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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

Subtitle: My Bully

Chapter Ninteen

I suppose you're wondering what happened to Tanner's mom. The truth is, nothing.

The night we watched Tanner in his mom's torture chamber, we all went to Larry's and spent all night going over the film, school be damned.

I figured Tanner's mom would get him up for school, so I went home and waited for him to come out. When he did I literally dragged him into my bedroom, treated his back and butt, and his ass hole, and put him to bed. I accepted no argument. Then I went back to Larry's. By midmorning we had a good collection of pictures that we thought would do the trick.

By mid-afternoon we were all at my house with Tanner planning our strategy.

"You can't confront her alone, Tanner" I said. "Besides, you need a witness. I'm going with you."

"Don't be stupid" Tommy said to me. "You're an idiot. I'll go. She needs a real man to confront her, not a mouse." As you already know, I don't like Tommy very much.

"Hold on" Darrell said. "Yes, you need a witness, but I think you should have an adult. Somebody with some authority. Someone she's more likely to listen to."

"Yeah, that makes sense," I muttered. "Better than just a muscle head." That was being daring and Tommy glared at me, but I didn't think he'd hit me right in front of Tanner.

"Your dad?" Tanner said to me.

"Yeah, I think so" I said. "Why not. I guess he'll do anything for you?" I hadn't really had a conversation with my dad since Tanner subdued him and turned him into his lackey, so I didn't know what the total deal was between Tanner and him.

"Of course he'll do it" Tanner said. "No question about it. And that's a good idea, Darrell." Darrell got a big grin. He knew he was now getting back on Tanner's good side.

"I'm going too" Tommy said. "I want to see the bitch when we show her these pictures." Nobody argues with Tommy except maybe Tanner, and he didn't say anything.

"Is your dad home, Charlie" Tanner asked.

"Probably another hour" I answered.

"Get him up here as soon as he gets home" he said. "Tommy, come back here at 6:00, and we'll go over together. Now, all of you get out of here and let me go back to bed."


So, there was a confrontation. Tanner said, even with the pictures she wasn't about to listen to either Tanner or Tommy, so it was a good thing my dad was there. Have I told you that my dad is a lawyer? Where in the hell did you think he got all his money? Of course he’s a lawyer. Tanner said he was very forceful.

Of course we never planned to use the pictures. We just wanted something to hold over her head, something to blackmail her with, so she'd stop trying to blackmail Tanner. We demanded the pictures of him and she said she turned them all over, but even if she kept some it didn't matter, because we had those damning pictures from last night. If those came to light they would put her away for years; probably in a mental institution. She wouldn't dare do anything.

To resolve the issue in the easiest way possible, Tanner just moved out. You know how big our houses are with four bedrooms and a den and a family room, so there was plenty of room. Tanner took the bedroom right next to mine. I had kinda hoped he'd move in with me, but that was just wishful thinking on my part.

Tanner and Larry and Jim and Darrell and me, and even my father all got together that evening in the backyard and burned the pictures.


It only took us four hours or so to move Tanner’s things, even including his weight training stuff from the basement. But we were only moving him across the street and we had lots of help. Tommy and Jim and Rasheed, the total.muscle guys, plus Tanner’s ‘haram’ hunks: Darrell and Larry and Jerod and a couple kids from the wrestling team. And me, of course. So, yeah, we had plenty of help.

Tanner’s bedroom was on the second floor, and his new one at my house was also on the second floor, so there was plenty of stair climbing. But you can bet with this gang of teenage hunks it was child’s play. Actually it was more fun than it was work. (Except for Jerod of course. He acted like he wanted to tear my head off each time he saw me. God, he's a nasty shit. I kept out of his way.)

This was the second day in a row most of us had skipped school, so we’ll all probably be in trouble but I can assure you, nobody was worried about it. After all, we were doing this for Tanner, and that was a hell of a lot more meaningful than being in school.

When we were finished we gathered in Tanner’s new bedroom with pizza and beer. Yeah, beer, because Tommy’s over twenty-one. Every one of us was invigorated and pumped from the move and in great spirits so it was fun. Tanner went around to each one of us individually, looked us in the eye, gave us a personal thank you, and a big kiss. And when I say a big kiss, I mean a really big kiss. The one with Rasheed must have lasted five minutes.

He even kissed the two new kids, Fred and Pete, and they didn’t object. But who could object to being kissed by Tanner anyway? I think maybe Fred and Pete were jealous because they were not members of the group, the haram. They were both cute and since they were on the wrestling team they were pretty well built too, but for some reason Tanner had not picked up on them. Somehow they just did not appear on his radar or his gaydar.

