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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

Subtitle: My Bully

Recap from chapter three:   (Then Tanner saw something in Mr. Carson’s eyes that told him that he had already won, that he was in complete command, so he dropped the subtle approach completely. Reaching down and grabbing the hem of his T-shirt with both hands, he pulled it up and off, showing off his astonishing muscular upper body.  Giving his biceps a quick flex, he handed the T-shirt to Mr. Carson.  “Keep this for me, man, until Thursday.”)

Chapter Five

The door was locked.  

“Well, I’ll be damned” Tanner said.  “He’s got more balls than I thought.  I didn’t think he’d dare stand me up, the little prick.”

Oops, I thought.  Tanner was pissed.  I knew Mr. Carson was going to be very sorry for this.  Very, very sorry.   Tanner never let a slight go by, so there was going to be hell to pay.  He did not stand for any disrespect from anyone, even a teacher, so I knew Mr. Carson was in deep shit.

You don’t really want to be around Tanner when he’s pissed.  

By the time we got to my house, he had built on that anger,

“That son-of-a-bitch.  That little cocksucker” Tanner said as we entered my bedroom.  “I even brought a condom along with me for god's sake, in case he was queasy.”  Nope, he hadn’t calmed down at all on our walk home.  Tanner didn’t use condoms, so to bring one along for Mr. Carson was a big consideration, and he didn’t do that for just anyone.  He was obviously being particularly  thoughtful of Mr. Carson, since he was a teacher, and was  planning to treat Him with respect when he fucked him.  “That son-of-a-bitch” he repeated and turned to me.

“That little cocksucker.  I wasn’t even going to work him over” he said.  “And I was going to use a condom when I fucked him.”  Under any other circumstances this would have been funny.  I mean, just think of the context.  Tanner was going to rape him, but considered himself very thoughtful for not beating him up first and fucking him raw.

“I've fucked school teachers before, back in Oro City” he said to me, “and I treated them like dirt and they loved it.  But Mr. Carson was so pretty I thought I'd make it special.  Well fuck me for doing it.  I'll never do that again.”

Tanner had let Darrell of the hook this afternoon because he was planning to spend some time fucking Mr. Carson, so I was the only one here.  I was the one who had to face his anger.  I can tell you that I know the blood was draining from my face and I was shaking.  This was most definitely not good.

I dropped to my knees and started untying his shoes.  This was a standard procedure every afternoon anyway, because we always stripped down to our underwear. I’d only removed one shoe when he pressed forward knocking me back and actually stepping over me, and going to the bathroom.

“God damn it” he growled from the bathroom.  “GOD DAMN IT” he shouted.  This was even worse than I thought, because I’d never seen him this mad.  Under the best of times Tanner is volatile, so I knew this was going to be horrible.

I stayed on my knees, crouched down on the floor, actually shaking.  I mean, what could I do?  I couldn't run, and until he calmed down a little I couldn't reason with him.  

You know I love Tanner.  I’m madly, desperately in love with him.   But I was also afraid of him.  Yes, there was definitely a fear factor.  I was afraid of his moods.

“God damn it” he growled again as he came back into the bedroom and walked up to the window.  “Get me out of these damn clothes.”  I scurried over and got his other shoe off and then his socks.  Before I could do more he turned away and went over and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV.  “I said get me out of these damn clothes” he snapped.  He grabbed his own t-shirt, jerked it off and threw it aside.

I jumped and got over to him on my knees.  I grabbed the belt of his cutoffs and unbuckled it, but before I could do more he turned off the TV and threw the remote down.  He stormed back over to the window with me crawling behind.

I don’t think he even knew I was there, he was solely wound up about Mr. Carson.  I was just part of the furniture at the moment.  I undid his cutoffs and pealed them down over his big thighs leaving his bikini. Then I got out of his way.  I went over and got on my bed trying to look small, hoping that he wouldn’t notice me.  He went over to the TV but couldn’t find the remote.  “God damn remote” he snapped as he looked for it.

When he found it he turned the TV on, but only for a minute or so, and then turned it back off.   He just stood there for maybe two full minutes staring at the blank screen, and then turned to me.   I cringed as he looked me in the eye.

“He’s a real son-of-a-bitch, isn’t he” he said to me.  It looked like he was beginning to calm down.  At least he now recognized my existence.  

“Yes, he sure is, Tanner.  He sure is” I said, agreeing with him.

“I don’t like that kind of attitude” he said.  “That pisses me off, and I ain’t going to let him get away with it.”  That wasn’t news to me, because I know Tanner would never let something like this go by.  He saw this as a direct affront to him.  He’d never let anyone do something like this and let them get away with it.

At least Tanner was talking sensibly with me, so maybe the worst of his anger was over.

“I was planning to fuck him, Charlie” he said, and believe it or not, he actually smiled at me.  “What do you think I should do about that?”  Yes, he was smiling, but it looked like his ‘I’m going to beat the shit out of you’ type of smile.  

At least he seemed to be rational now.  He seemed to be back in control of his emotions.  I hoped he was anyway.

“Where’s Darrell, Master?” l asked, thinking maybe he could take out his frustrations on him.

“I told him he couldn't come over today” he said.  “Shit.  He wanted it and I said no.  Double shit.  Call him, Charlie, and tell him to get his ass over here.”  

