Preparations were in full swing at the new house bought by Grady and his Italian lover Mario.  Grady was still busy shooting the big-budget movie in which he was starring as the new Tarzan, so the two beautiful lovers were being helped to set up the house by various members of the tribe, including the clan’s leaders Randy, Bob and Zack, and their boys.   


The new Grady House, as it had been dubbed, was to host its first housewarming party for the tribe, an incentive for men and boys to work together in completing the house’s renovations.  Everyone had his part to play.  Grady had hired Danny to be the live-in chef and housekeeper, assisted by Nate and Eddie.    Brandon was setting up the business office with the help of Bob and Jamie.  Ben was helping his big brother Randy with structural work.


And there was one other boy who had a part to play in all the frenzied activity – a humble part maybe, but one that left him more than satisfied.   Thomas, the new boy, was by now settling into the tribe, finding his place and learning his duties.   Formerly the arrogant Golden Boy and self-proclaimed ‘top man’, Thomas was now Pablo’s boy – the first ‘boy’s boy’ in the tribe.


He was enjoying life with Pablo, the tough young mestizo who protected him, trained him and fucked him regularly.   He especially loved it when Pablo turned him over to Randy to get fucked, which happened a lot, often in the midday break at the construction site when Thomas was summoned to Randy’s trailer office and told to lock the door behind him.


Pablo realized that Thomas was not cut out for construction work, though, and had agreed to let him assist Danny at the Grady House where he was at everyone’s beck and call, running errands and helping out wherever needed.  Some guys might have regarded this grunt work as demeaning but Thomas was excited just to be surrounded by such beautiful, self-assured men.    


Among his duties was making his ass available to whatever man requested it to relieve the tension that inevitably built up during a busy day.   In fact, whenever he was not required as the resident fuck-boy his own tension built and he took himself off for a few minutes, focused his thoughts on one of the men and jerked off.


He was feeling horny on one such occasion when Pablo told him to borrow his truck, drive down to the hardware store and pick up a few supplies.   After he got the supplies and left the store Thomas chose a route back up the hill that he liked a lot, a narrow, winding road with almost no traffic and heavily wooded on both sides.   It was like being in the countryside and it put him in a good mood as he thought back on the day.


As so often happened his thoughts focused on Randy who, before Thomas left on his errand, had been working shirtless (as usual) dismantling an old shed.  Randy had winked at Thomas as he climbed into Pablo’s truck and of course that made his dick hard.  


It was still hard now as he drove slowly up the winding road.  He stroked the bulge in his shorts, then unzipped them and pulled out his cock.   Steering with his left hand and stroking his cock with the other Thomas was soon lost in the fantasy of a hot and horny Randy and imagined himself falling on his knees before him.  That made him beat his meat harder, concentrating on his vision of the swarthy gypsy rather than his view of the road.


He worked himself up to his climax and shouted out loud, “Fuck me, sir ... shove that huge dick in my ass.   Yeah, I can feel it pounding my ass, sir … it’s making me cum … thank you, sir … aaagh!”  He yelled as he shot a load of jizz over the dashboard – and lost control of the truck.


He veered onto the grass verge, wrenched the steering wheel back frantically to avoid the ditch, and the truck careened over to the other side of the road, flattening a bush before he managed to steer it unsteadily back across the road, weaving along the grass verge where he screeched to a halt.   Dazed, he rested his head on the steering wheel catching his breath.   His only thought was how Pablo would punish him when he got back … and that thought made his dick hard.  Thomas was really confused.


And suddenly things got a lot worse.  He was startled by the blast of a siren behind him, looked up and saw red lights flashing in his rear-view mirror.   “Shit!” he moaned.   “Shit, shit, shit.”


He looked in the mirror again and saw a police motorcycle pull up, the cop astride it in the black uniform of the city police.  The cop swung his leg over the bike and walked slowly to the driver’s side door.  He shone his flashlight in the car and Thomas blushed and groaned in humiliation as the flashlight shone first on his cock hanging out of his shorts and then on the semen dripping from the dashboard.   He was well and truly busted.


The deep voice said, “Please exit your vehicle, sir and keep your hands where I can see them.” Shaking with fear Thomas fumbled the door latch, then got out and stood unsteadily before the officer.  Scared as he was he could see that the cop was tall and broad shouldered, his biceps bulging under the short sleeves of his shirt.  But he couldn’t see the face under the helmet and behind the mirrored sunglasses.


The cop said sternly, “I pulled you over as you were driving erratically, young man, and now I see why.  You’re obviously not fit to drive, a danger to others, so I’m gonna have to arrest you.”


The cop pulled off his helmet, ran his hand through his thick blond hair and took off his glasses.  Thomas gasped as he stared at the stunning face.  


“Oh, sir,” he stammered … “it … it’s you, sir.”




You’re Pablo’s boy, right?” Mark said gruffly.


“Yes, sir.  Thomas, sir.”   The boy’s heart was racing, though whether through fear or lust it would be hard to say – probably both.   He had to brace himself to prevent falling to his knees – again from fear and partly from an impulse to kneel whenever he saw a man like this.    Except that there were no men like Mark.   


It was truly a homoerotic vision for the boy – the tall, muscular Greek God in the uniform of a motorcycle cop.  The black pants with a silver stripe down the side were tucked into high, shiny motorcycle boots, the uniform black short-sleeved shirt hugged his muscular torso and a triangle of white T-shirt flashed at the open neck, setting off his square-jawed chiseled features and tousled blond hair.   He was a pornographic icon.


Thomas had not had many dealings with Mark so far.  He had worshipped hm from afar as most men did, and had envied his boy, the surfer jock Jamie, who had to be ready, naked on the bed, whenever his master came home horny as a stallion after eight hours riding round the city with a powerful motorcycle pulsing between his legs.    Thomas often jerked off trying to visualize what was happening to Jamie in their bedroom.


