In the previous chapter

Brandon’s new friend Brian was dying to get a job at the Grady House, working for the handsome actor Grady and his Italian lover Mario. Grady was currently shooting a big-budget movie as the new Tarzan, a role that was about make him a big star. Brian had already drooled over publicity pictures of Grady, not knowing he was already a friend of Brandon.

When Brandon took him to Grady’s house in the Hollywood Hills the sexy actor took an instant liking to him and welcomed him in the way he knew best – by making love to him. Totally smitten Brian had immediately applied for the job as assistant to Danny, the young House Manager and chef.

But there were hurdles to overcome first. The senior boys of the tribe had subjected Brian to a sexual initiation, and he was admitted as the newest, most junior boy in the group. But questions still remained about his fitness for the job in the social whirl of the Grady House. Like Brandon, Brian used a wheelchair but, unlike Brandon he was shy, reclusive, lacking in self-esteem and living in seclusion in a trailer park way out in the desert.

The wheelchair alone was not seen as an impediment, as Brandon had long ago proved he could do most everything the others boys did. But Brian’s former seclusion could be a real challenge to adapting to the social and sexual demands of his prospective masters, Grady and Mario.

So Brian had agreed to submit to an interview with Doctor Steve, the handsome therapist to the tribe, in what was loosely – very loosely – called a therapy session where Steve would duplicate some of the kinds of demands, sexual and otherwise, that Brian would face at the Grady house.

First of all Steve and his muscle-jock lover Lloyd, had staged a sexual fantasy where the doctor could test his reactions. Steve explained, “You’ll have to get used to fantasies like this between Grady and Mario. They playact a lot and sometimes they’ll want you to join in.” So while Lloyd was tied up and butt-fucked by Steve, Brian was made to suck Lloyd’s dick and swallow his cum as it poured into his mouth.

Years of watching porn had sharpened Brian’s capacity for fantasy and he played his part well, exhilarated to be servicing these two gorgeous men. As they splashed in the pool later Lloyd enthused, “When the hell did you learn give a blowjob like that?”

“Only yesterday, sir, when Eddie sucked my dick and made me come for a third time so the boys would accept me in their group. I tried to copy him just now.”

“And did great,” Steve chuckled as they all rested against the side of the pool. “That Eddie is an ace cocksucker. Hell, the only time he’s not talking is when he’s got a dick in his mouth. Anyway, you passed that test with flying colors, Brian. I’m sure you’re ready for anything sexual up at the Grady House. But I hope you can stick around ‘cos there are a few more things we should go over. Can you stay for lunch and dinner?”

“Yes, sir … yes please, sir,” the boy said eagerly with another freckle-faced grin.

“See, I want to see how you do at formal affairs. I’m having my regular business lunch here today with half a dozen psych doctors I meet with once a month. Our house manager Tommy will be back from shopping soon and I’d like you to help him prepare a light lunch and serve it to the group. That’s something Danny will expect you to do when Grady entertains studio people. Tommy wears his uniform for events like that and I’m sure one of his spares will fit you.

“In the afternoon Hassan has said he wants you to go to his house just down that path there and have tea with him and Eddie.” He smiled, “And I’ve a feeling it won’t only be polite afternoon tea, either. Later they’re coming up here for dinner and I’ll expect you to help Tommy serve that too. And at mealtimes no fooling around with Eddie – no blowjobs before or during dinner.”

Steve grinned. “‘Course, after dinner is another matter – Hassan can get real horny after a few drinks. The tough Marine Captain is used to giving orders and having them obeyed. He’s been known to look around and choose someone he wants to fuck, like Lloyd here or one of the boys, and he doesn’t take no for an answer. No knowing how it’ll turn out,” he laughed.

“So that’s kind of the agenda, kiddo. Bet you never thought therapy could be such fun, did you?”

**********************  Chapter 318   ***********************

It wasn’t long before Tommy came home after shopping for groceries and supplies. By that time Steve, Lloyd and Brian were lounging on chaises in their shorts as Tommy came from the garage round the house to the pool area. The young blond houseboy was casually dressed in jeans and a pale gray T-shirt that was tight enough to give tantalizing hints of his flawless gymnast physique underneath.

“Looking good, Tommy,” Lloyd shouted with a roguish grin. “Hey, how about wrapping those gorgeous lips of yours round my cock?”

“Right away, sir,” Tommy said, but Steve gave his lover a disapproving look and hissed, “Lloyd!”

“Sorry, Tommy,” Lloyd laughed … “just kidding, dude. Though I gotta say you look so damn hot I wanna rip those clothes right off you. You know how I am around beautiful men. How about later tonight I fuck that sweet ice-skater butt of yours?”

“It’s yours whenever you want it, sir.” Tommy still maintained the subservient tone he had always had since arriving here craving domination, but now a hint of mischief sparkled in his eye. He and Lloyd understood each other well and both knew, despite the bantering tone, that a late-night fuck was certainly in the cards.

As Brian looked keenly from one to the other he was slowly beginning to understand the subtle relationship that existed between master and staff, with the boss’s expectancy of efficient domestic service coupled with the boy’s eagerness to satisfy the master’s sexual needs and fantasies. Brian hoped that one day he would have such a relationship with Grady and Mario … if he ever got the job, that is. A lot depended on Dr. Steve’s report. Even now Steve was watching him and making notes on his clipboard.

Steve got to his feet and said, “Brian, put on your T-shirt and let’s me and you go round to the garage and help Tommy unload the groceries.” Scrambling to obey Brian put on his T-shirt and, using his considerable upper-body strength, pulled himself off the chaise and into his wheelchair. He followed Steve to the garage where Tommy was starting to pull items from the back of his SUV. Brian lowered his tray table across his lap and Steve said, “Oh great, you’ve got one of those.”

“Yes, sir. Randy fitted it on my chair yesterday, sir.”

Steve shook his head and chuckled. “Typical of my big brother, always trying to help his boys – and he considers you all his boys. The tough gipsy may seem scary at first but his bark is worse than his bite … as I believe you’ve already found out, kiddo,” he grinned.

