Tommy, the handsome young gymnast, had been on a roller-coaster ride since leaving his job at a luxury hotel and joining the tribe. At the very bottom of the food chain he had willingly been used and worked over by the leaders of the tribe – Randy, Bob and Zack – and then by the uniformed cop Mark who had tied him down to his motorcycle and fucked his perfect butt.

Now a new chapter was opening in Tommy’s life. For a while he had been the ‘boy’s boy’ of Pablo and Darius, but it became clear that this ‘junior master’ experiment had been premature. After a highly sexual ‘therapy’ session with Doctor Steve, the doc had come up with the startling proposal that he and his lover Lloyd should buy Tommy from Pablo.

After some bargaining it had been agreed and, to Tommy’s delight, he suddenly found himself the boy of the two handsome alpha males, a prospect that made him cream his shorts. Despite his embarrassment and stained pants, his first chore came right away – serving drinks to his new masters and their guests – the two couples Bob and Randy, and Pablo and Darius.

The celebration was in full swing when a deep voice suddenly said, “Hey, is this a private party or can anyone join?” The hunky Marine, Hassan, had stopped off on his way to his guesthouse down the hill. “So who do you have to fuck to get a drink around here?”

They looked up at the rugged soldier and all hands went up. “Me sir, me sir.” Steve laughed, “Our new boy Tommy will get you a drink, buddy. And perhaps you’d like to stay for dinner.”

“Thanks, Steve,” Hassan grinned and sat down. “A beer, please, Tommy. I gotta get an early start tomorrow, though. We got one of those multi-agency training maneuvers up at the Vandenberg Base – you know, military, firefighters, police all cooperating in emergency drills. Mark will be there with the cops and Jason with the fire department. We’re driving up together and dropping our boys off at the shack in the Guadalupe Dunes. When the training’s over the six of us will make a weekend of it on the beach.

“Now there’s a combination to make a guy drool,” Lloyd chuckled. “Sounds like the opening scene of a porn movie. You know – ‘A Marine, a Cop and a Fireman meet up in the dunes …’ You can imagine the rest, guys. You do the math.”


The next morning before dawn a convoy set off. It had been decided that the three men should drive separately so as to have the flexibility of their own vehicles, as their schedules were unclear and they might be needed on the base at different times. Each man would take his own boy and drop him off at the Guadalupe dunes where they owned two old beach shacks. The boys would spend the day together at the beach and prepare the shacks for their masters’ return after their maneuvers.

As they drove up the 101 Freeway the three couples became separated in traffic but that was no problem as each of the men had his own check-in point at the base. And the drive gave each man a chance to spend some quality time with his boy – ‘quality time’ with these guys inevitably involving sex.

Mark and Jamie were no strangers to the drive. In fact Mark had driven Jamie up to Guadalupe long ago when they had first met, at a time where Jamie was still posturing as a tough young dude who claimed to be a hit with all the ladies.

It was only when they had stopped off at a motel and Jamie watched the cop sleeping naked, his magnificent body lit by the moonlight through the window blinds, that the young stud felt the first stirrings of lust for a man. That lust, resisted at first, became an obsession leading finally to Jamie becoming Mark’s boy, and eventually a respected and much admired senior boy in the tribe – a transformation that owed everything to the power and charisma of the handsome cop.

Memories of that first ride up here occupied the thoughts of both men as they drove mostly in a comfortable silence for the first few miles. Mark was wearing casual clothes, having stowed his uniform and other gear in the back of the truck. It had become almost a ritual that Mark always wore his ribbed black tank top stretched over his muscular torso. It was Jamie’s favorite image of Mark, one that always made his dick hard – as it was now.

Staring straight ahead at the road Mark grinned, “Bet I can guess where your head is, Jamie … back at the motel where you took a leak in the bathroom and watched me through a crack in the door sleeping.”

“And I couldn’t stop myself, sir,” Jamie chuckled. “Me the big macho stud, different girl every night. The sight of you naked like that made me jack off all over the bathroom door. From that moment on my life changed completely.”

“For the better I hope. No regrets, kiddo?”

“Of course not, sir. I love my life with you … couldn’t live without you.”

“Well, you’ll never have to, Jamie.” There was another long silence as the atmosphere in the truck resonated with growing sexual desire – and growing cocks. Finally Mark said, “Remember the second time we drove up here? We stopped that time too, but not to find a motel.”

“I remember, sir,” Jamie smiled … and nothing else was said.

It was half an hour later that, without warning, Mark abruptly pulled off the Pacific Coast Highway and took a minor road through the scrub that ended in a dirt track in a stand of scrubby trees. No words were needed. This was a replay of that stop on their second trip that Mark had mentioned. He jumped out of the truck and Jamie got out the other side. Mark pulled down the tailgate of the truck and spread a tarpaulin over the metal flatbed.

Jamie stood beside him. As usual the blond surfer was wearing well-worn, faded board-shorts, sneakers and a loose, washed-out blue tank-top that hung over his muscular frame, setting off his deep tan, his fine young features and tousled bond hair.

Mark stared at the beautiful young man, the boy he loved, then grabbed him at the waist, picked him up and sat him on the tailgate. He pushed him down on his back on the tarpaulin, yanked down his surfer trunks and pulled them off over his sneakers. Then Mark unzipped his jeans, pulled out his iron-hard dick, spat on it and stroked it in his fist.

This was basically what happened every day of Jamie’s life when the cop got off duty and came home hot and horny expecting his boy to be there naked, waiting to offer his ass to him. It was a moment Jamie longed for every day, but out here in the empty expanses of scrub a particular passion, an urgency, flared in them as man and boy gazed intensely into each other’s eyes.

Mark pushed the young surfer’s legs in the air and pressed the head of his cock against his hole. “You ready, boy?”

