In the previous chapter

Doctor Steve had a plan. The handsome therapist to the tribe (and brother of its leader, Randy) had invited Bob and Randy to dinner, to be served by the young blond house manager Tommy, helped by the chef Danny whom Steve had borrowed from the house of Grady and Mario.

Over pre-dinner drinks Steve had explained his plan. “I deliberately asked for Danny to come and work with Tommy this evening because those two young guys have had difficulties in the past. Hell, I don’t have to tell you two about that … you saw it first hand when you stayed at that classy hotel where both boys were working at the time.”

“We sure did,” Bob said, “hard to forget that. Tommy was the assistant manager and Danny’s supervisor, giving the kid a real hard time, lording it over the lowly pool boy. Until our gypsy friend here cut him down to size – playing the part of a backwoods Texan.”

“Yeah,” said Steve, “well they’ve worked together on and off on since they both moved to L.A. – in this house where Tommy’s the boss, and at the Grady House where Danny rules. But it’s a delicate balance. Starting out the way they did – the manager abusing the pool boy – has made it tough. To some extent they’ve buried their differences but there’s still tension between them.”

“So what’s your plan, doc?” Bob smiled. “I can see that shrink’s mind ticking over.”

Actually Steve’s plan was very simple. Dinner went on ‘til late by which time everyone had drunk too much to drive, so Steve said they would all stay the night here. His plan was for Randy and Bob to sleep in the guest room and for Danny to share Tommy’s room … and his bed.

Steve knew that Randy was longing to get another crack at Tommy’s spectacular ice-skater’s ass and he grinned, “You’ll have to stay the night if you wanna fuck the ‘buns of death’ as you call it, Randy, ‘cos you can’t do it tonight. You’ll have to wait ‘til morning.

Randy said, “Fuck you, bro, and those fancy plans you cook up … putting the kibosh on a guy having a bit of fun. So Golden Boy’s ass is off limits tonight, uh? Ah well, I guess I can wait.”

“Well,” Bob said, “you’ll still have me as a second choice. I know I’m not a young blond gymnast with an ice-skater’s ass but … maybe I’ll do as a consolation prize. Think of me as first runner up. And as the saying goes, ‘If, for any reason, Miss America is unable to fulfil her duties …”

“Asshole,” Randy grinned. “Yeah, I guess you’ll do. Mr. America can fulfil his duties tomorrow.”


In Tommy’s room things were, inevitably, tense at first. He and Danny had never made the leap to seeing themselves as equals, and now they kept each other at arm’s length. Lying naked in bed, they had each clung to their edge of the bed facing away from each other.

But they had found they couldn’t sleep as both of them had hard-ons from having seen each other undress. Slowly, little by little, they relaxed. First they stroked each other’s cocks, which led to sucking them in a quickly building sixty-nine session.

With this newfound intimacy Tommy had confessed his guilt at having earlier treated Danny so badly but Danny said, “Hey, dude, that’s all in the past … like another life. We’re equals now. We should be sharing stuff, be real good buddies.”

Their inhibitions vanished as they shed all remnants of their old wariness of each other and let youthful energy take over. Tommy’s ass was as seductive to Danny as it was to the rest of the tribe, and soon they were rolling over and over on the bed, hugging, kissing, wrestling, laughing, with Danny fucking Tommy in every position they knew – and new ones they invented.

“I’m real close, dude,” Tommy said at last. “Don’t think I can hold it back.”

“Me too. Let’s do it ….” Tommy pounded his dick in his fist, and Danny grinned down at him, panting hard. “Awesome, dude … so beautiful … I’m cumming … here I go … yeah … fuck yeaaah!” Their screams echoed round the room as Danny blasted cum in Tommy’s ass and the gymnast splashed spurts of juice all over his sculpted chest and up to his neck.

They gazed at each other and laughed again, not only with the joy of orgasm but with the relief of losing their former coldness and discovering a brand new friendship. In contrast to their earlier clinging to their edge of the bed as far from each other as possible, they now lay in each other’s arms, reluctant to let go. There was a new instant intimacy between them and like all good buddies they gossiped and shared confidences.

“Fess up dude,” Danny teased, “you’re dying to get your ass ploughed by Randy again, right?”

“Man, I still jerk off most days thinking about it. But I think maybe he’s kinda bored of me.”

“And bored with that ass?! Nah, I don’t think so, dude. I saw the way he kept staring at your butt all evening, practically salivating. Trust me, dude. You’re in for it tomorrow.”

Danny was right, of course. Their joyful shouts had echoed round the house and in the guest room Bob grinned at Randy. “Sounds like Mr. America just fulfilled his duties.”

“Not yet he ain’t,” Randy grunted. “Tomorrow Captain America meets the King of the Gypsies.” 

*******************   CHAPTER 330    *******************

The next morning Tommy and Danny were up early serving breakfast and no one could miss the gleam in their eyes and lightness in their step. The delicate dance of distance they had performed yesterday was nowhere to be seen in their new teamwork and camaraderie.

Sitting at the breakfast table the four men said nothing overtly to the boys, but the satisfied smiles on their faces told the story. While the boys were in the kitchen Randy said to Steve, “Son of a bitch, I gotta hand it to you, bro. You’re some kind of crazy shrink but you get results. ‘Course, I could’a changed Tommy’s attitude too, though my methods would have been a bit different.”

“Randy, there are some situations where you can’t fuck a boy into obedience. It has to come from inside his head, not his ass. Look at those kids … Tommy can’t wait to give his ass to Danny again.”

“Oh no … no you don’t, bro. You said the Golden Boy’s ass was off limits to me last night. Your plan worked, that’s fine, so now butt out, junior. The boss is in charge.”

He broke off as the boys emerged from the kitchen and sat down with the men – not at opposite ends of the table like yesterday but sitting close, shoulder to shoulder. Bob, with his social finesse, immediately engaged them in conversation. “You gonna be able to stick around today, Danny? Randy and I will probably spend the day by the pool with Steve and Lloyd.”

