In The Previous Chapter

At the Grady House, the opulent home of the new movie Tarzan and his Italian lover Mario, they had declared this Saturday afternoon to be an Open House – open to the tribe, at least – walled off to the rest of the world, especially the ever-persistent paparazzi.

Most of the tribe’s boys were there already, helping the young house manager Danny to get ready for the visitors. Included among them for the first time was Brandon’s new friend Brian, a young man who, like Brandon, used a wheelchair but, unlike Brandon was shy, reclusive and lacking in self-esteem.

But, as Brandon had said to him, his introduction to the house was “A bit more than you bargained for eh, dude?” Brian had worshipped Grady from afar, jerking off daily to the many publicity photos of him as the upcoming Tarzan, and he had been amazed to meet him in the flesh. His fantasies came to life as Grady took him to bed and made love to him.

Then Randy, as the tribe’s leader, took care of the new boy’s ritual initiation into the tribe by subjecting him to light bondage and a master fuck, leaving Brian dazed and, like most of the other boys, in lust and in love with the swarthy gypsy.

Randy grinned down at him. “Sensational fuck, kiddo. You were wild. Huh, talk about still waters running deep! As far as I’m concerned you’re one of us. OK, now I promised Danny I’d deliver you back to him and the other boys ‘cos they need your help.”

The boys looked up wide-eyed as Randy came into the kitchen shirtless with the naked new boy wheeling himself beside him covered in cum. Then they heard the verdict. “Brian’s a great kid,” Randy said. “If he wants to stay, he stays. Now get him cleaned up.”

The boss’s judgment brought raucous cheers as they gathered round the bemused and starry-eyed new boy. Randy called over to Danny, “Hey, Danny, is Mark here yet?” Randy was waiting for the cop to arrive to check out the house’s security system with him.

“No, sir, he called to say he and Jamie have to run an errand on the way, but he won’t be long.”

“Huh,” Randy grunted, “what’s he up to with that boy of his now? I guess I’m supposed to say his man now.”


Actually, Jamie’s transition from boy to man was part of the reason for their errand now. The always-close love affair between the Greek-God blond cop Mark and his surfer boy Jamie had deepened over time, culminating in their recent trip up to the Guadalupe Dunes where they had lain together post-sex and Mark had made a startling announcement.

“Jamie, I don’t want you to be my boy anymore … because I want you to be my man … my lover, my buddy, my friend. This master-boy thing is a barrier between us. I don’t think of you as a boy anymore because you have grown into a strong, self-assured, young man respected by everyone. In many ways you are my equal and that makes me proud to call you my man.”

Since then they had worked, occasionally stumbled, toward their transition from ‘man-boy’ to ‘man-lovers’. Mark was still, of course, the dominant partner who called the shots and protected Jamie, so it had evolved into a kind of hybrid “buddy” relationship.

It was when Mark was driving them to join Randy and the others at the Grady House that he had sprung another surprise on Jamie. He made a detour and when Jamie saw their destination he had a moment of panic.

It was the tattoo parlor where Mark had taken him long ago to have an interwoven ‘MM’ tattooed on Jamie’s shoulder as a pledge of Mark’s love for him. But it was also the place where Mark had taken him to have the tattoo removed, in a fit of rage after finding Jamie doing drugs with his surfer buddies. Fortunately the removal had been avoided at the last minute, and peace was restored, but even now Jamie still felt a frisson of fear.”

Reading his mind Mark grinned, “Don’t worry, buddy, it’s not like last time. This is something that’ll blow you away, and the guys up at the house too. We’ll make a big entrance, and then show them how two hot men, soul-mates, really make love. How’s that grab you?”

Jamie playfully reached over and squeezed Mark’s crotch. He laughed, “Grab’s me right here, man. I can’t wait.”

********************    Chapter 316     *******************

When they pulled up in the small parking lot behind the tattoo shop Mark told Jamie to stay put in the truck while he went inside. Jamie sighed deeply as he watched the gorgeous cop stride across the parking lot, dressed in jeans and the black ribbed tank top that was Jamie’s favorite.

As always when he was with Mark, Jamie had a permanent hard-on in the surfer shorts he usually wore. Mark had said he would be a while so Jamie settled back in his seat, leaned his head against the headrest and closed his eyes, with his hand resting on his crotch.

It scared him a bit that he was so crazy in love with this powerful man with the strong, square-cut features and stunning physique, and the shift in their relationship took some getting used to, thinking of himself not as the cop’s boy but as his buddy and lover. It gave Jamie a status and a self-confidence that he had never felt in his life before.

He vividly recalled Mark’s words that day in the dunes. “Jamie, it was fun having a boy for so long but now I want a man for a lover – a hot, gorgeous, sexy young man like you. No, not like you. I want you, Jamie. I want us to be the hot couple around town, who everyone respects and admires – and even envies ‘cos we have each other.”

Jamie recalled how he had tried to get his mind round this new idea. “You mean we’d be kinda like Grady and Mario? I mean, we all think of them as equal but it’s Mario who fucks Grady almost all the time.” And just like Grady and Mario who couldn’t keep their hands off each other, Mark and Jamie had, since that day, had more sex than ever, mostly with the cop fucking the young surfer, of course.

But one thing never changed and never would, Jamie hoped. Every day when Mark was due home from his shift Jamie dropped whatever he was doing – in the office or with the other guys – and ran off to his and Mark’s bedroom. He stripped naked, lay on the bed and waited with growing excitement for the moment Mark would come through the door in his cop uniform.

Often Mark was tense and tightly wound after a grueling day patrolling the streets and, without taking off his uniform, ripped open his pants, yanked out his cock and plunged it into Jamie’s ass. And at times like that Jamie felt like the cop’s boy again, in his power, surrendering his ass to him as a good boy should.


