In the previous chapter

The Saturday afternoon party at the Grady House had been the stage for a couple of sexual exhibitions where love and lust were graphically demonstrated in front of the whole tribe.

First, the muscle-cop Mark and his surfer boy Jamie had shown that their relationship was now more man-to-man than man-to-boy, which they proved in a dramatic role reversal where the naked cop got face-fucked and butt-fucked by the young blond jock.

Not to be upstaged, the gypsy boss Randy decided it was time for him and his lover Bob to enact their final domination of the eager young gymnast Tommy. The Golden Boy willingly submitted his ass to a stunning double penetration by the masters’ massive cocks.

The tribe had been treated to sex fests before, but none as dramatic as these, and one young man was especially dazzled by sights that far surpassed anything in his big porn collection. That boy was Brandon’s new friend Brian who, like Brandon, used a wheelchair but, unlike Brandon was shy, reclusive, lacking in self-esteem and living in seclusion in a trailer park way out in the desert. Brian had persuaded him to come to L.A. and visit the tribe for the weekend, and his first day had been crammed with mind-blowing incident.

Grady, the movie-star Tarzan and owner of the Grady House, had long been a sexual fantasy for Brian who had drooled over publicity pictures of him in his loincloth. The boy was amazed to meet him in the flesh, and his fantasies came to life as Grady took him to bed and made love to him. And after that, big boss Randy gave the new boy his ritual initiation into the tribe by subjecting him to a master fuck, leaving Brian dazed and, like most of the other boys, in lust and in love with the swarthy gypsy.

“A bit more than you bargained for eh, dude?” Brandon grinned. Brian was soon pressed into service, helping the other boys set up the big party by ferrying food and supplies to the pool area. Then came the wild sexual displays that left Brian dazed and trying to come to grips with everything that had happened to him in the space of one hot afternoon.

When, much later, the party showed signs of winding down, a small group gathered in a secluded corner in earnest conversation. It consisted of Grady and his Italian lover Mario, Danny the young house chef and housekeeper, and Brandon. They had also asked for advice from Bob, the loved and respected (not to mention drop-dead gorgeous) leader of the clan.

Grady said, “OK, Danny, you have a suggestion. You’re the house manager, so shoot, kiddo.”

“Well sir, it’s not so much a suggestion as an idea I had, but I’m not really sure. See, ever since Tommy left the staff here Mario said I should look for a new assistant. I have tried but you know how sensitive that is, bringing a new guy into the house, what with all that confidentiality stuff. But I’ve been watching Brandon’s new friend Brian, and it’s amazing how quickly he joined in with the guys and how helpful he was setting things up.”

He cleared his throat. “So me and Brandon were wondering if he might be considered for the job as my assistant. I mean, Tommy has told him what his old job here involved and …” Danny blushed … “well, I don’t know if this counts, but Brian has already been fucked by Grady and Randy, who said he was, you know, ‘one of us’.”

“But … I hear a ‘but’ coming,” Bob smiled.

Mario took over. “That’s why we asked for your advice, Bob. Nothing has been said to Brian yet and we don’t know if he’d even want the job because … and here’s the ‘but’. Brian has so far lived a solitary, reclusive life way out in the desert, never able to come to grips with his handicap. Well, this is the big city and this house has a lot of comings and goings …”

Bob interrupted. “… and you’re all wondering if a move from that hermit’s life to the busy bright lights and action of this house would be too much of a culture shock and he would not be able to make the adjustment, am I right?”

“You pretty much nailed it, Bob. So, any suggestions?”

Bob thought for a while. “I see your point, guys, and it’s a valid one. OK, so here’s my suggestion. First, I think Brandon should casually mention that Danny is looking for an assistant and see if Brian takes the bait. If he does, there’s one man who could help us out – Randy’s brother Doctor Steve.”

“Certamente!” Mario beamed. “A genius idea, Bob. Steve’s a great therapist – he understands human nature and he knows how to draw a boy out and see … how do you say? … see what makes him tick. If anyone can find out if Brian could cope with a job like this it’s Doctor Steve.”

“Of course,” Bob grinned, “as we all know from experience, his methods can be very unorthodox … some would say far out … but if Brian can cope with that he can cope with anything. So why don’t you go ahead? Brandon can sound Brian out and, if he shows any interest, I’ll set up a meeting between him and Steve. Knowing the good doctor he’ll probably involve his boyfriend Lloyd too.” He laughed. “Man, I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall at that session.”

*********************     CHAPTER 317     *********************

The meeting broke up and Brandon went in search of Brian who was helping Tommy to clear the last of the leftovers from the pool area. “Hi, Brandon,” Tommy said. “I better check with Danny and see what else he needs. Can I leave the rest of this to you, Brian? I gotta say, you’ve been a great help today. You took to this job like a duck to water.”

After Tommy left, Brandon chatted casually to Brian while they tidied up. “Danny really misses Tommy since he left. But Steve saw how good he was and offered him a job he couldn’t refuse, in full charge of that big house where the doc and the architect entertain a lot. Course,” he grinned, “arranging table napkins isn’t all he’s expected to do. Steve and Lloyd get real horny and, well, you’ve seen how great Tommy is at taking care of two guys’ sexual needs.

“Anyway, Danny is desperate to find an assistant to take his place, but it’s not easy because of Grady’s celebrity and the need for total confidentiality here. Plus it’s a live-in position with irregular hours that a lot of guys wouldn’t want. And, most important, whoever is hired has to be a guy that Grady and Mario really like, even someone they would want to fuck sometimes. Hard to find a guy like that.”

“Well I think it sounds like a dream job,” Brian said with a faraway look. “Can you imagine? Taking care of Grady and Mario all the time, living in the same house as them, looking after them when they get horny? I tell you, Brandon, if I wasn’t in this wheelchair I think I would apply. But nobody would look twice at a guy who can’t walk. Can you imagine all the things I couldn’t do? It would be a joke. Grady’s guests would laugh at me.”

Suddenly Brandon broke away and busied himself clearing another table. Sensing something was wrong Brian wheeled up to him and said, “Dude, did I say something wrong?”

Brandon faced him with tears in his eyes. “Brian, how do you think it makes me feel hearing you talk like that? You say you imagine all the things you couldn’t do, while I spend all my days trying to imagine the things I can do, and how I can do them. You say a guy in a wheelchair is a joke … well I’m in one too, dude, though I try to forget that and be like all the other boys.” A tear rolled down his cheek. “Maybe you’re right and I’m just kidding myself. I’m not like the other boys at all.”

