This is a story of gay dominance and rough sex.   If you don’t like stories of domination, don’t read this.  You probably won't like it.   Also, If you are under the legal age of consent, don't read about gay sex, act upon it.  Experience your own.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story do not practice safe sex only because that would interfere with the nature of the story, but keep in mind that this is fiction.  In reality, safe sex should always be practiced.  This story is total fantasy and in no way is it meant to depict any characters or places or actual events in real life.  The events in this story have not happened, and are not likely to happen in the real world as we know it.

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"Oh, fuckin, hell" Tanner swooned.  "Jesus, Charlie.  That was something else."  He had let go of my head but I still had his dick in my mouth, and I was still sucking on it.  But I looked up at him, and he had this beautific smile on his face.  "I loved it, Charlie" he gushed.  

I was in heaven.  I'd done it.  I'd really done it.  I'd blown Tanner and I'd done it perfectly.  And Tanner loved it.  He was wild about it.  I just knew he'd be wanting it again, and again.  

"That was fantastic, Charlie" he said.  "What do you think Drew?"

"Oh, yeah, he's good" Drew said and I think I heard real respect in his voice.  "He's really good."  I glowed inside, because he had to be wondering if I was better than him.

I finally pulled back off of Tanner's dick.  "Thank you, Master" I said smugly.  Yeah, I was smug.  I knew I was good, and I knew Tanner'd love hearing me thank him.

Tanner grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me up on top of him and latched his lips onto mine.  I put my arms around his neck as we kissed and he put his hands on my ass cheeks, squeezing them gently.  The kiss went on and on, maybe ten minutes.

The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

 Subtitle: My Bully

Chapter Fifteen

So I gave Tanner one of the best blowjobs he'd ever had, every bit as good or even better than Mr. Carson's.  And he loved it.  And so did I.  You know how fixated I am on Tanner, and how much I worship him; I was thrilled that he was thrilled.  I'd proved myself.  I could take that monster ten inch dick of his and have him scaling new heights of pleasure that he'd never experienced before.  Almost never before anyway.

And Drew was watching.  Tanner's number one boy from Oro City was watching me, Tanner's number one boy here in Falls Creek, and he was impressed.  Yeah, he was impressed and I'll bet he's jealous as hell.  My bet is that he never gave Tanner a blowjob as good as this one.

"You've graduated with honors, Charlie" Tanner said with a laugh as he broke the kiss.  "That was a blowjob for the record book.  Hey, Drew?"

"Yeah, Tanner" Drew said.  "You've got a hot one here."

I think I mentioned before that my shower is big enough for three.  Maybe a bit of crowded, but workable.  I'd scrubbed Tanner dozens of times, and I'm sure Drew had as well, but now both of us got at it.  Tanner just stood there like a Greek statue while we lovingly washed the remains of the oil off of his body.  

I thought Drew would make a big deal about it and try to compete with me, but he didn't.  He just worked with me as we each got a washcloth and soaped him up.  He even kissed me once when we were down on our knees washing Tanner's legs.

We each grabbed a towel when we were finished and lovingly dried him off.  Yeah, lovingly.  Or maybe worshipfully.  This was how a god is to be treated, and we both knew Tanner was a god.

As we finished drying ourselves, Tanner reached down and put his arm under Drew's butt and lifted him up on that one arm.  On his arm for god's sake.  Drew had to grab on to him to keep from falling over, but Tanner lifted him up like a feather and carried him into the bedroom on his arm.  Like holding a baby, except not holding it against his body.  An amazing show of possession and of strength.  Drew was absolutely beaming with pleasure, his beautiful face looking …. well …. beautiful.

Tanner tossed him on the bed.   Drew bounced on the mattress and giggled while Tanner chuckled aloud.  Was I jealous?  Of course I was.  They obviously had a special relationship between them.  

Tanner reached down and grabbed on to his dick, which was mostly soft and dangling down.  "You want to show Charlie what you can do?" he asked.

"Oh, shit.  Can I?" Drew said as he sat up.  "Really, can I?"  He was obviously excited.

"You're here, aren't you?" Tanner said.  "You're not supposed to be but you are.  Might as well take advantage of it."

