In the previous chapter

Suffering from a fit of a wounded ego, paranoia and depression the young Marine captain, Hassan, had taken out his frustrations on his boy Eddie. In an outburst of irrational anger he shouted, “This master/boy thing is not working. Get out … and don’t come back!”

Eddie had fled to the desert, returning to his old job as bar-back in the Palms Springs leather bar owned by Mike. The wise older man had devised a plan that made Hassan see the error of his ways and, consumed by shame and guilt, the soldier had driven frantically out to the desert and rescued his boy from the bar.

Mike offered them the guestroom in his house where their reconciliation was intense, a passionate mix of prolonged sex and tender love that ended with their bodies entwined on the bed, Eddie’s face resting on his master’s chest. Hassan said, “Home tomorrow, kiddo. Your buddies will be excited to see you, I’m sure, though the men won’t be so thrilled to see me. It’ll take a lot to regain their respect and forgive me for acting like a prize asshole.”

He was right. When they returned next day to the tribe’s compound in Los Angeles the boys mobbed Eddie but Hassan got a frosty reception from the other masters of the house. For them he had committed the cardinal sin of hurting his boy, causing him misery and despair.

And naturally, he faced the severest condemnation from the leader of the pack, Randy, for whom protecting his boys was almost a religion. Hassan knew that he could expect no forgiveness from the tribe until he had faced the physical punishment dished out by the tough, swarthy gypsy. True to form Randy had tied up the soldier and delivered a savage fuck.

It was a wild, pornographic spectacle, ending with the near-naked young Arab, body stretched in bondage, impaled on the savage gypsy’s iron shaft. His body writhed, his cock shuddered and he yelled, “I love you, man. I love you. Let me feel your jizz inside me, please, sir … aaagh!”

His cock exploded, pouring semen onto the mirror as he felt the gypsy’s cock erupt inside him and fill his ass with the warm balm of forgiveness.


It was over … at least for Randy. He pulled out, went round to face the exhausted soldier, took his face in his hands and kissed him ravenously. “Fucking beautiful, man. Such a fucking stud. I admire the hell out of you, Hassan … and I forgive you.”

He went over to a pile of clothes, pulled on old jeans, work boots and his greasy old tank top. “I’m going to work, so here’s what’s gonna happen, big guy. I’m gonna leave you here so you can gaze in the mirror at the man who misused his boy. You’re gonna think on that and you’re gonna make a promise to the man in the mirror that you will never do anything like that again.

“My man Bob has to grant his forgiveness too. He’s told me what he wants to do and I don’t like it but these days I can’t deny the guy anything. I’ll tell him he can come down here in an hour, cut you down and … do whatever he wants. As for the other guys, don’t worry about them. They take their cue from me … no more cold shoulders. You’re back, soldier, one of us, and I’m real glad you are. I love you, man.”

Without another word Randy left and the room was silent. The pain in Hassan’s ass was subsiding as he stared at the guilt-ridden man in the mirror, his muscular body straining upward like a naked prisoner stretched on the rack. As he gazed at himself, vowing always to love and protect his boy, his sins slowly faded, replaced by the memory of Eddie’s eager, loving face.

He had almost an hour to ponder his past mistakes and make plans for all the good things he was going to do for his boy from this day on. And then, at last, he heard footsteps on the stairs, the door opened and Bob came in.

He walked straight over to face Hassan and ran his hands through the black hair at the nape of his neck. He pulled his head forward and, as Randy had done, kissed him passionately. Then he reached up and freed his wrists. “You OK, buddy? No permanent damage?”

Hassan managed a smile. “Nah, you know Randy. He’s more subtle than that.”

Bob laughed, “I don’t think subtle is a word I would ever apply to Randy, but I know what you mean. He’s a master at what he does.” Bob massaged the life back into Hassan’s aching arms and shoulders and said, “Hmm, good as new, I’d say. Here sit in this chair and relax.”

Hassan was happy to put himself in Bob’s care, as Bob pulled out his cell phone. “Hey, Jamie. If you can spare Eddie for a while, have him come down to the gym and tell him to bring a six-pack of beer with him. Yeah, I’m down here with Hassan. Thanks, Jamie.”

“Good.” Bob sat with Hassan and smiled. “I’m real glad it all worked out, buddy, and Randy got to do his thing. But like I said, I leave the rough stuff to him. My brand of forgiveness is way different … as you’re about to find out.”

********************    CHAPTER 328     ******************* 

Hassan pulled on his boxer shorts and was starting to relax after his ordeal when there was a timid knock at the door and Eddie came in wide-eyed and nervous, clutching a six-pack to his chest. “You asked for me, sir?”

“Eddy, my boy, come in,” Bob said cheerfully, his smile easing the boy’s trepidation.” Eddie looked quickly round the room, afraid that Randy might still be there, and he was startled by the sight of the empty wrist restraints hanging from the chin bar. He could imagine what Randy had done to Hassan and knelt beside his master. “Are … are you OK, sir?”

“I’m fine now,” Hassan grinned, ruffling his boy’s hair. “You are a sight for sore eyes and a sore body. Randy was real rough, as I expected and deserved, but I’ve been through worse. Like the way my fellow Arabs treated me in the war when they found out I had fallen in love with a blond American soldier. But it’s all over now, kiddo …” He grinned at Bob. “Well, almost.”

“Eddie,” Bob laughed, “are you gonna keep hugging that six-pack to you like a shield against the enemy. We’re on your side, kiddo, so how about a beer?”

