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Subtitle: My BullyChapter 23“Tanner, please” Jerod yelled as the heavy black leather strap landed again on his back.  “Please stop.”

"What did you call me?"

"Master, Master" he cried.  "Please stop, Master."

“How many is that?" Tanner asked.

“Please, Master.  No more.”

“How many?” Tanner snapped.

"Seven, Master.  That's seven" Jerod said.

"How many do you want?"

"Master, please" Jerod pleaded.  "Please don't.  Please stop."

"How many do you want?" Tanner growled at him.  I had no doubt that Jerod was over-reacting.  Even though some of the lashes were leaving red stripes across his back, it really didn't look to me like Tanner was exerting himself.  There was no way Jerod could have been in as much pain as he was pretending.  Besides, as I'm well aware, as tough as Jerod tries to act when he's around other people, he's a total pussy when he's with Tanner.

"I ….  I ….  I ….  I want what you want, Master" Jerod said, giving the safe answer and acting the part of a perfect slave.   "But please.  It really hurts."

"It's supposed to hurt, you dumb shit.  You're being punished."

"I know, Master.  And I'm sorry.  But …."

"You're sorry?  You're sorry?" Tanner snapped.  "It's easy to be sorry after the fact."

"Yes, Master.  I know.  But I didn't think that you …."

"Yeah, you didn't think" Tanner snarled.  "You dare to disobey me and not expect me to react?"  

“But Master.  I didn't.  I didn't disobey."  Jerod was wearing leather wrist cuffs with chains attached which were secured to two posts spreading his arms wide, leaving him hanging there, totally vulnerable to Tanner's whipping.   He was naked except for the wrist cuffs and a black leather slave collar.

"I tell you to do something, you do it, exactly as I told you" Tanner said.

"Honest, Master.  I didn't disobey" Jerod repeated.

Tanner grabbed him by the hair and jerked his head back.  "Does that make me a liar?" he growled in his ear.

"No, no, no, Master" Jerod yelped.  "No.  Of course not.  I mean ….  I didn't …."

"You thought you were being cute, didn't you?" Tanner said, giving his hair a jerk.

"I just didn't think, Master" Jerod said.  "I'm sorry.  Please, Master.  I'm sorry."

"I should throw you back out on the street" Tanner growled, giving him a swat on the back of his head.  

Now that got Jerod's attention, and mine too.  I jerked up and actually gasped.   Was Tanner being serious?  Did he mean to throw us out?  I mean, you have to understand the relationship we have with Tanner: we members of his 'haram' are true believers.  True believers in Tanner's transcendence, with absolute conviction of his complete and total superiority.   He gets our total devotion and we all work at proving we are worthy of his recognition as his worshipers.  Call it a cult if you want, I don't care.  But I can think of nothing worse than Tanner disowning me; us.  Jerod recognized this too.

"No, Master, no" Jerod pleaded.  "I'm sorry.  Please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

"Shut up" Tanner said giving him another swat along the side of his head.  "I asked you how many lashes you want" he snapped at him.  "How many?"

"Please, Master."  He hesitated as tears appeared in his eyes.  "As many as you want, Master" he said; he was now weeping.  I don't think he was crying from the pain as much as he was from the humiliation and the fear; fear of Tanner's rejection.  Fear that Tanner was going to throw him out.  "Please, Master.  As many as you want" he repeated.  Tanner gave him another lash with the belt and Jerod let out a yelp.

 "How many is that" Tanner asked.

"Eight, Master.  That's eight" Jerod moaned.

So, what's going on here, you may ask?  For one thing, I'm sitting in the corner with my hands cuffed behind my back.   Yes, that's right.  I'm handcuffed.  Not metal cuffs, but leather ones with a chain attaching them just like Jerod's.   And, like Jerod, all I'm wearing is a slave collar around my neck.

And we're not in my bedroom either.  We're in the basement of Tanner's house; Tanner's Mom's house across the street from my house.

So, how did this all come about?   I'll tell you.  Here goes.

As you recall Jerod was supposed to give me a blowjob but we had a very exciting 69 instead.  I loved it.  Then Darrell came by and spent the afternoon with me, in bed.   I can assure you I loved that too.  Honestly, it was the most fulfilling day of my life except maybe for a few times when I was with Tanner.  It was incredible.

