The housewarming party at the Grady House was in full swing.

The whole tribe was there with two notable exceptions – the leaders, Randy and Bob. But by now everyone knew where they were and what they were doing. It was the anniversary of the day they first met and they were re-living the wildly sexual events of that day back in the scruffy motel where they had spent the first night of their lives together so long ago.

Word traveled fast in the tribe after Mark, who had disappeared for a while, returned to the party still wearing his full cop uniform. He had dropped in on the pair at the motel and added his own special authoritarian touch to their muscular exertions, leaving both of them bound and gazing longingly at each other. But, Mark being Mark, he had left them with a means of getting loose and they were even now back in each other’s arms continuing their celebration.

Mark changed into jeans and a T-shirt and only had to mention to Zack what had occurred, and for Zack to tell his boy Darius, which was as good as shouting it through a megaphone. The whole group was agog with Darius’s lurid description and it was the sole source of conversation for a while until the party returned to its former clamor of laughter and feasting.

The ‘Three Amigos’ – Eddie, Brandon and Ben, the designated waiters – were still running food back and forth between courses, resplendent in their new Grady House uniforms of black pants, white short-sleeved shirts and red waistcoats.

Tommy, the newest and lowest member of the tribe had temporarily shed his role of butt-boy to his masters Pablo and Darius (and to many other men of the tribe), and emerged like a butterfly from a chrysalis as the maître d’ of the party – though Danny, the house manager, was still in overall charge. Tommy had dressed the table impeccably and was now making sure everything ran according to plan, employing the subtle techniques he had learned as event planner at the luxury hotel where he had worked before joining the tribe.

In fact he was wearing the smart black assistant-manager uniform he had brought with him when he quit the hotel. Formal though it was, it accentuated his lithe, gymnast physique underneath and his handsome blond features.

Doctor Steve, Randy’s brother and therapist to the clan, had promised Bob he would keep an eye on Tommy. With his professional expertise Steve was rather uneasy about the abrupt transition the boy was making from the haughty assistant manager of an opulent hotel to the submissive young man who had willingly surrendered his ass to most of the men of the tribe and had become the only ‘boy’s boy’ in the group, subservient to both Pablo and Darius.

But Steve was impressed as he watched Tommy now performing his duties at this big event. He showed a surprising finesse in making sure that the raunchy, high spirited group did not entirely overrun the stylishness of the table that he and the boys had taken so much trouble to arrange. He had dealt with rambunctious groups like this at the hotel and now discreetly ensured the smooth flow of the meal from course to course without in any way dampening the enthusiasm of the men and boys.

Two of the liveliest guys at the table were the senior boys Pablo and Darius, Tommy’s joint masters, and he glanced often in their direction to ensure that he met with their approval. He knew well that when all this was over and they were back home they would make him strip off his uniform, transforming him from poised maître d’ to naked bottom boy getting double teamed by his young masters. In fact, the only impediment to his smooth performance at this event now was the major boner he had in his smart pants every time he looked at the two lusty boys.

The food had been such a hit that, as the meal began to wind down, Grady stood up and said, “Gentlemen, I may be the star of a movie but the star of this show puts me in the shade – the fabulous food! Please put your hands together for the guys who have created this spectacular meal today, our chefs Danny, Kyle and Kevin.”

The three boys stood up, whipped off their chef’s hats and acknowledged the applause with deep sweeping bows. The twins took a few steps back, graciously letting Danny take the lion’s share of the acclaim. Then Mario stood up beside Grady. “And how can we forget our sexy wait staff – Eddie, Brandon, Ben and Tommy? Take a bow, amici.” Eddie and Ben stood on either side of Brandon in his wheelchair and the three boys greeted the cheers with a perfectly synchronized triple salute. Tommy stood more sedately a few steps behind.

Grady waved the crowd to silence and said, “Yeah, you boys look real cute in those uniforms, but you know what would look even cuter? You out of them – not wearing anything!” He chuckled. “In restaurants whenever I see a cute waiter there’s something I’ve always wanted to say but didn’t dare to. Get naked!  Well now I dare. So how about a swim guys? You ready to christen this new pool? And that goes for everyone, guys.”

The boys led the way in doing a slow and extravagant striptease to whoops and whistles from the crowd until all three were butt naked. Eddie, Ben and Tommy did synchronized swan dives into the pool. Brandon wheeled himself to the edge of the pool with, “Wait for me, guys,” and did a dramatic flop straight from his wheelchair into the water. Chaos ensued with men and boys shedding clothes and jumping into the large pool in a riot of laughter and churning water.

Steve’s lover, the handsome architect Lloyd with his great gym-honed physique, was one of the first to strip off his clothes and dive in. Mark sat next to Steve watching the mayhem and said, with the intuition of a cop, “Hope this doesn’t get out of hand. What d’ya think, doc?”

“Hmm, it’s pretty clear where those oversexed boys are gonna end up. But as Randy and Bob are not here, lets you and me keep an eye on things, eh?”


Steve was right, though it didn’t take a degree in psychology to predict where the boys were headed. It wasn’t long before their horseplay in the pool became sexual, grabbing at each other’s balls and asses. The ‘Three Amigos’, Eddie, Brandon and Ben were the ring-leaders, though even in the midst of their roughhousing they glanced periodically at their masters, Hassan, Pete and Jason, to make sure they approved.

Danny, just as boisterous, glanced at Grady but he needn’t have worried about the reaction of their fun-loving host who was always up for anything, the sexier the better.

The only one of the boys who held back was Tommy. He was still unsure of exactly where he fitted in. Having arrived in the tribe with a reputation for arrogant aloofness he had quickly had that knocked out of him and had assumed the role of submissive underdog, a natural craving that had always been buried deep under layers of faked ‘top-man’ self-importance.

But as Doctor Steve rightly surmised, that abrupt transition in his status was not easy. Today Tommy had tasted the prestige of his old job as he acted as maître d’ of the celebratory lunch, and now here he was suddenly naked in the pool with a bunch of rowdy, confident boys. He looked at Pablo and Darius for guidance but they were having too much fun to be of much help. They had not yet learned that, no matter how festive the occasion, a master always has to look out for his boy.

