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Disclaimer: The characters in this story do not practice safe sex, but keep in mind that this is fiction. In reality, safe sex should always be practiced. This story is total fantasy and in no way is it meant to depict any characters or places or actual events in real life. The events in this story have not happened, and are not likely to happen in the real world as we know it.

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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

Subtitle: My Bully


Tanner got down on his knees in the shower and grabbed Rasheed's head in both hands and started licking, evidently licking off some of the drops of piss which splashed there. Then he went for a kiss. Rasheed put his arms around him, pulling him in close, and returned the kiss with a vengeance.

"You boys go play" Tanner said to Darrell and me, dismissing us as he and Rasheed stood up in the shower. He closed the door and turned on the water.

I knew exactly what to do, and it sounded to me like we'd just been given permission. I led Darrell by the hand over to the beanbag chair and pushed him down into it. Without a word, I opened up his pants, pulled his dick out, and took it in my mouth. Jesus, Darrell had a wonderful dick. The most suckable dick on the planet. I got busy. I was really going to enjoy this.

Chapter Sixteen,

Okay, okay, okay. So I really fucked up. I really, really, really fucked up.

It sure sounded to me like he gave us permission. He said: 'you boys go play'. Play? Play at what? I thought he meant we could go fuck.

But how stupid could I be? This is Tanner, for god's sake. Obviously I didn't have my brain turned on. As I've said many times, Tanner is a god. But he knows he's a god, and he demands that his followers treat him like a god. Of course he is vain and conceited as you would expect, but his boys love him because he is vain and conceited. That's what makes him Tanner.

So, how could I, for even one second, believe that, as one of his boys, I had the right to have sex with someone else, particularly one of his other boys, without his explicit approval. I've said several times that Tanner owns me and how much I love belonging to him, so how could I have forgotten that?

He said: 'you boys go play', and I have no excuse whatsoever for reading something into that that wasn't there.

You know what? No matter how hard I try, and I really do try hard; no matter how hard I try I always fuck up with Tanner. I'd give my right arm for him if he asked, but instead, I fuck up and get him angry with me. As much as it frightens me to think it, I sometimes wonder why he puts up with me. I don't deserve him.

So, anyway, here's how it went.

So much happened yesterday. That Drew kid from Oro City showed up, and I gave Tanner my best blowjob ever, and then Drew fucked himself on Tanner's dick. Mr. Strump from Oro City showed up and Darrell showed up and Rasheed showed up. I only came twice but my dick was hard through all the action.

We all kinda worshiped Rasheed, before Tanner took him into the shower and pissed on him. Yeah, he pissed on him. It was some kind of bet that they had. Two muscle men, doing shit like that; fuckin awesome. That was so, so, so hot.

Anyway, Tanner told Darrell and me to go play, and I gave Darrell one terrific blowjob. He's got such a perfect prick; a prick to die for. Just the right size to make you struggle to take it, but not so big as to make you choke yourself to death. And does Darrell ever get excited. He goes crazy when he begins to get hot and that's such a turn-on. So I spent a good half hour worshipping that prick of his, before he finally came. And when I was done we cuddled up in the chair and he jerked me off. That was my second ejaculation of the day.

All that time Tanner and Rasheed were still in the bathroom. They had both jerked off during the piss scene, and were supposed to be just taking a shower. It seemed to be taking a long time so I went and peeked. And you won't believe what I saw. You simply won't believe it.

Tanner was on his knees next to the shower and Rasheed was standing in front of him. Rasheed was flexing his massive arms, the double bicep pose, and Tanner was looking up at that spectacular body of his. And here was the amazing thing, the part that you won't believe.

Rasheed's very hard dick was bouncing on Tanner's face and Tanner was licking at his balls. The look on Rasheed's face was indescribable. I mean, he's the most gorgeous guy around to begin with, but now, with muscle god Tanner lapping away at his balls and looking up at him with worshipful eyes with his dick in his face, he looked absolutely awesome. I heard Tanner moan in passion as Rasheed changed to a 'most muscular' pose and his dick bounced up and back down, slapping in Tanner’s face.

Anybody would want to worship Rasheed; he was so spectacular, but to see Tanner doing it; Tanner the muscle god, Tanner the omnipotent, that was simply beyond belief.

But in fact, Tanner worshiped muscles. He worshiped his own muscles. Those muscles were what made him, and allowed him to be the dominant stud that he was. He knew what it took to obtain a body like Rasheed's and like his so he could appreciate it like nobody else. Rasheed may have been smaller than him, but his physique, being contest ready, was sheer perfection. Tanner knew all about worshiping muscles, so I guess it's no real surprise that he would want to worship Rasheed.

I carefully closed the bathroom door and went back and cuddled up with Darrell again.

It was a while before they finally came out, and from the satisfied look on his face, my best bet was that Rasheed got one hell of a blowjob. He was beaming like the sun.

Tanner glanced over at me and Darrell in the beanbag chair for only a second, didn't say a word but just grabbed his clothes and left the room. I was horrified. Was he mad? Rasheed didn't get dressed either but grabbed his stuff and hurried to catch up with Tanner.

