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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

My Bully

Review from Chapter 11: Tanner was visiting relatives for three days and Darrell, the hunky wrestler, came by to see Charlie. Although Charlie was very nervous about having sex without Tanner's permission, Darrell convinced him. But, he knew he'd have to tell Tanner and face the music.

Chapter Twelve

Tanner and I were sitting at the X-Box, one of the few times recently when I'd had him to myself. I never realized how little time I was going to have with him after he began to form his 'haram'. I mean, he had seven members now, I think the number was, and he had been talking about twelve. In fact he told me he had more than a dozen in Oro City. I don't know how he was able to manage it.

I hadn't told him about Darrell yet. He'd only come back from visiting his relatives last night, so I really hadn't had a chance. Besides, I was very nervous. I hadn't quite figured out how to tell him.

"I need to tell you something, Tanner" I said, taking the plunge. "Something that happened while you were gone."

"Uh-oh" he said and laughed. "My bottom boy got himself in trouble, did he? So, who did you fuck?"

I was shocked. Of course I was shocked. It is just amazing how many times Tanner shocks the hell out of me by saying the unexpected.

"How …. How …. How could you …." I stuttered.

"Hell, I figured you'd come out of your shell sometime" he said. "So, who was it? No, let me guess. It was Darrell." That left me speechless and Tanner started laughing, knowing he'd hit it on the head..

"Tanner. How ....?"

"Of course it was Darrell" he laughed. "I saw the look in his eyes last week when you blew him, and I figured he'd want it again and you'd go for it."

"Shit. I can't believe …" I said, astounded that he'd already figured it out. "I can't believe you knew this …." Tanner was still laughing and I kinda laughed along with him. This was amazing that he figured this out.

But then he stopped laughing, turned to me and grabbed my chin, looking directly into my eyes. "Did you ask for my permission?" His abrupt change of attitude caught me unaware, but, of course, this was what I was afraid of. Tanner's instant change of moods. Would he be angry?

"No, Tanner, I didn't, but you didn't …." I started to say.

"Are you my boy or not?" he growled at me. "I thought you wanted to be my boy, my best bud?"

"Oh, I do, Tanner I do. It's just that …."

"Fucking somebody without my okay ain't gonna cut it" he snapped.

"But it was Darrell" I said. "He came by …."

"You wanna be my boy, that means you belong to me. I don't give a fuck who comes by, I own your ass. You don't understand that?"

"I do, Tanner, I do. I want to belong to you" I said. "I really do, but it was just …."

"Shut up" he snapped at me. "We'll talk about this later."

"I'm really sorry, Tanner. I'll never do it again." I was pleading with him now. "I promise, I'll never …."

"One time was one too many" he snapped as he stood up. "Now, I said shut up, We'll talk about it later." He didn't say a word as he got dressed and went home. I was very hurt, but why would I be surprised? Tanner was controlling; always. He most definitely meant it when he said he owned me. It was like I was his property to do with as he wished. But that was okay. I knew that, and I accepted that. But my hornyness had got me into trouble. I fucked up.

His saying 'later' was not really a bad thing, because that meant we could at least talk about it. He wouldn't just dump me. Of course he would punish me, but that was okay. I knew this was serious and I knew I deserved to be punished. But I'd take any punishment as long as I didn't lose him. I'd do anything to get him to forgive me.

I went to bed and cried for a while before I went to sleep. I kissed my pillow, wishing it was Tanner and wishing he was already forgiving me.


I been spending so much time telling you about Tanner that I never tell you what's going on with me. The personal me. The 'life-without-Tanner' me. But I finally cornered my mom.

"Mom, I didn’t know you knew Mr. Tanner. When did that happen?” The truth is, I never see my Mom during the week, and only sometimes on weekends. I might as well have been an orphan, living alone. But if I do say myself, I'm a good kid and I wouldn't even consider getting into trouble. And my Mom knew this. Besides, her job didn't pay all that much, so she had to work a lot of hours to pay the bills.

Anyway, I asked her about Tanner's father.

“Tom came over one day when I was working in the yard. He's a very nice man.” I wasn’t going to argue that point with her, because according to Tanner he definitely was not a nice man. But I guess it’s all in the point of view.

“Were you keeping it a secret?” I asked.

“Oh, not really” she said. “But I thought it might be better if you didn’t know. I know how you are about men.”

“What? Me? How am I with men?”

“You know how you are. You haven’t had a single good word to say about your father since he left.”

“Of course I don’t have anything good to say about him, he’s a bastard, he's a shithead” I said. “Why would I have anything good to say about him?”

“And what about Carl, from work” she said. “You had a temper tantrum when I had him over for dinner that time.”

She got me there. “Okay, so I overreacted. But he was an ass and you know it.”

“Yes, you overreacted, so that’s why I didn’t tell you about Tom.”

"He's married" I said bluntly.

"Now don't go getting all judgemental on me" she said. "He says his wife is a mental case and never comes out of her room," That's kind of what I'd heard from Tanner, that she was weird. I mean, he said she even had the hots for him.

"That doesn't make it right" I said.

"But that doesn't make it wrong, either" she said. "I like Tom and he likes me, and right now I need some companionship. So don't you get on my case." Hey, I love my mom, and I respect her. She works her ass off trying to support me, and I appreciate that. So I wasn't about to double guess her on her fuckbuddy. I'f she needed a playmate, more power to her.

"Okay, okay" I said. "I'll shut up. But watch out for him. I don't think he's a nice man, and I don't want you being hurt."

She gave me a kiss. "I'll be careful. I love you."

"I love you too, mom."

So much for that.


Now, let me tell you about Mr. Carson.