“Oh, sorry, sir.” The urchin grin was back as he put the beers on a bench, gave one each to the men and took one for himself.

“Mmm, ice cold,” said Bob, twisting the top off.

“You can thank the twins for that sir. When they gave them to me from the fridge they said Hassan would need something real cold to cool him down after Randy had …” He stopped and bit his tongue.

Bob chuckled. “Does everyone know what’s been going on down here? Huh, dumb question.”

“Oh, of course they do, sir, everyone. I tried to concentrate in the office but I couldn’t use the computer ‘cos Brandon was holding my hand and squeezing it. But Jamie was great, said I could just read the work manual instead, but I couldn’t concentrate on that either … well the manual is boring at the best of times … don’t you think they should write those things in words regular guys like me can understand, sir? I mean ….”

He trailed off, winced and inhaled sharply. “Oh no, there I go again, talking too much. Nervous I guess. You’d think I would learn from the last time … I mean I almost screwed everything up with my big mouth. It’s just that I have so many thoughts running round in my head, so much to talk about and … oh shit … I’m doing it again ain’t I?

Bob and Hassan roared with laughter. Bob said, “It’s what’s usually called ‘No thought unexpressed’ Eddie.”

“Otherwise known as ‘verbal diarrhea’,” Hassan chuckled. “Come here kiddo and give your old man a hug.”

Bob let them have their mini love-fest, then said, “But now you mention manuals, Eddie, I’d like your opinion on something. See, at my corporation we’re revising a lot of our training materials and asking for input from workers. I’d appreciate your feedback, too. What do you find confusing in them? Any ideas?”

Eddie opened his eyes wide and took a deep breath. Then he was off and running. “Well, as a matter of fact I do, sir. See when I read a manual it’s kinda written all the same so I can’t sort out the real important things from stuff that’s not. I mean, they don’t … what’s that thing? … piorit …”


“That’s the deal, sir. I mean, some stuff you’re gonna be using all day, like every five minutes, but other stuff you’ll hardly ever use, but I can’t tell the difference. The guy who wrote the manual probably knows but not me, the poor schmuck who’s reading it. So I might spend a lot of time cramming something kinda useless in my noggin and ignore the real important stuff. They should tell a guy what’s hot and what’s not … they should help a guy to … prioritize!” He beamed with pride at getting the word right.”

Bob stared at him. “Eddie, I’m very impressed. That concept has often occurred to me. I still remember things I sweated over for hours in business school that I have never used since, not once. And you’re right, the experts who write these things don’t put themselves in the place of the guys using them.

“Listen Eddie, later on today, if you’ve got time after work, could we get together in my room, take a look at your manual and find examples … and you tell me how it should be written? I’d like to pick your brains, kiddo.”

Eddie smiled proudly, glancing over to Hassan to make sure he was impressed too. Actually, Hassan had been gazing at Bob as he listened intently to Eddie, taking his ideas seriously – ‘picking his brains.’ The man was amazing, treating Eddie as an equal, respecting his words, rather than dismissing them as … verbal diarrhea.”

God, he loved the man, and got a roaring hard-on watching him. A couple of hours ago it was Randy who gave him an erection, but that was pure lust for a spectacular alpha male with a great face and body. Oh sure, Bob was stunningly handsome too – a reincarnation of Superman – but it was much more than that.

Bob was so kind as he listened to Eddie, so patient, and had the knack of picking up on a casual comment the boy had made about the manual and turning it into a serious discussion where Bob genuinely wanted the boy’s input. Bob gave his full attention to Eddie, making him feel he was the most important guy in the room.

As Hassan watched them talk for a while longer, his respect and admiration for Bob became all mixed up with love … and lust. His attraction to the man became so strong that he suddenly stood up and paced the room, his hands linked behind his head in a gesture of frustrated desire.

The conversation ended and Bob and Eddie stared up at him. “It’s no good, man,” Hassan said to Bob. “I’m sorry but I gotta get out of here. Oh, I have no problem with you, buddy, far from it. Quite the reverse actually … and that’s the trouble. It’s just that I …”

“Hassan,” Bob smiled, “sit down. I think I know what your problem is, which brings me to the reason we’re all here.”


“OK, so let’s get down to business,” Bob said. “I think we’re all relaxed enough now … a couple of beers sure helped. You remember, buddy, I told you that I leave the rough stuff to Randy because my brand of forgiveness is quite different. Well Randy has done his physical thing as leader of the tribe so you are welcomed back as a respected member of the clan.

“But my role focuses not so much on the forgiveness part as the welcome bit. See, it’s one thing to say ‘welcome back’ but quite another to demonstrate the sincerity of that welcome. Someone has to prove that the mistakes and trauma of the past are truly forgotten and that our trust in you is as rock solid as before. And that task falls to me, as a founder of the tribe and Randy’s lover.”

Hassan smiled questioningly at Bob. “And so …?”

“And so … my welcome has to be something special. Randy’s ritual method of retribution was to fuck your ass. My welcome gift to you, Hassan … is the reverse.”

For a moment his words didn’t register and Hassan frowned. Then the penny dropped and he sprang to his feet again. “Man, you can’t mean …? You want me to … you’re offering me your … after what I did … after everything I put Eddie and you guys through?”

“But that’s just the point, soldier. All that is over, forgiven, and I want to prove it. Of course it has to be voluntary, and if you don’t want to …”

“Man, are you crazy? I’ve had a fucking boner ever since you walked into the room. And the way you talked to Eddie … oh man of course I want it, but …”

“But what? Just go for it, big guy. It’s the ultimate prize for any man in the group … to fuck the ass of Randy’s lover.”

