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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

Subtitle: My Bully

Chapter Eight

I was on my knees in front of Tanner, since I had just undressed him. As we do every afternoon when we get home from school, I got down and removed his shoes and socks, and then his shorts. He had tossed his t-shirt aside.

“Did you yell at me last night” Tanner suddenly asked me, completely out of the blue. I froze. He hadn't said anything about it all day and I had hoped he had forgotten about it.

'We’ll talk about it later' Tanner had said to me last night, so I was not totally surprised that he was bringing it up now. That was when I had yelled ‘stop’ at him because I thought he was going to strangle Jerod. Tanner had his belt around Jerod's neck and had pulled it tight and I swear Jerod was beginning to turn purple. I should have known that Tanner knew what he was doing, but I was afraid for Jerod.

"What did you think, you stupid shit?" he growled. "Did you think I was going to kill him?"

"Master, please. I .... I …. I was afraid that ...."

"You think I'm so stupid that I was going to strangle him? Do you really think I'm that dumb?"

"No, of course not, Master" I answered. "I only …. I thought …. I thought you were …."

"You didn't think" he snapped. "That was your problem. You didn't think."

I was still on my knees looking up at him and I could see that he was angry. There was no question he was angry. I had hoped that he would have understood that I was only trying to help when I yelled; in fact what I really hoped was that maybe he wouldn't bring it up at all. That was stupid of me of course because I know Tanner never lets a slight go by.

"Master, please. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I only ...." He grabbed my hair and jerked my head back.

"Shut up" he said. "I don't want to hear your stupid excuses." I know my face turned white in fear as he glared down at me. He was furious and I was horrified. How could I have let this happen?

Then he spit in my face, hitting me in the left eye. I didn't move, in fact I don't think I was even breathing, I was so much in shock. That's when he hit me. Open handed of course, but I can tell you it hurt like hell.

"You little shit. You don't ever yell at me" he snapped. I wanted to do something, anything, beg for forgiveness, beg for mercy maybe, but I didn't dare speak. Then he spit on me again, hitting me on the chin, and slapped me once more with the same hand on the same cheek. I let out a yell because this one hurt more than the first. The tears automatically came to my eyes.

Tanner was volatile and was super quick to anger, but I'd never seen him this angry before. Never. My cheek was burning, but much worse than that was the thought that I might lose him. It looked like maybe I had done something that was completely unforgivable. I had evidently stepped way over the line by yelling at him. I was so stupid; I should have realized he wouldn't stand for it; I should have known better. In couldn't believe I had done something so stupid.

When he let go of my hair, I grabbed has ankles and bent down and started kissing his feet. I mean, what else could I do? I couldn't speak, but I wanted to plead for forgiveness. I had to do something. So all I could think of was to show by obsequiousness by groveling at his feet. I kissed and kissed and kissed, frantically.

He said I couldn't speak, but I couldn't help it. "Please, Tanner" I sobbed through the tears as I kissed his feet over and over and over again, showing him my complete abasement. "Please, Master. I'm sorry."

Without any acknowledgement he stepped away, pulling loose from my grip on his ankles. "Get the fuck out of my sight" he snapped as he grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. I was crying now. Of course I was crying; I was devastated

"Master" I sobbed as looked over at him.

"OUT" he yelled as he pointed at the bedroom door. Dragging myself to my feet, I opened the door and went into the hall. I was crying my eyes out as I closed the door and sat down on the floor next to the door. I had never felt so horrible in my life.

I must have sat there for close to an hour, sobbing a good share of the time. I didn't know what to do. I wished he would let me beg for forgiveness. I desperately wanted to have a chance to talk to him, to apologize and tell him how truly sorry I was.

Then the doorbell rang. I wasn't expecting anyone, so it must have been someone coming to see Tanner. I wondered if Tanner would come out of the room, but nothing happened. When the bell rang again I went down to answer it.

And there was Jerod. Jerod, the kid that Tanner had beat up and pretty much raped last night. I was shocked. How could I be anything but shocked?

"Hi, Charlie" he said as I opened the door.. "What happened to you?" I must have looked a mess. I knew my face must be red where Tanner hit me, and I'd been crying for ages, but Jerod didn't wait for an answer anyway.

"I guess he's here, huh?" he said and laughed He must have guessed why I looked the way I did. He was dressed all in black, skin tight riding shorts, skin tight t-shirt, and a bicycle helmet. I just stood there speechless for a moment, as he gave me this great big grin. "He said I could meet him here" he said.

Then I finally came to my senses. "Ahhh …. yeah. He's here."

"Well, you gonna let me come in, or not?" he asked, still with that big grin.

"Oh, yes, of course" I said. "Come on in."

"He told me to come over" he said, and I could hear excitement in his voice. This little shit knew he was going to get it from Tanner, and was really excited about it. He must have really loved Tanner working him over last night.

"Tanner said we needed to get to know each other better, like." He laughed and then pushed me aside as he headed upstairs. Just like all the hunks at school, I was basically invisible to Jerod. An insignificant nobody not deserving of his notice. I was so inconsequential to him that the fucker couldn't even be bothered to wait for me to get out of the way, simply pushing me out of the way.

But at least he knew my name. I followed him up.

"In" came Tanner's voice, when Jerod knocked on the door. The TV was off now and Tanner was lying on my bed. Jerod entered the room but I stood in the doorway, waiting to see if he would let me come in.

Tanner stood up and waved Jerod to him, and as Jerod stepped over to him, he grabbed him roughly. One hand behind his neck and the other around his back, Tanner jerked him half way around, pulling him into a kiss. I remembered that they had kissed up a storm last night and they went at it again now, aggressively. His one hand went into Jerod's hair, pulling their lips together, while the other hand went to his ass, pulling Jerod tightly against him crotch to crotch. Jerod's arms automatically went around him as he hugged him back.

