The time had come at last for Bob, the handsome, muscular business executive, to make the new boy, the young gymnast Thomas, submit to a master. But he was not going to repeat the raw physicality of the rough treatment the boy had received from Randy and Zack.

Instead, when Thomas reported to him in the master suite, Bob, dressed in the smart business suit of an authoritative Senior Vice-President of his company, made Thomas wait as he conducted business on the phone. He toyed with him, tantalized him ... but didn’t touch him. Driven wild by the sight of the muscle-god businessman slowly removing his shirt the young jock begged for attention and crawled across the floor for one touch of the man he craved.

When the boy had been mentally tortured to the limit of his endurance Bob unexpectedly dropped to his knees beside the bed and stroked the boy’s blond hair. “Poor, Thomas,” he smiled. “I’ve really put you through the ringer, haven’t I? I did it on purpose to show you there’s another way a master can discipline a boy – make him beg, make him surrender to a man. And for the longest time I didn’t even touch you.

“See, it’s not all about getting gangbanged by a bunch of roughneck construction workers, getting tied up and whipped, crawling through the mud. Though you did more than your share of crawling and begging, except there was no mud and no ripped T-shirts. But don’t worry Thomas, I am gonna fuck your ass. In fact, Thomas, you’re gonna get more than fucked. You’re gonna share my bed all night and I’m gonna make love to my beautiful blond ice-skater with the buns of death.

So at long last the desperate young gymnast’s fantasy came true and he felt the exquisite sensation of Bob’s cock entering his ass. Bob fucked him, thrilled him, made love to him in every position and through several orgasms until their final mutual explosion of cum.

Afterwards Thomas lay for a long time wrapped in Bob’s arms and assumed that’s where he would stay. But Bob still had one more trick up his sleeve, one more lesson to teach him about the love between master and boy. Thomas was surprised when Bob suddenly said, “There’s something I have to show you, Thomas, another step in your education. Get up and put those black pants on again. Don’t worry, it won’t take long, and then I’ll bring you back and we’ll go to bed for the rest of the night.”

Confused and excited Thomas did as ordered while Bob pulled on blue jeans and said, “Remember when you got gang-fucked by those guys and Zack was the last?”

“Yes, sir, but my ass was so sore after the others that I couldn’t take it. I said the safe word and Pablo pulled Zack off of me.”

“Yeah,” Bob grinned, “and I can imagine how mad the leather-master Zack was at being stopped by a boy. I’m surprised he didn’t slug Pablo.”

“Oh no, sir, Randy intervened and told Zack that Pablo was right to defend me, me being his boy and all. Zack was still mad, though, and I remember what he said to Randy. ‘OK, but in exchange I’m gonna have your ass … tonight … at my house.’ Randy agreed, but I don’t really understand why.”

“He did it to save you and Pablo, Thomas. It’s what Randy does – protects his boys, no matter the price he has to pay. Randy and Zack are two of a kind, both construction bosses, both tough alpha males. They’re real close buddies, but competitive too. They’ve had fights before, but this time it’s more than that. It’s a matter of honor between two dominant males, one of those periodic trials of strength that the men need, a rite of passage like two rams butting heads and locking horns to determine the leader of the pack.

“But Zack can be a rough son of a bitch and I’m worried about what he’ll do. I’d feel better about it if I were there, ‘cos I have a feeling that I, or maybe even you, might be able to help Randy out. After all, Randy put himself at risk to protect you and Pablo. So let’s go see.”

Bewildered at this sudden turn of events Thomas followed Bob downstairs, out through the gate and across the street to Zack’s house. And there, in the garden, an extraordinary sight met their eyes. Randy, stripped to the waist in jeans and boots, was spread-eagled between two trees, his arms stretched in a V, wrists tied to the trees, legs astride, his feet similarly bound.

Zack, in black leather pants and boots, with a leather vest open over his bare chest, stood facing him – the black leather master versus the rugged King of the Gypsies.

“You know why we’re here, man,” Zack said menacingly. “Your boy humiliated me, pulling me off that new kid while I was fucking his ass. Your boy did that. I wouldn’t take that from you, let alone your boy. You were saving the kid from more punishment, I know that, but you still owe me. It’s your own rule, man, the punishment fits the crime – an eye for an eye, an ass for an ass. And it’s your ass that’s on the line here.”

Standing back in the shadow of trees Thomas said nervously to Bob, “What’s happening, sir? What’s he gonna do to Randy?”

“Ssshh. Just wait, Tommy. You’ll find out.”


Randy had a whip draped round his neck, a cat o’ nine tails that Zack had already used on him judging by the whip marks across his chest and back. That was Zack’s usual opener when he was trying to soften a man up, though he knew that it was just a ritual formality with this tough gypsy who didn’t soften easily, certainly not from a whipping, no matter how hard or prolonged.

Randy‘s stubbled jaw was firmly clenched and his steel blue eyes bore defiantly into the leather master facing him, as Zack said, “Yeah, we both knew you would never surrender to the whip. You’re way too tough for that. But that’s not what this is about, is it? This is about ass, your ass in exchange for that kid’s you stopped me from fucking. So let’s get this over. I plough your ass, you bust your load and that’s it.”

The chiseled black features broke into a gleaming smile. “You are such a hot fucking stud, the only man I think of as an equal – brothers under the skin. Did I ever tell you that when I’m working with you on the construction site, seeing that fucking body of yours flexing, smelling your sweat, I always have a boner in my pants. But, you know, even brothers fight sometimes … and the time comes for one to teach the other a lesson.”

Zack put his hand behind Randy’s head, pulled it toward him and clamped their mouths together in a grinding kiss. He pulled back and grinned, “Hell, am I gonna enjoy this!” He unzipped his own leather pants, pulled out his massive, iron-hard cock and stroked it tauntingly as Randy looked down at the rod that was about to pound his ass.

Bob and Thomas watched from the shadows and tensed as Zack moved behind Randy, ripped open his jeans, pulled them down below his ass and slapped the flexed cheeks. “That ass is fucking hot, man. It’s crying out to have a huge black dick inside it. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention … this is gonna be a dry fuck, buddy. Gotta make sure you really feel it. He clamped his hands on Randy’s hips, pulled them toward him and plunged his shaft deep in his ass.