“Dreaming of me?” Jamie opened his eyes with a start and saw Mark climbing into the truck with a gleaming smile. Jamie blinked and rubbed his eyes. “Actually I was. I must have nodded off and I was dreaming of waiting for you to come home from work.”

“And you were lying butt-naked on the bed, I hope?”

“Of course I was,” Jamie laughed. “Is there any other way?”

“Hey, kiddo, I got something to show you.” Mark pulled off his tank-top and Jamie was surprised to see a square bandage taped near the top of one of his pecs, just above his heart. Carefully Mark pulled up one of the corners so Jamie could see what was underneath.

Jamie looked, blinked, then choked up and turned his head away to hide the tears that brimmed in his eyes – inappropriate, he thought, for the buddy of a cop sitting beside him in a truck in a parking lot. But he couldn’t hold back his tears after what he had just seen – a small tattoo on Mark’s chest of a surfboard with a large ‘J’ across it.

As Mark re-taped the bandage and put his tank top back on, Jamie wiped his eyes, turned back to him and kissed his cheek. “Thank you, sir. It’s incredible … means everything to me. Is it OK if I still call you ‘sir’ sometimes?” He smiled through watery eyes. “You are a cop after all and it’s a well-known fact that if you get busted by a cop you better call him ‘sir’ a lot.”

Mark laughed. “I prefer to think it’s me who got busted by you, Jamie. That’s why I got this tat. You’ve had my initials on your shoulder for a long time and now we’re both branded by each other. That’s it, kiddo, we’re stuck with each other. These tats don’t come off. As for calling me ‘sir’, like I said before you can call me whatever you like, just so long as you’re waiting for me on the bed when I come home … just so long as you love me, hold me, sleep in my arms … and dream of me. Deal?”

“It’s a deal, sir. I’m so horny right now. Can we make love as soon as we get up to the Grady House?”

“You read my mind, buddy. But it’ll have to wait an hour or so until I can take this bandage off and let the guys see how you branded the tough cop like you own him. Then we’ll show ‘em, eh?”

Jamie was floating on air as they drove up the long, winding hill to the top.


Up at the Grady House it seemed to be an afternoon for guys making an entrance. First Bob and Randy had caused a stir as they always did when they arrived anywhere. Then Grady and Mario had created a minor sensation when they came out of the house with the new boy Brian who had cum splashed all over his bare chest. And now it was the turn of Mark and Jamie.

It was a hive of activity in the house and grounds, coordinated by the house manager Danny who had the boys helping him in the kitchen and setting up tables by the pool for drinks and food. But the noisy commotion ceased as Mark’s truck came through the gate and the two men jumped out.

The two blonds always made a dramatic couple – the tall, muscular cop in jeans and a black tank, and the young surfer-jock in board shorts and a loose tank over a torso sculpted by many hours spent paddling through the waves. Jamie had long ago become one of the senior boys, by virtue of his own well-earned respect in the tribe and his status as Mark’s boy. He shared that ranking with the other senior boys – Pablo (Randy’s boy), the twins Kevin and Kyle (Bob’s boys) and Darius (Zack’s boy).

But this time there was a special aura over the two new arrivals, especially Jamie whose glow was bright enough to challenge the sun. His face was wreathed in what the ever-graphic Darius described as a ‘Mona Lisa smile’ – serene and mysterious, as if he was guarding a secret – which in a way he was. He glided across the garden like he was riding the crest of a wave.

Impulsive Eddie, of course, broke the mystique. “Dude, you look like the cat that just licked the cream. Maybe you just did,” he grinned impishly, glancing at Mark. “Come on dude, what’s up?”

“Tell you later, kiddo,” Jamie said, adding to his air of mystery. “Hey, who’s this?” He was smiling down at Brian whose wheelchair had come to a dead halt as he saw the two blond hunks arrive. He had been returning from the pool area to the kitchen for more supplies but now he sat motionless, open-mouthed.

Brandon rushed up and made the introductions. “This is my new friend Brian. Brian, this is Mark – he’s a cop so watch what you say. And this here is his boy Jamie … oops, I guess I should say his man … buddy … whatever.”

“Don’t sweat it, Brandon,” Jamie laughed. “Confuses the hell out of me too. Hey Brian, welcome to L.A. Yeah, I heard about you on the grapevine. Seems you already tangled with Grady and then Randy eh? That must have been fun.”

Brian looked surprised and Jamie laughed. “Never underestimate the jungle drums around here, kid … everyone knows everything five minutes after it’s happened. This is Tarzan’s lair after all.” He shook Brian’s hand and the boy finally found his voice – timidly. “Hello, sir.”

Standing beside Jamie Mark flashed Brian a dazzling smile. “So you’re the new kid everyone’s talking about, eh? Well, kiddo, you haven’t lived until you’ve been arrested by the cop of this outfit, so let’s do it.” He reached down, pulled Brian out of his wheelchair, held him tight in his muscular arms and swung him round, then deposited him gently back in the chair.

Brian’s heart was beating wildly as he gazed in disbelief at the muscular Greek God, and his fantasies kicked in as he tried to imagine him in a cop uniform. This place got more and more like his porn videos back home, he thought. And the uniform ones were his favorites.

But just then the overwhelming gypsy presence of Randy took over. “Mark, old buddy, I’ve been waiting for you. What kept you? What you been doing to this boy of yours?”

“You mean what I’ve been doing to myself,” Mark grinned. “Never mind – later man. So what’s up?”

“Take a look at the northwest corner over there, buddy. I think the security camera is out of whack.” Mark walked off to check out the problem and Randy grinned down at Brian. “What’s the matter, boy, you on strike?”

“No, sir, I’m on my way to get plates from the kitchen.”

