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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

My Bully

Chapter Nine

Tanner and I didn't have any classes together, but I usually tried to plan my route between classes to cross his path. He'd smile and wink at me most every time. But that Friday, the day after Tanner had taken Larry's virgin ass, or should I say after Larry's virgin ass had taken Tanner's enormous cherry breaking whanger. Anyway, I saw Jim Stanley step in front of Tanner in the hallway.

I was just a few feet away, so I walked up to see what was going on. Then I was shocked to see Jim push Tanner up against the wall and step up within just inches of him, looking him in the eye. Did he have a death wish? I couldn't believe it. How could anybody in their right mind dare to push Tanner, even a giant like Jim?

I wasn't the only one that was shocked. There were a couple dozen other kids walking by. I heard some gasps, and a couple of them jumped back in fear, not wanting to get in between these two giants. Every eye was on them.

I was close enough so I heard what Jim said. "Do I have to kiss you right here in the hall to get your attention?" he asked. Let me tell you, my jaw dropped and I think my heart skipped a beat. Did I really hear that? I looked around to see if anybody else had heard, but Jim saying that was so unlikely that they wouldn't have believed their ears anyway.

This was Jim Stanley, the front linesman on the football team; at 250 pounds, one of the biggest guys in the school, and that was 250 pounds of muscle, not fat. This was Jim Stanley, the biggest, butchest guy on the block threatening to kiss Tanner right in front of the whole school. This couldn't be real.

Tanner got a big smile on his face. "Well, I don't know" he laughed. "You gonna do it? I'm game."

"You son-of-a-bitch" Jim laughed. "You've been ignoring me, and I'll do whatever it takes." He laughed and Tanner laughed and I laughed too. I wanted to see it. Jim, the hulking football star and Tanner, the gorgeous muscle god, kissing in the middle of the hallway. That gave me goosebumps just thinking about it.

Most of the kids in the area had stopped to look but evidently none of them except me were close enough to hear what they were saying, but since these two gods seemed to be glaring at each other, they expected an explosion at any moment.

"Well, maybe not" Tanner said. "Maybe you won't have to. What's the alternative?"

"Meet me at the south end of the bleachers during lunch break" Jim instructed.

"Yeah?" Tanner said, his smile changing to a frown. "Is that my alternative or yours?"

"Okay, Tanner," Jim corrected himself. "I'm sorry. I'm not telling you, I'm asking you. Please meet me at the bleachers during lunch. I'll make it worth your while."

"I bet you will" Tanner said, his smile coming back. "Yes, I bet you will. Okay, I'll see you there." Tanner walked away with Jim looking after him, and not surprisingly, Jim had to reach down and rearrange his pants, making room for his hard-on.

I was there the night Tanner beat Jim up in the park and fucked him, and the next night when Jim blew him in my bedroom, so I had seen that Jim had become or was becoming one of Tanner's minions.

But they had spent the whole day together in my bedroom on Saturday when I was out with my Mom. I imagine Tanner banged him at both ends all day long, but I wondered if they'd got into some kinky stuff. I mean, I had to clean the piss off the floor of the bathroom. Yeah, there was piss on the floor. You tell me? What did they do that left piss on the floor? I had some ideas, but I only wish I'd been there to actually see what they'd been up to.

Whatever the case, Jim was now hot for Tanner's prick and wanted to blow him out by the south bleachers during lunch. No way was I going to miss that.

I was the first one out the door of Spanish class when the bell rang. I always met Tanner in the lunch room where we ate lunch together along with Daryl and Jim and some of the other jocks. There were always strange looks from the jocks, hell, from everybody, seeing me always stuck to Tanner like glue. I don't know what they thought, and didn't care, but they had to know that I belonged to him. The hunk and the wimp. They had to know that I was his personal possession.

But, today I skipped going to the lunch room.

Tanner and Jim were already there, by the bleachers, when I walked up. I heard Tanner chuckling. "Come on, Jim, you liked it at Charlie's house."

"Please, Tanner, don't. Not here, not at school" I heard Jim say. "Just let me blow you." Then I saw them. Jim was on his knees opening Tanner's pants, obviously in the process of getting Tanner's dick out.

"Jim" Tanner laughed. "Jim, baby. I know what you like and I know how you like it." Then he grabbed Jim by the hair and pulled his head back. As I looked on in awe, Tanner spit in Jim's face and then used his hand to smear it all over, all the while showing a big smile. Jim let out a moan of excitement and he instantly reached down and grabbed his very hard prick which he'd already pulled out of his pants. He moaned again and I thought he was going to cum.

