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At the suggestion of Doctor Steve, four of the senior boys of the tribe had gone off on a trip together, up to the Guadalupe Dunes, a wild, remote stretch of beach which was a favorite of the tribe’s men for communing with nature … and with each other!

Steve felt it was important for the young men to confront and resolve any tension or disagreements that inevitably arose among four assertive young men growing into manhood and jockeying for position in the hierarchy – not to mention their overactive youthful libidos that made for some tricky sexual undercurrents to navigate in their attraction to each other

It was the latter they had worked on first – on the drive up the coast before they even reached the dunes. Driven by their raging hormones they had piled into a wild, no-holds-barred senior-boy orgy that released a lot of tension – not to mention a whole lot of semen.

After that there was a new-found intimacy among the energized young men – Darius, Pablo, Jamie and Nate. The only nagging issue was, as usual, Pablo’s macho self-importance and his insistence on being regarded as the boss’s boy, the one in charge. Jamie had explained to Nate his theory on the reason for Pablo’s pushy attitude.

“Think of it, Nate – Pablo’s always trying to be just like his dad Randy, the biggest, baddest alpha stud of all time who fucks like a jackhammer. But Pablo has this sensational ass and loves to get fucked, especially by Randy and Darius’s ten inches. So here’s his boy who’s a bottom boy at heart, and Pablo knows it. No wonder he falls short of Randy’s top-man image, and that’s why he does this macho boss’s boy act all the time. Talk about over-compensating!”

As a matter of fact, two miles down the beach, Darius and Pablo were having a conversation that actually proved Jamie’s point. As they jogged down to check on Zack’s shack Pablo was in full bossy-senior-boy mode, talking about the juniors and how they should be handled, as if he were their handler, master of them all. “And it’s not just the junior boys either. When I was fucking Nate I realized that guys like him and Jamie sometimes need to be reminded who’s boss around here.”

He had a plan in mind that Darius called bullshit, but he sighed wearily, “Nothing I can say will change your mind, I can see that. So, let’s go for it.” Nothing he could say, that was true, but there was plenty he could do. Darius had a plan too.


Back at Jamie’s shack Jamie and Nate were stretching their limbs in a light workout that included chin-ups in an old freestanding doorframe. The frame, firmly entrenched in the sand, was the only surviving part of an old shed that had long since fallen victim to the weather, the salt air and the sand-blasting effect of the winds. It had often been used by men of the tribe in sex games, both light-hearted and occasionally deadly serious.

When Darius and Pablo came back Jamie was standing in the door frame about to do chin-ups. Pablo immediately saw his chance to implement his plan and show Jamie ‘who’s boss’. “Dudes, we think it’s time we kicked this party into high gear. We decided that one of us four should be designated to … to take the other three dicks in his ass. We pulled straws to decide on the victim, and the winner is … you Jamie. Stay right where you are. Get him dude.”

Using two ropes that Nate and Jamie had previously dropped on the sand, Pablo and Darius each grabbed one of Jamie’s wrists and hauled them to the upper corners of the doorframe. Taken by surprise Jamie’s natural instinct was to resist but he caught a sly wink from Darius and knew there was more to this than met the eye. Within seconds his wrists were securely tied and his body was stretched in the frame.

“Hey, mates,” Nate protested, “this ain’t cool. A guy has to agree to something like this, you can’t force him …” But he stopped when Darius smiled at him behind Pablo and held his finger to his lips for silence. Although Nate wasn’t sure what was happening he went along with it.

Pablo gloated to Jamie, “Ain’t so confident now, eh dude? You’re helpless and your cop won’t come and save you this time. I like seeing you struggle but those muscles ain’t gonna help.”

But Darius said, “Dude, he’s struggling real hard so go and check those ropes, make sure they’re good and tight.”

Pablo swaggered over to Jamie, pressed against him chest to chest, and reached up to check on the ropes, smiling triumphantly into Jamie’s eyes. Focused as he was on Jamie Pablo didn’t see Darius motion to Nate for help. Picking up on his cue Nate ran with him behind Jamie. They reached up and each pulled the cord of the escape knots the boys always used.

In a whirl of action Jamie pulled free, grabbed one of Pablo’s wrists and Darius the other. “What the fuck …?” Pablo yelled, taken totally by surprise. Nate pulled down his swim trunks while the other two tied his wrists and he was forced to take Jamie’s place stretched in the doorframe.

For good measure Darius got two more ropes from the patio and tied Pablo’s ankles to the bottom of the frame. They all stood back and got a good look at the handsome boss’s boy spread-eagled, his naked body stretched to the four corners of the frame, struggling mightily.

Pablo went apeshit, yelling obscenities at his captors, raining threats down on them that they all knew he was helpless to carry out. “Save your voice, dude,” Darius smiled. “You ain’t going nowhere. Not ‘til you’ve been good and ploughed by three horny young bucks here. Hey guys, come here and get a good look at the hottest ass in the west.

They crowded behind Pablo, admiring the perfect white globes. Jamie and Nate slapped them lightly and Darius dropped to his knees, spread the cheeks and pushed his tongue in deep. “No!” Pablo howled. “Motherfuckers, this ain’t what we planned. Get away from me, my ass is off-limits to you dickheads. Take your fucking hands off me.”

“Okey-dokey!” Darius stood up, signaled the other two to join him and spread a blanket on the ground ten feet in front of the helpless Pablo. “You heard what the man said, guys, he don’t want us to touch him. No sweat, there’s plenty of other prime flesh around here. It’s a sunny afternoon, got the beach to ourselves, only one thing to do on a day like this … let’s fuck guys.”

They stripped naked, sprawled on the blanket and started to kiss and grope each other. Darius cupped one hand over Jamie’s ass, the other over Nate’s and said, “Mmm, two gorgeous asses, ten inches of top-grade black beef … match made in heaven. Man, I’m gonna enjoy this.”