Tanner showed up later in the evening with the cop still in tow.  As usual, I was sitting in front of the X-Box when he came into my bedroom.

"Your mom?" I asked.  

"They're giving her thirty days in some institution.  For evaluation, they said."

"And then what?"  

"Don't know" he answered.   I had wondered if Tanner had been at the hospital all day, but now I understood.  He'd obviously been with the cop all day and that was a real surprise.   Ordinarily, when Tanner picks up a trick, he slaps them around a bit, having his fun with them and then fucks them.  'Bam, bam, thank you mam' and that's the end of it.  But the cop was still here.

He had been totally disheveled with his shirt torn this morning when Tanner woke me up, so it was clear even then that Tanner had already had his fun; and his fuck.  But here he was, still in Tanner's possession at the end of the day.  He must have been a particularly good fuck.  

The cop was no longer in his torn uniform, but was wearing a wife-beater and white shorts.  But he still had the collar around his neck and Tanner was holding the leash.  Did I tell you he was a real hunk?  Well, he was; he is.  And that dreamy look on his face right now as he stared at Tanner was nothing less than amazing, almost laughable.    An absolutely bedazzled look of total veneration and adoration; a completely captivated worshiper.  I swear his tongue was hanging out and his tail was wagging.  Tanner must have really done the deal with him.

I had to wonder about that collar and leash; surely Tanner had not dragged him around all day like that.

"Now tell me all about your blowjob" Tanner said.  "Did Jerod come through?"  Then he caught himself.  "Hell, of course he came through.  He wouldn't dare not come through" he chuckled.  "So, tell me.  How was it?"

So I told him.  I told him how wonderful it was, how I had never 69'ed with anyone before and how much I loved it.  I even told him that Jerod seemed to enjoy it, that he actually enjoyed sucking me off.  Tanner didn't say anything but as I talked the look on his face slowly changed from a smile to a frown.  I was enjoying so much telling him the story that I almost missed it.  But then I saw the anger in his face.

"What?" I asked in surprise, interrupting myself right in the middle of a sentence.   He turned around and gave his cop a push towards the door.

"Tell Jerod to get his ass here at eight o'clock in the morning" he growled as he walked out and slammed the door.  I was shocked.  I thought Jerod was very clever about the 69 thing, and I loved it.  And I did get my blowjob.  So what was wrong?  As best I could figure, Tanner must see it as disobedience; not doing exactly what we were told.  

I suppose, if you analyze it, this blowjob had very little to do with me, even though it was because Jerod had beat me up.   Tanner wasn't particularly bothered that I got beat up as much as he felt Jerod had crossed him.  Jerod had dared to damage Tanner's property, and that was me.  So this blowjob was not my payback or my revenge, in fact it was immaterial whether I liked it or not; this was Jerod's punishment for pissing Tanner off.  It was supposed to be punishment, so he was supposed to hate it.

Instead, Jerod had turned it into a pleasurable thing for he and I both.  It's no wonder Tanner was upset.  Where was the punishment?  I got on the phone to him.

Of course I was nervous, knowing how volatile Tanner is, and he really did look angry when he left the room.  And he slammed the door.  It looked like Jerod and I were in trouble.

And another thing.  Tanner took the cop to bed with him.  I missed seeing him fuck the guy this morning when he was in uniform, and I was going to miss it again tonight.  I would love to see Tanner fuck a cop.  Particularly a hunky one like this one who seemed to be so totally enthralled with Tanner.

So, to continue here, Tanner's enormous house was setting empty right across the street, with his mom gone.  Tanner had worked out in the bodybuilding gym he had set up in his basement from the very first day when they moved here, and although we moved some of the stuff to my house, most of it was left behind.   So he had an almost complete bodybuilding gum in his basement and that's where we were now.

The basement was kind of gloomy with black walls but there were lots of mirrors and, of course, lots of weightlifting equipment.  But Tanner had added something else recently.  Remember that big box of leather sex toys?  Those whips and straps and stuff; all of that shit his mom had collected?  Well, it was scattered around the room now, some of it hanging from hooks on the walls.  Tanner had obviously gone through it and checked it out.

