This is a story of gay dominance and rough sex, with an occasional touch of romance.   If you're not into domination, don't read it.   Also, If you are under the legal age of consent this is not for you.     

Disclaimer: The characters in this story do not use safe sex, but keep in mind that this is fiction.  In reality, safe sex should always be practiced.  This story is total fantasy and in no way is it meant to depict any characters or places or actual events in real life.  

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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner 

Subtitle: My Bully

 Chapter Twenty


I've told you that Tanner and I eat lunch together everyday, always at the same table, and anybody else joins us by invitation only.  And Tanner was picky about who got those invitations.

So I was surprised to see two tykes sitting with him as I entered the room.  Yeah, tykes; they looked like children.  But as I came up to the table, I almost gasped because they were extraordinarily beautiful.  Not just your everyday cute kids, but absolutely stunning.    Sweet baby faces making them look like they were ten-year old's but we're in high school so they had to be at least fourteen.  But they were amazing; simply gorgeous.  God, does Tanner ever know how to pick them.

I remembered that he had mentioned something about two Freshmen a few days ago, so I figured this must be them. (editor: chapter 17)

"Charlie, sit" Tanner said.  "This is Ryan and David."  I shook their hands.  "They are Tommy's new protégées and they're making great strides under his direction. . Show him Ryan.  Show him that muscle."   On demand, the little tyke raised his arm and flexed, showing a big grin and a very impressive bicep.  Very impressive.  It was hard to believe that this baby faced little kid had an arm like that.   I actually gasped aloud and was embarrassed because they heard me.  The Ryan kid's grin got even bigger.  "Impressive ain't it?" he said.

You know what a skinny wimp I am, so my arms are probably eleven inches or so.  This little kid's must have been thirteen or even fourteen, with a well-defined very impressive bulge.  I didn't know Freshmen came in that size because I'd never seen one with muscles like that.

"Your abs" Tanner said.  "Show him your abs.  You, David.  Show him."  David stood up and pulled up his t-shirt and showed amazing ridges of muscle.  Jesus, he must do a million setups.

"Damn good" Tanner said.  "Tommy is a miracle worker."

"Yeah, he's terrific" Ryan said.  "But he's a tyrant.  He kicks our butt every day, and runs us ragged."

"Oh, I know Tommy" Tanner said.  "He's tough, but look at your results.  Nobody your age looks like you guys."  They both got big smiles on their faces, thrilled to hear this from Tanner, the ultimate physical specimen.  But there was no question it was true, because it wasn't just biceps and abs, their entire physiques were outstanding.  Stunningly beautiful faces with equally stunning bodies.  Two of them.  How does Tanner find them?

"Thanks, Tanner" they both said.

"You ever have somebody kiss your muscles?" he asked bluntly.  And leave it to Tanner, he hit it right on the head.  They both looked embarrassed.  "I see you have" he laughed.  “There’s really nothing quite like kissing a buddy’s muscles.  Kissing ‘em and licking ‘em, particularly those bulging bi’s, those pecs and those rippling abs.  Shit, there really ain't nothing like it, is there?”  He hesitated.  “Is there?” he repeated..

There was no response from them but the way they looked at each other and then at Tanner with such guilty looks, there was no question they’d been doing it.  A little tongue action on their hot little bodies.  Something more than just admiring each other in the mirror.

“Yeah, worshiping a guy's muscles is a real kick.  Charlie here loves worshiping muscles, kissing and licking and sucking on them.  Don't you Charlie?"

I wanted to climb under the table.  I must have turned multiple shades of red in embarrassment.  Why was he embarrassing me like this?  And in front of these kids?  These Freshmen?

"Don't you Charlie?"

"Please, Tanner" I mumbled in embarrassment.

"He likes licking my muscles anyway.  Don't you Charlie?"  As I looked at him I saw that he wanted an answer.  I had to answer him.

"Yes" I mumbled softly.  "Yes, sir."  I called him 'sir' without even thinking.  Both kids looked surprised for a moment and then brightened up with big smiles.  Maybe they were imagining me, or somebody like me, kissing their muscles; worshiping them.   Or, just as likely, it was the reverse: imagining they were in my position licking Tanner’s muscles.  From the way they were looking at him I had no doubt the'd love to take my place worshiping Tanner.  And I'll bet they wanted to call him 'sir' as well.

"He'll be there this afternoon, so maybe we'll show you what he can do."  This afternoon?  He hadn't said anything about this afternoon.  Was he going to make me kiss these kid's muscles?   Or was I going to show them what it's like to do him?  

"So take off guys.  I'll see you in the weight room, and about 5:00 we'll get together at Charlie's house” Tanner said.  It was still 'Charlie's house' even though Tanner was living there now.

"Okay, Tanner" they said as they got up and walked away.

"Tanner?  This afternoon?" I queried.

"We're going to have a workout with Tommy to get pumped, and then we're coming over to your place for a posing session. Both of them want to compete in one of these teen bodybuilding contests so I'm going to help them get started.  Believe it or not, Tommy set this up and he’s going to be coming too.."

"But Tanner" I said.  "We have that new X-Box game.  We were going to ….."

"Yeah, I know, but I changed my mind.  Ain't no big deal."

"But Tanner.  We agreed that we were …."   Okay, I know I'm going way out on a limb here, since Tanner is so sensitive, but the new game: 'Sea of Thieves' that I was so excited about was being released today.  My dad was picking it up for me and Tanner and I had been planning for days for its release. 