“OK, let’s load you up, kid. Tommy, you probably know that Brian has applied for your old job as Danny’s assistant at the Grady House. I’ve asked him here today so he can get a sense of what the job entails and so I can see how he copes with it all. I need your help in this, so Brian will be assisting you with lunch and dinner. You’re in charge and I’d like you to show him the ropes and teach him how things are done, OK?”

“Got it, sir. It’ll be my pleasure.” Tommy was always anxious to please the handsome doctor, part of his desire to serve dominant men like Steve and his brother Randy. In his mind he nursed the secret hope that Steve might later come to his room, throw him on the bed and fuck him … something he craved almost as much as getting fucked by Randy.

In the past, in his previous job as assistant manager at a luxury hotel, Tommy arrogantly threw his weight around when supervising staff. But when he joined the tribe that high-handedness was soon knocked out of him by Randy who saw that his arrogance concealed a deep-rooted need to be dominated, even degraded.

From then on Tommy had almost a dual personality – by day the cool, poised maître d’ organizing the house, and when he was off duty a subservient boy who spent most of his time on his back or on his knees satisfying the sexual needs of his masters. It was an arrangement that suited Steve and Lloyd very well.

The result was that now, temporarily in charge of Brian, Tommy’s desire was to carry out Steve’s order to help and train him. Also, he genuinely liked the eager young man who was so anxious to succeed, and he looked on him with kindness. They got along well in the kitchen as they set the table then worked in the kitchen where Brian did his best to assist Tommy as he knew he would have to assist Danny if he got the Grady House job.

They struck up a friendship and laughed a lot as they worked. Also, Brian was inevitably turned on by the handsome blond gymnast, his muscular body flexing under the tight pale gray T-shirt. As Tommy showed him what to do they worked very close side by side. When Tommy leaned over him and Brian saw and smelled the patches of sweat under his arms, his cock stiffened in his shorts.

It didn’t take long before the food was prepped for lunch and they had everything ready to be cooked and served to Steve and his colleagues. “They won’t be arriving for a while,” Tommy said. “We have an hour to relax so let’s go to my room and see if one of my uniforms fits you.”


Brian followed him to his quarters with its own entrance at the side of the house, a small suite with bedroom, bath and small kitchen. They went into the bedroom where Tommy started rummaging through drawers, tossing out clothes looking for a dark gray T-shirt for Brian to wear under his uniform jacket. Brian watched in awe and his eyes widened when he saw flashes of bright blue that had to be Tommy’s gymnast outfit.

His lust overcame his shyness and he stammered, “Er, Tommy, that blue stuff … is that what you wear for gymnastics?”

“Yeah,” Tommy grinned, “I still keep up with all that, even compete sometimes. I usually wear these tight blue pants and matching singlet.”

“I used to watch gymnastics on TV,” Brian said shyly, “mostly because the guys were so sexy with their muscular bodies and tight clothes. I, er, I bet you look real hot in those.”

“Guys have told me so,” Tommy laughed. “Hey, you wanna see?” Brian nodded eagerly and watched as Tommy casually pulled off his T-shirt and smiled at him, stripped to the waist, his sculpted athletic torso, with its broad shoulders, rock-hard chest and incredibly ripped abs. His jeans hugged his tight waist and slim hips and when he turned round Brian gazed lustfully at the perfect bulge of his ass.

Tommy was used to stripping privately for male guests at the hotel who paid well for his ‘extra’ services. But that was all in the past and he found it much more exciting to do it for Randy and the other men of the tribe, and now saw a way of giving pleasure to this shy, cute young guy.

He kicked off the Italian slide sandals Mario had given him, then slowly unbuttoned his jeans, let them drop and stepped out of them, now wearing just black briefs, the kind Grady wore on the billboard advertising in his pre-Tarzan career as an underwear model. “When I worked for Grady and Mario,” Tommy said, “I tried to copy the way they dressed, and I still do.”

“Looks hot on them and on you,” said Brian. He stroked the bulge in his shorts admiring the gymnast’s muscled thighs and flawless ass. His heart beat faster as Tommy pushed his briefs down, his cock sprang out and he stretched, flexing his biceps and pecs showing off his naked athletic body to the awestruck boy.

Next he picked up the blue gymnast pants and pulled them on, followed by the matching singlet which stretched tight over his torso in typical gymnast style. The tight outfit accentuated his chiseled physique even more than being naked and Brian was thrilled.

“That’s it,” he said excitedly. “That’s the way they look on TV. And you look better than any of them. I used to jerk off looking at them and fantasized about touching them, feeling their bodies under the tight clothes.”

“Well now you can,” Tommy smiled. He came up close to Brian and brushed his thighs against his face. He turned round slowly, so first the bulge in his pants rubbed against Brian’s face, then the solid mounds of his gorgeous ass under the stretch fabric.

Brian stroked the tights, running his hand over Tommy’s thighs, then the shape of his hard cock and the mounds of his ass. He stroked his own cock with his other hand but Tommy smiled, “Don’t cum yet, dude. I’ll show you something else you used to fantasize about those guys. Get on the bed.”

Brian rolled out of his chair onto the bed and lay on his back looking up at the muscular blond gymnast. “Let’s get these clothes off you,” Tommy said. He tugged off Brian’s T-shirt, then pulled his shorts down over his feet and tossed them aside. Impressed by Brian’s well-developed upper body and even more by his cock standing stiff as a flagpole, Tommy grinned, “Jeez, you are hot to trot, dude. Well, we can soon take care of that.”

Brian suddenly remembered what Steve had warned him about – “no fooling around with Eddie before or during dinner” – and had a moment of panic. He had to be careful not to screw up his prospects for getting the job. “Tommy, are you sure it’s OK for us to do this?”

“Sure it is. See, the rule in the tribe is that the boys can do what they like with each other on their own. But they have to always be ready when the men need them … the master always comes first. For example, Jamie can fool around with the other boys but he makes sure that when Mark is due home he is always lying naked on the bed ready for him.”

