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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner    

Subtitle: My Bully  

Recap:  The two Freshmen, Ryan and David, are in a bodybuilding program with trainer Tommy, the big hulking muscle giant.    They are both coming along great and want to get into bodybuilding competitions.  Tanner is pretty much an expert at posing routines for bodybuilding contests, since he trained Rasheed, the multiple contest winner.  So Ryan and David are learning posing techniques from him.  They have had one session with Tanner already, and are now ready for their second.Chapter 22

I was really looking forward to this.  I mean, I can't even describe how beautiful those kids are: Ryan and David that is.  You know those porn video's you've seen where they guarantee that they have hidden records somewhere proving that the characters are of legal age?  You know those?  They say they've got proof that the actors are old enough, but you don't believe it.  Some of them really look young; twelve or thirteen.

Well, multiply that my a whole bunch because these kids are high school Freshman, so figure it out.  You know how old they have to be.  But, here's the clincher:  they're so fucking cute they look like they're around ten or eleven.

Except for their bodies.  You look past their cute faces at those muscled bodies, and you know they are not ten year olds.  No ten year old has ever had a physique like these kids.

And Tommy was delivering them to Tanner; signed, sealed and delivered.  And since Tanner wasn't eighteen yet, anything he did with them was legal anyway.  Not that Tanner gave a damn whether it was legal or not when his hormones were running things.

As always, Tanner and I were wearing nothing but our bikini underwear; skin tight as always.  Skin tight ones showing an enormous lump in Tanner's crotch and a hint of a shadow of a  lump in mine.  I'd got into the habit of wearing identical ones to Tanner's and he didn't mind, so today they were wearing off red, almost orange colored ones.  Tanner looked glorious.

We were playing 'Sea of Thieves' on the X-box when they knocked on the bedroom door.  My dad must have let them in downstairs.  

"Come in" Tanner said as he got up.  And in marched Tommy, big hulking enormous Tommy, completely filling the doorway as he entered, wearing a white tank, white shorts and white shoes.  Huge muscles everywhere.  He got a big grin on his face when he saw Tanner walking up.

"Hello, baby" Tanner said as he grabbed him and pulled him into a heavy kiss.  Tommy looked delighted and actually lifted Tanner off his feet and swung him around as they hugged and kissed.  After a minute, Tanner pulled back just inches, so their noses were almost touching.  Looking into each other's eyes Tanner said: "How long has it been since I got it on with that big body of yours?"

"Forever, Tanner" Tommy laughed.  "It feels like it's been forever"

"It's been too fuckin long, I know that" Tanner said, also laughing.  Actually, today is Saturday and Tanner had fucked Tommy on Wednesday after the twinks left.  I didn't see it because Tanner made me wait in the bathroom, but I saw that big grin on Tommy's face when they were done.  I didn't see any point in reminding them that it had only been a couple days since they'd fucked.

The two kids were standing in the doorway watching  as Tanner and Tommy laughed and kissed and carried on.  It was quite a sight, two amazing muscle men, one gigantic, and the other sheer physical perfection;  two incredibly masculine studs hugging and kissing.  

I had to wonder what was going on in these kids heads?  Yes, they had had a posing lesson and had learned a lot, but they'd also worshiped Tanner's muscles and kissed his dick.  Yeah, Tanner had them on their knees licking his nuts and his prick.  

They hadn't actually sucked him, I mean, they hadn't actually had his dick in their mouths, but they'd both been kissing it when he ejactulated in their faces.  And, as if that wasn't enough, Tommy and Tanner had actually discussed their virginity right in front of them.  

So again I wonder.  What was going on in their heads?

The main thing you have to take note of here, is that they are actually here.  They came here today.  Of course they know what is going on, and they must know that most likely they are going to lose their virginity today, but they came anyway.  They know it and Tommy knows it and Tanner knows it and I know it.

So, I'll tell you what is going on in those heads of their's because I know.  Tanner is, of course, irresistible and I know they are hot, hot, hot for him.  And besides, I think I can see it in their actions.   I swear, they're actually quivering with excitement and anticipation as they stand there in the doorway.

They were both smiling as they watched Tommy and Tanner carry on.  Tommy was rubbing his hands up and down Tanner's muscular back and had bent down and was nibbling at his neck.  "Yeah, it's been way too long" he murmured.  Tanner laughed and pushed him away.

"We've got other business, Tommy.  This will have to wait."  He turned to the boys.  "Get your butts in here" he said; they still hadn't moved from the doorway.  "Get in here and strip down."

They both had a backpack with their posing straps and stuff in them so it was only a couple minutes before they were stripped down and pulled on the tiny pieces of cloth.  I was surprised to see that Tommy didn't strip along with them.  

But then he spoke:  "Okay, Tanner.  They're all yours.  And I mean that in every way possible."  He laughed.  The boys didn't laugh, but they didn't look surprised either.  They knew what was going on.  "I've got a training session at the gym so I'll leave them to you."  

"Okay, later, Tommy" Tanner said as Tommy left.  I took note of the fact that Ryan's eyes had not left Tanner's crotch from the moment they entered the room.  And I mean exactly that, it was completely obvious.  All the time they were getting dressed his eyes never wavered from Tanner's middle.  

David, however, seemed to be enamored with Tanner's chest, his eyes seemingly glued to Tanner's upper body.  And, of course, they were both incredibly turned on and hard as a rock.  There was no way to hide those hard-on's in those posing straps.

"It seems we have a problem" Tanner chuckled.  Both boys were obviously embarrassed, and looked ridiculous standing there with their hands in front of their crotches trying to pretend those hard-ons didn't exist.  