“Yes sir, please sir.”

The cop eased his hips forward and his long, thick cock slid easily inside, all the way down the chute, over the inner sphincter and came to rest in the most sensitive depths of his ass. “Aaah,” Jamie sighed in ecstasy. The incredible sensation of feeling this man inside him always felt like the first time – the same surprise, the same act of total surrender to the police officer with the face and body of a Greek God.

As Mark pulled his cock slowly back, feeling every inch of the warm membrane closing round it, he stared down at Jamie and said softly, “Have you any idea how much I love you, Jamie? I need you always in my life, boy. You’ll always be my boy won’t you?”

“Always, sir. I love you so much and I try hard to be the best boy you could ever have.”

“Good,” Mark smiled. “Now, you ready to get your ass fucked by a cop?”

“Absolutely, sir. It’s what I wait for every day.”

As always it started slow, like a gentle massage, but quickly gained speed and force. Jamie reached up and pressed his palms against the black tank top, feeling the cop’s solid chest flexing under the ribbed cotton. He dug his fingers into the rock-hard pecs and the very feel of his master’s body was enough to make his own cock ooze pre-cum.

“Let me see you stroke you dick, Jamie.” The boy took one hand off Mark’s chest and stroked his trembling cock slowly. “Don’t cum, boy. Not ‘til I say you can. God, you are so fucking gorgeous. I can’t get enough of you, boy.”

He grabbed Jamie’s loose tank in his clenched fist and pulled his back up off the flatbed while pounding his ass with increasing force. Jamie gazed in awe at the powerful muscle-god, his broad shoulders, bulging biceps and the muscles of his torso rippling under the tight black tank. This is what Jamie lived for, what he craved every day, and now in this solitary place all he could see was Mark, all he could hear was the cry of the seagulls and the faint sound of the distant surf … all he could feel was the piston pounding in his ass.

Mark stared down at the handsome face, tanned from hours in the sun and surf, his blond hair flying as his head thrashed from side to side in ecstasy. Mark was so in love with the boy it hurt, it scared him. The self-assured, independent cop was captive to this boy … he loved him, needed him, couldn’t live without him, and he suddenly felt an irrational fear of losing him.

As if to assert ownership of the boy he fucked him harder, stared at him with a love so ferocious as to defy him ever to leave him. And proving to himself that he held Jamie in his power, Mark gripped his boy’s tank top tighter in his fist and pulled him up higher, his bicep bulging. His torso hanging from his ripping shirt Jamie was surprised and dazzled by the cop’s intensity and pounded his own cock faster, sensing that Mark was reaching a climax.

The truck shook as the men fucked and finally Mark howled, “I love you, Jamie. I’m gonna cum inside you. Let me see your jizz, boy. Shoot for me … now …!” As always, they came simultaneously, howling into the wind, and even the seagulls seemed to scream louder as they wheeled overhead staring down at the scene beneath them.

The men were transfixed by each other’s sparkling eyes as their cocks drained and their heartbeats subsided. Mark pulled his cock out and, still holding onto Jamie’s shirt, he heaved him off the truck, onto his feet, and pulled him into a passionate embrace that once again defied escape. Not that escape crossed Jamie’s mind for an instant. On the contrary, he wished that time would stand still right now, leaving him crushed in his master’s arms forever.

Mark eventually loosened his grip, grabbed Jamie’s shock of blond hair and stared into his upturned face. “I love you, boy. Don’t ever leave me.” To seal the deal Mark pulled the boy’s face forward into a fiery kiss, their lips clamped together as they shared the same breath.

Jamie’s mind went back to that first time when Mark had saved him from the strong rip current in the ocean, had carried him ashore unconscious and revived him with the kiss-of-life maneuver. And it was when Jamie came to, opened his eyes and gazed up at the godlike face, that he knew he was in love.

But now he was jerked back to the present as Mark suddenly pulled away, grabbed Jamie’s shirt again and pulled him to the truck. Jamie had a fleeting impression that he was a captive, arrested by the cop, as he climbed in on the passenger side. Mark went around, jumped in behind the wheel, gunned the truck into a U-turn and sped along the dirt track to the highway.

As they drove north on the highway with the ocean to their left Jamie glanced at Mark and saw his jaw clench. Thrilled as he was by what had just happened the boy was surprised by the fierce intensity of Mark’s love-making and sensed that he had glimpsed a need in his master he had not seen before. He rested his hand on Mark’s thigh and kept it there the rest of the trip.


In the other two vehicles a few miles behind them the atmosphere was, of course, redolent of sex between man and boy, though without the tense undercurrents of Mark and Jamie.

In Hassan’s jeep the Marine smiled affectionately as he listened to Eddie’s stream-of-consciousness chatter, relating his recent experiences at the Grady House with the Three Amigos, and speculating about Tommy’s with Steve and Lloyd.

“If you ask me,” (which Hassan had not) “I think it’s a great idea, sir. I mean, Steve has a lot of fancy stuff going on with those meetings with other shrinks, and Tommy can handle that. But my guess is he’ll spend most of his time getting worked over by Lloyd. That stud has a lot of sexual fantasies and when he brings his gym buddies up to the house you know who’s gonna be on his knees and on his back looking up at that bunch of hot jocks. He’d really get turned on by stuff like that. Hell, who wouldn’t?

“And … rumor has it that Lloyd once got spit-roasted by the two brothers, Steve and Randy. Man, Tommy would go ape-shit if that happened to him. Can you imagine, sir, those two look-alike hunks banging you, one at each end? Hell, if it happened to me at least it would stop me talking for once.”

“Ah,” Hassan grinned, “I was wondering what it would take to keep you quiet, kiddo.”