Having reassured Brian Tommy got on the bed and stood towering over the excited boy. He stretched his arms up and flexed hard, assuming a stress pose as if he were hanging from gymnastic rings. Brian’s imagination took off as Tommy stretched his arms to the side, then ran his hands down over his chest and abs as if he were worshipping his own body. He pressed his fists on his hips, turned round and flared his broad back that tapered down under his blue singlet from broad shoulders to his tight waist and the incredible bulge of his ass.

“That looks sooo hot!” Brian murmured, stroking his cock slowly, careful not to bust a load too soon. Then Tommy did something that totally blew Brian away. Still standing with his back to Brian, his hands on his hips, he slid his fingers under the waistband of his tights and slowly pushed them down from his waist, over his slim hips and … Brian held his breath … over the mounds of his butt, slowly revealing the twin white globes that had driven men to orgasms just looking at them.

Brian lifted himself up on one elbow, reached up with his other arm and stroked the contours of the rounded cheeks. “You have the perfect ass, Tommy. No wonder Randy and the other guys fuck you so often.” He fell back on his back and contented himself with just staring at the beautiful ass, debating whether he should jerk off and cum before Tommy covered it up again.

But Tommy made the decision for him in dramatic fashion. He stretched his arms behind him as if preparing for a gymnastic mat exercise and fell backward, arms stiff, hands braced on the bed on either side of Brian. Now facing upward, his athletic body was arched in the air over the boy, his pants pulled down to his thighs, his stiff cock pointing upward, his ass poised over Brian’s dick.

Brian looked at the back of Tommy’s head, blond hair curled over his nape. He reached forward from behind him and ran his hands along the flexed shoulders, over the straps of his singlet, then down the bulging arms supporting his arched body and finally stroked his back feeling the tense muscles rippling under his tight singlet. It was the same erotic musculature he had seen on gymnasts as they performed, and it was as if Tommy were poised in the middle of a routine.

But then he did what no other gymnast had ever done before. Still looking upward, and with the muscle control of a true gymnast, he bent his arms and slowly lowered his hips until his butt touched the top of Brian’s rigid cock.

Only then did the boy fully grasp the whole sequence of the athletic exercise – the gymnast standing over him in his competition gear of blue tights and matching singlet had first pulled down his pants, exposing his exquisite ass. Then, like a mat exercise, he had fallen backward and braced his arms behind him, facing upward, muscles rigid holding the pose. And Brian was lying beneath him!

And now …! Brian felt the exquisite sensation of the gymnast’s flawless ass sliding down over his cock until his butt came to rest on the tangle of the boy’s pubic hair. In a set of reverse pushups (facing up instead of down) Tommy rose up and down, riding the boy’s pole while Brian reached up and stroked his back and arms, feeling them flex as they bent under the strain.

Watching and touching the blond gymnast from behind, feeling the warmth of his ass fucking his cock, Brian’s wildest fantasies came true and he groaned, “Dude, you are so incredibly sexy I don’t know if I can take this … I’m so close, I gotta cum.”

“No, not yet, kid. I’ll tell you when. We’re not done yet.” He proved it in another stunning move. Simulating a gymnastic exercise on top of a pommel horse, and still skewered on the boy’s cock, he pivoted on it and swung his outstretched legs round over Brian so he was facing him. Brian yelled as he felt the ass twist on his cock, then saw Tommy fold his legs so he was kneeling astride him in the usual position for riding cock.

Seeing that Brian was on the verge of orgasm Tommy raised up on his knees so his ass pulled clear off the boy’s cock. “That’s better,” he smiled, “now I can watch that cute face while I fuck your cock with my ass. But don’t cum until I do … won’t take long. See, in every gymnast’s routine there’s usually a big finish … and this is it, dude.”

Reaching behind his neck Tommy pulled his singlet off, and Brian finally got to see the young jock’s naked, muscular torso, flexing and gleaming with sweat. Tommy raised his arms straight out to the sides, as if he were on a balance beam … and in one stunning move sat down hard on Brian’s cock, making the boy howl as he felt the head of his cock drive deep in the fiery heat of the jock’s ass.

Tommy always craved the savage fucks that Randy subjected him to, so now he rose and fell heavily on Brian again and again to feel the maximum impact of being impaled on the boy’s rod.

Spellbound by the sight of the beautiful gymnast riding his cock, shirtless in athletic tights, Brian reached up and dug his fingers into the young jock’s hard pecs and ripped abs as the muscled body rose and fell above him. As the pace grew more intense Tommy howled, “Yeah, fuck me, dude, fuck that hot ass. Grab my cock, make that gymnast bust his load all over you, kid.”

Brian obeyed, grabbed Tommy’s shuddering cock and squeezed it in his fist. The blond jock threw his head back and yelled, “Fuck, that’s hot … cum inside me, dude. I’m gonna shoot … fuck … fuck … aaagh!”

They screamed simultaneously as Brian saw the magnificent body flex, saw Tommy’s cock in his fist erupt with a stream of jizz that splashed down on Brian’s chest and face. And at long last all Brian’s pent-up juice exploded in the ass of the sexy young athlete who had ridden his cock in a gymnastic display unlike any other.

As their cocks drained Tommy grinned down at Brian and laughed. “As they say in gymnastics, I guess we stuck the landing, kiddo.”


After a quick shower Tommy resumed his interrupted search for a spare uniform for Brian, and found the requisite dark gray T-shirt and black suit, the uniform that Lloyd had designed. Brian struggled into it and Tommy smiled, “Hmm, real cute. I guess I’m taller than you so the pants are a bit long.”

“But that won’t show when I’m sitting down, which I always am,” Brian laughed, finally able to make light of his handicap which had previously always been a source of depression. The tribe’s magic was starting to work.

With lunch in a slow oven they went out to report to Steve in his office, who was sitting at his desk with his reading glasses on. With his therapist’s insight he immediately saw that special glow around the two boys that could mean only one thing, and there was a twinkle in his eye when he asked casually, “You guys getting along OK?”

