It had been a wild sexual workout in Grady’s new gym when he came home from the studio after shooting his latest scene as the star of the big-screen Tarzan epic.   His gym-jock buddies, Adam, Lloyd and Jason, had ganged up on him and group-fucked him, putting the gym equipment to innovative uses that disobeyed the manufacturer’s instructions: ‘Use equipment only as directed’.


Grady’s lover Mario had enjoyed watching the orgiastic spectacle along with the boys, and when  the gym-jocks disentangled themselves, the Aussie, Adam, said, “Now, guys, I think we should return Grady to the guy he belongs to.  Thank you for loaning your man to us, Mario.  You’re both great sports and terrific guys.   But I assume you and he have things so say to each other.”   


Grady and Mario put their arms round each other, kissed passionately and sank to their knees.  Within seconds Grady was on his back and Mario was inside him.  “Mm, that feels better,” Grady purred. “Those guys were great, but now I wanna love and be loved.   And there’s only one guy who can do that.   Fuck me, amico.  I’m all yours.”


And so, in the middle of the new gym, the two beautiful men made love.  No matter how hard they played with their friends, no matter the lusts they indulged with buddies, one thing surmounted it all – their enduring love for each other.




Having discretely withdrawn to give the lovers privacy, the three jocks and all the boys were catching their breaths by the pool when Jamie appeared round the corner of the house.


“Hm,” he grinned, “judging by the afterglow round this pool, not to mention the unmistakable  smell of jism, it seems I missed all the action round here.  Never mind – next time.  But right now Bob sent me up here to work with you, Brandon, on the office setup that you’re gonna manage here.


Brandon wheeled himself forward eagerly.   He loved Jamie and always got a hard-on when the hot young surfer appeared.   “I’m glad you came, Jamie, ‘cos I already did a lot of stuff myself but I need you to check that I got it right.”    They walked toward the house, but Jamie turned back suddenly and said, “Oops, I almost forgot.   Tommy, Pablo asked me tell you that he wants to see you in his room right away.”


Tommy stood up and felt his knees go weak.   He walked up to Jamie and said, “Thank you, sir.  To tell you the truth, I … I’m real nervous, sir.   I know what he wants.  He’s gonna punish me for driving dangerously and nearly wrecking his truck.  I know I deserve it, but …”


“Hey, Tommy, listen.  All us boys have been punished once in a while by our masters when we got out of line.  I remember how Mark punished me big time when he caught me using drugs with my surfer buddies.   But you gotta remember, your master may be mad at you but he’s also sworn to protect you, so he’s not gonna hurt you more than you can take.   Hell, you’ve already spent a night with Pablo’s master Randy, and they don’t come any rougher than that.”


“Thank you, sir.  That makes me feel better.”


“Here’s my keys,” Jamie smiled.  “Take my truck.  I’ll have Brandon give me a ride home.” 


Tommy thanked him and as Jamie watched him walk away his heart went out to him.  Jamie had meant what he said – but he was not altogether sure about Pablo.  Randy was a master’s master – he knew exactly how to treat a misbehaving boy, knew exactly how much the boy could take, knew how to push him to his limit but not cross the line.   But Pablo was a novice.  He had the same strain of anger as Randy but had not yet learned all his skills or his restraint.


Feeling worried Jamie pulled out his phone and called Darius.   “Hey, dude, I, er, just sent Tommy down to the house to get his punishment from Pablo.   He deserves it for sure, but … well … you know … Pablo tries to copy Randy and he has that anger thing, and …”


“Hey, Jamie, no sweat.  I know what you’re getting at and I’m glad you called.   Don’t worry, dude, I’ll keep an eye on things, make sure they don’t get out of hand.  Thanks for the heads up surfer boy.”


Jamie shut off his phone with a grin.  Not for the first time he realized what a great guy Darius really was.




Danny, the boy Grady and Mario had hired as their chef and house manager, had learned to intuitively anticipate the needs of his handsome, sexy employers – as he did now.   From the pool area he kept a discreet eye on the gym and when at last the lovers emerged they did not join the others by the pool but turned toward the house, obviously still enjoying each other.


Danny ran after them and said, “Er, excuse me, sirs.   Would you like me to bring lunch to you in your room?   You must be hungry by now and I can put something together in half an hour.   I’ll keep it light and casual so you can eat in bed if you like in between … whatever else you are … like … doing ….”  He trailed off and frowned, blushing with embarrassment.”


Grady typically laughed heartily.  “You mean snack between sex, Danny.   Sounds like a plan.”


Mario hugged the boy and smiled, “I knew when we hired you that you were just the guy for us, amico.  Lunch would be prefect, and when we have er … eaten our fill of lunch and ‘whatever else’ as you put it, maybe you could come back and keep us company – bring one of your famous desserts with you.”


“Hell, you can be dessert if you like, kiddo,” Grady laughed.  “About time we thanked you for all your hard work around here.”


“I would like that very much, sir,” Danny said rather formally with the deference of a good houseboy.  But as he walked off to the kitchen he was sporting a stiff boner and his heart was thumping in his chest.


In the meantime Brandon had wheeled himself up to the house’s newly equipped office, using the ramp that Randy had built.  (Randy automatically installed wheelchair ramps in all the tribe’s buildings, and the Grady House was no exception.)    When Jamie came in Brandon was already busy at his computer, but he paused and said, “Sir, before we start work I wanted to ask you something.   I heard you say that Tommy had to report to Pablo.”


“Yeah … looks like it’s time for his punishment.”


“Well, sir, I know it’s none of my business but … well, I feel kinda sorry for Tommy and … do you think he’ll be OK?”


Jamie smiled at him.  “First of all, dude, what’s with all this ‘sir’ business?   I thought we got rid of that a long time ago.  “We’re buddies, OK?   No ‘sirring’ between us.  Not anymore.”


“Sorry, dude,” Brandon grinned.   “It’s just that ‘sir’ comes naturally toward a guy like you.”


“And I don’t think you have to worry about Tommy,” Jamie added. “I felt uneasy too so I called Darius and he’ll make sure things don’t get out of hand.   If anyone can keep Pablo in check his hot black leatherboy lover can.”




