This is a story of a Bully.  A story of gay dominance and rough sex.  If you don’t like this kind of story please don’t read it.   Also, underage laws are there for a reason.  If you are under the legal age of consent, you should not read this either.  

Disclaimer: There may be a mention of condom use or non-use in this story, but keep in mind that this is fiction.  In reality, safe sex should always be practiced.  This story is total fantasy and in no way is it meant to represent any characters or places or actual events in real life.  This is not a guide for sexual practices in your own home, this is for your reading pleasure only.  

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(Quick recap from chapter 6: Darrell (Tanner's new fuck boy) was forced to give Charlie a blow job, but after Tanner left, he came back and beat the absolute crap out of Charlie.)  

The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

Subtitle: My Bully

Chapter Seven

We were sitting on the floor, legs folded under us Indian style, the three of us facing each other with our knees touching.  Like always in my bedroom, we were wearing only our underwear, and guess what?, we were all wearing bikinis.  I was madly in love with Tanner and would do anything to emulate him, so of course I talked my mother into letting me get some bikini's as well.  And, not surprisingly, Darrell had done the same, talking his mother into it.  I was in love with Tanner, and I guess I wasn't surprised that Darrell was falling for him as well.  

"Darrell, you went too far" Tanner said.  "You were too rough on him, and you know it.  Don't you?"

"Yeah, I guess" Darrell answered.  "But you see the way he acts.  He …."

"You went too far" Tanner snapped at him.  "Don't tell me you 'guess'.  Tell me you know you did."

"Alright, Tanner.  Yes, I went too far.  But …."

"What did you say?" Tanner snarled at him.

"I …. ahhh … ahhh...  Master" Darrell said and gulped as he caught himself. "Yes, Master.  I went too far."

Tanner glared at him for a minute and then turned to me.  "And Charlie" he said.  "You've been treating Darrell like shit since day one.  It's no wonder he lost it."

"But Tanner.  Look at me" I whined.  "Look what he did."

"I see what he did, and you deserved it" Tanner said.  Darrell had kicked the shit out of me on Sunday night and this was Monday afternoon, and I was still so sore that I could barely move.

"As of this very second, you are going to become best friends, because I won't stand for this any longer" Tanner said.  "You understand me?  This very second.  This is your one and only chance right now to make amends, or I kick your asses and throw you out on the street."  When Tanner says something, you better know he means it, and I have no doubts that we're damn lucky that he's giving us another chance, since he never, ever puts up with any shit.

"Darrell, put your arm around him, and Charlie, you do the same" Tanner said.  We did.  "Now kiss" he ordered us.  We kissed.  "ACT LIKE YOU MEAN IT" Tanner thundered, causing both of us to jump.  Darrell's frown now turned to a kind of a smile and I tried to smile as well.  We kissed again.  

"Okay" he said.  "I don't want to hear another word about it."  He put a hand behind my head and one behind Darrell's head and pulled us into a three way kiss.   Three tongues dueling with each other.  He held us there as we tongued each other over and over.  It had to have been at least five minutes.  Jesus, that was fun, Darrell or no Darrell.

Finally breaking the kiss and pulling back, he reached up and hit me across the face, open handed causing me to howl in pain and put my hand to my face.  Then, he turned to Darrell.  Darrell reflexively threw his hands up.

"Get your god damn hands down" Tanner shouted at him.  Looking shocked, Darrell dropped his hands, and Tanner let him have it.  Hard.

"You okay with this, Charlie"? he growled.  It took me a minute to recover but then I answered.

"Yes, Master" I answered.  "Of course, Master."

"Darrell?" Tanner snapped.

“Yes, Master.  Yes" Darrell answered.

Tanner stood up up and went over to the beanbag chair.  "Charlie" he said and I was there in two seconds still holding my sore cheek.  "My feet" he said.  Tanner had allowed me to lick and worship his muscles once and I even kissed his feet one day, but I'd never actually worshiped his feet.  But I was more than ready.  I'd read on the internet how popular it was for some guys to worship another guy’s feet, so I was thrilled to have the chance to do it for Tanner.  Besides, Tanner had beautiful feet, he was beautiful everywhere   I lifted his left leg from the floor and kissed his foot.

"Darrell.  Here" Tanner said, pointing next to the chair.  Darrell crawled over, staying on his knees, next to the chair with a fearful look on his face.  

I was struck by the fact that it sounded like he was calling his dog.  'Rex, here.  Here, boy'.  But that was Tanner, and that was his way.  After all, we were his boys, or boytoys, or maybe even his puppies.

Tanner reached over and tussled Darrell's hair.  That look on his face turned to an enormous smile.  Darrell was obviously back in his good graces again.  But I was too, or Tanner would not be allowing me to worship his feet.  Yeah, he was showing his compassion, and Darrell and I both knew it.

 “Darrell, what's the deal with that friend of yours, Larry something?” Tanner asked.

“Larry Stunt?” Darrell answered.  “He's my friend, my best friend.  We've been best friends since fifth grade.  He lives just a couple doors down from me."

"I want to meet him" Tanner said.  I took that to mean 'I want to fuck him’ and I'll bet that's what Darrell thought too.   Larry was one of the originals on the list that Tanner wanted to get 'acquainted' with.  “You can get him over here or at your house or something, and I can meet him and get to know him.”

“He's straight, Tanner, er.. Master”  Darrell said.

“Do I care?” he said.  “So am I and so are you and so is Charlie.  Big deal.”  I sure wasn't straight but I'd never said anything to Tanner about it, one way or another.  As I got to know him better I had my doubts whether Tanner was straight since he was certainly oriented towards guys.  And I was pretty sure Darrell was gay.   But, as crazy as it seems, Tanner didn't seem to differentiate between gay and straight.  That didn't seem to enter his mind, since he was simply looking for some cock action, and was very picky about what kind of guy he stuck his cock into.   He was into well built, really attractive guys, and was a whole lot more interested in a hot ass than he was in whether they were straight or not.

“Besides I like ‘em straight” he said.  “Teaching an inexperienced guy to suck a dick can be a lot of fun.”

“But Tanner ….” Darrell started to say, “l don't think Larry would ….”

“You don't have to ‘ think Larry would’ anything” Tanner said.  “You just have to get him here.  I'll find out what Larry thinks."

“But Tanner, listen ….” he started to say again.

“Are you arguing with me?” Tanner snapped “and what are you calling me?”  I knew what was coming.  I knew about arguing with Tanner, but Darrell still didn't know how to deal with him like I did.  I couldn't help but grin.  

“Sorry, Master, but I'm not arguing.  I'm not” he said quickly.  “Larry’s a great guy.  But what I wanted to say….”

"You are arguing with me, you little fucker?" Tanner growled at him.

"No, Tanner, no.  Never.  Never" he pleaded

"Did I tell you I wanted to meet Larry?" he snapped.

"Yeah, Tanner" he whined.  "Yeah, you did.  I'm sorry."

"You damn well better be sorry" Tanner said.  “So, you'll bring him over here tomorrow?”