I was last in line for the kiss and I was excited; excited and proud. Excited that he was moving into my house, and proud that I played a big part in making it happen. He took hold of my head with both hands and stared into my eyes for a good thirty seconds before he said anything. “Thank you, Charlie, for what you did for me” he said warmly and then gave me a wonderful kiss. I was thrilled.

Then he spoke softly to me: “we’ll talk later, after everyone leaves” he said.

Everyone in the room had a hard-on by the time Tanner made the rounds, including the new kids I think. But with Tanner giving everybody such personal attention it was no surprise. I had never seen him quite so warm and loving within a group. He usually saves that for one on one encounters.

But it had to come to an end. And besides, Tanner would not let anyone have more than one beer. He simply believed in taking care of our bodies, and getting anything more than a buzz from alcohol was unacceptable. Even the pizza was a one time thing.

There was some grumbling as the guys left because every one of them felt it was their turn to spend time with Tanner. Okay, so to be honest, they all wanted to get fucked by him.

After escorting the last of the guys from the house I went back to Tanner’s room. Tanner’s room, not mine for the first time, since he was completely settled in. And we were finally alone, he and I.

“Shall I remove your clothes, Tanner?” He nodded his head, so I stripped him just like I did every day, down to his bikini. Than I stripped myself. I knew Tanner had something planned but I had no idea what.

I was excited and hoped I was the one who was going to get some time with his dick. I hoped it was my turn.

“Sit down here, Charlie” he said as he sat down on the floor and folded his legs Indian fashion. I followed his lead getting down and facing him, our knees touching.

“So you arranged this thing with Larry to take the pictures, heh?”

“Ah …. yeah. Me and Darrell” I said.

“It was your idea?”

“Yeah, it was.”

“So you saved me from my evil mom” he said. That got my attention because it sounded like sarcasm. Suddenly I didn't like where this was going.

“Ah … we did. Darrell, Larry, Jim and I.”

“So you want my thanks?” he asked.

“No, Tanner, no. Not really. I just wanted to help. I wanted to help you.”

“Did you like taking charge? Did you enjoy ordering everybody around?”

“No, Tanner. No. Not at all. It wasn't that. I was just trying to help. That's all.” I definitely didn't like where this conversation was going.

"Did you enjoy ordering me around?" Now this was getting scary.

"No, Tanner. Not at all. I was only …."

“So you think you're a big shot? Big, bad, Charlie?”

“Please , Tanner. No. It wasn't like that. Not at all.” Now I knew this was going to be bad.

“We’re alone here. Why aren't you calling me Master?”

Oh shit. I was really fucked. “I'm sorry, Master. Please, I'm sorry. I just forgot.” I got tears in my eyes; not from fear, but from embarrassment. Well, maybe a little bit of fear too. This was not looking good.

“You forgot?” he said. “Or are you getting too big for your britches?”

“Please, Master. I didn't …. I mean I don’t …. I ….”

“What do you think I should do?” he asked. That left me speechless. I was at a loss. “What do you want me to do to a slave boy who orders his Master around and even shouts at him? Even if that boy thought he was helping, that is not acceptable behavior, is it."

I was stunned. I know I did all that stuff: I did order him to do things and did yell at him when he refused, but I had to. I had to in order to help him. I didn't even think about it at the time; I simply did what I had to do.

“That's not acceptable behavior, is it?” he repeated.

“No, of course not” I said. “But ….”

"What do I do with a boy who doesn't remember his place; who doesn't remember what it means to be my slave boy and my best bud?” I just sat there with a stunned look on my face, and my mouth hanging open. I didn't know what to say. "Answer me" Tanner snapped.

"I …. I ….. I …." I stuttered. Tanner was obviously angry, and his anger was building up as he looked me in the eye and waited. "Should I be punished?" I asked. "I know I shouldn't have done those things, but …. Do you want to punish me?" I wasn't being belligerent; how can I be belligerent with Tanner? But I'll go as far as to say this: I think he's being unfair.

For a moment I saw intense anger on his face, and I thought he was going to hit me, but instead, he got up, went over to an easy chair and picked up a magazine. (No beanbag chair in this room.)

I was dumbfounded. Sitting there on the floor like an idiot with tears in my eyes, I had no idea why he walked away. But I knew I had better figure it out pretty damn quick.

Of course I expected some praise from him for planning his escape from his mother, but he'd already thanked me. He thanked me nicely and gave me a wonderful warm kiss. He thanked all of us individually for our help.

Suddenly I realized that I was somehow expecting more. Somehow I was so proud of myself that I was expecting him to continue praising me and I wanted to continue basking in that praise. I guess my head was swelling with pride.

How stupid of me. He'd already thanked me and had me glowing in pleasure, so it was dumb to expect something more.

I'd accepted his praise so of course he wasn't being unfair now. I was mistaken to think he was being unfair. It was entirely fair that since I'd accepted his praise, I should now accept his censure.