As a matter of fact Jamie and Brandon were not the only ones feeling uneasy about the upcoming punishment of Thomas.   Pablo himself was.  He felt honored that his adoptive dad Randy had entrusted him with a boy of his own but he was finding it more complicated than he ever imagined and wondered if he even had it in him to be a master.   And now he faced the hardest task that a master can have – disciplining a boy he is sworn to protect.


Naturally the person he turned to for advice was Randy.   But when he had consulted him during the lunch break at work Randy’s support came in the form of tough love.  “Pablo, the thing about being a master is that you have to make decisions for yourself and your boy.   Hell, I’ve punished you often enough, you must have a fair idea what to do to him.  It’s up to you, kiddo.


“But I will tell you this about Tommy – there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye.  Though, God knows, what meets the eye is pretty damn sexy.    He spent last night with Bob and me and we learned a lot about his past.    Seems he was crazy about his dad, who apparently looked like a cleaned up version of me.   He said they got real close – the boy even sucked his dad’s dick.   But when he was eighteen his dad was killed in a construction accident so he was all alone.


“He tried to be tough like his dad was, but his toughness turned to arrogance and he was mean to people under him.  But all that changed when he met me … guess I reminded him of his dad.  He saw me as a surrogate father and, I gotta say, I have kinda paternal, protective feelings toward him.   He’s not a bad kid like we thought at first, and I want you to bear that in mind. 


“Sure he deserves to be punished ‘cos he drove recklessly and almost wrecked your truck – took one hand off the wheel to jack off, Mark says – and you know how mad that kinda shit makes me.   But punish him for that, nothing else.   He’s had a rough time in the past and he deserves a break.”


Randy wolfed down the last of the sandwich the twins had prepared and took a final slug of beer.  He stood up, ruffled Pablo’s hair, and said, “OK, back to work.   Like I said, kiddo, from here on it’s up to you.”


As Pablo followed Randy out of the trailer his mind was in a whirl.   Darius, as usual shirtless in black jeans and boots, came up to him and said, “You OK, dude.   You look kinda stunned.   Did Randy talk to you about punishing Tommy?”


Still dazed, Pablo replied, “He said Tommy needs to be punished but he’s not as bad as we all thought … I should go easy on him, give him a break.   The guy’s in love with Randy – looks on him like a replacement for his father who died.  And you know what Randy said?”  Pablo sneered, “He has ‘paternal feelings’ for him!  Dammit, Darius, Randy’s my dad, not that boy’s.  He adopted me, not him, and that’s how it’s gonna stay.”


Darius saw Pablo clench his fists and sighed deeply.   “Oh jeez, kid, surely you’re not feeling threatened by Tommy.  Randy’s crazy about you, always has been, and you’re his only son and heir.   Randy’s just being protective of the boy like he is to all the boys.  Listen, maybe you shouldn’t punish Tommy today while you’re still feeling like this.   Wait a while until you’re thinking straight.”


“Oh I’m thinking real straight, dude.   And I’m sure about one thing.  I’m Randy’s boy – his only boy.   That’s not about to change and I’m gonna make that real clear to this kid … real clear.  His punishment‘s gonna be today.  Yeah, buddy, I’m thinking real straight.”


He strode away and Darius rolled his eyes.   “Oh shit!”  He had seen in Pablo the irrational anger he had learned from Randy.   Darius knew his lover well, knew his moods, and this one didn’t bode well for what would come next.


Shortly after that Pablo left work early, and when he got to the house Jamie was just leaving.   


“Is Tommy here?” Pablo asked abruptly.


“No, dude, he’s up at the Grady House.   I’m just going up there myself.”


“Right, tell the kid I need to see him in my room pronto, OK?”


Jamie sensed Pablo’s mood as keenly as Darius had, which is why, after he had given Pablo’s message to Tommy, Jamie had called Darius.  And it’s why Darius had understood immediately and said, “Don’t worry, dude, I’ll keep an eye on things, make sure they don’t get out of hand.”    


But Darius also knew that was easier said than done.  Pablo, as lover, could be temperamental.  Pablo, as master, was kind of scary.




When Tommy reported to Pablo’s room it was hard to say which of them was more on edge.   Tommy had known this moment would come the minute the cop, Mark, had pulled him over when he lost control of Pablo’s truck.  Had it been Randy who was to dish out the punishment he would have accepted it willingly – would have welcomed it, even, if it was anything like the treatment he had received from Randy the night before. 


But he was not so sure about Pablo.   He admired the tough young mestizo and submitted to him as his master, but he thought Pablo lacked Randy’s talent for making a boy feel secure even when he was pounding his ass.   Randy was an experienced master while Pablo was still learning the ropes – in more ways than one.  


That fact weighed on Pablo too.   Randy had already worked his magic on Tommy, with his sexual magnetism and classic, ferocious fucks, and the boy had inevitably fallen in love with him.  Pablo could not compete with Randy on this.  Compete with his own master?  Unthinkable. 


And what now made matters much worse was Randy saying that Tommy thought of him as a surrogate father and Randy had paternal feelings toward him.   At least, Pablo thought, he could make it clear to Tommy that that was not on.  Trouble was, it was that thought that obsessed Pablo as the punishment approached.  The reckless driving issue was now an afterthought.


As Pablo looked at the nervous young gymnast standing before him he was struck once again by his beauty and he flashed on Randy taking him to bed and fucking him.   Well, at least he could match Randy in that.  One of the many things Pablo had learned from him was how to pound ass.  And that’s just what he intended to do. 


“You know you’re here to get punished, boy.”


“Yes, sir.”


“OK, get naked.”    Tommy stripped off his T-shirt and shorts and as he stood naked before him Pablo was once again struck by his flawless physique, the result of his years as a competitive gymnast.    Despite himself Pablo felt his cock get stiff in his jeans, but his admiration was tinged with jealousy at Randy’s attraction to him.   Right, he would teach the boy not to get above himself.    An arrogant prick, Randy had called him when they first met.  And in Pablo’s eyes he still was.