And now here was that same uniformed cop standing before him, legs wide apart, arms folded across his chest, his stern blue-grey eyes silently boring into him.   Mark was a master of the technique of using silence to intimidate a suspect and make him talk.  Nature abhors a vacuum and Thomas filled this one with a stumbling explanation that served only to dig him deeper into the hole he had already dug for himself.


“Sir, I’m sorry, sir.  I didn’t mean to … I mean, that’s not the way I drive, sir, not usually … it’s just that I was thinking … more than thinking, really …well …”  He looked down at his cock hanging  out of his pants still oozing cum, and the semen dripping from the dashboard – evidence of guilt, as if any were needed.  He knew he was caught red-handed, or limp-dicked, and that made him babble on desperately.


“I know how that looks, sir, but see, I was thinking of Randy with no shirt on, and you know how that gets a guy going … I’m not the only one … all the boys think he’s … well …”  His voice trailed off as he finally realized he was doing himself more harm than good. 


Mark frowned at him.  “A word of advice, boy.  When a police officer tells you you’re under arrest, you have the right to remain silent.  I suggest you exercise that right before you get into more trouble.”


“Yes, sir.  Sorry, sir.”


Mark, the tribe-member, was stifling a smile – the prattling boy sounded so much like Eddie.  But Mark the police officer was angry.   “You know boy, if another car had been coming down the hill just now you could have killed someone and I would be arresting you for vehicular manslaughter instead of dangerous driving.   Have you been drinking?”


“No, sir, definitely not, sir.”


“Let’s take a look.”  Mark pulled out a pencil flashlight, leaned forward and shone the light in Thomas’s eyes to see if they were bloodshot.  Scared as he was Thomas’s cock got hard again.   The gorgeous face was inches from his, eyes focused on his, their lips almost touching.  Without thinking he impulsively poked out his tongue and licked Mark’s lips, then recoiled in horror realizing what he had done.


“What the fuck?” Mark growled.   “Assaulting a police officer is a felony, boy (though Mark knew that licking a cop’s lips hardly qualified as an assault – quite the reverse when Jamie did it).  “And for god’s sake put that stiff penis away and do your pants up.  You’re lucky I’m against police brutality ‘cause you’re asking for a beating before I run you in – is that what you want?”


“No thank you, sir,” Thomas said – not quite truthfully.  The thought of being worked over by this macho cop had a definite appeal.   But he thought it would have been too forward to mention it, so he shoved his boner back in his shorts, zipped them up and kept his mouth shut.


“That shirt is covered in semen, boy.  Take it off and wipe your sperm off the dashboard with it.”


Thomas pulled off his T-shirt, leaned into the car and did as ordered.   Mark watched the muscles ripple in his bare back, then stared at the shorts stretched over the bulging mounds of his stunning ice-skater’s ass. 


When he had finished, Thomas stood to attention facing the blond police officer.  Mark had not really paid much attention to the new boy until he appraised him now – the flawless gymnast physique, ripped, fat-free muscles and the fine-boned features of his face, topped with a tangled mass of blond hair.  The boy sure lived up to the reputation he had among the other guys.


“Show me your driver’s license.”   Thomas fumbled nervously in his pocket and managed to clumsily drop his wallet, keys and other paraphernalia on the ground.  In a panic he fell to his knees to gather them up and looked up at the cop towering over him. “Sorry, sir,” he stammered.  “My license is in my wallet here.


Mark looked down at the shirtless young jock kneeling before him and felt his dick get hard under the thick serge of his uniform pants. Thomas scraped together his belongings, stood up and handed his license to the police officer.


“I’m gonna run a make on your driver’s license, boy, see what outstanding warrants I can nail you on.  Stand here and don’t move.”  Mark turned walked back to his bike and stood with his back to the boy.  His view blocked, Thomas assumed that Mark was using his two-way radio to call in and check his license.  But there he was wrong.  Mark was using his cell phone.


Mark knew that he wouldn’t throw the book at this boy and arrest him.   He was a member of the tribe after all, Pablo’s boy, obviously in love with Randy – who wasn’t? – and Mark knew the tribe had its own way of doling out punishment.  But he was usually a strictly by-the-book cop and this kid had behaved recklessly and could easily have caused an accident.   So he couldn’t just let him off with a warning.  Maybe a little mild police brutality would do the trick, he mused, as he thought of that gorgeous ass.


Driving while jerking off, he grinned to himself.  Randy had warned the boys repeatedly about the dangers of sex while driving, though Mark himself recalled how several times in his truck, with Jamie next to him, his boy had given him a blow-job while Mark drove.  And it was Jamie he was calling now.


“Hey kiddo, how goes it at the Grady House?  That busy uh?   I guess that means you won’t be at home for me to fuck when I get off work.  No, no, that’s OK, you don’t have to rush home, they need you up there.  As a matter of fact something’s come up that I wanna run by you.”


Mark explained what had happened and he heard Jamie laugh at the other end of the phone.   “Sir, I’m sure you can teach him a lesson he won’t forget.   Thomas has an ass on him that would make grown men weep.”


“So would you, er, would you be OK with that, Jamie?”


Jamie was really pleased that Mark had called him first, though of course his master didn’t need his permission.   “Go for it, sir,” he chuckled.  “I’m only sorry I’m not there to watch.”


“Jamie, I love the hell out of you, you know that.  Tonight I’ll show you how much, so get ready.”


“Ready and willing, sir,” Jamie laughed, and when they got off the phone master and boy were both nursing stiff boners.




Mark went back to Thomas who was waiting nervously to learn his fate.  “Well, your license is clean, so this is evidently a first offence.”


“Does that mean I can go, sir?   Sir, if you arrest me I’ll get thrown out of the house, I know it.   But I love it there, I wouldn’t know where else to go.  Please let me stay, sir.  I’ll do anything – anything you say, sir.”


Mark frowned at him and stroked his chin as if weighing what to do with him, although he already knew exactly what he was going to do.  Sure, he was a by-the-book cop but he was horny too and Jamie wouldn’t be home waiting for him naked on the bed as usual.   