 "I said I changed my mind" he said firmly, and that was the end of that.  I knew enough to stop now and keep my mouth shut.  He gave me a slight cuff to the back for the head.   "I'm hot for this and it can't wait.  I have a picture in my mind of those beautiful baby faced boys, those virgin twinks, with their faces buried in my crotch, those pretty mouths busily sucking on my dick.  That’s going to happen today.  You go home and get going on the game.  You can tell me all about it tomorrow."

This was a shock, and it really stung because Tanner and I are always together: always; basically every minute of the day. 

"No, Tanner, please.  I don't want to play it without you" I said.  "I want to be with you.  We'll start on 'Sea of Thieves' tomorrow.

"No, you go home" Tanner said.  "Me and Tommy and the boys are going to work out in the school weight room, and we'll be along at 5:00. 

"All we're going to do is get some pump on our muscles.  You don't have to be there for that.  We'll meet you at your house. "   Of course I was disappointed and upset because I went everywhere with Tanner.  Absolutely everywhere.   I was like his right arm, always there with him.  In fact, I couldn't even remember a time when he didn't want me around.

"Tanner.  I'd really like to …."

"No" he said.  "You'll go home and wait for us."   Well, that was that.  He'd made up his mind and I had to comply.

"Okay, Tanner" I said. 

"They are really beautiful aren't they?" Tanner said.

"I suppose" I said.  Yes, I knew they were gorgeous, but of course now I didn't give a damn.  "But they're so young."

"Yeah, they're young, but those baby faces make them look absolutely delectable.  But, baby faced or not, they are ripe for the picking, and I'm going to do some picking this afternoon."

"You think they're ready …." I started to say.

"Yeah, they are.  I know it.  But even if they're not …." he laughed.  "Well, it's going to be fun."  We stood up to leave.  "Didn't you see the way they looked at me when I said you licked my muscles?  They were both drooling over me.  And if they've been playing around with each other, they probably know the score.  Anything they don't know, I'll teach them this afternoon."


So I didn't go home. 

Yes, Tanner is more than my lover; he's my Master, and I have to obey him.  But I'm always with him; always.  I'm his best bud and he leans on me; he needs me.  I've been there almost every single time he's fucked somebody, and he likes it; he likes me watching. 

So, I decided to wait for him to work out.  X-Box be damned; he might need me so I was going to stay close. 

"Please, Tanner, let me stay" I said to him after school at our lockers.  "I'll wait for you and we'll walk home together.

"I'll walk you home" Darrell said with a chuckle.  Yeah, Darrell was there, coming by to get Tanner's backpack.  He accepted that as his job and was very defensive about it.

"No you won't" Tanner joked.  "Not without me there, you won't."  Darrell and I laughed along with him.    That was the relationship we had between the three of us now.  Darrell still accepted that Tanner was his Master, no question about that, but Tanner understood that there was a special relationship between us.  However, it was clear that we were not allowed to do anything without Tanner's specific permission.

Tanner reached up and gave Darrell a couple friendly pats to the cheek.  "The next time you fuck Charlie, I'm going to be there watching" he said.

"Yes, sir" Darrell answered with a laugh.  "You can give me some pointers"

"Let me stay, Tanner.  Please" I said, returning to the original subject.

"Okay, but you can wait in the library or something."

"I'll wait in the locker room.  Okay?"   Tanner didn't answer so I guess that made it okay.  We headed for the gym.  Tommy and the two tykes were already there.  Sorry, I'm not sure whether to call them tykes or twinks, since with those baby faces, they look like children. 

They'd look like children except for their builds; Tommy was really doing the job on them.  I couldn't help but be envious since they were two or three years younger than me and I looked like a runt next to them. 

Tanner and Darrell quickly changed into tanks and shorts with the school emblem on them, just like Tommy and the twinks.

"Darrell, you're working out?" I asked in surprise.  Darrell could stay, but I couldn't?

"Yeah, Tommy said it was okay" he said.  "I'm going to work my arms and shoulders over in the corner out of the way."  Tanner didn't say anything, so I guess it was okay with him.

So I went into the locker room and sat on the bench in front of the lockers.  I got out my geography book and started on my homework.

That's when the trouble started.

Jerod walked in, naked and dripping with water, evidently just out of the shower.  Jerod, the hunky wide receiver on the football team.  The 180-pound muscle boy who was a member of Tanner's 'haram'. The guy who hated me for some reason.

Jerod was a real bottom boy with Tanner, but a stud with everyone else.  I'd watched Tanner rough him up and fuck him a couple times, and Tanner had even made me lick his ass once.  Somehow, Jerod took offense at that, either the watching or the licking, and has hated me and threatened to tear me apart ever since.

"What the fuck are you doing here, you little creep" he snapped at me as he opened a locker and pulled out a towel.

"I …. I …. ahhh, Tanner's in there" I said, pointing to the door to the weight room.  He stood there holding the towel, not bothering to dry off, just glaring at me.  God, he was a hunk.  Even as frightened as I was, I couldn't help but admire his damn near perfect physique.

"What did I say I'd do to you if I caught you alone?"

"Please, Jerod.  I'm just waiting for Tanner."

"I think I said I'd tear your head off."  I grabbed my backpack, realizing that I'd better get out of here right now.  Jerod stepped over and knocked my book and my papers off my lap onto the floor.