But? He had walked away from me? He didn't hit me or punish me, but he just walked away? And he was clearly angry. What do I do now?

The several times I'd been in this predicament before I'd crawled over and kissed his feet. That seemed to be the thing to do. I'd show him my humility. So I crawled over to his chair and kissed his foot.

"Stop that" he snapped. He didn't look up from his magazine.

Now what?

Obviously I'd made him angry, I saw it in his face, when I said …. when I'd said …. When I'd said 'do you want to punish me?' How stupid of me. What an incredibly dumb thing to say. It's not a matter of 'want' but a matter of 'need'. I ‘need’ to be punished and he ‘needs’ to punish me.

I was crouched down at his feet with my forehead touching the floor when I spoke.

"I need to be punished, Master" I said.

"What?" he growled at me.

"Please punish me, Master. I think I need for you to punish me."

"You think?" he snarled. "You think? What the fuck does that mean?" It took only one second to realize my mistake. Jesus, I couldn't do anything right.

"Please, Master, I'm sorry" I said. "I know I need to be punished. I need for you to punish me.”

“What, say?”

“I need to be punished. I was wrong” I said.

“You're not serious about it.”

“Please, Tanner, I am. I know I was wrong. I know I shouldn't have done those things. I know I need to be punished.”

“You organized that blackmail of my mother, didn't you?”

“Well, yes” I said.

“So, why do you need to be punished?”

“I …. I …. I did things I shouldn't” I said. I wasn't crying but tears were dripping down my cheeks. “I shouted at you.”

"You sure the fuck did!"

"I …. I …. I wasn't thinking."

“Did you forget I was your Master?”

“No. I mean yes. I mean …. I don't know.”

“Answer me” he growled. “Did you forget or not?”

“Master, I just wanted to help. I wanted to help you.”

“Did-you-forget-I-was-your-Master?” he barked. What to say? I don't think I forgot, even for one second, that he was my Master; that I was his best bud. But he needed my help at the time. I thought he did anyway.

“I wanted to help” I said, actually whispering, almost whimpering. “I wanted to help.”

“Answer my fuckin question” he snapped. He was getting mad. But I didn't know how to answer, Do I lie and tell him what he seems to want to hear, that I momentarily forgot he was my Master, or do I tell the truth, that never in a million years would I forget? There was a pause while I collected myself.

“Master. (pause) Not for one second did I forget you were my Master” I blurted out, and waited for the explosion.

There was a long pause. A really long pause, but I didn't dare look up. I just kept my forehead on the floor.

Finally, he reached down, put his hand under my neck and pulled my head up to look in his face. He was smiling. Shit, yeah. He was smiling.

"Charlie, you fucked up. We know that" he said softly. "But you also did something wonderful for me. You were showing your love for me weren't you?"

"Yes, Tanner, ahhh, yes, Master" I whimpered. Yes, whimpered; almost crying in relief. "Yes” I repeated.

"You did a bad thing and a good thing" he said, looking into my eyes. "So, what do we do now?"

"I love you, Master" I said. "Do …. do …. do what you …. do what you need to do?”

"And what is that?" he asked.

"Punish me" I said. Suddenly I felt total relief. Yes, punish me and get things back to normal. Anything, to get things back to where they were. Back to me loving him and being his best bud.

"Okay, I'll do it" he said. “I'll punish you.” He grabbed my head in both hands, gave me a big smile and said: "I'm going to spank you. I'm going to spank you and then I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before." He chuckled, holding my head tightly, and bent down and latched his lips onto mine, starting a very aggressive kiss.

"You are so fuckin cute, Charlie. I just can't help but love you" he said as we took a breath and he pulled me to my feet. The kiss went on and on.


So he spanked me. Ten swats. And he wasn't gentle either. He made me count them and thank him after each swat. It hurt like hell and I wouldn't be sitting down for a while, but I loved it. Maybe it was supposed to be punishment, but I knew what it really was. It was preparation for me getting that big schlong of his up my butt. I wanted it so bad. I wanted it for him, for my Master. After all, that's what my butt is for; for my Master's pleasure. I mean it. He owns my butt just like he owns the rest of me, so he can do anything he pleases with me and with my butt.

He had me over his lap and I could feel that enormous dick of his throbbing against me as he spanked so I knew he was getting really excited. Warming up my ass cheeks and getting them bright red before he fucked me was really turning him on, and I was so excited myself that I hardly noticed the pain. Oh, I noticed it because it hurt like crazy, but I could only think of how terrific this was for him, and how much he was enjoying it. I mean, he was having the time of his life because he was chuckling the whole time he was spanking me. God, I loved being able to serve him and give him such pleasure. Even if it hurt. Especially if it hurt.


"So, you want to do it, or do you want me to do it?" he asked.