“Hey, I’ve got to share myself around. That not only keeps my dick happy, it keeps my boys happy.” Tanner told me this the day after he came back from visiting his Aunt and Uncle. I was beginning to realize how difficult it was to keep a gang of guys satisfied. Of course, Tanner could pretty much cum an unlimited number of times in a day, but just finding the time and the place to fit everybody in was a challenge.

Jim had been cancelled last week and had been bugging Tanner for some action, and Jerod; Jerod was literally following Tanner around with his tongue hanging out, wanted some recognition. And since Jerod didn’t particularly like me, I had to watch out. I know he was envious of my special relationship with Tanner and I figured he'd kick my butt at the earliest opportunity.

But, back to Mr. Carson. Mr. Carson was not built, not like the guys Tanner likes to fuck. But he had two other things going for him. Just like me, he was very attractive, with a very pretty face. And he was a teacher. ‘I had two teachers on my fuck list back in Oro City, Mr. Gary and Mr. Strump’ Tanner told me. ‘And let me tell you," he said, "there’s something really special about getting your dick sucked by one of your very own teachers." He laughed when he said this.

I knew that Mr. Carson had given Tanner his telephone number the first time Tanner fucked him, so he was hoping for some future action. Tanner never said anything so I didn’t know if he was interested.

So, I wasn't totally surprised when Tanner said we were going to visit Mr. Carson after school tomorrow.

"I mean," Tanner said, "I'm setting there in class looking at that pretty face of his and those pretty lips and I'm imagining how it would feel with my dick sliding in and out. And I kinda wonder if he’s thinking the same thing."

Mr. Carson was sitting at his desk with another student looking over his shoulder when we entered. “Good afternoon, Mr. Carson” Tanner said as he walked up to the desk. “How’s it goin?” Mr. Carson looked up and then did a double take, whipping his head back upon seeing Tanner.

"Ahhh, Tanner" he sputtered.

With a big smile on his face, Tanner walked up to the desk, pressing his crotch against it. He didn't say anything, but just looked Mr. Carson in the eye. There was an uncomfortable silence until Mr. Carson finally spoke. "Ahhh .... What can I do for you, Tanner."

Was that a leading question, or what? I held my breath waiting for Tanner's answer. But he didn't answer, he just stood there grinning without saying a word. There was another uncomfortable silence until Mr. Carson cleared his throat and spoke again. "This is not a good time, Tanner" he said. He was sweating. Hell yes, I could see the beads of sweat on his forehead. "I've got to work with Lauren here and then I have a meeting."

Tanner still had his dick pressing against Mr. Carson's desk, and now he humped his hips a little, making it pretty obvious what he was doing. Mr. Carson noticed and gulped, but Lauren noticed too, and actually gasped. Yes, she actually gasped out loud, and then started turning red with embarrassment. Tanner looked over, gave her a big grin and humped the desk again.

Now, you gotta understand, every girl in this school had the hots for Tanner, and Lauren was no exception. Like all the others she probably drooled over him from a distance and probably had never been this close to him before. I'm certain he never noticed her or looked at her before. And now, seeing him banging his dick against Mr. Carson's desk and smiling at her; this was simply more than she could handle. She actually turned and ran from the room; I had to step out of the way or she would have run right over me.

Tanner started laughing, and I joined him, but Mr. Carson just looked shocked.

"I'll see you later, teach" Tanner said, still laughing, as he turned and walked out, with me tagging along behind.


Tanner was still working out at the Classic Gym downtown, but he was now spending some of his time in the high school weight room. Mostly because Tommy was in charge of the place after school, and Tanner said he had to keep him in line. He said that to me jokingly but there was a certain amount of truth to it.

Tanner may be a Bully and he may be controlling, but I have to give him credit. I mean, he slapped Tommy around some and ruled him with an iron fist, demanding total fealty from him, but, he never did it publicly.

Tanner treated Tommy with total respect when other kids were around. Always. But, man, you'd be shocked to see what happened when the last kid left and the door closed. Tommy would be on his knees in seconds and Tanner would be there demanding devotion.

And you know what? I think it was an act; on Tommy's part anyway. I think he was playing a part and never once did he break out of character. That is: I believe that Tommy enjoyed being Tanner's fawning fuck boy. As much as he cringed and pleaded and crawled for Tanner, I swear he was enjoying it.

Anyway, all the kids were gone now and Tommy was on his knees with Tanner standing there with his dick out, slapping it in his face. I knew he was just having fun because we had to get going. Jim was meeting us at my house, in fact, he was probably already there. Jim, the football player, the big front linesman. It was another one of those hallway meetings, where Jim had stopped Tanner and demanded that they get together. So, I was pretty sure Tanner wasn't going to get into anything with Tommy now knowing that Jim was waiting for him..

But he couldn't resist banging his dick in Tommy's face for a bit, just to remind him of his place as his lackey. You know how Tanner loves dominating and humiliating a guy, and, as I said, I had a sneaking suspicion that Tommy was into it anyway.

That's when somebody knocked on the door. "Didn't you lock that door" Tanner snapped at me. I damn near jumped out of my skin. That happens when Tanner snaps at me like that.

"Yes, Tanner, yes. I did" I blurted out. "I know I did," I jumped over to the door anyway just in case. Then the knock came again. "Who is it", I asked.

"It's Mr. Carson" came the voice. "Is Daryl Tanner in there?"

"Yes, sir, he is" I answered. "Just a moment."

Neither Tanner nor Tommy had cleaned up or showered after their workout, so their white tanks and shorts were soaking wet and literally pasted to their bodies from their sweat. And they were pumped! Jesus Christ, were they ever pumped. Their muscles bulging out to the absolute max.

I waited for a moment while Tanner put his dick back into his shorts, and Tommy stood up and grabbed a broom, pretending to sweep up. I opened the door.

