The big lunch at the tribe’s compound was in celebration of Randy’s kid-brother Ben and his adventures of the day before.

However, Ben left the celebration meal early to go down to Jason’s house and welcome back his master after fighting fires up north. When the gorgeous young jock fireman in full firefighting gear came through the gate he gazed at the naked gypsy boy, soaking wet from the shower, water streaming from his long black hair over his beautiful dark face and youthful body.

“Kiddo, I’ve needed you so bad. It was real rough up there and I kept thinking of you – of this. I want you so bad, Ben. Come here.” And so the eager young gypsy proceeded to give Jason a welcome fit for a returning hero.

But Ben’s absence did not in any way end the tribe’s gathering up at the house, though by now it had split into small groups of men and boys lazing around the spacious grounds. Still sitting at the table were the senior boys – Darius, Pablo, Jamie and Nate – talking over a suggestion that Doctor Steve had made to them.

He had thrown out the notion that it was about time the boys spent a few days together – they should go on a kind of retreat, just the four of them. They all worked hard, but of course tensions sometimes arose and Steve felt that a trip away from home and their jobs at the construction site and the house, would do them good. They could enjoy each other’s company while they talked about the workings of the tribe and the overlapping roles they each played.

They had agreed with Steve’s plan and Jamie was now saying, “’Course, I’ve got the ideal spot … that shack in the dunes up in Guadalupe that Mark gave me. It’d be great to hang out there – surfing, sunning, just kicking back. We four haven’t done that in a long time.” He smiled wickedly. “Never know what kinda mischief we could get up to. What do you think, dudes?”

They grinned at each other and said in unison, “It’s a deal.”

Steve thought the location was a great idea for what he had in mind. He felt it especially important that they should also confront and resolve any tension or disagreements that inevitably arose between four assertive young men growing into manhood and jockeying for position in the hierarchy – not to mention their overactive youthful libidos that made for some tricky sexual undercurrents to navigate in their attraction to each other.

“Worst thing you can do,” Steve told them, “is to ignore feelings of animosity or resentment and paper over the cracks, because, trust me, the cracks will only get wider. Not to mix metaphors or anything,” Steve ginned, “but it’s a pretty tangled web you guys weave and a few days of rest and relaxation should help to un-tangle it.”

When they relayed Steve’s suggestions to their masters (Darius to Zack, Pablo to Randy, Jamie to Mark, and Nate to Adam) the men were all for the plan. It was one of the primary imperatives of the tribe to give as much responsibility as possible to the boys (senior and junior) and help pave their way to manhood. There was always a danger that the boys would live too much in their master’s shadow and this trip would help to reassert their masculine independence.

One other metaphor often applied to the tribe was the super-efficient grapevine that spread news and gossip with lightning speed, and it was soon humming with the senior boys’ impending trip. The seniors agreed that two boys they needed to confide in first were the twins, Kyle and Kevin. When they emerged from the small private garden where they had been ‘taking care’ of their master Bob, the boys waved them over to sit with them.

After they outlined the plan Jamie said, “Dudes, you guys are at least as senior as any of us four, you being Bob’s boys and all, so of course you’re welcome to joins us. After all, you work harder than anyone here keeping this crowd fed and you never take a break.”

The twins smiled at Jamie’s kindness. They glanced at each other and that silent communication was enough to confirm how both brothers felt. “Thanks, guys,” said Kevin with a big smile, “but we think we’ll stay put. Hey, think of it, all these hot men around here with their huge sexual appetites, their boys all away, and only two senior boys to turn to.”

Kyle chuckled. “Seriously, though dudes, Bob was just saying that he and Randy would love to spend more time with us two, and this seems like just the opportunity.”

“Besides,” Kevin said, “we’ll be in complete charge of the house. Eddie can take Nate’s place keeping everything tidy, Brandon will substitute for Jamie in the office and Ben will be the construction site’s chief mechanic while you’re gone, Pablo.” Kevin ginned. “The little gypsy will be thrilled to be working directly under Randy after their recent sexual shenanigans.”

“So don’t worry, dudes.” Kyle said, “Everything’s taken care of. Go off, have fun, and do all the things we wouldn’t do.”


Departures from the house were always something of a five-act opera, especially when the senior boys were being seen off by the juniors, who were already feeling self-important in their elevated roles during the senior guys’ absence. The three amigos, Eddie, Brandon and Ben, buzzed around, taking charge of the loading of the truck, issuing orders that were ignored or countermanded by the seniors.

The trip was catered by the twins who brought out packets of food, knowing the senior boys limited culinary skills. They had been trained to be experts in many fields but cooking was not one of them. “You’ve been spoiled by us,” Kevin laughed. “When did you guys last set foot in a kitchen? Whatever you do in that shack, just don’t burn it down, is all.”

It had been decided that all four would travel in Pablo’s truck as it was the biggest and had a double cab. When Bob had bought Randy a new heavy-duty truck he had given this one to his boy Pablo, who rode it always with the pride of taking the boss’s place in the driver’s seat.

Jamie loaded four surfboards in the back, along with all their other gear and all four climbed aboard – five actually if you included Pablo’s dog Billy who went everywhere with his young master.

Pablo was the driver, of course, with Darius sitting beside him. Jamie and Nate, who had no concern about the seating hierarchy were happy to sit together in the row behind them. And Billy, who had no concept of hierarchy of any kind, as long as there was a window to poke his head out of, sat contentedly in the ample space behind the seats.

And so, to the raucous encouragement of the three amigos, they set off, four young men united in being members of a unique tribe, but each with his own personality, background, temperament and aspirations. All had come from humble backgrounds before being rescued by the tribe, and all four were heavily influenced by their masters.