“Yes, sir, very well,” Tommy said with excessive enthusiasm that told the whole story. “I’d say Brian has a talent for the job, sir. He’s been real helpful to me.”

“Hmm, I can imagine,” Steve smiled, peering over the top of his glasses. He was pleased that the two had made friends. Any hint of resentment between Tommy and the boy who was taking his former job at the Grady House would not be good. He made a quick note on his clipboard.

“OK, now for the big test. Tommy, you know how important these business lunches are so I’d like things to go as smoothly as possible. Any slipups and I might have to fuck the pair of you later,” he grinned.

“No slipups sir, guaranteed, but don’t let that stop you from ….”

“Yeah yeah yeah,” Steve chuckled. “You’re getting sassy, boy, you know that? Better watch your tongue when Hassan comes for dinner. That Marine won’t stand for any cheek from a boy. No knowing what he’s likely to do. OK, off you go. They’ll be arriving any minute.”

Any nerves Brian might have, and he had plenty at first, quickly dispersed under Tommy’s guidance as they efficiently served lunch. Tommy was very precise in his directions. “We still serve food from the left of the diner and pick up from the right. Some people disagree but I find it more convenient. Serving from the right I once knocked over a customer’s wine glass.”

Brian listened intently to Tommy’s instructions and tried to memorize everything. Most of the time he served alongside Tommy. He carried the plates on his tray table and positioned himself beside Tommy who picked them up and served them. Concentrating on being smooth and efficient Brian quickly forgot about being in a wheelchair, though it was something of a novelty to Steve’ guests.

When the boys were not at the table one of the doctors said, “Steve, I gotta hand it to you. You’ve always been passionate about urging employers to hire people with handicaps and you sure practice what you preach. The kid seems to work real well.”

“Real cute too,” said another, who was known to have a preference for freckle-faced young men with long, unruly hair.

“Hands off, buddy,” Steve grinned. “The boy’s duties don’t extend to that.”

The meal passed off really well and, while the guests were still talking over coffee, Steve came to thank the boys in the kitchen … and to give another test to Brian. “Er, Brian, you know that older guy sitting to my right. He’s very rich and successful and he asked if he could, er, get together with you later. Is that something you would like to do?”

Brian looked startled and blushed. “Er, I … if you tell me I should I … I will sir.”

Steve smiled. “That’s not what I asked you, Brian. I said, is that something you would like to do? Tell me the truth now.”

Brian sat up straight and took a deep breath. “No, sir, I would not like it, sir. I don’t want to do it at all.”

Steve chuckled and ruffled his hair. “Good for you, kiddo. I’m glad to hear you speak up for yourself. Normally I would never have passed on the guy’s message, but I wanted to see what your reaction would be. Now listen carefully, you never ever have to do something like that. Grady and Mario would never expect it of you, in fact they would hate the thought of it.”

Brian breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.” He had a vague feeling that he had just passed another test.

“OK, when you’ve finished tidying the kitchen I need to have a meeting with Tommy, so I want you to go down the path to Hassan’s guest house just down the hill. He’s not home yet but his boy Eddie is waiting for you and you’re gonna have tea with both of them. The Marine Captain can be a bit scary at first, especially when he’s had a tough day at work with the Marine recruits he trains, but don’t worry, he’s a great guy underneath. So good luck, kiddo.


Brian was dying to tell Eddie all about his day so far and Eddie was dying to hear about it. Brian considered Eddie his second best friend after Brandon and as he rolled his chair down the gravel path he saw him outside the small guest house waiting impatiently for him. “Dude,” said Eddie, getting the first word in naturally, “so what’s up – how’s it going?”

“Pretty good, I think.” Brian’s eyes sparkled. “Dude, that house is amazing.” As the words tumbled out Eddie listened wide-eyed without interruption – a first for him. “Steve was giving me my intro talk when Lloyd showed up after working out and dived into the pool. When he got out, dripping wet, he looked fabulous and sat with us and pretty soon him and Steve were talking about their vacation in Spain and this bullfighter they met there and fucked.

“Well, seems this Spanish guy, er, a matador they called him, had given Lloyd a pair of those tight shiny pants bullfighters wear and Lloyd tried them on and, well, long story short, Steve ended up tying him up and fucking him while I sucked his cock. It was totally awesome, dude.”

“No way,” Eddie said breathlessly. “OK then what happened. Did you meet Tommy? Was he an arrogant prick like he used to be or has he chilled out by now?”

“Oh, don’t get me started on Tommy. Actually he was real nice to me but get this. When he was looking for a T-shirt for me I saw his gymnast’s outfit and he put it on and … you’ll never guess,” he teased. Milking the moment for all it was worth Brian said conspiratorially, “He made me lay naked on the bed and he stood over me looking fantastic in his tight blue pants and singlet – you know, like those gymnast dudes wear – and guess what?”

“Did he fuck you?”

“Fuck me? Hell no, I fucked him! He pulled his pants down and sat on my dick and rode it like he was riding a horse and pretty soon he busted a huge load all over me while I came in his ass. Then we served lunch to Steve’s guys and … that was about it. Hey, where’s Hassan?”

“Oh, he called to say he’d be late … won’t be here for a while. I don’t think he’s in a good mood either – sounded real fierce. Seems some of the Marines he’s training gave him trouble … disobeyed him, wouldn’t follow his commands. Nothing riles Hassan as much as that. He expects everyone to do exactly what he tells them at all times. Usually he’s the strong, silent type but he goes crazy when guys disobey him and he don’t get what he wants. If he’s had a real rough day he’ll probably still be mad when he gets here.”

Brian flinched. “Oh, maybe I should go … he won’t want to see me here.”

“Nah, don’t worry about that. I’m a real Marine’s boy, I can handle him even when he’s angry. So listen, dude, tell me about this thing with Tommy – fucking him, I mean. I’ve done that kinda stuff with Brandon, him on the bed, me sitting on his dick. Bet you’re great at that, you’ve got a real nice dick. Here, we’ve got plenty of time so show me what you did to Tommy. Let’s go in the bedroom. As Darius always says, better to do than talk – actions speak louder than words.”