The room was set up as a bodybuilding gym, but at the moment, with Jerod chained to those polls and me in handcuffs, it felt more like a dungeon than a gym.  My best guess is that that is the effect Tanner wanted to create.

Tanner had grabbed Jerod and me by the scruff of the neck at eight o'clock on the dot this morning, and marched us across the street, with the cop tagging along behind.  When we got into the basement he made us strip and put the collars on.  Then he cuffed me and shoved me into the corner, and hung Jerod up between those polls.  

If the cop thought there was anything wrong with what Tanner was doing, he didn't say it because he never let out a peep.  He just stood there staring at Tanner with this dreamy look of adoration on his face.

Believe it or not, not one word was said during all of this.  Tanner was obviously still angry and was not in the mood to talk to us.  

And Jerod and I?  Well, Tanner's minions do not question him.  After any number of punishments, that's something that I now clearly understood.  Do not question anything Tanner does or says, and definitely do not piss him off.  Don't piss him off any more than he is already.

So neither Jerod nor I said a word as Tanner manhandled us across the street and got us stripped and shackled.

The very first sound that any of us made was when Jerod let out a yelp the first time Tanner let him have it with the belt.  

But, Jerod and I knew what was going on.  Tanner is Tanner and he is very unpredictable,  and it was clear he had taken offence with Jerod for doing the 69 thing instead of a normal blowjob.  Hey, that is his right.  When Tanner gives an order he expects to be obeyed, right down to the letter.  So, he had every right to be angry with Jerod, and with me too.

But, what was with this bondage thing?  He'd punished me any number of times, but had never even mentioned tying somebody up or whipping them.  Never.  Oh, I know he went through a lot with his mother.  Evidently he was tied up and beaten and tortured every evening for a week before we finally put a stop to it.  In fact, that last night when we'd been looking in the windows,  I'd seen for myself his mother working him over with whips and stuff.  

It now looked like he had learned a lot from her.  And it looked like he had decided that he liked it, because here we were.

Of course Tanner is into domination,; I mean, that's his thing.  And you might even consider him to be somewhat sadistic.  I mean, he loves beating guys up, showing his strength and power.   He's definitely a bully, and enjoys being a bully.  Every one of the members of his 'haram' had been beat up, or at least slapped around at some time.  That's just Tanner's style.  He knocks us around and fucks us, and then somehow makes us become his dedicated worshipers, totally loyal and obedient.

But are we masochistic?   Are the members of Tanner's 'haram' masochists?

Yes, of course we are.  All of Tanner's minions are tough as nails guys except for me and the teacher, Mr. Carson.  They are all rough tough guys except when they are with Tanner.  But, we are all masochists when we're with him.

So now it seems that Tanner has added bondage to the picture.  Bondage along with discipline.

Jerod let out a yelp as Tanner hit him again.

I knew my turn was coming, and I was dreading it, but I still guessed that Jerod was overreacting.  I was convinced that Tanner was holding back; making the whipping a wake up call more than an actual painful experience.

And I found out.  By the time I got my tenth lash from the belt, I was really hurting; I know my back was going to be sore for days.  But thank God for small favors; Tanner was using a belt, not a whip like I'd seen his mother use on him.  My back was hurting like hell, but it wasn't bloody.

So, yeah, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.   Yes, it hurt, but Jerod had overreacted.  He'd been putting on a show.

"I hope I got my point across to you little shits" Tanner said after he cut me down.  Jerod and I were sitting side by side on a lifting bench staring down at the floor.  Both of us had tears in out eyes, but not so much from the pain; it was from humiliation and remorse; remorse for disappointing Tanner.  "I will not abide disobedience, but the two of you are too stupid to realize that.  And saying you're sorry and apologizing doesn't cut it."

Jerod and I had both apologized so many times while he was working us over, that he had finally told us to shut up under pain of: …. whatever; more whipping maybe.  So, right now, we kept our mouths shut.

"I will not tolerate disrespect from the two of you, this is your very last warning."  I wanted to get down on the floor and kiss his feet and beg forgiveness, but I knew I didn't dare.  He'd already said he was sick of our apologies, which he called half-hearted.

