Before he came to the house Thomas had been the arrogant young assistant manager at the luxury hotel where Bob and Randy had dubbed him ‘Golden Boy’.  He had flaunted his blond good looks and exquisitely muscular body, the flawless physique of a former champion gymnast and the breathtaking bubble butt of a competition ice-skater.   


But hidden beneath that ‘top-man’ façade had been the reality of a boy craving the domination of a man like Randy, a man who recognized a “fuck-boy” when he saw one and who dazzled the boy with his magnetic sexuality.   When Thomas came to the tribe Randy took him in and gave him to his boy Pablo as his boy – the first boy’s boy in the house.


Since then Thomas (and his amazing ass) had been willingly used and abused by most of the masters of the house, most recently by the Greek-God cop Mark who had pulled him over for dangerous driving – driving while jerking off – and had meted out his own brand of discipline.  He had dragged him behind his motorcycle, made him suck his dick, then tied him down to his bike and fucked his gorgeous ass.


But this amazing and exhausting day was not over.  Thomas had been ordered to the construction site where Randy, in a towering rage after a fight with two defiant construction workers, had reverted to full caveman mode and used Thomas’s ass as a sort of catharsis, pounding it savagely to relieve his own fury and frustration.


When it was over, his anger assuaged, Randy was transformed into a whole different animal, a loving protective master who held Thomas in his arms and said,  “Hell, your ass has sure taken a pounding today, first the cop and now the big rough gypsy.  But hey, if you’re not too sore, how would you like to spend the night with Bob and me?  I’ll clear it with Pablo, who’ll probably sleep with Darius anyway, and I know Bob likes having you in our bed.  What d’ya say, kiddo?”


“Really, sir?   You mean it?   Of course, of course I will, sir.  Thank you, sir.”




As soon as everything calmed down on the work-site Darius drove Thomas back up to the Grady House where they were met by an excited bunch of boys – Danny, Nate, Brandon, Eddie and Ben.  Young Ben was bursting with the news that his master Jason had arrived to check out the fire alarms and extinguishers at the house.  Jason was the hot and handsome fireman, featured on the August page of the fireman’s calendar that all the boys had jerked off over at one time or another. 


He was the one member of the tribe who had not yet visited the Grady House and Ben gushed, “While he was here Grady and Adam showed him the gym and he offered to help them finish setting it up.   Dude, you should have seen those three jocks … so fucking gorgeous, all of them checking out the new gym equipment.   You know how they are when they get together, real competitive … kinda, challenging each other and all that stuff.   Hotter than hell.


“Anyway, Jason’s coming back tomorrow to install the rest of the fire alarms, then they’re all gonna put the final touches to the gym and work out together, test the equipment.  Grady says they should do something special to christen the gym.  Dude, you gotta be here for that.   Not every day you get to see the Aussie and the fireman take on Tarzan in the gym.”


Thomas’s eyes sparkled.  Sure he’d be here – after his night with Randy and Bob.  Hell, he thought, this tribe just doesn’t quit.




Thomas had dueling fantasies jostling in his mind – the eager anticipation of spending tonight with Randy and Bob, and the prospect tomorrow of watching the four muscle-jocks in the gym. 


In the meantime, Thomas was much more at home in Danny’s kitchen at the Grady House than he was among the sweaty construction workers at the work site, though that environment certainly had its attractions as his sore ass still reminded him.   At the hotel where they had worked Danny had been a lowly waiter while Thomas was an assistant manager whose expertise was event planning for the many functions held at the hotel.  


Now, at the Grady House, their positions were pretty much reversed.  Technically Danny, as the designated chef and house-keeper, was Thomas’s boss, but he had no intention of lording it over Thomas, even though Thomas had done just that so disparagingly to Danny at the hotel.   Danny was a kind, down-to-earth boy (part of his appeal for Grady and Mario) and he treated Thomas as an equal, with no trace of vindictiveness, encouraging him to call him ‘dude’ rather than ‘sir’.


Despite his youth Danny intuitively knew that to make a success of his senior position at the house he had to make good use of each of his helpers’ special skills.  Which is why he said, “Hey Tommy, I’m gonna be real busy here in the kitchen with this big dinner, and the other boys are setting up the long table by the pool.   You know better than anyone how to dress a table and make it look festive for all these guests coming, so would you do that for me?


“Of course, sir …” Thomas began, until he saw Danny’s raised eyebrows. “Sorry, dude.  Sure thing, making everything look festive is my forté.   Leave it to me.”   


Almost the whole tribe had been involved in some way in working on the house and it had been a busy day, so Mario decreed that they would all be invited to dinner as a thank you for their efforts, provided the twins were willing to help Danny in the kitchen, which of course they were.  Things were still a bit ragged round the edges so it was to be a casual meal, kind of rough and tumble, which suited everyone just fine.  The tribe did ‘rough and tumble’ real well.


Even so, when everything was set up the table looked splendid, thanks to Thomas’s expertise.  Like a banquet fit for a king,” Darius joked, “except the only kings here are the King of the Jungle and King of the Gypsies.”   


Randy was impressed when he and Bob arrived.   “Hey, real fancy shmancy set-up here.  This your doing Tom?”  Then he whispered in his ear, “Not just a pretty face and a gorgeous ass, eh kid?    We’ll check those out later.” 




Throughout the high-spirited, raucous gathering Thomas didn’t say much.   He was content to gaze round the table at this extraordinary gathering of gorgeous men and their boys as they ate, drank and made merry – very merry.    He especially glanced frequently at Randy and Bob and caught their eye several times.  Bob smiled at him warmly, and Randy’s grin was more salacious, with a hint of triumph still lingering after his overpowering fuck at the construction site.   


Needless to say, Thomas spent the entire meal sporting a rock-hard boner, and when he stood up, as he did frequently to help serve the food, the bulge in his shorts was hard to disguise.  It was certainly not lost on Randy who grinned playfully and gave him a surreptitious thumbs-up that made the boy blush every time.  


Lively as it was the dinner did not go on too late as most of the men and boys were tired after working all day and Grady had an early call next morning at the studio.   As the group started to disperse Bob and Randy hung around talking business with Grady and Mario, while Thomas hurried to clear the table and help Danny and the twins tidy the kitchen.