What was Tanner offering that Jim didn't want? Jim wanted to blow Tanner instead of what? Was Tanner planning to piss on Jim? Right here at school?

"Oh shit, shit, shit, Tanner" Jim moaned, obviously incredibly turned on. "Please, Tanner. Just let me blow you now, and I'll meet you later to do your thing. Anywhere/anytime. Okay?"

Do your thing? What was that? And, what was the deal with Jim anyway? He was so big, a real muscle giant, and he was acting absolutely slavish to Tanner. I didn't understand it. How could such a big guy be so submissive? I guess the answer is that thing they say: 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall'. Jim has sure fallen for Tanner; absolutely head over heels.

But, truly, I knew the real answer to this and it had nothing to do with how big and butch Jim was. This was all Tanner. Tanner the bully. Tanner the mesmerizer, the controller, the ultimate dominator. He was a god and he did this to everybody. Through the sheer power of his personality and his charisma, his animal magnetism, he was able to turn anyone into sniveling milksops. In front of Tanner's obvious superiority, everyone simply shriveled into fawning lackeys.

"Anywhere, anytime" Tanner asked as he chuckled. "Is that right?"

"Yeah, sure, Tanner" Jim said. "You name it."

"Okay, good. Tomorrow morning at Charlie's house. Ten o'clock" Tanner said. Then he pushed Jim's hands away and stuffed his prick back into his shorts.

"Wait a minute" Jim said in surprise. "I didn't mean that. What about now?"

"Tomorrow" Tanner said as he zipped up his pants. "Gives you something to look forward to" he laughed.

"Shit, Tanner" Jim said, and then he laughed too. "That ain't fair. What do I do with this?" He was holding on to his dick which was like a steel hard rod sticking out of his pants.

"Think of Mrs. Tucker sucking you" Tanner laughed. "That'll make it go soft."

"Shit" Jim said as he and I laughed along with Tanner. Yeah, Mrs. Tucker, our algebra teacher. Anybody'd go soft imagining her on their dick.

Tanner walked away, with me tagging along behind. I wondered what Jim was going to do, because I don't think there was any chance he could get that thing back into his pants.

"Tomorrow?" I said to Tanner when we got into the lunch room. As Tanner looked at me I gave him a dreamy smile. "Does that mean that today is the day …."

"No" Tanner interrupted me. "I've got plans for today." Yes, he knew what I was going to say.

"Yeah?" I asked, but he didn't say anything. Damn. I so much wanted to get fucked by him. I knew he would like it, he really likes to fuck, and I didn't care if it hurt. I just wanted him in me. I wanted him to take me and use me. I wanted him to know that I belonged to him, and I hoped him fucking me would give me some kind of lock on his affection.

Yeah, I know he says I'm still his number one bud, but the competition is getting fierce, Darrell and Larry, and Jerod. Jerod seemed to be insanely in love, or in lust. And now Jim, and maybe even Rasheed and Mr. Carson were all getting in line. They were all offering their devotion and I was really afraid he'd lose interest in me. I mean, I'd only blown him twice and he was now screwing everybody in sight; everybody except me.

"Yeah, I've got plans" he said.

So, there we were again. Me on my knees removing his clothes in my bedroom, just like every afternoon. This was actually my favorite part of the day, watching him as we uncovered his incredible body, and looking up at him with awe as he smiled down at me. That smile of his was devastating and made my heart pound everytime I saw it. He was so, so, so beautiful, and I was so, so, so in love. I bent down and reverently kissed his feet.

As I raised back up, he reached down and ruffled my hair, and I sailed into rapture. A warm, fuzzy feeling shot through my body and I actually shivered in delight. God, I adored him. I loved him, I loved him, I loved him.

"Please, Master. May I suck you?" I asked him. Of course I wanted him to fuck me, but I'd only sucked him twice and it had now been days. In the mean time everyone else had been sucking him. I needed him to know that he didn't need a new guy all the time, but could get a lot of pleasure by using me. Besides, all those other fuckers deep-throated him with ease, and I wanted to prove to him that I could do it too.

"X-Box" was all he said as he walked over to my desk. So, no blowjob today.