Brian was mortified. “Dude, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just that I’ve always found it hard to live with a handicap and that’s why I hole up all alone in the desert so I don’t get jealous of other guys. But you’re different. You’re my hero. You’re able to do anything – work for the tribe, drive a truck, ride a motorcycle, and you’ve got a master, Pete, who loves you.”

“But don’t you see, Brian, you could have all that too,” Brandon said, but then checked himself. “Well, not Pete, of course… but a guy like him. Hell, you’ve only been here a day and already Grady, a gorgeous movie star, has made love to you, and Randy, the big boss, has fucked you. I bet neither of them even mentioned the wheelchair.”

“No … now I come to think of it they didn’t. But I mentioned it to Randy and it made him real mad and he told me that would be the last time I could ever talk about my wheelchair. ‘Makes no difference to me,’ he said. ‘I don’t give a shit about it. You’re a boy just like the others as Brandon has proved.’ Brandon, I wish I could be like you. I’d do anything to be like you.”

“If you mean that, kiddo … if you really mean it, you’ll leave that shitty trailer in the middle of nowhere and come to live with the tribe. And you‘ll apply for the job here at the Grady House.”

Brian looked startled. “No, I … I don’t think I … you think I should? You think I could do it, Brandon?”

“Sure I do. But I don’t wanna raise your hopes too high. I mean, there’s a whole bunch of things to go through. You would apply to Danny, who’s the house manager, and he would refer it to Mario who’s in charge of the house ‘cos Grady is always at the movie studio. And we’ll see what he says. It’s not a simple yes/no kinda thing … it would be a challenge if you’re up to it … and I think you are, dude.”

That emboldened Brian to ask, “Can I apply now before I lose my nerve?”

“Don’t see why not. Let’s go see Danny in the kitchen.”


Danny had cleaned up the kitchen after the party and was doing the initial prep for Grady and Mario’s dinner when the two boys came in. After Danny’s meeting with Brandon and the others he guessed what was up, and it was confirmed by Brandon’s eager smile and a quick thumbs-up behind Brian’s back.

“Hey, guys,” Danny said cheerfully. “Good, I needed a break. Want some coffee?”

“No thank you, sir,” Brian said in a rush. “I want to apply for the job, sir.” He blushed deep red, making his freckles even more pronounced.”

“You mean as my assistant? Well, first of all, Brian, you don’t have to call me ‘sir’. I’m just one of the boys, so ‘Danny’ or ‘dude’ will do just fine. And I’m glad you want the job ‘cos you seemed to work very well helping us all with the party. But first things first. I’d have to run it by Mario ‘cos he makes decisions like that.”

Mario had been keeping an eye on things from a distance, aware of what was up, and now came in as if on cue. “Danny, about dinner tonight, we’ll only need … oh, mi scusa amici, did I interrupt something?”

“I’m glad you’re here, Mario,” Danny said, “because Brian has just applied for the job of assistant manager here.”

“Ah,” Mario smiled, “molto bene.” He sat down at the kitchen table with Danny. “Well, Brian, you’ve seen today some of what the job entails as we entertain a lot, and I thank you for all your help this afternoon. But there would be a lot of other duties too. First of all, whoever we hire would have to live here in the house. Would you be prepared to do that?”

“Yes, sir … definitely, sir.”

“As Danny can tell you, it’s not just a job, it’s kind of a companion too. For instance, quite often you’d have to run lines with Grady.”

Brian frowned, “Excuse me, sir?”

Mario chuckled. “Grady spends a lot of time going over his script for the film, and when he’s learning his lines he needs someone else to read the other part. Also,” Mario grinned and shrugged, “Danny knows this from experience too, that Grady is highly sexual and sometimes requires the sexual services of the staff here. I hope that would not be a problem. I mean,” he smiled, “we wouldn’t like to be accused of sexual abuse or anything.”

“No problem there, sir,” Brian said eagerly. “I wouldn’t mind being abused at all, sir.”

That provoked laughter all round, but then Mario turned serious. “There is one issue, though, that could be a problem. I understand that you have always lived a rather secluded life out in the desert, without much contact with others. And here it’s almost all human interaction, with Grady and me, members of the tribe, and other guests who come and go. I’m concerned that it might be a culture shock for you and overwhelm you.” Brian looked crestfallen.

“So what I suggest is this. Randy has a brother, Steve, who’s a psychologist. We call him Doctor Steve and he has conducted therapy sessions for almost all the men and boys in the tribe. I would like you to see him – don’t worry, you’ll like him – so we can get his evaluation on whether you can comfortably make the transition from solitude to socializing. Would you be prepared to do that, Brian?”

“Yes, sir. I’ll do whatever you say, sir.”

Danny cleared his throat and Mario handed the floor to him. “Er, there’s one other thing. If Brian did get the job that would make him one of the tribe’s boys, and they would have to have their say about that. Normally Pablo, as Randy’s boy, would call a meeting of the senior boys and the juniors to see if Brian fits in … you know, like, even sexually. It’s a boy thing, sir.”

“Well that would be up to the boys to arrange,” Mario said. “Randy always likes the boys to take responsibility for themselves, so Grady and I would not be involved in that. So do what you have to do. This may all sound intimidating, Brian, but if you get through it all I’m sure Grady and I would welcome you aboard. One big thing in your favor is that Randy likes you a lot – he already said you’re one of us. His approval is everything. No one joins the tribe without that.”


As a matter of fact when Brandon and Brian left the kitchen they bumped into Randy and Bob who were about to leave for home. Knowing what was afoot Bob looked questioningly at Brandon who said, “Sirs, Brian has just applied for the job as Danny’s assistant at the Grady House. Mario seems all for it but says Brian has to have a therapy session with Steve first. Also, Danny said that Pablo will call a meeting of the boys to check Brian out.”

“Well, done, kiddo,” Bob smiled at Brian, who blushed nervously being the center of attention. “Steve and Lloyd get back from Europe tomorrow so maybe Steve can fix something up for Monday. Can you stay that long with us, Brian?”

“Well, sir, I have nothing special to get back to in the desert, but …”

“Then it’s settled, Bob smiled, and Randy added, “I’ll tell Pablo to summon all the boys tomorrow. Shouldn’t be a problem as it’s Sunday. They can be a tough crowd, kiddo, but don’t worry – I’ve got your back.”

