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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

Subtitle: My Bully

RECAP: Tanner told me that Darrell was not going to be part of the ‘haram’ any more, but when Darrell walked up and asked to carry Tanner’s backpack, he had me hand it over. Darrell winked at me. I liked Darrell. I liked him a lot.

Tanner had been grumpy all day; evidently something was bothering him, but he seemed to feel better after school when he raided Mr. Carson’s classroom and got a hot blowjob.

Chapter Eighteen

Darrell was waiting for us when we arrived at my house, since he had Tanner's backpack. He handed it to me. "Thank you, Tanner, for letting me carry your backpack" he said.

Tanner couldn't help but smile. "You're a real shit, Darrell. You know that?"

"Yes, sir, Tanner. I know that." Darrell also smiled. "Thank you."

"And you're a smart ass too" Tanner said.

"Sorry, sir" Darrell said, not sure quite what else to say. "I …. ahhh … ahhh …. Thank you, sir."

"Come over here tomorrow. You, me and Charlie will have a talk."

"Thank you, sir" he said with a grin. "I'll be here. Maybe we can fuck?"

"We'll talk" Tanner said, but he chuckled as he said it, making me wonder. "Now get your ass out of here."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir" Darrell said, showing a big grin. He gave me another wink as he turned and walked away. I was grinning too. I really liked Darrell, and it was obvious, Tanner liked him too. After all, Darrell was the very first guy Tanner picked out for his 'haram', after me, of course. I think that made him something special. I’m sure we were going to be able to work something out.

"I gotta go, Charlie" Tanner said. "I probably won't be over tonight."

"What's going on, Tanner" I asked. I know he'd been in a bad mood all day, but even so, I was really shocked. He always came over. Always. "Can't you tell me?"

"We'll talk later. Maybe I'll call." He headed across the street to his house.

I was worried, because in all the time he'd lived here he'd always come over to my house. I know his dad was gone now, and he didn't have to come over, but he'd already told me he liked coming over and planned to continue. Even with my dad here now, there weren’t going to be any changes. We all agreed on that. But now he was making a change. I was really worried. What was going on?

It was obvious that it had to be something to do with his stepmother. After all, she was the only other one in the house. Tanner had told me a couple weird stories about her trying to see him naked, and making comments about his prowess She also got him into some compromising positions a few times, and accidentally (on purpose) groped him, he said. There's no question she's got the hots for him.

Of course things were different now, without his father there. Maybe his father had been holding her back and she felt free to really go after Tanner now.

I know she's kinda weird. I mean, she doesn't come out of her bedroom for weeks on end. And if she has the hots for Tanner and her husband isn't there to keep her under control, she could get even weirder.

Tanner did not show up all afternoon and evening. I texted him and asked if he was coming over for dinner but he didn’t reply. When I had dinner ready and the table set I knocked on my dad’s bedroom door. ‘Dinner’s ready” was all I said. He didn’t reply but he came out to the dining room a few minutes later. He sat down without saying a word, and didn't even look at me. When he arrived, I took my plate and ate in the kitchen.

I suppose I’d have to figure out how to get along with him since we were going to live in the same house. However, I wasn’t quite ready yet. I still had a lot of anger built up for those four years he was missing. But since Tanner had subdued him and turned in into his lackey, there shouldn't be a problem getting along with him.

I was so worried that it took me hours to get to sleep. I know it was after 1:00. I just had to wonder what was going on? Tanner seemed to be not so much in a bad mood, as maybe troubled, or even worried. What was going on at his house?

We met in front of my house, just like every morning, except Darrell was there, although we all knew he wasn't supposed to be. Tanner didn't say a word to either of us, but just handed Darrell his pack and started down the street. There was no question whatsoever, he was very worried about something.

"Tanner, please, what's going on?" I asked as I hurried to catch up with him. He just ignored me. "Tanner?"

"Drop it" he growled at me. So I shut up. I looked over at Darrell and shrugged my shoulders.

At lunch time, I went into the lunchroom as usual, and was going to get in line to get our milk and stuff, but noticed Tanner wasn't there. Now, let me tell you, that was unusual. We always got together at lunch and always at the same table.

I looked around and saw his boys here and there. Darrell caught my eye when I looked around, and I raised my hands slightly in a 'where is he?" gesture. Darrell shrugged his shoulders.

I got out of the line and left the room to go out to the south bleachers, because that was the only place we ever went to when we were not in the lunchroom.

He wasn't there.

Now I was really worried. This just wasn't Tanner. This wasn't normal and if he was hurting, I was hurting too. I loved him, and if he had some kind of problem, I wanted to help him. I actually got tears in my eyes thinking that he might be in some kind of trouble. I desperately wanted to help.

I considered skipping my next class to search for him, but he was here this morning, so he had to be here now. I'd just have to wait until after school. But, let me tell you, he was going to tell me what was going on. I was going to demand it. There's simply no way I was going to let him go through this alone. Whatever it was, we'd face this together; me and him.