It was a scene from a porn movie, the arrogant, macho young muscle-jock, self-styled boss’s boy, helplessly spread-eagled, struggling desperately, yelling threats and obscenities and forced to watch the other guys fuck. “You sons of bitches, I’ll fucking kill you. You wait ‘til Randy hears about this. I’m his boy, dammit. Stop what you’re doing and cut me loose. That’s an order.”

The guys ignored him as they writhed together on the ground in fore-play to an imminent three-way fuck. Jamie grinned at Darius, “So what’s next, big guy? What are we waiting for?”

Darius gave a roguish smile. “We’re waiting for the boss’s boy to beg, dude. Won’t take long.”

*********************    CHAPTER 334     *********************

In a towering rage worthy of his master Randy, Pablo tugged furiously at the ropes binding his hands and feet.

Even though the other boys all felt this was what Pablo deserved as a way of deflating his ego, they had to admire the homoerotic sight of the handsome, black-haired Mestizo stretched naked in the door frame, his rippling muscles gleaming in the sun as he writhed on humiliating display. It was with some reluctance that they tore their gaze away and concentrated on each other.

And although this was a performance with a purpose – to drive Pablo crazy – they meant to enjoy it. Darius took the lead, making Jamie and Nate lie on their stomachs and stroking their asses in turn in rapt admiration. “Oh man, this is a big dick’s dream … two perfect asses flexing in anticipation of ten long black inches sliding in.”

“No!” Out of the corner of his eye Darius saw Pablo struggling even more desperately and thought, ‘good, it’s working’. But they all ignored the objections of the helpless young stud and helped Darius put on the show he had planned.

He bent his head and buried his face first in Jamie’s ass, then Nate’s, slurping noisily for Pablo’s benefit. When he pulled back, spit oozing down his stubbled chin, he said, “OK, you first, Nate. Long time since me and you tangled. You think you’re ready for a hunk of prime black beef in your ass, dude?”

“Go for it, mate … there’s lube over by the bench press.” Darius went over to the bench, deliberately passing close to Pablo but ignoring him. He grabbed the lube, dipped his fingers in and spread a wad on his long, hard dick. He pushed Nate’s legs apart, knelt between them and eased his cock between his cheeks and into his ass. “Mmm, that feels so good,” Nate moaned into the blanket. “Fuck me, dude.”

As Darius moved gently in and out of Nate’s ass Pablo’s raw anger was tinged with a conflicting mix of other emotions – resentment, confusion, desire, and other more subtle sensations that blurred his image of himself as a tough authoritarian. The more he focused on Darius’s cock sliding into Nate’s butt the quicker his alpha-male façade crumbled and the less he struggled. And the harder his own cock grew.

Darius signaled to Jamie by looking back over his own shoulder and Jamie followed his line of vision to … the cheeks of Darius’s ass, flexing as he fucked. Jamie grinned, realizing what Darius had in mind for him (and another torment for Pablo) and he got up on his knees behind him. The sight of Darius fucking his buddy Nate had given Jamie a stiff boner and he now dipped his fingers in the lube, greased up Darius’s ass, and pushed his cock deep inside it.

The reactions of the three young men were immediate and ecstatic, but Pablo’s was the very reverse. As he watched his lover Darius fucking Nate and getting fucked by Jamie his own ass was on fire. He imagined the sensations they were feeling … and he wanted it desperately. As Jamie had said earlier to Nate, Pablo had a sensational ass and loved getting it ploughed. Despite the swaggering macho image he projected to the world he was a bottom-boy at heart and now craved the sexual attention of these horny jocks.

All his bravado dissolved and his protests became appeals. “No, guys, don’t do this. I can’t take it. You look so fucking hot, I gotta have some. Please, guys, take my ass. I wanna get fucked so bad. Darius, why are you doing this? You know how I worship your dick. I need it inside me.” Still they ignored him. “What do you want, guys? You wanna hear me beg, is that it? OK, then, fuck my ass … I’m begging you!”

“Told you so – the magic word,” Darius said gleefully to the other two. “Follow my lead, dudes.” At last he turned his head and looked at the writhing muscle-jock. “Did you say something, dude? Hell, were having so much fun here I didn’t catch it.”

“I said I wanna get fucked,” Pablo yelled. “Stop banging Nate, dude, and fuck me … please!”

Darius grinned wickedly. “What d’ya say, dudes? You hear what the boss’s boy wants? He wants to get butt-fucked. What d’ya think … should we oblige?”

“Too right, mate,” Nate chuckled. “I’m game,” Jamie grinned and pulled his cock out of Darius, who withdrew from Nate’s ass and they all got to their feet. They stood shoulder to shoulder facing Pablo, all stroking their rock hard dicks. Pablo gasped at the sight and said plaintively, “Guys you are such hot fucking studs. I wanna get fucked so bad.”

Darius stepped forward, in front of Pablo and flashed his most generous smile, then folded his hand behind Pablo’s head and pulled his face toward him in a grinding kiss, which Pablo returned hungrily.

When Darius pulled away he smiled, “What am I gonna do with you, kiddo? I love the hell out of you, boy, you must know that – once I get past all the bullshit. Always trying to be as butch as your dad Randy. Kid, there’s no guy in the world more macho than that fist-winging muscle-stud, but there are lots of other ways to prove you’re a real man. You know what made me almost bust a load just now? Seeing you tied up and begging to get fucked.”

“It did?”

“Sure, a hot alpha stud like you – tall, muscular, body of death, looking so damn hot spread-eagled in bondage and saying he wants a dick in his ass. Takes a real man to do that, dude.”

“So you really wanna fuck me, dude?”

