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Dinner was a celebration. The recent upheaval caused by Hassan’s irrational outburst of anger and his callous rejection of his boy Eddie (“this master/boy thing ain’t working”) was over. And, as usual, all the men and boys of the tribe knew every detail of the tumultuous saga.

They knew that the Marine, seized with guilt for his shameful action, had reconciled with Eddie, their relationship now closer than ever. However, the other men of the tribe harbored ill feelings toward Hassan, and everyone knew that the logjam of resentment had been broken, as always, by Randy and his ritual punishment – ferociously butt-fucking the ass of the soldier bound naked in the downstairs gym.

After that Randy had decreed that the subject was closed, finished, which cleared the way for the other men to reconcile with Hassan, and restored his position as a senior and respected member of the clan. So now, as they all gathered for dinner, Hassan was once again enjoying the genuine friendship of the other men, his transgressions forgiven and forgotten.

Of course, everyone also knew what had happened after Randy had finished with Hassan and gone to work, leaving the young Marine bound in the gym. Bob had gone down to release him and welcomed him back to the tribe in his own special way, with the help of Hassan’s boy Eddie. It had been a wild sexual session where Eddie had serviced both men, and it culminated in Bob offering his ass to Hassan as the ultimate gesture of friendship.

True, Bob had forewarned Randy of his intention and Randy had gritted his teeth and voiced no objection … at the time. Everyone was aware of that too. But still … Bob getting fucked by a beautiful alpha male like the Marine was … well, who knew? In the past it would have been a red rag to a bull – a raging bull. But these days …?

So when the party finally broke up they all watched with some slight trepidation as the two guys stood up and said their goodnights. Randy slung his arm over Bob’s shoulder and walked him to the house. “Seems friendly enough,” said Hassan hopefully.” Mark sighed, “You think?”


Up in the master bedroom Randy didn’t lose any time. He was not one for foreplay or pussy-footing around. As soon as the door closed behind them he said, “Did he fuck you?”

Bob sighed deeply. “Randy, I thought that question went down with the Ark a long time ago. I can’t believe you asked that.” He shrugged in disbelief and got ready for bed, took off his shirt and jeans. In just his boxers he lay on his back on the bed, hands behind his head.

At the sight of the near-naked muscle-god lying before him Randy’s dick got rock hard. But he persisted. “Well, did he?”

“Jesus, you know he did, buddy. I told you I was gonna ask him to, just to show him all was forgiven. You knew that, so give it a rest, buddy, please.”

“How was it? Did you like it? Was he a good fuck, as good as me?”

“Aaah!” Bob shouted, “I’m going mad. Or you are. Somebody pinch me and wake me up, please. You know, for a tough, dominant alpha male you can sure hang on to an insecurity.”

He stared up at the swarthy gypsy whose pale blue eyes had a strange blend of sorrow, confusion and fear. Randy pulled off his tank and stood bare-chested, stripped down to his jeans, looming over him in what Bob judged to be part intimidation, part seduction. Whatever … it worked, as Bob’s cock rose under his shorts like a tent pole.

“See, Randy? I still love you. I’m not about to run away with Hassan and live happily ever after on a Marine base, get it?”

Irritated by Bob’s mocking tone Randy turned and paced the room, his fists clenched. “It’s just that the guy’s such a fucking stud – built like a brick shithouse, body that won’t quit, gorgeous face with that dark Arab thing he’s got going for him. He’s a fucking man’s man – anyone would be seduced by him.”

“Except me, Randy. Because I’ve got you – an alpha stud with a body that won’t quit, gorgeous face with that dark gypsy thing you’ve got going for you. Oh, plus I’m in love with you. It’s not a competition Randy, but if it were, you’d win hands down – every time. What do you want from me? To promise that I won’t leave you, like I’ve promised a million times already.”

“Yeah, I know, I know. It’s just that the thought of that soldier fucking your ass with that massive dick of his … Hell, it’s my ass, buddy, belongs to me!”

“Jesus, I can’t believe I’m hearing this … like we’ve slipped back a few years to Randy’s caveman days. ‘I belong to you … you own me … you own my ass.’ OK, buddy, right … let’s do it … let’s go back to the stone-age, why don’t we?”

Bob spread his arms and legs to the corners of the bed. “Here I am, Randy, spread-eagled, the man you own. You gonna tie me up? You gonna whip me, punch me, shove your dick in the ass you own and fuck the bejeezus out of me ‘til I submit and beg for mercy? You gonna rope me, ride me like a rodeo cowboy rides a bucking stallion until he tames him?”

“No, asshole, of course I’m not gonna do that.”

“Then what are you gonna do, Randy?”

“I don’t fucking know,” Randy yelled in frustration. “But I’ll think of something!”

********************   CHAPTER 329    ******************** 

Bob had to stifle a laugh at those last forlorn words, which he found both amusing and quite moving. He watched the big, muscular gypsy pace the room, trying to look fierce despite having no idea what to do next.

Randy reverted to type, impulsively resorting to actions that had worked for him in the past. He unbuckled his belt, pulled it out of his jeans and let it dangle from his fist. But when he gazed down at his lover’s soft brown eyes staring up at him he threw the belt contemptuously aside. Obviously he could not thrash the man he idolized.

He walked to the head of the bed and grabbed the ropes that always hung round the bedposts. He stared down at the near-naked muscle-god spread-eagled on the bed and his cock jolted at the thought of seeing him bound hand and foot. But no, that was great when they were having sex but no good as a punishment – not anymore.