Brian was staying with Brandon and his master, Ranger Pete, and later that evening as they relaxed over after-dinner drinks, Pete said, “Crazy day, eh Brian? You only got here this morning and already you’ve had Tarzan make love to you, and you’ve been fucked by Boss Randy. You worked with the boys, then watched the cop and the surfer make love, and the Golden Boy get double teamed by Bob and Randy. You’ve applied for a job at the Grady House and you have interviews with the boys tomorrow and Steve on Monday. So how you feeling?”

“Kinda confused, sir, but real happy. I’m nervous about the interviews though, ‘cos I’d really like to be in the tribe and to work for Grady and Mario. You think I have a chance?”

“From what Brandon tells me I’d bet money on it, kiddo. I know Brandon wants it and my boy usually gets what he wants, eh Brandon?”

“Yes, sir,” Brandon grinned cheekily, “except on the nights you get home so tired you fall straight asleep and I have to wait ’til the morning to get what I want.”

Pete ruffled his boy’s hair. “Worth the wait, though, eh buddy?”


 Next morning, Sunday, Brandon got word from Pablo that Brian was to report to him and the boys at the tribe’s main house, at noon by the pool. Brian reacted nervously but Brandon reassured him and primed him on what to expect.

“All the boys will be there and I know they’ll be rooting for you. Pablo will conduct the meeting. See, as Randy’s adopted son he calls himself ‘the boss’s boy’ and tries to imitate Randy in everything. He can be real intimidating and get a bit rough, but his lover Darius will keep him in check. Most of the boys think of Darius as the real leader. He’s the boy of the big black leather-master Zack, and he has this humongous dick – all ten inches of it.

“But, unlike Pablo, Darius doesn’t take himself, or anything else, too seriously. Hey, being hung like a horse gives him a ton of confidence and he has nothing to prove to anyone, so he’s always clowning around. When Pablo gets out of line Darius has this way of looking at him and making him cool it. So with Darius around you don’t have to be scared of Pablo.”

“But what if they ask me about the wheelchair … like, would it stop me doing stuff?”

“They won’t. They won’t even think about it. I’ve taught them that I can do most everything they do, so the subject won’t even come up.”

Brandon was right about that, but it didn’t lessen Brian’s nerves when at noon, he rolled into the big garden of the tribe’s compound with Brandon. The large assembly of boys would have been intimidating for anyone. Sitting at the main table by the pool was Pablo, with Darius on one side and Jamie on the other, and flanking them the twins Kyle and Kevin.

On an adjacent bench were the Aussie Nate who was Adam’s boy and manager of this house; Danny from the Grady House; and the junior boys Eddie, Ben and Tommy. Brandon parked his chair next to Brian for moral support as he faced what looked to him like an inquisition.

Pablo self-importantly took the lead, explaining the reason for the meeting – to test a new boy for possible acceptance as one of the boys. He asked Brian some basic questions, then started going over some of the rules of the tribe. But soon he was sounding officious and eyes were glazing over as he droned on. Jamie glanced at Darius who grinned and started drumming his fingers on the table, a sure sign for Pablo to shut up.

Pablo took the hint and yielded the floor to Darius – who went straight to the point. “Look, kiddo, the thing is, this is not about whether you can do the job at the Grady House.” He grinned. “Seems to me if you’ve already been fucked silly by Tarzan and watched those two hunks make love, you’re a shoo-in …” On a nudge from Jamie, he said, “Well, I guess that’s not for me to say … it’s up to Grady and Mario.

“But see, here’s the deal, kiddo. The boys of this tribe are a real horny bunch o’ guys and any new kid has to, kinda … you know … be in sync with that. We got a sort of ritual here and … hell, what I’m driving at is a new boy has to take it up the butt from the senior boys. We’ve decided that you have to blow your wad three times in quick succession, and then …” he flashed his gleaming smile …. “and then bingo! … you’re one of us.”

Brian looked startled and scared but Darius reassured him. “Ah don’t worry, dude, you’re gonna love it – piece o’ cake, like jacking off to porn – only better. OK guys let’s cut to the chase here, get the fucking show on the road. Eddie, where’s the blanket?”

Eddie ran to a shed by the pool and brought back a large blanket that he ostentatiously flipped open and spread out on the lawn. (There was always a touch of the dramatic in whatever Eddie did, especially with an audience). “OK, kiddo,” Darius smiled at Brian, “we need you on your back naked. Can you manage that?”

“Of course he can,” Brandon said indignantly, “he can do anything.” In a daze Brian wheeled himself to the edge of the blanket, eased himself out of his chair and onto his back on the ground, then wriggled out of his T-shirt and shorts. “Looking good, dude,” grinned Darius who had a talent for putting shy boys at ease. “Now, as the boss’s boy Pablo gets first crack of the whip. Oops, sorry kid, don’t take that literally. I guess I should have said first dip in the crack.”

He laughed at his own terrible joke while the other boys groaned. “OK, OK, assholes, it wasn’t that bad. Just trying to lighten the mood here.” He winked down at Brian who was liking Darius more and more and feeling safe with him around. “OK, Pablo – you’re on.”

Pablo took the initiation of a new boy seriously and did not appreciate Darius’s flippant tone. He stood up, looking down at the nervous, naked boy, and ceremonially stripped naked. He stood over Brian flexing his muscles, showing off his well-honed physique.

Brian looked up in awe at the beautiful boy with the perfect body and handsome Mestizo looks. He was very turned on and was not afraid of getting fucked by him … after all, he had already taken Grady’s dick in his butt, not to mention Randy’s massive shaft. It was the fierce look in Pablo’s eyes that made Brian nervous, remembering how Brandon had said Pablo tries to copy Randy in everything. He hoped that Pablo had Randy’s skill in how to treat a new boy.

Brandon had the same concerns, knowing Pablo well, and looked apprehensively at Darius, who grinned reassuringly and stood prominently in Pablo’s eye-line so he could exert a measure of control if things got out of hand.

Pablo sank to his knees and hooked Brian’s legs over his shoulders. The ever-watchful Ben came forward with a jar of lube. “Randy never uses lube,” Pablo said indignantly but seeing Darius’s raised eyebrows he added, “but as you’re a new boy I’ll go easy on you this time.” The sigh of relief all round was palpable as Pablo lubed his good-sized cock and pressed it against Brian’s ass. “OK, boy,” he said. “Let’s see what you got.”

The onlookers gasped and Brian yelled as Pablo plunged his cock deep inside the boy’s ass. Even as Brian howled, Pablo pulled his cock back and plunged it in again. It was the beginning of a fierce, Randy-style fuck, though Pablo lacked Randy’s skill in sensing a boy’s limits. The onlookers all tensed, watching Brian’s obvious discomfort as he clenched his fists and grimaced in pain, his eyes brimming with tears.