“Duh! Dumb question. Damn straight I wanna fuck you, kid, only there’s one thing I need first. Every night when you come to bed you give me that crooked smile I love so much and ask me to fuck you? Well, I wanna see that smile again right now. Think you can do that for me?”

Pablo looked into Darius’s pale green eyes and couldn’t resist smiling at him … his famously crooked grin. “You’re a son of a bitch, you know that, Darius? And I love you for it.”

“And …?”

“And I want to feel that monster dick in my ass. Please fuck me, Darius.”

“Well, all in good time, kiddo. But that macho act you flaunt in front of guys can be such a put down. I mean, when it comes right down to it, we’re all senior boys and all equal, but you’ve become kind of addicted to bullying. So, you know the 12 steps prescribed for recovering addicts? Step 9 is what they call ‘making amends’. And that’s what you’re gonna do, kiddo … and there’s one sure way to do it.”

Again Pablo’s crooked smile. “Are you saying I’m gonna get gang fucked?”

“Bingo,” Darius laughed. “And I’m gonna watch with pride as my hot macho lover takes it up the butt. OK, Nate, Jamie … we’re ready.”


Darius was now fully in charge. “OK, guys, get in line behind him. My man here wants to make things right with you guys in the time-honored way. Nate, on the way up here you took Pablo’s dick up your butt, so it’s payback time. Is that Aussie cock good and hard?”

“Are you kidding, mate? I’m standing here feasting my eyes on the most brilliant ass god ever created and you ask if I’m hard? What do you think we Aussies are made of, stone? I’m not only hard as iron, I’m lubed up and ready to go. Just give the word, boss.”

“OK, Aussie boy. And the word is … ‘Fuck!’”

Nate cupped his hands round the perfect globes of Pablo’s ass, pulled them apart and entered him, moaning as his cock drove in deep. “Oh fuck, that feels sooo good! Darius, you’re a lucky bloke if you get to fuck this ass every night.”

Darius was standing four feet on front of Pablo stretched in the doorframe, muscles flexing as the Aussie cock penetrated him. Darius answered Nate but he was staring into Pablo’s eyes as he spoke. “I fuck him every night, dude – yesterday, today, tomorrow and for every tomorrow as far as the eye can see. See, this hot guy here is my boyfriend, my lover, my man. And I wanna get off on watching him get fucked. So do it, stud.”

Darius stood, legs apart, his naked, ebony body gleaming in the sun, stroking his cock slowly as he gazed at the dark, muscular Mestizo spread-eagled before him tugging at the ropes binding him while he got ploughed by the Aussie. “Ah, kid,” Darius sighed, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look this hot … like something out of a bondage porn movie. Take that dick up that gorgeous ass, boy.”

Nate was pounding his ass and Pablo took it all without flinching, but he flexed his bound body to turn Darius on even more. And was he ever turned on!  “Dammit I could cum just looking at you, big guy … so fucking gorgeous.”

“Don’t cum, Darius. Please, not yet.”

Darius pulled his hand off his cock, linked his hands behind his head and turned his back on Pablo. He walked away from the spectacle that threatened to make him cum, but then he heard the Aussie accent. “I’m real close, mate. This is too fucking brilliant. I gotta cum.”

“Hold on, Nate,” Darius said, turning round and walking back right up to Pablo. “OK, dude, he can make amends to two guys at once.” He dropped to his knees, swallowed Pablo’s cock down his throat, reached up and twisted his nipples. It took only seconds for Nate to howl, “Here it is, mates … yeaah, fuck yeah!”

The force of the cock erupting in his ass made Pablo’s hips jerk forward and he unleashed a blast of semen into his lover’s mouth. Darius let the juice fill his mouth, then he stood up, clamped his mouth on Pablo and let the cum flow so the young jock was drinking his own jism.

They both swallowed hard to the last drop, then Darius pulled away and said, “Now for the cop’s boy, kiddo. You’re already lubed up with Nate’s jism, so you wanna feel that surfer dick in your ass? You gotta ask for it, stud.”

“I want it dude. Jamie, I’m sorry for the way I insulted you earlier and tied you up to get gang fucked. I love you dude. Forgive me, Jamie, and fuck me. Please fuck my ass.”

Jamie grinned, “If forgiveness is a fuck, you got it, dude. Just like this …”

“Aaagh!” Jamie’s fuck was the punishment kind, hard and deep like a pile driver, and Pablo’s body jerked in the ropes and slammed against Darius’s chest. Darius wrapped his arms round him and squeezed him hard, his ten-inch dick sliding against Pablo’s between their bodies.

Pablo had never felt so trapped and so excited, his body stretched in the doorframe, squeezed between two hard-body jocks, the surfer behind him reaming his ass and the naked black leather-stud rubbing his massive dick against him. It wasn’t long before his own cock got hard again even thought he had already busted his load.

Darius felt his lover’s new boner and grinned, “Awesome, dude. Now you’re gonna do just what I tell you. Hey, Jamie, you close, buddy?”

“Oh yeah – real close. You want me to cum in the jock’s hot ass?”

“Gimme a minute dude, then go for it.” He gazed into Pablo’s eyes. “I want you to show these guys what a potent young stud you really are. I know you just poured your jizz in my mouth, but I want to feel it again … over my face. Will you do that for me, buddy?”

“Right now I’d do just about anything for you, Darius. Man, I am so in love with you.”

“Good boy.” Darius dropped to his knees again, grabbed Pablo’s stiff dick in his fist and pointed it at his own face. “OK, Jamie … let it rip.”

“Here it comes, stud,” Jamie yelled. “Shit, you have a perfect butt. I love you, buddy. Oh fuck … fuck … yeaaah!” With one last deep thrust Jamie’s cock poured semen in Pablo’s ass while Pablo let loose a stream of cum that splashed into the chiseled black features of his lover’s face.