Eddie laughed. “Yeah, it was like that in the bar I worked at. Only time I stopped talking was when I had a dick in my mouth.” As he chatted Eddie casually rested his hand on Hassan’s thigh and his eyes opened wide as he felt the long thick rod stretching down under his military fatigue pants. “Oh … oh sir, do you want me to, er, stop talking?”

“If that’s the latest euphemism for a blow job, kiddo, I sure wouldn’t say no. But you know, Randy always tells his boys that sex while driving is real dangerous. And don’t forget, when Mark pulled Tommy over for jacking off while driving he got so mad he tied him to his motorbike and fucked his face and ass.

“Well … when it comes to that, sir,” Eddie said conspiratorially, “I happen to know, and I don’t mind telling you … in strict confidence, of course … that when Randy is driving with Pablo, Pablo always goes down on him. It’s a well-known fact, sir. And as for the cop fucking Tommy, if you ever found me giving a guy a blow job while driving, you could always tie me down to the hood of this jeep and fuck me too, sir … both ends. Hmm … as a matter of fact, now I mention it …”

“Eddie … Eddie … will you just stop talking and start sucking?”

Eddie’s eyes sparkled. “Absolutely, sir. I thought you’d never ask. Probably couldn’t get a word in sideways, uh? Never mind, you just leave everything to me. And keep your eyes on the road sir. We don’t wanna get arrested or anything. Although come to think of it …”

“Eddie!” Hassan barked.

“Yes, sir. Right away, sir.” He shifted in his seat, leaned down and unzipped the soldier’s pants with his teeth. He shoved his face into his crotch, inhaling the musky smell of the curly black pubic hair, closed his lips round the thick cock and pulled it free. “Oh, sir,” he mumbled, that is the most beautiful cock in the world. Whenever I see it I … ouch!” Hassan had slapped him behind the head and Eddie quickly lowered his mouth over the shaft he loved so much.

Eddie was, of course, the champion cock-sucker of the tribe, having perfected the art working as a bar-back in the desert leather bar where he spent less time picking up bottles than he did on his knees in the back room giving head. And now he used every trick in the book to give his adored master a blow-job that nobody else could match – couldn’t even come close.

He didn’t so much suck the Marine’s cock as make love to it – alternately squeezing his throat muscles round it then relaxing, his face buried in the soldier’s sweaty tangle of pubic hair. He was fucking the cock without hardly moving his head, And when he did move – pursing his lips tight as he pulled slowly back up the long shaft – Hassan sighed deeply, placed his hand lovingly on his boy’s head and pushed it gently back down on the whole length of his cock.

Steering with one hand on the wheel Hassan smiled to himself. He really loved this kid, even his incessant chatter and especially, of course, his skill at doing what he was doing right now. Hassan was always surrounded by other Marines, most of them young, many of them new recruits, all of them showing him utmost respect and, in many cases, he knew, avid lust. He knew some of them had sex with each other but turned a blind eye.

And he himself never let sex intrude on his work. Apart from destroying discipline that would have gone against all his instincts as a commander. When he got off work he left it all behind, preferring his solitude in his small guesthouse in the hills, especially in the company of this eager, fresh-faced, funny, lovable young guy.

Eddie was a breath of fresh air, someone Hassan looked on as a father looks at a son. He watched his development with joy, guided him and encouraged his friendships and popularity with the other boys. He was perennially cheerful with an impish sense of fun, all of which contributed to the feature Hassan admired most – Eddie’s buoyant self-confidence. He was one of the few guys who was not intimidated by Hassan – or by anyone else, it seemed.

But if Eddie was not intimidated by Hassan it was obvious that the boy worshipped him, and Hassan loved that. And he was delighted to see that the boy’s stature in the tribe was boosted by the fact that he was a Marine’s boy.

But right now all those considerations paled beside the exquisite feeling in his cock. Eddie had been working on it for some time, bringing him to the verge of orgasm often, then pulling back at the last minute and denying it. Eddie was in heaven, applying his skills to a master who had given him so much. He loved the musky, sweaty taste and smell of the soldier’s crotch, his thick cock and pungent pubic hair. Most of all he loved the sense of the husky Marine Captain’s very manhood filling his mouth, bulging and oozing pre-cum at the back of his throat.

Eddie knew his master so well that he could sense when one more near-orgasm tease would be enough. Now for the real thing.

Hassan put both hands on the wheel as Eddie increased the tempo until his face was plunging down on the rod like a piston, squeezing it in his throat, drawing the soldier’s juice out of his balls until Hassan’s breathing became ragged and he moaned, “Shit, you are the best, kiddo, fucking incredible. Oh yeah, suck that soldier’s dick, boy. Make him bust his load, drink his jizz, boy … here it comes … aaagh.”

Any following motorist would not have heard the animal howl and, if he noticed a slight wobble in the jeep, would assume it was to avoid a pothole. But in the cab the noise was deafening as the Marine poured semen into his boy’s mouth and Eddie swallowed hard, gulp after gulp, careful not to spill a drop of his master’s warm, bitter-sweet juice.

Eventually Eddie surfaced and smiled up at the dark, exotically handsome face. To Hassan he had never looked more lovable, his eyes sparkling, tears running down his cheeks, his jaw sagging and semen spilling over it. “How was that, sir?” he grinned.

“You know damn well how it was, boy. Fucking sensational. Did you …? Oh yeah, I see from that big stain on your shorts that you did.”

“Of course I busted a load, sir. You wanna go again? I can, you know. As often as you want.”

“Later, kid. Plenty of time for that. Maybe I’ll let you show off to the other guys. But right now let’s see how long you can stay silent without a dick in your mouth. Otherwise I might have to resort to that tying-you-to-the-jeep thing.”

“Whatever you say, sir,” Eddie grinned eagerly. “What I always say is …” but without waiting to find out, Hassan clamped a hand over his boy’s mouth.