Tanner was really a glutton for punishment because I always beat him at 'Modern Warfare'. I was really good and he just didn't have the knack for it. The only time he ever won was when I cheated and held back and let him win. He was furious, and threatened to skin me alive if I ever did it again. So, I whipped him every time we played.

I quickly stripped down to my bikini, and we started playing.

It was about a half hour later when the doorbell rang. I knew the somebody was going to come because Tanner said he had plans, but I didn't know who. Actually, I hoped it was Rasheed, Mr. Body Beautiful. Rasheed was so gorgeous, so perfect, and seeing him next to Tanner was almost beyond description. Rasheed's glorious light brown color, and astonishing physique, absolutely spectacular when he was oiled, and Tanner's white skin and enormous almost hulking muscles were an absolute vision. An erotic vision. Rasheed had blown Tanner twice, but I hadn't seen it either time. I definitely wanted to get another chance.

So, it was a surprise when I opened the door to find Darrell and Larry, Yeah, both of them. Both wrestlers at school, hunky muscle boys, and best friends. Darrell was Tanner's number one ass-kisser now, and had been for a week, and Larry was Tanner's newest conquest.

"What are you doing here" I asked in surprise. Was Tanner going to do both of them? These straight, seemingly straight, alluring young muscle boys?

"Oh, shit" Darrell laughed. "Is that how you greet us, Charlie?"

"Oh, sorry" I said, perturbed with myself. "Hi, Darrell, hi, Larry. Come on in."

"Hi, Charlie" Darrell said. He gave my shoulder a squeeze as he came in the door. I liked Darrell. Mainly because of his cock, but also because he was one of the few muscle studs from school who actually recognized my existence. I think he was even beginning to like me. Larry came in without acknowledging my greeting and couldn't even be bothered to look at me.

Tanner got up from the beanbag chair as we entered the room. "Welcome to Tanner's den of lechery" he said with a grin. Stepping up, he put his hand on Darrell's neck and pulled him into a kiss. A long sweet kiss. Did I say that everyone melts in Tanner's arms when he kisses them. Well, I could almost see Darrell visibly melting right in front of our eyes. His arms automatically went around Tanner and he moaned with passion. Tanner held him there for at least two minutes while Larry and I stood gawking at them.

Then he pulled back, smiled into Darrell's face, and gave him a quick peck on the lips. Pushing Darrell's arms away from him, he turned to Larry. Reaching up and grabbing Larry's neck, he pulled him into a kiss and repeated the process he's just performed with Darrell. And, of course; obviously; Larry melted in his arms. It actually looked like he was getting weak in the knees and Tanner was holding him up.

When Tanner finished kissing Larry, he put a hand back on Darrell's neck, so he was holding both boys in front of him. "My two beauties" he said and gave each of them a quick kiss. And they were. As much as I disliked them for being my competitors for Tanner's attention, I had to admit that they were very attractive. Both very handsome and both very buff, they were beautiful.

"My two puppies" Tanner said and kissed them each again. They both grinned; yeah, they liked being called his puppies.

Then he stepped back. "Okay, babies, strip" he said. "Let us see those beautiful bodies of yours." As they started stripping Tanner walked over to the bed and sat on the side of it.

And listen to this. You're not going to believe this. They were both wearing bikinis. I actually laughed out loud, and both Darrell and Larry gave me a dirty look. Tanner didn't laugh but he did smile.

"Take 'em off" Tanner said, so they stripped down to the buff.

"Come here" he said and they walked over to stand in front of him. God, they were beautiful. Two high school wrestlers with well shaped perfectly proportioned youthful bodies, both of their dicks standing up like posts, standing in front of a muscle god. Their muscle Master.

Tanner stood up. "On your knees, next to the bed, right against the bed" he said. As they got down he stepped out of the way so they could get right against the bed. "Hands behind your necks" he said. They followed his instructions without a word, raising their arms and clasping their hands behind their heads, forcing their biceps to bulge.

Stepping between them, Tanner rubbed his hands through their hair, "Flex" he said and they both tightened up their arms forcing their biceps to bulge magnificently. Tanner grabbed on to Darrell's right and Larry's left bicep, rubbing them and squeezing them. "Beautiful, beautiful" he whispered as he fondled their bulging muscles.