Jamie cast a sharp look of alarm at Darius who nodded slightly and cleared his throat noisily. That made Pablo look up to see Darius spread his hands in a slow-down gesture. But Pablo was on a roll, his face set in his macho, boss’s boy expression, until Darius clenched his jaw, opened his eyes wide and flashed a warning look that even the boss’s boy couldn’t ignore.

Pablo looked down at Brian’s anguished face and his cock came to rest in his ass. Even he was touched by the look of relief on the freckled face and his stammering “Thank you, sir.”

“OK, boy. Like I said, I’ll go easy on you.” Pablo had learned from Randy to alternate savagery with gentleness, a technique that made Randy’s fucks so intoxicating. And as he slowly massaged the boy’s ass Brian’s view of him went from fear of his ferocity to admiration of his youthful beauty. He stopped resisting, relaxed his ass, and found himself enjoying the gentle rhythm of the sexy young stud’s cock sliding in his ass.

Pablo reached down and twisted Brian’s nipples slowly in his fingers, and Brian’s look of ecstasy even brought a smile to Pablo’s face. There eventually came a point where both boys knew they were reaching their climax and Pablo said, “My dad Randy can make a guy cum without touching himself, and I can too.” He bent forward, clamped Brian’s wrists to the ground and lowered his face close to his. “I need you to do that for me, boy. Can you do that?”

“I … I think so, sir.” Brian looked up at the handsome Mestizo face with its slightly slanted deep brown eyes and suddenly knew he could do whatever the senior boy wanted him to. “Yes, sir, I know I can. You’re so hot, sir, and I want to please you.”

“Good answer, boy. OK, here we go.” Using the technique Randy used on him, Pablo pulled all the way back, paused, then slowly eased his cock back inside, deeper, deeper until it touched the soft membrane at the back. Brian was whimpering with pleasure and the exciting sensation of surrendering his ass to the tribe’s handsome and assertive head boy. Pablo lowered his head and kissed Brian in an open-mouthed kiss.

When he pulled back Brian’s heart was beating fast. “Sir, I think I’m gonna cum, sir.”

Pablo rewarded him with his famous crooked grin. “Sure you are, kiddo, but not ‘til I tell you. This’ll do it. Again he pulled his cock back, then pushed in faster this time, and deeper until the head pushed over the inner sphincter and into the fiery chamber where only Randy had ever penetrated before. “OK, kid, I’m gonna bust my load inside you. Do it now, boy. Now!”

“Aaaagh!” Brian felt a lightning spark flash from his ass all through his shuddering body as he felt Pablo’s cock erupt deep inside him and his own cock blasted a stream of cum that rose straight up and splashed on Pablo’s chest. Pablo threw his head back and laughed, pleased with Brian’s performance and even more with his own sexual power to dominate and initiate the new boy in front of the awestruck group of the tribe’s boys.


Pablo pulled out and sprang to his feet. “You did great, boy. One down, two to go. Now I’m gonna hand you over to my lover and we’ll see if you can take his ten inches of prime black beef. (Pablo clearly shared Randy’s lack of finesse, and his coarseness made Jamie shrug and raise his eyebrows at the amused twins.) Pablo pulled on his shorts and swaggered back to the table under the respectful gaze of the junior boys.

Darius took his place towering over Brian. He pulled off his T-shirt and flexed the muscles of his fine ebony torso gleaming in the sun.

Brian had, of course, been aware of the leatherboy’s awesome body under his clothes but now that he saw him shirtless he gasped in admiration and some apprehension. He had heard of Darius’s most stunning feature which was the stuff of legend in the tribe, and he wondered if … “aaaah!” He wondered no more as Darius dropped his shorts and his massive cock sprang to life and swung like a pendulum between his muscled thighs, giving graphic meaning to the words ‘horse dick’.

“Yeah, I know, kid,” Darius smiled. “Scares a lot of guys when they first see it. It’s one of those dicks that gets even bigger when it’s hard. Hey, Benny boy, where’s that lube?” Ben ran up with the jar of lube Pablo had used and Darius dipped his fingers in. He flamboyantly stroked his cock, first with one hand and then, as it got hard, wrapped both hands round it. Brian stared wide eyed as it stiffened into a thick, ten-inch pole, and felt his own cock stirring although he had just emptied his load.

“Yup,” Darius said, “nothing tames a new boy like feeling this big black club filling his ass.”

“Oh, sir. I can’t. I can’t take that in my ass, sir.”

Darius dropped to his knees, straddling the boy’s waist, and smiled down at him. “Yeah, I get that word ‘can’t’ a lot, but I’ve learned to ignore it. All of the guys you see around here have taken this up their butt at one time or another. Hell, I’ve even fucked my master Zack. And my lover Pablo, the guy who just fucked the sperm out of you, begs for it every night, and that guy’s ass is primo, let me tell you.

“No way around it, kid. Any boy who wants to join the tribe has to take Darius’s whole ten inches inside him. But see, here’s the deal. I have been blessed, or cursed, with this huge prong so I figured I’d have to learn how to use it without splitting a guy wide open. I really like you kiddo and I’d never hurt you. So look at me, dude. You want it, don’t you?”

Brian gazed up into the dancing green eyes set in the handsome coffee-colored face and said, “Sir … yes, sir, I really want to, but …”

“But me no buts,” Darius laughed. “Just give me your butt.” More groans from the spectators, silenced by Darius’s warning “Guys …!” He winked at Brian. “Ignore them, kiddo, no sense of humor. Here, let me give you a sample of what my dick’s gonna feel like.”

As Pablo had done, he grabbed Brian’s wrists and pinned them to the ground above his head. The he lowered his body on top of Brian’s, his long, stiff cock wedged between them, and moved his hips back and forth, sliding his rod up and down Brian’s stomach in a rough simulation of fucking except that his cock was not in the boy’s ass … not yet.

“Feel good, kiddo?” It was feeling more than good – highly erotic – and Brian could even imagine the giant shaft inside him. He wanted it – he wanted to get fucked by this gentle, beautiful black boy who had promised not to hurt him.

“Sir, I would like to try, sir.”

Darius flashed his smile. “I knew it. They all come round to it in the end. Ten beautiful black inches are hard to resist, I guess.” Darius shifted back behind Brian’s ass, raised his legs and pressed the head of his cock against his hole. “Now, it’s good and lubed and I’ll go real slow, kiddo. Don’t worry – if it hurts I’ll stop. So just relax and look at me.”