Mr. Carson actually gasped as he entered, his mouth dropping open and his whole body shuttering in awe as he saw those two sweaty muscle gods standing there. "Jesus" he said unwittingly. There was a long pause as he just stood there like a deer in the headlights with his mouth hanging open. And I mean a real pause. He was simply awestruck, and couldn't speak.

As the pause went on I saw Tanner's look turn into a smile. Leave it to Tanner to be the first one to react. As his smile got bigger, he reached down and obviously groped himself.

"Ahhh .... Tanner" Mr Carson finally said, beginning to come out of his trance.

Tanner sauntered over to us at the door, keeping his hand on his crotch. Yes, sauntered; an arrogant amble. "Hello, Mr. Carson" he said with a grin as he walked up. "How ya doin?"

Mr. Carson was still befuddled and didn't know what to do or say. No question about it, he was simply awestruck by the boy's physiques. But his mouth literally dropped open when Tanner walked up to him. Was that lust? You damn well know it was lust.

Tanner grabbed one of Mr Carson's hands and pulled it into that enormous bulge in his shorts.

"Remember this?" he asked.

"Ahhh …., Tanner" Mr. Carson said and actually jumped back as he began to return to reality. "Excuse me, Tanner. I .... I ….. I just ...." He reached for the door knob, evidently wanting to escape.

Tanner grabbed one of his wrists, jerked him around and twisted it behind his back. Then he grabbed the other one and twisted it back as well

"Tanner" Mr. Carson said in a startled voice. "Tanner." Holding both of Mr. Carson's wrists with one hand, Tanner gave his ass a good hard swat 'whap'

"Ouch. Tanner" Mr. Carson cried. Tanner gave him another one, 'whap' and stepping close, he slammed his crotch against Mr. Carson's ass. With his free hand he grabbed Mr. Carson by the hair and jerked his head back, really jerked it. Mr. Carson howled. "yeeeaaaoooh."

"You got a nice ass Mr. Carson" Tanner murmured into his ear. "Definitely made for plugging."

Jesus. I just stood there in absolute amazement, and so did Tommy. I couldn't remember when Tanner was so violent with anybody, especially a teacher. And especially right here in the school building. He was not only being a Bully, he was being downright mean. Even for Tanner, I thought this was too much.

As we watched, he wiggled his hips around a bit, rubbing his hard-on against Mr. Carson's butt.

"Tanner. Stop this" Mr. Carson screached. "Stop." And Tanner stopped. Holding on to Mr. Carson's hair with one hand, his wrists with the other, and his crotch jammed against his ass, Tanner froze. He just held him there without moving while Mr. Carson started panting. I'm not sure if it was lust or fear, but he was panting like crazy.

Then Tanner laughed. Yeah, he laughed..

"Say please" he said softly through his laughter. "You want me to stop, you say please."

"Please, Tanner. Stop" Mr. Carson said. "You're hurting me." Evidently Tanner was really jerking his hair.

Tanner let go and stepped back. Mr Carson slowly turned around. His face was red, his whole body was shaking, and sweat was popping out on his forehead.

Tanner turned to me. "Charlie, you got a card?" he asked. And of course I did. Like all kids my age I had business cards with my address on them. I never used them, but I had them available. I literally leaped over to my backpack and got out a card.

I handed it to Mr. Carson who was still just standing there sweating and panting, a look of shock and bewilderment on his face.

"Be at Charlie's house at 5:30, honey" Tanner said as he reached over and opened the door. (honey? to a teacher?).

"Tanner, listen, please ...." Mr. Carson started to say.

"Don't be late" Tanner said as he gave him a shove out the door. "five-thirty". Shutting the door, Tanner turned and walked back over to Tommy.

"That's how you treat a teacher" he chuckled. Tommy laughed, but I didn't. I was shocked. I liked Mr. Carson. He was one of my favorite teachers.

"Tanner" I said in a shocked voice. "That was Mr. Carson, our teacher" Hey, I know Tanner's a Bully. Hell, that's, like, his middle name, but this was our chemistry teacher. "That was mean" I said. "You shouldn't …." Oops, I caught myself.

"What the fuck did you just say?" he snapped, glaring at me.

Uh-oh, I'd overstepped again. "Sorry, Tanner. I didn't mean …. I mean … Ahhh …. he's our teacher, Tanner" I said, trying to reason with him. "He's our teacher."

"Are you fuckin telling me what to do?" he growled, taking a step towards me.

"No, Tanner, no. Of course not. I just …."

"That teacher of yours wants to chow down on my dick" Tanner barked at me, "and I'll treat him any way I damn well please. Got it?"

"Yes, Tanner. Of course. I'm sorry" I said meekly. I just wish I could learn to keep my mouth shut.

"We'll talk about this later" he snapped and then turned to Tommy. "See you later, Tommy. Maybe tomorrow."

"Okay, Boss" Tommy answered as Tanner headed for the locker room. So it was 'boss' now. Hmmm.


After Tanner showered and cleaned up, and we were walking home I reminded him of his appointment with Jim. He didn’t seem to be mad at me now, but I was pretty sure he was saving it until later. Tanner never forgets.

"He's probably waiting right now" I said. "What are we going to do?"

"WE?" he said and looked over at me with a frown. "You're getting awfully big for your britches, lackey boy." He reached over and gave me a good swat on the back of my head.

Damn, damn, damn, how in the hell do I do this? Everytime I open my mouth I say something stupid. "Please, Tanner, ahhh …. Master. I'm sorry. I didn't mean …."

"We'll talk about it later" he said giving me a look that made me think that 'later' was not going to be pleasant.

"Master, I didn't mean that" I pleaded. "I just ...."

"I said we'll talk about it later" he snapped, so I shut up. Shit, shit, shit. I was in deep shit. Really deep shit.

