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Hassan, the tough Arab/Asian Marine, was always rather a solitary, brooding figure, but after an especially rough day at the Marine base, where he heard ethnic slurs behind his back, he completely lost his cool and questioned his life in his adopted country, and even his position in the tribe where he sometimes felt out of place surrounded by all-American men and boys.

The main victim of his depression was the person closest to hand, his boy Eddie, whose youthful exuberance and endless chatter that had dominated the recent party at the Grady House suddenly seemed trivial and intrusive to a man who craved solitude.

So in an irrational fit of anger Hassan slapped his boy’s face and barked, “All I fucking want is some peace and quiet, and what do I get? A kid who can’t keep his trap shut, boring me and everyone else with his incessant drivel. I just need to be alone … I don’t need a boy, least of all a kid who can’t stop yapping. This master/boy thing’s not working for me. It was probably a mistake from the first. So that’s it, kid, we’re done, finished. Get out!”

He raised his hand again, Eddie saw the fire in his eyes and he stumbled out the door. As he staggered up the path he heard the soldier’s deep voice bellowing, “And don’t come back!”


There was an iron-clad rule in the tribe that no one should interfere in disputes between a master and his boy. But the reaction of Randy, the tribe’s leader, was predictable. “He did what!? He threw the boy out? He hit the boy?” That was a red rag to a bull, sure to rouse the fury of an impulsive man sworn to protect his boys, which included all the boys of the tribe. “Mother-fucker. Wait ‘til I get hold of the son-of-a-bitch and he feels my fist in his face.”

But Bob restrained him. “Randy, Randy please. Remember what you always say about not getting involved between a man and his boy? The situation is delicate enough and you’ll make it ten times worse.” So Randy was placated … for a while.

Interference was one thing but bringing comfort to an unhappy buddy was another matter and several close friends jumped in to help. Eddie’s best friend Brandon intuitively realized that sex would temporarily soothe the wounds, by way of a prolonged and erotic sixty-nine session. Hassan’s closest buddy, the cop Mark, used the same reasoning, though in a different form. Knowing Hassan needed it rough Mark subjected the bound solider to a savage butt fuck.

But these remedies were short-lived and, as the day wore on, Eddie’s depression deepened. In an impulsive act of despair he left the city and headed to the place he had once felt secure – in his old life as a menial bar back in Mike’s leather bar in Palm Springs.

The wise, older man Mike sized up the situation quickly and hatched a plan. He gave Eddie his old job … and phoned Hassan. “Hey, soldier, Eddie told me you two had split up and I’m sorry to hear that but I thought I should give you a heads up that he’s OK and I’ve given him his old job back. I’m real glad he’s back ‘cos Eddie was always really good at keeping the place clean, swabbing floors, picking up empty bottles and … other stuff.

He’s good for business too – real popular with the leather daddies. That back room sees more action when he’s working … and I do mean working … on his knees. Shit, the line is out the door, guys waiting to get one of his famous blowjobs … well I don’t need to tell you what a great little cock-sucker he is. And he makes a bundle in tips. Bar opens soon and, once he’s picked up all those bottles, he’ll be on his knees in a couple of hours from now.”

Mike hung up and looked at his watch. It was a two-hour drive from L.A. and he felt pretty confident that his plan would work.

Soon Eddie was back at his old job, walking round the crowded bar picking up empties as if he had never been away. He recalled those days when he had been a cheeky young star, enjoying their teasing, lewd suggestions, hands groping and grabbing his ass. It had been kind of fun back then before he knew any other life.

But now it was humiliating and made him want to cry. But he had to be tough. He knew he was at one of the lowest points of his young life but he had to man up … be his own man, be independent. Like Brandon, who had taught him all about independence … and bravery.

He thought of Brandon and Brian in their wheelchairs and felt ashamed of his weakness. Those guys had guts. What were his challenges compared with theirs? He smiled to himself as he thought of them … but then thinking about them made him choke up. He would probably not see them again until their next trip out to the desert when they would see him picking up empties as a humble bar-back.

He took deep breaths to hold back the tears. He would be strong … strong for Hassan … no, stupid, not for Hassan. That didn’t work anymore. So he thought of the future … a future that right now lay in the back room. The time had come when the guys, like moths to a flame, were starting to assemble there.

He looked over at Mike behind the bar who glanced anxiously at the clock, nodded and followed him into the dark room where the boy pushed his way to the middle under the single red light. There was a murmur from the crowd as he knelt down, looked at the line of guys, some with their cocks out already. He closed his eyes, and ….

Back off!” There was some kind of commotion at the door as the commanding voice barked again. “I said back off! That’s my boy. My boy! Nobody lays a finger on my boy, and the only dick he’s gonna suck is mine!”

Eddie felt himself being lifted up on his feet, felt muscular arms fold round him and heard a deep voice murmur, “Forgive me, Eddie.” He opened his eyes to find himself staring into the dusky, square-jawed face of the man he loved.

“This is no place for a boy of mine. I’m taking you home, kiddo.” Hassan picked the boy up bodily, slung him face down over his shoulder and wrapped an arm tight round his dangling legs in front. His head hung down limply behind Hassan’s back.

As the crowd parted and Hassan strode to the door Eddie raised up his face. In the crowd he saw a grinning Mike who winked at the boy and gave him two thumbs up.

*********************    CHAPTER 327     ********************* 

Suddenly they were out in the parking lot, in the relative silence after the clamor of the bar. Eddie felt the desert breeze on his face and an overwhelming feeling of relief in his heart. He was not sure what was happening, or why, but here he was hanging over the Marine’s shoulder … and Hassan had called him his boy. Then he felt guilty and ashamed that Hassan had seen him on his knees about to give blowjobs to a crowd of leathermen.

Hassan also was racked with guilt. During his frantic two-hour drive to the desert the full enormity of what he had done to his boy had hit him and made him wince with almost physical pain. Mike’s account of the life and job Eddie had returned to had wrenched his soul, and tears came to his eyes as he imagined the sweet kid on his knees, servicing a line of lecherous guys.