Tanner was at his locker after school as usual, which was quite a relief. I didn't bother asking him where he was during lunch, because I knew there were more important issues to discuss. Darrell was there ready to carry Tanner's backpack, but I took it from Tanner's hands.

"Sorry, Darrell, not today" I said. "Tanner and I have got some things to do."

"What?" he said in surprise. I had never said anything, or even offered an opinion like this before, and Darrell wouldn't expect me to take charge. "Charlie? Tanner?" Tanner didn't respond but just seemed to be staring into space. Without a word he started walking away.

"Maybe, tomorrow, Darrell" I said. "Sorry." I started after Tanner leaving Darrell standing there with his mouth hanging open. I turned to him and held up my phone, and mouthed the words 'call me'.

Darrell didn't make a fuss. After all, he knew Tanner had been missing at lunch, so he knew something unusual was going on. I'd call him later after I found out what was going on with Tanner.

I caught up with Tanner, but he didn't even look at me. Staring straight ahead, he just headed home. I wasn't sure what to do, since he wasn't even acknowledging me. But I had to try something.

"Tanner?" I said. No response.

"Tanner, you need to tell me what's going on." Still no response.

"Tanner, for god's sake" I snapped at him. "You can't go through this alone. Tell me what's going on. Please."

Then I got the shock of my life. As I glanced over at him I saw that he had tears in his eyes. I gasped aloud in shock.

Tanner was crying.

My demigod. My super hero. He was crying.

Let me tell you, it broke my heart. I got tears in my eyes too.

"T-T-Tanner" I said, "Please, please, please tell me what's happening. I want to help."

Then he finally said something. "You c-can't help, C-Charlie" and he actually sobbed as he said it.

"Yes, I can" I said, desperately wanting to comfort him. "I can, Tanner. Please. Let me help."

"Thanks, Charlie. But you can't help" he said as he took his pack from me and headed across the street to his house. I just stood there watching him walk away with tears dripping down my cheeks. I couldn't believe this was happening. He was hurting so of course I was hurting. I couldn't stand seeing him like this

I went up into my bedroom, still sobbing, and threw myself down on the bed. Why wouldn't he tell me? I just wanted to help. I couldn't bear him going through this alone. I was his 'best bud'; he needed me.

I lay there for maybe ten minutes when my phone rang. It was Darrell.

"I don't know, Darrell. He won't talk to me. But it's got to be something to do with his mother. It can't be anything else."

"Yeah, I know" Darrell said. "I heard she was a real nut case."

"He was crying, Darrell" I said, and actually sobbed as I said it. (I'm such a wimp.) "Tanner was crying. I know he's in big trouble, and I've got to find out what it is."

"What are you going to do?" he asked. In a way, I was pleased that Darrell said that, because he knew I was Tanner's 'best bud' and it was up to me to do something. "I want to help. Tell me what you're going to do."

My phone beeped with a text message. "Hold on Darrell" I said and checked the message. It was from Tanner. It said: 'C I won't be coming over any more. T'

"SHIT! NO!" I screamed.

"WHAT?" Darrell yelled. I hadn't realized that Darrell was back on the line, and I guess I screamed in his ear.

"It's from Tanner" I moaned in horror. "He says he's not coming over any more." I started crying.

"WHAT?" Darrell shouted. "What the fuck is going on?"

"Darrell. I can't talk to you now" I sobbed and disconnected. Just seconds later it started ringing; it was Darrell. I put it aside and buried my face in the pillow. I think I was crying like I'd never cried before. This couldn't be happening.

The phone kept ringing. Darrell was being damnably persistent. So I finally answered.

"Darrell, I …. I …. I …." I sobbed. "I can't talk …."

"I'm coming over right now.” He hung up.

I just lay there crying, my mind going a mile a minute about nothing. All I know was that I was hurting like I'd never been hurting before.

After what seemed to be only a couple minutes I felt someone sit on the side of the bed and put a hand on my back. When I pulled my face out of the pillow I saw that it was Darrell. He must have taken the closest jet plane to get here, and hadn't bothered to ring the bell. I sat up and grabbed him in a big hug. He grabbed me back almost crushing me to him.

"I'm so sorry, Charlie" he said as I sobbed with my face pressed into his shoulder. He was not only hugging me, but was kind of rocking me back and forth.. I felt so comfortable being in his arms.

He pushed me back on the bed and lay down beside me, still hugging me tight. We just lay there for the longest time, until my sobbing stopped. It was such a relief having Darrell holding me.

But finally, he raised his head and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "What are we going to do, Charlie?" He asked. 'We' He said 'we'.

I rolled over, out of his arms, grabbed a tissue and blew my nose. "I don't know, Darrell" I said. "But we've got to do something."

"You said you think it has something to do with his mother. Is that right?"

"Well, yeah. I can't imagine how it could be anything else."

"Well, what did you tell me you did about your father?"

"Huh?" I asked.

"You looked through the window" he said.