Young Eddie, the most impetuous of the bunch, mistook Tommy’s reticence as standoffishness and made him the butt of his jokes, playfully teasing him to be more aggressive. But Tommy’s natural inclination was the reverse – to be submissive to all the members of the tribe, including them. He was not yet ‘one of the boys’.

With the crowd mentally natural to young men the other boys joined in Eddie’s taunts, not unkindly but expecting him to react with the same give and take as they would do. Brandon, having been the handicapped victim of condescension all his life, sensed Tommy’s discomfort and brought things to a head, instinctively settling on the one thing he was sure Tommy would respond to willingly.

“Hey, you guys, wrestling with a bunch of naked boys makes me horny. I need my dick sucked. Which of you studs is gonna do the honors and give me a blow job?”

The response was instantaneous. The boys began the chant of “Tom-my, Tom-my, Tom-my …”, a mantra that was picked up by others and quickly spread round the whole group, which by now was well lubed with wine. Suddenly Tommy felt he knew his place, knew where he fitted in – the tribe’s fuck-boy, to be used and abused by anyone, his sexual subservience on full display to the whole rowdy group.

The implied degradation of that appealed to his masochistic cravings and he did not resist as he felt himself being hauled out of the pool and forced to his knees on the grass. Brandon was hauled out next and pushed into his wheelchair, loving the feeling of being as much a part of the show as Tommy, and the dominant part at that.

The other boys gathered round, all butt naked and dripping wet, and Brandon grabbed his already hard dick. “OK, Tommy,” he said genially, “here it is, the juiciest piece of meat on the menu today – er, with apologies to the chefs. Open up, stud.”

The whole tribe watched with amusement and cheers of encouragement as the young blond gymnast opened his mouth, leaned forward and eased his mouth down on Brandon’s full eight inches. Mark turned to Steve. “You OK with this, doc?”

“Oh sure, so far anyway. This is just what Tommy wants, the indignity of being put on display as the group’s toy-boy. It’s what he craves, actually – and that’s the part that disturbs me a bit. It’s fine for now, though. And you gotta admit, officer, the young jock looks way sexy on his knees there. He would have loved an audience when a certain gorgeous cop I know punished him for dangerous driving by tying him down to his motorcycle and fucking his ass.”

“Oh, you heard about that,” Mark grinned.

“Hell, that story was so hot it made the rounds of the clan many times. It’s one for the archives. I’m surprised they didn’t set it to music and make a movie out of it. Maybe you could give a repeat performance, buddy, and let us all watch.”

“That was a one-time-only deal, doc. Why don’t you concentrate on today’s show instead? Looks like it’s heating up.”

It sure was. Tommy was going to town on Brandon’s cock, chowing down on it with all the expertise he had learned in his cock-sucking lessons from Eddie, the tribe’s resident expert on blow-jobs. Brandon had locked his wheelchair in place and put both hands behind Tommy’s head, pulling his face forward harder and harder with whoops of joy.

“Yeah, ride that big prong, boy. Swallow it good. Hey, you guys, one of you give our boy a little encouragement why don’t you? Danny, you’re supposed to be the master of the house, right?”

Danny swaggered forward and theatrically stretched his arm to the side, palm up, and gave the order, “Lube!” Getting into the act Ben ran forward saying, “Yessir, massa, right away sir.”

He had grabbed a tube of lube from what was known as the trick table and squeezed a hefty amount in Danny’s palm. Danny grabbed his rigid cock and lubed it up liberally, then dropped to his knees behind Tommy. With his other hand he stroked the perfect white globes of the jock’s ass and said, “Man, you ice-skaters sure have incredible butts. Brace yourself Tommy.”

The crowd gasped as Danny pushed his dick into Tommy’s butt, a move that made Tommy suck Brandon even harder. For him, getting spit roasted by two junior boys while the whole tribe watched was the ultimate humiliation, something that fed his new image of himself as the quintessential bottom boy.

As soon as he joined the tribe Tommy had been butt-fucked by Randy and then by most of the other men, culminating in his being lashed to a motorcycle and getting worked over by a cop. And now he was humbly offering himself to the boys. He was sinking deeper and deeper into a masochistic abyss and, as the men watched, Mark noticed Steve clench his jaw and frown.

But the boys, in their playful enthusiasm, were only too happy to cater to Tommy’s hunger for domination. For them is was just fun. If one of them had been the victim they would have played it to the hilt for laughs. What they didn’t realize (and Steve did) was that for Tommy this was real, something he craved.

Danny grinned at Brandon and said, “Let’s work him, dude. Fuck that gorgeous face while I pound his ass.” Grinning at each other they matched each other stroke for stroke, two good buddies spearing both ends of the submissive young jock.

The senior boys – Darius, Pablo, Jamie, Nate and the twins – watched with stiff erections, turned on by the erotic spit-roasting spectacle and cheering them on. And if the masters shared Steve’s uneasiness it certainly didn’t show as they watched the unfolding boy orgy with the satisfaction that their boys were having a whole lot of fun.

Tommy worked feverishly and things were coming to a head. “Gee, you suck real good, dude,” Brandon panted. I can’t hold out much longer. How about you, Danny?”

“Ready when you are, dude. This is one hot ass. Oh shit, look at those buns.” He slapped the bouncing white ass cheeks and Tommy moaned loudly into the gag of Brandon’s cock. “OK, stud,” Danny yelled to Brandon …. “Let him have it.”

On all fours, Tommy was indulging his craving for humiliation by getting spit roasted in front of the whole clan cheering the boys on. He heard Grady yell, “Go for it guys,” and gulped hard as Brandon’s cock erupted in his mouth and he felt Danny’s cum flooding his ass. His own cock was shuddering but he had learned to hold back his orgasm until he had permission from Pablo.

But he barely had time to catch his breath before Brandon rolled his wheelchair backwards and another boy took his place. A hand grabbed his hair, pulled his head up and Tommy found himself looking up at the young, dark gypsy face of Ben. Ben was a junior version of his big brother Randy, a man Tommy idolized, and now his jaw sagged as it had so often to receive Randy’s huge cock.