I jumped out of the chair and ran across the hall to look out the window. Tanner was walking across the street, totally nude. I know it was after dark, but even so I couldn't believe it. I think my heart skipped a beat. Hell, I know it did. Tanner was mad. It was obvious.

I saw that Rasheed was getting dressed on my front walk. Then he walked away.

Darrell came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. I had tears in my eyes, and I actually sobbed once.

"Darrell, we fucked up" I said, and sobbed again.

"No" he said in surprise. "No. He said go. He said it was okay."

"He's mad, Darrell. No question about it. He's mad."

"But …. but …. but" was all Darrell could say.

"You'd better go, Darrell. We'll talk tomorrow."


So, I cried. Hell yes, I cried. He must have been furious with us to just walk out like that. I could only wonder if I'd really lost him for good this time.

How could I have been so stupid? How could I, for even one second, think he would share me with somebody else. That would be like accepting seconds, and there was nothing about Tanner that was second best. No matter what I thought he said, it was crazy to think that demigod Tanner would share his haram boys with anyone.

I was crying when I went to bed, but I did finally get to sleep late in the morning. So I was sound asleep at 10:00 when Tanner banged in. Tanner always worked out early on Saturdays and came over at ten.

"Tanner" I said with pleasure as I woke up and saw him there. But, one second later I remembered. And besides, Tanner was not smiling.

I rubbed my eyes and sat up.

He just stood there for a moment, not saying anything. And he was angry. It was very clear that he was angry. "Well, get the fuck over here" he growled at me. I got out of bed and got on my knees in front of him with bowed head and my hands clasped behind my back. A true submissive's pose.

"Look at me" Tanner said. I looked up at him. He hit me, a good solid slap. (whap) I was prepared, so he didn't knock me over, but he wasn't gentle. I didn’t make a sound.

"Get your chin up" he growled at me. "Look me in the eye." I looked up and stared into his eyes. He hit me again, on the same cheek.

"Master …." I started to say.

"Shut the fuck up" he snapped. "And get your god damn head up." I raised my head again and looked into his face. My eyes were blurred with tears now. Tears of embarrassment and tears from the stinging on my cheek.

"You little son-of-a-bitch" he said to me. "After all I've given you." I was hurting, both physically and mentally, but I didn't move. I didn't cry either, at least not yet. My eyes were filled with tears, but I just looked up into his face, knowing more punishment was coming.

He kicked off his shoes, and then took off his tank top and his shorts. This was a slap in the face as well, because he never did that. Never! He always had me undress him.

"What a disappointment you are" he growled at me. "I actually thought you were going to be my good friend, my buddy. My supporter and helper. Someone I could depend upon."

Now the tears really started dripping down my cheeks. I wasn't actually crying yet, but I was close.

"Do you have anything to say?" he growled.

"I love you, Master" I said softly. He hit me; on the other cheek.

"You dare to say that?" he snapped. "You dare to say you love me?"

"I truly love you, Master" I replied. He hit me again, on that same cheek. That was four times now, and I knew my face was going to be red for days. I was crying now. He stepped away and went over to the beanbag chair. I just stayed where I was for a few minutes.

And you know what? I actually felt a little hope. He didn't walk out, and he didn't say we were finished. I definitely felt hope. I mean, just face it, why would he be doing this to me? Why would he even be bothering with me it he was going to dump me.

"I truly love you, Master' I repeated "and, I'm very sorry I disappointed you." I crawled across the floor to the chair. He still had his socks on, so I removed them and kissed his feet. The best show of servility from a submissive that I know of: kissing your Master's feet.

He didn't say anything so I put my hands behind my back and just kept kissing; on and on and on.

And I knew everything was going to be okay. He wouldn't be letting me do this if he wasn't planning to forgive me. I knew it. But you know damn well I didn't show it. I may have been starting to smile on the inside, but I was totally sorrowful and menial on the outside. Besides, I wasn't sure if there wasn’t more punishment to come.

I kissed and kissed and kissed. Soft, sweet kisses. No lick; no suck; just wet kisses.


So guess what happened? Tanner bad-mouthed me for a while, cursing me and disparaging me, and slapped me a couple more times. After I begged him and begged him and begged him, he let me worship his body. I spent forty-five minutes licking every inch of that incredible physique of his. God, I love that. He didn't let me touch his dick, but I licked out his ass for ages. When I'd covered every inch of him, he let me lick his balls while he jerked off. I had the grin of a lifetime when, as he got near the end, he got on top and shot his juice in my face. Yeah, it was wonderful.

So, the new law was, no Darrell. I was not to see him again and he was no longer a member of Tanner's haram. In all truth, I wasn't going to miss him all that much. I loved Tanner. I truly, truly loved him. I told you what a suckable dick Darrell had, but I realize now that that was simply because I was just a beginner; I'd only given four blowjobs so far, two to Tanner and two to Darrell.

And, as you well know, Tanner had THE prick; a humongous monster. That was the challenge. I mean, who in their right mind would want to suck on a six or seven inch prick, when there was a ten incher available? I couldn't wait to get back on Tanner's monster. I couldn't wait to prove myself to him again.

And guess what else? Tanner and I are on best terms again! Once more, I'm his best bud.