“Yeah, and what’s Randy gonna say about that? Man, I don’t wanna tangle with him again.”

“No problem, I already cleared it with him.” Then Bob added hastily, “Not that I need Randy’s permission. I’m my own man … he doesn’t control me.”

Hassan saw Bob’s face flush and he caught a glimpse of his vulnerability – the gentleman did protest too much. It was always the same with Bob and Randy – two strong alpha males whose only weakness was each other – their absolute need and dependency on each other, all the while protesting their supposed independence. Glimpsing the one chink in Bob’s armor – Superman’s Kryptonite – Hassan grinned and his heart melted for this kind and beautiful man. Yeah, you bet he wanted to fuck him.

“Good,” Bob smiled, seeing Hassan’s resistance weaken – and the tent pole rising under his shorts. “It’s a date then. You are already dressed for the occasion in those flimsy shorts, so it’s about time I stripped for action. Maybe if you could loan your boy out to me I could get help with that.”

Eddie had been listening to the two muscle-gods in their dance of desire that could have only one outcome (nobody denied Bob anything) and the boy had to control his own impulse to cream his shorts. Now he looked eagerly at Hassan who nodded his approval. “He’s all yours, Bob. Let me know if he fails to live up to expectations.”

“Oh, I won’t do that, sir, not me – especially with a man like Bob. Hell, any boy would leap at the chance … Brandon and me were saying just the other day …”

He stopped abruptly as Bob cleared his throat noisily. “Damn, there I go again. Sorry, sir.” A smiling Bob stood up and pulled his V-neck T-shirt off over his head. Hassan and Eddie stared in awe at the shirtless muscle-stud and Eddie said, “Wow, that’s…” He checked himself, pursed his lips tight, drew his fingertips across them and twisted them at the corner like turning a key.

He dropped to his knees at Bob’s feet, pulled off his loafers one by one and set them neatly aside. He unzipped his jeans, pulled them down his legs and Bob stepped out of them. Eddie drooled as he stared at the white boxers with the long, thick cock visible through the thin cotton.

He stared back at Hassan and asked, “Can I, sir?”

“Hey,” Hassan shrugged, “you’re servicing Bob now, boy. You do what he wants.”

Eddie looked up at Bob who teased him. “Not can I, Eddie, but may I. And yes you may.”

Confused linguistically but clear-eyed sexually, Eddie knew exactly what to do. He leaned forward and clamped his open mouth over the long bulge in Bob’s shorts, alternately sucking his cock through the thin fabric, then breathing hot air on it, feeling it swell under the shorts.

Bob uttered moans of pleasure but soon teased, “That all you got, boy? The Marine boasts his boy is the best cocksucker around.”

Eddie pulled his head back. “He’s right there, sir. He loves it every time I …”

“Shut up and suck, boy,” Bob said, winking at Hassan. Eddie pulled down Bob’s shorts, licked the bulging balls, then took them both in his mouth and pulled on them gently, rewarded by deep groans from above him. Soon he released the balls, opened his mouth wide and slid it over the head of the cock then all the way down the thick shaft. It came to rest deep down his throat and Eddie breathed in the musky essence of Bob’s damp pubic hair.

And then he gave Bob the full treatment, using all his considerable skills to tease, stroke, squeeze and suck on the stiff rod as the master heaved sighs of ecstasy Bob reached down, grabbed the boy’s tousled hair in both hands and pulled his face down and up his cock with increasing speed. Eddie took it all in stride with no gagging, no choking.

Bob looked up and saw Hassan grinning at him, buck naked. He had dropped his shorts and now walked slowly toward him stroking his stiff dick. He pressed against the kneeling Eddie’s back and rubbed his cock against the nape of his neck as his head bobbed back and forth.

“Feel that, buddy,” he said to Bob. “Great little cock-sucker eh? He’ll drive you crazy, bringing you right to the edge of spilling your load then backing off so you don’t cum, as bad as you want it. I can do that when I fuck a guy in the ass, as you’re gonna find out.” He flashed his gleaming smile, then pressed his mouth against Bob’s in a churning kiss.

It was true. Bob was being driven wild as the stud Marine made love to him while his boy gave him a spectacular blow job. He couldn’t hold out against this and he was approaching his climax when Hassan suddenly grabbed Eddie’s hair and pulled his face off Bob’s cock. “That’s enough boy. Don’t make him cum.”

Eddie moaned in frustrated desire, being denied the orgasm welling up in in his mouth. Hassan said, “You’re making me jealous of my buddy, kiddo. How about giving me a piece of the action, eh?”

“Sir, yes, sir,” Eddie replied, using the traditional Marine response, having the time of his life kneeling before these two muscle-gods with their huge dicks. How quickly fortunes change. Yesterday he had been on his knees facing a line of hard dicks that revolted him. And now here he was servicing the rods of the two magnificent men he admired most in the world.

He shifted position, turned his head and found himself facing the long shaft of the Marine captain, his master. He proceeded to give him the same ball-busting treatment he had given Superman. Above him Hassan and Bob smiled at each other, closer now than they had probably ever been as they joined together in giving young Eddie the thrill of his life.

Hassan was so turned on by Bob that Eddie’s expert attention to his cock was bringing him to the edge, so he pulled out and said, “Hey, boy, you’re neglecting our guest.”

