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“Hey, what’s all this noise?” asked a mocking voice. “Can’t we get a little peace and quiet around here?” Bob had just come into the master bedroom and smiled down at Randy and Ben. Ben’s eyes danced as he grinned up at him, a far cry from his dead, haunted eyes when Randy had brought him home in a state of shock.

Young Ben had spent an exciting afternoon at the Grady House where the new big-screen Tarzan, Grady, had treated the shy gypsy boy to a sexual fantasy in which Tarzan was staked to the ground and butt-fucked by the emboldened young gypsy.

But after Ben had left the house his day took an ominous turn. On his way back home to Randy he had stopped off at a shabby out-of-the-way auto parts outfit to pick up some needed parts. But he was captured by two greasy thugs who tied him up and threatened him with gang rape.

His big brother Randy had come to the rescue, demolished the two goons and taken Ben home, shivering with fear. In a state of shock Ben sobbed, “I mean, if you hadn’t shown up, sir those guys would have … they said they were gonna fuck me and call up some of their buddies to come and gang rape me. I didn’t, I couldn’t … I mean … I’ll never let anyone fuck me again.”

“It’s OK, kiddo, let it out. But you’re here now and you’re safe. This is me, your big brother Randy. I love you kiddo, and you love me don’t you?”

“Yes, sir, a whole lot.”

“Then take a deep breath and relax, kid.”

Randy proceeded to make love to Ben, banishing his fears and restoring his confidence as he eased his cock into his ass. In the course of a prolonged display of affection and sexual excitement, Ben’s former panic subsided and he said, “I … I really am safe now aren’t I, sir?”

“With my dick inside you? You’re safer than you’ve ever been, little brother.” And when at last they reached their climax in raucous orgasms Randy grabbed Ben in his arms and they rolled over on the bed, kissing passionately, with Randy’s cock still in Ben’s ass.

And that’s when Bob came in and teasingly complained about the noise. He smiled at Randy with love and admiration for the way he had comforted his kid-brother, and Randy gave him the smug, self-satisfied told-you-so grin so familiar to Bob.

“Now listen, Randy,” Bob said, “if you can just pull your dick out of your brother’s ass maybe you can feed him as well as fuck him. The twins are right now getting dinner on the table downstairs and everyone’s gathering for what looks like some kind of celebration. And Ben, it seems as if you’re the guest of honor – quite the hero. Grady and Mario have come here with Danny, Brandon and Brian and they’re spreading some kind of wild rumor that you fucked Tarzan.”

Bob glanced at Randy and decided to risk it. “They’re saying you took him captive, tied him to the ground with ropes round his wrists, and jackhammered his ass. Any truth to that?”

Bob had deliberately used that stark language to test Ben’s reaction, and for one silent moment he thought it had misfired. But evidently Ben had put the memory of his own perilous bondage behind him, because he rewarded Bob with his mischievous grin and said, “Sir, you can’t believe every rumor you hear … but you sure can believe that one. Yeah, I fucked him good.”

“That’s my boy,” Randy said, and he and Bob laughed with relief that Ben was back to his old playful self. Bob said, “Ben, I know your master Jason is still out of town so how would you like to sleep with Randy and me tonight?”

“Yes please, sir!” Ben’s eyes sparkled and Randy said, “OK, now remember how my dick is right now – buried in your ass – and later on we’ll pick up the action from there. Well, maybe it’ll be Bob’s dick in there … or both … what the hell.”

“Right,” Bob said. “You two go jump in the shower and come down for dinner. And please, not naked … no shorts, no service,” he grinned. “And Ben you better be ready to talk. The boys are waiting to hear the story of how a gypsy boy fucked Tarzan.” Bob glanced at Randy who nodded. “In fact,” Bob said, “they want to hear all of your adventures.”

*********************    CHAPTER 332     *********************

Among the dinner guests waiting downstairs was Doctor Steve, the therapist to the tribe and Randy’s brother … and therefore, of course, Ben’s brother too. Bob had phoned Steve as soon as he heard of Ben’s terrifying ordeal, knowing that his advice on post-trauma shock would be invaluable. Bob and Mark were now huddled with Steve at the dinner table.

Upstairs Randy and Ben took a long time in the shower, as Ben took delight in soaping up his big brother, running his hands over the muscles of his hard body and finally sinking to his knees under the hot water and sucking Randy’s hug dick into his mouth.

Randy moaned with pleasure, but then suddenly pulled out and said, “Not now, kiddo. I’d love to but your public awaits downstairs. So you finish up in here while I go down. I’ll leave one of Bob’s clean shirts out for you … light blue to match your eyes.”

He kissed Ben’s eyes, then his lips, rinsed off and got out of the shower. He found Bob’s shirt and laid it on the bed for Ben, then quickly pulled on a fresh pair of jeans and a white T-shirt – a concession to Bob and his “no-nakedness” edict. Barefoot, he went downstairs to the garden and joined Bob, Mark and Steve at the table.

“Hey, Randy,” Steve said, “well done … I compliment you for the way you’ve handled Ben, and I don’t only mean the rescue itself. Hell, I always knew you and your fists were capable of that. ‘Course, it would not have been my first choice to leave those thugs on the floor tied by their balls, but I have to admit the caveman tactics of the King of the Gypsies have a certain … finality to them, so I’m not complaining.”

“Yeah, great work, buddy,” said Mark. “I called my police buddies and they’re probably on their way over to them now.”

“Should ‘a left the mother-fuckers there all night,” Randy growled and Bob grinned at Mark.

Steve continued, “But Randy, what really impressed me was the way you handled Ben afterwards. Mark tells me he was still in shock when you brought him home.”

“Yeah, poor kid, and it’s not surprising,” Randy said. “He couldn’t shake the memory of being tied up and those morons telling him their buddies were gonna gang-rape him. He was so traumatized he told me he’d never let anyone fuck him again.”

