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Danny blinked behind his black rimmed glasses, wondering if it had all really happened. But it had – it was all real.

He had had quite a night – and morning – at Doctor Steve’s house. Danny, the young chef at the Grady House, had been loaned out to Steve to help the house manager Tommy serve dinner to four men – Steve, his lover Lloyd, and their guests Randy and Bob, the leaders of the tribe. But the services Danny ending up performing had gone way beyond serving dinner.

He had spent the night in the same bed as Tommy, the hot young gymnast who had demeaned him in the past when he was a humble pool boy. But, turned on by each other, they had made love and buried the hatchet when Danny had buried his cock in Tommy’s spectacular ass.

This all created a new instant intimacy between them and like all good buddies they gossiped and shared confidences. “Fess up dude,” Danny teased, “you’re dying to get your ass ploughed by Randy again, right?” He sure was, and in the morning, downstairs in the basement gym, Tommy had got his wish and had been worked over by the dominant, macho gypsy.

While that was happening, the muscle-god Bob, a Superman lookalike, had surprised Danny by saying, “You know, kid, it’s just kind of assumed in this group that the masters fuck the boys. But didn’t you ever wonder if Superman ever got tired of fucking and wanted something … different? Especially when he sees a real cute, ripped young guy like you, a guy who has the reputation of being a great fuck?

Danny blinked hard behind his black-rimmed glasses and frowned in disbelief. “Do you mean … do you mean you want me to … to fuck you, sir?” To fuck Superman? It was something Danny had never even dared to dream but now it was real, and he went for it in a big way.

And at the end of a wild fuck Danny looked down at the writhing muscular body and saw Superman blast spurts of jizz all over his ripped abs and chest. The incredible sight of this handsome master getting butt fucked by a boy – himself! – pushed Danny over the edge and he uttered a jubilant howl as his cock exploded in one of the finest orgasms of his life.

Later, as they all relaxed over drinks, Bob could see how much Danny wanted to tell his story to his pals, so Bob was not surprised when Danny asked if he could back up to the Grady House. Bob laughed, “Kiddo, I’m sure those guys are dying to hear of your exploits here and you’re dying to tell them. So off you go.”

When Danny arrived at the solid security gates of the Grady House, punched the code and drove in, he heard a shout – “Hey Danny … you’re back.” It was Grady, the gorgeous soon-to-be movie star, currently working on the new big-budget Tarzan movie. Danny ran eagerly over to the grove of trees, Grady’s favorite place in the garden, where Grady was sitting with his lover Mario and the boys Brandon and Brian, with an elaborate picnic spread over the grass.

“Danny, mi amico,” Mario said in his lilting Italian accent, “You look like the cat that licked la crema – or the monkey that ate le noci – the nuts – or whatever you say in this country.”

“Thank you, sir,” Danny smiled conspiratorially. “May I get you more food, drink, anything from the kitchen?”

“Definitely not,” laughed Grady, sprawled luxuriously on the grass – Tarzan the magnificent, except he had traded his loincloth for Speedos. “No, bambino, we’re stuffed with food, drunk on wine, and horny as toads. What we want is gossip, something sexy to make us even hornier, and my guess is you’re the man to give it to us. Come on, dude, spill. Did you have sex at Steve’s house?”

“Hmm … some,” Danny shrugged nonchalantly.

“You fucked ass, didn’t you?” Brandon teased. “I can always tell. Come on, who did you fuck?”

Danny shrugged again. “Oh, nobody much … Tommy … Bob.”

No way!” Grady laughed. “Outstanding. Hell, this is gonna be good. OK, dude – turn us on.”

*********************   CHAPTER 331    *********************

Four eager faces gazed expectantly at Danny. Grady, Mario, Brandon and Brian were in high good humor and Grady laughed, “To quote the always eloquent Darius, ‘Spill the beans, dude, exaggerations accepted’.”

“There’s no way I could exaggerate what happened at Steve’s house,” Danny grinned. “It’s already off the charts. OK then, here goes…” He took a deep breath – and his cell phone rang.

“Don’t answer it!” they all shouted but Danny looked at the caller ID and said, “It’s Ben … Hey dude, whassup? Oh really? Bummer dude. Hold on.” He lowered the phone and said to the group. “It’s Ben. Jason’s had to go up north for a couple of days to work a forest fire up there and Ben’s feeling down in the dumps.”

Grady stretched out his hand – “Here, give it to me.” He took the phone and spoke into it cheerfully. “Hey there, kid … so that gorgeous fireman of yours has gone out of town and you’re on your lonesome. Well not any more, Benny Boy. You get your ass in gear and come up here pronto. Danny’s about to tell us the lurid tale of the way he serially fucked his way through every ass at Doc Steve’s house. You don’t wanna miss that, kiddo – ‘One for the archives’ as Darius would say.

“Your buddies Brandon and Brian are here with us, so get a move on and we’ll hold the story ‘til you get here. We’re having a picnic so come just as you are, no need to dress up … in fact, no need to dress at all,” Grady chuckled. “A hot, naked young gypsy boy such as yourself would fit in real well, just what we need. You still have the code to the gate? Good – see you soon, kid.”

Grady tossed the phone back to Danny, and Mario smiled at his lover. As happened so often before, Mario had just been given yet another reminder of why he loved Grady so much.

Grady was always so affectionate to the boys. After all the admiration he got from the crew on the movie set, and the hero-worship he got from the public, he loved shrugging it all off and getting down with Mario and the boys in the privacy of his house. It was a perfect way to de-stress. He liked to think of himself as just one of the guys, and Mario worked hard to make that possible, even though it was quite a stretch given Grady’s increasing fame.

Meanwhile, Ben’s heart was beating fast as he shut off the phone. He had been hoping to just to hang out with his buddy Danny, possibly at Steve’s house, thinking that Danny was still there. But suddenly, there he had been on the phone talking to Grady, the gorgeous hunk he often jerked off to, drooling over the publicity pictures of him as Tarzan in just his loincloth.