Darius’s concern, his kindness and even his sense of fun all combined to reassure Brian and helped to release his tension. So when he felt the head of the cock enter him there was no hint of pain. Darius’s playful eyes smiled down at him and he talked while he eased inside him.

“See, not so bad eh, kid? I’m good at this stuff – been doing it for years. When a guy has a weapon like mine he better know how to use it or guys panic. But you’re good, kiddo, real good. And your ass feels great. You sure you’ve never taken ten inches before? I swear your ass feels familiar.”

Brian was so relaxed and so charmed by Darius that he laughed, which made him clench his ass round his cock. “Wow, now you’re talking, kid, that feels great. Here, feel that wiry hair against your butt? Know what that means? It means I’m all the way inside you, dude. You, my boy, are impaled on ten inches of primo black dick.”

Brian gasped and squirmed when he realized it was true, but Darius said, “Little bit of panic there? Only to be expected, dude. But just relax and feel this. He pulled back slowly and Brian felt the long rod easing back up his chute, inch by inch by inch. Darius grinned and pushed it back in, a bit faster this time, and Brain’s eyes opened wide, his head rolled from side to side as he became mesmerized by the incredible sensation of Darius’s famous cock fucking his ass.

It was all he could think of, all he was aware of, the huge shaft easing in and out of him in long, slow strokes. He reached up and pressed his palms against Darius’s solid pecs, gazing in awe at the beautiful black face smiling down at him, and heard again Darius’s soothing voice.

“You just busted your load about ten minutes ago, right, kiddo? You probably think you can’t come again, right? Wrong. Think again, dude … this is me you’re dealing with, and I got all steamed up watching my buddy fuck your ass, so I’m real close. Stroke your cock, kid. Good, now, try to imagine a fireman’s hose gushing at full blast. That’s what it’s gonna feel like when I fill your ass with jism, kiddo. And you’re gonna shoot with me … especially when I do this….”

His cock was almost all the way out and now he quickly pushed it back down the chute, deeper than ever until Brian felt it touch something inside him that made his eyes flash wide open, his body jolt and his mouth open in a triumphant shout. He felt the massive cock shudder inside him as warm juice poured deep inside him and his own cock exploded for a second time, this time all over his own trembling body.

Darius leaned down and kissed him. “See?” he smiled. “Told you I was good at this. And you were no slouch either, dude. You get my vote.”


Amid raucous cheers Darius pulled out, got to his feet and shook his cock, splashing the last drops of cum on Brian’s face. “Well, kid, two out of three ain’t bad. Not bad at all. Now for number three.”

Brian looked alarmed. “No, sir, please. I can’t cum again, no way. I got no more. I can’t take another cock after yours, sir.” He reached for his wheelchair and pulled himself clumsily into it as if pulling himself to safety in a defensive gesture against what was being asked of him.

“Sorry, dude, but them’s the rules – you gotta shoot three loads.” Then addressing the others, “Come on guys, this kid’s a good ’un and he belongs with us. So who’s gonna help him get there? He claims he’s drained dry but there must be some way to make him cum again.”

There was a long uncomfortable silence and Brian slumped in his chair, devastated that he had failed the test. Then, suddenly, one boy rose slowly, and dramatically, to his feet. Eddie faced the crowd and raised his arms, milking the moment for all it was worth. “Gentlemen, there is only one guy who can save the day here … yours truly.” He took a sweeping bow and the junior boys cheered, knowing exactly what their buddy meant. “No need to thank me now, dudes. You can show your gratitude when the deed is done.”

Eddie faced Brian and said, “Dude, there is not a limp dick in the world that can resist me. They all rise to the occasion. You are about to see, and feel, a master cocksucker at work.” He fell to his knees in front of Brian’s chair and grinned up at him. “Us boys want you in the tribe, kid, so it’s up to me help you, er … rise to the challenge, if you see what I mean. So sit back, relax, and leave everything too me. You don’t have to do a thing … except push out one last load.”

Eddie licked his lips dramatically, swallowed, then bent forward and sucked Brian’s limp cock into his mouth. He let it sit there and massaged it simply by clenching and relaxing his throat muscles and swallowing rhythmically. Brian gazed down at Eddie’s cute, mischievous face pumping up and down and, unbelievably, felt his cock stirring back to life. It responded to Eddie’s nurturing skills quickly and was hard again in a few minutes.

As Eddie continued to suck, squeeze, release, swallow with unerring timing Brian looked up at the crowd of handsome boys urging Eddie on, willing Brian to succeed. He gazed in awe at the senior boys – the sexy lovers Pablo and Darius, the gorgeous blond surfer Jamie, the beautiful identical twins Kyle and Kevin, the cheerful young Aussie Nate – and then at the eager faces of the junior boys who had already been so welcoming.

Desperately he wanted to join their ranks, to be accepted as one of their own … to be a member of the tribe, no matter how junior. Already he felt the joy, the warmth of belonging, the fire in his loins, the incredible sensation in his cock as … “aaagh!!” … it took on a life of its own and exploded in Eddie’s warm, welcoming mouth.

Eddie quickly pulled off, grabbed Brian’s cock and shouted, “Gentlemen, I give you the newest member of our tribe.” He squeezed the cock which spurted one last (definitely the last) stream of cum into the air. Brian’s freckled face beamed triumphantly as the crowd erupted in cheers and whistles. Eddie licked the cum off Brian’s chest, leaned forward and kissed him, semen flowing from one boy’s mouth the other. He drew back and grinned, “That’s my gift to you, dude. Welcome to the club.”


Brandon was ecstatic that his new friend had so quickly become accepted by the boys and they spent the next few hours making plans. But still Brian was being realistic when he said, “I’m real excited that the boys want me, Brandon, but that’s only the first step. I still have to get the job at the Grady House and tomorrow is my interview with Doctor Steve. I’m real nervous about that. I mean, I don’t know what to expect … what’s the doctor like?”

Brandon grinned encouragingly. “You’ll find out, dude, and don’t worry, you’ll like him. He’s got this hunky lover, Lloyd, an architect, and they get home today from Spain. Don’t forget, Steve is Randy’s brother – they look really alike but they’re as different as brothers can be. I mean, Randy’s this rough tough construction boss but Steve’s the professional type, a classy Beverly Hills doctor. He’s not your average shrink, though, far from it. We’ve all had therapy sessions with him and they can get kinda wild. But just be yourself, kiddo, and you’ll do just fine.