“He probably meant it too,” Steve said, “but Randy you did just the right thing. You know that old saying that if you fall off a horse the best thing to do is to jump right back on the horse? It’s called confronting your fears. And when Ben was thinking he’d never get fucked again, well you took him to bed and fucked him. At that moment you were the only man who could have done that, because you were the guy who had rescued him – his hero.”

“Yeah,” Randy grinned, “and then I took a chance pinning his wrists to the bed, but he said, ‘Now I’m your prisoner, sir, and it feels good’.”

Steve smiled, “Yeah he’s our little brother alright. OK, so far so good, but there’s still the possibility of delayed shock, so I want to try and completely erase the bad memories Ben has. If we were in a therapy session I would ask him to describe them. But I think we can go one better here … have him describe them to us all. I guess he and Danny are gonna tell us their adventures, so I would encourage Ben to include the most dramatic adventure of them all. Hey, looks like he’s coming.

By now most of the tribe was gathered round the dinner table when Ben emerged from the house. He was barefoot in his cargo shorts and Bob’s blue shirt that was much too large for him and hung on him, an image that somehow made him look cuter than ever.

Men and boys rose to their feet and gave the young gypsy a standing ovation. Ben stopped in embarrassment at first and blushed, but the sight of Randy on his feet too, smiling with pride, gave him confidence and he pulled himself up tall and took a bow. Then he walked boldly forward, grabbed Randy’s wrist and raised it high in the air, an acknowledgement of Randy’s heroic role in the drama and one that brought renewed cheers.

Randy hugged Ben tight and said, “I am so damn proud of you, little brother.”

“That goes for me too,” said Steve. “Can I grab a piece of the action here? Randy released Ben who fell into Steve’s arms. “Hey, bro,” Steve said, “you look terrific. I’m proud of you and that big tough brother of ours. A helluva family, eh?”

Glowing with happiness Ben sat between his two big brothers and opposite Brandon and Eddie, his two best friends – the three amigos. Conversation erupted, the sound swelling as everyone began talking over everyone else. The twins brought out the food, assisted by Danny and Brian from the Grady House, and the boisterous meal began, with Randy and Ben definitely the stars of the show.


The food was, as always, the twins’ usual gourmet triumph, and pastry-chef Danny got accolades for his spectacular desert. But in addition to eating, the group wanted to be entertained, and they were all aware that they were to be treated to a sexual feast of stories by Danny and Ben.

As always at a point like this, Darius took over as Master of Ceremonies. He was the self-appointed tribe historian, the custodian of all its stories, most of them preserved on his trusty camera. It had filmed more sexual extravaganzas than any porn library could even dream of. Some of those videos were of boys reciting their adventures, which was to be the case today.

“Gentlemen,” Darius said with all the flourish of a carnival barker. “The true stories we are about to hear will boggle your mind. The first, from Danny, a heart-warming coming-of-age story of two young rivals who bury the hatchet as one of them buries his dick in the other’s ass. Next, a surreal story of a young pastry-chef who pounds the ass of Superman. Then a mind-bending fantasy of a shy young gypsy boy fucking the ass of a captive Tarzan. And finally the saga of that same gypsy boy in a dramatic rescue by his fist-swinging brother who then takes his reward – the kid’s ass.

“Yes, you may well gasp, gentlemen. But just sit back, listen and pull out your cocks, because I promise there will not be a dry dick in the place when …”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, dude, enough with the bullshit. Just cut to the chase why don’t ya?” That was Darius’s boyfriend Pablo who was immediately backed-up by noisy protests and obscenities from the other boys and raucous laughter from the men. In the midst of the cacophony Darius smiled indulgently and raised his hands for silence. “OK, OK, men, I understand your eagerness to feast at the table of oral delights that will …”

Then they started throwing food, with plenty of direct hits, and Randy yelled, “Will someone shove a dick in that boy’s mouth or do I have to do it?” That prompted hands thrust in the air and offers of, “me, sir … me, sir.” Cutting through it all was the strong voice of Darius’s master, the black leather-hunk Zack. “Boy, unless you want a riot on your hands I suggest that you take Pablo’s advice and cut to the chase. I can’t hold the mob back any longer.”

It was Danny who saved the day by standing up and saying, “Sir, as I am the opening act, may I begin? Where do you want me, Darius?” A somewhat chastened Darius wiped the food from his face and said, “Stand right there dude.” He raised the camera to his eyes. “Let me get the focus right … OK that’s it … quiet please everyone … aaand action!”

And Danny was off, enjoying his turn in the spotlight and trying to get the right sense of drama in his voice as he related the tale of him and Tommy reconciling with sex, and then, to the increased fascination of the group, of him fucking the ass of the supreme master Bob.

He was frequently interrupted by questions, some reasonable (“what did you do when you lost your hard-on?”) to the flippant (“so how big was it, dude?”) but the end of his story, where he and Bob climaxed, was greeted with an awed and respectful silence, until the crowd erupted in cheers and Danny took his bow.

“Awesome, dude, one for the archives.” Darius took a deep breath. “And now …”

“And now me,” Ben said, jumping to his feet and forestalling another long-winded introduction from Darius. The crowd erupted in applause again and Randy grinned, “Give it to ‘em, kiddo.” Darius raised the camera to his eye and Ben assumed a dramatic stance, hands out stretched, eyes narrowed.

“Picture it, guys, a young gypsy savage swinging through the jungle and he stumbles across …” He lowered his arms and shrugged, “OK, well, the gypsy kid is really in a movie theater watching a jungle movie where Tarzan had been captured and is staked to the ground, naked except for his loincloth. In the dark the kid shoves his hand in his shorts and jerks off watching Tarzan struggle to get free.”

“And that’s it?” Brian yelled, then blushed at his own outburst, but he was immediately joined by loud howls of impatience from the other boys.