The dynamic in the third vehicle, Jason’s SUV, was different, largely because Jason was so different from Mark and Hassan. For one thing he was the youngest of the tribe’s masters, only a few years older than boys like Jamie. Also, while he had the respect and admiration of his fellow firefighters, he did not have the superior rank of Hassan or the natural authority of Mark.

Jason was fond of his physical pleasures, like daily workouts at the gym and going surfing with Jamie, which he did quite often. He was narcissistic in the most lighthearted way, teasing himself about it to the other guys. And that was one of the things Ben loved about him, often spending hours watching him work out and jerking off in muscle worship of his beautiful master.

And even that was different – their master/boy relationship. Jason was not such a commanding figure to Ben as the other masters were to their boys. If the other men were somewhat like father figures, Jason was more like Ben’s big brother. They laughed together, giggled even, and after they had made love and Jason had fucked his boy’s ass, he enjoyed snuggling up to Ben in bed listening to his tales of his boyhood on the hardscrabble streets of West Texas.

Physically Jason was turned on by Ben’s wild gypsy look with his swarthy features and unruly black hair, a junior version of his big brother Randy and a sharp contrast to the blond-Adonis look of Jason. They both had a healthy respect for mirrors and muscle worship, and one of their favorite things was to gaze at each other’s reflections and shoot jets of cum onto the glass.

Which is where their desires were headed right now – minus the mirrors. Ben, wearing shorts and a sleeveless white muscle-shirt that contrasted with his lithe, dark-skinned torso, had a permanent hard-on sitting beside Jason. The fireman was wearing his regulation uniform pants and navy blue T-shirt stretched over the slabs of his gym-honed pecs. Forthright as ever Ben asked, “Sir, you’ve given me such a raging boner, could we stop somewhere and have sex?”

“Well, we’re way behind the others, kiddo, so ‘stop somewhere?’ no. But have sex? Have you ever heard me say no to that?”

Ben grinned, slid down to the floor in front of the passenger seat and knelt with his back to the dashboard facing Jason. The blond jock smiled down at him. “You first, kiddo.” Ben stretched his arms up, flexing his muscles, then reached behind his head and slowly pulled his shirt up, revealing his ripped, fat-free stomach, then the flawless pecs, and then pulled it off over his head. As Jason smiled at him in admiration Ben said, “Now you, sir.”

To Jason, stripping his clothes off was second nature. Keeping one hand on the steering wheel he reached behind his neck with the other and in one well-practiced move pulled his T-shirt off over his head. Ben gazed at the spectacular shirtless body, the broad shoulders, the wide lats tapering down past washboard abs, down to the slim waist cinched by the wide black belt of his uniform pants.

“Oh sir, every time you do that I wanna cum. Your body turns me on so much.” Ben quickly unzipped his shorts, pulled out his rigid dick and stroked it while he reached up with the other hand and ran it over Jason’s razor-sharp abs, then up the deep cleft between his pecs before digging his fingers into the sinews of his chest.

“Don’t cum yet, Ben,” Jason ordered as Ben’s breathing became heavier and he beat his meat faster. “The secret is to enjoy it, play with it and build slowly. Here, how does this feel?” With his free hand Jason reached down and twisted Ben’s nipple in his fingers.

Ben gazed up at the shirtless fireman and moaned, “Sir, you shouldn’t do that after telling me not to cum. It’s not fair.”

“It may not be fair, but it really gets you going, eh? Even if you’re not cumming.”

Ben giggled at Jason’s corny pun as Jason took his hand off Ben’s nipple, unbuttoned his uniform pants and pulled out his stiff cock. He looked down at Ben’s eager, dark gypsy face, his pale blue eyes, so much like his brother Randy’s, and stroked his own dick slowly.

And there they were for the next few miles, the muscular blond fireman and the swarthy gypsy boy on his knees, both of them shirtless getting off on the sight of each other’s body. Keeping his eye on the road but glancing frequently at his boy Jason steered with one hand and stroked his dick with the other.

“You know, kiddo,” Jason smiled, “you are one hot young buck. I brought a tent with us and tonight we’re gonna pitch it in the dunes and we’re gonna crawl in and I’ll fuck that sweet ass of yours. You know what turns me on? Your ass cheeks have a light fuzz of black hair and I love burying my face between those globes and eating your ass. Then I’ll fuck you and after I’ve shot my load inside you I’ll leave my dick in there, hold you in my arms and we’ll fall asleep. How’s that grab you?”

“Grab’s me real good, sir.” Ben giggled. “And when we wake up in the night you’ll already be inside me so you can fuck me again.”

“Now you’re talking my language, kiddo. You’re bright as well as beautiful. Hey, I gotta keep both hands on the wheel in this traffic. Take over on my dick, boy, and make me cum.”

Ben eagerly grabbed Jason’s cock with one hand while he kept stroking his own dick with the other. That way he was able to keep the pressure and tempo the same on both cocks, bringing them to a simultaneous climax. Still kneeling on the floor Ben gazed up the muscle-jock’s face, at the intensity on the chiseled features as he concentrated on the road … and on the erotic feeling in his cock.

The young fireman glanced quickly at Ben and groaned, “Kiddo, you’re driving me crazy. Let’s do it, eh? You ready?”

“I’ve been ready since we left home, sir. OK, here goes ….” Flexing his muscles Ben squeezed both dicks tighter and pounded them faster. He sensed when his master’s cock was ready and shouted, “I love you, sir …” He bent his face down just as Jason’s cock exploded and slammed a jet of semen in his face, followed by another and another, while Ben’s own cum splashed down on the fireman’s boots.

Ben looked up at Jason who smiled when he saw the young gypsy’s dancing blue eyes, his dark face streaming with his master’s jizz. “Shit, you look hot like that, boy. Are you ever gonna get it tonight! You are gonna get so fucking fucked. And don’t wipe your face, kid. I want the other boys to see you like that when we get there.”