And yet he did need to punish hm … didn’t he? He had to show him who was boss … didn’t he? Couldn’t let him give his ass to that gorgeous fucking soldier and get away with it … could he? He recalled Bob’s taunting words. ‘You gonna rope me, ride me like a rodeo cowboy rides a bucking stallion until he tames him?” Nah, that suddenly sounded like a stupid idea. And yet … shit, what the fuck could he do?

Bob’s heart went out to Randy as he watched him pace in utter confusion. Not for the first time Randy seemed like a lost little boy throwing a tantrum, angry at something but with no idea how to retaliate.

“Randy,” Bob said gently, “do you want me to give you a clue?”

“I don’t need no fucking clue,” he snarled. He paced some more, and then, “What?”

“Well, first of all, let me say that Hassan was a great fuck.” Randy inhaled sharply and clenched his fists. “I know that’s not what you want to hear, Randy, but it’s a fact. But let’s not dwell on what Hassan did and focus instead on what he didn’t do. Sure he fucked me, but we didn’t make love. He said he loved me, but we weren’t in love.  And when it was over we didn’t fall asleep in each other’s arms. Instead we gave Eddie the time of his life – kissing him, teasing, tickling until he finally ran off dying to tell the other boys all about it.

“And you know what Hassan said to me? ‘What’s Randy gonna say about this? Man, I don’t wanna tangle with him again.’ And I said, ‘No problem, I already cleared it with him … not that I need Randy’s permission. I’m my own man … he doesn’t control me.’ Seems I was wrong.”

Bob’s speech had confused Randy even more and he blustered, “Fuck you, man. You think you’re so damn smart don’t you? Think you know all about men. Well I’ll tell you something, pal, I know about men too – men like you, like the Marine. I got a whole crew of guys at work who depend on me and I run a real tight ship … I know how to get the best out of them.

“Oh, and I suppose that makes you a beacon of wisdom, eh?”

“Well,” Randy shrugged, “I wouldn’t go that far.”

Bob smiled inwardly but, not wanting to tease Randy any more, he decided to play his trump card. “You know what, buddy? I’m tired, and this conversation is going nowhere, so I’m going to sleep. He pulled off his shorts and turned over on his stomach. He settled his face sideways on the pillow, eyes closed, arms sprawled upward, legs splayed on the bed.

Randy had run out of words. He gazed down at his naked lover – at his handsome, chiseled face on the pillow, tousled dark hair falling over his brow. He stared at the broad back, muscles rippling slightly as he breathed, at the outspread arms and legs, at the slim waist rising up over the white globes of his ass in contrast to the golden tan of his body.

Randy’s heart was pounding, as it always did when he watched this beautiful man sleeping. And he realized how stupid he had been, with his petty jealousies, irrational fear, paranoia even, which led him to react in such a crazy way, with his empty threats of physical punishment.

Punish him? Punish this stunning man he would give his life for?! All he wanted to do now was love him, make love to him, show him just how deeply he was in love. And then he knew what Bob had been talking about – all the things Hassan had not done.

Quickly he pulled off his boots and jeans, lay down naked on the bed and Bob reflexively rolled over, so his back was pressing lightly against Randy’s chest. Randy inhaled sharply as he felt his cock brushing against the mounds of Bob’s ass.

Man, he wanted him so bad but, after their touchy conversation, he was not sure how Bob would respond. He was afraid of offending him again so he lay there frozen, their bodies barely touching, but dying to wrap his arms round his lover and hold him, love him … fuck him. He was afraid of waking him up … and yet he didn’t hear the deep breathing he always heard when Bob was asleep. So he plucked up his courage and murmured in Bob’s ear, “You asleep yet?”

“Hmm … not really,” Bob said drowsily.

After a silence Randy said, “Buddy, that stuff you said about Hassan … you know, the things he didn’t do … all that stuff about making love. Did you say that ‘cos you want me to do it?”

Bob stirred and pressed harder back against Randy. “You know, for a big construction boss who claims to know all about his men you can be real thick sometimes … all that caveman crap about payback, punishment, yada yada yada … What the hell do you think I wanted as soon as we walked in here?”

Randy smiled to himself with relief and realized that Bob had been teasing him. To save face he said, “You don’t think I meant all that shit, do you? I was teasing you, dude.” He let things settle until Bob was breathing more heavily, then licked the palm of his hand and stroked his cock. He eased the head between the cheeks of Bob’s ass and pushed ever so slowly, his thick rod sliding gently inside him.

“Mmm,” Bob groaned, “that’s better. Keep doing what you’re doing, man.”

So Randy did, lying behind him, his hips moving back and forth, one arm wrapped round him. Over the years Bob had been fucked by all the men in the tribe, but nothing beat this, the feeling of his lover’s huge cock filling his ass. This is what he needed, what he craved, and he always would. But he was still in a teasing mood and finally said, “That all you got, big guy?”

“Oh, man,” Randy grinned, “you are really asking for it. You know how I make love, buddy. Vanilla it ain’t. It can get mighty rough.”

“I’m counting on it.”

Randy suddenly pulled out, shoved Bob over on his stomach and knelt between his splayed legs. He gazed down at the perfect round globes of his butt, leaned forward and pressed his hands on the small of Bob’s back at his narrow waist. “Look in the mirror, dude.”

Bob raised his head off the pillow, stared at the full length mirror at the head of the bed and said, “Oh, that’s it, buddy, that’s the look. Shit, that is so fucking sexy.” He was staring at the naked gypsy bending forward over him – his biceps and shoulders flexing as his arms braced rigid on Bob’s lower back, pinning his body to the bed.