Tanner climbed onto the bed, lying on his back as Drew got out of the way.  "Thank you Tanner" he said.  "Thank you for not being mad.  Thank you for letting me do this."

"Show me your stuff" Tanner said as he put his hands behind his head.  "Show Charlie how talented you are."

I sat in the chair Drew had been sitting in, right next to the bed, and boy, did I get a show.  Over the next 45 minutes Drew put on a production that was no less than mind boggling.

He started by putting his hands behind his back, of course, like any submissive would do, and then got busy with his tongue.  We'd already given Tanner a tongue bath when we licked off the oil, so he didn't dwell on the tongueing.  However, he is obviously a bicep queen, because he just couldn't get enough of Tanner's arms.  He licked and sucked and chewed on those big bulging mounds of muscle, getting them wet with his spit and then rubbed his nose and face against them to wipe them off.  He did this over and over again, moaning in ecstasy every time he rubbed his face against the big hunks of muscle.

Tanner helped him out by flexing them while he was going at it, and he had the biggest grin on his face I think I'd ever seen as he watched and enjoyed the worship.

"Hey, babe.  You're going to wear them out" Tanner said with a laugh after ten minutes or so.

"Tanner" Drew whispered, so softly that I could barely hear him.  "You've got the most beautiful biceps in the world.  I love them. (kiss).  I love them (kiss).  I love them (kiss).  

As you can imagine, when he finally pulled back Drew's face and hair as well as Tanner's biceps were slick with saliva.  Drew really knew how to worship.

Giving Tanner a quick kiss on the chin, he slowly kissed his way down his body.  First his neck and then upper chest, and then the big slabs of pectoral muscle.  Kissing every inch of them, with special attention to his nipples, he moved on down to the ridged abs.  

He finally got down between Tanner's legs so he could look up at him and slobber over his balls at the same time.  Believe it or not, Tanner was fully soft, but I knew he wouldn't stay that way very long since Drew had started his crotch action.

Drew used lots of saliva in his worshiping, and within seconds Tanner's balls were slick with spit.  And just as he had done with the biceps, he rubbed his nose and his face against them.  I found that so erotic, him rubbing his face against Tanner's body after getting it wet with his spit.  I was going to remember that for my own worshiping.  

Drew's hands never wavered from behind his back.  You would have thought they were cuffed back there, but that was just being a true submissive.  

Then his tongue landed on Tanner's dick.  

Tanner had begun to grow with the ball action Drew was giving him, so he was about half hard now.  There was no doubt Drew's tongue action was going to rectify that situation right away.  All he did for now was lick and kiss the growing prick.  He'd kiss from the base to the tip and back, and then he'd lick from the base to the tip and back.  He did this over and over.  And then he went with the face action again.  As he licked and kissed the big schlong, getting it wet, he''d rub his face up and down against it and he'd push it back and forth with his nose.

I just thought that was fuckin erotic too, and the ultimate in submissiveness.  Kissing your Master's cock, rubbing your face against it, and pushing it around with your nose.  Jesus.  I was sitting there in the nude, only about three feet away, and you know I was hard.  I was groping my dick with my right hand, but trying to avoid pulling at it.

Then Drew spit.  Yeah, he spit on Tanner’s dick, gave it a lick and then spit again.  He did that a half dozen times, spitting and licking.  But then I realized he wasn't licking the spit off, but was pushing it around getting that dick evenly coated with his saliva.

Then he sat up, getting on top of Tanner and sitting on his dick, allowing it to fit into his ass crack.  He looked into tanners eyes as he started sliding his butt back and forth, giving Tanner what might be called a hand job without using the hand.  Using the friction of his ass crack to stimulate Tanner's prick.  That was fucking cool and I was going to remember that so I could do it myself.

Then he stopped.  Staring into Tanners eyes he raised up, reached underneath to align Tanners dick, and started to ease back down.  He groaned and Tanner groaned as well.  Drew was taking him dry.  Well, maybe not completely dry, since he'd drenched the dick with saliva first.  But even so ….  Some of it must have rubbed off while he was sitting on it.  He hadn't prepared his ass at all.

