It should have been an uneventful, relaxing weekend in the dunes for all six of them – Mark and his boy Jamie; Hassan and Eddie; and Jason and Ben. But the best laid plans …

The handsome young fireman Jason had gone surfing with Mark’s boy Jamie and one thing had led to another … Stoked by the adrenaline of riding the waves they had floated back to a quiet cove where they made love and Jason had fucked Jamie … what he later called a ‘buddy fuck.’

But that was not what the cop Mark called it when he happened to see them. What he witnessed – two energetic young buddies having fun together that ended, not unnaturally, in a horny fuck – went to the heart of Mark’s anxiety. It was a foreboding that had been building inside him for quite some time – an issue, in fact, that arose in many master-boy relationships with an age disparity. Mark and Jamie loved each other but their lives and impulses were different in many ways.

Mark was a serious minded cop who, in the evenings after a tough day at work, just wanted to relax quietly at home. Jamie was a fun-loving young man with boundless energy, so of course he sought out high-spirited guys like himself – like Jason. How long would it be, Mark thought, before Jamie began to see him as dull and started to stray? Was it such a stretch to think that Jamie and Jason would end up as more than playmates – as lovers?

Mark’s anger stifled his common sense and he accused Jason of seducing his boy. Jason tried to reason with him. “Now back off man, all Jamie and I were doing was having a bit of fun after a great ride in the waves. Yeah, sure I fucked him, but stuff like that goes on in the tribe all the time. You know the rule … as long as it stays in the tribe. Men often fuck other guys’ boys and no harm’s done if everyone’s happy.

But Mark’s insecurity about Jamie clouded his reason and he attacked Jason. While they were rolling in the sand trading punches a horrified Jamie took off along the beach headed for the safety of the other shack they used a few miles down the beach.

But Mark ran after him and, as they lay in the sand, buried his face in Jamie’s neck … sobbing. Don’t leave, Jamie. Please … don’t go away … I love you, boy … I need you …”

Jamie lay beside him and stared up at the sky in total bewilderment. He could hardly believe what he was hearing. His master, the cool, confident, powerful cop, was sobbing next to him, desperately begging Jamie not to abandon him.

It was a sudden and total role reversal. How often, right from the beginning, had Jamie feared abandonment and sought reassurance from the man he worshipped that he was still his boy? And how often had Mark laughingly told him his fears were groundless. And now here was the cool, powerful cop tearfully expressing the very same fear.

The strange irony was that their love for each other had been so strong they were both scared that it would end. But now at last this mutual confession of groundless fears served as a cleansing force in their relationship, where their insecurities vanished in the certainty that their love was rock solid and they were inseparable.

Mark stood up, scooped the boy up in his arms, carried him into the empty shack and laid him gently on the bed. And after the catharsis they had just gone through, a watershed in their love affair, they made love as never before, exploring a whole world of new delights and appetites they had never dreamed of before. It transcended the affection between man and boy … it was simply two glorious males surrendering to their craving for each other.

When at long last they were spent, they lay on their backs side by side, holding hands. “Sir,” Jamie said breathlessly. “Let’s not be scared anymore. I don’t like it.”

“From now on, kiddo, fear is off the menu. So is running away. No more insecurity. I’m never gonna leave you nor you me. We’re in this for the long haul.” Then he sighed heavily. “But now comes the hard part – facing Jason and Hassan.”

“You think they’ll be angry, sir?”

“They damn well should be. I was way out of line. I blew my cool and behaved like a total asshole. I got jealous, picked a fight with another master for no good reason and ruined what should have been a perfect day on the beach with good buddies. That’s not who I am, kid, you know that, and I’m ashamed of myself.

“You know the rules, Jamie … a man behaves like that, he has to be punished. And Hassan is a Marine Captain who knows all about discipline. He probably has something in mind already.

And Mark was right.


The sun beat down on them as they walked back along the beach toward the other shack where they knew Hassan and Jason would be waiting for them with their boys. Jamie walked slowly, fearing what awaited Mark. In fact Jamie was all for their running away together but Mark grinned at him ruefully.

“Nah, kiddo. You know that’s not my style – running away from trouble. How would it look if a cop who broke the rules couldn’t face his punishment? I would lose all respect and not be worthy to have a boy, least of all a perfect boy like you? I need this, Jamie, to restore my self-esteem and reputation.”

They both found strength in being together. It was as if no mountain was too high provided they climbed it together. Nevertheless, as they approached the shack and saw the grim-faced Marine and the aggrieved fireman on the beach waiting for them, Jamie felt his legs go weak.

Hanging back closer to the shack, the two boys Eddie and Ben watched fearfully, anxious for their friend Jamie who, they felt strongly, had done nothing wrong. Mark said softly to Jamie, “It’s OK, boy, this is my affair now. You go over and take care of the boys.”

Jamie joined his buddies and Eddie whispered nervously, “Dude, how’d it go? You OK? Things OK with you and Mark?”

“Never better, guys. Me and Mark are solid as a rock. Except now I gotta watch the man I worship get punished for loving me too much.”

“No, Jamie,” Ben said, who had been schooled in the rules by his big brother Randy. “He’s getting punished for losing his cool and slugging Jason. You know that’s a big no-no.”

“I know, Ben. You’re right. But it doesn’t make it any easier.”

“Don’t worry, dude,” Eddie grinned. “You’ve got Ben and me with you. You know how us boys circle the wagons when one of us is in trouble.” Jamie grinned his thanks and they stood shoulder to shoulder watching events unfold.


And so Mark confronted the Marine and the fireman – Hassan shirtless in military fatigue pants and boots, Jason wearing only surfer trunks.