"Of course" I said in excitement as I jumped up. "Let's go." I was already down the stairs and out the front door before Darrell caught up with me. I was about to run across the street, but Darrell held on to me.

"Take it easy, Charlie" he said. "Let's not make a scene for the neighbors." It was afternoon so there were still kids out playing, so they'd notice if I was frantically running across the street. Darrell held on to me until I calmed down and then we walked calmly across the street as if nothing was out of the ordinary.. We couldn't look in the living room window in front of the house since it was still daylight and I would have been too obvious. So we went around to the side and peeked into the dining room and then the kitchen.

Tanner's bedroom was upstairs so we were not going to be looking in his window, but the master bedroom, his mom's bedroom, was in the south-west corner in the back. However those curtains were closed as usual. I don't think his mom ever opened them.

“Stay here” Darrell said as he casually walked in front of the house, pretending to go to the front door, but actually looking in the living room windows. “Nothing” he said when he came back. “Nobody there.”

“Tanner must be in his room” I said.

“Yeah, upstairs” Darrell said, “but I don't see any good climbing trees close by.”

“But I came over here a couple times to get something for Tanner from his room” I said. “ His mom and dad were both here but I was able to sneak in and out without being seen.”

“Well good. Let's do it” Darrell said. So I went and got the key from where it was tucked behind the window ledge. We silently entered through the kitchen. Darrell had not been here before but I knew my way around, so I led him to the stairs and up to the second floor.

The house was completely silent. Very gently, I tried the door to Tanners bedroom, but it was locked. I knocked very softly and whispered: ‘Tanner. Tanner.’

The door unlocked and opened and there he stood in all his magnificence, wearing only his bikini, a grey one today. God, he was gorgeous.

He had a look of surprise on his face, but I could not contain myself and stepped into the room and grabbed him in a hug. “Tanner, oh Tanner” I said.

“Shhh” he said as he stepped back. “You can't be here” he whispered. Breaking my hold on him, he pulled Darrell into the room and silently closed the door. “My mom will kill me if she finds you here.”

“We’re not leaving until you tell us what is going on” I whispered. “Tanner. What is it? You've got to tell me.”

“I don't see how you can help. Charlie. She's got me over a barrel.”

“What? You're mom? How? Tell me, Tanner. Tell me.” He just stood there for a moment looking back and forth between me and Darrell.

“Okay, you asked for it” he said. “Sit down.” I've told you that our houses are huge, so Tanner’s spacious bedroom had not only an overstuffed love seat, but a small table and two chairs by the window. Darrell and I sat at the table. Without a word Tanner handed us a photo album.

And what was in that photo album was nothing less than astonishing.

It was all pictures of Tanner. Lots of pictures of Tanner, and all of them in compromising positions. They were all of him with boys, young boys. Some of them looked really young. This must have been from Tanners collection in Oro City, because there had to be pictures of at least half a dozen different boys here. But he told me he had a lot of them in Oro City so I wasn't surprised.

“They’re children” Darrell said, looking at Tanner.

“They are not” Tanner snapped. “They were fifteen, just like I was. All of them. You know how I like them pretty. Well, the pretty ones always look younger than their age.”

“But you're hurting them” I said, because all the pictures seemed to show them in pain.

“Careful photography” he snapped at me. “I wasn't hurting them. They were loving it. You know how I am. I may be a little rough, but that's what they wanted and that’s what I was giving them. They were loving it.” I looked closer at the pictures and yes, I could see how the pictures might have been carefully timed to make them look like they were in pain.

“You're mom did this?” I asked.

“She took movies and then picked out the perfect frames. She got them looking very young and looking like I was torturing them. Evidently she had my bedroom bugged with cameras the whole time in Oro City, and the basement too.

“Jesus” Darrell and I both said at the same time.

“But what was she going to do with this? How does this ….?” I started to say.

“You ain't seen nothin yet” Tanner said. He put another photo album in front of us. This one was totally different, but yet the same. Pictures of Tanner again, but this time with his mother. There must have been a dozen pictures of him, showing him naked or near naked, and he was obviously raping his mother. Yes, he was raping her.

“Oh my god” I gasped, and looked up at Tanner. He had tears in his eyes. “What in the hell were you doing?” I was shocked.

"Nothing" he almost shouted, but then changed to a whisper. "I wasn’t doing nothing. I didn't do it. Don't you dare blame me, Charlie."

"Oh, shit, Tanner, I'm sorry. But these pictures. They're …."

"I didn't do anything, Charlie" he said, the tears dripping. "I didn't do anything."

"But …. But …." That's when I realized that I was jumping to conclusions. How could I? I loved Tanner and I knew him. I knew he would never rape his mother. I knew that. "But, Tanner, how …?" I left the sentence unfinished

“Careful photography” he sniffled. “All those times she was making a play for me she was planning this. In every damn one of those pictures I was trying to get away, but she made it look like I was hurting her. Notice how she always seems to be facing the camera.”

“Oh my god” I repeated. “But what ….?”