Darius, the first one to join Randy and Bob, was now the boy of the black muscle-hunk leather master, Zack. He modeled himself on Zack, right down to the clothes he was wearing now – black jeans, boots, no shirt. He also had the same macho assertiveness as Zack, taking no shit from anyone, which came out in the boy as a confident self-awareness and a keen sense of humor, reveling in his image of class clown.

Pablo, Darius’s boyfriend from the day he had joined the tribe, was the self-described ‘head boy’, an image that derived not so much from his innate sense of self-worth (as it was in Darius) but from his position as Randy’s boy and adopted son and heir. He clung to the title of ‘boss’s boy’ and, more than any of them, tried to copy his master. But in doing so he also adopted the master’s flaws – quick to anger and solve conflicts with his fist. He too was wearing jeans, with a sleeveless denim shirt, just like Randy’s, hanging open over his chest.

Jamie, the tanned surfer was every bit the cop’s boy, and to some extent looked like a junior version of the handsome, blond Mark. Mark was cool and calm with a quiet inner strength, and so was Jamie, commanding such respect that he was often the peacemaker among the boys when quarrels erupted. He felt no need to appear tough and was wearing his habitual surfer trunks, flip-flops and the black tank-top that Mark usually wore when they made this same trip.

Nate was the most laidback of the bunch. With his easy-going Australian charm he was happy to retreat every evening to the house next door to the tribe’s that he shared with the handsome Aussie muscle-jock Adam. Despite being naturally gregarious they enjoyed each other’s company so much that they spent a lot of time together in their small house. With no pretensions to project any particular image to the world, Nate was wearing his usual cargo shorts, an old T-shirt and sneakers.

Normally the workaday lives of these four diverse young men did not intercept, as Jamie was in charge of the office, Nate ran the house, Pablo was the construction company’s head mechanic and Darius worked exclusively with Randy and Zack. Now here they were together in this confined space with the prospect of five days in each other’s company, and as they drove north there was an air of suspenseful anticipation in the cab.

To diffuse the slight tension this produced Jamie said lightly, “Hey guys, don’t you feel like we’re one of Doctor Steve’s experiments – throw a bunch of guys together and see what happens?”

“Too true, mate,” Nate chuckled, with his pronounced Aussie accent. “Like one of those reality shows where they lock a group of guys in a room, film how they get along with each other – or not – and see who survives the longest. All we lack is a film crew.”

“Don’t you believe it, dude,” Darius laughed and waved his camera in the air. “An elite group like this deserves my trusty camera to make a record.

That phrase ‘elite group’ hung in the air, provoking varying reactions in the boys’ minds. Their differing internal projections of what the trip would bring reflected their diverse personalities. But there was one thing they all had in common as they sat in such close proximity – stiff dicks!

Like all the men and boys in the tribe, these guys all had healthy, overactive libidos. They were handsome, lusty young bucks blossoming into manhood and their youthful energies usually found an outlet in sexual release. Sex was never far from the surface with these young men, never more so than now in the confines of the truck with the powerful throb of its engine.

Of course, they were far too cool to admit to each other that they had boners in their pants. In their working day when they felt horny they would simply jack off and get on with their work. Many times Pablo or Darius would separately find a secluded space on the construction site behind a fence or wall and quickly rub one out, usually staring surreptitiously at a shirtless Randy or Zack, or both, as their muscles strained and ran with the sweat of hard labor.

Jamie, alone in the house’s office, would go into the bathroom, take off his shirt and stroke his cock as he stared at the blond’s muscular torso in the mirror and imagined a bare-chested Mark. He pictured the cop fucking him, as he surely would when he got home, and blasted a load of jizz all over the mirror. He would quickly shove his cock back in his shorts, wipe the mirror clean and go back to his computer.

Nate, in his daily rounds tidying the house, would get horny in the bedrooms, picking up the men’s’ underwear and jockstraps stained with dry jism and old piss. With his dick straining for release he would run back to his house next door and pick an old pair of Adam’s shorts out of the dirty laundry. Holding it to his face he would look at his favorite picture of Adam stepping out of the shower naked with a towel slung over his shoulder. Imagining the handsome Aussie’s dick in his ass he would jerk off, then run back and get on with his work, much relieved.

But no such release was to be had now, short of each guy pulling out his dick and masturbating, which was not about to happen. Sure they were horny, but something to do with their masculine pride prevented them from being the first one to admit being turned on by the others. It did cross Darius’s inventive mind that four hot guys jacking off in a truck would have made a great opening scene for his video – but it just didn’t happen.

So the sexual tension built as they roared along the highway, while none of them so much as touched the bulge in their pants. It was Jamie who finally broke the logjam of lust. What did it was his memory of the many trips he had taken up here with Mark, a memory so vivid that he put it into words.

“Guys, whenever I come up here with Mark it gets sexual real fast. I mean, my gorgeous blond cop always wears a black tank just like this one, and sitting next to him, our shoulders touching, I am so fucking hard, and so is he, that we can’t wait another hour or two before we reach the dunes. Coming up there’s a turnoff onto a gravel road that goes way over there to the right through all that scrub.”

“Where does it lead to?” Nate asked.

“Used to end up at an old farmhouse, Mark says, but it’s long gone and there’s just a cluster of trees now … very secluded. Anyway, whenever we come up here we’re usually both so horny that Mark turns off the highway, drives along the track and parks in the trees. He pulls down the tailgate of the truck, throws me on the flat bed and yanks down my shorts. He pulls off his tank top, whips out that huge rod of his, throws my legs in the air and fucks my ass.

“I tell ya, guys, looking up at that blond muscle god working my ass in that godforsaken place with no sound but the wind and Mark’s heavy breathing, it’s fucking intense, dudes. I grab my cock and as soon as he gives me permission my cock blasts juice up onto his chest and I watch my cum drip down the cleft between the mounds of his pecs. It is so fucking amazing, guys, that when I’m alone in the office I often rub one out just thinking about it.”