As Hassan faced Mark he was not so much angry as troubled. Hassan and Mark went back a long way … back before the tribe, before Mark was a cop, when they were both soldiers in the Arab war on opposing sides. Mark had been captured, chained in a cell and harshly interrogated by Hassan, but in the midst of suffering they had, against all logic, fallen in love.

When the war ended Hassan had traveled to this country to find Mark. He joined the U.S. Marines and eventually become one of the men of the tribe. And now, all this time later and half a world away from that desert dungeon, they still loved each other and Hassan was uneasy at the disciplinarian role he now had to play.

In recent years they had occasionally re-enacted the events of that military interrogation, sexually aroused by one of them chaining the other and abusing his superb body, first one in the role of victim then the other. But today was no fantasy, no reenactment. This was the reality of the tribe where, when one man lets anger rule him to the point where he attacks another, he has to make amends. It was a rule instigated by Randy and embraced by all the other men.

Mark had over-reacted when he saw Jason making love to his boy Jamie. What they had been doing was fairly innocent and light-hearted, and certainly not the betrayal Mark perceived it to be. But Mark was at the peak of his insecurity with the boy he idolized and was, in a visceral way, reacting against an invasion of his turf.

Hassan even asked himself how he would have reacted if he had stumbled across Jason fucking his boy Eddie. Nevertheless, he had the clear-eyed focus of a Marine Captain where military discipline had no room for emotional distraction. And so he stared straight at Mark and said, “Man, you have to be punished. You ….”

He faltered and Mark came to his rescue. “Let me say it for you, Captain. I totally fucked up. I saw my boy with Jason and lost my cool. It was just harmless fun between two surfing buddies but my paranoia kicked in, anger took over and I slugged Jason – a master-on-master fight that has to be punished. I disrupted a fine, relaxing afternoon with good friends. I have made peace with my boy and must now make amends to you guys. I submit to your discipline, Captain.”

Hassan gazed into the strong steady blue eyes and a wave of love and compassion swept over him for this beautiful man he had loved for so long.

He said quietly, “It’s all so damn stupid, Mark. You and Jamie? Anyone can see you are both crazy in love with each other and you belong together. No little beach frolic with another guy would ever change that. I know you thought you were protecting the boy you loved and had sworn to protect, but your anger distorted your judgement. But what’s done is done and, as you say, you have to pay the price. Come with me.”

As everyone expected, Hassan walked over to an old doorframe standing up in the sand close to the shack. It had once been a shed that had long since succumbed to the wind and weather so all that was left was this sturdy doorframe. It had been used by various guys in the past as the setting for punishments and sex games, so now it was natural that Hassan should choose it as the scene of Mark’s discipline.

Mark stood squarely in the frame and dropped his shorts. Jason and the three boys watched as Hassan went to work in a ritual that had been repeated many times in the past. When he was finished he stood back and the spectacle before him and the other guys gave them all hard erections.

The muscular blond cop was naked like a classical Greek statue of a hero in chains. He was spread-eagled, arms and legs spread wide, his wrists roped to the upper corners of the frame and his ankles to the bottom. Even in this humiliating position of captivity Mark looked magnificent in his nakedness, his superb physique stretched and flexing in bondage. He held his head high, staring straight ahead, jaw clenched, ready to do penance.

Hassan, in complete charge of the proceedings, said to the small group. “It’s the rule that the punishment must fit the crime. In this case Mark reacted irrationally to a harmless act where his boy was fucked by his friend, Jason. So that act must now revert to the prisoner. Jason, you as the primary injured party must be the first.

The young fireman stood behind the bound man and dropped his surfer trunks. Jason was more accustomed to fun sex – on the beach or at home with mirrors – less into domination than most of the other guys. So he was uncomfortable to find himself in the serious role of avenger. But Hassan’s words rang true and he knew what he had to do. And he had to admit that, except for the coercive aspect to it, Jason felt a thrill at the sight of the muscle-cop’s bare ass only inches away from his rigid cock.

Tension mounted among the three boys watching from the porch, and suddenly Ben ran into the shack and emerged with a jar of lube. He ran quickly to his master Jason, shoved the jar in his hand, and hurried back to the boys. The anxious Jamie managed a smile and whispered, “Thanks, Ben. I owe you one, dude.” Nervous over what was about to happen to Mark he was relieved that the lube would at least avoid a dry fuck.

By now Jason had lubed up his cock and pushed it between the hard cheeks of the cop’s ass. Jason was not into savage fucks but he knew this had to be different. This was retribution. So he grabbed hold of Mark’s hips … and with one ferocious lunge speared his ass.

“Aaagh.” Mark’s scream echoed off the dunes, his head flew back, blond hair flying, and his muscles flexed as he pulled at his restraints, his body stretched in bondage. As he shuddered and gritted his teeth his wild eyes met the placid, loving gaze of Hassan’s almond-shaped dark brown eyes.

Mark instantly found strength and comfort in his friend’s gaze. It was the same face he had looked into so many years ago in that desert cell, the same face that, even at the height of his torment, he had fallen in love with. Suddenly he felt another sharp pain as Jason again slammed his cock in deep, then another and another as his cock became a piston moving pitilessly in and out of his ass.

To the onlookers it was a spectacular sight, a homoerotic mix of anguish and lust as the jock fireman ramrodded the ass of the battered, spread-eagled cop. Mark fixed his gaze on Hassan standing only a foot in front of him and felt infinite relief as he saw himself reflected in the soldier’s eyes – an anguished, struggling man mirrored in the clear calm gaze of his friend.

