When Grady and Mario went to Doctor Steve for couple’s therapy his recommendation was that Mario confront his fears through group therapy, as Steve called it. For some time Mario had been concerned by the wide gap between his own humble domesticity – in charge of the house and garden – and Grady’s growing movie-star celebrity.

Things had come to a head when Grady appeared on the daytime show Ellen, where he had been a big hit and mobbed by fans at the end. Hence Steve’s idea of creating his own mob for group therapy, except this mob was a small, select group, more like a gang – as in ‘gang-fuck’.

While Mario and the boys watched, the handsome muscle-jock was serially butt-fucked by four men – the hot Aussie Adam, the macho Marine Hassan, Steve’s lover Lloyd, plus the good doctor himself. It was, rather surprisingly, the usually taciturn Hassan who added the climactic, deciding touches to the therapy as he fucked Grady.

As the spectacular Marine gazed down at him Grady felt a sensual warmth flooding his body … the exquisite moment where lust transitions to love. And then, all of a sudden, he knew exactly what he wanted. He tore his eyes away from Hassan’s exotic face, turned his head and gazed at Mario, piercing him with a look that could mean only one thing. He moaned softly, “I love you, buddy. I love you so much.”

He turned his gaze back to Hassan who was smiling down at him, knowing exactly what he was doing to him, exactly the effect he was having on him. Grady was falling in love all over again, but not with Hassan … Hassan knew that. Having been serially fucked by four lusty men, and now feeling the exquisite pleasure of the Marine’s cock caressing his ass, Grady was rediscovering love … the deep love he felt for Mario.

Steve’s therapy had worked. Despite Grady’s exhilaration at getting gang-fucked – being ‘loved by the mob’ as he was loved by his fans – the only man he really wanted, the man he really loved, was Mario. Now Grady wanted his ‘therapy’ to be over and begged the soldier to let him cum. “You are so beautiful, Hassan … a man who inspires love.”

“Even your love for another,” Hassan smiled. “That is as it should be, Grady. It is what I wanted. So yes, you can cum while I cum inside you. And then you can run to your beautiful lover and make love all over again.

When it was over Steve smiled with satisfaction as Grady and Mario went off to the guest bedroom to celebrate their reaffirmed love. “See, love is in the air,” Steve murmured to his lover Lloyd as the others in attendance, men and boys, paired off and left.

Then Steve turned to Hassan and Adam. “And don’t you two have some unfinished business? I seem to recall in all that group mayhem a certain Aussie hunk and a tough Marine eyeing each other with something more than friendship. Definite chemistry going on there, don’t you think?”

The rugged soldier actually looked bashful. “Hell, doc, are you psychic or something?”

“Pretty much,” Steve grinned. “Call it professional intuition.”

Hassan shrugged. “As a matter of fact, Adam, I was thinking of asking you and Nate to join Eddie and me for drinks at my little guesthouse just down the path there. Of course, you probably have a ton of other things to do so I understand if …”

“Oh, shut the fuck up, mate,” Adam laughed with his usual Aussie directness. “You know very well I get a boner every time I look at you, so of course we’d be real chuffed to come. Just don’t expect me to roll over and offer my ass to you just because you’re this hotshot Marine. I got a few tricks up my sleeve too, you know. We’re a pretty tough bunch Down Under.”

“That sounds like a challenge,” Hassan smiled, “and I always rise to a challenge. We’ll make a whole evening of it – a night even.” He turned to their boys, Nate and Eddie. “You boys up for that? You think you can take care of us, make dinner … even referee if it comes to that?”

“Absolutely, sir,” they said in chorus, their minds already racing a mile a minute.

Steve and Lloyd watched the two men and their boys walk down the gravel path and Lloyd said, “Well, doc, you did it again. Though I doubt that the psych world has ever seen a therapy session quite like that?”

“I guess not,” Steve chuckled. “And now they’ve left us all alone. What say we kick back by the pool and see if we can come up with something for us to do?”

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem, big guy. All that action has got me thinking. Besides,” Lloyd grinned, “if all else fails we can always lean over the edge of the deck and watch the shenanigans down at the guest house. The Aussie and the Marine? Now there’s a matchup.”


The atmosphere down the hill at the guesthouse was calm and relaxed despite the sexual reverberations that hung in the air after the spectacular group fuck of Grady the two men had participated in.

“Beer, sirs?” asked Eddie, falling easily into the role of host. “Nate gave us some Australian beer last week – Tootie’s I think it’s called.”

“Tooheys,” Nate corrected him with a smile. “It’s my fave.”

“Yeah well, when it comes to beer brands I’m your expert,” Eddie boasted, “after working in that leather bar in the desert. Those leather guys were way too butch for cocktails – they all drank beer, mostly Bud or Miller, never Coors, though. We boycotted Coors – can’t remember why now. As the bar back it was my job to clear away the empties. Hell, I must have picked up thousands of empty bottles in my time. I remember one night when …”

Hassan cleared his throat noisily and flashed a look at Eddie that could mean only one thing. “Oops,” Eddie said wide-eyed, his hand covering his mouth. “I know, sir. Motor-mouth. Sorry.”

Stifling a smile Hassan said, “Eddie, why don’t you bring out some of this Australian beer that Nate says is so great.” He grinned at Adam. “It’ll have to be great to even come close to American beer.”

“No worries there, mate,” Adam laughed. “What is it with you blokes, anyway, always challenging us Aussies, like we’re so far away down under that we can’t produce anything halfway decent? Well I’ll tell ya, we rise to the challenge and we always win, don’t we Nate?”

“Too right, sir,” Nate grinned mischievously.