“I’d like to stay for a while, sir, to give Tommy a hand … with lunch, I mean,” blushing deeply. “After that I’ve got to get back to the Grady house. I called Brian and he says they’re doing fine, but when Grady tried to cook he left the kitchen in a bit of a mess. Mario and Grady sleep late on Saturdays … stay in bed most of the morning and, well … you know.” He blushed again.

“And what about you, Tommy?” Randy asked, deliberately piercing him with his laser blue eyes. “What are your plans?”

Mesmerized by the dark gypsy’s penetrating gaze, Tommy said in a strained high tenor voice, “Well, sir …” he cleared his throat and started again, in his normal voice. “Well, sir, I usually have a couple of hours between clearing away breakfast and starting on lunch so that’s when I work out in the gym downstairs, when it’s empty. I like to go through a couple of gymnastic routines – just to keep my hand in – stay in shape, sir.”

“I bet you do,” Randy grinned. “Yeah, I’m the same. Can’t miss my morning gym session. Usually it’s real early ‘cos I give Grady a workout session before he goes to the studio. Says he’s gonna give me a credit on his movie as his personal trainer,” he chuckled, “but he probably won’t mentioned the bit where I butt-fuck him at the end of most sessions. Anyway, maybe Steve and Lloyd will let me use their gym this morning, eh bro?”

“Help yourself,” Steve grinned. “Like you always help yourself to most things.”

Bob rolled his eyes at Steve hearing all the lecherous double-entendres ringing round the table. Randy was never known for his subtlety and his brother Steve got down in the linguistic mud with him at times like these. Danny exchanged knowing glances with Tommy who blushed again, mostly because Danny was squeezing his cock under the table.

Somehow they got through breakfast without anyone cumming in his shorts, though there were some close calls. After the boys cleared the table Tommy came back from the kitchen and asked Steve, “Sir, if you don’t need me for anything else right now I’ll go down to the gym for a while if that’s OK.”

“Sure, Tommy, and thanks for dinner last night and breakfast this morning – great meals as usual. And thanks for sharing your room with Danny. Sorry we had to invade your privacy like that. I hope it wasn’t too much trouble.”

“Oh no, sir,” Tommy said hastily. “As a matter of fact …” He blushed again. “Better go …” With a quick parting glance at Randy he left through the door to the basement stairs.

“Hell,” Lloyd laughed. “That kid has a permanent blush this morning. He got fucked rotten last night and now he’s longing for your huge tool in his butt. I don’t know how you do it, Randy.”

“Don’t do anything,” Randy shrugged. “Just look him in the eye.” They chatted a bit more over the last of the coffee, then Danny reappeared from the kitchen.

“Ah good,” said Bob. “Come and sit with me, Danny Boy. I need a word with you.”

Randy stood up and stretched luxuriously, then grinned at Steve and mimicked Tommy. “Sir, if you don’t need me for anything else right now I’ll go down to the gym for a while if that’s OK.”

“Now why am I not surprised to hear that?” Steve said. “No I don’t need you for anything, big brother, but I think there’s someone else who does. Go easy on him, stud.”

Randy strode off to the basement stairs and Bob turned to Danny. “Er, Danny, if you don’t mind me mixing a bit of business with pleasure, could I have half an hour of your time to go over some Grady House financial plans? You’re the house manager there so I want to work closely with you, keeping an eye on cash flow in and out, stuff like that. Maybe we could do that in the guest room, out of Steve and Lloyd’s way.

“Sure thing, sir,” Danny said eagerly and went off with him.

Lloyd looked at Steve. “Did you plan that one too, doc?”

“Er, not exactly. I just let that rose bloom on its own. But talking of plans, I have one or two for you, big guy. Let’s go out to the pool and get naked.”


When Randy reached the door at the bottom of the stairs he heard grunts and heavy breathing coming from the other side. He opened the door a crack and moaned softly, “Holy shit!”

Tommy was in the middle of one of his regular gymnastic routines, using the gymnast rings, high bar and vaulting horse that Lloyd had installed for him when he came to live in the house. The blond athlete was wearing just his usual butt-hugging blue gymnastic shorts that stretched tight over his flawless ass and his bulge in front.

It was a high energy routine that made his upper body muscles flex and ripple as he twisted in the air. And when his feet finally hit the floor his thighs bulged with the stress of landing and the globes of his ass strained against the tight blue fabric.

Unseen behind the door Randy, wearing only the thin boxer shorts he had pulled on when he got out of bed, stared in awe at the young gymnast. Mechanically he shoved his hand inside his shorts and stroked his thick dick as he watched Tommy twist, curl and vault, blond hair flying, handsome features tense with concentration.

Naturally Randy’s point of focus was the bulge of the finely shaped ass and he could easily have busted his load gazing at it. But no, Randy didn’t jack off staring at guys. Well, with Bob sometimes – Bob was different. Hell, he could cream his pants just looking at that stud. But with other guys – when Randy saw a great ass (and Tommy’s was primo) he fucked it, no arguments.

He took his hand out of his shorts and stood in the doorway, and the sound of slow handclapping startled Tommy who was just finishing on the high bar. The sudden sight of the near-naked gypsy made him falter when he landed.

“Sorry, kid,” Randy said, “didn’t mean to distract you and make you miss your landing. Takes a lot of concentration, I know, and you’re looking real fine. That was quite a show.”

“Thank you, sir. Um, if you want to work out I’ll leave now and come back later.”

“The hell you will, boy,” Randy chuckled. “We can work out together … one way or another.”

Tommy’s heart was pounding, he shifted nervously from foot to foot, and Randy could see the stains of pre-cum on his tight shorts. He felt a wave of affection for the hesitant young man and opened his arms wide. “Hey, come here, Tommy.” Tommy walked falteringly toward him and Randy wrapped his brawny arms round him in a tight hug. He felt the boy’s warm body trembling in his arms.