Armed with that scant information Brian was even more nervous when Brandon dropped him off next morning at the gate of Steve’s house on Mulholland. Bob, who had planned the meeting, had suggested that Brandon leave him alone at the gate to show how independent he could be.

Brandon gave him a kiss and Brian unfolded his wheelchair out of the truck, then lowered himself into it. When Brandon drove off with a cheery wave Brian had never felt so alone and scared. There was so much riding on this and he really wanted the job with Grady and Mario.

He wheeled himself up to the gate, gulped and took a deep breath. Trembling, he reached up to the intercom and pressed the button. After a silence the income crackled to life and Brian said faintly, “Sir, I’m the boy come for the interview, sir. For the Grady House job, sir.”

“Of course … Brian,” came the deep cheerful voice from the intercom. “I’ve been expecting you. I’ll buzz you in and you come straight down the drive to the front door.”

The voice sounded friendly but the harsh buzz of the gate did not and it startled him. The gate swung open grandly and Brian proceeded down the long driveway. It seemed like one of the longest journeys of his life.

The front door opened and he stared in surprise. Coming out to meet him was a man who looked just like Randy, except that his hair was shorter and he was smartly dressed in gray slacks, a beige camel-hair sports jacket, white shirt and brown tie. He was totally gorgeous with a deep tan that he had got from the beaches of Spain.

The fact that the doctor looked like his brother Randy comforted Brian as he loved Randy who had been kind to him, and he knew Randy liked him (in addition to giving him a sensational fuck). Also, Steve’s gleaming smile was a lot like his brother’s as he shook his hand. “It’s so good to meet you, Brian, after everything Bob told me about you. You’re all alone are you? That’s good. Let’s go round to the pool, much more comfortable than my office.”

Feeling slightly less nervous Brian wheeled himself beside Steve round the house to the big pool area with its stunning views over the hills. They sat in the shade under a blue awning, Brian stiffly in his wheelchair facing Steve sprawled in a whicker chair. Brian noticed a clipboard on the table beside the doctor.

“You want something to drink, Brian? Beer, tea, water?”

“N-no thank you sir,” Brian said faintly, then cleared his throat and said again, “No thank you.”

“Not nervous, are you?”

“A bit, sir. Actually a lot, sir.”

“And why do you think that is?” Steve smiled.

“Sir, I … see, I applied for a job with Grady and Mario and they seemed kinda OK with the idea but they said I have to see you first, sir, ‘cos you’re a shrink …” he blushed and swallowed hard … “I mean a therapist, sir, and you would know if I’m good enough to work there.”

“Oh, I don’t think it’s a question of ‘good enough’. From all I hear from Bob you’re an excellent worker. I think they felt that as you’ve led a sheltered life so far, working in a busy place like the Grady House would be something of a jolt for you. You live alone in the desert, is that right?”

“Yes sir, in a trailer park outside Twentynine Palms.

“Quite a bit different from the Grady House, uh?” Steve smiled. “But I hear you had quite an introduction to the house – you got to know Grady himself, er, real well, and my brother Randy gave you his own special introduction to the tribe. Did you enjoy that?”

Brian brightened and said, “Yes, sir. Very much, sir. And yesterday the boys met with me and, like, kinda gave me a test and I came three times so they said I could be one of them.” He gave his endearing freckled faced smile, the one that always made people want to kiss him. He didn’t know it but at that moment he completely won Steve over.

“You are such a sweet boy,” Steve chuckled, “and at least you’ve got Randy and the boys on your side so that’s a real plus. OK, Brian, here’s what we’re going to do. This won’t be a usual session where I ask you a lot of therapist questions, because you’d probably just give me the answers you think I want to hear.

“Instead, I would like you to spend the day here if you can because this house somewhat resembles the Grady House. There are a lot of comings and goings and … er … quite a lot of sexual activity, much like Grady and Mario. You’ll be in the kind of situations you can expect to encounter at their house and I want to see how you react to all that. Think of it as a dress rehearsal if you like. I may make notes on my clipboard here, but take no notice of that.

“So just relax and be yourself.” Steve took off his jacket, draped it over a chair, loosened his tie and Brian glimpsed his sculpted body outlined under his shirt. “Tommy, our house manager, is out shopping and the only other person here is my boyfriend Lloyd who is downstairs working out in our gym.” They heard a door slam in the house. “Oh, sounds like he’s finished.”

Brian looked up wide-eyed as a handsome, dark-haired muscular man burst out of the house. He was wearing only gym shorts and his golden-tanned body gleamed under a sheen of sweat. When he saw Steve and Brian he said, “Oops, sorry, I didn’t realize you were out here. Didn’t want to interrupt your session – I was just gonna jump in the pool to wash off all this sweat.”

“Go right ahead, Lloyd, and then come and join us. Brian, this is my lover Lloyd.”

Lloyd flashed a smile. “And you must be Brian, Brandon’s new friend. Hold on, kiddo. Thirty seconds and I’ll be right with you.” He ran to the pool and dived in. A few quick, strong strokes and he pulled himself out, his muscles flexing and streaming with water. He stood up and shook his head so water sprayed out from his dark hair.

Brian’s jaw dropped as he got a good look at the handsome muscle-jock, his perfect physique gleaming in the bright sun, water flowing down his face and body. He felt his cock get hard in his shorts and, unseen by him, Steve jotted a note on his clipboard. Lloyd wiped his face with a towel, grabbed three bottles of water from a nearby table, pulled up a chair and sat with them.

He took a swig of water, wiped his mouth and grinned at Brian. “Gee, cute face, kiddo, nice bod, and I love that hair,” ruffling Brian’s long curly hair. “You were up at the Grady House on Saturday, weren’t you, Brian? We should have come back from vacation a day earlier, I hear we missed quite a show. Apparently Mark and Jamie put on a spectacular sex show and then Bob and Randy double teamed our resident gymnast Tommy. Tell me all about it.”

Brian looked from Lloyd to Steve in embarrassed silence and flushed pink. “I, er, I don’t think I can, sir. Randy told me whatever happens in the Grady House is private and I mustn’t talk about it.”

“Oh, come on, kid, we’re family, it’s OK to tell us.”

Brian squirmed. “I don’t think so, sir, I promised never to tell anyone.” He appealed to Steve. “I don’t have to, sir, do I?”