Rand inhaled sharply and stifled a groan as the first thrust of the dry fuck sent pain streaking from his ass through his bound body. His eyes watered but it was a matter of macho pride to take whatever Zack dished out and maintain a stoic silence. Which is what he did as the fuck gathered speed and force.

What made it easier for Randy was the fact that the savage black dick jackhammering his ass was a huge turn on. Just as Zack had said he lusted for Randy’s body when they worked side by side, Randy too usually had a stiff dick in his pants working with the shirtless black muscle-god. Being tied up and fucked by his work buddy appealed to his masculine sense of challenge, especially as he could now see his reflection in the floor length window of the house facing him – the macho gypsy impaled on the dick of the leatherman.

“Turns you on, don’t it buddy?” Zack said in his ear. “Your ass is like a fucking furnace. Hell, I should fuck you more often …. maybe in front of the crew, show them who’s really the boss of that outfit.

“Asshole,” Randy growled. He knew that would never happen, though the fantasy gave him an extra charge of adrenaline. And when Zack reached round him and twisted his nipples a blast of erotic pain inflamed his chest and his rigid cock pulsed and oozed pre-cum. All it took was Zack lowering one hand and grabbing Randy’s cock and Randy knew he couldn’t hold back.

His beer-can-thick cock filled the big black hand wrapped round it and Zack pounded it in his fist while he slammed his cock in his ass. “Son of a bitch,” Randy yelled. “Fuck you, man … fuck, fuck, fuuuck…” as his cock exploded in a stream of jizz that splashed on the ground at his feet.

When he had regained his breath Randy taunted Zack in triumph. “You overplayed your hand, buddy. You said all it took was you ploughing my ass, me busting my load, and that’s it. So it’s over, old buddy. Cut me loose.”

“You’re kidding, right? You know me better than that, big guy – and I know you. Getting whipped and fucked ‘til you cum is like a walk in the park for you. Nah, that’s not my style. When I work a guy over he really feels it. Oh sure, I said when you bust your load it’s all over – and it will be. But what I forgot to mention was that you have to cum twice. I took a leaf out of your playbook, old buddy. Fuck a guy, make him cum, then keep on fucking him. That’s when it really hurts – and you know it.”

“Son of a bitch,” Randy growled, yanking on the ropes binding his wrists, thrusting his hips forward in an effort to pull his ass off the leatherman’s huge rod. Zack was right. It was the way Randy often fucked – except that when Randy hammered ass and made a man cum he then toned it down and gently massaged the ravaged ass with his cock. That always drove the man wild and soon made him shoot another load.

But Randy knew Zack was different. There was a mean streak in him, especially with a rival like Randy, so there was no toning it down the second time. The second fuck was as brutal as the first, making the ass hurt so bad it overwhelmed any sexual feeling and made it difficult to get hard again, let alone shoot a second load.

Randy howled, “Bastard!” as Zack’s shaft pistoned into his already shattered ass.

Bob and Thomas flinched as they watched the big gypsy suffer, his magnificent, near-naked body writhing, spread-eagled in bondage. His stretched muscles flexed hard to withstand the savage thrusts of Zack’s rod, sweat poured down his chest and his stubbled features grimaced in pain, his head thrashing form side to said, long black hair flying. Zack taunted him “All you have to do is shoot another load, man, and it’s over. You know me, I can fuck all night.”

The man and boy watching from the shadows were willing Randy’s cock to get hard, willing him to cum and end his torment, but his long piece of meat swung helplessly between his splayed legs. It was agony for Thomas to watch his hero get punished like this and he pleaded with Bob. “Sir, please. Can’t you do something to stop it? This is all my fault. Make Zack stop fucking him, sir.”

Bob frowned. “First, this is not your fault, Tommy. This is between Randy and Zack. And second, it’s against the rules for a man to intervene when two masters are engaged in a trial of strength like this. Besides, it would wound Randy’s pride if I tried to rescue him.” He paused, looked at the boy and added, “But, er, I think you could get away with it Thomas.”

“Me, sir?! I would do anything to help Randy but I could never dare tell Zack to stop. It would only make him angrier and he’d beat me and Randy.”

“I know you could never make Zack stop,” Thomas. “Only Randy can make this stop by cumming again. And that’s where you come in. You have been taking lessons from Eddie, haven’t you, like all the other boys?”

Suddenly Thomas knew what Bob meant. “Yes, sir, I understand. I can do that, sir … I can try my best, anyway.”

“Tommy, it has to be real good. You know how you used to turn those clients on at the hotel? That was for fun, but this is real serious. This could save Randy from more pain. You’re right, there is some risk. But I have a feeling Zack won’t stop you. You won’t exactly be rescuing Randy. You'll just be helping him save himself.” Bob pulled Tommy’s head toward him and kissed him. “Off you go. All you have to do is turn Randy on. Good luck kiddo.”


Thomas took a step forward out of the shadows but his nerve almost failed him. Here he was, the new boy, barefoot and shirtless in just tight black pants, and on the other side of the garden was the fearsome leather master pounding the ass of the captive gypsy boss. Who was he to intervene, a mere new boy? But the look of anguish on Randy’s handsome face gave the boy courage and he dropped to his knees.

Using a trick he had often used with his hotel clients he undid the top two buttons of his pants before falling on his stomach. Then, as he had done earlier for Bob, he started to crawl across the lawn, using every trick he knew to make his ass cheeks flex under the tight fabric of his pants.

Gritting his teeth as Zack pounded his ass Randy slowly became aware of movement on the ground several yards away. Through the watery vision of his tear-filled eyes he realized it was a man, a boy, crawling toward him. He blinked away the tears and saw that it was Tommy, barefoot and shirtless wearing tight pants that showed every ripple of his ass muscles as he dragged himself closer.

For an instant the pain in Randy’s ass lessened as he focused on the ass he had fucked several times, the ass that make his cock stiffen whenever he saw it. But the relief was fleeting as Zack’s ramrod drove in deeper.