One of them was moaning, I think it was Larry. And I was jealous. I was simply jealous beyond words. I'm not built like them, I don't have those muscles. But I desperately wanted to be there where they were. I wanted to have muscles like them. I wanted Tanner to be feeling me up. I actually got tears in my eyes just thinking about it. My very hard dick actually popped out of my bikini and I had to push it back inside. God, I envied them.

Tanner was now going over their shoulders, lovingly feeling and groping their hard rounded deltoids. Then he slowly moved down their backs, down the spine, massaging and caressing their muscled backs. And then, he finally reached their butts. Very gently he began to squeeze their hard muscled cheeks. Yeah, these were dedicated gym bunnies, wrestlers, so yes, they had hard muscled asses. Very tight, firm little mounds of manflesh. Even me, wimpy little Charlie, could see that those were two of the most fuckable asses in the world. But there's no doubt that Tanner picks only the best, and these hot sixteen year old jock's solid little buns were the very best, and undoubtedly were quivering in anticipation of Tanner's ten inch man meat.

"Oh, shit" Tanner whispered, so softly that I barely heard him from across the room. "Two beautiful butt's just waiting to be filled." That's when I actually saw Larry wiggle his butt under Tanner's hand. I swear he did, and he groaned aloud. "Ooooooohhhhh, Tanner, Tanner, Tanner" he panted in excitement. Shit, was he ever hot.

I think I heard Darrell moan as well, so they both were going crazy with lust as Tanner, their Master, felt them up. I imagine their dicks were probably trying to drill right through the side of the bed.

Then Tanner changed the tune. He slammed Darrell on the ass with his left hand, very hard, and immediately followed that up with one on Larry with his right, really letting them have it. Both boys jumped, slamming their crotches against the bed as they howled.

"Yeeeeooooh" came out of both of their mouths. But Tanner was back to gently massaging their butts where he had just hit them. I took note that neither of them objected. Yeah, they yelled, but neither of them complained and neither of them asked Tanner to quit. It was obvious that they knew that Tanner owned them, lock, stock, and barrel, and he could do anything he wanted to them. Ownership: total power, total control. They were his to use as he wished, and they clearly knew it.

It took them a couple minutes to calm down but Tanner just kept up the soft gentle stroking, moving back and forth from cheek to cheek.

"How about it, Larry" Tanner murmured. "You want Tanner to take your ass? You want Tanner's big prick up your tight little butt?"

"Yes, Tanner, yes" Larry moaned. "Oh, yes. Please." Shit, was he ever hot. His ass crack must have been quivering something fierce wanting Tanner's dick to get in there.

"Darrell? You ready to take your Master's dick? Huh?" Tanner asked softly.

"Yes, please, Master" Darrell groaned. "Yes, yes. Oh, yes." Tanner turned around and sat between them on the side of the bed. Grabbing each by the hair, he pushed down, hard, forcing them to bend down to his feet.

"Kiss your Master's feet, slave boys" Tanner said. "Show your Master how much you love him."

"Ooooh" came a moan; Larry again. He was delirious with lust, and I guess Darrell was as well. They both started reverently kissing Tanner's feet.

"Yeah, nice sweet kisses" Tanner crooned. "Worship your Master's feet." As they kissed, Tanner reached over and gently massaged their ass cheeks.

Then I got a real shock, as Tanner looked over at me and winked. I actually gasped, and shivered in excitement. Tanner was being worshiped by two gorgeous jocks and he still took note of me, like I was in on the action. I was elated.

He let them go at it for several minutes, worshiping his feet, while he fondled their asses. Then he grabbed each of them by the hair and pulled them gently up to his crotch. Spreading his legs wide, he pulled them in. He didn't say anything, but he didn't have to as they started kissing his hard prick through the thin bikini.

"Suck on it" he said as he held them with their faces pressed into his crotch. "Get it wet." Their faces were pressed together, cheek to cheek, as they started sucking on whatever they could reach. Darrell was working near the tip while Larry was working his way up and down the ten inch stalk. Tanner gently rubbed his hands through their hair as they sucked. Then he looked at me again. "What do you think, Charlie?" he asked. "You wanna be down here?"

I was shocked, but I immediately jumped to my feet. "Master?" I said. Tanner laughed.

"Maybe next time, babe" he chuckled. "Maybe next time." He was teasing me, and I wasn't sure whether that was good or bad, but at least he was giving me recognition. He was being worshiped by two young hunks, their faces buried in his crotch, but he still had time to recognize our special relationship. Yeah, acknowledging our special relationship. That was definitely good.