“Oh is that so?” Hassan said skeptically. “You always rise to a challenge and always win, eh? Interesting claim. We should put that to the test sometime.” The thought hung in the air while the boys brought out the beers and arranged the Adirondack chairs on the porch. The men sprawled in chairs next to each other and pulled off their shirts to take advantage of the sun to work on their tans.

Nate and Eddie sat together close by, listening as the men talked. They loved hearing man-talk and knew better than to interrupt – even Eddie. The men encouraged the presence of their boys. Adam and Nate were especially close with each other. The two Aussies lived in their own house adjacent to the tribe’s compound and spent much of their time together. Sharing the same laid-back, no-nonsense Aussie attitude to life, they were real buddies, so compatible that Nate didn’t even call Adam ‘sir’ in the house, only in company.

As for Hassan and Eddie, Hassan loved his boy, with his youthful energy, urchin smile, and even his habit of running off at the mouth. He was a softening influence on the rugged Marine who felt almost a father/son responsibility for the cheeky boy who obviously worshipped him. So he was all in favor when Bob assigned Eddie jobs that were above his usual lowly position as assistant house boy. Helping in the office, and now in the Grady House, gave the boy an opportunity to learn new skills.

To enhance his maturity Hassan encouraged Eddie to be around the masters, watching them, listening to their conversations as he was doing now. Of course, Eddie and Nate were not just watching, they were waiting – waiting to see how the pervasive aura of sexual desire that hung over the two alpha males would develop.

Hassan and Adam had never really had much contact until now. Hassan had always admired the handsome, self-assured Aussie from a distance, and watching him close up just now fucking Grady and making the macho jock shoot his first load in Eddie’s mouth had been a cock-stiffening revelation.

For Adam, Hassan was something of a man of mystery, spending much of his time reclusively in his small house up here in the hills. Adam had heard of his exploits, of course – going mano-a-mano with the likes of Randy and Zack, and he was riveted by the stories of Hassan, as an Arab solider in the desert war, capturing Mark, then an army lieutenant, chaining him up and interrogating him.

Adam could understand how, even in the crucible of war, the handsome blond captive and exotic, dark interrogator had fallen in love with each other, and the captor had submitted to his prisoner. He was amazed how, after the war, Hassan had followed Mark halfway round the world and, when finally they met, had offered his chained body to the blond muscle-god in an act of penance, begging for the same torture he had made Mark endure in the desert.

But that was all in the past and now Hassan was relaxing next to Adam, their eyes closed against the sun, though each could feel the macho vibe that emanated from the other. They were both undisputedly top men, two of the tribe’s masters who submitted least often to getting fucked. Hassan, a product of his Arab/Asian culture, had not been fucked at all until he submitted to Mark in that desert prison cell. He was in love with Mark, the only man who regularly fucked him. Otherwise he was strictly a top man.

As for Adam, his appearance was misleading. In his airline job he was always smartly dressed in a crisp uniform and, even casually dressed in jeans and T-shirt, he maintained an almost preppy look. But under that deceptively buttoned down exterior he was all man, the kind of naturally alpha male that Australia bred – strong, handsome and totally sure of himself.

In Sydney he had a reputation as a sexual stud, admired and desired by many, often frequenting leather bars where he always turned heads. He had his choice of asses to fuck and almost never offered his own. He didn’t even jack off much, and still didn’t. But recently two images had proved to be the exception and caused him to beat his meat often.

One was the billboard image of Grady, seductively naked except for his black briefs. It was something of a fantasy come to life when Grady had shown up in the tribe. Adam had bided his time but today, at last, he had just got through fucking him in a way Grady wouldn’t soon forget.

The other masturbatory image for Adam was the thought of Mark turning the tables on Hassan in the prison cell, overpowering him, chaining him to the wall and impaling the tough Arab soldier on his cock. It was an image Adam played over and over in his mind and whenever he saw Hassan he tried to imagine this muscular, macho Marine tied up at his mercy. Many was the blast of semen that that fantasy had released. It was a top man’s ultimate desire – to dominate a man as strong and powerful as this ruggedly handsome soldier.

Adam had always been turned on by the raw masculinity of men in uniform. Not so much the fake ones who hung out in the Sydney leather-levi bars trying to look like soldiers. They could never carry off that strong silent look of the real thing – like the man sprawled in a chair right next to him.

And so here they were, two iconic alpha males, lying side by side shirtless in the sun, eyes closed, with thoughts of domination fueling their imaginations. Of course, the big question (uppermost also in the minds of the boys) was which of them, when it came right down to it, would top the other?


“So, Adam, what’s been going on down at the house?” Hassan said out of the blue. As he abruptly broke the silence it made the other three jerk out of their fantasies and back to reality. “When I’m not working,” Hassan said, “I spend most of my time up here so I’m kind of out of the loop on tribal events. I know those guys have a pretty efficient grapevine but the sound of their jungle drums doesn’t reach this far into the hills.”

Adam laughed. “Wow, where to begin? You know of course about the Grady House – Grady and Mario putting their home together with the help of Danny and the other boys. Then there’s that new bloke Thomas, Pablo’s boy now – great looking dude, used to be a gymnast and before that an ice-skater so he has the buns of death. Haven’t got my rod between those cheeks yet, but I will, trust me.

“Bob is running everything as usual at the house, pulling the strings like a puppet master – God that bloke is fucking gorgeous. Every time I lay eyes on him I wanna fuck him. Our resident cop, Mark, is his usual calm Greek-God self … but of course you know that – you probably see more of him than we do.” There was a momentary silence as Hassan blushed slightly and Adam’s cock stiffened in his jeans.