So, she's gone. Yeah, my Mom's gone. She and asshole Tom Tanner left yesterday. I love my Mom. I mean, kids love their parents don't they? In truth I didn't actually see her very much. Some Saturdays and some Sundays we'd spend time together, but that certainly wasn't her fault. I was very well aware she was working her ass off for us, for me, to keep us in house and home, and food on the table.

Speaking of the table, I was the cook in the family. I had to make my own meals during the week, but even on weekends when Mom was here I did the cooking. And, in recent months, I cooked for Tanner as well. So, Mom being gone was not a problem in that respect.

In Tanner's case, he couldn't boil water without burning it. His dad had done the cooking for them before he started spending all his time at my house. Even before Tanner started spending his time here, he said his mother never ate with them. She was a strange one and had become a real recluse in the past couple years, and probably needed psychological help, because she seldom left her room and always kept her door locked. Tanner said he would run into her in the kitchen once in a while and that was about it.

(He also said he was glad he didn't see her very often, because she made no attempt to hide the fact that she wanted to get into his pants, and actually grabbed him 'you know where' a couple times. If you recall, this is not his real mother, but his stepmother.)

I suppose I'd have to cook for my dad, but I had no intention of eating with him. He was a shit, and I hated him. But understand, I'm not totally stupid so I know we have to get along since we are going to live in the same house. Luckily, our house is big, huge in fact. My mom had to struggle to pay the mortgage and make ends meet, but my dad's loaded, so that's why we bought this house in the first place.

I was willing to live with him, since I had no choice, but I didn't intend to have anymore to do with him than I absolutely had to. He could stay at his end of the house, and I'd stay at mine.

So, about my dad. He was a prick. He and mom fought constantly. They never seemed to have a decent word for each other, ever. And at twelve years old, I got very defensive of my mom, so I got into the fights too. Now that I'm older, I realize that there were two sides to the fights, and my mom wasn't perfect by any means, but I still think he was a prick. It wasn't going to be easy living in the same house with him.

"He didn't say when, he just said today" I said to Tanner. Today was a holiday and Tanner had come over at ten o'clock like always. Not that he needed to, since his dad was gone, but it was just a habit. Besides, I was nervous about meeting my dad, and I wanted Tanner's moral support.

As usual when he arrived, I stripped him down to his bikini's, light tan ones today, which blended in with his light tan skin color making them almost invisible. But no matter what Tanner wears, he goes from gorgeous to more gorgeous, but today I think he was …, well, even more gorgeous. He always works out early on days with no school so every muscle on his body was totally pumped.

I was stripped down to my bikini as well, and so was Jerod, since Tanner did not allow us to wear anything more than that when he was here.

Tanner didn't respond to my comment.

"I don't know if he'll be here this morning or not," I said, "because I don’t know where he stayed last night. Mom said it was going to take two days, so he had to stop somewhere last night.. I just don't know where." Tanner still didn't respond; he didn't even look at me but kept looking down at Jerod.

Jerod was wearing a white bikini just like mine, but Tanner had put a collar around his neck and attached a leash to it. He'd led Jerod around the room for a bit, making him crawl, before he sat down. Hey, muscular football player Jerod was the most servile of all of Tanner's boys so you can bet he loved this. I can tell you I loved it, watching that hunk crawl around on a leash behind Tanner. So fuckin hot.

Tanner was sitting in the beanbag chair now and Jerod was on his knees in front of him. He'd started at Tanner's feet about ten minutes ago and had now worked his way up to his thighs, kissing and licking and sucking every inch of Tanner's muscled feet and legs. Hands behind his back and always looking up into Tanner's face, he was being a true submissive and having the time of his life.

"Tanner?" I said, trying to get his attention. I was nervous enough about meeting my dad, without worrying about him coming in and seeing Tanner getting a blowjob.

"I hear you, I hear you" Tanner said, "But Jerod's been looking forward to this all week, haven't you, baby?" He reached down and ruffled Jerod's hair.

"Yes, Master" Jerod answered immediately.

"Ain't no way we can stop now. Your dad will just have to wait." he laughed.

"Please, Tanner" I pleaded. "I'm nervous enough already."

He laughed again. "Sorry, babe" he said glancing over at me, "But I've got appointments to keep."

"But Tanner …." I started to say.

"You want me to go home, just say the word."

"No, no, Tanner. I want you here, just in case. But Jerod?"

“You said you wanted me here, well I'm here, so shut up about it. Besides Jerod won't be here that long.”

“I wanted you here for moral support, Tanner, but …. but … but not fucking Jerod. This is my dad who is coming, Tanner. He doesn't even know I'm gay.”

“Well, he's going to find out today” he chuckled.

“Tanner, please” I said, beginning to plead with him.

“I'm here in your bedroom, Charlie, and we’ll keep the door locked” he said in an exasperated tone. “So shut up about it before you piss me off.”

“Okay, sorry, Tanner. Sorry”

“You sound him out for a bit, just like we talked about” he said. “Then you come get me and we'll face him together.”

“Okay, Tanner. But I'm just nervous.”

“Of course you are” he said. Looking down at Jerod, he pulled gently on the leash and Jerod raised his head. "You having fun, honey?" he asked and gave him a slap. (whap)

Jerod didn't react to the slap, he probably expected it (you do remember that Jerod likes really rough sex, right?). "Yes, sir, Master. Thank you, Master" he answered.