But now the tough, taciturn soldier was at a loss for words. He lowered his boy to his feet beside his jeep and held him silently in his arms, kissing the cheeks he had earlier slapped, to his lasting shame. He helped Eddie into the passenger seat, then jumped in behind the wheel and drove off to Mike’s house to collect whatever Eddie had left in his truck and in Mike’s house.

It was a short drive, most of it in complete silence until Hassan asked, “Aren’t you talking to me, Eddie? I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t.”

“It’s not that, sir,” Eddie said meekly. “Talking too much is what got me in trouble in the first place and I’m trying hard to be a good boy. Right now I’m so happy to be with you and I’m scared it won’t last.”

They pulled up at Mike’s house, Hassan switched off the ignition, turned to Eddie and looked at him with his slanted dark eyes. He spoke softly in his deep, accented voice. “Eddie, it will last … I promise you that. I don’t want you to be scared of anything ever again.” He grinned, “As for talking, you can talk as much and as often as you like. What I said before was the demons inside me spouting bullshit. Eddie, you did absolutely nothing wrong. It was all on me – me and my wounded ego, paranoia and depression.

“I’ll make a solemn pledge to you, Eddie. Whatever mind trips I go through in future I will not take it out on you. You are my boy and always will be. I’ve got a lot of work to do to make this up to you and I’m gonna try real hard.”

Tears started to roll down Eddie’s cheeks. “You mean it, sir? I’m still your boy?”

“The best boy a guy ever had. I don’t deserve you, Eddie, but I’m gonna try to. I’ll never make you cry again, so dry those tears.” Hassan licked his boy’s cheeks and tasted the salt tears, a bitter taste that filled him with shame. “Come on, kiddo, let’s get your stuff from Mike’s house.”

As he got out of the jeep Eddie stumbled. He grinned at Hassan. “I was wearing flip-flops when I came here so Mike gave me a pair of his shoes, but they’re too big.”

“Here,” Hassan smiled. He reached in the back of the jeep and pulled out the old blue sneakers that had moved him so much when he glimpsed them in his empty house after Eddie had left.

Eddie’s face lit up. “My shoes! My favorite shoes. Thank you, sir.” He stuffed his feet into them and Hassan said, “Better lace them up, kid, or you’ll trip and go sprawling at my feet.”

“Good place for a boy to be, sir, at his master’s feet.” Eddie’s mischievous smile was back and it melted the Marine’s heart.

Just then Mike’s truck pulled up and he jumped out. With no reference to the drama that had just played out he smiled and said simply, “You two are staying in my house tonight. The guest room has your names on it. Help yourself to food, and you’ll find everything you need in your room, though my guess is all you’re gonna need is each other.”

Hassan took a deep breath but Mike forestalled whatever he was about to say. “No ifs ands or buts, I won’t take no for an answer. You’ll spend the night here. I gotta go back to the bar for a couple of hours, then we’ll have dinner. You take care of each other.”

He got back in the truck and drove off, leaving Hassan smiling at Eddie. “I guess we got our orders, kid. Come on, let’s do what the man said.” Inside, Hassan asked, “You hungry?”

“Not really, sir.”

“Me neither. Let’s check out our room.” It was a bright, airy room with a big king-size bed on which the covers had already been turned down, with clean towels laid out on it. “Hm,” Hassan mumbled, “Mike must have done that before he took you to the bar, but how did he know …?”

“Mike knows a lot, sir.”

There was a moment of silent uncertainty as they looked at the bed then at each other. So much had happened, they had both been shaken up by the misery and bitterness of their separation and they were now very tentative, not sure how to begin to heal the wounds. But the mere sight of each other helped.

Hassan was wearing his regular gear of khaki military fatigues, boots and a sleeveless khaki shirt hanging open over the mounds of his chest. It was how Eddie always imagined the soldier when he jacked off thinking about him. Eddie too was his master’s favorite image of him in shorts to below the knees, baggy tank top and those scruffy old sneakers. Both man and boy had hard-ons as they gazed at each other.

Suddenly Hassan took the initiative and lay on his back on the bed, hands behind his head on the pillow, elbows stretched to the sides. “Let me look at you, boy. You feeling better now?”

“Yes thank you, sir.” Eddie shifted shyly from foot to foot, not sure what he was supposed to do now, and he was still scared of doing the wrong thing. But Hassan soon made that clear.

“OK, I want a good look at you, kid. You remember the way I like it?”

“Of course, sir.” Slowly Eddie pulled his tank top up behind his head, exposing his lithe young torso, and tossed the shirt aside. Then he unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop round his ankles. He was wearing white boxer briefs underneath, and he turned round as he knew Hassan was turned on by his ass cheeks bulging under the thin cotton.

He slid his hands under the waistband and pushed the briefs down so they fell on his shorts round his ankles, baring the white globes of his ass, set off by a tan line at top and bottom. He turned round and stood with his hands at his sides, blushing because his cock was standing straight out rigid as a pole.

Hassan gazed at the eager-faced boy, a tousle-haired young urchin as Hassan always thought of him, with his shorts pooled on the ground over his blue sneakers. He looked younger than his nineteen years and so vulnerable that Hassan wondered again how he could have treated him so cruelly.

“Get naked, kid, and stand at the foot of the bed.” Eddie kicked off his shoes, stepped out of his shorts and did as ordered, standing naked before his master, hands lightly clasped behind his back. Hassan knew that the boy needed his confidence boosted … and knew how to do it.

He gazed lovingly up at his beautiful boy who waited eagerly for more instructions, and rubbed his hand over the bulge in his fatigue pants. Eddie’s eyes opened wide as he saw the muscular Marine lying before him, his shirt falling open off his chest, arms bare, muscles flexing as he stroked his crotch. He stared at the soldier’s dark, square-cut features, his stubbled chin, high cheek bones, slanted eyes and jet black hair.