“Sorry, sir,” Eddie said, drooling, and turned to swallow Bob’s meat. From then on it was a frenzied effort to service both men in turn, the two huge dicks pointing at his face. When he eventually took a breather the men turned sideways on to him, faced each other and kissed hungrily, their chests pressed together. Eddie’s eyes widened as he focused on the two cocks grinding against each other. He had to … he just had to …”

He reached forward and steadied himself by placing his hands on the ass-cheeks of both men. Then he leaned forward, pushed his head between their stomachs and licked the heads of both cocks as they pressed together. Then he opened his mouth wider than ever and slid his lips over the heads of both cocks at the same time.

He couldn’t lower his mouth far down the thick shafts, but it was enough to have the two heads filling his mouth. As he squeezed his lips tight the sensation for the men was incredible. Their mouths and bodies were joined … and their cocks were being squashed together in the boy’s hot mouth.

No man could withstand such intense stimulation. Their bodies shuddered against each other and their shouts of ecstasy were muffled by their passionate kiss. Their cocks exploded in the boy’s mouth and Eddie frantically swallowed the juice of both men.

And even now he didn’t choke as semen poured down his throat and he gulped hard until the cocks were drained dry. He pulled off and gazed up at them with his roguish grin, eyes dancing, cum running down his chin. “Was that OK, sirs?” he asked breathlessly.

“Eddie,” Hassan said gently. “I have never loved you as much as I do at this moment.”

“Welcome back to the tribe, Eddie,” Bob smiled. “No more running away, promise?”

“Run away from that? Not me, sir, never again … promise.” And Eddie crossed his heart with his finger.


Half an hour later they had finished all the beer and Eddie ran upstairs to the kitchen for more.

“More?” the twins, Kyle and Kevin, asked together in mock disapproval. “What the hell’s going on down there?” asked Kevin.

Eddie spread his hands in a dramatic gesture (though his attempt to impress was somewhat tainted by the sight of drying cum on his chin). “Dudes, you...will…not…believe. Picture it – there’s these two ultra-studs, and then there’s me, and I’m – you won’t believe this …”

“Beer, Eddie?” said Kyle matter-of-factly, holding out a six-pack.

“Oh yeah … thanks guys. Gotta go … see, next thing is the guys are gonna … oh, sorry, gotta go.” He skidded out the door leaving the twins in fits of laughter.

When he got back to the basement gym the men were sitting on benches gazing at each other with lust in their eyes. Eddie hesitated, not sure he should interrupt, but Hassan said, “Put the beer over there for later kiddo.”

“Coming up to the main event are we, sir?” Eddie asked, as bright-eyed and intent as a squirrel.

Bob sputtered with laughter and Hassan said, “Eddie, there’s a time to talk, a time to suck dick … and a time to just sit back, be quiet and watch. This is between Bob and me, just us two.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that,” Bob smiled conspiratorially. “See, all you guys get to play out your fantasies all the time so surely I’m entitled to my own once in a while.”

“And that would be …? Hassan smiled, intrigued.

“Oh, you’ll find out,” Bob teased. “So anyway, how about this main event that’s on Eddie’s mind? My cock’s been dripping pre-cum for the last half hour as I tried to keep my hands off you, big guy. And as for you …” He stared down at Hassan’s cock that was stiff as a flagpole again. “I guess I gotta get the ball rolling.”

Bob slid off the bench and lay on his back on a workout mat in front of a mirror. Hassan got to his feet and stared down at the naked demi-god offering his ass to him … and turned away. Again he paced the room with his hands linked behind his head, not looking down. “Man, if I look at you again I’ll spray my jizz over you before I even shove my dick in your ass.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t let you do that, Hassan. See, I want to feel your dick inside me. I wanna watch you while you fuck my ass.”

The soft, authoritative voice calmed Hassan and he at last stood still, towering over Bob and locking eyes with him. He smiled, “Man, you really want it don’t you?” The naked Marine sank to his knees between Bob’s legs. “OK, but don’t let me cum right away, eh?”

“I forbid it, soldier,” Bob grinned. “Oh, and no lube. I really wanna feel you, buddy.”

Hassan did spit on his cock but that was it as he pushed Bob’s legs back, pressed his stiff rod between his ass cheeks, paused, then eased it inside, slowly, deeper, until the head slid over the inner sphincter and came to rest in the fiery depths.

Bob’s eyes opened wide, his heart beat wildly as he stared at the darkly handsome, black-haired Arab, his chest heaving, muscles flexed hard. And he was impaled on the young Marine captain’s steel-hard shaft. Bob’s body was flooded with a fiery sensation that made his cock pulse and he said breathlessly, to himself as much as to Hassan, “Don’t cum, yet. Please don’t cum. You look so fucking gorgeous, man, I want you to make love to my ass.”

“I won’t cum, dude. This feels too good … I want it to last. Here, feel this?” He pulled slowly back, then eased inside again, a bit faster this time as he smiled into Bob’s deep brown eyes. Bob reached up and cupped his hands over the solid mounds of Hassan’s chest, feeling his sinews ripple under his hands as the Marine’s cock massaged his ass.

Watching a short distance away Eddie was mesmerized by the sight of the two spectacular alpha males making love. Of course all his fantasies kicked in … the all-American Superman getting butt-fucked by an Arab soldier … two of the tribe’s masters making love, the strong silent Marine fucking the lover of the big gypsy boss.

Stroking his cock Eddie could have cum over and over again but he too wanted to prolong the pleasure. And besides, Bob had hinted that Eddie might be more than just a spectator.