"Look at me" he snapped.  Naturally we'd been looking at the floor in deference, but now we looked up into his face.  "Do you understand me?" he growled.  

"Yes, Master" we both answered at the same time.

He just stood there glaring at us for a minute or so.  Jerod and I were sitting side by side, our arms touching and I could feel him shivering, and I guess maybe I was too.  Yes, we were afraid.   It wasn't the punishment or the berating from Tanner that was scaring me; it was the fear of rejection.  I was worried that Tanner might decide to dump me; dismiss me from the 'haram'.  He sounded angry enough to do just that.  And that was simply to horrible to contemplate.  And since he could easily move back into his own house now that both his mom and his dad were gone, he had no reason to hang around my house and be with me anymore.  

I wanted to intreat and implore and beg and plead and crawl and grovel at his feet, repeating how sorry I was, but I couldn't; he wouldn't let me.   Of course I was crying, and so was Jerod.  I imagine he was thinking the same way I was.

What do you do at this point?  He'd already said he was sick of our apologies so …. what?

"Charlie, do your job" Tanner said.  That was clear enough.  I instantly dropped to my knees and removed his shoes and socks, then his shorts and finally his tank top, leaving him in only his bikini.  Obviously this was something I did every day.

"Insincere apologies are not enough.  There has to be punishment" he said.  Okay, so?  He'd already done that, hadn't he?  We'd already been punished.

"Now you need to prove to me that I'm justified in keeping those mouths of yours around.  Start with my feet."  

No problemo.  I dropped my head down to his feet and started kissing, and Jerod joined me a second later.

So, we worshiped him.  One hundred percent under his direction.  When I was sucking Tanner's toes, Jerod was sucking his toes.  When I was kissing his thighs, Jerod was kissing his thighs.  He let us remove his bikini with our teeth, and when I got my tongue on his balls, Jerod's tongue was there too, both of us lapping away.  And his prick as well: two sets of lips, two tongues, two mouths, following Tanner's instructions precisely.

Then we moved up over his abs to those glorious slabs of pectoral muscle, to his big rounded deltoids, to his biceps and triceps to his armpits covering every inch of that astonishing physique.  Sometimes kissing, sometimes sucking and sometimes licking, always at his specific direction, each of us worshiping identically on our side of his incredible body.

So what?  Was this supposed to be more punishment?  Did Tanner think that worshiping him was somehow going to prove that we deserved his time and attention?   He had to know what pure pleasure this was for us.  Hell, Jerod and I both knew what a privilege it was to be allowed to worship him, so if this was punishment, please bring it on.  Give me more.

You can probably imagine what this was doing to me and Jerod.  There was a puddle of pre-cum on the floor under my dick where I had been dripping.  I was actually gasping occasionally trying to keep from getting too hot.  I knew it would be a disaster if I shot prematurely.  After all, we were supposed to be pleasuring Tanner, not ourselves.  We were supposed to be showing him we were worthy of being members of his 'haram'.

When we finally worked our way back down Tanner's body to his prick, he grabbed on to us and jacked that enormous pole between out two sets of lips for a bit.

Anyway, you can bet we outdid ourselves as slavish fawning sycophants.

Then he pushed us away.

"You don't touch and you don't cum" Tanner said to us as he walked over to the decline bench.  He snapped his fingers at the cop who was still standing by the door with that goofy look on his face.  The cop jumped to attention and rushed over.  Tanner lay back on the bench and the cop got on his knees in front of him.

"Suck" Tanner said and the cop went at it.  Now I understood why Tanner's still had him around, because he was an amazing cocksucker, able to take all ten inches with almost no difficulty.  "Strip" Tanner ordered him after a bit.  The cop tried to raise his head, but Tanner grabbed him and held him on his dick.  

It only took a couple seconds for the cop to figure it out, as he kicked his shoes off and wiggled his way out of the shorts and underwear, keeping Tanner's dick in his mouth.

"I said strip" Tanner repeated as he held on to the guys head, keeping a slow up and down pump on his dick.  I told you the guy was a hunk; he had muscle.  With Tanner's dick still in his mouth he grabbed his wifebeater and ripped it down the front and slipped it off his shoulders.