But Ben stood his ground. “OK, OK, dudes, cool it. That’s what’s known as the intro … just setting the scene. Because that movie … drumroll please … that movie became real when I was in the Grady House.” Only then did Ben launch into the sexual fantasy he had played out with the newest (and definitely the hottest) big-screen Tarzan, tied down on the ground and getting butt-fuck by the afore-mentioned gypsy boy.

The vivid description delighted the crowd, none more so than Grady himself, the handsome, struggling Tarzan of Ben’s (and his) fantasy. He shouted encouragement – “it’s true, guys, it’s true” – interjected his own details, and the two of them finished together with “yeah, fuck yeah!” when the story reached its orgasmic climax. To lusty cheers Grady stood up and raised Ben’s arm in the air, two jubilant guys adding their own colorful contribution to the tribal archives.

When the cheers died down Grady sat down and left Ben standing alone to relate the second part of his story.

Just as events in the tribe always ricocheted round the group and fed the rumor mill, so tension among them spread by osmosis, as it did now, with a nervous silence settling over the listeners. They all knew Ben had come to the part where he had been in real peril, and they wondered if he had the guts to re-live it. Anxious glances were exchanged between Randy, Bob and Mark but Steve smiled and nodded to them reassuringly.

It came as a relief when Ben once again raised his hands, narrowed his eyes and said dramatically, “Picture it, guys, the same young gypsy kid, all alone walking down a creepy, deserted street in a rough part of town.”

Good, Steve thought, he’s playing it like a scene from a movie, hamming it up with fictional drama to minimize the frightening reality. And so Ben continued, hurrying through the actual capture of the boy simply as a prelude to the main event. “So there I was dudes, tied up and facing these greasy mother-fuckers in that stinking room.”

“Were you scared, dude?” asked a wide-eyed young Brian.

“Duh, what do you think, dude? ‘Course I was scared, shit scared.” His tone became self-important. “But you know, guys, it’s OK to be scared ‘cos it keeps you on your toes, makes you think fast. See, I knew my big brother would rescue me ‘cos he always does, but I had to play for time so I dared them to call up their buddies and have them come and join the fun.”

Randy grinned at Bob, knowing this part was stretching the truth, but it sure impressed the boys who were hanging on Ben’s every word. From then on he embellished the drama with wild exaggerations, playing it like an action movie. “Dudes, think Rambo … the door burst open and in came a Randy, totally shirtless, daring the goons to take him down. But they were in for a shock – their worst nightmare …. “

Ben was in full flood now, with descriptions of flailing fists, screams for mercy, a two-on-one battle where the thugs ended up beaten on the floor, tied to each other by their balls. “When it was all over, I don’t mind telling you, dudes, I was in a state of shock and said I’d never let anyone fuck me again. So you know what my brother did? He took me home, threw me on the bed … and butt-fucked me. I loved it … and I was cured. I’ll never again be scared of having my ass fucked. In fact Bob has invited me to spend the night with Randy and him. So guess what, dudes …”

“You’re gonna get fucked!” came the rowdy chorus from the boys, relieved that Ben had sailed through his story with no hint of the real terror he had once felt. Steve flashed a told-you-so smile at the men.

“And I owe it all to my big hot brother,” Ben grinned. He pulled Randy to his feet and raised his arm in the air. “My hero!”

The cheers resounded once again and Randy smiled at his kid brother with pride. It was a fitting climax to the adventures related by Danny and Ben – worthy additions to the family archives. At last Darius lowered his camera and shouted, “And that’s a wrap, guys.”


Actually, the boys’ shouted prediction of what would happen to Ben in the masters’ bed were a bit off the mark.

The dinner naturally went on for a long time, propelled by the high spirits and camaraderie of this close-knit clan of men and boys. Danny and Ben basked in the noisy admiration of the junior boys as the stars of their own erotic stories. The senior boys chatted animatedly with Grady and Mario, and Mario was thrilled to see that Grady had, for a while anyway, achieved his dearest wish of being ‘just one of the guys’, shedding all the ‘movie-star bullshit’ as he called it.

All the senior men relaxed in the knowledge that the latest, potentially devastating, event in the annals of the tribe had ended happily and that Ben seemed no worse for wear. Nevertheless, Steve did give Randy and Bob one last word of advice.

“I agree, the boy seems fine. These kids can be really resilient – especially our boys. You’ve raised them tough, Randy. However, Ben has been through an experience that has in a way, tested his faith in his own masculinity so if you want to restore his self-confidence completely there is one more thing you could do. No pressure – just a suggestion.”

Bob and Randy listened to the shrink’s words and they both grinned. “I don’t see any problem there, Steve. You, Randy?”

“No problem at all,” Randy chuckled. “It’ll be a real pleasure.”

When the meal ended at last the crowd reluctantly dispersed and Nate, the house manager, recruited the junior boys to clear the table and shuttle everything back to the kitchen. Grady and Mario took Danny and Brian back up to the Grady house. After all the erotic tales they had been treated to, sex hung heavy in the air so Grady was eager to get into bed with Mario, and Danny invited Brian to sleep with him.

Meanwhile, at the tribe’s compound, as Eddie and Brandon worked cleaning the kitchen with Ben they were very free with their advice to him, the youngest of the ‘three amigos’, on how to handle a night with the two muscle-god leaders of the tribe. But their attempts to boost Ben’s ego and his confidence backfired as all their quick-fire and often conflicting suggestions only served to confuse him and make him nervous.

Which he definitely was as he climbed the stairs to the master suite and hesitated at the door.


For a boy to be invited to the inner sanctum to spend the night with these two spectacular lovers was enough to intimidate any boy, even the boss’s kid-brother. But he plucked up his courage and knocked on the door, which was opened by a smiling Bob whose warm smile eased some of Ben’s nerves. Bob was in his underwear – white boxer shorts and a V-neck T-shirt – which made him look just as sexy as when he was naked.

“Come in, my little action star,” Bob chuckled. “Randy and I were having our usual late night brandy so come and join us. I always say that one of the best things after a party is to kick back and talk it out. And a lot of that talk is about you, kiddo.”