Ben had been to the Grady House quite often, of course, to kick back with Danny and the boys or help serve at some big social event there, and he often met Grady and Mario there. But hearing Grady himself on the phone urging him to come up and join the picnic party was still a thrill and made his dick hard. It sure banished the blues he had been feeling, left all alone after his master Jason had been called away on duty.

So … what to wear? Had Grady been joking when he told him to come naked? Grady was always kidding around. Ben happened to be wearing nothing right now, having just got out of the shower, but he couldn’t really drive up there that way, could he? His big brother Randy had always taught him to not give a fuck what other people thought, but still …

Grady had told him to hurry, so Ben settled for pulling on his old gym shorts and flip-flops, no shirt, and jumped into the small truck Randy had given him. He was soon at the rather intimidating gates of the Grady house and frowned trying to remember the security code. It worked, the gates swung slowly open, he drove in and they closed silently behind him.

He was feeling a bit nervous of joining the group. The boys were his buddies, of course, but he was the youngest of them, just eighteen, and he still carried with him the insecurity of being an uncultured gypsy boy, even though Randy had told him that was absolutely the best thing to be. But his nerves disappeared when he heard the shouts of welcome from the group and he saw Mario walking toward him, arms outstretched in welcome.

“Ben, mio bel ragazzo,” smiled the handsome Italian, barefoot and shirtless in his usual long linen lounging pants slung low round his slim waist. He pulled Ben into a warm hug and said softly in his ear, “Glad to see you didn’t take Grady at his word and drive here naked, Ben. Bummer if you got pulled over by a cop. You know Grady and his sense of humor.”

Ben was also glad that his shorts covered the huge boner he had, pressed against the bare chest of this gorgeous, dark-haired man who always bore the slight musky scent of his Acqua Di Parma cologne that Ben found so sexy. But the tent-pole was not lost on Mario, nor on Grady as they approached with Mario’s arm slung over Ben’s shoulder.

“Hey, Benny Boy. Shit, you’re looking hotter ‘n a pistol, kid. That big brother of yours must be giving you some tough gym workouts, like he does me every morning. Course, at the end of our sessions Randy usually fucks me as a reward if I’ve been a good boy and worked hard.” He looked down at Ben’s tent-pole and chuckled. “I see my amico there is having the same effect on you as he does on me. You think you could manage one of those for me later, kiddo?”

Grady’s bawdy, irreverent sense of fun was so infectious that Ben’s gypsy courage kicked in and he grinned mischievously, “Any time you like, sir. Just say the word.”

“Outstanding! OK, clear the decks, guys … me and Ben have a date here.”

“But sir,” Brian wailed, “we haven’t heard Danny’s story yet.”

“Damn, you’re right, young Brian. What was I thinking? Hell, you boys are all so damn sexy you got me bouncing from one fantasy to the next. You hungry, Ben?” Smiling at Ben’s confusion Grady clarified, “Hungry for food, I mean.”

“Yes, sir, I didn’t eat after Jason left.”

“Well, hey, dig in, kiddo. There’s enough food here to feed a regiment. Oh no, don’t get me started on that military thing, or I’ll be jacking off thinking about that hunky Marine Hassan, and I wanna save my sperm for Danny’s story.”

At this point, cool, calm Mario intervened. He was very familiar with Grady’s hyper running off at the mouth from one sexual image to another. It was the way he decompressed after all the constraints of the movie set – obeying director’s orders, remembering lines, hitting his mark, and doing it again in take after take. Now he was with his favorite buddies he could just let loose.

So Mario stepped in and said evenly, “Ben, mi amico, sit down with us and help yourself to whatever you want. There’s a ton of food, as Grady said.” He raised his eyebrows at Grady. “‘Course, that’s not all Grady said. And there’s plenty of wine too … which some of us are a little the worse for, it seems.”

“Oops,” Grady grinned, “sorry, boss. Talking too much? Over the line?” He copied Eddie’s trick of running his fingertips along pursed lips and twisting them at the end like a lock. But, irrepressible as ever, he immediately broke his vow of silence by saying, “OK, Danny Boy, you got the floor. Let’s hear how you fucked your way through the doc’s house.”

Mario sighed and said softly to Brandon, “Hopeless … what can you do with a man like this?”

“Hey, I heard that” Grady said. “You could always shove your dick in his mouth, maybe? That’ll keep him quiet.”

By this time the whole group was in fits of laughter and Grady and Mario shared a quick smile that contained all the depth of the love they felt for each other.


Danny cleared his throat and prepared to launch into the long delayed account of his adventures. “First of all, sir, I do have to correct you on one thing. I did not, as you said, ‘serially fuck my way through every ass at Doc Steve’s house’.”

“Hey,” Grady protested, “exaggerations accepted, remember? In fact, they’re encouraged.”

Amorestupido,” Mario scolded, faking sternness, “let the boy speak. Danny, tell us only the truth – just as it happened.” (Again a knowing grin flashed between Mario and Grady.)

So, at last, Danny launched into the story of his erotic adventures at Steve’s house last night and this morning, starting with him hesitantly getting into bed with Tommy and both of them keeping as far away from each other as possible, until their boners intervened and they ended up sucking and fucking, with Danny on top ploughing Tommy’s gorgeous ice-skater ass.

As they listened in awe the group was already turned on and Grady was soon stroking the bulge in his speedos. The movie Tarzan, who was himself a visual masturbatory image for guys all over the world, loved getting turned on by aural accounts of sexual goings-on such as Danny’s. And there was something about two tentative boys groping nervously toward sex that somehow made it even more erotic for Grady. That was an image that really roused him.

“Guys,” Danny said, “the next scene, featuring Randy and Tommy, took place in Steve’s gym and I didn’t actually see it. But Tommy told me every detail of it afterwards … ’cos by that time we were best buddies,” he grinned.