"I … I'm sorry Tanner" Ryan said.  "I just ….  I can't ….  I mean, are we …."  He gulped.  David just stood there looking sheepish,  

Tanner laughed.  "Come here" he said.  As they stepped up to him, he reached up and gave each of them a friendly slap to the cheek.  "I think we've got time to play around a little bit" he laughed.   "What do you think?"

As they watched, Tanner slowly, very slowly, raised his arms and performed a double bicep pose.  Tanner is so beautiful and his muscles are so perfect that watching him flex in slow motion is pure eroticism.

 "Does this turn you on?" he asked them, a big grin on his face.  "You like this?" he said as he held the pose; those massive biceps bulging to perfectly shaped peaks.  Tanner damn well knew we were all turned on.

"Oh, shit" came from David, while Ryan just stared in awe.  

"Show me" Tanner said.  Both boys seemed frozen momentarily, but it was David who finally made the move.  He took a step forward.  "You are so beautiful" he said as he leaned in ready to kiss tanner's bicep.   I took note that he put his hands behind his back,  obviously remembering Tommy's instruction from the last time.  

Tanner pulled his arm back.  "You must ask" he said.  

David looked momentarily surprised, but then said: "Yes, sir.  May I kiss your biceps?"

"Master" Tanner said.

"May I kiss your biceps, Master" David said obediently.

"Yes, you may" Tanner answered, and gave his arms a good crunch as David leaned in and gave his left one a kiss.  

"You are so beautiful" he swooned as he kissed that bulging muscle again, and then again.  Ryan still seemed to be frozen in place, just standing there with his mouth hanging open.  

Reaching out and putting a hand behind each of their heads, Tanner pulled both boys into his chest.  "Worship, babies" he said  "Get those mouths busy.  Make your Master happy."  And away they went, kissing and licking Tanner's pecs.

He let them go at it for only a couple minutes before putting a hand on each forehead and pushing them back.  Both boys looked up at him in surprise.  "Let's get you some instruction" he said as he looked over at me.  "Charlie knows how to worship.  He'll give you direction."  He snapped his fingers motioning me over.

So I directed them, the two of them.  Making them put their hands behind their backs, and starting at Tanner's slabs of pectoral muscle, I took those two hungry mouths from top to bottom, from Tanner's neck to his toes, seeing that they covered pretty much every inch of his body.  Tanner didn't move, but just stood there with that big smile on his face, legs spread wide and hands on hips, only raising his arms when I asked so they could get at his biceps and into his pits.

They learned to kiss with audible smacking sounds just like Tanner liked it, but also how to lick and suck and worship a perfect physique the way perfect physique should be worshiped.  

Finally, after getting a nod from Tanner, I had them get together to remove his bikini with their teeth.  That is so fucking hot to see that, and to see these two beautiful twinks doing it was awesome.   And you gotta know they were fuckin turned on.

As Tanner stepped out of his bikini, I grabbed each of their hair and pulled their heads up.  "Look up at your Master" I ordered them.  They looked up at  Tanner's awesome body.

Now, you've got to imagine this.  These two youngsters, with pure innocent, youthful, beautiful faces, looking up at Tanner's incredible body with a very hard dick sticking out.  Their faces were covered with their own saliva and they were looking totally virginal and totally delectable and they were unquestionably under the spell of Tanner's magnificence.  Their mouths were hanging open as they looked up at him with lust and awe and with open veneration showing in their faces.   Totally mesmerized by Tanner’s animal magnetism.

I bent down and whispered.  "This is your Master."

Ryan moaned softly in fervor: "Oh yes, Master" he moaned, while David just stared up worshipfully.

Tanner had been standing there for the past half hour, his hands on his hips, and not moving or reacting in any way.  Now, for the first time, he spoke.  "How do you worship your Master?  How do you show your true devotion?  You start by worshiping his feet.   Give your Master the respect he deserves.  Prove to me that you are worthy of worshiping.  Worship your Master's feet."  

Ryan bent down and joined bt David, they went back to kissing Tanner’s feet, trying to prove their worth.  “You may use your hands” Tanner said.  Almost immediately they both grabbed an ankle as they kissed.  Not just licking and kissing, but what I would call, actually making love to Tanner's feet.  Total dedication and reverence.  Both of them were moaning in the back of their throats as they went at it.

Were both boys totally mesmerized by Tanner's power and grandeur?  You bet they were.  Completely overcome by his supremacy.  Literally rendered powerless by his incredible charisma and enchantment.  Complete, total, mindless, dedicated worshipers.  

If you didn't previously believe that Tanner has special godlike powers, you gotta believe it now.  Of course he has.  No human being, even one as physically perfect as Tanner, could be as seductive and irresistible as Tanner without some special power of attraction.

Tanner just stood there, as smile on his face as he looked down at his slavish boytoys.   His new protajays.  Then he looked up at me.  "Get Ryan ready while I work with David" he said.  Reaching down, he took David by the shoulders and pulled him to his feet, and then lifting him in his arms, carried him over to the bed.  I went over and got on my knees next to Ryan.

Sitting on the side of the bed, with David on his lap, Tanner kissed him a couple times.  Then he pushed him to his knees and simply pushed his dick into his mouth.  No preliminaries, no sweet talk, but simply sticking it in.  "Suck" he said.

These boys had pretty well admitted that they'd been admiring and kissing each other's muscles, so I had to wonder if they had advanced into other things, sexual things dealing with that muscle between their legs.  I had a sneaking suspicion that this might not be the first time David had a dick in his mouth.   But, regardless, he'd never had a monster like Tanner's dick in his mouth.