He groaned again as he lowered his butt onto the humongous dick.  I looked at his face and I knew it was hurting, but he didn't stop.  He eased on down as his butt opened up and accepted Tanner's big schlong.  How could he do that?  

Drew was beginning to sweat as he slowed his downward movement.  Oh yeah, he was hurting.   It don't matter how ready you are and how focused you are, taking a ten inch hunk of meat like Tanner's was never going to go easy.

Tanner had this great big smile on his face as he watched the pain showing in Drew's face.  He was loving it.  Of course he was.  This was Tanner, the Bully, and as we all know he enjoyed a little suffering, and he probably liked this even better since Drew was doing it to himself.

As Drew hesitated, panting loudly trying to ease the pain, Tanner reached up and rubbed his hand over his face.  It was already covered with his spit, so Tanner just smeared it around.  Then Drew scrunched his face up.  Yeah, he did.  He knew what was coming and so did I.  Tanner slapped him.  Yeah, Tanner slapped him, knocking his head to the side.  Then he let him have it on the other cheek with the other hand.  I was shocked.  Well, not really since I knew it was coming, but those were not gentle slaps.

Then, not surprisingly since Drew was a true submissive, he spoke.  "Thank you, sir.  Thank you, sir.  Thank you, sir," he mumbled as his whole body shuttered in passion.   He loved it.  Yes, he loved it.  He was not only giving his all, driving Tanner's humungous prick into his ass which had to be the ultimate of servitude, but he expected to be abused and even wanted to be abused while he did it.  He knew be would be roughed up and he loved it.

"Did that hurt?" Tanner asked.

"Yes, sir" Drew answered.

"Good"Tanner said.  "I told you not to come here didn't I?"

"Yes, sir, Tanner, sir.  But …."

"But you did it anyway."  Tanner reached up and grabbed Drew's chin, giving his head a shake.  "You did it anyway."  

"I'm sorry, Tanner, sir" he replied.  "I just couldn't …."

"If you're going to fuck my dick, get at it" Tanner snapped.  "Stop screwing around and get at it."  Drew was still only half way down, with only five inches or so of hard dick up his butt.  Now, taking a deep breath, he started forcing his ass on down, making his hole open up even more to take the big piece of meat.

He knew he had something to prove now, since Tanner was annoyed with him.  No mamby-pamby job now, but one hell of a fuck, good enough to make up for his disobedience.

I knew from the beginning that he shouldn't have tried to take it almost dry, and he was obviously realizing it now as well because he was really struggling.  The pain was almost too much.

But then Tanner solved the problem for him.  He reached up and grabbed his shoulders, and jammed him forcibly done on his dick.   Wham, all in one shot.

Drew screamed; he really screamed.  "Yeeeaaaoooh."  Than he started panting like crazy, and  moaning and groaning.  But he also screamed: "THANK YOU, SIR".  Yeah, he screamed that, loudly.  Spoken (screamed) like a true submissive.

"Get busy," Tanner snapped at him.  And that was true Tanner.  He didn't give a damn how much it was hurting Drew, he just wanted a show of total submissiveness, no matter what, particularly since Drew had pissed him off.  Since Drew had fucked up he owed him, and it was pay up time and Tanner wanted nothing less than a show of complete obsequiousness.

Drew had no choice.  Regardless of the pain, he raised himself up and slammed himself back down.  He screamed.  "Yeeaaooh."  And then he did it again, slamming himself down and screaming as he did it.  "Yeeaaooh."  and then he yelled:  "I love you, Tanner.  I love you, sir."

And that got a reaction form Tanner.  He smiled.  Drew was punishing himself.  And through that punishment,  I believe he was begging for forgiveness from Tanner, and of course, Tanner was enjoying it.  "That's it, baby" he said.  "Screw that hot ass of your's.  Give my dick a ride."  And Drew got going, starting slowly, but  raising his butt up and down smoothly, allowing the hot post to slide in and out.  I suppose it was beginning to get slicked up by now, and maybe was beginning to go easier.

But can pain be pleasurable?  How and when can pain and pleasure be the same?  The truth is, pain can be pleasure when you are giving it to someone, doing it for someone, hurting yourself deliberately and doing  it willingly to prove to that someone your total devotion and adoration.  