The group was enthralled listening to the way Randy had watched the young gymnast go through his athletic routine and had then dominated the handsome jock who crawled over the floor begging to get fucked. Randy had ended up jackhammering his ass in a mind blowing sequence of savage fucks that left Tommy drained of jizz and sobbing in Randy’s arms.

Several of the boys were stroking their cocks by this time but, as riveting as the fantasy had been of the handsome jock impaled on the boss’s shaft, it was the next and final scene that really caught the imagination of the listeners – especially Grady.

Danny described sitting on the bed with Bob going through financial papers, “But then, when we’d finished – get this, guys – Bob said that maybe Superman sometimes got tired of fucking and wanted something … different? Dudes, he meant that he wanted me to fuck him! Shit, did I want to fuck Superman? Duh, of course I did, but I was real nervous about doing it. And when I did finally get up the courage, guess what … I lost my hard-on.”

“No way,” Brandon said wide-eyed. “What did you do?”

Danny explained how Bob had seduced him all over again and “I kinda got real butch – something I never knew I had – and ended up pile-driving that muscle-god’s ass until he shot a load all over his gorgeous body while I unloaded my jizz inside him. And that, dudes, is how yours truly, a humble young houseboy, got to plough Superman’s ass!”

There was a stunned silence, ending in a burst of applause and wolf-whistles. The boys crowded enthusiastically round Danny, but when Mario looked over at Grady he found him strangely pensive, still stroking his bulge with a faraway gleam in his eyes.

Mario knew his lover so well that he now put two and two together and had a fair idea what was in Grady’s mind. First: two boys too nervous to even touch but ending up fucking. Second: young Danny so nervous about fucking Bob that his dick went limp, but ending up ramrodding the master. Both these images played into Grady’s fantasy of a hot alpha male getting ploughed by a timid young guy.”

Of course Grady loved to get butt-fucked (a concept that would have come as a shock to his legion of fans who fantasized about being sexually dominated by this handsome Tarzan). He got ploughed daily by Mario, and often enjoyed getting fucked by Danny and the other boys who worked here, but they were already his friends and were not intimidated by the fun-loving actor.

Mario was always on the lookout for ways to give pleasure to his lover and now had an idea. He stood up and said, “Mi amici, it looks to me like we’ve eaten our fill. So why don’t I help you boys clear it all away and take the remains to the kitchen?” He grinned over at Grady. “Danny, I’m afraid that when Grady had a cooking lesson he got more food on the floor than in the dishes so the kitchen’s pretty much a mess.”

“No problem, sir,” Danny laughed. “Hey, Brandon, Brian, you wanna give a hand here?” They knew the drill. The two boys pulled themselves into their wheelchairs and lowered the tray tables across their laps. Danny and Mario piled the remnants of the meal onto them and they all set off for the kitchen.

“Hey,” Grady shouted after them. “What about me? I have abandonment issues, you know?”

“He does too,” Mario chuckled. “Like a bambino, scared of being left alone. So Ben, you stay here and keep the big guy company, OK?” Mario flashed a conspiratorial smile at Grady and quickly disappeared into the house with the other three boys.


Finding himself suddenly alone with Grady Ben fidgeted and blushed nervously. When he had first arrived today he had joined in the fun when Grady joked, ‘me and Ben have a date here’. So is that what this was? Nah, like Mario said, Grady just wanted company. But still Ben blushed, tongue-tied.

The image of the nervous young gypsy boy turned Grady on. He had never had much personal contact with Ben, though the boy had often been around in the background and Grady was intrigued by Randy’s good-looking kid brother. At eighteen Ben was slowly maturing and showed flashes of the guts and determination of his macho brother, but Grady knew of his history that still, even now, left traces of insecurity in him.

Grady knew that Ben, like all Randy’s younger brothers, had been raised in hard-scrabble West Texas, scratching out a nomadic Romany existence and protected by their fierce, fist-swinging brother. And Grady had heard the graphic story of how, after having lost touch with Randy, but determined to locate him in California, Ben had walked and hitched his way from Texas to Los Angeles, a grueling weeks-long journey that took all the guts that Randy had instilled in him.

So here he was, the boss’s kid brother once more under Randy’s protection, with a good job as assistant mechanic at the construction company, and the boy of the handsome firefighter Jason, with the junior boys as his good buddies.

But in spite of all that Ben still found it hard to shake off the inferiority image of what he had always been – just a rough and ready, dark-complexioned boy of gypsy stock who still felt out of his depth a lot of the time. And never more so than now, alone with this stunningly handsome soon-to-be movie star – Tarzan in the flesh.

Their positions could not have been more different – Grady at the star-studded top of the heap, and Ben, the tribe’s shy, junior boy. And it was exactly that difference that appealed to Grady as he tried to put Ben at his ease.

“Hey, kiddo, please don’t be nervous of me. Around here I’m just one of the guys, you know.” They both knew that could hardly be true of the glamorous and already-famous actor, but the mere fact of Grady saying it with his dazzling smile went some way to helping Ben relax.

“So, tell me, Ben, how are things with you and that gorgeous fireman of yours? You know whenever I look at that stud I envy you.” (He envies me? Ben thought with a private smile.)

“Going great, sir. Jason is always telling me how much he loves me and we make love a lot.”

“I bet you do,” Grady grinned, his cock swelling as he imagined the stunning blond jock fireman fucking this cute, black haired young gypsy.

“But, sir, I get nervous when Jason gets called away to a forest fire like this.”

“Ah, guy like that, he’ll be just fine. And just think, when your fireman gets home in a few days he’ll be hot, tired, and horny, so you better be there to make him feel better.”

“Oh, I will be, sir. And I know how to make him feel good.”