He gagged almost immediately.  I mean, Tanner barely had past his lips.

"Jesus" Tanner said in disgust.  "You can't do better than that?"  He grabbed David's head with both hands, one on top of his head and the other on his jaw and stuck his thumb in his mouth, forcing it open.  He stuck the head of his dick in again.  David gagged again but Tanner held him there.  Evidently David was one of those guys who choked reflexively with just the idea of something in his mouth.

Tanner gave him a few seconds to stop the gagging and then pushed an inch further into his mouth.  David really choked now and actually upchucked, spewing out some saliva  which dripped down his chin.  Tanner pushed in another inch.  David gagged.

Me and Ryan just watched in amazement.  Evidently Tanner was not going to accept anything less than a blowjob from David, but so far he wasn't getting it..  

Tanner jerked David's head back off of his dick and slapped him.  I good healthy slap across the face.  David was gasping, but was now stunned as Tanner hit him.  Tanner simply pushed his dick back into his mouth.  David raised his hands to try to push Tanner away, but Tanner slapped them away and then grabbed them and held them with one hand.

"Suck my dick, you little shit" Tanner growled as he held David's head.  He was pissed, I could see that.  He wasn't about to let this little kid get away with this kind of action, or inaction I should say.  "You're going to suck it or I'm going to fuckin strangle you."

"Now suck it" he shouted as he slapped David along the side the head and held his dick in his mouth.  Finally, David seemed to get a handle on the gagging and choking and actually started sucking the head of the dick that was in his mouth.  "Hand's behind your back" Tanner yelled, and David obeyed.  "Now suck."

David was sucking now, not choking but saliva was still dripping down his chin onto his chest.  Tanner pushed in another inch, giving him about three inches.  David choked, and chocked some more,  but then seemed to control it.  

Tanner turned to me.  "Are you getting him ready?" he shouted.   Yes, shouted.  I jumped.  He had told me to get Ryan ready, but I'd been sitting there like an idiot watching him and David, so now he was pissed with me.

Ryan was right next to me on his knees, so I put one hand on his neck and pushed his head down, forcing his forehead almost to the floor.  Spitting in my hand, I reached under for his ass.  Jerking the posing strap down, I rubbed the saliva up and down his crack and then spit again.  I spit twice more, getting lots of saliva before I finally punched a finger into his hole.  

"Ugg" he grunted as I wiggled my finger, but he didn't try to get away.  I was holding him down by the neck but I'm such a wimp he could have broken the hold in a second if he wanted to.

I was concentrating on what I was doing to Ryan's ass but I was still watching what Tanner was doing with David.   He had pulled back once more and slapped David again, but now had his dick implanted in David's face.  Saliva was dripping down David's chin, and tears were pouring from his eyes, either from the choking or from the slaps, but he finally seemed to be handling Tanner's dick.  The first three inches of it anyway.

"You little shit.  You're worthless" Tanner snapped as he pulled his dick out of David's mouth.   Tanner was mad, but I could understand why.  After all, he'd spent a couple weeks preparing for this, getting the boys all hot and bothered, getting them actually lusting after his body and his cock, so David not being able to handle his prick had to be annoying as hell.  

"Charlie, you got Ryan ready?" Tanner snapped.  I had only just got two fingers jammed up Ryan's butt so he wasn't as ready as he could be, but right now it didn't matter.  Tanner was out of patience.  

"Yes, sir" I said.  "He's ready."  Tanner pushed David aside, actually knocking him over backwards on his butt, and came over to us.  Grabbing Ryan by the hair, he pulled his head up and stuck his dick in his mouth.  Bam!  Just like that.  He must have jammed a good six inches in there.  David was surprised and actually gagged for a second, but only for a second.  Controlling it, he looked up into Tanner's face and started sucking.

Tanner just looked down for fifteen or twenty seconds and then smiled.  "That's more like it.  Go to it cocksucker."  Ryan just sucked away.  He was either experienced or he was a natural, because he was making Tanner happy.  Tanner evidently realized that he was probably new at this because he was gentle, not trying to fuck his face, but just letting him work on the six inches he had in his mouth.

But Tanner was ready to fuck.  After not more than a minute, he grabbed Ryan by his shoulders and pulled him to his feet.  Then lifting him in his arms, he carried him to the bed.   David was still there on his butt, and he was crying, obviously completely humiliated and hurt by Tanner's distain.

Tanner put Ryan on the bed, climbed on and got between his legs, pulling them up to his shoulders.  He glanced over at me:  "Get him ready" he said.

There was no doubt in my mind what he meant.  After he finished fucking Ryan, he was going to fuck David.  And I figured he was going to fuck him hard, since he couldn't suck.  

Hell, I knew all the time that Tanner was going to take them both, so it was no surprise to me.

I saw Tanner spit and reach for Ryan's ass so even if he was angry, and very horny, he still understood that he was dealing with a virgin, and he was going to be gentle.  

I walked over and pulled David to his feet.  I kissed him.  I didn't know how he'd react to me, the wimp kissing him, but he kissed me back for a moment as he grabbed me and hugged me tight and then started crying on my shoulder.   Yeah, I'm the tiniest guy round, but I was actually taller than David.  

He was really hurting.  Totally humiliated and embarrassed by his actions, and then scorned with contempt by Tanner.  He was bawling.

I gave him multiple kisses al over his face, trying to calm him down, but I kept one eye on the bed.  I didn't want to miss Tanner taking probably the cutest young virgin I'd ever seen.  