“Sure, Master.  I'll bring him over tomorrow” Darrell said.  “But, just so you'll know ….”  Darrell stopped and waited.  Tanner didn't say anything.  "Master, just so you'll know ,,,,"  He stopped again and waited.

“Alright, go ahead.  Tell me.”

"He doesn't have a good situation at home, Master.  He's got it rough.  I …. I....  Please, Master, I don't want you to hurt him."

"I don't intend to hurt him" Tanner snorted.  "Don’t be ridiculous.    I'll just meet him and see how it goes.  He's hotter than hell and really turns me on, so if he's receptive and properly responsive, he'll have a good time."

That was clear enough.  Tanner was going to screw him and if he was 'receptive and properly responsive' he'd enjoy it.  But what if he was not 'receptive and properly responsive’?  Sounded like rape to me.  To Tanner it didn't make any difference because he didn't believe that anyone could resist him, and he couldn't imagine anyone not wanting to get screwed by him.  And he thought that way with perfect justification, because from what I'd seen so far, nobody could resist him, and they all did want to get screwed by him.

"Charlie, I've got two feet" Tanner snapped at me and I realized I'd let my mind wander from what I was doing.  I gently put his left foot back down and lifted up his right one, and got back to work.

Darrell gulped, and took the plunge, trying to reason with Tanner again.

“Master, Larry is cuter than hell, but the guy you really want to meet is Tommy, Larry’s brother” he said, blurting it out quickly.

“Oh, yeah?” Tanner said.  “Why?  What's with his brother?”

"He used to be the best looking guy in school” Darrell said, and then laughed.  “Before he graduated. that is.  My sister said he was the hottest thing around on three legs.”

"Three legs?"

"You know what I mean" Darrell grinned..

"Yeah I know what you mean, but I don't give a damn about his third leg" Tanner said.  "I'm interested in a pretty face and a hot ass.  You know that.  Tell me why I'd want to meet him.”

"He's hot, Tanner, really hot.   He's built and good looking and he knows it.  Oh yeah, does he ever know it.  All the girls were wild about him.  He fucked his way through half the girls at school I think, including my sister.”

"So he's got a pretty face, heh?” Tanner chuckled.  “You think he'd look good sucking my dick?”

"He's a conceited prick, Tanner, and needs to be taken down a notch" Darrell said bluntly.  "He slaps Larry around all the time, and he’s let me have it a couple times too..  I'd like to see you take him down."

"I thought you and Larry were wrestlers?"

"We are, Tanner.  We are" Darrell said defensively.  "But you wouldn't believe this guy.  He's huge, he's solid muscle.  He's the weightlifting coach at school."

"He's a coach at school?"  Tanner asked.  "How come I haven't seen him?"

"Well, he's not a real coach" he said.  "He works as part-time janitor at the pick-n-save or something.  He doesn't have time for a real job because he spends his life in the gym.”

“You've probably seen him, because he works out at the 'Classic Gym', the same place you work out.  But he volunteers as weightlifting coach at our school, and he's really good.  He really knows his stuff.  But I think the real reason he coaches is so he can strut around and have all the kids admire him.  He really goes in for that.

"I probably have seen him, if he's as hunky as you say" Tanner said.  He tussled Darrell's hair again.  "So you want me to take him down?"

"Jesus, that would be cool" Darrell said.  "He's a conceited asshole.  He fucked my sister for barely a week and then dumped her.  She didn't even know she'd been dumped until she went to meet him on the school bus and saw the next girl in line down between his legs.  He actually smiled at Sis and winked while the new bitch sucked him off.  Betty was devastated."

"She wanted to be the one down between his legs” Tanner chuckled.

“Well, I suppose so, because she really fell for him” Darrell laughed too.  “She said he had a big one, that third leg, you know.”

“And he liked getting blow jobs on the school bus” Tanner laughed.

“Yeah, she said that too.”  Darrell really laughed now.  “But evidently he'd take his blowjobs anywhere he could get them.  He told Sis he needed it half a dozen times a day, so he was getting it before school and after school and during school too I guess.   She said he was really creative about finding an empty room or a dark corner where she could blow him.”

"But listen to this.  He is so fucking arrogant that even after he ditched Betty and started fucking some slut, he actually called her and asked her to come over for a threesome.  I mean, he actually asked her to do that after he'd already dumped her.”

“Did she?” Tanner asked slyly.  

“Hell no” he said immediately, and then hesitated.  “At least she said she didn't.”  Then he laughed. “But, who knows.  He's a real stud.  I wouldn't doubt he has them two at a time.”

Tanner just sat there with that pervasive grin on his face, evidently licking his lips in anticipation of making Tommy one of his 'acquaint' boys.  "A conceited asshole who needs to be put into his place.  And a real stud besides.  Sounds interesting."

"Oh, man that would be so great" Darrell said in excitement.  "I'd give anything to see you take him down.  My sister would love you for it.  But I gotta say, Tanner,  he's really big.  Really big, bigger than you and all solid muscle.  I've seen them measure his arms at twenty inches. I guess he pretty much  lives in weight rooms.”

"What?  You think he'd have a chance against me?" Tanner asked.

"No, of course not" Darrell said quickly.  "He wrestled and played football in school but he wasn't very good at either one.  They said he was too slow.  But he's incredibly strong.  He won some weightlifting awards and he's never been beat at arm wrestling.”

"Well, okay" Tanner said.  "Let's set it up.  I'll do Tommy and then we'll see about Larry."  He tousled Darrell's hair again.  "We're definitely going to get around to Larry."  

That's when Tanner's cell phone rang.

"Charlie" Tanner said, and I got up and went to my desk to get his phone.  "Rasheed" Tanner said into the phone.  "My man.  What's cookin?”  I was surprised that Rasheed was calling him.   I thought that was a one time thing.  

"He just can't get enough" Tanner laughed as he hung up and handed the phone back to me.  "Once a guy meets this whanger of mine, he's got to have it again.  Rasheed's on his way over here."  He just lay there for a moment thinking about it.  "God, he's a beautiful guy and that body of his is so incredible.  He's getting ready for a contest so he's going to look better than ever.  He's  going to put on a show."

"What?  Really?  Rasheed?" I asked.

"Yeah, he wants me to critique him." Tanner said.   "Give him some pointers."

"He's going to go through his routine here" Darrell said.  "He's going to do it for you?"

"Hell, yes" Tanner said.  “You think I don't know something about bodybuilding?  I've been going to contests since I was eleven since my mom was wild about bodybuilding.  She's the one who got me started, and even had me take a posing class. I even entered a contest last year in Oro City.   What do you think?  You think I built this body just for you to look at?"

"Sorry, Master.  Sorry" Darrell said quickly..  "No, of course not.  But ....  But …. Well, I sure do appreciate being able to look at you."  Darrell gave him a big smile, and Tanner smiled back. What an ass kisser.

"Yeah, I know" he said.  "But Rasheed is so perfect, and now, being contest ready and with his dark skin that emphasizes his definition so well, he is going to be spectacular."

"Wow!" Darrell said.  "Can we watch?"