Grady’s cock jolted again as the flash of determination on Ben’s gypsy face, with its strong jaw and high cheekbones, made him look just like a junior version of Randy. “Wow, sometimes you look exactly like your big brother, kiddo. You know that most mornings he puts me through a muscle crunching gym workout, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, sir, everyone knows about that – no secrets in that house. They also know that when the workout’s over Randy fucks … ooh,” he winced … “sorry, sir.”

Grady roared with laughter. “He fucks my ass? Of course he does, you can say it, boy. That’s one reason I work out so hard – to get the reward. I’m gonna make sure he gets a credit on the movie as my physical trainer. I’d like to make it ‘trainer and butt-fucker’, but they’d never allow that.”

The thought of that in the screen credits make Ben laugh out loud … and the ice was broken. Grady felt a wave of affection for the boy and decided to dip his toe into uncharted waters.

“Does, er … does Jason object if you have sex with other guys.”

“Oh no, sir, he encourages it. He’s like Randy, they both want me to have fun with other guys – but only inside the tribe, of course – guys Randy trusts. They don’t like the thought of me being on my own … Jason and Randy are both real protective. Er, why do you ask, sir?” Now it was Grady’s turn to blush and Ben’s eyes opened wide. “Do you, er … do you want to fuck me, sir?”

“No, no,” Grady said, a bit too hastily.

“Sorry, sir, of course not. Don’t know why I said that. Stupid of me.”

“No, that came out wrong. Of course, Ben, you’re so cute I’d love to fuck you. But, well … you remember the story Danny told of him and Bob, and when he asked Bob that same question?”

“Yes, sir, and Bob said he wanted it the other way round and … and Danny lost his hard-on.” His eyes opened wide again. “You don’t mean …”

“Ben, I’ll level with you,” Grady smiled. “Here’s the deal. When Danny told those stories of him and Tommy nervous about touching, then him nervous about fucking Bob, it kinda turned me on. Then I looked at you and you look so much like Randy, who fucks me all the time, and I thought how great it would be if his kid brother … I’m sorry, Ben, always thinking of myself and my own pleasure. I try not to get selfish with all this stardom bullshit but – forget I spoke, kiddo.”

“Sir, you’re not selfish at all. Fuck Tarzan! A gazillion guys all over the world would give anything to do that.” He frowned dejectedly. “But, sir, I’d be like Danny. I’d be so intimidated I wouldn’t be able to get it up.”

“Oh is that all?” Grady chuckled. “Well, Danny said the solution to that was that Bob seduced him. Guess I’ll have to do the same thing. Stay right here, kiddo. Don’t move.” Grady jumped to his feet, still in just his speedos, and raced into the house. Ben was left alone, confused, nervous … and excited. His gypsy-boy inferiority complex gripped him and his impulse was to run and join his friends in the kitchen. But Grady had said to stay right here. So he did.

In any case Mario and the three boys were no longer in the kitchen. Mario had told them of his plan. He had seen Grady’s reaction to Ben after hearing Danny’s stories and thought it might be fun to leave him and Ben together and see what happened. So there they were, all four of them watching eagerly from an upstairs window, making bets on how it would all turn out.


Ben didn’t have long to wait. Suddenly Grady emerged from the house … wearing his Tarzan loincloth. He cupped his hands to his mouth, gave a deafening Tarzan yell, and ran toward the startled Ben. Ben’s jaw dropped at the macho image … and he had an instant erection in his shorts. It wasn’t only the erotic sight of Tarzan in his loincloth. Ben also caught Grady’s lighthearted sense of fun that took away the edge of anxiety Ben had been feeling.

Grady towered over him, raised his arms to the sides and smiled, “So whad’ya think, Ben? Does this turn you on? Stand up, kiddo, let’s check it out. Grady pulled Ben on his feet then yanked open his shorts and let them drop round his ankles. Underneath he was wearing pale gray boxer briefs that sported an unmistakable bulge.

“Almost there, kiddo,” Grady grinned, running his hand over the bulge. “Maybe this’ll do the trick.” He pulled Ben into his arms and pressed their mouths together in a churning kiss. As Tarzan’s naked chest pressed against his, and the bulge in his loincloth rubbed against his briefs, Ben’s knees went weak … and his cock got rock hard.

When Grady pulled off Ben’s mouth he found himself staring into the same pale blue eyes as Randy’s, set in a younger version of the swarthy gypsy features framed by long black hair. And suddenly this was no longer just a game to Grady. His body tingled with desire for this handsome young buck.

Just as Grady loved being ploughed by the older brother most mornings in the gym, he was now seized with an overwhelming desire to feel the kid-brother do the same. Randy, of course was totally dominant, always sure of his own sexual magnetism, but Ben was tentative, in awe of the glamorous movie star, and it was his shyness that turned Grady on so much.

“You are such a beautiful boy,” Grady said softly, then sank slowly to his knees, running his hands down his lithe young body until he was kneeling before him. He saw the outline of Ben’s cock in is briefs and realized that that was another attribute Ben shared with his brother – a long, thick dick.

He leaned forward and clamped his mouth over the bulge, sucking it through the thin cotton of the shorts. Then he grabbed the waistband and pulled the briefs down, jerking his head back as the big stiff rod sprang out and hit him in the face. He opened his mouth, lowered it over the head of the cock and let it slide down his throat. Gripping Ben’s hips he pumped them back and forth, forcing the long cock deeper and deeper in his mouth.

He soon felt the cock shudder and tasted the musky taste of pre-cum, so he pulled back and let the rod slide out of his mouth. “I don’t want you to cum like that, Ben. You know what I want.” He fell on his back on the grass and stared up at the still-hesitant boy. He didn’t want Ben to cum but he also didn’t want him to lose his hard-on, so he defused the tension with humor.