“I don't think he'll answer me, Master.”  I was getting comfortable calling him Master now, at least when I remembered.  It was a little strange at first, but it was so fitting, him being such a gorgeous dominant muscle god.   An obviously superior being.  And me, the insignificant little wuss.  I loved calling him Master because it just felt right.

 I loved him passionately but I knew it would be absurd to call him my lover, because he was so clearly superior.   Yeah, he was.  He was superior.  I ain't disparaging myself or nothing but it was just so obvious that he was an extraordinary human being.  Truly phenomenal.  

I was simply thrilled that he gave me the attention that he did.  I loved him for the delightful, warm, human being that he was, and yes, he was delightful and warm.  Delightful and warm and probably the most beautiful man on the planet.   So I also loved him for allowing me to be a part of him, allowing me to be his best bud, allowing me to serve him, and best of all, allowing me to blow him, the thrill of my life.

Tanner tossed me his cell phone.  Darrell answered before the first ring was over. “Tanner?” he said expectantly.

“Charlie here” I said.  “Tanner wants you over here, stat.”

“Fuck you, you little twat” he said to me.  “Let me speak to him.”

“Likewise to you” I said into the phone.  “Tanner, he wants to speak to you.”

“Are you coming or not?” Tanner snapped as he took the phone.  Obviously he was still pissed.  I'd been anxiously waiting for a couple weeks now for Tanner to fuck me, but I sure didn't want it to happen when he's angry like he is now.  “Okay” was all that he said into the phone, and he tossed it on the bed.  “He's not coming” he said to me.  “The little fucker’s at the mall with his mommy.”

Think fast, I said to myself.  Tanners anger was building up again, and yes, I was nervous.  Hell yes.  I knew he'd want to release his frustrations by fucking, rough fucking, very rough fucking.  As much as I loved him, I didn't want to be a part of this.  Not when his anger is out of control.

“Son-of-a-bitch”he said as he walked over to the window.  Then I had a thought.

“JIM” I shouted.  “Jim Stanley.”  I know Tanner had talked to him today after fucking him last night, and I assumed he had laid down some ground rules, since Jim was supposed to become part of his ‘harem’.

Tanner got a grin on his face.  “Call him” he said as he picked up his phone and tossed it to me.  I was surprised that Jim was already set on speed dial.

"Jim, this is Charlie."  'who' came the voice.  "Charlie, Charlie Vallier.  Tanner wants to know what you're doing right now" I said.

"Gimmy the damn phone" Tanner said.  Speaking into the phone he said: 'Jim, I told you to be ready.  You know where Charlie lives? (pause) Well, get over here."  Jim must have said something.  "Fuck your dinner" Tanner snarled.  "I'll have Charlie make you dinner.  Just get over here.  Ten minutes."  He threw the phone back on the bed.

"Will you stop prancing around here" he growled at me.  God, he was upset.  "Go get me something to drink."  I hurried out of the room as he turned the TV on again.  I was happy to get away from his anger.  I wanted to take my time getting him a drink, but I knew he'd get even angrier if I wasn't back in double-time.  I grabbed a coke from the fridge and ran back upstairs.

He was lying in the beanbag chair as I handed him the coke.  As usual when we were here in the afternoon, he had his hand on his prick keeping it about half hard.  This is the way he kept it when he wasn't fucking.  I had my doubts whether the thing was ever soft.  

Tanner didn't say anything, in fact he didn't even look at me, so I went and sat on the bed to keep out of his way.

The doorbell rang about ten minutes later.  “Go get him” Tanner said.  I went down and opened the front door.

Jim took one look and said: “what the fuck?”

“Tanner’s upstairs” I said.  He grabbed me by the neck and slammed me back against the wall.

“You ever touch me again you little piece of shit,  and I'll tear you into pieces and feed you to the dogs” he snapped at me.

“I was only doing what Tanner told me” I wheezed since he was squeezing my neck.

“You won't do it again” he said, and hit me, with his fist.  Jim’s a big guy, a really big guy, so he sent me flying about six feet over in the corner where I  landed in a heap.  I think I was almost unconscious since I slammed my head on the floor when I landed.

I groaned when I finally was able to raise my head..  My head hurt the most, but my jaw hurt like hell.  I felt my teeth with my tongue but luckily he hadn't loosened any.  I was groggy and had trouble standing up, but I did finally get to my feet.  The front door was still open but Jim was gone, so I assumed he'd gone upstairs.  I closed the door and headed up.

When I got up there I was surprised to see Jim still in the hall.  Evidently he was trying to get up his nerve to go in.  

“Chickenshit” I said as I walked past him into my bedroom.

Tanner turned off the TV when we entered the bedroom, and stood up and flexed, showing off his incredible physique.

"Remember this, Jim?" he asked.  Jim gulped and so did I.  Jesus.  Every time Tanner flexed his muscles like that, and I'd seen it a hundred times already; every time he flexed I was more impressed than the time before.  He was awesome.  He was herculean.  "You remember, Jim?" he repeated.

"Ahhh, yeah" Jim said.  "I …. ah …."

"You need a refresher course?" Tanner said.   "You want  a reminder of what these muscles can do?"  Tanner had a big grin on his face as he said this.  I think he was hoping Jim would stand up to him.

"No, T-T-Tanner."  Jim gulped and stuttered.  "No.  I …. ah …."