"Please, Master, you do it, but let me watch" I said.

"You got it." He lifted me into his muscular arms and carried me to his bed. Climbing on and raising my legs, he pushed them down against me, jamming my knees up against my shoulders, and kissed me. Just a quick peck. But then another quick one, and another, and another.

"I'm going to enjoy this, Charlie. I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it. Sticking my dick into you, my little pipsqueak, my little tyke with the hot little ass. This prick is going to open you up like never before." He spit a couple times, rubbing it into my crack before sticking a finger in and wiggling it around a little.

"Not too much prep, baby" he said. "You want to feel this." I was so ready, actually glowing in pleasure and excitement. Looking up at this glorious creature above me who I loved so dearly; this god's gift to mankind with a huge grin on his face; it was sheer ecstasy. I felt like my heart would break in the emotion of the moment.

He pushed, forcing the head of his dick into my tiny little hole. I screamed.

"Yeeeaaaoooh." Yes it hurt, but who gives a fuck. That was a scream of euphoria. It was a scream of fulfillment. A scream of accomplishment. I had Tanner's dick in me. I had my Master's dick in me. What more could I ask for.

"Yeah, it's going to hurt, baby" Tanner said. "But it's gonna hurt good." He held just the head of his dick in me for a minute or two, and then pulled out, leaving me feeling completely empty. Spitting once more and rubbing it up and down his dick he took aim again. "Here we go, baby" he said as he pushed in again. "This is it."

"Taaaaannnnneeeeer" I yelled in ecstasy as he pushed four or five inches into me. My eyes were tightly closed, but I opened them just for a second to look at him, and I saw that he had the biggest grin on his face I'd ever seen.

"Here we go, baby" he repeated as he started the fuck. Slowly pulling back and then pushing in, he gradually worked his way deeper and deeper. As he did, it began to move easier and the pain became less, but I didn't care. I was craving the pain. I was loving it. Just seeing that grin on Tanner's face made up for any possible pain, and just watching him made my heart beat faster.

"Sweet little ass, Charlie" he said when he finally got all ten inches of has donkey dick buried in me.

Then he went at it. Sometimes violent, literally lifting me up off the bed as he slammed into me, and sometimes gentle, slowly easing his ten inches in and out. He went on and on and on. I kept my eyes open most of the time looking up at him as he had that look of total joy on his face. I just allowed myself to melt into his beautiful brown eyes.

Two or three times in the next half hour/forty minutes, Tanner came close to cuming but slowed down to keep the pleasure going. Okay, so it hurt. I mean, he's so damn big, but as always, his pleasure is my pleasure, and that big grin on his face was all I needed.

But it finally had to come to an end. I watched him as he started to pant, knowing he was very close. Then he pulled out, getting a yelp out of me, and pushed my legs down. Grabbing his dick and climbing up ontop of me, his first shot hit me in the nose, but he quickly grabbed me by the hair and jerked my head up.

Pushing his dick between my lips his second shot fired into the back of my throat.

"Eat it, baby" he said. "Eat your Master's cum." I swallowed and swallowed as he ejaculated into my mouth. Six or seven or eight, or even nine big bursts of cum came shooting into my mouth as I kept swallowing to try to keep up. It was a struggle but I was able to swallow every last drop of my Master's glorious cum. I was absolutely thrilled.

"Keep licking, baby" he said after he was done. "That looks so good and feels so good." I sloshed my tongue around his dick and sucked hard, not letting him go soft. "You are so gorgeous down there with my dick in your mouth" he said. "That pretty face of yours and my big dick belong together. Yeah, your pretty face and my dick gonna spend a lot of time together from now on." I couldn't smile with that enormous dick in my mouth, but I tried anyway. "First chance we get, you're going to give me one of those all afternoon blowjobs, so I can watch you by the hour with my meat in your mouth."

Okay, so he's an incredibly conceited and vain with the biggest ego on the planet, but that is Tanner; that's who he is. I was thrilled to hear him say those things, and I'd give anything to have that dick in my mouth all day long.

Letting out a big sign, Tanner slowly pulled back and pulled his still very hard prick out of my mouth.

"You enjoy that, baby?" he asked. "You like Tanner's big dick?"

"No, Master" I said with a grin. "I didn't like it, I loved it. I’m absolutely wild about it."

Giving me a big smile, he lifted me up in his arms and walked out of his room and into my room and lay me down on my bed. Lying down next to me, he was asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. I lay there for a while, feeling the pain in my butt, and the contentment in my heart, before falling asleep.

That was Tanner's first night in my house.


At some point in time I had to have a conversation with my father. I was dreading it because, for god's sake, he wouldn't even accept that I was gay. He also seemed to think that we could automatically fall into a father/son relationship again, and that wasn't going to happen. That definitely wasn't going to happen. I still had a lot of hatred built up for him walking out on us four years ago.