Brian hesitated. “Are you sure it’s OK, dude?”

“Sure I’m sure. Trust me, kiddo. I’m a Marine’s boy – I know what I’m doing.”


That last claim might have been dubious but Eddie was right about one thing – Hassan was plenty mad. As a captain at the Marine training center he had given his usual initiation speech to the new batch of recruits but, instead of listening intently, mesmerized by the big, darkly handsome commander, there were some smartasses who had challenged him by questioning the rules. And in their physical training it took all his domination skills and experience to whip them into shape.

As he drove home, still in the combat gear he wore for training, he was still seething. One thing he expected and demanded was absolute obedience, and that extended beyond the confines of the Marine base – even to his boy Eddie whom he loved fiercely.

Although he would not have admitted it, deep down there may have been an element of racial insecurity as he looked so different from a regular Marine, with his olive-skinned Arab/Asian features, thick black hair and muscular build. Doubtless some of the all-American young Marines with their buzz-cut blond hair resented taking orders from an “Arab”, a word he had occasionally overheard used disparagingly and had severely disciplined the offender.

He recalled his early days as an Arab soldier when he had captured and interrogated the beautiful blond American soldier Mark. Then too, his savagery had a racial aspect to it until he had fallen in love with his handsome captive and attempted to make love to him. And he still loved Mark … it was why he had come to America and signed on with the Marines.

“Shit … shit …” he growled, unable to rid himself of the day’s frustration and anger, his hands gripping the wheel of his jeep fiercely as he drove home. Home … he tried to concentrate on that, the solace of his remote house, the softness, the sweetness of his boy. At least Eddie always obeyed him, idolized him even, he knew that. He was always there waiting for him, often naked on the bed just like Jamie waiting daily for Mark. Yeah, making love to his boy would calm his anger and make him forget the rigors of the day.

Boy, was he wrong!


He floored the gas pedal and felt his anger already abating as he neared the house. He drove down the drive, parked the jeep and strode down the gravel path, already feeling his dick get hard in his fatigue pants in anticipation of seeing his boy. But as he approached the house he heard voices coming from the bedroom – groans mixed with laughter. He went in, threw open the door … and his anger peaked again, more ferocious than ever.

“What the fuck?!” There was a naked boy on the bed and Eddie – his boy Eddie! – was riding his cock. His ass – the ass that belonged to him – was impaled on the boy’s stiff rod, moving rhythmically up and down.

The two naked boys froze in horror, staring at the towering figure in the doorway backlit by the sun, the tall, muscular Marine in combat gear – military fatigues, laced combat boots, an olive green tank stretched over his bulging chest and a kaki combat vest hanging open over it. He would have been a fearsome sight at any time but now he was terrifying, his slanted dark eyes blazing with rage.

Hassan had known, but had forgotten, that Brian was coming for tea that afternoon, but now he hardly noticed him as he stared at his own boy – getting fucked in the ass! It was the worst possible scenario after the maddening day he had had and he lost all sense of proportion and control. He had a streak of irrational anger second only to Randy’s and all he could see was a boy, his boy, who had betrayed him – worse even than the young Marines who had defied him.

He leapt forward, lifted Eddie bodily off of Brian and flung him in the corner of the room. Fortunately Eddie landed in an armchair that cushioned his fall and he now cowered there gazing up at a master he hardly recognized, looming over him, consumed with anger.

“What the fuck were you doing, boy? Getting your ass ploughed? The ass that belongs to me! I come home wanting to make love to my boy, and is he waiting for me? No! He’s getting his ass banged by someone else!” Mad as Hassan was, some innate, dormant restraint prevented him from striking his boy and he confined his fury to a tongue lashing.

As he continued to berate Eddie, behind him Brian was in total panic. He groped blindly for his wheelchair and hauled himself into it off the bed. Like a frightened animal running for shelter all he could think of was escape. Not stopping to dress he wheeled himself naked out of the house and up the steep path to Steve’s house.

Neither Hassan nor Eddie noticed him leave, the one blinded by fury the other by fear. “Did he fuck you good?” Hassan was yelling. “You got anything left for me – sloppy seconds for your master? Eh, boy? Is it just sloppy seconds or have you been getting butt-fucked all day?”

The usually loquacious Eddie was struck dumb, too terrified to utter a word in his defense. In a daze he felt himself being lifted out of the chair and thrown onto the bed. Through blurred vision he stared up at the soldier looming over him, pulling off his vest, then ripping open his pants and pulling out his huge iron-hard cock. He spat on his palm and wiped it over his cock. “This is all you’ll need, boy ‘cos your ass has already been primed by the fuck before me. But I bet it didn’t feel like this ….”

Hassan fell to his knees on the bed, shoved his boy’s legs in the air … and plunged his huge shaft deep inside his ass. Eddie blacked out for a second, then opened his eyes to the homoerotic sight of the dark-skinned Arab soldier with the square-jawed features, eyes blazing, muscles bulging under the tank stretched over his torso. The image dazzled him, his ass was on fire, he opened his mouth wide and screamed as his cock erupted with a stream of cum that spurted high and splashed on Hassan’s tank above him.

“That’s it boy, pump that jizz. Man, I’m gonna push a load more sperm out of you before I’m finished with you. I’ll show you who’s master round here.” He pulled back then speared the boy again, the start of a savage fuck fueled by anger and, though he didn’t realize it, raw lust for his handsome boy.

Eddie’s fear, the pain in his ass, were obliterated by the pornographic fantasy of being fucked by this ferocious Marine, like a young, rebellious rooky being taught a lesson by his captain. And in a way that’s what motivated Hassan. All his pent-up anger at the insubordinate young recruits now found its scapegoat in the ass of his boy. Fucking all those young Marines in the butt would have been their ultimate penance for defying him, and now he was, irrationally, punishing them all as he punished his boy.