"I think you need to call me sir" Tanner said as he stepped up right in Jim's face.  Jim's face now turned white, and I could see he was afraid.  He clearly remembered what Tanner had put him through last night.  But I hoped Tanner would really kick the shit out of him again.  I wanted to see it again.

"Okay, T-T-Tanner, ah …. sir.  I mean, yes sir" he said.   Can you believe Tanner?  He was only seventeen years old but he had me and Darrell calling him Master, and this big lug who had a couple inches on him and maybe fifty pounds in weight, was calling him sir.   He's got to be the most amazingly dominant stud in the nation.

"Good, boy" he grinned as he reached up and patted Jim on the cheek.  Jim visibly flinched in fear.  "You sore from last night?"

"Ah …. yeah, sir" Jim said.  "Yeah, I am."

"Good.  That gives you something to remember me by."   Tanner was really enjoying Jim's fear, and Jim was beginning to sweat.  Jim's fear was real because it was that fear that brought him here.  He knew he had to do Tanner's bidding or things could get really bad.  I don't know what Tanner said to him in school today, but he obviously got the point across that disobedience was out of the question.  I mean, he damn well knew Tanner was going to fuck him or something and he still came over here of his own volition.

"So, what do you want to do for me?" Tanner asked.  "You want to give me your ass again?"

"Tanner, ah, sir.  Please" he murmured.  "I …. ah …. no, sir.  Ahhh … no, sir."  Yes, he was sweating.

"What the fuck you think I brought you over here for?" Tanner snapped.  He reached down and pulled his prick out of his bikini allowing it to slap up against him abs.  He was hard.  Very hard.  That monster of his was hot and ready with a drop of pre-cum on the tip.  "I've got something down here that needs servicing.  What do you want to do about it?"

Tanner was standing there arrogantly with his hands on his hips, his enormous schlong pointing at the ceiling, and those spectacular muscles showing in all their glory.  What a vision.  He took my breath away.  And he terrified Jim.

"Sir.  Ahhh …. sir" Jim said.  Then he turned to me.  "Will you get this little shit out of here?"  Tanner didn't say anything but just looked at me and nodded his head towards the bathroom door.  It was clear that it was time for me to go.  I went to the bathroom and almost closed the door, almost.

"Well?" Tanner said.

"Sir.  Please don't fuck me" Jim said.  He was pleading.  "Please don't fuck me."  I couldn't see Tanner, but I could imagine a big grin on his face.  He loved having guys pleading with him.  

"Get on your knees" I heard him growl and then sounds of Jim getting down.  "I asked you a question, boy.  What do you want to do for me?"

"Tanner, I mean, sir.  Please" Jim pleaded and I think I heard a sob in his voice.  ""I'll ….  I'll …."

"You'll what?" Tanner asked.

"I'll suck you" Jim said softly.  

"Oh, so you want to blow me?" Tanner said and I could hear the pleasure in his voice.  "Really?  You want to suck me off?"

"Yes, sir" Jim said.  "I'll do it."

"Tell me you want to do it, Jim.  Tell me you want to suck my prick" Tanner chuckled.  "I really like to hear guys tell me how much they’d love to blow me.”

"I want to suck your cock, sir" Jim obediently answered.

“You'd ‘love’ to suck my cock” Tanner corrected him.

“I'd love to suck your cock, sir.”

"Good, boy" Tanner laughed.  "Now, strip down.  I like my cocksuckers in the nude."  I wondered how Jim would react to being called a cocksucker, but as I opened the door a crack I saw that he was stripping.  He was obviously too frightened to object or he simply knew he had no choice but to do whatever Tanner wanted.   Or, horror of horrors, maybe he wanted to do it!

Tanner went over and sat on the side of the bed and grabbed his dick.  "Over here cocksucker, on your knees" he said.  As always with Tanner, complete and total humiliation.  I saw Jim, now naked, kneel in front of him.  Tanner grabbed his hair forcing him to look up at him.  "Big, strapping boy like you, Jim" Tanner laughed.  "I'll bet you've sucked plenty of dick.  In fact I'll bet Jerod's got a nice one."   We knew Jim and Jerod were best friends, but Tanner was guessing that they had a thing going between them.  Jim was looking up into Tanner's smiling face.

"Answer my question" Tanner said.  "Has Jerod got a nice dick?"

"Ahhh …. yeah" Jim murmured softly, so softly I could barely hear him.  "Yeah, I've sucked him."

“Yeah, I figured” Tanner laughed.  “And how good is he?  You like having your own cocksucker?”

“Yeah, he's sucked me” he answered.  I'm not sure, but I think he might have grinned.  “Yeah, he's good.”

Tanner laughed.  “I might check him out” he said.  I knew damn well he was going to check him out because he'd already told me so.  “I'll bet Jerod’s got a nice dick.  What do you think of mine?"

"Ahhh …. sir" Jim mumbled.  "You're, you're awfully big."

"Yeah, I am" Tanner said.  "It's a good thing you've had some practice."  Tanner let go of his hair.  "Get on the dick" he ordered him.

"CHARLIE" he yelled.  "Close the door."  He startled me so much that I actually fell back on my butt with a yelp, pulling the bathroom door closed with a bang.   All was silent as I sat there and waited.