Danny, who as usual knew everything that was going on, glanced out the window at Randy and Bob outside.   “Hey, Tommy, I think your ride’s waiting for you.  Why don’t you cut out and go to them?   Never good to keep a man like Randy waiting.  Here, I got something for you.”


Danny pulled from the oven several small individual fruit flans.  “The twins here tell me the guys always have a nightcap before bed, with brandy, coffee and sometimes a little dessert.   This is one of my specials – low-fat, low-sugar as it’s so close to bedtime. You’ll be a big hit if you show up with these.”   He grinned down at Thomas’s ass.   “Not that you need dessert to be a big hit.”


“Thank you, sir,” Thomas said, then bit his lip.   “Sorry … er, thanks, dude.”


“Better,” Danny grinned.  As Thomas hurried outside the twins smiled at Danny, and Kevin said, “Dude, you are so good to that guy after the way he used to treat you.”


“Ah,” Danny shrugged, “I know what it feels like being the lowest guy in the pecking order.”


“The difference being,” Kyle grinned, “that Tommy enjoys being lowest man – the lower the better from what we hear.   The cop and the gypsy ploughing him all in one day?   He’s turning out to be a regular butt-boy.”


Danny laughed.  “I think he always was.  Just never admitted it, even to himself.”


“Until now,” the twins said in unison.




Even if Thomas had heard that snippet of conversation about him it would barely have registered because right now he was in a place he could never have hoped for in his wildest dreams – seated between the two bosses and founders of the tribe – the rugged gypsy Randy and his more sophisticated lover, the handsome muscle-god Bob.   And he was to spend the night with them!   


As they drove down the hill in Randy’s truck, Bob and Randy naturally talked about the Grady House and Grady’s new life there with Mario.   There was still a lot of stuff to sort out and plan, not least the upcoming series of housewarming parties Grady would have to give.   The initial one for the tribe was a cinch – those guys more or less brought the party with them.  But the more formal ones for executives of the movie studio would be a challenge.


Bob wanted to bring a nervous Thomas into the conversation and asked, “Didn’t you do a lot of party planning at the hotel, Tommy?   That’ll come in real handy when the time comes.   I liked the way you set up the table tonight, even though this was a pretty casual meal for the troops.”


As Thomas opened up with some of his ideas, Randy glanced at Bob and one of those frequent waves of love swept over him.   Randy was great at fucking the crap out of guys like Tommy and making them fall in love with him, but Bob was the master at putting nervous boys at ease with kindness and respect, so they were already in love with the gorgeous business executive by the time he fucked them.


When they reached the house they went straight up to the master suite and Tommy’s nervousness returned as he watched the men settle into their late-night routine – Bob started the coffee while Randy poured the brandy.   This was the house’s inner sanctum, the boss’s lair, and the boy felt a bit like an intruder until Bob said, “So what you got there, Tommy?”


Pleased at being able to contribute something Thomas held out the box he had brought with him.    “It’s from Danny, sir, one of his special desserts for you … for us … and he says not to worry ‘cause it’s low-fat and low sugar.”


“Hey, Randy, look at this.”  Bob pulled out the fruit flans and Randy said, “Holy shit, Danny-boy is a gift that keeps on giving.  We were crazy to let Grady and Mario steal him away from us.”


“They didn’t steal him,” Bob chuckled.  “They offered him a terrific job at the Grady House that he would have been nuts to turn down.  Come on Tommy, here are the plates and cups.  Help me set this table.”


There was that Bob touch again, making Thomas feel like one of the party, even though he was the lowest notch on the totem pole and they were right at the top.  Bob casually brought the conversation round to Thomas and his past.   “I haven’t heard you ever mention your folks, Tommy.   Are they in California?”   Thomas blushed and Bob added quickly, “Oh sorry, kiddo, clumsy of me.  You don’t have to talk about them if it’s difficult.”


“No, sir, I’d like you to know.   It was just me and dad and mom until I was sixteen, then mom left dad and ran off with her trainer at the gym, leaving us two together.”   He blushed again, but his eyes began to sparkle. “I loved my dad … he was my best friend and we did a whole lot together.  The best times were when he took me camping and we spent the evenings together snuggled up by the campfire.”  He paused as a wistful look came to his eyes.


“Sir, I … No, sorry, I swore I’d never tell anyone this.”


“Tommy,” Bob said gently, “this is me and Randy.   You know you can tell us anything.”


Thomas looked into the soft brown eyes and made his decision.   It was something he had bottled up, never dreaming he would ever meet anyone he could confide in.   “Thing is, sir, when I say I loved my dad … I mean … I loved him like a son loves his dad but … it went a bit further than that.   


“When we were out camping under the stars and it got cold he held me tight in his arms and we gazed into the fire and … everything was so quiet, so still, and I felt so safe.   I looked at him and … and he kissed me on the lips.  I didn’t flinch or anything, it all seemed so natural.  Well, one thing led to another and it ended up with him letting me suck his cock.  It was so hard, so beautiful and I felt happier than I had ever felt in my life. 


“After that we went camping a lot and every time we slept together … well …   Oh, he never forced anything, sir, nothing like that.   He was always so gentle and we loved each other so much …”    Tommy’s eyes were brimming with tears and Bob held his hand.


“So where is he now, Tommy?”


The boy sighed deeply and swallowed hard to stop the tears flowing.  “He was a foreman on a building sight, sir and one day there was an accident.  He was always so strict on safety but one day a whole wall of scaffolding collapsed and he pushed his workers out of the way but he …”


Now the tears started too flow – and not only in Thomas. Randy got up from the table and turned his back on them pretending to pour more brandy but Bob knew from his hunched shoulders that the big man’s cheeks were stained with tears too.”


“I’m sorry, sir, I shouldn’t have unloaded on you like that.   It’s just that he was so … so beautiful, so strong, real rugged with his stubbled jaw and long black hair, and tough too with his workers but they admired him, you could tell.   But they didn’t know how gentle he could be, how loving.  Only I knew that.   It was like … like he was a mix of you two guys – I mean, both totally gorgeous but one so … kinda rough,  and the other so gentle.”  He checked himself thinking he had gone too far.   “Oh, sorry, sirs, I shouldn’t have said that … I didn’t mean …


“Tommy, Tommy, it’s OK, I told you that.   So what happened to you?” Bob asked softly.