“Hey, kid, not nervous of me are you?”

“Always, sir, when I’m close to you.”

Randy put his hands on Tommy’s shoulders and held him at arm’s length, his blue eyes smiling at him. “Tommy, I heard all about you and young Danny making peace with each other – hell everyone heard you making peace – sounded hot. That pleased my buddy Bob a whole lot, so it pleased me.”

“Thank you, sir. I’m glad that Danny and me are friends now. I used to be pretty mean to him.”

“Listen, kid. When I first met you at the hotel I thought you were an arrogant prick – because you were an arrogant prick – but you’ve mellowed a lot since then. I like to think I started that process when I first fucked the bejesus out of you, cut you down to size and made you crawl on your belly, begging for more. And now Steve and Lloyd have continued that process. They like you a lot and I know they visit your bedroom often – sometimes double-team you.

“So when I first fucked you it was kind if a punishment for the way we saw you treating young Danny when he was just the pool boy. Hey, not that I didn’t enjoy ploughing that spectacular ass of yours … still do … and of course I’m gonna fuck you now, you know that.

But now you and Danny are buddies I’m not gonna fuck you in anger. I always thought that under all the bullshit you had the makings of a good kid – not to mention a sexy young athlete. So, kid, I want us to be buddies too, and I want to make love to your ass. That last bit is not negotiable, by the way. When I see an ass as hot as yours I fuck it. And you want it, don’t you?”

Tommy was still trembling but not from fear anymore … from anticipation. “Yes, sir, I do.”

“A lot?”

“Yes please, sir. A whole lot. I jerk off so often thinking about it.”

“Yeah well, in future when you want it you call me. If I’ve just come off work I’ll still be wearing my work pants and old tank and I’ll stink of sweat but you’ll have to put up with that.”

“Oh, that’s no problem at all sir. I like it like that.” Tommy blushed, fearing he had said too much.

“I know you do, kid. OK, it’s a deal. So let me show you how it’s gonna be from now on.” Randy wrapped his hand round Tommy’s head, his fingers grabbing the blond hair at the nape of his neck, and pulled him forward, forcing their mouths and bodies together hard. It was a fierce grinding kiss, their naked chests rubbed against each other and Randy crushed his stiff dick against Tommy’s through their shorts.

When their mouths separated Tommy was breathing hard, his heart was beating wildly and he was mesmerized by the electric blue eyes boring into him from the swarthy face. Randy pressed the bulge in his shorts against Tommy’s bulge, grinding them hard against each other through the thin fabric. “Feel that, boy? Feel that hunk of prime beef? You know where it’s going don’t you?”

“Yes, sir … in my ass, sir.”

Randy’s voice got harsher. “Damn right it is. It’s gonna pound that ass like a fucking pile-driver, boy, ‘cos that’s the way I like it – hard and rough. See, while I’m banging a guy’s ass it belongs to me, and I can do whatever the fuck I want with it. That’s what you want, boy, eh?”

Yes, sir. I want it real bad.”

“Let’s see just how bad you want it, kid.” Randy grabbed his head and pulled it toward him in another ferocious kiss.

Tommy was over whelmed by the muscular construction boss pressing hard against him – mouths, chests, cocks – and he felt the exquisite sensation of being totally in his power. There was no escape – and only one kind of release possible. His body shook against Randy, he screamed into the gag of his mouth … and his cock poured semen into his tight shorts.


Randy pulled back, held him at arm’s length again and looked down at the wet patch spreading rapidly over the front of his blue shorts. He threw his head back and laughed, while Tommy blushed and muttered apologies. “Sir, I’m sorry, sir. I tried not to cum but …”

“Jesus, how many times do I have to tell you kids that you never have to apologize when a man makes you bust your load? It’s a compliment, kiddo. Happens to guys all the time with me.”

“But does it mean we’re finished, sir? I mean, are you gonna leave me now?”

“Hell no. What kind of a question is that? I can make you cum again whenever I want, boy, but we’re not done until I’ve filled your ass with my jizz.” Randy still held him at arm’s length. “Now let’s clear a few things up. First, I know I can play rough, but have I ever forced you do anything you didn’t want to do?”

“No, sir, I wanted all of it … everything you’ve done to me.”

“Good, so that means you can trust me. I’ve warned all you boys that when someone you don’t know well says you can trust them … don’t. But you can trust the men in the tribe, including me.

“Right, next thing. I remember how you used to perform for male guests in the hotel for money, so you’re good at pleasing a man. By the way, if I ever hear that you’ve done it for money ever again I’ll fucking thrash the life out of you, get it? Those days are over. Right, no money then, but…” – and here he flashed a grin – “… you wanna please me, don’t you Tommy?”

“Yes, sir – more than anything. And I know what you like, sir. Please give me a chance.”

“OK, it’s on you, stud.” Randy stepped back and dropped his shorts, making Tommy almost lose another load gazing down at Randy’s huge, thick cock swinging between his muscled thighs. Randy sat sprawled in a chair, toying with his cock, and grinned, “You give me what I want, boy, and you’ll get what you want. My rod up your ass. So let’s see what you got, kid.”

Tommy gulped as he gazed down at the big, naked gypsy casually stroking his dick and was mesmerized by his dark, chiseled features, stubbled jaw, high Romany cheekbones and long black hair … and from out of that swarthy face, the penetrating pale blue eyes staring up at him. The sculpted muscles of his chest, shoulders and biceps rippled as he stroked his cock, and he was well aware of the effect he was having on the young gymnast.

“Don’t cum again, boy … not yet. You’ll know when it’s time. OK, Tommy Boy – let the games begin.”

Tommy’s sole purpose now, his only focus, was on pleasing Randy. He had the profoundly erotic sensation of being in another man’s power, totally at his mercy. No one dominated him as completely as Randy, not even Zack. The macho black leatherman had used bondage and whips, which was a wild turn on, but Randy exerted even more power just by staring at him with those hypnotic blue eyes … by the mere promise of shoving that massive rod up his ass.