“See this loincloth?” he smiled. “It’s a gag gift from the girls in the wardrobe department. See – nothing to it.” He raised his butt off the floor and Ben saw what he meant. All it consisted of was a loose triangle of rawhide in front and behind – with nothing in between. It was a gag, but Ben didn’t see it like that. All he saw was Tarzan’s bare ass under the rawhide loincloth and he touched his own stiff rod for the first time.

By this time they were both fantasizing and, as it happened, their fantasies were almost the same. Grady stretched his arms in a V on the ground up toward two trees in the grove, and grabbed the ends of ropes that he and Mario had tied round them for use in their sex games.

Ben gasped, flashing on a jungle movie he had once seen where Tarzan had been captured and staked out on the ground, his wrists roped to trees. He remembered surreptitiously jerking off to that image in the darkened movie theater. And that erotic image now overcame his inhibitions and he knew what he had to do.

He quickly knelt down and tied Grady’s wrists to the trees. Randy had trained him well in ropes and knots and he expertly used Randy’s mandatory escape knot, where one tug on a loose end would free a man who panicked. Ben noticed a jar of lube left on the ground by the always-prepared Mario in previous sessions with his lover. He dipped his fingers in it and then stood up, gazing down at the bound Tarzan and spreading lube over his swollen cock.

“Oh, shit,” Grady moaned staring up at the naked gypsy boy stroking his cock, and his fantasy went into overdrive. Ben had that wild, savage look of his brother Randy, both of them black-haired gypsies with the same dark, square-cut features and penetrating pale blue eyes. The naked boy could easily be a wild young creature who, like Tarzan, lived and roamed in the jungle.

But he was a shy young savage, staring down hesitantly at the captive Tarzan. Grady assumed a look of fear, glanced up at his bound wrists and tugged at them in a futile attempt at freedom. His face grimaced with effort and his body writhed helplessly on the ground. He stared defiantly up at the naked savage and groaned, “What you gonna do to me, man?”

Ben had never seen anything more homoerotic than this, and he took his hand off his cock to stop from cumming. It was an image better than anything he could have conjured up from the pictures of the new Tarzan he had jerked off over, far hotter than that scene he had beat off to in the movie theater. This was the real thing, the most beautiful, most muscular, sexiest Tarzan of them all. And he was lying before him, helplessly bound, his muscles rippling and flexing as he struggled to get free

And suddenly Ben’s shyness evaporated. He was Randy’s brother, a tough young gypsy who had had the guts to fight his way fifteen-hundred miles to be reunited with his brother. He recalled Danny’s words when he was with Bob – “I kinda got real butch – something I never knew I had.” And now he felt the same, imbued with a power that came straight from his gypsy roots. He would make Randy proud.

“What am I gonna do to you?” he taunted. “I stumble across this gorgeous naked man in the jungle staked to the ground, his spread-eagled body writhing, and he asks what I’m gonna do to him?” He grinned Randy’s arrogant, mocking grin, and his eyes flashed. “I’m gonna fuck you ape-man. I’m gonna ram this big dick up your ass.”

He fell to his knees between Grady’s legs and the rugged Tarzan struggled helplessly and groaned, “No … no … I can’t …” Ignoring him Ben pushed his legs back and pressed his dick against his hole. “Here it come, ape-man, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Aaaagh!” Grady’s scream echoed round the garden as the body slammed his cock inside him. His head thrashed from side to side as the long shaft pulled back and ramrodded him again. The force of the fuck made him open his eyes and … it was uncanny … he was staring up at Randy … but not him … a young version of him with the same savagery, the same blue eyes piercing his, the same long black hair whipping round his face as he fucked.

Even the voice had the same threatening growl. “Fuck you, man … think you’re so fucking hot, the big macho Tarzan, king of the jungle. Not so powerful now, though, staked out on the ground, tied up and getting your ass reamed by a young gypsy boy. You want more, ape-man? Here it comes.”

Ben’s thick shaft became a piston in Grady’s ass, driving relentlessly deeper and deeper. Already in a fantasy world of his own Ben was empowered by the image of the beautiful, sculpted face thrashing in pain, the spectacular physique straining against the ropes, muscles flexing hard, veins popping in his biceps, chest and lats. Ben had never seen Grady look more beautiful, had rarely seen any sight more erotic, more pornographic than this.

He leaned forward and pressed his palms on the slabs of Grady’s chest and felt them flexing under him. Grady stared up at the intense dark face, just as he had so often stared up at Randy. Ben had the same intensity as his brother (though nobody fucked as savagely as Randy). What turned Grady on most was that the same young face, that had so recently been shy and hesitant, now gleamed with a new power and passion as the boy reamed his ass.

Totally lost in the fantasy Grady groaned, “Fuck me, boy. Fuck my ass. Man, you’re fucking beautiful. Fuck me good and you’ll be my boy, Tarzan’s boy, living with me in the jungle, and we’ll fuck night and day. Come on boy, fuck me hard … make me shoot my load.”

Ben was gripped by the image of the two of them living together, roaming naked through the jungle, fucking, making love … him as Tarzan’s boy. He looked down at the handsome, writhing muscle-god impaled on his shaft that pounded him mercilessly. He felt the heat in his ass, felt his body thrashing beneath him and saw his eyes fill with tears.

They fucked on and on, losing all sense of time but at last Grady groaned, “Please … please, boy. I’m so close … you make me so hot, I gotta cum. Help me … let me feel your juice in my ass. I give up, I submit. I’m begging you … let me cuuum!”

The sight of the captive Tarzan struggling in bondage, surrendering his ass to him, begging for release, was finally too much for Ben. His eyes flashed, his muscles tensed and he yelled, “Fuck you, man. I’m gonna shoot in your ass … here it comes … fuck … fuck … fuuuck!”

Grady’s body went rigid as he strained against the ropes, felt the gypsy-boy pour his juice inside him as his own cock erupted in jets of semen that splashed up over his chest and neck. They stared at each other as they came again and again until finally they were spent. With his last ounces of strength Ben reached up and pulled the ropes loose, then collapsed onto Grady and into his arms.