“I’m gonna give you a break, boy, as you’re now one of the tribe and Pablo’s boy.  I won’t even tell them what you’ve done – but you will.  You will go straight to Pablo and make a full confession.  He’ll punish you, of course, it’s a tribal tradition – a boy misbehaves, his master punishes him.  Hell, you could have wrecked Pablo’s truck so he’ll be plenty mad.”


“Thank you, sir.  I will, I’ll tell him everything I did and take my punishment.   Thank you very much, sir.”   Thomas turned and walked back toward his truck.  Until he heard “Freeze!”


“Did I say you could leave?  I haven’t finished with you yet, boy.  You’re guilty of reckless driving and, even though I’m not gonna arrest you, I’m still gonna damn well punish you.  It looks like you’re a flight risk so get over here and hold your arms out in front of you.”


Thomas quickly complied and was alarmed when Mark unclipped a pair of handcuffs from his belt and locked them round the boy’s wrists.   He pulled a rope from a saddlebag of his bike, looped it round the cuffs and tied the other end to the back of his bike.


“Your truck’s off the road in the grass so it’s not a hazard.   I’ll phone Pablo later and tell him to come pick it up, and you too.  In the meantime you and I have a little unfinished business.”  


Without another word Mark threw his leg over his bike and kick-started it.   He rode it slowly toward an almost hidden track that disappeared into the trees.  The rope was six feet long and when it tightened it pulled the boy’s arms straight and forced him to stumble after the bike.   He dimly remembered seeing a scene like this in a porn video where a young guy was captured by a hot looking cop and, scared though he was, his cock got hard in his shorts.


Mark accelerated and the shirtless gymnast was forced to run, pulled along behind the bike, stumbling through the grass between the trees until he couldn’t keep up.  He tripped, fell forward on his stomach, grabbed the rope and was dragged the last few yards over the grass. Mercifully the bike stopped, Mark got off and stared down at the young blond jock, especially at the bulge of his ass cheeks under his shorts as he lay face down on the grass.


“So, you’ll do anything I say, right boy?   That’s what you said?”


“Yes, sir.  Anything.”    Thomas raised his head and looked up at the gorgeous cop standing by his bike.   “Anything at all, sir.”


“Well now, let’s see.  It’s against the rules not to arrest you but, like I said, I’m prepared to bend the rules in your case – provided you make it worth my while.   Let’s get a look at you.”


Mark stood beside him, hooked the toe of his boot under him and flipped him over on his back, his arms still stretched above him.  “Hmm, hot young body you got going there. Gymnast, right?”


“Yes, I was sir.”


“And before that an ice-skater, which accounts for that bubble-butt of yours.”


“Yes, sir.”


“Yeah well, when I work on a guy I want him naked, so let’s see what you got here.”   Mark reached down, unzipped the boy’s shorts and pulled them off over his sneakers.  As he did so Thomas’s cock sprang up like a flagpole from his mass of curly blond pubic hair.


“What the fuck?   You just shot your load over the dashboard and you’ve already got a fucking hard-on?”


“It’s because I’m scared, sir.   I always get a boner when I’m scared.”    Mark smiled inwardly.  He knew that was a lie as he was fully aware of the erotic effect he had on guys like Thomas.  He stood over him with one leg raised, his boot pressed on his chest in the ritual stance of total domination.  The cop crossed his arms across his chest and gazed down at his captive.


Thomas stared up at the gorgeous uniformed cop towering over him and felt the pressure of his boot on his chest.  His arms were stretched up above his head, his handcuffed wrists tied to the rope that stretched back to the bike.  He flashed on a pictured he had once seen of a naked man being tortured on the rack and under his jailer’s boot.   


It was beyond fantasy, a homoerotic vison that gripped him, made his body flex, made his balls ache, his cock shudder … and he lost control.  A jet of semen spurted from his cock, arched in the air and splashed down on the cop’s boot.


Horrified, he stammered desperately, “I  ... I’m sorry, sir.    I tried to stop … I did …”


“Fuck you, boy,” the cop snarled, removing his cum-splattered boot from his chest.  “Did I tell you to do that?   Did I?    Get this clear, boy, you don’t make a move – not a move – unless I order it.”


“No, sir … I mean, yes sir.  I’m sorry, sir.”


“Stop sniveling, boy.  Shit, I gotta take you in hand.  Time I reeled you in.”   Mark went back to the bike, untied the rope and began to pull on it slowly, watching the young athlete’s naked body roll over and over as he was dragged over the grass,  giving Mark tantalizing glimpses of his flawless ass as he rolled over.


Thomas grabbed the rope to prevent the cuffs from cutting his wrists.  As he rolled helplessly his cock scraped over the ground and, incredibly, his cock stiffened again, with the erotic sensation of being completely at the mercy of the police officer.  He became disoriented until finally the pressure on the rope slackened and he ended up on his stomach, his face resting on the ground beside the foot of the black motorcycle boot.’


“Clean it off, boy,” the cop growled.  “Clean your fucking jizz off the boot.”


Thomas obeyed instantly, slurping his own semen up from the boot, then licking the shiny leather feverishly until it gleamed.  Mark pulled the boot away and stepped between Thomas’s still upstretched arms, so his hands were cuffed behind the heels of the boots.


“You’re not finished, boy.  Clean it all.”  Thomas knew exactly what he had to do.  He licked the other foot, then dragged himself forward, reached up and grabbed behind the cops legs and pulled himself higher so he could lick all the way up the high black boots.   He was still afraid that Mark would change his mind and arrest him, which would be disastrous.  But quite apart from that, Thomas had an earnest desire to please the handsome officer, to obey him and bow to his commands.


So he licked hard, slurping his way up the boots to the top.  Then he moved higher, kissing the black serge of the uniform pants, licking the silver stripe in homage to the police officer’s authority.  Finally he stretched his cuffed hands up behind the cop, grabbed the back of his belt and pulled himself higher so his face was level with the cop’s bulging crotch.  He pressed his cheek against it, felt the cock stir beneath the fabric … and heard the cop moan.