Hassan spoke softly. “You are so beautiful Mark, just as you were all that time ago when I interrogated you, my chained prisoner. Do you remember how it was back then, Mark, how your pain subsided when I looked at you in the mirror while I entered your ass? Can you feel it again, feel my cock inside you as you slowly fell in love with your captor, as you fell under my spell and your cursing changed to pleading … pleading with me to fuck you harder?”

Yes, Mark remembered. Once again he was mesmerized by the hypnotic eyes and voice while he was being ramrodded from behind. And now, as then, harsh reality faded into sexual fantasy, pain became pleasure and he moaned, “Yeah, fuck me … fuck my ass … harder man. Pound that ass … make me feel it.”

Jason was not sure what was happening, but he knew it felt good … real good. Mark, with his stunning beauty, had always been a challenge for Jason, a muscle-god that he lusted for, often from a distance. And now here he was – the powerful cop, bound, naked, impaled on the fireman’s cock and begging to get savagely fucked in the ass. “Fuck me, cum inside me, man, shoot your jizz in my ass!”

That did it for the lusty fireman as his shuddering cock felt the burning heat of the cop’s ass. He reached round, squeezed Mark’s nipples and panted, “Fuck, your ass is incredible. I’m gonna shoot, man. Here it comes … oh yeah … fuck … fuck … aaagh …!”

As Mark stared into Hassan’s eyes he felt semen erupt deep in his ass, heard Hassan’s voice … “Do it, Mark. Now …” And Mark’s cock blasted a stream of juice that sprayed over the soldier’s washboard abs and ran down them to soak his fatigues. Hassan ran his fingers over his cum-splashed abs and pushed them into his own mouth, sucking and swallowing, never taking his eyes off Mark’s face.

Jason pulled out his cock and stroked the last remaining drops of cum onto the white globes of Mark’s ass. He looked over to Ben with a triumphant smile and Ben grinned back with a discreet thumbs up. His task complete, Jason went to join the boys on the porch and said quietly to Jamie, “You OK, dude? I’m sorry, I had to do it even though …”

“It’s OK, Jason, I know. And anyway, it seems Mark didn’t exactly object. But I’m a bit scared about what comes next.”


What came next was the Marine Captain. Hassan was still staring at Mark, realizing that the punishment aspect of this event had become softened by emotion. But he was a soldier and knew how to do his duty no matter how tough it was. His voice became steely now as he said to Mark, “Now, as a military man and a senior member of the tribe I have an obligation to punish you, Mark. And it has to be real. No holding back. You understand that don’t you?”

“I understand. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. Do what you have to do, soldier.”

At last Hassan pulled his gaze away and walked behind Mark. His ass had already been lubed by Jason and was still slick with his juice, but even if it hadn’t been Hassan would have dry-fucked him. As he had said, this was discipline and it had to be real – it had to hurt.

So there was no preamble, no hesitation. Hassan ripped open his pants and pulled out his cock that had been rock hard ever since he tied Mark to the doorframe, and especially while he watched him get fucked. Now it was his turn and he lost not time. He grabbed Mark’s waist from behind … and rammed his huge shaft deep into the cop’s ass.

Once again Mark’s screams rose into the air and were carried down the beach on the breeze. But this time there was no relief, no escape into fantasy, none of the solace of love remembered. If there was a parallel to the desert interrogation it was to the harsh beginning of Mark’s torment, before the mood changed and the men felt the first stirrings of love.

This was cold, hard discipline, the bound cop at the mercy of the Marine who showed no mercy. The fuck was ferocious, with Hassan pile-driving Mark’s ass, already raw from the fireman’s fuck. Instinctively Mark pulled desperately against the ropes binding his wrists and ankles in a futile attempt to escape the shaft driving into him.

Jason and the two boys held Jamie’s arms, trying to comfort him as they watched Mark’s penance – two macho alpha males, their muscles rippling under the hot sun, the swarthy, black-haired soldier punishing the ass of the spread-eagled blond cop.

For a while Mark clenched his jaw, determined to show no weakness. But as he felt the full power of the rugged Marine’s iron shaft his moans became loud groans and finally howls of pain. His body writhed frantically in his restraints, his head thrashed from side to side with tears running down his cheeks. But Hassan was implacable and Mark knew he had to surrender.

As the naked cop flexed and strained helplessly he shouted “I can’t take any more, man … my ass is on fire. You win, soldier, I give up … I submit, man. Cum in my ass … please, I’m begging you … cuuum!”

“That’s all I needed to hear, cop,” Hassan growled and, with one last massive drive of his cock he blasted his load deep inside the ravaged ass of the sobbing, beaten cop.


Jamie’s impulse was to run off the porch and fold his arms round Mark, but Jason held him back and whispered, “Let them finish, dude.”

Hassan had pulled out and came round to face Mark who was slumped in the doorframe, his head hanging down in submission. Hassan put his finger under his chin and gently lifted his face up. “Man, I hated doing that, but it had to be. You were magnificent, buddy. Always remember that I love you.” He leaned forward, licked the tears from Mark’s face and kissed him on the lips. Mark responded and soon they were locked together in a fierce, passionate man-on-man embrace.

When Hassan pulled away he was back to being the stem Marine. He looked up at the shack and said, “Jamie, would you come down here please?” Jamie leaped off the porch and ran to them, nervous about what came next. “Jamie, by rights you should also fuck Mark as he disparaged you as well as Jason. But I won’t ask you to do that in public. Mark has done his penance so I want you to take him into the shack and do what you have to do there.”

Before he walked away Hassan softened and whispered in Jamie’s ear, “Take good care of him, boy. He’s a special man – and you belong together.”

Without making eye contact with Mark, Jamie quickly untied him and he slumped in his boy’s arms. He leaned on Jamie for support and master and boy went together up the steps of the porch, past the encouraging smiles of Eddie and Ben, and into the shack.