Tanner said last night that Jerod liked rough sex, and that looked like the way it was going to go now. Tanner wasn't just holding Jerod's ass, but was groping it, definitely claiming ownership. They just stood there kissing for several minutes as I watched from the doorway. Finally Tanner pulled Jerod's head back and looked him in the eye.

"You been thinking about me, baby?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, Tanner. Yeah" Jerod gasped. Yes, he gasped. It looked like his whole body was shaking in excitement. "I been .... I been thinking of you a lot." Tanner pulled him back into the kiss. I just stood there, not knowing what to do. I wasn't so much jealous as I was depressed, because I didn't know how I stood with Tanner. After all, he had thrown me out of the room, so I didn't know if he'd let me back in or not. He had been so mad I didn't know if he'd ever let me back in.

It was another minute or so before Tanner again pulled his head back. "I'm going to fuck you, baby. You know that don't you?"

"Yeah, Tanner, yeah. I know that" Jerod said with a dreamy smile on his face. "I knew you would."

"Strip down" Tanner said. Jerod had to peal his shorts and shirt off because they were made of some stretch material that really was skin tight. He was not wearing underwear so he was nude in just seconds.

Then Tanner looked over at me. "Charlie, in the chair" he said, waving his thumb at the beanbag chair. In a way, that was a relief since at least he'd recognized my existence. But, he was going to make me watch while he fucked Jerod which wasn't going to be any fun. I closed the door and scurried over and sat in the beanbag chair.

I heard a slap and a yelp and as I looked up I saw that Tanner had given Jerod a slap across the face. "You like it rough, don't you, boy?" Tanner asked as he continued groping Jerod's ass. "You don't want to be fucked, you want to be raped, don't you?"

Jerod didn't say anything but his whole body shivered uncontrollably, and his hard dick slapped up against his abs.

"I asked you a question, boy" Tanner said as he gave Jerod a hard slap on the ass. "You want me to rape you, don't you?"

"Yes, Tanner. Yes, yes, yes" he moaned in excitement.

"Call me Master" Tanner ordered him.

"Oh, shit" was all Jerod said as he let loose and started shooting his load. Again, Tanner was simply incredible, because this was not the first time that he got a fuckboy so hot and so excited that he came prematurely without even touching himself. "Master, ugh" Jerod said as he grabbed his dick and fired. "Master, ugh" he said again and fired once more Then, six or seven times, he said 'Master' in between each and every shot as he spurted all over Tanner. 'Master, Master, Master, Master.'

I looked on in awe but Tanner just waited and smiled. "Sorry, Tanner" Jerod finally said as he got his breath back, obviously very embarrassed for cuming so quickly. "Sorry."

"It's alright, babe" Tanner said, "but you will call me Master."

"Yes, Master' Jerod blurted and his body shook again. It looked like calling Tanner, Master was one of the most exciting things he'd ever done. "Yes, Master" he repeated worshipfully. Tanner grabbed him by the hair again, and with a jerk, forced him to his knees.

"You got cum on my thighs, you little shit" he growled. "Lick it off." Yes, he growled, but I could see he was smiling. Jerod looked up at him with a look of such adoration, that I was astounded.

"Thank you, Master" he said reverently, as he licked his cum off Tanner's leg.

"And my shorts" Tanner snapped. I noticed that a good share of Jerod's cum had saturated Tanner's bikini. Jerod started licking at it.

"Never mind" Tanner said after a moment. "Just take them off." Jerod reached for them but Tanner slapped his hands away. "With your teeth." I don't know what that did for Jerod, but it sent a shot of adrenaline through me, because that was so hot. Just like Darrell and me yesterday with Rasheed and him, making a guy take down your underwear with his teeth had to be one of the most power-trip things a dominant could do to his sub.

Jerod looked up at Tanner for a second with that adoring look. He was obviously totally thrilled to be under Tanner's command. He immediately got to work trying to get Tanner's bikini down. It turns out, it is a lot more difficult for one sub than it is for two. Jerod pulled it down a few inches on one side, and then crawled around and pulled from the other side, and then crawled back again. Tanner's thighs are so massive that the bikini had to be pealed all the way down to his knees before Jerod was able to let it drop to the floor. So Jerod had to crawl back and forth five or six times. Tanner was patient and just waited until he was done.

Believe it or not, after Tanner stepped out of the shorts, without any instruction, Jerod actually bent down and gave each of Tanner's feet a kiss. Je-sus Chr-ist, what a toady. It was obvious that Tanner could do anything to this kid; absolutely anything, 'good, bad or indifferent' and the kid would love him for it. And when I saw that grin on Tanner's face, I could see that he was very well aware of that fact. This had to be Tanner's perfect type of fuckboy: a hunk, a real muscle boy, wide receiver on the football team, who was now a servile fawning submissive willing to do anything and take anything just to please his Master.

Jerod looked up at Tanner with a passionate look on his face, while Tanner looked down at him with a look of total elation. Not only a look of elation but also something I would call ‘delicious depravity’. Yes, that was it: delicious depravity. He was going to make good use of this fawning sycophant.

Taking hold of Jerod's hair with one hand and grinning down at him, Tanner let him have it with the other. 'whap' A good hard slap. That look of adoration on Jerod's face changed to shock but Tanner was still grinning.

"Kiss it" Tanner said as he held his hand in front of Jerod's face. It took a minute for Jerod to comprehend what Tanner was saying, but when he caught on, he groaned in ecstasy. I would say he swooned. He leaned forward and kissed Tanner's hand three or four times, the hand that Tanner had just hit him with.

