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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner   

Subtitle: My Bully

RECAP:  Continuing this complicated story.  

Jerod, the football player caught Charlie alone and worked him over.  Charlie wants Tanner to punish him.

Tommy, the hulking body builder is training the 'newby's', the Freshman twinks, Ryan and David, and Tanner is going to teach them posing techniques.  They are ready for session two, and so is Tanner.

Charlie still needs to resolve his relationship with his father.

Darrell has been forgiven for fucking Charlie, and is now back on good terms with Tanner.  In fact, Tanner is actually allowing him to come over for a fuck.  However, Charlie is unclear whether he is going to participate.

As you may recall, Tanner's mom is still a nut-case, living across the street; Tanner is now living in Charlie's house in the bedroom next to Charlie's.   Charlie's dad is back living with them and has become Tanner’s lackey/puppy.   Jim and Rasheed and Larry and Mr. Carson are all out there waiting and hoping for a turn with Tanner's dick.

 Chapter Twenty-one

Okay, so I got a split lip, a black eye and a big bruise on my cheek.  My eye wasn't that bad, it hardly swelled at all, and the black and blue didn't last long.  What really hurt was my cheek, my jaw where he hit me the third time.  As you know, Jerod is all muscle and he really let me have it.

"So, how is it?" Tanner asked he gave me a kiss right on the bruise.

"It hurts" I said.  "That asshole really let me have it."

"Your eye and your lip?"

"No, they're okay.  it's just my chin, my cheek that hurts."

"Yeah, it's one hell of a bruise.  Go get that salve and I'll rub it on you."  It was Friday afternoon, and I'd already had dinner and had come back up to my room.  I don't know if the salve did anything, but it did help with the pain.   It also helped a lot that Tanner was giving me such attention.

After treating my chin, Tanner lay back in the beanbag chair and I snuggled up next to him.  I loved this position, his arm around me, and me able to give him soft kisses on his chest and neck and cheek.

"So, what do we do about Jerod?" Tanner said.

"Kill him, I suppose" I said.  Okay, so I laughed, but you can imagine I wasn’t particularly happy with Jerod at the moment.

“He's a good fuck” Tanner said.  “He's particularly slavish and fawning, and I like that in my boys.”

“Yeah, I know.  He's a total pussy when he's with you.  But that's only when he's with you"

"Well, of course, all my boys are that way.  They have to be stud's in the real world, I wouldn't accept anything less, but of course they're going to be pussycats when they're with me.   Jerod is particularly good at it." 

"Maybe you can just tell him to leave me alone.  He'll do it if you tell him.”

“Yeah, I can do that.  In fact I will do that.  But that's not enough.  I can't let him get away with what he did to you.  He knows you're my bud, and he did it anyway.  That's unacceptable."

That's when I realized that Tanner felt betrayed.   Obviously Tanner knows I'm a wimp and that Jerod can tear me apart without really trying so he was not surprised that I got my butt kicked.  In fact, I'm not sure it bothered him all that much that Jerod had worked me over.  Not that he didn't care that I got hurt, I just think he was not particularly surprised to see a certain amount of jealousy among his minions which could lead to violence.  I think he expected it and accepted it.

But, it was by inference, what Jerod had done to him, to Tanner, that bothered him.  Since Jerod knew that I was somehow special to Tanner, and he had attacked me anyway, that was a personal affront to Tanner.  That was something Tanner would not accept.  I wouldn't want to be in Jerod's shoes when Tanner catches up with him.


I have really been thinking about my dad.  A lot.  A whole lot. 

Tanner said I could have a puppy if I wanted.  Remember?  Remember when he came into by bedroom with that big grin on his face and said: 'you can have him if you want him'?

He was talking about my dad.  My dad the lawyer.  The guy who I have hated for the past four years after he dumped me and mom, leaving us almost broke.  Tanner says he can be my puppy. 

Is that fuckin hot or what?  It's only been a few days, and I've already had four wet dreams thinking about it.  Actually that’s not true.  Yes, I had wet dreams, but it wasn't me treating him like a puppy, it was Tanner.  Yeah, it was Tanner in my dreams.   I keep reliving that image of my dad crawling around behind Tanner and licking his ass.

Just about the hottest thing I've ever seen was watching Tanner with my dad; slapping him around and making him worship his ass.  No only licking and sucking his ass hole, but making him beg for it and then thanking him when he was done.  Fuckin hot, man.  Fuckin hot.

But where does that leave me?  My dad wanted to boss me around, but Tanner told him he couldn't.  I guess Tanner was giving me permission to treat him anyway I wanted.  But, no matter what, dad and I had to talk and decide what kind of relationship we were going to have.

Tanner doesn't make my dad strip down to his underwear like he does everybody else, but he does have to wear his slave collar in the house.  It's a wide black leather thing.  When he arrives home from work in the afternoon Tanner makes him check in and get his collar.  He has to ask for it and call Tanner sir, and then Tanner buckles it around his neck.