As his semen and adrenaline drained out of him Ben recalled the things he had said and blushed with embarrassment. “Sir, I’m so sorry for saying all that. I didn’t mean it, sir …”

“I hope to hell you did mean it, kiddo!” Grady laughed. “Man, that was a hell of a fantasy … so close to real. That wild young gypsy thing you got going really would make you a perfect jungle boy. Hell, I’ll even mention it to the producers, see if they can work you in, give you a minute or two of screen time … add a realistic touch, a little texture.”

Grady’s eyes gleamed. Even if that don’t work, we should play out a real fantasy here soon, a whole story … we’ll get ideas from Mario and the guys. They sure seem to have enjoyed this one.” Ben followed his glance to the open upstairs window where Mario and the boys stood, having watched the whole scene. They broke into cheers and applause and Grady said, “Take a bow, kiddo.” Ben leapt to his feet and swept his arm into a deep and elaborate bow.

No doubt about it – Ben was the hero of the hour.

************************** **************************

For the rest of the afternoon Ben bathed in the admiration and affection of the group as they talked about his fantasy fuck of Tarzan and made plans for a much expanded story in the future, a full-length fantasy as Mario laughingly called it. But at last, in the early evening the party broke up. Danny and Brian would be clearing up and preparing dinner while Brandon went home to Pete, and Ben looked forward to spending the evening with Randy and Bob.

“I gotta stop off at an auto-parts place on my way to pick up parts for an old truck we’re still using,” Ben told Mario. “We’ve never used these guys before – they’re in the sleazy part of downtown – but they’re the only shop that still stocks parts as old as this.”

Mario, always extra cautious, frowned when he heard that. “I don’t want to sound alarmist, amico, but give me the address just so we know where you’re going. I told Randy we’d always look out for you.” Ben cheerfully handed over the business card and Mario added, “Would you like one of our shirts, Ben? Don’t like to see you going off in just shorts and flip-flops.

‘No thank you, sir. I’ll be fine like this.” He grinned impishly. “I want Randy and Bob to see how I looked before I fucked Tarzan.”

“So long, my little gypsy boy,” Grady smiled. “Man, that was fun. You come back soon, you hear?” He pulled him into a tight hug, then Mario kissed him and he scampered off to his truck and drove off.

It took Ben half an hour to reach the derelict-looking neighborhood on the far side of downtown. He parked and had to walk quite a distance before he finally found the old ramshackle auto-parts yard tucked in between warehouses. He walked into the yard, cluttered with engine parts and as there was no sign of life he shouted, “Hey, anyone there?”

There were sounds from inside the shabby old building on the property and finally a greasy, muscular guy emerged and looked at Ben suspiciously. “I’ve come to pick up the parts we ordered, sir,” Ben said politely. “We phoned yesterday.”

A leering grin spread over the guy’s face and he called out, “Hey, Hank, come out here a minute.” An equally shabby but taller, tougher-looking guy with long hair came out and smirked, “Well, well, what ‘a we got here? A pretty little gypsy boy by the looks of it.”

Ben had an uneasy feeling and said, “I just need to pick up the parts, sir – in a bit of a hurry.”

“In a hurry, eh? Well, we won’t keep you long. Come into the workshop. They’re in here.”

Ben frowned, and part of him wanted to run away, but what would Randy think of him if he told him that’s why he didn’t have the parts. So he took a deep breath and followed the guys into the building.


Ben had been gone from the Grady House for over an hour when Mario’s phone rang and he frowned when he looked at the caller ID.

“Hey, Randy … what’s up, amico? … Oh yes, he left over an hour ago. Said he was stopping off on his way home to pick up some auto parts for you. … He’s not? That’s odd – like I said, he’s been gone more than an hour. I was a little uneasy ‘cos it’s a strange part of town, so I asked him to give me the address of the place … sure, here it is.” He gave Randy the location and with a brief, “Thanks, Mario” the line went dead.

At the house Bob saw Randy’s face cloud over with a tight, determined look he had seen before. Randy called Ben’s cell phone but it went straight to voicemail. “Gotta go out,” he said. “Ben should’a been home by now, I got a bad feeling.”

Bob saw Randy’s fists clench and said, “Randy, be careful. Maybe we should wait for Mark to come and …”

Randy glared at him. “He’s my brother.” He strode out the door and Bob sighed. That pretty much said it all.

Randy drove fast to the run-down warehouse district that he knew slightly. As he drove down the dusty street Mario had given him his heart pounded as he saw Ben’s parked truck. He drove on until he found the place and instinctively sensed trouble. He jumped out, closed the truck door quietly and walked through the yard to the building.

Like a prowling animal all his senses were on alert as he went quietly into the building … and heard sounds coming from a back room. He went farther in and listened at the door. It was Ben’s voice, defiant but scared. “You better back off guys ‘cos my brother‘s gonna come looking for me and you don’t wanna mess with him.”

There was a scornful laugh. “Oh really? Huh, we should wait for him, then tie him up and make him watch while his little brother gets gang-fucked. Then we’ll fuck his sorry ass too.”

A deep voice growled, “Well him and his sorry ass are already here, douchebags. Come and get it.” The two thugs whirled round and stared at the shirtless construction worker in old jeans and boots looming in the doorway. Behind the men Ben was standing naked against a pole, his hands tied behind it. He was pale and clearly terrified despite his bravado.

“Who the fuck are you? You’re trespassing, asshole. But now you’re here, you can get the same treatment as your little brother here.”

They moved ominously toward Randy and one took a swing at him, which Randy casually blocked with his arm and smashed his other fist across his face, sending him reeling against the wall. The other brute lunged for Randy and grabbed him round the throat but Randy slammed his knee upwards, crushing his balls, and with an agonized shriek he fell writhing on the floor.