But still Randy focused on the boy and he gasped as he saw the pants begin to slide down from his waist. That was why Thomas had loosened his waistband, the way he used to excite his paying clients at the hotel. As he approached Randy and grabbed one of his ankles roped to the tree then pulled himself forward, his pants slid down further and exposed the top of his white globes rising up from the tan line at his hips.

Despite his pain and anger Randy could never resist that ass and he felt the first stirrings of his cock coming back to life. Thomas pulled himself up Randy’s leg until the head of his cock swung before his eyes as he knelt before him. He flicked out his tongue and licked the hard, sensitive rim of his cock, one of the opening moves Eddie had taught him. Now he tried to remember the other techniques Eddie had demonstrated.

He sucked in the whole head of the massive cock, breathed deeply through his nose and pushed forward until the full length of the cock filled his mouth and his face was buried in the sweaty tangle of black pubic hair. He almost choked and felt the panic of suffocation but he knew he couldn’t give up – this had to work for Randy’s sake – so he willed himself to stay calm and took more deep breaths through his nose.

Randy was moaning now, feeling the warm young mouth wrap round his cock. Then, looking at the reflection in the window, he saw Thomas’s pants drop down below his butt and he gasped at the sight of the perfect mounds of the ice-skater’s ass. The pain of the black shaft pile-driving his ass decreased, deflected by the sensation in his groin as blood flowed into his cock and it grew in the boy’s mouth.

His mind too was focused away from his own ass and onto the exquisite sight of the boy’s flexing buns. “Oh, man,” he murmured in a daze, “I gotta fuck that ass. I gotta shove my dick in that gorgeous butt.”

Hearing those words and feeling Randy’s cock get hard in his mouth Thomas was spurred to greater effort. He momentarily pulled off his cock, another of Eddie’s tricks to make a man beg for more. “My ass is yours, sir,” Thomas said. “Please fuck my ass … I wanna feel that huge cock inside me, sir … I want it so bad.”

He saw the first trickle of pre-cum ooze from his cock and knew that this was his chance. Quickly he swallowed the long rod again and used more of Eddie’s techniques, pushing all the way down then clenching his throat muscles as he pulled back along the shaft, as if drawing the jizz out from the man’s balls.

Seeing what was happening Zack intensified the ferocious fuck and as he slammed against the bound gypsy’s ass, Randy’s hips jerked forward and his cock rammed deeper down the boy’s throat. Thomas had the wildest fantasy that he was being face-fucked by both the leatherman and the gypsy as each thrust of Zack’s cock was matched by Randy’s cock slamming his face.

But Thomas knew he couldn’t endure this for long so he worked his throat muscles desperately and reached up to Randy’s chest and squeezed his nipples, grinding them in his fingers as hard as he could. He sensed a resurgent power in Randy – a man who had been driven to the brink of defeat, his sexual potency restored by this boy with the hot mouth and stunning ass.

“Randy sneered at Zack, “Do your worst, stud … you can pound my ass but you can’t break me. You think I can’t bust another load? Watch this, asshole … Suck it boy, yeah, suck that big dick, torture those tits … show me that ass. Here it comes, kid … drink it … yeah … yeah…!”

Thomas felt the cock explode deep in his throat and he gulped down the juice of Randy’s triumph. But his triumph was Tommy’s too and, to prove that Randy had won, the boy pulled his mouth off his cock and held it in front of him while it pumped semen all over his face and into his mouth as his aching jaw sagged open.

Zack watched in disbelief. He never thought Randy could cum again, never reckoned on the boy daring to help. “Shit damn,” he yelled “… shit damn … aaagh!” and at long last his cock blasted semen in Randy’s ass. As Randy bucked and sprayed jizz, Thomas felt delirious with the sensation that he was drinking the juice of both men.

He was dimly aware of Zack quickly untying Randy, then he felt hands under his armpits and strong arms pulling him to his feet. He found himself staring at the broad smile on the gypsy’s rugged face. “That was fucking awesome, boy. I owe you one, kiddo.” Randy grabbed Thomas’s head and pulled him into a long, churning kiss, lubricated by his own cum that still oozed from the boy’s mouth.

When they separated Randy said, “Like I said, kid, I am gonna fuck that ass again, probably every time I see it. I’d fuck it right now and cum a third time except that me and Zack here have some unfinished business.”

“And in any case,” said a voice at his shoulder, “Thomas is mine tonight, right Tommy?”

“Yes please, sir,” he said to Bob, glowing with pride, feeling desired by both men and more a member of the tribe than ever.

“Come on, then, kiddo. You did a great job here, you deserve a reward. These two men aren’t the only guys with unfinished business.” Bob flung his arm round the boy’s shoulder and Randy and Zack watched them leave.

“Hell of a boy you got there, buddy,” Zack said. “Fits in real well.”

*************************       *************************

In the coming days the activity in the Grady House kicked into high gear as more furniture and equipment arrived and had to be inventoried and installed. Mario was in overall charge with Danny assisting in every aspect of the move-in. The quarrel between Grady and Mario was long forgotten, though Bob was still concerned that the underlying causes still simmered somewhere deep down.

At least he could help take some of the pressure off them by providing lots of help. Danny had been designated by Grady and Mario as the chef and live-in housekeeper – essentially in charge of the running of the house – but Bob knew he would need help from the other boys.

Brandon was to set up the office under Bob’s supervision and Randy had recommended that he also be in charge of checking inventory – all the deliveries against the invoices. He had initially done similar work at the construction site and the fact that he was in a wheelchair didn’t slow him down one bit. Eddie, the assistant houseboy at the tribe’s compound, was loaned out to the Grady House temporarily as houseboy. And Ben spent as much time as he could there doing handyman jobs around the house.

The Aussies, Adam and Nate, had a week’s vacation coming which they had intended to spend at home (a staycation as Nate called it) since Adam traveled so much in his airline job. The twins had come up with the suggestion that they spend it at the Grady House – a change of scene but still close to home. The handsome, athletic Adam wanted to get to know Grady better and help him set up the home gym, while Nate could coach Eddie in his houseboy duties.