There was an awed silence, broken only by the men’s heavy breathing and the persistent cry of the seagulls swooping overhead. Then, suddenly, laughter – exultant laughter coming from Darius. He leapt to his feet and grinned at Pablo. “Clean me off, buddy.”

Pablo stretched out his tongue and licked Darius’s face thirstily, slurping his own cum off the ebony flesh and then, once again, sharing it with his lover in a churning kiss.


“Now that, guys, is a real man.” Darius was standing with Jamie and Nate, all three gazing in admiration at the handsome muscle jock, still spread-eagled in bondage, his head held high and proud despite the cum dripping down his chin and from his cock.

“Takes a real man to get butt-fucked by two of his buddies, to cum twice and still wait for more. This guy is one tough son of a bitch, which is why boss Randy took him on as his boy and then adopted him as his son. As Randy himself would say, sexual potency is a sure sign of a tough, virile alpha stud. Hell, Randy himself is Exhibit A.

“Still need convincing, dudes? OK, I’m gonna show you just how tough our captive is. He’s already taken both your cocks in his ass, right? Well, your cocks are primo but, no offense guys, they ain’t no match for this hard hunk of beef…” He patted his own ten-inch shaft.

When Darius got this animated he typically took on the role of carnival barker, presenting the latest sideshow attraction. “Yes, it’s true, guys. You see before you a man who has already taken not one but two dicks up his fine ass and has shot not one but two loads of jism. Enough for any man, I hear you say. But no. This man is not only gonna take every last inch of my rod in his butt but he will amaze you how soon he blasts a third – yes, third – eruption of hot juice.”

“No way!” Nate laughed, getting into the carnival spirit.

“Yes indeed, young man. But wait, there’s more …”

“No, buddy, no more,” Pablo groaned. “My arms are getting tired and I want you to fuck me, dude, so can you cut to the chase please?”

Jamie and Nate exchanged playful smiles but stifled their laughter for fear of squelching Darius’s enthusiasm. But the pitchman was in full flood, undaunted by interruptions. “What’s that I hear? Can it be that this gorgeous man wants another ten inches up his butt?”

Jamie cleared his throat and said diplomatically, “Er, I think that’s what the man said, dude. Perhaps it’s best to strike while the iron – I mean, the ass – is hot.”

“You are right, sir … and that is one smokin’ hot ass.” He swaggered up to Pablo with a grin and shrugged. “You know me, dude, a situation like this, I gotta milk it. The guys expect it.”

“I just wanna feel your dick in my ass, dude,” Pablo said plaintively. “You can leave it to me to show them how much I can take.”

“Right. OK, kiddo, brace yourself.” At last he walked behind Pablo, looked down at the well-lubed ass with cum still dripping from it, and pushed his dick inside it – inch after inch after inch. Jamie and Nate stood to the side for the best view of the massive rod disappearing into the rounded butt. Then Darius pulled out and drove in again, then again, and each time Pablo felt his wiry pubic hair chafing his ass cheeks.

But Darius had boasted of a quick orgasm from the twice-cum muscle-jock and now he went for it. He reached round and squeezed Pablo’s nipples, whispering in his ear, “I love your ass, dude, and I love you – like crazy. Let’s show ‘em, stud … let’s show ‘em how real men fuck, and how much spunk a stud like you has in him. You ready?”

“Let’s do it, big guy.”

“Hey Nate, Jamie,” Darius shouted. “You want a piece of the action here? Kneel in front of him, guys. He tastes real good … trust me. Stand by for the big finish, men.”

As promised, the climax came quickly. Darius had waited for this moment since they arrived at the dunes and his balls were straining for release. He pulled all the way out, paused dramatically, then with one huge thrust speared Pablo with his shaft and blasted his pent-up juice deep in his ass. “Aaagh!” They howled together as Pablo shuddered in his restraints and splashed one last stream of cum into the faces of first Jamie, then Nate.

Darius kissed the back of Pablo’s neck, eased his dick out slowly and joined the other two standing in front of Pablo, now sagging exhausted in the doorframe. “Look at that, guys. Is that a hot man, or what? Just goes to show, you don’t needs fists or a big mouth to prove your manhood. Takes a real tough son-of-a-bitch to survive getting tied up and gang fucked. I’m real proud of you, Pablo. What do you say, guys? Let’s give it up for our big buddy here.”

There was an eruption of cheers and whistles and Pablo rewarded them with his crooked, if weary, smile. Everyone understood that the cheers were a recognition that Pablo was indeed worthy of being the boss’s boy, as tough as his master. Pablo too felt a new respect coming from his buddies, based not on his reputation of bullying top man but as a rugged bottom who could endure whatever was dished out.

At long last they released his hands and feet and he fell into Darius’s waiting arms. “Outstanding, kiddo,” Darius said in his ear. “You’re my man, no doubt about it. Hey, guys, help me get him down to the water. This guy needs a bath.”

The three of them helped the exhausted Pablo stagger down to the water and fall into it in Darius’s arms. They splashed and played, as equals this time – no wrestling, no contest, no one-upmanship – just four buddies having fun. Eventually they left the surf, refreshed in body and spirit … and realized how hungry they were!”

“Hey mates, I’m starved,” said Nate. “You must be especially, Pablo. Guys, I think we should go over the dunes to that little cantina in the village and treat Pablo, as the hero of the hour, to some of that Mexican grub … and several pitchers of margaritas.”

“Best idea I’ve heard all day,” said Darius, and in a few minutes, in shorts and shirts, they were trudging over the dunes. With his arm round Pablo’s shoulder Darius said in his ear, “Hey, kiddo, how about you and me spend the night down in Zack’s shack – just the two of us and the sound of the waves? Maybe give you a chance to get your own back on me for tying you up. Or maybe just make love and fall asleep with you in my arms all night. Whad’ya say?”