"Pick that shit up off of the floor" he snapped at me.  I looked at him and saw the intense anger there.  I don't know why he hated me so much, but I knew I had to get out of here.  Leaving my book and papers on the floor I stood up ready to run.  That's when he slugged me, right in the mouth.  I went over backwards, over the bench landing on my butt, my head banging against the lockers.  I looked up at him in shock.  My lip was bleeding, my butt was hurting and my head was going to have a lump on it..

“Jerod, please don’t” I said.  “Please, just let me go.”

“Hey, shithead.  I'm just getting warmed up.”  As I looked up at him I saw him grab his dick.

“Jerod, please” I pleaded, but to no avail.  His piss hit my legs which were draped over the bench, and then up my body to my face.  Is there anything more gross than a guy pissing on you?  I raised my hands to try to protect my face.  Pulling my feet off the bench I tried to crawl away, but his piss followed me.  I got to my feet and almost got to the door to the weight room when he grabbed me by the collar and dragged me back.

Jerking me around he grabbed me by the shirt front and pulled me up on my tip toes.  Hey, he outweighs me by fifty pounds, all of it muscle, and he's a good eight inches taller.  He was damn near holding me up in the air with one hand glaring into my face.  He hit me again, with his fist, right in the face, getting me in the left eye.  I screamed:  “JERRROOOD, PLEEEASE”.  I couldn't go anywhere because he was holding me there by my shirtfront.  He slugged me again, really hard, getting me in the jaw.

I didn't even scream this time, but just grunted in pain.  Man, that hurt.  I wasn't unconscious but I sure as hell was groggy.

I think he was about to hit me again when the door to the weight room opened.  Darrell was standing there.

“You son-of-a-bitch” Darrell yelled.  "What are you doing?"  Jerod let go of my shirt and I just crumpled to the floor.

I knew I had a split lip, I could feel the blood dripping and my eye hurt, but what really hurt was my jaw.  I knew I was going to have a hell of a bruise.  

"I'm teaching this little shit a lesson" Jerod said.   Darrell took two steps forward and Jerod jumped back.  They were both about the same size, around 180 pounds, and while Jerod was a football player, Darrell was a wrestler.  He knew the moves.  And just that quick, I could see that Jerod knew that.

"Come on, Darrell.  Stop it.  I owed him.  He deserved it.."  He was backing away as Darrell got closer.  Then, so quick I almost didn't see it, Darrell reached over, put his hand on Jerod's neck and threw him to the left.  Jerod went over the bench and onto the floor on his back banging his head.  I actually cringed; that hurt.

Darrell was on top of him instantly and they wrestled around on the floor. Darrell is the wrestler but he seemed to be more interested in using his fists.  Jerod was fighting back somewhat, but seemed to be more interested in escaping than fighting.  Her jerked away for a second and almost got to his feet before Darrell was on him again, pulling him down and getting on top.

Then Darrell got him in a 'full Nelson', wrapping his arms around Jerod's neck from behind and putting on the pressure.  Holding Jerod there, Darrell rolled over on his back pulling Jerod on top of him.  I was setting up by now and I could see the intense pain showing in Jerod's face as Darrell forced his head forward.

Then Jerod was slapping his hands frantically on the floor: 'slap, slap, slap,' a sign of submission.  "I give" he yelled.  "Darrell, I give."    Darrell held on.  "Darrell, I give, I give" Jerod pleaded.  Darrell finally let go and pushed him off of him.  Getting up on his knees, he grabbed Jerod's hair and jerked him up so they were eye to eye.

"You creepy little son-of-a-bitch.  If I see you even looking at Charlie again, I'm going to tear you a new asshole.  Got it?"  He gave Jerod a good shake.  "Got it?"

"Okay, Darrell, I got it" Jerod said.  "I got it."  Darrell let go of him and stood up.

"Now, get the fuck out of here" he said.  He just stood there glaring, as Jerod slowly got to his feet.

"I gotta get my clothes" Jerod said.

"I said, get the fuck out of here" Darrell shouted, taking a step forward.  "NOW!"

Jerod grabbed his towel off the floor and took off.  I don't know where he was going to go since he was naked, but should I care?  Naked or not, he knew he had to get away from Darrell.

"Oh, Charlie" Darrell said as he came over and got on his knees next to me.  "I'm so sorry.  I'm so sorry."  I know I looked a mess.  My lip was bleeding and I think my eye was beginning to swell, and my cheek hurt, so I probably already had a bruise there.  I also stunk of piss.

I had been so strong up to now, but as Darrell put his arm around me, I started to cry.   It was simply too much.  Darrell pulled my head into his shoulder he held me, gently rocking me back and forth.

"Shhhh" he whispered.  "Shhhh.  It's over now.  It's going to be okay."

This was when the door opened and Tommy walked in with Tanner behind him.


I told them I was okay, but it took some time to convince them.  I told Tanner I'd be fine and he should go back to the kids.  We finally agreed that we would talk about this later and that Darrell would get me home.  Tanner had a look on his face that I would not like to have directed at me when he said he would deal with Jerod.

So Darrell got me to wash my face and get out of my pissy clothes.  He loaned me a shirt and shorts which were way, way, way too big for me and then he walked me home.  He is so sweet.  I don't know what he sees in me, but I do love him.