God Tommy wanted that … and now did everything he could to earn it. As Randy had said, the boy was something of an expert in giving a man what he wants. And he knew that, above all, Randy wanted his ass.

Lloyd had designed this home gym. He had always been turned on by the gorgeous men at the public gym he used to go to, so he designed this one for maximum visual effect. There were plenty of mirrors, of course, and two sections of wall facing each other were completely mirrored, so a man standing between them was infinitely reflected. And that’s where Tommy stood now.

Randy gazed in awe at the phenomenon of being surrounded by endless numbers of young ripped athletes, all of them blond, all of them exquisitely muscular … all of them Tommy. And no dream, no fantasy, no matter how vivid, could create a parade of flawless asses like these. Randy grinned to himself, thinking that this is what heaven must be like – buns of steel as far as the eye could see.

Tommy turned round so all Randy could see was reflections of his back. He had to stop stroking his cock as he watched Tommy reach round behind him and run his hands sensuously over the shiny fabric stretched over his butt, then slid his hand under the waistband at the sides and slowly pushed them down.

Randy’s eyes opened wide as he saw the shorts slide first over the rise of the boy’s ass at the top, then down over the white globes that contrasted with the tanned body. “Fucking gorgeous,” Randy breathed as Tommy cupped his hands over the now-naked ass. The shorts fell to the floor, Tommy stepped out of them and turned to face Randy.

Knowing exactly what Randy wanted now he sank slowly to his knees and fell on his stomach, arms stretched forward on the floor. He started to crawl slowly toward his master and Randy wrapped his fist round his cock, feasting his eyes on the hard white mounds that flexed as the naked blond jock dragged himself toward him over the floor.

But the erotic vision was bringing Randy to the edge of orgasm so he quickly pulled his hand off his cock. He couldn’t sit still for this. Suddenly he leapt to his feet and roared as he walked over to the boy, dropped to his knees behind him and planted his hands on his slim waist, pinning him to the floor. He lowered his head and buried his face between the bulging cheeks, probing with his tongue, licking, slurping, intoxicated by the smooth flesh with a trace of downy blond hair round the hole.

Tommy, trapped, arms stretched forward, clawed at the carpeted floor trying desperately not to cum as he felt the gypsy’s tongue penetrating him and the stubbled chin scraping his ass. But it was not only Tommy with a shuddering dick. Randy knew he could not restrain his own climax much longer so he pulled his face out of the boy’s ass and stared down at the spit-slicked globes. His raised his hand and slapped the cheeks with his palm then the back of his hand, howling, “I gotta fuck that ass. Damnit, I’m so fucking close. I gotta cum.”

He got to his feet and went back to sit in the chair. Tommy lifted his face from the floor and gazed in awe at the musclehunk gypsy sprawled in the chair, legs wide apart, his massive cock rearing up iron hard, eyes blazing in his swarthy face, gobs of spit in the stubble of his chin and running from the corners of his mouth. The very sight of the horny construction worker almost made Tommy cum so he raised his hips off the floor relieving the pressure on his cock scraping the floor.

In so doing, his ass pushed upward, naked, vulnerable and that did it for Randy. He gripped the arms of the chair, not daring to touch his cock, and yelled, “Get your ass over here, boy.” Every muscle in his body flexed hard, straining to prevent his orgasm as he watched the ripped young athlete crawl toward him. Finally he reached Randy’s feet and licked them, then his calves, his muscled thighs, and finally lapped at his balls.

Randy grabbed his blond hair and yanked his head up. He stared down at the handsome face gazing up at him and growled, “See this dick, boy?” With his free hand he slapped the long shaft across the boy’s face, one cheek then the other, his blond hair flying from side to side. “See this? This is what’s gonna jackhammer your ass, boy. But before I spill my jizz in your ass you’re gonna drink it. You want that?”

“Yes, sir. Please, sir.” Tommy opened his mouth wide.

“Good boy.” Randy put a hand behind Tommy’s head and pulled it slowly forward. Tommy saw the bulbous head of the huge cock get closer and closer and then suddenly it was filling his mouth, sliding all the way down his throat. He thought of Eddie, what he had trained the boys to do, and he relaxed his throat, breathed through his nose and left the rest to the master.

Randy was moaning like an animal in heat, his head rolling from side to side as he felt his cock slide against the soft, warm membrane of the boy’s mouth. He looked down and saw Tommy’s back arching backward, sloping down to his ass and making it bulge even more. “Man,” he growled, “that fucking beautiful ass. It’s gonna make me cum, boy.”

In a burst of carnal desire he grabbed Tommy’s thick hair in both hands, pushed his head back, then pulled his face hard down on his rod. He heard Tommy choke and felt his own cock jolt and knew neither of them could take any more. Mesmerized by the sight of the flawless ass he yanked the boy’s face down and back on his shaft and yelled, “Hear it comes, boy. Drink it, kid, drink your master’s jizz. Yeah … fuck … fuck … fuuuck!”

Tommy felt the gypsy’s body shudder, felt the huge cock burst in his mouth as hot semen blasted down his throat. He swallowed desperately, gulp after gulp, and choked until he thought he would pass out when suddenly the cock pulled out and he stared up at the gypsy’s triumphant face smiling at him. Randy was now holding his cock, pointing it straight at Tommy who gasped as hot liquid slammed into his face, Randy emptying the last of his load as the boy’s own cock erupted all over the master’s feet.

Through a film of cum Tommy saw Randy’s blue eyes sparkling as he stared down at the naked gymnast, his tangled blond hair falling over his handsome face smothered in cum that ran down his cheeks, oozed out of his mouth and dripped over his chin.

“Beautiful, kiddo … so fucking beautiful.” Randy leaned forward, licked the cum off the boy’s face and kissed him, semen oozing between their mouths. He pulled back and smiled, “Did you cum again? Of course you did. You OK?”