"Sure.  I don't think Rasheed will care."  Then he said:  "Charlie.  run across the street and get tube of body oil.  Not the edible one, but the one in a yellow tube."

"Ahhh ….  Master"  I queried.  "May I …."

Tanner laughed.  "Okay, put your pants on."   I put on my shorts and grabbed a pair of sandals and ran over to Tanner's house to get the oil.  Again, I was able to get in and out of the back door without running into either his father or mother.  I think his father was glued to the chair in front of the TV in the living room, and his mother never seemed to leave her bedroom.

Rasheed was just arriving when I got back, so I opened the door for him.  Just like all the hunks in our school, he did not acknowledge me nor even recognize my existence.   As far as they were concerned a wuss like me didn't deserve to be noticed, and if I didn't get out of the way, they'd just walk over me.

When we entered my bedroom, Tanner was standing in the middle of the room, while Darrell was on his knees kissing the enormous bulge in his bikini.  Tanner laughed.

"Sorry, Rasheed" he chuckled.  "Just thinking about you got me all hot and bothered, and Darrell wanted to help me out.  Didn't you. Babe?"  He ruffled Darrell's hair.

"Yes, sir, Tanner" Darrell said, rather muffled because he didn't stop kissing Tanner's prick.

"That's alright, babe.  You can call me Master in front of Rasheed" Tanner said.  "I don't think he'll mind."

"Yes, Master.  Thank you, Master" Darrell mumbled as he started licking up and down the length of the spandex covered prick.

I thought Rasheed would be shocked, or at least surprised, but he didn't seem to be.  Knowing Tanner the way he did, I guess he just assumed that he would become our Master.

"Come here, Rasheed" Tanner said, and Rasheed stepped up to him.  Tanner grabbed him, one hand behind his head and one around his waist.  Pulling him into a kiss, Rasheed's crotch was pressed into the back of Darrell's head, mashing his face into Tanner's crotch.  Tanner held Rasheed there in a kiss for at least a minute, and as far as I could tell Darrell kept right on slobbering on his bikini..  Tanner wanted Darrell and I to be best friends, but how could we be when he's such a brown nose.

"I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this, Rasheed" Tanner said and Rasheed got an enormous smile on his face.

"Me too, Tanner.  Me too."  As Rasheed stepped back, Tanner reached down and put his hand under Darrell's chin and pulled him away.  

"Sorry to take your toy away from you" Tanner laughed.  Darrell looked up at him and smiled.  It was clear he would have stayed there all day if Tanner had let him.  "Rasheed, strip down.  I can't wait to get started."

"In the bathroom?" Rasheed asked.

"No.  Do it here" Tanner said.  "These guys have seen a pecker before.  Charlie'll get your shoes."  At that comment, I dropped to my knees and got Rasheed's shoes and socks off.  Then he stripped naked.  It's almost impossible for me to describe how perfectly beautiful Rasheed was.  He wasn't dark black, but he wasn't light brown either, but somewhere in between.  And his body … his body was nothing less than miraculous. Absolutely magnificent.   His prick, which was soft, was probably not any bigger than mine, between six and seven inches, but everything else about him was enormous.

He opened his gym bag and pulled out a pair of pure white skimpy posing trunks and tugged them on.  It was absolutely amazing the way they set off his skin coloring, making him look even darker.  Picking up the tube of oil I stepped up to him.

"No way, Charlie" Tanner said.  "Give me that oil.  Don't you think for a minute that Rasheed's going to let you touch his body."  Rasheed got a big smile on his face.  "I get the honors today” Tanner said.

So, for the next twenty minutes Tanner rubbed his hands over Rasheed's magnificent physique.   He wasn't subtle in any way, because it was mostly sexual.   He wasn't so much putting on the oil, as he was just feeling up and worshiping those incredible muscles.  

Rasheed didn't say a word but just stood there with a slight smile on his face as Tanner worshiped his body with his hands and with his eyes.  Darrell and me too, with our eyes.  Of course Rasheed got a big bulge almost immediately, but Tanner never once touched his prick.  But the posing strap got saturated with oil anyway, so as Rasheed got hotter and hotter and his prick grew and grew, he might have as well not have been wearing anything. Skimpy white trunks saturated with oil?  What would you think?

So there were four of us there with roaring hard-one.  At Tanner's direction Darrell and I were sitting next to each other on the bed with our arms around each other.  Yes, believe it.  I was supposed to be becoming friends with this outrageous ass kisser who was fawning over Tanner all the time.  Tanner wouldn't let us touch our cocks either, even though we were both about to burst out of our bikini's.

I'd never seen Tanner enjoy himself so much without having his dick stuck in somebody.  He seemed to be having the time of his life.  But who could better appreciate a physique like Rasheed's than a muscle god like Tanner.   And his bikini, a light orange one today, looked to be almost as saturated as Rasheed's trunks were, except his was from the loads of pre-cum that was pouring out of his dick.

But, finally he stopped and stepped back.  Rasheed gave a quick double bicep pose.   I groaned in amazement, Darrell groaned, Tanner groaned.  And Rasheed got a great big smile.  "You like?" he asked facetiously as he crunched his arms and held the pose.

"Oh, shit" came from three mouths all at the same time.  All three of us were in total awe.  And in total heat.

"Rasheed, you're trying to kill us" Tanner laughed.  "Jesus, you're fine.   You're a phenomenon."  Tanner came over to the bed, pushed Darrell and I apart and set between us.  He put his arms around our shoulders and gave us a quick hug.  Darrell put his hand on Tanner's thigh and started rubbing it up an down, feeling his quads.  Damn, he is such an asskisser, fawning over Tanner every second.  If he could do it, I could do it, so I put my hand on Tanner's thigh as well.  Just touching Tanner gives me chills of excitement.  He is so muscular, every inch of his body rock solid, and rubbing my hand up and down his quads was thrilling.

When Darrell reached up and touched Tanner's chest, Tanner slapped his hand away.  I smiled and kept stroking his quads.  I beat Darrell out on that one.  When I turned my head and kissed Tanner's shoulder, I almost laughed aloud to see that Darrell did the same.  Okay, so his brown-nosing pissed me off, but if he was going to compete with me for Tanner's affection, I'd give him a run for his money.  I kissed Tanner's shoulder again.

"Okay, Rasheed.  I'm ready" Tanner said giving us another quick hug.  "Do your thing.  Show me you're whole routine."

So Rasheed went through the compulsories several times, with Tanner critiquing.  I was amazed how much Tanner knew about posing.  He was obviously an expert.  I mean, all I could see was a magnificent human being, showing off his perfectly defined body, while Tanner would talk about this muscle group, or that muscle group, or this angle of the arm or that angle of the leg.  He got up several times to reposition Rasheed slightly.  

After the compulsories, Rasheed went through his individual routine.  Tanner turned it upside down, making lots of suggestions, and reversing some of the poses.  Rasheed listened intently, evidently recognizing that Tanner was the expert.