“Then there’s the big boys, Randy and Zack, who’ve been flexing their muscles again. They had a run-in when Pablo pulled Zack off Thomas in mid fuck. Zack hit the roof and Randy placated him by offering his own ass instead. You can imagine the crazy scene that led to – leatherman Zack fucking the bound gypsy’s ass and making him cum twice.

“Hell, those guys are like blood brothers but they’re always challenging each other in one trial of strength or another, and they always come up with some extreme scene involving ropes and whips. Most buddies challenge each other from time to time, of course, but it’s usually something friendly like a chin-bar contest in the gym, or an arm wrestling match or something.”

A silence followed, with a vague impression in men and boys that some bridge had just been crossed.

Then Hassan murmured, “Hmm … arm wrestling eh? Those guys would never challenge me to that. They know I’m the reigning arm-wrestling champ at the Marine base here.”

Adam turned his head and stared at Hassan whose eyes were closed, face raised to the sun. “Is that so? Well, before I left Australia I was the champion of the Sydney Arm-Wrestling Cub three years in a row. And those blokes down there are real tough, I can tell ya. I’d bet an Aussie stud against a Marine any day of the week.”

He turned to face the sun again and closed his eyes. The boys gazed at the two silent men and grinned at each other. They knew that another line had been crossed, one from which there was no turning back. But still the men lay back motionless in their chairs side by side, eyes closed against the sun … and with a faint smile on their lips.

In the late-afternoon heat the tension built until Hassan broke the silence. “You know we gotta do it don’t you, stud?”

“Too right, mate,” came Adam’s Australian drawl.

“Best of three?”

“Best of three.”

“And what’s the prize gonna be?” Adam asked.

Hassan smiled. “Between us … between men like us … there can be only one prize. Total surrender. The loser capitulates, offers himself to be used in whatever way the winner chooses.”

Another silence, as both men felt their cocks become rigid. Then, “Right here?”

“No time like the present.”

Adam raised his head and grinned at Nate. “Hear that, buddy? The Marine captain here has been fool enough to challenge me. Time he found out what Aussies are made of.”

“Oh yeah?” said an excited Eddie, giving Nate a playful shove. “Don’t you know the Marines always get their man? Those other guys at the base are scared shitless of Hassan. He’s so tough that one time they even ….”

Hassan at last opened his eyes and stared at his boy with a piercing look that could have shattered sheetrock. “Eddie, if you’re gonna be my second in this fight I want a lot less talk and more action. Why don’t you and Nate set it up?”


In a few minutes the two boys had done as ordered and now hovered in the background like the seconds of men fighting a duel. Except that this duel was not exactly pistols at dawn – just two bare-chested hunks preparing to arm-wrestle in the late-afternoon California sun. And the seconds, instead of staring icily at each other, were actually holding hands excitedly, knowing they would get their rocks off on the homoerotic spectacle no matter which man won.

Hassan and Adam sat facing each other across a small table the boys had set up on the porch. Holding each other’s eyes in a fixed gaze they planted opposite elbows on the table, forearms raised, and locked hands in a viselike grip. Nate did the countdown … three, two, one … go!”

Nothing moved, except a slight shudder in the opposing arms as the men exerted equal pressure. As seconds elapsed, jaws clenched, biceps flexed, sweat formed on naked flesh. It was not only a trial of physical strength as much as a mental clash of wills as the men psyched each other out with penetrating gazes. Concentration was intense, crucial. A split second of distraction could spell defeat.

Hassan’s mental discipline was intense, born of his years as a military interrogator where he learned to see his victim not as a flesh and blood man, no matter how handsome, but as an enemy who had to be broken. That had been his mistake with Mark, whose overwhelming beauty had inspired his lust, clouded his single-minded purpose and given Mark an opening. That would not happen now.

Adam stared into the beautiful, slanted dark eyes and heard the deep, accented voice. “You cannot win, my friend. I am too strong. Look at me, look at my body. It is the body of a soldier, a body that excites you … and it will beat you…”

The trouble was, Hassan was right. He was using exactly the strategy Mark had used on him all that time ago, beguiling him, distracting him … defeating him. Adam could not help admiring the square-jawed, muscular Marine facing him … and in that moment of distraction … slam!

He cursed himself as Hassan’s sudden burst of strength flattened his arm on the table and he avoided the look of triumph in the soldier’s eyes. “Round one to the Marine,” Eddie shouted.

They drank water and then resumed the position again. “Three, two, one … go!” This time there was more movement, as first Adam’s arm was forced back a few inches, then he retaliated and pushed Hassan’s wrist within inches of the table before the soldier fought back and the stalemate resumed.

Adam’s defeat in the first round had hardened him, had steeled his will to defeat the soldier, to see him not as a sexual object of desire but simply a man to be defeated. Hassan, on the other hand, contrary to all his training, was tainted with the flaw of over-confidence. A man like Adam who could be so easily distracted, a man so in thrall to Hassan’s sexual potency, could not win. This was going to be easier than he thought.

And while he was thinking these thoughts Adam seized his chance, exerted all his strength and … “Yes!” Hassan’s arm was on the table as Nate’s jubilant yell – “One for the Aussie” – punctuated his defeat.

Nate and Eddie mopped the brows of their respective heroes, then withdrew and clenched hands again, firm friends despite being on opposite sides. As the men took their positions for the final round they tried to intimidate each other with laser eyes and daunting words.

Hassan said, “A lucky break for you, my friend. But that is the last break you will get from me. I am already conjuring in my mind what I shall do to the handsome Australian he-man who has dominated so many men. Perhaps I will chain you as I chained Mark in the desert. I have left my brutal past behind but it is still my ultimate thrill to make a man such as you beg, crawl and surrender his ass to me. I will take pleasure seeing the dominant top man impaled on my cock.”