Tanner raised his hand as if to hit him again and just held it there. "Beg for it" he said, still holding the big grin. Again there was a pause while Jerod figured out what Tanner meant, but he did finally catch on.

"Please, sir. Please, Master' he said as he squinted his face expecting to be hit.

"Please what?" Tanner asked.

"Please .... Please …. Please …." Jerod had to think about it for a moment. "Please …. hit me?" Tanner let him have it, hard. Jerod let out a yelp.

Without saying a word, Tanner put his hand in front of Jerod's face. Jerod dutifully leaned forward and kissed it several times. "Did you thank me?" Tanner asked softly.

Again, a pause and then a soft groan. "Thank you, Master" he said. "Thank you." I swear, I think Jerod was on the verge of shooting his load all over again. It was clear he was completely euphoric, almost as if he were on another plain of existence. A plain of adulation and worship; a plain of glorious pain; a plain of unlimited passion and desire.

Tanner grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him to his feet. "Kiss me, slave boy" Tanner said. Yeah, he called him 'slave boy'. There were three of us in the room, and we all clearly understood that yes, Jerod was Tanner's slave. No question about it. Jerod put his arms around Tanner and leaned in for the kiss. Tanner being Tanner, grabbed him aggressively, one hand behind his head and the other on his ass, and pulled him in tight as they kissed. Jerod started moaning softly.

As I was getting to know Tanner, I wondered about him kissing boys since he was so butch, but there was no doubt about it anymore. He kissed all of them. All these guys who I thought were straight, literally melted in his arms when he kissed them. You would almost think his scent or his saliva was some kind of elixir which automatically turned them into gayboys, submissive gayboys, subjugated bottom boys. Hell, with Tanner, demigod Tanner that is, nothing was impossible.

They just stood there, aggressively trading spit, for a good five minutes before Tanner finally pulled back.

"You're a beautiful boy, Jerod" Tanner said, looking into Jerod's eyes from inches away. I have no doubt that Jerod wiggled his ass under Tanner's hand as he got this enormous smile on his face.

"Thank you, Master" he said and he almost glowed in pleasure.

"You are beautiful, and I want to fuck you" he said. "Is that what you want? Do you want me to fuck you?" From across the room, my jaw dropped in surprise. Tanner was asking him? Since when did Tanner ask anybody if he could fuck them?

"Oh, yes, Tanner" Jerod gushed. "That's what I want. I want you to fuck me."

"Are you a virgin?" Tanner asked. "Am I going to be the first to get my dick up your butt?"

"Well …" Jerod said hesitantly.

"Well what" Tanner asked. "Did Jim screw you?"

"No, Tanner no" Jerod responded. "He tried. He tried once, but was so hot he came before he could get it in." Then he chuckled. "He was so embarrassed."

"Truth?" Tanner asked.

"Yeah, that's the truth" Jerod said. "He wanted to try again but I wouldn't let him. But …."

"But ….?"

"But I want you to do it, Tanner, Master. I want you to fuck me."

"Well, you've got a real adventure coming, baby" Tanner said, laughing softly. "You gonna get your cherry popped by Tanner's big dick, and you're going to love it."

"I know, Master, I know." Jerod literally swooned in Tanner's arms as they kissed again.

"Charlie" Tanner said as he pulled back from the kiss. I literally jumped, I was so startled; no not startled, shocked. I wasn't sure he even remembered I was there. I was on my feet in two seconds. "Charlie, get him ready."

I grabbed Tanner's cream from my desk and went over to them. Tanner gently pulled Jerod over to the bed and pushed him face down, his feet still on the floor with his ass sticking up. As I stepped up, he took the cream from me, put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me to my knees. Without saying a word, he put a hand behind my head and pushed my face into Jerod's ass.

I was simply flabbergasted. Of course I'd read about guys on the internet licking someone's ass, but I thought it was just too kinky. I'd never actually thought of doing it, or wanting to do it, but here I was. But if Tanner wanted it, that's all that mattered, and I'd do it willingly. But …., just for a second …., just for one second, I wished it was Tanner's ass. Yeah, I did.

But then I realized this was my chance to make amends. By doing this I could show Tanner my obsequiousness. I stuck out my tongue and started licking.

"Suck on it, honey. Get it wet" Tanner said. 'honey'? I felt a flash shoot up my spine. Tanner called me 'honey'. I opened my mouth and started sucking Jerod immediately started moaning, so I assume he must have been loving it. I know I would have if anybody'd been sucking my ass. Tanner let me go at it for a couple minutes.

"Now, find the hole, honey" he said. "Find the hole and stick your tongue in." I found the hole easy enough with my tongue, but it didn't want to open up, and I really had to push. "That's it Charlie" Tanner said as he brushed his hand through my hair. I felt a hot flash just from his touch. Can you believe how much I still love him? Just feeling his hand fluffing my hair gives me a thrill.

As I finally got my tongue into the tight little hole, Tanner grabbed my hair, pulled me back slightly, and pushed me back in. I kept my tongue rigid and it went into the hole. Then Tanner did it again, and again, and again, pulling my head back slightly and then banging my face back into Jerod's ass. Yes, banging. Tanner never does anything halfway, so he was really slamming my face into Jerod's ass.

Then he stopped me. "Big wad of spit" he said. "Push it in." I didn't quite understand at first. "Your hand, stupid. Use your finger" he snapped. I spit into my hand, smeared it into Jerod's crack and then pushed a finger in. Jerod groaned. "Once more" Tanner said, so I did it again.

"Good job, Charlie" Tanner said as he patted me on the head. "Good job." Yeah, he patted my head, like I was his little puppy. I shivered in delight. I loved it.