Pablo grinned. “An old shack on a deserted beach … me and my big strong boyfriend making love to the sound of crashing waves. Sounds like a big chunk of heaven to me.” They cleared it with Jamie and Nate, not wanting it to appear they were deserting them for the night.

“No worries, mate,” Nate said. “Jamie and me have some unfinished business of our own in our shack.” Jamie grinned, “We sure do. Go have fun, guys.”

It was a relaxed group at dinner that wolfed into platters of quesadillas, fajitas, burritos and unlimited margaritas as no one was driving. As Jamie said, “You can’t get arrested for staggering drunk over the dunes.”

It wasn’t long before the conversation turned to the guys back home. Nate said, “Pretty empty house tonight. Ben will be down at Jason’s house with his fireman; Eddie of course will be with Hassan; and Brandon and Pete are invited up to the Grady House.

“Yeah,” Jamie grinned, “our men were looking forward to spending time together, just the five senior guys – Randy, Bob, Zack, Mark and Adam. Which means the twins will have their work cut out for them. They sure knew what they were doing. Remember what Kevin said when we asked him and Kyle to join us on this trip?”

Yeah,” Darius chuckled. “It was kind of thanks but no thanks. ‘Think of it,’ Kevin said, ‘all these hot men around here with their huge sexual appetites, their boys all away, and only two senior boys to turn to.’ Yeah they knew what they were doing all right. Think they can handle it?”

“Are you kidding?” Jamie said. “Listen, those two guys can handle anything – just as long as they’re together. When Bob first asked them to be his boys he made a promise that they would never be separated. That’s the only thing they were scared of. I’ve never seen two guys so close, so into each other.”

“Too right,” said Nate. “See, they’re not only identical twins, they’re lovers too. I went to clean their room one day and barged in on them making love. I was totally embarrassed, but not them. They laughed and asked me to stay and watch. Un-fucking-believable. So beautiful – poetry in motion. Mates I tell ya, I creamed my shorts good – had to go and change them.”

Darius swallowed a mouthful of food and pointed his fork at the others. “And get this. You know how Bob often spends the night in their room? Well it sure ain’t to discuss the food bills let me tell ya. Bob got drunk one time with Zack and told him what the three of them do, in detail. In detail, mind you. Shit, can you picture that? That gorgeous superman in bed with the two most beautiful identical twins on God’s green earth. Talk about pornographic.”

There was a silence as they sipped their margaritas and they did picture it, vividly enough to cause four tent poles in shorts under the table. “Hmm,” said Nate dreamily. “Wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall in that house this weekend.”

************************    **********************

They were certainly right about one thing. After they had left that morning the house was unusually quiet. The junior boys went off to their masters’ houses, while the men went their separate ways for a few hours.

Zack enjoyed being alone in his house across the street and decided to work out in his basement gym that doubled as a playroom. He punished his body hard in a muscle-crunching routine and tried not to be distracted by the sexual paraphernalia lying round the room – ropes, shackles, whips and discarded leather clothes.

His workouts always made him horny and, when it was over he did what he often did to relieve the sexual pressure if Darius wasn’t around to fuck with. He grabbed a leather vest from the floor, put it on and looked at himself in one of the floor length mirrors. All the walls were mirrored so he could admire himself from many angles … and there was a lot to admire.

No doubt about it, he was a striking and powerful man as he gazed at himself in the mirror, his magnificent ebony physique pumped and gleaming after his workout. Naked, except for the leather vest hanging open over his rock hard pecs, he was a pornographic icon of a black leather master, with his shaved head, strong square-cut features and piercing gray eyes.

He raised his arms and flexed his biceps in a classic bodybuilder pose and watched as the black club swinging between his thighs slowly stiffened into an iron-hard shaft. He pressed one hand behind his head, lowered the other arm and grabbed his cock, stroking it slowly, smiling seductively at the muscle-god in the mirror. He felt his balls straining for release and walked right up to the mirror.

His voice was low and deep as he spoke to the man in the mirror and both men stroked their cocks. “OK, stud, let’s see what you got. See that leatherman, his muscles running with sweat after working out? Turns you on, eh? Look at that fucking body … yeah, flex those biceps. Makes your dick hard … makes you wanna blow your wad. Do it, man, pound that cock … feel that jizz in your balls racing up your dick? I wanna see you cum, big guy … let it go man … yeah, fuck … fuck … fuuuck! Aaahh!!”

Zack’s howl of relief filled the room as he thrust his hips forward and blasted a stream of hot cum onto the mirror, then another and another until jizz was flowing down the glass. His face broke into a gleaming smile. “Yeah, I guess I did turn you on, stud … that was some fucking explosion.” He pulled on his black jeans that clung unbelted to his tight waist. “Won’t bother to clean the glass, eh? Leave it ‘til we meet next time.” He touched his forehead in a half salute. “Thanks, man. See you again.”

He left the room and went upstairs to tend to his garden. He was still chuckling as he dug a spade into the soft earth.


Across the street in Adam’s house next-door to the tribe’s compound, the handsome Aussie was getting ready for an upcoming three-day trip to Sydney. He had a senior position at the Los Angeles base of a major Australian airline in charge of cabin crew training. When he traveled to meetings at the Sydney head-office he worked the transpacific flights as a senior purser to evaluate the staff.

He needed two fresh uniforms for the trip and was now trying on one of them to make sure it was cleaned and pressed to the immaculate degree required by the airline. He looked into the mirror with satisfaction … and admiration. The uniform was flattering, especially for such a tall, handsome, well-built man like Adam, with its white short-sleeved shirt, red and black tie and a well-tailored black suit with a silver stripe round the jacket cuffs to denote his seniority.