Darrell and Larry paid no attention but continued focusing on sucking his monster prick.

Then he stood up and grabbing the bikini, actually ripped it apart, first one side and then the other, letting the tatters drop to the floor. Some of that artificial material was damn near indestructible, but Tanner has almost unlimited strength, so no material could stand up to him.

He grabbed both boys by the hair and pulled them into his dick; almost into his dick. Almost, but not quite. Holding them there, just inches away from his monster which was bobbing up and down in their faces, I saw Darrell lick his lips, and Larry actually stick his tongue out, but he couldn't quite reach the dick.

"You want it?" Tanner asked and chuckled. Dumb question? Hell yes it was a dumb question, because they wanted it. They really wanted it. They were both pulling against his hands trying to reach it, but he held them steady, just out of reach. "Tell me you want it" he said.

"Ohhh, shit" Larry moaned, while Darrell gulped and said: "please, Master". Tanner just smiled at their lusting faces and forced his enormous prick to bob up and down.

I could only watch in awe, wondering what was going on in Tanner's head while he looked down at these two beautiful sixteen year old jocks while they fought to get on his dick. But Tanner is a god, a Master, so he simply accepted it as part of his due, recognizing that he was honoring them by allowing them to serve him. This is what god's take for granted from their zealots.

"Kiss" Tanner said softly. "Sweet, gentle kisses." As he eased up the hold on their hair, they moved in and started kissing his enormous dick. One on each side, they kissed up and down the big fat post as it bobbed up and down in their faces.

He was still holding their hair, so after allowing them a minute or two to kiss, he held them steady and started jacking his dick between them. "Tongue. Use some tongue" he said as he jacked his dick between two pretty boy mouths.

I think maybe it was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen; Tanner sliding those ten inches back and forth between two sets of lips, one set on each side licking him. Two sets of lips from two of Tanner's devoted slave boys.

"Charlie, Larry wants to give you a blowjob" Tanner suddenly said. "Get over here." I was very surprised to say the least, and then excited. Tanner was going to make Larry, one of our schools super jocks, suck me? Hell yes I was excited. I'd already had Darrell, and now I was going to get Larry; two of the hottest hunks in our school.

I was still on my feet watching the action, so it took me two seconds to get over to them. And of course I was hot and hard. Just watching the action had made me super hot.

Tanner pulled both boys back away from his crotch.

Larry looked up at him. "Master?" he queried. "Master?" Tanner reached down and stuck his thumb in Larry's mouth, and pulled his head up looking into his eyes. Larry automatically started sucking.

"Darrell's got first dibs on my prick" Tanner said with a smile. "So you're going to suck off Charlie while you wait."

"Master …." Larry mumbled, trying to say something around Tanner's fingers.

"Charlie loves having hot studs suck him off. Don't you Charlie?" He laughed. "Charlie loves having muscle boys like you on their knees for him."

Larry looked over at me, and I knew it would piss him off, but I couldn't help but get this enormous grin on my face. I couldn't help it. I was going to have another muscle hunk blow me. A guy who had always looked down on me, never even recognizing my existence. I pulled the front of my bikini down and hooked it under my balls.

"I'm ready " I giggled, showing this enormous grin. Tanner grabbed Larry by the shoulders and actually twisted him around to face me. Then he turned to Darrell. Larry looked up at me with this startled look. He wasn't angry, just …. more like …. aghast maybe. Dismayed perhaps.

"Master, please" he said.

"Don't fuck with me" Tanner snapped at him. "Do it."

Tanner grabbed Darrell's hair and gently pulled him up to his feet. Then he slapped him across the face. (whap) Darrell yelped. But that was Tanner; demanding total obedience, but delivering motivation along with it. And slapping a guy around was pretty damn powerful motivation.

"You want me to fuck you, slave boy" he growled into Darrell's face. "You want your Master's dick up your ass?"

"Y-y-yes" Darrell stuttered as he put his hand to his face. "Y-y-yes, Master."

"Get your hand down" Tanner snapped, and as Darrell lowered his hand, Tanner hit him again. (whap)

"Please, Master" Darrell pleaded with tears coming to his eyes.

"Please what?" Tanner growled as he jerked Darrell's hair. Obviously Darrell was going to say 'please don't hit me', but now realized that he didn't dare say that. You don't say that sort of thing to Tanner.

"Please, please, Master …." He didn't know what to say.