There was a long heavy silence where all the boys were dying to touch their cocks but resisted the urge. Pablo said, “You say the turn-off is coming up?”

“Yeah, small turnoff about half a mile up ahead.”

At that moment everyone knew what was about to happen and it was no surprise when Pablo slowed down, drove off the highway and they found themselves bumping along the dirt road headed for the distant trees.


Pablo parked in the same spot where Mark always had. The doors of the truck flew open and the four boys piled out. They were already ripping open their pants as they walked behind the truck with only one thought on their mind. Billy also jumped out, made straight for a sage bush, cocked his leg and peed copiously, then settled down to watch the action.

Nate found himself face to face with Darius and staring into his pale green eyes. They groped each other and Nate gasped as he felt Darius’s ten-inch beer-can-thick rod. He kissed Darius’s full lips before his knees buckled and he sank down slowly, running his hands over the smooth, ebony black flesh, down the chiseled contours of his chest and his ripped eight-pack abs.

As Nate sank lower he flicked his tongue out on Darius’s chest, licking the drops of sweat running down the deep cleft between his pecs, then licked the ridges of his abs as he sank to the ground. Kneeling before the muscular young black stud Nate buried his face in his damp, wiry black pubic hair … and then went to work on the massive cock.

He pressed it to his cheek to feel the full length and girth of the club against his face, and moaned, “Dude, that feels so good.” He licked the head, then ran his tongue along the shaft and licked the balls. Nate always loved sucking Adam’s cock but it was not as big as Darius’s … nothing was as big as his. “Man, that is so fucking huge,” he groaned, but lust overtook his intimidation. “I want it so bad, dude.” He took a deep breath, opened his mouth wide, sucked in the hard round head, then let eight of the ten inches slide into his throat before having to stop.

He recalled the lessons he had learned from Eddie. Eddie was his assistant at the house but on one thing the boy was the uncontested master – sucking cock. Nate remembered him saying, “If the cock’s too big it don’t matter if you can’t swallow it all. What counts is what you do to the part you can swallow.’ And now, trembling with excitement and stroking his own cock, Nate applied all Eddie’s other lessons to the eight inches of dark meat filling his mouth.

Meanwhile Pablo was determined to play the dominant top-man by copying (unwisely as it turned out) Jamie’s description of what Mark had done on this same spot. He pulled down the truck’s tail gate and said to Jamie, “Sit on it, dude.”

With his mind still on Mark fucking him on the truck Jamie sat in the tailgate, his legs hanging over the edge. He pulled his shorts down, kicked them off, and lay on his back on the flatbed. Pablo spat in his palm as Randy always did, and rubbed his spit over his cock. “Get ready, surfer-boy,” he growled as he lifted Jamie’s legs in the air and pushed his wet dick in his ass.

Jamie remembered how this felt when the cop drove his cock in him … and it sure didn’t feel like this. No one fucked like Mark, not even the determined ‘head boy’, and as Jamie looked up at Pablo’s handsome face and watched the muscular body flexing over him he tried to imagine Mark … and failed.

Not that it wasn’t a good fuck. As in all things Pablo copied Randy and now pounded Jamie’s ass with what he called a Randy fuck, the ultimate in man-on-man action, a fierce, pile-driving penetration that drove men wild … when Randy did it.

Pablo was real good, but nobody could compete with the image of the muscle-god cop Jamie was searching for. Pablo looked hot, with his striking Mestizo features, high cheek bones and strong clenched jaw as he ramrodded his blond buddy’s ass. But his mistake had been to try to compete with Mark, to duplicate his action … and that was an obvious non-starter.

And Pablo knew it. He fucked like an expert and his cock felt good in Jamie’s ass, but Pablo knew the look in a guy’s eyes when he was driving the guy crazy … and Jamie was not going crazy. Instead he closed his eyes and moaned, “Thank you, sir. I love you, sir.”

It was obvious Jamie couldn’t get Mark out of his mind and it was the cop’s dick he was feeling in his ass. So Pablo cut his losses. Hearing Darius’s voice over his shoulder groaning, “Go for it, dude, shit that feels great, eat that cock, boy,” Pablo pulled abruptly out of Jamie’s ass and turned his attention to Darius who was getting a voracious blow-job from Nate.

Pablo was always turned on by his lover’s ebony muscles flexing as he fucked, and he watched mesmerized as Darius grabbed Nate’s head and pulled it back and forth on his cock, careful not to choke him with his lethal weapon. Then Pablo turned his attention to the well-built young Aussie on his knees, muscles rippling in his back as he held onto Darius’s hips, slurping and drooling as he ate his dick.

Now there, thought Pablo, was a dude who would go apeshit for a macho guy like him. He knew Nate got fucked regularly by that hot Aussie master of his, but Nate’s mind wasn’t currently fixed on Adam the way Jamie’s was on Mark. Darius’s massive dick was enough to drive all thoughts of anyone else from a boy’s mind. So he was ripe for the plucking.

Nate was kneeling back on his haunches while he concentrated on the thick black club, but Pablo leaned down, grabbed Nate’s hips and pulled his ass up so he was kneeling on all fours – the perfect target. “That’s it boy … just what I need,” Pablo murmured. He knelt behind him, grabbed his hips again … and plunged his wet, rock-hard shaft into the Aussie’s ass.

“Aaagh!” With the sudden jolt of pain in his ass Nate reflexively yanked his head back off Darius’s cock, but Darius instantly shoved his dick back in. Forced to focus again on the huge dick filling his mouth, the pain in Nate’s ass lessened and he began to relax into the rhythm of getting fucked at both ends. Nate had often admired the two hot lovers and now here they were spit-roasting him.

Pablo grinned at Darius. “Let’s give it to him, buddy. Fuck him good.”