“OK, guys,” Hassan said to the others. “Show’s over. Let’s all take a walk to the village store and get some supplies for dinner. Eddie, Ben, how are your cooking skills?”

“Great, sir,” Eddie grinned. “We’ve been taught by the twins. You remember that day when they …”

“Eddie!” Hassan barked. “Shut up and walk.”

A wide-eyed Eddie dramatically pursed his lips tight shut and as they all walked over the dunes a silence descended on the beach.


In the shack Mark lay on his back recovering his strength and Jamie knelt beside him with a hand towel, gently wiping the remaining tears from his cheeks, the sweat from his body, and the cum that had oozed from his ass and run down his legs.

When Mark smiled at him Jamie said, “Sir, you were wonderful. Never mind what they did, you are always a top man to me. Sir, when you feel up to it, would you fuck me, sir? Please.”

Mark knew what Jamie was doing and loved him for it. He was trying to help Mark reassert his masculinity after his humiliation of begging to get butt-fucked and submitting to Hassan. But Mark’s masculinity was intact … he was too big a man to be brought down by the punishment of a double fuck. No, he wanted something quite different.

“Jamie,” he smiled, “I thank you for that, but it wouldn’t be right. As Hassan said, I need to make amends to you too. I insulted you by doubting you, just because you had a romp with Jason. So here’s what needs to happen. To make things right, you have to fuck me … now.”

Jamie recoiled. “After what they did? No, I couldn’t, sir. You’re hurting, and I couldn’t hurt you even more.”

“Jamie,” Mark said sternly. “Don’t question my orders. I’m telling you what to do. So do it.”

In a daze Jamie climbed on the bed and Mark pulled his legs back, offering his ass to his boy. Jamie leaned forward and braced his hands on the bed beside Mark’s head, gazing down at the chiseled features of the face he loved so much. His cock was always hard when he was in bed with Mark and now he eased it ever so gently between the mounds of his master’s ass.

He knew his ass was already well lubed and full of cum, but he also knew how sore and ravaged it must be and he pleaded one more time, “Are you sure, sir?”

“Do it, boy,” Mark growled.

Jamie had fucked Mark occasionally before but never like this – so carefully, so tenderly. Slowly he eased his cock inside, inch by inch, pausing the instant he saw a flicker of pain in Mark’s eyes.

He was afraid that the pain must be excruciating but he was wrong. Mark’s ass was, of course, tender and ultra-sensitive, but it only made him more acutely aware than ever of his boy’s cock sliding inside him. It excited him as never before, made him aware of how beautiful, how gentle his boy was, and made him aware of just how much he loved him.

“Don’t be nervous, buddy,” Mark said. “You feel so incredible inside me. Fuck me, boy … show me how much you love me.”

They were both at the pitch of desire with a sensation in Jamie’s cock and Mark’s ass more sensitive, more electrifying than ever before. And they had never been more in tune, each one sensing the nuances of feeling and desire of the other. Jamie was exquisitely careful, studying Mark’s eyes for signs of distress, but he saw only ecstasy.

Slowly, lovingly Jamie fucked his master … no, not his master this time, simply the man he loved, body and soul, which surpassed all differences of rank or title. He was still afraid of hurting him but, far from being in pain, Mark gazed up at his beautiful boy and moaned, “I am so in love with you, Jamie. Your cock feels incredible inside me.”

The sublime fuck went on and on, with Jamie careful to prevent pain as well as his own orgasm that pulsed impatiently in his cock. But finally he said, “Sir, I’m not sure how much longer I can do this. You ass is on fire, my cock feels so good, I don’t think I can hold back much longer.”

Mark reached up and ran the backs of his fingers over Jamie’s chest. “Why hold back, Jamie? We have a whole life ahead of us, making love, fucking, cumming, doing whatever we want. So if that’s what you want, do it. Just do me a favor and touch my cock while you do.”

Jamie folded his hand round Mark’s rod and stroked it while he slid his cock in and out of his ass. Their eyes met, smiled at each other and Jamie said, “Feels like you’re ready, sir. I can feel it. And I sure am. So here goes. I love you sir.”

With no more words, no shouts, only heavy sighs, they climaxed together. Mark shot a stream of semen over his own heaving body and Jamie poured cum inside him ... a warm, soothing balm that healed all wounds and reaffirmed their love.

As if there had ever been any doubt of that!


After Jamie had cautiously withdrawn his cock they lay together on the bed, on their sides gazing at each other. They were both experiencing intense feelings that went unspoken, feelings that were too deep for words. The language of the eyes was far more eloquent as they smiled at each other and felt themselves falling deeper and deeper in love. But finally Mark came to a decision and spoke.

“Jamie, there’s something I need to tell you.” Jamie frowned as if a shadow had passed over them. “Jamie, I don’t want you to be my boy anymore.”

Panic seized Jamie – his world was crumbling, and he stammered, “Sir, no … please, I …?

“Wait, wait a minute,” Mark smiled. “I don’t want you to be my boy because I want you to be my man … my lover, my buddy, my friend. This master-boy thing is a barrier between us. I don’t think of you as a boy anymore because you have grown into a strong, self-assured, young man respected by everyone. In many ways you are my equal and that makes me proud to call you my man.”

Jamie’s mind was reeling. “But sir … I don’t … I mean … like when you come home from work and I’m on the bed …”

Mark laughed, “Oh that’s never gonna change. When I get home you damn well better be on that bed butt-naked waiting to get that sweet ass fucked by your cop. No, stuff like that won’t change. I’m still the top guy around here and I’ll always be here to teach you, protect you and even discipline you when necessary. But some things will change. Like, I don’t want you to call me ‘sir’ anymore.”