Having set all that into motion Bob withdrew, not wanting to be an authoritative presence in the house as he was in the tribe’s compound. The masters of this house, after all, were Grady and Mario. So the team was in place and they went to work with enthusiasm.

The only person absent for much of the time was Grady who was spending long hours at the studio as the star of the big-budget Tarzan movie that took up three whole sound stages at Warner Studios. The production was trying to catch up as it was behind schedule, so the pressure was on and the resulting tension had been part of the reason for Grady and Mario’s big fight, though their love for each other won the day and they made up in spectacular fashion.

The other thing that was cranking up, now that principal photography on the movie was in high gear, was the publicity machine. Grady of course, as the star, was front and center of this effort, making the rounds of the TV talk shows and carefully choreographed public appearances.

In fact one afternoon when Bob happened to be visiting the Grady House, Eddie’s voice rang out, “Hey, guys, it’s almost time for Ellen. Let’s watch.” The viewing room was still being set up but the TV was working and they all dragged in chairs and sat down to watch.

Grady was appearing on the nationally syndicated, top-rated talk show, a rite of passage for stars being promoted by their studio. He had previously warned Mario and the other guys that he would be making an entrance that was real corny but it was all in the spirit of the fun vibe on the show.

The boys made a boisterous group watching with Mario, Adam and Bob, as Ellen announced, as a special guest, the star of a big upcoming movie. She did her version of the Tarzan yell and in swung the jungle man on a rope they had rigged up, clad only in his loin cloth. The audience went wild with a standing ovation and the camera panned over women fanning themselves and slumping in their seats in mock fainting attacks … plus wide-eyed male audience members.

Grady swung right up to Ellen and folded her in a hug, provoking more whoops and whistles from the audience. A laughing Grady did a few muscle posing shots then pulled on jeans and a loose shirt that hung open over his sculpted chest before he sat on the couch facing Ellen.

The fun loving Grady and the effervescent Ellen clicked right away and the interview was a blast with a lot of laughter and ribald humor (as ribald as family-friendly TV was allowed, with a couple of bleeps along the way). There were frequent audience reaction shots of swooning women and eager-faced men, all of them indulging in their various fantasies of meeting this gorgeous, charismatic icon.

As the boys in the viewing room whooped and hollered Bob glanced at Mario who was smiling warmly, but Bob’s sensitive antennae picked up a certain tension behind the smile. It must be tough, watching your lover being devoured by a crowd of women and men who all fantasied about having what Mario, in fact, did have. At least he hoped he had.

Finally the segment ended and Ellen encouraged the audience to give a round of applause for “our favorite guest and brand new star”. The audience stood in a standing ovation as Grady stood up and pumped his fists in the air, making his shirt open over the sculpted musculature of his chest.

What had started out as a corny entrance had become a genuine bonding between host and guest and there was no doubt of Ellen’s sincerity when she said she wanted Grady back on her show “real soon.” At the prompting of the stage manager women came up onto the set and mobbed Grady … and they cut to commercial.


The TV went off and the boys erupted in cheers at the performance of their friend Grady. He was so easy-going and down-to-earth with them that they hadn’t realized what a charismatic figure he had become for the public. Bob saw Mario joining in the celebration, kind of, and sat next to him. He put his arm over his shoulder and said, “Kinda tough to watch, eh, Mario?”

“Yeah, kinda,” Mario said. “But he was great, don’t you think? And the audience ate him up.”

“Mario, I always hesitate to give advice, but I urge you and Grady to have a session with Dr. Steve. His methods can be unconventional to say the least, sometimes real tough, but he understands what’s really going on and I do think he could set your mind at rest. It may not be easy … but hey, who said love was easy?”

“Thanks, Bob,” Mario smiled. “I think you’re right. I’ll talk it over with Grady when he gets home.”

Before that happened Bob put in a discreet call to Steve who said, “Hey Bob. What’s up?”

“Did you, er, happen to catch the Ellen show this afternoon, Steve?”

“As a matter of fact I tuned in specially. Not a normal activity of mine but I wanted to see Grady. He was terrific, don’t you think?”

“Absolutely wonderful … had that audience eating out of his hand – and that’s not all they wanted to do. Er, you do see the problem, though, don’t you, doc?”

“Of course I do, Bob. But you do know Mario and Grady have to call me themselves for an appointment, don’t you?”

“I know, Steve. And I’m pretty sure they will. Could you fit them in as soon as they do, though?”

“For you, buddy, anything. For them too … they’re gonna need it.”

When Grady came home he was on a high. He had taped the Ellen show a few weeks ago but he and the crew had watched it at the studio and they and the producers were thrilled. “And did you see how the audience reacted?” Grady said to Mario. “They really liked me.”

Mario had spent the day in the less glamorous task of arranging furniture and he found it hard to match Grady’s racing adrenaline. Grady sensed his lover’s wilted enthusiasm and said, “Hey, amico, what d’ya say we go to the bedroom and hide out for a while?” He called out to Brandon who was wheeling himself round the house checking the deliveries against a sheaf of invoices on his tray table.

“Hey, Brandon, you think you and the boys can hold the fort out here for a while? Mario and I have a little business to attend to.”

“Go right ahead, sir,” Brandon grinned knowingly. “We can manage. Take as long as you need.”

In the master bedroom Grady said, “I missed you buddy. Even in all the high-energy action at the studio I kept thinking of you here at home. Bring me down to earth, will you, amico – back to the world I love more than all the glitz and glamor – just you and me alone, making love?”

And so they did, picking up where they had left off at dawn before Grady raced off to the studio. Their passion was as intense as it always was. Their love for each other seemed to increase as the days and weeks went by. And yet, as Grady held Mario in his arms in the afterglow of great sex, he was still aware of how different their day had been – how different their lives were between Grady’s high-powered celebrity and Mario’s quiet domesticity.

Grady squeezed him tight and said, “While me and the crew were watching that show I thought of you watching here at home. I mean, the show was crazy and kinda corny, all that stuff with Tarzan swinging onto the set … it’s all just PR really. But forget all the screaming fans. You do know I belong to you, don’t you, buddy? How do you say that in Italian?”