“I had no intention of wiping it off, sir. I’m gonna wear your jizz all day.”


Ben’s cum-splashed face got a raunchy greeting from Jamie and Eddie. When Jason had dropped him off behind the dunes he said, “I gotta go, kid, I’m running late. But I’ll probably get off early so I’ll see you then.” After a grinding kiss Ben got out of the truck and it roared away.

Ben shouldered his backpack and trudged over the dunes to see the other two boys busy at the shack at the back of the beach. They had been dropped off by their masters shortly before him and they now looked up and hollered at the sight of their shirtless buddy with unmistakable signs of cum drying on his face.

“Hey, dude” Eddie shouted. “Looks like that fireman turned his hose on you real good – your face is a mess. You should have swallowed like I did with my Marine.

“Or taken it up the butt like I did with Mark’s big dick.” There were boisterous hugs, they broke open some beers and spent the next hour lounging on the beach and swapping stories about their sexual exploits on the drive up.

Each of their stories was exciting in itself but embellished for dramatic effect. Only Jamie was slightly subdued as he said, “Mark was real intense when he fucked my on the truck and afterwards he held me so tight I thought he would crush me. Don’t know what that was about. Anyway, guys, storytime’s over. We gotta get the shack ready for the men.”

Technically Jamie owned this shack, a present from Mark, and he took the lead as they cleaned it up and stowed all their gear that Jamie had previously unloaded from Mark’s truck, including the four surfboards he had brought.

“Look at those waves,” Jamie said, judging them with his expert eye. “It’s still early but when the wind picks up by midafternoon they’ll be perfect. I know you two are not into surfing much but when Jason gets back we’ll probably go out, if you don’t mind me borrowing your man, Ben.”

Ben and Eddie, two of the junior boys, looked up to Jamie as one of the most respected of the senior boys, and Ben knew that Jamie and Jason were friends. “Hey, you two have been surfing buddies almost since he joined the tribe. I don’t mind, just as long as you bring him back to me. He says we’re gonna pitch a tent and he’s gonna fuck my ass, leave his dick in me and then fuck me some more – probably all night.”

“No way, dude,” Eddie protested. “Even the fireman can’t fuck all night. Course, I could. I can cum whenever Hassan tells me to. There was this one time when …” And Eddie was off on another garrulous trip down memory lane.

While Eddie talked they worked until the shack was aired out and ready for the men. Then they jogged several miles down the beach to another shack, this one owned by Zack. Zack had been living there on his own when they first met him some years ago, like a black demi-god coming through the waves to rescue them from a disastrous boating trip.

He had offered the shack to Hassan for the weekend and the Marine, who liked his solitude, planned on sleeping there with Eddie. The boys did the same number on this shack as they had on the other, cleaning it up in readiness for Hassan, then raced each other back to where they had left their gear and the surfboards.

The thing they all loved about this remote beach was that it was nearly always deserted. It was quite a distance from town and there were other beaches with big parking lots and concession stands that were more family friendly and attractive to day trippers and tourists. So now the boys took advantage of their solitude, frolicking in the waves, lazing on the beach and concocting fantasies about what they would do with their masters when they returned.

As it happened their fantasies turned out to be way off base. The best laid plans have a habit of being overtaken by unexpected events, as they were to discover.


The boys had been there since early morning and it was only mid-afternoon when they were puzzled to hear a vehicle in the distance coming along the sandy track in the dunes, even more so when it pulled up behind the shack. The men were not expected back this soon so it was a surprise to see Jason bounding over the dune pulling his T-shirt off as he came.

“Hey guys,” he shouted. “How’s it hangin’? I got off early ‘cos the maneuvers started to focus on the military and police and they let some of the fire divisions go.” He looked around him. “Wow, I always forget how gorgeous this place is, and look at those waves! Radical, man.”

Jason gave Ben a tight hug, then the boys watched in awe as he kicked off his boots, stripped naked and pulled a pair of swim trunks out of his backpack. He stretched his arms sideways, impulsively showing off his gorgeous body, and laughed, “Hey, Jamie, I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking. You wanna ride a few?”

“Damn straight,” Jamie grinned. “I’ve been itching to get out there. Let’s grab the boards.”

They each choose a surfboard and as they waxed them up Jason said to Ben, “You OK with this kiddo? You know me and Jamie when the surf’s up. Gotta get out there.”

“Of course, sir. Me and Eddie like to watch …” he grinned …“as you know, sir. When you come back can we pitch the tent?”

“Hell yeah, kiddo. Then we’ll try it on for size, eh?” Ben giggled and licked his lips.

So Eddie and Ben sat back against the porch of the shack with a couple of beers and watched the two muscular blonds bound down the beach, into the surf and launch themselves on their boards. They paddled out strongly and in a few minutes they were bobbing on the swell side by side, facing the beach and glancing over their shoulders for the first good wave.

At the shack Eddie said to Ben, “This is the life, eh dude? Sun, surf and sex, not necessarily in that order.” They watched the two men riding wave after wave, heard them laughing and saw them jostling each other playfully as they waited for the next set. Eddie looked quizzically at Ben. “Those two are real surfing buddies, ain’t they? You, er, you don’t get, like, jealous or anything when they go off together like this?”

“Nah. I’m Jason’s boy. It’s me he sleeps with and I know he loves me.”

But curious Eddie persisted. “I’ve always heard that surfers are a real horny bunch, have a lotta sex together. You think Jason and Jamie ever… you know?”

“Dunno,” Ben said nonchalantly. “You know masters can do kinda what they like and if Jason gets his rocks off occasionally with Jamie I don’t care. Only thing that bothers me is that I don’t get to watch. Wouldn’t that be something?”