“Sir, do you want your shirt back that Randy lent me?” Ben started to pull it off but Bob said, “No, keep it Ben. It hangs too big on you but that’s a real cute look. It matches those baby blue eyes of yours too, so I want you to wear it at the next gathering of the tribe.”

“Come here, bro,” Randy said, “and tell us what you thought of the party. Here, have a brandy to loosen you up.”

In no time Ben was feeling the warmth of the brandy and of the men’s genial company and he was freely offering his take on what had been said at the party, mostly by his young friends.

But soon they all started to feel a brandy buzz and Bob said, “I don’t know about you guys but I’m wanting my bed.” He stood up and pulled off his T-shirt and, as always, Ben gaped when he saw the gorgeous alpha male naked except for his boxers. His mind flashed on Danny’s earlier description of what it was like to fuck him, and his dick got hard in his shorts.

Bob threw himself down on the bed and lay on his back, his hands linked behind his head, staring up at Randy. “So how about it, big guy? You gonna leave me all alone in bed while you get so smashed on brandy you can’t get it up?”

Randy was still wearing jeans and a T-shirt and he now stood up, pulled off the shirt and strode to the foot of the bed. He towered over Bob, arms crossed over his bare chest, stared down at him and growled, “Asshole. The day may come – maybe when I’m ninety – when I don’t get a stiff dick just looking at you. And when that day comes we’ll curl up and watch Darius’s videos of the way we were. But until then, you will never hear the words ‘can’t get it up’ come out of my mouth when you’re around, OK? In fact …”

Randy ripped open his jeans, they fell round his feet and his massive shaft sprang out as hard as steel. “Be careful what you wish for, buddy.” He flashed his gleaming white-teeth smile and launched himself naked on the bed beside his lover. They kissed, then both lay on their backs and smiled up at Ben, who stood nervously shuffling from foot to foot.”

“So,” Randy said, “what are we gonna do with junior here? Now that I’ve rescued you from that slum in the arm-pit of L.A., I guess I can do whatever I want with you, eh?”

“Definitely, sir. Anything you want, sir. I owe you big time.”

Randy roared with laughter. “You don’t owe me a damn thing, kiddo. That’s all water under the bridge. But now you mention it, I think we’d both like to see you naked, eh Bob?”

Bob nodded eagerly and Ben gave them his mischievous smile. He pulled the oversize shirt over his head and stood for a minute for the men to admire his naked, ripped upper body with its sparse covering of black chest hair. Then he yanked open his shorts and let them drop. Naked, he opened his arms and said shyly, “Ta-da!”

“Ta-da indeed,” Bob smiled, running his hand over the bulge in his shorts. Randy was more blunt. “Get your ass down here, kiddo. What d’ya think this is, stand and model time? Someone’s gonna get his ass reamed here.”

Ben launched himself on the bed between the two men, their arms linked behind his head. Ben was in heaven. This was absolutely the best, lying safe between the two gorgeous lovers – the gypsy and the superman – in the full expectation that he was going to get his ass fucked by one of them – or both.

But little did he realize that the conversation that followed, for all its casualness, was pre-rehearsed. Bob said lightly, “So Randy, you haven’t told us yet which of those stories the boys treated us to turned you on the most.”

“Huh, no contest there, buddy – it was you getting your ass ploughed by that young guy Danny. Shit, it was hot to think of a big muscle-stud master like you getting plugged by a junior boy. Don’t know why, but that idea of boy topping master is a real turn-on. I kinda wonder what it must feel like. And even after he lost his hard-on, you say, when he finally went for it Danny became a real macho fuck. Under all his reserve Danny must be a real tough kid to pull that off.”

“Oh, I dunno,” Bob said. “Hell, you heard how your own brother gave a real ass-pounding to the King of the Jungle, who it seems the whole world is lusting for. Ben’s your brother, after all, cut from the same gypsy cloth, and you’ve trained him to be tough, so it’s natural that he can top a guy, no matter how big he is … even a stud as macho as you.”

That thought hung in the air in the ensuing silence and Ben felt a power stir in him that he had felt only once before … very recently, in fact, when he had, as Bob said, pounded Tarzan’s ass.

All this was, of course, the result of Steve’s earlier suggestion to Randy and Bob. It was a way to dispel any lingering doubts Ben might have about his own masculinity and toughness after being overpowered and tied up, needing to be rescued by his big tough brother. At the time Ben had asked Randy if he thought of him as a wimp, a notion that Randy quickly knocked down. So what better way to reinforce Ben’s manhood than the idea Randy and Bob were tiptoeing around right now?

“Nah,” Randy said, intruding on Ben’s thoughts, “I don’t see it. I mean, my little brother is a tough son-of-a-bitch, tough enough to slog all the way from Texas to here on his own, but I don’t see him topping someone like a big bad construction boss.”

Ben had heard enough. “Hey, you two guys are talking about me like I’m not here. Wanna know what I think about it? Sure I’m tough enough! I survived the streets of West Texas, didn’t I? I fucked Tarzan, didn’t I? I’m the brother of a big stud gypsy ain’t I?”

“The hell you are, kid,” Randy grinned. “OK, prove it. Show me what you got little brother. But I don’t want any of this ‘Danny lost his hard-on’ bullshit. I got a surefire way to prevent that. Bob, do your stuff.”

“Yes sir,” Bob said smartly shooting a conspiratorial smile at Randy. “OK, Ben … you ever wonder what it’s like to get a blow-job from Superman? Lie back and learn, kiddo.”

It was all happening so fast that Ben felt he was being swept out with the tide. His mind raced as he thought … as he wondered … as he … “Aaaah …” Suddenly feeling the incredible warmth in his cock, Ben stared down at the handsome, square-cut face, and at his own cock disappearing between the full lips. Bob, the muscle-god alpha male … Bob, Randy’s lover, was sucking his cock.