But it was the face that held him mesmerized – the dark, sculpted features; square, stubbled jaw; high gypsy cheekbones; long black hair … and the eyes, always the pale-blue eyes that penetrated down to his very soul.”

The balance of power was always shifting between the two men. With words Bob could tie Randy into knots and leave him confused as a young boy, but when it came to action, Randy was king – cocksure, dominant, all man. Fucking was his territory, nobody could beat him, and now it was Bob who was reduced to a man tied in knots – of desire. Randy flashed his confident smile. “You know you want it, man. Forget all the other guys and all the bullshit. This is what you want. Let’s hear it.”

“You know I want it, Randy … always … from the first day I met you. And I’m not ashamed to say it … fuck me … fuck me, sir … fuck my ass … aaah …”

He sighed deeply as Randy drove his rod quickly into his ass, then pulled back and pushed in again. Bob knew exactly what to expect … a quick acceleration of deep thrusts until the gypsy was pile-driving him with his long shaft. “You like it hard, don’t you, buddy? Hard like this?”

This was vintage Randy, his cock a piston powering into his hungry ass as Bob stared in the mirror at the wild face, stubbled jaw clenched hard, black hair flying, the laser-blue eyes piercing his eyes while his rod pierced his ass. “Yeaaah!” Bob howled in ecstasy, then let his face drop into the pillow, biting it and flexing hard to withstand the gypsy’s assault.

But Randy did not want a face buried in a pillow … he wanted to look at his lover – to fuck his eyes while he fucked his ass. So he grabbed Bob’s thick, dark hair and pulled his head back to face the mirror while he fucked him.

But even that was not enough so he made one of his signature moves – grabbing Bob and flipping him over on his back, his ass spinning on the pounding rod. Randy pushed his shoulders against Bob’s raised legs, leaned forward and pinned his wrists to the bed above his head. He smiled at him, their faces inches apart.

“Now you’re mine, buddy. Now I own your ass … it belongs to me … right?”

“Yeah … you own it, man. Fuck it … please, sir.” Bob’s submissive tone was not playacting, not fantasy sex. It was real. Bob was a handsome, powerful alpha male, confident in his authority over most men. But with Randy this is what he craved … to be dominated by the wild gypsy he had met by chance in a run-down bar, fallen in love with – and stayed with ever since.

Randy was the only man in the world who had ever truly subjugated Bob, and his legendary fucks with that monster cock were the manifestation of his power. But it was his eyes that held Bob in thrall to him, those hypnotic eyes that drew him into a world where no one existed but them, eyes that were mirrors in which he saw his own reflection, saw his own passion, his own willing surrender to the eyes, the face, the body … to the man he idolized.

Randy continued to pound ass and now he was confident enough to say anything, raise any topic. “Is this how he fucked you, man? Is this how the soldier fucked your ass?”

“Not this hard,” Bob murmured breathlessly.

“Ah, slower, uh? But not like this, I bet.”

Suddenly Randy’s cock slowed to a gentle massage, a caress almost, as it pulled back then glided gently deep inside … and over the inner sphincter, making Bob moan, “Oh … oh … oh, god … that feels … aaah …” Randy pulled the head of his cock back and forth over the ultra-sensitive sphincter deep inside him, driving Bob wild with desire. Then he pulled back halfway, massaged his ass with short thrusts, before easing his cock in deep again to work on the sphincter some more.

A master of his art Randy teased, cajoled, thrilled and frustrated Bob, bringing him to the edge of orgasm, then taunting again and watching with satisfaction as the handsome face winced and thrashed from side to side on the pillow.

Randy was indulging his greatest pleasure – to give his lover the exquisite gift of domination by keeping him at the peak of desire. In full command now this was one time Randy’s insecurity about Bob disappeared. Right now he was sure that Bob loved him with a passion that would last forever. Bob would never leave him, could never leave. They would never part.

There was a hint of triumph in Randy’s smile. “The soldier didn’t do this to you, did he, buddy?”

“Nobody does that to me, Randy,” Bob said meekly. “No one except you. You know you’re driving me crazy … I need to cum … will you let me cum?”

“No!” Randy ordered, his eyes flashing. “You are not to cum. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Even when I do this …” Randy pulled his cock all the way back and smiled at him. “Look at me, buddy … look in my eyes. Here it comes.” He suddenly thrust forward, his cock erupted deep inside him and flooded Bob’s ass with his sperm. Bob’s eyes opened wide and he moaned, “Oh god … oh god …”

“Don’t cum, man … not yet.”

So Bob gritted his teeth, stared into the hypnotic eyes that forbade him to disobey, even though his cock and balls were bursting for release. He breathed deeply and waited until the pulsing cock emptied inside him. When Randy pulled out Bob sighed with frustrated desire and asked plaintively, “Why can’t I cum, Randy?”

Randy released his wrists and reared upright on his knees. “Why? Well, remember a while ago you told me to focus on the things you and Hassan did not do? Like, he didn’t make love to you. So I made love to you instead and …” with a streak of the arrogance Bob found so sexy … “and gave you what no other guy ever could. But there’s one other thing you two did not do.”

Randy flashed his roguish smile. “Sure, the soldier fucked you good … but you didn’t fuck him!”


It took a moment for Randy’s meaning to register, then Bob grinned up at him. “You son of a bitch. OK, big guy, you asked for it.”

Bob flipped Randy off him, meeting no resistance although he knew Randy’s strength could have overpowered him if he’d wanted to. And in seconds their positions were reversed, with Bob leaning over him, pinning his arms to the bed, the tip of his cock pressing against his hole. “Man, I’m so close. You mother-fucker, you knew I’d be bursting to cum when I got to fuck you.”