The truth is, I don't see dad very much.  We have a big house, and he is usually in the den which he has made into his office.  I  cook dinner every night for him and Tanner and me, but that's about the only contact we have.  And to tell the truth, there has been very little conversation at the table the last four days.

"You need to talk to him, Charlie" Tanner said.  "You need to clear the air."

We were still in the beanbag chair, me cuddled up next to him, of course.  This was heaven for me.  I only wish we could do it more often.

"Yeah, I know I should talk to him” I answered.  "But I don't know what to say.  The last time we talked he was giving me orders, and I didn't like it."

"I already told you, he won't be giving you any more orders.  Were you listening?"

"I'm sorry, Tanner, of course I was.  But ….  But …. what else you said."

"I said you could have him as your puppy if you wanted.  I remember" Tanner said.

"But I don't know how" I said.  "I don't know if I could make him do things."

"Charlie, I didn't say you should.  I said you could.  I am not recommending it."

"Oh, you're not?"

"No, I'm not.  You're my bottom boy, and my best bud.  But you're also my puppy" Tanner chuckled. 

Tanner had never said that to me  before, but I liked it.  I liked hearing him saying it.  “I like being your puppy” I said.

"Does my puppy need his own puppy?" he asked me.

"No, of course not.  But I thought ….  I been thinking ….”

Tanner laughed.  “You've been dreaming; wet dreams I'll bet.  You've been dreaming about making him crawl for you and doing stuff.  Haven't you?”

“Well, yes, kinda” I giggled.  “It really makes me hot.”

“Kinda?” he asked.

“Well, it's you.  I dream about you making him do things, making him crawl and stuff.  I guess I'm just watching.”

“You liked watching me the other day, didn't you?  When I was doing your dad?”  I had done that on the sly, watching from the hallway through the mirror.  Luckily Tanner didn't get mad when he caught me watching.

“Oh, shit yes, Tanner.  That was the hottest thing I've ever seen.”

“I liked it too” he said.  “It was fun playing with him; slapping him around and humiliating him.  And you know he loved it, don't you?”

“Yeah, I think so.  It looked to me like he was enjoying it.”

He just sat there thinking for a moment.  “Maybe I'll do it again.  What do you think?  You want me to put on a show?”

“Shit, yes, Tanner.  I'd love it.  I'd love seeing you doing him again.”

“When’s Darrell coming over?”

“Right now” I answered.  “Any minute now.”  Darrell had asked Tanner if he could come over and Tanner had agreed.  I don't know what Tanner had in mind, but generally he just lets me watch.  My best guess was that he'd fuck Darrell and I'd watch.

But he has pretty much accepted the fact that Darrell and I have feelings for each other, so I hoped I could somehow get in on the action when he's fucking.

“Go get your dad.  We’ll make it a foursome.” 

Wow.  That was cool.  I was thrilled.  Twice over thrilled.  If Tanner was going to do my dad, I could have Darrell to myself.  Actually, that would be, Darrell having me to himself.  I gave Tanner one final kiss on his chest and got up and headed downstairs.

Again, I didn't knock on dad’s ‘office’ door, but just walked in.  He was on the phone. 

“Tanner wants to see you” I said.

“What?” he said, looking up. 

“NOW” I snapped and walked out leaving the door open.  He was wearing his black leather dog collar.  Yeah, it's probably a slave collar, but I liked calling it a dog collar better.  Tanner’s puppy dog.

He wasn't more than ten seconds behind me when I got back to my bedroom.

“Yes, sir, Tanner” he said as he walked in.  Tanner just stared at him, not saying anything.  “Ahhh …. Sir”.he repeated.  “You wanted me?”

"Where's your leash?" Tanner asked.

"Ahhh, down stairs, sir"

"Go get it.  And strip down to your skivvies."  Dad just stood there absorbing Tanner's comment.  Then he gulped, and his whole body shook.  I'm not sure if he was excited or frightened, but he seemed to be temporarily frozen in place.  "Are you deaf?" Tanner growled.

"No, sir" dad said, and he finally turned and hurried out of the room.

"Go get Darrell" Tanner said to me so I went down to the front door.  Our timing was perfect because Darrell was walking up the street as I stepped out on the stoop.  He had a big smile on his face as he came up the steps. 

"Hello, beautiful" he said as he grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss, right there in front of the house.  As the kiss went on and on, he actually put his hand on my butt and lifted me up off my feet.  You know Darrell is a hunk, and at least half a foot taller than me, so it was like nothing for him to pick me up.  He swung me around and around as we kissed.   I don't know how long we kissed, but I didn't want it to end.

"Wow" was all I could say when he finally broke the kiss, but the grin on my face was enormous. 

"You are beautiful, Charlie" Darrell said.

"My champion, my savior" I joked, pointing to my bruised chin.  "My superman."  We both laughed.  As I led him into the house he stopped me. 

"What's Tanner up to?" he asked.  "I hoped maybe you and I could …."  He didn't finished the sentence.

"It looks good" I said.  "I think he's going to fuck my dad.  He said we could have a foursome, so we'll see."  I led Darrell upstairs and into my bedroom.