He smiled at himself, recalling the many heads that turned as he walked smiling down the aisles of the plane, a man of authority and smoldering sex appeal. He was fully aware what a turn-on he was for many of the passengers and was not fooled by the many times a passenger asked him for assistance that wasn’t really needed – especially when they asked for help with the arm-rest controls and he had to lean over to assist, his chest close to their faces

“Hm, not bad, mate,” Adam murmured in his Australian accent as he admired himself in the mirror – his strongfinely etched features, golden tan, short dark hair, and clear, confident brown eyes.

The suit was well tailored but still his muscular build was evident under it. Whenever he stood at the front of the main cabin watching and evaluating the crew’s service he was aware of all the many pairs of eyes fixed on him and he even wondered idly how many of the passengers were mentally undressing him. He was especially aware of blokes who lusted for him and no doubt had stiff dicks under their tray tables.

Sometimes he wished he could indulge their fantasy … and now, as he looked in the mirror and saw what they all saw, he indulged his own fantasy. He chuckled as he unbuttoned his jacket and shrugged it to the back of his shoulders. Like a model he let it slide down his back, caught it as it fell and draped it over a hanger.

“Hmm,” he said again, “not bad at all.” The muscular body was now accentuated under the closefitting shirt – the wide shoulders tapering down V-shaped lats to his slim waist, cinched by the elegant black belt of his uniform pants. The slabs of his pecs were clearly etched under the front of the shirt, and the short sleeves exposed his tanned arms, the lower half of his bulging biceps and strong forearms.

Sometimes on flights Adam assisted the overburdened crew with meal service, for which the crew routinely removed their jackets, and when he leaned over to serve the meal he caught the stifled gasps of passengers, his warm body separated from their faces by only the thin fabric of his shirt.

Now, in his imagination he was again standing at the front of the cabin with hundreds of eyes focused on him, as they were when a flight attendant gave security demonstrations. Only, in this fantasy, Adam’s demonstration had nothing to do with security. In fact safety would have been the last thing on the minds of the whole planeload watching him.

Now he stared at the crew member in the mirror and watched as he loosened his tie, pulled it down a little and undid the top button of his shirt. Suddenly the image was less formal, a casualness that made his cock jump. He loosened the tie completely, let it hang round his neck and unbuttoned his shirt halfway down. He was wearing a white tank top underneath and he now pulled open the shirt and rubbed his nipples through the tank’s thin cotton.

“Damn that’s hot,” he groaned and now, like his passengers, he was eager to see the rest. He unbuttoned the rest of the shirt and pulled the tail out of his waistband. He took it off, draped it carefully over another hanger and turned back to face the mirror. The handsome purser was now stripped down to his white tank, half of it hanging loose out of his pants’ waistband.

His broad, rock-hard shoulders were now bare and he ran his hands over his chest, feeling the hard muscles of his pecs and abs under the tank’s ribbed cotton. “Holy shit,” he moaned. Then suddenly he threw his head back and laughed as the absurd thought flashed in his mind of him doing in-flight meal service dressed like this. Hell, the passengers would have been so turned on the company might make it regulation dress in future.

“OK, man,” he said to the mirror, “let me see the rest.” He reached behind his head, pulled up on the tank and watched in awe as first his eight-pack abs were revealed, then his bare chest, then his whole torso as the tank came off over his head and he flung it aside.

He now stared at the crew man stripped to the waist, stripped of his elegance in all his raw masculine splendor as he pressed his hands to his waist, flared his lats and flexed his muscles like a competition bodybuilder. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, already hard as steel, and pounded it in his fist.

He stared into the brown eyes of the tanned, dark-haired muscle jock, shirtless in his black uniform pants and black shoes, and said, “Come on mate. Give ‘em a show … that’s what they all want.” He felt his climax approach and suddenly had a vision of the guys on the plane staring at him and pounding their dicks under their tray tables. It was such an absurd picture that he burst out laughing and yelled, “OK, blokes, let’s do it. All together now, yeah … yeah!”

His cock erupted all over the mirror and his body shook with sexual release and with laughter at the craziness of his airborne fantasy. When he calmed down he said, “Good on ya, mate. Bloody brilliant. I gotta do that for Nate. He’ll love it. Hey, no jizz on my pants, I hope.”

He looked down … good … not a drop … it had all gone on the mirror. He looked up and flashed his professional smile at the man in the mirror. “Thank you, sir. It’s been a pleasure serving you. I hope to see you on another flight real soon.”


While Zack and Adam were getting their rocks off admiring themselves in a mirror, the sexual vibes were just as strong in the master bedroom that morning. Randy, Bob and Mark had had a meeting about the costs involved in repairing the security features at the construction site and strengthening them at the Grady House, as privacy was of paramount importance to the new movie star Grady and his lover Mario.

The meeting was over and now Bob was at his computer, crunching the numbers and working out a preliminary budget. Randy and Mark were sitting together on the couch on the other side of the room from Bob’s desk. The three men were casually dressed so early on a weekend morning – all of them in shorts, Mark shirtless, Bob in a black tank top like Mark usually wore, Randy in a ragged, sleeveless shirt hanging loose over his chest.

With the business discussion over Randy and Mark were kicking back over beers in high spirits, laughing over stories of their work week. They tried to include Bob but he was concentrating hard on his work and brushed them off. Their raucous bad-boy conversation grew louder and more boisterous until Bob looked up and frowned. “Hey guys, keep it down will you? I’m trying to work here. Making these numbers add up takes concentration so do me a favor and cool it until I’m done. Then I’ll be all yours.”

“Oops, sorry boss,” Randy grinned with a mock salute. “From now on our lips are sealed.” Except that they weren’t. He turned to Mark and pulled a face with a down-turned mouth but sparkling eyes. “Love him when he gets all bossy like that … turns me on.”