“Well, sir, I was eighteen when he died and suddenly I was on my own.  My dad had encouraged my career as a gymnast but now I had to earn money so, almost by accident really, I enrolled in a course of hotel-motel management and I worked hard, ‘cause I know my dad would have wanted that, and I wound up at the hotel where you met me.   Everything I did was stuff I thought would have made dad proud of me. 


“I knew he would have wanted me to be strong but I still missed him and I was confused, so I guess I went too far trying to please him and trying to be tough like him, and I became hard and arrogant.   The bit I forgot was the gentle side of dad – that was hard to copy.  It was easier to be tough so that’s what I was – even to guys like Danny who I really liked deep down but thought I had to dominate.


“Thing is, sir, what I really wanted was to be dominated myself.  That comes from wanting my dad … I wanted to feel his big arms around me.  See,” he hesitated again, “see, I fantasized about him making love to me and … and fucking me and I think we were even getting close to that when the accident happened and ….”   


The boy choked up and took a deep breath.  “I was confused and scared so I even went to confession and told the priest of my feelings for my dad.  The priest told me my thoughts were wicked and sinful, the work of the devil, and I should drive out evil and forget what I did with dad or I would go to hell …”


“Asshole,” Randy growled to himself, still hunched over the drinks table. 


“So anyway, when I met you in the hotel room and Randy worked me over and fucked me so hard, it was almost as if  my dad …  I’m sorry sir, I know that sounds like crazy talk, and it is.     You must think I’m some kind of weirdo and …”  He stopped in embarrassed confusion.  “Sir, I think I better go.   Thank you for listening, sir, but I can’t stay here.  I shouldn’t have come.” 


But as he stood up to leave Bob grabbed his wrist.  “Tommy, would you like Randy and me to make love to you?”




Tommy’s heart missed a beat. “Sir, I … of course I …”   He looked nervously at Randy, still facing away from them.   Suddenly Randy turned round, pulled Tommy into his arms and held him tight.   “How about these big arms, Tom?   Will they do?”


Thomas buried his face into Randy’s shoulder and Randy felt his wet cheeks against his neck, which made him squeeze even tighter.    Randy was not good at sorting out intense emotional feelings.  His feelings were visceral, straight from the gut, and he never stopped to analyze them.  Which explained his sudden bursts of anger where his impulse was always fists, not thoughts.  It also explained why now, as he loosened his hold on Thomas, they both looked to Bob for guidance.


“Tommy,” Bob said gently, “neither Randy nor I can ever take the place of you dad.  Nobody can do that.  But you say that you miss his roughness and his tenderness.   Well, maybe Randy and I together can supply a little of each of those.   If you’ll let us take you to bed.”


“Yes please, sir … thank you, sir.”   Overwhelmed and embarrassed by having revealed so many secrets, Thomas took instinctive refuge in action and started to tidy up the plates and coffee cups on the table.  But again Bob held his wrist and said, “Don’t bother with that, kiddo.   The twins will clear that away when they bring breakfast in the morning.   Let us show you what Randy and I do when we’re brandy’d out and ready for bed, and you follow our lead, OK?”


Randy and Bob smiled at each other and held their gaze as they undressed slowly, pulling off their shirts, then their jeans until they were gazing at each other naked, their cocks rising to attention.   Randy grabbed Bob’s hand and pulled him onto the bed where they lay on their backs side by side, both smiling up at Thomas.


The incredible sight of the two gorgeous muscle-hunks banished Thomas’s nervousness and he quickly stripped naked.   Randy said, “Never forget, Tom, that you’re a handsome young guy, great body, not to mention the buns of death.   So what are you doing standing there?   Get your ass down here, boy.”


His heart beating wildly Tommy lay down on the bed and found himself between two hard bodies, both groping him.   He was dimly aware of Bob reaching for a jar of lube before Randy pulled him over on his side to face him.   Never one for finesse, Randy clamped a hand behind the boy’s head and pulled him forward into a rough, grinding kiss.  


Thomas felt his cheeks chafed by the gypsy’s stubbled jaw, just as he became aware of the much gentler sensation behind him of a long, hard rod easing slowly into his ass.  Randy’s mouth clamped over his, so they shared the same breath in and out, while Bob slid an arm round his waist from behind, holding him in place while his cock gently massaged his ass.


He was trapped between the two handsome lovers – fiercely kissed by one, tenderly fucked from behind by the other.   His groin was pressed against Randy’s and he felt the wiry mass of his pubic hair as Randy rubbed their hard cocks together, grinding him hard from the front while Bob increased the pressure from the rear.   


Tommy felt he was being fucked by both men at once and he wrapped his arm round Randy, feeling the muscles rippling in his back as their chests pressed together.   Randy was kissing him the way his father had kissed him, and Bob was fucking him the way Tommy imagined it would have been with his dad.   


How many times had he seen his father in his mind, heard his gentle words, felt their bodies pressed together as they slept?  And how many times later had he masturbated to that image and then cried himself to sleep?


But … but this was not his father.   This was not an impossible fantasy that would never come to life again.   This was life!   This was real … not the cause of tears but of joy.   And this time the image would not fade.   As he felt one man breathing life into him and the other making love to his ass, the vision of his father faded and gave way to the reality of these two glorious men.  He was seized by joy, a wave of happiness that suddenly swept over him.


It was all so overpowering that he felt a momentary irrational panic that it couldn’t be real.  So he held on tight to Randy, digging his fingers into his back, daring the image to fade, and thrilled when it did not.


Suddenly Randy pulled his mouth away and smiled at him.  “It’s OK, Tom.   I’m real enough, Bob too – and we always will be.”   Tommy was mesmerized by the pale blue eyes and there was only one thing he could do – had to do.   “That’s it, kiddo,” Randy grinned.   “Feel that cock grinding against yours?   Feel my man’s rod in your ass?   ‘Course you do.   So what you gonna do about it?   I’ll show you.   Look into my eyes, boy.   Look!”    