"Tell me you're having fun" Tanner chuckled, and slapped him again. (whap)

Jerod still didn't make a sound as he was hit, but he responded immediately. "I'm having fun, Master" he said. "Yes, sir, I'm having fun." His whole body shuddered as he said this. Jesus, he really loved this shit.

Tugging on the leash, Tanner pulled him up against the bulge in the thin bikini's. "Get it wet, hon. Get it wet and get it hard." Jerod started sucking away at the growing monster barely being held in by the spandex undies.

"Stop worrying so much" he said to me. "We've talked about this. You'll be just fine. I know you can handle it."

"I know, I know" I said. "But I'm just nervous. I just wish he was here so we could get it over with."

"Well, I'm here now and I can go with you" he said. "Just say the word and I'll back you up."

"No, no. I think that would be a mistake. I need to meet him first by myself. But..., but …, please Tanner, you and Jerod? I'm going to need you. You'll be ready when I need you and I can come get you, right? You'll be here?”

“Yes, I'll be here, but ….” There was a long pause.

“But? But what?” I asked.

“I'll be busy, Charlie. After Jerod leaves Jim’s coming over.” He looked over at me, waiting for my reaction. I don't think he was surprised when I exploded.

“Tanner, for gods sake. You can't ….” I said, almost yelling.

“Watch it Charlie” he said with a slightly threatening tone.

But this was just too much. "Tanner. You can't be serious" I shouted. Yes, I shouted. That will tell you how nervous and anxious I was, actually yelling at Tanner. "You can't do this while I'm meeting my father. You're supposed to be ready to support me."

"I can't?" Tanner snapped at me. "You're telling me I can't?"

"No" I shouted. "You can't. You …. you …. You've got to ….” Then I began to come to my senses. What was I doing? You don't yell at Tanner. Nobody yells at Tanner. My anger immediately dissipated.

"Tanner …." I started to say; to apologize.

"Get on your fuckin knees" Tanner shouted at me. Tanner seldom shouts so you can bet that got my attention. I dropped to my knees. "Who do you think you are, you little shit?" He stood up and Jerod jumped back, wondering if he should run for cover. Tanner was clearly angry.

I put my forehead to the floor. There was a long pause, while I waited for him to come over and slap the shit out of me.

"Alright, so you're upset" he said. I still didn't move. "Look at me" he snapped. I looked up with tears in my eyes. I'd done it again. I'd gotten him angry with me once more. Again, and again, and again, I can never stop provoking him.

"Tanner, sir? Master?" I started to say softly.

"You're upset" he said, interrupting me. “I know that. So I'll let this slide for now. We'll talk about it later." He sat back down in the beanbag chair. "Get back on my prick" he said, speaking to Jerod.

"Now you listen up. I’ll be here if you need me, just like I said. I'll be here but I'll be plugging some holes while I wait. Got it?

"Yes, Tanner, sir. I got it" I said contritely. Tanner was being magnanimous and I knew it. He probably should have beaten me to a pulp for not only talking back, but actually yelling at him. I'd never done that before. Well, only once: that first time with Jerod when I thought he was going to strangle him. Tanner punished me for that. He really punished me. So now he said we'd talk about it later, so I had no doubts whatsoever that I was going to kick my ass good. I would deserve it.

"Get this bikini off" he said to Jerod. Jerod looked up at him, questioning. "Yes, with your teeth" Tanner confirmed. Jerod shuddered in pleasure as Tanner raised himself up slightly so Jerod could work the bikini down over those massive thighs. It took a while but Jerod was loving it. I wasn't sure what to do so I stayed there on my knees.

Tanner stood up and pulled Jerod to his feet. "Strip him Charlie" he said. I got up and scurried over and pulled Jerod's bikini down and off.

"Little creep" Jerod said softly, feeling the need to give me a dig. You recall that he hates me, right?

Removing the leash, Tanner lifted Jerod up in his arms and carried him over to the bed. Now, you know Jerod is a football player, a wide receiver, so he's all muscle and must weight 180 pounds, but Tanner picked him up like nothing. A spectacular show of strength, and Jerod loved it. He had a grin on his face like you wouldn't believe, reveling in the pleasure of being dominated and carried by his demigod Master.

Tanner put him on his back on the bed and then lay down on top of him. There lips met but their kiss was not what I expected. With a Master/slave type of relationship, you might expect it to be wildly passionate, but actually it was soft and loving. Jerod put his arms around Tanner and started rubbing his hands up and down the muscular back. He began to moan softly in contentment as the sweet gentle kisses went on and on.

Here I was again. The watcher. Tanner fucked Tommy yesterday afternoon in the school weight room while I watched, and he fucked Larry here in my bedroom last night while I watched. And now he was doing Jerod, and Jim was coming later. I'm watching. He had so many members of his 'haram' that he never had time for me. I just watched.

I wonder how many times I've seen Tanner fuck somebody? Thirty? Fifty? But I'd only had him, what: five times myself? Three blowjobs and two fucks. It wasn't fuckin fair, but I admit I'd jerked off damn near every time just watching him. I must say, watching Tanner fuck is an incredible experience.