He wanted me to meet him in the den which he'd already turned into his office. But I wasn't about to put my self in the position of being a supplicant setting in front of his big desk.

I specifically did not knock but just opened the door and stepped inside. He of course was sitting behind that enormous desk, looking very much the lawyer.

"I think we should have a talk" I said.

"Yes, good" he said. "I've been waiting for you. Sit down."

"No, not here. I'll meet you in the living room." Leaving the door open I walked away.

"Charles" he called but I ignored him.

I went into the living room and waited. He didn't follow immediately, which made it clear to me that he really did plan to sit behind his big desk and look down at me as a peon. I went over and looked out the window.

It was five minutes before he came in. Intimidation? Of course it was intimidation. He was a lawyer for god's sake.

I turned and spoke first. "Sit down" I said. I'm not sure if that gave me an advantage or not but it felt good, and it felt like it at least put us on equal footing. For the moment anyway. He sat in 'his' lounge chair and I sat on an adjoining sofa.

"Charles …." he started to say, but I interrupted.

“So you're going to accept that I'm gay?” I said to him. He just sat there looking at me for the longest time.

"Charles. Are you sure …."

"I'm gay" I said, exasperated with him. "That's our starting point and you have to accept it."

“Do I have any choice?” he asked.

“It's not a matter of choice., and it's not up to you. It's who I am. I don't understand why people like you are still living in the Middle Ages and don't know that there are gay people in this world.”

“I've never met a gay person before” he said. Of course I had to laugh.

“You've met hundreds, but you just don't know it” I said. “But let's talk about the other stuff.”

"Yes, let's" he said. "First …."

I interrupted him again. "Basically, if I say so myself, I'm a good kid" I said. "I don't do drugs and I don't get into trouble. I do okay in school and get good grades. Mom should have told you this.”

“I guess that's about what she said” he said to me.

“So I don't need any direction from you. I don't want any direction from you.”

“Charles” he said. “You must accept that I'm still your father and I want what's best for you.”

“I'll accept no such thing” I snapped. “I don't want anything from you.”

“Charles. You're living in my house.”

"Are you threatening me? Are you threatening to kick me out?"

"No, of course not. I'm just making an observation" he said. "But Charles, there has to be rules. You're only sixteen."

"I'll make my own rules, thanks" I said sarcastically. “I've been doing it for four years. You’ve been away all this time and mom might as well have been because she was never here. I've done just fine so far, so we'll continue with things exactly the same way they've been for the past four years.”

"Things change, Charles" he said calmly. "And everyone had to adjust to those changes. This is a change for me too. I have to adjust and so do you. We can work together on this, you and me."

“I'm not going to argue with you” I said. Hey, he's a lawyer and I'm just a kid. I know that, and I know I'll never win an argument with him. “I'm just telling you the way it is going to be. I've been independent and I’m going to continue being independent."

"Listen Charles …." he started to say.

"No, you listen. This is not a negotiation." I walked over to the doorway. "Tanner" I yelled. My father looked surprised, but when Tanner came down the stairs and into the room, he turned white. That answered one of my questions about his relationship with Tanner. Fear! So far Tanner was controlling him with fear. But knowing Tanner, that fear would soon change to admiration and then to adoration. Yeah, no question about it. Tanner did that with everyone. Beating them up and making them fear him, and then training them to adore him and worship him.

Tanner was dressed as he always was when in my house, nothing but a skimpy pair of bikini underwear. Today they were white and pretty much see through, so they covered even less than usual which wasn't much to begin with. With his incredible physique, and standing there nearly nude you imagine how glorious he looked. I couldn't help but gasp, just like I do every time I see him.

He walked over and sat on the arm of the chair that dad was sitting in, put his hand on dad's head and started fluffing his hair. Fluffing or petting? Dad froze.

“So, what's happening, Charlie?” he asked me as he continued fluffing dad's hair. No doubt about it, this was a clear sign of ownership.

"We seem to have a disagreement, Tanner. Dad seems to think he needs to give me direction." Dad just sat there, not moving as Tanner's hand moved down to his cheek, rubbing his fingers up and down.

"Oh, really" Tanner said. He moved his hand to Dad's face, rubbing his fingers up and down several times and then he stuck three of them into his mouth. Dad didn't budge. "Suck 'em, baby. Suck 'em for your man" Tanner said. There was a long pause while nobody said anything while dad sucked on Tanner's fingers. Tanner finally pulled his fingers out of his mouth, smeared the spit all over dad's face, and then stuck them back in again..

"Charlie's been independent all these years" Tanner said. "I don't see any reason to change that. In fact I don't want anything to change." He pulled his fingers from dad's mouth and patted his cheek.