“If I don't do what she wants, she says she’ll turn me in for rape. She says they’ll lock me away for years for raping my own mother. And I believe her. You know that's true.”

“Oh my god” Darrell said, repeating the obvious. “And you never knew?”

“No. I never knew” he said. “I never saw anything that made me think she was filming me. Never.”

“Wow” Darrell and I both said.

“And she's got copies of course” I said.

“I knew she was a film buff, but I never guessed ….” he said.

“What does she want?” Darrell asked.

“She wants me” he said with a sob. “She wants my.body. She wants me, body and soul.”

“What?” I said. “That's crazy.”

“Yeah, I don't doubt that she's crazy” Tanner said. “Crazy like a fox”

“But …” I started to say.

“I fucked her last night, Charlie. I fucked her and I hated every minute of it.”

“Jesus Christ” I said.

“She wants me to fuck her, Charlie. I've got to be here and available whenever she wants it.”

“But …... but ….” I started again.

“She went on for almost an hour last night, Charlie. I guess she hasn't been having sex with my dad, so she's making up for lost time. It was awful.”

“Is that really so bad?” Darrell asked.

“Yes it is” Tanner snapped. “If you'd seen her, you'd know. And, by the way, I discovered something about myself yesterday. I don't know if I ever was bi-sexual, but if I was I'm not anymore. I'm gay."

"Yeah. Okay" was all I said. It certainly wasn't any surprise to me.

"She's old, and she's overweight and she's a women" he said. "And she's still my step-mother."

"So? What?" Darrell said. "Can you, like, just keep her happy?"

"You've got to be crazy. Wait till you see her. And besides, I don't have any choice" Tanner said. "But I don't want to, and I'm going to hate it. And listen to this: she says she’s going to make me straight. Yeah, the bitch is going to turn me into a straight. I've got to stay home and not have sex with anyone except with her.”

“What?” Darrell said in a shocked tone. “That's impossible.”

“Yeah. But she’s going to make me do it. And you won't believe what she has planned. Look at this stuff.” He went over to the closet and pulled out a big box.

“You won't believe this shit. Look.” He pulled up what looked like a leather g-string, except that there were two holes in the crotch, one for the guys balls and the other for the cock, and it came equipped with a cock ring. Anybody wearing that would have their dick and balls pushed straight out in front with the ring keeping the dick hard. I must admit it was sexy as hell, and I wanted to see Tanner in it. Talk about an instant hard-on.

“Oh god, that is so cool” Darrell said with lust in his voice. Tanner was annoyed and I was pissed.

“Stop it Darrell” I snapped. “We're here to help.”

“Sorry” he said. “But that is so cool.” Tanner pulled out some other leather things. One was a sort of brassiere but rather than covering the breasts, it was designed to surround them and push them out. It looked like it was made for super-sized breasts. I looked at Tanner.

“Yeah. She's got enormous tits” he said, guessing what I was thinking. “But look at this.” He held up what looked like a leather thong, but the crotch had snaps, evidently so it could be easily removed. I noted there was no room in it for a dick, so it had to be for her, for the woman. Then he pulled out another one very similar, but with a lot more room; room for a big whanger like his. A his and hers matching set I guess.

“She gave me this box so I could get 'acquainted' with this stuff, she said. She says it will get me turned on. Ugh! She’ll pick out what we’ll wear but I've got to dress her first and then myself”. The box was full of stuff, all of it black leather, so I guess there would be plenty of choices. But then he held up wrist cuffs and hand cuffs so I realized how serious this was. She was scary; crazy scary.

Then I was really shocked; and frightened. He pulled out a flogger. One of those things with a leather handle and leather strips designed for whipping.

“Jesus” I said in awe. A flogger. This was damn scary. “She's going to whip you?” Then, just to make things worse, he pulled out an actual whip. “Oh fuck” I moaned. Darrell moaned along with me, but I swear to God, his moan was a moan of lust, not of shock like mine was.

“You see?” Tanner said. “You see why I'm scared?”

That’s when there came a knock at his door.

“Daryl, I want you downstairs” the voice said.

“Yes, mom” Tanner said.

“You’ll call me mother Kate.”

“Yes, mother Kate.”

“Five minutes.”

“Yes, mother Kate” he answered. Then he whispered: “you guys gotta get out of here. She can't know you're here.”

“How” I asked. Obviously we couldn't go through the house, but ….

“The window” Tanner said. Oh shit. Doesn't he know we're on the second floor. “It's only about twelve/fifteen feet” he said. Only? Shit? This is the second floor, for gods sake.

Tanner went over and opened the window and pulled the screen into the room. Almost before I could blink, Darrell was climbing out and disappeared, evidently dropping to the ground.

Have I told you I'm scared of heights?

“Tanner” I said. “I can't ….”

“Come on. Hurry” Tanner said, grabbing me by the shoulders and pushing me over to the window.

“Tanner, I can't ….”

“It's not much over twelve feet” he said. “You can hold onto the window sill and drop. Darrell will catch you.”