Tanner had moved to the bed, sitting on the side holding the leash.  Dad was on his knees in front of him.

"Woof" my dad said.  ???  Yeah, that's what I heard.

"Charlie, come here.  Meet my new puppy."  I walked over.  "Look at him pop's" Tanner said.  My dad looked up at me with a sorrowful look on his face.  "Now bark."  We waited as dad looked back at Tanner, looking into his eyes.  This had to be very difficult for him, with me, his son, watching.

"Woof" he said.  Tanner laughed and reached down and fluffed his hair.  I guessed that this was probably the most humiliating thing my dad had ever done, acting like a puppy in front of his own son.  I had to wonder if Tanner was being unnecessarily cruel. 

"Good, boy" Tanner laughed.  "Do it again."

"Woof" dad said. 

"Okay, now tell Charlie what I said" Tanner said.

"Tanner tells me he's your Master, Charles" dad said as he looked up at me.  "Well, he's my Master too.  We are both his servants."  This sounded like a prepared speech to me and obviously Tanner had spent some time training him to say it.  I didn't know they had spent any time together.

"You have a head start on me" he said, "but Tanner's going to allow me to serve him in any way I can.  He is my Master now, and I am here at his pleasure."  It sounded stilted, so it was definitely a prepared speech, dictated by Tanner.

From the two times I'd seen Tanner with my did, I knew he had captivated him; conquered him I suppose you could say.  Dad was now his loyal servant, but even beyond that, he was willing, and even eager to do his bidding, even to the point of humiliating himself.  But that's what Tanner does to people.  I think I've mentioned before, maybe a hundred times before; the stuff Tanner does, he's got to be a god.

"Charlie, are you my puppy?" Tanner asked.

"Well, yeah.  Sure Tanner.  I'm your puppy” I said.   In fact, I loved it earlier when we were cuddled up in the beanbag chair and he called me his puppy.  I felt it was a sign of endearment.

"Bark for me" he said.  That struck me as funny, so I immediately barked: "Woof."  Darrell laughed and I laughed, and even Tanner and dad laughed.  "Two puppies" Tanner chuckled.

I barked again,’woof’ and my dad barked,’woof’ and even Darrell barked ‘woof’ as we all laughed.

"Three puppies, I guess" Tanner said.

Tanner stood up and tugged on the leash.  "Pop's and I will use the beanbag chair, and you guys can wait on the bed.  I don't need you right now so you can play around if it’ll make you happy" he said. 

"Yes, sir" Darrell said as he grinned.  "Yes, Master" I said as I grinned too.  Tugging on the leash, Tanner led my dad across the room and turned on the TV.  Settling down in the beanbag chair, he put the leash aside and pointed to his feet.  "

"Start there" he said.  Dad looked at him quizingly for a moment, but then started kissing Tanner's bare feet.    Obviously dad was going to be spending a lot of time on his knees.

Darrell and I were just standing there watching, but now he grabbed me in a kiss. A very rough demanding kiss.  I could feel his hard prick pressing against me so he was obviously hot and raring to go.  Within seconds he had one hand down my bikini and was squeezing my ass.  That pretty much cleared up where this action was going to go: there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to get Darrell’s prick up my butt.

When he finally broke the kiss, he lifted me up, lay me down on the bed and jerked my bikini off.  Then he put on a show for me.  He wasn't wearing very much: other than his shoes and socks, he had only a t-shirt, shorts and his bikini.  But he made stripping look very sexy.  Kissing his biceps, pinching his tits, rubbing his hands over his rippling abdominals, it was sexier than hell.  I noticed Tanner was watching too.

When he was naked, Darrell performed a couple bodybuilding poses, showing off his incredible physique.  I was in total awe of him.  Darrell is such a hunk. Then he climbed on the bed, got on top of me sitting on my chest.  With his dick in my face, he put his balls against my lips.  I didn't need any instruction as I opened my mouth and started licking.

God, Darrell is gorgeous.  His very hard dick was bobbing up and down in my face, but I was able to look past it or around it, looking up at this glorious boy’s muscled body up to his beautiful face and seeing that amazing smile.  Yes, Darrell was beautiful, although I suppose handsome might be a better description.  I lapped away at his balls as I continued staring up at his amazing physique and his handsome face.  Smiling down at me, he took hold of his dick and rubbed his pre-cum on my forehead.

"Oh shit, Charlie.  You are so beautiful" he said.  Beautiful he says, with his dick in my face and his balls in my mouth.  He gently rubbed his prick over my face as I continued worshipping his nut sack.

Tanner had the TV on but out of the corner of my eye, I saw that he seemed to be watching us more than the TV.  And I liked it.  I liked him watching.  My dad was still licking his feet but Tanner was ignoring him completely.

Then Darrell slid up, putting his ass right in my face and giving me access to his crack.  "Go Charlie" he said.  "Go to it."  I stuck out my tongue.  He let out a gasp of pleasure as I started licking.