Ben looked down at the blond jock’s face, cum spilling from his mouth and running down his chin. “Hey, Brandon, you really did a number on this guy,” Ben laughed. “My big brother says you’re one mean cock-sucker, Tommy, so let’s find out. My cock’s nowhere as big as Randy’s but he taught me how to face-fuck like he does, so open wide, dude.” And once again the kneeling gymnast felt a cock slide down his cum-slick throat.

Behind him a dispute was in progress. Danny was enjoying the feeling of his dick draining in Tommy’s furnace-hot ass but Eddie was impatient. He grabbed Danny’s shoulders and tugged him back. “Hey, dude, don’t be an ass-hog, let me get a piece of the action. My balls are bursting here, and I wanna show off. I can do something none of you other guys can.”

He yanked Danny backwards, his cock slid out of Tommy’s ass and he went sprawling on the ground. Eddie stood behind Tommy’s upturned ass, with Danny’s cum running out of it and down his legs. “Shit, that looks hot,” Eddie said, watching the young athlete’s muscles ripple in his back as he braced himself on hands and knees while Ben hammered his face.

Eddie pounded his cock in his fist and yelled, “Watch this guys … here she blows …” Laughing gleefully he shot a ribbon of cum so hard that it spurted forward over Tommy’s back, up to the nape of his neck and into his tangled blond hair. “Yeah!” Eddie howled in triumph, looking for approval from his master Hassan as the big Marine smiled, seeing his boy have so much fun showing off to the crowd.

“But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet folks,” Eddie laughed. “Hey, they don’t call me the big gusher for nothing. This cock never quits.” Still hard as a rock it slid easily into Tommy’s cum filled ass. And once again, to the crowd’s encouraging cheers, Tommy willing submitted to two pistons driving into him fore and aft. The persistent young cocks had the stamina of youth, coupled with the boys’ determination to put on a show for their buddies, and the muscular young gymnast was proud to endure the indignities of his second spit roasting of the afternoon.

Eddie’s eyes sparkled as he looked at Ben, the two buddies competing to see who could fuck harder and faster. A challenge was inevitable and Ben taunted Eddie, “Bet you can’t cum again before I do, dude. My dick is smoking hot, ready to blow.”

“Oh yeah? The guy ain’t been born who can cum more often than me, and Tommy’s ass is so damn hot. OK, you’re on. I’ll race you, dude.” Their joyful laughter filled the air and Tommy became just a horse in their race, ridden at both ends, until Eddie yelled, “Here I go, dude … I win …”

“No way,” Ben yelled … “I’m cumming … yeah!” Their orgasms were simultaneous and Tommy clenched his throat round one dick and his ass round another as semen flooded into him once again.

“You’re faking it,” Ben accused Eddie.

“Oh yeah? Let’s prove it, then” They both pulled their rods out of the shuddering jock and spurted the last of their jizz over his already cum-soaked body.

Appointing himself referee Danny shouted, “A dead heat …!”


Eddie and Ben reached across the kneeling body and shook hands, like contestants who had just fought each other to a draw. They stood up and received the congratulations of Danny and Brandon, leaving the degraded young jock kneeling on the ground almost like an afterthought, drenched in semen, head bowed in abject submission.

Then Pablo stood up to take charge, strutting in his role of senior boy indulging the juniors. “OK, guys you’ve had your fun,” he said patronizingly, “but that’s enough. Time for his masters to take over.” He stood in front of Tommy, pulled his head up by the hair and gazed down at the handsome face, cheeks wet with tears, jaw sagging open and drooling cum.

“OK, boy, time for the big guns now. You know what happens next, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” Tommy answered. “You’re going to fuck my face, sir.”

“Damn right, boy, and that’s not all. You’re gonna feel all ten inches of my buddy’s big black club in your ass. “Hey, Darius, come over here and give our boy a preview.”

Darius stood beside Pablo, both still naked after their swim. Their cocks swung inches from Tommy’s face and he obediently licked them in turn, from the head up to the pubic hair. Slowly they hardened and Darius grabbed his massive cock and said, “You took this before, kiddo, you wanna feel it in your butt again?”

“Yes, sir. Please, sir.”

And so the handsome young athlete braced himself for his third spit roast of the day. He opened his mouth wide, Pablo pushed inside it and Tommy choked, but not from the cock in his mouth. He was reacting to the thick shaft sliding in his ass – inch by inch by inch until it pressed against the inner sphincter and pushed over it.

Now the blond jock’s endurance threshold was put to the ultimate test. His throat was sore and his ass ached after being worked on by the juniors, and he knew the senior boys would not hold back. His fears were confirmed when Pablo said, “OK, Darius, let’s show him who’s boss. Let him have it.”

The two lovers grinned at each other as they hammered their victim’s ass and face. It was like an extension of their own vigorous love making where they copied the macho force of their own masters, Randy and Zack – but without their sense of restraint. And this time they were not pounding each other … they were both ramrodding the helpless boy between them in an accelerating contest of sexual supremacy.

There were no cheers from the crowd this time as the mood turned somber. Jamie, fully aware of Pablo’s need to prove his dominance, cast an anxious glance at Mark. Steve, sitting beside Mark, murmured, “This is not right, Mark … it’s too much. The other boys were just having fun but it’s serious for these two. It’s all about them, not their boy and it could go on and on. Man, if Bob and Randy were here they’d know how to end it with no bruised egos. I gotta cut it off. “

But he didn’t need to as relief came from an entirely unexpected place. Faking excitement Brandon yelled, “Wow, another cum match. This is hot, guys … a senior-boy jack-off contest. Place your bets, guys. First one to splash down on their boy. My money’s on Pablo – in under ten seconds. Ten … nine … eight.” The other boys realized what Brandon was doing and took up the chant … seven … six … five …”

Of course, under the scrutiny of the whole tribe, the macho young studs rose to the challenge. Staring defiantly into each other’s eyes they pulled their dicks out of Tommy and pumped them vigorously in their fists, their muscles flexing hard. And the count of “three .. two …” was drowned out by a triumphant yell from Pablo, closely followed by Darius as one after another their cocks blasted jets of cum over the heaving back of the exhausted young gymnast.

“The winner!” Danny yelled, raising Pablo’s arm in the air, but casting a quick meaningful glance at Brandon. While the onlookers cheered (mostly with relief) and Pablo and Darius basked in their accolades, Brandon quietly wheeled himself to Tommy’s discarded clothes, then back to the kneeling boy, his shuddering body and handsome face pouring with cum.