"Maybe I'll just let him watch" he said. It took me a couple seconds to get back on track, to figure out what he was talking about. I mean, I was already imagining the pain I was going to feel 'later'.

"It might be fun to fuck Mr. Carson with an audience" he said. An audience? Didn't he remember that I was always with him watching? Wasn't I an audience? If he didn't see me as an audience, what was I? I wasn't sure whether that was good or bad, but I knew it was safer not to ask.

When we got to my house, Jim was out in front, but Jerod was there too, and Jim looked steamed. What the fuck? I know they were good friends, but they didn’t look friendly right now, because they seemed to be deliberately not looking at each other.

"Tanner" Jim said as we walked up. "This little dork here when I got here. I didn't bring him here."

"Don't call me a dork" Jerod yelled. So, they'd obviously had some words before we got here, and they most definitely were not best friends at the moment. "Tanner, I …."

"Shut up, both of you" Tanner snarled. And when Tanner uses that tone of voice, you better believe everybody shuts up. "Inside" he said. I unlocked the door and we all went up to my bedroom.

I went over by the beanbag chair to get out of the way, while Tanner stood in the middle of the room facing the two of them. Nobody said anything. Tanner had a slight frown on his face. He just waited. This was a technique that he used a lot, keeping silent. Those long silences can be much more intimidating than him actually saying something, and I could see that Jerod was visibly shaking. He was obviously desperate to explain himself as to why he was here, but he didn't dare speak.

"Charlie" was all Tanner said, and I knew that signal. I leaped over onto my knees and started to strip him. He just stood there looking back and forth between Jim and Jerod as I removed his shoes and socks, and then his shorts. He usually removed his t-shirt by himself, but today he let me pull it up and over his head. When I finished I headed back over to the corner, getting away from the explosion. I quickly stripped down to my bikini. I had a white one today and Tanner had a red one.

Now, I've said this a million times, but everytime I see Tanner stripped down to his undies like this, my heart picks up and I have to gasp in amazement. Hell, we'd just left school where I'd seen him workout and shower, but he is so, so, so, gorgeous. Totally awesome. Seeing him like this in my bedroom always reminded me that I was still his number one bud. How could I be so lucky? For some reason he liked wimpy little me. Every day, hell, every minute of the day, I thanked my lucky stars that he liked me and let me hang around with him. I just hoped I wouldn't fuck it up.

After a couple minutes of just standing there, he flexed his biceps. He'd just come from working out, so their definition was simply awesome. He looked one way and gave his bulging bicep a kiss, and then turned the other way and kissed the other one. Total narcissismm doing this in front of us? You bet, but with justification. Hell yes, he had reason to be narcissistic.

Jerod's and Jim's eyes got big and so did mine. Tanner just watched their reaction as he basically preened in front of them. Tanner was just being Tanner, obviously egotistical but I'll tell you this: it made me hard and I wanted to be the one kissing those biceps. And I'll bet Jerod and Jim felt the same way.

"Jerod. On your knees" Tanner snapped as he lowered his arms. Jerod instantly dropped down in front of him. Tanner gave him a healthy slap to the face. 'whap' Jerod didn't make a sound. "Crawl over to Jim and get his dick out" he ordered. Jerod did what he was told.

Jim got a smirk on his face, like: 'he's going to get his',

"Kiss it" Tanner said. No hesitation. Tanner's boys do what they’re told, no matter what. Jerod gave Jim's prick a kiss. Tanner stepped over, put his hand under his chin, and helped him to his feet. Then he kissed him, a good solid smack. Then he spoke: "You don't make decisions" he said, whispering into Jerod's ear. "You don't do anything without my permission. You got that, you little piece of shit."

Wow, that got Jerod's attention. And mine and Jim's as well. Tanner sounded so calm when he said it that it shocked us. Jerod instantly dropped back to his knees and grabbed Tanner's thighs. "Master, please. I'm sorry" he blurted out with this incredibly stunned look on his face.

Tanner stepped away from him and looked at Jim. And Jim's face had turned white. He knew he was going to get his.

"On your knees" Tanner growled. Jim knew what was coming, hell, we all knew what was coming. Tanner slapped him. 'whap' But then Tanner let him have it a second time. 'whap'

"Get his dick out and kiss it" he ordered him. Jerod was still on his knees, but as Jim crawled over, he got to his feet. Jim got his dick out and kissed it.

"Who's in charge here" Tanner shouted. Tanner doesn't often shout, so we knew he was angry.

"You are, Master" Jim and Jerod said at the same time. Actually, I blurted it out myself, automatically.

"Up here" Tanner said. As Jim got to his feet, Tanner put an arm around each of them and pulled them into a three way kiss. Leave it to Tanner: punish them and then kiss them. You never knew what he was going to do next.

They slurped each other's spit for a minute or so, then Tanner spoke. "You belong to me, both of you" he said. "Say it."

"I belong to you, Master." "I belong to you, Master." They both said. No question about it. They knew where they stood with him. They knew what they wanted.

Tanner let go of their hair and stepped away, coming over towards the beanbag chair where I was sitting. "Strip them, Charlie" he said to me. I jumped to obey.

They both looked surprised as I went over and grabbed Jerod's t-shirt and pulled it up and off. But they both got with the program and cooperated as I stripped them. Hell, I know this must be a real turn-on. Can you imagine how hot it is having a pretty boy like me on his knees in front of you stripping your clothes off for you? That's got to be hot. They both had hefty bulges showing when I finally got them down to their skivvies.

So the three of us stood there with our hard-on's showing, waiting for direction from Tanner. Yeah, I was hard too. Hell, I enjoyed stripping these hunks as much as they must have enjoyed having me do it.