Mark grinned and they both turned to watch Bob work. Randy had been kidding around, but he was serious about getting turned on. They both thought that Bob was never more handsome than when he was deep in concertation, his sculpted superman features set in a slight frown, his dark hair falling over his forehead. His face was lit by the faintly blue light from the computer screen and his torso muscles rippled under his black tank.

“Fucking beautiful,” Mark said softly to Randy. “Shit dude, how do you sleep with him without pumping jizz all night. How many times do you cum, anyway?”

Randy grinned. “Hard to say, what with shooting several loads in his ass, cumming when he fucks me, then the wet dreams sleeping with his head on my chest. I even jack off sometimes lying awake and watching him sleep. Hell, buddy I lose count. I mean, look at him, dude. Gives me a boner right now.”

“You too, uh?”

“I wanna go over there, hurl him on the floor and fuck the shit out of him. But that would make him good and mad.” Randy grinned roguishly. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Their whispered conversation was inaudible to Bob who was focused intently on his work. At one point he frowned at the screen, leaned back and ran both hands through his tousled hair as he contemplated the figures.”

“Oh shit, look at that, dude,” Mark muttered staring at Bob’s raised arms and flexed biceps, displaying his wiry black armpit hair. “Makes you wanna bury your face in his pits, don’t it?”

By now they were both rubbing the bulges in their shorts. “You, er, say you sometimes jack off watching him sleep?”

“Yeah, and not only when he’s sleeping. The other day I watched him sitting at a distance reading a book, with various expressions crossing his face as the story developed – a frown, a smile, puzzlement, relief. Man I nearly wept with love of the guy and creamed my shorts without him knowing it. Same thing now, watching him work.”

The sight of Bob, and the thought of Randy cumming in secret like that, turned Mark on so much he silently lowered the zipper of his shorts but stopped short of pulling out his cock out … too visible. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Randy unbutton his shorts too. “How about it, officer?” Randy said softly. “Shall we?”

“Try stopping me,” Mark grinned. He reached over slowly, buried his hand inside the fly of Randy’s shorts and grabbed his cock. He saw Randy stretching his arm toward him and felt his big, rough hand close round his dick inside his shorts. “Oh, yeah,” Mark said. “Feels great, buddy. Keep working it.”

As they stroked each other’s cocks Randy grinned, “I just don’t wanna get arrested for jerking off a cop.”

“Well,” Mark smiled, “mutual masturbation in public counts as indecent exposure … but hell, there’s nothing indecent about this, dude. Just look at the man’s face, his body. So damn sexy in that black tank. Yeah, beat my meat, buddy.”

Suddenly Bob glared at the screen and said, “Shit!” In frustration he stood up and stretched his arms up, clenching his fists and flexing his muscles in annoyance as he stared down at the figures that weren’t cooperating.

“Oh fuck,” Mark groaned, as both of them stared at the muscle-god, his body on full display. Reaching upward made his tank rise up from his waist, exposing his ripped abs underneath. And his stretched shoulders and arms made the men imagine Superman stretched in bondage.

“Oh man, that’s gonna do it for me,” Mark groaned. “Fucking beautiful … I gotta cum, dude.”

“Right there with you, officer.”

They held their breath as they pumped each other’s cocks, and stifled their groans when they creamed their shorts in simultaneous orgasms. Anxious not to be detected, they tamed their heavy breathing, withdrew their hands and licked the cum off them, grinning at each other like mischievous boys caught in a forbidden act. Guiltily they did up their shorts and tried to look nonchalant, glancing around casually as if nothing had happened.

Bob had sat back down without taking his eyes off the screen, and had apparently reached a light-bulb moment as he smiled triumphantly, punched in a few more numbers and said out loud, “Perfect.” For the first time he looked up at the men in triumph and said, “Guys, I am a fucking genius. No wonder I earn the big bucks. It all adds up, and I’ve sent it off to Jamie’s office computer for him to print it up next week.”

He closed his laptop and stood up. “Enough work for one day. I’d better go down and see how the twins are doing in the kitchen. You guys doing OK?”

“We are now,” Randy grinned.

“So I see,” Bob said, looking down at the stains spreading over the crotch of their shorts. “Maybe you should change those shorts, guys.” As he walked out through the door he looked back over his shoulder and smiled, “Oh, and thanks for the compliment, guys.”

Randy shook his head and grinned. “Son of a bitch.”


Meanwhile, the twins were in their favorite place (the kitchen), doing what they loved most (cooking), with man they loved best (each other). The only thing that would put icing on that perfect cake would be … “Hi, guys, how are things going?” … would be Bob.

They looked up and beamed identical smiles as Bob walked in. “Thought I should see if you need any help in here. I want this to be a special ‘senior-men’ meal, guys … you and me, Randy, Mark, Zack and Adam. Anything I can do?”

“We pretty much have everything under control.” Kevin said. “Healthy, filling, gourmet food to satisfy the appetite of any senior man … even ours.” Kyle added, “Though now you mention it, sir, those carrots on the counter there need cutting.”

“I’m your man,” Bob smiled and set about his task with gusto. He loved this, working with his beautiful boys in their kitchen, seeing them so confident, relaxed … and so happy. But, even though he was their master and one of the tribe’s bosses, there was no doubt who were the rulers of this kingdom, and they didn’t hesitate to throw out orders.

“No, no, that’s all wrong,” said Kyle. “Not big chunks like that … you need to julienne them.”


“Julienne means cutting them in thin strips like this,” and he demonstrated to a flummoxed Bob. But Kevin interceded. “Oh never mind. Here, maybe you should just take care of the risotto. It just needs continuous stirring – all there is to it. Hard to screw that up … sir,” he grinned.

“Even for a klutz like me, eh?” Hey, tough room. I’m glad I’m not a kitchen assistant to chefs like you two.”

“But you are, sir, right now. So keep stirring, slowly, and don’t stop.”