Tommy stared into the hypnotic blue eyes and saw himself, saw his future reflected in them.  And most of all he saw a man who was not his father – like him but not him.   It was a man who would protect him, dominate him, love him … a man Tommy already loved.  And there was only one thing he could do.   “I love you, sir … I’m gonna cum … I can’t stop … ah … ah … aaagh!”


He felt Bob’s cock erupt deep inside him as his own cock blasted semen between him and the gypsy’s hard body grinding against him.   He was flying free, alive again and when his breathing subsided and he came back to earth the ground was solid beneath his feet.  It was real, he was real, after living a lie and burying his true self for so long.  




“Shower, I think,” said Bob.   Randy looked down at Thomas lying dazed on his back.  “Don’t you move, boy.  Not a muscle.  We’ll be back.”


Thomas obeyed and soon heard the sounds of water flowing and men laughing as they showered together.  He knew he had been through a sort of catharsis where old demons had been slain and his path to the future seemed bright.  If it wasn’t exactly the Yellow Brick Road it did feel as if he had stepped from a dull sepia world into the Technicolor world of Oz.   No Munchkins, though, quite the reverse – two magnificent men who were even now laughing together and cleaning themselves off preparing for more action with the boy in their bed.


He felt confident, protected, though he became tense again when he heard the water stop flowing and the shower door open.   What was he in for now?  Could he give these incredible men what they wanted?   He desperately wanted to please them.  Then Randy’s words came back to him …“Never forget, Tom, that you’re a handsome young guy, great body – not to mention the buns of death.”   He figured that last feature would be a major factor in how they would treat him.


His anxiety quickly dissolved as he saw the men emerge from the bathroom, both butt naked, their muscular bodies gleaming wet as they toweled themselves dry.    They stood at the foot of the bed staring down at him and he had never felt more naked or more vulnerable in his life … and he loved the feeling.  


The mood had changed and there was a lustful gleam in their eyes.  The time for tears was over – settled, done.  It was time to satisfy their sexual appetites.  They dropped the towels, Randy went and poured two more glasses of brandy, handed one to Bob and they drank as they stared down at their prey – two handsome dark-haired muscle-gods, their huge, semi-hard cocks swinging between their legs. 


“So what do we do with him now?” Bob asked.


“What d’ya mean?  Fuck him, of course.   Fuck him all night if we want to.  Turn over, boy, let’s see that ass.”


Tommy obeyed and pushed his ass in the air for inspection, feeling, not for the first time, like a boy for hire being scrutinized by two big alpha males who had rented him for the night.   He flexed his ass, accentuation the dimples in the perfect white globes.


“Holy shit,” Randy moaned, “look at that fucking ass, man.  And you ask what we’re gonna do with the kid?!”


“Yeah, but which one of us gets to fuck him?”


Randy turned to him in mock frustration and sighed, “Buddy, for a smart guy you’re not that smart are you?  Let me spell it out for you.”   


He spoke slowly and deliberately, like a teacher to a child.  “First, I fuck his ass … then you fuck his ass … then I fuck his ass … and so on and so forth.  You get it?   We fuck his face, we spit roast him, whatever the hell we want and … best of all, he has no say in it.  You hear that boy?  You have no say in the matter.  You’re in the masters’ lair.  Your ass belongs to the bosses for the whole night.  How’s that grab you?   Turn over.”


Thomas turned onto his back and his cock was standing straight up like a flagpole, oozing pre-cum.    Randy knew exactly what the boy wanted and sure knew how to excite him.   “OK, enough with the bullshit.  Let’s get this show on the fuckin’ road.”


He knelt on the bed between the boy’s legs, pushed them in the air and pressed the head of his cock between his ass cheeks.  “Now I know your ass got reamed today, first by the cop, then by me, and just now by my man here.   And I am assuming that it’s still lubed by his cum inside you.  So this is not exactly a dry fuck, right?”


“Whatever you say, sir.”


“Fine, so here it comes, kiddo.  First of many.”  He drove his thick cock in hard and the young gymnast’s body writhed as he moaned, “Ah … Ah … It feels so good when you fuck me, sir.”   


Which was just as well because that was what he got for the next few hours. He reached up and pressed his hands against the mounds of the gypsy’s pecs as his superb body rose and fell over him and the long shaft rammed ever deeper in his ass.  Soon he heard Bob saying, “Hey buddy, he’s mine too, you know.   Let me get some of the action here.”


“OK,” Randy said grudgingly.   “I suppose there’s enough of him to go round.   On your knees boy.”  He pulled out just long enough for Tommy to scramble to his hands and knees, then Randy grabbed his hips and pulled his ass back onto his cock again, doggy style this time.   Tommy groaned and lowered his head in submission.  But not for long.  He felt a hand grab his hair and pull his face up and he found himself staring up at Bob kneeling in front of him.


“Open up, Tommy,” Bob grinned.   “Obediently his jaw sagged open and he swallowed Bob’s stiff dick down his throat.  And for the next few minutes he was spit roasted by the two hot lovers until he lost control and felt his cock spraying cum on the sheet beneath him.”


“Never mind,” he heard Bob say.  “You can cum as often as you like – it won’t stop us.  We’re in it for the long haul.”


Soon Randy said, “You wanna switch buddy?”   He pulled his cock out, wiped it clean on the wet towel he had dropped by the bed and the men traded places.   Again Thomas was spit roasted and he eventually lost count of which man was in his mouth and which in his ass.   


It was like this for the next few hours.  His mind became a blur of sex as his beautiful body and flawless ass were used over and over again by the two horny muscle-studs.   He was getting plugged on all fours, then on his back, on his side, being rolled over the bed, being passed from hand to hand, mouth to mouth and cock to cock. Suddenly he was on his back on the floor where one man pulled his arms up and pinned them to the ground while the other fucked him.   He was being used and abused like a piece of meat thrown to ravenous wolves


He dimly heard the lecherous voices above him laughing and trading obscenities has he got serially fucked.   “That all you got buddy?” Randy challenged Bob.   “He can take more than that.   Shit, I opened him up for you real good.”  


 “Yeah, but he’s been fucked all day.   I don’t wanna hurt him.”   


“Hell, that’s what he wants, eh boy?”