As my dad opened his mouth to say something, Tanner grabbed his chin and jerked his head back so he was looking up into Tanner's eyes, upside down. “The only acceptable answer, hon, is 'yes sir'."

There was a pause but my dad finally said: 'yes sir'.

"Good boy" Tanner said as he bent down and kissed my dad on the nose. "I'm glad we've got that resolved. Charlie will do the cooking, but otherwise you'll mind your business and he'll mind his. You need anything you come to me. Got that, sweets?" Tanner was still holding his chin up and looking directly down into his eyes.

"Ahhh, yes. Yes, sir" dad answered.

"Good boy" he said. Then he spoke to me: "Okay, Charlie. We're finished. Get lost." I left the room, but I waited in the hallway for just a moment.

I heard Tanner's laugh. "You ever have the opportunity to lick a guys ass, baby?" he asked sweetly. There was no reply, but I could imagine how dad was reacting. "Well, you're getting your first chance right now. With a little practice you're going to learn to love it. I’ll see to that.”

Obviously, Tanner was now getting into his 'acquaint' mode, beginning obedience training of a new lackey.

"Tanner" I heard my father say in a shocked voice. "You what? You …. you don't mean that."

"Oh, you betcha I mean it" Tanner chuckled. "I've learned it's an excellent learning exercise for my new flunkies. Boot-licking and ass-kissing are the very best for teaching obedience."

This was just too good, and I didn't want to miss it, so I couldn't leave. Luckily there was a well placed mirror in the room, so although I wasn't quite in the doorway, I could see the activity through the mirror from the hall.

"Tanner, you don't …. You don't have to …. I'll do whatever you want."

"Of course you'll do whatever I want, you dumb shit" Tanner laughed. "We already went through that."

I had watched through the living room window and seen Tanner fuck my dad, but I actually hadn't seen the follow up. All I know was that they had appeared a half hour later with my dad in a dog collar and on a leash.

"Listen, Tanner" my dad started to say. "You don't have to …."

"No, you listen" Tanner spat out. "Don't fuck with me." He grabbed dad around the neck with his left hand, and actually lifted him to his feet and then stood in front of him. Holding on to his neck with one big hand and probably strangling him, Tanner pulled him up to his tiptoes. Dad reached up to grab Tanner's hand. "Get your fuckin hands down" Tanner yelled at him.

"Listen to me, you piece of shit" Tanner yelled into his face. "Your only purpose is to serve me."

""Uuugggh" came from Dad.

"Now apologize" he snapped.

"Uuugggg" was all he could manage. Tanner let go of him

"Apologize" he repeated.

"I'm sorry, Tanner" he grunted raising his hands to his sore neck. "I'm sorry."

"Get down and kiss my feet and tell me how sorry you are" Tanner ordered. Dad just stared at him for a moment not quite understanding what Tanner was saying. Tanner slapped him across the face; twice; forehand and backhand.

“ Yeeeaaaoooh” dad yelled as he stumbled backwards, almost falling as he looked at Tanner in horror. But Tanner was not in a patient mood. He grabbed him by the shoulders and rammed him down to his knees. Then grabbed his head and violently pushed it down to his feet.

“Kiss ‘em, I said” he shouted. He slapped him along the side of the head, probably making his ears ring. “Kiss ‘em, you little fuck.”

Dad kissed Tanners left foot.

“Now tell me how fuckin sorry you are” he yelled.

“I'm sorry, Tanner. I'm sorry” he said.

Reaching down, Tanner grabbed dad’s head and ground his face into his foot. “Don't stop damn it. Kiss my feet.” Dad started kissing and kissing. “And let me hear it” Tanner growled. Dad immediately started making loud smacking sounds. “Now tell me you're sorry for being an ass hole.”

“I'm sorry, sir. I'm really sorry, sir” dad whimpered as he kept kissing.

"You're sorry for being an ass hole" Tanner yelled. "Say it, you little fuck." Tanner gave him another swat along the side of his head.

"Yes, sir. Yes, sir" dad said. I could hear the extreme fear in his voice. "I'm sorry I'm an ass hole."

Tanner reached down and grabbed him by the hair and pulled, forcing him to yelp and then climb back to his feet. Flexing his enormous right bicep up to its full seventeen plus inches, Tanner jammed dad’s face against it. "Feel that muscle, shitface?" he said. Pulling dad back, he slammed his face against the muscle again. "Feel that muscle? That muscle's gonna tear you apart, you don't learn to obey, right now. You do what I fuckin tell you."

I don't think I've ever seen such terror in anybody's face as I saw in my dad's face at that moment. Total panic and shock. Total horror. And I was also shocked at Tanner's actions. I'd never seen him acting like this before, this dominant, this nasty, this violent. It looked like he had no intention of developing anything more than total fear from my dad.