Randy grinned, “Quit complaining, asshole … shut up and fuck.”

So Bob took the plunge … literally. He drove his cock deep in the gypsy’s fiery ass, then pulled back quickly in a frantic attempt to prevent his orgasm.

Randy said, “Look at me, buddy … look at my eyes.” Bob obeyed, sensing that even though he was top man right now Randy was still calling the shots. “You feel great inside me, stud. We should do this more often. I know, I know, your balls are bursting. And you know I can make you cum anytime I want. So wait for it, man.”

Bob knew Randy was right. He was firmly in Randy’s power, even though Randy was the one with a dick up his ass. Bob moved his cock slowly, carefully inside his lover, staring pleadingly into the blue eyes that danced with mischief. And at last Randy had mercy on him, saying simply, “OK, man. Let it go. Fuck me…”

Bob pulled all the way back … then slammed in deep, and all his pent-up passion exploded in his lover’s ass. Their howls could be heard throughout the compound and many a half-asleep man or boy felt his cock get hard and a smile come to his lips. The bosses were making love and all was right with the tribe’s world.

In a few minutes silence reigned and Bob lay on top of Randy, his cock still deep in his ass, their mouths locked in a churning kiss. When at last they broke apart Randy grinned up at Bob and said, “You’re a great fuck, buddy … you’re a great everything. Funny how making love with you makes everything come right, eh?”

He pulled Bob tighter to him. “I remember one other thing you said you didn’t do with Hassan. ‘When it was over we didn’t fall asleep in each other’s arms,’ you said. Well, I guess that’s one other thing we have to make up for here, don’t ya think?”

“You’re the boss,” Bob chuckled. “He pulled out of Randy’s ass, rolled on his side and pressed his back against Randy’s chest, their favorite position to sleep in. Randy wrapped an arm round Bob’s waist and nuzzled the nape of his neck.

“You know?” Bob said drowsily, “during dinner I was chatting with Steve and he said next Friday after work we should go up to his place and meet with him for an hour … sort of a couple’s-therapy refresher.”

“Hm,” Randy grunted, “like I need my brother to tell me how to treat you? After what we just did here? … I don’t think so.”

“And after the session, Steve said we should stay for dinner with him and Lloyd …” Bob grinned to himself … “served by their houseboy Tommy.”

“Ah, you mean Golden Boy? The blond gymnast with the buns of death? Well, if you put it like that, maybe couple’s therapy don’t sound so bad.”

“Depends on the couple, I suppose,” Bob teased.

“And on the therapy,” Randy chuckled.

“Randy, you’re a jackrabbit – or you screw like one. You see a great ass and … just fuck it.”

“And that’s a bad thing?”

“Asshole,” Bob said, snuggling closer. “Go to sleep.”


And so the last repercussion of the Hassan/Eddie saga had played out. When Hassan had first got mad with Eddie it was like throwing a rock into a lake, where the ripples spread violently outward and rocked boats caught in the swell. Bob and Randy had been caught too, though they bore no responsibility for the incident. But just as Randy had bestowed the tribe’s forgiveness on Hassan, so the act of Bob and Randy making love had brought peace to the tribe and brought down the curtain on the whole sorry story.

The next morning at breakfast there was a lightness about the group like a new day dawning. Most of the guys round the table had heard the orgasmic howls of the two men the night before and, if harmony had come to the leaders, it now infused the whole tribe.

Randy had increased respect from the men and boys and a new-found confidence in himself, bordering on cockiness, after his total domination of Superman the night before. When it was time for work Randy looked across the table at Zack, his co-manager at the construction site and grinned, “So what d’ya say, big guy? Let’s get to work and kick some ass, eh?”

Zack flashed a quick grin at Bob, then stood up, a shirtless black muscle-god the equal of Randy, and said, “You got it, big guy. Let’s roll.”

As they left together Bob looked over at Mark who chuckled, “So, may we assume things went well last night?”

“You may assume so, officer. And the next time, I want you there. It’s about time the three of us got together again. You can help me gang up on that arrogant hunk of man.”

“Just say the word, buddy.” Mark kissed him on the lips and went to work.

Bob phoned Steve and confirmed that they were on for Friday evening. “Great,” Steve said, “though rumor has it on the grapevine that you two don’t need much help from a shrink. To tell you the truth, Bob … You got a minute?”


“Well, I’m hatching another little plan. See, young Tommy is doing great here, he’s a real asset to the house, he’s good buddies with Lloyd, and actually a lot of fun when he loses that stiffness and relaxes a bit. One of the things that concerns me, though, is that he tends to stay isolated up here, away from the tribe and the other houses. The other boys visit sometimes, but he can’t seem to entirely shake off that Arrogant Golden Boy image he brought with him from his up-market manager’s job at the Ritz Carlton.

“Anyway, my shrink mind started ticking over and I ended up asking Mario if he and Grady could loan me Danny for the evening. They’re going out to dinner so it works out fine. Danny is a great chef as you know so Lloyd won’t have to be in the kitchen. But here’s the rub … Danny will be working with Tommy, but they have a rather checkered history together. Now that’s a whole ‘nother story that I’ll go into when I see you.”

Steve chuckled. “So keep those loving vibes flowing with that hot-blooded brother of mine, buddy, and we’ll see you both on Friday.”

Bob shut off the phone with a smile. He loved it when Steve’s therapist mind kicked into planning gear, and he couldn’t wait to see what was in the works this time.


Friday evening came and they drove down the drive to Steve’s house in Bob’s Mercedes. They were casually but smartly dressed, Bob in slacks and a pale blue dress shirt, Randy in jeans and a black polo shirt. Left to himself Randy would have worn his usual tank top but Bob had insisted that he smarten up with the shirt he had bought for him.