“Not so fast, soldier. As I recall it was you who ended up chained to the wall by Mark, and when you get beaten this time it’s you who’s gonna beg. I’ll make my fantasy come to life of having the big stud Marine captain at my mercy.”

“OK, sirs,” Nate said. “Get ready. Three, two, one … go!”

The last round lasted an eternity. Both men had the measure of each other now and each applied equal strength and determination. Arms moved inches at a time, in one direction, then the other, then locked upright before the next push.

Nate and Eddie watched mesmerized as the muscular, dark-haired jock and the husky Marine flexed and strained with intense effort. Their naked torsos gleamed wet, shoulders and bices bulged, veins pulsed, their square-chiseled features running with sweat, eyes narrowed in their laser focus on the man they had to defeat.

Their resolve to win matched their physical strength. Hassan was a Marine, trained to win at all costs. His honor was at stake. To lose to this Australian was unthinkable.

Adam too was always a winner. In his skirmishes with the strutting jocks of Sydney he always came out on top – he was the ultimate top man, never defeated, and in sex too he was always dominant. There was never any question. So the concept of surrendering his ass now to this soldier was as unthinkable to him as defeat was to Hassan.

And yet … one of them had to win. But it took a long time. The boys looked on in awe, watching the pain in the straining bodies, the anguish on the faces. It was so difficult to witness that they gripped each other hard, willing either man to win, just so long as the torment ended.

The men were nearing exhaustion, calling up their last hidden reserves of strength … until there was none left. And then …“Yes!!” The slam of the arm hitting the table was like an explosion as one man capitulated and faced the rare, unaccustomed sensation of defeat. It was over.


One man and two boys stood staring down at the sandy ground, at the extraordinary sight of the other man on his back, stripped to the waist, staked out spread-eagled, hands and feet roped to posts driven into the soft earth. It was a pornographic fantasy come to life, a dominant alpha male humbled in defeat at the mercy of the victor.

The victorious Aussie gazed down at the Marine in awe and said, “That’s not defeat, mate. That is magnificent … fucking beautiful. When we said the winner gets to do what he wants I knew exactly what I would do. You know, I don’t jack off much – prefer to fuck my boy. But there is one image that does make me beat my meat – and I’m looking at it.

“I’ve often tried to picture you in chains getting butt-fucked by Mark – and I wanted so bad to be Mark. You’re a fucking icon, soldier, and there’s nothing more exciting in the world than a macho top-man tied up helpless, straining in bondage. I bet men go ape-shit for you, buddy, but I guarantee you’ve never looked more beautiful to a man than you look to me right now.”

Still shirtless in jeans Adam stood astride Hassan and dropped to his knees straddling his waist. He reached forward and his hands made love to the soldier’s chest, running over the solid pecs, feeling the muscles ripple under the flesh, stroking his nipples with the backs of his fingers.

“Shit, man, you are so fucking gorgeous. I used to hang out at the barracks on the army base in Sydney and I’ve seduced many soldiers there, most of them straight. I loved fucking them and they went for it too, even though it was the first time for a lot of them.

“But none of them could hold a candle to you. I used to love the pained, surprised look on their rugged faces when my dick entered their virgin asses.” He twisted Hassan’s nipples hard in his fingers and gazed at the pain on the exotic Arab face tossing from side to side. “Yeah, that’s the look – that’s it. Though none of those guys looked as hot as you, man.

“Hell if I had met you there I’d have put a collar round your neck, pulled you into the barracks, chained you up and let those Aussie soldiers take turns fucking your ass. And I would have stood by watching and blasting load after load of cum all over you. Ha, there I go letting my fantasies run away with me. But I don’t need fantasy anymore, stud, ‘cos here you are, the real thing. It’s really you, the pornographic image to beat them all ... and I can do anything I want.”

Adam checked himself. “Maybe I’m getting carried away. Is it too much, mate? Tell me if it’s too much ‘cause I want you to get off on it too, man.”

Hassan gazed up at him. “It’s not too much, Adam. You’re so fucking hot. I’ve never admitted it to a living soul but those fantasies have been mine too in the dead of night, half awake, no inhibitions, letting my sexuality run riot. Adam, you are one hell of a man.”

“I knew it,” Adam said. He fell forward on the bound Marine and spread-eagled himself on top of him, body matching body, crotch grinding against crotch as their mouths met in a savage kiss. Pressing torso against torso Adam writhed on top of the bound soldier in simulated fucking movements rubbing their cocks together through their pants. “Don’t cum stud,” Adam warned … “we’ve got a long way to go.”

With a defiant half-smile Hassan said, “I’m not gonna drain my balls until my cock’s inside your ass, big guy.”

“I like the way you think, soldier, but fat chance. I won, I beat you and your staked down to the ground like they used to stake down captured enemy soldiers in the desert and leave them helpless under the blazing sun. Only I’m not gonna leave you, mate. I’m gonna work you over and use that spectacular body and incredible face like I always fantasized I would.”

Nate and Eddie were keeping their distance, well aware that this was strictly between the masters, two alpha males bonding in an exploration of their wildest fantasies. Both boys were stroking their cocks as they watched the pornographic movie of two shirtless muscle-gods, one in jeans the other in military fatigues. They had fought, pitted muscle against muscle, one had lost, and now the rugged Marine was tied down at the mercy of the triumphant Aussie.

The boys were technically on opposite sides but they were united in mutual lust where the sexual spectacle overcame rivalry. In fact they had never felt closer than they did now, witnessing this spectacle that they wanted to go on and on.

On the ground the passion was building as Adam pressed his cheek against Hassan’s and whispered in his ear, “You’re driving me crazy, soldier. Shit you are one hot mother-fucker.” Adam kissed Hassan’s slanted eyes, his cheeks, licked his closed lips, kissed his neck, and sucked up the small pool of sweat that had gathered in the hollow beneath his Adam’s apple.