“Good boy. But what you need on that chair is a tray table like Brandon so you can carry more stuff. Come round to the garages with me and I’ll fix it up for you.” Dutifully Brian wheeled himself alongside the big gypsy who had so recently owned his ass.

Jamie, who was helping Brandon set up the business office, took him into the house to check on his progress, while the other boys sprang back into action ferrying food and drinks from the kitchen. While all this was happening, Grady and Mario stood at their upstairs bedroom window surveying the activity below. “Well, amico,” Mario said, “looks like the guys have everything pretty much under control. They don’t need us for a while.”

“Good, ‘cos I sure need you, stud.”

“Not again,” Mario sighed. “You’re a sex machine, you know that? I thought you just got your ass ploughed by Bob!”

“Yeah, you know that guy is phenomenal. I was feeling real insecure and he made me feel safe again when he promised the tribe would protect us. See, buddy, there’s something I didn’t tell you. Seems the studio has decided there’s gonna be a sequel to this Tarzan movie … it’ll probably become a franchise. So it looks like you’re stuck with a movie star for a long time buddy, and that’s what scares me.”

Grady became that anxious little boy Mario loved so much. “You won’t let it … like … break us up or anything, will you?”

“Hmm, that depends,” said Mario thoughtfully. “It’s great news, Grady, but the proof of the pudding is in the fucking. See, I wonder if a star of that magnitude would still want to get his ass fucked by a humble Italian gardener?”

Grady flashed his best movie-star smile. “Only one way to find out, signore.” He ripped off his T-shirt and shorts and flopped down on the bed butt naked. “OK, me Tarzan, you gardener. What are you waiting for?”

“You are insatiable, Grady. And I love you like crazy. Right, you asked for it.” And Mario launched himself on the bed.


By the time the two lovers eventually emerged from the house the garden had filled up with other members of the tribe sauntering in. The twins, Kyle and Kevin, the chefs of the tribe, had come to give Danny support in the kitchen. The black leathermen Zack and his boy Darius were there, along with the Aussies, Adam and Nate. Then Pablo swaggered in, Randy’s adopted son and self-proclaimed boss’s boy.

Brandon had just greeted his master, Ranger Pete, but he was careful also to keep a close eye on his new friend Brian. “I know,” Brandon grinned, “feels like you’re in a porn movie with too many actors. You don’t know who to look at first. Uh-uh, here comes another one. That gorgeous hunk who just strolled in is Jason. He’s a fireman and young Ben is his boy.”

Brandon looked over at the barbecue being tended by Ben. “Looks like we’re getting low on charcoals. There’s more in the garage. Do you mind going round there and picking up a bag?”

Only too happy to be of use – feeling almost as if he were one of the boys – Brian wheeled himself away at top speed and had almost reached the garage when he crashed into something. His wheelchair went out of control, tipped over and he went sprawling on the grass.

Dazed at first, he raised his head and found himself staring at a pair of combat boots. His eyes travelled up the military fatigue pants, up to the belt at the slim waist, then the stunning, muscular torso covered only by an open denim vest.

“Well what do we have here?” The deep voice came from Hassan, the muscular Marine with the exotic Arab/Asian features, square jaw, high cheek bones and jet black hair. Hassan had come straight from a morning photo-shoot on one of the recruiting videos he made for the Marines, and he was still wearing sweat streaked combat gear.

Stunned, Brian’s mind flashed instantly to a porn video he had of military men in uniform, though none as hot as this soldier. Impulsively he did now what he had always fantasized about doing to the guys in the movie. Lying on his stomach he bent his head and started to lick the boots, cleaning them as he imagined being forced to clean all the boots in the platoon.

“Hey,” the Marine said in his accented voice, “the service in this place gets better and better. Shoe-shine as soon as you get here.” He hooked his boot under the boy’s stomach and flipped him onto his back, towering over him with his muscular arms folded across his bare chest. “You took quite a spill there, kid. You OK?”

“Ye-yes, sir, I’m fine” Brian stammered, reaching for his chair. “Sorry I crashed into you sir.”

Hassan laughed, “No sweat, kid, I’ve taken a lot worse than that. I’m a Marine after all. Here, don’t move. I’ll help you up and check you over.”

Hassan righted his wheelchair and Brian gave himself up to the soldier’s strong arms that lifted him up and gently replaced him in his chair. Crouching beside him Hassan felt the boy’s body all over, checking for damage. Under the Marine’s strong touch Brian breathed heavily and almost creamed his shorts, when suddenly they were interrupted by an excited voice.

It was Hassan’s boy Eddie, as garrulous as ever. “Sir, hello, sir … this here is Brian, Brandon’s new friend … well all of ours friend by now. This is his first day, sir, and already he’s been butt-fucked by Grady as a kind of welcome to the house and then by Randy as a … well, you know Randy. And now he’s helping us boys get ready for the party … you know, food, drinks, all that stuff, and Randy built a tray table on his chair so he can carry more stuff … a whole load of …”

“Stop!” Hassan shouted, but with a twinkle in his eye.”

“Oh, sorry, sir. Too much?”

“Eddie, it was too much after ‘this is Brian’.” Hassan held out his hand. “Hey, Brian, I’ll introduce myself ‘cos if we wait for Eddie to get round to it we’ll be here all day. I’m Hassan. I heard from Randy that the new boy was real cute and he was right. Love those freckles and long hair, and that upper body is real solid.”

They shook hands and Brian relaxed under the dazzling smile – gleaming white teeth set in the chiseled, olive-skinned features. For the umpteenth time that day Brian was speechless but it didn’t matter as ‘the mouth’ was gearing up again.

“You’re just in time, sir,” Eddie gushed, “‘cos the guys are all here and everything’s pretty much ready, thanks to us boys, who’ve worked like ….”

This time it was Brian who interrupted him, speaking to Hassan. “Excuse me, sir, I’m supposed to be fetching some more charcoals, they’re nearly out.”

