er, well, I was actually just told something about that. I haven’t told anyone else yet ‘cos I didn’t want to jinx it, so you’re the first to know. The producers of my movie called me in yesterday and told me they’re real pleased with how it’s going so far. They love the footage they’ve seen and they’ve even screened some of the completed scenes to test audiences who all gave it an A or an A-plus.”

Grady shrugged with a goofy grin. “So anyway, they’ve rewritten the ending of the movie as a lead-in to a sequel, and they said the writers are already starting on an outline and a script for the sequel. They’re so excited they say it’ll probably be a whole franchise. So it looks like the gravy train has a long way to go yet, Bob.”

“Grady that’s terrific news.” Bob flung his arm round him and squeezed tight. “I bet Mario’s thrilled to bits for you.” Grady winced and Bob said, “You, er, have told him haven’t you?”

“I haven’t told anyone except you, Bob. You see, it looks like I’m gonna be real famous and it scares me to death. And I’m afraid it’ll scare Mario too and frighten him off me. Remember that fight we had once? It was all about the difference between us – me the big celebrity and him just a gardener. Just! He’s not just anything. He’s everything to me, Bob. I’m scared of losing him because of all this.

Grady jumped to his feet and paced the room, with his hands linked behind his head, which Bob knew was his usual gesture when he was nervous or confused.

“And there’s another thing, Bob – I don’t know about this business manager thing. Trouble is, sitting here with you trying to concentrate on business, all I can think of is sex. You are so fucking gorgeous, man, and you know how I get around gorgeous men. So I don’t think it’s gonna work.” His voice rose with a trace of hysteria and tears came to his eyes. “In fact I don’t think any of it’s gonna work. I like my life the way it is now – you guys, the boys – I love those boys, sometimes I feel like one of them. So all this big new stuff … I don’t see how I can …..”

“Shut up and sit down!” Grady had never heard Bob raise his voice like that and he sat down in shock as if he had just been slapped. “Grady, chill out. You’re panicking. I do understand what you’re saying, but listen to me. First of all, you can cope with the new demands of the studio. You said you sometimes feel like one of the boys, so hang on to that. It’s what makes you so exciting and sexy along with your obvious beauty.

“Now, as to your life here, this house is your real world, it’s private, your own space and that doesn’t have to change. You know that Randy and Mark keep a lid on this place so tight it’s harder to get into than Fort Knox. You’ve got us guys to depend on, and Danny is doing a great job taking care of you. “The boys would do anything for you … remember how Eddie and Brandon used to drive you home and fooled the paparazzi by pretending to be the pool boys?”

That memory brought a smile to Grady’s lips as Bob continued. “And most of all you’ve got a spectacular lover in Mario. He’s crazy about you and would never leave just because of your celebrity. I’m just shocked you didn’t have enough faith in him to tell him your good news first.”

“Man, you’re right as always, especially about Mario. Thank you, buddy. It’s just that all this is so new to me, so big I feel I’m being swept away by the tide and I’m gonna drown. I get so scared, Bob.” His tears brimmed over and he fell against Bob who folded his arms round him.

“It’s OK, it’s OK, Grady. We’re all here for you. And like I just told young Brian, if there’s anything you need don’t ever be too shy to come and ask me. At the very least, you know you can trust me to manage your finances well. ”

Grady pulled back and smiled. “Yeah, there is that. I’ve heard a ton of stories about movie stars who get fucked over by their business managers who steal all their money.”

“Well, you can trust me not steal your money, Grady …” he grinned … “though I’m not sure I can say the same about that first part – the ‘fucked over’ bit.”

Grady stared into Bob’s eyes. “Would you? Would you do that, Bob?” Grady recoiled. “No, sorry, dude, I shouldn’t have said that. You’re my business manager and that’s that.”

“Grady,” Bob smiled, “Randy’s your trainer, keeping Tarzan in shape. Those early morning gym sessions you have – how does he push and encourage you? How does he reward you?”

“He says if I work hard he’ll … well he’ll fuck me at the end of it.”

“And Mario doesn’t mind?”

“Hell no, he’s all for it. He knows my insecurities and he’s happy whenever I get release from other guys in the tribe … like I fucked the new kid Brian earlier.” He gazed at Bob. “And right now after my panic and that stupid crying jag, I need to feel safe, Bob. You said you guys would help me, so does that include …?”