He ran his tongue along his shoulder then down to his armpit and buried his face in the thick tangle of black hair, inhaling the rancid odor and bitter-sweet taste of the soldier’s sweat. He eased himself lower and licked the cleft between the mounds of the Marine’s pecs, turned on again by the taste of sweat that trickled down it. In a fit of ecstasy he slammed his forehead against the rock-hard pecs again and again, then closed his mouth over a nipple and clenched it in his teeth.

He heard the deep groan of pain and felt the chest heave underneath him as the Marine captain reflexively struggled to break free. When he had pushed Hassan to his pain threshold Adam released his nipple and moved down to his ripped, eight-pack abs. At first he ran his tongue along the ridges but then raw muscle-lust seized him and he needed to punish those abs … so he head-butted them. He slammed his head against them again and again, making the soldier howl and flex hard to absorb the pain.

Adam sprang to his knees, straddling his hips again, and began punching his stomach. But as soon as his fist made contact with the rock-hard abs he knew it would have no effect. And so did Hassan who smiled contemptuously. “I have endured gut punching many times, my friend, it was part of my training, and never has it made me submit. And neither will you. You will succeed only in tiring yourself – and bruising your knuckles.”

The scornful arrogance on Hassan’s face made him only more macho, more handsome, and Adam felt demeaned by the soldier’s power and his beauty. He had won the fight but now had a feeling the Marine was toying with him. He had to erase the smile from his face, had to … somehow … impair that beauty. He stopped the futile gut punching and eased himself forward until he was kneeling astride Hassan’s chest.

He stared down at the dark, olive-skinned face, at the chiseled Arab/Asian features, with their square jaw, high cheekbones and slanted dark eyes. But still that defiant smile. “You are so fucking gorgeous, man,” Adam said, “and it’s hard to beat beauty like that. But I gotta prove I won, man, I gotta wipe the arrogance off that face. And there’s only one way to do that.”

He yanked open his jeans and pulled out his roaring hard cock. “This is one way I fantasized about you, mate – tying you down, kneeling over you and jacking off staring at that face. I always shot my load imagining that … and now I got you right here, and I can do anything I want to you. Even this … He pumped his dick harder, his chest heaved, body tensed and … “Yeah!” A blast of hot juice slammed into the Marine’s face, in his black hair and into his open mouth.

“That looks so fucking hot,” Adam yelled as his cock spurted more jizz over the face that thrashed from side to side. Adam leapt to his feet and stood astride him, towering over the writhing soldier staked to the ground, choking on semen that oozed over his sagging jaw and streamed down his face.

“Now that, stud, is humiliation,” Adam drawled. “Hey, you blokes get your asses over here. I got a job for you.” The awestruck boys came down from the porch and stood one on each side of Hassan. “I think you know what I want from you boys. That face looks stunning smothered in cum, but look at that body – crying out for it. So do it for me, and for my buddy down there.”

Excitedly Eddie looked down questioningly at Hassan. By now he could read his master like a book and he saw the flicker of consent in his eyes. Both boys already had their cocks hanging out of their shorts and they grabbed them and gazed down at the pornographic sight of the shirtless soldier staked to the ground. It took only seconds before they were yelling and pumping jism down onto the straining muscles of Hassan’s chest and abs.


“That was great, kids,” Adam grinned. “Shit you guys cum a lot. OK, I’ll take it from here.”

The boys went back up on the porch but didn’t put their dicks away. They were already getting stiff again as they looked at the jubilant Aussie pacing round the cum-drenched Marine. He raised his arms and laced his fingers behind his head as he walked back and forth, his body pumped with testosterone.

“Man, fantasizing about that was always way hot, but it don’t come close to the real thing. I’ve worked over some Aussie soldiers in my time but I’ve never seen anything as fucking gorgeous as that – a big macho Arab soldier stripped down to his battle fatigues, staked out on the sand and smothered in the juice of three guys. Man that turns me on. Makes me feel sexxxy!”

He kicked off his boots, pulled down his jeans and shorts and stood over Hassan buck naked. He stretched his arms in the air and twisted his neck from side to side like he was warming up for a gym workout.

Hassan stared up at the handsome, muscular jock with his short dark hair, rugged features and piercing brown eyes, and his long-waisted gym-honed physique. His chest had a light covering of hair and his tanned body had sharp tan lines at his hips and the top of his thighs. From a bush of dark pubic hair hung his long uncut cock, already showing signs of semi-hardness so soon after splashing cum in the soldier’s face.

Instinctively Hassan pulled at the ropes binding him, wanting to touch this magnificent jock, the man who had beaten him at arm wrestling, had staked him out on the ground, writhed on top of him, kissed him, licked him and blasted a load of semen all over him. There was only one thing left. Riveted by the piercing eyes he heard himself say, “Fuck me, man.”

Adam’s cock jerked and he grinned down at him. “Man, I love hearing a stud like you beg to get his ass fucked. And I guess that’s as close as I’m gonna get to a submission from a top-man who never submits – except that once when you offered your ass for the first time in your life to the spectacular Mark.

“So, finally, the handsome Marine captain wants the Aussie’s dick in his ass. No worries there, mate, your ass is mine – has been ever since I forced your arm down on that table. I just busted a big load, though, so I need a touch-up on my cock so it can do your butt justice. My boy Nate knows how to get it hard real fast, and of course your boy Eddie … trouble is he’s so talented he’d make me cum in his mouth in seconds. Nah, I was kinda thinking ….”