“On your knees, boy.”


Tommy instantly obeyed and Pablo stood facing him.   Tommy gazed up in awe as Pablo unbuttoned his shirt slowly for effect, showing glimpses of his hard, round pecs, then shrugged off the shirt and towered over him shirtless and barefoot in jeans.   


He flexed the muscles of his torso to impress his boy.  It was his way of confirming beyond any doubt that he alone was the boss’s boy, his only son, and nothing was gonna change that, especially not this pretty boy gymnast kneeling at his feet.


“You wanna touch me, boy?” he taunted.


“Yes please, sir.”  In an act of body worship of his master Tommy reached up and cupped his hands over Pablo’s pecs, then ran his fingers down the cleft between them, over the ridges of his six-pack abs, down to the waistband of his jeans round his slim waist.  


Pablo’s cock was now rock hard and its long thick shape stretched down his thigh.   Tommy was mesmerized by it and licked the bulging denim, kissed it, then closed his mouth over it.   Pablo reached one hand down, pressed it against the back of the boy’s head and pushed his face hard into his crotch.


“Eat it, boy.   Eat your master’s big dick.” 


Tommy braced himself holding onto the sides of Pablo’s waist and went to work on the bulge in the denim, licking it from top to bottom, then clamping his mouth over it and breathing warm air on it.   But he knew what Pablo really wanted and grabbed the top of his jeans in his teeth.  He jerked the fly open, button by button, until Pablo’s cock burst out and hit him in the face. 


Tommy opened his mouth wide and swallowed the cock whole without gagging.  By now he had become an efficient cock sucker and he recalled the lessons Eddie had given him as he eased his mouth back and forth on his young master’s shaft and heard Pablo moan with pleasure.   If this was supposed to be punishment, Tommy thought, he wouldn’t mind getting a daily dose.


But what should have been a satisfying master-boy moment was marred again by Pablo’s image of Randy getting an expert blowjob like this from this handsome young jock.   Jealousy reared its head again and Pablo snarled, “So you think this is your punishment, Tommy?   Huh, think again, boy.”  He yanked his cock from the boy’s mouth.   “Get on your hands and knees – on the floor facing the mirror.” 


Again Tommy obeyed and Pablo stood behind him staring down at the perfect twin globes of his ice-skater ass.  Pablo knew it was the ass that had excited Randy, who had ploughed it often, as recently as last night in bed.  “I guess my dad pounded you good last night – real rough eh?  You liked that?”


“Very much, sir.   Your father is wonderful.  He said he liked it too.”


Wrong answer, and it only inflamed Pablo’s animosity and his urge to punish the boy.  “I hear that wasn’t the only time either.   The other day Randy had a big fight with two guys at work and got real mad.   When that happens his calms down by fucking my ass in his trailer, but this time you took my place and he fucked you instead, that right?”


“Yes, sir, but I didn’t mind.  It felt great and he was real kind to me afterwards.  That’s when he asked me to spend the night with him and Bob.”


In his innocence Tommy didn’t realize that the more he spoke the more he sealed his own fate.

Pablo’s resentment of the boy was fueled not by the truck incident – he had forgotten all about that – but by his anger at what he thought of as Tommy’s seduction of Randy, and Randy’s ‘paternal thoughts’ toward him.   


“So you two really hit it off, eh?  Seems like you see my dad as a father figure.   Well,” he snarled, “you should know, boy, that’s bullshit.   He’s my dad, see?   And you’re my boy.  He gave you to me.  And now I’m gonna show you how a master punishes his boy for getting above himself.  You think Randy fucks rough?    Well get a load of this, boy.”


Pablo fell on his knees behind him and Tommy gasped as he saw in the mirror the look in Pablo’s eyes.  It wasn’t just the fierceness – Randy had that too and it was exciting.   It was the fury too, a crazed look that Tommy knew was caused by much more than his dangerous driving.  It had to be something else entirely, so he braced himself for what was coming.


He closed his eyes – and “Aaagh.”   His scream bounced off the walls as his master’s almost dry cock pistoned inside him, harder than Randy ever did it.   This was not the power fuck that he loved from Randy – not the discipline of a master for his boy.   This was an act of rage by a rival proving his dominance.


Tommy opened his eyes and the erotic sight of the muscular young mestizo pounding ass momentarily lessened the pain.   It should have been the kind of erotic sexual act that Tommy craved, but he knew that Pablo was being driven by inner demons that sent him out of control.   


Tommy knew he had to endure so he gritted his teeth and tried to concentrate on the graphic image of his young master in the mirror, then tried to imagine it was Randy fucking him.  He was in a daze and lost track of how long the fuck had lasted when he dimly heard the sound of a door opening downstairs.




When Pablo had left the construction site Darius was only a few minutes behind him.   He shared Jamie’s concerns about Pablo’s tendency to react irrationally sometimes (a trait he shared with Randy but was less able to control) so he followed Pablo to the house.  When he got there the twins were preparing dinner.  They saw everything from their kitchen window so Darius went straight to them.  “Hey, dudes, Pablo get home yet?”


“A few minutes ago,” Kyle said uneasily, “and he looked real pissed off about something.   He came in here looking for Tommy.”


“We asked him if there was a problem,” Kevin said, “and he rambled on about something Randy had said to him.   Crazy stuff … like Tommy looked on Randy as a replacement dad and Randy felt protective of him, just like a father would – something like that anyway.”


“Yeah I got that story from him too.  Seems like Randy put his foot in it … pressed all the wrong buttons … you know how Pablo guards his position as Randy’s adoptive son – the boss’s boy.  It means everything to him.”


“It don’t look too good,” Kevin agreed.  “Tommy came in just now and he’s upstairs with Pablo.   But, dude, Pablo is technically the boy’s master so if the shit does hit the fan what can you do about it?”


Darius shrugged.  “Dunno.  If I try to interfere he’ll go apeshit.   On the other hand ….”


Suddenly they were startled by the sound of Tommy’s scream coming from the apartment upstairs.  “OK, that does it,” said Darrius.  “I gotta go across to Zack’s house for a minute, but I’ll be back.   Don’t worry, dudes.  Leave everything to me.”