“I did say ‘if there’s anything you want’,” Bob grinned. “Anything. So let’s quit tiptoeing around this, dude. I think the bedroom would be more comfortable, don’t you?”


Grady was trembling as he led Bob to the master bedroom. His mind was racing over his earlier encounters with the other guys in the tribe, culminating in his getting double teamed by Randy and Bob – the first time he had ever been double-penetrated. But Grady and Bob were rarely alone together, just for brief business meetings, and whenever they were Grady found it hard to concentrate on figures … except for the muscular figure sitting beside him.

He had always lusted for Bob but never opened up to him emotionally as he just had, laying bare his fears and insecurities and giving way to raw emotion, crying in Bob’s arms. The news of his enhanced celebrity status had made him momentarily give way under the pressure and his usual buoyancy had been downgraded to fragility. He needed someone strong to make him feel safe, and there was no-one stronger or more reassuring than Bob – not to mention more ‘totally fucking gorgeous’ as he now thought to himself.

When he got to the bedroom it was automatic. It was what he did at least twice daily for Mario who loved to watch him strip slowly, so he did that now for Bob. He was still wearing his gym shorts and had put on an old T-shirt before the meeting. He reached behind his neck, grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled it up slowly, revealing first his washboard abs, then the bottom curve of his pecs, then his sculpted chest.

His handsome face was momentarily obscured by the shirt before Grady pulled it over his head and tossed it aside. He shook his tousled hair, a gesture that Bob somehow found charmingly sexy, and he flashed Bob an urchin smile, with a hint of mischief like a playful boy.

In that move Bob glimpsed why Grady was so effective on screen and why the world would soon fall in love with him. “Grady, sometimes I think you have no idea just how sexy you are. It’s why you’ll be a big star and why this tribe will do everything to protect you. But for now you’re mine … so get naked. Let me see that body movie audiences will be drooling over.”

“At your service, sir,” Grady grinned, loosening the string of his shorts and pushing them down a few inches seductively. “I’d have been a good hustler don’t you think? I’d have made a fortune.”

“Not as big a fortune as you’re making now. And as your business manager, I’m telling you again, get naked!”

Grady dropped his shorts and his rock-hard cock sprang free. He held his arms wide to the side, laughed “Ta-da” and fell straight back on the bed, moving his arms up and down like a kid making an angel in the snow.

It was this endless boyish sense of fun that Bob found so endearing, though he knew now the deep-rooted fears and insecurities it masked. Sure Bob lusted for the stunning muscle-jock but what he felt even more was a wave of compassion for the young man facing such pressures.

“Come on buddy,” Grady smiled, “your turn now. I wanna see that perfect body of yours.”

So Bob treated him to the same show Grady had put on for him. He paused, letting Grady feast on the sight of the muscle-god in blue jeans with a dazzling white T-shirt stretched over his torso. Then off came the T-shirt, slowly, until he tossed it on the bed next to Grady.”

Grady moaned, “Oh shit, man, that is so fucking hot. I wanna touch my dick so bad but if I did I’d lose my load.” Bob unbuttoned his jeans giving a glimpse of his white boxers underneath but Grady said, “No, wait. I wanna see that. Man, I love to see a hot guy stripped to the waist in jeans, and they don’t come any hotter than you, Bob. Wait a minute, wait a minute.”

He pressed his fists against his eyes to blot out the sight, otherwise he would have cum right there as there was already pre-cum oozing from his cock. Grady breathed deeply then opened his eyes, gazing up at Bob’s square-cut features, his curly dark hair, his sculpted physique with its contoured chest, eight pack abs, broad shoulders, V-shaped lats tapering down to the tight waist with his jeans hanging open round it.

“Oh man,” Grady whimpered. “You are gonna fuck me, man, aren’t you?”

“Damn right I am, stud,” Bob said, pushing down his jeans and shorts and stepping out of them naked as a Greek statue, his huge rigid cock rising up like a flagpole. Grady put his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs back to display his ass, an offering to the naked muscle-god towering over him.