Darius sensed that Pablo was getting carried away, as he often did when trying to prove he was as tough as Randy, and he cautioned, “Not so hard, dude. We don’t want the guy to flake out on us. Do it like Randy does – hot and heavy, then gentle. That’s what drives them crazy.”

Darius had deliberately pushed exactly the right button – the Randy button – and Pablo slowed down, then alternated between light and heavy, teasing the ass so Nate felt the exquisite frustration of denied orgasm that Randy was famous for.

Stroking his cock, Jamie watched in awe as his buddy Nate got spit-roasted by the two lovers, satisfied that his young Aussie friend was in hog heaven. He was impressed by the dark-haired Mestizo working on the ass, but he admired even more Darius’s skill at matching the alternating rhythm of Pablo’s fuck, doing to Nate’s face what Pablo was doing to his ass. Jamie smiled at Darius and said softly, “Beautiful, dude. Poetry in motion. Shit, man, you look so hot like that.”

Darius flashed him a gleaming smile, his dazzling white teeth contrasting with his handsome ebony features. The muscles of his perfect physique rippled as he eased back and forth in Nate’s mouth, and Jamie was blown away by how stunning he looked. Focusing on Darius’s wide, smiling mouth and the full lips Jamie suddenly knew exactly what he wanted.

The spit-roast threesome were real close to the back of the truck, with Darius facing it. Jamie leapt up onto the truck, stood on the tailgate and stroked his cock inches from the sculpted black face.

Darius grinned again, his green eyes fixed on Jamie towering over him, buck naked except for the black tank stretched over his chest. “You’re a rock star, dude. I swear, blond California surfers don’t come any hotter’n that – an honest to god muscle-jock. And you’re the boy of the most gorgeous badass cop in town. So what you gonna do with that rod you got in your fist, surfer-boy?” Darius’ left his mouth half open, his lips parted seductively.

Jamie flashed his own smile as he pulled the tank off over his head. “You know damn well what I’m gonna do with it, stud.” He wound the tank into a rope, reached forward and draped it round the back of Darius’s neck, holding both ends in one hand in front of him. “What the fuck do you think I’m gonna do?” He tugged on the tank. “You’re mine now. Open up, big guy.”

Darius’s mouth sagged open, Jamie used the tank to pull his face forward until it was sliding over the full length of his cock. The green eyes sparkled as they looked up at Jamie. “You’ve never looked hotter than you do now, dude, with a young jock’s stiff rod in that gorgeous black mouth. Keep fucking my buddy Nate’s face, stud, ‘cos I sure as hell am gonna fuck yours.”

With the tank wrapped round Darius’s neck Jamie pulled it toward him repeatedly, forcing his face forward onto his cock that drove deeper and deeper down his throat. Darius had plenty of experience sucking his master Zack’s massive shaft, but still he gagged as his face was yanked hard onto Jamie’s dick and his face smashed into the thick tangle of Jamie’s blond pubic hair.

“Yeah, that’s it, cock-sucker, eat my sweaty pubes, boy. I wanna see how a black leather-boy eats a blond jock’s hunk of meat.”

And so Jamie added the last stunning feature to the spectacular senior-boy orgy, four beautiful young men all fucking in sync. At the top of the pile, standing on the truck, the naked young surfer flexed his washboard abs as his cock pistoned in the leather-boy’s sexy mouth. Standing his ground before him, the young black buck swallowed hard as his own cock drove into the willing mouth of the hot young Aussie on his knees getting spit roasted by the muscular alpha male Mestizo pile-driving his ass from behind.

Sitting quietly on the ground nearby Billy cocked his head to one side, watching curiously, trying to make out where one boy began and another ended.

The two boys not muffled by cock howled in triumph. “Fuck you,” boy, Pablo yelled at Nate. “Yeah, feel your master’s rod pounding your hot Aussie ass, boy.” And Jamie, less dominantly, grinned down at Darius’s green eyes. “Man, that face is so beautiful munching on my dick. Oh yeah, let me watch that hot black buck get his handsome face jackhammered by a tough young surfer-jock.”

This wild, desolate place seemed outside of time and space as the horny youths vented all their pent-up lust on each other, fucking, sucking, slurping, groaning in a writhing heap of muscular limbs, pounding bodies and handsome, radiant faces. They were in their own world, the world of the tribe, the lusty young men of the tribe indulging in carnal pleasures that celebrated their growth into manhood.

But, as boundless as their energy seemed, the orgy had to come to a climax. And it was the self-styled leader of the group, the ‘boss’s boy’ Pablo, who called the final shots. “Guys, my balls are bursting … I gotta bust my load … you with me?”

Darius and Nate mumbled their assent into the gag of the cocks filling their mouths and Jamie yelled jubilantly, “Let’s do it, guys. Hey, are we a tribe or not? Let’s prove it. Let’s cum together, dudes.”

The last word went to Pablo as he pounded Nate’s ass faster. “OK, men …. Now!”

It was as if a bolt of lightning had struck the heaving mass of bodies that tensed, stiffened, and then thrashed in the throes of climax as their cocks exploded – Pablo in Nate’s ass, as Nate’s cock poured jizz on the ground beneath him. Jamie and Darius blasted their loads deep down their buddie’s throats, then pulled their dicks out and splashed the last of their sperm over the faces whose sagging jaws dripped with cum.

From down below Nate was at last free to speak and yelled, “Good on ya mates. That was fucking brilliant. Hell, I’m never gonna wash my face again.”

“Me neither,” Darius laughed, licking Jamie’s cum as it ran down his face into his mouth. “Mmm, never knew a surfer’s jism tasted so good.”

“Great for the complexion too, big guy,” Jamie grinned. “Let me know when you want more. All you have to do is open your mouth.”