The boy gasped as Hassan ripped open his pants and pulled out his huge iron-hard shaft and stroked it slowly. Then he heard his deep accented voice. “You are such a sexy boy and I’m your master so I can do anything to you. The soldier’s gonna force your face onto his big dick and order you to suck it, take it right down your throat and swallow his jizz.”

Eddie was breathing heavily, his heart pounding as he listened to what the Marine captain was gonna do to him. He stared at the fist wrapped round his huge cock, the cock Hassan was gonna shove in his face and down his throat.

The deep voice growled, “Then I’m gonna throw you on the bed and drive my shaft in your ass, in my boy’s ass, the ass that belongs to me. You’re gonna feel my cock pounding that sweet butt … and you’re gonna take it ‘cos you’re the Marine’s boy and you do whatever he tells you.”

By now Eddie was shaking with anticipation as he stared at the soldier, knowing he was in his power, knowing he was gonna get ploughed by that huge cock. He knew he mustn’t touch his cock so he gripped his hands tight behind his back, listening to that deep, sexy voice.

“The boy will be begging for release and the soldier will have mercy on him only when the boy proves how much he loves his master. He’ll drive that piston in faster, harder until it swells in the boy’s ass and blasts it’s jizz deep inside while the boy screams …”

“Aaagh … aaagh … I love you, sir …” Eddie howled as his cock spurted ribbons of hot juice down on his master’s rippling abs, and on his fist pounding his cock.


For a second Eddie was not sure what had happened but when he saw his own cum splattered on Hassan he blurted, “Oh, sir … I’m sorry, sir … but I can do it again … I can cum again sir … I can cum as much as I talk.”

Hassan roared with laughter and leapt to his feet. “I know you can, kiddo. You’re my little gusher – in words and jizz.” Then more seriously, “I’ve been a damn fool, Eddie. I’ve been in love with you all along no matter what bullshit I yelled at you.” He raised his fist to his mouth and licked Eddie’s cum off it. “You want to do the same for my abs, boy?”

Eddie leaned down and eagerly licked the soldier’s washboard abs, sucking up his semen from the clefts between the ridges. Then he looked at his master’s smiling face waiting for his next command. “OK, boy, you make me real horny so let’s cut the crap and get down to business. You know how I like you to take care of me when I come home. Remember?”

“Of course I do, sir.” Eddie’s nervousness had disappeared now that he was once more happily involved in the daily routine of serving his master. He reached forward, pushed Hassan’s shirt off his shoulders and folded it over a chair. Then he fell to his knees at the Marine’s feet and carefully unlaced the combat boots all the way down. He pulled them off one by one along with the socks.

Hassan’s cock was still rearing up hard out of his pants, and Eddie reached up, unbuckled his khaki web belt and pulled the fatigues down. Hassan raised his feet in turn and the boy pulled the pants and shorts off and flung them on the chair. He gazed up at the muscular soldier towering naked over him, knowing what the next command would be.

But it was more a request than a command. “You remember what I said in that bar, kid? ‘The only dick my boy is gonna suck is mine.’ So how about it? You up for that?”

“You bet I am, sir.” This is where Eddie knew he excelled. He leaned forward and licked the bulbous head of his cock, tasting drops of pre-cum, then flicked his tongue over the hard sensitive corona at the base of the head. He ran his tongue along the length of the shaft until he felt Hassan’s big hands close tight round the back of his head. “You ready, boy?”

“Always ready for this, sir.” The hands pushed his face gently down on the thick rod and Hassan, as always, was amazed that the long shaft slid all the way down the boy’s throat with no choking or gagging. Eddie braced his hands on the soldier’s narrow hips and Hassan let go of his head so he could freely work his magic.

And it was magic. The boy was well known as an ace cock-sucker but when he went to work on his master he pulled out all the stops for the man he idolized. He used every trick in his erotic book, sucking, clenching his throat, and teasing by opening his mouth and breathing hot air on the cock, then suddenly burying his face in the Marine’s black, wiry pubic hair and inhaling the manly essence of the rugged soldier.

Driven by his master’s groans of ecstasy Eddie knew how to bring him to the cusp of orgasm by pursing his lips hard and pulling them back up the long shaft, drawing the soldier’s sperm up from his balls and along his cock. But just as Hassan was about to cum he abruptly grabbed the boy’s hair and yanked his face back off his cock, which sprang free oozing pre-cum.”

“Oh no you don’t, kid,” Hassan grinned. “That’d be too easy, wouldn’t it, making me shoot my load in your mouth, you swallow my jizz, game over. But I get to call the shots here, buster, and I know damn well what I want.

He leaned down, put his hands under Eddie’s armpits, and in one expert move picked him up, whirled him round and threw him on his back on the bed. Eddie landed heavily and bounced on the bed, momentarily stunned as he found himself gazing up at the naked Marine captain, entirely at his mercy. It was his favorite place in the world.

The slanted dark eyes blazed down at him. “Remember what I said just now that made you bust your load? I said I’m gonna throw you on the bed and drive my shaft in your ass. You’re gonna feel the Marine pounding that sweet butt and you’ll be begging for release … but you’re gonna take it ‘cos I’m your master and you do whatever I tell you. Is that clear, boy?”

“Sir, yes, sir,” Eddie said with the time-honored Marine’s reply.

But then Hassan’s fierce expression softened and that dazzling smile spread over his face that always made Eddie’s cock jolt. “Just kidding, boy, ‘cos I know you like to hear that kinda stuff. I do wanna fuck you, kid, but I won’t unless you really want it.”

“Oh, I do sir,” Eddie said breathlessly. “I do want it.”

“You do?” Hassan teased. “You want it … like … a whole lot?”

“Yes, sir, please sir. That’s what made me so sad, that I would never feel you inside me again, sir. That’s what made me cry, though I tried real hard not to.”