Mr. Carson was not in school on Friday.  He was either at a conference, or out sick, or who knows.  Who knows what teachers are doing when the aren't in the classroom.  I knew there was going to be a confrontation eventually, but it couldn't happen until at least Monday.

So Darrell walked home with us.  Tanner had Darrell strip him instead of me, and then had him suck on his dick for half an hour.  He specifically made me stay in the room and watch, not even letting me turn on the TV.   Lying there on the bed, Tanner had Darrell suck him and then rolled him over and fucked him.  Of course it annoyed the hell out of me that I had to watch, particularly since Darrell kept grinning at me and winking, rubbing it in that he was getting all of Tanner's attention, and not me.  I think Tanner was punishing me for something but I wasn't sure what.  But I'm always opening my mouth and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time so I knew I must have deserved it.

After Darrell left, Tanner watched TV before going home, but he didn't let me touch him.  I jerked off three times after he left.

That Saturday was one of the few days my mom had off from work, and she insisted that I go with her to visit my Aunt and my Cousins.  Mom loved Tanner and thought it was great that he was my friend, so she was perfectly willing to give him the run of the house while we were gone.  Tanner told me, yeah, he told me just to rub it in.  He told me that he and Jim Stanley were going to spend the day together in my bedroom.  I tried not to think what they were doing because all it did was make me sad.  Sad and mad.  Sad and mad and jealous.  Sad and mad and jealous and resentful.  

Darrell was a hunk and Jim was even hunkier, and Tanner was training both of them to be his fawning fuckboys.  Even though Tanner kept saying that I was his number one bud, I was really nervous about it because there's no way around it, I'm a skinny wimp.  I'm what's called a pretty boy, and although those guys may not have been 'pretty', they were both good looking, and they had amazing physiques.

On top of that, even though I was getting damn good at it, I knew, just from Tanner's reactions, that Darrell gave a better blowjob than I did.   It was frustrating and scary.  Every day I wondered what I could do to show my deference to Tanner, to show him my complete devotion and subservience.  I loved him desperately but I was constantly terrified that he would dump me for one of these hunky guys.

I mean just look at the list of potential members of his 'harem'.  Except for me and Mr. Carson , they were all hunky muscle boys:  Darrell and Jim and Rasheed and Larry and even Jerod, and who knew who else Tanner was looking at.   And Tanner had said more than once that his liked dominating and fucking muscle boys.  Mr. Carson and I were the pretty boy types.

And besides, Tanner still hadn't fucked me.  He'd fucked Darrell and Jim and planned to fuck Mr. Carson, but I was still a virgin.  It was crazy.  I hoped he'd love fucking me so much that it would give me a better hold on him.  I was determined to give him a fuck like he'd never had before.  To be honest, I have to admit that for a week now I'd been greasing myself up every morning just so I'd be ready.  

So, I didn't see Tanner at all on Saturday and he spent the whole day with Jim, so there was no doubt that Jim must now be a regular member of his 'harem'.  

When Mom and I got home he was gone and he didn't answer his phone all evening.  I was devastated.

Sunday morning, my Mom was working.  I told you, she has a crazy schedule.  Around ten o'clock when I was eating my breakfast, Tanner came walking into the house.  He walked right by the kitchen and went upstairs, so I gobbled up two more bites of my eggs and ran after him.  

"Hi, baby, you miss me" he said as I hurried into my bedroom.  He was smiling and I can only imagine what my huge grin looked like.  He held out his arms and as I went into them he kissed me.  Holding me tight he actually pulled me up off my feet and swung me around the room as we kissed.  I was in heaven.  

"Oh, yes, Master" I said as he broke the kiss.  I was almost sobbing with emotion.  "I missed you so much."  He kissed me again and then put me back on my feet.  He then stepped back showing that big smile that actually warms my heart and leaves me breathless.  I had tears of joy in my eyes as he raised his arms.  

He raised his arms, as in: 'it's time to strip me', so I grabbed his t-shirt and pulled it over his head,  Then dropping to my knees I removed his shoes and socks, and then his shorts.  His bikini today was yellow.  Since it was made of some  thin 'spandex' stuff and the yellow color was so light, he might as well not have been wearing anything, since it was nearly invisible.  As always he was about half hard, showing a very large bulge in the tiny bikini.  I'm not sure if I'd ever seen Tanner when he was completely soft.

"Darrell's on his way over" he said calmly.  My smile went away instantly.  Darrell?  I  was devastated.  

"Darrell?  Now?" I asked.

"Yeah, Darrell" he said.  "And I don't want to hear any shit from you."  That sure shut me up, because he automatically assumed that I would complain and I didn't want him to feel that way.  I've said over and over that Tanner is a god, and he has the right to do anything he wants without me objecting.   I know that.  I'm very clear on that.  Of course I loved him, but I knew I had no claim on him.  Obviously my feelings will be hurt and I'll be terribly jealous, but I didn't want Tanner to think I was in the least bit possessive.  Even though I was.  A peon doesn't make demands on his Master.

My tears of joy turned to tears of hurt though.  I was hurt that Darrell was coming over, and I wouldn't have Tanner to myself, but I  was also hurt that Tanner expected me to create a scene.  I had to learn to hide my emotions better.

“Okay, Master.  It's okay” I lied.  Sometimes it's better to lie.