The boy focused on his master, the naked Marine, his jet black hair falling over his eyes as he leaned forward, braced his hands on the floor beside Bob’s face and smiled down at him. And all the time that magnificent body moved up and down, muscles rippling in the broad back, the globes of his ass clenching each time he buried his cock in Bob’s ass. Somehow he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the soldier’s ass.

Even in the throes of passion Bob felt the hungry vibes coming from the boy and he smiled up at Hassan. “Yeah, fuck me, man, it feels so fucking great. It’s part of my fantasy, getting ploughed by a big muscle-stud Marine.”

“Part of it?” Hassan smiled.

“Yeah. In my fantasy the soldier has a boy who gets off watching his master fuck, staring at his ass. To complete my fantasy the boy gets up … and fucks his master who’s fucking me.”

The words hung in the air … and Eddie, who had the fewest inhibitions (almost none), was the first to react. He instantly let go of his cock as the very image of what Bob suggested almost made him shoot. He jumped to his feet and looked at Hassan in the mirror. “Sir, can I … I mean may I, sir.” His eyes sparkled with anticipation – plus the minor triumph of good grammar.

How could Hassan resist a face like that? More to the point, how could he resist Bob’s request? “Sure kid, go for it.” He grinned down at Bob and rammed his cock in hard. “Fuck you, man.”

“No,” Bob smiled. “Fuck you, soldier.”

Eddie lost no time, before they changed their mind. He dipped his fingers in a nearby jar of lube and greased up his cock very carefully, as he was always at the point of losing his load. Then he pushed two greasy fingers tentatively in his master’s ass and stared at him in the mirror making sure he was doing the right thing.

“That’s it Eddie, good boy,” Hassan said. “Now let’s give the boss what he wants.”

“Okey-dokey,” the boy said breathlessly. He knelt behind his master staring down at the flexing globes moving back and forth as Hassan fucked ass. He grabbed Hassan’s hips and chose the right moment. He pressed his cock between the cheeks and, as the master’s ass moved backward, it slid effortlessly onto his boy’s cock.

Eddie froze in place, scared to actively fuck but letting Hassan slide up and down his cock. He was gasping for breath, watching the muscles ripple in the soldier’s broad back, staring at his own cock disappearing into his master’s butt. “Sir,” he stammered in a daze, “I don’t think I … I mean … I can’t … oh no … aaagh.” His gasped as his cock blasted its load deep inside his master’s ass.


“Sorry, sir. I can do it again … you know me, sir, I can cum anytime. Your little gusher you call me. Sometimes when I jack off I …”

“Eddie. Shut up and fuck.”

“Yes, sir. Definitely, sir.”

Now that he had cum once Eddie lost his fear of fucking without losing his hard-on and went to town. Matching Hassan’s rhythm he thrust forward each time Hassan pulled back from Bob’s ass. In fact the boy hardly had to move – the Marine’s hips were moving back and forth so hard that he was simultaneously fucking Bob’s ass in front of him and Eddie’s dick behind him.

The double penetration was surreal and sent shockwaves radiating through the soldier’s body from his cock and ass. Hassan gazed down at Bob and howled, “Fuck you, man,” and Eddie yelled, “Yeah, what he said – fuck you, sir!”

Looking up at both of them, the soldier’s dark exotic face and the euphoric expression on the boy, Bob smiled, seeing them both back together, their separation forgotten in this extraordinary master/boy sexual bonding. “Some fantasy eh, stud?” Hassan grinned, ramping up the pace. It sure was. Bob had the bizarre impression that he was being fucked by master and boy at the same time as they both pounded ass, and he knew that none of them could last much longer.

Hassan was breathing heavily. “Oh shit, man, I can’t take this. Your ass is so fucking beautiful … I’m done, buddy. This is it.”

He reared back on his knees and raised one arm in the air in a triumphant gesture as he jackhammered Bob’s ass. Eddie reared up too behind him, still fucking his master, mindlessly copying him by raising his arm like a rodeo cowboy, the other hand on Hassan’s shoulder. For Bob it was an unbelievable sight – two naked riders on the same stallion, whooping crazily, pumping their fists in the air.

“Man, I’m real close,” Hassan yelled. “Fuck you, man.”

“Yeah … fuck you, man,” Eddie shouted, clearly out of his mind.

“I’m cuuuming … I love you, man.”

“Yeah, me too,” Eddie yelled. “I love you, sir.”

The absurdity of it all seized Bob and, pumping his own cock in his fist, he started to laugh as he saw Eddie shudder and bust his load inside his master, then felt Hassan’s cock erupt inside him while Bob’s cock spurted gobs of cum over his chest and abs.

As their breath heaved and their hearts pounded there was a long moment of silence before Bob began laughing again … laughter that was infectious. Hassan and Eddie pulled their dicks out and collapsed on top of Bob. Their cum-slicked bodies writhed in a mass until the men focused their energy on Eddie – hugging him, kissing him, teasing, tickling, and reducing him to a squirming, giggling, protesting bundle of boyish delight.

It was a pretty safe bet that Eddie had never been happier in his life.


It was over. Hassan’s existential crisis, Eddie’s misery, their dramatic separation, the healing brought about first by Mike, then Randy and finally by Bob – each in his own way. It was all over – except for the telling of the tale! And that suddenly was Eddie’s urgent mission. He had to tell the guys all about one of the most extraordinary chapters of his life … to spill all the beans as Darius would put it.