I noticed that Tanner's prick was a rock hard full ten inches, and leaking, soaking his bikini,  But then again so was I and so was Darrell.  Watching Rasheed's incredible body and feeling up Tanner's quads was making me so hard it was painful.

But finally, after almost an hour, Tanner stepped up to Rasheed, gave him a peck on the lips and hugged him.  Rasheed hugged him back and as they stood there hugging, Tanner started gently humping his crotch against him.

"So, did I help" Tanner asked as he finally pushed back away from Rasheed.   His front was now covered with oil from Rasheed's body.  He looked spectacular.

"Oh, hell yes" Rasheed gushed.  "You were amazing, but I've got a lot of work to do."

"You'll do fine" Tanner said.  "A few hours in front of the mirrors will do it.  Get those individual's going smoothly and you'll be fine.  Have one of your buddies film you, so you can see yourself like a judge sees you."

"Okay, thanks Tanner.  That's a good idea.  I'll do that."

"Was it worth it?" Tanner asked.  With a big smile on his face, he reached over and tweaked Rasheed's nipple.

"Huh?" Rasheed said.

"It's pay up time, Rasheed" Tanner chuckled.  "Was it worth it?"

Rasheed hesitated for only a moment.  "Well ...., yeah …." he said slowly, thinking about it.  "Yeah, it was worth it.  But what about them?"  He looked over at Darrell and me still sitting on the bed.

"What about them?" Tanner grinned.

"I got to do it in front of them?"

"Yep" Tanner said, his grin getting bigger.  "This time you get an audience.  That's the deal."

"Shit" Rasheed said.

"A deal is a deal" Tanner said.

"Okay, I'll do it" Rasheed said.

"Charlie" Tanner said to me.  "You get the honors.  Get over here and get Rasheed's trunks off."  I wasn't quite sure what was going on, although I had a pretty good idea, as I jumped to obey Tanner.  "Slowly, slowly" Tanner said as I got on my knees in front of Rasheed.  "Make it sexy."  

As I reached up for the trunks Tanner stopped me.  "Wait.  Hold on a minute.  Darrell, get over here."  Darrell got off the bed and came over.  "On your knees next to Charlie" Tanner ordered him.  "Rasheed, you're going to love this" he laughed aloud.  "Okay, take his trunks down.  With your teeth."

Darrell and I glanced at each other, and then up at Rasheed.  And, indeed, Rasheed was going to love this, because he had a smile a mile wide.  "Go ahead" Tanner laughed.  "Do it."  Grabbing onto Rasheed's massive thigh, I reached and got his trunks in my teeth and started pulling them down.  

"Come on, Darrell.  Get with it" Tanner said.  "Work together, puppies.  And, go, slow."  I held up and waited for Darrell to get going.  Then, slowly, as ordered, we dragged Rasheed's skimpy posing trunks down to the floor and he stepped out of them.  "Kiss his feet while you're down there" Tanner said.  I had already started raising my head, but now bent back down a kissed Rasheed's foot.  

"Again" Tanner chuckled.  He was really enjoying this, and I was sure Rasheed was as well.  "Give 'em some good smacks."  I gave Rasheed's foot a couple of kisses, audible kisses, and so did Darrell.  As I raised up I saw an enormous smile on Rasheed's face and one on Tanner's face as well.

"Now me" was all Tanner said.  Darrell and I crawled over to him and repeated the process, pulling his bikini down with our teeth and then kissing his feet.  I figured this was one of the few times we would ever cooperate with each other.

Tanner walked over and sat in the beanbag chair and waved a finger at Rasheed.  Rasheed walked over and got on his knees in front of him.  Grabbing Tanner's very hard dick and bending it down, he took it in his mouth.  

Wow!  I've said many times that Tanner was a god, with a physique of Hercules.  But Rasheed!  A professional quality bodybuilder in the peak of perfection; he was also absolutely god-like.  Two incredible muscle gods, one dark and one light, and one worshiping the other with his mouth.

My dick started throbbing.  I mean, I'd been almost unbearably aroused for the past hour, Tanner with his arm around me, and beautiful Rasheed looking absolutely gorgeous, and incredibly sexy.  And then, on top of that, removing these god's shorts with our teeth.  It was just too much for me.  I shot.  Without even touching myself, I ejaculated.

"Aauuugh" I groaned aloud as I fired into my bikini.   They all looked at me, even Rasheed pulled back off of Tanner's prick.  Their surprised looks changed to grins, and Darrell actually laughed.  Embarrassment?  As you can imagine, I had never been so embarrassed in my life.

Tanner didn't say anything, but the grin stayed on his face.  Rasheed licked Tanner's dick a few times before taking it back in his mouth.  Darrell sat there, on his knees just a few feet from me, chuckling under his breath.  

“Motherfucker” Tanner suddenly shouted and I saw a look of delight on his face.   I looked and saw that Rasheed had taken Tanner's prick right down to the root, all ten inches somehow crammed down his throat.  Shit, it seemed like the only one having trouble deep throating Tanner was me.  

I had a gooey mess in my bikini and I wanted to go to the bathroom and clean up.  "Tanner, may I …." I started to say.

"Shit.  Rasheed.  You're incredible" Tanner exulted.  

Tanner had told Rasheed that we were going to watch, so I didn't dare leave without his permission, so I tried again.  "Tanner, Master, can I go …."

Rasheed went back to gentle sucking and Tanner looked over at us.  "Darrell, you need some help with that prick?" he chuckled.  Darrell and I both looked surprised, but then both caught on at the same time.  Darrell stood up with the biggest smile on his face I'd ever seen.  "Help him out Charlie" Tanner said.

I think I went into shock.  No, no, no.  I couldn't.  He couldn't expect ….  As I looked up, Darrell pulled his bikini down and hooked it under his balls, and stepped up, pushing his very hard dripping prick in my face.

"Tanner" I groaned.  Darrell pushed forward pushing his dick into my face, smearing pre-cum down my cheek.

"It's about time" Darrell snickered.   I saw Tanner looking at me so I knew I had no choice.   I began to tear up as I looked up at Darrell and saw him gloating.  "Open up" he said.  I opened up.

Now I have to give Darrell credit.  Maybe he's not the evil monster I've made him out to be.  I'm not sure how I would have handled this if I'd been in his shoes but I can only guess.  It wouldn't have been pretty.

Darrell went easy on me.  He was actually considerate.  Of course, I was still battered from his kicking my ass, and I guess he knew I was still as sore as hell, so he just let me go at it.  No jamming it in, no forced face fucking, just a touch of encouragement with his hand on the back of my head.

Now I'm not totally stupid, and I knew he could take me anyway he wanted, and could be rougher than hell, so I gave him the best damn blowjob I could manage.  Besides, he had a beautiful dick.  He was cut, with a nice big round head, making for a perfect mouthful.  And, I must say, I'm getting pretty good at it, and since it was not a monster like Tanner’s, I was able to handle it with ease and deep throat without much of a problem.

I would guess that Darrell has about six inches, maybe slightly bigger than mine.  Okay, so I exaggerate when I talk about my own dick.  I like to think I have six and a half inches, but in truth I know better.  To be brutally honest, I suppose it's barely over five.  So, Darrell's was a perfect size for sucking, a perfect fit in my throat.