"Line me up, honey" I heard him say to Ryan.  He had Ryan's legs over his shoulders, and his enormous whanger was just inches from Ryan's ass.  "You do it" he said.  Ryan reached down, grabbed Tanner's big monster and pressed the head up against his little hole.  

Tanner pushed, gently, very gently.  But he kept pushing and pushing as Ryan's tiny pucker began to open up to accept that enormous bludgeon.

"Oooooo" came from Ryan, a long guttural groan.  Not a scream, but a soft groan as his ass opened up for Tanner's assault.  Tanner was relentless, keeping the pressure until the head of his enormous prick finally popped into Ryan's ass.  

"We're there, virgin boy" he whispered.  "You've got your first dick up your ass.  You've got Tanner's dick, and Tanner's dick is loving it."  He laughed softly.

"Oooh shit" Ryan said softly and he was now gasping and puffing, evidently trying to somehow ease the pain.  

Tanner pulled out.  Completely.  Boom, just like that; he pulled out.  "Oh, shit" Ryan said again, this time in sudden relief.

"Now for the real thing" Tanner said, and he pushed in again.  Not quite as gentle this time, he pushed a couple inches into Ryan's butt.  But then he waited, giving Ryan a chance to adjust.  Giving him maybe thirty seconds before he started to fuck.

In the mean time, I'd calmed David down, got both of us down on our knees, and had my finger up his butt.  I didn't have to be as careful with David as Tanner was being with Ryan since Tanner's dick was about twenty times bigger than my finger.  I'd already spit several times, and had wiggled my finger in there, so now I stuck two fingers in.  David was taking it well, with only one soft grunt at the first penetration.  

He was also watching what was happening on the bed so he knew what was going to be coming for him.  

"Yeah" I head Tanner exclaim.  "We're there, honey."  I looked and saw that he finally had all ten inches of prick jammed up Ryan's ass.  As I wiggled my finger's in David's butt I watched Tanner slowly pull all ten inches of prick out of Ryan, right to the tip, and then slide it back in again.  

Can you imagine?  Can you picture this?  Have you ever seen a ten inch dick sliding very slowly out of an ass?  You think you're never going to reach the end of it.   Then, very slowly all ten inches sliding all the way back in.  It's a thing of shear beauty.

"Oh, honey" Tanner said.  "Tanner's dick knows how to treat virgins.  He's gonna ream you out so you ain't never gonna be satisfied with anything less."  He laughed, but then surprised us all my pulling out completely, again.

"Get him up here, Charlie" he said as he grabbed Ryan and shifted him over a few inches on the bed.  "Right here."  That was clear enough.  He was going to fuck both of them.  He was going to take two virgin's at the same time.  

I pulled David to his feet and pushed him over to the bed.  Me lift him?  Don't be ridiculous.  I pushed.  He got the idea and got up on his back next to Ryan.

Tanner grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head to his crotch.  "Kiss it and tell it you're sorry" he said.  What the fuck?  Did Tanner really say that?  "Don't suck it" he said.  "Just kiss it."  David kissed the head of Tanner's dick.

"And?" Tanner growled.  There was a hesitation; David seemed to be confused.  "Tell it you're sorry" Tanner snapped and slapped him along the side of the head.  

David spoke, very softly: 'I'm sorry."

"Again" Tanner demanded.  

"I'm sorry" David whispered.

"Kiss it first, you dumb shit" Tanner snapped and gave him another slap along side of the head.

David kissed it again.  "I'm sorry" he repeated.

I was really surprised at how angry Tanner was with David.  I guess it was unforgivable that he could not even begin to give a decent blowjob.   I believe Tanner thought anybody should be thrilled to have a chance to suck his dick, and simply couldn't abide anyone not being able or willing to do it.

Tanner pushed him back and lifted his legs.  Without any prep or anything he pushed.  Luckily I had prepared David well, much better than I had to Ryan.  But this was Tanner's prick.  And since he was obviously pissed, it looked like he was not going to go easy.

He pushed.  David screamed.  Tanner put his hand over David's mouth to muffle the scream and kept pushing.   He kept pushing until he had four or five inches up David's butt.  Then he stopped and waited, giving him a chance to adjust.  David was waving his arms around trying to push Tanner away, but it was in vain.  Tanner wasn't moving.

After a moment  or so David's screams changed to soft sobs as the pain began to subside.  Tanner removed his hand from his mouth and bent down and kissed him on the lips.  "You lucky little shit" he said as he kissed him several times.  "This is Tanner's prick up that virgin ass of yours.  And Tanner's prick knows how to handle virgins."

Tanner kissed him several more times, and then petted his hair.  Then giving him a kiss on the forehead, he raised up and pulled his dick completely out of his ass.

"Ohhh, man" David groaned as Tanner pulled out.  "Ohhh, man."

Tanner chuckled as he moved over and grabbed Ryan's legs, jerked them up, and rammed his dick up his ass.

"Aaaaa" Ryan croaked as Tanner's ten inches banged into him.  Tanner pulled out to the tip and banged into him again, and again, and again.  He was actually making the bed shake and bang against the wall.

Then he turned to David again and jerked his legs back up.  "Grab your legs.  Hold them up" he barked, and both boys grabbed onto their legs, holding their butt's up off the bed.  Tanner wasn't as hard on David as I expected, he only pushed four or five inches into him at first thrust.  David screamed anyway.

But Tanner now started fucking him.  Pulling back and pushing in, going fairly slow but going deeper with each thrust.  David's screaming changed to soft groaning as Tanner worked to get all ten inches up his butt.