“My beautiful little boy” I heard him say.  “My beautiful little boy with my ass in his face.”  Then he started sliding his ass back and forth over my face as I licked.  “Don't just lick, baby” he said.  “Suck on it. Get in there and suck my ass.”  I started sucking and licking, getting incredibly turned on.  I loved doing this .  I loved doing this for Darrell, this big lug that I was learning to love.  “Come on, Charlie.  Suck.  Suck your man’s ass.  Get in there.”

I jammed my tongue in, forcing his tight little hole to open and take me in.  “Oh shit, Charlie.  That's it.  That's it. Eat my fucking ass.”  Darrell was moaning and groaning as I jammed my tongue in, so I knew I was really doing a number on him.

I think the pleasure must have been almost excruciating, more than he could handle, because he moved back down putting his dick in my face.  Evidently getting his ass licked was making him too hot.  “Oh shit, Charlie, you’re driving me crazy” he moaned.

He slid down a little further, grabbed my head, and pushed his dick in my mouth. 

“Get me ready, baby” he gasped.  “Get me ready so I can fuck you.”

Get him ready?  What the fuck?  He couldn't be any more ready than he was already.  His prick was like a steel rod, and he was gasping and moaning.  He sounded like he was going to ejaculate any second now.  But, if Darrell wants to get sucked, he's damn well going to get sucked.  I let him slide it in and started sucking like crazy.

“Oh, shit, Charlie” he said after only a few seconds.  “That's enough.  That's enough.”  He pulled out and slid down my body so he was lying flat on top of me.  His lips latched onto mine.

I was loving it.  I was going crazy, almost overwhelmed with lust and desire.  The truth is I'm a dedicated bottom and there’s nothing more thrilling than being used by a hunk like Darrell.  A real man, a gorgeous man, a dominant man who wants to use me for his pleasure.  It was like an elixir.  Incredibly exciting and gratifying.  I wanted him to use me and use me up, taking total control and doing whatever he wanted with me.

Darrell put his knees between my legs, forcing them apart.  Breaking the kiss, he got up on his knees and pulled my legs into the air onto his shoulders.  He wasn't wasting any time.  He was ready to fuck.

Suddenly, Tanner spoke up.  "Darrell, get over here.  I need a talented cocksucker."  This shocked me and Darrell both, of course.  A real shock.  I mean, Darrell's dick was dripping and he was within seconds  of sticking it up my butt.

I've told you over and over about this special ability that Tanner has, this power he has over his minions, literally a supernatural control.  A godlike supremacy over us.   So, without a single second's hesitation, Darrell was up off of me and hurrying across the room.

Now, you're not going to believe this, but I gotta say it.  Just keep in mind all the stuff I been saying about Tanner; how unique he is.  Here goes:  I was happy for Darrell.

Hell yes, I wanted him to fuck me; I was hot and ready and panting with lust.  But being allowed to suck Tanner's prick was such an honor, I was thrilled for Darrell.

 I mean, I loved Darrell, but we both loved and worshiped Tanner totally and knew we were here to serve at his pleasure.  Serving Tanner was such an incredible privilege; this was literally what we lived for.  So, you better believe that Darrell jumped at the chance.  Not jump; leap.  He was over at the beanbag chair in less than two seconds.

"Yes, sir" he gasped in excitement. 

"Charlie's dad needs a lesson in cocksucking" Tanner said, "and I told him you were an expert.  You wouldn't make a liar out of me would you?"

"Of course not, Master" he said.

"You are an expert aren't you?"

"I hope so, Master."

"Show me" Tanner said.  "Let's find out how good you really are."

My dad's face was buried in Tanner's crotch; he's evidently been licking his balls.  Darrell simply grabbed him by the hair and jerked his head up, and then shoved him away, knocking him over on his butt.  Darrell got between Tanner's legs, licked his lips and looked up in Tanner's face.

Tanner nodded his head.  Darrell licked his lips again took a deep breath and went down on Tanner's enormous prick. 

I knew he had something to prove since Tanner called him an expert, so he was going to outdo himself and make this the best blowjob of the century.  He had to prove Tanner's faith in him was justified.  Taking the dick in his mouth, he went down and down and down until his lips and nose were mashed against Tanner's crotch. 

"Oh, shit" Tanner moaned in pleasure.  Darrell stayed there and stayed there holding that monster in his throat.  I knew he must be doing wonderful things with his tongue because Tanner couldn't stop moaning.  Then Darrell jerked his head three times, pushing forward and banging his face against Tanner's crotch, getting a couple more centimeters of cock into his throat.  I was astonished, and I think Tanner was too.  I know damn well my dad was astonished, as he sat there looking on in awe.

"Way to go, baby" Tanner chuckled as Darrell finally pulled back.  Darrell wasn't gasping desperately for breath as I expected, but I realized that that was for show.  Hell yes, he was desperate, but he was pretending that there was nothing to it. 

To prove his point to us, he did it again. Exactly the same way.  Swallowing all ten inches and then banging his face against Tanner's crotch, trying to jam it in even deeper.