Bob stared in disbelief. He, like the other guys, had seen many of the publicity stills of Tarzan, the ruggedly handsome alpha male, his muscles gleaming, triumphant in his loincloth. And here was that same man, lying naked on the bed offering his ass to him. “Please, man, fuck my ass. Help me, man, I need it so bad.”

Bob knew how badly he needed it, having seen him bare his tortured emotions, scared, fragile, desperate to feel the strength and security of a man he could trust to protect him. Bob felt an awesome responsibility, pledging himself and the tribe to take care of this man of whom so much was being asked. That, plus he was dying to fuck one of the most beautiful young jocks on the planet.

He knelt on the bed between Grady’s legs and reached for the jar of lube by the bed. “I don’t need that, buddy,” Grady said.

“But I do,” Bob smiled. “You don’t just need someone to fuck you, Grady. Right now you need a strong man to make love to you. I know you’re used to Randy jackhammering your ass every morning in the gym but I want no pain – just endless desire. I want your absolute trust in me to manage your money, to protect you – and to make love to you. And there’s only one way to do that. You understand?”

“Yes, sir. Absolutely, sir.” Grady was totally in Bob’s power as he watched him lube up his cock, holding the long shaft in his fist and stroking it slowly. Then he leaned forward and pressed his cock against Grady’s ass. “This is my promise to you, Grady, that I will take care of you, and so will my friends. I want you to feel that … I want you to feel this …”

Grady held his breath, then released a long sigh as he felt this glorious man’s cock sliding inside him, deeper, deeper, endlessly until it pushed over his inner sphincter and came to rest. The young jock shuddered, his head tossed from side to side and he moaned, “Bob, I can’t help it … it feels so good I gotta …I can’t stop …”

“Ok, buddy – let it go.” Bob was treated to the sight of the rugged Tarzan spaying semen all over his magnificent chest. “Aaah … aaah …” Grady sighed with relief. I’m sorry, man, I just…”

“Sshh … just relax buddy. It’s all fine. Now give yourself to me while I make love to you.”

Now that he had emptied his load Grady lay back and yielded to this powerful man taking possession of his ass. As Bob smiled down at him and moved slowly in and out of him Grady suddenly felt safe. Bob was strong, wise, and he could protect him, but most of all Bob wanted to make love to him. He was an incredible fuck, sliding his cock in deep, pausing, pulling back and then suddenly driving it in and slamming it against the sensitive membrane of Grady’s ass.

Bob teased, tormented, stroked and dominated until the handsome jock was writhing beneath him in an ecstasy of love, lust, craving, and infinite pleasure … all the while gazing up at the spectacular man massaging his ass.

Bob bent forward and smiled. “Every time I see your beautiful face, Grady, I want to do this …” He closed his mouth over Grady’s in an open-mouthed kiss where they pressed tongues together and shared the same breath. Grady reached up, folded his hands behind Bob’s neck and held him tightly in place. They were both captives – Grady impaled on Bob’s cock, Bob pressed against Grady’s face.

But at last Bob pulled back, withdrew his cock and rolled Grady over on his stomach. He pressed his hands on the small of Grady’s back, pinning him to the bed, gazed at the perfect white globes of his ass … and plunged his cock back into the furnace.

Grady raised his face and found himself staring at the mirror, at his own face and tousled hair, and at the beautiful man smiling down at him, his muscles rippling as he rose and fell over him, making love to his ass.

“Man,” Grady sighed, “that feels so fucking perfect. Can we do this every time we have a business meeting, Bob?”

“Hey,” Bob grinned, “Randy fucks you after every gym session. I don’t see why he should have an exclusive on that.” They both laughed and from then on it was pure sexual fun. They rolled over on the bed, groping, hugging, fucking until they ended as they started – with Grady on his back and Bob’s dick in his ass. Bob leaned forward and pinned Grady’s wrists to the bed above his head.

“I like the look of that,” Bob grinned, “Tarzan’s my prisoner now, at my mercy. How’s it feel?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely awesome, man. Shit, you’re an epic fuck, Bob.” His expression turned serious. “Bob, in all this movie madness I’m still scared of losing Mario. You’ll help us won’t you? You’ll take care of us, protect us from the craziness, won’t you?”

“You have my word, dude. And if ever Mario gets nervous I’ll turn Randy onto him. Randy can make a man do anything. There’s one condition, though.”