“Did I ask you if it was okay?”  he growled at me.  “Do I even care if you think it's okay?”

Shit, I did it again.  “Of course not, Master” I said quickly, realizing my mistake.  “Sorry, Master.  Sorry.”  Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut, something I was having a terrible time learning.

"You'll stay and watch and if you're good, maybe I'll let you blow him" he chuckled.

"What?  Master?" I said in shock.

"And if you're not good I may let him kick your ass."  He still chuckled.  I didn't know what to say, I was so shocked.   Why was he doing this to me?   Why was he mad at me.

"Master, what did I do?"

"You've been getting a little uppity, and it's about time you learned your place."

"But Master …. "  I actually let out a sob.  Shit.  It seemed like I was sobbing all the time with Tanner.  "But Master, I love you" I said.

"Fine, you love me" he said coldly.  "But you don't own me.  What did you say to Darrell when I had Rasheed in the weight room?"  I just stood there for a moment trying to remember.  Tanner had kicked me and Darrell out so he could be alone with Rasheed.  But I remembered that Darrell had taken off like a lightening bolt.

"Nothing" I said.  "Darrell left.  I didn't say anything to him."

"You told him you owned me.  You had me wrapped around your little finger."  This was just too much now.  I dropped to me knees in front of him.

"Please, Master.  I didn't say that.  I would never say that" I pleaded.

"How about Jim?" he muttered at me, giving me a glare.

"Jim" I asked in surprise.  "Jim Stanley?"

"You talked to him in school on Friday" he said.  Not a question, but a statement.

"But ….  But …."  How do you disagree with someone without disagreeing with them?  "But, Master?"

"You told him he was going to become your regular cocksucker, because I'd make him do it."  That was so outrageous that I was momentarily speechless.  That was so untrue and so unfair.

"But, Master.  Master."  I grabbed hold of his thighs and looked up at him.  He was angry.  "That's not true.  I didn't even see Jim on Friday.  Honest, Master" I pleaded.  "Honest, I didn't talk to him.  I didn't even see him."  He knocked my hands away.

"Why do you still have your clothes on?" he snapped at me.  I was startled at the change of subject, but I jumped up and ripped my clothes off as quickly as I could while looking into his angry face, then I got back on my knees.  I was sobbing now.  What was going on here?

"They're lying, Master.  They're lying" I sobbed.  "They're both lying."

"Why?" he asked.  "Why would they lie?"

"Because they're jealous, Master." As I said it I realized that that was the truth.  Of course.  They were jealous.  They were jealous because I was Tanner's number one boy.  "They're just jealous" I repeated.

"Yeah?" he queried.

"Yes, Master.  Yes" I said quickly.  "They're jealous because they want …., they want to be your number one boy."

"You think so?" he said and actually grinned at me.  "You think they want to be my number one fuck boy."  His grin got bigger.  The idea of those hunks fighting to become his number one lackey must have been quite a turn on.

"Yes, Master.  I'm sure of it" I pleaded.  "Please, Master.  You know I wouldn't say those things.  I wouldn't.  I never would."  Tanner grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, forcing me to look into his eyes, and just looked at me, with that semi-grin on his face.

"So, they're jealous, huh?" he asked. and laughed.  "They want to fight over my dick."

"Yes, Master.  I'm sure of it" I said again.  With his hand in my hair he pulled me to my feet, and looked into my eyes.  

"So, you've got some competition, huh?"  he said and laughed.  He was obviously pleased to have three boys all fighting for his attention, and for his prick.  He gave me a quick kiss on the lips.  "You know what I'm going to do to you?"  I was visibly shaking but he was grinning at me and didn't seem to be angry anymore.  "I'm going to fuck you.  After Darrell leaves, I'm going to fuck you."

My frustration and my fear blew away with the wind, and with tears still in my eyes, I tried to smile back at him.  God, I loved him.  I think he knew how desperately I wanted him to fuck me.  I just felt that once he fucked me, it would cement out relationship permanently, and I wouldn't have to worry so much about the competition.   He had to fuck me and he had to love it.

He pulled me into a kiss.  A long spit exchanging French kiss.  When he slid his hand inside my jockey shorts and squeezed by ass, my dick went 'sprong', instantly hard, and I got a glow in my heart that shot throughout my whole body.  I was in heaven.


I was standing by the door leaning against the wall waiting for Darrell to show up.  I'd been here about ten minutes and was beginning to wonder if he was coming.  Tanner was not going to be happy about him being late.

I hated it when Tanner sent me down to let his fuckboys in, because they hated me.  Jim had damn near knocked me out last time, and Darrell had threatened me.  I considered telling Tanner how mean they were to me, but I was afraid he'd just call me a whiner or a wimp.  I am a wimp, I know that, particularly compared to Darrell and Jim, but I wasn't a whiner, and I didn't want Tanner to think I was.  Besides I was still his number one boy and I didn't want to do anything to jeopardize that.  

When the doorbell rang I opened the door, but I stepped back out of Darrell's reach and got ready to run if necessary.  He sneered at me as he entered, not bothering to close the door.

"You shit.  You lied about me.  I didn't say anything to you" I shouted at him.

"I got your number, you little creep" he said.  "You just wait."  He reached for me but I headed for the back of the house.