“Yes thank you, sir. More than OK. Sir, are you still gonna …

“ … am I still gonna fuck you? Dumb question, kiddo. That’s what all this is about. Now at least I won’t bust my load as soon as my cock spears your ass. A quick breather, then on to the main event. You want that?”

“Absolutely, sir. More than ever.”


A few minutes later they were both sitting astride a bench facing each other, stroking their cocks back to stiffness. Like a man hypnotized Tommy could not break away from the laser blue eyes penetrating his, or the deep voice that spoke to him.

“You’re a real hot young buck, Tommy, and great to fuck with ‘cos you like it rough. I really get off working over a beautiful boy like you, a muscular young athlete, great face, perfect physique and incredible ass.” Randy grinned. “The fact that you were once an arrogant young prick don’t hurt either. Turns me on watching an arrogant jock grovel. Shit, even saying that makes my dick ache. So let’s do it, boy. Kneel on the bench.”

Tommy immediately scrambled onto all fours on the bench, and looked up at the mirror, trembling with excitement, his ass pushed up as an offering to the man he worshiped. He saw the muscular gypsy standing behind him stroking his massive dick, staring down at his ass. “Shit, boy, I’ve put this off as long as I could but the time’s come at last. No lube, but not exactly a dry fuck either after I buried my face between those cheeks and drooled in your ass.”

He slapped the ass cheeks, lightly at first but with increasing force, driving Tommy wild. At last Randy grabbed his hips from behind and pushed the head of his cock between the cheeks, letting it press against the hole … and then stopped. “Like I said, Tommy, turns me on to hear how much a guy wants me inside him. So let me hear it, boy – and make it good.”

Tommy, going crazy with desire, looked up at the reflection of the muscle-god in the mirror and began to plead. “I want it so bad, sir. Please, please fuck my ass, sir.” His voice got louder until he was shouting. “Please, sir, let me feel your rod in my ass. Fuck me! Fuck my ass. I love you, sir. I’m begging you … fuuuck me! … aaagh!”

His scream bounced off the walls as, at long last, the iron shaft drove into him, all the way down his chute and slammed against the back of his ass. The long awaited fuck had begun.

Randy’s technique was to soften a guy up by pounding ass before making love to it, so now Tommy got the full brute force of the ramrod pistoning inside him. He stared up at the mirror, at the reflection of the rugged gypsy behind him, his muscles flexed, jaw clenched, eyes gleaming with lust, and the boy yelled, “Fuck me, sir … fuck me .. harder … harder …”

Randy saw the craving in Tommy’s eyes and knew that he would take everything he dished out. But he also knew the danger in fucking a boy who would not say no to anything. If Randy lost control he could easily hurt the boy, but he had an instinct for knowing a boy’s pain threshold, even if the boy himself did not.

So as he grabbed Tommy’s hips tight and pulled his ass back onto his cock harder and harder he watched the boy’s eyes in the mirror. The kid was tough, with a wild craving to get fucked he had rarely seen, but when he saw him wince he instantly slowed down and massaged the sore plundered ass. “You like that, eh kid? You like it rough.”

“Yes, sir. Yes please sir.”

“OK, boy, you asked for it.” Randy reached forward, picked him up bodily and spun him on his cock before setting him on his back on the bench. He hung Tommy’s legs over his shoulders, leaned forward and pressed his palms on the mounds of the boy’s pecs. “Here it comes, boy.”

Tommy stared up at the naked construction boss and in that moment, impaled on his merciless cock, he surrendered to him absolutely. He was in his power, would endure anything from him. So as the assault on his ass began again he felt no pain, only the joy of serving the master by offering his ass up to his pile-driving shaft.

“Shit, boy, you are a great damn fuck. My rod feels so fucking good in your ass.” Driven wild by the sight of the young blond jock impaled on his shaft Randy grabbed the boy round the waist and lifted him clear off the bench. His biceps and shoulders bulged with the effort of holding him in midair facing him, legs slung over Randy’s shoulders while he continued to drive his rod into his ass.

Tommy stared up at Randy and could hardly believe his eyes. The big gypsy’s body was flexed as never before with the effort of holding him in the air, pulling the helpless athlete down on his cock again and again, harder and harder. He carried him like that round the room, his ass skewered on his cock. In an effort to please the master even more, Tommy linked his hands behind his own head and flexed his washboard abs and the rest of his torso, holding the spectacular bodybuilder pose that drove Randy to slam his cock in even deeper.

Randy’s strength was limitless but Tommy’s was not. He could not hold the pose indefinitely and finally had to relax his muscles and fall back, his arms flailing. Randy walked them over to the gymnastic rings hanging on long ropes from the ceiling. “Grab the rings, boy, and show me that body.”

With great effort Tommy stretched his arms upward and grabbed the rings. And there he hung, his ripped physique on full display, a handsome young jock hanging from the ropes while his ass was pounded by a wild, ferocious gypsy.

That incredible sight of the beautiful, tanned body stretched before him was driving Randy to his sexual limit and he knew it. “Shit, man, you are so fucking gorgeous you’re gonna make me lose my load inside you. Flex that fucking body for me, boy. Let me hear you beg.”

Tommy pulled himself up a few inches, making his biceps, shoulders and whole torso flex and strain as the incessant pounding of his ass continued. In a daze, his head rolled slowly from side to side, blond hair falling over his handsome face, but then he stared up at Randy and moaned, “I can’t take anymore, sir. I need to cum so bad. I’m finished, I submit. Please let me cum, sir. Please, fuck my ass and let me cum. I need to feel your juice in my ass, sir. I’m begging you, sir. Please cum inside me.”

The sight of the naked, suffering jock hanging before him, his ass impaled on his cock, surrendering to him, begging in submission, was just what Randy wanted. He had watched the proud young gymnast strain and flex through his flawless routine, and now that same, beautiful athlete was stretched helplessly at his mercy, pleading for him to pour his juice in his ass.