“What’s that?” Grady asked in alarm.

Bob grinned. “I have a fantasy of watching the King of the Jungle jerk off over his own gorgeous body.”

“No problem there, man,” Grady laughed. Bob released his hands, straightened up and held Grady’s ankles high in the air while he turned up the heat and ramrodded his ass.”

The sight of the dark-haired muscle-god towering over him, the feel of his piston driving into his ass, was all it took. Grady grabbed his own cock and pumped it in his fist. “Ah, yeah,” he moaned, “you’re fucking spectacular, man. Fuck my ass, pound it good. You wanna see Tarzan shoot? OK, here it comes … yeah … fuck … fuck … aaagh!”

His cock blasted a stream of hot juice over his heaving chest and that finally pushed Bob over the edge. Grady watched in awe as Bob’s body flexed, his muscles tensed, he threw his head back and howled, “Yeah, here it comes … I’m cumming, man … fuuuck!”

As their cocks drained, the laughter of the two beautiful men rang through the house. They had sealed their friendship with a magnificent fuck. Bob had pledged the support and protection of the tribe … and Grady felt safe at last.


When the sound of their laughter reached the rest of the house the boys in the kitchen exchanged knowing glances, then looked anxiously at Mario. They were relieved to see Mario smile and say, “Well, amici, it sounds as if the business meeting is over. But they might need someone to help them tie up loose ends – not to mention clean up the bed. If you guys will excuse me …”

But one man had not heard all the laughter and commotion. Randy, waiting for Mark to arrive, had been walking round the perimeter of the grounds, checking that there were no chinks in the wall of security surrounding the place. As he got back he ran into Mario who was making for the house.

“Hey, handsome,” Randy grinned. “Any idea where my man got to?”

“I believe he is still with Grady, but it sounds as if their, er, ‘business meeting’ is over. I was just going to help … clean up.”

“That good, uh?” Randy smiled. “And, er, you’re OK with all that, Mario?”

Mario chuckled. “Randy, if I am OK with your gym sessions ending in you fucking Grady, I am certainly fine with Grady’s business meetings with Bob ending the same way. You see, Grady is under a lot of pressure right now and any way he can relieve that pressure is welcome. I do what I can,” he grinned, “several times a day, in fact, but we need the tribe’s help to hold it all together … in whatever form that help takes.

“You know, Mario, you’re the perfect mate for this Tarzan, and believe me, you can count on the tribe to fold its arms round you. By the way, how’s that new buddy of Brandon’s doing?”

“Oh, Brian is being a great help to Danny and the boys and he seems to enjoy it. But he comes from a very reclusive life and I think he’s still feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the action here.” Mario grinned mischievously at Randy. “I think he could use a little … come si dice … a little reassurance.”

Randy laughed, “You’re a wicked schemer, Mario, but I know just what you mean. Leave it to me. And any time you yourself want a little reassurance, you come right to me, OK?”

They split up with conspiratorial smiles, Mario went upstairs and Randy headed for the kitchen. The clatter of voices diminished as the boss walked in, and he headed straight for Danny who was checking the ovens. “Er, Danny, I don’t want to interrupt what y’all have got cooking in here, but could you spare Brian for a while?”

“Of course, sir,” Danny said. (Nobody ever said no to Randy.) “But he’s being very helpful so I’d like him back here when you’ve, er, finished with him. Let me go and tell him though, sir. You might scare him.”

Randy winced slightly at that last remark, but he knew it was true. “By the way, is there a room we can use for a while?”

“There are lots of rooms, sir,” Danny smiled knowingly, “but I would suggest you take the elevator upstairs and go to the second door on the right. I think that room will have everything you need.”

Brian was with Brandon when Danny came over and told him Randy wanted him. Brian blushed with momentary panic and looked nervously at Brandon, who said, “Don’t worry, dude. I know Randy looks kinda scary but he’s a good guy. He’s the big boss but he would never hurt you.”

Still, Brian was very tentative as he reported to Randy. “Hey, kiddo,” Randy said, flashing a smile and putting his hand on the boy’s shoulder. “Come with me, I wanna talk to you.”