Tanner expected his submissives to deal with a certain amount of pain and accepted it as his due.  They showed their true devotion to him by accepting and delighting in it..  This was Tanner's world.  Accepting his due as a god among men, anyone he allowed into his circle accepted this as the price of admission.

Drew was really bouncing now, his dick flopping up and down with each movement.  While the pain was really intense, he had had his eyes closed, but now, since it must have eased up, he opened them and looked into Tanner's smiling face.  Yeah, Tanner was smiling now.  He was enjoying it.

But enjoying it or not, Tanner had to get involved.  He raised his hand and rubbed it over Drew's face and then stuck a couple fingers into his mouth.  Drew duly started sucking on them while he kept his fucking motion going.  

Then Tanner slapped him again, not quite as hard as the last time but still a pretty good smack. (whack)

Yeah, Tanner hit him.  Tanner simply couldn't accept fucking a guy without extra simulation.  And that was what it was in his mind: stimulation.  He wasn't being mean; he was just being Tanner.   He was a vain, egocentric maniac, but he was also absolute perfection in a human being and he knew it, and he made damn sure his worshipers knew it too.  

His worshipers had to accept that the honor of serving him required 110% of effort and his slaps were simply a reminder of  that requirement, and a constant reminder of what an honor it really was to serve him.   And here's the kicker.  We all accepted that he was a god among men.  We accepted that he had every right to be totally vain and conceited.  That's why we all loved him, and that's why we expected and accepted and actually appreciated his maltreatment.

Drew was panting up a storm with the effort of bouncing up and down on Tanner's dick, but he responded to Tanner's slap.  "Thank you, sir.  Thank you, sir," he said.  See?  I told you.  He loved to be slapped around.

And now, can you fuckin believe it?  The doorbell rang.

Three voices, mine and Tanner's and Drew's, all spoke at the same time: 'Oh Fuck'.

Tanner grabbed Drew's waist, stopping the fuck.  "Just hold it there, baby.  Keep me in there and keep me hard, but go slow.  Let's see what we've got.  Charlie.  Go find out."

I of course had a roaring hard-on.  After all, I hadn't even cum yet.  Yeah, I'd given the blowjob of the century but I hadn't cum myself.  

I had no idea where I'd left my underwear, so I said fuck it.  If it was the Jehovah's Witness's at the door they were going to see what a sixteen year old with a super hard-on looked like.  I headed downstairs.

The first guy standing there I didn't know, he was some old guy, but standing behind him was Rasheed.  As you can imagine, they both took note of my nakedness, and my six inch post sticking out with pre-cum on the tip.

"Rasheed, what's going on?  And who's this guy?"

"I don't know who this fucker is.   He ain't with me, but Tanner owes me, and I'm here to collect" Rasheed said.  

"This is not a good time …." I started to say, but Rasheed laughingly interrupted.  

"Yeah, I can see that" he said.  

Then I looked at the old guy with a questioning look.

"I'm Allen Strump" he said, "and I'm pretty sure Drew is here with Tanner."  As you can imagine, that floored me.


So I followed them upstairs.  I mean, Mr. Strump was a lot bigger than me, and Rasheed was at least three times my size and he could have crushed me with one finger.  Was I going tell them no and make them go away?   Not likely.

Tanner was lying on the bed, his hands behind his head, that big smile still on his face, while Drew was soaking wet.  He'd gotten his face and hair wet while worshiping, but now he was dripping with sweat from his exertions on Tanner's dick.  He wasn't bouncing now, but seemed to be moving his butt around, grinding it into Tanner's crotch.

"Well, well" Tanner said calmly.  "What have we here?"  Calmly!  I don't know how he could remain calm with his dick up Drew's ass.

Mr. Strump looked shocked, but Drew didn't.  In fact Drew gave him a grin and a wink.  "Mr. Strump.  Welcome" he laughed.

Rasheed looked ….  Well, he looked: I don't know:  surprised?, turned on?  Yeah, I think he was turned on.  I know Rasheed's wild for Tanner, and I had to wonder if he wanted to be in Drew's place.  Did he want Tanner to fuck him?  Or was something else going on between him and Tanner?

"As you can see, I'm busy" Tanner chuckled.  "What do you guys want?"  I knew what they wanted.  Just like everybody else in the world, they wanted a piece of Tanner.