“Off you go, then. I’ll see you later. Maybe you’d like to come and have tea with Eddie and me one afternoon soon. You are sticking around for a while, aren’t you?”

“Well, I … I don’t really know, sir.”

“Sure you are,” Hassan laughed. “Cute kid like you – and you’ve already been fucked by Grady and Randy. That clinches it, you’re one of us. Come on Eddie, let’s join the throng.”


It wasn’t often that the tribe got together like this and in such a glorious setting as the Grady House. The only ones missing were Randy’s brother Steve and his lover Lloyd, who were vacationing in Europe. It was, inevitably, a boisterous crowd that gathered in the expansive pool area where the food and drinks were set up. The men were drinking and catching up with each other’s gossip while most of the boys were splashing in the pool.

Keeping a watchful eye on things was the house manager Danny, assisted by the young blond Tommy, who normally worked for Steve and Lloyd but was on loan to the Grady House during their vacation. Tommy was preoccupied, though, by thoughts of what was in store for him and he kept catching lascivious glances from Randy and Bob. His time would come, he knew.

In the meantime, people were starting to wonder where Mark and Jamie were. “The cop’s probably banging that boy of his again,” grinned Randy with his usual lack of tact, a word notably missing from his vocabulary. In this case he was almost right, though. The two men were upstairs with their hands all over each other, making out but stopping short of actual sex.

Mark had removed the bandage from his tattoo. The tattoo was a small thing in itself but they both saw it as a major token of their intensifying love. And like so many lovers before them, they wanted to shout if from the rooftop. Actually it wouldn’t be on the roof but on the grass where they would display their passion to anyone who cared to watch. Which meant everyone in the clan, all of whom got off on watching guys have sex, second only to doing it themselves.

So when the two blonds came out of the house (making their second dramatic entrance of the day) a hush fell over the noisy group. “OK, come on guys,” Bob smiled. “The minute you walked in here today, after that mysterious ‘errand’ you did on the way, it was obvious that something was up. So in the immortal words of Darius here, ‘spill the beans, guys, exaggerations accepted’.”

“No need to exaggerate, guys,” Mark grinned. “It’s nothing really – just Jamie and me kinda reinventing our relationship.” He strung them along a bit longer, sitting at the table and opening a beer. He squinted in the sun. “Another perfect day in paradise, eh guys? Sun’s real hot.” He reached behind his neck and pulled up on his tank top.

The unveiling of Mark’s stunning upper body was always something to watch but especially this time. As the shirt exposed first his ripped eight-pack abs, then the curve under his pecs and finally the full chest, there were gasps all round, especially from the boys. Visible for the first time was the tattoo of the surfboard with the letter ‘J’ slanting through it. Mark had never had any other tattoos and the significance of this one was not lost on anyone.

Randy broke the silence, laughing, “Shit damn, officer, you’ve been branded.”

“You could say that,” Mark grinned. “You all know that a long time ago I had my initials tattooed on Jamie’s shoulder, and I said at the time that he had been branded like a stallion to prove he was mine. But that was when I was his master claiming ownership of my boy. Since then Jamie has since grown into a hot, mature young man, and I think of him as my buddy, so I thought we should even the score. Now we both carry each other’s brands.”

“Way to go, Mark,” Bob smiled. “A symbol of equality – man on man.”

“Yeah, but this is not just symbolic, guys, this is real. Jamie’s my man, my buddy, and we’re doing what buddies do. An expectant silence fell over the group as Mark and Jamie stood facing each other. They looked on mesmerized as Mark kicked off his boots, unzipped his jeans and let them drop. He stepped out of them, now wearing just gray boxers clinging to his slim waist and muscled thighs.

Eddie whispered to Ben, “Watch this dude – stripped for action, ready to fuck the surfer.

But for once Eddie was wrong. The two men stared into each other’s eyes for long seconds, and then there was a collective gasp as the cop slowly sank to his knees in front of the blond jock. He reached forward, untied the string of Jamie’s surfer trunks and pulled out the rock hard cock. He leaned forward, licked the whole length of the cock, then lowered his mouth over it and took it all the way down his throat.

“Shit damn,” Darius moaned softly to himself, “never thought I’d see that, not in front of the whole tribe. I gotta get this one.” He reached over to a table and grabbed his camera that he took everywhere. He took a few steps back and put the camera to his eye. The spectacle looked even more vivid in his viewfinder – the near naked muscle-cop on his knees sucking the cock of the tall young surfer-jock. “Fucking awesome,” he muttered holding the camera steady.

The effect on the crowd was riveting. Here was a public display of what the tattoo signified – no longer master and boy, but two buddies, as Mark had said, ‘doing what buddies do’, which included sucking each other’s cocks. They all knew that, up to now, the cop had been the top man whose boy had daily surrendered his mouth and his ass. Now the roles were reversed.

They watched in breathless silence as Jamie clamped his hands round Mark’s head, pushed it back, then yanked it forward forcing his mouth to swallow his long shaft. Not used to sucking cock Mark gagged at first, but he relaxed his throat and got used to the steady rhythm of the young stud fucking his mouth. His square jaw sagged, his full lips stretched wide as he swallowed his buddy’s cock again and again, his head trapped in Jamie’s vise-like grip.

“That’s right, officer,” Jamie smiled, “suck your buddie’s rod, man. Let me see that gorgeous cop eat dick, on his knees.” As he spoke Jamie slowly increased the tempo, faster and faster until his cock was a piston pounding the cop’s handsome face. Tears sprang to Mark’s eyes and ran down his cheeks as he struggled to swallow his buddie’s pile-driving rod. Instinctively he clasped his hands behind his back as if he were a bound captive on his knees, forced to swallow his captor’s merciless shaft.