Upstairs the fuck continued, though not quite as savagely as before.    Pablo shared another trait of Randy’s … when he got good and mad he vented his anger by fucking ass as Randy had done recently when he fucked Tommy at work, and that calmed him down a bit.   But Pablo was still jackhammering his ass and the boy was sobbing … when Darius came in.    


“Oops, sorry guys,” he said lightly.  “Didn’t mean to interrupt ….”


Without looking up Pablo barked, “Get out.  I’m in charge here.  And I’m busy with my boy.”


“Okey-dokey,” Darius grinned.  “I just thought you might need a little help, is all.”


“Look, asshole, I told you I …”   But Pablo’s words died in his throat as he caught sight of Darius in the mirror.  Darius had dressed to be a major distraction … a distraction his lover couldn’t ignore.  He had gone over to Zack’s house to change clothes and was now a stunning sight in black leather chaps and boots and a studded leather harness crossed over his muscular bare chest … an icon of leather dominance. 


There was nothing unusual in Darius being in leather, except that this time he was wearing nothing under the chaps.  His monster ten-inch schlong hung down from the opening in front and he was bare-ass in the back.  It was what he wore whenever Pablo was in the mood for a hot leather fantasy and he knew it was a look that drove his lover wild.   The same now went for Tommy who shook himself out of his daze and gazed in the mirror at the pornographic vision.


Pablo went weak at the knees and struggled to maintain his composure as the tough, ass-pounding master.  “Hey, dude,” he said, his scathing tone gone.  “You wanna grab a piece of the action here, help me punish my boy?”


“Sure,” Darius grinned.  “But let’s talk first … next door.” 


“Er, OK.”   Dressed like that Pablo would have followed Darius anywhere.  He pulled out of Tommy’s ass and the boy sobbed with relief.   “You boy, stay right where you are.  I haven’t finished with you yet.”  Pablo walked naked through to the living room followed by Darius.  When Darius got to the door he turned his head and winked at Tommy.


Left alone Tommy felt a great weight lift off his shoulders – and from his ass.   He wasn’t sure what was going on but he liked Darius a lot.  He had always been kind to him and that wink told him he was safe.


Darius closed the living room door behind him and spoke to Pablo more in sorrow than in anger.  “Dude, what in fuck’s name are you doing?   You’re trashing that kid’s ass and all he did was lose control of your truck ‘coz he was jacking off as he drove.  I might point out that you and me have often done the same thing.   Hell, the last time I was driving you were munching on my dick like a guy who hasn’t eaten for a week.


“But this has nothing to with the truck has it?   You feel threatened because Randy has taken a liking to the boy.   Well way to go, stud.  The tough top-man, the ‘boss’s boy’, is scared shitless by a nervous young kid.   I thought you were bigger than that, dude.”


“Fuck you, man, I’m the boy’s master … Randy said so.  You have no idea what it’s like to be a master.”


“Huh, neither do you, kid, by the way you’re banging the boy’s ass.  If in doubt, fuck, uh?   And the caveman crawls out of his hole.”   Seeing Pablo wilt, Darius softened his tone.   “Look, kiddo, you and me can have a little fun with the kid in there and we don’t have to rip him open in the process.  Hell, we’re only punishing him for driving while jacking.”  


Darius tapped the side of his head.   “Think, kid.   Punishment can be mental as well as physical.   I wouldn’t mind betting that Tommy’s is hot for you … I mean just look at you!”  (Flattery went a long way, as Darius knew.)   “And I’m damn sure he’s hot for me.  Shit, in this outfit I’m hot for me.”


Pablo could never resist Darius’s humor and he smiled at last.   “That’s better, dude,” Darius grinned.   “OK, now here’s what I had in mind.  And don’t worry, we’ll keep your tough-master image intact.”




In fact, even before he came into the room Darius had it all planned out.  The trick was to take over from Pablo without diminishing his status in Tommy’s eyes.   So he let Pablo take the lead when they returned to find Tommy still in the same doggy-style position on hands and knees on the floor.  


“Get up, boy,” Pablo ordered and sit in this chair.”    He indicated a plain wooden chair facing the bed, and just before Tommy obeyed the order Darius slipped a cushion onto the seat, knowing how sore the boy’s ass must be.   The gesture was not lost on Tommy who, once again, felt relief that Darius had joined them. 


“Seems to me,” Pablo said, “that a butt-fuck is not enough punishment for you, boy, so I’ve recruited my buddy here to liven things up a bit.   When you see what we’re gonna do you’re gonna want to touch your dick, but that’s forbidden, so I’m gonna do this.   From under the bed he pulled two short lengths of rope and bound Tommy’s wrists to the arms of the chair.


Instinctively Tommy jerked at the ropes to get free.  Sitting naked in the chair his cock was already hard as he watched the muscular black leather boy in chaps and boots stand in front of the bed.  The muscles of his torso flexed under the studded harness and his ten-inch dick stood out iron-hard from the opening in his chaps.   


Darius was an icon of leather domination and it was obvious to Tommy that he was about to fuck his lover Pablo.  And Tommy, tied to the chair, would not be able to touch his cock and jerk off.  That was his punishment.


He was right … except for one major difference.  Pablo spoke with authority.  “Boy, there’s only one thing worse than getting punished … and that’s watching another guy take the punishment for you.  Randy did that for me several times and it tore me apart watching him get fucked for something I had done.”  Pablo looked at Darius and growled.  “OK, man.  On the bed.”


Tommy watched in shock and horror as Darius took the victim’s place kneeling on all fours, on the bed, his bare ass protruding from the back of his chaps.   Tommy couldn’t believe it.   Darius was going to take his punishment for him, submitting his ass to the brutal fuck he knew Pablo would inflict on him.  


“No, please sir,” Tommy blurted out.   “Punish me, sir.   Fuck my ass, whip me, hurt me, but don’t hurt Darius.  It’s not fair, sir.”


Pablo grabbed Tommy’s blond hair and pulled his face back.   “You dare to lecture me on what’s fair around here, boy?   OK, you just made it worse for the black boy here.”   