Tanner had kept his hand on his prick this whole time, so he was still hot and ready. Pushing me gently aside, he used his knees to spread Jerod's legs further apart and lined himself up. "You getting this from a Master, baby" he said softly to Jerod. "You're damn lucky your first time is going to be with Tanner's big dick. Ain't nobody knows how to open up a virgin ass like Tanner.

Grabbing on to Jerod's shoulders, Tanner pushed gently but firmly, forcing Jerod's little pucker to open up for his enormous dick. There was no doubt that Jerod was going to scream, and he did, but when Tanner barely got the head in, he stopped and waited. And waited. And waited. Jerod howled. But after a moment, when his screams changed to a moan Tanner pulled back, pulling completely out.

"You're doing good, baby" he said as he gave Jerod a couple minutes to recover. Then he lined up again. "It'll get better" he said as he pushed. This time he pushed a couple inches into the tight hole. Jerod knew what was coming this time, so he didn't scream but he did groan, loudly. "Oh shit" he wailed. Tanner just held there for a minute or maybe two, giving him a chance to adjust.

"Here we go, baby" he finally said, and as he gradually pulled out an inch, he gently pushed back in again, going just slightly deeper.

And there I was, with a ringside seat, about three feet away, watching Tanner's huge dick begin to slide in and out, going slightly deeper with each thrust. God, I loved this. Watching Tanner's ten inch monster opening up a guy's little butt hole was a sight to behold. You wouldn't have believed that that little crack would open up to accept that monster.

Jerod was groaning pretty regularly now as Tanner kept the motion going; in and out and in and out.

"Oh shit, Jerod" Tanner gushed. "Your ass is so hot. My prick is loving it." I noticed that Tanner had moved his hands from Jerod's shoulders down to his biceps, and Jerod was flexing them. This was actually painful for me because I knew Tanner liked muscle boys, and fucking Jerod while feeling his bulging biceps must have been wonderful. I couldn't match this, because I didn't have any biceps; mine were barely eleven inches.

Just like every fuckin time Tanner makes me watch him fuck somebody, I got tears in my eyes. I really did love watching Tanner's dick sliding in and out of a guys ass, he was so fucking superior to them, but I wanted it to be me. Me. I wanted it to be me that he was fucking. The world wasn't fair because that wasn't me there getting dicked.

As I wiped the tears away, Tanner must have noticed, because he reached over and fluffed my hair. "You'll get your turn" he said softly. I was surprised that he noticed. Hell, I was thrilled that he noticed.

Jerod was still moaning, but even through the pain, I knew he must be loving it. Being dominated and deflowered by Tanner is something really special, and Jerod had to know that, and pain or no pain, just knowing demigod Tanner was doing it had to be thrilling. A little pain was not going to get in the way of the pleasure of being fucked by a demigod.

When Tanner finally got all the way in, ten full inches jammed into Jerod's butt, he stopped for a moment. "Get ready, baby" he said. "We're going for a ride." Than he really started banging it to him, slamming into his butt over and over and over.

After a bit, as Tanner was beginning to heat up, he reached over and grabbed Jerod by the hair and jerked him up off the bed, dragging his head back. Jerod let out a yelp as Tanner pulled him up, almost standing straight up, but not for a second did Tanner stop slamming his prick into that ass, fast and furious.

Tanner kept banging into him for ten minutes, or maybe fifteen, or maybe more, obviously enjoying the hell out of Jerod's butt, but it had to come to an end sometime.

Then he yelled, as he always does: "Ohhhh Shiiiit" he yelled as he reached his climax. He gave Jerod a yank on his hair causing him to yelp again, and slammed in one final time. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" he groaned as he fired over and over and over again.

Jerod was standing almost straight up, so as Tanner finally finished his ejaculation, he grabbed him around the waist and hugged him to him, almost crushing him against his chest. After a moment I heard Jerod yell, and as I looked up I saw that Tanner had bit his neck. Oh yeah, a love bite, or in Tanner's case, marking his territory.

After a couple minutes of just holding Jerod there, tightly against his chest, Tanner slowly pulled his softening prick out of his ass. Then, turning Jerod around to face him he gave him a quick kiss on the lips. From the look on Jerod's face I would say that he was undoubtedly in some dream world. The pain was long forgotten and he looked like he was head over heels in love. Another one. Shit, shit, shit.

Then, Tanner got down on his knees in front of me, pulling Jerod down with him.

"Jerod, this is my slave boy, Charlie" he said. "And, Charlie, this is my slave boy, Jerod." So, I was his slave boy now; it sounded good to me. I was thrilled. "You guys are going to be good friends" he said and pulled us into a three way kiss. I'll bet we sat there for ten minutes gently exchanging spit with each other.


After Jerod left, Tanner allowed me to cuddle up against him in the beanbag chair. I kissed his pectorals for a while and then licked out his armpit and kissed his biceps and deltoids. Obviously I was back in his good graces again, and I was overjoyed. He didn't say a word about our argument and his throwing me out of the room, so if he was willing to forget it, you can bet I was too.

He didn't actually say it, but I think I was back to being his number one boy again. I mean, here we were, just the two of us, cuddling up watching TV. None of the other guys were hanging around, it was just him and me. Okay, so I had to share him with them, but that was just something I was going to have to accept. I was just going to have to be happy with whatever I could get. Whatever Tanner was willing to give.

When he got up to get dressed to go home, I made a big deal about getting down on my knees and kissing his feet. He laughed and reached down and fluffed my hair. "You little shit" he said affectionately through his laughter.

Yeah, I got all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings inside.


Before I tell you anymore about me and ‘Superman’ Tanner I have to tell you about the strange thing that happened this morning. I was in the kitchen having my breakfast at about seven o’clock, when I heard my mom’s bedroom door close. I was surprised because she doesn’t get home from work until the early morning hours, so she’s never up at this hour.