Brian followed the big gypsy out of the kitchen and down the hall to the elevator. Randy always took long strides and expected guys to keep up with him, but Brian found it hard to wheel his chair that fast and he was breathless when they reached the elevator. Inside, the space was small and he remembered being in here with Grady, his cheek pressed against Grady’s leg.

It was no different now, except that Randy was bigger and taller than Grady. He took up a lot of room and, as he pressed against him, Brian could feel the muscled thigh under the denim of his jeans. When he turned his head he could see the long, thick bulge running a long way down his jeans. Brian’s heart was pounding with anxiety so he was surprised that his cock was hard in his shorts.

When the elevator opened he followed Randy down the hall to the second door. They went in and Randy looked around. Danny had been right, this room would do very well. It was obviously one that Grady and Mario used for sex, judging by the mirrors and various accoutrements scattered around.

“Good, there’s a fridge,” Randy said pulling open the door. “And beer too. That kid Danny thinks of everything. You drink beer, kiddo?”

“Yes sir,” Brian said in a very small voice, then cleared his throat and tried again. “Yes please, sir … thank you, sir.”

Randy pulled a chair up in front of Brian, handed him a beer and sat facing him. He put a hand on his knee and said, “You feel scared, kid?”

“Yes, sir. Quite a lot, sir.”

“Yeah I have that effect on a lot of guys, especially new boys. But I don’t want you to feel scared, Brian. I want us to be friends. Take a hit of beer, that’ll help.” They both drank. “Brandon was nervous at first when I went to his place to install pull-down shelves for him. Did he tell you about that?”

“Yes he did, sir. And air-conditioners, fire alarms and security.” Brian had found his voice at last. “Brandon said you always take care of the boys like that, sir, and protect them.”

“He said that, did he?” Randy smiled. “Well he’s right. Brandon turned out to be a great kid. That Ranger, Pete, is a lucky guy to have him. OK, so how about you? I know your uncle Mike – been to his bar several times. But you don’t live with him, you live in a trailer way out in the desert, is that right?”

“Yes, sir. Uncle Mike wants me to live with him but I don’t want to ‘cos I’d just be a nuisance to him, me just a kid in a wheelchair getting under his feet all the time.”

Brian saw Randy’s eyes flash. “Now listen kid, that’s the last time you mention your fucking wheelchair. Makes no difference to me … I don’t give a shit about it. You’re a boy just like the others as Brandon has proved. He can do most everything the other kids do and nobody even notices his damn wheelchair. So don’t let me hear it again, OK?”

“Yes, sir … sorry, sir,” said a chastened Brian.

Randy regretted his outburst and said gently, “You got folks? Parents, brothers, sisters?”

“No sir, I’m all alone except for Uncle Mike. I never knew my dad, and my mom’s dead.”

Randy gulped hard, turned his head away for a moment and took a hit of beer. Then he faced the boy again. “OK, so you’re wondering why I wanted to see you, kiddo. Well, I am gonna fuck you, of course. Like I told you before, I’m the boss and I fuck all the new guys when they come here. It’s kind of a ritual. But I wanna go over some of the rules first.

“The most important is that we never force a boy to do anything that would hurt him, unless he wants it, which some guys do. Also, if a boy gets punished for misbehaving, that can hurt too. Of course, boys always obey the masters and call them sir, but you already seem to have got that down pretty good. The only exception is the cop Mark and his boy Jamie. They’re so close now that Mark wants them to be buddies, not master and boy. You’ll meet them later.

“If you go back to the desert I suggest that you live with your uncle, and forget all that ‘I’m useless’ bullshit, ‘cos you’re not. If you decide you want to live here we can probably find a place for you, provided I decide you’re right for us. You understand all that?”

“Yes, sir,” Brian blinked, feeling less afraid as the swarthy gypsy spoke with his deep voice and stared at him with his hypnotic, pale blue eyes.

“There’s one more thing. I told you I was gonna fuck you ‘cos I always fuck new boys. But there’s another reason too. I want to fuck you, kiddo. You don’t know it but you’re a very attractive young man, with that cute, freckled face, your long, mussed up hair and that great upper body that no doubt comes from all the wheeling you do. You stick around and I’ll set you up with a routine in the gym.