I had hoped he would find time for me this weekend, but now it looked like rather than fucking me, he was more likely going to be kicking my ass.

Tanner had fit his enormous prick between Jerod’s legs and was pumping slowly up and down as they kissed. God, Tanner is gorgeous. The musculature of his ultra defined back moving and his hard ass cheeks dimpling as he jacked up and down on top of hunky Jerod was a sight to behold.

Then Tanner put a knee between Jerod’s legs, forcing his legs apart. Breaking the kiss, he slowly raised up until he was on his knees between Jerod’s legs. Raising those legs, he put them on his shoulders. Spitting on his hand, he rubbed the spit into Jerod’s crack. He did this again and then punched a finger into the tight little hole.

Jerod was looking up at Tanner with complete awe; I suppose you could call it reverence. He didn't react when Tanner pushed a finger into him, nor when he pushed two fingers in. He was murmuring something. It sounded like he might have been saying ‘Master, Master, Master’ over and over to himself.

Tanner took hold of his prick and lined it up with Jerod’s little pucker. “Here it comes, baby.” He pushed. Jerod’s mouth dropped open in anguish, but he didn't make a sound as the head of Tanner’s prick entered him. With Tanner, that's always the hard part since he's so big; getting the big bulbous head of his dick in there. It's not quite beer can size, but it's damn close to it.

Tanner reached up and gave Jerod a couple pats on the cheek; pats not slaps. "You're doin good, baby" he said with a big grin on his face. "And you're tight. There ain't been many dicks up there."

"Master," Jerod said in shock, even through the pain. "You know there ain't been …"

"I know, I know" Tanner laughed. "I know you been saving your sweet ass for me. Savin it for Tanner's big dick."

"Yes, sir. Yes, Master" he said. "I would never let …"

"Okay, I get it, baby. You're mine. You're hot ass belongs to me."

Being extremely thoughtful, Tanner pulled completely out of Jerod's ass. "Take a breath, baby. Here it comes." He took aim and pushed in again, forcing the hole to open up once more for his big piece of meat. This time he didn't stop with just the head, but pushed two or three inches in.

Jerod was grimacing, but he didn't make a sound, except for that faint murmuring of 'master'. Tanner stopped for a moment, and then pulled back an inch and then went in deeper. He did this four, maybe five times until all ten inches of his dick were buried in Jerod's butt.

Tanner let out a big sigh. "We're there, baby." He had this enormous grin on his face. You'd think he hadn't had his dick up a hot muscle kid's ass for ages, instead of two kids yesterday and two kids the day before. "Feels damn good, slave boy."

Jerod let out a soft groan and then: "Thank you, Master. Thank you."

"You like being my slave boy, right?" Tanner asked.

"Yes, Master" Jerod answered, looking up into Tanner's eyes. "Yes. I love being your slave." Tanner chuckled, pulled his dick almost all the way out and jammed it back in to the hilt. For the first time, Jerod reacted; with a grunt. Tanner did it again getting another grunt from him.

"You got a great ass, baby" Tanner said. Holding steady, not pumping, he reached up, grabbed Jerod's hair and gave it a jerk, pulling his head up off the bed. Jerod yelped: "ouch"

Holding him by the hair with his left hand, Tanner slapped him with his right. (whap) A good healthy slap. That got a reaction.

"Yeoh” Jerod yelled, but then he followed up with: "Thank you, Master." Tanner hit him again on the same cheek, hitting him just as hard as the first time. (whap). That was followed by the same result; a yell and a thank you.

I told you Jerod was a masochist, probably the most submissive of all of Tanner's minions.

"Good, boy" Tanner said, still grinning up a storm. "Good slave boy." Letting go of Jerod's hair he put both hands on Jerod's shoulders. Then he started to pump, slowly, very slowly.

"Feels damn good, baby. I'm going to keep this going. I'm going to fuck your hot ass all day long." Jerod had a big grin on his face now as well. He was in pig heaven.

I suppose it was inevitable. This is when the doorbell rang, and I think my heart skipped a beat. I was so nervous. My knees were shaking; actually, my whole body was shaking.

Tanner looked over at me, and threw me a kiss. Then he mouthed the words: 'good luck'.

He went back to his fuck and I headed downstairs.


The first thing I took note of when I opened the door was how small he was. He wasn’t any bigger than me and I'm puny. I'm 5'8" and weigh 118 pounds at last count, and I don't think he was any bigger.

"Hello, Charles" he said. "How are you?" I considered giving him a snide remark like 'why do you care' but I controlled myself.

"Hello, dad. Come in" I said. If he had luggage he left it in the car because he was not carrying anything. He headed into the living room and I followed him. He sat down in the lounger/rocking chair, what used to be 'his' chair. I sat on the sofa.

"Did your mother get away okay?" he asked.

"Yes. She left yesterday morning" I answered. There was a pause.

"It's been four years, Charles. It's nice to see you again." I wanted to say 'no it wasn't' but I kept my mouth shut. I didn't respond.

"I guess there have been a lot of changes, hey?" he said.

"Yes, there have" I said. "I was twelve then and now I'm sixteen." There was another long pause.