That was scary, because Darrell was a muscle boy, a good wrestler, a lot bigger than me and he was willing to lie to Tanner about me.   I was really going to have to watch my step.

When I got upstairs to my bedroom, I saw Darrell, still fully clothed, on his knees in front of Tanner, head bowed in fealty.   "Are you my boy?" Tanner asked.  That was all fine and good except that Darrell had a great big smile on his face.  He loved this sort of thing, being totally subservient to Tanner.

"Yes, sir" he said softly.

"My cocksucker, huh?  You my cocksucker?"  As always with Tanner, total deference was required.  For anybody else, being called a cocksucker would have been humiliating, but Darrell's grin got even bigger.  The son-of-a-bitch liked it.  

"Yes, sir" Darrell said.

"Good boy" Tanner said with a big smile.  "Show me how devoted you are.  Kiss my ass."

Darrell didn't move or say anything for a moment trying to figure out what Tanner meant.  Then he said: "huh?"

"You listening?" Tanner snapped.  "I said kiss my ass.  Get that pucker up and give my ass a good kiss."  Tanner didn't move, so Darrell looked up with a questioning look.  "Move it" Tanner demanded.

Finally catching on, and seeing that Tanner was not going to move, Darrell crawled around behind Him on his hands and knees and gave his ass a kiss.

I was still standing by the door, and had a huge grin on my face.  Shit, it was so cool watching Tanner take total control of a guy like this.  Watching him humiliate a guy like that was a sight to behold.   But it wasn't working with Darrell, because I could see from the bulge in his shorts that he was totally turned on.  He was loving it.  The more outrageous and demeaning Tanner was to him, the more he liked it.

"Don't kiss my bikini" Tanner snorted.  "Kiss my ass."  Darrell dutifully pulled Tanner's bikini aside and gave his ass cheek a kiss.  "Good boy, good boy" Tanner chortled, as he reached back and ruffled Darrel’s hair.  "Now pull my bikini down."  Darrell did what he was told.  "Good, boy.  Now stick your nose in my crack and give me a nice wet kiss."

I watched Darrell's face, and he was showing no emotion at all.  Completely sober.  But he had his hand in his crotch, groping himself like crazy.  Oh yeah, he was turned on.  Really turned on.

"You like that, baby?" Tanner asked, twisting around and looking back.  "You like kissing Tanner's ass?"

"Yes, sir" Darrell said, and I could tell it was heartfelt.  He really meant it.  He was really turned on.  Without further instruction he jammed his nose into Tanner's crack and kissed it several more times.

Tanner turned around, grabbed Darrell by the head with both hands, and pulled him to his feet.  Holding his head, he pulled him into a kiss.  A deep French kiss.  As it went on and on, Tanner reached down with one hand, grabbed Darrell's ass and pulled him in tight.  With his other hand on his head, Tanner now grabbed onto his hair and actually bent him over backwards keeping the rough kiss going.  Yeah, a show of power and control, a show of total domination.  

And as best I could see, Darrell was melting in his arms.  Fuck.

Finally breaking the kiss and with one arm around him, Tanner reached down, grabbing Darrell's legs and lifted him into his arms.  Darrell was a stud and probably weighed 175, 180 but Tanner lifted him like a feather.  Holding him there in his arms and looking into his eyes, Tanner kissed him again.  Darrell had a smile on his face that literally spread from ear to ear.  Tanner, standing there holding him in his arms and kissing him, like a bride or something, showing his incredible strength, must have been driving Darrell into a state of ecstasy.  The expression on his face as Tanner held him in his arms was something for the record books, total elation.  As much as I was learning to hate Darrell, and as much as I hated seeing him in Tanner’s arms, and even as jealous as I was, this was turning me on.  This was hot. But what I wanted, of course, what I would have given my right arm for, was to be there in his place, in Tanner’s arms.

Tanner carried him over and laid him down on the bed.  Then climbing on top, he sat on his chest, slid up and rested his balls in his face.  Tanner didn't say anything, but he didn't need to, because Darrell started lapping away at his balls.  Tanner looked over a me and winked.  Yeah, winked.  I wasn't sure what it meant, but at least he was thinking of me and he was not mad at me.

Tanner’s ten inches was standing straight up like a flag pole as Darrell licked his sack, but from that position, sitting on his chest, there was no way Tanner would be able to get his dick down into Darrell's mouth.  But he tried.  Sliding back off of Darrell’s face and grabbing him by the hair, Tanner bent his very hard dick down and pushed it into his mouth.  The angle was all wrong , but Tanner jerked on Darrell's hair and jammed four or five inches of his enormous schlong into his mouth.

"Come-on, baby.  Suck on it" he said.  Darrell started sucking and Tanner started dragging his head back and forth by his hair.  The only sounds for the next ten minutes or so were Darrell's slurping sounds as he was force fed Tanner's dick.

I didn't figure that would last because the position was just wrong for face fucking, and I knew Tanner liked to stick his dick in deep.  Sitting on a guy's chest while you fucked his face was a great show for dominance/submission but was not practical for a great blowjob.

So I wasn't surprised when Tanner climbed off.  Getting off the bed entirely, he grabbed Darrell and dragged him over so his head was hanging over the side.  Now Tanner had a direct line from Darrell's mouth into his gullet and he immediately took advantage of it.  Sticking his thumb in to open him up, he stuck his dick into Darrell's mouth and pushed, jamming it all the way to the root so his balls were crammed in tight against Darrell’s nose.. I actually saw the bulge in Darrell's throat as Tanner's dick forced its way in.