Ben’s head fell back on the pillow and his own mouth was immediately covered by the lips of his brother. He gasped, inhaling Randy’s hot, musky, brandy-soaked breath, and felt his tongue pushing insistently in his mouth. There was no question now of losing his hard-on. Kissed savagely by Randy and getting sucked off by Bob drove the boy to a peak of desire where he knew he was capable of anything.

Randy pulled his mouth off Ben’s lips and licked his face and neck, then ran his hands over his chest and nipples while breathing seductive words in his ear.

“Feel that stud’s mouth on your cock, kid? Makes your dick rock hard eh? So what you gonna do with it, boy? Think you’re man enough to sink it into a big mean muscle-stud and take his ass? You’re my brother, kiddo, and we can do anything in our family. Look at the way you ramrodded that hot movie-star. Shit, that turns me on … thinking of that young gypsy buck turning the tables on a top man and ploughing his ass.

“You know what I want, Ben. I wanna get topped by my little brother. You’re such a hot mother-fucker I wanna watch you fuck like I fuck. Only this time you’ll be pounding your big macho brother, the guy who wasted those thugs today, the guy who’s always on top … except this time. You up for that, kid? You man enough?”

The combination of Randy’s deep sexy voice, the images he conjured up, and Bob’s hot mouth working his cock, all combined to make the powerful forces stirring inside Ben suddenly surge with life. “Sure I’m man enough,” he said forcefully. “I’m your brother, ain’t I?”

Hearing the tone of Ben’s voice Bob pulled away from his cock and grinned at Randy. He got off the bed and stood back, leaving the field clear for the two brothers. Ben’s actions matched his tough words. “Get on your knees,” he said (with no ‘sir’) and Randy was quick to do as he was told, kneeling on all fours facing the full-length wall mirror beside the bed.

Randy looked into the mirror at the reflection of the fierce young gypsy boy kneeling behind him, blue eyes piercing his as he stroked his cock, wet with Bob’s saliva. “What you gonna do to me, man?” Randy asked, with no hint of his former authority.

“You know damn well what I’m gonna do, bro … this!” In one stroke Ben plunged his stiff rod into Randy’s ass, just as Randy himself always did – no hesitation, no prelude, just a fierce, honest-to-god fuck. Ben grabbed his brother’s hips and went to work on his ass, his rod becoming a piston driving deeper and deeper into the ass of the rugged construction boss.

Randy howled, his face grimacing in pain, his reactions exaggerated to spur the boy on to greater effort. In fact the pain was minimal and what he felt mostly was pride as he watched his kid brother transformed from boy to dominant manhood. What Randy saw in the mirror was a junior version of himself when he fucked.

Ben was on a high, his cock burning in the furnace of his brother’s ass as he stared at the chiseled features in the mirror, the square stubbled jaw and vibrant blue eyes of the man he had always worshipped – his big brother, his hero, black hair flying as he got butt-fucked by the young gypsy.

Suddenly Ben was aware of Bob coming closer and saying, “Ben, that looks so damn hot – two gypsies, the big macho stud on his knees getting ass-fucked by his hot young brother. Hey, can I grab a piece of the action here?”

“Go for it,” Ben grinned, no longer the shy young boy, now just one of the guys. Bob stood naked in front of Randy, grabbed his long black hair and pulled his head up to face him. From the ecstatic look in Randy’s gleaming blue eyes he knew his lover was having the time of his life – and he knew just how to play into that. “Open your mouth, stud,” Bob ordered.

Randy’s jaw sagged … and Bob shoved his dick into his mouth and down his throat. Ben turned his head and looked in a side mirror at the incredible sight of the rugged gypsy boss getting spit roasted – getting face-fucked by his muscle-god buddy and butt-fucked by his kid brother. That vision spurred Ben on to even greater exertion and his cock came close to the savage pile-driver of Randy’s own fucks.

Bob grinned at Ben and said, “Let’s give it to him, buddy. Let’s show the King of the Gypsies that even a macho alpha male like him can get worked over, spit-roasted and humiliated by two tough guys like us.”

“Yeah!” Ben yelled, “let’s give it to him.” And so the attack on his mouth and his ass continued and grew so intense that even Randy had the illusion of surrendering, knowing how it felt to be a bottom getting hammered at both ends. Bob, as always, could sense what Randy was feeling and knew it was time for him to take charge.

Ben was on such a high as he ramrodded his brother that he was scarcely aware that Bob had pulled out of Randy’s mouth and moved away … until he looked in the mirror and saw Bob behind him, dropping to his knees on the bed.

“He’s getting it good,” Ben said breathlessly. “You wanna take your turn and fuck him.”

“Not exactly, Ben” Bob smiled. “But I want the next best thing … to fuck him through you.”

Ben was having too much fun to work out what Bob meant … until he felt Bob’s hands on his back – and his cock sliding into his ass. For an instant the shock made him stop pounding ass. But, as he looked in the mirror and saw Randy beneath him and Bob behind him, he lost the last shreds of inhibition and yelled, “Yeah, guys, lets fuck!”

And so the double action accelerated and Randy looked up at the reflection of his brother getting fucked by his lover. “Come on, guys,” he yelled. “That all you got? Give it to me, mother-fuckers. Yeah!”

Ben and Bob rose to the challenge and redoubled their efforts, with Ben in the middle. All his young friends’ advice of how to handle a night with the two hot lovers never came close to this – the fantasy of banging the boss’s ass while the other muscle-god pounded his. His body was on fire as he fucked and got fucked, and he soared on a wave of adrenaline and raw lust.

Randy looked up at the mirror, saw the euphoria in the young gypsy’s face, and he knew it was time. “Man, I can’t take any more,” he pleaded. “Fuck me, bro, make me cum … let me feel your jizz in my ass.” Then to Bob, “Make him shoot, buddy … make him blow his wad in my ass. Come on guys, you win … finish me off … I’m done … make me cum.”