“Ti appartengo,” Mario smiled. “Of course I do, Grady – we belong to each other. But, I won’t pretend it’s easy watching all those people falling in love and lust with you on national television. You know, Bob’s got his finger on the pulse in most things and he suggested that you and I call Dr. Steve for a therapy session.”

“Great idea!” Grady beamed. “After all, it was me going to Steve all those months ago that first introduced me to the tribe … and ultimately to you.” He grinned mischievously. “‘Course, by the second session Steve ended up fucking me – his methods can be pretty weird – but he knows what he’s talking about and I think he’d be great for us. Let’s call him right now.”


True to his word to Bob, Steve set up an appointment for the next day Grady had off work, in two days’ time. In the meantime he gave a lot of thought to how he would approach the task of helping the two guys whom he liked a whole lot, as everyone else did.

Unlike many new patients, Steve knew in advance what the issues were here – it wasn’t hard to work that out – but this wasn’t simply couple’s therapy where a relationship had hit a bad patch. Grady and Mario loved each other to bits, there was no doubt about that. What Steve had to do was allay their fears for the future. The issue of inequality was already brewing (hence their recent fight) and, if left untreated, could boil over and become ugly.

Steve realized that he had to be specific and suddenly he hit on where he would take his cue from – the Ellen show. That would be the model he would use. It had been the event that prompted their call to him, a showy outpouring of affection and lust for Grady by total strangers that was surely a bit hard for Mario to watch and the immediate cause of his fears for what the future held in store.

Steve consulted his lover Lloyd (he had recruited Lloyd’s help in the past in some of his more unorthodox treatments) and together they put together an elaborate plan.

He called Mario the next morning. “Hey, buddy, about our session tomorrow. It’s up at the house here so I had an idea. All you guys there have been working flat out, so why not take the afternoon off and come and have lunch, then we three can cut out and have our session in private – at least to start with.”

That last bit sounded puzzling, but Mario was all for it. Giving everyone an afternoon off was a great idea. Steve said, “Bring the boys – what is it 'four amigos’ now? – and Adam and Nate as they’re living with you this week. I’ll ask Hassan to come over from the guest house if he’s free, so with Lloyd and you two that would make, what, eleven for lunch? There’s just one thing. Do you think Danny would be up for taking charge in the kitchen? Lloyd would help him, of course.”

“I’m sure he would love the idea,” Mario said. “And I’ll make sure the other boys help out too.”

It was settled, and the next day it was an excited group of boys who gathered in the late morning in Steve’s kitchen, with Danny trying to bring some order to the rowdy trio of Eddie, Brandon and Ben. Steve was especially affectionate with Ben, the kid brother of Steve and Randy, though he looked more like the gypsy Randy than the well-groomed doctor Steve

A bit later the Aussies arrived, Adam and his boy Nate, and sat by the pool with drinks served by Brandon. They were joined by Hassan who came up the path from his guesthouse. The usually fairly reclusive Marine, the strong, silent type, didn’t get to see the Aussies much and they chatted amiably, mostly about Australia.

Nate detected a strong element of sexual attraction between Adam – the handsome muscle-stud with his chiseled good looks and gym-built body bulging under his black T-shirt – and Hassan, the exotic, olive-skinned Arab-Asian soldier whose sleeveless denim shirt hung open over the slabs of his muscular chest. Nate made a mental note to encourage more meetings between the two men where, with any luck, he would get to watch.

Lunch out by the pool was a big, raucous success and the wine flowed liberally, encouraged by Steve who wanted the men to be relaxed and free of any inhibitions – all part of his plan.

After one of Danny’s signature desserts Steve said it was time for him to take Grady and Mario inside for their therapy session. Meanwhile, the boys all cleared the table and went in to clean up the kitchen. Steve grinned at Lloyd, Adam and Hassan. “Drink up guys … I want you all good and loose.” He laughed at their puzzled looks. Don’t worry – Lloyd will explain.”

As Steve disappeared into the house Lloyd grinned conspiratorially at the Aussie and the Marine. “OK, guys, here’s the plan ….”


In Steve’s office he got straight to the point. “OK, guys, we all know why we’re here. Mario, you first. I want you to tell me what the tensions were between you two that led to your quarrel, and what feelings you had when you watched Grady on the Ellen show the other day.”

Mario glanced at Grady and smiled shyly. “Well, it all comes down to the same thing really, Steve. We love each other like crazy, that’s not the issue. But this inequality between us kinda nags at me. It’s not so much the money thing – Grady has convinced me that he could care less about the fact that he’s bringing in all the income.”

“So, if it’s not about money, what then ….?”

“Well, it’s a bit hard for me to cope with Grady’s celebrity. I never expected it to be so much, it’s something completely foreign to me. Like, what happened on the TV show. The audience went totally crazy for him – I mean, loving him, lusting for him, especially after that stunt in the loincloth. And when they all rushed the stage at the end and gathered round him I couldn’t even see him anymore, I lost sight of him and I … it’s crazy but I flashed on how it would be if it was a crowd of men round him, wanting him, lusting for him. I mean where would that leave me?”

Grady reached over and grabbed Mario’s arm, but Mario persisted. “I know I’m probably being paranoid, Grady, but you know that’s a fantasy of yours – getting gang fucked by a bunch of hot men – we’ve often laughed about it. And on that show those crazed fans were sort of fucking you in a way – oh, not literally, of course, but in every other way. I mean, it’s probably gonna get worse as time goes on and I … I’m not sure where I would fit into all that….”

Suddenly his voice cracked, his words trailed off and tears brimmed in his eyes. “Oh, mi scusi, I didn’t mean to …” and he wiped his sleeve across his face. Grady moved across the couch next to him and held him in his arms.

Steve defused the emotion of the moment with clinical analysis. “Right, well Mario that was a pretty complete analysis of the problem here – basically your fear of the future. And when I treat patients with a specific fear I advise them to face it full on. There’s no point beating around the bush and letting the fear fester. In fact sometimes I recommend that, if possible, they try to duplicate the circumstances that caused the fear, and to put themselves right in the middle.

“Oh I get it, doc,” Grady said enthusiastically. “You mean I should do the Ellen show again – she said she wants me back – and this time have Mario in the audience.”