Tanner had turned on the TV and had set down in the beanbag chair, and was ignoring us completely.

So, we just stood there. After a bit, they looked at me, and I just shrugged my shoulders. I was pleased that they looked to me for direction, knowing I had that special relationship with Tanner, but I had nothing to offer. Tanner would let us know. Eventually.

So we just stood there, for, like, ten minutes, with our pricks going soft. But there was no way any of us were going to say anything. Tanner would get to us when he wanted to get to us, and we just had to wait. I finally walked over to the bed and sat on the side of it, but Jerod and Jim stayed standing in the middle of the room.

This was Tanner's game again. Those long silences, making everyone uncomfortable, were incredibly intimidating but they were part of his power and his mystique, his magnetism and his charisma. This was how he took total control of those around him, and how he turned us all into his submissives. This was why we called him Master.

And then finally, Tanner stood up and turned to us. "I've got a fuckboy coming over this afternoon" he said to us. "But you're going to ignore us. You're going to pretend we're not here."

Uh-oh, I thought. He’s going to let them watch while he fucks Mr. Carson? This was definitely not good. I had to say something. But before I could open my mouth however, Jim spoke.

"But, Tanner …." he started to say but Tanner put his hand up stopping him. I know Jim was surprised, and he had to be disappointed, because he was supposed to be here today. He's the one that had an appointment. Tanner had been putting him off for days and this was supposed to be his time.

Tanner did not acknowledge Jim's comment, nor give him any explanation. That was Tanner; he didn't have to explain himself to anyone.

"Get out of those underwear and get up on the bed, both of you" he said to them. "On your knees, facing each other." I got out of the way as Jim and Jerod stripped and came over and got on the bed. "Right hand on your dick, left in his hair" he said to them. It took a few seconds for them to figure this out, but they obeyed, grabbing their pricks, and each others hair. "Now kiss" Tanner ordered. I don't know if they were still pissed with each other or not, but they kissed. What else? Tanner orders, his minions obey.

"The two of you are best friends" Tanner said, "and you're going to remain best friends. And if you ever put me through this again, you're both out on the street."

"Tanner …." Jim started to say. I couldn't believe that he was actually going to argue with Tanner.

Tanner interrupted him. "Now you're going to kiss each other and you're going to make it a long sweet loving kiss, and you're going to hold that kiss for five minutes. Charlie, set the timer." As Tanner walked over to the bed, I grabbed my phone and set a timer for five minutes. "Go to it" Tanner said, as he stood there right next to the bed. They both glanced at him for a second and then leaned into a kiss.

Tanner watched for a moment. "Put some action into it" he snapped.

So, keeping their hands on their dicks and in each others hair, they started to kiss, actively with passion. Tanner just watched.

When the five minutes were up Tanner spoke. "Sixty-nine time" he said. They just looked at him. "Move it" he growled. They jumped to obey, manipulating themselves until they were finally facing each other's dicks. "Suck" Tanner said. "You've got ten minutes. I want you both shooting within the next ten minutes.."

Tanner walked back over to the beanbag chair as Jim and Jerod started sucking each other. They really went at it. Those were going to be some fantastic blowjobs because they knew they had to ejaculate within ten minutes. I envied them.

"Charlie" Tanner said. I scurried over to him as he sat in the chair and waved me to him. A shot of adrenaline shot through my body as I joined him in the chair. He was going to let me worship him again.

Jesus! I thought he was mad at me.

Putting his hand behind my head, he pulled me onto his chest, his left pec, so I started kissing. I started kissing and licking. And sucking. And kissing, and licking, and sucking. Even after all the stupid things I've been saying he was still going to let me worship him.

I never knew what to expect from Tanner. But, my love for him was overwhelming, overpowering. I loved him so much it actually hurt and brought tears to my eyes as I got busy trying to cover every inch of his perfect body with my mouth. He knew how much I wanted to do this and I was completely aware of what an honor he was giving me.

Did I fear Tanner? Well, I supose I did, but somehow that made my love for him all the greater. Tanner is a special human being and I know I can't quite meet his expectations, and I know he will punish me, but that just proves his affection for me. I want to be worthy of him, I want to be his perfect disciple, so I want him to correct me when I fuck up. I love and appreciate the pain from his punishment because I know he is showing that he cares for me, he is willing to take the time to train me to be deserving of his attention.

He kept his hand on my head the whole time, fluffing my hair and petting me gently, giving me goosebumps as he showed me his appreciation of my worship and my devotion. I just can't tell you how delighted and how contented I was.

I adore Tanner, and I think I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I mean, how many wimpy guys like me get to pal around with a god? How many wimpy guys like me get to worship the muscles of the most spectacular guy on the planet. I knew the punishment was going to come later but right now I could have cared less.

I don't know how long we were there, but it must have been longer than ten minutes. Even though I was totally concentrating on worshiping Tanner's body, I could hear soft sucking sounds from across the room.

Then I heard someone start to moan, either Jim or Jerod, one of them was cuming.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh" it was Jim who was starting to shoot. I raised up off of Tanner's ridged abs and looked over at them and saw that Jim had pulled out of Jerod's mouth and was already jerking like crazy while shooting into Jerod's face. However, even though he was grunting and shooting he still had Jerod's dick in his mouth.

And that's when Jerod let out a howl: "Ohhh myyyy god" he yelled as he got ready to shoot, but he grabbed onto Jim's head and held him there. As Jim fired his final shot of cum in Jerod's face, he got the first shot of Jerod's ejaculation in his mouth.

And that's when the doorbell rang.

Tanner gave me a light pat on the butt. "Mr. Carson's early, hon" ne said. "Go get him." 'hon' I glowed with pleasure. He called me 'hon'.

I didn't bother putting anything on, but just went downstairs in my bikini barely covering my super hard-on. I opened the door.