“Yes, sir, please sir,” Tommy said in a daze, as if it was someone else were replying for him and saying exactly what he felt.   For the first time in his life he let himself go completely, surrendering his body, his ass, his mouth and most of all his spirit to these two insatiable men.  It wasn’t that they were breaking his spirit – they were breaking him in like a young colt and it felt incredible.   He shot so many loads he lost count, and as soon as he came his cock was hard again ready for the next orgasm.


It never let up.  As soon as he felt a cock unload in his face or his ass another cock took over so he felt he was drowning in cum.   Muscular arms and legs wrapped round him as he was passed from one horny muscle-stud to the other.   He smelled, tasted their sweat and semen.  He swallowed mouthfuls of cum and felt it trickling out of his ass and down his legs.


The boy had a dim impression that this would go on all night, being used as a sex slave by two horny lovers.   But eventually, at long last, it was Randy who called a halt.  Even he, the master of sexual endurance, was exhausted.  Tommy was kneeling on all fours getting spit roasted for the umpteenth time, with Randy pounding his ass and Bob his mouth, when he heard Randy ask Bob, “You got any left, buddy?” 


“One more and that’s it.  I’m done, man.”


“OK, let’s go for it.”    As their cocks pounded toward the final climax Tommy caught sight of himself in the wall mirror, the homoerotic spectacle of a muscular young jock on hands and knees, smothered in sperm, the two muscle-gods working on him, one huge cock jackhammering his ravaged ass and the other ramming his face. 


It was the sight as much as the feeling that made the boy release one last load of jizz on the cum-soaked sheet beneath him as Randy yelled, “OK, buddy, let him have it.”  And, one last time, cum filled his ass and he gulped down warm semen.  


Then, as the cocks withdrew from his ass and mouth he collapsed on the bed face down, and the two men stared in awe at the beautiful body of the young blond athlete jerking with exhaustion in a pool of cum as he sobbed and moaned from the serial battering he had endured.  His face ran with sweat, semen and cum oozed out of his mouth over his chin, and ran from his ass down his legs.


“Now that,” Randy gloated, “is what I call a fuck.   You did great, kiddo.   Only problem is, it was so good we’re probably gonna have to do it again soon … over and over again.


“That’s not a problem, sir,” Tommy mumbled, his eyes drooping with fatigue.  “I’m yours whenever you want me.”   But before he could say any more Tommy was overwhelmed with exhaustion.  He closed his eyes and fell instantly asleep, enveloped in strong, protective arms.


And for the first time in years he did not dream of his father, dreams that had always evaporated into sadness and loneliness when he woke.   The men of this night’s dreams were still there in the morning, right beside him in the living flesh. 




It was a knock on the door that brought them all groggily to their senses and they gazed up blearily at the smiling faces of the twins.    “Breakfast for three,” Kyle announced cheerily.   


As they set down the loaded trays they had brought in Kevin frowned, “Phew, if you don’t mind my saying so, there is an overpowering smell of jism in this room.”   He pulled the curtains, flung open the windows and let the sun stream in.    “Another perfect day in paradise, gentlemen.  Time to get up and taste the joys of sunny California.”


“Shit,” Randy winced, “you working for the Tourist Board now, kid?   Cut the happy-crappy and pour the coffee, will ya?”    


“Actually, sir,” Tommy said, “I should probably go.   Danny will be needing me at the Grady House.”


“Listen, kiddo,” Randy said, “I outrank Danny and I say you stick around for breakfast.”


“It’s OK, Tommy,” Bob smiled.   “I’ll call Danny and tell him it’s our fault if you’re late.  I’m sure he and the boys can manage for a while.”


Actually, at that moment Danny was conscripting the three amigos – Eddie, Brandon and Ben – to help him serve breakfast.  Mario was there, of course, with Adam and Nate, who were staying for the week in one of the guest rooms.   The architect Lloyd had just arrived to check out the renovations, and the sexy blond fireman Jason had driven his boy Ben up here, with the intention of putting the final touches to the gym they had worked on the day before.  


It was a lively gathering, though they missed Grady who had had an early call at the studio.  But, unlike most days, he was due home shortly after noon.   Mario explained that Grady had only one scene to shoot today but it was a complicated scene involving a chimpanzee, Tarzan’s sidekick Cheetah, and things were always unpredictable where animals were concerned.


“But hopefully things’ll go smoothly and he’ll be back in a few hours,” Mario said, noticing what seemed like conspiratorial grins between the three gym jocks, Adam, Lloyd and Jason.


“Mario,” Adam said.  “We three guys had something in mind – kind’ve a present for Grady.  I mean, he works longer hours than any of us, with all that tension and responsibility carrying a big movie on his, admittedly, broad and beautiful shoulders.  Well, when we were helping him set up the gym yesterday we didn’t get finished, so we thought we’d start early and work on it.  The idea is to surprise him with the completed gym when he gets home.”


“Molto gentile, signori,” Mario smiled.  “You guys are the best.”


“Er, there was a Part Two to the surprise,” Jason said, “but we need your approval for that.”   The four men went into a huddle, with the boys straining to hear, and a smile spread over Mario’s face.   


“Fantastico, amici.  I know it is a surprise he will enjoy.”




However, enjoyment was not on the current agenda for Grady, who was having a frustrating morning on the set.   The scene was not a long one but they were doing take after take after take.  It was a scene in the jungle where Tarzan is alone, on the alert for a sound to indicate which way the soldiers he was pursuing had gone.  Suddenly his chimpanzee pal Cheetah comes crashing through the trees, runs up to him and jumps in his arms, chattering excitedly.  


He leans into his ear, still chattering, and a smile comes to Tarzan’s face as if the chimp has told him where the soldiers are.   He grabs the chimp’s hand and they lope off together through the trees.  At least, that was how it was supposed to happen.  It was less than a minute of screen time, but it was already noon and they were on Take 15.    


They were using two identical chimps in case one of them got over-excited and had to be replaced, which happened all the time.   Their trainer knew his job and was just off-screen but they could never get it exactly right.  It is said that some actors are leery of working with children or animals as they always steal the scene and upstage them.  But Grady was so frustrated he would gladly have given the chimp star billing if he could only get it right.  