“Not exactly, Grady,” Steve smiled. “I meant something in a controlled environment – like this house. On the same lines as that show except something closer to Grady’s fantasy – and with a much different and smaller audience. The thing is, you confront someone with the root of their fears in an exaggerated form and the fear loses its power – the root cause becomes insignificant, just a fact of life.

“Now I warn you, my methods can be pretty unorthodox and this could be really difficult for you especially, Mario. But better to face that difficulty here among friends, where you can call a halt anytime you want. And I’ll be there to stop the experiment if it gets out of hand. So how about it, guys? You up for this?”

Grady looked questioningly at Mario who smiled and shrugged. “Let’s go for it. As you say, Steve, I can always call a halt.”


The scene was set. Steve gave Grady his instructions, then took Mario into the bedroom where he was amazed to see … the audience. Lloyd had arranged chairs beside the bed. In the front row sat the men – Lloyd, Hassan and Adam. Behind them sat the cheering section – the boys, Eddie, Brandon, Danny, Ben and Nate. There was an empty chair between Danny and Brandon and Mario nervously took his place there.

Steve appeared, the show’s host (and, incidentally, writer, producer, director and cast member) and flashed a smile – just like his brother Randy’s. Gentlemen, I want you to give a big hand to our special guest … the new Tarzan … Grady.”

Jaws dropped as Grady appeared wearing nothing but the black briefs they had all seen him wearing in the billboards and underwear ads – the pictures that had made most of them jack off. The boys in the back row stood, like the Ellen audience, and cheered. Steve said above the cheers, “If you’ll take your place on the bed, Grady, it’s time for a little audience participation. Could I have three volunteers?”

Having been coached by Lloyd, Hassan and Adam stood up, one on either side of the bed while Lloyd stood at the foot. Grady gazed up at the swarthy Marine, the handsome architect and the muscular Aussie. He gasped as they slowly, ritualistically pulled off their shirts and towered over him bare chested – Adam in blue jeans, Lloyd in cargo shorts and Hassan in his usual military fatigues.

Suddenly Mario knew what was about to happen. His instinct was to stand up and call a halt before it began but he felt the comforting pressure of hands on his wrists – Danny on one side, Brandon on the other. But what restrained him the most was the look of excitement in Grady’s eyes. This was Grady’s fantasy that they had joked about often. But this was no joke … it was real … and it was happening now.

“You, sir,” Steve said, smiling at Adam. “You first I think.”

Adam smiled down at the near naked muscle-jock and said in his Australian drawl, “I gotta tell ya, mate, that I’m one of your biggest fans. Every time I see you my dick gets hard … like it is now.” He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his long, hard rod. “Hell, the thought of fucking Tarzan … it’s brilliant, mate. Rumor has it you’re a bloke who likes to get butt-fucked but I bet you’ve never had an Aussie do it to ya. First time for everything.”

Eddie had appointed himself the stage manager of the show, making sure the stars had everything they wanted – notably lube. He had once worked as the bar-back in a leather bar in the desert and his experience tending to all the patrons’ needs (all of them) made him well qualified for this job. He stood by with an open jar of lube at the ready.

“You know, mate,” Adam grinned, “when I used to see that billboard with you stripped down to black briefs as you are now, there’s one thing I wanted to do. This …” He reached down and ripped Grady’s briefs clear off. His cock sprang free, rock hard, and Adam said, “Oh yeah, shit damn … Tarzan butt naked waiting to get his ass ploughed. Doesn’t get much better than that. Let’s get a look at that ass.”

He grabbed Grady’s ankles, pushed them up high and stared down at the firm mounds of his ass and the soft fuzz of curly black hair round the hole. “Awesome!” Adam’s eyes gleamed. “Damn I gotta get me a piece of that. Grease me up, boy.”

Eddie stepped forward and rubbed lube over the whole length of the Aussie’s stiff rod, then guided it to the opening of Grady’s butt, as Eddie’s own cock dripped pre-cum in his shorts. “OK, kid, I’ll take it from here,” Adam said, and drove his shaft straight and deep into the naked jock’s ass.

“Aaagh,” Grady shouted. “Holy shit that’s fucking great, man … don’t stop, don’t stop.” Grady looked up at Adam’s square jawed-features, his close-cropped black hair and confident, sparkling brown eyes. Then he glanced over at his lover Mario watching tensely, and flashed a grin, which helped Mario relax. He always wanted the best for Grady – and Adam was one of the best.

Grady reached up and ran his hands over the hairy slabs of the Aussie’s chest, then down over his washboard abs that rippled as Adam pistoned in and of his ass. What made the picture complete was the sight of Lloyd and Hassan standing on either side of the bed. They had pulled their cocks out of their pants and were stroking them in anticipation. Suddenly Doctor Steve joined them and shrugged off his shirt. With his muscular physique and square-cut features he was a near twin of his brother Randy.

Grady knew what he was in for and floated into the fantasy of getting fucked by the macho Aussie while the Marine, the architect and the doctor waited their turn. He closed his eyes for a moment to prevent an instant orgasm, but when he opened them again the homoerotic image struck him with even more force as he realized what was happening to him.

Tarzan was about to get gang-fucked.

The boys watched in disbelief, drawn into the pornographic fantasy that beat any porn video they had ever seen – the rugged, powerful Tarzan getting gangbanged by a quartet of horny alpha males. Danny squeezed Mario’s hand and Mario turned and smiled at him. “It’s OK, Danny. He’s just fine – he’s living his fantasy.”

Lloyd moved round to the head of the bed and grinned at Adam. “Man, I gotta get a piece of the action here.” Standing behind Grady’s head he reached down and grabbed his wrists. He pulled his arms up and pushed his hands close together and Adam did the same with his ankles. Lying helpless on his back Grady’s legs and arms were stretched upward and Lloyd’s stiff cock was pointing straight down at his face.

“Now there’s a fantasy for you, mates,” Adam yelled. “It’s like Tarzan’s captured, hands and feet tied to a pole and he’s hangin’ there like a hog waiting to get fucked in the ass and face.” To complete the fantasy Lloyd lowered his hips so his cock brushed Grady’s lips. “No,” Grady yelled in mock panic. I can’t … I can’t take both ….” But his words were stifled by the gag of Lloyd’s cock filling his mouth.