But the last went to Billy. Having watched the show with all the interest a canine could muster he now raised his head and howled to the wind – whether in approval, reproach or just plain confusion only Billy knew.


As they lay together on the ground catching their breath and letting their heartbeats subside, the boys all felt a new kind of freedom – not just the release of pent up sexual desire and the spilling of juice. They had a sense of personal liberation, four virile young men together, equals, free to express the love and lust they shared as a tight group but also as unique individuals emerging from the clumsy chrysalis of adolescence into the bright-winged confidence of manhood.

Did they still think and act like their masters? Of course they did, just as all young men reflect the traits of their parents, except that with these guys it was not genetic but a conscious desire to be like the men they loved and admired. The trick was to slowly loosen the ties that bind and emerge from the shadow of their masters.

Of course none of these considerations were consciously felt right now. All they knew was that they had just had terrific sex that had set the mood for a fun weekend with good buddies. It had also melted any shards of ice that had existed, and established a newfound intimacy among them as they pulled on their clothes and climbed back in the truck.

It was a much noisier group that now barreled up the highway, as the young men talked about the workings of the tribe, shared stories of their masters and the junior boys and laughed boisterously over some of the wilder happenings from the past.

When at last they arrived at the dunes and bumped over the sandy track that ran behind Jamie’s shack they had only one thought between them … to strip naked and plunge into the waves. “Last one in gets gang-fucked,” yelled Darius as they piled out of the truck, ripped off their clothes and raced each other over the hot sand.

The seagulls were treated to the amazing sight of four gorgeous, naked young jocks, their muscular bodies gleaming in the hot sun, yelling and screaming as they pounded toward the surf and launched themselves into the blessed coolness of the waves, accompanied by the ecstatic, yelping Billy.

It was a feature of these dunes that they were almost always deserted. The beach was remote and hard to get to, with no populations anywhere close pining for the shore. There were other beaches with easier access and more amenities that attracted tourists and locals alike, and this stretch of the dunes was rarely visited, leaving the pristine wilderness to more intrepid adventurers like our guys.

Only the seagulls were witness to the roughhousing, wrestling and good-natured combat that churned the waters close to shore. The birds wheeled and screamed above, whether in protest or delight it was impossible to tell. Like it or not, men and birds were to share the beach for the next few days – though the behavior of the birds was probably more predictable than that of the hot-blooded boys.


An hour or so later calm had come to the beach and even the seagulls were quietly bobbing on the ocean swells. The gear had been unloaded from the truck and the surfboards leaned in readiness against the wall of the shack. The guys were sprawled on the shack’s patio, feasting on the treats prepared by the twins and helping themselves to the limitless supply of beer.

“No surfing after we’ve been drinking,” warned Jamie, and the only reaction was a swift glance of minor annoyance from Pablo. If there were orders to be given they should come from the boss’s boy, he thought. But the others greeted the admonition with casual indifference. After all the vigorous activity on the way up here and then in the waves, all they wanted to do right now was laze and let their minds wander.

Nate was the one whose thoughts were most occupied with reminiscences of the past, as it was in this very place where he had stumbled across his first men of the tribe.

A native of Sydney, Australia he had come to California all alone as a tourist. He had been exploring these remote dunes when he had seen, from the top of a dune, Mark and Jamie working out on the beach. He had watched in amazement as Mark had tied the young surfer to the workout bench, whipped him with a towel and then fucked his ass.

Nate’s reminiscences were interrupted by Darius saying to Pablo, “Hey, hotshot, Zack asked me, while I’m here, to go and check on his shack a few miles down the beach. Wanna stroll down there with me?” As lovers, he and Pablo spent a lot of time together at the worksite, in the house and in bed – but now the thought of time alone together in the wide expanses of this magical place appealed to Pablo.

“How about you two?” Darius asked, mostly out of politeness, but Jamie grinned, “Thanks, dude but Nate and me wanna stay right here talking over old times. After all, this place has special memories for us.”

“Sure,” Darius grinned knowingly. “Have fun, guys … won’t be gone long.”

Jamie and Nate watched the two lovers walk away down the beach, with Billy beside them splashing happily through the shallow surf, their figures growing smaller and smaller until they disappeared in the distant mist of spray blowing off the waves. Jamie turned and grinned at Nate. “Just now you had that faraway look in your eyes, Nate. Not hard to guess what you were thinking about.”

“Too right, mate,” the young Aussie chuckled, “but I wasn’t that far away … I was right here as a matter of fact. It was the sight of that workout bench over there on the sand that got me going. Hell, watching from over that dune and seeing Mark tie you to that bench and fuck your ass was the most exciting thing I had even seen. I jerked off and when that gorgeous cop came inside you I blasted the biggest load I had ever shot. Too bad those two skinhead blokes came along and beat up on me, calling me a faggot.”

“Yeah,” Jamie said, “that word is like a red rag to a bull for Mark. That’s why he was so brutal to those jerks, and had them screaming for mercy. But he saved your ass and I’m glad he did, ‘cos he left it for me to … well, you remember.”

“And it’s something I’ll never forget, mate. I had never been with a man before, though I had jerked off thinking about it a lot, and certainly never taken a dick up my ass. Until yours, right there in front of the shack. You were the first bloke ever to fuck me … and I’m real glad it was you. They say you always fall in love with the first guy to fuck you … and I sure fell in love with you, mate, hook, line and sinker.” His eyes became moist. “And … and I still am in love with you, Jamie. I still am – to this day.”

Jamie moved close to him on the deck and put his arm round him. “I feel the same way about you, Nate. Trouble is we don’t spend enough time together. I mean, I’ve got Mark and you have that gorgeous stud Adam and our first duty is to them, of course.”