“Yes you are. You've grown up. You're become a handsome young man.” I didn't say anything.

He sighed. “Is this the way it's going to be between us, Charles?” he asked.

“I have nothing to say to you” I said. “Mom said you told her nothing would change. That's the way I want it. You can stay at your end of the house and I'll stay upstairs. That’s been working fine with Mom so it can work with you.”

“Lois said you had a boyfriend” he said, ignoring my comment.

“Yeah. So?”

“She also said you think you're gay.”

“I guess she told you a lot,” I said, “but I don't think I'm gay. I am gay.”

“You're sixteen” he's said.

“Yes, I'm sixteen and I'm gay.”

“I know I've been out of the picture for a long time Charles, but I'm still your father.” Uh-oh. This was already beginning to look like trouble. i could see the handwriting on the wall.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked.

“I talked to your mother and she agreed that you might need some direction.” I need direction? Did my mom double cross me? She didn't say a word to me about anything. She said nothing would change. Is he making this up?

“Everything’s fine just the way it is. We are not going to change anything” I said emphatically.

“Lois admits she wasn't around much, so you had no supervision, but that's going to change.”

“No it isn't” I said. “Nothing’s going to change.”

“You're mother wanted me to come here, Charles. She was happy when she found out I was planning to return. And, sorry, but we might have to change some things.” It looked like my worst nightmare was coming to fruitrition.

“You can't. You can’t ch-change anything” I said, and my voice broke as I said it. I wasn't quite sobbing, not yet, but I was frightened.

“I'm your father Charles, and your mother has already agreed.”

“Agreed on what?” I shouted. “She told me n-nothing would c-change.” I stuttered and actually sobbed once and tears came to my eyes. I can be such a pussy sometimes, but I couldn't help it.

“Do you remember the Kevern Academy in North. Carolina, the school I attended?” he asked. “You used to tell me you wanted to go there.”

“I thought I wanted to go there when I was twelve, before you left” I said sarcastically. “Now I'm sixteen and I don't want to go there. I won't go there.”

“We’ll see. We’ll be talking about it” he said. “Now, will you help me get my stuff from the car?” I wanted to say no, but I didn't want to make things worse. We got up and headed for the front door.

That’s when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was Jim, the 6’4” 260 pound front linesman on our football team. A huge guy pretty much filling up the doorway.

“Hi, pip-squeak” he said. “Tanner upstairs?” I didn't know what to do or say, but it didn't matter anyway because he pushed me aside and then pushed my father out of the way and headed upstairs. Jesus, what a clod.

“What? What?” my father asked, really shocked. “Who was that? Was that a friend?”

“He's hardly my friend. I think you could see that.” Sarcasm again. “He's Tanner’s friend.”

“And who is Tanner?”

“He's my … my …. Mom must have told you. He's my boyfriend” I said. It's probably best I don't call him my Master.

“And he's upstairs right now?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Your mother says he controls you.” (that’s putting it mildly). “I want to meet him.”

“Now is probably not a good time” I said, but he walked past me and headed upstairs. “Dad” I called. “Dad.” He paid no attention. This was not the way I intended to introduce Tanner to my dad.

As we entered my bedroom, Jim was in the middle of the room taking his shirt off. Jesus, he is big. Seeing him from the back, those shoulders are massive, unbelievably wide. He tossed the shirt aside and flexed his biceps. His lat spread was phenomenal, every muscle in his back was bulging and his massive biceps were indescribable He wasn't gross and over built like Tommy, but was simply enormous; perfect as a linesman on the football team. “You're looking great, Jim. You're really bulking up” said a voice, Tanner's voice.

My dad and I both pulled out eyes away from Jim and looked over at the bed. And there he was: Tanner, my muscle man Master in all his glory, lying there on his back in the nude.

He looked over at me and then my father and laughed. “Oh shit” he said through his laughter.

I pulled my eyes from Tanner and looked at my father. His mouth had dropped open, his eyes were bugged out; I could see he was in shock. But I knew what he was seeing. Tanner was young and gorgeous with a perfect muscled physique; sheer perfection, a true sight to behold. I'm sure my dad had never seen nor even imagined anyone looking like him, and he was overwhelmed. There's just no way he couldn't appreciate pure perfection in a human being. From that look in his eyes he was not only shocked, but he was tremendously impressed.

“Charlie, you going to introduce us” Tanner laughed as he sat up on the bed and then stood up. His dick was soft for a change but was pretty damn hefty anyway dangling down between his legs. His grin was a mile wide.

My dad finally came to his senses. “Charles. Who is this?”

“This is my boyfriend” I said proudly. Yeah. I wasn’t embarrassed, I was proud. “This is Tanner.”

"Glad to meet you, Charlie's father" Tanner said, still laughing, as he stuck out his hand. My dad visibly shuddered and stepped back.

“G-g-get him out of my house, Charles” he said as he backed away and then rushed out of the room.

"Not very friendly, is he?" Tanner laughed. I was just beginning to get over my shock and I could see that it might be funny. I mean, he had to know about us at some time, but what an introduction.

Now here is the question. The real question. When he turned to leave did I see a bulge in his pants? Did I, or was it my imagination? Could my father be turned on to Tanner?