Hassan dropped to his knees on the bed between his boy’s legs. “Oh, baby, it kills me when you say that. I’m so sorry I put you through all that, and I’ll try my best to make it up to you … starting now.” He grinned teasingly. “So, you really want the soldier’s dick in your ass?”

Eddie loved Hassan’s playful side and grinned mischievously. “If you don’t fuck me now, sir, I’ll suck your dick down my throat and make you cum and you won’t get a shot at my butt.”

“Wow, that’s quite a threat. Can’t let that happen, can we? Well, you already lubed my dick in your mouth, your ass is right here, so’s my cock … so what are we waiting for?” He pushed Eddie’s legs back and eased his cock between his cheeks, then slowly all the way into his ass. “And no, you won’t beg for me to stop ‘cos I’m not gonna pound your ass, boy. I’m gonna make love to it. See, I love you Eddie. I never stopped.”

Eddie gazed up at the gorgeous body above him, at the rugged Marine’s smiling face, and he bent his head forward to see the massive shaft sliding in and out of his ass. After the misery of the previous day, the desperation of losing the man he worshipped, he was floating on a wave of rapture and relief. He was safe again … Hassan loved him ... he was his boy, and his master’s cock was inside him.

With a surge of happiness he reached up, pressed his palms against the slabs of the soldier’s pecs and squeezed them. Yes, it was real, the flesh, the muscles were real, and so was the smile on Hassan’s face and the love in his dark eyes. It was the reverse of this morning when he had woken hoping it had all been a dream, a nightmare, only to find the sorrow was all too real. Now, he was waking from that nightmare into a Technicolor world of passion and devotion. If this was a dream he knew it was a dream that would last.

His ass was on fire as he felt the huge rod probing deeper and deeper, accompanied by the lilting accent of his master’s deep voice. “Your ass feels so sweet, Eddie, and my cock is where it belongs, and always will. I wanna stay inside you forever … but I have a big problem with that, kiddo.”

With a twinge of alarm Eddie said wide-eyed, “You do, sir?”

“Yeah … well, my cock has a problem. See it just got worked on by this handsome young guy who’s the best cock-sucker in the world, and now it’s inside the warmest, sweetest ass in the world. So I can’t control it, but I didn’t wanna bust my load until you do, and you just shot your jizz over me a few minutes ago … so you see my problem.”

Eddie grinned happily, “That’s no problem, sir. I can cum whenever you tell me too … as often as you like. ‘Course, it always helps if you kiss me too, sir.”

“You little monster,” Hassan smiled, bending forward so their faces were inches apart. “Look into my eyes, kiddo, and keep looking while I kiss you. I don’t care if you go cross-eyed … looks cute on you. You ready?”

“Yes, please, sir.” Hassan leaned down and pressed his full lips against his boy’s. Holding his focus on Hassan’s deep brown eyes did make the boy go cross-eyed, blurring the image. In fact everything became a blur, a sensual blur as Eddie inhaled his master’s breath, tasted his lips, felt his chest pressing down on him … and felt their hearts beating together as his master’s juice poured deep in his ass and his own cock sprayed juice between their stomachs.

He felt crushed beneath the muscular body lying heavily on top of him but he didn’t care, so long as felt his master’s juice filling his ass and his breath in his mouth. He wanted time to stop still, right here, so he could feel this forever. But at last their mouths separated and, as if reading his thoughts, Hassan said, “It will last … we’ll be making love over and over again, I promise. Forgive me for hurting you so bad, Eddie. I love you, boy.”

His cock slid out of the boy’s ass and Hassan rolled over onto his back. He pulled Eddie to him and wrapped his arm round him so the boy’s head rested on his chest. Eddie’s last sensation before falling asleep was of his master’s heart beating softly and steadily beneath him.


Sometime later Mike came home from the bar, having left one of the regulars to tend bar for the few customers remaining after the beer bust. Good, he thought, Hassan’s jeep and Eddie’s old truck were still there. They had taken his advice and stayed.

When he entered the house he was mildly surprised to find it silent. But not really surprised. It meant things were working as planned. He walked softly to the door of the guestroom, opened it a crack and saw Hassan and Eddie lying entwined on the bed fast asleep, the boy’s head resting on the soldier’s chest.

Mike smiled and closed the door silently, then fixed himself a cocktail and sat at a table out in the garden pondering the events of the day. He could understand the initial problem between Hassan and Eddie. Disagreements happened all the time between couples – fact of life – and he could even understand, though not condone, Hassan’s extreme behavior.

He was a military man, a Marine captain with a big ego, used to being obeyed. Plus he was a mix of Arab and Asian, an exotic transplant to this country so he inevitably felt alienated on occasion and no doubt heard racial slurs behind his back – there are assholes everywhere.

But, as explosive as his outburst was, it should have blown over, and would have if Eddie hadn’t suddenly upped and left town before the dust had even settled. He had good buddies in the tribe, all those boys who would have offered him support. So why did he do that?”

His thoughts were interrupted by the big glass door sliding open and Hassan coming groggily out of the house … buck naked. Mike chuckled. “Now I know this kinda thing happens in porn movies, a naked musclehunk surprising a guy having a quiet drink. But not in real life … until now.”

“Sorry, Mike,” Hassan grinned. “Should I go back and put my shorts on?”

“Don’t you dare. Not every day I get to sit with a naked stud Marine who gives me an instant boner. Here, take a pew.

Hassan sat opposite him at the table looking uneasy. “Look, Mike, I’m not good at bottling up something that pisses me off. I don’t dance around a subject so I have to get it off my chest. Now I know I acted like a prize jerk, and worse, by what I said and did to Eddie. But when I came to my senses and realized what an idiot I’d been, we could have worked it out.

“So here’s the deal. How come you were so quick to give Eddie his old job back knowing it was a menial job and involved kneeling in that damn room and sucking off a line of lecherous men?”

Mike smiled, “And why did I call you and tell you what was going on? And why did I describe the job in graphic detail, exaggerating all the sordid parts? Why do you think, soldier? Listen, when Eddie got here my first impulse was to tell him to go back to you. But he was so hurt and damaged and you were no doubt still so mad and pigheaded, I did something better.