The awestruck crowd watched the powerful cop on his knees, his hands behind his back making his shoulders and arms flex, his blond hair flying, his face impaled on the surfer’s cock. It could have been humiliating but it was the very reverse … it was triumphant, the rugged cop, a master of the tribe, proving his love for his man by submitting to a ferocious face fuck.

“Fuckin’ A man,” Eddie yelled impulsively, and that broke the logjam of silence as first the boys then the men began to whoop and cheer. Their enthusiasm reached a crescendo and just when it seemed inevitable that Jamie’s dick would explode in the cop’s mouth … he suddenly pulled out. He grabbed Mark’s tousled hair, pulled his face back and smiled in triumph at the god-like face, tears flowing from his eyes, jaw sagging open with spit drooling over his chin.

There was a roar of approval from the crowd as Jamie dropped to his knees, took Mark’s face in his hands and pressed their mouths together in a ravenous kiss.


“You know what I want now don’t you, man,” Jamie smiled at Mark as they pulled apart.”

“Go for it, buddy. It’s all yours.”

After that it seemed like the most natural thing in the world, the boy fucking his master, or rather one hot blond jock fucking another. Mark lay on his back on the grass, and stretched his arms above his head in a gesture of submission. Jamie grinned down at him, grabbed his shorts and ripped them clear off, something the raging cop had often done to him in the past. The tables were turned.

Jamie stood up dropped his surfer trunks and stood astride the naked cop slowly stroking his long, hard cock. Mark moaned, “Shit, man, I need that so bad. I need my buddy’s cock in my ass. Here it is, stud.” Mark hooked his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs back, exposing his ass. The crowd gasped at the sight of the rugged cop, an alpha top-man, offering his ass to the young surfer.

Jamie knelt behind his ass, leaned forward between his legs and braced his hands on the grass beside him. He bent his head and licked Mark’s prominent nipples, then lightly kissed the tattoo on his chest. “Thank you for doing that for me, sir,” he whispered so only Mark could hear. “I love you so much and it’s an honor for me to do what I’m doing now.”

The head of his cock, wet with Mark’s saliva, was already pressing against his hole so all he had to do was ease his hips forward and feel his cock slide deep inside the police officer’s hungry ass. Jamie rested his palms on the slabs of Mark’s pecs and Mark reached up to stroke Jamie’s nipples. “You are so beautiful, Jamie. Your cock feels so good in my ass. It’s yours, buddy, it’s yours whenever you want it. Fuck me, man, fuck my ass.”

Most of the boys and men watching in awe grabbed their own cocks and stroked them, trying to simulate the sensation Jamie was feeling in his. But the two men were unaware of all this as time passed and the fuck went on and on. The crowd disappeared and it was just them, lost in each other’s eyes as Jamie rose and fell over the muscle-god sighing beneath him.

But finally, and inevitably, their passion reached a point where it had to be vented. “I’m so close, buddy,” Mark moaned. “I can’t hold back anymore. Make me cum for you, Jamie.”

Jamie’s cock had been straining for release, waiting for Mark to give the word. Now, at last the beautiful man lying naked beneath him wanted him to shoot his load, wanted to feel his juice inside him. As Jamie stared into the limpid blue eyes in the strong, square-jawed face, tousled blond hair falling over his brow, he knew he had never loved Mark more than he did now, had never loved anyone in his life as he did now … had not even known what real love was.

And now he understood why Mark had wanted this public display. He had wanted to empower Jamie in front of all their friends … and it worked. Jamie, who had groped his way toward manhood, now felt the full force of that power, like a colt growing steady on his feet, pawing the ground and becoming a stallion. “OK big guy,” he growled, “this is it. Here it comes, man. Yeah … fuck … fuck you … aaagh.” He reared up, pumped his fists in the air and thrust deep one last time as his cock erupted with warm juice that poured into the shuddering cop’s ass.

Then Jamie pulled out suddenly, grabbed his cock and pointed it at Mark’s face. Mark opened his mouth as a shower of semen sprayed on his face and into his mouth. He swallowed hard and savored the exquisite essence of Jamie’s virility, the young man who had shed the skin of an eager boy and emerged as a glorious full-fledged alpha male.


The cheers were thunderous … but the show was not over. Suddenly Mark, who had been gazing lovingly at Jamie, teasingly reversed the fantasy and reverted to the stern, authoritarian cop. His eyes flashed and he growled in mock anger, “Shit damn, look what you did, man. You shot your fucking load in my face. You think a cop takes insolence like that? No way, man.”

He heaved Jamie off him, rolled him onto his back and straddled him. He wiped the cum off his own chest and used it to lube his cock. “See this, man? This is what you get for fucking my ass. You know you want it. Show me how much you want it.”

In a daze of lightning role reversals and lust for this exciting man Jamie was suddenly back to the boy on the bed, lying naked waiting for the uniformed cop to burst through the door and fuck his ass. And he now instinctively resumed that daily routine, pulling his legs back and offering his ass, with its light fuzz of downy blond hair, to the fierce cop. Their eyes locked as Mark grabbed Jamie’s legs and drove his thick shaft straight into his ass.

Jamie howled in ecstasy as the audience cheered him on. The sudden change in roles was mind blowing and they were enthralled by the more familiar spectacle of the cop reasserting his power and reclaiming the young jock’s ass as his own. “Payback time buddy,” Mark growled. “You fuck a cop you know you’re gonna end up spiked on his cock. Feel it, feel that cop’s nightstick up your ass. You wanna shoot another load don’t you? Don’t you? You man enough to cum again? Let’s see …”

Mark reverted to the kind of savage fuck he gave Jamie on the days he got home full of road rage and horny as hell after a tough day astride his throbbing bike. He leaned forward, pinned Jamie’s arms to the ground and jackhammered his ass, watching the young surfer writhe beneath him, his beautiful face thrashing from side to side, blond hair flying. “Yeah, fuck me, man. Pound that ass. You win, I submit … I’m cumming again … I’m cumming ….”