Both chimps jumped into his arms alright.  The tough part was getting either one to nuzzle his ear.  Finally an assistant director had the bright idea of smearing a glob of peanut butter behind Grady’s ear, hoping the smell would make the animal lick his ear as if he were talking to him.   And bingo, the next take he nailed it.   The director called for one more take for safety, more peanut butter was added, the chimp was perfect again and, “That’s a wrap.”


Grady was released for the day and he ran to his dressing room, still wearing nothing but his loincloth.  He was so anxious to get home to Mario that he didn’t take off his makeup, just pulled his shorts on over his loincloth, pulled on his sneakers and ran out to the limo waiting for him.


At the Grady House the tension was building as Grady was way later than expected.   But at last Mario’s phone rang and it was Grady calling from the car.  “Sorry, buddy.  The damn chimp.  On my way.”


The house went onto alert.  The well-equipped gym was modeled on the one Jason had at his house – a kind of indoor-outdoor gym, built on a three-sided patio opening onto the garden.  “Hey, it’s Southern California,” Grady had said to Mario.  “Open-air living – and pumping iron.”


The three gym-jocks, and all the boys, were ready.  When they heard the limo pull up at the gate Mario ran out to meet Grady.  Grady was always anxious for his job not to get in the way of his relationship so he was full of apologies.  “Man, I’m so sorry … it wasn’t my fault … it was the chimp.”


Mario threw his head back and laughed.  “Not every day you hear a tardy lover blame his late arrival on a chimpanzee, but I believe you, amico.”


“Here,” Grady said with boyish enthusiasm, “I know you get off on me in my loincloth so ...” he kicked off his sneakers and dropped his shorts … “Ta-da!”  


“Oh,” Mario sighed, gazing at the stunning, near-naked Tarzan with a loincloth round his slim waist.  It was one of Mario’s favorite fantasies to fuck Tarzan, Grady’s too, and it would have normally led to homecoming sex, already a Grady House ritual.   But not this time.


Mario grabbed Grady’s wrists and said, “Tempting as that is, amico, I have something to show you.    He pulled him round to the back of the house until he stood facing the gym.


“Surprise!”  Grady was looking at the three gorgeous muscle jocks – Adam, Jason and Lloyd – standing shoulder to shoulder in front of the perfectly quipped gym, shirtless in gym shorts and sneakers, their muscles pumped after their exertions moving the equipment.   Grady had always had an obsession for beautiful men and now, as he gazed at three of the best, his cock rose to attention – and so did the front of his loincloth.


“Hey, look at that guys,” Adam shouted. “Woody-Woodpecker!”  


There was a peal of laughter as the three men walked back into the gym and showed off the gym equipment, the fruits of their labors, with exaggerated gestures like game-show hostesses displaying the prizes.  Grady grinned, “Holy shit, guys, you did it.   It looks sensational – better than I expected.  Guys, I gotta thank you for this somehow.”


“Oh don’t worry, Tarzan, we got that covered,” said Lloyd.  “We thought a little gym-christening ceremony, kinda like taking it for a test drive …


“With a few extras thrown in,” Jason added.


“Yeah, that too,” Lloyd grinned.


Grady heard laughter behind him and turned around to see a row of chairs facing the gym with a bunch of excited boys in them – Danny, Brandon, Eddie, Ben, Nate, Thomas and the twins.   “Hey what is this, an audience?   We shooting a workout video or something?    Wait, I get a fee for this kinda stuff.   You better speak to my agent.  I don’t come cheap.”


“Not what I heard, mate,” said Adam in his Australian drawl, causing more howls of laughter.   


Grady pointed at Mario in the middle of the row between Danny and Brandon.   “This is all your fault, buddy – the Italian Mafia.   I’ll fuck you later.”


Mario sighed dramatically. “He’s always promising that but it never happens.  But I don’t complain.”


“Hey,” Adam said, “fucking Tarzan twice daily ain’t bad work if you can get it.  Come on Grady, take a look at your new gym.”


He came close and admired their hard work, when suddenly Jason screwed up his nose and said, “Hey, what’s that smell?”  He sniffed around Grady’s face, then round the neck and said, “Look guys, get this … peanut butter!   This your new fetish, Grady – having guys lick peanut butter off you?  Hey, whatever floats your boat, man.  Come on guys, get slurping.”


They crowded round him and took turns licking behind his ear.  “Mm, tastes great.  This turn you on, buddy?   Maybe we should cover your whole perfect body with it.”


They thought they were humiliating Grady but he simply stared ahead with a smug smile on his face.   “When you’ve had your fill, guys, maybe I should mention that the last guy to lick that stuff on my neck there was a chimp – Tarzan’s pal Cheetah.”


The men recoiled.  “Oh, gross,” howled Jason.”    All three coughed and spat on the ground and Lloyd said, “Uggh, that’s disgusting.”


“Too right, mate,” the Aussie said.  “I dunno about you blokes but I say we shouldn’t let the guy get away with pulling a stunt like that.  What d’ya say we go straight to Plan B?  Let’s get him.”




As the three jocks manhandled Grady back into the gym he yelled, “What the fuck?   I thought we were gonna try out the equipment?”


“We are,” grinned Adam.  “We’re gonna see how much rough treatment it can take.   Over here, guys.”  They dragged him over to the bench press and made him lie on his back on the flat bench.  “OK, Grady, try it out.”


Reflexively Grady reached up and grabbed the weight bar as he had done a thousand times in the gym.  But there the similarity ended.  Jason and Lloyd stood behind his head, grabbed his hands and pressed them round the bar.    “Hey, back off guys,” Grady shouted, his hands trapped on the bar.   But he knew what he was in for when he saw Adam drop his shorts and the tall, muscular Aussie loomed over him buck naked, his long cock standing out stiff as a pole.


Adam grabbed his feet, pushed his legs up high and held them up with one hand while he used the other to rip open the back of his loin cloth.   “Always wondered what Tarzan’s ass looked like under that loincloth.  Hm, not bad.   Not bad at all.   Always wondered how it would feel, too, wrapped round my cock.  Guess it’s time to find out.”