“Think you can make that cock feel good?   Right around this time my own boy would be working on it, but he’s not home.    Think you can make me feel good like he does?”


“Sir, I could never match Jamie, sir.   Couldn’t even come close, he’s so beautiful, and he’s your boy.   But I’ll do my best, sir, I really will.  I’ve been taking lessons from Eddie, sir.”


Once again Mark stifled a grin.  It seemed that taking cock-sucking lessons from Eddie was a required course for all the boys in the house.  He reached down, grabbed the jock’s thick blond hair, pulled his face back and stared down at it.  “OK, kid, let’s see what he taught you.”  He pulled the face forward and pressed it hard against the bulge in his pants.


Through a daze of carnal lust Thomas tried to remember all that he had learned from the master cock-sucker, Eddie.  He slid his tongue in the fly of the uniform pants found the zipper tag and clenched it in his teeth.  Slowly he pulled it down, then buried his face in the open fly, breathing in the pungent odor of man-sweat and dry piss stains on the boxer shorts.  He felt the flesh of the thick cock underneath, wrapped his lips round it and eased it out of the shorts and pants.


When it flopped out it hit him in the face and he reflexively recoiled.   “What?” Mark growled, “you afraid to take a cop’s dick in your mouth?”


“Yes, sir … I mean, no, sir.   I really want it, real bad, but it’s very big, sir.”   His arms were wrapped round the cop’s hips and he buried the fingers of his cuffed wrists into the small of Mark’s back for support as he licked the head of the cock, then sucked it into his mouth and, remembering Eddie’s lessons, swallowed it slowly so as not to gag.   


When it was all the way down his throat he clenched his throat muscles round it, then relaxed them.  Doing that alternately was a classic Eddie move, what he called “fucking the cock”.  He heard Mark groan above him and felt him grab his hair in his fist and pull his head back, pulling his mouth slowly back up his cock.  Thomas clenched his throat round the cock again and sucked hard as if drawing the juice out of it.


“Holy shit, boy, Eddie taught you well.  Man, that feels good.”   Mark pulled Thomas’s head back off his cock.  “Let me look at that face, kid.”   The handsome blond gymnast stared up at him, his jaw sagging open, saliva running over it.   


What made it so hot for Mark was that the face of the once arrogant Golden Boy that had once been set in scornful superiority, now had an expression of total subservience, staring at Mark’s huge shaft, salivating over it, craving it.    The former ‘top man’ was on his knees, arms cuffed round the cop, eyes begging for his cock.   It was the way Mark always loved to see Jamie, the handsome, muscular young surfer kneeling before him, mouth sagging open, waiting for his master’s cock to fill it. 


“That looks hot, boy.  You’re a good-looking young buck.  Hell, I gotta fuck that face.”


Holding the boy’s head with both hands the cop slammed Thomas’s face down on his cock, then pulled it back fast and slammed it down again.  Eddie’s lessons were forgotten.  All Thomas’s concentration went on surviving the ferocious face-fuck, choking, gagging each time the cop’s shaft rammed against the back of his throat.  With each thrust Mark held it in deep and for long seconds the boy’s face was buried in the officer’s blond pubic hair, breathing in desperately, close to suffocating as he inhaled the rancid smell of sweat and dried semen.  


Mark gave him a moment’s relief by pulling his head back off his cock.  “Too rough for you, boy?   We could stop right now and I’ll just arrest you.”


The hot jock stared up at him, mouth sagging open, tears streaming down his face.  “No, sir, please don’t stop.   I can take it.  Fuck my mouth, please, sir.”


“OK, kid, you asked for it,” and the pounding face-fuck began again.   The hot young athlete was dazed, all his senses focused on the cop’s huge tool driving into his mouth, choking him, stifling him.  He felt the massive cock swelling in his mouth and he prayed desperately that the cop would blast a load of jizz in his mouth before he passed out.  But then …. “No!”


Mark suddenly pushed the face back off his cock and the boy choked and gasped with relief. “Not yet.  I gotta have that ass.  You knew that, boy.  You knew you were gonna get butt-fucked by the cop.   Had to be, gorgeous ass like yours.  Hell, yeah.   I gotta have it, boy.”




Thomas collapsed forward and his cuffed hands slid down the back of Mark’s legs.    Mark stepped out from between his arms and pulled the boy to his feet.   Swaying unsteadily, hands still cuffed in front of him, Thomas gazed in disbelief at the police officer whose shirt was now open to the waist.  His white T-shirt underneath, wet with sweat, clung to his chest, the slabs of his pecs clearly outlined underneath.  


His cock was still jutting out of his uniform pants and the cop was stroking it.  “See this boy?   See this rod?   It’s going in your ass, kid, in that beautiful ice-skater ass of yours.   The minute you reached in your car to wipe your cum off the dash and I saw that ass I knew I was gonna fuck it.  Man, fucking your face has got me stoked.  I gotta fuck ass, kid.   I gotta fuuuck!”


Mark was transformed from the methodical by-the-book cop into … not even a man but a raging stallion, rearing up ready to fuck the naked jock.  He grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and marched him over to his motorcycle.   Picking him up bodily he planted him face down on the bike, his legs straddling it, crotch pressed against the saddle.  He pulled his arms forward and hooked his bound wrists over the windshield in front. 


He pulled the boy’s hips back so his body was stretched, feet touching the ground, his ass hanging over the back of the bike.  The cop gazed down at it and groaned.  “Oh shit … fuck … I gotta have it boy.   I gotta have that fucking ass.”  He slapped it a couple of times and watched the white globes bounce under the blows.  “Time I’m finished with that ass, boy, you’ll wish to hell I’d arrested you instead.”


“I don’t think so, sir,” Thomas mumbled, his cheek pressed against the fuel tank.


Mark slapped his ass harder.   “Did I say you could talk, boy?   You’re really begging to get punished, boy.  And here it comes.”  Mark braced his hands on the boy’s hips, pressed the head of his spit-wet cock against the exposed asshole … and plunged it in deep.