Pablo knelt on the bed behind Darius and pressed his cock between the cheeks of his exposed ass.  Darius looked up at the mirror facing him and saw the same savage look in Pablo’s eyes that he had seen so often in Randy’s.   He knew that Pablo had to make this fuck real to impress his boy.  The greater the pain on Darius’s face the greater the punishment for Tommy. 


Darius had, for course, been fucked by his lover before, although Darius was usually the top man.  (His ten-inch club and Pablo’s gorgeous ass was a match made in heaven.)   But never had Pablo been this forceful.   “Aaagh!!”   As the pile-driver rammed into his ass Darius’s face twisted in pain and his shout echoed round the room as Tommy’s had done a short while ago.


It was a ferocious fuck and Darius was in real pain as his body shuddered, tears sprang to his eyes and he howled at Pablo’s reflection in the mirror.   Tommy was horrified and his instinct was to close his eyes, but he felt he owed it to Darius to keep watching his sacrifice for him.   He had to share the punishment and, in some way, his own mental anguish compensated for the physical hurt Darius was suffering. 


What made it worse for Tommy was that the spectacle, agonizing as it was, made his dick rock hard.  It was, after all, a pornographic leather fantasy – the tough, muscular young mestizo turning the tables on the dominant leather boy, making him kneel and torturing his ass.  


Darius’s body looked spectacular as he flexed and braced against the onslaught.  His ebony muscles gleamed with sweat, his handsome face contorted in pain and his massive cock hung down touching the sheet, his ultimate weapon helpless to fight back.  


Groaning loudly he reflexively tried to crawl forward to relieve the pressure on his ass but Pablo grabbed the back of the harness crossed over his back and pulled on it, yanking Darius backward.  He reared up and stretched his arms forward, his fingers clawed, as if reaching for his captor in the mirror to grab his neck and choke him.    “Fuck you, man, he yelled … I’ll fucking kill you.  Aaagh…”   


But finally, inevitably, his strength failed and, yielding to the jackhammer pounding his ass, he slumped forward and fell flat on his stomach on the bed.


But Pablo did not let up.  Still grasping the harness with one hand he raised the other arm in the air in triumph as his rode his victim’s tortured ass.  “Yeah, take it, stud.   Take that big dick up your black ass”   Tommy watched with a mix of lust and despair as the beautiful, macho leather boy, the man he had always admired, got beaten and humiliated by the savage mestizo, his ass impaled on his rod that pistoned inside him. 


Tommy sobbed and moaned under his breath, “No, no more. Please, he’s had enough.”  


But eventually it was Darius himself who brought it to an end by doing what he almost never did … he surrendered.  He looked up at the mirror and pleaded, “I’m finished, man.   I can’t take any more.   I give up, I submit.  Cum in my ass … please, sir … I submit, sir.”   


Hearing his powerful stud lover groan in defeat was so erotic Pablo had no choice.   “OK, boy,” he yelled, “here it comes.”   His cock pounded even harder, the leather boy fell on his face, tears running down his cheeks as he pounded his fists on the bed and groaned, “Cum, man, godammit.  Take my ass, bust your load inside me.  Yeah … that’s it … fuck … fuck … fuuuck.”


Pablo’s naked body shuddered and he yelled in triumph as he finally emptied a load of hot jizz in his lover’s ravaged ass.   Tommy gazed mesmerized at the homoerotic sight of the black leather-boy sobbing in defeat, his ass reamed by the boss’s boy.  Degraded and beaten he was pinned to the bed by the long shaft buried in his ass.  


And there was only one thing Tommy could do.   Gripping the arms of the chair he imagined himself touching his cock, stroking it as he shouted, “I’m sorry, sir.   I’m sorry …” and his cock erupted in a plum of semen that arched high in the air and splashed on the floor at his feet.




Tommy hung his head in shame at being the cause of so much suffering for Darius.   What he didn’t see was Pablo pulling his dick out of the leather-boy’s ass, getting off the bed and pulling Darius up to face him.  Pablo kissed him hard, then Darius pulled away with a wide grin lighting his face.  “I’ll get you for that, punk,” he whispered.  “Tomorrow you report to me over at Zack’s house and I’m gonna tie you to a tree and work you over good.  Your ass is grass, get it?”


Pablo smiled his crooked smile.   “Yes, sir.  Thank you, sir.”  Then he looked over at Tommy slumped forward in his chair.  “You wanna finish him off.”


“Sure.”   Darius walked over to the chair, put his finger under the boy’s chin and raised his face up to look at him.   Tommy blinked numbly through tear stained eyes.  “Sir, it was all my fault.  I’m sorry, sir.  I hated watching you like that taking my punishment.   I’ll do anything to make amends, sir.” 


After everything Darius had been through Tommy was surprised that the hot leather-boy was smiling down at him.   “Ah, no sweat, kiddo, I’ve had worse from Zack.    But now you mention it, there is something you can do to make me feel better.  See, when Pablo emptied his load in my ass I didn’t cum.”   


He took a few steps back and stood with his legs apart, his muscular arms crossed over his harness-covered chest.   He looked like a porn movie fantasy and Tommy gasped as he saw his massive black cock rising rock hard from the front of his chaps and pointing straight at his face.


Breathlessly he said, “Yes, sir.  Please, sir.  Let me do that for you.”   His jaw sagged as he opened his mouth wide, his heart beating wildly.   Darius swaggered forward and didn’t stop until his ten inch shaft had penetrated his mouth and slid down his throat.   It took all of the cock-sucking skills Tommy had learned from Eddie to swallow the long black hose without gagging once.


Darius slowly pulled back, all the way out and said, “Mmm, that felt real good.”  He held the boy’s handsome face in his hands and smiled down at him.   “You’re a good boy Tommy.  I like you a lot.   You sure you’re not too scared to suck this here big piece o’ prime beef?”


“A bit scared, sir, but I really want to and I know you won’t hurt me.  Your cock is so beautiful, it will be an honor to suck it, sir.”