A young jock like this, at the peak of masculine beauty … a man like this Randy needed to break, to hear him beg, just as he had made the ultimate man, Bob, beg so often before. It was a token of his supremacy … and his mercy, as he brought the man’s anguish to an end.

His eyes and voice were hypnotic as he said, “You’re a beautiful boy and now I wanna see you cum. Look at me, look at my eyes. Feel your master’s cock in your ass, feel that big rod filling your perfect ass. I’ve broken you, boy, you’re mine and you’ll do what I tell you. I want to watch you spray jizz all over that spectacular body. Do it, boy … for me. Do it now.”

Mesmerized by the deep voice, the dark face, the hypnotic blue eyes, Tommy groaned, “Thank you, sir. I love you, sir … I love you … aaagh …!” His body shuddered and his cock exploded with a ribbon of white juice that arced upwards and splashed down on his abs, his chest, neck and face, followed by another, and another until his body was smothered in his own semen.

That is what Randy had needed to see, the climax he wanted. With an animal roar of triumph he pushed the perfect ass back, then yanked it down hard on his cock that erupted deep inside it, flooding it with the hot juice that had been building for so long. Again he pushed the ass back, then slammed it forward again as he watched the cum-soaked young gymnast hanging before him, writhing on the shaft that pulsed inside him, and sobbing with the ecstasy of release.

Randy could see Tommy’s hands slipping from the rings so he grabbed his arms and supported him while his cock slid slowly from his ass and he lowered his feet to the ground. Tommy felt strangely bereft without his master’s cock in his ass and he fell against him sobbing uncontrollably, clinging on to him, afraid to let go.

Randy stroked his head. “Hey, it’s OK, kiddo, let it all out, let it go, it’s all part of the deal.” Tommy’s legs buckled and Randy lowered him to the floor and lay with him, holding him in his arms until he finally calmed down. “Sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to …”

“Hey, Tommy, I told you it was OK, didn’t I? That was a spectacular fuck, kid, and you’re bound to feeI confused now it’s over. But we can do it again. Dammit, we will do it again, and often.”

Tommy’s eyes glistened through his tears. “You mean it, sir? We can?”

“Hell, that was not a one-time deal, kiddo. There’s a whole lotta stuff I wanna do with you. You know that bench? Next time I’m gonna tie you to it face down, hands and feet, with that gorgeous ass hanging over the end waiting for my prick. And you’re gonna beg for it, like you did today. And then … No, I’ll keep that as a surprise.

“So, you’re gonna jack off a lot thinking about today, but I know how it gets when you’re feeling all fired up and burning to do it again. When that happens you call me and we’ll get together, but you better be prepared for a tough workout, eh?”

“Oh, I will, sir, definitely … whatever you want … you know that.” And he managed a smile.

“That’s better, kid. Now we’ll relax here a bit, then go and join Steve and Lloyd by the pool, and Bob when he’s finished with Danny. When Danny goes back to the Grady House it’ll be just us four. You’ll be one of us, but you’ll still serve us drinks and food, ‘cos I know you like that. But when you bring drinks and I say something casual like, ‘Thanks, Tommy, you sure know how to take care of a guy,’ only you and I will know what I mean. Get it?”

Tommy smiled. “Oh, I’ll know, sir. I could never forget that. Never.”


While all that had been going on in the basement, Bob and Danny had been discussing business (among other things) in the guestroom. It was true when Bob had said he wanted to spend some time with Danny going over some financial plans, especially cash-flow, at the Grady House. It was a meeting Bob considered long overdue. He was Grady’s financial adviser and business manager, and Danny was Grady and Mario’s house manager.

When they got to the room Bob spread out some papers on the big bed and they sat on the bed together. Danny was a bit disconcerted, as Bob, like Randy, was still wearing just the boxer shorts he had pulled on when he got out of bed and had worn to breakfast. A near naked Bob would have been disturbing for any of the boys and Danny had a stiff dick under his shorts, but his mind was taken off physical lust when Bob got down to business.

“See, Danny, Grady is earning a shitload of money now and that’ll be going on for a long time now the studio has decided there’s going to be a sequel to his movie, with plans for it to become a franchise. Thing is, I’ve seen this happen so often in Hollywood where a young actor suddenly breaks into the big time, with what he sees as limitless income, and it goes to his head. It’s amazing how much money a guy can burn through in a short time.

“Now Grady doesn’t care much about money either way … he just wants to have fun, and that’s all fine and good. Mario is the one who keeps tabs on things like that but even he can’t always be involved in finances on a daily basis. By the way, both guys know I’m having this conversation with you. Of course I would never do anything like this behind their backs.

“So, the guy who knows exactly what comes into that house and goes out it is the house manager – you. So what I’m proposing is that we create a set of books for you to record the cash flow and you and I will get together every week to go over them. You’ll have to work closely with Brandon who does a great job as the bookkeeper up there. Brian too, ‘cos he’s your houseboy. You understand what I’m saying, Danny?”

“Absolutely, sir. You know that Brandon and Brian are my best friends and we’ve already talked about keeping a lid on the expenses, but we’ve had no real authority to …”

“Well now you will, Danny, that’s the point. You’ll have my authority, and that counts for a lot.”

Danny grinned. He knew that Bob’s authority counted for everything, not only at the Grady House but throughout the tribe. Nobody ever questioned it. Except maybe Randy sometimes, or so he thought. Danny focused back on what Bob was saying.

“Anyway, I did a rough mockup of the kind of thing I mean, and that’s where I need your input. Let’s take a look at these spreadsheets here.”

Danny put on his black rimmed glasses and they spent the next half hour going over the papers in detail, where Danny had to concentrate real hard and avoid the obvious distraction. Bob was sitting on the bed shoulder to shoulder with him and Danny could feel the warmth of his muscular, near-naked body. In his enthusiasm to teach the boy, Bob kept reaching over him, flipping from one form to another, brushing against him, their faces close together.