The boys stood up in awe at the incredible sight of the bound muscle-jock getting double fucked while Adam and Lloyd leaned forward and kissed over their helpless victim. The boys stopped beating their cocks, holding back their orgasms … but not so Eddie. Hassan’s ‘little gusher’ felt no need to hold back, knowing he could cum many times in quick succession. Standing by the bed he gazed down at the helpless jock getting stuffed at both ends and it took only a couple of strokes before his cock spurted a stream of jism over Grady’s heaving chest.

“You’re right, kid,” Adam said. “It’s that time again. You wanna help the jungle man out here?”

Eddie’s sparkling eyes looked questioningly at Hassan who smiled and nodded his approval.

The boy dropped to his knees and grinned impishly at Adam. “OK, let’s do it, sir.” He bent down and closed his mouth over Grady’s cock. From then on everyone knew it was over for Grady. No man could ever resist the ‘best little cock-sucker on the planet’, as Eddie was often described … and especially when that man was simultaneously getting fucked in the ass and face by two hot muscle-gods.

Adam ramrodded his ass, Lloyd pistoned in his mouth and Eddie worked his magic on his cock. Grady was flying, overwhelmed by cock, and it was only seconds before he screamed into the gag of Lloyd’s cock as he felt Adam’s jizz explode in his ass and Lloyd’s erupt in his mouth … while his own cock blasted semen into Eddie, who swallowed it expertly – every last drop.


But it wasn’t over … far from it, as adrenaline raced through the flexed muscles of five horny men all high on testosterone. They hoisted the gasping Grady onto his hands and knees and the hot jock knew he was going to get spit roasted. As Lloyd stared at Grady’s flawless ass raised invitingly in the air, with Adam’s cum oozing from it and dripping down his legs, he boasted, “Man, look at that fucking ass. I just came in the stud’s mouth, but I bet you I can do it again in his ass.”

“No way,” Hassan laughed. “OK, big guy, twenty bucks says you can’t unload in his ass.”

“You’re on, soldier,” said Lloyd, “How about you, doc?”

“I’ll raise you ten says he can,” Steve grinned, making Grady feel like the men’s plaything, the degraded object of wagers between them as he knelt on all fours.

Despite the demeaning banter between the raunchy group of men sharing him Grady was totally stoked at the notion of been passed from hand to hand, cock to cock, like a prisoner in a jail cell gang-fuck. But steeped in fantasy as he was, he turned his head and glanced at Mario again, this time with a wink that once again soothed any fears Mario might have had. Grady was still enjoying himself and that was enough for his Italian lover.

Steve also was keeping a careful eye on Mario. Even in the frenzy of raunchy sex that Steve was enjoying, a part of him maintained his professional scrutiny of the effects of his unorthodox treatment.

“Hey, Eddie,” Lloyd shouted, “get me started here.” Eddie knelt before him and a few seconds in the boy’s mouth was enough to get his dick hard again. Suddenly all the focus turned back to Lloyd as he drove his cock into the already tender ass of the muscular Tarzan, forced to crouch on all fours.

As he absorbed the pain of the second dick to enter him Grady felt his head being pulled up by the hair and he was looking up at Steve. “Man, you are so fucking gorgeous,” Steve said. “That face was born to get fucked.” Which is what he did, forcing his cock into the jock’s sagging mouth, a cock as long and thick as his gypsy brother’s. Grady was now getting fucked by the two lovers – the doctor and the architect – and as they moved in rhythm with each other he felt his groin heat up and his cock get hard again.

It soon became clear that Lloyd was going to win his bet as his gym-honed body flexed and his breathing got ragged. “Hey Eddie,” he asked, “you up for a little more action?”

“You bet, sir.” Eddie knelt on the floor with his back to the bed and arched his back so his face was directly under Grady’s cock. He scarcely had to move, just rest his head on the bed because, as Grady got pounded from behind, his cock jerked down in and out of the boy’s mouth. The other men gazed in awe as Grady took it in the ass and mouth and he fucked the face of the boy beneath him.

The boys cheered as the climax approached and once again Grady poured jizz in Eddie’s mouth as a triumphant Lloyd came inside him again, this time in his ass – and won his bet. Eddie jumped to his feet, cum running down his chin, and raised his arms to acknowledge the grinning thumbs up from the other boys.

Steve had not cum, though. He yanked his cock out of Grady’s mouth walked round the bed and shoved Lloyd out of the way. “Move over, buddy. My turn.” Steve put his foot on the small of Grady’s back and forced him flat on his stomach. Pressing his waist down on the bed he pushed the head of his cock between the twin globes and drove his cock deep inside, feeling the muscle-jock’s body shudder beneath him. Grady raised his head and found himself looking in the wall mirror opposite at the reflection of the rugged, shirtless doctor.

“Shit,” Steve moaned, “that ass is like a fucking furnace. Not surprising as my dick is the third one to plough it. I wish I could fuck you all night, jungle man, but I’m so fucking stoked, and your ass is so hot, I can’t hold back anymore. Here it comes, buddy …. Yeah … yeah … aaah.” With a deep sigh of release he unloaded his pent up jizz in Grady’s ass.

When he was drained he pulled out, stood up and used his foot to flip Grady over on his back. It was a spectacular sight – the rugged, macho Tarzan lying exhausted, his body shuddering, cum running from his mouth and ass, his handsome face staring up at the four cocks swinging above him. “No more, guys,” he gasped. “I can’t take any more … I’m done … finished.”

“I don’t think so,” said a deep accented voice. Three of the men stood back leaving Hassan towering over the exhausted man stroking his massive cock. Grady stared up at the broad-shouldered Marine stripped down to his battle fatigues – at his perfect physique and his dark exotic Arab/Asian features. Grady had always been in awe of the macho soldier and, incredibly, felt his cock stir again and lust seize him.