“Okey-dokey,” Darius smiled.  Open up, boy.”  Of course Darius could have done serious damage with his monster club but he had always been aware of that and long ago learned to wield the weapon carefully.  So now he held Tommy’s face in a firm grip and proceeded to slide his shaft in slowly, inch by inch by inch until his wiry black pubic hair was pressing against the boy’s face.”


Instantly he pulled back to let the boy breathe, then pushed in again.   Pablo watched the erotic scene as the long black rod disappeared down the throat of the naked young gymnast tied to the chair.  It was so sexy, so … so right somehow and, as he saw the glow of adoration in Tommy’s eyes, Pablo came to a decision.  


He knew that Darius had rescued him.   He had been making a hash of the punishment, had lost his cool because of his irrational jealousy and insecurity that Tommy would replace him in Randy’s affections.   That seemed so dumb now and Darius had taken over just in time.  Once he had shed his stupid jealousy Pablo admitted that he liked the boy too and wanted to earn the same look of worship that Tommy now had for Darius.


The face-fucking scene was highly erotic as the young jock got used to the leather-boy’s dick and swallowed it deeper and deeper down his throat.  Darius’s muscles were rippling, his body tingling with pleasure.    “Holy shit, boy, you’re good at that.  Not many men can swallow my big schlong whole.  Man that feels good.   I gotta cum, Tommy.   I got a shitload of cum stacked in my balls.  Think you can drink it all?”


Even with his mouth full Tommy managed to nod and Darius grinned, “I’ll take that as a yes.   OK, kid, here it comes.  His muscles flexed, his body shuddered and his eyes opened wide.  “God that feels hot.   Shit boy, you’re making me cum down your throat.  Here it comes, kid.  Oh yeah … yeah that’s hot.   Oh shit … fuck … fuck … eat it, man … Yeaahh!”


Tommy felt the massive dick swell in his mouth, then blast hot jizz down his throat, stream after stream as he gulped frantically, swallowing the juice of the leather-boy he worshipped.


It was minutes before anyone moved, and then Tommy felt Pablo untie his wrists freed as Pablo untied the ropes.   He felt himself being pulled to his feet and pulled into a double embrace with the arms of Pablo and Darius wrapped round him.  Suddenly it all felt right, he felt safe, home, and knew that this is what he wanted. 


When they separated Pablo said, “Guys, this was fucking great … and I have a proposition.  You’re my boy Tommy, but I want you to be Darius’s boy too.   Darius and me have been lovers for a long time, and now I want you to join us.  There’s no reason we can’t share a boy.  What d’ya say, Darius?”


Darius’s eyes were shining.  “Like a small family, you mean.  Hell yeah.   But we’re two real horny guys though, you think Tommy could take it all?  It would mean a whole lot of sex … hell, he’d end up feeling like a damn sex slave – my dick, your ass – he’d get fucked, sucked, worked over, double teamed, spit roasted.  Think you could handle all that Tommy?”


“Yes, sir, please, sir.”  Tommy’s eyes sparkled.  “I would love to serve you both.  It would be an honor to become the boy of a hot couple like you, sirs.   Please let me.”


Darius grinned at Pablo and shrugged.   “Well, sounds like a done deal to me, eh, dude?   OK, first things first.   We gotta shower before we go down to dinner and break our news to the guys.  You’ll have to get used to this, kiddo, showering with us, soaping us up, running your hands over our naked bodies.   You’ll probably end up on your knees in the steam with both of us blasting jizz in your face.   How’s that sound?”


“Sounds like heaven to me, sir.”


********************************     ****************************


At dinner that evening their news was greeted with hearty approval, especially by Randy and Bob, the guys who mattered most.  Actually Bob, always with his ear to the ground, had already suggested the same thing to Randy who had naturally agreed with Bob, as he most always did. So the gathering became something of a celebration, though several of the boys were missing, spending the evening up at the Grady House.


Danny was up there, of course, tending to the needs of his new employers Grady and Mario, assisted by the ‘three amigos’, Eddie, Brandon and Ben.   It had become a favorite hangout for the junior boys who enjoyed the festive atmosphere set by the laid-back, fun loving Grady.   He was remarkable in not letting his future stardom and growing celebrity go to his head, or change him in any way.  He was devoted to his lover Mario and made the boys feel like best buddies.


After dinner, provided by Danny and his helpers, the festivities went on for a long time, with a ton of laughter as they listened to Grady’s humorous tales from the film set.  It wasn’t until 11 o’clock that Brandon looked at his watch and said, “Hey, guys, I gotta get home.   Pete’s probably waiting for me.   After many farewell hugs he wheeled himself to his truck, pulled himself and his wheelchair in, and drove off.


His master Pete, the ruggedly handsome Park Ranger, was gentler than the tribe’s other men.  The construction bosses, Randy and Zack; the cop Mark; the Marine captain Hassan; the fireman Jason; and the Aussie jock Adam – they all spent their workdays in testosterone-heavy macho environments, whereas the Ranger spent his day in parks and forests tending to nature.


That was reflected on his treatment of his boy Brandon on whom he lavished love and affection, and whose courage he admired as he coped with life in a wheelchair.   It also accounted for the warmth and eagerness Brandon felt as he approached the neat bungalow they both shared.


When he arrived the house was quiet, with only one dim light showing in the living room.   He parked his small truck and wheeled himself up the ramp and in through the front door.   He heard Pete’s chuckle from the living room and he went in.   The room was lit only by the light from the TV screen, and Pete had been laughing at one of the Late Night shows.   


Pete clicked on the lamp above him and Brandon inhaled sharply, as he often did at his first sight of his handsome master.  Pete was sprawled in an armchair, barefoot in dark blue sweat pants and an old sleeveless shirt open over his muscular chest.   He put down the beer he had been sipping and his face lit up with a smile.


“Hey, kiddo.   You have fun with the guys at Grady’s place?  I’ve missed you.  Come here and give your old man a hug.”  Brandon wheeled himself next to him and Pete leaned over from his chair and wrapped his strong arms round him.”


“Sir, did you just get home from work?”


“Nah, got back here around six o’clock.”