“Too true, mate, but you know what? When I’m feeling horny during the day I jerk off – like most young blokes do, I guess. Usually I fantasize about Adam, but sometimes I jack off thinking about you, tied naked to that bench. And I imagine Mark fucking you like he did that day. And sometimes I even put myself in …” Nate stopped and blushed deeply, so Jamie finished his sentence.

“… you put yourself in Mark’s place and it’s you ploughing the ass of the blond surfer tied to the bench.” Nate turned away in embarrassment but Jamie pulled his face back toward him and kissed him. It was a kiss that built into a heavy make-out session, hugging, licking nipples, crotch grabbing through their shorts.

When they paused for breath Jamie said, “Hey, dude, you’ve been in this tribe long enough to know that everything’s possible – not much is off limits. And we gotta do something with these boners, don’t we?” He reached over to a corner of the patio and grabbed two short lengths of rope lying there, left over from Mark and Jamie’s previous sex games. “Here, tie these round each of my wrists.”

Emboldened by the eager tone of Jamie’s voice and the sparkle in his eyes Nate did as instructed. He turned out to be quite the expert and smiled, “Adam and me sometimes do this and he even taught me Randy’s escape knot. OK, what now, mate?”

They went down from the patio onto the sand and over to the workout bench. “It was in this exact same place that day,” murmured Nate pensively.

“And I was right here,” grinned Jamie, lying on his back on the bench and letting his arms flop over the sides. “You say you recall that day perfectly, so you must know what Mark did next.”

“Too right, mate” Nate said and fell on his knees in the sand. He pushed Jamie’s forearms under the bench, reached under it and, after some fumbling, managed to tie together the ends of the ropes round Jamie’s wrists.

He jumped to his feet and gazed in awe at the hot young jock in just his board shorts tied to the bench. His arms stretched over the sides of the bench and curled under it with his wrists tied firmly beneath it. He was tied so tight that his biceps bulged, pressed against the bench, and his shoulders flexed hard with the strain.

“Oh shit, Jamie, you look so fucking beautiful like that.” Nate walked round the bench, watching the hot young surfer struggling, pulling at the ropes binding him, and making his muscles ripple under the bright sun. Nate picked up a bottle of water and poured it over Jamie’s shorts, making them cling even tighter to his slim hips and showing off the bulge of his cock under them.

“Man, that looks hot. Now I know why Mark tied you down before fucking you. And why he did this …” Nate grabbed a wet towel hung over the patio rail, twisted it into a rope and held one end letting it dangle from his hand. But he hesitated to do what came next.

“Do it, man,” Jamie said. “You got me where you want me. Think what Mark did when he saw me like this, his helpless captive. Think how that macho cop felt.”

“Yeah,” Nate snarled as the fantasy came alive. His raised his arm and slammed the wet towel across Jamie’s chest, making the muscular jock howl and writhe, struggling to get free. The sight of the helpless surfer spurred Nate on to more lashes, turned on by Jamie’s handsome, tanned face thrashing from side to side, his tangled blond hair flying over his face as his magnificent body got towel-whipped.

By now Nate’s cock was so hard in his shorts that he felt pre-cum ooze from it and he knew he would cream his shorts unless he stopped. He threw down the towel and turned away, linking his hands behind his head, pacing round the bench but not daring to look down. When his cock stopped throbbing he opened his eyes and once again drank in the spectacular sight of the near naked surfer clad only in the wet trunks clinging to his waist and crotch.

Instinctively he dropped to his knees and clamped his mouth over the shape of Jamie’s hard cock, pursing his lips and sucking in the wet fabric. “Dude,” Jamie said urgently, “careful, I’m so close you’ll make me shoot.”

In a frenzy of lust now the virile young Aussie climbed on the bench and lay face down on top of Jamie, pressing down hard, their cocks grinding together while they kissed voraciously. When Nate felt his climax approaching he pulled his face back and Jamie stared up at him. “Dude, we’re both so close, but you know what I want … what Mark gave me while you watched and beat off. Fuck me, dude. Fuck my ass … please.”

That did it. Hearing the blond muscle jock begging to get his ass ploughed drove away any lingering inhibitions from Nate’s mind and freed him to fantasize. He leapt to his feet, went to the patio and grabbed a jar of lube he had seen there. He dropped his shorts, greased up his rock-hard dick and stood at the foot of the bench gazing down at the bound jock.

Caught up in the fantasy of the moment that derived from that long-ago vision of the captive surfer taking the cop’s dick in his ass, Nate was transformed from everyone’s laid-back fun-loving pal to a single-minded top-man burning to fuck. He reached down, grabbed the bottom of Jamie’s surfer trunks, pulled them off and tossed them aside.

As Jamie’s tanned muscled body writhed in bondage Nate taunted him. “Yeah, look at you, boy, butt naked. Not so sure of yourself now, eh, surfer boy? You’re helpless and your ass is mine. That hot muscle-jock is gonna get fucked up the butt and there’s nothing he can do about it.”

Standing astride the bench Nate pushed Jamie’s legs in the air and growled, “Here it comes, boy. Your ass is mine.” He pushed his cock between the white globes of Jamie’s ass and plunged it deep in his soft, velvet ass. “Aaagh.” Their simultaneous shouts echoed in the dunes and were carried away by the wind. Nate pulled back and drove in again in the first of many pile-driving thrusts into the surfer’s ass.

Jamie had never seen Nate like this. No more the modest young boy, he had been transformed into a dominant top-man, endowed with the toughness of a typical rugged Aussie, like the hot muscle-stud Adam. “You look so fucking hot, man. Fuck me, dude. Let me feel your dick pounding my ass.”

They were both so close to their climax that Nate slowed down and gradually the fantasy of bondage and domination morphed into the reality of two good buddies fucking on the beach. As Nate fucked slowly and they stared into each other’s eyes they smiled with a hint of mischief. “Good on ya mate,” Nate said. “That was fucking brilliant and you’ve never looked hotter than you do now. I love you, Jamie, now more than ever.”