“Man, I knew you loved that kid and I knew that the image of your boy on his hands and knees servicing a bunch of guys was the fastest way to jolt you back to sanity and knock some sense into you. And it worked, didn’t it? I love Eddie. You don’t think I’d have let him go through with all that cock-sucking do you? I was about to call a halt when you barged in and did it for me.” He grinned. “I gotta say, though, you cut it a bit fine. I held off for two hours knowing that’s how long it would take you to get here from L.A.”

Hassan stared at him. “And you were so sure I would come get my boy?”

Mike sighed. “Son, at this point in my life I pride myself on knowing and judging people. Of course I knew how much you loved that kid. That first time you both came to the bar it was shining out of your eyes like a beacon. And I’ll make another guess … that you and your boy patched things up in that bedroom and you’re more in love than ever.”

 Hassan flashed his gleaming smile, “Right again, Mike. I guess that’s why you insisted we stay. If two guys wanna make up, hit the bed as soon as possible, right? Eddie was so …”

“Someone mention my name?” Eddie came out of the house naked, blinking in the sun and scratching his tousled hair. He grinned mischievously. “I thought you’d left without me, sir.”

“Now, now Eddie,” Mike said, “don’t go there. Some things you don’t joke about.”

“You tell him, Mike,” Hassan said. “The young punk jokes about everything – nothing’s off limits.”

Mike laughed, “Hey, guys, it’s martini time. Let me go get you a pitcher and freshen my own.”

“No, let me, sir,” Eddie said eagerly. “I know how to fix drinks and cook dinner – the twins taught me. Let me.”

OK, kid go for it,” Mike said and smiled as Eddie ran inside. Then he turned serious and looked Hassan straight in the eye. “I love that kid like he was my own son. So I’m gonna say this just once to you, boy, and then I’ll drop the subject. What you did to Eddie was brutal, not worthy of you as a soldier and as a member of that tribe.

“I imagine you were going through some tough issues of your own, as many of us do, but you were so caught up in your own ego that you took it out on your boy. Do you have any idea of how Eddie felt? He loves you, man, worships you. In that tribe a boy is defined by his master and suddenly he was alone, bereft. That was badly done, boy, and you should be ashamed.

“There I’ve had my say, it’s over. I’ve always liked and admired you, Hassan, and now that I’ve said my piece we can be buddies again. I may have forgiven you but you still have to answer to the tribe, especially to Randy, ‘cos you know how he feels about protecting all the boys. I know you guys have a rule not to interfere between a master and his boy but I have a feeling Randy breaks that rule occasionally as he probably will this time. Good luck with that one, buddy.”

Hassan reached across the table and put his hand on Mike’s. “Thanks for saying that, sir. Though it was no more than the silent tongue lashing I gave myself driving out here. I hope I can make it up to the boy. Thank god Eddie came to you … he could have no better friend than you, Mike. I hope I can still call you friend.”

“Cocktails anyone?” came the cheerful shout from the door as Eddie appeared with a tray bearing a tall martini pitcher, three glasses, a bowl of olives and lemon slices. He was wearing his baggy shorts and he had brought Hassan’s boxers with him. He put the tray on the table and offered the shorts to Hassan with his urchin smile. “I thought we should dress for dinner, sir. Mike can be pretty formal you know, and like they say in all the best restaurants – ‘No shoes, no shorts, no service’.”

The two men roared with laughter as Eddie poured the drinks. Before they got into general gossip about the bar and life in the desert Mike had one more point to settle about the recent drama before it was laid to rest.

“Eddie, I wanna ask you something that’s been puzzling me, and I want Hassan to hear it. I understand most of what went down except for one thing. You had a big shock, I get that, but you’ve got good buddies back in the tribe who could console you, so what ever made you decide to leave town so quickly and hightail it out here to get your old job back?”

“Oh, that’s easy, sir. It was something you said.”


“Well, not to me but to Pablo. See, when I was feeling kinda desperate I went to see Darius and Pablo. And Pablo told me the advice you gave him when he was out here. You said, like, even while he obeyed his master, he should sometimes, kinda, step out from his shadow, be more independent, be more his own man instead of just being a man’s boy. And it worked great for Pablo. When he became more … assertive is what he called it … Randy loved him for it.”

He trailed off shyly. “So I thought it might work for me. If I became a man, not that stupid kid who talks too much, Hassan might love me more.”

Mike clapped his palm on his forehead. “Oh shit, I knew I should never give advice. Hassan, learn from my mistake, and Eddie, steer clear of second-hand advice. What I said to Pablo was for him, because I knew how he was with Randy. But Pablo’s not you, your needs are different. Tell me kid, what do you want most in the world?”

“To be Hassan’s boy, sir,” Eddie said promptly.

“You see, that’s it. So what worked for Pablo don’t necessarily work for you.”

“But it did work for me, sir,” Eddie grinned. “Hassan came for me, didn’t he? And he says he loves me more than ever.”

“He’s got you there, Mike,” Hassan chuckled.

Mike sighed. “I give up with you two. I need another drink.”


Mike helped Eddie in the kitchen and soon dinner was on the table. Eddie was careful not to talk too much at first, knowing that’s what started the trouble yesterday. But Mike saw an opportunity to give Hassan a lesson … not advice, god forbid … just teaching by example.

“Eddie, of course I know what you worked at out here, but I’ve never really known what job you do at the house in L.A. Houseboy isn’t it?”

“At first, sir, but it’s much more than that now. See, Hassan got together with Bob, and Bob set me up helping Jamie in the office. Right now I do the easy stuff, accounts payable – matching the invoice with Randy’s requisition and printing the check for Bob’s signature. Next week Jamie’s gonna start me on accounts receivable – you know, chasing the slow payers and all – and he said if I work hard I can become the assistant office manager.”