Bob murmured in Ben’s ear, “Come on, dude. You’re the boss here. Have mercy on him. Cum inside the big hunk’s ass … and make me cum in yours.”

Ben had never felt so powerful, omnipotent, as he yelled, “OK, guys, you want it, you got it. Here it comes. Fuck you, bro … fuck you … yeaaah!”

Ben went first, his cock blasting semen in his brother’s ass, seconds before Bob erupted inside him. Then Randy howled loudest of all as he reared up, grabbed his cock and shot ribbons of cum that arched upward and splashed onto the mirror, clouding the image of the three triumphant men, two men, and a boy taking steps into manhood.


They collapsed in a heap on the bed, with Randy on the bottom groaning, “Shit damn that was hot. Little brother … hey I guess I better stop calling you ‘little brother’ eh? Man, you fuck good. I’m so proud of you … a chip off the old block. OK, guys, can I get back on top now?”

“Shall we let him, Ben?” Bob grinned. “Yeah, guess so,” Ben said. Then Bob became the voice of reason.

“It’s time to sleep, guys. This has been a hell of day for you, Ben – what’s known as jam-packed and fun-filled … well, most of it fun. You go up to the Grady House and fuck Tarzan, then you run into those thugs and get rescued by your big brother, who brings you home and fucks you. You’re the star of the show at dinner telling your story – on camera thanks to Darius – and you cap the day off with the big climax – butt-fucking that same big brother, your hero.

“I’d say it’s time for bed. It’s Sunday tomorrow so we can sleep in late. And when I say sleep I mean sleep. No fucking, no sucking. We all need a good night’s sleep.”

“Yes, sir,” Randy grinned and Ben flashed his mischievous smile and a mock salute with “Aye-aye sir.” Neither one of the brothers really believed Bob’s no-sex edict but in fact that’s how it turned out. All three of them were so exhausted from the ‘jam-packed’ day that when they fell asleep, with Ben nestled between them, they stayed that way all through the night.

In fact it was ten o’clock next morning before Bob woke to the sound of his cell phone buzzing. He reached for it lazily and croaked, “Yeah? Oh yeah, hang on a minute buddy.” He got out of bed and took the call out on the balcony. “So what’s up, Jason, how are you?”

“Oh, I’m fine … exhausted is all. This one was a bitch of a fire, real rough on all of us … two of my buddies were injured. It was a close thing but they’re recovering from smoke inhalation in hospital. Fire’s 60-percent contained so they’re releasing those of us from L.A. County. I should be home by late afternoon.” Bob could hear the anguish in his voice.

“I’m dirty, sweaty and real bushed, but when we get back to base I’m not gonna clean up, I’m coming straight home. You know what I miss most of all? My boy … after this inferno up here I want to see my cute little gypsy boy, see his smiling face and touch his smooth flesh. Where is he, by the way? I called his cell but it went straight to voicemail.”

“He’s right here, buddy. He spent the night with Randy and me. He’s still asleep – do you wanna speak to him?”

“No, no, don’t wake him up, Bob, let him sleep. I may keep him up late tonight.” Bob could hear the grin over the phone. “Thanks for taking care of him, buddy, I’m glad he was with you two. He was real sad when I left him and I had to go so suddenly we didn’t even have time to make love. He was real horny so I hope you had sex with him. Did he have a good time?”

“He had a blast,” Bob said. “And I think he grew up a bit, became quite the stud. He ended up fucking Tarzan up at the Grady house and last night he even butt-fucked Randy.”

“The little devil,” Jason chuckled. “Hey, can’t wait to see what a stud muffin he’s become, though I hope he’s not turned into a total top. “I’m so fucking horny, man, I’m dying to fuck his sweet ass. The thought of that kept me going all this time. Tell him I love him and tell him he better be there when I get home … and to be good and ready. Hey, there’s my transportation, gotta go. Thanks again, buddy.”

When Bob went back inside Randy and Ben were stirring and woke up as Bob sat on the bed. “Who were you talking to, buddy?” Randy asked.

“That was Jason, calling from up north.”

“Jason?” Ben said wide-eyed. “Is he OK, sir … is he alright?”

“He’s just fine,” Bob smiled, “though it seems he’s had a real rough time of it. He sounds done in but he asked all about you. I told him you fucked Tarzan and fucked Randy and he was very impressed. But I didn’t tell him about the other incident and your rescue by Randy. Didn’t want to alarm him in the middle of a forest fire. I’ll leave you to tell him that. Anyway, the good news is he’s coming home. He’s been trying to call you and tell you.”

“Oh shit, I turned my phone off when I came up here last night. He’s coming home? I gotta go, sirs, I gotta be there. The house was a mess when I left and I gotta have food waiting for him ... he’ll be tired, and hungry and …”

“Hey, cool it, kiddo,” Bob laughed. “Mostly what he’s gonna be is horny, he said. What kept him going in that inferno up there is the thought of your ass.” Ben started to get out of bed but Bob pushed him back down. “I said cool it, Ben. He won’t be home until late afternoon so you’ve got plenty of time.” There was a knock on the door. “Ah, on cue as always. You’ve got time for breakfast, at least.”

The door opened and the twins came in wheeling a trolley stacked with food and smelling of coffee. “Breakfast for three, gentlemen?” Kevin smiled broadly. Kyle added, “You probably all need to build up your strength again after …” He trailed off, raising his eyebrows as he glanced over at the rumpled cum-stained sheets.”

“Yeah, yeah, OK, kid,” Randy grinned, “we’ve been fucking … so what? But I’ll leave you to guess who fucked who.”

“We have a fair idea, sir,” said Kyle airily.”

“Hey, guys, why don’t you stay and eat with us?” Bob said.

“Thank you, sir,” Kevin said, “but it’s Sunday brunch day so we gotta get to work. A big group today so Danny and Brian are coming down to help us and they’re bringing Grady and Mario with them … when those two can drag themselves out of bed, that is.”