The naked cop tensed, his muscles flexed and he yelled, “Here it comes, buddy … I love you, man … aaagh!” They both came together, Jamie all over his golden tanned body and Mark deep inside his lover’s ass.

The awestruck men and boys reacted in the only way possible. Pounding their cocks in their fists they blasted stream after stream of warm jizz over the entwined couple who laughed jubilantly under the shower of the tribe’s approval.


“Incredible,” Bob said later as Mark sat between him and Randy, recovering with a beer. “You and Jamie have brought a new phenomenon to the tribe, man-on-boy becomes man-on-man. ‘Course, you realize all the boys will be wanting tattoos now, on themselves and their men.”

“Fat chance,” Randy growled. “My boy Pablo is still my boy and always will be my boy – even when he’s a man.” The uncertain logic of that remark prompted an exchange of wry grins between Bob and Mark.

Meanwhile the boys were all, naturally, gathered round Jamie, the hero of the hour. During the spectacle Brian had stayed close to Brandon who had explained the changes between Mark and Jamie unfolding before their eyes. Brandon had also been keeping an eye on some of the other undercurrents that were always at play in this volatile group of disparate men and boys.

“By the way, dude” he said to Brian, “when we were all rushing round getting ready for this shindig I saw you chatting to Tommy quite a lot.”

“Yeah, he was real helpful telling me who was who and what was what in the Grady House. He told me he used to be the assistant manager at a luxury hotel down the coast before he came here and got hired by Danny as his assistant.”

“Sure,” Brandon said, “but there was a whole mess of stuff went on when he first got here. He was real arrogant at first, him being the Golden Boy, this handsome blond with the body of a gymnast and the ass of an ice-skater that boggled everyone’s mind and made their dicks hard. He threw his weight around at first until Randy cut him down to size big time. You’ve seen what Randy can do to a guy. ‘Course it was different with you ‘cos he liked you, but he really put Tommy through the ringer and ploughed that ass every which way.

“Here’s the thing, though. What Randy could tell about Tommy was that all his swagger and bossiness was a fake, and that deep down what he wanted was the very opposite. He wanted to be dominated, you know, really used and abused. Well, he had come to the right guy in Randy. Him and Bob put that gorgeous ass to work, fucking him one after the other – mouth, ass, the works until he was begging for more. Well, dude, you can guess what happened next. Whammo, Golden Boy is crazy in love with Randy, and Bob too.

“Randy’s brother Steve hired him away from here and he now takes care of Steve’s big house in the hills. But he still moons around Randy and Bob when he gets the chance, hoping for a little more butt action.” Brandon grinned mischievously, leaned toward Brian and lowered his voice.

“According to Darius, who knows everything there is to know about the tribe, Randy and Bob have done pretty much everything that can be done to a guy like Tommy – except for one thing. See, Tommy recently spent a night with Bob’s boys, the twins you met in the kitchen here.”

“Oh yeah,” Brian rolled his eyes. “Real gorgeous, and identical – two for the price of one. They worked together almost like one guy … I mean, they seemed real close.”

Brandon opened his eyes wide and said, “Dude, we’re talking real close! As close as two guys can be – and forget the brother thing. They fuck each other all the time – and that night they fucked Tommy. And when you say they work together like one guy, you nailed it, dude. They blew Tommy’s mind – gave a whole new meaning to ‘double-teamed’.”

“Oh yeah,” Brian said, “Grady and Mario told me about that and said Tommy’s dying to do the same with Randy and Bob as he did with the twins.” Brian giggled, “But Grady said, ‘Good luck to Tommy on that one … those two huge dicks? Wow.’ Mario thinks they’ll probably do it here ‘cos they like an audience for that kinda stuff. He said, ‘You thought watching us was sexy?’ Wait ‘til you get a load of Randy and Bob together working on the Golden Boy’.”

“He got that right, dude. One thing about Randy, he never likes to be upstaged by anyone, even his buddy Mark, so he always has to go one better. And it looks like we won’t have long to wait.”


Randy was getting to his feet with a more-than-usual look of authority. “Guys, I wanna congratulate Mark and his man Jamie for showing us how great man-on-man action can be. So while we’re on the subject …”

“Here it comes, dude,” Brandon whispered to Brian.

“…while we’re on the subject, how about two men-on-man action?”

“Told you, dude – one better,” Brandon grinned

“Tommy, get your ass over here.”

After his professional poise helping the boys set up the party Tommy had seemed to sink into himself, sitting quietly on the edges of the group. He had watched the Mark/Jamie show with some foreboding, knowing that his turn would surely come, and he was the only one of the boys not to jerk off over them at the end. As he rose and stood in front of Randy he had that strange but exhilarating cock-hard sensation of being on display to the tribe, at the mercy of the boss.

Always sensitive to the feelings of others Bob stood and put his arm round Tommy’s shoulder as Randy continued to hold the floor. “It’s a well-known fact, guys, that news travels fast in this group, so it’s also a well-known fact that me and Bob have taught young Tommy here a thing or two, from the first time he came to our hotel room down south to, er, offer us his services.”

There was a smattering of laughter round the group and Tommy blushed. Any other boy might have been embarrassed but Tommy was so in thrall to the big gypsy that just to be standing next to him, the focus of his attention, was exciting. Bob’s squeezing his shoulder helped too.

“Yeah,” Randy grinned roguishly, “there ain’t much we haven’t done to our gorgeous young gymnast here, or to his spectacular ass … except for one thing.” He paused for effect. “Not that Tommy is a stranger to that ‘thing’. Bob’s trusty twins, Kyle and Kevin, got there first and, shall we say, whetted Tommy’s appetite. But you know me. I don’t like being upstaged by anyone, even Bob’s beautiful twins.”