The first guy, still dazed, staggered toward Randy again but ran into both his flailing fists, slamming his face, one side then the other. The thug howled, “No … no more … no more … please … before crashing to the floor alongside his groaning buddy.

The floor of the workshop was littered with tools, ropes and chains, and Randy picked up a length of chain. He swung it over his head and slammed it on the floor, missing the two terrified thugs by inches. “No, please,” they screamed again, “we give up … you win.”

“You bet your life I do, you fucking ass-wipes. That’s my brother over there, and nobody, nobody messes with my brother, least of all two greasy mother-fuckers like you. Hey, you wanted to feel some flesh? Sure, why not?” Randy bent down, wrapped the chain round their necks and pulled it tight so their faces were dragged together. He grabbed the back of their heads, pushed their faces against each other and said, “Here, feast on your buddy.”

Their lips were forced against each other in a grinding kiss that they couldn’t escape. Finally Randy relented and released their heads, coughing and choking. “Real cute, guys. Hey Ben, you like that? They make real hot lovers don’t ya think? I think they belong together, or they soon will. OK, guys, pull out your dicks that you were gonna use to fuck my little brother.” When they hesitated Randy slammed the chain on the floor again and they quickly complied.

Randy untied the rope from Ben’s wrists and said, “You OK, kiddo?” Ben nodded. “OK, use that rope to tie that slob’s wrists behind him. I’ll take care of the other one. No escape knots this time, little brother.”

They worked quickly and expertly and within a few minutes they stood back and admired their work. The two thugs were groaning in pain on the floor, facing each other chest to chest, their wrists securely tied behind their backs. Randy had tied another rope round their balls … and roped them tight to each other, man to man, so their bulging balls were chafing each other. Whenever they moved even a little the rope between them tightened, causing stabbing pain.

“Ah, ain’t love grand,” Randy grinned wickedly. “Look at them, Ben, don’t they make a cute couple? OK, guys, here’s the deal. There’s no getting out of these ropes so you’re here for a while. This time of night this neighborhood’s deserted so no one’s gonna hear your pathetic screams.

“Tell you what I’ll do, though. I like you guys so I’ll give you a break. I got a real good buddy who’s a cop and in a couple hours he’ll have his pals come by with a squad car to help you out. They’ll know the whole story of what you did to my kid brother, so I don’t give much for your chances of staying in business, but them’s the breaks, guys. Shouldn’t a messed with my boy.”

“Anyway, ‘til the cops get here you be nice to each other ya hear? So long, suckers. Come on, kid, let’s get the hell out of this fucking toilet.”


As they walked out to the truck Randy felt his brother shivering next to him. Ben had pulled on his shorts but he was still shirtless, so when they got to the truck Randy pulled an old denim jacket from behind the seat and threw it round his shoulders. But as they drove away Randy realized that Ben was shivering not with cold but with fear.

And when Ben spoke it was in a dazed voice. “I’m sorry, sir … I tried to fight back but … but they were too strong for me. Then I tried to keep them talking ‘cos I thought you might come for me … but if you hadn’t come I …” he started to sob. “You must think I’m a wimp, sir.”

Randy put his arm round Ben. “Hey, hey, where’s all this coming from, bro? You’re no wimp, no way … you were real brave, kid, you’re my hero. No one could have beat those two morons … except me,” he chuckled, squeezing Ben tight. “Wait ‘til we get you home, kid, with Bob and your pals, and you’ll feel just fine.”

But Randy wasn’t so sure about that and when they reached the house Ben was still pale and shivering. Several of the boys were waiting for them in the garden, along with Bob and Mark. Randy had called Bob from the truck to alert him to what had happened, and word had quickly spread, so a wave of relief now swept over the group. The boys naturally moved to hug Ben but Bob waved them back and he and Mark approached.

Mark sized up the situation with his professional cop training and said quietly to Randy, “He’s still in shock, buddy. He needs to be in bed.”

Bob moved to help but Randy said decisively, “I’ll take care of him … I know what he needs.” He turned to Mark with the trace of a grin and handed him the scrap of paper he had written the address on when Mario had called him.

“You might wanna send a squad car to this address, buddy. They’ll find two losers tied up on the floor. They’re probably hurting real bad by now ‘cos their balls are roped together, but they ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, so tell your guys to take their time.”

As Randy guided Ben into the house Mark and Bob stared at each other in awe. The wild gypsy who had just demolished two thugs in a brutal fight was now the gentle big brother caring tenderly for his boy. Mark shook his head with a hint of a grin. “Son of a bitch.”


Upstairs in the master bedroom Randy held Ben tight in his arms, felt his body shuddering and saw tears running down his cheeks. “Hey, you need a nice warm bed, kid. Let’s get you out of these clothes.” Randy pulled off the jacket, then the shorts, picked up Ben’s naked body and laid him gently on the bed. He went to the drinks cabinet, poured a glass of brandy and gave it to Ben who grabbed it and swallowed it fast, his eyes looking nervously at Randy over the glass.

“Sir, you’re not gonna leave me, are you?”

Randy smiled down at him. “Kid I once made the big mistake of leaving you behind in Texas. I promise I’ll never leave you again, little brother. In fact, he grinned, how would you like it if we got real close now?”

“Yes please, sir.”

Randy kicked off his boots, took off his jeans and got into bed naked. He lay beside his brother and stroked his face and chest. “Feel better, kiddo?”

“Yes thank you, sir. Thank you for rescuing me … I knew you would.” There was a long silence, then, “Sir, I felt real scared in that place when those guys tied me up. Is it … is it OK to feel frightened? I mean you never feel scared, do you?”

“Hell, anyone would have been terrified of those two goons, it’s only natural. And yeah, I do sometimes get scared.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, whenever I fuck up and do something bad to Bob and I’m afraid he’s gonna leave me. That scares the shit out of me.”