“You OK, dude?” Brandon asked softly. “It’s OK, it’s over. Here’s your clothes. Why don’t you go up to Danny’s room and use his shower? Here, grab hold of my chair.” Tommy grasped the armrest of the chair and hauled himself painfully to his feet. Clutching his clothes to his chest the degraded boy stumbled toward the house and disappeared through the door.

There were tears in Steve’s eyes as he watched him go, looking so alone and humiliated. “I gotta take care of this,” he said to Mark and stood up to follow him. As he left the noisy group he put his hand on Brandon’s shoulder, bent down and said, “Well done, Brandon. You’re my hero – Tommy’s too, I bet.”

Brandon looked up at the handsome doctor. “Thank you, sir. I just felt sorry for him. You will take care of him, won’t you, sir?”

“Don’t worry, kiddo. I will. I promise.”


Grady and Mario had been generous to Danny, their chef and housekeeper, and assigned his own small apartment to him in the sprawling house. When Steve reached it he knocked on the door and, getting no reply, walked in. Tommy’s clothes were strewn over the floor … he had obviously just dropped them there as he stumbled to the bathroom, from which Steve heard the sounds of running water. He went into Danny’s kitchen, found two beers in the fridge, and brought them to the living room where he settled into in armchair.

He thought hard about what he had witnessed by the pool, especially about Tommy, Pablo and Darius. The younger boys had simply been having fun and he sensed that Tommy had enjoyed himself too. But his so-called masters, Pablo and Darius, had been a different matter.

What troubled Steve the most was the depth of Tommy’s need to be so abjectly dominated. He had obviously subjugated this craving deep inside him for years, buried it under a camouflage of arrogance and pride, and his true desires had finally burst free when he subjugated himself to the animal magnetism of the ultimate master, Steve’s brother Randy, in that hotel room. And, of course, he had instantly fallen in love with Randy – not that there was anything unusual in that, Steve mused.

Steve compared the phenomenon with taking a long dormant bottle of champagne and shaking it up until the cork burst from it and the pent-up contents blasted all over the floor. No way to drink champagne, Steve grinned ruefully to himself. As a therapist he had counselled many young men whose masochistic cravings had got so out of control that they had buried all shreds of their own self-esteem under their need to be abused.

Steve’s professional instincts now kicked in and he grabbed a pad and pen lying on the table beside him. He was making notes when the sound of the shower stopped. After a long silence, the bathroom door opened and Tommy appeared, toweling himself off. At the shock of seeing Steve he dropped the towel, stood before him butt naked and said, “Oh, sir. Have you come to fuck me, sir?”

Steve was dismayed by the question, which betrayed Tommy’s feelings about what he was worth – nothing more than a fuck-boy, anyone’s for the taking. But as he gazed up at the handsome young blond with the chiseled physique of a gymnast, Steve could see why everyone wanted to fuck that flawless ice-skater’s ass that had first been broken in by Bob and then Randy. Steve even felt his own professional poise falter as his cock stiffened in his pants.

He stood up, handed the towel back to the boy and smiled, “No Thomas, I have not come to fuck you, that’s not why I followed you up here, though you are a handsome young man and one day I would like to. But no, I’m a doctor and I came to see you to make sure you’re OK.”

“Oh, I’m OK, sir. Did you see what they did to me, sir?” he asked eagerly, resorting instantly to what he considered his only useful talent, his ability to endure the subjugation of a group fuck.

“Yes, I saw it, Tommy. Here, put your pants on, sit with me for a minute and have a beer.” Steve watched with admiration as Tommy pulled on his boxer briefs, then his smart uniform dress pants and, barefoot and shirtless, sat down tentatively in an armchair facing Steve. Steve opened both beer bottles and handed one to him.

“What I really came here for, Thomas, was to congratulate you on the way you handled the event today. I know most of the heavy lifting was done by the three chefs and the three waiters, and they were all terrific, but I noticed the way you kept an eye on things and tweaked the service or the table when things were not quite correct.

“The tribe can be a real handful, I know – as they say in showbiz, a tough room – but the table was elegantly set to start with and your deft touch prevented the meal from becoming a free-for-all food fight. Your service was subtle and unobtrusive and I really admired that, and I’m sure Grady and Mario were pleased with the way things went. I would imagine you had a lot of experience with events like that at the hotel you worked in.”

Tommy blushed and said, “Thank you, sir. Yes, sir, part of my job at the hotel was event planning, and I worked with a lot of different groups from high school prom kids to big company meetings.”

With the practiced skill of a therapist Steve subtly drew Tommy out, encouraging him to talk about his hotel experiences, from formal to casual to amusing. In that way he learned much more about the boy than Tommy ever dreamed he was revealing. He dropped the servile tone and became animated for a while until he became aware of how much he was talking and folded back into himself, to Steve’s disappointment.

Part of his lapse onto silence was that Tommy was in awe of Steve. Physically he so much resembled his older brother Randy, whom Tommy worshipped, except that Steve was a professional man, more like Bob than Randy. Tommy loved the roughness of Randy but there was something about Steve’s gentler tone that turned Tommy on, and he was now nursing a huge boner in his dress pants.

His heart beat fast as he said, “Sir, are you sure you wouldn’t like to fuck me, sir?”

“As I said before,” Steve smiled, “one day perhaps, but not now. We have a long way to go before that. What I would like, as soon as possible, is to have a therapy session with you, just as I have with almost all the other members of the tribe. How would you feel about that?”

Tommy actually chuckled. “People say therapists always ask that question, sir – how do you feel about that.”


“I would love that, sir, very much.” The thought of spending an hour alone with the handsome doctor – even if all they did was talk – made his cock even harder. “But I would have to check with Pablo to see if …”

“It’s OK,” Steve interrupted. “I’ll have a word with my adoptive nephew and clear it with him first. So get dressed and let’s go down. They’ll be wondering what we’re doing and, with the rumor mill in this group, they’ll be coming up with all kinds of fantasies. But none to match yours, I bet,” Steve teased playfully.


When they went back to the group Tommy resumed his duties, even though a short time before he had been naked on all fours getting group fucked at both ends.