“You don’t, sir?” Jamie frowned. “Oh, sorry, sir … I mean …” His frown was replaced by a shy smile. “So, what should I call you?”

“Well, Mark’s a good start,” the cop chuckled. “Or buddy … man … dude … asshole if you like, like Bob calls Randy. See names are not that important Jamie. It’s not what we are but who we are that counts. And we’re two guys in love with each other … that’s it, all that matters.

“Jamie, it was fun having a boy for so long but now I want a man for a lover – a hot, gorgeous, sexy young man like you. No, not like you. I want you, Jamie. I want us to be the hot couple around town, who everyone respects and admires – and even envies ‘cos we have each other.”

Jamie had a feeling this was a good thing but it took some getting used to. Trying to get his mind round it he said, “You mean we’d be kinda like Grady and Mario? I mean, we all think of them as equal but it’s Mario who fucks Grady almost all the time. And yet we don’t really think of them as, like, top and bottom.”

“That’s exactly it. They’re just two guys who are madly in love – like us! Take Randy and Bob. If you had to choose, who’s the master in that couple?”

“Well ….”

“See, you can’t. Jamie, love shines a bright, white light on things, obliterates all the shadows, washes out names and titles. Love is love, and that’s about all there is. And buddy, do I ever love you!”

Jamie flashed a gleaming smile. “And me too, s …”

“Go ahead, man. Let me hear you say it.”

“OK, I love you too, buddy.”

“See how great that sounds? Gives me a woody already.”

“You mean you wanna fuck again?”

But just then they heard voices outside the shack and a lot of warning throat clearing. “I’ll fuck you later, buddy,” Mark grinned, “but right now let’s go and meet the guys as the new hot couple on the beach.”

Hassan, Jason and the boys were standing outside with shopping bags at their feet. The two naked blond muscle-jocks appeared on the porch to the group’s rousing cheers. But Mark held up his hands for silence. “Guys, guys, wait a minute. Jamie and I have an announcement.” A ripple of expectation went round the group. “Jamie here is no longer my boy.” That shock was greeted by a collective gasp.

“No, Jamie is now my man, my lover and my life. It’s no longer master and boy, it’s just two good buddies who are crazy in love with each other. So Jamie won’t be calling me ‘sir’ anymore.”

A stunned silence followed, broken, naturally, by Eddie. “So what will he call you, sir?”

Mark laughed, “Depends on the situation, Eddie. I dunno … asshole, mother-fucker, dickwad – whatever the hell he wants to call me. Personally I’m partial to ‘officer’ but I’ll probably hear that only when I arrest him. Which, come to think of it, I might do quite often.”

There was a gust of laughter and Hassan and Jason came up to shake Mark’s hand. “About time, buddy,” Hassan grinned. “I never really did think of you two as master and boy, just two hot guys in love.”

Jason teased Mark. “Hmm, so now that Jamie’s not your boy anymore I guess that makes it OK for him and me to … you know … fuck whenever we want …”

“Hey, don’t go there, buddy,” Mark chuckled. “That’s what started all this.”

Eddie and Ben, still trying to make sense of it all pulled Jamie aside. “So dude,” Eddie said, “does this mean you’re gonna be a master?” Ben added, “And will we have to call you sir, sir?”

“Assholes,” Jamie laughed. “Of course not. I’ll still be one of you guys, and we’ll still circle the wagons together when one of us is in trouble. Nothing’s really changed, except that Mark and me will be a bit like Grady and Mario.” He grinned, “Except for the cop thing.”

“OK, you guys,” Hassan yelled, “I, for one, am fucking starved. Let’s make a start on dinner and get this weekend going. And if there’s any doubt in anyone’s mind, you can call me Captain!”

Aye-aye, Captain,” said Eddie and Ben, snapping smart, simultaneous salutes.

And so they cooked, they ate, they drank and talked non-stop under the stars. And when they felt weary and sexy Hassan wrapped his arm round Eddie’s shoulder and they walked off down the beach to their shack. And for once Eddie, tired and happy, didn’t speak. Well … not much.

Jason said to Ben, “Hey kiddo, how about that tent we were gonna put up before we were interrupted?” So together they pitched the small tent in the dunes and crawled into it. “And I heard you boast to Eddie that we were gonna fuck all night. Be careful what you wish for, boy.”

Mark and Jamie, left alone, went into their shack to pick up where they had left off. “What was that question you asked before, Jamie? Do I wanna fuck again?”

“Damn right, buddy,” Jamie smiled. And so they did.

*******************************     ********************************

It was late next morning when the three couples roused themselves and gathered together bleary eyed for coffee and breakfast on the beach.

But a gathering of a totally different kind was happening in Steve and Lloyd’s house in the Hollywood Hills, the venue for one of Doctor Steve’s monthly meetings of the association of therapists he belonged to. It lasted a couple of hours and included refreshments that were served by Tommy.

Tommy had already become a fixture in the house in his new job of house-manager, maître d’, major domo – whatever the occasion called for. But he had not yet been called on to perform another aspect of his duties … butt-boy to Steve and Lloyd and their friends.

While that was disappointing to him he loved being around the two hot, handsome lovers and being admired by them, though when he retired at night to his rather opulent servants quarters and needed sexual release he had to content himself with jacking off alone to his many sexual fantasies, usually featuring Lloyd or Steve or, most often, Steve’s brother Randy.

But right now it was the formal buttoned down role he was performing as he moved smoothly round the meeting room unobtrusively serving and clearing away the snacks. On occasions such as this he wore the smart uniform he had brought with him from his former assistant-manager job at a luxury hotel, consisting of an elegant black suit over a stylish gray T-shirt.