"Mom, what are you doing up?" I asked but there was no answer. Then I heard the back door open and close. Mom going out into the backyard? At 7:00 AM?

I went down the hall to her bedroom and peeked in. She seemed to be sound asleep, so it wasn’t her moving around. I quickly checked the back yard, and then the front. Nobody. No car, no nothing. Ghosts? No, I don't believe in ghosts.

The only explanation I could come up with was that Mom had a boyfriend. My dad walked out on us four years ago, didn't even bother to get a divorce. He just disappeared, and my mom had been working her tail off ever since trying to support us. She never seemed to have time for a man, or for anything else for that matter. I laughed to myself. I'll be damned, my Mom has a boyfriend.

I know this has nothing to do with me and Tanner, but I had to tell you about it. More about my Mom later.


So, anyway, that afternoon we were again playing 'Modern Warfare' on the X-Box. We were dressed only in our bikinis and as usual I was beating Tanner. I always beat him at it but he didn't seem to mind, but I think he was happy when the doorbell rang. "That's Darrell and Larry" he said. "Go get them."

"I thought you were going after Larry's brother, Tommy, the weightlifting guy?" I asked.

"All in good time" he said. "But right now I'm hot for Larry. He is so fuckin cute, I damn near drool every time I see him."

So? What? Am I supposed to be jealous? Hell yes I'm jealous, I'm jealous every minute of the day. I'm jealous every time he looks at somebody. And I'm particularly jealous every time he fucks somebody in front of me, which is becoming nearly every day.

But does it matter if I'm jealous? Does Tanner care? Hell no he doesn't care. All he wants from me is my loyalty and my worship. But in return I get to be a major part of his life, being with him damn near every minute of the day. I mean, I'm a wimp, a nobody, and he's a muscle guy, a god. I thank my lucky stars every minute that he allows me to be with him and be his number one bud. I know what an honor that is. Anybody would love to be in my position.

One reason he keeps me around is because I'm handy, living just across the street from him so he can stay here and keep away from that shitty father of his. I was also the first kid he met when he moved here, so, yes, this gave me an advantage. I just had to hold on to that advantage and not let any of these hunks get ahead of me.

Tanner wants and accepts my devotion, and I know he loves me. Yes, in his own way, I know he loves me. But Tanner doesn't put up with any shit, from me or from anybody else. His minions, and I'm one of them, are here to serve him, so I just try to serve him better than anyone else. I love him because he's a god, and I love him because he's so good to me. In my eyes, Tanner can do no wrong.

I love him so I've learned to take what I can get. I just have to hold on to my place as first in line.

So, anyway, I headed downstairs to get Darrell and Larry.

Darrell said that he and Larry had been best friends since they were tykes, so I had to wonder why he was turning him over to Tanner. Yeah, that's what he was doing. He was delivering him to Tanner. He was delivering his ass to Tanner, because he damn well knew that Tanner was going to fuck him.

Actually, I know this has less to do with Darrell than it does with Tanner. Tanner is the dominator, the controller, the commander. When Tanner commands, his minions obey, and Darrell was definitely one of his minions. Darrell had fallen head over heels for Tanner, and was now totally blinded by his supremacy, his power and his perfection. Darrell had literally become a little lap dog with his tongue hanging out who would do anything to please his Master, I had no doubt that if Tanner had told him to deliver his mother or his sister instead of his best friend he would have done it without question.

Anyway, here he was, handing over his best friend to his Master on command. Delivering him to Tanner to be used for his pleasure as if he was his favorite toy he was loaning him to play with. Tanner ordered, and Darrell delivered.

"Hi, Charlie" Darrell said as I opened the door. "You know Larry don't you?"

"Yeah. Hi, Larry" I said as I let them come in. Just like Darrell, Larry was a wrestler too, so he was built as well. They were both wearing dark blue running shorts with the school emblem on them, and matching tank tops. Larry, just like all the hunks in our school, couldn't be bothered to even recognize my existence so he didn't answer my greeting. He probably wondered how Darrell even knew my name.

Darrell and I were on the verge of becoming friends. He'd apologized for beating me up and I'd apologized for being so nasty to him all the time. So, friends! Yeah. But the truth is, he has a dick that I could fall in love with. It's the perfect size and shape for sucking, and I definitely wanted it again. He said with Tanner's okay I could suck it anytime. I planned to.

"Come on up" I said, and led them upstairs to my bedroom.

Tanner was sitting in the beanbag chair in front of the TV but he stood up as we entered the room. I was surprised and so were they to see that he had removed his bikini and was now standing there in the nude. He looked fabulous, but hell, he always looks fabulous. The most handsome, truly masculine face on the planet with a muscled physique that was to die for. But now, totally naked, he was nothing less than awesome. He absolutely took my breath away. And he had one hefty piece of meat hanging down from his crotch even though it was soft.

Three sets of eyes bugged out, and three mouths gasped as we gaped at him. Then he performed a double bicep pose. We all gasped again and Tanner got a huge grin on his face.

"You gonna introduce me, Darrell" he said as he dropped his arms. There was a long pause because Darrell was still in shock. Then he finally reacted.

"Yeah …. jeez. Ahhh …. Tanner" he mumbled. "Tanner, this is Larry." Tanner stuck out his hand, but Larry was still amazed at what he was seeing. His eyes seemed to be glued to Tanner's chest or arms or something, but not his face. He was evidently overwhelmed by Tanner's incredible physique.

“You gonna shake my hand, boy” Tanner asked, already putting Larry in to position of ‘boy’. Larry’s eyes were bugged out, his mouth was hanging open, and he didn’t react until Darrell poked him. Then he seemed to wake up.

“Ahhh… yeah” he said as he stuck out his hand. "Ahhh .... yes. Ahhh …. yes, sir.”