I couldn't see anything except Darrell’s crotch, but I heard soft sounds of pleasure coming from Tanner.  I knew Tanner would not be rough or demanding with Rasheed, because he simply had too much respect for him as a fellow muscle man.  

Yeah, I knew that.  Somehow I just knew that.  Tanner is a bully and loves knocking guys around, particularly when he's fucking them.  But Rasheed?  Mr. Body Beautiful?  Probably just having Rasheed as a submissive cocksucker was enough of a turn-on to satisfy Tanner without feeling he had to slap him around.

Does that mean he doesn't respect me and Darrell and the others since he likes to slap us around?  No, of course not, but in no way are we his equals.  Tanner knows he's superior to us and makes no bones about it, treating us like his chattel.  But that's not a bad thing.  Honest, it isn't.  He is a special human being and we all know it and accept it without question.  

But Rasheed, with all of his beauty and his perfect physique; I think Tanner might have considered him to be almost his equal.  Almost.  As long as his dick was in Rasheed's mouth that is.  But with a near equal, he'd be satisfied without feeling he had to slap him around.   And besides, Rasheed had a contest coming up and Tanner didn't dare do anything.  Any bruises showing on Rasheed's body would be a disaster.

So Darrell just stood there with his hand gently rubbing my hair as I blew him.  Of course he wasn't Tanner, but I was discovering something; something very important.  I was finding out that I loved sucking dick.  Yeah, I was loving it.  There's something really special about having a guy's dick in your mouth.  Sucking Tanner was a real challenge, and I wanted more of it, but sucking Darrell was a delight.  It was the perfect size and I just loved the feel it in my mouth.  And when he started moaning I loved it even more, knowing I was in control and was turning him on.  When Darrell finally ejaculated I swallowed every drop with pleasure, and when he was done I kissed his dick for good measure.

Darrell chuckled and actually thanked me.  Yeah, he did.  ‘Thank you' he said.  So I thanked him in return.  'Thank you for letting me' I said and gave him a smile.  Hell, maybe he and I could become friends after all.  In fact, if he'll let me suck that perfect dick of his, we could become good friends.

I'm sorry to say that I missed Tanner’s blowjob completely.  This was the second time now that I was hearing it but not seeing it.  Seeing muscle God Rasheed sucking off muscle God Tanner would have been a sight to behold.

After everybody was done, Rasheed and Darrell got dressed and left.  Tanner lay down in the beanbag chair, turned the TV on low and let me cuddle up next to him with his arm around me.

"God, Rasheed is so gorgeous" he murmured.  "Really spectacular.  I'll bet he wins that contest.  You think so?"

"Yes, Tanner.  Absolutely" I said, but what do I know about bodybuilding?  Zilch.  But I certainly know the importance of agreeing with Tanner.

"He gives a damn good blowjob too.  But …."

But?  But what?  Something was wrong with Rasheed's sucking?  "What?" I asked.  "You didn't like it?"  I was shocked.  How could you not like getting a blowjob from Mr. Perfect Body?

"Oh, hell, I liked it.  Rasheed is so gorgeous, and seeing him down there on my dick is fabulous.  But that ain't my thing."

"Huh?  What's wrong with it?" I asked.

"I'm a control freak, Charlie" he chuckled.  "I had a hell of a time keeping my hands off of him.  You know how I am.  I just wanted to grab him and jam it in.  That's me, that's my style..  I wanted to show my power and control; I wanted to slam him down on the floor and take over.  Besides, he's too gentle and I don't go for gentle. You wouldn't believe how hard it was for me not to grab his head and ram my dick into his face."

"Jeez, Tanner.  Jeez."  I mean, what could I say to that?  But Tanner was right, I do know how he is.  I know he's a bully, and I know he likes beating people up.  He has to show his strength and power, even when he’s fucking them.  Even with me and Darrell, his loyal fuckboys who would do anything for him, he doesn’t just accept our willing worship, he demands it.

"Once that contest is over I'm going to take Rasheed in the weight room" he said with a big grin. "Right on the bench press and this time I'm going to make him scream and beg for mercy."  That statement did not require an answer so I didn't say anything.  But, I had no doubts that it would happen.  I only hoped that I could be there to see it.

"But, you're still my best bud, babe" he whispered in my ear, and I felt a hot flash soar through my body.  An extreme feeling of pleasure.  Even while dreaming about fucking Rasheed, he was still thinking of me.  Wimpy little nobody, Charlie.  

"And once those bruises heal up, I'm going to fuck you raw.  Okay?" he said.

"Oh, yes, Tanner.  Yes" I gushed.  “Whenever you want.  I’m ready.”  Did I forget to call him Master?  Thank god he didn't notice.

"I got a job for you, Charlie" he said as he gave my ass a squeeze.  I shivered in delight.

"Huh?  Yeah?" I asked.

"Jerod" he said.  "The football kid.  Jim's snotty little fuck buddy."  

I remembered the day in the lunchroom when Tanner went over to meet Jim.  Jerod had made some snide remark that pissed Tanner off.  I think the kid must have had a death wish because I noticed every time since then when he saw Tanner in the hall, he'd give him a dirty look.  I know Tanner had noticed and that's the sort of thing he will not stand for.  And besides that, Tanner had already remarked that he though Jerod was cute.  Cute and snotty, a perfect combination for Tanner, a boytoy for him to play with.  

"Track him down, Charlie.  Get him for me" Tanner said.  He gave my ass another squeeze and then got dressed and went home across the street.


So Tanner was going to take Jerod.  I almost had to think about it to keep score.  Tanner had moved here barely a month ago, but it was amazing what he had accomplished.  I was his first friend, living just across the street from him.  He had whipped three kids asses the first week or so he was here, just for the hell of it.  Supposedly for some slight they gave him.

Then he deliberately confronted Darrell and kicked his ass.  That was when He decided to build a 'harem' of guys who could service his dick.   So now Darrell was his loyal servant just like I was, the first two members of his 'harem'.

Darrell was a hunk, a wrestler, but Jim Stanley was the big guy.  A 250 pound massively muscled linebacker on the football team.  Tanner had kicked his ass as well and fucked him in the park. Since then I'd seen Jim blow him, and I assumed there had been a lot of hot action on Saturday when he and Tanner had spent the day together in my bedroom.   I had no doubts that Jim was now a loyal acolyte of Tanner's ‘harem’ just like me and Darrell.  

Then there was Mr. Carson.  Tanner fucked him over the arm of his sofa on Sunday, and Mr. Carson had given him his phone number.  Any doubt about what that means?  Mr. Carson was a candidate for the ‘harem’ as well.

Oh, I forgot Rasheed.  I don't know what happened in the weight room at school when Tanner had kicked me and Darrell out, but something happened, and Tanner took control.  Gorgeous, body beautiful, Rasheed had sucked Tanner off twice since then.