Darrell had me put a cold pack on my eye and he rubbed some salve on my lip and my cheek.  Jerod had hit me three times: once in the lip, once in the eye, and once in the cheek.  Darrell said my cheek was beginning to turn purple.  Darrell had to get home, so once I convinced him I was okay, he left.

At about a quarter past five, Tanner came in with Tommy and the two kids, Ryan and David.  Even though Tanner's bedroom was right next to mine, I was so pleased that Tanner spent his time in my bedroom.  Part of the reason was because my bedroom had all the mirrors on the wall.  I'll have to say he did a lot of preening in front of them.

Tanner was not wearing a shirt when they came in which was unusual, because although he may wear something obscenely tight and sexy, he seldom walks down the street without a shirt.  So I knew he was doing it to impress the kids, and they had to be damn well impressed because he was pumped.  Jesus, was he pumped.  He is so fucken awesome when he comes from a workout.

"Charlie.  Are you okay?  Are you up to this?" Tanner said to me.

"Of course, Master" I replied, as I got on my knees and started removing his shoes.  You can bet those tykes heard me call him Master, because they both looked startled.   Tanner just stood there as I removed his shoes and socks and then his shorts.  Then I bent down and kissed his feet.  "Thank you, Master" I said dutifully.  You can bet they noticed this.  They must be shocked.  I had no doubt Tanner was going to teach them to serve him, and to understand that it is an honor to be allowed to do it.  They were going to get an education this afternoon.

"Okay, everybody, strip down.  You too, Tommy.  You might as well join the crowd" he laughed. 

"Hell yes" Tommy laughed along with him.  I have no doubt Tommy loves showing off that herculean body of his.  As I've said before, Tommy is enormous; gigantic; over three hundred pounds of muscle.  Right up to the point of being grotesque in my mind, but I'd never say it of course.  He'd crush me with one hand while doing one-hundred-pound dumbbell curls with the other.

"Do you kids need Charlie's help, or can you get yourselves undressed?" Tanner said with a chuckle.  Ryan had seemed a little hesitant, but now started stripping.  Neither of them said anything, but they both looked embarrassed.  Tanner and Tommy laughed at their shyness.  They both got into posing straps while Tanner and Tommy and I wore our bikinis.

One of the reasons Tanner was still using my bedroom instead of his was because of the mirrors we had installed when Rasheed was preparing for the bodybuilding contest.  He didn't have them in his room.

Tanner stepped to the middle of the room facing the mirrors, raised his arms and performed a double bicep pose.  I think everyone in the room gasped in admiration.  I heard Tommy mumble ‘Jesus’ under his breath. 

“Here’s how it’s done” Tanner said.  “Watch closely.”  Then he went smoothly through the seven compulsories that Rasheed had worked so hard at.  “Got that?” he said, looking at the two twinks.

“Now here’s how I do it” he said.  He went through the poses again, almost the same but different.  This time he made movements, twisting his body and doing things with his hands making it licentious and steamy, lecherous but worshipful, touching his muscles in the most obscene ways, groping himself, putting on a show of such eroticism that we were all stunned.  More than anything else, making love to his body in the most carnal way possible.  It literally took my breath away, and the other guys as well.  It was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.

When he was finished his ten-inch monster was pushing his posing strap out to obscene proportions.  But the twinks and me and Tommy and Darrell all had roaring hard-on’s as well.  How could we not after that exhibition?

Tanner stepped over to the twinks.  "I'm going to teach you kids to pose, and Tommy can tell you that I'm pretty much of an expert.  You'll learn from the best."  He reached down and took hold of his prick which was sticking out obscenely.  All eyes in the room zoomed into his hand.  "And you're getting it free" he said. 

"But" he said and paused.  "But, I know that posing and showing off your body can make you hot, and make it difficult to keep from getting a hard-on.  So my solution is always to get your rocks off first and I'm going to help you."  He raised his arms and performed the double bicep pose.  "You ever see arms like this?  Huh?  Those twenty-three inch monsters of Tommy's are bigger, but you've never seen definition like this.  Hey Tommy?"

"Jesus, yes, Tanner" Tommy said with awe. "You are so fuckin perfect."

"Go ahead, touch 'em.  Get a feel" Tanner said to the boys.  Both of them had their eyes bugged out and their mouths hanging open in astonishment as Tanner crunched his biceps in their faces.  But they were hesitant, and perhaps shy as they held back.

"God damn, you kids.  Haven't I taught you nothing?"  Tommy yelled at them as he stepped behind them and slapped both of them alongside the head.  "Do what you're fuckin told.  When Tanner speaks, you jump."  Now they each put up a hand on Tanner's perfectly defined biceps.

I looked at Tommy too, and saw that he was furious; like he was about to tear their heads off.  Tommy truly worshiped Tanner and he wasn't about to allow these twinks to be anything less than totally respectful and reverential towards him.

"He said feel them, not touch them, you dumb shits" Tommy yelled at them.  He grabbed each of them by the neck and gave them a shake.  "Open your fuckin ears."   These boys had been working with Tommy for a few months now and understood his temperament, but they'd never seen him like this.  But they hadn't caught on yet that Tommy considered Tanner nothing less than a god to be worshiped.  Holding them by the neck, he gave them another shake.

"Both hands" Tanner said, as he just stood there holding the pose.  The twinks reached up with both hands and started squeezing his bulging bi's.  Tanner had a slight smile, or maybe a smirk on his face, obviously appreciating Tommy's input in getting the kids in line.