At one point Bob reached up to a shelf above Danny’s head for a new folder and Danny found his face pressed into the damp hair of the muscle-god’s armpit. He took a deep breath and willed himself not to cream his shorts, though he came real close.

Bob seemed oblivious to the effect he was having on the boy, intent as he was on a subject where he was an expert. In similar circumstances Randy would have known exactly the magnetic effect he was having, which is why he was so masterful at controlling a boy – as he was doing at that very moment to Tommy downstairs in the gym.

It helped that Danny was genuinely interested in Bob’s plans and, by intense concentration, somehow managed to get through the meeting and still keep his shorts dry, though his cock was pulsing inside them. He asked a lot of questions, which pleased Bob, who patiently sorted through any points of confusion.

But finally Bob closed the folder and said, “There, we’re done. I think that went very well – very productive. And don’t forget, Danny, we’ll be doing something similar every week together.”

Danny smiled inwardly and thought, ‘And hopefully sitting on a bed like this with you stripped down to your shorts’.

“OK, business over, now we can relax. I could use a beer – but I suppose you’ve gotta get back up to the Grady House.”

“Oh, there’s no hurry, sir. Brian called and said Mario and Grady were having a picnic lunch in their favorite spot in the garden so it’s all real casual. I’ve got a couple of hours before I go back. Let me get that beer for you.” Steve and Lloyd kept a small fridge in the guest room – like a minibar in a hotel – so Danny picked out two beers and gave one to Bob who was now sprawled on the bed, propped up on his elbows.

“Sit down, kiddo, make yourself at home. I’m glad you can spend a bit more time here … you can get to know Tommy even better now you two have made up. I’m real happy about that. I gather from all the noise last night that you and he had a good time in his room.” Danny blushed and nodded sheepishly.

Bob smiled mischievously. “Er, tell me if I’m being too nosey but, er, can I assume it was you did the fucking?”

“Yes, sir,” Danny said with a touch of pride. “And I think Tommy really enjoyed it.”

“I’m sure he did, judging by all the yelling. And now, as we speak, he’s no doubt getting royally fucked by Randy downstairs. But of course, that will be different, more, er … strenuous.”

“Oh yes, sir, and Tommy told me he was longing for it. I mean no one fucks like Randy …” He winced and blushed again. “Sorry, sir, of course you would know that.”

“Yeah, I guess I would,” Bob laughed. “But don’t sell yourself short, kiddo. I hear you’re no slouch in that department. Rumor has it that Grady loves getting fucked by you, and you’ve even had a shot at the gorgeous Italian ass of Mario. Randy better watch it or you’ll be claiming his crown of fucker-in-chief.”

Danny giggled, “Not in a million years, sir. But I must admit I do like to fuck and I’m getting better at it.”

“Hell,” Bob smiled, “we shouldn’t have got onto the subject of fucking. Look what’s happened here.” He looked down at the bulge in his own shorts. “Let’s get rid of these damn things.” He quickly pulled off his boxers and his long cock shot up like a pole. Leaning on one elbow he stroked his cock with his free hand. “Actually, I’m feeling kinda horny. Why don’t you stand up and let me look at you, kiddo?”

Shyly Danny got to his feet and, anxious to please Bob, he quickly kicked off his sneakers, dropped his shorts and pulled off his T-shirt. His cock too was rock hard and he stood there butt naked looking rather embarrassed. He looked down at Bob’s hand round his cock and said, “Would you like some help with that, sir?”

“Why thanks, Danny, I would like that.” Danny took off his glasses and within seconds he was kneeling on the bed, bending over and sucking Bob’s cock into his mouth.

Like all the other boys Danny had been well-trained by Eddie and he went to work with professional expertise, swallowing the long shaft, squeezing his throat muscles round it, then pulling back with pursed lips. Bob knew he was in the hands (or the mouth) of an expert and in no time he felt his balls bulging, only seconds away from cumming in the boy’s mouth.

But he pressed his hand against Danny’s forehead and gently pushed him off his cock. Danny put his glasses back on and frowned. “Was I doing something wrong, sir?”

“Quite the reverse, Danny, you were too good, about to make me cum in your mouth. But, see, that’s not exactly the way I want to cum right now, fucking your face.”

Danny brightened. “Oh, do you wanna fuck my butt, sir? Not a problem there, sir.”

Bob chuckled. “Yeah that’s what most of the boys would say. See, like you said earlier, I get fucked by Randy all the time, but whenever I’m with any of the boys they want me to fuck them.”

“Well of course, sir. I mean, just look at you … you’re a gorgeous muscle-god, one of the bosses … and there’s that Superman thing you’ve got going for you. Any boy would love to get fucked by Superman.

“I guess so, Danny. It’s just kind of assumed in this group that the masters fuck the boys. But didn’t you ever wonder if Superman ever got tired of fucking and wanted something … something different? Especially when he sees a real cute, ripped young guy like you, a guy who has the reputation of being a great fuck? Hell, even Grady, the macho Tarzan, can’t get enough of it.” Bob smiled roguishly. “Do you, er, get my meaning, kiddo?”

Danny blinked hard behind his black-rimmed glasses and frowned in disbelief. Do you mean … do you mean you want me to … to fuck you, sir?”

“Bingo,” Bob said with an inviting smile. “There’s lube on the table there. I don’t need it ‘cos I’m used to Randy’s dry fucks, but it might make it easier for you. You want to make me happy, don’t you?”

Of course that did it. Of course he wanted to please Bob. Off came the glasses again, he shuffled on his knees between Bob’s legs, reached for the lube and greased up his cock. Bob bent his knees and pulled his legs up to his butt, exposing his ass to the trembling boy.

Danny stared down at the darkly handsome, square-cut features, at the perfectly sculpted physique, and his heart beat wildly. He was about to fuck Superman! He leaned forward, nervously pressed his cock against Bob’s ass … and lost his hard-on!”