But the horny Lloyd, always on the lookout for sexual stimulus, had previously watched the handsome, blond former gymnast gliding round the house in his uniform and decided that he wanted to highlight what, for many, was Tommy’s most stunning feature – the spectacular ass he had developed during his days as a competition ice-skater.

Lloyd, architect and designer, admired the architecture of the boy’s ass so much he designed a way of showing it off. He went shopping and switched Tommy’s standard suit jacket for a plain black matador jacket that was just as smart but came down only to just above the waist at the back, showing off the flawless ass to perfection.

(On a vacation in Spain Lloyd had watched bullfighters in far more gaudy matador jackets that accentuated the satin tights hugging their asses. Lloyd had jerked off watching one darkly handsome matador in particular, and later, as the highlight of his trip, had met him in a bar after the fight, had taken him to his hotel and … but that’s a-whole-nother story.)

In his plain black version of the short jacket Tommy looked entirely appropriate at the house’s formal functions, no more out of place than a similarly dressed waiter in a smart restaurant. He raised no eyebrows – except among those who appreciated a superb piece of ass.

When the therapists’ meeting was over and they left, Lloyd helped Tommy prepare lunch for two. Tommy mistakenly assumed that the lunch was for Lloyd and Steve. “No, not me,” Lloyd grinned. “Saturday’s my day for working out with my gym buddies, then hanging out with them later for a drink and … whatever. No, Steve has a guest coming today.”

Tommy took that in stride as Steve often had people dropping by, usually associated with his business, sometimes even patients. Lloyd left soon after, looking so hot in his gym shorts and tank top that it gave Tommy a boner in his smart pants. His dick was still hard when the gate buzzed and Tommy followed Steve to the door to welcome the guest. He stifled a gasp when a big, muddy truck pulled up and Randy leapt out.

Tommy imagined himself to be in love with Randy, and certainly in major lust, ever since they first met at the hotel. In fact that’s why he had first came to L.A. in search of the sexual muscle-god who had changed his life. And now his knees went weak as he saw Randy striding to greet Steve. He was wearing jeans and boots as always but, as a concession to his brother’s fancy house, he had put on an old gray T-shirt instead of his customary greasy tank top.

Randy’s handsome gypsy face broke into a dazzling smile … “Hey bro,” … and he pulled his brother into a tight hug. When they broke apart Randy grinned at Tommy, standing nervously in the background. “Hey kid, how’s it hangin’?” Randy grabbed his head and pulled it forward into in a rough, grinding kiss. It stopped as abruptly as it began and Randy turned his attention back to Steve.

“So what you got cookin’ for me bro? I’m fucking starved.”

“What else is new?” Steve chuckled. “Come on, we’re out by the pool. Martinis, I think, please Tommy.”

As the boy turned and walked away Randy’s eyes zeroed in on his ass, accentuated by the tight black pants below the short jacket. “Holy shit, Steve, that’s new. Where’d that fucking jacket come from? Lloyd I bet.” Steve raised his eyebrows, grinned and shrugged.

“Hell, bro,” Randy said, “that lover of yours sure has an eye for beauty, especially a beautiful ass. Fuck, I’ve only been in the house two minutes and already I’ve got a fucking boner.”

He followed Steve out to the deck and they sat at the table by the pool, already immaculately set for lunch. Tommy reappeared with a tray of martinis and hors d’oeuvres. With his blond good looks he looked even sexier in the bright sunlight and smiled shyly when Randy said, “Thanks, kid. You enjoying life here with these two degenerates?”

“Yes, sir, very much. Thank you for asking.” Randy watched him go and said, “Shit, man, I could rub one out just looking at that ass. So how is he doing, bro? You think he’s doing OK?”

“You really have a soft spot for the kid, don’t you, you old roughneck?”

“Yeah, I do,” Randy said. “Bob saw it first … underneath all that phony arrogance he’s a decent kid once we knocked it out of him. So what if he’s a fuck-boy who likes a bit of the old rough, nothing the hell wrong with that.”

“Well don’t worry about him, Randy. He’s happy as a pig in shit with us. Except since he came here he’s not been getting ‘a bit of the old rough’ as you call it.”

“Not even from Lloyd and his gym buddies? You mean that gorgeous ass hasn’t been ploughed since you employed him? Man, we can soon take care of that. Handsome young jock like that … we can’t have him jerking himself to sleep every night. Steve, old buddy, you’re a fucking mess. I always said you can’t manage without your big brother. Just leave everything to me.”


Randy and Steve usually got together every few weeks for a meal or drinks. Way back when they first discovered they were brothers Randy saw Steve, the smooth Beverly Hills doctor, as a threat, but they had long since buried the hatchet and were now close buddies. They talked about issues in the tribe, about Bob, Lloyd, the boys, everything.

Word had already leaked from the dunes of a change in Mark and Jamie’s relationship. Steve grinned, “Apparently Eddie phoned Darius and of course it was on the grapevine in minutes. I hope the change, whatever it is, is a good one for those two.”

“Couldn’t be anything else,” Randy said. “You’ve seen how the cop loves that kid like crazy.”

As the two brothers talked they also drank copiously and, even though they could hold their liquor better than most men, they invariably wound up just a bit drunk. As they were now. And, as always, the more tanked Randy was, the more horny he got. Which brought him back to Tommy’s ass that he watched like a hawk circling its prey. He blatantly rubbed the bulge in his jeans stretching hallway down his thigh.

Steve the therapist was always alert for guys’ reactions, especially Randy’s, and he knew exactly what was going on, but he judged that this time it was a good thing all round. He could see, too, how nervous Tommy was around Randy, the kind of nervousness that comes from being totally turned on sexually.