Holding them by the neck Tommy stepped up putting his head between them.  "This is Tanner, you little fucks.  Tanner.  He is to be revered.   You will obey him and you will worship him, and you're damn lucky to be allowed to do it.  Got it?"  He gave them a another shake.  "Fuckin answer me" he shouted in their ears.  “You got it?”

"Yes, Tommy." "Yes, Tommy" they answered. 

"Now, kiss them" Tanner said, keeping that smirk on his face, since he knew Tommy would kill them if they didn't obey. 

Tommy didn't wait, but immediately pushed both of their heads forward mashing their faces against Tanner's biceps.   They each gave Tanner's biceps a kiss.

"Not just once, dummies" Tommy said.  "Keep going.  And I want to hear it."  That was Tanner's thing, hearing the kisses when he was being worshiped, and Tommy knew it.  That smirk on Tanner's was now turning into a smile.  He was really enjoying Tommy's actions, since he didn't have to go through his normal training program at all.  Tommy was taking care of it.  "Damn it, kiss them" Tommy shouted, giving their head’s another shake.  "Put some energy into it." 

The twinks were now kissing Tanner's biceps with a vengeance, frightened at Tommy's terrible anger and realizing how serious he was.

Tanner held the pose for a couple minutes and then just stretched his arms straight up in the air.  Tommy knew instantly what was up, and pushed the twinks faces into Tanner's armpits.  Kissing biceps was one thing, that was an admiration of muscles, but licking out armpits was another thing entirely.  This was no longer muscle worship, but was now adulation and obeisance.  True submissiveness.

"You don't just kiss in there," Tommy said.  "You lick.  Use your brains."  Damn, I couldn't believe how hard Tommy was being on them.  I expected this sort of thing from Tanner; I mean, he generally beats his tricks up before fucking them, but I was surprised to see it from Tommy. 

Tanner was loving it.  The boys were licking his armpits, and Tommy was right in his face, so Tanner leaned forward and gave Tommy a quick peck on the lips.  Tommy was surprised at first, but that look of anger on his face instantly turned to a big smile.  Tanner leaned in again, and this time the kiss was real; not a quickie.  This kiss was serious, with lots of tongue.

Can you believe what I was seeing?  Tanner standing there looking serene while in a spit exchanging kiss with Tommy, while the two twinks, being held by the neck by Tommy, were busily licking out his armpits.  Fucking hot, let me tell you, and my very hard prick was leaking, giving me a wet spot in my bikini.  My jaw was hurting and my eye was swelling, but who gives a fuck.  This was hot.

This went on and on.  I mean, really, I was beginning to wonder.  It must have been three, four or even five minutes, and they were still at it.  I grabbed onto my dick and squeezed it a few times.  Not too much, but just enough to give me shots of adrenaline shooting through my body.

Then Tanner pulled back, breaking the kiss, and brought his arms down, forcing the boy's faces out of his pits.  Putting a hand on the top of each of the boy’s heads, he gently pushed down.  Tommy, of course, was very alert to what he was doing, and pushed them down as well.  But, Tommy being Tommy, he wasn't gentle like Tanner was.  The boys dropped to their knees.

"Get my shorts off" Tanner said.  There was a slight hesitation, and I saw Tommy increase his grip, squeezing their necks.  Both boys reached desperately for Tanner's bikini and almost had a fight over who was going to get them off, so all four of their hands were on them as Tanner stepped out of them.

Tanner reached down and grabbed his prick while Tommy stayed standing where he was, between the two boys, his hands now on the tops of their heads.  I clearly remembered Tanner’s comment during lunch that he had a vision of these two twinks with their beautiful faces jammed into his crotch.  I knew we were only minutes away from that in reality.

“What do you think, David?” Tanner asked.  I saw Tommy’s hand grip a handful of David’s hair so he knew he had to answer quick and he had to say the right thing.  Both boys understood they were at Tommy’s mercy now and he wasn’t about to put up with any shit.

“it's ahhh ….  It's beautiful, Tanner” David said, his voice shaking.  Beautiful? I thought.  True, but not quite the way I would describe that enormous schlong.

“Call him sir” Tommy snapped, letting go of David’s hair and giving him another cuff along the side of his head.

“Sir” David gasped and then blurted out.  “It's beautiful, Tanner, sir.”  Tommy really had these kids terrorized.

“Ryan.  What do you think?” Tanner asked sweetly.  He now had an enormous grin on his face.  He was enjoying the hell out of Tommy’s actions with these kids.

Before Ryan even had a chance to speak, Tommy already had a grip on his hair.  “Yes, it's beautiful, sir” Ryan said.  “It's beautiful, but it's enormous, sir.”  He didn't say that because he thought that was what Tommy wanted to hear; that came from the heart.  I could see Ryan’s mouth hanging open in amazement as he stared at that big monster in front of his face..  Amazement and lust too I think.  It sure looked like lust to me.

“What do you want to do with it, Ryan?” Tanner asked.

“Ah ….  Ah ….”  Tommy jerked on his hair.  “I …. ah …. may I touch it?” he asked.  Tanner laughed and Tommy joined him.

“Is that it?” Tanner asked.  “You only want to touch it?”