"Oh, shit yeah, you're the expert alright" Tanner laughed.  "Now go to it, honey.  Hot and heavy."  No languid drawn out blow job for Tanner today.  He was ready. 

I knew what was going to happen since Tanner was already raring to go.  When he gets this hot he doesn't just accept a blowjob as much as he simply takes it.  So I knew he was going to take control.  He grabbed Darrell's head with both hands and started bobbing him up and down on his prick.  He was feeding Darrell about eight inches as he got a pretty good rhythm going, jerking his head up and down. 

Every half-a-dozen thrusts or so, he would force Darrell all the way down on his prick and push his hips up to meet him, jamming it all the way  in.  Then he's swivel his hips a bit getting incredible pleasure form the feel of his prick deep in Darrell's throat. I'm not sure how Darrell was able to breathe, but somehow he seemed to be managing.

Darrell was literally nothing more than a rag doll now as Tanner took complete control, jerking his head and upper body around, trying to get the maximum pleasure possible from that hot mouth.  He gradually began to pick up speed.

And what was I doing?  I was still lying on the bed, my hand on my very hard dick, watching.   And I got to tell you something else.  Of course I was upset that Darrell wasn't fucking me, but even more, I was upset because it wasn't me over there giving Tanner so much pleasure.  It looked like his eyes had rolled back up into his head from the excitement and pleasure of Darrell’s mouth..   I wanted that enormous prick in my mouth.  I wanted Tanner to be jamming my face into his crotch.  I wanted it to be me that Tanner was looking at and using with such incredible enjoyment.  I know I had to share Tanner among the member's of his 'haram', but that didn't mean I had to like it.  Okay, so I loved Darrell, but right now I was jealous.

Then Tanner really got at it, being rougher than I'd ever seen him, actually violent, as he rammed his prick into Darrell's throat.  Was he mad at Darrell for some reason?   He was obviously out of control with the passion of the fuck, but he seemed to be particularly brutal about it.

Letting out an enormous howl: ‘yeeaaooh’ Tanner started to blow. I don't think Darrell had had a decent breath for minutes now but somehow he seemed to hold on while Tanner’s cum gushed into his throat.

But then it became too much, more than he could stand, and he did the unforgivable; he choked.  He choked and coughed, coughing up Tanner’s prick and spewing Tanner’s cum all over his crotch.

“You little shit.  You little son-of-a-bitch" Tanner shouted, as he fired shot after shot into Darrell's face. I wasn't sure whether those were statements of endearment, or statements of censure since he was in the middle of a euphoric ejaculation.  Darrell was still coughing uncontrollably while Tanner’s prick was still spewing out cum into his face.  But Tanner looked like he was enjoying it.

I just watched; Charlie the watcher.  But I watched in awe.

Once Tanner’s ejaculation had finished he finally spoke.  “You little fucker" he chuckled.  "I thought you were the expert."

Darrell was humiliated.  Humiliated and horrified that he had choked and made such a mess.  "I'm so sorry, Master" he said.  "I'm so fuckin sorry."  He was still gasping for breath as he looked up at Tanner, his face dripping with cum.

Tanner had been laughing, so I knew he enjoyed fucking Darrell's face.  I'm sure he even enjoyed Darrell upchucking and choking, since he deliberately caused it by being so brutal.   But, Tanner being Tanner, he never accepted anything he considers less than perfection.

“You need to get with it” Tanner said.  “Fucking your pretty face is almost as good as taking your ass, but you've got to handle it.”  He reached down and fluffed Darrell’s hair.  “You'll do better next time, won't you?"

“Yes, sir, Master.  Absolutely, Master.  Thank you” Darrell said.  "I'm really sorry."

"Next time you've got to concentrate on my dick, and not Charlie's ass."  Darrell and I simply froze.  Completely shocked.  What did Tanner say?   Darrell wasn't concentrating?

"Master" Darrell protested.  "I wasn't …."  Tanner grabbed him by the hair; he wasn't fluffing it this time.  He jerked his head up.

"I let you boy's play, it doesn't mean you're not here to serve me" he said.  I was stunned but I didn't say anything.  This was up to Darrell, but I thought Tanner was being unfair.  He specifically gave us permission to fuck.  At least I think he did.

So was he being unfair?  Of course he has the right to expect one hundred percent from us at all times, and maybe we got carried away with each other.  Just because we felt we had permission, didn't mean that we could ignore our primary duty: serving our Master.

"Master, please.  I didn't …." Darrell protested.  Tanner slapped him.

"You going to give me excuses?" he snapped.  My dad and I both cringed while Darrell sat there speechless, frozen in place.  Obviously, Tanner was not going to accept any excuses. 

There was a long pause, thirty seconds or more, and as I watched, tears appeared in Darrell's eyes.  Tanner slapped him again. Darrell took it without making a sound.

Then Darrell spoke, very softly, his voice breaking.  "Please forgive me, Master" he whimpered.  He leaned forward and kissed Tanner's hand.  The hand that had just hit him.  "I'm so sorry.   I'm very sorry I didn't serve you better."  He kissed Tanner's hand again.