The boys had previously placed jars of lube strategically round the gym in anticipation of the action they hoped would follow, and Adam now reached out to one and pushed his greasy fingers into Grady’s ass.  “Hmm, good and ready, I’d say.   Brace yourself ape-man.”


It wasn’t exactly the Tarzan yell that echoed round the gym but it was certainly as loud as Grady felt the Aussie cock drive into his ass.   But the initial burst of pain quickly subsided into the kind of sex Grady loved best – getting his ass fucked.   He gazed up at the strong, handsome face and gym-built physique of the powerful Aussie and surrendered his ass to his pounding shaft.


As Adam fucked harder and faster Danny turned and looked anxiously at Mario next to him and touched his hand.  Mario smiled, “It’s OK, Danny, he’s enjoying every minute of it.  Getting butt-fucked in the gym by three gorgeous jocks like these is one of his fantasies.”


Mario was right, judging by Grady’s moans.  “Oh yeah, man.   Shit that feels good.   Yeah, fuck that ass.   Let me touch my cock, guys.  Let go my hands.”


“We’ll let go,” said Jason, but keep your hands on the bar.  We’ll take care of the rest.”   Grady obeyed, surrendering to the domination of his buddies, and watched as Adam flexed and fucked while the other two knelt on either side of him and took turns sucking his cock.   It was a fantasy come true for the muscular gym-jock and he knew he couldn’t hold back for long.


“Guys, you’re driving me crazy … shit that feels good … I gotta cum … I gotta …”


“Good onya, mate,” Adam drawled, “and I’ll be right there with ya.  Here it comes, my tribute to the King of the Jungle.  Yeaaah!”   He let loose a hot stream of jizz in Grady’s ass just as Grady howled and his cock erupted in Lloyd’s mouth.   Lloyd gulped hard, then yielded to Jason.  As Grady watched the gorgeous fireman swallow his dick he blasted another load in his mouth. As Jason pulled back, the last remains of jizz splashed over his rugged square-jawed face.


But there was no time to rest.  Lloyd was already on his feet, pointing out that in a real gym workout they moved quickly from one piece of equipment to the next, and this time was no different. 


“No different?” Grady howled.   


“OK, so it’s different,” Jason grinned.  “Hey Lloyd … you’re up next.  How about the bike?”


Drained as he was after getting a hard butt-fuck and two blow-jobs Grady’s body was hauled off the bench and thrown over the saddle of the stationary bike.    Instinctively he put his feet through the pedal straps and pedaled slowly, his sore ass flexing on the saddle.


“Hey, guys,” Lloyd said, “did you hear what Mark did yesterday when he pulled the new boy over?”  He grinned over at Tommy who sat watching mesmerized.  “Fucked him on his bike.  That sounds real cool.  I think I’ll get me some of that.”


The bike was in front of a mirror and Grady watched as Lloyd lubed up his cock, stood behind him and pulled Grady’s ass back over the saddle.   Then he felt it – the second cock to enter his ass in as many minutes. 


“Shit damn,” Grady groaned.  “OK, stud, you wanna ride ass?  You got it.”  He raised his ass off the saddle, leaned forward over the handlebars and pedaled … faster and faster.   Lloyd had never felt anything like it.  The flawless ass flexed as the legs pounded, alternately clenching and releasing Lloyd’s cock.   Lloyd put his hands on Grady’s shoulders from behind and braced himself as he fucked, though it felt more like Grady was fucking his cock with his pulsing ass.  


There were whoops and hollers from the other two men and all the boys.   “Holy shit,” Adam laughed, “gives a whole new meaning to the words ‘riding cock’.”  Their roars of laughter drowned out Lloyd’s screams as he could no longer resist the incredible sensation in his cock, which exploded in Grady’s rippling ass.


There was a fierce burst of applause from the audience while Lloyd pulled back, Jason helped Grady off the bike held him in his arms and kissed him.   While the others regrouped the two handsome jocks had a private moment of their own.


“So, buddy, it’s my turn,” Jason said.   “My turn to fuck the spectacular guy from the underwear billboards and ads.   I used to jerk off over those pictures a lot, and now you’re here.  Tell me something though, did you ever see that picture of me in the fireman’s calendar?”


“Did I see it?   I used to love those calendars and when I came to the August page in one of them I jerked off over it right away.   And that wasn’t the last time either.   Jesus that was a hot picture – and it didn’t even do justice to the guy I’m looking at now.   I, er … I even fantasized about the fireman shoving his pole in my ass.”


“As he is about to do now,” Jason grinned.


It was obvious to the audience that something intimate was going on between the two and Danny and Brandon felt Mario tense between them.   Mario knew Grady’s obsession with beautiful men and Jason was a spectacular looking man.  It was only natural that, at moments like this, Mario would feel a twinge of insecurity.


Danny and Brandon exchanged glances and Brandon whispered in Mario’s ear.  “He loves you, sir.   Everyone knows that.”


Mario smiled at Brandon and relaxed.  “Thank you for saying that, amico.   I know it too.”


“Hey guys,” Lloyd suddenly shouted   “I gotta calculate the tension in those gymnastic rings over there, see how much weight they can bear.  Come on Grady, you’re the one gonna be hanging from them most often.   Get your ass over here.”


Grady reached up and was tall enough to grab the rings with his feet still on the ground.  He raised his legs slightly and tugged up and down on the ropes to test their strength.   The other men stood back and gazed at the homoerotic sight of the near-naked Tarzan, his ragged loincloth clinging to his hips, arms stretched up, muscles rippling as he hung from the ropes.


“Incredible,” Jason sighed.  Grady lowered his feet to the ground and Jason faced him, running his hands over his flawless physique – shoulders, pecs and abs – in an act of muscle worship, one gorgeous jock to another.  Then he dropped his shorts and turned to the mirror, the two naked studs side by side, and Jason spoke to Grady’s reflection.  “My buddies here fucked you good, Tarz, your ass must be real sore.  You sure you want this?”   He flexed his muscles.


“Sure I’m sure,” Grady grinned.  “Shit, look at you, man.   I’ve thought about getting fucked by you ever since I turned the page of that calendar to August.”