Steve smiled broadly, “No you certainly do not, Brian, and I am proud of you for keeping your promise. That’s especially important where Grady is concerned. Don’t worry about Lloyd, he’s tested other boys like that, making sure they can be discreet.” He grinned at Lloyd. “Mind you, my buddy here could use a lesson in discretion himself.”

“Hey, doc,” Lloyd laughed, “you’re not bringing up that bullfighter thing again, are you?”

“Well,” Steve shrugged, “you were pretty blatant.” He turned to Brian. “See, when Lloyd went to Spain once before he went to the bullfights and saw this gorgeous matador – you know, handsome, dark-haired Spaniard in his matador jacket and tight pants that showed off his sensational ass to perfection. His name was Felipe and Lloyd later met him in a bar after the fight, took him to his hotel, pulled down those tight pants and reamed his beautiful butt.

“So on this trip, naturally, my horny friend looked Felipe up again and this time we both got to plough that luscious ass. I think Felipe fell in love with Lloyd ‘cause when Lloyd admired his matador tights he gave him a pair as a gift, though god knows if he’ll ever get to wear them.”

There was a sudden silence that vibrated with notions of sex. Lloyd’s eyes sparkled and he grinned, “You wanna see them? Shall I try them on? Yeah, why don’t I?” He jumped up and ran into the house.”

Steve grinned at Brian. “Told you so, just like the Grady House sex is always there just below the surface. You’ll see a lot of that. And Lloyd is horny as a toad, loves beautiful men – like his bullfighter Felipe. He even bought a black matador jacket for Tommy as part of his uniform here – you know, back only comes down to the waist and shows off his butt. Are you familiar with bullfighting, Brian?”

“I saw it on TV, sir, but didn’t like it … it looked cruel. It wasn’t fair, all those guys against one animal. When I saw that poor bull with spears sticking out of it, it made me cry.”

“Does you credit, Brian. Tell you the truth, I agree. I only went because Lloyd wanted to see Felipe again.” He looked up. “Oh, shit … will you look at that!”

Lloyd had just come prancing through the door wearing tight black-satin matador pants stretched tight over his own gorgeous ass, hugging his slim waist and muscular thighs and coming down to his calves. There was a red sash round his waist and he had put on one of Tommy’s matador jackets over his bare torso, giving even more prominence to his butt. His black hair and chiseled features even resembled the dark Spaniard’s.

“Ta-da!” Lloyd sang out playfully, twirling round and stretching his arms wide so the jacket fell back from his chest and displayed his rounded pecs. “Felipe wanted to give me a pair of those pink, sparkling jobs, but I opted for plain black. So what do you think, guys?”

“Un-fucking-believable, man,” Steve said, while Brian stared at the make-believe matador in stunned, slack-jawed silence. Steve was stroking the bulge in his slacks and said, “Remember what I wanted to do to Felipe but didn’t dare to … thought it would scare him off?”

A salacious gleam came to Lloyd’s eyes. “Hey, you wanna get serious here? Go for it, stud.”

“Watch this, Brian,” Steve said. “All part of your education, kiddo.”


Steve stood up and pushed Lloyd under the overhanging eave of the house. “Take off the jacket, torero,” he growled.

Lloyd shrugged the jacket back on his shoulders, flexed his chest and let the jacket fall to the ground behind him. He stood stripped to the waist in his tight black satin pants, with the long red sash round his waist and hanging down his side.

“Oh, man,” Steve sighed deeply. “Shit, I always forget how fucking gorgeous you are … and in those pants … wow.” He stroked Lloyd’s chest, ran his hands over his broad shoulders, down the slant of his lats to the tight waist, then up to his chest where his finger traced the curve of his muscled pecs. “Much hotter than the Spaniard,” he grinned, “and the best part is I get to do to you what I wanted to do to him.”

Brian was mesmerized, watching the two muscle-god lovers indulging their exotic fantasies. He felt privileged to be present, but nervous too, not knowing what he was supposed to do. He wanted desperately to grab the bulge in his shorts but instead gripped the arms of his wheelchair and froze in wide-eyed wonder.

Steve gazed into Lloyd’s eyes as he untied the sash from around his waist. Lloyd compliantly offered his wrists to Steve who tied them together with one end of the sash. The other end he threw over one of the jutting supports of the eaves and pulled it down tight so Lloyd’s wrists were stretched high above his head.

He firmly secured the free end and then stood back to admire the sight of the shirtless fantasy “bullfighter”, his body stretched upward, arms pulled tight above him, muscles rippling, clad only in tight satin toreador pants hugging his waist, thighs and, most spectacular of all, the twin mounds of his perfect ass.

Steve took off his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it off and stood facing his captive, stripped down to his gray slacks, his waist cinched by an elegant brown belt. The two bare-chested lovers gazed at each other with a faint smile and Steve said, “Now you’re mine, señor.”

Steve pulled his chair beside Brian’s wheelchair and sat down next to him. “Spectacular don’t you think, kiddo? You’ll have to get used to fantasies like this between Grady and Mario. They playact a lot. Hey, why aren’t you stroking your cock, kid? Feel free … and shoot as many loads as you like.” Brian quickly unzipped his shorts, pulled out his rigid cock and stroked it slowly, careful not to cum too soon.

Lloyd put on a show of trying to get free, looking up at his bound wrists and tugging at them, his muscles flexing and gleaming in the sun. At one point his grabbed the beam and pulled himself up so his feet left the floor and his legs thrashed in the air, his body rotating round and round giving tantalizing glimpses of his flexed ass. Finally his arms were exhausted and he slumped back down, feet on the ground.

Brian could easily imagine the Spanish bullfighter and beat his cock harder. Steve said, “Now, what would you like, kiddo? Tell me.”

Brian swallowed hard and said softly, “Tell him to turn round, please, sir.”

Steve gave the order and they were treated to the stunning view of Lloyd’s broad back tapering down to the slim waist, then the rising mounds of his ass bulging under the tight, shiny fabric of the pants. “Good enough to eat, don’t you think, Brian? So what are we waiting for?”

Steve got up, and sank to his knees behind Lloyd. He pulled the stretch-fabric of the tights down below his ass, revealing the round white globes for the first time. He spread the cheeks with his hands, leaned forward … and pressed his face between them, pushing his tongue deep inside. Wanting more, Lloyd leaned forward against his restraints and pushed his ass backward, two hard round spheres pressed against his lover’s face buried between them.

Brian stared in disbelief as the handsome doctor feasted on his lover’s spectacular ass. His heart beat faster, his chest heaved, he stroked his cock harder … and he gasped loudly as his cock erupted in his fist.