It took him a couple minutes before he finally buried his prick deep into David's butt.  "Oh, yeah" he grunted in pleasure as he swiveled his hips aiming for the best possible feeling from David's tight ass. "Oh, yeah" he then repeated as he pulled his dick out, turned to Ryan, and jammed it into him.

Both boys were looking up at him, wide eyed, holding their legs up for easy access, totally in awe of him as he screwed their vifgin asses.  Thirty seconds or so in one, and then to the other, going back and forth and back and forth.   He went on and on and on, alternating between those two beautiful creatures, two young gorgeous virgin boys, giving them the ride of their lives.

I thought he was never going to stop, when a half hour later he was still at it.  The pain was entirely gone and both boys were in 'jack-shit' heaven.  Tanner was sweating up a storm and dripping down on their own sweaty bodies, as they looked up at him with adoring looks, totally mesmerized by this superman taking their virginity.  Adoring looks?  Yes, no doubt about it.  Total reverence and hero-worship.

And then he stopped.  Pulling out of Ryan, he grabbed his dick and just massaged it gently.  

"Okay, babies" he said.  "Time to cum.  I wanna see those peckers spurting for me.  Go on.  Jerk 'em."

Although David had been soft at the beginning, both boys were hard, sticking up like fence posts.  

Ryan was first.  I swear, he only had to jerk it five or six times and he was shooting up on his chest.  David wasn't much behind as his dick took off spurting as well.

Tanner just watched as they went through the contortions of shooting their loads.  

"Legs up. It's my turn" he said and went at it.  Three shoves up Ryan's butt, and then three up David's.  Back and forth and back and forth.  But he was ready because it only took a couple minutes.

Pulling out, he slapped their legs down and climbed on top of them, right up to their heads, putting a knee on each side of them by their ears with their heads pressed together beneath his crotch, his balls resting on their chins.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" he let out a howl as he leaned back, grabbed hold of his throbbing dick, and let fly.  Because he was leaning back and his dick was pointing straight up, his first shot flew damn near up to his chin, and then back down hitting Ryan in the nose.  "Yeeeaaaoooh" he yelled again, gave his dick another jerk, and another gusher shot up and this one came down in David's face.  

Tanner kept jerking it as he fired shot after shot, all of them shooting up and landing in his boy's faces.

Okay, so yeah, I was jerking off.  How could I help it?  There ain't nobody on this planet could watch this and not want to cum.

Although Tanner's knees were on either side of their heads, most of his weight was on their chests, but I couldn't see that they cared.  They were totally overwhelmed with lust for him, as they stared up at that incredible vision of their superman. master shooting his cum in their faces.


Tanner did finally get around to the posing class.  We all had to shower first, but then he took them through various poses, and training each of them on their own individual routines.  

Jesus, those boys were beautiful.  I had no doubts they were going to win their bodybuilding contests.

After they left, I asked Tanner if they were going to be added to his 'haram' and he said no.  

"Hey, I'm comfortable with what I've got" he laughed.  "Plenty of places to stick my dick already."

I laughed along with him.  Oh yeah, he certainly had plenty of holes in which to stick his dick.

 "But those boys?" He said.  "Hell, I ain't adverse to finding something new once in a while; a pretty face or a tight ass.  Someplace where I can dip my wick.  But Ryan and David were onetime playthings, and nothing more."

"And truthfully" Tanner said, and I know he was being sincere and truly believed this.  "And truthfully, I know there ain't no better introduction to gay sex than getting tit from Tanner's dick.  I owe it to these virgin boys to get their first experience from the very best.  

So the 'haram' was closed.   I was somewhat surprised to hear that, but I was pleased.  I had more than enough competition already with his current crop without adding more.


it was in the middle of the night when I heard the sirens.  They were so loud that it sounded like they were right in front of the house.  The bedside clock said a quarter to three.  I struggled to wake myself up, (I'm a deep sleeper, slow waker upper), but finally grabbed some shorts and slipped into some sandals and went out to find out what was going on.  I noticed that Tanner’s bedroom door was open and when I stuck my head in, I saw that he was gone.  What the hell?  I hurried down the stairs and went out the front door.  There were two police cars and an emergency vehicle  in the street in front of my house.

As I looked around I saw Tanner across the street in front of his house.  Hell, how could I not see him for god's sake: exhibition time; he was only wearing his bikini underwear.  Skimpy, snug blue bikini's.  He stood out like a sore thumb.  I headed across the street.

Standing there with Tanner were three cops and a neighbor.  My dad was there too, wearing a bathrobe and slippers.  There were two ambulance guys working with someone on the ground, which had to be Tanner's mom.  I mean, they were right on the lawn in front of her house; his house; so it had to be her.

But, except for the ambulance guys, all eyes were on Tanner, not the person on the ground.  Did I say he was sticking out like a 'sore thumb'?  Actually, it was more like being 'shamelessly brash', almost scandalous, standing there in all his glory.  You know how he looks; absolutely perfect body, muscles bulging even in repose, and standing there now as close to naked as a person could get with those skimpy navy blue bikinis: hell, yes, he was the center of attention..  One of the cops had his mouth hanging open and his eyes seemed to be glued to Tanner crotch.

Tanner walked over when I came across the street.

“The neighbors heard her screaming” he said.

“Your mom?” I asked.  He nodded.

“What do you think of the hunky one?  The one with jet black hair and pretty face?”  

"Huh?  What?" I said.  It took me a couple seconds and then it clicked; he was talking about the cop; the one that seemed to be so enamored with him.  I looked over and saw that the guy was young and definitely cute, probably mid-twenties in age.  He did look like a hunk, filling out his uniform very nicely.