“Aaagh!”   The howl of the helpless gymnast bounced off the trees and his naked body jerked, pinned down and stretched on the bike.   “I said no noise, boy,” Mark growled and slapped his ass as he drove his long, thick rod like a piston in and out with increasing force and speed.


Jamie had said on the phone he wished he could watch, and he was sure missing a sight that would have made him shoot a bucketful.   


The muscular young athlete was stretched face down on the cop’s bike, hands cuffed round the front, his ass hanging over the back getting hammered by the powerful Greek-God cop whose shirt flapped open over the sweat-stained T-shirt clinging to his heaving chest.   His biceps bulged under the short sleeves of his shirt, his blond hair fell over his face, and his blue-gray eyes in the chiseled features blazed with lust, focused on the boy’s flawless ass.


As the savage fuck continued the pain in the Golden Boy’s ass was erased by the fantasy of being tied naked to the bike, his ass getting mercilessly jack-hammered by the beautiful cop.   He wanted to shout out, beg for more, but he had been ordered to stay silent so he clenched his jaw.   He pressed his cheek against the shiny fuel tank and felt his rock-hard cock grinding beneath him against the leather saddle.  If this was police brutality, Thomas wanted more of it.


An especially savage cock thrust in his ass made his head jerk up and he gasped as he caught sight of the rear-view mirror jutting out to the side.   The front wheel was turned at just the right angle for the mirror to reflect the cop behind him.   It was an unbelievable sight, like watching a porn movie of a muscle-stud cop pounding ass.   


But this was a movie like no other, a movie where he could not only watch the hot cop fuck, he could actually feel his cock in his ass.   The macho police officer was real and the ramrod in his ass was real.   And it pushed Thomas over the top.   Disobeying the order not to speak he moaned, “Sir … I can’t stop.  Please, sir, I gotta … aaagh ….”   His body writhed on the bike as his cock exploded and spurted semen over the saddle beneath him.




“Fuck you, boy!”  Mark yanked his cock painfully out of Thomas’s ass and angrily slapped it, first one cheek then the other with his palm and the back of his hand.   You shot another fucking load … you’ll pay for that.”   He unlocked the handcuffs and they dropped from his wrists.  Then he pulled him off the bike and onto his feet beside it.  


“I’m sorry, sir,” the ravaged jock stammered.   “I didn’t mean … I couldn’t stop.   You looked so … so gorgeous, sir, and …”


“Silence.  On your knees.   Clean up your mess.”  Thomas fell on his knees, leaned forward and sucked up his jism, then licked the leather saddle just as he had licked the cop’s boot.  This was the saddle the cop had sat on for eight hours in the sun and in Thomas’s imagination the smell of his sweat mixed with the overpowering smell of leather and hot motor oil.   


The boy’s senses were spinning again and he felt he could almost bust another load, when he felt himself being picked up and placed again astride the saddle, only this time facing the rear.   Mark pushed him onto his back on the fuel tank, raised his arms and made him grip the handle bars from beneath.  “Hold onto them,” Mark ordered, “and don’t let go.”


Towering over him Mark said ominously, “You disobeyed me, boy.  You’ve still got the remains of that arrogance you first brought to the house, so I’m gonna wipe it off once and for all.   I’m gonna finish you off, boy.”


Trembling in fear, stretched on his back on the cop’s bike, fingers clenched round the handlebar grips the naked boy looked up in wide-eyed astonishment as Mark pulled off his shirt and flung it aside.  Then he pulled his wet T-shirt off over his head and Thomas gasped as he stared at the cop stripped to the waist in his uniform pants and motorcycle boots.   


He gazed at the mounds of his pecs, the broad shoulders, the flared lats sloping down past the eight-pack abs to the slim waist cinched by the heavy uniform belt.  Mark was a homoerotic icon and at that moment Thomas would have done anything for him, would have given the police officer anything he demanded.


Standing at the back of the bike Mark reached down to the boy’s feet, still clad in sneakers, and pulled his legs so Thomas was stretched on his back the full length of the bike.  He pushed his legs in the air and said, “Right, I said I was gonna finish you off, so I’m gonna make you cum one last time, only this time you’ll wait for my permission.  See, I wanna hear that arrogant, cocky young jock beg while I fuck him.”


This time Thomas didn’t scream as the cop’s stiff rod pushed into him.   His ass was still sore after the pounding he had taken, but he wanted this now more than anything, so he gazed up at the shirtless musclehunk cop as he began to fuck him again, not as ferociously as before.    Mark reached forward and twisted the boy’s nipples in his fingers, hard enough for it to send flashes of painful pleasure through his chest to match the sensation in his ass.   


Looking up at the handsome face, and the rippling muscles of the torso above him, feeling the cop’s sweat drip on him, Thomas gripped the handlebars above him and fell into a trance.  It was as if he were watching from outside, watching the naked gymnast captured by a cop, lying on his back on the motorcycle, legs pushed in the air, getting butt-fucked by the shirtless police officer.  It was a fantasy that would haunt his dreams for years to come.


Mark’s voice broke into his trance.   “That cock’s good and hard again, I see.   You get off being fucked by a cop, eh boy?”


“Yes, sir.   Very much, sir.”


“And you probably wanna shoot another load, right?”


“Yes please, sir.  Very much, sir.”


“See, I like to hear an arrogant stud like you beg a cop for release.   You’re a hot young athlete, great face and body, but you gotta surrender to me, boy.”


“I do, officer.  You’re so beautiful, sir, and your cock feels so good inside me.   I worship you, sir, I’ll do anything for you … and I want to cum for you while you cum in my ass.”   The handsome jock who had once flaunted his body as a proud top-man, now surrendered that same body to the police officer who had tortured his ass.  


“Please let me feel your jizz in my ass, officer.   I’m begging you, sir.  I need to cum so bad.   I’m sorry I misbehaved, sorry I disobeyed.   You can lock me up, sir, I’ll be your sex slave, anything you want.  But please, I’m begging you, please cum inside me, sir.”