Slowly Hassan’s stubbled jaw dropped and his mouth opened wide. It was the final capitulation by the Marine, offering himself – his body, his ass and mouth – to the alpha jock who had been man enough to subdue him, just as Mark had so long ago.

“Holy shit, you don’t mess around, do you, big guy? Well good on ya, captain. You want it – you got it.” Adam stood astride Hassan’s waist, flashed his confident grin … and fell forward. His hands hit the ground above Hassan, his arms braced straight and his body arched over the Marine, his cock hanging down inches from his open mouth.

Like doing pushups at the gym as he bent his arms, lowered his hips and sank his cock into the soldier’s mouth. As his body rose and fell over Hassan, fucking his face, the soldier gagged, then clenched his throat round the thick cock. Adam guessed that the dominant Marine almost never sucked cock and the mere thought of fucking that gorgeous face got him hard in seconds.

Adam was flying now, living all his military fantasies in this one man. He leapt to his feet with one thought in mind. He wanted ass … and he wanted the ass of this pornographically beautiful soldier who rarely surrendered it to any man.

Fired up, eyes blazing, Adam untied his captive’s legs, ripped open his fatigues and pulled them down over his boots, murmuring “Holy Shit” as the soldiers huge cock sprang up stiff and proud as a flagpole. The Aussie stared down at the Marine captain stretched on the ground, naked except for his combat boots, his arms still bound to stakes. “Man, I want your ass so bad. I wanna fuck you, soldier.”

He knelt between his legs, pushed them back, his boots high in the air, and gazed at the hard cheeks of the Marine’s submissive ass. He wet his fingers and pushed them inside. “That’s all you need stud. You already lubed my dick with your spit. Here’s how an Aussie dick feels in your ass, captain. Like this ….”

“Aaagh ….” Hassan’s body writhed and his biceps flexed as he pulled desperately at his bound wrists, feeling the pain of the man’s shaft driving deep in his ass. “Too much, man?” Adam asked. “That Aussie dick too big for a Marine’s ass?”

“No, no, don’t stop, man. I need it real bad. Fuck me, man. You’re such a fucking stud, I want your dick in my ass. You beat me … I lost. Now I wanna watch while you pound my ass.”

“No worries there, mate,” Adam grinned. “Here it comes.”

Adam’s cock became a pile-driver, pounding ass as the Marine begged for more. His face thrashed from side to side on the ground, dark hair flying, his body writhed and he raised his hips to take the full length of the Aussie’s cock inside him. Adam reached forward and clamped his hands over Hassan’s biceps, pinning them to the ground. As his cock pistoned inside the hot ass Adam gasped, “You’re fucking spectacular, man. Shit your ass feels good. You feel my cock inside you?”

“Yeah, buddy. Oh yeah fuck me, do it hard, don’t stop. I love it, man. I fucking love it.”

The massive fuck went on and on as the two men gazed into each other’s eyes and bonded – two magnificent males rejoicing in their shared manhood, their raw lust for each other as one man drove his shaft into the other’s tortured ass.

Sweat poured off Adam onto Hassan’s face and chest and he wanted to dominate this beautiful soldier forever. But at last the sight of the bound muscle-god and the sensation in his cock overwhelmed hm and he panted, “I gotta cum, buddy. You wanna feel my juice inside your ass? Do you? You wanna feel it?”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me, man. Fuuuck me!” The Marine raised his hips as the Aussie’s cock exploded inside him and their screams reached all the way up to the pool deck of the house up the hill where Steve grinned at Lloyd.

“Hear that, buddy? I knew it – a match made in hog heaven. See, I’m never wrong about these things.”


There was a stunned silence down below as the men and boys recovered from simultaneous orgasms. At least, Adam and the two boys did. Hassan had deliberately, and with great restraint, held his climax in reserve. When Adam eased his cock out of the soldier’s ass, reached forward and quickly untied his wrists, Hassan reacted swiftly. He pushed Adam off him, leapt to his feet and Adam found himself on his back, propped up on his elbows, gazing up at the naked soldier.

Hassan grinned down at him. “So, big guy, you did it … you just fucked a Marine in the ass. Seems that soldiers turn you on, buddy, from your stories of fucking your way through the military barracks in Sydney. Well I’ve got another fantasy for you to jack off to during those long flights across the Pacific. Stay right there, stud … don’t move.”

“No worries there, mate. I’m totally knackered.” Adam sank onto his back, rested his head and closed his eyes with the satisfying exhaustion of a man who had risen to a challenge and won.

He must have dozed for a few minutes and was woken by gasps from Nate and Eddie. He opened his eyes and thought for a moment he must still be dreaming as he stared up at the Marine towering over him in camouflage fatigues, combat boots, a khaki tank-top stretched over his chest, metal dog tags hanging between his pecs and dark mirror glasses shielding his eyes.

It was like he had stepped from the pages of a homoerotic magazine that fed the fantasies of men jerking off to pictures of impossibly beautiful military men ready for action. Adam reflexively reached for his cock and said, “Holy shit, man, that is so fucking hot.”

“Hotter than any soldier you ever saw in Sydney, man. You fucked a lot of those guys but …did any of them ever fuck you, I wonder? Nah, you’re a top-man and none of them could ever match you. Well you’ve met your match now, stud.” Adam watched spellbound as Hassan yanked open his pants and pulled out a massive, rock-hard cock.

“I’ve been nursing this boner since we came down here, man – even when you arm-wrestled me then tied me down and fucked my ass. But all that time I never busted my load, so I’ve built up a whole head of steam and my balls are fit to burst. I could jerk off all over that handsome face of yours, of course, but I think we both know what you really want, big guy. Let me hear it.”