So he made no objections when Tommy next came to the table and Randy said, “Hey, kid, come here.” Tommy came close. “Turn around.” He turned round, his ass level with Randy’s face. “Oh, shit,” Randy moaned. “Kid, you’ve got the buns of death. And all that comes from ice-skating?”

“I … I believe so, sir,” Tommy stammered.

Randy ran his hands over the rock-hard mounds and moaned. “I’ve gotta have it, boy … shit damn.” He leaned forward and licked the black fabric stretched tight over the ass and ran his tongue up the crack between the cheeks. He was drooling when he pulled back and said, “Hey Steve, is it OK if I play with this ass or do you have a hands-off-the-staff rule in this house.

“No rules, except no coercion – so it’s OK with me if it’s OK with Tommy.”

“Oh, it’s OK with Tommy,” Randy grinned salaciously. “Look at me kid. We go back a long way, don’t we, boy? Back to that hotel room where I was the second guy ever to fuck that ass, right after my man Bob. So, the question here is, do you want me to fuck you in the ass, Tommy?”

“Yes please, sir,” Tommy said without hesitation.

“Told you so, Steve,” Randy bragged and Steve grinned and muttered under his breath, “Arrogant son-of-a-bitch.”

“Hey, Steve, can we use your room? Lots of mirrors as I recall. Want Tommy to have a good view.”

Steve was beyond objecting to anything now, knowing that when Randy was in steamroller mode there was no stopping him. So within a few minutes they were all in the master bedroom, Randy and Steve sprawled on the couch and Tommy standing obediently before them. He was burning with lust as he stared at the two brothers, almost identically handsome except that one was a well-groomed doctor in slacks and a polo shirt and the other a gypsy construction worker in jeans and an old, frayed T-shirt.

“OK, bro,” Randy said, “let’s strip for action.” He pulled off his T-shirt and Steve followed suit, taking off his polo shirt. Tommy thought his legs would give way as he stared in disbelief at the shirtless muscle-god brothers gazing up at him with raw lust in their eyes. His heart was pounding, his breath heaving. He put his hands behind his back and squeezed them together in a failed attempt to stop the inevitable. “Aaah … no … no,” he moaned, then shuddered as he creamed his pants.

“I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean … I couldn’t stop.”

“Ah, cool it kid,” Randy laughed. “Like I’ve told you before, never apologize for busting your load when a guy turns you on. Besides, now you won’t cum so fast when I fuck you. OK, turn round and drop you pants.”

Obediently Tommy turned his back to them, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly and let his pants and shorts fall round his ankles. Randy’s eyes opened wide as he saw the perfect, naked white globes accentuated by the short jacket that stopped just above the ass. Randy dug Steve in the ribs and said, “Holy shit, will ya look at that! That’s how I wanna fuck him, dude.”

Steve smiled as he looked at Randy’s shining eyes, like a kid in a candy store. He decided to help out, got to his feet and said to Tommy, “Hmm, let’s see here. If I’m gonna loan you to my brother you gotta look your best.” He pushed off the boy’s jacket, pulled the T-shirt off over his head, then put the jacket back on. Randy salivated as Tommy bent down, his ass in the air, and took off his shoes and socks.

Steve asked, “What d’ya say, brother? Think he’ll do?” He made Tommy turn round and round in front of Randy, naked now, except for his matador jacket that ended at his waist, his ass on flaunted display. “Jesus,” Randy said, “fucking incredible. On the bed, boy.”

Knowing exactly what Randy wanted Tommy got on the bed and knelt on all fours, with a floor-length mirror in front of him and another to the side. When he glanced at the side view he knew he would please Randy – a muscular blond gymnast on his hands and knees wearing only a short black jacket that showed off his ass to perfection.

Randy stood in front of him, ripped open his jeans and pulled out his monster cock. He pulled Tommy’s head back by the hair and held his long, thick shaft inches from his face. “See this, boy? Know where it’s going?”

“In my ass, sir. Please, sir.”

“So you better lube it up good, kid.” With his typical lack of foreplay Randy shoved his rod deep in the boy’s mouth, holding his hair in his fist so he couldn’t pull back. Tommy choked, but then consciously relaxed, breathed through his nose, and swallowed.

“Oh, yeah, I remember what a great little cock-sucker you are, boy. Come on, munch on that dick. Eat it, boy.” Desperate to please the man he worshipped Tommy clenched his throat muscles round the thick rod, but suddenly Randy pulled out. “But that’s not where you really want it is it, Tommy?”

Randy punctuated his words by slapping his cock against his face, one cheek then the other.

“Tell me, boy … where … do … you … want it … where do you want that big gypsy cock?”

As his handsome face was cock-slapped from side to side the young jock stammered, “In my ass, sir. Please, sir.”

“Thought he’d never ask,” Randy grinned at Steve. “OK, kid, you got it.”

Again, no preamble, no foreplay. This was it. Randy stripped naked, knelt on the bed behind the flawless ass, grabbed Tommy’s hips … and pushed his cock slowly between the mounds, over the sphincter and eased it into the warm ass, savoring every inch. His head jerked back, his black hair flying, the gypsy face winced in ecstasy and he howled, “Holy shit, fuck, Jesus that’s fucking incredible.”

Steve watched, mesmerized by the sight of his naked gypsy brother, muscles flexing, his massive cock ploughing the ass of the young gymnast with the spectacular ass. It was a beautiful sight and he automatically unzipped his slacks and pulled out his own cock already dripping pre-cum.

“Hey bro,” Randy grinned, “you gotta grab a piece of the action here. Take the front.” His boyish enthusiasm was infectious and Steve kicked off his loafers, dropped his pants, and knelt naked on the bed in front of Tommy. He jerked his head back by the hair and drove his cock in his mouth. For a moment Tommy thought he would pass out as one muscle-stud fucked his ass and the other his mouth.