“Tell you what,” Bob said, “I’ve been neglecting you guys. What say after brunch you hang up your aprons for once and we spend the afternoon together – just the three of us?”

“Yes please, sir,” the twins smiled in unison and left the room. Ben jumped out of bed and hurriedly set out the breakfast on the table. “Hey, slow down, kiddo,” Bob said. “Jason won’t be home for hours yet.”

“But the house is such a mess sir, it’ll take me ages to clean up.”

“Well, as I recall you have two amigos, Eddie and Brandon. I’m sure they’ll go down with you to Jason’s and help out. Though I suggest that you be alone when Jason comes in. ‘Good and ready’ were his instructions.”


Sunday brunch was usually a casual affair with guys coming and going so it wasn’t unusual when Ben looked enquiringly at his pals Eddie and Brandon and they got up to leave. His two friends had jumped at the chance to go to Jason’s house and help Ben get ready for the return of the hero, if only to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous fireman in all his firefighting gear.

Before they left, Darius had a quiet word with Eddie and pressed a camera in his hand. This is my number two, dude, you’ve used it before. Try to capture the homecoming on camera, starting with a long shot of the fireman coming through the gate, then pushing in close to see the handsome, dirt-streaked face and … hell I don’t need to tell you the drill, kid. You’ve been my camera boy before. Just get everything you can without getting in the way, OK?”

The three boys drove down together to Jason’s rustic house in the trees by the arroyo, which even in the dry season has water running along it at the edge of the garden. When they went into the house it was, as Ben had said, a total mess.

“Jeez, dude,” Eddie said, “what you been doing here – having an orgy?”

“I wish,” Ben said. “Jason left so suddenly I got depressed and hung out not caring about the mess. And when Grady said to go up to the Grady House I just left everything as it was.”

“Don’t worry, dude,” Brandon said, “we’ll soon fix it.” Right away he began maneuvering his wheelchair round the house, picking up clothes strewn around the bedroom and throwing them in the laundry basket, while the other two tidied the living room and kitchen. Brandon joined them and said, “Let’s see what you’ve got in the fridge, dude. Your man’s gonna be hungry so we’ll put together something cold ‘cos we don’t know exactly when he’ll get here.”

Eddie always made meals for his master, Hassan, so he was pretty efficient in the kitchen and they soon had a bunch of food and drink spread out on the counter tops. They looked around, pleased with the results of their combined efforts, and Eddie said, “Like I always say, guys, the three amigos make a great team …”

Brandon laughed, “Specially when they’re expecting a hot blond fireman to come in any minute.”

Eddie’s eyes settled on Ben and he said, “Just one thing we haven’t cleaned up – the gypsy boy himself. Listen, kid, your fireman has spent all this time with a bunch of guys covered in soot and stinking of sweat so the last thing he wants to see is a kid who looks and smells the same. So get your ass in the shower and clean the fuck up.”

They all went back in the bedroom and Ben got in the shower while the other two changed the bed with clean fresh sheets. While they waited for Ben Eddie was looking out the window and suddenly shouted, “Hey, that’s Jason’s truck pulling up at the gate, guys. He’s home … he’s home Ben!”

“Oh shit,” Ben shouted, rinsing off in the shower. He burst out of the bathroom in a panic, dripping wet with a towel round his waist. “Quick, help me guys. What am I gonna wear?”

“No time, dude,” Brandon said. “You gotta be out there when he comes through that gate. You gotta be the first thing he sees.”

“He’s right, dude,” Eddie said. “Go as you are … go, go, go!”

Ben ran blindly from the room, raced out into the garden, and skidded to a halt as the gate opened and in walked Jason, still in full fireman’s gear, big boots, heavy yellow pants, bulky jacket. He took off his helmet and ran his hand through his tousled blond hair, his handsome face streaked with dirt and sweat.

Ben stared in awe at the stunning sight … and let go of his towel that dropped to the ground.

The young jock fireman gazed at the naked gypsy boy, soaking wet, water streaming from his long black hair over his beautiful dark face and youthful body.

“Hi, kid. I’m home.”


“Hello, sir,” Ben said shyly, rooted to the spot, buck naked. The sweltering, sweaty fireman stared at the naked boy, with cool water running down his freshly bathed body, and he thought he had never seen anyone more desirable than Ben looked right now.

Jason walked, then ran toward him and scooped him into his arms. He hugged him tight and whirled him round, his legs flying out behind him. When at last he lowered his feet back on the ground he kissed his lips hard, then said, “Oh my handsome boy, I’ve needed you so bad. It was rough, kiddo, and I kept thinking of you, of this. Ben, I want you so bad.”

“I’m here for you, sir,” Ben said gently. “And I know just what you want.” He wriggled out of his master’s arms, spread the fallen towel on the grass, lay on it on his back and gazed up at the handsome blond fireman. “I’m all yours, sir. I’m your boy.”

“Oh shit,” Jason moaned in a near sob. “Oh man … I need it so bad.” He stared down at the naked gypsy boy spread out on the grass and struggled clumsily out of his heavy coat and tossed it aside. He towered over him, the wide suspenders of his pants stretched up over his broad shoulders, over the sweat-drenched dark blue uniform T-shirt.

He yanked open his heavy fireman’s pants, then his dark blue pants underneath and pulled out his long, stiff cock. Ben put his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs back, offering his ass to his master. Jason’s eyes filled with tears – relieved that the dangerous work was behind him and overjoyed at the sight of his boy.

“I need you, kid. I need your ass. I’m so fucking hot and horny, I’m gonna fuck your ass, boy.” He fell to his knees, leaned forward between Ben’s legs and braced his hands beside his head. Ben felt Jason’s sweat dripping down on him from his face, breathed in the pungent smell and reached up to feel his muscles rippling under the soaking shirt. “Fuck me, sir. Please … fuck my ass.”