"He's kind of old for you isn't he?" I asked.  I mean, Tanner wasn't even eighteen yet and most all of his 'haram' were teenagers.

."Yeah" he said as he grinned and gave me a wink.  "He  gets off work at eight o'clock this morning.”    

Oh?  Yeah, he says.  Yeah, the guy's too old, and yeah, I'm seeing him at eight o'clock.  Tanner hadn't wasted any time..

“But your mom?” I asked.  Tanner's mom was an absolute bitch but, even so, I was a little surprised at his lack of interest.

“I don't know.  They’re trying to figure it out.  I guess she's not hurting.  The neighbor said she just came out in the yard and started screaming.”  She was obviously awake but she wasn't screaming now.  It looked to me like she was just lying there comatose while the ambulance guys checked her out.  “I like the way he's really trying to look butch” Tanner chuckled.  “See the way he's puffing out his chest?  He want's me to notice."

“Tanner.  Your mom” I said in exasperation.  “That's your mom.”

“Step-mom.  And she's a nut case.  We both know it.  You think I should give a shit?”

“Well, I don't know.  Maybe not,” I said “but ….”

“You go back to bed.  I'll check it out” he said.

"That's okay.  I'll stay with you."

"I said, 'go to bed'.  Now" he ordered me  

I was barely awake anyway, so I turned and went back to bed.  This had nothing to do with me, anyway


I opened my eyes when I felt a hand on my shoulder and saw that Tanner was standing next to my bed.  “It's after nine” he said.  Tanner knows I'm slow at waking up so he just waited, giving me a moment to clear my head.

“Ah, yeah.  Okay” I said groggily.

As I sat up Tanner stepped back, and there was the cop, the cute twentyish one with the black hair.  It was instantly clear that he and Tanner had already got it on.   First of all he was naked to the waist.  No, no; first of all he was wearing a collar with a leash attached.  Yeah, Tanner had him in a slave collar and leash.  He was naked to the waist, but there were tatters of what had probably been a wife-beater before it was ripped to shreds, hanging from his waist.  And, by the way, he looked even hunkier out of uniform than he did in..    

His hair was a mess, his face was flushed, his left cheek was red, and his lips looked bruised.  He was beautiful.  And damned if he didn't have a silly grin on his face.

Tanner put his arm around the guy's shoulders and pulled him into a hug.  The guy gave Tanner a kiss on the cheek.

"He's got pretty lips, don't you think?" Tanner said with a chuckle as he rubbed a finger over the guy's lips.  Than he stuck his finger in the guy's mouth.  "He sucks good too, don't you, baby?"

"Mmmm" was all the guy said as he sucked on Tanner's finger.. Was the guy embarrassed at all by Tanner saying this stuff in front of me?  Hell no.  He barely knew I was there, he was so enamored and besotted with Tanner.  Tanner chuckled and gave the guy a friendly pat on the cheek..

“I have to go to the hospital” he said to me.  “Gary is going to drive me there.”

“Huh?  The hospital?”

“it's my mom.  They need a next of kin.”

“What?  Why?  How would ….?” I mumbled.

“Next of kin” he said.  “I'm all she's got.  My dad's a thousand miles away."

“But …. But ….”

“Sorry.  I've got to go.  They’re saying I have to make medical decisions for her or something.”

“You?  How could you?”

“They say I've got the medical rights or some such bullshit.  I'll let you know what's going on later..  By the way, Jim and Jerod are coming over.  You knew that, right?”

"Well, I don't know.  I ahhh ….  I think so" I mumbled.  I still wasn't quite awake yet but I did remember him saying something about seeing them later.

"Yeah, they'll be coming by.  And by the way,there's something I forgot to tell you."

"Yeah?" I asked.  Tanner hesitated for a moment.  

"Jerod's going to give you a blowjob."

"Huh?  You're kidding?" I said.  "Jerod?"

"You didn't think his apology to you was going to be his only punishment did you?  He owes me.  He crossed me and there ain't no way I can let that go by.  His punishment is doing something he is really going to hate; blowing you.”  He laughed.  “Shit, I'm sorry I'm not going to see it.”  

I took note once again that it was not Jerod beating me up that pissed Tanner off, it was Jerod daring to touch Tanner’s property: me.  Tanner still saw this as a personal affront.

"Does Jerod know this?" I asked.  “Does he know he's going to blow me?”

"Jim knows.  He'll set it up.  You can tell me all about it later."

"Tanner, please" I pleaded, fully awake now.  "Don't do this.  Please, no.  Jerod will kill me."

"Don't worry.  Jim will take care of it" he said.  "Tell Jerod he's to pretend I'm here watching, so I expect one hell of a blowjob.”

"Tanner.  No, no, no" I pleaded.

"Gotta go, babe" he said as he bent down and gave me a peck on the lips.  "They'll be here pretty soon."  Giving the leash a slight tug, he walked out of the room with the cop tagging along behind.  

What the fuck was I going to do?

Jim and Jerod?  They hated me.  Jerod really hated me, while Jim simply ignored my existence.  What the fuck?. Without Tanner here I just knew Jerod wouldn't suck my cock.  No way.  And Jim?  Of course he was bigger than Jerod and could probably whip his ass, but they were best friends.  Did Tanner really expect Jim to make his best friend do something he didn't want to do, like suck me off?  Tanner may have believed it, but I didn't.  There was simply no way that Jim would try to force his best friend to blow me even at Tanner’s direction.  And there was no way Jerod was going to do it without Tanner standing over him making him do it.