Steve pulled Pablo and Darius aside and told them of his proposed therapy and they instantly agreed. Senior boys though they were, they would never have gone against the gorgeous doctor’s wishes. They had huge respect for him, quite apart from the fact that he was Randy’s brother – and totally hot.

And there was something else besides. Pablo glanced at Darius and it seemed something was worrying them. “Sir,” Pablo said, “me and Darius were talking and … well … we weren’t exactly proud of what we did to our boy Tommy. It wasn’t Tommy’s fault, though. I think Darius and me kinda … I dunno … kinda missed the point somehow, like, went too far. Maybe after you’ve had a therapy session with Tommy we could both come and see you?”

“Great idea,” Steve said with some relief. “I’ll be I touch.”

And so it was arranged that Tommy would go up to Steve’s house in the hills on Mulholland Drive late the next afternoon after the doctor had seen the last of his patients. In the meantime Steve had a long conversation in the morning with Randy and Bob, after they finally surfaced from their night of debauchery at the motel.

And before Tommy arrived at the house Steve chatted with his lover, the handsome architect and gym-jock Lloyd. He sometimes involved Lloyd in his more unorthodox therapy sessions with tribe members, and Lloyd had no complaints about that at all.

Exactly on time, at 4pm, Tommy drove up to the gate of the Mulholland house. He was nervous and excited but didn’t quite know why. He had been intimidated at first by the drop-dead gorgeous doctor, so much like Randy, but Steve had a way of helping him relax and he was easy to talk to in a way that he found impossible with other guys, even his masters Pablo and Darius … especially them.

Also, he had always lusted for Steve’s lover Lloyd, though he was such a stud and so far above him that he was, Tommy thought, way out of his class.

“Hey, Thomas, come on in,” came Steve’s voice through the intercom and the gate swung open. Tommy drove down the long drive and Steve met him outside the front door. “Good to see you again. Let’s take the short cut to my office round by the pool.”

Tommy followed him round the house and when they came to the pool he saw Lloyd lying on a chaise in blue Speedos sunning himself. His muscles rippling and gleaming with suntan oil he looked magnificent and Tommy inhaled sharply. “I know,” Steve grinned, “quite the stud isn’t he? And a great fuck too … into anything. What he likes best is … Hey,” Steve chuckled, “what am I doing? This is about you Thomas, not the resident hunk over there. Let’s go into my office.”


Tommy’s heart was beating fast as he sat on the edge of the couch facing Steve who sat with a clipboard on his lap, looking very sexy in a dark blue polo shirt, tan slacks and loafers with no socks. Tommy had asked Pablo what he should wear and Pablo suggested something casual and comfortable – shorts, T-shirt and sneakers. But he wanted his boy to look sexy so he had given him a tight T-shirt that left none of his lithe, gymnast body to the imagination.

Steve smiled kindly. “Thomas, perched on the edge of the couch like that you look like you’re about to jump up and run away. So please, sit back, make yourself comfortable, and relax. This is a chat, not the Spanish Inquisition … though I know the Inquisition fantasy does have some attraction to a lot of guys – just ask Lloyd.

“OK, now yesterday you already told me a lot about your life as assistant manager at the Ritz Carlton, so we’ll carry on from there. I have to say that watching you at Grady’s housewarming was a study in contrasts. There you were, poised and elegant in your smart uniform keeping a professional eye on the event, and a short while later you were buck naked on all fours getting spit roasted by a group of boys. Quite a change! How did you feel about that?”

Tommy squirmed and his throat went dry. Steve put his clip board aside, settled back in his chair, stretched his arms then relaxed with his hands linked behind his head. “See, Tommy – no clipboard, no hands, just you and me.” Tommy’s cock was rock hard as he gazed at the muscular doctor, his arms flexing as his short sleeves slid back off his bulging biceps.

Steve knew exactly what he was doing. Next he leaned forward, elbows on his thighs and his pale blue eyes smiled encouragingly. “You know, Thomas, whatever you tell me here is strictly private, doctor-patient. So, I’ll ask you again. This change from elegant hotel employee to submissive boy’s boy … how do you feel about that, Tommy? Is it OK if I call you Tommy?”

“Yes, sir, I’d like that. And, er, how do I feel? Well, sir, it’s something I guess I’ve always wanted, I know that now. But … now it’s happened I … I feel confused … kind of out there … all on my own, if that makes any sense.”

“I understand. But I’m surprised you feel alone. After all, that’s a great bunch of boys and you’re one of them.”

“Well … not really, sir. See, I’m a boy’s boy … the only one. I mean, in the tribe there’s the leaders, Randy, Bob, Mark and Zack, then the other masters, then the senior boys, the junior boys … and then me.

“Oh, I’m not complaining, sir, about being the lowest boy in the tribe. I mean getting gang fucked by the guys was a real turn on, the kind of stuff I always fantasized about. I need a master to worship, sir, and Pablo and Darius are great. Except, well, I’m a boy’s boy – the only one in the tribe. Sure, Eddie and Brandon have their masters, Hassan and Pete, but, well ….”

He trailed off in confusion and suddenly Steve saw the problem clear as day. He had been circling it all this time and now he understood. The experiment had failed! Steve had gone along with Randy’s novel idea of giving Tommy to Pablo as his own boy, but Randy’s focus was on raising Pablo’s stature, becoming a kind of junior master. And since then they had all concentrated on Pablo’s progress in the role. But what of Tommy? How was he adapting to being the boy of another boy within the tribe? Nobody had considered that much … until now.

“Tommy, let me tell you something about the master/boy relationship. The boy looks up to his master, loves and obeys him, and in return the master loves and protects his boy. There are rules Randy himself is insistent about. A master never hurts his boy beyond what the boy wants and can handle. He respects his limits. And in that sense the boy is always in control. I know Randy told you that first day in the hotel room, you could always say no and walk away.”

“But I didn’t say no, sir. I didn’t want to.”

“Exactly my point,” Steve smiled. “Randy is the ultimate master … the boy falls in love with him and trusts him implicitly. Of course, Randy is in a class of his own. He’s skilled enough to take the boy over his pain threshold for an instant and that’s when the boy cums … and falls in love.