Staring into Ben’s pleading blue eyes Jason pressed his wet dick between the mounds of his boy’s ass and, with an animal howl, plunged it deep inside him. Ben’s eyes opened wide and he screamed as he felt the fireman’s huge cock explode in his ass, flooding it with hot sperm that had been building inside him for days.

“Yeah,” Jason yelled, “yeah! Man that felt good, unloading my jizz in your ass. But now I gotta really fuck you, boy … I gotta fuck your ass long and hard.” Frenziedly Jason pushed his suspenders off his shoulders and let them hang at his sides, then pulled off his wet T-shirt. He stared down at Ben, his eyes blazing, his bare, sculpted torso gleaming with sweat, his cock still iron hard in his ass.

Ben looked up at him in a daze and said, “Yes, sir. Fuck me … pound my ass, sir. It belongs to you.” His voice rose to a shout … “Fuuuck meee!”

Fueled by surging adrenaline and raw lust the young jock fireman lost all restraint. He drove his shaft in deep again, then again and again in a building rage against the elements, pumping into the boy’s ass all the stress and fear of the forest inferno. He leaned forward, pinned Ben’s wrists to the grass above his head and attacked his ass in the most ferocious fuck he had ever inflicted on his boy. He went wild, with all the pent up energy and tension of the last few days, in his craving for softness and warmth after the savagery and heat of the fire.

It hurt … but Ben loved it, mesmerized by the strength and passion of his master pile-driving his ass. This is what it was to be the boy of a fireman, to serve him and soothe him when he came home from war, the way in ancient times a tender, loving geisha brought sweet softness to a warring samurai after battle. Except that Ben wasn’t soft. He wanted it hard, he wanted it to hurt, he wanted to absorb all his master’s pain and anguish in a fitting welcome home.

Sweat poured down on him from Jason, his wet blond hair flying over his handsome face grimacing with intensity as he pounded ass. “Shit … fuck … fuck you boy,” he moaned breathlessly, using Ben as the target of all his anger and retribution against the forces of nature. He fucked hard and long, until Ben began to feel faint and thought he would pass out.

“Sir, please sir ….” Jason looked down at Ben as if he were seeing him for the first time after waking from a nightmare. “My boy … my beautiful boy … you feel so good … I love you, boy … I wanna cum in your sweet ass … I wanna give you my jizz … oh yeah, here it comes, boy … yeah … yeaaah!”

For the second time Ben felt his master’s cock erupt in his ass, and this time his own cock blasted jets of semen that rose straight up and splashed on the fireman’s naked chest.

As their cock’s drained and their heartbeats subsided, only then did Jason become fully aware of what he had just done. He withdrew his dick from Ben’s ass, and pulled him into his arms. “Kiddo, I’m sorry … I hurt you … I lost it and took out all my troubles on you. Are you OK, Ben? Shit, I hurt my boy. Tell me you’re OK, kiddo, and that you forgive me.”

The impish grin that Jason loved so much spread slowly over Ben’s face. “I feel great, sir. I loved what you did – nothing to forgive. You looked so hot and I was happy to take away all your stress. That’s what a boy’s for, sir, to welcome his master home and make him feel good.”

“Well you sure did that, my little gypsy boy. Hell, I must stink of sweat.”

“I’ll take care of that too, sir,” Ben said. “Just lie back.” Jason fell on his back and Ben licked his face, his neck and his chest, lapping up the fireman’s sweat and his own cum that he had sprayed over his master. He buried his face in Jason’s armpit and inhaled the musky scent of manhood.

Suddenly Jason caught sight of two boys coming out of the house and heading for the gate, Eddie tiptoeing and Brandon carefully wheeling his chair. “Hey you guys. Get over here!”

They approached sheepishly and Brandon said, “We didn’t want to intrude, sir. There’s plenty of food in the kitchen and we were just leaving.”

“The hell you are.” Jason jumped up pulled Ben to his feet and flashed his dazzling smile. “How do you guys feel like sticking around and taking care of us? Ben and me need a shower and I’m fucking starving. And a bit later I wanna stretch my tired body in the gym here and work out a bit, get the juices flowing again. You wanna stick around for that? I just spent days in the forest with a bunch of grungy, sweaty firemen, so I could do with the company of some young fresh-faced boys for a change.”

The boys stared at the hunky young fireman, stripped to the waist in his filthy yellow pants, red suspenders dangling from his waist, and there was nothing they wanted to do more than take care of him and their buddy Ben. Watching him work out would be a bonus.

“Hey,” Jason grinned, “that a camera you got there young Eddie? Were you watching us? Did you get it on film?”

“Sure did, sir,” Eddie said cheekily. “Every thrust, every groan.”

“Outstanding,” Jason laughed. “We gotta check that out later.”

Ben smiled at his friends. Jason’s playful narcissism had surfaced again, a sure sign that the strain of his tour of duty was behind him and the gorgeous, fun-loving jock, with all his roguish vanity, was back home


Meanwhile the brunch up at the tribe’s compound had, as usual, lasted well into the afternoon, eventually splitting into small groups of men and boys lazing around the spacious grounds. Bob and the twins, as Bob had promised, had gone off together to their own secret little garden and the twins were taking care of their master as only they knew how.

Still at the table were the senior boys – Darius, Pablo, Jamie and Nate – talking over a suggestion that Doctor Steve had made to them. He had thrown out the notion that it was about time they spent some time together – they should go on a kind of retreat, just the four of them. They all worked hard, and sometimes tensions arose, so a few days away together, away from their jobs, the construction site and the house, would do them good.

They had agreed and Jamie was now saying, “’Course, I’ve got the ideal spot … that shack in the dunes up in Guadalupe that Mark gave me. It’d be great to hang out there – surfing, sunning, just kicking back. We four haven’t done that in a long time.” He smiled wickedly. “Never know what kinda mischief we could get up to. What do you think, dudes?”

They grinned at each other and said in unison, “It’s a deal.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 333



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