“Told you so,” Brandon whispered again.

“OK, Tommy, this is it. You sure you want this?”

“Yes please, sir … very much, sir.” Bob smiled, took Tommy’s face in his hands and kissed him gently. Then he and Randy stood aside and Tommy knew what he had to do, an act that fed his need for domination, humbling himself before the whole tribe even as he exposed his sculpted gymnast’s body to them all.

He had perfected this striptease when he offered his ‘special services’ to gentlemen guests in their hotel room, though to now be the focus of the whole tribe’s attention was both daunting and exhilarating. He pulled his polo shirt off over his head, kicked off his shoes, dropped his shorts and his cock sprang out rigid as he stood gloriously naked in front of the mesmerized men and their boys.

Randy understood better than anyone Tommy’s need for humiliation and knew exactly how to pump it to the max. “Guys,” he said, like a slave master offering a man for sale, “feast your eyes on one of the most beautiful butts you ever saw.” Tommy turned around to a collective gasp from the crowd. He blushed but when he found himself looking into Bob’s soft brown eyes he managed a smile.

“OK,” Randy grinned, “let’s cut to the chase here.” He pulled off his shirt and lay on his back on the grass in front of one of the house’s floor length windows in which the scene was reflected. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his massive cock, which he stroked to daunting stiffness in seconds. He spat in his palm, lubed his cock and said, with his usual gypsy finesse, “Here it is, Tommy … take a seat.”

Tommy stood astride Randy’s chest and gazed down at the rugged, stubbled face. He would do anything for this man – and he wanted the tribe to know it. He sank to his knees, straddling Randy’s waist, and felt the hard round knob of the cock pressing against his butt. The crowd fell silent as they watched the massive cock disappear between the perfect white globes of the young jock’s ass, inch by inch until Tommy was sitting on the mass of wiry pubic hair.

Again the silence was broken by Eddie who could never control his verbal impulses when confronted by sex involving a massive cock and a perfect ass. “Way to go, Tommy,” he yelled. “Yeah, fuck that cock … ride it, dude.” The other boys followed Eddie’s lead and yelled ribald encouragement.

Tommy steadied his nerves by focusing on the dark gypsy’s magnetic blue eyes as Randy said, “That’s my boy. Make it feel good. You dream of that dick in your ass, don’t you, kid?”

“Yes, sir. Always, sir. It feels so good.” He felt no pain as he rose and fell on the huge cock, clenching his ass round it, striving to please the man he idolized. He became so lost in the hypnotic eyes, so overwhelmed by the sensation that set his ass on fire and permeated his whole body, that he momentarily forgot what was expected of him. But he was soon reminded when he heard Bob whispering in his ear.

“You ready for me, Tommy? We can’t let Randy have all the fun, can we?”

Tommy looked up and saw, reflected in the window, the square-jawed Superman face over his shoulder behind him. Bob had stripped naked and now whispered, “This is it, Tommy – the climax of all the fun Randy and I have had with you. You’re a beautiful young man and the guys are getting to respect you. This will clinch it, kiddo, getting reamed by the two bosses at once. You ready?”

“Yes, sir,” Tommy stammered nervously, not entirely sure he was ready.

Gently Bob pushed Tommy forward until he was leaning over Randy, hands braced on the grass beside him, their faces close, Randy’s cock still filling his ass. “Don’t worry, kid,” Bob murmured in his ear, “I won’t hurt you. Unlike Randy I use lube.”

Drawing strength from Randy’s encouraging smile Tommy gazed into his eyes as he felt Bob’s stiff cock press against his ass on top of Randy’s. Tommy winced in the anticipation of pain and Bob said softly, “Look at my face in the mirror, Tommy. You trust me, don’t you? You love me just a bit don’t you?”

“I love you a whole lot, sir. I want to please you, sir.”

“Well all you have to do is relax your ass. Remember what you did for the twins? That’s all there is to it. Bob’s voice had become mesmerizing. “Would you like to sleep with us tonight, Tommy? Think of it, sleeping between us in our big bed with our arms wrapped around you, safer than you’ve ever felt in your life. You know you want it, just like you want this …”

Tommy did imagine sleeping with these two stunning men, sleeping and dreaming … dreaming he had both their cocks inside him. It was a painless dream until he woke from his trance and realized he wasn’t dreaming. It was real. He looked down at Randy, then at Bob reflected in the glass, realized that both huge cocks were deep inside him and he panicked … aaagh!”

“Tommy, Tommy,” came the deep, mesmerizing voice. “Relax, stay calm. Randy and I need your help … we want to make love to each other inside you. He wants to feel my cock fucking his in the warmth of your ass. Will you do that for us?”

“You need me, sir?” Tommy murmured, frowning as he tried to understand. “You need me to help you make love. Of course, sir. Of course, I’ll do anything for you.”

And from then on it was easy … and ecstatic. Randy grinned up at Bob, loving the way that, through kindness and gentle persuasion, his lover could make a man do anything. And what Bob had said was true. They were making love in the most intense way possible, grinding their cocks against each other in the hot ass of the handsome young jock.

The sensation in Tommy’s ass was incredible, but it was more than that, much more. His domination by these two magnificent men was complete. He was their servant, their sex slave, and his masters were using him as the ultimate way of making love to each other, fucking each other’s cocks inside him. There was no pain, only the ineffable joy of serving his idols in the most intimate way imaginable.

Randy gazed up at Bob with a dazzling smile. “Man, I love you … you feel so fucking hot grinding your dick against mine. Come on, buddy, let’s fuck that ass, together. It’s a fucking furnace in there. That’s it buddy … let’s fuuuck!” He raised his hips off the ground and drove his cock deep into Tommy’s ass while Bob pulled back, accelerating the pace until their rods were moving inside him like two pistons pounding side by side.