"Please hit me?" Tanner said. "Is that what you want to say? Or maybe, please fuck me?"

"Yes, please, Master" Darrell said. "Please fuck me." Obviously he thought that was the safest thing to say.

Meanwhile, (back at the ranch), I had stepped up to Larry with my five or so inches in his face. He still wasn't angry which kind of surprised me. I mean, didn't he know that he was being forced to suck the skinniest little nobody in our school? I mean, this had to be the most demeaning thing that could possibly happen to him, being forced to suckoff the wimpiest kid around.

But the answer was, he was one hundred percent Tanner's boy, Tanner's fuckboy. If Tanner said do it, he'd do it, no question. Not even a hesitation. Tanner was god, and his word was inviolable.

Larry glanced up into my grinning face. Not happy, not sad, just resolute. He took my dick in his mouth and I moaned in contentment. Hell, yes I moaned. I mean, Jesus, this kid, this gorgeous jock, one of the most popular guys in school, was naked at my feet sucking my prick. I looked down at him in awe, his perfect features and beautiful blond hair, his muscled deltoids and biceps, his hard square pecs, he was sheer perfection for a sixteen year old; and he was sucking my dick.

I actually gasped in astonishment. I actually had my dick in this handsome creatures face and he was beginning to suck me. I was so fuckin hot I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out for long.

I pulled my eyes away from Larry and saw that Tanner was holding Darrell's face in his armpit, and Darrell was slurping away. Evidently Tanner still wanted to play with his toy before he got down to fucking. As I watched, Tanner pulled Darrell's head back, looked into his eyes, and then spat in his face. Darrell's whole body quivered.

"Thank me, boy" Tanner whispered as he gave Darrell's a quick peck on the lips. "Thank me for spitting on you."

"Thank you, sir" Darrell gasped. "Thank you, Master.' He tried to kiss Tanner, but Tanner was holding his hair. "Thank you, Master" he repeated. Tanner just held him there for a moment, looking into his eyes, and then, giving him another quick kiss, pulled him back into his armpit.

I was sensible this time as Larry sucked me. I'd learned my lesson from Darrell when I'd fucked his face roughly, and then he kicked the shit out of me in retaliation. I still had bruises showing from that. The fact is, I didn't need to be rough with Larry. Just watching him, this perfectly handsome teenager, this hunky kid, on his knees doing me was more than enough stimulation without trying to rough him up.

I don't have much experience at receiving blowjobs since I'd only had one so far, but it sure seemed like Larry knew what he was doing. I was loving it. He still was clearly not angry, but simply dedicated to obeying his Master. If this was what Tanner wanted, Larry would do it, and do it as best he could. And his 'best' sure as hell felt good to me.

But all of this was just too much. This was stimulation overload. I couldn't hold out. I don't think I had my dick in Larry's mouth for five minutes, when I started to blow. Larry was completely stoic as he began to swallow. He actually grabbed my ass, holding me steady as he looked up at me and swallowed with determination.

This was unquestionably the best blowjob I'd ever had, much better than the first one. Having a muscle boy suck you, totally dedicated to doing it well, was literally blowing my mind. I don't know how many shots I fired but I wanted it to go on forever.

Now I've got to tell you something that you won't believe. As Larry pulled back and gave my prick a final lick, he actually looked up at me and smiled. Shit, yes, he did. Yeah, really. So he enjoyed it. He enjoyed sucking me off. Hell, just the idea of that was going to make me hard all over again.

I looked up at Tanner and Darrell, and Larry turned around to look as well Tanner was on the bed and Darrell was sitting on him. Evidently Tanner was going to have Darrell fuck himself on his dick, just like Larry did last night. Darrell was looking Tanner in the eye as he reached behind himself grabbed Tanner's enormous dick and lined it up with his ass. He scrunched up his face in pain as he slowly lowered himself down on the monster.

Tanner was grinning up a storm as Darrell forced his way down on his dick. Then he slapped him. Yeah, Tanner reached up and slapped him across the face. (whap) Darrell grunted from the slap, but kept his eyes open, staring down at Tanner's grinning face, and did not hesitate for a second in his downward plunge onto the Tanner's enormous prick. Neither me nor Larry nor Darrell himself were surprised that Tanner hit him. That was simply the way Tanner was, and you had to accept it. He was a bully and he loved slapping guys around.