“There’s another thing too. You don’t smile much but when you do it’s a smile that can light up a room. Makes me wanna do this …” Randy leaned forward, pulled Brian’s head toward him and ground his lips against his. Brian breathed in the beer from the gypsy’s breath and smelled the faint odor of sweat from his body. It lasted only a few seconds but when Randy pulled away Brian’s heart was beating wildly and he could feel pre-cum dribbled inside his shorts.

“I’m only sorry Grady got to you first,” Randy smiled, “but it is his house so I guess he has some rights. Did he fuck you? Did you like it?”

“Yes he did, sir, and I loved it. He was already my hero from pictures I’d seen, so getting fucked by Tarzan was a big fantasy, sir.”

A spark of irritation and rivalry flashed momentarily through Randy, but he dismissed it. Grady was a hot guy but he sure wasn’t gonna upstage the boss. “OK,” he said, “so let’s see where we go from here.” Randy jumped to his feet and Brian gasped as he pulled off his grubby tank top and towered over him shirtless in jeans and boots, his perfectly sculpted torso flexing, muscles rippling in the sunlight from the window. Randy was a master of seduction.

“Right, so like I said, a boy has to want whatever he gets and my question to you, kid, is this. Do you want me to fuck you?”

Brian was struck dumb as he stared up at rugged, muscular construction worker with the wild black hair and laser blue eyes. The boy was overwhelmed, he was scared, trembling, but he heard himself say, “Yes please sir. I would like you to fuck me.”


Surprised by his own voice Brian’s impulse was to take his words back, but he didn’t get the chance. “Good,” Randy said, “that’s all I wanted to hear.” He grabbed the boy bodily out of his chair and laid him on his back on the bed. Randy stood by the bed, his arms folded across his chest and said, “OK, let me see you get naked.”

Brian obeyed instantly, pulling off his T-shirt and struggling out of his shorts and briefs. He was intimidated and embarrassed to be totally naked in front of a man so massively handsome, especially since his cock was standing up straight as a pole and juice was oozing from the top. “That’s good, boy, real good, just what I wanted. Seems you want it too,” he chuckled. “Now stretch your hands up toward the corner bedposts, as high as you can.”

Again the boy obeyed awaited his fate as his eyes followed Randy pacing round the bed. “OK, boy, I’m gonna do something to you now but I don’t want to scare you. The thing is, other guys will want to do it to you in time, so better I teach you first. But remember, if you want me to stop you just have to tell me.

This was obviously the room Grady and Mario used for their more adventuresome sex scenes as there were lengths of rope hanging loosely round the bedposts. Before Brian could even grasp what was happening Randy skillfully and quickly roped his wrists to the posts. Brian frowned, tugged at his wrists and a moment of panic shot through him.

But when he looked up at the mesmerizing blue eyes smiling down at him, and saw the magnificent gypsy stripped to the waist standing beside the bed, he experienced a sensation that was different from anything he had felt before. He was tied up, Randy’s prisoner, at his mercy. It scared him … and excited the hell out of him. He had often felt imprisoned in his wheelchair, but this was a different kind of captivity, one that thrilled him.

Randy said gently, “Now don’t panic kiddo. See, I’ve left some slack in the ropes so you can pull out if you don’t want to be my prisoner.”

Brian smiled for the first time, a smile that completely seduced Randy. “But I don’t want to escape sir. I want to be your prisoner. I want you to tie the ropes tight, sir.”

Randy chuckled, “You little devil. Full of surprises. OK, kid, you want it, you got it.” He tightened the ropes, then leaned down and kissed Brian lightly. “Now listen up, kid, don’t ever let anyone do this unless you know them well. And if a guy says you can trust him, don’t. You shouldn’t even have trusted me. Why did you?”

“Because Brandon said I could, sir,” Brian said simply.

“Yeah, well he would know. But listen, if you feel scared we always have a safe word, like a panic button. If you don’t want any more you just say ‘enough’ and I’ll stop right away. Got it?”

“Yes, sir … thank you, sir.”

Randy leaped up on the bed and stood astride the bound boy. Staring down at him he ripped open his jeans, pulled out his massive cock and let it stand out – long, thick and rigid. “Aaah,” Brian gasped. “Sir I’m not sure I can … I don’t know if…”

Randy said, “Scary, uh? You had enough already?”