"Tanner, listen …." Mr. Strump and Rasheed both said almost at the same time.

"Shut up and watch" Tanner snapped at them.  "Enjoy the show.  Drew is outdoing himself."

 And my fuckin cell phone rang.  Yeah, believe it or not.  Talk about timing.  I went over to the desk to answer it.

 "Charlie, this is Darrell" the voice said.  "I'm on my way over.  You and me and Tanner gotta have a talk."

 "Darrell, no" I said softly.  "Not now.  You can't …."  This really sucked.  Darrell and me?  He wanted to confront Tanner?

 No fuckin way!  I loved Darrell, at least I think I did.  But I loved Tanner one hell of a lot more.  Admittedly, I only had a piece of Tanner because I had to share him with all his many admirers, but that was enough for me.  And besides, I was still his number one boy.

 "I'll be there in five minutes" he said and hung up.  Fuck!

As I turned back, I saw Mr. Strump and Rasheed sitting on the floor Indian style, evidently Tanner had ordered them there.  And Drew was fucking up a storm, vigorously bouncing up and down, cramming that big schlong in and out of his butt.

And Tanner was getting hot.  With each of Drew's downward thrusts, Tanner was now meeting him with an upward thrust of his hips.

"Oooooh, yeeeaaaah" he yelled, and then once more: "Oooooh, yeeeaaaah" slamming up one last time, actually lifting Drew up off of the bed, and let loose.  "Shit, shit, shit" he yelled as he fired into Drew's ass.

And not surprisingly, with all the stimulation, Drew started to ejaculate as well.  And did he ever.  His first shot hit Tanner right between the eyes, and his second shot landed in exactly the same spot, right between the eyes.  Even in the middle of his ejaculation Tanner started laughing, so we all joined in.


Now, I know you're going to hate me for leaving this action in the middle, but I had to go down and meet Darrell at the door.  And I still hadn't found my underwear.

"Jesus Christ" Darrell said when I opened the door and he saw me nude with my dripping prick.  I mean, I'd come so close to cuming while watching Drew and Tanner, so not only was my dick hard, but my face was flushed as well.   "I should have known you'd be in the middle of it" he said.

"Listen, Darrell" I said as he pushed me back, forcing his way into the room.  "Tanner's got a crowd upstairs."

"He doesn't need you then does he?" he said as he grabbed hold of my dick.  That really startled me, but then, using my dick as a handle he pulled me from the hallway into the living room and pushed me down on the sofa.

"What are you doing?" I asked, completely amazed.  "Darrell, what ….?"

"I'm sucking you off, that's what" he said as he got down on his knees in front of me, leaned in, and took my dick in his mouth.

"Darrell" I yelled, completely shocked.  "Stop."  I knew Darrell would suck Tanner's cock; hell, everybody sucked Tanner's cock, but Darrell was a hunk.  Not only a muscled wrestler hunk, but very popular at school as well.  A guy like him would never suck the cock of a skinny nobody like me.  

Hunks simply don't suck wimps; I think that's some kind of rule.  That's just not the way it works.  "Darrell, please" I said.

"Shut the fuck up" he said as he raised his head momentarily and looked up at me.  "I'm busy."  He went back to his sucking.  

And you can guess what happened.  I mean, I'd just given Tanner the blowjob of the century and seen Drew give him an unbelievable fuck, so my dick was as hard as …., as …., as any dick could possibly be.  I'd been desperately trying to keep from coming for over an hour, so Darrell gave the shortest blowjob of the year, about 40 seconds.

And man, oh man, did I cum.  I think those first couple shots would have hit the ceiling if they hadn't been going into Darrell's mouth.  But Darrell gobbled up every bit and licked my dick off when he was done.

When he was done, Darrell got up and sat next to me on the sofa, and pulled me onto his lap.  Grabbing my head, he gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Darrell, what are you doing?" I asked when I finally got my breath back.   "This …. this …."  I was speechless.  I didn't know what to say.

"You shouldn't put yourself down all the time, Charlie" he said.  "You're a great kid and everybody knows it."

"Everybody?" I asked, and actually laughed at how ridiculous that was.