So, if Tanner had me and Darrell, Rasheed and Jim and Mr. Carson as his regular fuck boys, his worshippers, why did he need Jerod?   He was also talking about Larry, Darrell’s friend and Larry’s brother Tommy.  Why did he need them?  Only Tanner has the answer for that.  But I'll tell you this: I'd suck him five times a day and let him fuck me five times a day too, if he'd go for it.  I'd keep his prick so busy he wouldn't need anyone else.


So that was my project.  Tracking him down.  Jerod, that is.

Tanner admitted there might be a reason for Jerod to be pissed since he had pushed him aside so he could sit next to Jim Stanley.

"But that doesn’t excuse the little fucker" he said.  "I gotta show him that he doesn't fuck with me.  Ever."  I've told you that Tanner doesn't take any shit from anybody, even the slightest little hint of disrespect.  I mean, all Jerod had said when Tanner pushed him aside was: 'hey man' before Tanner walked away.  How could anyone take offense with that?

Well, Tanner could.  He told me that if he hadn't walked away when he did, Jerod would have made some snide remark, and he wasn't about to let him get away with it.  So, Tanner intended to kick Jerod’s ass for something he might have said if he’d had the chance.  Yeah, something he didn't do, but could have done.  Leave it to Tanner to take offense with something that hadn’t happened.

"Track him down for me, Charlie" he said.  "Find out where I can meet him one on one."  So I did.  I checked around and found out Jerod worked at 'Ralph's Burger Chef' a couple nights a week.

"Yeah, he's working tonight" I said to Tanner.  As usual in the afternoon, we had stripped down to our underwear and we had played 'Call To Duty: Modern Warfare' on the X-box.   I had made dinner for both of us again, and now I was lying on the bed and Tanner was in the beanbag chair.  And as usual, he was playing with his dick through those skimpy bikini's he wore.  Darrell wasn't here and it was clear that Tanner was getting horny, so I knew he might want me to blow him pretty soon.  

I knew he wouldn't fuck me yet, because I was still sore from my beating.  But I wanted it.

I also wanted to suck him.  I'd been looking forward to it all day.  And this time, come hell or high water, I was going to deep throat him some more.  I'd already done it, but I needed the practice.  I had to get to the point where I wasn't on the verge of choking all the time.  I was going to make this blowjob so good that Tanner'd never want anyone else.

"Tonight?" Tanner asked.  "Till when."

"Sue said he works till ten" I said.  

"Okay, we'll go at ten" Tanner said.


So here we were.  Jerod didn't drive yet so I knew he'd be walking home.  Jerod came walking down the street as we approached him.  Jerod wasn't big like Jim because he was only a wide receiver, but he was built, with a hard muscled body.  Coach Ratell was a stickler for all the football players spending time in the weight room.  In fact he had an assistant, a volunteer named Tommy, who coached bodybuilding for the team.

"Hey, Jerod.  My man" Tanner said jovially.  "How ya doin?"

"Hey, Tanner" Jerod said nervously.  "What's up?"

"You're up, Jerod.  You're up" Tanner said.  Jerod was a football player and was used to people kowtowing to him, so of course he had a chip on his shoulder.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he said with a sneer.

"The word going around is that you have a problem with me, Jerod" Tanner said.  "Is that true?"

"Hey man, if I have a problem with you, you'll know it" he said brazenly.  Yes, Jerod had a chip on his shoulder, but he really wasn't very bright.  As a football player he was built, but as a running back he wasn't particularly big, at least not at sixteen years of age.  If he had any sense he would have noticed how much bigger Tanner was than him.  And he would have seen that Tanner was solid muscle, and he would have known of his reputation for being a fighter.

Tanner laughed.  "Well, that clears that up" he said.  "Now, let's see if we can solve that problem."  He grabbed his shirt and pulled it off and tossed it to me.  "Let's see what you've got, Jer."

Jerod looked shocked.  This was going way too fast for him.   "Hey, man" he said.

"Come-on, Jer.  Show me what you've got" Tanner repeated.  I said Jerod wasn't too bright because his cocky attitude didn't allow for him to back down.  He was so cocky he couldn't imagine anyone being able to beat him.

"Okay, man, okay" Jerod said as he pulled his own shirt off and tucked it into his belt.  Jerod looked damn good, but he simply didn't have the muscle that Tanner had.  They were the same 5'10" height but Jerod probably weighed 175 while Tanner weighed in at 210.  He raised his fists and went at Tanner.

Tanner lunged, pushing the fists aside, and grabbed him around the waist.  Then swinging him around, he literally threw him into the air, one handed.  Yeah, believe it, one handed.  Jerod landed on his back with an 'Ooooof' while Tanner just laughed.

"That’s it, Jer.  Show me what you've got."  Jerod jumped up and went after him again.  Tanner ducked and Jerod grabbed him in a head lock.  Or he thought he did.  Tanner grabbed his butt with one hand and jerked him up off his feet and lifted him overhead, and then threw him again.  Jerod landed about six feet away with another 'Oooof'.  He just lay there for a moment on his stomach, obviously stunned.

Tanner walked over and grabbed his shoulder and rolled him over.  "Come on, man.  We're just getting warmed up."  Jerod looked up at him in anger.  No fear.  Not yet anyway.  

Leaping up he reached to grab Tanner, but Tanner simply grabbed his arm, swung him around and grabbed him by his belt, and lifted him.  Can you imagine such strength?  He swung Jerod out in front of him with one hand holding him up by his belt, while Jerod dangled there.  

Then grabbing his arm with his other hand, Tanner jerked him up into an overhead press.  Yeah, an overhead press, like he was a barbell.   Jerod yelled in shock, but Tanner only held him there for a second before he tossed him again.  This time Jerod landed right on his head and was really stunned.  He just lay there dumbstruck and confounded as Tanner laughed at him.  When he finally looked up I could see that there was fear in his eyes.  Hearing Tanner’s laughter, Jerod was coming to the realization that Tanner was just playing.  Then Tanner confirmed it.

"Come-on, man" Tanner laughed.  "It's playtime.  Get up.  This is fun."  No leaping to his feet this time, but Jerod did get up.  He held his hands in front of him, his palms open in defeat.

"Listen, Tanner" he said, beginning to plead.  "Listen.  I'm sorry.  I didn't ….  I didn't ….  I didn't mean nothin."  Tanner just stood there with this big grin on his face.  

"So you have a problem with me?" Tanner grinned.  

"No, man.  No.  Not at all.  Come-on, man.  I'm sorry.  I didn't …."  Then he stopped, literally speechless, as Tanner performed a double bicep pose, showing his magnificent arms and upper body.

"This is what you're fighting, babe" he laughed.  "These muscles are having a good time."  He took a step forward and Jerod jumped back in fear.  Oh, yeah, fear.  He was definitely afraid.

Tanner faked a move to the right, and as Jerod reacted, he grabbed him by the crotch and the shoulder and jerked him up in the air once more.  Quickly performing an overhead press, he threw Jerod one more time.  ‘YEEAAH’ Tanner howled in joy as he threw him as far as he could.  Jerod howled too, but in pain, as he landed on his shoulder, rolled over and landed on his back.