Adam was pretty much an exclusive top. When he had cruised the military bases in Australia he had been looking for hot, muscular soldiers to fuck and it had never crossed his mind, and certainly not theirs, that any of them would fuck him. But as he gazed up at the exotically handsome Marine captain, the muscular physique bulging under his combat gear, it was one of those rare times when the rugged Aussie wanted to submit to another man.

“Yeah, I want it, soldier. I wanna feel that rod in my ass. Please, man … fuck my ass.”

It was Nate’s turn to grip Eddie’s arm. He had never seen his master voluntarily submit to another man, never heard him beg to get fucked. It was disturbing – but undeniably erotic.

Hassan pulled off his sunglasses, flashed a gleaming smile and sank to his knees between Adam’s legs. He spat on his cock and spread the saliva over it. He hooked Adam’s legs over his shoulders, leaned forward and planted his hands on the ground beside his head. Adam reached up and ran his hands over the tank, feeling the pecs flexing underneath. He gasped when the head of the Marine’s cock slid between his ass cheeks and pressed against his hole.

“Nothing turns me on more than topping a hot alpha dude like you,” Hassan said. “Shit, I’ve been waiting for this a long time. Here it comes, buddy.”

“Aaaah!” Adam sighed deeply as he felt the unaccustomed sensation of a huge cock sliding in his ass. There was pain for an instant that made him dig his fingers into Hassan’s chest through his tank. But the pain subsided and Adam grabbed the tank, bunched it in his fist and jerked it toward him, pulling the muscular torso down on him in his desire to get fucked harder.

Eventually, as Adam yanked the tank repeatedly, it ripped and hung in shreds over the massive chest. Hassan grabbed Adam’s wrists, forced his arms back and pinned them to the ground above his head just as Hassan’s arms had been when he was staked down. It was then that Adam surrendered entirely to the magnificent soldier in the torn shirt, and the long, deep fuck built quickly from a gentle massage to a steady pounding of his helpless ass.

The boys stared in awe at the unimaginable sight of the Marine captain ramrodding the naked Aussie, the handsome jock who had strode confidently though military bases and leather bars turning heads wherever he went, the unquestioned master to whom other alpha males submitted. But now that same man had met his match, and the top-man’s ass was impaled on the soldier’s pounding cock.

“Oh yeah,” Adam sighed, “fuck that ass, man. God you are so fucking gorgeous … and your dick’s in my ass.” He struggled to free his hands but he was helplessly pinned, which made the sensation even more erotic. He was at the mercy of the Marine … and loved it as the long shaft pistoned deep inside him.

Hassan had not been kidding when he said his balls were bursting, but he held back his orgasm for as long as he could, enjoying the sensation of pile-driving his cock into the handsome Aussie. But at last Hassan groaned, “Man, your ass is so fucking hot I can’t hold back anymore. I gotta cum inside you, buddy … I gotta … yeah … oh fuck … yeah ...!”

Adam saw the body shudder above him, felt the cock bulge in his ass and explode with pent-up juice, just as his own cock erupted in his third orgasm, this time all over his own heaving chest.

When they were drained Hassan pulled out his cock, fell forward onto Adam’s cum-soaked body and murmured in his ear, “Incredible, man. Fucking beautiful. The best.”


Half an hour later the two men stepped out of the shower into the thick towels offered by their attendant boys. “You know, mate,” Adam said, “great sex sure works up an appetite. I’m fucking starved.” As if on cue Hassan’s phone rang and it was Steve.

“Er, not that we were watching or anything … well we were, actually … from our deck. Hell, stuff like you guys just did has to have an audience. Anyway, we figured that now you’d both fucked your brains out you might wanna bring your boys up and stay for dinner. Why don’t you come right up? Lloyd’s already pouring cocktails.

As the four trudged up the steep path to the house Hassan said, “Hey, Adam, you and Nate will stay the night with Eddie and me, won’t you?”

Nate nudged Eddie and their eyes sparkled as Adam replied, “Good on ya, mate, I was hoping you’d say that. Maybe we could swap boys for a while. You think your kid would be up for that?”

“I sure would, sir,” Eddie blurted out before Hassan could reply. “I’ve never had sex with an Aussie before. Except for Nate, of course. Well what do you expect, two horny young guys working round the house all day it’s only natural we get it on sometimes, and ….”

“You’re welcome to him, buddy, Hassan grinned, but you better find something to stuff in his mouth to gag him.”

Adam threw his head back and laughed. “No worries there, mate.  No worries at all.”

*******************************     *********************************

In the next few weeks the tribe’s attention focused on the Grady House and the house-warming party Grady and Mario had promised. Apart from anything else it would serve as an inducement for them to finish work on the house, so from now on it was pretty much all hands on deck.

Randy had brought a small construction crew up, including Zack, Darius, Pablo and Ben. Ben, had already been doing handyman chores at the house and gave them a list of things that still needed work, like the utility room and garages. Randy set the priorities and assigned the tasks.

Grady and Mario had meetings with Danny (chef and housekeeper), Brandon, Eddie and the twins, who were helping set up the kitchen.

“See, guys,” Grady said, “this party will be a kind of trial run. It’s only for the guys of the clan so if there are any glitches the guys won’t mind and we can tweak things and get them right for future parties – like for the cast and crew on the movie, and even more fancy do’s for some of the studio bosses. So we gotta get the kinks out.”

“Sir,” Eddie chimed in, “I always think a few kinks kinda liven a party up. I went to a real kinky party in the desert once and you wouldn’t believe these guys dressed as ….”

Brandon put his hands round Eddie’s throat and Nate pressed his hand over his mouth. His eyes bulged as he looked appealingly at Grady, who was laughing.