"He likes me" Tanner said. He was still laughing; evidently this was the funniest thing he'd seen in ages. "You see that bulge in his pants? He likes me." That answered my question, because Tanner saw it too. "I just know we're going to get along fine" Tanner said. Now I laughed along with him. I couldn't help it.


"Tanner" I said, as his laughter finally began to subside. "Tanner, I need to talk to you. Right now. Could you have Jim help my dad with his luggage while we talk?"

"Jim? Would you?" he said.

"Tanner. You're not going to cancel on me again" he growled. "You can't." Tanner started laughing again, because he had cancelled appointments with Jim so many times, we'd lost count.

"No, Jim, no" he laughed as he stepped over and gave him a good smack on the lips. "I won't cancel this time. I promise."

Jim bent down and gave Tanner a kiss on his shoulder and then his neck and then his cheek. "I can't wait" he whispered. He left to go help my dad.


So I told Tanner the whole story, everything my dad had said. Military school for me? Bullshit! And double crossed by my mother as well. It made me angry just telling him, and I could see he was getting pissed as well.

"Leave it to me" he said. "I'll take care of it."

"But Tanner …." I started to say.

"I said, I'll take care of it. Don't you worry your little head." He grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss. A long sweet (wonderful, wonderful, wonderful) kiss. God, I loved him.

"How?" I said when he finally broke the kiss. "How will …."

"You stay here, and I'll go down and fix it. Don't worry." Still naked, he left the room. Jesus; what was he going to do? I followed him.

Jim was coming up the stairs, evidently having finished with the luggage. Tanner grabbed him, hugged him, and kissed him. "There's going to be a delay, Jim. I've got to solve a problem."

"I guess you do" Jim laughed. "I saw that lump in his pants too. But save something for me."

Tanner laughed along with him, and then grabbed his crotch, and his still soft cock. "You know I'll always have something here for you. Wait for me and I'll be up in a while."

Tanner headed down the stairs and Jim came up. I got out of the way or I've no doubt he would have walked right over me. Jim didn't hate me like Jerod did, but he just didn't recognize that I even existed.

As I hurried down the stairs, I saw Tanner go into the living room. I know he told me to stay upstairs, and I did not dare disobey him, but.... BUT. I had to see this. I had to. I ran out the back door, around the house to the living room window.

Tanner was sitting on the couch, his arms thrown up on the back, looking totally relaxed. I don't know how he could be so calm, since my heart was beating a mile a minute.

It was not more than five minutes before my dad walked into the room. He stopped abruptly when he saw Tanner sitting there.

"Come in" Tanner said. My dad turned around to leave, but Tanner jumped up and grabbed him by the collar and pulled him into the room. "Don't leave. We've got to get acquainted."

I told you I was surprised how small my father was, every bit as short and skinny as me. So Tanner had him by five or six inches and between 60 and 80 pounds.

Tanner reached around putting one hand under my dad's butt, the other behind his head, and lifted him off the floor. He twisted his head to a comfortable position and pulled him into a kiss. Dad couldn't move his head so he was forced to accept the kiss, but he was banging Tanner's back with his fists trying to get him to stop. Tanner just stood there for a couple minutes, holding him up with his feet dangling in the air and forcing the kiss.

Then Tanner started walking around the room, carrying my dad with him, the kiss going on and on. This went on, like, for a good five minutes or more, but then my dad stopped hitting Tanner's back. He just hung there like a rag doll as Tanner carried him around the room and kissed him, aggressively jamming his tongue into him. But then, the clincher; as I watched, my dad put his arms around Tanner. Yeah, he put his arms around him, and I could tell he was hugging him.

Yeah! Really! He was hugging him. No doubt about it. My jaw dropped down in amazement as I saw this. And then.... And then I realized that he was returning the kiss as well. It was no longer aggression on Tanner's part alone, but my dad was returning it just as aggressively.

I told you Tanner is a god. I also said he must have some sort of mystical powers that allow him to take control of the men around him. He must have. Didn't this prove it? Taking control of my father without any effort whatsoever. This simply had to be supernatural. The actuality of this is that Tanner really must be some sort of supernatural being.

Like a shot of adrenaline shooting through my body, I suddenly came to the realization of what an incredible honor it really was to be able to serve him and worship him. My jaw dropped open in enlightened amazement; and love. I actually felt a glow inside of me and I actually gasped aloud at the realization of my overwhelming love for him. Tanner. My god. My Master.

Even though my dad was hugging him and returning the kiss, Tanner didn't stop his walking around the room, keeping it going for a good fifteen minutes. After a bit my father wrapped his legs around him. But finally Tanner put him down on the sofa.

Not saying a word, he grabbed my dad's shirt and pulled it up and off. My dad was looking up at him in complete awe; call it adoration, making no attempt to stop him. Tanner got down and pulled my dad's shoes off, and then unbuckled his belt. Grabbing the pants and underwear, he tugged them down and off, leaving my dad in only his socks. His socks and one hell of a hard-on. Jesus was he turned on, his five incher looking like it was about to burst.