“Tanner. I can't” I said as I pushed against him. He simply lifted me up in his arms, and stuck me through the window feet first. Grabbing my hands he pushed me out. I almost screamed, but remembered his mother would probably skin me alive.. Falling from the window was probably less dangerous than meeting his mother.

As Tanner let go, I closed my eyes tight and whispered to myself: “I can't.” Darrell caught me immediately. I hardly dropped at all.


“What are we going to do?” Darrell asked when we got back to my room.

“I don't know yet” I said, “but I know we're going to do something. I'll figure it out.” I had set down on the side of the bed when we came into the room, and now Darrell came over and sat beside me. He put his arm around me.i didn't say anything because right now I needed comfort.

“I'll think of something” I said. Darrell pulled my head over against his shoulder.

“I know you will” he said. He just held me there and kissed the top of my head a few times as I was racking my brain for a solution to Tanner’s problem.

I hardly noticed when he stood up and pulled my shirt up and over my head. I did take notice when he removed his own shirt. Darrell is such a hunk. God, he's beautiful. And with those muscles it’s no wonder he's such a great wrestler.

“Tanner won't care, and you know it” he said. “Not at a time like this.” I agreed. Not now. Not when I really needed it. Tanner would understand. Darrell pushed me back and removed my shoes and socks. Then my pants and underwear.

It was wonderful. No one had ever stripped me like this before. I was always the one doing it to them.

Darrell lifted me and turned me around to lie normally on the bed, and then lay down on top of me. God, his muscular body felt good. Our lips joined in a kiss.

The kiss went on and on but Darrell also was squirming over me, rubbing our bodies and our cocks against each other which was absolutely exquisite. Damn, was he turning me on.

And as you know, Darrell has a good sized dick; not Tanner sized by any means, but most definitely above average. Feeling the big dick rubbing against my much smaller hard-on was wonderful. Believe it or not, I'd never experienced this before and it was heavenly.

Darrell raised his head and looked me in the eye. "You're a terrific kid, Charlie, for such a little guy." He laughed and I laughed along with him. "Anybody messes with you, you just let me know. I'll take care of them." I laughed at that too, because everybody messes with me. All the guys. Darrell was going to have his hands full if he was going to protect me.. But Darrell is a hunk, and a top wrestler so I think he could take most any of them on.

Darrell slid down slightly and kissed my upper chest and then went for my nipples. My nipples are basically flat, so there's nothing to get a hold of, but he pinched them with his lips anyway. Moving down over my flat stomach he kissed me just above my crotch. He looked up at me and smiled. My dick jumped in anticipation hitting him in the chin.

He took it in his mouth. "Oooooh" I groaned in pleasure and excitement. "Darrell! Easy, easy" I mumbled. Yeah, I was that close. I was hot. Backing off, he kissed up and down the shaft a few times and then went after my balls. He had slid down off of me, so now he could look up at my face as he licked my balls.

He was grinning up a storm because he knew what he was doing to me. I was going crazy with lust and my prick was shuddering. Nobody'd ever done things like this to me. I was in heaven.

And then. And then. Darrell put his hands under my knees and lifted my legs up in the air, raising my ass off the bed. He buried his face in my ass. I felt his tongue.

I shot. "Yeeeaaaoooh" I scream in ecstasy. "Daaarrrreeeell." I'd never felt anything like this in my life and it was sheer delight, absolute bliss. My first shot landed on my chest, but my second one hit me in the forehead, so you know I was turned on. "Ugh, ugh, ugh" I grunted as I fired shot after shot onto my body. Darrell had raised his head and had the biggest grin as he watched me go through all sorts of contortions as I ejaculated.

He didn't say anything, but got back down , pushed in, and started licking my ass. "Darrell, Darrell, Darrell. My god. My god." The pleasure, the feeling was almost more than I could bear. It was simply glorious, and you better believe my dick wasn't going to be going soft anytime soon.

Darrell was spitting and kissing and licking and absolutely driving me crazy with lust. So, I was ready when he raised up.

"I gotta do this, baby" he said, looking me in the eye. "I gotta get my dick in you. I gotta fuck you."

"Oh yes, Darrell. Please, yes" I gushed. I was more than ready. I wanted Darrell; hunky, husky, muscular Darrell. I wanted him in me. I wanted to watch him watching me as he fucked me.

He lined his dick up with my ass and pushed. Did it hurt? Of course it hurt, but I said I wanted this and I did, so who gives a damn if it hurts.

Darrell was good. He was gentle and obviously experienced. I had to wonder who he'd been fucking, but unfortunately the answer came to me immediately, which I didn't want to think about. Sarah, and Tess and Cloe were regulars for him, according to the word around school. He had them lining up for his dick.

"Jesus, that feels good" he said when he was finally buried deep into my butt. He gave me a huge grin.

"As good as Sarah" I said, stupidly unable to keep my mouth shut.