“No, sir, don’t stop. I want it sir.”

“OK, kid, I’ll let you get the measure of it.” He fell to his knees astride Brian’s chest, leaned forward and grabbed the headboard so the tip of his cock was touching the boy’s lips. “Come on, boy, get used to it.”

Tentatively Brian poked out his tongue and licked the hard round head, then sucked it into his mouth. Very slowly Randy pushed forward and the boy looked wide-eyed as, inch by inch, the huge cock slid down his throat. He gagged and Randy stopped. “Breath through your nose, kiddo. Relax, trust me, I know your limit.” He pushed further in, pausing each time he saw distress in Brian’s eyes. Tears were flowing now, but Randy sensed that he wanted to go on.

“You’re doing great kid. Almost there. He eased in even further and as his cock touched the back of Brian’s throat it triggered his gag reflex and he started to choke. Instantly Randy pulled out and watched carefully as Brian coughed and then calmed down. “I’m sorry, sir, I tried to…”

“What are you talking about, boy? You did great. You’re a natural.”

“Thank you, sir,” Brian grinned through his tears. “I want to please you, sir, more than anything.”

“You are, kiddo. You’re the kind if gutsy boy I love. But here’s the final test … and you’re gonna love it.” Randy shifted back and knelt between his legs, then pulled them up over his shoulders. “Normally I just spit on a man’s ass but I’ll make an exception for you, kid, as you’ve never taken a schlong this big.” He reached over to a jar of lube, dipped his fingers in, then massaged the boy’s hole before pushing two fingers inside.

Brian flinched and Randy said, “Now I want you to look into my eyes, boy, and keep looking at me. That’s it. Now, do you want me inside you, Brian?”

“Oh yes, sir. Yes I do. I really do.”

“Good boy.” Randy’s voice became as hypnotic as his eyes. “Now forget everything else except my eyes and my dick entering your ass. Forget this room, this house, all the other guys. It’s just you and me, kiddo. Be a good boy for me and tell me again what you want.”

Brian felt he was floating. “I want you to fuck me, sir. Please, I want to feel your cock in my ass. I want it so bad … aaah!” He winced and shut his eyes tight as the head of Randy’s huge rod pushed over his sphincter, then stopped. “Open your eyes, boy. Open them … look at me.”

Brian obeyed, and once again he was drawn into the magical world of Randy’s smiling eyes. Like so many before him he had fallen prey to the gypsy’s sexual magnetism. He tugged at the ropes binding his wrists, not in desperation but to enjoy the exquisite sensation of being captive to this incredible man, in his power, at his mercy, waiting for his long shaft to push inside him.

And from that moment it was surprisingly easy. He relaxed completely, putting all his trust in the powerful gypsy. There was no pain, no fear of pain, just the infinite pleasure of feeling the master’s cock sliding slowly inside him. His instinct was to touch his own shuddering cock but his hands were tied, and the sensation of being denied excited him even more. Randy was controlling his cock as well as his ass. And in that moment he gave his whole being to Randy in a way he never had before to any man.

He was desperate not to cum … but Randy took care of that too. He was a master of bringing a man right to the edge of orgasm, then pausing and denying him that release. He pushed in deep, stopped, then pulled back slowly and, as he felt the ass muscles clench round his cock he stopped again, waiting for his captive’s passion to abate before starting again.

He was driving Brian wild. Getting fucked by Grady, his Tarzan hero, had been the fulfilment of a fantasy … but Randy was a whole new experience, unlike anything else … truly out of this world. The boy lost all sense of time and place as the fuck seemed to stretch to infinity. It was his whole world, the only world, and he wanted more … he craved more!

Staring longingly into Randy’s penetrating blue eyes he moaned, “Please, sir. Fuck me more, fuck me hard. I love you, sir. Take my ass, sir … harder … please …!”

“OK, kid, but it’ll make you cum.”

“Only when you say I can, sir.”

“That’s my boy,” Randy grinned, and he slowly increased the tempo and force of his fuck. It wasn’t the savage fuck he gave to Bob and Pablo, which they expected and longed for, but it was forceful. When Randy was inside a boy physically he had a talent for getting inside his mind too, inside his needs and desires. So he knew the boy’s limits, he felt his limits … and that’s where he took the new boy now.