Not that it made much difference. Whatever he wore Randy’s muscular body bulged underneath it and he somehow gave the impression that he was about to yank the shirt off at any minute – not that anyone would have objected. Most of the boys always fantasized about the body under the shirt and couldn’t wait to see the construction boss shirtless.

That was certainly the case with Tommy who opened the door to greet them. He was in formal major domo mode in the uniform Lloyd had designed for him – tight black pants that stretched over his glorious ice-skater’s ass, a dark gray T-shirt under a black matador jacket with its short waist-high back designed to show off the ass bulge to best advantage. (Lloyd’s expertise as an architect extended even to the body architecture of the blond gymnast.)

Tommy’s professional poise wilted a bit when he saw Randy, looking stunning in his black shirt that matched his stubbled jaw, dark gypsy face and long black hair. Tommy had always quietly worshipped Randy, recalling the times the muscle-god had ferociously fucked him. The boy secretly longed for more and frequently jerked off fantasizing about it. Randy knew the effect he always had on the boy and played on it. “Hey, Tommy. How’s it hangin’?”

Tommy’s knees went weak but he quickly regrouped. “Er, I’m very well, sir. Welcome gentlemen,” he said rather stiffly (though not as stiff as his dick). “Follow me, sirs – Steve and Lloyd are on the terrace.”

He led them through the house and Randy’s gaze zeroed in on Tommy’s perfect butt that flexed under the tight pants as he walked. Randy grinned wide-eyed at Bob and his fingers curled in claws as if to grab the ass, breathing a not-too-subtle “Phew!”

“Down, tiger,” Bob hissed out of the side of his mouth. “Behave yourself.”

“Hey, guys …” Steve jumped up from his chair on the deck by the pool and strode over to give then both a hug. He too was wearing jeans and a polo shirt, brown, so his resemblance to his brother was even more marked. “You gotta forgive Lloyd, gentlemen. He’s in his lazy mood.”

“Hell no,” Lloyd laughed and waved from his chaise, looking hunky handsome in shorts and a loose, dark-blue casual shirt hanging open over his chest. “I’m just a guest here today, relieved of kitchen duty for once, thanks to young Danny.”

“Is he in the kitchen?” Bob asked. “I must go and say hello.” While Tommy took drinks orders Bob went into the house and through to the kitchen where Danny was bending over the counter with his back to him, chopping vegetables. He was wearing white pants and a blue T-shirt, with a long apron tied round his waist.

He didn’t hear Bob come up silently behind him but felt strong arms curl round him from behind. Before he could turn round he heard Bob’s voice. “OK if a guest kisses the chef?”

Danny spun round and smiled with pleasure behind his black rimmed glasses seeing Bob, a man he loved ever since he had rescued him from his menial job at the hotel and given him a job as a chef with the tribe. He smiled mischievously. “It’s not only OK, sir, it’s required. No kisses, no dinner – rule of the house.”

“Can’t have that, kiddo, I’m starved.” Bob pulled off Danny’s glasses, grabbed his face in his hands and gave him an opened mouthed kiss, tongues and all. When at last they separated Danny said, “No more, sir, or I’ll cum in my pants and that’s against health regulations.”

“Didn’t want to interrupt you, Danny … just wanted to see how you’re doing up at the Grady House.”

Danny sat on a stool, eager to talk. “I have a few minutes, sir, before things start to boil. I’m doing great, sir, never happier. Grady and Mario are fabulous to me. Who’d have thought it when you met me as a humble pool boy, that I’d be working for a gorgeous movie star people lust for all over the world. Did you hear, sir? Grady has just filmed a couple of scenes for the sequel to his Tarzan movie – you know, using the same sets before they strike them.”

“Wow, so there’s really gonna be a sequel … a franchise. That young man’s gonna be really rich and famous. I better warn him about throwing his money around.”

“Oh, Mario wouldn’t let him do that, sir. And Grady does whatever Mario says. I’ve never seen two guys as much in love as those two. And Brian, my assistant, is having the time of his life up there. You know, he works so hard that most of the time I forget he’s in a wheelchair.”

“I’m so happy to hear that, Danny. So, you’re loaned out to Steve and Lloyd for the evening, working with Tommy. How’s that working out?”

Bob noticed a momentary hesitation. “Er, it’s fine, sir. ‘Course you know how I love being in a kitchen and Tommy lets me do what I want here.”

“But you’ll join us for dinner, of course.”

“Well … if Tommy says it’s OK. He’s the house manager here … he’s the boss.”

Bob lowered his voice conspiratorially. “Danny, between you and me, the guests trump the houseboy and get what they want. And Randy and I will definitely want you to eat dinner with us, so that’s that. There’s even talk of us staying the night so we don’t drive home drunk. So maybe we’ll be seeing more of you later. If you would like that.”

Danny blushed slightly. “I would like that very much, sir.”


Things were coming to a boil on the stove so Bob left Danny to it and rejoined the men outside. “Hey, buddy,” Randy said, “there’s your drink I ordered from Tommy.”

“How did you know what I wanted?”

Randy grinned, “I always know what you want, man, so shut up and drink.” Bob pulled a long face and looked in mock surprise at Steve. “Wow, his master’s growl – borders on verbal abuse, wouldn’t you say, doc.”

“Oh, I’m not worried,” Steve chuckled. “I’m sure you have ways to retaliate. So, you had a chat with Danny? How do you think he’s doing?”