Suitably chastened and put in his place by his own boys the handsome alpha male smiled to himself as he stirred per instructions – and caught the mischievous glances between the twins.


Before he left the kitchen Bob had a quick word with the twins, reassuring them that, although they were the only boys in a group of horny senior men, nothing was expected of them that they did not want to do.

The twins exchanged quick smiles and Kyle said, “Thank you for saying that sir, but we already discussed it and we know exactly what we’re going to do.”

“I bet you do,” Bob chuckled. “I love you guys.”

He went out to the garden and joined Randy and Mark already sitting at the table by the pool. Soon Zack came in through the front gate from his house across the street and Adam through the side gate from his house next door.

Hey, guys,” Bob shouted. “What you been doing all this time, jerking off?” It was obvious from their surprised looks that Bob had hit a bullseye, but he smiled, “Never mind, guys, you weren’t the only ones,” and he aimed a quizzical glance at Randy and Mark.

There was an eruption of laughter and Adam said, “Hey, mate, do you know everything that goes on in this house?

“Pretty much,” Bob smiled. “Anyway, it’s a pretty safe bet that oversexed guys like you with raging hormones, all alone without their boys to service them, would be treating themselves to a hand-job … or each other …” (another glance at Randy and Mark). “Mirrors anyone? Hey, not that there’s anything wrong with that.” Another gale of laughter as Bob nailed it a second time.

Just then the twins appeared with trays of appetizers, and the men’s eyes opened wide, not at the tray but the twins. In honor of the occasion they had chosen to wear their long white aprons, jaunty chefs’ hats … and nothing else. As if nothing were amiss they served the appetizers with calm, professional poise, then turned round to go back to the kitchen, their perfect, identical asses on full display.

“Holy shit,” Zack said. “Those guys of yours are something else, Bob. I mean, hard-on under the table anyone … everyone?”

Adam said, “You know, of all our boys those two are the most cool, confident and collected of the lot. They sure take after their master.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, Adam,” Bob said. “But I agree, and it comes from their having reached a plateau of happiness in their lives. As long as they are always together, and working in the kitchen feeding the tribe, that’s all they want out of life.”

“Plus frequent visits from Superman swooping into their bedroom,” said Randy.

“Yeah, that too,” Bob laughed.


After the meal was served the twins took their place at table. Knowing that there was a minimal dress code for meals they had changed into their usual white shorts and T-shirts, managing to look just as sexy as they had bare-assed in aprons.

Conversation flowed as freely as the wine, and the men held nothing back in the presence of the twins. The boys joined in almost as equals, voicing their opinion on many of the topics discussed with no inhibitions or hesitation. Bob flashed a smile at Randy, who knew that Bob considered their self-confidence to be the ultimate sign of their undeniable manhood. No fists, no yelling or boasting, just supreme self-assurance holding their own in the company of men.

In fact, halfway through the meal they coolly dealt with what could have been an embarrassing moment. Randy, well lubricated with wine, was known for speaking before he thought. “Well, guys, our boys are off doing their own thing, no doubt fucking each other in a senior-boy orgy instead of getting fucked by us. So what ya’ll gonna do to get your rocks off? All we got today is the gorgeous twins here and they can’t take on all you guys at once.”

In the uneasy silence Bob shot a warning glance at Randy who raised his palms in the air and said, “Oops, there he goes again … every time the dumb gypsy opens his mouth he puts his big hoof in it. Sorry, boys, my words didn’t exactly come out the way they went in.”

But the twins smiled serenely, taking it all in stride, and rescued the moment. “No problem, sir” Kyle said. “You know that Kevin and I always plan a meal to the last detail, not only the food but the entertainment too.”

“Yes, sir,” Kevin continued, and we already foresaw the problem you refer to. “We agree that it would be difficult – though not impossible – to accommodate all you gentlemen with, shall we say, extra services – or as Randy would put it, to help you all ‘get your rocks off’.” Bob snickered quietly and the others grinned at this subtle put-down of the boss.

Kyle took over. “We would be privileged to offer ourselves to any of you gentlemen, but in the interest of fairness and impartiality we thought that the only solution was to draw lots so that one of the masters will do us the honor of using our bodies for the entertainment of the others. That is, if you all agree.”

The men all looked at Bob as the natural arbiter of his boys’ rather radical suggestion. He frowned at first, then looked at the twins, at their smiling, eager faces, and realized they were even more in control of the situation than they let on. His face broke into a smile and he said, “Boys, I think it’s a great idea. If that’s what you want, go for it.”

“Thank you, sir.” Kevin reached over to a side table and picked up a small silver bowl. “We already prepared this bowl as you see, sirs.” He tilted it toward them so they could see the folded pieces of paper inside. “Five slips of paper each with a name on it – simple as that.” He held it up high and said, “Brother, will you do the honors?”

Kyle reached up and fumbled in the bowl as suspense settled over the group. He smiled, “Darius would handle this with much more flair than we can manage, showman that he is, but all I can do is pick out … this one.”

He held the folded paper in the air and the tension increased as the masters focused on the boys, each man trying to anticipate what he would do with the twins if selected. The brothers delayed the moment of truth by opening the slip of paper, looking at it and smiling at each other. “This is as bad as the damn Oscars,” Randy blurted. “Come on, guys, who the fuck is it?”

“Sorry, sir, but we had to milk the moment,” Kevin smiled. “We were trained by Darius,” Kyle explained. “OK, without further ado … here goes … and the winner is …” They held up the paper so the others could read it.

“The winner is … Zack!”

During the ensuing commotion round the table Bob surreptitiously reached behind him to the side table where Kevin had replaced the bowl. A quick look was enough to confirm his suspicions. Every slip of paper bore the name Zack.

Bob looked up, smiled at his boys and touched his fingers to his forehead, saluting their devious ploy. Just like their master, the twins were in total control.   Of course they were.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 335



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