“I can see it in his eyes, Tanner” Tommy said with a laugh.  “He definitely wants to kiss it.”  Tommy put his hand behind Ryan’s head and pushed him forward.  “Go ahead.  Kiss it.  Right on the tip.  I know you want to.”  But this was a little too much for Ryan; kissing a guy’s dick, even a godlike creature like Tanner.  And doing it in front of everybody, including his best friend was more than he could handle.

“Wait, Tommy.  Wait ….” he started to say.  Tommy dropped his hold on David and grabbed Ryan by the ears and jammed his face into Tanner’s crotch.  “I said kiss it you little fuck.  Now kiss it” he snapped.  So Ryan kissed it; he kissed Tanner's prick.  Tommy jerked his head back, still holding his ears, and jammed him back in.  "Again" he growled.  Ryan kissed the prick again.

Tanner was grinning up a storm.  I'm sure he'd never experienced anything like this before.  Tommy was in charge; was he ever in charge, with a vengeance; Tommy was doing all the things that Tanner would have ordinarily done himself.  He was getting a real charge out of it, just standing there looking fabulous with his hand on his dick, letting Tommy handle the kids.

I could see that Tommy was not putting on an act or a show.  He really was angry with the kids.  He was angry and upset, and I think, embarrassed at what he saw as their non-cooperation.  These were kids that he had trained, and they were definitely not meeting his expectations.  And then he said it, proving my point.

"I'm sorry, Tanner.  I thought I had trained them better than this.  I thought they understood obedience" he said.  "But let me tell you, they are going to be sorry sons-of-bitches when I get them back in the weight room."  He reached down and gave each of them a good hard cuff to the side of the head, definitely harder than before.

"David, your turn" he said gruffly.   David moved instantly, leaning in and kissing Tanner's dick.  "Lick up that drop of pre-cum" Tommy said.  "Do something useful."  David dutifully licked off the pre-cum.

Tommy looked up at Tanner, waiting for direction.  He may have been in charge of the boys, but he knew who was in charge of the action.

"Let's see what you can do with your tongue, David" Tanner said as he removed his hand.  "Let's see you lick up and down this beautiful pecker."   He was hard as a rock and it was standing almost straight up like a fence post.  Without hesitation, David started licking up and down the ten-inch monster. 

Tommy stepped back from between the boys, reached down and grabbed David's thighs and lifting him, shifted him over directly in front of Tanner.  David momentarily was pulled away from Tanner's prick, but immediately went back to it.

"Saliva, baby.  Saliva" Tanner said as he put his hands arrogantly on his hips and looked down at this young boy licking his prick.  "I hate a dry tongue."  David did what he was told, developing lots of saliva and slavering it up and down Tanners dick.

Tommy grabbed Ryan and shifted him over so he was shoulder to shoulder with David.  Ryan didn't react, but just waited for what he knew was going to be his turn.  I know he was terrified of Tommy, they both were, but I could also see a look of expectation in his face as his eyes moved up Tanner's incredible body to his face, and then back down to what David was doing.  He was excited and it was clear to me he was really into this.  How could anybody not be totally turned on to demigod Tanner?  I couldn't imagine anyone being able to resist that perfect specimen of humanity.  And talk about hard dicks.  There was a big wet spot on Ryan's posing strap where he was leaking and his dick was trying hard to escape from the little piece of cloth.

"Look at me dick-licker" Tanner said.  "Look me in the eye."  I was shocked to see David pull back, evidently taking offense at being called Tanner's dick-licker.

"I ain't no …" was as far as he got before Tommy slapped him aside the head, actually knocking him over, and then jerking him back up with a grip in his hair.  He screamed at him.

"You little shit" he screamed.  David screamed at the same time 'yeeaaooh' as Tommy was damn near pulling his hair out of his head.  "You don't talk to Tanner that way, EVER" Tommy yelled, giving David a hell of a shake.  Letting go of David's hair, he put one big paw around his neck and actually pulled him to his feet with one hand.  "Ryan, you do it" he yelled.  Ryan immediately leaned in and started licking Tanner's big schlong.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" David was yelling as Tommy was shaking him violently and strangling him with his hand around his neck.   "Tommy, I'm sorry."

And Tanner?  He was grinning like crazy.  He was really enjoying this.  "Ryan, look at me" he said, and Ryan looked up but didn't stop licking the big dick.  "Are you my dick-licker" he asked sweetly, keeping that grin on his face.  Since Tommy was still jerking David around, Ryan didn't have to think twice before answering.

"Yes, sir" he answered looking up into Tanner's eyes and continuing his licking.

"Yes, sir, what?" Tanner asked.

"Yes, sir" Ryan said hesitantly.  "I …. I …. I'm your dick-licker, sir."

"Good boy" Tanner said, and reached down and gave a couple friendly pats to the cheek.  "Now give me some action with that tongue.  Make my prick feel good."  Now Ryan started paying closer attention to what he was doing, trying to cover every inch of the big schlong with his tongue.

Tommy pushed David to his knees.  "Bow your head and apologize" he snapped

"I'm sorry, T-T-Tanner" he mumbled.

"Sir" Tommy snapped.

"I'm sorry, Tanner, sir" David said.

"Sorry for what?" Tommy asked.

"I'm sorry for …. for …"  He wasn't sure what to say.

"Tell Tanner that you will never, ever, talk back to him again."