Sensing that Hassan and Bob needed a few moments alone he said, “Sirs, I have to get back to work. Jamie only let me come down here for a while ‘cos there’s a lot of work and he needs me back.” The men grinned at each other knowing full well that Eddie’s urgency was to get back to gossip rather than work.

“Can I go, sir?” Eddie persisted

Bob took a sharp breath and raised his eyes at Hassan, stifling a smile.

“Oops, sorry, sir. May I go?”

“Kiddo,” Hassan said, “I do believe that one of the biggest achievements of this crowded day is that Bob has improved your grammar. So yes you may go.”

Bob jumped in, “And later, Eddie, after work – say five o’clock – you and I have a date to go over the manual, remember? That’s work – no fucking, no sucking, right? And when you go back up to the office now, minimal talking, maximum work. Jamie’s busy, he doesn’t want to hear about the ‘Perils of the Punk,’ OK?”

“Aye-aye, sir,” Eddie saluted. He gave Hassan a tight hug, “I love you, sir,” then scampered off up the stairs.

Bob turned loving eyes on Hassan. “Soldier, if you ever again feel like rejecting your boy, send him to me … I’ll take him. I rarely use the word adorable about one of our boys, but that kid is so fucking cute … and sexy as hell.

“Bob, you would be the first to know if that happened … but it won’t, never again. I’ve learned my lesson and paid a heavy price. But thanks to you and Randy my place and respect in the tribe has been restored, and my boy loves me more than ever. You said you would welcome me back and, wow, what a welcome. You not only restored my self-confidence, what’s even more important, you treated my boy like an adult, taking his first steps to maturity. I can never thank you enough for taking him under your wing.”

Then Hassan frowned uneasily. “Er, talking of Randy … well … you’re gonna be OK there, are you … I mean, me fucking your ass and all?”

“Oh sure, ‘no worries there, mate,’ as the Aussies would say. There was a time when if another man fucked me Randy would fly into a towering rage, tie me behind his truck and drag me through the sands of the desert to punish me. That actually happened. But I’m pretty sure those days are over.”

Pretty sure?”

“Well,” Bob grinned, “you never quite know with Randy. That’s what makes life with the King of the Gypsies so interesting.”


When Eddie emerged from the basement it was surprising how many of the boys were hanging ‘casually’ around the garden. Word had, of course, gone round that something special was happening down in the gym now that Randy had finished with Hassan and delivered the ritual punishment. Now Bob and Hassan were there together and Bob had summoned Eddie, an enviable place to be, one that any of the boys would have willingly traded with him.

It was around lunchtime and they all pretended to be focused on the sandwiches the twins had provided but, as soon as Eddie appeared, food was forgotten in favor of gossip. They all converged on him … but Eddie, playing his sudden celebrity to the hilt, waved them away like an imperious movie star. “Sorry guys, no questions, no interviews … too busy.”

“Oh cut the crap,” dude Darius said. “You gotta tell us what went down – it’s the rule. OK, I guess Jamie needs you in the office now, but we all meet after work at five o’clock and you tell your story, right?

“Sorry, Darius, no can do,” Eddie said airily. “Me and Bob have a business meeting in Bob’s room at five. He wants to pick my brains.”

“Oh yeah? Well so do we,” Darius huffed in frustration. “Alright, but the minute Bob lets you go we all meet in the kitchen where the twins will be preparing dinner. Be ready to spill all the beans – on camera. This’ll be one for the archives.”

“I’ll try to make it,” Eddie said maddeningly and swept off to the office with Brandon. Once inside the door all pretense at grandeur collapsed as they huddled together conspiratorially and Brandon said, “OK, dude, spill.”

Eddie’s eyes opened wide, he spread his hands dramatically and said, “Dude … picture it … me, the Marine and Superman … together … you are not gonna believe what I’m about to tell you …”

Across the office Jamie cleared his throat. “Er, Brandon won’t believe it, Eddie, because you’re not gonna tell him. You’ll be too busy working.” His tone was firm but his smile friendly. “See that pile of invoices on your desk? They have to be cleared today and Bob wants the checks in his office when you go to meet with him after work. Bob called me just now and said he was very impressed with your views on training. You don’t want to disappoint him, do you?”

That was the clincher. Getting Bob’s approval was job one … especially after what had happened downstairs … so with Eddie’s frustrated grimace at Brandon and a muttered “Later, dude,” they went to their desks and work resumed.

Jamie was still smiling to himself, partly at Eddie’s boyish exuberance and partly at the irony of his own words. Bob had been wrong about one thing, when he told Eddie, “Jamie doesn’t want to hear about the ‘Perils of the Punk’.” Actually that’s exactly what Jamie wanted. Despite his strict words to Eddie, he was as hungry to hear the story as the next boy … but his professionalism won out and he got to work. Like all the others, he would have to wait.


At five o’clock Eddie knocked on Bob’s door and got the usual cheery, “Come in, Eddie.”

OK, Eddie thought, remembering Bob’s earlier admonition – “It’s work – no fucking, no sucking.” So he tried to keep it businesslike but when Bob looked up and smiled, his torso filling out his customary white V-neck T-shirt, Eddie flashed on the naked Superman on the floor getting fucked by Hassan while Eddie fucked the soldier. He almost creamed his shorts but concentrated on the folder of checks and invoices in his hand, and that sobered him up.

“Sir, here are the checks, clipped to the invoices. Jamie said I’m to sit with you while you sign them in case you have any questions. Then I’ll stuff them in envelopes and put them in the outgoing mail tray for tomorrow. Is that right, sir?”