“See the thing is, just because you are obedient to your master you don’t have to lose your own pride and self-respect. Take Jamie, for example. You see him as proud, strong and self-assured. But did you know that Jamie has to be naked on the bed and ready to take Mark’s cock in his ass every day when the cop comes home? That’s not subservience, Tommy, that’s the joy of serving a glorious man like Mark.”

Tommy’s eyes were shining with excitement, and it was at that point that Steve came to a major decision. It wouldn’t be easy, he’d have to tread carefully. But at least he knew what the first step would be. Before anything else he had to boost Tommy’s confidence in himself, make him realize that he was more than just a submissive bum-boy … he was a sexy young jock.

“You saw Lloyd out there as we came in Tommy. What do you see when you look at him?”

Taken aback Tommy stammered at first, then found his voice. “Lloyd is beautiful, sir. Real handsome, a great body, confident. He’s so macho, a real guy’s guy … one of the masters.”

“Well said, Tommy, I agree. Quite the stud … one reason I love him. And earlier I started to say, ‘You know what he likes best …?’ Well this may surprise you, but what Lloyd likes best is to get down on all fours and get spit-roasted, just like you did at Grady’s yesterday.”

Tommy’s jaw dropped. “No way, sir.” He had often fantasized about getting fucked by Lloyd, except that Lloyd was a major stud so far out of his reach. It was difficult for Tommy to picture the handsome jock getting fucked at both ends, though it sure made his dick hard.

“I know,” Steve chuckled, “hard to imagine a macho top-guy like Lloyd begging for cock. Of course, it’s no secret that Grady, the rugged Tarzan, loves to get his ass ploughed. But let me tell you, Lloyd went ape-shit one day when my brother Randy stopped by for a drink and we ended up spit roasting Lloyd. First Randy took his mouth and me the ass, then we switched.”

“Aaah…” Tommy gasped and he almost lost his load trying to imagine getting double-teamed by the two gorgeous look-alike brothers, the gypsy and the doc. Steve laughed. “OK, enough therapy for one day. Actions speak louder than words. Come with me, Tommy, and I’ll prove to you how much my lover loves cock.”


As they approached him still lying on the chaise Lloyd drowsily opened one eye and mumbled, “Hey guys … session over?”

“Not exactly,” Steve said. “I made an assertion to Tommy here and you know doctors – we always have to back up assertions with proof. So come on you lazy hunk of prime beef, I need your cooperation.”

“Assertion?” Lloyd said sleepily. “What assertion?”

“That you love cock in your ass.”

“Huh, no argument there. What proof do you need of that?”

“This!” Steve unzipped his slacks and pulled out his hard dick.

“Oh,” said Lloyd, finally waking up and propping himself up on his elbows. “You’re starting to get my interest, doc.”

“Yeah, well maybe this’ll pique your interest even more.” Tommy watched wide-eyed and slack-jawed as the doctor pulled off his shirt, kicked off his loafers, dropped his slacks and shorts and towered naked over his lover, his muscular physique gleaming in the setting sun.

“Wow,” Lloyd grinned, “now ain’t that something? How come you need my cooperation?”

“Asshole,” Steve growled, sounding like his brother Randy. “You know damn well. I want this…” He reached down, grabbed the side of the chaise cushion and yanked it up, making Lloyd roll off it and fall on his hands and knees on the deck.

“Perfect,” Steve said. “That’s just how I want you. Don’t move a muscle.” He yanked Lloyd’s Speedo down off his ass. “Tommy, grab that lube on the table there and lube up my buddy’s ass for me.” Stunned, Tommy was momentarily frozen to the spot but when Steve barked, “Well boy?” he hurried to obey. He picked up the jar of lube, knelt behind Lloyd and pushed two greasy fingers in his ass.”

Steve’s voice was gentler as he murmured in his ear. “Whatever happens, don’t cum, Tommy. I’m saving that for later.”

Tommy gulped and nodded wide-eyed, then stood up and watched as Steve knelt behind Lloyd guided his rod between his ass cheeks and shoved it in hard. “Aaah,” Lloyd gasped. “Fuck, that feels so damn good, doc. Fuck me … fuck my ass real good, big guy. I need it so bad.”

Steve grinned up at Tommy. “Told you so.”

Tommy watched spellbound as the two muscle-gods fucked, their muscles rippling, the handsome doctor pounding the upturned ass of the gorgeous gym-jock Tommy had always looked on as a macho top-man. He desperately wanted to touch his cock but knew that he would blow his wad, and that was forbidden.

Bracing himself on all fours Lloyd was urging Steve to fuck harder and Steve obliged, his stubbled jaw clenched, his chiseled features tense with effort, his magnificent body pounding down on his lover’s ass. “Fuckin’ A, man, that’s hot,” Lloyd yelled. “Shame your brother’s not here to fuck my face like he did that time.”

“Damn right, but that takes three to tango. Hey, what am I thinking? Tommy, get over there by his face.”

“Me, sir?” Tommy said aghast. “I don’t think I … I couldn’t, sir. Not Lloyd, sir.”

“Hell, boy,” Steve roared in classic Randy style. “What the hell use are you to me if you can’t fuck my lover’s face? Let’s see your dick.”

Trembling, Tommy fumbled with his shorts, pulled them open and his long cock fell out stiff as a poker. Lloyd turned his head and said, “Hell yeah, I want that dick. Get over here, boy.”

Tommy dropped his shorts, stepped out of them and stood in front of Lloyd, the tip of his cock almost touching his face. He looked at Steve for guidance and the doctor said, “Take your shirt off Tommy – let’s see that ripped body.”

Tommy obeyed and Lloyd moaned, “Boy, you are one hot young stud. Come on … do it.” He reached up, grabbed Tommy’s hips, lowered his face … and swallowed his cock whole.” Tommy gasped and trembled but Steve growled, “Don’t you dare cum, boy. Just look at me and fuck my man’s face.”

Tommy’s confusion was dispelled by the intensity of his effort to hold back his orgasm, despite the incredible sensation of getting sucked off by this macho jock while Steve’s electric blue eyes stared at him as he fucked his lover’s ass. Tommy was bewildered at this sudden role change for him and his first instinct was to wish that it was him on all fours getting spit-roasted by this power couple.