"Slow and deep" Tanner ordered him as he let go of his head.  Obediently, the cop started very slowly  deep throating Tanner's monster.  Taking all ten inches, holding it for a few seconds, swallowing or tonguing it or something, and then pulling back almost to the tip.  A quick breath, and then back down, doing it again.  This went on and on, for maybe ten minutes.  No expression on Tanner's face at all as he watched the guy trying to choke himself on his big whanger.  More than anything else, I think he was amazed at the guy's ease of doing it.

Then Tanner grabbed his hair and pulled his head up off of his dick.  "Okay, climb on" he said, "facing me."  

“Thank you, sir” the cop said.  Since Tanner was on the incline bench, the cop was able to straddle the bench and Tanner both and get his ass right over Tanner's dick.  

“Thank you, sir” he repeated and grabbing Tanner's ten inch monster; lining it up, he  gently lowered himself onto it.  I had to wonder about no prep, no spit or cream or anything, but the cop didn't seem to be worrying about it as Tanner's big whanger eased itself into his butt.  Maybe Tanner had already opened him up this morning, or maybe he was a real masochist, because he didn't make a sound.  Oh, I could see the pain in his face as he scrunched up, but he was totally silent as he lowered himself onto that big prick.

“Thank you, sir.  Thank you, sir.  Thank you, sir, thank you, sir, think you, sir” he said quickly under his breath.  Jesus.  That had to be hurting.  No wonder Tanner was keeping him around.  

Hey, you think I wasn't hot, my dick bobbing up and down as I watched?  I wasn't touching it, but was just trying my damndest to keep it from blasting off.  Jerod dick too waa bobbing up and down in excitement as he sat there on his knees next to me.  We both knew we'd be in deep shit if we ejaculated after Tanner told us we couldn't.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaa” the cop finally groaned as he sank down on Tanner’s enormous dick.  I don't know how many times Tanner had fucked him in the past 24 hours, but that had to hurt to take that big dick dry like that.  He was gasping for breath and panting frantically, but still kept whispering “thank you, sir” like a mantra, under his breath.

“Move it, baby.  I'm ready to fuck” Tanner said.  The guy had hesitated, trying to adjust to the monster up his butt, but now he pushed harder, sinking all the way down on it.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaa” he groaned again as he finally reached bottom.  I grabbed my dick, but then remembered Tanner’s directive and let go.  “Thank you, sir” the cop said clearly as he looked into Tanner’s eyes.  “Thank you for letting me fuck you, sir.”  Jesus.  He was not only a masochist of the first order, but a perfect submissive too.

“Well?  Go” Tanner said, sounding exasperated.  “Do it.”  The cop slowly, very slowly, pulled up and then sank back down on the big piece of meat.  

But now Tanner had evidently reached the limit if his patience, because he grabbed the guy by the shoulders and rammed his hips upwards, forcing his dick in deep and slamming his crotch against the guys ass.

“SIR” the guy screamed.  Yeah, screamed.  That must have really hurt.  “SIRRRRRRR”, he screamed again.  Tanner wiggled his hips, reaming the guy out good before pulling back and slamming in again.  "SIRRRRRRR" the guy screamed once more.

“Now, go, damn it” Tanner growled.

“Yes, sir.  Yes sir” he said as he now began to raise his ass up and down on Tanner’s prick.  Starting and then quickly beginning to pick up speed.

Tanner was lying on the incline bench which the guy was straddling him with his feet on the floor, giving Tanner’s prick perfect access to his ass.  “Move it” Tanner snapped and the guy really started bouncing up and down.

I was beginning to guess what Tanner had in mind here.   He said he had to punish us, so was this the punishment?  He'd had us worship his body and get so hot we could hardly stand it and now he's making us watch this hot cop fuck himself on his enormous shaft, and he wasn't letting us jerk off.  My dick was so hard, and I was so fucking hot, that I could barely hold on.   This was not just punishment, this was sheer torture.

“Yeah, that's it” Tanner groaned at the cop, beginning to get hot.  “Go, go, go.”