He didn't say a word but just accepted what was happening, seemingly perfectly happy to be under Tanner's control. He hadn't taken his eyes off of Tanner for a second, totally mesmerized by him. I said he was looking at him with adoration, and that was definitely the case; adoration and maybe reverence. He was completely under Tanner’s spell, and Tanner knew it. Tanner chuckled as he stood up in front of him with his dick in his face and started playing with it. It was about half hard now, but as he manipulated it, it began to grow.

For the first time, my dad’s eyes left Tanner’s face and moved to the growing dick in his face. Did he want it? Did he want Tanner’s dick? He was so completely caught up in Tanner's …. Tanner's what? Tanner's magnificence? He was obviously hypnotized by it. It was clear to me he wanted whatever Tanner wanted. Without a doubt, at this point, he would do anything Tanner wanted him to do. Tanner recognized this and chuckled. A new conquest. “Good, boy” he said through his soft laughter. “Good, boy.”

Tanner spit into his free hand and then rubbed it all over my dad’s face. My dad just sat there looking up at him with his mouth hanging open and that crazed look on his face as Tanner rubbed the spit all over him.

Tanner did it again, spitting in his hand and rubbing it in my dad's face, as he continued laughing softly. No reaction whatsoever from my dad.

“Kiss” Tanner said as he put his hand in my dad's face. My dad kissed it.

“I said kiss” Tanner repeated. So my dad kissed it again and then again, and then five or six more times.

Turning my dad and pushing him on his back on the sofa, Tanner climbed on, got on his knees and raised my dad's legs. “I'm going to fuck you, honey” Tanner said with a big grin on his face.

Looking into Tanner’s eyes, my dad still had that look of complete adoration. Completely under Tanners spell, I think I heard him say ‘yes’.

Tanner spit a couple times in his hand and rubbed it into my dad's ass and jammed a finger or two into him. But he kept eye contact the whole time. It was like the spell would be broken if their eyes parted.

Taking aim, Tanner pushed into him. My dad groaned softly and I could see his face scrunched up from the pain, but he never broke contact with Tanner’s eyes.

“You're going to love it, honey. You're going to love Tanner’s prick.” Very gently, Tanner started jacking his big stick, gradually sinking it deeper and deeper. The groaning from my dad continued but that was all except for that look of devotion on his face.

“Oh, shit” Tanner finally said when all ten inches of his prick were deep into my dad's butt. “Gonna fuck you good, honey” he said. “You ain't never gonna forget this day.” As I watched he went at it, fucking up a storm.

I know Tanner and I know who he likes to fuck, and that is hot young muscle boys, not old men. My father must have been almost forty, so I'm sure Tanner had never fucked anybody that old before. And besides he was a skinny runt. But surprisingly, Tanner didn't seem to care.

Actually I think it was the power and control that was the turn-on. Tanner was staring into my father's worshipful eyes with a big grin on his face and he was obviously enjoying it.

Now Tanner really started going at it, slamming into my dad's butt with a vengeance, shaking the sofa and getting a grunt from him with each thrust. “Fuck yeah” he yelled as he slammed into that skinny ass over and over.

Tanner didn't slow down for a second but kept the hard fast fucks going on and on until he reached his peak. I wasn't surprised to see my dad's little prick begin to spurt, even before Tanner got there, beating him by twenty seconds or so.

Tanner slammed into him one final time and yelled ‘YEAH’ and started shooting into his butt. He grabbed my father’s hair and jerked his head up in the frenzy of his ejaculation, getting a howl from him; the first real sound from him during the whole fuck. My dad shot at least seven times, splattering his cum all over his chest and stomach, while Tanner was shooting into his ass.

As he finished, Tanner took a big breath and sat back on his haunches, I noticed sweat dripping down his face. He'd really got into this.

“Damn that was good” he said still looking into my dad's adoring eyes. He laughed. “You've got a nice tight ass for a skinny old guy. Maybe we'll see about loosening it up.” My father did not say a word, but just kept looking up into Tanner’s eyes.

Very slowly, Tanner pulled back allowing his softening dick to slide out.

“You gotta thank me now, babe” Tanner said. “I let you have my dick, you gotta thank me.” I gasped in shock. Making my father thank him? Wow! But by the look on my father’s face I had no doubt he would do it. And he did.

“Thank you, sir” he said. That's my thirty something year old father thanking my seventeen year old ‘boyfriend’ for fucking him, and calling him sir.

Can you believe this shit?

Tanner stood up and I realized it was time to go. I definitely didn't want Tanner to know that I'd disobeyed him and come down to watch.

But I also felt different now. Seeing the power and control and supernatural abilities of Tanner made me realize more than ever, what an incredible honor it was to be a part of him, and my love for him was so overwhelming it felt like my heart would burst.

I slipped in the back door and back up to my bedroom.

It was about a half hour before Tanner came up to the room. Jim was watching TV the whole time and simply ignored me.

I could not believe my eyes when they came into the bedroom. I gasped in horror. Maybe not horror, but at least in incredible surprise. Tanner was still naked, but my dad was now wearing shorts. But the real shocker was that my dad was also wearing a black leather collar around his neck, and Tanner was holding a leash which was attached to it. My father's hands were behind his back and his head was bowed as Tanner led him into the room.

Tanner grinned at me.

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