“Perfect, Eddie. But before we do that I want to go over some of the ideas you mentioned earlier about the training manual. We’ll look at the online version, so sit close to me where we can both see the screen. You ready?”

At first it was almost impossible for the boy to concentrate, sitting so close to Bob that, as he typed, Bob’s shoulder brushed against Eddie’s cheek through the thin cotton of the T-shirt. The master’s thigh was pressed against his leg and Eddie felt the warmth rising up from his muscular body. It was all Eddie could do to stop himself creaming his shorts.

But Bob was all business, and as the session progressed and Bob asked him questions and noted his answers, Eddie found that the concentration on work suppressed his sexual desire.

They worked like this for an hour until Bob said, “Right, I think we’re done. Eddie, you’ve been very helpful and given me a lot of food for thought. I’ll take your input with me to the training session at my company. Now, let me sign those checks and I’ll take them downstairs with you.”

Now that work was over Eddie’s mind raced back to sex as he watched Bob concentrate on checking the invoices and signing the checks, his square jaw clenched, tousled black hair falling over his handsome face. Bob asked a couple of questions as he went through the pile, then said, “Good job Eddie, we’re done.”

He stood up, sighed, raised his arms up high and twisted his body in small stretching exercises, easing the tension from sitting so long. Eddie watched as the bottom of Bob’s T-shirt rose up from his low-slung jeans and revealed the lower part of his ripped abs. He stared at the bare, narrow waist and the flash of white shorts that showed just above the jeans, which always turned him on a lot.

Bob reached up to a high shelf to get another of the manuals, making his shirt rise even higher off his waist. Eddie stared in awe – at the patch of sweat under his armpits … at the bulge in his jeans made by the cock Eddie had so recently sucked and drunk its cum … and at the round shape of Bob’s ass straining at the blue denim, the ass that had been ploughed by the soldier.

There was no way Eddie could survive this … and he let go. He failed to stifle a gasp as he felt his shorts fill with his warm, sticky juice and he struggled to control his heavy breathing.

Bob turned and said, “You OK, Eddie?”

“Yes, sir,” Eddie stammered breathlessly, blushing scarlet. “Fine and dandy.”

“OK, let’s go downstairs then. After you.”

As he followed Eddie to the door he glanced down and saw a trickle of cum running down his leg. God he loved this kid.


Bob needed to have a word with the twins about dinner and was mildly surprised that Eddie was going there too. But he realized why when he went into the kitchen and saw not only the twins but all the other boys too. It was a large kitchen with an adjacent sitting area. The twins ruled in the kitchen while the boys crowded into the adjoining space … and Darius, who appeared to be in charge, wielded his camera.

“Oh, a boys’ meeting, sorry to barge in guys,” Bob said with a smile, knowing exactly what was going on. I just dropped in to see if the twins had everything they need for dinner. Kyle, Kevin, you two got enough space over there? Can you hear OK from there?” he teased.

“Yes thank you, sir,” Kevin grinned. “Everything’s under control, sir,” Kyle added.

“Good … well I guess all you guys aren’t gathered here waiting for me, but for Eddie here. “OK, Eddie, looks like you’re on. Knock ‘em dead, kiddo.”

He beat a hasty retreat and closed the door behind him, but couldn’t resist lingering a minute to eavesdrop. He heard a general shuffling around, and some instructions from Darius and then after a pause, he heard Eddie clear his throat and begin to speak in an authoritative voice – with dramatic overtones (and, Bob guessed, gestures).

“Guys, I will be telling you a wild story today that many of you will find hard to believe. But it’s all true … I swear it.” (Bob could imagine him crossing his heart.) “It’s a complicated story too, so for the sake of clarity I will be referring throughout to the fuck-er and fuck-ee.

“Oh, cut the crap, dude.” That was Darius. Then Pablo: “This ain’t the Gettysburg Address, ya know. Just cut to the chase, dude.” They all joined in with variations of: “Get on with it” … “who fucked who?” … “did they make you suck dick?” … “nah, he just sat in a corner and jerked off a gazillion times.” Raucous laughter. “I did not – well, not that often … if you guys’ll just listen …”

Bob walked away shaking his head. “Hm, tough room,” he chuckled.


Apparently the story got told because dinner was served on time and all the boys were present and accounted for. Their shining eyes suggested that Eddie had triumphed and, once he had been able to speak, had made more than a few dicks hard with his tale.

Most of the tribe was gathered as this was something of a celebration meal. It was one of those times when a member of the tribe had got out of line, and from then on it had all followed a familiar trajectory – an uneasy dark period, accusations, followed by retribution, forgiveness, reconciliation … and celebration. This was the celebration.

Naturally, once Eddie had spilled the beans to the boys, all the details of the whole drama were known to everyone. They all knew that the logjam of resentment had been broken, as always, by Randy and his ritual punishment. And he routinely decreed that once it was over it was over, finished, which cleared the way for the other men to reconcile with Hassan, and restored his position as a senior and respected member of the clan.

Mark, whose love for Hassan was deep and went back a long way, was especially relieved that everything was resolved, and he greeted Hassan with a long hug. “For a minute there, buddy, I was afraid we might lose you. I don’t think I could have handled that.”

“Thanks, Mark, but you should know that whatever happens and wherever we end up I’ll always seek you out. Hell, I switched armies and came halfway round the world to find you, big guy, you don’t think I’m gonna lose you now?”

“You better not,” Mark grinned. “And that boy of yours seems to be walking on air. Such a great kid. My boy Jamie is his boss and has taken him under his wing, so I’ll have a word with him and ask him to do everything he can to help and nurture Eddie.