Jamie smiled, “Man, you have become one hot fucking stud. Never seen you like this before – such a fucking turn on. But you’ve brought me so close, dude, I can’t hold back much longer. Let me cum for you, Nate, and look at you while you bust a load in my ass.”

Nate leaned forward between Jamie’s legs so their faces were inches apart and Jamie said, “I love you too, buddy. Kiss me.” Their lips came together, their tongues probed and they breathed each other’s breath as their cocks finally released their pent–up loads, Nate’s flowing into Jamie’s warm, velvet ass while Jamie’s splashed up between the ridges of his rippling abs.

Nate pulled his cock out, reached under the bench and pulled the safety cord, releasing Jamie’s wrists. He fell on top of Jamie and said softly, “We’ll always be best mates, won’t we, Jamie?”

Jamie wrapped his arms rounds him and laughed. “Best mates … fuck buddies … dream weavers … and as they say these days, best friends forever. And we’ll make sure Mark and Adam get to know each other better and we’ll be one of the hottest foursomes in the tribe.


They gazed at each other for a while, then got up and ran into the waves to wash off. A few minutes later they were sitting on the porch again, much more relaxed now that the sexual tension had been released. They naturally gravitated to talking about the boys in the tribe, especially the other two senior boys they were with on this trip.

“I’ve always loved Darius,” Nate said, “like everyone else does. He’s so strong and confident but always good-natured and so much fun. A ten-inch dick doesn’t hurt either,” Nate grinned, “except maybe to the guy on the receiving end of it. Hell, Darius was the first guy to join Randy and Bob so he’s really the most senior of us all but you’d never know it. I mean, he’s so damn gorgeous but he never throws his weight around.” He paused. “I wish Pablo could be a bit more like that.”

“Yeah,” Jamie shrugged, “well the difference between those two is that Darius is totally secure in himself – Pablo not so much. Pablo is always trying to be like Randy and that’s a tough act to pull off. That’s why, unlike Darius, he does throw his weight around sometimes, all that boss’s boy crap that nobody really buys. Underneath all that he has a good heart and protects the other boys as fiercely as Randy.

“He fucks good too,” Nate grinned. “What he did to me on the way up here was awesome.”

“Yeah, Pablo’s a hot looking stud and knows how to fuck. He learned that from Randy. Even so, I personally think that his insecurity is basically sexual. I mean, think of Pablo’s best physical feature apart from a great physique. His ass, right? The most sensational ass in the tribe. And, here’s the thing, he loves to get fucked. What he loves most in life is when Randy calls him into his office on the construction site, pulls down his dungarees and pounds his ass.

“And every night he takes all of Darius’s ten inches up his butt. But think of it, Nate – Pablo’s trying to be just like his dad Randy, the biggest, baddest alpha stud of all time who fucks like a jackhammer. And here’s his boy who’s a bottom boy at heart, and Pablo knows it. No wonder he falls short of Randy’s top-man image, and that’s why he does this macho boss’s boy act all the time.” Jamie chuckled. “Talk about over-compensating!”

Nate nodded. “Yeah, you’re right – never thought of it like that. But I’ve noticed that Darius never lets him get away with that crap. Maybe Pablo needs someone to bring him down a peg or two – maybe teach him a lesson in public – and Darius is just the guy to do that.”


As a matter of fact, two miles down the beach, Darius and Pablo were having a conversation that kind of proved Jamie’s point. As they jogged with Billy toward Zack’s shack they too were talking about the other boys. Or rather, Pablo was talking and Darius was listening … and frowning. Pablo was in full bossy-senior-boy mode, talking about the juniors and how they should be handled, as if he were their handler, master of them all.

“And it’s not only the junior boys either. When I was fucking Nate I realized that guys like him and Jamie sometimes need to be reminded who’s boss around here. I mean, they do whatever the fuck they want, and Mark and Adam let them ‘cos they think the sun shines out of their backsides. Randy would never let the guys in his crew get away with that. He rules that construction site with a rod of iron.”

Darius had had enough and sighed deeply. “Dude, that’s bullshit. First of all, the boys in the tribe are not guys on your crew, they’re your buddies. And second of all, a rod of iron sure as hell ain’t the way to deal with your buddies … they don’t even need to be ‘dealt’ with. And last of all, who the hell made you the King of the Gypsies anyway?”

But Pablo was on a roll and scarcely paid attention. “I love, Jamie, you know that, but just because he’s the cop’s boy he sometimes has this quiet, smug smile on his face that I’d like to wipe off it.”

“Dude, that quiet smile is the smile of a decent guy who has no hang-ups about himself, no insecurities.”

“All the same I’d like to change the look. You know what I’d like to see, dude? You know that old door frame that’s still standing in the sand in front of the shack, where lots of guys have been tied, spread-eagled, at the mercy of another guy fucking him. Well I’d like to see one of the senior boys tied to it and get group fucked by the other three. And my number one choice for fuckee on this trip would be Jamie.”

Darius sighed again. As he looked at the eagerness on Pablo’s handsome face and the gleam in his slanted, Mestizo eyes, his heart went out to him. Pablo had been his lover for a long time and Darius was crazy about him and admired the way he had grown from a young grease-monkey mechanic into a strong, handsome young stud.

He loved Pablo’s crooked smile, his energy, his loyalty to Randy, the way he looked like an eager young boy in his dungarees held up by a single strap over one shoulder, and the way that same guy crawled into bed each night and offered his spectacular ass to him. If only … if only he could shed that crazy tough-guy image he had of himself and accept that he was just one of the boys … their equal … and, by the way, the one who just loved to get butt fucked.

“Well, kiddo,” he said wearily, “nothing I can say will change your mind, I can see that. So, let’s go for it.”