As the pressure increased Brian writhed beneath the pounding gypsy body, pulling at the ropes binding him, staring up at the steel blue eyes penetrating his very soul as his shaft was penetrating his body. Randy was wild, with the instincts of a feral animal. His stubbled jaw clenched, his long black hair flew across his face, his muscles rippled as his body pounded.

Brian was desperately holding back his orgasm, and he started to plead, “Sir, I really gotta cum, sir. Please, let me shoot. I love you, sir … I love you … please …”

“You’re the best, kiddo. OK, when you feel my jism in your ass you can let go. We’ll do it together, OK?”

“OK, sir. Oh, fuck me, sir, fuck me … I love you … cum inside me, please, sir.” Brian saw the magnificent body tense, saw the muscles flex, heard the deep-throated, triumphant howl … and felt the massive cock blast hot semen in his ass as his own cock exploded in the most spectacular orgasm he had ever known. “I love you, sir,” he yelled … and then passed out.


It was just a few seconds later that Brian opened his eyes and looked straight up at the sparkling eyes smiling down at him. “Sensational fuck, kiddo. You were wild. Huh, talk about still waters running deep! As far as I’m concerned you’re one of us. If you want to go back to the desert I’ll take you there myself and speak to your Uncle Mike. But if you want to stay here, you have my blessing … and that’s all you need.

“And don’t you ever, ever let me hear you put yourself down. If I hear anyone else put you down they’ll answer to me and it won’t be pretty. You’re under my protection now, which means you don’t ever have to be afraid again.

“Thank you, sir,” Brian said, nestling in Randy’s arms.

“OK, now I promised Danny I’d deliver you back to him, but before that I’ll take you to Brandon and he’ll show you the shower he uses here. I like you the way you are, cum-soaked, but I guess you should clean up before serving food. No need to get dressed. You look just fine.”

And so it was that the boys looked up wide-eyed as Randy came into the kitchen shirtless with the naked new boy wheeling himself beside him covered in cum. Then they heard the verdict. “Brian’s a great kid,” Randy said. “If he wants to stay, he stays. Now get him cleaned up.”

The boss’s judgement brought raucous cheers as they gathered round the bemused and starry-eyed new boy. Randy called over to Danny, “Hey, Danny, is Mark here yet?”

“No, sir, he called to say he and Jamie have to run an errand on the way, but he won’t be long.”

“Huh, what’s he up to with that boy of his now? I guess I’m supposed to say his man now.”


Actually, Jamie’s transition from boy to man was part of the reason for their errand now. The always-close love affair between the Greek-God blond cop Mark and his surfer boy Jamie had deepened over time, culminating in their recent trip up to the Guadalupe Dunes where they lay together post-sex and Mark had made a startling announcement.

“Jamie, I don’t want you to be my boy anymore … because I want you to be my man … my lover, my buddy, my friend. This master-boy thing is a barrier between us. I don’t think of you as a boy anymore because you have grown into a strong, self-assured, young man respected by everyone. In many ways you are my equal and that makes me proud to call you my man.”

Since then they had worked, occasionally stumbled, toward their transition from ‘man-boy’ to ‘man-lovers’. Mark was still, of course, the dominant partner who called the shots and protected Jamie, so it had evolved into a kind of hybrid “buddy” relationship.

It was when Mark was driving them to join Randy and the others at the Grady House that he had sprung another surprise on Jamie. He made a detour and when Jamie saw their destination he had a moment of panic.

It was the tattoo parlor where Mark had taken him long ago to have an interwoven ‘MM’ tattooed on Jamie’s shoulder as a pledge of Mark’s love for him. But it was also the place where Mark had taken him to have the tattoo removed, in a fit of rage after finding Jamie doing drugs with his surfer buddies. Fortunately the removal had been avoided at the last minute, and peace was restored, but even now Jamie still felt a frisson of fear.”

Reading his mind Mark grinned, “Don’t worry, buddy, it’s not like last time. This is something that’ll blow you away, and the guys up at the house too. We’ll make a big entrance, and then show them how two hot men, soul-mates, really make love. How’s that grab you?”

Jamie playfully reached over and squeezed Mark’s crotch. He laughed, “Grab’s me right here, man. I can’t wait.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 316



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