"Yes, everybody" Darrell said.  "Everybody that's lucky enough to know you."

"Darrell, you know that's not true."

"Hell, you're an absolute cunt magnet, Charlie  I used to envy you always being surrounded by the prettiest girls in school."  Well, I did know that that was kind of true.  My pretty face did tend to attract the female race.

"Used to?  You used to envy me?"

"Hell, those girls gonna envy me now, because I've had you" he said with a big smile, and he gave me another kiss.

"Darrell, be sensible" I said  "We both belong to Tanner.  You know that."

"Hell, yes I know that, and that's great.  But why can't we have each other as well?  Why not?  I want Tanner to screw me, and I'll gladly watch him screw you too, but is that exclusive?   I like you Charlie, and I want to be able to do stuff with you."

I didn't know what to think.  I liked Darrell.  I liked him a lot.  And now that he'd given me a blowjob; willingly given me a blowjob, I liked him a whole lot more.  What's not to like?

"I don't think Tanner would like this Darrell" I said, looking into his eyes.

"We won't know until we ask, will we?" he said as he pulled my head into a long, long kiss.  A very long kiss.

After a good ten minutes, or maybe even more, he stood up, lifting me into his arms.

Than he carried me upstairs.  I told you he was a hunk.


When we got into my bedroom I saw that Mr. Strump and Drew were not there.  They must have left while Darrell and I were in the living room.   I'd have to find out from Tanner what happened.

Rasheed was standing in the middle of the room in what I suppose was a posing strap, but not like any I'd ever seen.  It was simply a black pouch for the privates with little more than a thread going around his waist to hold it up.  This would have been a little too promiscuous for an actual contest.

And Tanner was standing in front of him rubbing oil on those glorious muscles of his.  Rasheed's physique is almost impossible to describe since he is so perfect.  Absolute perfection.   Being contest ready meant perfect musculature and perfect definition.  Nothing less than astonishing, and along with his very handsome face he was a perfect Adonis, or more likely a Hercules since he was so big.  

Tanner was oiling him up, evidently with the 'sensual lavender' this time since it wasn't vanilla.  With his natural brown color, Rasheed simply leaves you breathless when his muscles begin to glisten.  That's why in the contests the white guys always have to oil themselves up with dark, dark color, since there is nothing more beautiful than a dark brown muscleman.  A naturally dark brown muscleman like Rasheed.

Rasheed had the color to begin with, but the oil brought out the definition and the beauty of his amazing physique.  

Darrell put me down on my feet but Tanner ignored us completely.

"Jesus, Rasheed.  Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" Tanner murmured, almost worshipfully, as he rubbed the oil over Rasheed's incredible pectoral muscles.  Rasheed of course, was beaming.  I mean, it must be heavenly to be admired by someone like Tanner, a perfect specimen in his own right.

Tanner finally glanced over at us and saw that Darrell had put his arm around me.  I liked it, but I was worried about what Tanner would think.

"Tanner, please …" I started to say.

"So my boys want to play?" he said, turning to us.

Darrell spoke up.  "Tanner, you're still my Master.  Okay?  Is that okay?  But Charlie and me; we like each other."

"Get over here and help me" Tanner responded.  "Get his legs."  He handed me the bottle of oil.  I took that as a yes, and I'm sure Darrell did too.  It was okay with Tanner.  We were still his boys but it seemed to be okay to have each other as well.

I poured some of the oil into Darrell's hand and we both got down and started oiling up Rasheed's legs.  As we finished and leaned back, Tanner was still working Rasheed's pecs and abs.  They were already oiled but he couldn't stop going over and over them.

"Jesus, Rasheed" he said.  "I just want to eat you up."  He leaned forward and gave Rasheed's left pec a kiss and then a lick.  "Jesus, you're beautiful."  

I had never seen Tanner quite like this.  He was just swooning over Rasheed's muscles.  Of course, as a muscle man himself, he knew what it took to achieve this look, and he knew how to admire sheer perfection.

"So, you got something to say, baby?" Tanner asked.  Rasheed was grinning up a storm from being admired.  You think there wasn't an enormous bulge in that string thing he was wearing?  He was having the time of his life.