Brandon frowned.  “All that time ago?  What, er … what have you been doing, sir?”


“Uh, you know, hanging out.  I fixed myself some dinner, read the newspaper, then a book for a while.  Then I watched a TV documentary on the Discovery Channel … you know … just hangin’ out.”  He chuckled.  “I did feel kinda horny when I first came in … thought of jacking off to one or your old porn videos, but decided to save it for the real thing when you got home.”


“No sir,” Brandon said in alarm.  “That’s not right … I should have been here for you, I should have cooked your dinner.  I … should have been here to make love to you, sir.  This is all my fault.   I was having such a good time with the guys, I didn’t keep an eye on the time.  I forgot … I don’t know how … I forgot that you’d be waiting for me.   Why didn’t call me up on the phone, sir, tell me to come home?   I’d have come right away, of course.”


“Nah, didn’t wanna spoil your fun, kid.  When the other boys are having fun I want you to have a good time too.   See, I’m always concerned that you might not be able to do everything they do.”


“Why, sir, because I’m in a wheelchair?”   He regretted the words the instant he blurted them out and he saw Pete wince.  “I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t mean that.”  He pulled away in confusion and turned his wheelchair round away from Pete.  


“Brandon, please.  Don’t turn away … look at me, kiddo.”


Brandon turned round slowly with tears in his eyes and looked at Pete, who said, “That’s not what I meant, boy.   But, well, I guess you’re right in a way.   I love you, kid, and I admire the hell out of you for the way you’ve fought for your independence.   And that’s what this is all about isn’t it?   I know society has often treated you rough and discriminated against you, and I guess I’m afraid of falling into the same trap.   So, yeah, maybe I over-compensate.”


Seeing the anguish on his master’s face Brandon came close again and touched Pete’s hand.   “See, the thing is, sir, that treating a handicapped person badly is discrimination, sure, but … well … treating them too well is a kind of discrimination too. 


“Like, whenever I go to the market, at the checkout stand they fall over themselves to help me, doing stuff I could do, and with that special tone of compassion that feels more like sympathy.  One of them even patted me on the head when I left.  I hated that.  I know they’re only trying to be kind but, see, I don’t want any special treatment … I want to be treated like everyone else, no worse, no better.”


“Brandon, I’m sorry, kiddo.  I spoke out of turn and ended up offending you.”


“No, no, no … it’s me should be apologizing, sir.   You came home to an empty house and spent the whole evening alone while I was amusing myself with the guys.  You even thought of jacking off!   I should have been here for you.   I’ve behaved real bad, sir, and any master would punish a boy for that.”


Pete smiled.   “But I’m not any master, kiddo.   I spend my day in the park with trees and squirrels and when I come home my first thought is not about beating up on my boy, it’s about loving him.”


“But, sir, right now even Pablo is probably punishing his boy Tommy.   He’s probably fucking the shit out of him, in that caveman way he learned from Randy.  Tommy doesn’t get any special treatment.  No one lets him get away with stuff.


“Yeah,” Pete said, “and as I understand it Tommy is guilty of dangerous driving and almost wrecking Pablo’s truck.   And I’m supposed to punish my boy just for having fun with his pals?”


Brandon heaved a big sigh of frustration and Pete realized that, for Brandon, being punished for his absence meant the same as being treated like everyone else.  He needed it … it was, paradoxically, his way of proving his independence.    Hell, Pete thought, loving a forceful young guy like Brandon was complicated stuff.  But now he knew what he had to do.


There was a long silence, almost a standoff, as Pete stroked his chin in reflection.  “Hm, I guess I was mad when I got home and found the house dark.  It was a long evening all on my own.   And I sure don’t think a guy like me should have to resort to jerking off to get his rocks off.   Why were you so late, anyway?   What’s your excuse?”


“I don’t really have an excuse, sir.   I was having so much fun with Grady and the guys that I forgot about time – I forgot about you?”


“You forgot about me?!!”  Pete’s voice was suddenly harsh.  “A boy forgets about his master, leaves him all alone to jack off to pornos?!” 


Pete jumped to his feet, shrugged off his shirt and towered over Brandon, shirtless and barefoot in sweatpants.   His muscles flexed, fists clenched, his sweatpants hung low on his waist, his long cock bulging underneath.  He held his arms out displaying his muscular physique.   “Look at me, boy.   Do I look like the kind of guy who gets pushed around and neglected by his own boy, who takes second place to Grady and his pals?”


“No, sir,” Brandon said, his tone apologetic but his body tingling with excitement.  


“Good, then you’ll understand why I have to do this…”   He bent down and lifted Brandon out of his wheelchair.  He carried him in his arms across the room, kicked open the bedroom door and dropped him on his back on the bed.   Pete pushed down his sweatpants, stepped out of them and paced the room buck naked, his huge cock swinging between his thighs.


Brandon had made Pete see things in a different light.   His boy had done wrong, had neglected him.   So his anger, simulated for Brandon’s sake, had an element of truth to it and he clenched his fists.   “Fuck you, boy.  About time I taught you a lesson.”


He climbed on the bed and stood astride Brandon who gazed up at his master with a mix of excitement and nervousness.    He had asked for punishment but now that he saw the dominant Ranger towering over him, the reality scared him a little, especially when Pete dropped to his knees straddling his waist, leaned forward and pinned his wrists to the bed above his head.   


“You know you’re gonna get fucked in the ass, don’t you, boy?   And no lube, so you better get my dick good and ready.”


“Yes, sir.”  Pete raised his hips so he was arched over the boy, the head of his cock inches from his mouth.   “Open up, boy.”   Brandon opened wide and felt his master’s rod slide slowly down his throat.  He almost choked as he felt the long cock probe deeper than ever before.  But, as Tommy had done with Pablo, he recalled his lessons from Eddie.   Eddie had instructed, “Relax, breathed through your nose, swallow … and enjoy.


Which is exactly what Brandon did now.   Pete was not holding back, not being reticent as he usually was when Brandon gave him a blowjob.   He pulled his hips all the way back, then drove his cock back down the boy’s throat.  It felt good and his cock got rock hard.  He fucked harder and harder until one of his deep thrusts made Brandon gag, his face wince and his eyes water.  It hurt Pete to see his boy distressed so he pulled out, but maintained his menacing tone.