Then Tanner looked at me.  Stared at me.  That's when I realized that there was more than one person in the room who needed to apologize.  It wasn't Darrell alone who got carried away with the excitement of the moment.  I jumped off the bed and hurried over and got on my knees next to Darrell.

"I …." was as far as I got when Tanner slapped me.  It stung.  Tanner is not gentle.  “I'm sorry, Master” I said, trying again.  “I'm very sorry.”  I expected it but he didn't hit me again.  “Please forgive me” I said.  "We just got carried away."

"Go get me a towel" Tanner said.  "No, never mind.  You clean it up.  Clean up this mess."  I was right there at Tanner's feet, so I just leaned forward and started licking up the cum Darrell has spit onto his crotch.  It took a while but there was not a sound in the room as I licked it all up.

Without a word, when I was finished, Tanner stood up and went into the bathroom.  I heard him turn on the shower.  I was still looking down at the floor, and I think Darrell was too, but I wasn't about to move without Tanner’s approval.  Dad was still there on his knees as well, all of us surrounding the beanbag chair.

It wasn't much more than five minutes before Tanner came back into the bedroom drying himself with a towel. 

"On the bed" he said.  Darrell and I assumed he was talking to us, so we went over and sat on the side of the bed.  Tanner walked up to us.

"You choke on me again I'm going to kick your ass" he said to Darrell.  “You learn how to handle my dick.”

"Yes, sir.  Yes, Master" Darrell answered instantly.

"Now, I told you boys that you could play, but I guess I don't want to see it."  My ears perked up.   Was Tanner admitting he made a mistake?  Really?  "So, you can fuck all you want.  I don't mind.  But when you're with me, you focus.  You focus on nothing but me and my needs.  I'm your Master and you will always remember who you are.  You're my boys.  I own you.  You're here to serve and nothing else."

"Yes, Master" we both said at the same time.

But, I had to force myself to keep from smiling.  Yeah, I didn't dare smile, but it was clear to me that Tanner was apologizing to us.  Yes, he was.  Like, maybe, for the first time ever, he was apologizing.  And what was he apologizing for?    I'm sure he didn't even realize it, but he was apologizing for being jealous.  Maybe he didn't realize it, but I sure did.  He was jealous watching Darrell and me getting it on.

Can you believe it?  Tanner jealous?  Is that possible?

"Darrell, you're staying here tonight" he said.  "And I expect you to fuck Charlie all night long." 

He turned away and looked over at my dad.  "Get the leash" he said.  My dad stayed on his knees as he crawled over and picked up the leash and brought it to Tanner.  Tanner snapped it on.  "Get your face in my ass" he said.  Dad looked up at Tanner, and then at Darrell and me, and then back up at Tanner.  Even if his son was watching, he knew what he had to do.  Tanner just stood there, not moving, forcing my dad to crawl around behind him and press his face into his ass.

Tanner didn't move for a minute or so, evidently just enjoying the feel of that tongue starting to lick up and down his crack.  Then he reached back, jammed my dad's face in tight, and wiggled his ass.  “Oh, yeah” he moaned in pleasure.  "Eat it, baby.  Eat it."

Then, giving the leash a jerk, he then headed for the door with my dad crawling along behind.

"I've never slept with a tongue up my ass before" he said with a chuckle as he glanced back at us.  "I think I'm going to like it."  He left my bedroom pulling my dad along behind him.

Darrell and I were still sitting on the side of the bed, but he now stood up and turned to look at me.  He stared into my eyes for just a second and then lifted me up and dropped me in the middle of the bed.  Two seconds later he was sitting on my chest with his dick in my face.

"Now where were we?" he asked.  I started to laugh, but before I could do anything Darrell was already pushing his ball sack into my mouth. 

"You gotta get me hard all over again" he chuckled.  "But that's okay.  I like the way you do it."  This time he actually got his fingers in there, pushing his balls, and forcing both of them into my mouth.  "Now suck on them, baby" he said as he grabbed his growing prick.  "Show me you love 'em."

And I tried to do just that; make love to Darrell's balls.  I loved Darrell, I loved everything about him, but I really, really loved Tanner.  It's hard to describe except to say that they were different kinds of love.  There simply aren't words to describe my love for Tanner, it's more like an obsession: passion almost to the point of madness.  But with Darrell, I was simply falling head over heels.  I'm not sure whether it was head over heels in love, or head over heels in lust, but it was pretty wonderful either way.

He had me sucking his balls for at least five minutes before he finally pulled them out.  He was playing with his dick the whole time, and there was no doubt it was back up to full measure now.  

"Now my ass, baby" he said as he slid up, moving his crack into my face.  "That felt so damn good last time.  Come on, babe, get in there."  So I went back to work on his ass.  I told you how much I love this, being under the control of a hunk, being used to give pleasure to a real top man.  And there ain't no doubt, Darrell is a top.

'Mmmmm" I moaned in pleasure as I jammed my tongue back into his hole and started slurping.