Rasheed grabbed onto my ears and gave me a huge smacking kiss on the lips. "I won" he screamed, and pushed past me. I stood there in shock as he ran up the stairs. What the fuck? I finally got my wits together, closed the door and ran upstairs.

When I got there Tanner and Rasheed were hugging and jumping around the room and screaming. Rasheed was saying: 'I won, I won, I won", while Tanner was saying: 'I told you, I told you, I told you'. Jim and Jerod, their eyes bugged out, were both watching from the bed while I stared in amazement as they leaped hysterically around the room.

Tanner had the biggest smile on his face that I'd ever seen, which made his face absolutely glow, while Rasheed, who was gorgeous to begin with, had a smile that made him look absolutely glorious.

Finally they pulled apart, panting and laughing. "Rasheed won the contest" Tanner shouted. "He won. I told him he would. I told him." He grabbed onto Rasheed and gave him a big kiss. Seeing Tanner like this almost made me delirious with pleasure myself. I'd never seen him this enthusiastic before.

As I stood there Rasheed grabbed me and gave me another big smacking kiss. "Congratulations, Rasheed" I said joyously, joining them in their excitement. Their excitement was definitely catching. Tanner grabbed Rasheed again, giving him a kiss, and then grabbed me, and kissed me.

Jim and Jerod were both sitting up now, as Tanner went over to them, grabbed them each by the neck and pulled them over to him and started kissing them. First Jim and then Jerod, and then Jim again, and Jerod once more.

"We've got to celebrate" Tanner yelled and then turned to Rasheed. "Well, tell us. Tell us what happened." So Jim and Jerod and I and Tanner all crowded abound Rasheed as he started telling us about the bodybuilding contest.

Evidently I was the only one in the room that remembered Mr. Carlson. Actually, I realized, the others didn't even know he was coming, and Tanner was so excited about Rasheed's win that he must have forgotten.

I had to say something. It just wouldn't be fair to Mr. Carson for these guys to be here when he comes. The whole world would find out that Tanner was fucking him. Of course Darrell and I already knew because we were there the first time, but I had sworn Darrell to secrecy. I had to speak up.

"Tanner" I said, interrupting Rasheed's story. He was so excited, waving his arms around while he relayed the events at the contest, so Tanner definitely wasn't listening to me. "Tanner" I repeated. Still nothing.

"TANNER' I yelled. Everybody shut up and they all looked at me. Tanner had fire in his eyes as he looked up and I actually had to gulp before I could speak. "You've got a guest coming, Tanner" I said in the momentary silence, my voice quivering slightly.

Tanner remembered and said: "oh shit". His angry look immediately turned to understanding. No way around it, Mr. Carson was going to be showing up pretty soon. He reached up and slapped my on the back of the head. But it was a friendly slap. I'm sure it was a friendly slap.

"Sorry, guys" Tanner finally said. "Rasheed, I'm sorry. I'm really wanted to celebrate with you, but we're going to have to put this off."

"What's the matter" Rasheed said with a chuckle. "I just won the bodybuilding competition, but I'm not good enough for you?" He flexed, giving us a double bicep pose, which got us all gasping in admiration. It stretched the hell out of the sleeves of his t-shirt. and I was expecting them to rip. "This ain't good enough for you, Tanner" he asked?

"Oh shit" Tanner gasped. Stepping up to Rasheed, he grabbed onto both of his triceps, holding his arms steady and then kissed each of his biceps. First left and then right, and then he gave Rasheed a big smack on the lips. "Rasheed, you are so fuckin perfect" he exclaimed. As Rasheed beamed with pleasure and dropped his arms down, Tanner stepped back. "See what you do to me?" he said as he looked down at his very hard prick forcing his bikini out like a tent pole.

"Oh, I can see it alright" Rasheed laughed. "It's about to burst out of those panties of yours." Tanner laughed and then the rest of us joined in. And rest assured, Rasheed had one hell of a bulge showing as well.

So, Jim and Jerod got dressed, and along with Rasheed, they left; grudgingly, with lots of protest, but Tanner finally got them out. I knew Jim was frustrated because he still hadn't had his time with Tanner, but he didn't say anything. Tanner told Rasheed that we'd celebrate his victory soon, but didn't say when. It was beginning to look like Tanner was going to have to get a secretary to keep track of his appointments.

Okay, so as his number one lackey, and his 'whatever he wanted me to be' boy, I was already acting as his secretary.

Mr. Carson showed up exactly on time, five-thirty. He knew Tanner and I were pretty much joined at the hip, so I didn't care if he saw me nearly naked. So I answered the door in my white bikini, which was wet and damn near invisible from my earlier pre-cum.

Mr Carson was clearly astonished to see me in my near naked condition. "Charlie" he admonished. I ignored him.

"Tanner's upstairs in my bedroom" I said. "That way." I pointed to the stairs. "It's straight ahead" I said.

I'd already stuck my foot in my mouth earlier, when I suggested that Tanner was being too hard on our teacher. That was an obvious mistake which Tanner made more than clear to me, so now, no matter what Tanner did to him, I'd keep my mouth shut. Yeah, I would. Definitely I would. If Tanner wanted to be mean to him, I wouldn't say a word. I might have to cover my eyes, but I wasn't going to say anything. I'd learned my lesson. I would absolutely, positively not say anything. Nothing. No way.

I scurried up the stairs to see what Tanner was going to do.

Tanner was just getting out of the beanbag chair when I entered the room. He was a couple inches taller than Mr. Carson, and of course much, much wider, outweighing him by at least forty pounds.