Eddie had been probing out of lustful curiosity, always up for a new fantasy, but he was right about one thing. There was something highly sexual about surfing – the sunbaked, suntanned flesh, the lift of the waves, two competitive guys speeding over the surface, flexing their muscular bodies that streamed with water and gleamed in the sun-flecked spray.

It was when they were at rest, sitting astride their boards waiting for a wave, that Jason and Jamie were most aware of each other’s sexuality. The bobbing boards pressed on their balls and their dicks were hard as they grinned across at each other. And when at last, after their fill of lusty physical activity they rode their final wave to shore, it was as if they were reading each other’s mind as they headed not to their beach but to a small cove just round the headland.

Charged with adrenaline and testosterone they galloped toward the dune where Jamie threw his board on the sand and flopped on it on his back. He stretched his arms up and grabbed the board’s fin above his head. “Wow,” Jason said, though whether from of the after-effects of surfing or the erotic sight of the muscular young jock stretched beneath him, it was hard to say.

On previous occasions the two horny buddies had fooled around after surfing – some mutual masturbation, quick blow-jobs – just enough to get their rocks off and release their pent-up sperm. And now, as Jason smiled down at the dazzling sight of the beautiful blond surfer lying on his surfboard, he said, “Hey, buddy, you trying to turn me on with that sexy pose?”

“What if I am?” Jamie teased. “You wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway.”

“Oh no?” Jason chuckled as he undid the strings of his board shorts and let them drop to the ground. His dick sprang out rock hard and he stroked it slowly.

“OK,” Jamie grinned, “I guess you would know. Dude, you are so fucking gorgeous.”

“That makes two of us, buddy … and it only takes two.” Jason reached down and yanked Jamie’s trunks down his legs, over his feet and tossed then aside. He knelt on the board between Jamie’s legs and, before either of them could think twice, he pushed his legs up and drove his wet cock into his surfer buddie’s ass.

“Oh, man,” Jamie yelled, releasing the fin and slapping his hands on Jason’s perfect pecs. “Oh, yeah, that feels so fucking hot. Fuck me dude … let me watch my hot buddy fuck my ass. Come on, stud, let’s see what you got.”

And so Jason showed him, and was soon pounding Jamie’s ass as Jamie dug his fingers into the muscle-jock’s rock hard pecs. All their energy, all their pent-up lust now found an outlet in an impulsive, high-spirited fuck – two blond surfer buddies finding the perfect climax to the mutual desire they had felt riding the waves together. Out there they had been side by side, and now one was on top of the other fucking the crap out of him.

As Jason gazed down at Jamie’s sculpted features and tangled blond hair it was almost like looking at a mirror – one of his favorite turn-ons. They were both lost in each other’s blue-eyed gaze, loving every second of this wild, spontaneous fuck, one young jock impaled on the other’s pounding shaft. Jason reached down and put one hand on Jamie’s chest and the other on his dick. He stroked Jamie’s rod in his clenched fist while ramrodding his ass and grinned, “I can make you cum like this anytime I want, buddy.”

“Dude, I could cum just looking at you and you know it, damn you.”

“So let’s do it, stud. Let me go first.” He pounded harder, breathed faster and moaned, “Oh yeah. God you’re gorgeous, man. I gotta cum … yeah … fuck … oh fuck … yeah.” His cock erupted in Jamie’s hot ass and Jason grinned, you felt that, boy? You feel my hot juice in your ass? Makes you wanna bust your load, eh?”

“Oh yeah … make me cum, dude. Please … my nuts are fucking bursting … here it comes …” An instant before Jamie shot his load Jason lowered his head, opened his mouth and caught the stream of cum in it spurting from his buddy’s cock. “Yeah, drink it, big guy,” Jamie howled. “Drink your buddy’s hot jizz. Swallow it, man … all of it.”

It seemed as if they would cum forever, one in the fireman’s mouth, the other in the surfer’s hot ass. But at last Jason pulled back and smiled at Jamie, eyes gleaming, cum drooling down his chin. “That was epic, man. Fucking beautiful.”

They burst out laughing, Jason fell on top of Jamie and their mouths locked as they hugged each other and rolled over and over in the sand. The two muscular blond surfers were so alike they could have been made for each other.

At least, that’s the way it looked to Mark as he watched from the top of the dune.


The police contingent had been released from the maneuvers a couple of hours after the firefighters, leaving only the military to mop up. As Mark had driven back down to Guadalupe his thoughts had focused on Jamie. He had felt tense ever since they had fucked on the truck, and he had realized more strongly than ever how much he loved the boy … how much he needed him.

The handsome cop had always brimmed with self-confidence but now he felt an unfamiliar sensation … fear. His own passion scared him, overpowered him – a feeling of losing control. He couldn’t wait to get back to him, to see his smiling face and that gorgeous body in his old surfer trunks. God he was gorgeous … and he was his boy!”

But when he finally reached the shack Mark found only Eddie and Ben there and he asked right away, “Where’s Jamie?” Eddie glanced at Ben and said, “Er, him and Jason went surfing and, like … when they finished they seemed to be headed for the cove. Currents pulled them that way I guess. They’ll be coming over the dunes any time, sir. Would you like a beer?”

“Nah, I’ll go and meet them.” They watched nervously as the cop stripped off his uniform and pulled on a pair of shorts.

Ben frowned. “Er, we’re not sure if they drifted off to the cove, sir. Could have been anywhere, actually.”

“Thanks, Ben,” Mark smiled, “but I’m sure I’ll run into them somewhere,” and he took off over the dunes as the two boys exchanged uneasy glances. It had taken only a few minutes to reach the dune that overlooked the cove … and that’s when he saw them.