"Ohhh, shit, yeah" Darrell moaned as I worked his butt.  Two guys moaning and groaning, one on top and one on the bottom, and both having the time of their lives.  This went on and on.  "Shit, babe" Darrell finally said.  "I don't never want to let you stop.  Jesus, this feels good."

But finally, he slid back off of me, getting between my legs and lifting them up.  Spreading them wide and pushing me up, he actually pushed me up on the back of my head and my shoulders.  Then he buried his face in my ass.

"Ooooooh, Daaaaarell" I moaned as he started licking.  Jesus, yes, it was wonderful.  Getting your ass worshipped is like …. it's like …. actually, it's indescribably wonderful.  "Ooooooh, Darrell" I said again in the throes of passion.

This only went on for a couple minutes, bacause I knew Darrell was getting hot.  He was moaning and groaning as he licked.  So, finally lowering me back down on the bed, he surprised me by climbing back on top.  Grabbing me by the hair, he pulled my head up and jammed his dick in my mouth.

"Slobber me up good, baby" he said.  "Get me ready."  So I did.  Getting as much spit on his prick as I could.  Then my legs were back in the air and his very hard dick was pressing against my little pucker.  He pushed. 

It didn't want to go in at first but Darrell was not going to be denied as he pushed in harder.  And, pop, just like that, the head of his dick snapped in.  It hurt, of course it hurt, it hurt like crazy, but it was wonderful.  Darrell spread my legs wide and kept pushing, one long slow thrust jamming it in until it was buried completely in my ass.

"Open your eyes" he said to me, and I looked up into his smiling face.  "Was this worth waiting for?" he asked.  "Huh?"

"Oh, yes, Darrell" I gasped.  "Yes, yes, yes."  Okay, so it was hurting like hell, but seeing that look of satisfaction on Darrell's face made it unimportant.  I was giving pleasure to my topman, my dominant lover. 

"Gonna fuck you royally" he said as he now pulled back, and pushed in all the way again.  He continued like that, long slow thrusts as he stared into my eyes.  I was in awe of how handsome Darrell was, how amazingly attractive he was.  How powerful and dominant he was with me.  Head over heels in love?  Yeah, that was it: love.

So, yes, Darrell fucked me.  He fucked me twice and I blew him once.  He offered to suck me off but I refused.  Yes, I refused.  I'm a confirmed bottom boy and I'm here to serve my 'dom' and I don't expect to get blown.  In fact it would be an incredible turn-off to see my 'alpha' on his knees sucking me.   My 'alpha's' don't do that.  Darrell did jerk me off twice and licked my ass both times before he fucked me.  I loved it.

I have to assume my dad spent the night with his tongue up Tanner's ass.  And I'll bet he liked it as much as Tanner did.


As always on Saturday, Tanner and I had worked out early at the ‘Tower Gym’ in town.  By ‘we’ I mean Tanner worked out and I did ‘toning’.  Tanner says I don't have to build muscle but I have to keep my body ‘toned’.  He says it's not my body that turns him on, it's my 'soul'.  I'm not sure what that means, but when he says it and looks at me in that way, I get all hot and bubbly inside and it almost makes me swoon.   

In truth I mostly just watch him.  I mean, how could I not; watching that glorious body stretching and pumping in all it's incredible perfection.

It was now 9:00 A.M.and I had served breakfast, and my dad was with us.

"Any instructions for daddy this morning, Charlie?" Tanner asked.   It was pretty clear that anything that my dad and I had to say to each other was going to go through Tanner.  I still didn't like him for what he did to me and mom, and I had no intention of developing some sort of relationship.  

"I need three hundred dollars a week for groceries."  I was looking at Tanner, not dad as I said it.  Tanner looked at dad expectantly.

"Two hundred" dad said. 

I decided not to argue since I knew three hundred was an exaggeration.  "I need it now" I said.

"I'll get it to you today" he said.  I considered arguing the point since I had planned to shop right after lunch, but Tanner didn't give me a chance.

"And, daddy?" he said.  "What have you got?"

"Charlie's got to mow the lawn" dad said.

"Somebody's got to mow the lawn" Tanner corrected “but not Charlie.  Actually, Jerod's going to do it."  Dad didn't know who Jerod was, so it didn't mean anything to him, but I was surprised.  I knew Tanner had plans for Jerod; I knew he was going to be punished, and I was looking forward to it.  But this was not what I expected.  I gave Tanner a look, but he just smiled.  Whatever!  At least I didn't have to mow the lawn.

“As long as it gets done” dad said.

 We went up to my room.  I didn't have to strip him because we were already stripped; both of us wearing matching navy blue bikini’s.  Matching except his were fitting around his bubble butt in back and a substantial bulge in front.  My butt was flat and my little wienee wasn't showing anything in front.

"So the twinks are coming over this morning for another posing lesson" I said to Tanner.

"Yeah, Tommy's bringing them by at ten" he said reaching down and rubbing his crotch.  "I suppose we'll get to the posing."

"You said they were too young" I said, looking at his grinning face.