But he caught a glimpse of himself in the side mirror and realized he was looking at his ultimate fantasy. He was getting spit-roasted by the two macho brothers, the doctor and the gypsy, each of them buck naked, their muscles flexing and rippling as they pounded him at each end.

Steve stared lustfully at his gypsy brother. “Oh, man … yeah, fuck that ass. You look so fucking hot, bro. You know I love you, man.” And suddenly they leaned forward over the boy, smiled into each other’s eyes … and kissed!

The brothers were making love to each other as they fucked Tommy’s ass and mouth. As he saw the incredible sight in the mirror and felt the two huge rods pile-driving into him Tommy screamed into the gag of Steve’s cock and spilled another load of jizz on the bed beneath him.


But that didn’t stop the brothers. It turned into a free for all as Tommy became a toy for them while they made love in every way possible. They were having fun, as if making up for the boyhood they never had together.

Steve pulled out of Tommy’s mouth, came round and knelt behind Randy … and shoved his dick in his brother’s ass. “Aaagh,” Randy yelled and slammed his cock even harder into the boy. Tommy felt like he was getting butt-fucked by both men at once and pushed his ass back hard onto Randy’s cock to turn him on even more. The double fuck got faster and harder, their bodies gleaming with sweat, until finally Randy said, “Steve, you gotta feel this kid’s ass.”

Steve pulled out of Randy, and Tommy suddenly felt Randy’s cock slide out of his ass, to be replaced immediately by his brother’s. Getting serially fucked by the rugged gypsy and the handsome doctor, Tommy thought he had died and gone to heaven.

From behind, Steve pulled Tommy’s jacket off him and Randy, wiping his cock clean with a towel, said, “Yeah, that’s how you should be, kid. If you worked for me I’d keep you butt naked all the time.” He knelt in front of Tommy’s face. “You feel my brother’s dick inside you, Tommy, after he just got through fucking me? Feels good uh? Anything else you want boy?”

“Please, sir, may I suck your cock, sir? I …uugh!” His words were stifled by the construction boss’s shaft driving in his mouth. The brothers had switched places … and still the young jock was getting spit-roasted.

From then on Tommy was seriously double teamed by the brothers as they made love to each other – and to him. He was fucked at both ends, thrown around the bed as the two men made love over him. He found himself on his back, gazing up at Randy and Steve who took turns ploughing his ass until they both leaned forward and clamped their mouths on Tommy’s in a three-way kiss.

Tommy felt he would suffocate under the weight of these muscular men, when suddenly Randy pulled back and gasped, “Steve, I gotta cum … my fucking balls are bursting. Back to square one, don’t ya think?

Within seconds the naked gymnast was getting spit roasted again like the first time, with the gypsy pounding his ass and the doctor his face. The brothers were smiling at each other, their faces came closer and closer and Randy said, “I love you bro. I fucking love you. Their lips met … and their cocks erupted … in Tommy’s ass and his face. Tommy, drowning in semen, bucked beneath them and for the third or fourth time (he lost count) he poured his jizz down on the cum-soaked sheets.

Dimly aware of the brothers’ cocks pulling out of him he fell face down into a pool of cum, his naked body shuddering with exhaustion, semen oozing from his beautiful ass and mouth. As he lay there in a daze he fantasized that he been butt-fucked and face-fucked by both brothers while they made love to each other. Except that it was not a fantasy. It had just happened.


After a communal shower the three men emerged from the bathroom and got dressed. Tommy had the talent of becoming immaculate again in uniform only minutes after having been used, abused, serially fucked and spit roasted by two macho brothers. And it was just as well as they heard a couple of cars pull up outside and the sound of raucous voices.

Steve said, “Sounds like Lloyd’s home with some of his buddies from the gym. They’ll probably want drinks … Tommy?”

“Yes, sir. Right away, sir.” As he went to the door Randy stopped him and held him in his arms. “You’re a good boy, Tommy. You were a whole load of fun. One day soon I’m gonna persuade my brother to lend you to me and Bob for the night. Bob would enjoy that ‘cos we both remember the hot night we all spent in that hotel. Would you like that?”

Tommy’s eyes sparkled. “Yes, sir. Very much, sir. I’ll look forward to it.”

“And jerk off thinking about it?”

“Absolutely, sir,” Tommy said with a shy smile. There was a spring to his step as he went to the living room to greet Lloyd and his guests.

They turned out to be a rowdy bunch of gym jocks fresh from their workout together and horny as hell. They were still in their gym gear – shorts, tanks, sweaty T-shirts – all of them good-looking muscle-studs like Lloyd. “Hey, Tommy,” Lloyd said. “Just the man we need. Guys, this is our new houseboy, Tommy.”

He was greeted with raucous shouts. “Hey, Tommy.” “Hot damn, great ass.” “Jeez, Lloyd, you sure know how to pick ‘em.”

“Tommy will get you guys drinks and … er … he’ll supply whatever else you need, eh, Tommy?”

“Yes, sir,” Tommy said, at once turned on by this group of lusty males but a bit nervous too.”

“OK, guys, everyone in the pool. And Tommy will be on hand for drinks and … whatever …”

Back in the bedroom Randy and Steve had heard the bawdy voices and Randy now looked at Steve with a slight frown. “Mind if I stick around for a while, bro?”

“Of course, I want you to … I’d love you to.” Steve grinned and shook his head knowingly. “Always the protector of boys, eh, ever since your little brothers in Texas.”

“Always,” Randy grinned. “Bred in the bone.”

Steve’s eyes were moist. “You big old construction boss softie, you. Man I love you.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 312


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