Mark had once watched a house burn down so fiercely that he and everyone else was powerless to help. And he had that same feeling now as he stood rooted to the spot, watching the two men make love, powerless to move or turn his head away.

But finally, when he saw them rolling over in each other’s arms he tore himself away and stumbled back over the dunes. What he had just seen – two energetic young buddies having fun together that ended, not unnaturally, in a horny fuck – went to the heart of Mark’s anxiety. It was an angst, a foreboding that had been building inside him for quite some time. It had been at the root of his intensity when he had fucked Jamie on the truck and held him so tight for fear of losing him. And now the mounting tension burst to the surface.

It was phenomenon not unique to Mark – a potential hurdle that arose in many master-boy relationships with an age disparity. Mark and Jamie loved each other but their lives and impulses were different in many ways.

Mark was a serious minded cop who, in the evenings after a tough day at work, just wanted to relax quietly at home. Jamie was a fun-loving young man with boundless energy, so of course he sought out high-spirited guys like himself – like Jason. How long would it be, Mark thought, before Jamie began to see him as dull and started to stray? Was it such a stretch to think that Jamie and Jason would end up as more than playmates – as lovers?

Mark was still lost in these morose reflections when he reached the shack and it was immediately clear to the nervous Eddie and Ben that something was up. As Mark paced, fists clenched, Ben cleared his throat nervously and said, “Er, would you like that beer now, sir?”

It was obvious that Mark hadn’t heard, that he was unaware of the boys’ presence. His mind was obviously elsewhere, and it didn’t take much guesswork for the boys to know where. Eddie’s heart was beating fast as he said, “Um, here they come now, sir.”

They hadn’t come over the dunes. They had splashed back round the headland through the shallow surf, their surfboards tucked under their arms. They were laughing together, joking, and as they walked up the beach toward the shack Mark looked at Jason and … it was hisfault. Hehad led Jamie astray, probably seduced him with his vitality and his damn beauty.

Racked with insecurity Mark’s police officer discipline evaporated and, like ordinary men in times of stress, he became irrational. Even Jason’s light-hearted greeting did nothing to placate his anger. “Hey, officer,” he smiled, “you’re back, good. How was it at the Base? Didn’t set fire to it or anything? Jamie and me had a great time together.”

Mark’s voice was ominous. “Yeah, I saw you?”

“You did?” Jason laughed. “Hell you should’ve come down and joined us. We’d have made a hot threesome.” But Jamie saw Mark’s thunderous look and his blood froze.

“You son-of-a-bitch,” Mark snarled at Jason. “You fucked my boy. You seduced him and fucked his ass.”

“Hell,” Jason grinned, “if there was any seduction going on it was kind of a mutual deal.” But he frowned as he saw Mark’s fists clench and said, “Hey, wait a minute, man … you’re not kidding are you? You’re serious. Now back off man, all Jamie and I were doing was having a bit of fun after a great ride in the waves. Yeah, sure I fucked him, but stuff like that goes on in the tribe all the time. You know the rule … as long as it stays in the tribe.”

Mark took a step forward but Jason held his ground and tried to reason with him. “Hey, men often fuck other guys’ boys and no harm’s done if everyone’s happy. Hell, man, you yourself fucked Pablo’s boy the other day, tied him down against his will on your bike and fucked him good. And nobody said ‘Bad Mark’ about that.”

“This is different, asshole. I was disciplining Tommy, not trying to steal him like you were with Jamie. Next thing you know he’ll be your boy and you’ll be showing off to each other and fucking on the beach all day.”

“Man, what’s got into you? You’re fucking crazy. Let’s call a truce, buddy.”

He raised his arms in a peace gesture but Mark saw insolent vanity instead and he snapped. He glared at the handsome face, raised his arm and slapped the back of his fist against Jason’s cheek, sending him reeling onto his back on the sand. Jason was mad now and reacted by leaping to his feet and charging at Mark with a shoulder to his stomach. They both crashed to the ground and rolled over trading blows.

Jamie was horrified, in disbelief at what was happening, and made a futile attempt at pulling Mark off Jason. Mark shoved him away, yelling, “Stay out of this, boy. I’ll deal with you next.”

The fight continued for a few minutes until … “What the fuck?!” Hassan had just arrived back and stared in disbelief at the brawl in progress. He reached down and, with all his strength, managed to pull Mark off Jason and up on his feet. Mark’s flailing fists caught Hassan in the chest and the Marine quickly locked the cop’s arm behind him in a brutal hammerlock.

“Now cool it buddy. I’m only gonna let you go if you can just calm the fuck down.” He released the hold and Mark stood glaring at Jason, eyes blazing, fists clenched. Hassan’s voice was firm but soothing. “OK, that’s better. Now what the fuck’s going on here?”

“Ask him,” Mark said pointing an accusing finger at Jason. “He fucked my boy.”

“So?” Hassan shrugged.

“So, he’s trying to seduce the boy. I saw them … in each other’s arms … on the beach. Jamie would never betray me if this mother-fucker hadn’t …” He turned round to look at Jamie and frowned. “Where is Jamie? Where’s my boy?”

The two junior boys had been watching in something close to terror. “Sir,” Eddie stammered, “I … I think he ran away.” Ben winced, “He saw you fighting, sir, and took off down the beach … that way.”

“NO!” Mark howled. He spun round and raced off down the beach.

“Holy shit,” Jason said, pulling himself up on his feet and brushing sand off his bruised body. “What the fuck just happened here? Looks like you came just in time, soldier. Welcome to paradise.”


As his feet pounded through the shallow surf Mark’s thoughts were in a whirl – conflicting passions rather than thoughts. He had a dim impression that he had done something bad back there, but it didn’t matter – nothing mattered except finding his boy. Fear and adrenaline gave him speed as he raced along the beach, narrowing his eyes as he searched for a sign of Jamie in the distance haze of sea-spray.