"Oh, fuck Sarah" he said, and he bent down and gave me a quick kiss. "Ain't no comparison. You're special, Charlie. Believe me, you're special. That's why I love you."

Love? Love? Darrell loves me? I reached up and grabbed his head before he could get away and pulled him back down to a kiss. "I love you too, Darrell" I mumbled through the kiss. "My god, I love you."

And that was definitely true. At this time and at this place I loved him. It had absolutely nothing to do with Tanner. This was between me and Darrell. He was a wonderful guy; everything about him was wonderful and I really did love him.

Now he started to pump. Starting very, very slowly, barely pulling it out, and then gradually going back in. All the way deep into my butt. Our eyes were glued to each other and that grin of his never stopped. God, I loved that look on his face. A look of …. of …. a look of total exultation. A look of euphoria. He was absolutely loving this. He was loving fucking me, and I was loving watching him fucking me..

Yes, he started slow but after a bit, those slow thrusts began to speed up. He was beginning to really get into it.

There was some pain at first, but now it was entirely gone. Completely. There was only pleasure. Seeing Darrell above me; oh yeah, he was so gorgeous, and feeling him inside me was simply glorious. Watching him looking at me with such joy on his face was simply mind-blowing. I had to wonder how I could be so lucky to have one of the most gorgeous, most masculine, most popular guys in school in my bed fucking me.

Darrell really went to town now, banging it to me. And do you think I was hard? Hell yes I was hard. It must have been at least half an hour since I had shot my last load, so I was more than ready to do it again.

"Chaaaaaaarley" Darrell screamed as he let go, shooting his semin into my butt. "Yes, yes, yes" he shouted as he fired shot after shot into me. I grabbed my dick which was shuddering already anyway, and gave it three or four pulls, and let go myself.

I didn't hit myself in the head this time, but I gave some pretty good spurts onto my upper chest . I was all smiles when we finished and so was Darrell. "Oh, shit, Charlie" he said. "You are so fuckin wonderful. It's no wonder I love you." He bent down and latched his lips onto mine. As we started kissing I could feel him slowly pulling his still hard dick out of my ass. Jesus, I felt so empty after he pulled out.

He kept the kiss going as he lay down next to me. And still holding the kiss, he pulled me over on top of him. "Mmmmmm" was the only sound in the room for the next ten or fifteen minutes.

When we finally broke the kiss I said: "I got my cum smeared all over you.”

"I know, and I love it" he said.


Of course I couldn't sleep that night. I was imagining all sorts of horrible things happening to Tanner, and I had to find a way to help him. I was racking my brain about what to do. Tanner couldn't just leave, because she'd go through with her threat: she'd have him arrested and he'd go to reform school or prison or something.

She was not going to let him see me any more, or anyone else for that matter. I just couldn't live with that. I couldn't! Tanner was my whole life; my reason for being. I don't think anyone could love someone as much as I loved him. I mean, I thought of him and pictured him in my mind every minute of the day, and I dreamed of him in technicolor every night. I truly adored him.

Now I had the chance to actually do something for him. He's given me so much attention, so much love and affection, and I'd never done anything for him. Nothing. Oh, a couple blowjobs and a couple fucks, but that didn't count because they were his. It wasn't as if I gave my body to him as much as he took it. He took it as his right. And besides, his pleasure is always my pleasure, and when he was screwing me, he was giving me the most wonderful tribute by taking pleasure from it. I was truly honored to be allowed to give pleasure to this magnificent superman.

But to actually do something for him; to do something really meaningful to return a small part of the enormous pleasure he's given me freely over these months. That would be incredible.

He's actually given me a reason for living and all I've done for him is tag alone and drool over him. Yeah, all the time I've been with Tanner and everything we've done together, I've done it selfishly, for my own greedy pleasure and satisfaction. But Tanner has been so generous in his attention and accepting me for what I am: an undeserving twink, with all my flaws and weaknesses. And, incredibly, he’s made me his best friend.

I owe him so much.

It took me a couple hours as I lay there mulling the problem over in my mind, but I finally had a spark of an idea. We had to get something on her, Tanner's mother. Something criminal, and more serious than what she had on him; ie., the rape. Something so terrible that she wouldn't dare turn him in because it would put her in jail.

I called Darrell. "Mmmggg" was what it sounded like when he answered.

"Darrell" I said excitedly. "Is your buddy Larry still a camera nut?"

"Charlie?" he mumbled. "What …."

"Wake up, Darrell. This is important. Listen."

"It's 3:30 Charlie. Go to sleep."

"Listen to me" I said. "Does Larry still have all that photography stuff?"

"Well, yeah, I think so" he mumbled. "Charlie, it's 3:30.

"Call him" I said. "I think I know how to help Tanner." That got his attention.

"What? Really? How?"

"We're going to film her doing shit to him, to Tanner, and he's under age. You know all that sexual shit she got for him? All that leather stuff? If we get the right pictures we could threaten to put her In jail for consorting with a minor. She wouldn't dare turn Tanner in."