“That’s good, real good, boy.   And you look so fucking hot you’re gonna make me cum.”    Mark pressed his palms on the boy’s chest, pulled his cock nearly all the way out of his ass, paused, then slammed it deep inside.  A couple more thrusts and he was moaning, “Here it comes, kid.   You wanna feel a cop’s hot juice in your ass?  Here it is … yeah … fuck … fuck … fuuuck!    


His body shuddered, flexed, he ramrodded his cock in deep one last time and it erupted in the boy’s ass.  The naked jock howled, his body arched upward and he blasted yet another stream of cum all over his own chest.”


It took a while for their heavy breathing to subside, and then for the first time a slight smile came to Mark’s face.    “Next time you wanna get fucked by a cop, boy, forget the reckless driving.   All you have to do is get permission from Jamie then come knock on my door.  Come in, strip naked and I’ll shove my dick in your ice-skater bubble butt.  Get it?”


“Got it.  Thank you, officer.”




After that Mark was all business.   He called Pablo at the Grady House and told him to get someone to drive him down here to rescue his truck and his boy.   He pulled on his wet T-shirt and his uniform shirt without bothering to tuck them in or button the shirt.   Still in something of a daze Thomas put on his shorts and cum-stained T-shirt.   He followed Mark’s bike out to the road and it was only a few minutes before Brandon pulled up in his truck with Pablo beside him.  


Seeing his own truck parked askew near the ditch Pablo leapt out and saw Thomas flinch with a guilty expression on his face.   Jamie had told Pablo and Brandon about Mark’s phone call to him so they pretty much knew what had gone down here.  One look at the disheveled cop, shirt open over his sweat-soaked T-shirt, told the rest of the story.   Thomas had got royally fucked.


“Pablo,” Mark said, “I chose not to arrest your boy for dangerous driving and punished him in my own way. I’m turning him over to your custody and I’m sure you’ll know what to do with him.   I hope you don’t send him away, though.   Disobedient he may have been but he has certain attributes that are useful to the tribe.  It’s up to you, of course.”


He turned to leave, but then turned back and strode over to Thomas, grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a fierce, grinding, open-mouthed kiss.  When at last he pulled away he grinned, “Let that be a lesson to you, boy. In future keep both hands on the wheel, OK?”


“OK, sir,” Thomas smiled.


“Right, Pablo, he all yours.   Tell Jamie I’ve gone home.”   


With that, Mark swung his leg over his bike, kick-started it and roared away, his shirt streaming open behind him and leaving behind three young men with very hard cocks.  Pablo looked at Thomas and said simply, “Get in.”    


Pablo climbed into his truck and Thomas sat nervously beside him as they drove up the hill with Brandon following behind.  He looked uneasily at the tough, muscular young mestizo and said, “Sir, I have a confession to make.”


“No need … Jamie told me Mark pulled you over for reckless driving, you almost wrecked my truck.  Apparently you jerked off and shot jism all over my dashboard.”


“Yes, sir.   I was thinking of Randy and it made me cum, but I wiped the cum off the dash with my shirt … Mark told me to.”


“Yeah,” Pablo said, stifling a grin, “and I bet that’s not all he did.”


“No, sir.”




“Well, sir, he was gonna arrest me but he didn’t, mostly because I’m your boy, I think.  Instead he handcuffed me and dragged me into the woods.   He made me crawl through the grass and suck his dick, then he tied me down to his motorcycle, first on my stomach then on my back, and fucked my ass for a long time until I was begging him to cum in me and … and he did.”


“The hell he did,” Pablo said, stifling another grin.  His dick got hard again as he visualized the scene his boy had described – the bare-chested cop fucking him tied down to his bike – but he was angry at his boy’s reckless behavior.  “You know, jacking off while driving is against all the rules that Randy laid down, and I have to punish you.”


“Yes, sir.”


However, Pablo’s anger was tempered by amusement as he recalled the many times he had driven with Darius and they took turns at the wheel while the other sucked the driver’s dick.   Also, on many occasions, he had done exactly the same as Thomas had, thinking of his gypsy master and jerking off as he imagined his cock pounding his ass.


All of which made his decision about punishment all the harder.   Thomas had committed an offense he himself had been guilty of in the past, so it was complicated.  The boy had nearly wrecked his truck so, for sure, he had to be punished … but how?   He realized again how having a boy could be difficult.  He would have to talk to Randy and get his advice.  But first there were other problems to deal with.


“OK,” Pablo said sternly, “your punishment’s gonna have to wait.  Right now there’s a situation down at the construction site with a couple of the guys acting up.  Randy’s left me in charge of renovations at the Grady House and he’s gone down to the site to crack the whip.  Zack’s not there today so he wants Darius to come down there to help, and Darius had the idea of taking you with him.  He thinks it would be good for you to see what happens when the going gets rough at work.  I agreed to let you go so you do what Darius tells you, OK?”


“Yes, sir,” Thomas said.  “Anything that brought him close to Randy, watching him work, was always a turn-on for him, especially when Randy was all fired up.




Darius met them at the Grady House and said, “Good, you’re back.  Seems like the shit’s really hit the fan at work this time so come with me, Tommy, and we’ll help Randy sort things out.  


Despite the tension, Darius never entirely lost his sense of humor and as they drove down the hill he quizzed Thomas.   “So, Tommy boy, you pissed off the cop and he fucked you good, I hear.  Did he really tie you to his bike?”


Thomas felt good sitting beside the shirtless, muscular black buck.   He liked Darius a lot.  He was not only a powerful senior boy, he was always kind to him and made him laugh.  He also knew that Darius had an appetite for tribal gossip, especially when it involved fucking, so Thomas ‘spilled all the beans’, one of Darius’s favorite commands.  As he told his story Darius murmured variously “no way” … “shit damn” … “awesome, dude.”