I'm not sure what he liked best: beating on guys or fucking them. He simply wouldn't allow his fuck boys to have the pleasure of his cock without a little pain and suffering to go along with it. No, no, no, not pain and suffering. Those are the wrong words. More like: exquisite distress. Or perhaps: ambrosial torment. What we had to understand was that being fucked by Tanner came with pleasures and liabilities, but what we might think of as a liability, like being slapped around, was pleasure for Tanner. He simply took a great deal of satisfaction from showing his power and supremacy with maybe a tinge of sadism, to get his greatest sexual enjoyment that he could achieve. Tanner trained his boys to be ultra submissive; totally ingratiating, accepting and obedient.

We were expected to grovel and beg for any reward he was willing to give, and to be very appreciative of anything we got and any obligations that came along with it. And we did. We did grovel and beg. And the truth is, the literal truth here, is that when he worked us over we loved him for it. Yes, yes, yes. Believe it. We love him just the way he is and wouldn't want him to change. Tanner is a special human being, and he requires a special kind of love.

With a final push and a loud groan, Darrell pushed down hard, forcing Tanner's full ten inches into his butt. "Oh, shit" he gasped. "Ohhh, shit."

"Good boy" Tanner chuckled as he reached up and tousled Darrell's hair. "Good boy." Darrell actually flinched, thinking he was going to be hit again, but then smiled down at Tanner. Yeah, a great big smile. A smile of achievement. He was proud of getting Tanner's big prick up his butt and he was pleased that Tanner's was happy with him. When Tanner's happy, you better believe that his fuckboys are happy.

"Go to it" Tanner said, and Darrell started, very slowly, to pull up, and then slide back down. I could see that it was hurting him but I knew, and he knew as well, that it was going to get better. He eased up and back down again, and then sighed.

"Ohhh, shit, Master" he groaned. "Thank you. Thank you." What? He was in pain and he was thanking Tanner for it? It took me a minute to figure this out, but then I realized that, yes, he was in pain, and yes, he was thanking Tanner. As a new submissive, let's call him a submissive in training, as a dedicated vassal being trained by Tanner, his Master, anything coming from his Master was to be cherished and honored, including pain. His purpose is to serve, and he is to treasure the pain because it is giving his Master pleasure. His sole purpose is to pleasure his Master, no matter what. "Thank you, Master" he repeated, his face still scrunched up in pain.

Wow! Darrell may have been hurting, but he was totally aware and completely gratified that his Master was getting a hell of a lot of pleasure from it.

Now, Darrell really started to go to it. Tanner was so big, those ten long inches, that there was little danger of his prick slipping out of Darrell's ass, so Darrell started bouncing. Up and down and up and down, not terribly fast, not yet anyway, but enough to get Tanner groaning. I saw Darrell's look of pain change to a smile as Tanner began to groan in pleasure. Yeah, that's what it was all about, the pleasure of giving your Master pleasure.

Then I got a real surprise when Larry stood up, grabbed me by the shoulders, and forced me to my knees. What the fuck? Suddenly there was a big fat six plus inch dick in my face, sticking up like a post and smearing pre-cum on my nose.

I glanced over at Tanner, but he was focused on Darrell, so I didn't know if it was okay to suck Larry or not. But Larry didn't care. He simply stuck his thumb in my mouth, forcing me to open up, and then jammed his prick in. And when I say jammed, I mean jammed. With one thrust he jammed it all the way into my throat. I couldn't help but choke since it was so sudden, and I was so startled.

Should I be surprised that Larry was hotter than hell? Of course not. He'd just blown me, and we were watching Darrell slavishly serving Tanner, so of course he was hot. Hell, I'd just cum but I was hot and hard as well.

Larry grabbed me by the ears, pulled back, and pushed in again. I choked again.

"Oh, shit" he said, and damned if his dick didn't begin to throb. He'd only had his dick in my mouth for twenty seconds, but was ready to shoot. I put my hands on his hips trying to push him away, but he was out of control with lust and wasn't about to move. But, thank god, he pulled back for a second giving me a chance for a quick breath, before he started fucking me.

He jabbed in and out three times, quickly, and started to shoot. That fast breath saved me, because I could now concentrate on swallowing. And, man did I swallow. Larry was really turned on because it was like a gusher flooding into my mouth. I didn't know anybody could shoot so much juice.