His face went scarlet and he winced, “Oh fuck … I’m sorry, sir … it’s just that you’re so … so…”

“Sshh, sshh, sshh,” Bob said soothingly. “I understand, Danny, and there’s no problem. Now lean forward, brace your hands on the bed on either side of me so your face is close to mine.” Bob flashed an encouraging smile. “Perfect. Now look into my eyes. See, Danny, I really want to feel your cock in my ass. I want to get fucked by one of the cutest boys in town. But even though I’m the boss, I won’t ask you to do something you don’t want to.”

“But I do want to, sir. I really do.”

“You do? So tell me, Danny … tell me what you want to do.”

“Oh, sir, when I look down at you, your handsome face, your dark hair, your deep brown eyes and your spectacular body I want to push my cock inside your ass. I know I’m just one of the boys, sir, but … but I would love to fuck Superman.”

Bob’s voice grew seductive. “OK, Danny, so touch that handsome face … good … now run your fingers down the neck, and over the chest … feel those solid pecs? Put both hands on them, lean on them … that’s right … feel them flex under your palms. You see that gorgeous man’s body under you? He wants to feel your dick inside his ass. He really wants it. You want to please him, don’t you? So fuck him, boy, slide your stiff dick in his ass. He wants it so bad …”

And so Danny did. Totally spellbound by the man, he didn’t realize that his dick had got hard again, hardly knew what he was doing as his cock slid over the sphincter, and then felt the warm velvet membrane as he pushed in deeper and deeper. Finally it came to a stop and Bob smiled up at him. “You’re inside me, Danny. You stiff young dick is in my ass.” Suddenly his voice became harsh and his eyes flashed. “So fuck me, boy … fuck my ass!”

“Yes, sir!” Danny felt the power flow from Bob into him – from Bob’s ass into his cock. He was fucking the leader of the tribe, Randy’s lover, the magnificent man everyone loved and lusted for. And man, he was gonna fuck him good. He pulled his cock back, then slammed it deep inside again, and again and again.

“Yeah,” Bob yelled. “Fuck that ass, boy, pound it good.” Danny was transformed from a hesitant boy to a powerful young buck, dominating the macho master of the house. He took his hands off Bob’s chest and pinned his wrists to the bed beside his head. “Fuck you, man,” he growled. “You wanna get your ass ploughed by a boy? OK, stud, you asked for it.”

Bob was awestruck by the change in Danny – the savage growl and blazing eyes, the pile-driving cock, almost like a junior version of Randy. All the passionate vitality of youth now centered on his ass as the boy’s cock pistoned inside him with increasing urgency. Bob looked up at the intense face and virile young body and said, “Man, that feels so good. Fuck me, boy. Yeah … oh shit that feels good.”

Danny let go of Bob’s wrists, pulled back straight up on his knees, grabbed his ankles and pushed them high in the air, still driving his rod in the hot ass. Bob grabbed his own cock and pounded it in his fist as he stared up at the muscle-flexing young stud and felt his cock ramrodding his ass. Bob moaned, “You look so hot, man, you’re gonna make me shoot. Cum inside me, big guy … please let me feel your jizz in my ass.”

“OK, stud, here it comes … fuck … here it comes … yeah, fuck you man. Fuck you!”

Danny looked down at the writhing muscular body, at the wild face thrashing from side to side … and saw Superman blast spurts of jizz all over his ripped abs and chest. The incredible sight of this rugged muscle-god getting butt fucked by a boy – himself! – pushed Danny over the edge and he uttered a jubilant howl as his cock exploded, in one of the finest orgasms of his life.


When it was over Danny suddenly felt he was waking from a dream – an incredible wet dream. And the memory of it made him blush … the things he had shouted in the heat of passion, the things he had done to the master of the tribe, to Randy’s lover! He hastily pulled his dick out of his ass and stared down in confusion.

But Bob anticipated this recoil after the boy’s passion was spent. He pulled him into his arms, held him tight and kissed him tenderly. “Magnificent, Danny. You were terrific … a great fuck.”

They lay there for a long while, talking softly, then got up, showered together and joined Steve, Lloyd and Tommy, all grinning knowingly after hearing the ecstatic shouts from the guest room. They relaxed over drinks and soon Danny was talking animatedly to a wide-eyed Tommy relating his latest adventure. Bob could see how much he wanted to tell his story and was not surprised when Danny said to him, “Sir, is it OK if I go back up to the Grady House now?”

Bob laughed, “Kiddo, I’m sure those guys are dying to hear of your exploits here and you’re dying to tell them. So off you go.” The excited, energized boy hugged Bob tight, then Tommy, and Steve and Lloyd. With profuse thanks and a promise to return soon he scurried off.

When he went arrived at the high gates of the Grady House, punched the code and walked in, he heard the shout – “Hey Danny … you’re back.” The gates closed behind him and he ran eagerly over to the grove of trees, Grady’s favorite place in the garden, where Mario, Grady, Brandon and Brian were all sitting on the grass around an elaborate picnic.

“Danny, mi amico,” Mario said in his lilting Italian accent, “You look like the cat that licked la crema – or the monkey that ate le noci – the nuts – or whatever you say in this country.”

“Thank you, sir,” Danny smiled conspiratorially. “May I get you more food, drink, anything from the kitchen?”

“Definitely not,” laughed Grady, sprawled luxuriously on the grass – Tarzan the magnificent, except he had traded his loincloth for Speedos. “No, bambino, we’re stuffed with food, drunk on wine, and horny as toads. What we want is gossip, something sexy to make us even hornier, and my guess is you’re the man to give it to us. Come on, dude, spill. Did you have sex at Steve’s house?”

“Hmm … some,” Danny shrugged nonchalantly.

“You fucked ass, didn’t you?” Brandon teased. “I can always tell. Come on, who did you fuck?”

Danny shrugged again. “Oh, nobody much … Tommy … Bob.”

No way!” Grady laughed. “Outstanding. Hell, this is gonna be good. OK, dude – turn us on.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 331



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