I told you Darrell was a hell of a cocksucker, and he proved it now, because as Tanner pulled back and slammed his prick in again, Darrell didn't choke.  Tanner's ten incher was jammed deep into his throat and he took it like a pro.  I was shocked and amazed, and very impressed.  I knew I'd never be able to do that.

Pulling back again, and giving a gasping Darrell a chance to breathe, Tanner started to fuck.   Nice steady even rhythm, he was jacking maybe seven or eight inches into Darrell, just enough to get the feel of his tight throat with each thrust.  Darrell reached around and grabbed Tanner's ass cheeks and started squeezing them, actually encouraging Tanner to fuck his face.

It was very hot, but I actually got tears in my eyes.  Jesus, Darrell was good.  I just knew I'd never be that good.  I wanted to leave or at least turn away, but Tanner had already made it clear that I had to watch and I definitely didn't want to do anything to piss him off now.

Tanner kept it going, long and slow and deep, on and on.  Darrell must have had a throat of steel because Tanner just kept going for ten and then fifteen minutes.  His hands behind his head most of the time with his head thrown back in delight, he just kept on and on plowing Darrell's face.  Every tenth stroke or so, he'd push and keep pushing until his crotch was mashed against Darrell's face.  Then he'd give it a quick jab, trying to increase his pleasure in the tight throat, before pulling back.  Darrell was astonishing.  

And then Tanner started groaning, evidently getting close.  I was surprised because Tanner always started getting violent when he was getting close, but this time he only went: 'ugh, ugh, ugh' and started to shoot.  He did finally reach down and take hold of Darrell's head, but just to hold him steady as he pushed in one final time.

He was obviously overloading Darrell because his cum began spurting out of Darrell's mouth and dripping down over his eyes and into his hair.  But Tanner just held him there, his dick deep in his mouth as he fired his load.  He was quivering slightly in excitement as he fired, but he didn't make a sound.

Then, finally, Darrell choked, and Tanner noticed. He immediately pulled his dick out and Darrell spewed out his cum and took a huge gasping breath.  Obviously he hadn't swallowed much of Tanner's cum because he desperately needed to breathe.

Tanner just stood there jacking his dick slowly as Darrell slowly recovered.  "Roll over" he finally said.  Darrell rolled over and lifted his head.  "Clean me up" Tanner ordered him.  Darrell dutifully licked his cock clean, and then his balls and his crotch.

Tanner stepped back and turned to me.  "Now there's how you suck cock" he said.  Turning back to Darrell and giving him a big grin he said: "Get up here cocksucker".    Darrell was beaming as he got up off the bed. "That was the best damn blowjob I've ever had" Tanner said as he grabbed him and pulled him into a hug and a kiss.  "Best damn cocksucker in the world" he said as he came up momentarily for a breath of air.  Darrell was grinning up a storm as Tanner continued the kiss.


I was feeling just about as low as I'd ever felt in my life.  Tanner was simply ignoring me and giving all his attention to Darrell.  After the blowjob, he'd taken Darrell into my bathroom and they'd actually showered together.  He'd never offered to do that with me, and just to make it worse, Tanner even made me get the towels for them.

'This deserves a celebration' Tanner had said.  'After the best damn blowjob in history, we deserve a reward.'  So the three of us went out for soda's.  I hated it of course because all Tanner could talk about was how great Darrell was, and of course, Darrell was eating it up.  His face was absolutely glowing.

Tanner had to know how I was feeling, how hurt I was by being ignored, but he obviously didn't care.  He said he was going to fuck me this afternoon, but I began to wonder.  Did he even remember?  And I was feeling so low that I wondered if I even wanted it.  Let me tell you I was depressed.  It looked like I was losing out to Darrell for Tanner's approbation and I was devastated   I just knew I couldn't compete with Darrell for Tanner's affection.  

Just to rub it in, Tanner had his arm around Darrell the whole way to the malt shop, and even gave him a kiss or two, right out in public.  And when we got there Tanner gave me the money, but I had to go get the drinks, while he smooched up to Darrell.  I hated this more than anything, having to wait on Darrell after he'd threatened me, and was busy stealing Tanner from me.

Tanner was gushing over Darrell the whole time until we finished out drinks.  

"So, tell me, Darrell.  What did Charlie say to you in the locker room when I was working out with Rasheed?"  Tanner asked sweetly.  My ears really perked up at this.  Was Tanner going to confront him?

"Huh?  What?" Darrell said.

"You told me he said something to you" he said.  "What was it?"

"Ahhh … he said.  He said …. " Darrell stuttered as he looked over at me.   "Oh, yeah, the little shit said he owned you.  He said you'd do anything he wanted you to do.  Yeah, that's what he said."

"He told you he owned me?" Tanner asked.

"Yeah, Tanner.  He was being a real shit and he said I'd better watch out or he'd get you after me."

"You told me he had me in the palm of his hand.  That's what you told me yesterday" Tanner said.  "Is that right?"

"Yeah, Tanner.  Yeah" Darrell said.  "He said that too."

"You're a fuckin lier, Darrell" Tanner said.  

"No, Tanner.  No.  I …."