And then he saw him – or at least a speck in the distance. Fear turned to hope that fueled greater speed and longer strides. As he closed the distance between them he saw that Jamie was now stumbling along the beach and Mark realized he was headed for Zack’s empty shack. “Jamie!” he shouted, but his words were lost in the breeze and crashing surf.

He came closer and closer and finally launched himself forward and tackled the boy from behind bring them both crashing down on the wet sand. Startled, scared, Jamie twisted onto his back beneath the powerful cop and raised his arm defensively across his face. “Don’t hit me, sir. Please don’t hit me …”

Stunned by Jamie’s terrified words Mark stared down at his boy in disbelief. Jamie was scaredof him, scared he would punish him, beat him – the very opposite of Mark’s feelings right now. He caught his breath, then lay on top of Jamie and buried his face in his neck … sobbing.

“Don’t leave, Jamie. Please … don’t go away … I love you, boy … I need you …” Jamie lay beneath him and stared up at the sky in total bewilderment. He could hardly believe what he was hearing. His master, the cool, confident, powerful cop, was sobbing against him, desperately begging Jamie not to abandon him.

When Mark’s breathing subsided he raised his face and stared into Jamie’s puzzled eyes. “You don’t get it do you, boy? I’m scared, frightened that you’ll leave me. Whenever I see you having fun with guys younger than me I know I can’t give you what they can. And when I saw you with Jason I realized how well you go together, the same energy, same laughter. And I knew that, if not now, one day soon you would leave me for a guy like him.

“I’m just a down-to-earth cop who works a beat on the streets, then gets home and likes to put his feet up. And the part I love best is sitting there with my arm around my boy. But I ask myself how long you’re gonna be content hanging out with a boring stick-in-the-mud like me?”

“Like, forever, sir.” Jamie reached up, put his hand behind Mark’s head and pulled him down into a long, passionate kiss, fiercely probing each other’s mouth with their tongues in the desperation of profound love and the fear of losing it. Hearts can love but they can also ache and break, and that’s what scared them both.

What amazed Jamie was the sudden and total role reversal. How often, right from the beginning, had Jamie feared abandonment and sought reassurance from the man he worshipped that he was still his boy? And how often had Mark laughingly told him his fears were groundless. And now here was the cool, powerful cop tearfully expressing the very same fear.

Just as Mark always reassured Jamie, the boy knew that, their roles reversed, he now had to do the same for his master. Their mouths separated and Mark pulled back and gazed down at his boy, pinning his wrists to the ground in an unconscious effort to stop him running away again.

“Sir,” Jamie smiled, “you missed out one part about when you come home from work. First thing you do is take off your uniform and fuck me. And when I lie on the bed naked waiting for you it’s the most exciting feeling in the world. You are the most exciting man in the world, sir, and I would sit on the couch with your arm round me for the rest of my life if you asked me to.

“Sure, I have fun with the other boys – they’re my buddies – and I love to go surfing with Jason. We laugh and play together in the waves and, OK, we’re attracted to each other in a buddy kind of way. Today we were having so much fun that it kinda segued into a buddy fuck. I didn’t stop to think, but if I had known how much it hurt you I would never have let it happen.”

Mark broke in, “But it shouldn’t have hurt me, Jamie. Jason was right, stuff like that happens all the time in the tribe, it’s what makes us special. Boys play with boys and even with other masters sometimes. Take Randy. He fucks whoever he wants whenever he wants and we all still respect him. Thing is, I was scared, kiddo, and I kinda lost my mind for a while there. And now I’m asking you to forgive me … please.”

Jamie looked up at the godlike face and knew he had never loved Mark as much as he did now. “Does that mean I’m still your boy, sir?”

“Ah, as to that, Jamie….” Mark stood up, leaned down and scooped the boy up. Cradling him in his arms he carried him up the beach to Zack’s shack, kicked the door open, went into the bedroom and laid him gently on the bed. Mark smiled down at him. “It’s like I just got home from work, eh kid?”

“Yes, sir.” Jamie quickly pulled off his shorts and lay back splayed on the bed buck naked.

“Oh, shit, look at that,” Mark groaned. “Only one thing a boring old stick-in-the-mud can do with that.” He dropped his shorts and grabbed his rigid dick. He spat on it, stroked it, knelt on the bed and pushed it slowly, deeply into the ass of the boy he worshipped. They both heaved sighs of relief and joy.

After the catharsis they had just gone through, a watershed in their love affair, it was the most spectacular fuck they had ever had – sublime love-making that seemed eternal. They kissed, licked, bit, stroked, caressed, and feasted on each other’s bodies as they explored a whole world of new delights and appetites they had never dreamed of before. It transcended the affection between man and boy … it was simply two glorious males surrendering to their craving for each other.

Somewhere in all this their cocks poured out their pent-up juices, but still they made love. And when at last they were spent, they lay on their backs side by side, holding hands. “Sir,” Jamie said breathlessly. “Let’s not be scared anymore. I don’t like it.”

“From now on, kiddo, fear is off the menu. So is running away. No more insecurity. I’m never gonna leave you nor you me. We’re in this for the long haul. Agreed?”

“Agreed sir,” Jamie smiled, squeezing Mark’s hand.

Mark sighed heavily. “And now comes the hard part – facing Jason and Hassan.”

“You think they’ll be angry, sir?”

“They damn well should be. I was way out of line. I blew my cool and behaved like a total asshole. I got jealous, picked a fight with another master for no good reason and ruined what should have been a perfect day on the beach with good buddies. That’s not the way I am, kid, you know that, and I’m ashamed of myself.

“You know the rules, Jamie … a man behaves like that, he has to be punished. And Hassan is a Marine Captain who knows all about discipline. He probably has something in mind already.

And Mark was right.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 311


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