“Oh, sounds like he’s having the time of his life at the Grady House. Hell, he’s the chef-housekeeper for one of the hottest upcoming movies stars, a job most guys would give their eye teeth for. Grady and Mario love him so much he occasionally shares their bed. Yeah, he’s over the moon … except I detected a moment’s hesitation when I asked about Tommy.”

“Yeah, you’re right about that, Bob, and I’m working on it. Those two have had difficulties in the past. Hell, I don’t have to tell you two about that … you saw it first hand when you stayed at that classy hotel and both boys were working there.”

“Yeah,” Bob said, “hard to forget that. Tommy was the assistant manager and Danny’s supervisor, giving the kid a real hard time, lording it over the lowly pool boy. Until our gypsy friend here cut him down to size – playing the part of a backwoods Texan.”

Randy grinned and fell into his raw Texas drawl. “Damn right, ah remember that arrogant own-shit-don’t-stink young son-of-a-bitch real well. Looked down his nose at me from the minute I strode up and slammed my hand down on the reception desk. But the second I looked in his eyes I saw them flinch and I knew I was gonna fuck him. So did he.

“Lucky for him he’s got the buns of death. My dick and that ass … match made in heaven … or hell as the case may be. Proud as a peacock, Golden Boy he was … claimed he was a look-but-don’t-touch top man. Bullshit. He wound up dragging himself on his belly across our hotel room floor begging the big ol’ Texan construction worker to fuck his ass … and I was only too happy to oblige.”

By this time the other three were in fits of laughter. Steve said, “Well, Randy, you must have made quite an impression on him – or in him – ‘cos he’s mellowed out a lot. When he looks at you I get the feeling that any minute he’s gonna drop to his knees and clamp his mouth over the bulge in your pants. He sure as hell wants to.”

“Yeah, well, he’ll get his chance. All in good time.”

“But what I really wanted to talk about was him and Danny. They’ve worked together since they both moved to L.A. … in this house where Tommy’s the boss, and at the Grady House where Danny rules. But it’s a delicate balance. Starting out the way they did – the manager abusing the pool boy – has made things difficult.” Steve sipped his drink and let his words sink in.

“To a large extent they’ve buried their differences,” he continued, “but there’s still that tension between them, as you saw, Bob, from Danny’s hesitant reaction. And the trouble is, the boys of the tribe are all real close with Danny – Brandon, Brian, Ben and the others – and they’ll never really warm to Tommy until they know Danny does.”

“So what’s your plan, doc?” Bob smiled. “I can see that shrink’s mind ticking over.”

“Oh, you’ll see,” Steve smiled enigmatically. “You two guys are gonna stay the night, I hope. You’ll have to if you wanna fuck the ‘buns of death’, Randy, ‘cos you can’t do it tonight, you’ll have to wait ‘til morning. You two will have the guest room, of course. As for the rest … I’ll think of something.”

Randy said, “Fuck you, bro, and those fancy plans you cook up … putting the kibosh on a guy having a bit of fun. So Golden Boy’s ass is off limits tonight, uh? Ah well, I guess I can wait.”

“Well,” Bob said, “you’ll still have me as a second choice. I know I’m not a young blond gymnast with an ice-skater’s ass but … maybe I’ll do as a consolation prize. Think of me as first runner up. And as the saying goes, ‘If, for any reason, Miss America is unable to fulfil her duties …”

“Asshole,” Randy grinned. “Yeah, I guess you’ll do. Mr. America can fulfil his duties tomorrow.”


So there were six for dinner that evening, as Tommy and Danny joined them. And it went with surprising smoothness. The two boys at first left all the taking to the two men, but after carefully placed questions, especially from Bob and Steve, the boys were drawn into the conversation and were soon entertaining them with their many tales of the goings on at their old hotel.

Danny was guarded when discussing life at the Grady House as it was an iron-clad rule that Grady’s privacy had to be preserved at all costs by the staff there, Danny and Brian. But if anyone could be trusted with stories of Grady and Mario, it was certainly these four men – Bob and Randy, Steve and Lloyd – who were intrigued by Danny’s tales of life with the stars.

Dinner went on a long time and the wine flowed copiously. So when finally the evening wound down it was obvious that no-one should get behind the wheel of a car and drive home. Steve’s invitation to Bob and Randy was already agreed – the guest room, no problem. But what of Danny? Bob watched Steve carefully and smiled to himself as he saw the plan in motion.”

“Danny, a while ago I called Mario and he and Grady insist that you should not drive back there tonight after drinking. And there’s no problem at all. Mario says he’s having fun working in the kitchen with Brian and they’re even teaching Grady to cook … kind of. More food on the floor than on the counter, Mario says. So if it’s OK with you, you’ll spend the night here.”

“Fine, sir,” Danny said. “Where will I …?”

“Well, that’s a bit of a problem. There’s a bed in Lloyd’s office but right now it’s smothered with Lloyd’s blueprints for a new project. So, er, the easiest thing would be for you to share Tommy’s room … if that’s OK with Tommy.”

“Of course, sir,” Tommy said obediently. “I have that big California king-size bed so Danny won’t be in the way.” He winced and bit his tongue, realizing instantly how patronizing and demeaning that sounded. “Sorry, I …” he blushed deeply.

But Danny took it all in stride. “That’ll be just fine, sir. And in the morning I can help Tommy make breakfast before I go back to the Grady house and see how bad of a mess Grady has made in my kitchen.”

As the boys went off to clear away the dinner things Bob grinned at Steve. “So that’s the plan, eh, doc? Do you think it’ll work?”