"A lier, Darrell.  You made that up, and Charlie is very upset" Tanner said.  "What are you going to do about that?"

"He's a shit, Tanner" he said as he began to sweat.  "I don't know what you see in him.  He says all kinds of shit about you."

"You making this all up, Darrell, and you're beginning to get me pissed" Tanner snapped at him and reached over and grabbed him by the shirt front.  "I don't like guys lying to me.  You appologise to Charlie right now or I'm going to tear you a new asshole."

There was a long hesitation as Tanner held him by the collar glaring into his face.  But Darrell knew he was caught.  "I'm ….  I'm s-s-sorry, T-T-Tanner" he said softly.    "I'm s-sorry."   As he said that he glanced over at me with a look of hatred, like you wouldn't believe.   God, I hated this kid.   And now I really knew I was going to watch my ass because he was going to be after me.  And, I didn't believe for a minute he was sorry, he was only sorry he got caught.

"Appologise to Charlie" Tanner repeated, giving him a shake.  Charlie had tears in his eyes now.  He didn't like having Tanner mad at him any more than I did.

"Shit, I'm really sorry, Tanner.  I didn't mean …."

"To Charlie, not me" Tanner said again.

"I'm sorry, Charlie" he finally said, but his eyes were shooting daggers at me while he said it.

"Good, we'll say no more about it" Tanner said.  "Okay, Charlie?"  I wasn't satisfied, and I knew Darrell was going to try to murder me at the first opportunity, but what could I say.  

"Okay, Master."  I made a point of saying 'Master' because I wanted Darrell to see that I had a special relationship with Tanner that he didn't have.  Then I actually grinned at Darrell, or call it a smirk; 'the cat that swallowed the canary' look of satisfaction.   I was definitely one-up on him for Tanner's affection.

"Except" Tanner said and waited.  Darrell and I both looked at him expectantly.  "Except, you owe him, Darrell.  You owe Charlie.   And you're going to give him a blowjob."   Darrell and I both looked shocked, and then the smirk on my face got enormous.  I almost llaughed.  "You're going to blow Charlie this afternoon, Darrell, and I'm going to enjoy watching."  I didn't dare laugh but Tanner did.    Darrell just had a horrified look on his face.  "Yeah, I'm going to enjoy it, and so is Charlie."

"Tanner?" Darrell said, totally shocked.

"Shut up, Darrell" Tanner growled at him.  "You owe him and you're going to do it.  That's settled.  So say it."

"Huh?" Darrell said.

"Say it" Tanner repeated.  "Tell Charlie you're going to suck him off."  You can imagine the look on my face.  I was glowing.  And of course Darrell was shocked, mortified, devastated, appalled; and I loved it.

"Tanner?" Darrell gasped.  "Please."  Tanner just waited, glaring at him, until he finally spoke.  "I'm going to blow you, Charlie" he mumbled softly, not even looking at me.   It's hard to tell you how I felt, but I suppose 'glorious' might be the word.

"Okay, enough of that" Tanner said.  "Darrell, what do you think of Mr. Carson?"  The quick change of subject startled both Darrell and me, but we finally got with it.

"Mr. Carson?  The chemistry teacher?" Darrell asked.

"Yeah, him.  He's gorgeous isn't he?" Tanner said.

"Oh, yeah.  He is gorgeous" Darrell answered.  "I just love looking at him."

"I'm going to fuck him" Tanner said bluntly.

"Really?" Darrell said.  "You and Mr. Carson?  I'd love to see that."

"Good, you can come along" Tanner said.  "I'm going to fuck him today."  

"What?  Today?  Now?" Darrell said in surprise.  I was surprised too.  In fact I was shocked.  My joy at Darrell's humilation turned to misery, just like that.  Tanner did forget.  He didn't remember his promise.

But then he turned to me.  "Listen, hon" he said as he reached up and tousled my hair.  "I know what I promised, and I will make it up to you.  Actually, Darrell's going to make it up to you."  He moved his hand down to my neck, giving it a friendly squeeze, and then down my back giving me chills.  "Okay, hon?  Hmmm?"  His smile was so warm and friendly that I melted right there as he rubbed his hand up and down my back.  "Don't you worry yourself none, because your chance is going to come."  Moving from my back he took hold of my hand and pulled it over to his crotch and held it there.  He wasn't hard, but he wasn't totally soft either, so there was a sizeable lump there.   "Maybe not today, but sometime soon.  Okay, honey?"

"Okay, Tanner" I said softly, totally bowled over by his soft voice and big smile.  "Of course, Tanner."  Okay, so he wasn't going to fuck me today, but I had the satisfaction of knowing that Darrell was going to be humiliated like never before.  And, Darrel was an amazing cocksucker, so this was something to look forward to.  My prick gave a surge in my pants.  This was definitely something to look forward to.

"Don't you worry yourself none, sweetheart" he said softly, looking me in the eye.  "We'll get to it."

"Okay, Master" I said as I gave Darrell another smirk.

"Now to action" Tanner said.  "I'm going to fuck Mr. Carson today.  I found out where he lives, and that fucker owes me."

"He owes you?" Darrell asked.

"Hell, yes.  The bastard stood me up.  He definitely owes me."

So we headed out to visit Mr. Carson, our chemistry teacher.


To Be Continued

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