"Yes, sir" he said.  "Tanner, sir, I will never talk back to you again.'  And you know what?  This is me, Charlie speaking.  You know what?  I knew we would never hear a peep from either of these kids ever again.  They were going to be totally slavish and obedient from now on, willingly doing absolutely anything they were told.  Tommy really knew how to train kids.

Tanner grabbed his dick, pushing Ryan away.  "Okay, two mouths.  On my balls."  Tommy pulled David's head up and pushed him into position, as both boys stuck out their tongues.  I knew this was what Tanner had been waiting for, those two very youthful, very pretty faces in his crotch.  He very gently tugged on his cock as they started licking his balls.

"Don't just lick 'em.  Suck on 'em too” he said.  "And look at me.  Look me in the eye."  They adjusted their positions slightly so they could look up at him and continue working his balls.   I knew Tanner was excited because he’d been wanting those pretty faces in his crotch, on his prick, and he was only seconds away from making it happen.  He'd been dreaming about this for over a week, and for Tanner that was a long time.  I'm amazed that he had the patience to wait all this time.

He reached down and grabbed two handfuls of hair and jammed their faces into his crotch. Pushing them together cheek to cheek.  “Come on, come on, work on those balls” he said.  He pulled their heads back a few inches and then pushed them back in. 

I knew he wanted them on his prick, so he only let them go for a minute or so on his balls..  “Okay, now my dick” he said.  “Just kisses.  Sweet loving kisses.”

As I said, no argument from them with Tommy standing there over them, but I had to wonder if this was new to them, being dick-lickers.  And the fact is, I doubted it.  We'd determined at lunch that they had done more than just admire each other’s bodies.  They'd pretty much admitted that there had been some kissing and some tongue action.  And if they had some tongue action on those pecs and abs, it seems pretty damn likely that there would have been some tongue action on their pricks as well.

"No hands" Tanner said.  "Just those pretty mouths."  Ryan had reached for the monster, but now put his hands around Tanner's big thighs instead.  Tanner's dick was standing up like a steel post, so it didn't need any support, but as the boys started kissing it, they kept pushing it away from each other. 

"Get it together" Tommy said.  "Kiss up and down it together.  Pay attention to what you're doing."  Now they got organized and began kissing in concert, moving up and down the fat prick.

"Oh shit," Tanner gloated.  "I been dreaming about this."  I know Tanner laughed a lot, and is always grinning, but the grin he had on his face now was extraordinary.  He was looking down at those pretty faces and absolutely glowing with pleasure.  Total gratification.  "Ohhhh, shit" he repeated, literally moaning in absolute ecstasy.

And then the shocker.  Tanner shouted 'Aaaaaah, shit' and ejaculated.  Yeah, just like that, he ejaculated.   Tanner!  Our demigod!  It was inconceivable that Tanner could have a premature ejaculation.  Inconceivable!  Oh, the rest of us did it all the time, because just being around Tanner made us so hot that we couldn't control it.  But not Tanner.  Tanner was always, always, always in total control.  I was astonished.

When he heard Tanner shout, Tommy reached forward putting his hands behind the boy's heads so they could not back off.  So Tanner's first shot got Tommy right in the chin.   "Ohhh, fuck, fuck, fuck" Tanner moaned as he fired his cum like never before, every bit of it landing on Tommy, on his chest and his abs.

Of course I'd been hot this whole time, and had even been playing with my prick, so I could come in a second If I wanted.  Also, I had been so mesmerized by Tanner's crotch action that I hadn't noticed that both boys had their dick's out as well.

Tanner let out a big sigh as he finished, the last little bit of cum dribbling off his dick.  He reached down and pulled Tommy's hands away from the boys, so they pulled back from his crotch

"Tommy, I've still got some cum on my dick" Tanner said.  "Can you do something about that?"  Tommy instantly got down on his knees, leaned in and took the head of Tanner's dick in his mouth.  I don't think the boys should have been surprised, but they were.  

Their taskmaster, this big hulking masculine muscle man, who was training them and controlling them, got down on his knees and sucked Tanner's prick.  If they were not sure before, they now knew who was the boss here.  Tommy started sucking, but Tanner laughed and pushed his head away. 

"Hey, save that action for later, when I can enjoy it" Tanner laughed.  He dropped to his knees and grabbed Tommy's very hard dick, pulling it out of his bikini.  "I ain't going to be the only one to shoot my load here.  Get those dicks out and start jerking" he said to the boys.  "You too Charlie."  Actually we all had our dicks out already, and we were all jerking them already, and I think all of our dicks were throbbing already. 

"Lean back Tommy" Tanner said and Tommy, still on his knees, put his hands down behind him bracing himself so he could lean back.  Tanner got busy jerking him off. 

Ryan was the first, grunting as he ejaculated: 'ugh, ugh, ugh,’ he grunted.  Then came Tommy and then Me and finally David.  All of us shooting our loads in less than two minutes.   My cum and David's and Ryan's cum all went on the floor; thank god I don't have a carpet in my bedroom.  Tommy's cum went on his chest and abs.

Everybody was panting up a storm, and that was all that we heard for the next couple minutes: panting and gasping sounds.

"Lay back Tommy" Tanner finally said, and Tommy extricated his legs from under himself and lay down on his back, his legs straddling Tanner.  "Show me what your boys can do" Tanner said.   Tommy caught on immediately and smiled.