And I loved it. Yes! I loved it. Jesus, there's absolutely nothing like sucking a guys prick. Larry let go of my ears, but now grabbed my head, holding me steady as he gradually finished his ejaculation. I looked up at him as he pushed my head back, easing his prick out of my mouth. He wasn't looking at me but was looking up at the ceiling. He wasn't smiling but he did look satisfied. But hell, I hadn't even had a chance to suck him, it had all gone so fast. I leaned forward to take his dick back in my mouth.

"What the fuck, man" he said, putting his hand on my forehead he pushed me away, forcing me back on my butt. He gave me a dirty look.

I was shocked. Hell, yes, I was shocked. This son-of-a-bitch had just shot his jism in my mouth, but now he didn't want me to touch him? I was only there as a receptacle for his cum?

"Larry" I said in shock.

"Fuck off, man" he said and turned away. I just sat there on my butt with my mouth hanging open in disbelief. This son-of-a-bitch. He used me like a tissue, to be used once and then thrown away. I actually got tears in my eyes. Of course, this was the way it always was with the jocks at school. I knew it and expected it because they always ignored me or treated me like shit, but since I'd been with Tanner I'd begun to expect better. Larry certainly brought me back to reality.

So, I looked over at the action on the bed and saw that Darrell was absolutely soaked, coated with a sheen of sweat, with it dripping down off his nose. He was gorgeous. His beautifully muscled teenage body, each muscle clearly defined and glowing, was absolutely spectacular, as he humped up and down on Tanner's dick.

There was no pain showing in his face now, only pleasure as he stared down into Tanner's grinning face. I've said I love to see the look of 'bliss' on Tanner's face; well now I saw that Darrell had that look. A look of absolute rapture as he served his Master. Clearly a look of triumph on his face hearing Tanner's moans of pleasure and seeing that look of satisfaction on his face.

Darrell's dick was standing up and throbbing, and I knew if he even touched it, it would begin to blow. But, Tanner was there too. He was moaning in passion, and had begun to meet each downward thrust of Darrell's ass with an upward thrust of his own, driving his dick even deeper to increase his pleasure.

"Shit, shit, shit" Tanner finally yelled. Reaching up and grabbing Darrell's shoulders, he jammed him down one final time, while ramming his dick up to meet him. "Shhhhiiiit" he howled as he started to shoot.

Just hearing Tanner yelling was enough for Darrell as he started to shoot as well, his jism shooting a foot or two up in the air and landing on Tanner's chest. His howl joined Tanner's as they ejaculated simultaneously. To try to increase his pleasure, Tanner rammed his crotch upwards a couple more times, trying to get his prick even deeper, and actually lifting Darrell up off the bed.

And then it was done. Darrell was dripping sweat all over Tanner, but Tanner was pretty well soaked as well. And there was a big pool of spooge in the middle of his chest.

"Oh shit, baby" Tanner said. "That was good. That was really good" He reached up to Darrell's grinning face and gave him a couple pats on the cheek. Yeah, Darrell was grinning. The cat that swallowed the canary type of grin. He was happy and he was proud for serving Tanner so well, and making him so happy.

"Thank you, Master" Darrell laughed in pleasure. "It was really good for me too."

My shower wasn't big enough for four, but Tanner and Darrell and Larry all managed to squeeze in together. I was left out but wasn't terribly hurt, because I didn't want to shower with Larry anyway. Besides, I knew Darrell and Larry would be leaving soon and I'd have Tanner to myself after they left.

"Larry, how many times did I fuck you last night?" Tanner asked as we got back into the bedroom. Larry was looking at him, kind of dreamy eyed, and I'll bet his ass was itching in expectation of getting fucked.

"Three times, Master" Larry answered sagely.

"Are you sore?" Of course he had to be sore. That monster dick going up his virgin ass three times in one night? Of course he was sore.

"Yes, Master" Larry said. "But … But …."

"But no," Tanner said, answering his unasked question. "Not tonight. They'll be plenty of other times."

"Yes, Master" Larry answered without hesitation. Larry was amazing. Tanner had only just subjugated him last night, but already he was a completely obedient servant. Tanner's word was law, and he was already fully accepting of that. How did Tanner do this? He must be a psychological genius, or a magician to take complete control of another human being in only one night.

"Now Larry" Tanner said. "Let's talk about this brother of yours. Tommy, is it?"

"Yeah, Tommy" Larry answered. "My asshole brother."

-------------to be continued----------------------------

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