Despite his look of pride Eddie stopped abruptly. “Oh sorry, I’m talking too much.”

“No, no, carry on kiddo, I wanna hear all about it,” Hassan said. As Eddie resumed, eyes shining with enthusiasm, Hassan looked over his head at Mike who winked at him. Lesson learned. Give Eddie something to talk about that makes him proud and engrossed and suddenly it’s not idle chatter. It’s a boy taking his first adult steps in life, learning a trade … becoming a man.

As the moon rose they talked late into the evening, each one sharing stories of the job they did – Mike and his bar, Hassan and the Marine base, and Eddie and the tribe. It was a conversation among equals … well, almost … and the Marine could not have been prouder of his boy.

When the meal was over and Eddie was tidying up the kitchen Hassan lingered outside with Mike. He shook his hand and said, “Mike, I can’t thank you enough for all your help with this. You got us through a really rough patch and taught me more about Eddie and me than I knew.”

Mike pulled Hassan into a warm hug. “This is all the thanks I need, buddy. Like I said before, not every day of the week I get to feel a hot, bare-chested Marine pressing against me. Now you take good care of that boy of yours. Oh, and good luck when you face the music tomorrow.”

Hassan went to the kitchen where Eddie was on his knees wiping up food scraps from the floor. “Come on, Cinderella, bed time.” Eddie scrambled to his feet and in a few minutes he was in bed with the soldier’s muscular arms wrapped round him.

“Home early tomorrow, kid,” Hassan said softly in his ear. “Your buddies will be excited to see you, I’m sure, though the men won’t be so thrilled to see me. It’ll take a lot to regain their respect and forgive me for acting like a prize asshole. But that’s for tomorrow. Right now I have you in my arms where you belong. Go to sleep now, kiddo, but don’t forget that I sometimes wake up in the night with a roaring hard-on so you’ll have to take care of that.”

“No problem there, sir,” Eddie grinned and snuggled against him. All this talk of forgiveness, and yet it never crossed his mind to forgive Hassan himself. It was not for a boy to forgive his master … all he could do was love him. It was enough simply to be back in Hassan’s arms.

With the resilience of youth Eddie had already shrugged off the pain of the last two days. It was over, his handsome soldier loved him, and that was enough to make Eddie feel happier than he had ever felt in his life.


As Hassan had predicted, their reception when they got back to the tribe’s compound the next morning was quite different for man and boy. News of their reconciliation had preceded them, as expected. Yesterday Eddie had phoned his best buddy Brandon with the good news and within minutes it was on the grapevine. So now the boys were there in force to meet them.

As they walked in Eddie was mobbed, with Brandon front and center beaming a welcome. They were respectful to Hassan, of course, but effusive with Eddie. As expected, Hassan found himself sidelined so he smiled benignly at the excited group from a distance.

The men were leaving for work one by one and the first to show up was Zack who came in with Darius to pick up Pablo and Ben and take them to the construction site. In the flurry of activity Zack glanced at Hassan and said, “Hey, man, glad everything worked out with the boy. Come on, Pablo, get your ass in gear.” And that was it, no handshake, not even a smile.

Zack’s boy Darius was rather more deferential but decidedly frosty. Eddie had been a friend of his for a long time, had hero-worshipped the handsome black boy, so Hassan could imagine how Darius felt about him now. The Aussies, Adam and his boy Nate came through the garden without even looking in Hassan’s direction. Nate, the young house manager, was Eddie’s boss and took care of the boy, so that explained that,

Hassan’s spirits lifted when Mark came out of his apartment with Jamie. Jamie smiled affably and went off to the office. Mark gave Hassan a brief hug and grinned, “Good for you, buddy. The boy looks like he’s over the moon. His buddies too.”

“Yeah, but I’m getting a pretty frosty reception from the guys and I can understand why. Guilty as charged.”

“I know … there’s a certain amount of … disappointment, shall we say … and with one guy in particular who right now is working off steam downstairs in the gym. You know, I think what you should do first is go up and have a word with Bob. He’s working in his office upstairs … always a good man to see at times like these.”

“Thanks for the advice, Mark. And thanks for not giving me the deep freeze. I love you, man.”

“Sir, sir…” Eddie came running up to him. “Sir, Brandon and me have to go to the office with Jamie ‘cos there’s a lot of work to do. Is that OK?”

Hassan chuckled. “Kid, you don’t need my permission to go to work. Hurry up, work hard and get promoted. And this evening we’ll have dinner up at our house, just the two of us, OK?”

“Awesome, sir.” After a final hug Eddie ran off, and Hassan gazed after him. As Mark had said – over the moon.


Hassan’s knock on the door to the master suite was answered with a cheerful, “Come in.” Bob was sitting at his desk wearing his usual V-neck white T-shirt and jeans, and when he looked up and smiled Hassan felt the familiar stirring in his cock that he always got when the handsome Superman face smiled at him.

“I was expecting you, buddy,” Bob said. “I hear everything went well in the desert, with a little help from Mike.”

“With a lot of help from Mike. That guy is amazing and, yeah, me and Eddie are better than ever.”

“But things were a bit cool downstairs, uh?”

Cool?” More like hell just froze over and I’m the devil. I can’t blame the guys, though, after what I put Eddie through. Don’t know how I’m ever gonna make amends.”

Bob got up from his desk and they sat together on the couch. “See, what you have to realize, Hassan, is how much the whole clan loves Eddie. He’s like the team mascot – always cheerful, optimistic and playful. Which is why it was such a shock when everyone saw him so upset, devastated by what was happening to him. It broke my heart to see him trying to be brave and hold back his tears.

“And you can see why you got all the blame, ‘cos you have to admit the boy had done nothing wrong, unless you count being his usually ebullient self at the Grady party. Of course I realize you were in a bad space yourself, having some kind of existential crisis. Mark told me what you said about feeling alienated after hearing some of the racial comments behind your back. But I gotta say I was very disappointed that you felt you were getting the same treatment from the guys here. Hell, with your sexy Arab/Asian looks you’re a macho icon for these guys.”