But as Steve smiled at him he relaxed a little and allowed himself to enjoy the intense pleasure of fucking Lloyd’s hot mouth. While Lloyd clung onto his hips Tommy looked down at his muscular back sloping down to the tan-line at his waist, then curving up over the white globes of his ass that bounced under the piston of Steve’s cock.

Steve grinned, “Good boy, Tommy, you’re doing great. We make a good team. That’s it – fuck his face, he loves it.” Emboldened by the handsome doctor’s encouragement Tommy even managed a grin as he was caught up in this team effort at spit-roasting the handsome young architect. He grabbed Lloyd’s head and pulled his mouth faster and faster onto his cock.

Tommy’s only problem was trying desperately not to cum, but relief came from Steve just in time. “That’s it buddy,” he yelled to Lloyd, “Gimme that ass, suck the boy’s dick. Shit, that looks hot, you’re fucking gorgeous, Lloyd. I love you, man. I’m gonna cum … fuck … fuck … yeah … here it is, man … aaah!”

Tommy watched in rapt disbelief as the doctor’s naked body shuddered and flexed, his rugged face thrashing from side to side as he poured his load inside his lover’s ass. The boy had to close his eyes and clench his jaw tight to stop his own orgasm. He had been ordered to save it for later. But for what?


Steve and Lloyd jumped to their feet and put their arms round the dazed Tommy, his cock quivering and dripping pre-cum. “Sir,” he pleaded, gazing into Steve’s eyes, “are you going to fuck me now, sir?”

Steve laughed, “You keep asking me that question, Tommy, and like I said before, not yet. Your therapy session’s not quite over – one more thing I need to check out. You wanna take over, Lloyd?”

To Tommy’s surprise Steve spread a towel on the deck and lay down on his back, while Lloyd said, “OK, kiddo, so I guess you got a hot load in those balls that you wanna spill, eh?”

“Yes, sir. I wanna cum real bad.”

“Well, Tommy, there’s only one way we can let you do that … in the doc’s ass.”

Tommy blinked in confusion. “Excuse me, sir?”

Steve shouted from the ground, “What he means, Tommy, is you gotta fuck me. Push that pretty cock of yours in my ass.”

Tommy shook his head. “Oh no sir … no … I could never do that … never.”

“Goddammit, boy.” Lloyd grabbed Tommy’s chin and stared down into his face. “Are you saying no?! To us? Maybe I did just eat your cock but I’m still a master round here and no boy ever says no to me. Now get the fuck on your knees.”

Tommy had never seen Lloyd like this – fierce, dominant – and it excited the hell out of him. He fell on his knees between Steve’s legs while Steve dipped his fingers in the jar of lube and lubed up his own ass. Tommy was in a trance, thought he must be dreaming, as Lloyd grabbed Steve’s legs and hooked them over the boy’s shoulders. Then he shoved Tommy forward over Steve and the boy braced himself by laying his palms flat on Steve’s pecs.

The head of the boy’s cock was touching Steve’s ass and he heard Lloyd’s deep voice. “OK, boy, this is an order. The doc wants to get fucked – so do it!”

Still Tommy hesitated, staring down into Steve’s blue eyes – but then the eyes smiled and Steve said, “Fuck me, Tommy. Please – I wanna feel your cock inside me.”

Tommy felt he was in another world where everything was upside down. He couldn’t believe the handsome doctor, a macho top-man like his brother Randy, was pleading with him, a bottom boy, to fuck his ass. In a trance he pressed his cock against the warm hole, took a deep breath, and entered him. His heart was pounding as his cock slid deeper and deeper into the doc’s ass.

Steve stared up at the beautiful young gymnast, his muscles rippling as he leaned over him and pushed his cock inside him. “That feels so good, Tommy. Yeah, fuck me, boy. Do it hard.”

In the past, the insecure Tommy had always tried to fake the role of top man. But now there was no pretense. Urged on by the hunger in Steve’s eyes the blond jock began to fuck, tentatively at first, then faster, harder until his cock was pile-driving in the doctor’s hot ass. Shedding all his former submissiveness he was transformed as he dug his fingers into Steve’s pecs and said, “Your ass is so damn hot, doc. Shit that feels good. I can’t hold back. I gotta bust my load inside you.”

“Wait,” Lloyd ordered. He stood astride Steve, facing the young athlete, and pulled him upright on his knees as he continued to fuck. “You may be a hot top jock fucking the master’s ass,” Lloyd growled, “but I’m still in charge here boy and I’ve still got a load of jizz to spill.” He grabbed Tommy’s hair, pulled his face back … and plunged his cock in his mouth.

Tommy almost chocked and from then on everything was a blur as he fucked Steve’s ass and got face-fucked by his lover.

His mind whirled in confusion as he played top and bottom to these two powerful masters – pounding one in the ass while the other fucked his face. He was master … boy … both … neither. It didn’t matter. It all merged in a feeling of pure ecstasy as he heard Lloyd howl and his cock erupted in his mouth. He gulped down Lloyd’s semen while his own cock finally, at long last, blasted his pent-up load deep in the ass of the handsome Doctor Steve.


“And that,” Steve grinned a short while later as they all three lounged in the pool, “was your therapy, Tommy. So what have we learned here? At heart you want to be a submissive boy, and that’s just fine. But you don’t always have to grovel. Inside you there is still a hot young jock – who’s pretty gorgeous on the outside too. And don’t ever forget that.

“See, a boy can be proud – should be proud – even as he serves his master. And when you fucked my ass while Lloyd fucked your face, labels didn’t count for much. We were just three hot guys having a whole lot of fun.”

“Thank you, sir,” Tommy said, still in awe of the doctor. “And thank you, sir,” he smiled at Lloyd. “I hope one day you will let me drink your juice again.”

“Which reminds me,” Steve said, assuming his back-to-business professional tone. “I didn’t tell you before, Tommy, but I’ve asked some of the other guys to come up here and join us for cocktails. There’s something I want to discuss. They should be here soon so why don’t you dry off, Tommy, pull on your shorts and go help Lloyd in the kitchen rustle up drinks and snacks?”

They pulled themselves out of the pool and Lloyd threw his arm over Tommy’s shoulder as they walked into the house.