“Dunno,” Steve shrugged. “Sometimes therapy consists of throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. But I’m hopeful that this time it’ll stick. Just a hunch. So goodnight, you two. And don’t take any more of my big brother’s verbal abuse, Bob. Physical abuse? Not a problem.”

He disappeared into the master bedroom with Lloyd, and Randy slung his arm over Bob’s shoulder as they made for the guestroom. “So,” Randy said, “I’m stuck with the first runner up, eh? Wonder what that’s gonna be like?”

“Only one way to find out, stud.”


In the kitchen Danny and Tommy were, if anything, even more tentative with each other than before, knowing they would be sharing a bed. They had participated in sex games with the other boys before, but spending a whole night together like this, just the two of them, seemed somehow more serious. As they put things away and cleaned the countertops Danny said, “Tommy, I guess I kinda got foisted on you by Steve. I don’t wanna invade your privacy so I could always take the couch if you like.”

“Nah, no sweat, dude. Like I said, it’s a big bed and you’ll be no trouble.” Shit, he thought, that didn’t come out right either. He always came across as so damn haughty somehow. As they moved around the kitchen they took care not to bump into each other, and when they accidentally brushed shoulders they instinctively recoiled.

They were both surprised at their nervous reactions. They had assumed that they had long since buried the hatchet from their antagonistic relationship at the hotel, but it didn’t help that a strained manager/assistant role still came between them – Tommy the boss here and Danny in charge at the Grady House. They had never made the leap of seeing themselves as equals.

By the time they had finished in the kitchen they were more on edge than ever as they went into Tommy’s bedroom. It was at the side of the house with a view of the pool and the Hollywood Hills beyond. The light of the full moon streamed through the large picture windows and fell on the big bed that dominated the room. In any other circumstances it would have been the perfect setting for love-making, but that fleeting thought made everything even worse.

They instinctively turned away from each other as they undressed, but with all the mirrors in the room they could not avoid glimpses of each other. Danny saw Tommy pull off his T-shirt and stifled a gasp at the sight of the perfectly sculpted gymnast torso. And when he pulled his pants down Danny couldn’t pull away from the reflection of the spectacular ass everyone lusted for.

Tommy’s habit was to sleep naked and he now got quickly into bed and turned on his side, facing away from Danny undressing across the room. He closed his eyes at first but then stealthily peeked at Danny in the mirror, through narrowed eyes to avoid detection.

He was surprised at the lithe, muscular young body that he had never paid much attention to before, although he always thought of the boy as cute. Danny had obviously been working out with Grady and Mario in the Grady House gym and Tommy was impressed.

Danny had stripped down to his boxer briefs and hesitated to take them off. But he thought, hell if Tommy can sleep in the buff, why am I nervous about getting naked? Fuck that ... He pulled off his briefs and was startled when his stiff cock sprang out. Obviously the sight of the naked gymnast had turned him on, but he dismissed that notion, got quickly into bed and lay on his side near the edge with his back to Tommy.

“Night, dude.” “Night.” Tommy switched off the bedside light but the room was still bright with the silver light of the moon flooding in. They both clung to their edge of the bed and tried to sleep, but it was tough for both of them. Their minds wouldn’t be quiet, they were racing with a jumble of thoughts neither could identify. If only his hard-on would go down, Danny thought, he could fall asleep.

Eventually he did get drowsy but the light was so bright he looked for the off switch before realizing it was moonlight. Half-asleep, half-awake Danny started to toss, but when he turned over he found himself facing Tommy who had also turned toward him. And Tommy’s eyes were open. They stared at each other for a split second then both whipped over with their backs to each other again, clinging even more precariously to their edge of the bed.

After that jolt Danny’s hard-on did lessen a bit and he began to drift off to sleep. He turned over again, unconsciously stretched out his arm, and his hand came to rest on Tommy’s chest.

He woke instantly, pulled back his arm and lay on his back. “Sorry, dude.”

“S’OK,” Tommy said softly and he too lay on his back. Soon his head turned on the pillow to look at Danny. His eyes were closed and he struck Tommy as kind of angelic in the light of the moon, cuter than he had ever looked before. Danny stirred and Tommy whipped his head back and stared at the ceiling. But still sleep wouldn’t come and he said softly, “You asleep, dude?”

Silence, then Danny murmured, “No, can’t sleep. Trouble is I got this boner. Think I’ll go to the bathroom and get rid of it with a quick one off the wrist.”

“Me too,” Tommy said “… same thing.” Another silence then Tommy said, “Kinda dumb going to the bathroom in turn and jerking off don’t ya think? Easier to help each other out, uh?”

Tentatively, silently, still staring at the ceiling they reached over and groped for the other boy’s cock. Soon they were stroking each other slowly, less tense now that the ice was broken. Danny asked, “You ever, like, think of doing stuff like this with me, dude?”

“Not really. Well, that’s not quite true. Remember that party at the Grady house when you were wearing that chef’s hat. You looked so cute in your black rimmed glasses that for a second I wanted to kiss you. Then the thought went away, you know how it does.”

“I do. Happened to me once when I saw you lying on a chaise in the sun in just your speedos. I had a sudden urge to reach out and touch that awesome body of yours, but then Mario called me away for something and the moment passed.”

“Dumb, uh?” Tommy said.

“Kinda. Tommy, my cock feels so good in your hand but I don’t wanna cum like this. D’you think? … I mean … you don’t have to but …”

“You want me to suck your dick, dude?”

“Yeah, would you?” The bedcovers were thrown off, they twisted round and in seconds they were lying head to toe with their mouths wrapped round each other’s cock. Slurping and moaning with pleasure their inhibitions started to weaken and the novelty of sucking a boy they had always been scared even to touch brought them pretty close to a climax.