On some level Eddie knew he was Hassan’s whipping boy, being used to appease his master’s anger. His instinct told him that what he had done playfully with Brian was not a crime, but now his role was to serve his master as an antidote to a rage-filled day. Hassan wanted him to pump jizz? If there was one thing Eddie could do in spades was to turn on the sperm spigot and cum again and again.

And so he did. Hassan turned up the heat and fucked him like a man possessed, throwing him over the bed as he pounded ass – on his back, on his knees doggy style, on his side, bringing him to a sexual climax again and again. In a frenzy they rolled off the bed onto the floor and Hassan pinned the boy to the ground.

“Motherfuckers,” he growled through gritted teeth to the imagined Marine rookies. “No one defies me, ever. Any smartass who fucks with me gets my rod in his ass … like this.” He slammed his cock in even harder and Eddie yelled, “I’m sorry, sir. Fuck me … fuck me, sir … aaagh!” Eddie blasted yet another load, then Hassan pulled him back on the cum-slicked bed, pushed him on his back, and stared down at him as his rod relentlessly pistoned inside him.

By this time Eddie was totally in thrall to his master. Wanting more he reached up and clawed at the soldier’s tank, pulling the big body down on him in a frenzy of desire. The fabric stretched, then ripped until the tank hung in shreds over the soldier’s rippling muscles. But slowly, as Eddie stared up in awe, he saw in his master’s eyes signs of his anger softening, replaced by lust … and glimpses of love.

As the fury lessened so did the pace of his fuck until finally Hassan leaned forward and pinned the boy’s wrists to the bed above his head. And now the soldier’s cock ceased to be a weapon of retribution, instead massaging, caressing the tender membrane of his boy’s ass. Their eyes met – in love, no longer in anger – and Hasan’s deep voice said, “You OK, kiddo? Can you cum again?”

“Of course, sir, always.”

“’Cos I want to cum inside you. This has been building all day … here it comes, kid.”

After all the anger, the fear, the ferocity of the fuck, it all ended quietly as the soldier’s muscles flexed, he gazed into his boys eyes and his semen poured into his ass. And, as promised, Eddie managed one last small load of cum that spurted weakly onto his abs as he smiled wanly up at Hassan. “That’s all there is, sir. I’m done … dry … even me.”

Hassan fell forward and held Eddie tight in his arms. “Hell, kiddo, I’m not sure what just happened here. I guess I kinda lost it. But you’re OK? You still my boy?”

“More than ever, sir. I love it when I can make you feel better. Only … I’m a bit worried about Brian, sir. He don’t understand the way things work around here.”

“Damn, you’re right, kiddo. And it’s my fault. I didn’t even notice him leave – and he left his clothes here. I better go make my peace with him.”


To say that Brian was devastated would understate the depth of his despair. Eddie was right when he said Brian didn’t understand the workings of the tribe. Having no context in which to judge what had happened he thought he had committed an unforgiveable act. In a daze all he could see in his mind were the rage in Hassan’s eyes, the fear in Eddie’s, and the soldier hurling Eddie across the room. And it was all his fault … everything was ruined.

Adrenaline powered his arms as he wheeled his chair up the steep slope to Steve’s house. Steve was on the terrace, actually going through the notes he had made on Brian when he looked up and was startled by what met his eyes – the naked boy himself, panting hard, tears streaming down his cheeks.

He jumped up and ran over to him. “Hey, hey, what’s up kiddo … what’s happened?”

It all poured out on a flood of words that were close to hysteria. “Sir, I gotta go home. I fucked up so bad I gotta go home, back to the desert. Please, sir, call Brandon and have him take me home. I’ve ruined everything … everything’s fucked.”

“Brian,” the doctor said sternly. “Now calm down, get grip and tell me what happened.”

Brian looked up at him pitifully and moaned, “I fucked Eddie, sir … we were both on the bed and Hassan came home and caught us and he was real mad … Eddie had said he was in a bad mood … and he picked Eddie up and threw him across the room. I should have helped him ‘cos it was all my fault but I got scared and ran away, but I think Hassan’s beating him up and I’m scared … and it’s all my fault.”

“Stop saying that it’s all your fault, Brian,” Steve said firmly, sitting on a bench beside him. “I doubt that’s true and I doubt things are as bad as you say.”

“They are sir, everything’s fucked. I know I won’t get the job now, sir, and Eddie won’t be my friend anymore and probably Brandon won’t be either. I gotta go back to my trailer in the desert … everything’s simpler there and so complicated here … I should never have come … I don’t fit in here at all, sir.”

“Brian!” Steve’s stern voice was like a slap in the face, as it was meant to be. “Be quiet!” Alarmed by all the noise Lloyd came out on the deck and Steve said, “Quick, bring some brandy, Lloyd, and a T-shirt for Brian.” While Steve consoled the boy Lloyd went inside and returned with a snifter of brandy that Steve made Brian swallow in a gulp. Lloyd took off his own T-shirt and put it on Brian. It hung loosely on him, somehow making him look even more pitiful.

“Now look at me, Brian, and listen carefully.” Steve’s blue eyes were soft and his voice gentle. “Whatever happened down there I can almost guarantee was not your fault. You say Hassan was in a bad mood, and when that’s the case stuff happens between a man and his boy. Let’s wait until ….”

“No!” Brian’s eyes opened wide as he saw Hassan approaching, a fearsome sight in his fatigues, combat boots and a ragged tank hanging in shreds over his muscular chest. “Please, sir, don’t let him hurt me. I’ll go away …” He moved his chair and knocked over his brandy glass that shattered on the deck. “I’m sorry, sir … I’ll clean it up … I will … and then…”

“Brian. I told you to be quiet.” Steve looked up at Hassan who frowned and said quietly, “OK if I take it from here, doc?”

Steve grinned, rolled his eyes, then turned back to Brian. “Now listen, kiddo. Hassan will explain everything to you. I promise he’s not gonna hurt you, and Lloyd and I will be just inside the house so you just holler if you need us. Now, promise me you’ll relax and listen to Hassan?”