Hasan’s lyrical voice was low, seductive. “Grady, do you remember the day I first saw you when Randy had tied you down to the deck, fucked you and left a plug in your ass? I had to curb my impulse then to pin you down and fuck your brains out. Now, though, you have a lover, a beautiful lover, and one day I shall have you both in my small house and I will make love to you both. But at this moment I know that your ass is sore and tender so I will not torture it as I would like to. Instead I will do this ….”

He knelt on the bed, pushed Grady’s legs back, then leaned forward and pinned his wrists to the bed. “You are indeed a beautiful man, Grady, and it is my privilege to make love to your ass.” He pressed his cock between the ass cheeks and slowly, gently, eased it into his ass, feeling the hot, velvet membrane, fucked raw by three huge cocks. He didn’t stop until his cock was touching the inner sphincter deep inside him.

“I can make you cum again, Grady, but you will not do so until I give you permission. I used to interrogate soldiers until they begged. And I want to hear you beg. I want to hear the handsome, muscular Tarzan beg the soldier holding him captive to let him cum. You will watch me, watch my body, look into my eyes and beg. I can give you no greater pleasure than that.”

Grady fell under the soldier’s spell. As ordered he did watch the magnificent body rise and fall over him, he did look at the sculpted face with its square jaw and high cheek bones, and he did gaze into the slanted brown eyes casting their hypnotic spell. And all the time he felt the huge shaft sliding in and out of his ravaged ass.

As the spectacular Marine gazed down at him, holding him captive, Grady felt warmth flooding his body, a sensual warmth … the exquisite moment where lust transitions to love. And then, all of a sudden, he knew exactly what he wanted. He tore his eyes away from the exotic face, turned his head and gazed at Mario, piercing him with a look that could mean only one thing. He moaned softly, “I love you, amico. I love you so much.”

He turned his gaze back to Hassan who was smiling down at him, knowing exactly what he was doing to him, exactly the effect he was having on him. Grady was falling in love, but not with Hassan … Hassan knew that. Having been serially fucked by four lusty men, and now feeling the exquisite pleasure of the Marine’s cock caressing his ass, Grady was rediscovering love … the deep love he felt for Mario.

“Please, sir,” Grady murmured. “You want to hear me beg. OK, I’m begging you, sir. Please let me cum. I beg you. You are so beautiful, Hassan … a man who inspires love.”

“Even your love for another,” Hassan smiled. “That is as it should be, Grady. It is what I wanted. So yes, you can cum while I cum inside you. And then you can run to your lover and make love all over again. So do it, Grady. Love me a little, feel my cock in your beautiful ass, and let me see you cum. Do it now ….”

They smiled at each other as their cocks poured their juice – Hassan’s deep inside Grady’s ass, Grady’s over his already cum-soaked body. Hassan fell forward and pressed his mouth over Grady’s in a warm, sensuous kiss. Then he pulled back and smiled. “You are a man to be loved, Grady – to be loved by a man as beautiful as Mario. Now go to him.”

Hassan got off the bed and Grady leapt to his feet. He ran to Mario, pulled him out of his chair and into his arms, smothering his face with kisses. “Are you OK, buddy?” Grady asked. “Do you still love me?”

“More than a man ever could, mi amico. More than I ever believed I could love a man. You were magnificent.”

“Hey Steve,” Grady asked, his eyes shining. “Is my old guest room still available?”

“For you two, always,” Steve smiled. “Now go.”

“Thanks, doc. You always know what to do, though god knows your methods are far out, man. Thanks a million.”

Mario shook Steve’s hand warmly, his eyes sparkling. “Mille grazie, dottore. I am no longer confused. I know now for certain where I fit in.”

The lovers walked off hand in hand to the guest room leaving many misty eyes behind them. The young gypsy Ben was the first to break the silence. “Sir,” he asked Steve. “Is it OK if I leave now. Jason will be getting home from work and he’ll be missing me.”

“Of course, little brother,” Steve said ruffling his black hair. “Go and take care of that gorgeous fireman of yours. Let him love you.” Ben high fived the boys and scampered off.

“Sir, Brandon and me will be leaving too if that’s OK,” Danny said. “We have to get the Grady House ready for when Mario and Grady get back.” He grinned and blushed. “Besides me and Brandon haven’t christened my room there yet, so … while the house is empty …”

“Well,” Steve said in alarm, “that’s something you gotta take care of pronto. Hurry up, boys.” Brandon wheeled himself away with Danny trotting by his side. Then Steve turned to Hassan and Adam. “And don’t you two have some unfinished business? I seem to recall in all that group mayhem a certain Aussie hunk and a tough Marine eyeing each other with something more than friendship. A definite chemistry going on there, don’t you think?”

The macho soldier actually looked bashful. “Hell, doc, are you psychic or something?”

“Pretty much,” Steve grinned. “Call it professional intuition.”

Hassan said, “As a matter of fact, Adam, I was thinking of asking you and Nate to join Eddie and me for drinks at my little house just down the path there. Of course, you probably have a ton of other things to do so I understand if …

“Oh, shut the fuck up, mate,” Adam laughed with his usual Aussie directness. “You know very well I get a boner every time I look at you so of course we’d be real chuffed to come. Just don’t expect me to roll over and offer my ass to you just because you’re this hotshot Marine. I got a few tricks up my sleeve too, you know. We’re a pretty tough bunch Down Under.”

“That sounds like a challenge,” Hassan smiled, “and I always rise to a challenge. We’ll make a whole evening of it – a night even. Nate, Eddie, you boys up for that? You think you can take care of us, make dinner … even referee if it comes to that?

“Absolutely, sir,” they said in chorus, their minds already racing a mile a minute.

Steve and Lloyd watched the two men and their boys walk down the gravel path and Lloyd said, “Well, doc, you did it again. Though I doubt that the psych world has ever seen a therapy session quite like that?”

“I guess not,” Steve chuckled. “But it does seem that love is in the air, with all that pairing off just now. And they’ve left us all alone. What say we kick back by the pool and see if we can come up with something for us to do?”

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem, big guy. All that action has got me thinking. Besides,” Lloyd grinned, “if all else fails we can always lean over the edge of the deck and watch the shenanigans down at the guest house. The Aussie and the Marine? Now there’s a matchup.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 303


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