Suddenly Danny pulled off but stayed where he was without looking back at Tommy. Easier to say what he wanted to say like this, without catching his eye, so he plucked up the courage.

“Dude, that time I saw you lying in the sun and wanted to touch you. Well if you wanna know the truth, it was more than that. What I really … well it was kind of a fantasy and didn’t last long, but I did think of it afterwards. I mean, it’s kinda common knowledge that you like to take it up the butt … I mean we’ve all heard of how Randy and Bob … and now Lloyd of course … they’ve all fucked you ‘cos you’ve got this awesome ass. And you being this hot, sexy athlete and all …”

Danny broke off, hearing a sob coming from Tommy. Quickly he spun round, face to face, and saw a tear rolling down his cheek. Tommy murmured, “Danny, I was such a bastard to you at the hotel, I know I was … I knew it at the time. My insecurities, I guess, but I was jealous of you, even though I was your boss. I mean, you were so cute and so popular with the other guys on staff and no-one liked me much. I wouldn’t blame you if you still hated me, so …”

Danny propped himself on one elbow, stared down at Tommy and brushed the tear from his cheek. “Hey, dude, that’s all in the past … like another life. And here we are now, both with great jobs – you the house manager for these two gorgeous guys, the doc and the architect, and me the same for Grady and Mario. We fell into a pot of jam, dude, and we’re equals now. We should be sharing stuff, be real good buddies.”

Danny gave his mischievous smile. “All this dumb crap, sharing a bed and scared to death of touching each other. It’s all bullshit. We should be doing what we wanna do. You say you wanted to kiss me? Well – no chef’s hat this time, I’m afraid – but will this do?”

He leaned down and their lips met, brushing against each other at first then grinding together in a hot, passionate kiss. It went on for a while, tongues probing, searching, until Danny pulled back at last. Tommy’s eyes sparkled as he looked up and said, “Wow. And you, Danny, you were starting to tell me what you really wanted.

“Dude, ain’t it obvious. What I was trying to say is … that day in the sun, what I fantasized about, if only for a split second, was fucking your gorgeous ass!”

Tommy’s face lit up. “Really … you wanted to fuck me?”

“Still do … more than ever right at this moment. What d’ya say, Tommy?”

Tommy grinned, “I say the lube’s right there by the bed. It’s for Lloyd when he comes to visit.

“Well this time it’s for me, dude.” Danny jumped up on his knees between Tommy’s legs, reached for the lube and greased up his stiff cock. He pushed Tommy’s legs in the air and looked down at the cheeks of his perfect ass. “Oh shit, dude, it’s fucking beautiful. I wanna fuck you so bad.”

He pushed his cock against the fine, downy blond hair round the hole and said, “Don’t let me cum, dude … I want it to last.”

“So don’t cum.” Tommy giggled. “I won’t if you won’t.” They were laughing as Danny eased inside the warm ass, sliding in deeper and deeper, then pulling back and pushing in again.”

The young gymnast’s face rolled from side to side on the pillow and he moaned, “Oh, man, that feels so good. No don’t cum, Danny, not yet – just keep fucking me.” They ran their hands over the other’s chest, stroking, squeezing, making up for the times they had been scared to touch.

“God, that ass feels so good, dude,” Danny said, “and you look so beautiful lying there. I can’t believe I’m actually fucking that perfect butt. Let’s make love, uh?” He leaned down and kissed Tommy again, still fucking slowly, gently. Tommy curled his hands behind Danny’s head and pulled his mouth harder against him, at the same time pushing his ass higher, wanting more of Danny’s cock.

Their inhibitions had vanished as they shed all remnants of their old wariness of each other. They let youthful energy take over as they rolled over and over on the bed, with Danny fucking Tommy in every position they knew – and new ones they just invented. They laughed, hugged, kissed, wrestled, and always Danny came out on top with Tommy impaled on his cock.

“I’m real close, dude,” Tommy said at last. “Don’t think I can hold it back.”

“Me too. Let’s do it … we can always do it again … and again if you want.” Tommy was on his back, pounding his dick in his fist, and Danny grinned down at him, panting hard. “Awesome, dude … so beautiful … I’m cumming … here I go … yeah … fuck yeaaah!” Their screams echoed round the room as Danny blasted cum in Tommy’s ass and the gymnast splashed spurts of juice all over his sculpted chest and up to his neck.

They gazed at each other and laughed, not only with the joy of orgasm, but also with the relief of banishing their former coldness and discovering a brand new friendship. In contrast to their earlier clinging to edge of the bed as far from each other as possible, they now lay in each other’s arms, reluctant to let go.

There was a new instant intimacy between them and like all good buddies they gossiped and shared confidences. “Fess up dude,” Danny teased, “you’re dying to get ploughed by Randy again aren’t you?”

“Man, I still jerk off most days thinking about it. But I think maybe he’s kinda bored of me.”

“And bored with that ass?! Nah, I don’t think so, dude. I saw the way he kept staring at your butt all evening, practically salivating. Trust me, dude. You’re in for it tomorrow.”

Danny was right, of course. Their triumphant, climactic shouts had echoed round the house and been heard by the other two couples. In the master bedroom Steve smiled with satisfaction and a hint of professional pride. “See Lloyd, like I said. You throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. Seems like this time it stuck like Krazy Glue.”

And in the guest room Bob grinned at Randy. “Sounds like Mr. America just fulfilled his duties.”

“Not yet he ain’t,” Randy grunted. “Tomorrow Captain America meets the King of the Gypsies.”


TO BE CONTINUED IN “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 330


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