"That's genius, Charlie" he said. "But, how do we do it?"

"We get Larry's stuff and we go over there tonight and film through the window. Call Larry."

"It's 3:30 Charlie, I can't call him now. I'll call him first thing in the morning."

"But, we've got to …."

"In the morning, Charlie" he interrupted. "We'll figure it all out in the morning. Now go to sleep."

"Darrell, I can't. I'm too excited. We've got to get going on this."

"In the morning, Charlie. We can't do anything now. Go to sleep."

"Shit," I said softly to myself.

"And, Charlie" he said. "You're a champ." He hung up the phone.

Even as excited as I was, I think I was asleep in seconds.


"Let me see your back" I said to Tanner as we started down the street towards school.

"Drop it, Charlie" he said.

"Let me see your back" I snapped at him.

"Charlie ….?"

"Damn it, let me see your back" I yelled at him. He stopped and turned his back to me. I dropped the backpacks, grabbed his t-shirt and pulled it up. And just as I suspected, his whole back was red. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck" I said. "Damn her. She used the flogger, didn't she." He didn't answer but it was obvious, because his entire back was bright red, like a really bad case of sunburn. She obviously went to great pains to see that she didn't leave a single inch of his back untouched.

"Does it hurt?" I asked.

"Not really" he answered.

"I said, does it hurt?" I growled.

"Well, a little" he said. I left the backpacks where they were, and grabbed Tanner's arm and headed back towards my house.

"We're going to put some salve on that right now."

"Charlie, it ain't no big deal."

"Yes, it is a big deal" I said. "Now come on." He didn't say anything more but just went along with me. I got his shirt off and gently rubbed on the salve. “She is such a fuckin bitch” I growled. At least the skin was not broken, but I had read about a flogger, and I knew how much it hurt. It must have been a nightmare last night, and it must be hurting like hell right now.

Have I told you how incredibly muscled Tanner's back is? Maybe a thousand times? I swoon every time I look at Tanner without a shirt, but to actually touch him is breathtaking. I covered every inch of his back and then helped him get his shirt back on.

We headed off to school.

Darrell hadn’t come by that morning and I didn't see him until lunch, but as Tanner and I sat down at our lunch table, he came over with Larry.

"We're all set" Darrell said. "Larry's going to get all his stuff together and we'll be ready tonight."

"Two movie cameras and two stills" Larry said. "Will that do it?"

"What?" Tanner said in surprise. "What's going on?"

"Oh, and Tommy want's to come" Larry said. I gave him a dirty look. He gave me a dirty look right back. "He was in the room," he said, throwing up his hands. "I had to tell him what was going on." I didn't much care for Tommy, but I realized he was Larry's brother, and if we needed some muscle, he had more than his share.

So, Darrell and Larry sat down and I explained to Tanner what we were planning. He looked at me like he'd never looked at me before, and I got red with embarrassment. As near as I could tell, he was looking at me with respect. He'd never looked at me in quite that way before.

"I assume she has you do that shit in her bedroom?" I asked Tanner.

"Yeah" he answered.

"All you've got to do is make sure the drapes are open and the outside lights are off" I said.

"You'll also need to do some acting" Darrell said. "You've got to act like she's killing you. Make it look more painful than it is. And make sure we can see your face from the windows. And her face too."


The bedroom only had three Windows, two in the back and one on the South side, so we didn't need Tommy, but he insisted on coming with us anyway. And you don't mess with a 300 pound muscle giant. When we actually got there, in Tanner's back yard, I was fiddling with one of Larry's movie cameras and trying to make sense of it. Tommy growled and took it away from me, giving me a shove and knocking me back on my butt.

"Get the fuck out of the way, and let me handle it" he snapped. I think he would have just as well stomped me as look at me. "Stay out of the way and keep your mouth shut."

That didn't make me happy since this was my idea and I wanted to carry it through, but you don't argue with Tommy. Nobody argues with Tommy. Besides, he was Larry's brother, and knew more about cameras than I did. Darrell was Larry's best friend, so he knew about cameras as well. So all I could do was watch. However, there was an extra camera so I took it and wondered from window to window.

We were set up by 8:30; Tommy at the south window with a movie camera, and Larry and Darrell at the back windows. Darrell had the still camera and Larry had the movie camera. It was about 9:15 when Tanner opened the curtains. He was naked and looked absolutely stunning. I could see that he was really pumped, and when I saw that he was sweaty I realized she must have had him working out in the basement gym. He looked terrific. His light brown skin making his awesome musculature glisten in the light.

In the light, yeah. The room had lights everywhere, even flood lights, and it was loaded with mirrors. She had definitely prepared for these scenes with Tanner.

His mother came into the room carrying some of those leather things Tanner had shown us and dropped them on the bed. She was also naked. She didn't look particularly terrible for being near 40, but no one would ever say she was pretty and she was definitely overweight. Not grossly fat, but a good thirty pounds overweight. And tits? Oh, yes, she had big tits.