"I don't think I said they were too young.  I would say they're just the right age to be broken in" he laughed.  "And there are two sets of  virgin buns there just aching to be broke in by this dick of mine."  He laughed and I laughed along with him.  From what I had seen at the first session, I had no doubt they'd be more than willing to give their virginity to Tanner.

“Jim’s bringing Jerod over this morning at 9:30” Tanner said.  I knew that the twinks, Ryan and David, were coming over at ten but I was surprised to hear Jerod was coming over.  But I was excited.  Tanner said he was going to do something to Jerod for him beating me up, and I was really looking forward to seeing Tanner kick the shit out of him.  But only half-an-hour?  That wasn't enough time to do the job right.

But I did understand Tanner’s problem here.  How do you punish a masochist?  A masochist loves getting beat up and fucked, so it's not a punishment.  Besides, getting fucked by Tanner, was never, ever a punishment for anybody; it was an honor and we all knew it.  I mean, all we members of Tanner's 'haram' were impatiently waiting around hoping it was going to be our turn to get his dick next.   

So if Tanner beats Jerod up, it will just turn him on and get him excited.  And if Tanner fucks him, Tanner is honoring him.  It's a conundrum.  It's certainly not punishment.  And there was another issue here as well.   Tanner liked Jerod; he liked fucking him.  And Jerod adored Tanner so much and was so obsequious that as much as I hated the kid, I knew Tanner wouldn't dump him.  

So, anyway, I knew Tanner was going to do something, but I didn't know what.

Tanner and I had not even had time to sit down at the X-box before Jim walked into the room with Jerod at his heels.  Jerod was barely in the room when he dropped to his knees and bowed his head.  Okay, so he knew what was coming.  He knew he was in for it for beating me up.

Tanner walked over to him, jerked his head up by the hair and slapped him.  “Who are you?” he snapped.

“I'm, I'm, I'm ….” Jerod stuttered, not quite knowing what to say.  “I'm Jerod?” he said, making it sound like a question.  Tanner slapped him again.

“Who are you?” he repeated

“I'm, I’m  your slave” Jerod said hesitantly, hoping that was what Tanner wanted to hear.

“Whose Slave?”

“Yours.  Your slave.  Tanner’s slave.”

“You damaged my property.  You damaged your Master’s property.”

“I …., I …., I ….,.” he stuttered.

“You have one option only.  You will never do it again.  You will never even think of doing it again.”

I saw instant relief in Jerod’s face.  Tanner wasn't going to dump him.  I guess that was the worst case scenario for him so he was off the hook.  I wasn't surprised, that's what I expected.

“Okay, Tanner, of course.  I'm sorry.  If he belongs to you  I won't touch him again.”  Okay, so he's sorry.  Big deal.  Now I wanted to see the punishment.  I wanted to see Tanner really kick his ass.

“Crawl over to Charlie and beg him for forgiveness” Tanner said.  Jerod crawled over to me.

“Please forgive me, Charlie” he said.  I looked over at Tanner.  Was I supposed to forgive him?  Just like that?

“Tanner?” I asked.  He didn't respond, giving me no hint of what he wanted.  But I guess I knew; he warned me to forgive him.  Obviously Tanner wanted to keep him around, he wanted to continue fucking him so that meant I had to forgive him.  “Okay” was all I said.

“Charlie” Tanner said.  That was obviously a reprimand.  Shit, he was making it seem like I was the one apologizing.

“Alright, I accept your apology” I snapped.  Yes, I snapped.  This wasn't fair.  This ass-hole had beat me up; I still had the bruises, and Tanner was making me let him off the hook.  And Tanner hadn't punished him.  Two little slaps and an apology; that wasn't punishment.

This seemed to satisfy Tanner.  “Good” he said.  He snapped his fingers and Jerod got up and went to him.  Tanner pulled him into a hug, one hand around his back and one hand digging into his ass, and started kissing him.  You can bet I was annoyed.  “I'll see you tomorrow” Tanner said when he finally pushed Jerod away.

He then stepped over to Jim and gave him a quick peck on the lips.  “See you tomorrow, Jim” he said. Jim and Jerod  left together.

Tanner turned to me and just starred into my eyes.  Was he mad at me?  He could see I was pissed that he let Jerod off so easy.  He just kept staring, and I began to get nervous.  Maybe he was mad.

Then he finally stepped over to me taking my head in both of his hands and looking at me from inches away.  “You’re my boy, Charlie.  You’re always my best boy.  Remember that.”  He pulled me into a long sweet kiss.  God, I loved him.

So, my revenge against Jerod was getting the lawn mowed.  Not much punishment, really.  But, I was secure in the knowledge that I was still Tanner’s number one.

Now, about those two twinks, Ryan and David.  Tommy was bringing them by for another posing session this morning.  Tanner had refused to fuck them at the first session, saying they were too young.  But he joked to me that they were now three days older; not so young anymore.   Tommy promised that they would still be virgin when they arrived today, but I was pretty well convinced that they were not going to remain virgin much longer.

I couldn't wait until ten o'clock to see it.

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