So, it was a quandary.  I was convinced that without Tanner there, instead of getting my prick sucked, I was going to get my ass kicked.  I still had a bruise on my cheek from the last time and I definitely didn't want to go through that again.  I'd do anything for Tanner, and if he wanted to beat me up, that would be perfectly okay, but I wasn't going to let myself be a patsy for somebody else's fists, even for Tanner.

I didn't know what to do.  I just sat there on the side of the bed almost shaking.  I didn't want to disobey Tanner, but I didn't want to confront Jim and Jerod either  Why would Tanner do this to me?

And leave it to me, wimpy Charlie.  I actually got tears in my eyes.  I was afraid.

And then.  A glimmer of an idea.  Darrell.

Darrell had come to my defense when Jerod beat me up the last time.  Darrell would help me.  I got on the phone.

"Darrell, I've got a problem" I said to a sleepy voice.

"It's Saturday morning, Charlie" he moaned.  "What are you doing up at this hour?"

"It's after nine" I said.  "Darrell, listen.  I need your help.  I'm desperate."  This seemed to get his attention and help wake him up.

"Yeah?  What?  What's going on?"  So I told him the whole story.  The blowjob, Jim and Jerod, and Tanner not being here.  

"I just know Jerod's going to kick my butt, Darrell.  I just know it" I said.

"Jim doesn't like you very much either, does he?" Darrell asked.  "Seems to me I've seen him push you around some."

"Yeah, he treats me like shit" I said.  "So you can see the problem.  He'll probably hold me down while Jerod beats me to death."

"Yeah, I can see the problem" he answered.  "I can't take on Jim and Jerod both, but maybe I can talk to them."

"Please, Darrell.  Please" I said.  "You're my only hope."

"Okay, Charlie.  Take it easy.  What time are they coming."

"I don't know" I answered.  "Tanner didn't say  I would guess around ten."

"I'm at my Cousin's house, Charlie, so I've got to get him up to get a ride.  It'll be a while but I'll get there as soon as I can."

"Okay, but please hurry.  I'll try to delay them until you get here" I said and hung up.

I got up and grabbed a clean bikini from the drawer and started to put it on.  That's when the bedroom door opened.  Shit, they were here already.

There was Jim, with Jerod behind him.  Obviously, they felt like they owned the place since they hadn't knocked or anything, but had just walked right in.  I pulled the bikini on as they entered the room.  Jim looked around and then, without saying a word, went back out into the hall.  I knew he was checking Tanner's bedroom.  Jerod stood there looking at me like I was something that had been dragged out of a sewer. Ten seconds later Jim was back.

"Where's Tanner" he demanded.

"He's not here.  He's …." I started to say.  

"I can see that, you dumb shit" Jim snapped.  "Where is he?"

:"He had to go to the hospital.  His mother is there."

"That bitch is in the hospital?" he said.  Yeah, everybody thought of her as 'the bitch'.  "Well, fuck.  We were supposed to meet him here."

"Yeah, I know" I said.  "That's what he told me."

"Yeah?" Jim queried.  "What did he tell you?"

"He told me …" I gulped.  "He said to tell you to pretend that he was here watching."

"Watching what?" Jim snapped.  What was I supposed to say?  Jim knew very well 'what'.

"Watching … ahhh …. whatever" I mumbled.  Jim stepped up to me, glaring into my face.

"Watching what?" he repeated.  Jerod was still standing by the door wondering what the hell was going on.  He didn't have a clue.

"Please, Jim.  You know what" I pleaded.  

"What did Tanner say, you little creep" Jim growled right into my face.  "Tell me."

"He said …  He said …" I whispered, barely audible.  "He said Jerod would suck me."

"WHAT THE FUCK?" came from Jerod.  I had whispered but he heard me anyway.  "I'm supposed to do what?"  

"Jim, that's what he said" I pleaded with Jim as I tried to step back.  However I was against the dresser and couldn't get away.  

"You little shit" Jim murmured right into my face.  Evidently this was all my fault.  But then he turned away from me, looking at Jerod.  "We've got a problem, bro" he said.

"What is this shit?" Jerod asked.  "What's going on?"

Jim stepped away from me.  "Tanner's still pissed at you" he said to Jerod.  "You knew Charlie belonged to him, but you beat him up anyway."

"But I apologized" Jerod protested.  "He made me apologize to the little twerp."  Again, he gave me one of those looks of complete hatred.  "I don't know what he sees in this skinny runt anyway.”  

"Tanner says you gotta pay.  You crossed him, so you gotta pay up."

"He didn't say anything to me" Jerod said defensively.

"He said it to me" Jim answered.  "He was supposed to be here to tell you."

"Well, he ain't here" Jerod said stubbornly.  "And what was he supposed to tell me?”

“You know” Jim said.  “You heard what Charlie said.”

“He didn't say anything to me, and I'm damned if I'll suck this little creep."

"Tanner says you've got to" Jim said.  

"No fuckin way" Jerod said.  He just stood there glaring at Jim, but Jim was glaring back.  There was a long pause.  They ignored me completely.  It was like I wasn't even there.

"You gonna say no to Tanner?" Jim said softly, very softly, with an edge to his voice.  "You gonna tell him no?"  Now Jerod's look changed.  Not glaring now, but looking nervous.  He now began to realize what he was suggesting, that he was talking about disobeying Tanner.  There was a long hesitation as he thought it over.  He now began to focus less on the idea of sucking my dick and more on what it would mean to deliberately disobey Tanner.

"No. Please. Jim" he pleaded.  "Did he really say that ?"