“Normally I would agree with you, Eddie, but we’re talking formal kinda stuff for the executives. I mean real smart, like waiters in uniform, chefs in hats, that kind of paraphernalia. There’s no way Danny can handle that alone but Kyle and Kevin I know you twins have catered some pretty fancy events before, so maybe I could hire you too, and you and Danny can get together and plan something when the time comes.

“We would be honored, sir,” Kyle said. Kevin added, “Always on the understanding that Danny’s in charge. We don’t want to muscle in on his territory.” Danny grinned his thanks.

Bob called a meeting with Grady, Mario, Jamie and Brandon. Bob had agreed to be Grady’s business manager and Brandon would be running his office and doing bookkeeping, with Jamie’s advice. “See, guys,” Bob explained, “right now Grady’s earning a ton of money – as much in a week as some guys earn in a year. But there’s also a lot of cash flowing out and we gotta keep a check on all that.

“Grady, I firmly believe you are gonna have a long and profitable career, but I always give the same investment advice to actors. You never know when the gravy train is gonna come to a screeching halt. That’s where I come in, choosing investments for you and building future security for you and Mario. You’ll get used to this fancy lifestyle and you’ll want to maintain it.

Grady looked at Mario and said, “Bob, as long as I have this guy with me I’d be just as happy living in a little West Hollywood apartment – just an ordinary guy with no paparazzi around.”

“I’m sure you mean that,” Bob smiled. “But I’m afraid you will never be ‘just an ordinary guy’, Grady, and neither will Mario. And it’s my job to make sure there’s always enough money to maintain a lifestyle fit for two extra-ordinary guys.” He sighed. “And now, judging by the way you two are looking at each other I guess it’s time for you to take a bedroom break. So why don’t you leave me with Jamie and Brandon to talk about the office setup?”

“Bob,” Grady laughed, “one thing a business manager has to do is understand his clients … and you understand us two real well. Thanks a million, buddy.” They ran off to the bedroom, leaving knowing looks around the table.


There was one other man who had a part to play in the frenzied activity at the Grady house – a humble part maybe, but one that left him more than satisfied. Thomas, the new boy, Pablo’s boy, was by now settling into the tribe, finding his place and learning his duties.

He was enjoying life with Pablo who protected him, trained him and fucked him regularly. He especially loved it when Pablo turned him over to his dad Randy to get fucked, which happened a lot, often in the midday break at the construction site when Thomas was summoned to the trailer office and told to lock the door behind him.

Pablo realized that Thomas was not cut out for construction work, though, and had agreed to let him assist Danny at the Grady House where he was at everyone’s beck and call, running errands and helping out wherever needed. Some guys might have regarded this grunt work as demeaning but Thomas was excited just to be surrounded by such beautiful, self-assured men.

Among his duties was making his ass available to whatever man requested it to relieve the tension that inevitably built up during a busy day. In fact, whenever he was not required as the resident fuck boy his own tension built and he took himself off for a few minutes, focused his thoughts on one of the men and jerked off.

He was feeling horny on one such occasion when Pablo told him to borrow his truck, drive down to the hardware store and pick up a few supplies. After he got the supplies and left the store Thomas chose a route back up the hill that he liked a lot, a narrow, winding road with almost no traffic and heavily wooded on both sides. It was like being in the countryside and it put him in a good mood as he thought back on the day.

As so often happened his thoughts focused on Randy who, before Thomas left on his errand, had been working shirtless (as usual) dismantling an old shed. Randy had winked at Thomas as he climbed into Pablo’s truck and of course that made his dick hard.

It was still hard now as he drove slowly back up the winding road. He stroked the bulge in his shorts, then unzipped them and pulled out his cock. Steering with his left hand he stroked his cock with the other and was soon lost in the fantasy of Randy getting hot and horny, and he imagined falling on his knees before him. He beat his meat harder, concentrating on his vision of Randy rather than his view of the road.

He worked himself up to his climax and said out loud, “Fuck me, sir ... please shove that huge cock in my ass. Yeah, I can feel it pounding my ass, sir, it’s making me cum … thank you, sir … aaagh!” He yelled as he shot a load of jizz over the dashboard – and lost control of the truck.

He veered onto the grass verge, wrenched the steering back frantically to avoid the ditch and the truck careened over to the other side of the road, flattening a bush before he managed to steer it unsteadily back to the middle where he screeched to a halt. Dazed, he rested his head on the steering wheel catching his breath and his only thought was how Pablo would punish him when he got back. And that thought made his dick hard. Thomas was really confused.

And suddenly things got a lot worse. He heard the blast of a siren behind him, looked up and saw red lights flashing in his rear-view mirror. “Shit!” he moaned. “Shit, shit, shit.”

He looked in the mirror again and saw a police motorcycle pull up, the cop astride it in the black uniform of the city police. The cop swung his leg over the bike and walked slowly to the driver’s side door. He shone his flashlight in the car and Thomas blushed and uttered a humiliated groan as the flashlight shone first on his cock hanging out of his shorts and then on the semen dripping from the dashboard.”

The deep voice said, “Please exit your vehicle, sir and keep your hands where I can see them.” Shaking with fear Thomas fumbled the door latch, then got out and stood unsteadily before the cop. Scared as he was he could see that the cop was tall and broad shouldered, with bulging biceps under the short sleeves of his shirt. But he couldn’t see the face under the helmet and behind the mirrored sunglasses.

The cop said sternly, “I pulled you over as you were driving erratically, young man, and now I see why. You’re obviously not fit to drive, a danger to others, so I’m gonna have to arrest you.”

The cop pulled off his helmet, ran his hand through his thick blond hair and took off his glasses. Thomas gasped as he stared at the stunning face.

“Oh, sir,” he stammered … “it … it’s you, sir.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 304


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