Another long pause as Ben thought back to the panic he had felt. “I mean, if you hadn’t shown up, sir those guys would have … I mean they said they were gonna fuck me and call up some of their buddies who would come and gang rape me, sir. I didn’t, I couldn’t … I mean … I’ll never let anyone fuck me again.” And he gave way to heaving sobs again.”

“It’s OK, kiddo, let it out. But you’re here now and you’ve got me. Turn over.” Ben turned over in his favorite position with his back pressed against his big brother’s hard body and Randy’s strong arms wrapped round him. Ben stopped crying and snuggled back against Randy.

But Randy knew he was still coming out of his shock, his mind still gripped with revulsion at the thought of getting forcibly fucked. Randy had told Mark he knew what Ben needed … and he did. He pulled one arm off Ben, licked the palm of his hand and stroked his already stiff dick to rock hardness. He eased it slowly between the cheeks of the boy’s ass and pressed it gently against his hole.

But Ben reflexively started to re-live the nightmare and said, as if to the thugs, “No, no, please don’t fuck me. I can’t, please …”

“Hey,” Randy said softly, “this is me, your big brother Randy. I love you kiddo, and you love me don’t you?”

“Yes, sir, very much.”

“Then show me how much, little brother. You’re safe now, safe in my arms. You wanna please me don’t you?”

“Yes I do, sir.”

“Then take a deep breath and relax, kiddo.” He felt the tension lessen in Ben’s body and slid his dick slowly inside him. Ben moaned with pleasure and his ass relaxed – but only for a moment. Then he panicked and tensed up again … “No … please, let me see you, sir … let me look at you.”

Randy pulled Ben over on his back and, still with his cock inside him, knelt between his legs and smiled down at him. Two identical pairs of blue eyes stared at each other and Ben saw himself reflected in his brother’s smiling eyes. “I … I really am safe now aren’t I, sir?” he said

“With my dick inside you? You’re safer than you’ve ever been, little brother. Now, are you gonna let me fuck you, or what?”

“Oh yes, sir. Yes please, sir, I want that.”

Randy pulled back, then pushed back in, deeper this time, and proceeded to massage Ben’s ass. He felt it tense up once or twice as the traumatic image flashed back to him, but those moments faded and soon he was smiling up at his macho brother.

“You like it when your big brother makes love to your ass don’t you, kiddo? How about a bit of rough, eh boy?”

“With you, sir, anything. Yes, do it harder please.” So Randy ramped up the action, fucking faster and deeper, though nowhere near the savage fucks he was capable of. Then he took a chance, leaned forward and pinned the boy’s wrists to the bed, knowing he risked reminding him of his earlier bondage. But instead of a panicked reaction Ben smiled up at him. “Now I’m your prisoner, sir, and it feels good. I love your cock in my butt.”

Randy used his familiar technique of fucking hard to bring the boy close to orgasm, then slowing down, giving him the exquisite joy of orgasm denied, again and again. Ben looked up at the rugged gypsy, his arms and shoulders flexing as he pinned his wrists, and his former panic and shock were erased by the overpowering love he felt for his brother. “I love you, sir. I love you so much. Will you to let me show you … let me cum all over myself?”

“Yeah, I wanna see that, kiddo. And you know I can make you do it … like this." His eyes gleamed and suddenly he was pounding his ass.

“Oh yeah. Do it like that, it feels great. You look so hot … fuck me, sir. Fuck me. I love you, sir. I love you … I’m gonna cum …. Yeaah!”

The sight of Ben shouting with joy and splashing cum over his beautiful young body was just what Randy needed to see, and he laughed raucously as his own cock erupted in the ass of the kid brother he loved so deeply.

Randy grabbed him in his arms and they rolled over on the bed, kissing passionately, with Randy’s cock still in Ben’s ass. Finally they lay still, panting and laughing, gazing into each other’s eyes.

“Hey, what’s all this noise?” came a stern voice. “Can’t we get a little peace and quiet around here?”

Bob had just come in and smiled down at them. Ben’s eyes danced as he grinned up at him, a far cry from the dead, haunted eyes of shock when Randy brought him home. Bob smiled at Randy with love and admiration and Randy gave him the smug, self-satisfied told-you-so grin so familiar to Bob.

“Now listen, Randy, if you can pull your dick out of your brother’s ass maybe you can feed him as well as fuck him. The twins are just getting dinner on the table downstairs and everyone’s gathering for what looks like some kind of celebration. And Ben, it seems as if you’re the guest of honor – quite the hero. Grady and Mario have come here with Danny, Brandon and Brian and they’re spreading some kind of wild rumor that you fucked Tarzan.”

Bob glanced at Randy and decided to risk it. “They’re saying you took him captive, tied him to the ground with ropes round his wrists, and jackhammered his ass. Any truth to that?”

Bob had deliberately used that stark language to test Ben’s reaction, and for one silent moment he thought it had misfired. But evidently Ben had put the memory of his own perilous bondage behind him, because he rewarded Bob with his mischievous grin and said, “Sir, you can’t believe every rumor you hear … but you sure can believe that one. Yeah, I fucked him good.”

“That’s my boy,” Randy said, and he and Bob laughed with relief that Ben was back to his old playful self. Bob said, “Ben, I know your master Jason is still out of town so how would you like to sleep with Randy and me tonight?”

“Yes please, sir!” Ben’s eyes sparkled and Randy said, “OK, now remember how my dick is right now – buried in your ass – and later on we’ll pick up the action from there. Well, maybe it’ll be Bob’s dick in there … or both, but what the hell.”

“Right,” Bob said. “You two go jump in the shower and come down for dinner. And please, not naked … no shorts, no service,” he grinned.

“And Ben you better be ready to talk. The boys are waiting to hear the story of how a gypsy boy fucked Tarzan.” Bob glanced at Randy who nodded. “In fact,” Bob said, “they want to hear all of your adventures.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 332


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