The first thing she did was go over to the corner of the room, where it looked like she turned something on. My best bet was that she had hidden cameras in the room and was filming this Why else all the lights? We'd have to think about how to get that film. She turned something on and came over to Tanner.

She handed him a leather brassier. As he put it on her I saw that it held her enormous breasts, but there was a two inch hole in each side that allowed her nipples to stick out. I expected he'd be tonguing them later. Next came a leather g-string, so he had to get down on his knees to get it on her.

Tanner had already decided not to argue with her because there was no point in making her mad, and setting her off. So he was completely cooperative, doing whatever she wanted without objection.,

By the way, did I mention that I'd never seen Tanner's dick so small? You can't hide an ten incher, but I don't think I'd ever seen it so soft as it was now, dangling down between his legs.

After the g-string she handed him a pair of wrist straps which he put on himself. He also had two straps that he put on his ankles. Then she pushed him over in front of the biggest mirror in the room. That’s when I saw the bar hanging from the ceiling. Damn, she had really prepared this room.

She had a stool there which she stood on, and connected the wrist cuffs to the bar spreading his arms a good four or five feet apart. Then she hooked the ankle straps to two hooks on the floor. She had a regular dungeon set up here. She did something then, pulling on a chain which cranked up the bar, forcing Tanner's arms up, almost bringing him up to his toes.

So my hero. My gorgeous superman was spread eagled, almost hanging there naked. He wasn't quite hanging but he was up on his toes. Reaching up she grabbed him by the hair and jerked him to the right. My best bet was she was making him face one of the cameras.

And then came the flogger. I couldn't believe that she was going to use it again, since he was still red from last night. She didn't hit him hard, but I know about how that thing really stings.. She pretty much covered his back again and his ass. I was sorry that it had not even occurred to me to check Tanner's ass this morning to put salve on it. And he hadn't said a word. It must have been hell sitting in class all day.

His back and butt went from red to brighter red, beet red as she beat him, but he didn't make a sound.

"I want to hear you yell" she said at one point but he didn't respond. That probably annoyed her.

"Beg me to stop, you little shit" she yelled . Evidently being mean and talking dirty was part of the game. He still didn't respond. She whipped him for at least fifteen minutes, berating him the whole time.

Then, horror of horrors, she pulled out the whip.

Tanner yelled after the first swing. She wasn't gentle and I could see where the whip had slashed him. You could actually see the mark. She hit him again, and that one brought blood.

"Please, mom. No" he yelled.

"What?” she snarled at him.

"Mother Kate. Mother Kate. Please. That really hurts." She hit him again.

"Yeow! Mother Kate! Please!"

I was horrified. "We can't do this" I said to Tommy who was standing in front of me.

"Shut up" he whispered to me. "We've got to do this now, tonight. So shut up. You want him to go through this every night?" I took a couple deep breaths and tried to calm down. But I shut up.

I wanted to look away, but I couldn't. I had to see it.

She was obviously not experienced with the whip, because she was hitting him too hard, I think. This was not supposed to be a real whipping, but a sexual thing. Something to turn her on. If she kept this up he wouldn't be in any position to do anything when she got around to fucking him. It didn't take long before blood was dripping down his back.

But she got what she wanted. She got his screams for mercy. She got him begging for her to stop. And she was loving it. I could see that she had a crazed look of total joy on her face as she worked him over.

By the time she was finished his back was a mess. Cuts, and blood everywhere. I was crying; softly, but I was crying. And Tommy too. I could see the tears dripping down his face as he held the camera.

Do I need to tell you about the dildo's? Dildo's, plural. Three of them, each one bigger than the other. Luckily she only used the smaller one, but she obviously had plans for future sessions. But what shocked me was that she didn't prepare his butt at all. She simply rubbed some cream on the dildo and jammed it up his virgin ass. Tried to jam it up his ass.

You know how incredibly muscular Tanner is, so if he didn't want that dildo up his ass there was no way she was going to get it up there.

"Open up, you little shit" she snarled at him. "Open up right now or we're going back to the whip." So he had no choice. He didn't make a sound as she jammed it in but I could see the incredible pain in his face. Luckily she only used the smaller one, which was pretty good sized anyway. I couldn't even imagine the pain if she had tried to use the other two.

When she'd had her fun, she got him on his knees, hands cuffed behind his back, and licking out her snatch. That bothered me even more than the whipping. I couldn't watch him licking her out; I had to look away.

And finally, she got him on the bed on his back and rode him to a climax. Multiple climaxes for her.

I was sick. I found it simply astonishing that anyone could be so monstrous. She needed to be locked away.

Larry collected the cameras and we slipped away.

I must admit that I think I am enjoying writing this story more than any of my previous stories. Because of the nature of the story line, there seems to be endless possibilities for future episodes,

Of course, I've enjoyed writing all of my stories, but what has made a big difference on this one is the response I've been getting. Hearing from readers who are enjoying the story makes a world of difference in the pleasure I get from writing it. Please keep your responses coming.


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