The look on the cop’s face had clearly changed from one of pain to one of lust as he stared into Tanner's eyes.  No doubt about it, a look of lust and adoration.  I imagine it was still hurting, but if it was I bet he was exulting in the pain.   “Thank you, sir” he repeated again.

As I expected, at the last minute, Tanner grabbed him by the waist and started slamming him down as he rammed his crotch up to meet him, forcing his dick in as far as possible.  That's pure Tanner.  When he gets hot he has to take control.

“Yes, yes, yes” he groaned as he started to shoot.  I felt my dick throb, and was suddenly frightened, remembering that Tanner told us not to cum.   He ordered us not to cum.  Closing my eyes, I started thinking of a female’s pussy; I tried to imagine licking it which was the biggest turn off I could possibly think of, trying to cool myself down.  I guess it worked because I caught it just in time, with my dick actually throbbing and bouncing up and down.   It was a close call and I had a lot of pre-cum pooled in front of me.  But I did not ejaculate.

When I opened my eyes I saw the cop had leaned down and was smothering Tanner with kisses all over his face and his neck . He was still murmuring ‘thank you, sir’ over and over as he kissed.   I also noticed that he had cum, leaving a puddle on Tanner’s chest.

I glanced over at Jerod and saw that he hadn't cum either, but his dick was sticking up like a flag pole just like mine.


Tanner ignored us as he and the cop got themselves semi-dressed; shorts and shoes.  Tanner gave the cop a big long kiss and then said: 'see you Thursday' as he sent him on his way.  That surprised me because Tanner had told me that the 'haram' was closed, and he didn't want anyone else added to the group.  But now it seemed he was adding the cop.  And the cop wasn't even a kid; he was old.  He wasn't as old as Mr. Carson but he had to be at least in his mid twenties, much older than the rest of us

As the cop left, Tanner walked over to us, and just stood there, hands on hips, just frowning down at us.  He didn't say anything for a couple minutes, which felt like forever.

Tanner had put his shorts on, but we were still there on our knees, naked except for out collars, waiting to see what he was going to do next.  We were apprehensive, to say the least.  Our dicks had gone soft now, but Tanner could see that neither of us had ejaculated, so I assumed we were safe.  I hoped he was through punishing us, but he was making me very nervous as he just stood there staring.

"Was that fun?" he asked.  There was a long pause as we looked up at him.

What the fuck?  What in the hell was that supposed to mean?  Did we have fun?  Did he really ask that?  Was he really asking if we enjoyed being cuffed, strung up and whipped?  Was he asking if we enjoyed being punished for disobedience?  

The look on his face changed slowly, very slowly from a frown to a smile.   I mean,  as we watched we saw his lips, delibertly in slow motion, curl up into a smile and then a sparkle appeared in his eyes.  And, very slowly, that unfathomable smile turned into a big grin.  

"I enjoyed it" he said.  

I was shocked, and I was sure Jerod was too.  Was this supposed to be fun?   Scaring the crap out of us and beating the shit out of us as well?   This was fun?  I don't doubt he enjoyed beating us up because that's just Tanner, but were we supposed to enjoy it too?

"All that time with my mom" he said, "I wondered what it would be like to dish it out instead of receiving it."  I was already shocked, but now I was even more shocked.

"Tanner?  What?" I blurted out.  I had no clue what to say to him.

"Yeah, I had to try it out" he said, and he actually giggled.  "And you guys gave me a perfect opportunity."

I could hardly believe what I was hearing.  This was all a game for him.  All that anger Tanner portrayed was a put-on.  He laughed aloud at the shocked looks on our faces.

"Yeah, it was fun" he laughed.  "And we're going to do this again.  We're definitely going to be doing this again."

"Tanner, how could you?" I said in exasperation.  Hell yes I was exasperated.  Not only exasperated, but angry.  "How could you?"  He just laughed.  Jerod just sat there with his mouth hanging open, not saying a word.

"All this good shit my mom collected, it'd be a shame not to use it" Tanner laughed.  

"Tanner, this was not a game" I said.  Actually, I shouted. "This was not fun."  I was furious.