“Yes, sir,” Brian said weakly. “Thank you, sir. Thank you for being here, sir.”

Steve and Lloyd left and Brian looked nervously at the big Marine as he sat beside him.


Brian was surprised by Hassan’s gentle touch as he laid his hand on his forearm, and by the soft tone of his lilting voice.

“Brian, please don’t be afraid of me. I owe you an apology. I had a rough day and took it out on my boy Eddie. I fucked him real hard but don’t worry, he’s not hurt – except maybe for a sore ass. Believe me, he loved every minute of it and came many times, as I’m sure he’ll tell you himself. But you were kinda caught in the middle and I’m real sorry for that. You were not to blame, no way, and I’m hoping we can still be friends. Can we?”

Brian’s fear dissipated as he gazed into Hassan’s smiling, slanted eyes. “I er, I would like us to be, sir … very much.”

“Good,” Hassan flashed a gleaming smile. “See, there are ways we guys behave that you don’t understand yet. First, boys in this group fuck each other all the time so there was nothing wrong with you fucking Eddie. I’m sure Eddie got off on it and I’m sure you’ll still be best buddies.” Brian gave a thin smile of relief.

“Second, it’s a fact that when the men of this tribe have a tough day they often come home and get rid of their anger by butt-fucking their boy, sometimes real hard. You already know, for instance, that Jamie is always waiting naked on the bed for when Mark gets home, and often the cop is so stressed he doesn’t even stop to take his uniform off before pounding his ass.

“Also, you may not know this but when Randy has a rough day on the construction site – which happens often – he calls his boy Pablo into his trailer office, throws him over the drafting table and jackhammers his gorgeous ass. Then they hug … and go back to work. The boys are never hurt. In fact they love it … as Eddie did just now. So, can we put this behind us and you let me give you a hug, like Randy gives Pablo?”

Hassan stood up, pulled Brian out of his chair, held him tight in his arms and kissed him on the lips. Then he held him at arm’s length grinning before lowering him back in his chair. Brian blushed in embarrassment and pulled Lloyd’s big T-shirt down lower to hide the huge boner he was sporting. “I guess that means I’m forgiven?” Hassan laughed.

Steve had been keeping an eye on things from just inside the house and now came out beaming. “So that’s settled. Water under the bridge, eh guys? Feeling better, Brian?”

“Yes thank you, sir. Sir, does this mean I still have a chance at the Grady House job? I promise I’ll work real hard serving dinner, sir, you’ll see.”

“Not dressed like that, you won’t kid. We prefer staff to wear pants when they’re serving dinner. “Course, when dinner’s over it’s another story.” When the laughter died down Steve smiled, “Brian, what you don’t know is that I already emailed my report to Grady and Mario while you were down at Hassan’s with Eddie. I strongly recommended that they hire you as Danny’s assistant. After watching you today I think you’ll be perfect for the job.”

“Really, sir? Really?” As he let the news sink in tears sprang to his eyes. “Wow … wow … thank you, sir. Wow!” he shouted, and he was doing wheelies in his chair when Eddie appeared bringing Brian’s clothes, and grinned, “Hey, wha’s happening, dude?”

“I got the job,” Brian shouted. “I got the job!” Eddie threw himself at him gushing congratulations and Brian said, “You sure you’re OK, Eddie?”

“Sure I am,” Eddie bragged, preening. “I told you, I know how to handle a tough Marine.” While they huddled excitedly together, talking over each other, Hassan pulled Steve aside.

“Doc, I’m kinda scared about the way I lost it today. I was so damn mad I could easily have hurt my boy. I dunno, when those new recruits disobeyed and flouted my authority I took it as a personal insult and just wanted to hit out. I gave them a tongue lashing but couldn’t get physical with them, of course, so I took it all out on my boy. And you know the hell of it? I’m still mad deep down. I still feel I wanna fuck and reassert my authority … my masculinity.”

“Ah, masculinity!” Steve said, shaking his head. “That’s what all this comes down to. Shit, how many of you guys have I treated for anger management issues? The worst of you all is my own brother Randy whose anger explodes the minute anyone dares defy him. The trouble is you’re all so damn macho – on an ego trip. Your manly pride has been wounded and your gut reaction is to perform the ultimate act of masculinity – to fuck like a stallion.

“But all that does is ramps up your dominance, feeds your macho impulses and bottles up your anger until the next time. No, stud, what you need right now is something quite different – the opposite in fact. Your male ego is your problem and we don’t need to feed it, we need to diminish it, reduce its power. There’s one surefire way to do that and I’m the guy to do it.” He gave a roguish grin. “They don’t call me a shrink for nothing.”


Just then Lloyd and Tommy came out of the house and Steve said, “Listen up, guys. There’s one more act of this little drama to play out. Tommy, Eddie, Brian, sit over there with Lloyd and watch.” Eddie and Brian sat close together, quivering with anticipation of what might happen. But Lloyd knew his lover well and had a fair idea of what was in his mind. He was familiar with the good doctor’s past unorthodox treatments.

Steve and Hassan stood several feet apart and locked eyes as the Marine ripped off the last shreds of his ragged tank top. The boys’ eyes bulged as they stared at the muscular Marine stripped to the waist – his broad shoulders, sculpted chest, ripped washboard abs and tight waist cinched by the heavy belt of his fatigues. He bent down, unlaced his combat boots and pulled them off, then unbuckled his belt, let his pants drop and stepped out of them.

He stood buck naked staring at Steve, as if facing a challenge from another rugged alpha male, then dropped to the ground and lay flat on his back on the sun-warmed wood of the deck. Steve stepped forward and stood over him, staring down at him with a glint of a smile.

The doctor was still wearing the business clothes he had worn at lunch with his colleagues and he too now proceeded to strip – the dress shirt, T-shirt, loafers and smart beige slacks. Eddie grabbed Brian’s hand as they stared in awe at the two naked muscle gods, one on the ground the other towering over him, both with raging hard cocks.