"You heard me" Jim answered.

“Jesus, Jim.  I can't do this.  I can't suck him.  I can't suck this little twerp.”  

You know what?  I almost felt sorry for him.  Almost.  But I also felt vindicated.  I was about to get my revenge.  

Now, I'll admit that I can be a real shit sometimes and right now, even as upset as Jerod was, I couldn't help but grin at him.  Jerod had one hell of a predicament, but there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to get my dick sucked by the hunky wide receiver on the football team.  My prick began to grow.

For the longest time they just stared at each other as the realization sank into Jerod that he had no choice.  And, listen to this: he actually got tears in his eyes.  He hadn't even done anything yet, but he was completely humiliated.

I admit, I loved it.  I tried my damnedest to make my grin go away, but I think it just turned into a smirk instead.  It didn't matter because they weren't looking at me anyway.  Thank God.  It would have teen a thousand times worse if Jerod saw me smirking at him.  

My prick was now fully hard and raring to go.

Jerod finally looked at me.  "You little son-of-a-bitch" he said.

"Jerod" I said.  "I ain't never done nothing to you.  Never."  And this was totally true, I hadn't.  The only reason he hated me was because of my special relationship with Tanner.  He was simply jealous.  And so was Jim.  And so were the other guys.  It also pissed them off that they were hunks so they felt they were much more deserving than a twit like me.

"Cut it, both of you" Jim said.  "Let's get this over with."  He looked at me.  "Get out of those panties and go lie down on the bed."  

I can often be a shit, but sometimes I can be sensible and act reasonably intelligent.  Of course I realized how hard this was for Jerod.  I also realized that even though I was Tanner's best bud, Tanner also liked Jerod.  That's what this was all about.  Tanner needed to punish Jerod, but he also wanted to keep him around.  So if Jerod and I were both going to be part of Tanner's 'haram' we had to learn how to get along, somehow.

"Listen, Jerod, this is not my fault" I said..  "I didn't start this, you did, but it's okay.  You apologized and that's fine with me.  So let's just shake hands and forget it. You don't have to do this" I said.  I actually stuck out my hand.

Jerod just stared at me, until I finally dropped my hand.  Then, believe it or not, he smiled.  Yeah, he smiled.  "You are a real shit, aren't you" he said.  "Now get your ass over on the bed.  What Tanner wants, Tanner gets.”

What?  He's refusing me?  I'm letting him off the hook and he's saying no?  But why am I surprised..  Nobody pays attention to me anyway.  Besides, we all knew Tanner's boss.

But Jerod was grinning.  Is this called: 'grin and bear it'?   Is that what he was doing?  Evidently he decided that since he had no choice in the matter and had to suck me no matter what, he'd just make the best of it.  I removed my bikini allowing my very hard dick to pop out, and went over and got on the bed.

"You lucky little fuck" he said as he watched me. "You gonna be only the third guy I've ever sucked, and you better appreciate it."  So, yes, Jerod had accepted 'fate accompli'.   He was going to make the best of it.  My very hard prick bounced up in excitement.  I was going to get blown by one of the hottest studs in our school.  

Jerod looked at Jim.  "Did Tanner say how I was supposed to suck him?"

"How to suck?" Jim asked, perplexed, as if there were more than one way to give a blowjob.  "He said to give him a blowjob."

Jerod kicked off his shoes, removed his shirt and walked over to the bed.  Very slowly, as Jim and I watched, he unbuckled his cutoffs and pulled them down and off.  Of course he was wearing a bikini, a white one.

"I got something here for you little boy" he said as he grabbed the bulge in his bikini and squeezed it.  Then, as sexily as possible he grabbed the bikini with both hands and pulled it down inch by inch until his prick popped out and banged against his belly.  

Yeah, he was hard.  He was turned on.  Evidently the idea of sucking me off was turning him on.

Pulling the bikini off, he went to the foot of the bed, grabbed my legs and jerked me down a couple feet.  That shocked me.  I had to wonder what he was up to

But he immediately came back around and climbed up on the bed, upside down to me. Now it was clear what he was up to.  He simply stuck his dick in my mouth.  

 I was surprised, but didn't object as he pushed it in.  Five seconds later I felt his warm, wet mouth on my dick as he swallowed it.  Yeah, swallowed it.  I knew from watching him with Tanner that Jerod was one hell of a cocksucker.  Yes, he was.

Jerod rolled over on his side pulling me with him so we were face to face: er. face to cock and cock to face.  I'd never done the 69 thing before but I instantly loved it.  Jesus, can you imagine?  You know how I am about sucking cock anyway, and Jerod had a really nice one.  So perhaps you can imagine how fantastic this was to be sucking a dick and getting sucked at the same time.  WOW!

And Jerod had a wonderful dick, similar to Darrell’s.  Delightfully suckable.  I'm not even sure which I liked best: sucking or getting sucked because I loved them both.  I really worked at it, having the time of my life, and so did Jerod.  We both got terrific blowjobs.

Now, I know you won't believe this.  Of course you won't.  But I'm going to say it anyway. When Jerod left, I think we were friends.  Jim too.


Obviously, Darrell didn't show up until later.  When he did finally arrive, he found me still lying on my bed in the nude with this dreamy satisfied look on my face.  He joined me in bed and it was early afternoon before we dragged ourselves out. fully sated and satisfied.


Author's Note:  Sorry, I'm so slow with these chapters, but there is a whole lot of planning and preparation involved even before the writing.  The question is: where do we go from here to keep the story going?  Or is it time to close it out?  Any ideas you might have could be helpful.

Comments appreciated.


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