"It was fun if I say it was fun" he answered, still showing that big grin.   "And watch your mouth."  That's when I caught myself and realized I'd let my temper get away from me.  Jesus, not again.  I instantly felt contrite and embarrassed, my anger dissipating instantly.  And I was immediately apprehensive.  

"Yes, of course, Tanner, sir" I said softly, hoping he hadn't taken offense.  He stared at me for a moment, making me nervous, but he did not stop grinning.

"You're going to enjoy it as much as I do" he said.  "I'll see to it."

"Yes, sir" Jerod said.  I didn't say anything.

"Oh, by the way, there's one more thing" Tanner said and he just waited.  I didn't know what he was waiting for but the pause went on and on as we looked up at him.

Jerod was quicker on the draw than I was.  "Thank you, sir" he said.  Tanner's grin increased.

"For what?" he asked.

"Thank you, for .. for …. for punishing me.  For correcting me" Jerod answered hesitantly.  Tanner looked at me.

My anger was entirely gone, out like a light, and I was worried about his reaction to my stupid outburst.  I bent down and kissed his foot, his shoe.  "I'm sorry, Master" I said softly.  "Thank you for correcting me."

"Sorry for what?" he asked.

"I'm sorry for disobeying you, Master" I said and gave his foot another kiss.

"Good.  Let's go" he said.  He grabbed each of us by the arm and pulled us to our feet.  He leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the lips and then the same with Jerod.  Then, putting his hand behind my head and holding me there, he gave me a long, deep tongue dueling kiss.  He wasn't mad at me.

I melted of course.  I always do when Tanner gives me one of those super charged kisses.  As he pulled away he stared into my eyes from only inches away.  "Tell me you enjoyed it" he murmured softly.  I was tongue tied at first.  Did I enjoy it?  Did I?  I was frightened the whole time, thinking he was serious about kicking us out.  But in retrospect?  Tanner says he enjoyed it.  Did that mean I had to enjoy it too?  "Tell me you enjoyed your Master's little game" Tanner said.  His hand was still behind my head, so he now pulled me in and kissed me on the nose and then on the forehead.  Did I say I already melted in his arms?  Of course I did.

"Yes, Master" I swooned.  Yes, I swooned.  God, I loved him.  "Yes, Master.  I loved it" I said.  Tanner was simply magnificent, and so compassionate.  He gave me another long kiss on the lips.

Then he turned to Jerod and repeated everything.  Same everything, the kisses and the questions and more kisses.  And, of course, he got the same result.  Jerod said he loved it.

Did we love it?  Of course not, but what do you say?  What do you say to your Master?  What do you say to someone that you love with all your heart and soul?  Right now the relief was so great, the relief that he wasn't mad and everything was going to be okay, that it overcame any fear we may have had previously.

"We'll try out some of these other things another time" Tanner said as he looked around the room at his mom's collection of sex toys.  I actually shivered.  Yes, I shivered; but not in fear; no, not in fear: in excitement.  Yes, I was already over the fear I had when I thought he was being serious.  Now that I knew he was doing it for his own pleasure, doing it because he enjoyed it, I found the idea very exciting.  Hell, I could deal with anything if I knew that's what Tanner wanted, that he was reveling in it.     I wanted to be his boytoy.  I wanted him to use me; to take his pleasure from me in any way he wished.


Now, to another issue.

As Tanner's best bud, I've been trying to define Tanner's personality for the longest time now.  I would like to try to explain him as I understand him.  How he can be a bully and also god-like at the same time.  I mean, I've known him for a several months now, and I'm with him almost every damn minute, so I should be figuring out what makes him tick.  If anybody understands him it should be me, since I'm his best bud; his best friend.   I don't pretend to be a psychologist or a psychiatrist but I'm not stupid either, nor am I unobservant.  

I'm going try to be dispassionate about this, and just tell you the long and the short of it; from an insider's perspective.

I've called Tanner a god with special powers of persuasion, command and seduction.  But that is a cop-out, a simplification that doesn't explain anything.  

Standing back where you are and trying to evaluate Tanner, you may think he is indifferent and unsympathetic, even cold and uncaring sometimes, but that is not true.  Well, it's not completely true anyway.  