Steve reached out to a nearby jar of lube, dipped his fingers in and lubed up his cock as he said, “OK, big guy, this macho role you play all the time, wearing it like a badge of honor – let’s see if you’re macho enough to take a big dick up your ass. There’s one thing more manly than shoving your dick in a guy’s butt, and that’s having the guts to take one in your own.”

In reply Hassan grabbed his legs behind his knees and pulled his legs back, offering his ass to Steve, who fell forward stiffed-armed and braced his hands on the deck beside the Marine’s head. Hassan raised his arms above his head and let Steve pin his hands to the wood floor. Steve’s body was stretched out, arched over the naked soldier, only his hands and feet touching the floor, his rigid dick pointing straight at his ass.

“Here it comes, soldier. Let’s see how a tough Marine captain takes a rod up his ass.” His hips suddenly dropped and his long shaft speared Hassan’s ass, driving all the way in until his pubic hair slammed against the hard globes of his ass. Hassan’s chiseled features contorted in a soundless scream … stoically preserving his soldier’s honor by suffering in silence.

Steve growled, “Shit damn, buddy, your ass feels good and you look so fucking hot. Take it, stud … take it all.” His eyes gleamed and Hassan found himself looking up at a face identical to Randy’s, with the same single-minded savagery as he pinned the Marine to the ground and pounded his ass.

Lloyd and the boys watched spellbound as the doctor ramrodded the soldier’s ass. He was like a man transformed – from calm professional to wild animal. Only Lloyd had previously seen his lover like this and understood why. In the mix of nature versus nurture, the brothers Randy and Steve were unalike only in nurture, having been raised in totally different environments. But their basic natures were alike, bred in the bone, though Steve’s inner beast surfaced rarely.

It did now, though, and he matched Randy’s gypsy savagery as he slammed his cock deeper and deeper into the captain’s suffering ass. It was a catharsis for Hassan, a redemption for his irrational anger toward two loving boys. He needed this, craved it and he yelled, “Yeah, fuck me, man, hammer that ass … I can take it, stud, I deserve it. Go for it, doc, punish that arrogant Marine’s sorry ass.”

The four spectators were pounding their cocks by this time, dazzled by the spectacular sight of one handsome musclehunk reaming the ass of another, their brawny, naked bodies gleaming in the afternoon sun, their blazing eyes boring into each other. Steve had all the sexual magnetism of his brother Randy, and the proud Marine captain was humbling himself, surrendering his ass to his captor’s pile-driving cock.

The homoerotic fuck seemed endless but at least the spectators sensed it was reaching a climax. If Steve shared his brother’s ferocity, he also shared his ability to judge a man’s limits and, as his merciless rod pistoned inside the soldier’s ass, he finally knew that Hassan was reaching his.

“This is it, stud, we both know you’re finished. You’re a tough son-of-a-bitch but even you can’t take any more. You gotta give up, man, it’s the only way, or I’ll rip you open … like this …”

Steve’s muscles flexed as he turned up the pressure, pulling his dick all the way out, then slamming it back in deeper than ever. It was one of the most savage fucks he had ever delivered, harder even than when he had fucked his brother in anger, and Hassan knew he had to surrender. “Aaagh,” he screamed at last, “OK, OK, you win, man. I give up … I submit … you’re making me cum … fuck … fuck … Fuuuck!”

The Marine’s magnificent body jolted, muscles flexed and streamed with sweat, as his huge cock exploded with semen that poured over his abs, his chest, neck and face. The pornographic sight of the rugged Marine soaked in sweat and sperm was too much for Steve who howled as his cock erupted deep in the soldier’s shattered ass.

There were four other simultaneous orgasms from the spectators who then rose in a wild, cheering ovation. And as the two shuddering bodies finally came to rest Steve gazed down at the beaten Marine and said, “Now that is what I really call macho, soldier. You’ve never looked tougher than you do now. I salute you, captain … you’re one hell of a man.”


There was a lot to celebrate and Tommy set about making preparations. As Steve got dressed his phone rang, he answered and passed it Brian. “It’s Danny, wants to speak to you. Put it on speaker, kid, I think we’d all like to hear this.”

“Hey, dude, Mario just told me,” came Danny’s excited voice. “Congratulations … I knew you could do it. Course I wanted you right from the first but I guess procedures have to be followed. Listen, I hate to do this to you, dude, but we’ve got a helluva day tomorrow and I need you here first thing. We’ve got a lunch and a dinner and I need you here to help me serve breakfast to Grady and Mario as soon as Grady gets back from his early-morning workout with Randy.

“Mario and me are gonna go shopping for supplies and Grady will be learning lines as he’s got some long, wordy scenes coming up. So you’ll have to run lines with him and it’ll involve spending a lot of time with him reading the other parts until he’s really got those long speeches down. I know it’s a lot on your first day, but you think you’re up to it?”

“Hell yes!” Brian’s eyes sparkled. “You can count on me, Danny, I’ll be there bright and early.”

“Great. Listen I gotta go, but Randy’s here with me and he wants a word. See you tomorrow … it’s the start of something good, dude.”

There was a silence, then Randy’s voice came on the line. “Hey kiddo, as the Aussies would say, ‘good on ya, boy’. Course, you got my vote right from the start and, between you and me, if they didn’t hire you I’d have fucking whipped their asses until they did,” he laughed.

“Listen, kiddo, when things calm down at the Grady House and you can take a couple days off you gotta go out to the desert and wind things up there, make sure your Uncle Mike is on board with all this. I’ll take you out there myself and I thought we’d make a family thing of it.

“Your buddy Brandon can come of course, and Bob will be with me as he wants to visit the desert again, and we’ll take our boys, Pablo and the twins, even Pablo’s dog Billy, the works. It’ll be kinda festive and we’ll sure make a splash when we all go into your Uncle Mike’s bar. How’s that idea grab you, kiddo?”

Brian gulped and stammered, “It … it grabs me just fine, sir. Thank you. I can’t wait.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 319


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