"Come on, boys" he said.  "I got something special for you.  Tanner's cum and my cum mixed in together."  He and Tanner both laughed.  "And you get to lick it up."   Both boys looked at him in surprise, or was it shock?  Ryan actually frowned.  Lick up their cum?   But, as you can guess, they were not about to argue with Tommy.  Even so, Tommy had to repeat himself.  "Don't make me tell you again" Tommy warned softly.  "Get over here and lick this cum off of me."

They may not have wanted to, but by the tone of Tommy's voice there was no choice, so they got on either side of him, leaned down and started licking.   Tommy kept them at it for at least ten minutes, giving directions when needed, making sure they licked up every last drop of cum.  But it only took a few seconds before they really got into it.  I mean, their total respect and fear and even awe of Tommy was enough, but being allowed to lick that stupendous body of Tommy's had to be a thrill as well.

Me?  I'm the watcher.  I just stood there watching.  My jaw still hurt but I didn't care.  Not now anyway.

When he was satisfied, Tommy sat up and grabbed Ryan by the hair, pulling him into a kiss.  A rough and tumble kiss with plenty of tongue.  Then he grabbed David and did the same. 

Tanner was still there, on his knees between Tommy's legs.  He grabbed David and then Ryan and did the same as Tommy, giving them very aggressive hard kisses.


We were all sweaty, but Tanner said that was the best time for posing, so for the next forty-five minutes he took the two of them through a posing routine.  Those boys were not hugely muscled but with them and Tanner and Tommy showing off their incredible physiques, I had the show of a lifetime.  I didn't stop drooling the whole time.  And I couldn't keep my hand off my dick; it was even getting sore.

"Okay, shower time" Tanner finally said.  "We can't all fit in there, but I've done it with three.   Tommy, you go ahead with your boys.  Charlie and I'll wait."

"Ahhh, Tanner" Tommy said.  "you ain't …. ahhh …. you ain't had much of a taste yet.  I mean, the boys are here.  They're ready."   And I can tell you they were ready.  Totally eager and completely obedient, they were ready for anything.  They had really got into the posing and were really excited about it.  "I brought them here for you” Tommy said.

"A taste?" Tanner asked.

"You know what I mean."

"They're children, Tommy."  The 'children', the boys in question just stood there watching, not quite sure what was going on.  Not quite sure that Tommy was talking about their asses.  I sure as hell knew what was going on even if they didn't.

Tommy looked really surprised.  "Come on Tanner, don't be a fool" he said.  Yeah, death wish Tommy, calling Tanner a fool.  "They're both virgins, Tanner, and they're all yours.  I been saving them for you."  Jesus, Tommy'd been saving them?  Saving their virgin asses for Tanner?  Tanner just laughed.

Now the boys knew what was going on.  They were being offered to Tanner, and let me tell you, those were not looks of horror on their faces, those were looks of excitement.  Hell yes they were excited.  This was Tanner: the superman, the demigod; how could they not be excited. 

"They're still children, Tommy" he said.

"Children, hell" Tommy said.  "Just look at them.  Ryan, go through your routine again.  Come on, make it look good."   Ryan had caught on quicker than David, and was going to be a good poser, so now he went smoothly through his routine.

Did he know that he was just a piece of meat, as Tanner and Tommy watched him with lustful looks?  It was probably my imagination, but I'd swear he wiggled his ass as he posed.

"Let me tell you, Tanner.  There ain't no children around looking like that" Tommy said when Ryan finished.  "Ryan ain't no child, and neither is David.  And they're yours.  You don't take them, somebody else will."

"And who will that be" Tanner laughed.  "You?"

"And why not?" he laughed.  "I ain't opposed to the idea.  You don't think they're gorgeous? delectable? enticing? irresistible?  You don't find this stuff every day."

I couldn't believe that Ryan and David were just standing there while Tanner and Tommy talked about taking their virginity.  But the truth, they both had come a long way in the past couple hours.  Working out with Tanner at school, coming here and being exposed to Tanner's overwhelming aura.  Seeing Tommy, their masculine dominant taskmaster, being totally subservient to Tanner.  I have no doubt they recognized Tanner for the god that he was.  Someone to be worshiped.

But did they want to be fucked by him.? Did they want it?  I believed they did.  I had no doubt about it.  They were hot and ready.

"We're getting together again on Saturday" Tanner laughed.  "Make sure they're still virgins.  Now go shower."

"Yes, sir" Tommy said with a laugh.  When they came out of the bathroom Tanner told Tommy to get the boys on their way, but not to bother getting dressed himself.  That came across pretty clearly.  There was no question about who was going to get fucked, and I saw a momentary look of surprise on Tommy’s face which quickly changed to one of excitement.

I, of course, was thrilled to be able to shower with Tanner again, being allowed to touch every inch of his glorious body.

The boys were already gone when we got out of the bathroom.  "Tanner, I don't want him in here" Tommy said.  If you remember, I've said that I don't care much for Tommy, and it's clear he doesn't care much for me either.  "I don't like the little creep watching."

"Okay, Tommy" Tanner said.  "Charlie won't mind."  He turned to me.  "Back into the bathroom, Charlie."

"Can I go downstairs?" I asked.  Tanner just stared at me without saying a word.  Oops!  I'd done it again.  I turned and went back into the bathroom.

"And close the door" Tommy said.

So I missed it.  But I can tell you this, when they were finished Tommy was walking funny and had a big grin on his face.

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