Tanner just stood there staring at him in that red bikini. Of course Mr. Carson's eyes got big when he saw Tanner like this. It was one thing for him to see skinny little me in a tiny bikini, but quite another to see big muscled Tanner in the same condition. After all the activity with Rasheed, Tanner was sweating, so you can imagine how glorious he looked, with those muscles glistening.

Tanner didn't say anything, so Mr. Carson finally spoke: "Tanner, you asked me to come by" he said with a quiver in his voice. He knew what was going to happen; he came here at Tanner's command didn't he? He wanted Tanner; I suppose he wanted to suck him again, but he was very nervious. Nervous because Tanner was his student, nervous because Tanner was so big and so cocky, and nervous because you never knew what Tanner was going to do. He was like a firecracker ready to blow.

"What do you want?" Tanner asked. Mr. Carson didn't say anything, he didn't know what to say. But he was beginning to sweat.

"T-T-Tanner, y-you asked me to c-c-come," I had to grin. Leave it to Tanner. Mr. Carson was excited, very excited, but also very nervous, and apprehensive. Tanner really had him on edge.

"I told you to come" Tanner said corrected him. "But what do you want?"

"Tanner .... I .... I ...." he mumbled.

"You wanna be my cocksucker?" Tanner asked bluntly. "You wanna suck me off?"

"Tanner .... please …. I ....." he said, embarrassed and flustered and really sweating now.

"Maybe you'd like to kiss my ass" Tanner said. "I think I'd like that" he chuckled, "my chemistry teacher kissing my ass."

Tanner reached up and slapped him. 'whap' Not hard at all, but it was a slap and Tanner slaps eveybody. But even so, it shocked me. This was our fourth period teacher for god's sake. Obviously, Mr. Carson was shocked as well.

"Tanner" he whined, putting his hand to his cheek. "What are you doing?"

"I asked you a question, man" Tanner said. "Tell me what you want?"

"I .... I .... I'll suck you?" he said hesitantly, making it sound like a question.

"Yeah, I kinda figured that" Tanner chuckled. "I figured you wanted my dick. But it ain't gonna come easy. You've got to work for it. You gotta beg for it."

Mr. Carson just stood there stunned, while Tanner just smiled at him. He was really enjoying this. Okay, okay, okay, Tanner is a bully. Everybody knows that. And if Mr. Carson didn't know that, he was going to find out right quick.

"Get on your knees, cocksucker," Tanner ordered him. Wow! Talk about humiliation. Mr. Carson's face turned bright red. But he knew he wouldn't refuse. This was his student, his underage student, but he had come here voluntarily, so knew he would do whatever Tanner asked. And besides, Tanner was twice his size and all muscle, so he could make him do it if he wanted too.

Mr. Carson slowly dropped to his knees.

"Now you gotta beg" Tanner said, frowning down at him. No smile now. He wanted Mr. Carson to know that he was serious. "Repeat after me: 'I want you to use me, sir.'"

"Huh?" Mr. Carson said as he looked up into Tanner's frowning face. "What?" Tanner slapped him again. 'whap' Again, not hard, but just enough to get his attention.

"I said, repeat after me" he snapped. "'I want you to use me, sir.' Say it."

Mr. Carson mulled this around in his head for a few seconds, but he finally did it. "I want you to use me, sir" he said. Oh man! I chortled to myself. This grown man. This college educated teacher, was saying 'sir' to seventeen year old Tanner, his student. I grabbed my crotch. This was so hot.

"Kiss my feet" Tanner ordered him. "Get down there and give my toes a smooch." No frown on his face now; just a big grin of satisfaction. Tanner the bully was in charge and I knew he was going to enjoy the hell out of the next half hour or so.

To get him started, Tanner put his hand on Mr. Carson's head and pushed him all the way down to his feet. "Now kiss" he said. Mr. Carson kissed one foot and then the other. "Good, boy" Tanner said. (boy?). I had to take my hand away from my dick, because I was getting too hot.

As Mr. Carson raised back up, Tanner fluffed his hair with his right hand, and then grabbed a handful, forcing him to look up into his face. "Now you're going to kiss my ass, Mr. Carson" he said with emphasis on the 'Mr. Carson'. "I think that would be really hot, a teacher kissing my ass." Looking Mr. Carson in the eye, he gave him a moment to absorb his comment. Then, still holding on to his hair, he turned around.

Putting his hand on the back of Mr. Carson's head, he pulled him into his ass. His bikini was kinda jammed into his ass crack, and it was damp from Tanner sweating, but Tanner just pulled him in. "Kiss it man. Go on, kiss it."

He mashed Mr. Carson's face into his crack. Mr. Carson pulled back, trying to get away, but Tanner grabbed his hair and jerked him back in, slamming him back into his crack.

"Come-on, ain''t no big deal. Kiss it" Tanner said, and now he laughed. He was really enjoying this. "Give me a big smack."

Mr. Carson mumbled something and kept trying to get away. Tanner, holding on to his hair, pushed his face into his crack again, pulled him back, and then pushed him in once more.

"Kiss it, man, kiss it" he ordered him. Then I heard it, Mr. Carson giving Tanner's ass a loud smooch.

"Oh, yeah, man. That wasn't so bad, was it?" Tanner laughed. "Now do it again." Mr. Carson gave it another loud smooch..

Tanner let go of him and stepped away. Mr. Carson looked bleary eyed, his mouth hanging open, his face damp from Tanner's butt. I couldn't help but laugh aloud, and even Tanner chuckled.

"Charlie" Tanner said. I was there in an instant and pulled his bikini down and off. Tanner's very hard ten inches popped up in my face and banged against his belly. For just a second I was mesmerized, and licked my lips. It was beautiful. I kissed it.

I knew I shouldn't, that it wasn't my turn, but I couldn't help it. I wanted it so bad.