I could see he was crying now, but he was also gasping for breath.  "Please, Tanner.  No more" he whispered.  "Please, no more."

"You submit?" Tanner asked as he walked over to him.

"Yes, Tanner.  Yes" Jerod pleaded.  "Please, yes.  I submit."  Tanner raised his foot and rubbed it across Jerod's face, smearing dirt across his forehead, his nose, and his cheek.

"Tell me again, babe" Tanner chuckled.  "You submit?"

"Yes, Tanner, yes.  I submit."

Tanner dropped down to one knee and grabbed Jerod by the chin.  “Submit to me, babe” he said, “before I decide to hurt you.”

"I SUBMIT, TANNER" he yelled.  "I SUBMIT!"

“Good boy” Tanner said.  “Now, get up.  You and me are going to get to know each other.”  Jerod just stared at him for a moment, and then, still trying to get his breath back, he dragged himself up to his knees.  “Get me his belt, Charlie” Tanner said.  I just looked at him for a moment wondering why, and then, coming to my senses I jumped to obey, and hoped Tanner didn't notice my hesitation.  It was certainly not up to me to question why Tanner wanted something.  What mattered was that I do what I was told and do it immediately.

I unfastened and removed Jerod's belt and handed it to Tanner.  Jerod was still too groggy to even notice.  Tanner stepped forward and fastened it around Jerod's neck and pulled it snug, like a leash.

“Come on, puppy.  Let's go” he said as he pulled on the leash, pulling Jerod to his feet.  I felt a hot flash shoot through my body right out to the end of my dick.  That was so fuckin hot, Tanner leading Jerod on a leash.

It was only three blocks to my house.  Halfway there, Jerod, how pretty much recovered tried to get away, but Tanner simply twisted his arms behind his back and jerked them up forcing a screaming Jerod up on his tiptoes.  Tanner doesn't do anything half way so I knew why Jerod was screaming.

"Go ahead and fight, sweetheart" Tanner murmured in his ear, as Jared's scream turned to a whimper.  "I'm enjoying it."

 "Please, Tanner" Jerod whined.  "For god's sake.  Please."

"Behave" was all Tanner said, but holding the leash with his left hand, he gave him a good slap on the ass with his right.  He kept his hand there, on Jerod's ass, all the rest of the way to my house.  Jerod was completely docile now.

When we arrived at my house, Tanner literally dragged Jerod up to my bedroom.  Pushing him to the floor on his stomach, Tanner put his knee in his back, grabbed his arms and started twisting them.  

"Tanner?" Jerod said in shock.  "What?"  Tanner gave his arms a jerk.   "Yeeaaaoooh" Jerod screamed in pain.

"I wanna hear you submit, boy or I'm gonna break your arms” he growled.

“I SUBMIT, I SUBMIT, I SUBMIT” Jerod screamed.  "Damn it, Tanner.  I submit.”

“You're gonna do whatever the fuck I tell you to do, aren't you?” Tanner snapped at him.  

"Yes, Tanner.  Yes” Jerod pleaded.  He was now crying and sobbing. “Please, yes.”

"God damn wimp" Tanner murmured under his breath as Jerod lay there sobbing. "I ain't even warmed up yet."  The grin was gone, and so was his fun so I knew he was disappointed.   He told me that as much as he loved kicking guy’s asses, he could never find anybody to give him a decent workout

“Let's get you naked, boy” he said after a moment.  “I wanna see what I've got.”  Pulling Jerod's t-shirt out of his pants, he jerked it up and off, pulling Jerod up with it at first.  Jerod simply sat there on the floor without reacting while Tanner grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him to his knees.  Then grabbing his crotch with his other hand, he lifted him chest high and threw him onto the bed.   I swear, Tanner was taking absolute delight in throwing Jerod around like he was a football, with no effort whatsoever.  

“Charlie” Tanner said, and I jumped to help.

Jerod just lay there in surprise, seemingly not totally aware of what was going on.  I jerked his shoes off and then his socks, while Tanner unfastened his jeans.  I stepped back as Tanner grabbed his pant legs and jerked his pants off.

‘Oh, shit’ I said to myself because Jerod was wearing baggy boxer shorts, and I knew how much Tanner hated them.

“God damn boxers” Tanner growled as he grabbed Jerod's underwear and ripped them to shreds, leaving the tatters hanging from the waistband.

Jerod was now naked except for the tatters of his underwear.

Tanner rolled him over on his belly and lay down right on top of him, and started whispering into his ear.

“You belong to me, babe” he whispered.  “You'll do whatever the fuck I want you to do, won't you?”

Then Jerod said: “Tanner, listen ….”  And I thought ‘Oh no’. The kid was too stupid to realize he was defeated, and I knew Tanner was going to be pissed.  And he was.

“You little son-of-a-bitch” he said.  “You don't know what submit means?”  Tanner pulled the belt tight, very tight, around his neck.

“Wait, wait, Tanner” Jerod started to say, but then it turned into a gargle, ’aaakkk’ as Tanner strangled him.  Tanner then rolled over dragging Jerod with him putting him on top.

“Gaaack, gaaack” Jerod squawked as Tanner crushed his neck.  “You little shit.  I'll teach you what submit means” Tanner snapped at him.  Jerod was pulling madly at the belt but to no effect whatsoever.  His face was red and was beginning to turn purple.

I got scared.  That belt was really strangling him.  “Tanner, please” I said as I stepped over to the bed.  He seemed oblivious so I yelled: “TANNER, STOP.”  He may decide to beat me senseless for this but I had to stop him.  He looked at me and smiled.  Okay, he knew what he was doing.    He loosened the belt and Jerod started gasping for breath, but I think he was damn near unconscious.

“Did you yell at me, Charlie?” Tanner asked.  I turned white as the blood drained from my face.

“Please, Tanner ….” I started to say.  Hell yes I was afraid.  I knew Tanner might decide to beat me to a pulp.

“Don't worry about it, Charlie” he said and actually smiled.  “We'll talk about it later.”  I actually gasped in relief, temporary relief anyway, since he said ‘later’.  I knew I was in trouble because not for a minute did I think he'd forget it and let me off the hook.

 Jerod was only now beginning to come to his senses and get his breath back as Tanner got up and stood next to the bed.

“Did you submit to me, baby?” Tanner said sweetly as he smiled down into Jerod's eyes.  Have you heard of an evil smile? Well that was it and Jerod knew it.  He opened his eyes wide and looked up in absolute horror.

“P-p-please, Tanner” he stuttered in fear.  “Please.  I submit, I submit.  Please stop, Tanner.  Please.”

Tanner snapped his fingers and pointed down at his feet.  I was well aware what that meant, and I jumped to obey his unsaid command.  After I removed his shoes and socks, I looked up at him and he nodded, so I undid his belt and shorts and pulled them down.  After he nodded again, I pulled his bikini down and off.