“You’re lucky I didn’t choke you, boy.   Now for your ass.”   He pushed Brandon’s hands up to the bars of the headboard and said, “Hold on.   Don’t let go.”


Brandon grasped the bars and tensed as Pete tugged off his shorts, knelt between his legs and pushed them up high.  He pressed the head of his wet cock against his hole and growled, “Boy, you did wrong.  And now you are gonna get so fucking fucked!”   Usually he eased his big cock gently into his boy’s ass, but not this time.   He ramrodded his shaft deep inside, then pulled back and drove it in again.  


Brandon closed his eyes, wincing with momentary pain, but when he opened them again he was staring at the Ranger’s chiseled features, at his blazing eyes and his magnificent body rising and falling over him as his cock pistoned in his ass. 


In a defensive reflex Brandon clenched his ass round the pounding cock, which drove Pete wild and made him fuck harder.  He grabbed the boy’s thin T-shirt and pulled on it as he fucked, hearing it rip slowly until it tore off and he flung it aside.   His boy was now naked beneath him, his ass getting reamed.


It was tough on Brandon, but he was thrilled.  He was getting the punishment he deserved and it empowered him.   Huh, Tommy wasn’t the only boy to get punished by his master today.


But there was a big difference between the two events.   Pablo, the novice master, motivated by anger and jealousy, had lost control and caused real pain.   Pete, the natural master was inspired by love for his boy and was ultra-careful not to hurt his boy while still being forceful enough to convince Brandon he was being punished.  


And it worked.  While he flinched each time Pete’s rod pushed into the fiery depths of his ass Brandon was elated that he was getting punished, just like his buddies had been by their masters in the past.  He was no different from them – no special treatment.  He would be able to hold his head up when he saw them next.  They always boasted about how their tough master had disciplined them and now he would have bragging rights too.


“You feel that, boy?” Pete growled.  “That’ll teach you not to neglect your master again.”


Impaled on his master’s cock Brandon gladly endured the piston in his ass, painful as it was.   For Pete it was not so easy.   This kind of treatment went against his every instinct to love and protect his boy and he wanted this to end.    He saw the tears flowing down Brandon’s face and, not realizing they were tears of joy, it wrenched his heart to think he was the cause. 


“OK, boy, you can touch me now.”


Brandon let go of the headboard and ran his hands over the slabs of his master’s chest, just as Pete’s cock slowed down and massaged the warm, velvet membrane of his boy’s ass.  “Let that be a lesson to you, boy,” he growled, though his brown eyes were soft, on the edge of a smile.  “Don’t you ever neglect me like that again … don’t ‘forget me’ like you did this time.”


“I’m sorry, sir.  I won’t do it again, ever, I promise.  Forgive me, sir, please.”


“Show me how sorry you are, boy.  Show me you still love me.  You know how to do that?”


“Yes, sir.”   Feeling his masters cock still filling his ass, staring into his kind, forgiving eyes, Brandon realized more than ever how much he loved the tough Ranger, his master.  “Here it comes, sir.  I love you, I do, sir.  Here it comes … I love you … I love you … aaah.”  He sighed deeply and his cock blasted a shower of semen over his chest.   


Seeing his boy’s passion, hearing his plea for forgiveness, the rugged Ranger said, “I love you kiddo, more than you can ever know.”  And he poured hot juice in his ass.




A few minutes later Brandon was lying in heaven – or more exactly, in Pete’s arms.   Pete stroked the tears from the boy’s cheeks and grinned.  ‘Course, the hot move star is a tough act to follow.  I could get real jealous.   You’re sure you’re not in love with Grady, kiddo?”


“Of course I am, sir,” Brandon laughed.   “Everyone’s in love with Grady – not like I’m in love with you of course, sir.  But he’s a real cool guy, as well as being one of the most gorgeous men on the planet, and a big movie star.   I wish you knew him better, sir.”


“Yeah, you’re right,” Pete chuckled.  “I think it’s about time I got to know the new Tarzan better – see what designs he has on my boy.  Maybe I should make it plain to him that you’re mine, kiddo – my property.   Maybe he hasn’t met a Forest Ranger in uniform before – doesn’t know what he’s dealing with.”


Brandon laughed, “Kinda like, ‘hands off my boy’?  I think that would be great, sir.  Tarzan meets the Forest Ranger.   Grady would love it.   Can I watch?”


“‘Course you can, kid.”   Pete wrapped his arms round his boy, Brandon laid his head on the Ranger’s chest, and that’s how they fell asleep.




At that moment, in the master suite Randy and Bob were enjoying their usual night cap of coffee and brandy provided by the twins. “So, quite a day, uh?” Randy said.  “Seems like Pablo needs Darius’s help to master his boy.  I never thought of joint custody, but I guess it’s a good plan.”


“It’s the only plan, Randy,” Bob said.   “Pablo’s too volatile right now to be a master without Darius’s restraining influence.  You can’t rule a man through brute force.”

“Oh no?  As I recall that’s how I brought you to heel, big guy, way back in that motel.”


Bob raised his eyebrows.  “Randy, I came to heel, as you call it, ‘cos I fell in love with you in that motel room.  And it’s why I still come whenever you crook your finger.”  He became pensive.  “Hell, those were the days, eh?   That shabby ratbag motel.  I remember it so well.”


“Yeah, and you know that tomorrow is the anniversary of the first night we spent there?”


“Ah, the big lug remembered our anniversary.  There’s a surprise.”


“Asshole.  That’s not the only surprise, either.   I’ve got another one for you.”


“You mean Grady’s house-warming party tomorrow?”


“Well sure, we gotta show up at the gathering of the clan.  They’ll expect it and it’ll be fun.  But that’s not the surprise.  There’s no reason we can’t peel off and leave while they’re all getting good and drunk.”


“Oh yeah, and what then?”


“Ah, you’ll find out.”


“Son of a bitch,” Bob grinned.




TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 307


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