“That cop’s a fucking god, dude.  Hell I hope one day he catches me jerking while driving and ties me up and fucks me.  I only wish I’d been there to film it … now that would be one for the archives.   Your ass must be mighty sore after getting reamed by that police baton Mark’s got swinging between his legs.  You probably wanna go home and sit in a hot bath.   But first things first, kiddo.   Here we are.  Let’s see what mess Randy’s got himself into now.


As they walked through the gates the upheaval was in full swing.  Work had stopped while the crew watched Randy confront two big, tough construction workers who had often challenged him in the past, and now things had come to a head.   Unhappy with their work assignments they had cut corners and caused a small piece of scaffolding to collapse.   


Randy hated unsafe work and, even more, was enraged when any man challenged his authority.  This looked like the final showdown with these two guys as Randy laid down the law to them.  Watching open mouthed, Thomas had never seen Randy this mad … or this sexy.  Dressed in his usual dirty jeans and boots, his ragged, oil-streaked tank top stretched over his heaving chest, Randy’s eyes blazed as he jabbed a finger at the men and yelled at them.


“OK,” he said, “you can’t work with me ‘cos I’ll end up slugging you, so here’s my assistant and for the rest of the day you report to him.   Darius, I want that scaffold put back pronto, OK?”


Tense with anger he turned to walk away, but froze as he heard a contemptuous, “Yeah right.”   He whirled at the defiant sound and confronted the two men.  One said, “No way, man.    We ain’t goin’ near that scaffold again and we sure as hell ain’t taking orders from no uppity nigger.”


That word was like a red rag to a raging bull for Randy whose reaction was visceral and violent.  With the howl of an enraged animal he launched himself at the man, slammed his fist across his face and sent him reeling.  The second guy rose to his buddy’s defense and in seconds there was a three-way fight, two against one.  


A born street fighter, Randy could always take on several guys at once and when he was this angry wild horses couldn’t stop him.   It didn’t take long before the two rebels were moaning on the ground, bruised and battered, with Randy standing over them, chest heaving, snorting in rage like a mad bull.    


“Mother-fuckers!” he yelled.  “You’re finished here.  You’re lucky I didn’t fucking kill you.  Unless you want more of the same you’ll drag your sorry asses out of here right now.  I’ll pay you through the end of the month but I don’t want to see your douchebag faces again, ever.”


He spun round and strode off to his trailer office.  Darius said to Thomas.   “Wait here, kid.  I gotta go to him.”    Thomas moved over to the shadows while Darius followed Randy into the office.  Even he had rarely seen the boss more enraged as he paced round the room.  


“Motherfuckers,” he growled.   “You OK, kid?”


“Oh sure, sir,” Darius grinned.  ‘Wasn’t nothing I haven’t heard before.”


“Not in my workplace you don’t.   I ever here a guy say that he’s fucking fired, on the spot.”    


“Thank you for sticking up for me, sir.”   Darius wasn’t sure what to say next, whether to stay or go.  Randy was still burning with rage, his eyes blazing, his fists clenched, and Darius knew there was only one thing right now that would calm him down.  He expected what came next.


“Get Pablo in here.”


“Er, he’s not here, sir.  He’s up at the Grady House.”


“Shit, fuck.”  He paced again and glance through the window.  “That guy over there.   Is that that kid Tommy?  Get him in here.”


“Yes, sir.”    Darius ran out of the trailer over to Thomas and said.   “Er, he wants to see you, Tommy.   He’s real angry … not at you, kiddo … he’s just … in a rage and he needs something, someone, to calm him down.”  He frowned and shrugged.  “And that’s where you come in. Good luck, kid.”


Thomas walked quickly toward the trailer not knowing what would happen to him.  Sure he was scared – he had never seen Randy with this much pent-up anger.   But he wanted Randy … he wanted to be wanted by him … and now Randy, in his rage, had summoned him.  And his fear was outweighed by his excitement.


When he walked in the door Randy was pacing the room, his body tense, eyes still flashing with anger.  He looked up and said, “Get in here boy.”  He grabbed Thomas by the neck of his T-shirt, jerked him forward and threw him face down over the big drafting table.   He yanked his shorts down over his ass, ripped open his own jeans and pulled out his massive cock.  Pausing only to spit on it, he rammed it straight into the boy’s ass.  


It was as if he didn’t hear the boy scream.   He wasn’t even seeing the boy, he was seeing the face of the defiant assholes who had called Darius nigger.  “Fuck you, man, fuck you!    I’m the damn boss around here.”    His cock was a pile-driver, slamming deep in the boy’s ass, taking its revenge on the men who had dared to challenge his authority.


Thomas thought he would pass out at first but, despite the pain of this savage fuck, he remembered Darius’s words – ‘he needs someone to calm him down’.   Randy needed him, he needed his ass.   And Thomas had sworn to himself that he would give this man anything.  So he gritted his teeth and endured the attack on his ass as the gypsy’s shaft pistoned inside him.


Randy grabbed the back of the boy’s shirt and pulled him back onto his cock, again and again until the shirt ripped.    He pulled out suddenly, sending a shaft of pain through the boy’s ass, and threw him over on his back on the table.   He pushed his legs in the air and drove his rod back into his ass, resuming the frenzied pace of his savage fuck.


Thomas’s ass was already sore from the pounding he had received from the cop and he was starting to feel dazed and faint.   He was sobbing now, tears flowing from his eyes and he managed to stammer, “Please, sir …”


Somewhere in his raging brain Randy heard the voice and looked down at the face of the man he was torturing in reprisal.  But the fog of fury cleared and the tear-stained face looking up at him was not the defiant construction worker but the agonized face of the new boy, the boy he had given to Pablo … the boy he had sworn to protect


And then the magic happened as it always had done with Pablo.   His fury at the motherfuckers who had dared to defy him dissolved as he stared down at a boy he knew worshipped him, the boy he had come to admire in his eager acceptance of his lowly place in the tribe’s hierarchy.   