Tanner dominates and fucks guys purely for his own pleasure, that's true.  That's fact number one.  But his gaydar is so perfect that he knows, he knows positively, that the guys he picks want to be dominated; they want him to use them.  They want to be used, but they  just don't know it yet, so he has to show them; he has to reveal it to them.  He clearly knows that after a little coaxing they will wallow in the excitement of his domination  

So why is it that Tanner beats up all the guys when he fucks them the first time?  Why does he do that if he knows from the very beginning that they are going to be his perfect little bootlickers?   I mean, after he picks them out, he beats the shit out of them, turning them into cringing sycophants, and then he fucks them.  And he's definitely not gentle about it either.   Why does he do that?

Why?  I can tell you why.  For the sheer joy of it.  He loves showing his power and strength and fighting ability, and he can only do that when the guys fight back.  I think subduing and raping a hunky guy, a virgin hunky guy, is simply euphoria for Tanner.  Sheer bliss, beyond measure.  That's what he lives for.

 Yes, he is a bully; he loves beating people up.  But his only chance to do it at its best, is the first time he picks a guy up, because they all become wimpy worshipers after that first time.  Yes, all of them.  Always.  After only one session with Tanner they all become fawning little ass-kissers.  But that ain't a bad thing, being Tanner's ass-kisser; that's just the way it is.  

So he whips their asses, humiliates them, and rapes them, making it abundantly clear from the very beginning that he is completely, positively in charge; and they are nothing more than receptacles for his dick.  You may think that that is cold and calculated and maybe it is, but if he drives his superiority into their skulls that first time, he'll never get a peep out of them again.  

Oh I know Tanner's into punishment; he punishes  me all the time for real or imagined slights.  But that's punishment, minor corrections, not at all like kicking a guys ass to the point of complete and total  capulation, turning him into a cringing sycophant.    

But please understand, he doesn't take away their self respect, just the opposite.   You have to remember that Tanner is very, very picky.  The guys he picks out are absolutely stunning, with beautiful faces and bodies being built into perfection.  Tanner picks nothing but the very best.  Any one of his boys would stand out in a crowd anywhere at anytime.  

So Tanner actually builds their self image at the same time he is showing his own superiority, making it clear to them how special they are to him, and what an honor it is to be picked by him.  This is where those god-like abilities of his come into play, because he is absolutely convincing about his own excellence and perfection, but at the same time he also builds up their own self-esteem, letting them know they are really special to him, and therefore superior to the rif-raf around them.  Definitely superior, second only to Tanner himself.

The main thing to remember is that he is not mean.  The truth is, I don't think a bully has to be mean.  Tanner can be rough; hell, he is rough, he likes rough sex.  Even with his most fawning lackeys, Tanner can be rough and demanding when he fucks them.  But there is another side to him when he's with one of his haram members, one of his regular boytoys.  Showing through Tanner's roughness and domination, is a clear understanding of his compassion and his respect.  Yes, respect.  He makes it very clear that if he didn't respect us, he wouldn't keep us around.

Now, about Tanner's vanity.  With complete justification, he is unabashedly vain about his movie star good looks and his body, his perfect body, and he loves to be worshiped.  He delights in having a tongue or tongues go over his body, lapping away while he preenes and flexes those gorgeous muscles of his.   I've seen him lie down for an hour or more letting one of his worshipers have their way with him.    He's let me do it twice and I can tell you, there's nothing more thrilling.    

So, anyway,  if Tanner has some kind of godlike abilities, or if he simply has a very strong overpowering personality, the fact is, he has created this 'haram' of converts that he has personally picked to be of service to him.  Similar to a 'cult' this 'haram' is held together by the strength of Tanner's personality. However, just as the name 'haram' implies, its sole purpose is to serve Tanner's needs; not only his needs, but his sexual desires as well.  

With Tanner, this is well beyond any personality cult  This a group of dedicated slaves; yes, slaves, competely under his charismatic spell and dedicated to him as their Master, giving him their complete adoration and worship.  

And they (we) are more than willing to serve his every need.

Damn, we're lucky to be a part of this.  And, me, Charlie.  I'm the luckiest one of all.

As always, I encourage you, my readers, to send me your comments.  That's the only thing that keeps me going and lets me know that all of this is worth my while.


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