I'd observed how he treated the boys who he'd added to his 'haram'. In all cases he'd started with domination, causing fear, but then he brought them around to respect and then finally to worship. I think they all retained some of that fear, but it was mixed with respect and even love.

But, no question about it, Tanner was not trying to develop any love relationship with my father. Obviously he wanted nothing more that total and instant obedience.

"Get back on your fuckin knees" Tanner said. I don't think he gave dad a full second to respond before he hit him; a good slap along the side of his head again, which knocked him back a step. "Move!" Dad dropped to his knees. "Get my underwear off" Tanner snapped at him.

It took a while to sink in, but I think my dad was finally understanding what was going on. My father is not stupid, but he'd simply never faced anything like this or anyone like Tanner before. But now he grabbed Tanner's bikini and peeled them down over those massive thighs as Tanner stepped out of them. In Tanner's case you never slipped his bikini off, you peeled it off.

Tanner grabbed him by the hair and jerked his head back, forcing him to look up. "Now, where were we?" he growled. Dad just looked up at him, not understanding the question. "I said, where were we?" he shouted giving a jerk to dad’s hair.

"You …. you …. you said I was to kiss your ass" Dad mumbled. "But, please …."

"Good, you remembered" Tanner said interrupting him. "Get to it. Get your face buried in my crack.” Tanner was completely nude now, standing there in all his glory with his hands on his hips, his almost fully hard dick sticking out, and an incredibly arrogant look on his face. He didn't move.

My dad just sat there for a moment,with that look of shock and fear on his face, trying to figure out what to do. "Move it, shitface" Tanner snapped. “My ass.” Dad finally caught on, realizing that Tanner wasn't going to move and he had to crawl around behind him. So he did. Then he hesitantly leaned in and pressed his nose into Tanner's crack. Tanner reached around and pushed on the back of his head, jamming his face into his ass. "Now lick it" he snapped.

So my dad got busy and started licking Tanner's ass.

Tanner took him through a lesson of ass worship, teaching him to lick and kiss every inch of his bubble butt;; teaching him how to rub his nose up and down the crack while he licked and sucked; teaching him how to suck on the ass hole and how to work his tongue in there and wiggle it. Tanner taught him to concentrate, to blank his mind and totally focus on Tanner's pleasure and nothing else. He had to berate him and slap him along the side of his head a few times to get his points across but my dad was finally figuring it out. Tanner was a good teacher, so in almost no time dad was really getting into it, slurping up a storm and eating ass like a pro.

It looked heavenly and the look on Tanner’s face was one of sheer bliss. I decided right then and there that I had to have that done to me, because Tanner seemed to be transported into an higher plain of pleasure. I didn't know how I could manage it, but I had to find someone to eat out my ass, just like dad was doing to Tanner.

This went on for at least twenty minutes, maybe half an hour before Tanner grabbed his hair and pulled him back in front of him. Dad’s face was soaked with his spit and he was totally bleary-eyed as he looked up at Tanner. Tanner himself had been playing with his dick the whole time dad was eating him out, so now his enormous ten inch pole was sticking out in dad’s face.

"I don't fuck skinny old guys" Tanner said. "I fuck pretty boys with some meat on their bones. I already fucked you anyway so I ain't about to do it again. Any pleasure you're going to get from me is going to come from eating my ass."

"Tanner, please" dad spoke, barely whispering.

"What?" Tanner asked.

"May I suck you?" he asked. I was shocked; but only for a second. After all, Tanner had him in a dog collar and on a leash just a couple days ago, so why would I be surprised now that he would want to worship Tanner; that he would be absolutely slavish towards him; that he would do anything, absolutely anything, to be able to serve him.

And besides, the actions of the last hour showed he had no will of his own separate from Tanner’s but was totally under his power and control.

Then I realized something else. Tanner didn't have to beat up on my dad; it wasn't necessary to treat him like shit. He had already made dad into his flunky a couple days ago. Tanner did it because he could do it, and I think he did it because it was fun. He enjoyed doing it. He likes beating guys up and dominating them. That's who he is. What I must never forget, even as much as I love Tanner is that he is a Bully. Always has been and probably always will be.

I also think that this rough treatment was just an elixir for dad, and made him even more slavish and even more ready and willing to worship and to serve. (Did I say that Tanner had some special god-like powers?. You know I did.)

"No" Tanner replied, answering my dad’s question. “You can't suck me.” Grabbing Dad by the hair, he started banging his dick against his face. He slammed it against him half a dozen times and then started jerking it. He was very hot already, so it didn't take much more than thirty seconds before he started to shoot.

The first three shots went onto dad's face but then Tanner jammed it between his lips and fired into his mouth.