‘Sir’. Calling Tanner ‘sir’. Just like that, Larry was completely intimidated by Tanner's nudity and incredible aggressiveness. Already, he clearly recognized Tanner's superiority.

"Charlie. Here" Tanner snapped and pointed to the floor in front of him. He caught me by surprise and it took me a second to react, but I jumped to obey and got on my knees. "My thighs" he said. I reached forward, took hold of his left thigh and gave it a kiss.

Out the corner of my eye I saw him reach forward and grab Darrell by the hair. Giving him a jerk he pulled him into his chest. "Kiss" was all he said. I felt a flash of heat shoot through my body. Shit, I can't believe how often I get those adrenalin flashes when Tanner does something completely outrageous. My dick took a jerk as I kissed Tanner's bulging glutes and Darrell started kissing his bulging pecs.

I was shocked at Tanner's actions, but I knew Darrell had to be absolutely stunned. Being forced to abase himself and worship Tanner right in his very best friends face had to be mind-blowing for him, and I can't even imagine what it was doing to Larry.

Tanner's hand clutched my hair and pulled me into his thigh, while his other hand held Darrell tight against his chest. As Tanner had trained us, Darrell and I were both kissing over and over with audible smacks. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Tanner was not looking at Darrell or me, but was staring into Larry's eyes. It looked like he had a frown on his face. Maybe a frown, or maybe a look of ...., a look of .... a look of power …. a look of supremacy.

After only thirty seconds or so, Tanner put his hand on my face and gave me a hard push, knocking me over backwards on my butt. At the same time he put his other hand on Darrell's face sending him stumbling back and almost falling. Looking up, I saw that Tanner was totally focused on Larry. The blood had drained from Larry's face, he was totally white, and his mouth was hanging open in astonishment. None of us had said a word. The only sound had been noisy kisses.

Tanner performed the double bicep pose again, and I gasped in amazement, and I think Darrell and Larry did too. I was simply astonished, not only at his incredible body, but by this incredible onslaught of audacity.

Sitting there on my butt and looking up, I watched Tanner take one step towards Larry, reach up and grab his neck with one hand. Giving him a jerk, he pulled him right up against his naked body, and with his other hand he reached around and stuck it down inside Larry's shorts and grabbed his bare ass. Just like that, in two seconds, Tanner had already taken ownership of Larry's ass. Looking into Larry's eyes from only inches away, he jerked him forward ramming their crotches together.

Larry was so shocked and overwhelmed that he made no attempt to stop him or to do anything. Staring into his eyes, Tanner gave him a kiss on his nose. "You're a cute pup, Larry" Tanner said, and now for the first time starting to grin. "And I like cute pups."

Can you believe Tanner? I mean, can you really believe this? Have I said he's a god? Hell yes, he's a god. Holding Larry tightly against him with one hand on his ass and the other around his neck, Tanner started to kiss him on the lips.

Darrell said that Larry was straight, so I wondered how he would react to being kissed by a man. But, actually he was not being kissed by a man at all, and I was sure he knew it. He was being kissed by a god, a superior being.

Tanner humped his crotch against Larry a few times as he held him in the kiss, obviously a spit exchanging French kiss. Larry's arms hung limp at his sides and he still had not reacted in any way; not trying to fight Tanner off, but also not showing any acceptance either.

As Darrell and I both watched in awe, Tanner grabbed Larry's shorts by the elastic, pushed them down over his ass, and went back to squeezing and fondling it.

Then, I was totally mind boggled, and I imagine Darrell was too, as I watched Larry slowly reach up and put his arms around Tanner's muscled back. My jaw dropped open and my dick got harder than ever. Even more mindboggling, I saw Larry hump his hips, either forward against Tanner's crotch or back against his groping hand.

He didn't actually wiggle his ass for Tanner, but I think he was trying to, or at least he wanted to, as he melted into those muscular arms. He was now completely accepting this demigod’s power and control and total domination over him. I actually heard a moaning, almost a whimpering sound coming from deep down in his chest. Tanner had just added a new ingratiating zealot to his collection.

Tanner had a huge grin on his face as he pulled back momentarily from the kiss. A grin of achievement, a grin of power, a grin of triumph. He gave Larry a quick peck on the lips as he grinned into his face.

"Charlie, get the cream" he said softly, almost purring, as he went back to the kiss. He still kept a tight hold on Larry's neck while his other hand was busy squeezing and caressing Larry's ass.

I was up and over to my desk and back in about three seconds with the cream. I waited to see what Tanner wanted but nothing changed. He continued holding Larry into the kiss with his hand around his neck, while maintaining his fondling of his ass.

Without breaking the kiss, he finally raised a finger from the hand on Larry's ass. That was clear enough; I was to do the honors. I got down on my knees behind Larry, squeezed out a bit of cream, and started rubbing it in his crack. Larry jerked at first, maybe from the cold feeling of the cream on his ass, but Tanner did not budge from the kiss or his tight hold.

I rubbed some more cream in Larry's ass and was about to insert a finger, when Tanner pushed my hand away. As I watched from a foot away, Tanner slowly pressed his middle finger into Larry's tiny hole. This got a grunt and a gasp from Larry, but Tanner gave his neck a jerk, making him concentrate on the kiss.

Tanner pressed his finger in and out a few times and then pulled out. I squeezed out some more cream into the crack and he now eased two fingers into the hole. Larry moaned again.

Then, coming right out of the blue, almost hitting me in the face, Tanner took a swing and slapped Larry on the ass, hard. "Yeeeoooh" Larry yelled and must have jumped a foot, almost knocking Tanner down. Before anybody could move or react, Tanner let him have it again on the other cheek, hard. Larry yelled again. Larry was definitely going to have a red ass.