Steve looked up and grinned at him. “Well done, kid. Now get your face over here and grab a taste of perfection.” Brian rolled his chair forward next to Steve, his sticky fingers sliding on the wheels. Steve edged aside and said, “Go for it, boy. It’s the kind of thing Grady will expect.”

Spurred by that thought Brian leaned forward and buried his face between the mounds of Lloyd’s ass, licking, probing, inhaling the essence of this beautiful man. When at last he pulled back Steve said, “Look at that incredible ass, Brian, all wet, slick with our spit. What do you want to see now, kid?”

By now Brian had lost all his inhibitions and replied, “Fuck it, sir. I want to see you fuck it.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Steve grinned. Brian pulled back a few feet, Steve got to his feet, stood behind Lloyd, unbuckled his belt and let his slacks fall round his feet. He reached round the bound, straining man and tweaked his nipples.

They were facing a floor-length window and Steve said over Lloyd’s shoulder, “Look at your reflection in that window, big guy. That’s how I wanted Felipe, stretched in bondage, his pants pulled down below his ass, begging me to fuck him. I wanted to see his reaction when I entered him … like this …”

“Aaagh!” The fantasy bullfighter screamed as the doctor’s long rod pierced his ass. As it pistoned inside him Lloyd watched his struggles reflected in the window, the writhing body pulling at the restraints, muscles bulging, features grimacing in pain and ecstasy. He fantasized on the macho bullfighter he had seen in the ring, and then in the bar, the handsome Spaniard he had lusted for now tied up, his flawless ass impaled on his lover’s cock.

He remembered Felipe, remembered the fierce Hispanic pride in his dark eyes as he resisted the humiliation of being forced to unload his semen by the cock pounding his ass. Playing the fantasy role to the full Lloyd resisted now. The magnificent matador, undefeated in the bullring was too proud to be defeated now and surrender his manhood to another beautiful male who had captured and degraded him by invading his ass.

Steve knew his lover so well he could read his mind and share his fantasy. He knew the role he was playing, and knew he would not submit without a fight. There was only one thing to do ….

“Boy,” he yelled. “Get over there, in front of him.” Brian had a good idea of the roles that these men were enacting. Years of watching porn had sharpened his capacity for fantasy as he drooled over jocks, soldiers and leathermen. He had never encountered a scene like this but it thrilled him and he guessed what Steve wanted him to do. If this was a test, he was ready.

He looked up at Lloyd writhing above him, then down at the long shape under the stretch fabric level with his face. Only Lloyd’s ass had been bared by Steve. The front of his pants had been pulled low enough to reveal a tuft of pubic hair, but his cock was still hidden. So the boy pulled the tights down the rest of the way until the iron-hard rod sprang out and hit him in the face.

He heard Steve’s voice say, “Do it, boy,” and he took a deep breath, leaned forward and lowered his mouth over the long shaft, letting it slide right to the back of his throat. “Nooo!” Lloyd howled (the ‘bullfighter’ protesting) but Brian persisted.

Only yesterday his own cock had received the master treatment from Eddie and he now tried to imitate some of those skills. Breathing through his nose he clenched his throat muscles round the hard cock and pulled his face back as if drawing semen from the cock as Eddie had done. He found he was good at it and soon established a rhythm that had Lloyd howling with anger that was contrived and pleasure that was all too real.

Steve’s pounding cock forced Lloyd’s pelvis forward repeatedly, banging into Brian’s face as he skillfully worked his cock. Steve growled, “That’s it, kiddo, suck that dick. He’s finished, he’s ours. Let’s make him cum, boy. I’m real close. Give up, stud!”

The piston in his ass and the hot mouth round his cock was too much for Lloyd and he looked at the refection of the proud Spaniard in the mirror pulling desperately against his restraints, his muscles rippling, face thrashing from side to side as he went down to defeat and yielded his manhood. “I give up … I submit … I submit, sir … aaagh!”

Brian’s face jerked back as the cock in his mouth blasted a stream of cum deep in his throat. He recovered, only to be slammed again as Steve thrust deep and hard and came in his lover’s ass, shoving him forward, hard against Brian’s face.

Brian was dimly aware of his own cock shooting for a second time over the feet of the proud man, the fantasy matador, whose spirit had been broken, defeated by the rugged doctor and the boy in the wheelchair … a boy who had just taken a major step toward his goal of acceptance.


Laughter floated over the pool as the three of them splashed in it naked. Brian had always been afraid of water, sure he would drown, but he felt so safe with these two men that he had finally taken the plunge, literally, from his wheelchair, and Lloyd was teaching him how to stay afloat.

“Kid, you did great,” Lloyd enthused. “When the hell did you learn give a blowjob like that?”

“Only yesterday, sir, when Eddie sucked my dick and made me come for a third time so the boys would accept me in their group. I tried to copy him just now.”

“And did great,” Steve chuckled as they all rested against the side of the pool. “That Eddie is an ace cocksucker. Hell, the only time he’s not talking is when he’s got a dick in his mouth. Anyway, you passed that test with flying colors, Brian. I’m sure you’re ready for anything sexual up at the Grady House. But I hope you can stick around ‘cos there are a few more things we should go over. Can you stay for lunch and dinner?”

“Yes, sir … yes please, sir,” he said eagerly with another freckle-faced grin.

“See, I want to see how you do at formal affairs. I’m having my regular business lunch here today with six or seven psych doctors I meet with once a month. Tommy will be back soon and I’d like you to help him prepare a light lunch and serve it to the group. That’s something Danny will expect you to do when Grady entertains studio people. Tommy wears his uniform for events like that and I’m sure his second best one will fit you.

“In the afternoon Hassan has said he wants you to go to his house just down that path there and have tea with him and Eddie.” He grinned, “I’ve a feeling it won’t only be polite afternoon tea, either. Hassan has something else in mind for you. Later they’re coming up here for dinner and I’ll expect you to help Tommy serve that too. And at mealtimes no fooling around with Eddie – no blowjobs before or during dinner.”

Steve grinned. “‘Course, after dinner is another matter – Hassan can get real horny after a few drinks. That tough Marine Captain is used to giving orders and having them obeyed. He’s been known to look around and choose someone he wants to fuck, like Lloyd here or one of the boys. Or else he prefers to kick back and tell the boys what to do as they put on a show for him. No knowing how it’ll turn out,” he laughed.

“So that’s kind of the agenda, kiddo.  Bet you never thought therapy could be such fun, did you?”


 TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 318



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