Jason kissed his lips, then walked round behind him, lubed his cock and pushed it between the perfect globes of Grady’s ass.   “This is no fantasy, buddy.   This is real.”   Grady gasped as Jason’s rod slid into his aching ass and he gazed at the reflection of the blond fireman’s chiseled features over his shoulder.   


Jason quickly segued from a gentle massage to a steady fuck, his cock pushing in deeper and deeper, making love to the ass of the man whose image he had masturbated over so often.   


Adam and Lloyd stared in awe at the mirror image of Tarzan in his shredded loincloth getting fucked by a gorgeous blond jock, his equal in seductive beauty.  They moved round to face Grady and ran their hands over his body in the same act of worship as Jason’s.  They kissed his face, licked his neck and chest, then Grady gasped as the big stud Aussie top-man sank to his knees and sucked Grady’s cock into his mouth.  


Standing behind the kneeling Adam, Lloyd reached forward and stroked Grady’s nipples with the backs of his fingers, then twisted them, teasing them, sending shafts of pleasure through his chest to augment the erotic feeling in his ass and cock as he got fucked and sucked.


Grady’s body was alive with every sexual stimulus a man could feel.   “You guys are incredible,” he moaned, “hottest gym buddies a guy could have.   Make me cum guys … I wanna shoot in your mouth Adam … I wanna feel Jason’s cum in my ass while Lloyd tortures my tits.   Let’s do it guys.  I can’t take any more.   I gotta cum … you are so fucking hot … oh shit … I’m gonna cum … I’m gonna cuuum!”


Grady poured semen into the Aussie’s mouth as Jason howled and came in his ass.   Adam, stroking his cock hard, shot a load over Grady’s feet and Lloyd blasted a stream of jizz above Adam’s head that splashed onto the ridges of Grady’s washboard abs.


There was a stunned silence, except for the heavy breathing of the four gym buddies.   Then suddenly the sound of raucous cheers and applause erupted from the boys who rose in a standing ovation.  The four men grinned at each other … then collapsed on the floor in tangle of muscular limbs and triumphant laughter.  A hand shot up from the heap of bodies holding the shredded remains of Tarzan’s loincloth, and an Australian voice bellowed, “It’s mine!”




When the group disentangled themselves and they got to their feet Adam said, “Well that was fucking brilliant, mates, and good onya, Grady, you’re a champ.   But now, guys, I think we should return Grady to the man he belongs to.    He walked over to the spectators, pulled Mario out of his chair and pressed the torn loincloth in his hands.   


“This belongs to you, by rights, buddy, and we thank you for loaning your man to us.  You’re both great sports and terrific guys.   But I assume you and he have things so say to each other.”   Mario smiled at Adam, then walked into the gym where Grady was standing buck naked, covered in cum … and looking spectacular.   


Grady folded his arms round his lover and said softly in his ear, “You OK, buddy?   Did we go too far?”


“I’m just fine, amico,” Mario smiled.   “It was fun.   But … watching those guys fuck you I did get a bit envious, not to mention horny.”


“Hey, we can soon fix that, old buddy.   Come here.”  They put their arms round each other, kissed passionately and sank to their knees.  Within seconds Grady was on his back and Mario was inside him.  “Mm, that feels better,” Grady purred. “Those guys were great, but now I wanna love and be loved.   And there’s only one guy who can do that.   Fuck me, amico.  I’m all yours.”


And so, in the middle of the new gym, the two beautiful men made love.  No matter how hard they played with their friends, no matter the lusts they indulged with buddies, one thing surmounted it all – their love for each other.


As Mario rose and fell over his lover the men and boys moved discretely away and sat by the pool.  After all their boisterous laughter they were quiet now, out of deference to their hosts who were making love and proving that love takes many forms and, if it is strong enough, allows many distractions from the outside, but always remains the inviolable center of their lives.




Suddenly Jamie appeared round the corner of the house and grinned, “Hm, judging by the afterglow round this pool, not to mention the overwhelming smell of jism, it seems I missed all the action round here.  Never mind – next time.  But right now Bob sent me up here to work with you, Brandon, on the office setup that you’re gonna manage here.


Brandon wheeled himself forward eagerly.   He loved Jamie and always got a hard-on when the hot young surfer appeared.   “I’m glad you came, Jamie, ‘cos I already did a lot of stuff myself but I need you to check that I got it right.”    They walked toward the house, but Jamie turned back suddenly and said, “Oops, I almost forgot.   Tommy, Pablo asked me tell you that he wants to see you in his room right away.”


Tommy stood up and felt his knees go weak.   He walked up to Jamie and said, “Thank you, sir.  To tell you the truth, I … I’m real nervous, sir.   I know what he wants.  He’s gonna punish me for driving dangerously and nearly wrecking his truck.  I know I deserve it, but …”


“Hey, Tommy, listen.  All us boys have been punished by our masters when we got out of line.  I remember how Mark punished me big time when he caught me using drugs with my surfer buddies.   But you gotta remember, your master may be mad at you but he’s also sworn to protect you, so he’s not gonna hurt you more than you can take.   Hell, you’ve already spent a night with Pablo’s master Randy, and they don’t come any rougher than that.”


“Thank you, sir.  That makes me feel better.”


“Here’s my keys.  Take my truck.  I’ll have Brandon give me a ride home.” 


Tommy thanked him and as Jamie watched him walk away his heart went out to him.  Jamie had meant what he said – but he was not altogether sure about Pablo.  Randy was a master’s master – he knew exactly how to treat a misbehaving boy, knew exactly how much the boy could take, knew how to push him to his limit but not cross the line.   But Pablo was a novice.  He had the same strain of anger as Randy but had not yet learned all his skills, his restraint.


Feeling worried Jamie pulled out his phone and called Darius.   “Hey, dude, I, er, just sent Tommy down to the house to get his punishment from Pablo.   He deserves it for sure, but … well … you know … Pablo tries to copy Randy and he has that anger thing, and …”


“Hey, Jamie, no sweat.  I know what you’re getting at and I’m glad you called.   Don’t worry, dude, I’ll keep an eye on things, make sure they don’t get out of hand.   Thanks for the heads up surfer boy.”


Jamie shut off his phone with a grin.  Not for the first time he realized what a great guy Darius really was.



TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 306


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