"Charlie, get him naked" Tanner snapped as he stepped back. I jumped to obey. I couldn't very well take Larry's shoes off since he was standing there, but I grabbed his shorts and underwear and jerked them down to his ankles. At the same time Tanner grabbed Larry's tank top and pulled it up, forcing Larry's arms up, so he could remove it and toss it aside.

Then, Tanner reached down behind Larry's knees and lifted him into his arms. Yes, just like he does to me sometimes, cradling him in his arms like a baby.

Stepping over to the beanbag chair, he sat down with Larry in his arms. Larry was simply shocked and did not even have a chance to react as he ended up on Tanner's lap. I scurried over and jerked Larry's shoes and socks off, and then the shorts and underwear, making him completely naked.

Tanner grabbed him by the hair and jerked him around, definitely not being gentle, and pulled him into another kiss.

This was true Tanner. Aggressive, forceful, and demanding, totally in control, and turning Larry's reluctant submissiveness into cringing servility. This was Tanner's style, more into rape than into consensual sex, you don't give yourself to Tanner, he takes you, roughly.

"You my punk, now, boy" Tanner said as he broke the kiss and looked into Larry's eyes. "You belong to me." Larry didn't respond but seemed to still be in shock. "Are you a virgin, punk boy?" Tanner asked. "Am I getting me a virgin?"

"Ahhh .... ahhh .... ahhh …." was all the Larry could say.

"Great" Tanner said, assuming a positive reply. "There ain't nothing I like better than knowing that my dick is the very first one to slide into a sweet little boy-hole. Introducing virgin boys to my big piece of meat is fucking awesome."

"Tanner, Tanner, wait. Tanner" Larry finally started coming to his senses and got his voice working. "Wait, wait."

Ignoring him, Tanner partially stood up, lifting Larry, spreading his legs and sitting back down with Larry on his lap facing him. "Get on your knees, boy" he said. When Larry didn't immediately react Tanner slapped his face. 'whack' Not terribly hard, but enough to sting and get his attention. "Get on your fuckin knees" he growled.

"Tanner, stop, stop" Larry whimpered, but at the same time he did get on his knees straddling Tanner’s legs. Tanner leaned back in the chair, grabbed Larry by the waist and jerked him forward, so he was now sitting right on Tanner's big pecker. Larry was now begging him to stop, but interestingly enough, he wasn't making any attempt to get away.

"Charlie, line him up" Tanner said. I was still there, just a couple feet away, enjoying the show, so I just reached over, grabbed Tanner's dick and pried it up, dragging it through Larry's crack right up against his little pucker.

"Tanner, stop, please stop" Larry was wailing but Tanner was paying no attention.

"You ready to get fucked, virgin boy" he chuckled. "Well, here we go." Reaching up and grabbing Larry's shoulders and holding him tight, he pushed his hips up, forcing the head and a couple inches of steel hard dick into Larry's chute. Larry really screamed this time.

"Yeeeaaaoooh, TANNER" he screamed. "NO, NO, NO." Tanner held on to his shoulders for a minute or so not allowing him to move, as his moans changed to soft whimpering. Then he pushed up again, forcing another couple inches into the tight hole, and very quickly he pulled back and jammed in again, all in one motion. Larry yelled, but not like the first time.

"You getting it from Tanner, boy" he said. "Your virgin ass getting broken in by a demigod. You ain't never had it so good, boy." Tanner just held Larry there, for several minutes this time, not moving as Larry whimpered softly.

Finally he spoke. "You gonna do it for me now, baby" he said softly. "Lift your ass a little." I could see that he eased his hold on Larry's shoulders, so Larry raised up a little. "Okay, back down now, honey. Ease it down." Larry did what he was told. It must have hurt like hell by the look on his face, but he did it, lowering himself and allowing the big prick to slide back into him.

This was hot, so hot. A virgin. A sixteen year old virgin boy was about to fuck himself on Tanner's enormous whanger. As I reached into my bikini and grabbed my very hard dick, I looked up and saw Darrell had not moved and was still standing in the same place with this shocked look on his face. But I also noticed that he had one hell of a big bulge showing in his shorts.

Larry slowly eased his ass down on Tanner's prick. The look of pain was now gone from his face, and was now replaced by one of what? determination? concentration? I don't know. But I do know he was into it now. He'd had his eyes closed, but now for the first time, he opened them and looked down at Tanner. He looked momentarily startled, as if he had forgotten how incredibly glorious Tanner really looked.

I think he suddenly realized that he was performing for a god. He was giving himself to a god. Now I saw that it was definitely a look of determination on his face. Yes, he was into it. He wanted it. He wanted to give himself to this demigod muscle boy, this vanquisher.

I could see in his eyes as he stared down at Tanner, that he now accepted Tanner's clear superiority. Tanner had himself another submissive acolyte, another candidate for his harem.

"Yes, sir" Larry said, answering an unasked question. "Yes, sir" he repeated. There was no question in my mind now that Larry was more than ready to serve. "Thank you, sir" he said again and I swear it sounded worshipful this time. Then, evidently to prove his worth, as he stared down at the glorious vision below him, Larry raised up and slowly lowered himself back down onto Tanner's prick. "Thank you, sir" he repeated as he did it.

What the fuck? Larry was thanking tanner for allowing him to fuck himself on his big prick? I couldn't believe it. Still squinting somewhat from the pain as he lowered himself onto Tanner's prick, I would say Larry had a look of serenity on his face. Yes, a look of serenity with the knowledge that he was giving pleasure to his new Master. Jesus Christ in a handbasket.

"Good boy", Tanner whispered.