"Okay, Tanner, I know" he said.  "I won, and you won."

"Yeah, that's my baby" Tanner said with a big grin as he reached up and gave Rasheed a couple friendly slaps to the cheek.  "You won, but I won big."  He and Rasheed both laughed.

"I'm ready" Rasheed said.  "You know I'm ready."

"And it's my choice."

"Of course.  That was the deal."

"Into the bathroom" Tanner said.  "Okay if the boys watch?"

"Charlie's okay" he said.  "And, well,  I guess Darrell too."

I didn't know what was going on, and I knew Darrell had no idea.  But I had a guess.  This had to have something to do with the bodybuilding contest that Rasheed had won last week, and somehow there was some kind of pay up.

I was still on my knees at Rasheed's legs, as Tanner rubbed his hand through my hair.  "Rasheed and I had a deal, Charlie" he said.  "If he worked with me and followed my direction and won the contest, he owed me.  And now he's paying up."

"The pay up?" I asked.

"Whatever I want" he chuckled.  "And this is what I want.  First, I get to rub my hands over those glorious muscles of his while oiling him up.  Then I'm going to piss on every inch of those glorious muscles of his, and finally I'm going to scrub that oil and piss off of those glorious muscles of his.  That was the deal."

"You're going to piss on him?" I asked in amazement.

"Can you even imagine how hot it's going to be to piss on these magnificent muscles of Rasheed's?   And I ain't the only one that's hot."  He reached over and grabbed Rasheed's pouch and pulled it down, allowing Rasheed's very hard prick to pop up and bang against his belly.

Rasheed laughed.  "You son-of-a-bitch.  You caught me."

Tanner pulled the string pouch down and Rasheed stepped out of it.  "Let's go.  I can't wait" Tanner said as he gave him a slap on his now bare ass.  Darrell hadn't said a word but just watched in amazement.  But now, we both got up and followed them into the bathroom.  This I wanted to see.

Rasheed got into my shower and sat down facing the door.  God, he looked magnificent.  His dark skin glistening brilliantly with oil.  Tanner stood at the shower door, but I could see that his prick was like a steel post sticking up.  How in the hell was he going to piss?

But where there's a will, there's a way.  He grabbed the hard rod and, with some difficulty, bent it down and just held it for a moment.  It took a few seconds before he got a dribble going, but then, gradually, it became a stream.  Then he stepped into the shower and aimed  his fusillade toward Rasheed.

"Jerk off" he said to Rasheed.  "Come-on man, jerk off.  That's part of the deal."  As Tanner's piss stream reached him, Rasheed grabbed his very hard prick and started working it.

Tanner took aim at Rasheed's crotch and soaked both it and Rasheed's hand for the longest time.  Then he gradually moved the stream over Rasheed's body, trying to cover every inch, from neck to toe.  "Come-on man, jerk it" Tanner said.  "I can't go on forever."

"This is so funkin hot" Rasheed said showing a big grin.

"Hot, hot, or just hot?" Tanner chuckled.

"Yeah," Rasheed answered.  "It's fuckin hot and it's really hot."  Tanner was paying special attention to Rasheed's chest, spraying back and froth over and over and over.  The piss was splashing everywhere even into Rasheed's face but he didn't seem to mind.

And than Rasheed started panting; he was getting close.

"Shit, man.  I gotta cum" Tanner said as his flow of piss finally stopped.  He grabbed onto his dick and started jerking it like mad.  Rasheed came first, but Tanner wasn't far behind as they both fired big loads of juice.  

Darrell and I were in awe as the two muscle men, those two perfect physical specimens of male humanity spurted their cum into the shower.

Tanner got down on his knees in the shower and grabbed Rasheed's head in both hands and started licking, evidently licking off some of the drop of piss which splashed there.  Then he went for a kiss.  Rasheed put his arms around him, pulling him in close, and returned the kiss with a vengeance.


"You boys go play" Tanner said to Darrell and me, dismissing us as he and Rasheed stood up in the shower.  He closed the door and turned on the water.

I knew exactly what to do, and it sounded to me like we'd just been given permission.  I led Darrell by the hand over to the beanbag chair and pushed him down into it.  Without a word, I opened up his pants, pulled his dick out, and took it in my mouth.  Jesus, Darrell had a wonderful dick.  The most suckable dick on the planet.   I got busy.  I was really going to enjoy this.