Standing there in the nude in all his muscular glory, Tanner performed the front double bicep pose, crunching his massive biceps forcing them up into tightly defined mountains of muscle.  As always, I was awestruck and I could see that Jerod was too.  Tanner followed that pose with the front lat spread, and then on through a half a dozen other poses showing off his stupendous physique.  

Tanner was never shy about showing off his body, but I'd never seen him put on a show like this, and with his super hard dick sticking out.  My mouth was hanging open and I was completely astonished,  and there was no doubt that Jerod was every bit as astonished as I was.  Yeah, and his little prick was standing up like a post just like mine was.  And, I took notice, he wasn't any bigger than me either, less than six inches.

Without a word, Tanner walked over to the bed, put his hand behind Jerod's head and pulled him into his dick.  Without a sound, Jerod opened his mouth as Tanner pushed his dick in.  Tanner just stood there with his hand holding Jerod's head, as Jerod started sucking.  It was obvious Jerod knew what he was doing, because with a little help from Tanner's hand, he started bobbing his head back and forth as he sucked.

I knew that Tanner got really hot and turned on when he kicked a guys ass, so I suspected he was probably ready to blow already.  And I was not far from wrong.

Still standing still, he got a good grip on Jerod's neck and started pulling his head back and forth, gradually speeding up as he went.  Jerod was lying on his side on the bed as Tanner started jerking his head back and forth, and as he speeded up he began to jerk Jerod's whole upper body.

Tanner wasn't forcing him to deep throat, but he was taking a healthy portion of the ten inch whanger with each thrust.  I could see now, as Tanner started jerking Jerod back and forth violently, that he was oblivious to Jerod and me and the room and everything, totally focused on the feeling in is dick.

Jerod's face was red as he was violently jerked back and forth, but he wasn't fighting the action.  No, he wasn't fighting at all, in fact, he had reached out and grabbed Tanner's ass with his hand.

Then Tanner howled.  "Yeeeaaaoooh" as he crammed Jerod's face into his crotch, forcing his ten inch monster deep into Jerod's throat.  Holding him there for one long second, he jerked him back and rammed him in again.  "Yeeeaaaoooh" he yelled again as he fired his first shot.

Jerod's face was red and his eyes were bugged out and he looked totally frantic.  But Tanner didn't give a shit as he threw his head back in ecstasy and howled again.  He must have held Jerod there for four or five seconds before he let go and Jerod jerked his head back and started gasping.

Tanner grabbed his dick and just held it as it spurted his spunk over and over onto the bed and into Jerod's face.  With one final grope, I started shooting my own load.  I hadn't even realized that I was still dressed but had unzipped and pulled my dick out.  But this was so fuckin hot, how could I help it.  

Jerod was still gasping for breath as Tanner finally stepped back from the bed.  He had a great big grin on his face as he looked at Jared lying there looking up at him.  "That was hot, baby" he said grinning broadly.  "Really hot."  Then I saw what he was looking at.  A puddle of cum on the bed next to Jerod's belly; Jerod had blown his load as well.

And then surprise of surprises, Jerod smiled.  I couldn't believe it, Jerod smiled at Tanner.  Tanner reached down and scooped up some of the cum off of Jerod’s face and pushed it into his mouth.  Jerod swallowed it and then licked off Tanner’s fingers.

"Jim ever do this to you, baby?" Tanner asked softly as he fed him some more cum.

"N-No, Tanner.  No" Jerod whispered.  "He ….  He …."  He gulped.  "I …. I …. I wanted him to" he said.

Tanner laughed.  "Yeah, baby.  You like it rough" he said.  "You like it the way Tanner gives it."

Jerod looked up at him with a smile on his face.  And something else.  I had to think about it for a minute.  Hero-worship.  Yes, hero-worship.  I'll be damned, but I think Jerod was in love.

Sliding off the bed onto his knees, Jerod leaned forward and, looking up into Tanner's eyes, took his dick in his mouth. licking up any remaining jism.  Then he spoke:  “I love it when you call me, baby, Tanner.”

I was shocked.  Horrified.  Flabbergasted.  And hurt.  My feelings.  My feelings were very hurt.  Just what I didn't need, another hunk fighting me for Tanner's attention.  And right now he was getting Tanner’s total attention, because Tanner pulled him to his feet and into a kiss, a long drawn out spit exchanging French kiss, that went on and on and on.  Tanner had forgotten that I was even there.  

I was simply shocked.  How could this happen to me?  And how did Tanner do this?  Did he turn guys into faggots, just by his brutal force and his amazing personality or were they that way before he got to them?   So far he was batting 100% on the guys he’d picked to fuck.  Either he was capable of turning straight guys into gay guys right on the spot, or his gaydar was incredibly accurate.  

I can only say that he must have known that all of these guys were gay before he went after them.  But I sure didn't know it.  They all wanted him and they were all seemingly falling in love with him.  Weren't there any straight guys around whom he could fuck who wouldn't fall in love with him?  It wasn’t fuckin fair.  It wasn’t fair to me.

I went over and sat in the beanbag chair as Tanner pushed Jerod back on the bed and lay on top of him, with their legs dangling over the side.  For the nest fifteen minutes or so they just lay there necking up a storm.

As I watched, my eyes began to fill with tears, so finally I couldn't even see them.  I was crushed.  I turned away and just lay there in the beanbag chair weeping softly.

Time went by but I was totally unaware.  I was totally enclosed in my own little world and didn't even want to know what was happening around me.  I think Tanner said my name once, but I didn't hear what he said.

Finally, I felt Tanners arms around me as he lifted me up in his arms and carried me over to the bed. He picked up a tissue from the bedside and wiped my tears away and then lay down right on top of me.  I noticed that Jerod was gone and the room was dark except for the bedside lamp.  I guess it was late, very late.

Holding himself up on his elbows with his face inches from mine he gave me a big smile. “You know I love you, babe” he said.  “You are so fuckin cute.”  He gave me a peck on the nose.  “You're even cuter when you're jealous.”  Sticking out his tongue he gave my nose a lick.  And now he laughed, and I couldn't help but smile at him.  How could I not?  He was so gorgeous.  He was so wonderful.

I raised my head trying to kiss him, but he backed away, not letting me do it.  He just stayed there looking into my eyes with that awesome smile on his face.

"Please fuck me, Master" I whispered to him, looking into his dazzlingly beautiful face.  "Please."

"Not until those bruises heal up" he said, and now he gave me a quick kiss.  "We'll get to it."  Then he rolled over next to me and turned off the lamp.  Putting his arm around my neck he pulled me over on my side against him.  My left hand strayed over onto his bulging pectoral.

Within seconds he was breathing deeply, asleep next to me in my own bed.  I can't even describe the warm feeling I got because he'd never slept with me before, and I actually began to tear up again.  Yes, I was tearing up, but this time they were tears of gratitude.  My lover was here sleeping next to me in my own bed.  I was so much in love.....

I gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek before I went to sleep.


A note to my readers:  Thank you, those of you who have commented on my stories in the past.  I do appreciate it.  But, keep in mind, the thing that keeps my enthusiasm going and keeps me inspired is comments from my readers. It's important to me to know that my story is being read and appreciated.  

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