Hassan winced as if he had been physically struck. “Oh, man, hearing you lay it all out like that makes me feel like a prize asshole. I wasn’t thinking straight, but I deserve a tongue lashing, and coming from you makes it ten times worse. Man, I love and respect you and would do anything to salvage your good opinion of me, you especially. I dunno, can’t you slug me or something, strip me naked, whip my ass, make me beg for forgiveness?”

Bob smiled, “Not my style, buddy, I leave the rough stuff to Randy. Which actually brings me to my next point. OK, so you’re not anyone’s favorite around here right now, but there is a quick way to turn things around.”

“There is? I’ll do anything, Bob.”

“See, this tribe has its own way of working things out – its own rules and rituals. It’s a whole crazy mix of men and boys, each with his own ego, most of the men real dominant, but in their own way they all look up to one man. He’s their leader, the King of the Gypsies, and they take their cue from him. Traditionally he has always been the one to administer whatever punishment is called for.”

Bob grinned. “Oh I know better than anyone that Randy has his flaws, those angry flare-ups, but there’s a rule he lives by. A man, or a boy, makes a mistake, takes his punishment like a man … and that’s an end of it. Randy puts it behind him. You’ll find that the other guys won’t forgive you until Randy does. His influence is so great that once he embraces you again they all will. And this whole sad incident will be over.”

Hassan smiled at him ruefully. “Thanks Bob. I always knew it would come down to Randy, and I welcome the chance to throw myself on his mercy. His respect means a lot to me.”

Bob shrugged. “Er, actually he’s down in the gym right now, taking out his frustrations on those weights, working up a head of steam no doubt. No time like the present, buddy.”

“Thanks Bob. And when all this is over I would still like to get some sign of your forgiveness if you can think of something I can do to regain your respect.”

“Oh, I’ve already thought of that, soldier, something that’ll surprise you and Eddie. Now get your ass down to the gym … and good luck.


Like a good soldier ready to face battle, Hassan went down the steps to the basement and stood in the gym doorway watching Randy work out.

Bob was right. The fierce gypsy, wearing only frayed gym shorts, was locked in a contest with the weights and cables. Randy’s workouts were always intense. His chiseled features grimaced with effort, gleaming with sweat, his stubbled jaw clenched in determination. His superb physique was displayed in all its glory – muscles flexing, veins bulging – man versus iron as he drowned his frustrations in physical labor.

Despite his ominous mission here Hassan felt his cock stiffen in his fatigues as he stared in awe at the black-haired gypsy. Randy caught sight of Hassan in the mirror, slammed the barbells down in the rack and stared at the muscular young Arab/Asian Marine captain.

Hassan was still wearing the clothes he had on yesterday when he went to rescue Eddie – his military fatigue pants, combat boots, and a sleeveless khaki shirt hanging open over his sculpted chest. His military dog tags round his neck hung down in the cleft between his pecs.

Randy instinctively stood tall and erect, facing a man who was every bit his equal, an alpha male, a sexual icon, the kind of dominant muscle-stud Randy admired – felt a kinship with. And Hassan wasn’t the only one with a stiff dick.

“So, you’re here,” Randy said gruffly. But then his toned changed, became tinged with regret. “Man, what the fuck happened? Shit, I always looked up to you, respected your strength and that strong, silent thing you got going. And then you go spewing that bullshit to Mark that you don’t belong here ‘cos you’re a fucking Arab or some crap like that. That’s insulting to us all. But whatever your fucking problems you don’t take it out on a kid like Eddie, throw him out like a used dish rag.

“Man, I love that kid, everyone does, and right now they don’t much like you. So you know what? They’re all waiting to see what I do to you. This ain’t my first time at the rodeo – I’ve punished most everyone in this tribe at one time or another. But I tell ya, I’ll take no pleasure in punishing you, a man I admire and respect, and a military man at that. But I have to do it so we can put this fucking thing to rest and restore your honor in the tribe.”

“I get it Randy,” Hassan said humbly. “I gotta say, though, no punishment you dish out can be worse than what I put myself through, regretting what I did to that great kid.”

“Which is why I’m gonna go easy on you, soldier. I could chain you up, strip you naked and whip your body until you beg for mercy. But you’re so tough you could take that without flinching. So think of this as a ritual penance. I always say the punishment should fit the crime. You fucked your boy over … so guess what ...”

He led Hassan to face a floor-length wall mirror, with a chin bar above his head. He pulled off the soldier’s loose shirt, and within a minute the scene was set.

Standing before the mirror the soldier’s arms were stretched upward, his wrists secured in leather wrist restraints at either end of the bar. Stripped to the waist, his bare torso flexed with the strain. His lats were flared, from his armpits, with their tangled black hair, down past his powerful chest, ripped abs, down to the tight waist girded by the web khaki belt of his fatigues. He stood legs apart, his combat boots planted firmly on the floor.

Randy stood back and stared at him in the mirror. “Shit, man, you are such a beautiful fucking stud. I lied just now when I said I’d get no pleasure working you over. Look at this. Standing beside him, both men staring into the mirror, Hassan gasped as Randy dropped his shorts and his massive club sprang out hard as steel. He stroked it and said, “Forget the whip. There’s only one punishment fit for a man like you, soldier.”

Standing behind the shirtless Marine Randy reached round, unbuckled his belt, ripped open his pants and pulled them down below his ass. He slapped the rock hard mounds and said, “Holy fuck. Damn, I gotta have that ass.” He pressed his crotch against him so Hassan felt Randy’s wiry pubic hair chafing his ass, his cock pressed sideways against one of the cheeks.

“Feel that?” Randy said, rubbing against his ass. Imagine how that rod’s gonna feel inside you, man.” He reached round and squeezed Hassan’s nipples making him gasp with a sudden burst of pain in his chest. “Look at that tough Marine captain, the same tough guy who hurt a young kid and scared him so bad he ran away. You know the punishment you get for that, soldier? It’s called a dry butt-fuck.”