Yeah, nothing he could say, that was true, but there was plenty he could do. Darius had a plan.


Jamie and Nate had lazed long enough and were now stretching their limbs in a light workout, using the bench for bench-presses and the old door frame for chin-ups. The frame, firmly entrenched in the sand, was the only survivor of an old shed that had long since fallen victim to the weather, the salt air and sand-blasting effect of the winds. As Pablo had told Darius, it had often been used by men of the tribe in the way Pablo had described, in sex games, both light-hearted and occasionally deadly serious.

“They’re coming back,” said Nate, dropping down from the frame’s crossbar and catching sight of the figures growing larger as they ran along the beach toward them. When Darius and Pablo arrived it was Jamie’s turn to do chin-ups and he had taken Nate’s place in the doorframe.

Jamie saw a determined look on Pablo’s face which he recognized from the past. But he also saw a gleam in Darius’s eye that he also recognized, along with a broad smile and a raise of the eyebrows.

“Don’t let us interrupt you, dude,” Pablo said. “As a matter of fact you’re in just the right place for what me and Darius had in mind.” As he talked Pablo walked over to the bench and picked up the two ropes that Nate had dropped on the sand after freeing Jamie.

“See, we think it’s time we kicked this party into high gear. There are four of us, right, so we think that one of us should be designated to … to take the other three dicks in his ass. We pulled straws to decide on the victim, and the winner is … you Jamie. Stay right where you are. Get him dude.”

Pablo threw one of the ropes to Darius and they each grabbed one of Jamie’s wrists and hauled them to the upper corners of the doorframe. Taken by surprise Jamie’s natural instinct was to resist but he caught a sly wink from Darius and knew there was more to this than met the eye.

Within seconds Jamie’s wrists were securely tied and his body was stretched in bondage in the frame. “Hey, mates,” Nate protested, “this ain’t cool. A guy has to agree to something like this, you can’t force him …”

But he stopped when he saw Darius smile at him behind Pablo and hold his finger to his lips for silence. Something was up, and though Nate wasn’t sure what, he decided to go along with it.

Darius ran into the shack, came out with his camera and trained it on Jamie. “Outstanding, dude. A gorgeous blond surfer, his board shorts clinging to his hips, his stunning body stretched in bondage struggling to get free. Now this is definitely one for the archives.”

“Sure is,” Pablo gloated. “Ain’t so confident now, eh dude? That smile’s gone from your face, you’re helpless and your cop won’t come and save you this time. I like watching your struggle, man, but those muscles ain’t gonna help. Darius, get plenty of footage of the cop’s boy tied up waiting to get gang fucked by his buddies. We’ll screen it to the whole tribe … they’re gonna love it.”

Darius did just that, turned on by the act of filming this homoerotic scene which would certainly be shown to the tribe. Except that it wouldn’t be the main feature … only the preview. He eventually lowered the camera and said, “Dude, he’s struggling good, so go and check those ropes, make sure they’re good and tight.”

Pablo swaggered over to Jamie, pressed against him, chest to chest, and reached up to check on the ropes, smiling triumphantly into Jamie’s eyes. Focused as he was on Jamie and the ropes Pablo didn’t see Darius put down the camera and motion to Nate for help. Taking his cue from Darius Nate ran with him behind the door frame. They reached up and each pulled the cord of the escape knots the boys always used.

In a whirl of action Jamie pulled free, grabbed one of Pablo’s wrists and Darius the other. “What the fuck …?” Pablo yelled, taken totally by surprise. Nate held him in place while the others tied his wrists and he took Jamie’s place stretched in the doorframe.

For good measure Darius got two more ropes from the patio and he and Jamie tied Pablo’s ankles to the bottom of the frame. All three guys stood back and got a good look at the handsome boss’s boy spread-eagled, his muscles stretched to the four corners of the frame and gleaming in the sun as he struggled mightily to get free.

Pablo went apeshit, yelling obscenities at his captors, raining threats down on them that they all knew he was helpless to carry out. “Save your voice, dude,” Darius smiled. “You ain’t going nowhere. Not ‘til you’ve been good and ploughed by three horny young bucks here. Hey guys, come here and get a good look at the hottest ass in the west.

They crowded behind Pablo, admiring the perfect white globes. Jamie and Nate together slapped them lightly and Darius dropped to his knees, spread the cheeks and pushed his tongue deep in the hole. “No!” Pablo howled. “Motherfuckers, this ain’t what we planned. Get away from me, my ass is off-limits to you dickheads. Take your fucking hands off me.”

“Okey-dokey,” Darius said, standing up and beckoning the other two to join him. He got a big blanket from the patio and spread it on the ground ten feet in front of the helpless Pablo. “You heard what the man said, guys, he don’t want us to touch him. No sweat, dudes, there’s plenty of other prime flesh around here. It’s a sunny afternoon, got the beach to ourselves, only one thing to do on a day like this … let’s fuck guys.”

They sprawled on the blanket and started to kiss and grope each other. Darius cupped one hand over Jamie’s ass, the other over Nate’s and said, “Mmm, two gorgeous asses, ten inches of top-grade black beef, stiff as a pole … match made in heaven. Man, I’m gonna enjoy this.”

It was a scene from a porn movie, the arrogant, macho young muscle-jock, self-styled boss’s boy, helplessly spread-eagled, struggling desperately, yelling threats and obscenities. “You sons of bitches, I’ll fucking kill you. You wait ‘til Randy hears of this. I’m his boy, dammit. Stop what you’re doing and cut me loose. That’s an order.”

The guys ignored him as they writhed together on the ground, cranking up the juice for a three-way fuck. Jamie grinned at Darius, “So what’s next, big guy? What are we waiting for?”

Darius flashed his roguish smile. “We’re waiting for the boss’s boy to beg, dude. Shouldn’t take long.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 334



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