The gypsy’s rage was placated, replaced by something akin to love.   Tension flowed out of his hard-flexed muscles and his laser blue eyes grew tender as he said, “Tommy … hey, kiddo, are you OK?   Have I hurt you?”


Thomas could hardly believe the transformation as he gazed up at the now soft, pale blue eyes and said, “Not much, sir.  Not really.  I love you, sir.”

Randy smiled.   “What can I do for you, Tommy?”


“Fuck me, sir.  Pretend that you love me, sir, and fuck me as if you do.”


“I do love you, Tommy, in my way.  And sure, I’ll make love to your ass.  I heard the cop fucked you real good, so I’ll be careful.”


There followed the most tender, loving fuck Thomas could ever remember.   As the thick cock massaged the ravaged membrane of his ass he felt every movement, every nuance of the gentle fuck.   He could hardly believe that this was the same ferocious boss who had wasted the two construction workers, then taken out his rage and frustration on his tortured ass.  And now that same man was making exquisite love to his ass, driving him to heights of passion he had only glimpsed before.  


He gazed up at the swarthy gypsy, the stubbled jaw, high cheek bones, the long black hair swirling round his rugged face.  And that incredible body.   He reached up and grabbed the sweaty tank top, digging his fingers into the hard slabs of his pecs.   This was the man Thomas had given up his former life for, the man he had followed here and was privileged to become the boy of his boy.


“You wanna cum, don’t you, kiddo?  I can tell.”


“Yes please, sir.  But I’ll wait for you, sir.”


“No need to wait, kid.  I’m boiling over … my nuts are bursting and I’m gonna shoot my load in your ass.  Here, this is what you really want.”   Randy fell forward and pinned Thomas’s wrists to the table above him, so he was doubled over, helpless, Randy’s prisoner, impaled on his cock that eased slowly in and out of his ass.  And there was nowhere in the world he would rather be.


“Let me see you cum, kiddo.  Show me you forgive me for torturing your ass.  Let me see you shoot a load over that pretty body of yours.”


Thomas was in heaven as he gazed up at the smiling blue eyes.  Fire ran through him and he felt an erotic sensation in his groin that travelled up from his balls, through his shuddering cock … and exploded in a shower of warm juice that splashed down on his chest … as ordered by the man who now poured hot semen in his ass, then leaned forward and kissed his lips.




After only a momentary pause Randy pulled out of his ass, set Thomas back on his feet … and it was back to business.   “OK, kid, back to work.  I got a shitload of stuff to clear up out there.”


“Yes, sir, of course.”  Randy watched as the boy bent down, picked up his shorts and his torn T-shirt and struggled to pull them on.  And Randy’s heart went out to him, this kid who had discovered his own longings and was brave enough to leave his privileged position in the world and become a lowly boy’s boy, falling in love with Randy in the process.


Bigger even than his legendary rage was Randy’s heart when it came to his boys.   For years he had raised his younger brothers in hard-scrabble Texas and now he had these boys to protect, especially ones like Tommy who was still groping to find his way.   “Hey, kiddo,” he smiled.   “Come here.  Thomas stood up and fell into his arms, into a tight bear hug while Randy pressed their mouths together in a churning kiss.


When at last he pulled back Randy said, “Thanks for helping me bury my anger by burying my dick in your ass.   Hell, your ass has sure taken a pounding today, first the cop and now the big rough gypsy.   But hey, if you’re not too sore, how would you like to send the night with Bob and me?  I’ll clear it with Pablo, who’s probably gonna be with Darius anyway, and I know Bob likes having you in our bed.  What d’ya say, kiddo?”


“Really, sir?   You mean it?   Of course, of course I will, sir.  Thank you, sir.”


“Good that’s settled.  Now report to Darius and get back to work.  I’ve gotta sort out that fucking mess over there.”


He strode off across the construction site and a minute later Thomas staggered out of the trailer, to be met by Darius.   “Hey, dude, you OK?”   He grinned as he saw Thomas’s rumpled shorts and torn T-shirt. “No need to ask what happened to you, kiddo.  But you sure everything’s OK?”


“Everything’s great, sir,” Thomas beamed.  “And Randy has asked me to spend the night with him and Bob.”


“Of course he has,” Darius grinned.  “The guy’s incredible.  When he gets in a towering rage like that he uses a guy’s ass to vent his anger and calm him down.  Usually it’s Pablo or even Bob, and this time it was you.   Nothing gets the caveman out of Randy’s system like a great fuck.  


“And when he’s done, this transformation thing happens where he turns into a lover and wants to make love to the guy and his ass.  Randy can fuck like a sledge hammer and then become as gentle and loving as a big old panda.    He’s feeling that way about you now, real protective, so you’re gonna have a great night with those two studs, kiddo, trust me.”




As soon as everything calmed down on the site Darius drove Thomas back up to the Grady House where they were met by an excited bunch of boys – Danny, Nate, Brandon, Eddie and Ben – who had heard some of Thomas’s story from Jamie and now wanted the details.


But first, young Ben was bursting with news of his own.  His master Jason had arrived to check out the fire alarms and extinguishers at the house.  Jason was the hot and handsome fireman, featured on the August page of the fireman’s calendar that all the boys had jerked off over at one time or another.   


He was the one member of the tribe who had not yet visited the Grady House and Ben gushed, “While he was here Grady and Adam showed him the gym and he offered to help them finish setting it up.   Dude, you should have seen those three jocks … so fucking gorgeous, all of them checking out the new gym equipment.   You know how they are when they get together, real competitive … kinda, challenging each other and all that stuff.   Hotter than hell.


“Anyway, Jason’s coming back tomorrow to install the rest of the fire alarms, then they’re all gonna put the final touches to the gym and work out together, test the equipment.  Grady says they should do something special to christen the gym.  Dude, you gotta be here for that.   Not every day you get to see the Aussie and the fireman take on Tarzan in the gym.”


Thomas’s eyes sparkled.  Sure he’d be here – after his night with Randy and Bob.  Hell, he thought, this tribe just doesn’t quit.




TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 305


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