He pulled his hips back and paused, his cock a foot away from the helpless ass and pointing straight at it. “Mother-fucker,” Randy growled. “This is for the boy.”

“Aaaagh!” The Marine’s body jolted forward, his scream bounced off the walls as the dry shaft pierced his ass and drove straight down to his gut. He screamed again as Randy pulled back and slammed his cock in deep a second time. “Hurts, eh, soldier?” Randy breathed in his ear from behind. “But not for long. Like I said, buddy, it’s not my first time at this rodeo. I can ride you like a stallion, man, make you do just what I want.”

And he proceeded to prove it. Having ravaged his ass with two brutal strokes Randy now eased off and massaged the tender membrane with his thick cock with short, tender strokes, sending jolts of ecstasy from Hassan’s ass through his straining body. Soon Hassan’s balls were bursting and he desperately wanted to touch his shuddering cock, so he pulled hopelessly at his bound wrists.

“You wanna jerk off, that it?” Randy taunted. “No need for that, buddy, you underestimate me. Once I’ve softened you up, like I said, I can make you do anything.”

He suddenly increased the tempo, harder, faster until at last he pulled all the way out … and slammed his cock deep in his ass in like a pile driver. This time Hassan screamed, his body writhed … and his cock blasted a ribbon of cum that splashed on the mirror and streamed down the glass, his body thrashing wildly until he ended up hanging limp from the bar.


“Yeah,” Randy grinned into the mirror. “That’s how I like my men – spent. You know what they say, ‘the bigger they are the finer they look’, and you look mighty fine, captain, primed for more action.”

“No, man,” Hassan groaned. “I just blew my wad … I can’t … no more …”

“Did I say you have a choice, soldier?” Randy barked. “This is your punishment … this!”

And so the real fuck began, with Randy alternately pounding the Marine’s ass, pushing him to the limit, then slackening off before ramrodding him again. It was a wild, pornographic spectacle, and the dazed soldier looked at the blurred image in the mirror – the muscular near-naked young Arab, body stretched in bondage, impaled on the savage gypsy’s iron shaft.

Hassan was mesmerized by the handsome square-cut face and the pale blue eyes piercing his in the mirror. But as the long rod pistoned in his ass relentlessly he felt his strength ebbing and finally he knew that, tough as he was, he was finished. There was only one thing to do …”

And so the broken Marine begged. “Please, man, I can’t take anymore. I’m beaten. My ass is on fire. I’m sorry for what I did, but please, sir, no more. Finish me off … cum in my ass … please, I’m begging you.”

“OK, soldier, you’ve had enough. But you know what you have to do to end it, to make me bust my load in you. Look in the mirror. Look into my eyes. Look at me … look at me.”

Hassan was transfixed by the gypsy’s hypnotic blue eyes, smiling slightly, triumphantly, knowing that once again he had beaten an alpha male as strong as himself, broken his spirit, made him beg. A worthy punishment.

Hassan stared at the man in the mirror, into his eyes, and felt his massive cock filling his ass, moving slowly inside it. Yes, he knew what he had to do. His body writhed, his cock shuddered and he yelled, “I love you, man. I love you. Let me feel your jizz in my ass, please, sir … aaagh!”

For a second time his cock poured semen onto the mirror as he felt the gypsy’s cock explode inside him and fill his ass with the warm balm of forgiveness.


It was over … at least for Randy. He pulled out, went round to face the exhausted soldier, took his face in his hands and kissed him ravenously. “Fucking beautiful, man. Such a fucking stud. I admire the hell out of you, Hassan … and I forgive you.”

He went over to a pile of clothes, pulled on old jeans, work boots and his greasy old tank top. “I’m going to work, so here’s what’s gonna happen, big guy. I’m gonna leave you here so you can gaze in the mirror at the man who misused his boy. You’re gonna think on that and you’re gonna make a promise to the man in the mirror that you will never do anything like that again.

“My man Bob has to bestow his forgiveness too. He’s told me what he wants to do and I don’t like it but these days I can’t deny the guy anything. I’ll tell him he can come down here in an hour, cut you down and … do whatever he wants. As for the other guys, don’t worry about them. They take their cue from me … no more cold shoulders. You’re back, soldier, one of us, and I’m real glad you are. I love you, man.”

Without another word Randy left and the room was silent. The pain in Hassan’s ass was subsiding as he stared in the mirror at the guilt-ridden man, his muscular body straining upward like a naked prisoner stretched on the rack. Then he recalled the image of the dark gypsy face smiling back at him with forgiveness in his eyes.

He gazed at himself, vowing always to love and protect his boy, and his sins slowly faded, replaced by the memory of Eddie’s eager, loving face. He made plans for all the things he was going to do for the boy, and to him. He always knew what his boy wanted.

He heard footsteps on the stairs, the door opened and Bob came in. He walked straight over to face Hassan and ran his hands through the black hair at the nape of his neck. He pulled his head forward and, as Randy had done, kissed him passionately. Then he reached up and freed his wrists. “You OK, buddy? No permanent damage?”

Hassan managed a smile. “Nah, you know Randy. He’s more subtle than that.”

Bob laughed, “I don’t think subtle is a word I would ever apply to Randy, but I know what you mean. He’s a master at what he does.” Bob massaged the life back into Hassan’s aching arms and shoulders and said, “Hmm, good as new, I’d say. Here sit in this chair and relax.”

Hassan was happy to put himself in Bob’s care, as Bob pulled out his cell phone. “Hey, Jamie. If you can spare Eddie for a while, have him come down to the gym and tell him to bring a six-pack of beer with him. Yeah, I’m down here with Hassan. Thanks, Jamie.”

“Good.” Bob sat with Hassan and smiled. “I’m real glad it all worked out, buddy, and Randy got to do his thing. But like I said, I leave the rough stuff to him. My brand of forgiveness is way different … as you’re about to find out.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 328



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