Luckily, Tanner wasn't mad. He just pushed my head away. "Later, Charlie, later" he said, giving me a smile. "You'll get your chance." He walked over to the bed and leaned back against it.

"Over here, hon" he said to Mr, Carson. "Come and get what you came here for." Mr. Carson started to get up. "No, no, hon" Tanner said. "You gotta crawl. You gotta crawl for me." Mr. Carson hesitated and then crawled on hands and knees over to Tanner.

Tanner had his hand on that enormous dick of his, gently playing with it as he looked down at Mr. Carson. "You gotta beg me for it, hon. You want it, you gotta beg."

Mr. Carson thought about it for a second. Hell, we all knew that's what he came here for, but I had to wonder if he'd actually beg.

"Tanner," he said. "Ahhh …. Tanner. May I suck your cock?"

"Hell, yes" Tanner gushed, smiling from ear to ear, absolutely loving this, watching his teacher on his knees begging him to be allowed to suck his cock. "Chow down, honey" he said.

It was obvious that Mr. Carson was gay, so the chances were he'd been around the block and could be an experienced cocksucker.

And was he ever. He grabbed Tanner's dick and pried it down and took it into his mouth. And he swallowed the damn thing.

I gasped and actually blurted: "ohhh fuuuuck". Another talented cocksucker. Another guy who could take a ten inch dick without a problem. Jesus. This pissed me off to no end.

But I wasn't the only one that gasped. Tanner did too. "Damn" he said in surprise as Mr. Carson took him to the root. "Jeeeesus" he groaned in pleasure.

Mr. Carson pulled back and looked up. And I knew that look. Something between a smile and a smirk, 'the cat that swallowed the canary' look. Mr. Carson knew he was a good cocksucker and he knew he was going to take control, and he was going to make Tanner pay.

He nibbled up and down the big dick for a bit and then took it down again, forcing all ten inches into his throat. Tanner could only moan: "oooooooh shiiiit". And then Mr. Carson went to town. Jesus, did he go to town.

Mr. Carson is our chemistry teacher, but I swear to god, what he should be teaching is advanced cocksucking. I'd never seen anything like it, and I'm not sure if Tanner had either. He was moaning uncontrollably, almost in a frenzy as Mr. Carson performed his magic. Bouncing back and forth on it, and then swallowing it, and then back to the bouncing. All done with no hands

Coming completely off of the dick, he looked up into Tanner's eyes and took a big breath. Then he went all the way down actually banging his face into Tanner's crotch, and held it, and held it, and held it. Tanner groaned.

Pulling back, Mr. Carson banged in again and held it some more. Damn, how could he do that? We're talking about ten fuckin inches! And then, for the third time in a row, he slammed his face into Tanner's crotch, swallowing and holding. And then, Jesus Christ, I couldn't believe it, he did it a fourth time; and …., and. for god's sake, a fifth time. Tanner started screaming and I was awestruck.

I grabbed onto my dick. And listen to this: always before when I watched Tanner being sucked, I was jealous because I wanted to be the one down there sucking him. But, now, for the first time, I wanted to be on the receiving end. I wanted Mr. Carson to be doing that to me. He was unbelievable. Tanner was getting a blowjob of a lifetime, and I actually wished it was me there getting it.

Tanner really screamed now: 'fuuuuuccccck', and let go. I was jerking like mad and followed him by just a few seconds.

I know the first couple shots of Tanner's jism went directly into Mr. Carson's gullet, because that enormous prick was reaching half way down there already. But then Mr. Carson pulled completely off and held Tanner's dick in front of his face. He had the biggest grin on his face I'd ever seen; he was having the time of his life watching that dick spurt into his face.. He knew very well that he'd just taken this hunky muscle kid and turned him into a docile pussy, completely under his control.

He held Tanner's dick and let it fire in his face, absolutely loving it as it splashed on his nose and cheek and lips. Tanner was still screaming and instead of grabbing Mr. Carson's head, was performing the double bicep pose. His head thrown back as he yelled, he flexed and flexed and flexed as he fired into Mr. Carson's face.

And then it was over. Tanner was panting up a storm as he dropped his arms. I'd made a mess on the floor, but as far as I could tell, Mr. Carson hadn't even touched himself. But right now he was rubbing Tanner's dick all over his face, smearing the cum evenly over every inch. He still had that enormous grin on his face

"Jesus, Mr. Carson. You're a genius" Tanner gasped. "I've never had a blowjob like that." And you better believe that was saying something. I cannot even imagine how many blowjobs Tanner has had since he entered puberty. "A genius" he repeated.

"You're welcome" Mr. Carson said, sitting back on his haunches and looking up at Tanner with that 'cat that swallowed the canary' look on his face again. Tanner reached down and pulled him to his feet. That's when I noticed the wet spot on Mr. Carson's pants. You better believe that he enjoyed this, because I don't think he touched himself, not even once.

"You were incredible, Mr. Carson. Thank you, thank you," Tanner said. I was surprised because I'd never heard Tanner thank anybody before. Never. In fact, they always thanked him. They thanked him for being allowed to service him. He made sure they understood what a privilege it was to serve him.

"May I kiss you?" Tanner asked. Tanner asking? What the fuck? He'd gone from humiliating Mr. Carson and making him crawl and beg, to respecting him and asking for permission to kiss him? All this in only twenty minutes? That tells you what a great blowjob can do to a guy. Je-su-s Ch-ri-st!

Mr. Carson leaned forward and they kissed.

I didn't know where we were going to go from here, but I realized that I now had another competitor for Tanner's affection. And unless I learned to give one incredible blowjob, I could lose out to this one.

Somehow, I had to become Tanner's favorite cocksucker.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, those of you who have been commenting on my story. I truly appreciate it. Please keep it up so I can know that my efforts are being acknowledged and appreciated.


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