Not long afterwards Tommy was serving drinks to six men sitting by the pool. He knew he would not take part in the discussion but Steve had told him not to leave, so he stood there waiting to take more drinks orders.

Steve was in charge of the meeting, with Lloyd at his side. They had invited Bob and Randy, who had been briefed on the topic, and Pablo and Darius, who had not been briefed in advance.

“Gentlemen,” Steve began. “I called this meeting to discuss with you something Lloyd and I have been thinking about for some time. We live in this big house alone and we’ve been trying to find live-in help, but it’s been tough to find just the right guy. And now I think we have.”

He paused and looked directly at the boys. “Pablo, Darius. We would like to make you an offer. We want you to sell us your boy.”

A stunned silence settled on the group. Tommy was frozen to the spot, Pablo and Darius stared at each other and Pablo was about to protest but Randy put a restraining hand on his arm and said quietly, “Let the doc have his say.”

Steve had, of course, already discussed this with Randy and Bob. Bob had seen the wisdom of the move right away but Randy was tougher to convince, as he had first given Tommy to Pablo. Both Bob and Randy realized that the ‘boy’s boy’ experiment had not worked out so well and, with Bob’s coaxing, Randy had grudgingly agreed, provided Pablo’s pride was not wounded.

“Let me explain,” Steve continued. “I operate my practice in the house several days a week, and sometimes have meetings here with colleagues. I need someone who has management experience, who can be poised and discreet and plan small events when necessary.”

“My needs are a bit different,” Lloyd grinned. “See you all know that I usually get fucked by Steve, which is great, except that I want a boy I can … well … order around a bit. Sometimes I invite a few of my gym buddies home and it would be fun if we had a guy we could, er, use as a kind of fuck-boy in stuff like group sex, a little bondage, that kind of thing.”

Steve chuckled, “Not to mention that Spanish Inquisition fantasy you like to play out … all you ever needed was a victim.” Eyes turned to Tommy who shifted nervously under their scrutiny, his cock making a tent-pole in his shorts.

“Like I said,” Steve continued, “it’s tough to find a boy who can do all that, but we think Tommy can. So Pablo, I’d like to make you an offer. Two hundred dollars.”

Bob knew exactly what Steve was doing. He was giving Pablo a way to save face, letting his boy go but not without bargaining first. And he was doing this in font of Tommy, making him feel like a slave at auction which obviously played into his fantasies and excited the hell out of him. Bob also suspected that, although they would never admit it even themselves, Pablo and Darius felt out of their depth as masters and it would be something of a relief to shed the role.

“Four hundred,” Pablo said gruffly. “Two-fifty,” Steve countered. “Three-fifty.” “Three hundred,” Steve said. Pablo paused and said, “Visitation rights. Me and Darius still get to fuck him sometimes, depending on availability.”

“Done!” said Steve and they shook hands, Pablo thinking he had driven a hard bargain.

“Hey, what about me?” Darius interjected. “I’m supposed to be his master too.”

“You’re right,” Steve said. “So what’s your price?”

Darius flashed his gleaming smile. “Nah, I don’t want your money, Doctor Steve. I’ll take my chances with these. He pulled out of his pocket a pack of cards he often carried around with him to do party tricks. “OK, you and me, Lloyd. One cut … ace high … winner takes all.”

“You’re on,” Lloyd said and they sat facing each other across the drinks table. Bob agreed to shuffle the cards as Tommy stared in disbelief, his fate being decided by a pack of cards. He would end up belonging to Darius or Lloyd. Bob slapped the pack down on the table and Darius went first. Darius being Darius he milked the moment for full drama, frowning, cracking his knuckles, then finally cut the cards and turned them over. “Jack,” he grinned confidently.

The air hung heavily over the table and there was total silence as Lloyd paused, then cut. “King,” he said triumphantly. “Tommy boy, looks like you belong to Steve and me.” There was a round of applause as the truth hit Tommy, his heart pounded his body shook and “aaagh” … he creamed his shorts.

As the stain spread over his crotch Steve said loudly, “Tommy, in true therapy tradition I was gonna ask, ‘How do you feel about that?’ But I guess you already told us.”

Amid a gale of laughter Randy congratulated Pablo on his bargaining prowess while Steve and Lloyd took Tommy aside. “Seriously, Tommy,” Steve said, “I want to make sure you’re OK with this. Like I said before, you never have to do anything you don’t want to. But this does have the advantage of using all your talents – your professional managerial poise …”

“… plus your hot body for our personal use,” Lloyd added. ‘Course, I can be pretty demanding. We have this basement that we use as a gym and playroom. It’s got all kinds of stuff to work a boy over – I like to think of it as my Inquisition Dungeon. And my gym buddies can be real hot and horny after a workout, so you’d have to be ready to get group fucked by a bunch of sweaty jocks – you know, in the ass, the face, double teamed, spit-roasted, soaked in their cum, the works. Think you can handle all that?”

“Yes please, sir, definitely.” Tommy turned to Steve. “Sir, I want to thank you for buying me. I promise I will work hard to take care of the house and … and all your needs. Sir, I’ve had kind of a tough time since I came to the tribe wondering where I fit in, and I think this is it. This is where I belong.”

Then suddenly, “Hey, is this a private party or can anyone join?” Hassan had stopped off on his way to his guesthouse down the hill. “So who do you have to fuck to get a drink around here?”

They all looked up at the hunky Marine and all hands went up. “Me sir, me sir.” Steve laughed, “Our new boy Tommy will get you a drink, buddy. And perhaps you’d like to stay for dinner.”

“Thanks, Steve,” Hassan grinned and sat down. “A beer, please, Tommy. I gotta get an early start tomorrow, though. We got one of those multi-agency training maneuvers up at the Vandenberg Base – you know, military, firefighters, police all cooperating in emergency drills. Mark will be there with the cops and Jason with the firemen. We’re going up together and dropping our boys off at the shack in the Guadalupe Dunes. When the training’s over the six of us will make a weekend of it on the beach.

“Now there’s a combination to make a guy drool,” Lloyd said. “Sounds like the opening scene of a porn movie. You know – ‘A Marine, a Cop and a Fireman all meet up in the dunes …’ You can imagine the rest, guys. You do the math.”


TO BE CONTINUED in  “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 310


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