Can you fuckin believe this? Tanner unquestionably had the best 'gaydar' on the planet. When he first developed his 'aquaint' list of potential members of his harem, I thought they were all straight. I mean, they were all hunky, good-looking muscle boys, every one of them, except for Mr. Carson and me. We had pretty faces and looked gay, but they sure didn't.

So, how did Tanner know this? How did he know they would submit? I'm damned if I can figure it out, but all of them, hunky looking straight boys every one, were turning into his gay slavish sycophants. Tanner was not only a god, he was also a genius.

Darrell finally seemed to get his wits together, and I heard him mumble: 'jesus, jesus, jesus.' I looked over and saw that he still had that same shocked look on his face. He obviously couldn't believe that his straight best friend was fucking himself on Tanner's prick. Hell, I couldn't believe it either.

"Okay, babe. Show me what you can do" Tanner said and he now had a look of triumph on his face, so there was no question that he knew that Larry now belonged to him. He clearly owned Larry body and sole. "Make my dick happy, babe" he chuckled.

My mouth was hanging open in total awe at Tanner's prowess, and as I looked up I saw that Darrell was looking the same.

Tanner put his hands behind his head forcing his amazing biceps to bulge, and just lay back waiting for Larry's homage. Larry closed his eyes and slowly, very slowly eased his butt up and down on the big bludgeon, and after a hesitation, up and down again. He was still squinting, but the pain must have been mostly gone by now.

"Look at me, honey" Tanner ordered him. "Look me in the eye while you screw your ass on my dick." Larry looked down at Tanner's big smile and actually shivered in excitement as he returned the smile. "Thank you, sir" he said, and looking into Tanner's eyes, he again raised his butt up and down on Tanner's big prick.

Tanner reached up and gently rubbed his hand against Larry's cheek. Then he slapped him. 'whack' Larry let out a yelp and got a surprised look on his face.

"Get with it, hon" Tanner said forcefully.. "Get a move on. You're doing this for Tanner. Make Tanner's dick feel good."

Larry looked startled for only a moment, but then came that look of determination. I think he felt like he now had something to prove to Tanner. I don't know if he felt honored by Tanner's attention, but I think he felt like he wanted to prove his worth. Prove to this godlike creature that he was worthy of his attention, and show how appreciative he was to be allowed to show his devotion.

Keeping his eyes open and staring down at Tanner's incredible body, he started fucking himself, still going pretty slow, but keeping a steady up and down motion. Tanner reached up again and rubbed his hand softly against his cheek. Larry squinted in expectation of being hit again and Tanner did not disappoint. Just as he expected, Tanner slapped him.

"You like fucking Tanner's cock, baby? Huh?" Tanner asked. "You like it?" Tanner kept his hand there, gently caressing Larry's cheek.

"Yes, sir" Larry said, totally into it now. "Yes, sir, yes, sir." Tanner didn't slap him this time, but just gave him a few soft pats to the cheek.

"Speed up, babe" Tanner said. "Let's get this show on the road." Larry started moving his butt up and down slightly faster. "Keep your eyes on me while you fuck me" Tanner ordered him.

Moving his hand from Larry's cheek, Tanner pushed three fingers into his mouth, and Larry immediately started sucking them. That's when I noticed that he had tears dripping down his face. Tears of joy? No. Tears of pain? Of course not. They were tears of submission. Muscular, athletic wrestler Larry Stunt had just discovered his real self; in reality, a complete submissive, slavishly serving a better man. For a stud like Larry, accepting his servility must have been agonizing for him.

The tears were dripping, but he kept his eyes on Tanner, and he kept pumping his ass onto Tanner's bludgeon.

Reaching under Larry's knees Tanner pulled his legs up over his shoulders. "Hold on to my neck, boy" he said as he took Larry's arms and pulled them up to his neck. Larry grabbed on. Leaning forward slightly in the chair, Tanner stood up. Yean, he stood up with his prick still jammed up Larry's ass. Larry was no twink, so this was a show of strength and power that I couldn't believe, even for Tanner.

Then he put on a show, walking around the room carrying Larry and continuing to fuck him, as I looked on in awe. Tanner was unbelievable. Grabbing on to Larry's ass, he raised him and lowered him onto his prick while Larry had his arms around his neck.

And here we go again; premature ejaculation, This time it was Darrell. I heard him groan and looked over and saw he had pulled his shorts and bikini down below his balls, and was jerking his prick like crazy.

And he blew. Tanner started laughing, but I was so hot myself that I was just doing my best to keep control. Tanner kept right on doing what he was doing, pumping Larry up and down and continuing to walk around the room, while Darrell shot his cum onto the floor.

Then the real shocker came. Larry let out a yell: "ooooooh shiiiiit" he yelled as he started shooting onto Tanner abdomen. Yeah, Larry was beginning to shoot. But almost before he'd fired his second shot, Tanner put his arms around him, pulling him against his chest, and started slamming his crotch up against his ass. As Larry moaned and ejaculated Tanner crushed him against his chest and slammed his prick up into his ass as hard and as fast as he could.

Before Larry even fired his final shot, Tanner started to shoot as well. "Ooooh Shiiit" he yelled sounding just like Larry, only louder. "Shit, shit, shit" he yelled as he held Larry tightly against him and fired his cum up into his ass.

Hey, that left me! But hell, I'd barely been able to keep my ejaculation under control for the last fifteen minutes, so three quick strokes and I started to shoot my load as well.


After Darrell left, Tanner took Larry to bed and I had to sleep in the beanbag chair. I don't know how many times Tanner fucked him during the night, but I know they didn't get much sleep.

To my loyal readers: Thank you, those of you who have commented on my story. I truly appreciate it, more than you might know. Your comments are what inspire me and give me the enthusiasm to continue writing. So, good, bad, or indifferent, please keep the comments coming. (Note: I always respond to my e-mails) Duane

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