Hey, do you remember my mom?  The women that we never see; the women that I barely ever see?  Well, she's still around and she still has the hots for Mr. Tanner.

Oh!  Wait. Wait a minute. You're gonna want to know what happened to Drew and Mr. Strump.  I almost forgot.  I found out later that Tanner simply threw them out.  He got what he wanted from Drew, a really hot fuck, and then just tossed him out.  And Mr. Strump was just old news, of no interest whatsoever.  I don't know if it turned nasty or not, but Tanner didn't say and didn't seem to care.  They weren’t supposed to be there anyway, so he just kicked them out.

I was licking his body on the day he was telling me this.  "I've got more than enough new stuff here in Falls Creek" he said "without falling back on Oro City.   Besides, my collection here is better than what I ever had back there."  When he said this to me I was busy licking his chest.  But when he said it, he grabbed my head and gave me a great big kiss, which gave me goosebumps.  I thought Drew was the most beautiful boy I had even seen, but evidently Tanner thought I was even more beautiful.  Wow!

So now, my mom.  More about licking Tanner's muscles later.

"You can't marry him" I said.  "He's already married, and he's cheating on his wife."

"I don't want to marry him" she said.  "I don't need to marry him.  Once was enough.  Married to your father was more than enough."

"So, you're going to continue playing games with him, sneaking across the street, is that it?  What are the neighbors going to think?" I asked sarcastically.  Sarcastically yes, because I didn't give a shit what the neighbors thought and neither did she.

"We're going to work something out."

"Oh, yeah?  You're going to work something out?  What in the hell would that be?"

"Your father's moving back here, Charles."

There was a long pause before I could even speak.  "No fucking way" I said, completely shocked.

"Yes he is" she said.  "He's got his old job back and you're still under age and need a guardian."

"Don't be stupid" I snapped.  "You know I can't stand him anymore that you can.   And what about you?"

"I'm moving" she said simply.  "Tom has an opportunity in Toronto and I'm going with him."

"You can't be serious, mom" I said, really shocked now.  "This is crazy.  Besides, Mr. Tanner is a creep.  Tanner, er, Daryl can't stand him."

"We're in love, Charlie, and that's what matters."

So, here's the crazy mixed up deal.  Mr. Tanner was moving out leaving his son and wife behind, and my mom was leaving me behind.  'I understand your relationship with Daryl' she told me, 'so you have a choice of three options.  You can move across the street with Daryl, or he can move here with you, or you can leave things the way they are.'

'Your father understands there are issues between you and him, so he's willing to work with you.  He says as long as you stay out of trouble, he'll give you free reign to do whatever you want.'

What a crazy mixed up world.  But at least, they weren’t going to try to separate Tanner and me.

And, also, Tanner would not be moving in with Mr. Carson.  He'd be either with me or across the street.


Now, before going on I have to make an observation.  I'm trying to understand Tanner, and you probably are too.  

Tanner likes very attractive muscle guys.  That's his special type: his speciality; really hot hunks.  I know this because he's told me it over and over again, and I'd seen it for myself.  But what about Drew, and what about me?  Yeah, we both had gorgeous faces, but we are both little guys, skinny guys.  Drew was Tanner's best bud in Oro City and me, Charlie, I'm his best bud here in Falls Creek.  What's the deal?

It's obvious that Tanner likes to show his strength and power, dominating those around him.  But as far as I can figure it, Tanner likes a pretty little guy like me and Drew hanging around to play with.  Yeah, little playthings.  Someone he can literally toss around and play with as his special toy-boys.  But for serious fucking, he wants to show his superiority with no-nonsense domination, overpowering and controlling hunky muscle guys.

He doesn't have to prove anything to a little guy like me, so as long as I'm sufficiently differential and servile, he can just treat me like a part of the furniture.  Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be his boytoy.  I'm thrilled to be his boytoy.  If he is as comfortable with me as he is with the furniture, that's even better.   I'm just trying to get it clear in my own head, and help you understand why he keeps me around.


Now, back to the story.

…......... to be continued


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