The crowd was going wild, watching the two muscular bosses making spectacular love by fucking the same gorgeous ass at the same time. Again cocks were yanked from shorts, cocks were pounded in fists and howls filled the garden as jets of semen splashed down on the heaving bodies of the trio beneath them. They didn’t wait for the ultimate climax, which didn’t come until the three men were gleaming wet under a shower of sperm.

But their climax did come, of course, led naturally by the dominant gypsy. “Man,” he panted to Bob, “this kid is fucking beautiful, his ass is hotter than hell. Fuck him man, fuck his ass, fuck my dick buddy. Good boy, Tommy. Take those two huge cocks, make them cum, squeeze that ass tight. That’s it … oh shit, oh man, that’s fucking beautiful. I’m gonna shoot. Do it with me Bob while I drink our boy’s juice. Come on guys ... NOW!”

Their shouts rattled the windows of the house as Randy opened his mouth wide, Tommy grabbed his own cock, pointed it at the gypsy’s face and blasted a stream of hot jizz straight into his mouth and over his stubbled chin. That spectacle pushed Bob over the edge and he exploded inside the boy alongside Randy’s eruption, jizz blasting from them simultaneously, flooding the boy’s ass, spilling out of it and down his legs.

And all the time cum rained down on them from the ecstatic crowd in a collective demonstration of their awed respect for the masters and the young blond gymnast they had fucked together.

Sensing that Tommy might panic now he had emptied his load in Randy’s face and still felt his ass stuffed full, Bob slowly pulled out and lifted the boy off Randy’s cock. Then Randy erupted with laughter, pulled the two men on top of him and folded them both in his powerful arms while the spectators cheered themselves hoarse.

Eventually Randy pulled himself free, stood up and pulled the other two to their feet. Tommy stood between Bob and Randy who raised his arms up in triumph. “Gentlemen,” Randy said, “we have now done everything to this boy, given him every test, and he has come through with flying colors. It took a while, but I say he is now a full member of the tribe, worthy of our respect and protection. So, guys, let me hear you give it up for Tommy.”

Tommy blushed as he heard his name chanted by the crowd and felt his wrists gripped hard by the two muscle-gods who had just double-teamed him. And when Bob leaned close and whispered, “That offer for you to share our bed tonight still stands, Tommy. You up for that?” Tommy turned to him and grinned, “There no place I’d rather be, sir. Nowhere in the world.”


That had been the showpiece of the gathering, following the earlier erotic display by Mark and Jamie, but it took the whole afternoon before the party finally began to wind down. Gathered in a secluded corner was a small group in earnest conversation – Grady, Mario, Danny and Brandon, and they had called on Bob for advice.

“OK, Danny,” Grady said, “you say you have a suggestion. You’re the house manager, so shoot, kiddo.”

“Well sir, it’s not so much a suggestion as an idea I had, but I’m not really sure. See, ever since Tommy left this house Mario said I should look for a new assistant. I have tried but you know how sensitive that is, bringing a new guy into the house, what with all that confidentiality stuff. Well, it’s getting kinda hard to cope, even though the boys help when they can. So Brandon and me were talking.” That familiar phrase made Grady and Mario smile at Bob.

“See, sirs, I been watching Brandon’s new friend Brian, and it’s amazing how quickly he joined in with the guys and how helpful he was setting things up. Well, we were wondering if he might be considered for the job as my assistant. I mean, Tommy was talking a lot to him about what his old job here involved and …” Danny blushed … “well, I don’t know if this counts, but Brian has already been fucked by Grady and Randy, who said he was, you know, ‘one of us’.”

“But … I hear a ‘but’ coming,” Bob smiled.

Mario took over. “That’s why we asked for your advice, Bob. Nothing has been said to Brian yet and we don’t know if he’d even want the job because … and here’s the ‘but’. Brandon said Brian has so far lived a solitary, reclusive life in an old trailer way out in the desert as he has always been unable to come to grips with his handicap. Well, this is the big city and this house has a lot of comings and goings, which is why Tommy’s hotel experience worked so well.”

Bob interrupted. “And you’re all wondering if a move from that hermit’s life to the busy bright lights and action of this house would be too much of a culture shock and he would not be able to make the adjustment, am I right?”

“You pretty much nailed it, Bob. So, any suggestions?”

Bob thought for a while. “I see your point, guys and it’s a valid one. I think we have to tread carefully to make sure no one ends up with hurt feelings. First, I think Brandon should casually mention in conversation that Danny is looking for an assistant and see if Brian takes the bait. If he does, there’s one man who could help us out. Randy’s brother Doctor Steve.”

“Certamente!” Mario beamed. “A genius idea, Bob. Steve’s a great therapist – he understands human nature and he knows how to draw a boy out and see … how do you say? … see what makes him tick. If anyone can find out if Brian could cope with a job like this it’s Doctor Steve.”

“Of course,” Bob grinned, “as we all know from experience, his methods can be very unorthodox … some would say far out … but if Brian can cope with that he can cope with anything.” Bob noticed Danny smile at Brandon with a surreptitious thumbs up. “I er, think that this meeting was preceded by some plotting by a certain two boys and we’ve been kind of led by the nose.”

Danny shrugged at Brandon, who grinned, “Busted, dude.”

“But your hearts were in the right place, boys, and no harm’s been done. So why don’t you go ahead? Sound Brian out and if he shows any interest I’ll set up a meeting between him and Steve. Knowing the good doctor he’ll probably involve his boyfriend Lloyd too … maybe duplicate the same kind of atmosphere there is here, and see how Brian reacts.”

Bob laughed. “Man, I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall at that session.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 317



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