“Thanks buddy, but no special favors, mind,” Hassan cautioned.

“Of course not,” Mark smiled, “no special favors.” But each knew they were both lying.

Meanwhile, the Grady household had been pretty much out of the loop as this latest drama unfolded but now they were here not only to join in the celebration but also to indulge in the gossip Grady loved so much, even though as a new movie star he had to dodge tabloid gossip all the time. Actually Grady was not here yet. He had to work later than usual doing many takes on a complicated scene, and then he was coming straight here from the studio.

His lover Mario was here already, along with the boys who ran the Grady house, Danny and Brian. The chef Danny was helping the twins in the kitchen, and Brian was speeding around in his wheelchair ferrying stuff from the kitchen to the table by the pool, in friendly competition with his wheelchair buddy Brandon. They were the first to hear the studio limo pull up at the gate and yelled, “He’s here.”

Grady had left the studio as soon as the scene wrapped and had just thrown a T-shirt and shorts over his costume before diving in the limo. When he came through the gate and saw Mario running toward him he quickly dropped his shorts and pulled off his shirt. He was wearing just his Tarzan loin cloth underneath and, with his usual sense of mischief, he thumped his chest and said, “Me Tarzan. You Mario?”

“Me Mario,” the Italian smiled and they fell into a tight hug and a long passionate kiss. This brought catcalls from the men at the table and a shout of “Get a room!”

Grady broke away and laughed, “Who needs a room? Me Tarzan, king of the jungle. I fuck in the trees swinging from a vine. Great trick if you can do it.” The lovers sat down to a gale of laughter and the mood of the evening was set.

The meal was predictably boisterous, with the boys talking over each other as usual, and Hassan enjoying the genuine friendship of the other men now that the troubles were settled. Of course, in addition to knowing that Randy had resolved the issues by ferociously butt-fucking the soldier, everyone knew that, after Randy left for work, Bob had welcomed Hassan back to the fold by offering his ass to him as the ultimate gesture of friendship.

They were aware too that Bob had forewarned Randy of his intention and Randy had gritted his teeth and voiced no objection … at the time. But still, Bob getting fucked by a beautiful alpha male like the Marine was … well, who knew? In the past it would have been a red rag to a bull – a raging bull. But these days …?

So when the party finally broke up they all watched with some slight trepidation as the two guys stood up and said their goodnights. Randy slung his arm over Bob’s shoulder and walked him to the house. “Seems friendly enough,” said Hassan hopefully.” Mark sighed, “You think?”


Up in the master bedroom Randy didn’t lose any time. He was not one for foreplay or pussy-footing around. As soon as the door closed behind them he said, “Did he fuck you?”

Bob sighed deeply. “Randy, I thought that question went down with the Ark a long time ago. I can’t believe you asked that.” He shrugged in disbelief and got ready for bed, took off his shirt, dropped his jeans. In just his boxers he lay on his back on the bed, hands behind his head.

At the sight of the near-naked muscle-god lying before him Randy’s dick got rock hard. But he persisted. “Well, did he?”

“Jesus, you know he did, buddy. I told you I was gonna ask him to, just to show him all was forgiven. You knew that, so give it a rest, buddy, please.”

“How was it? Did you like it? Was he a good fuck, as good as me?”

“Aaah!” Bob shouted, “I’m going mad. Or you are. Somebody pinch me and wake me up, please. You know, for a tough, dominant alpha male you can sure hang on to an insecurity.”

He stared up at the dark gypsy whose pale blue eyes had a strange blend of sorrow, confusion and fear. Randy pulled off his tank and stood bare-chested, stripped down to his jeans, looming over him in what Bob judged to be part intimidation, part seduction. Whatever … it worked, as Bob’s cock rose under his shorts like a tent pole.

“See, Randy? I still love you. I’m not about to run away with Hassan and live happily ever after on a Marine base, get it?”

Irritated by Bob’s mocking tone Randy turned and paced the room, his fists clenched. “It’s just that the guy’s such a fucking stud – built like a brick shithouse, body that won’t quit, gorgeous face with that dark Arab thing he’s got going for him. He’s a fucking man’s man, anyone would be seduced by him.”

“Except me, Randy. Because I’ve got you – an alpha stud with a body that won’t quit, gorgeous face with that dark gypsy thing you’ve got going for you. Oh, plus I’m in love with you. It’s not a competition Randy, but if it were, you’d win hands down – every time. What do you want from me? To promise that I won’t leave you, like I’ve promised a million times already.”

“Yeah, I know, I know. It’s just that the thought of that soldier fucking your ass with that massive dick of his … Hell, it’s my ass, buddy, belongs to me!”

“Jesus, I can’t believe I’m hearing this … like we’ve slipped back a few years to Randy’s caveman days. ‘I belong to you … you own me … you own my ass.’ OK, buddy, right … let’s do it … let’s go back to the stone-age, why don’t we?”

Bob spread his arms and legs to the corners of the bed. “Here I am, Randy, spread-eagled, the man you own. You gonna tie me up? You gonna whip me, punch me, shove your dick in the ass you own and fuck the bejeezus out of me ‘til I submit and beg for mercy? You gonna rope me, ride me like a rodeo cowboy rides a bucking stallion until he tames him?”

“No, asshole, of course I’m not gonna do that.”

“Then what are you gonna do, Randy?”

“I don’t fucking know,” Randy yelled in frustration. “But I’ll think of something!”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 329


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