"Swallow it you son-of-a-bitch. Eat my cum" Tanner shouted as he fired his load into dad's mouth. "Shit, yeah. Yeeeaaah” he yelled as he ejaculated shot after shot. After he finished, Tanner just stood there for the longest time holding dad’s head, keeping his dick in his mouth, and watching him suck up all the cum.

When he was finally done, Tanner took hold of that enormous prick of his and pulled it our of dad's mouth and rubbed it all over his face, smearing his cum everywhere.

"We got cum all over my dick" Tanner chuckled after a couple minutes. "Lick it off. Clean me up." No objection, no nothing from dad. He just stuck out his tongue and started licking Tanner's dick.

Tanner was sweating, and you know how he looks when those muscles glisten like that. As always, it took my breath away. God, I was lucky to be a part of him.

Tanner let my dad go at it for a good five minutes, licking and sucking all the cum off of his prick and his balls, but he wouldn't let him take it in his mouth.

Tanner grabbed dad’s hair and jerked his head back, forcing him to look him in the eye. "Did you like it" he asked. "Did you like licking Tanner's ass and eating his cum?"

"Yes, sir" dad answered. No question or doubt about it; just 'yes,sir." Tanner slapped him; a good healthy slap across the face causing dad to yelp.

"Did you like it?" Tanner repeated.

"Yes, sir" dad answered again. Tanner slapped him. Another yelp.

"Did you really like it?"

"Yes, sir." Another slap. I saw that Tanner had this enormous grin on his face. He was really enjoying this. And dad? The look in his face? I could hardly believe it, but let me tell you. It was a look of total adoration. Yes, I swear to god. A look of total awe and reverence.

Tanner saw it and laughed aloud. "Tell me how much you liked licking Tanner's ass."

With almost no hesitation at all Dad answered: "A lot, sir. I liked it a lot." Tanner hit him again. Now I saw Dad's whole body shudder, and he made a strange keening sound: 'aaaaaeeeee'. He was cuming. He was cuming in his pants. Jesus!

Tanner laughed aloud. "Jesus, my baby is really turned on" he said.

Dad's face was red, his eyes closed and his mouth hanging open, as he grunted: 'ug, ug, ug, ug,' as he fired into his pants.

"You loved eating my ass but you didn't thank me for it did you?" Tanner asked.

"Ahhh …. ahhh …. no sir" dad answered. Tanner held up his hand and Dad squinted in preparation for being hit, but Tanner did not hit him.

"I let you eat my ass, you've got to thank me for it."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir" Dad answered immediately, and I'm pretty sure he meant it. Tanner slapped him again for good measure. Another slap, another yelp.

Biw I'm not totally sure of the definition of sadism, but it sure looked to me like Tanner was being sadistic with my dad. Yeah, that's what I would call sadism. Rough, and mean and demanding. Of course, since I'm a submissive it would be impossible for me to be a sadist; if anything I'm a masochist.

But …. But, watching Tanner humiliate my dad was so fuckin hot that my dick was throbbing like craxy. I reached my hand down in my pants and gave it a quick squeeze, and that's all it took. My prick let loose and I started shooting in my pants. Hell, maybe I was into S/M because it sure as hell turned me on.

I must have made a sound, because when I looked back into the mirror Tanner was looking at me. I was barely done withg my ejaculation, but I was so shocked I think my heart missed a beast. Tanner was going to kill me. I jerked back out of sight. But …. I swear. It sure looked like he gave me a smile just before he went out of sight.

"I could have a lot more fun with you, baby" I heard Tanner say. "But I've got things to do. Maybe we'll do this again some time. Okay."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir" came from dad.

I took off and ran upstairs hoping to hell that Tanner would be understanding.

Tanner walked into my bedroom a couple minutes later with a big smile on his face. His softening dick was still wet from dad's tongue, and he was carrying his bikini which he tossed aside. He had a big smile as he looked at me. He was happy.

“He’ll cooperate” he said with a chuckle. “No problem. You can have him if you want."

I can have him?

"What?” I asked in surprise. "What? I can have him?"

"That's what I said" he answered. "You need a puppy? You've got one if you want one."

Wow! My dad, whom I still despised for ditching me and my mother for four years. My dad, who still wanted to give me direction and rule my life. Did I want him to be my puppy? Did I want to lord it over him? Tanner says I can.

But, is wimpy little Charlie even capable of it? I doubt it very much.

Okay, so I know as much about being a Dom as anybody. I mean, who could know more about being a Dom than a submissive who has been under one and experienced it. But just because I 'knew how to do it', didn't mean I 'could do it'.

But, man-oh-man, it was gonna be fun just thinking about it. I know damn well I'm going to have wet dreams seeing my dad eating Tanner's ass. Or something.


To my readers: Did I get it right? Comments appreciated.


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