This is a story of a Bully.  A story of gay dominance and rough sex.  If you don’t like this kind of story please don’t read it.   Also, underage laws are there for a reason.  If you are under the legal age of consent, you should not read this either.

Disclaimer: There is a mention of condom use or non-use in this story, but keep in mind that this is fiction.  In reality, safe sex should always be practiced.  This story is total fantasy and in no way is it meant to represent any characters or places or actual events in real life.  This is not a guide for sexual practices in your own home.  This is for your reading pleasure only.

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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

Subtitle:  My Bully

Chapter Three

Tanner had moved here barely a month ago but he had me, and now Darrell as his fuck boys.  Yes, we were his ‘fuckboys’. He claimed ownership and we pretty much belonged to him.  But he was determined to increase his haram, as he called it.  He had a list of hot guys he wanted to ‘acquaint’ with his dominating personality, and maybe his fists, and most definitely his ten inch schlong.  

At the top of his list was Rasheed the bodybuilder from our PE class. Or maybe it was Jim the linebacker from the football team that was at the top.  There was also Larry the wrestler, and even Mr. Carson the chemistry teacher.  I had no doubts that Tanner would be getting ‘acquainted’ with these guys real soon, and would probably be adding other names to his list.


“Hey, Rasheed, where’d you get that big body?”  Tanner asked as he stepped under the water in the shower.

“You like it huh?” Rasheed said.  “Maybe you want a piece of it.”

“What piece would that be?”: Tanner asked, but of course everybody knew what Rasheed was going to say.

“This one down here” Rasheed said, as he reached down and waggled his dick.  All the boys in the shower laughed.  He did have a healthy piece of meat down there, at least eight inches.  The only one bigger than him in class was Tanner, and Tanner was noticeably bigger and everybody had noticed.

“Maybe you could make use of a real one like this” Tanner said as he grabbed his own dick.  “This would look really good next to your black skin.”  That comment could have several meanings but Rasheed did not take the bait.  

“This one gets a whole lot of action” he said, “and I ain’t had no complaints.”

“You’re lucky I didn’t get there first” Tanner said.  “Once they get a taste of this, they’re never satisfied with anything less.  And you know that everybody’s less.”  All the boys laughed again.  Everybody did know that Tanner was a lot bigger than anybody else because it was easy to see and he certainly made no attempt to hide it.  In fact, as conceited and vain as Tanner was, you had to know that he was flaunting it.

Again, Rasheed did not take the bait, and just continued with his shower.  I knew Tanner was disappointed.

As they got back to their lockers Tanner walked up to Rasheed, his soft dick dangling down and the towel thrown over his shoulder.  “You want to measure?” he asked with a grin on his face.

“No thanks.  I don’t need to” Rasheed said as he continued toweling himself off.  He glanced down at Tanner’s prick.  “I know what you’ve got.”

“Oh, so you’ve noticed” Tanner said.

“How could we help but notice” Rasheed said, “the way you prance around here with it hanging out all the time.”

Tanner had to laugh.  “I guess it must turn you on, huh?”  Rasheed didn’t bother to respond but just finished drying off.

“We should work out together sometime, Rasheed” Tanner said.  “We could compare notes.  I could show you a few things.”  Tanner and Rasheed stood out among all the boys in the class, in fact, among all the boys in the school.  Both were heavily muscled with big chests and chiseled abs and enormous arms and legs.  Both were very dedicated bodybuilders.  Any football player in the school would give his right arm to be built like them.

“You show me?”  Rasheed said.  “That’s a laugh.  But sorry man, I  work out with my bros at that  gym over on seventh.”

“How big is that arm anyway?” Tanner asked, stepping back and taking a good look.  “Show me that bicep.”

“Seventeen inches, man” Rasheed said proudly as he flexed his left arm.  “Seventeen fuckin inches.”

“Me too.  Seventeen inches” Tanner said as he flexed in front of Rasheed’s face.  “We should workout here in the school weight room some time.  What do you think?  You afraid I’ll show you up??”

“You kidding?” he said.  “You show me up?  How about tomorrow?”

“Okay, after sixth period tomorrow” Tanner said

So Tanner set the plans in motion.


Tanner was so brazen sometimes, it was hard to believe.  

He had only been here a few weeks but he’d definitely been noticed, but how could he not.  Big muscled body which he flaunted with his uniform of snug t-shirts and shorts.  And anybody that didn’t notice his big package must have been blind.  Within just three weeks he had made such an impression that he was followed around by all the cute girls in his class, and some of the jocks too.  Tanner was fucking outrageous in his actions, constantly flexing his biceps for his admirers, and groping his dick all the time.  But everybody, and I mean everybody was in awe of him.  He was about as perfect as any seventeen year old could be.

Tanner decided to get Jim started in his ‘acquaint’ program during lunch.  The football players always sat at the same table in the lunchroom and nobody dared join them.  It just wasn’t done.  But Tanner went over and actually pushed Jerod, the wide receiver, aside and squeezed in between him and Jim.

“Saw you on Friday, Jim” he said as he put his arm around him.  “You were terrific.  Three sacks in one game.  That’s probably a record.”  I said that Jim and Tanner hadn’t met before,  but everybody knew who Tanner was even though he'd only been here for a few weeks.  Anybody sees Tanner even once doesn't forget him.

 Jim got a big smile on his face.  “Thanks, Tanner.  I appreciate that.”

 “No sweat, man.  You were great.  We’ve got to get together sometime.”

“Sure, Tanner.  Anytime” Jim said.

Jerod was pissed for being pushed out of the way and started to say something.  “Hey, man ….”

Tanner got up and gave Jerod a pat on the back.  “Thanks, man” he said.  “See you around, Jim” he said as he gave Jim a pat as well and walked away.  I could see that Jerod was really pissed now, because that pat on the back by Tanner was definitely condescending.  I also couldn’t help but notice that Tanner had an enormous bulge in his pants when he came back over and sat next to me.  Hell, probably everybody noticed.

“That was daring” I said, because I don’t think anybody had ever dared push one of the football players aside before.

“You know, that Jerod guy is pretty hot” he said, grinning at me, and I had to wonder.  Another name added to the 'acquaint' list?  “And Jim’s even hotter than I remembered” he continued, “and he’s hot for me.”

“He did seem to brighten up when he looked at you” I said, knowing it was a good idea to agree with Tanner

.“I put my hand on his back and gave him a good feel, and he noticed.  Yeah, he noticed.  But what I really wanted was to grab that hot butt of his.  Jesus, he’s got a pretty ass.  He makes me so fuckin hot.”

 “Yeah, I noticed that too” I laughed.  “It shows.”  He gave me a smile.

“A bubble butt like that, just begging for my prick, how in the hell can I help it.”

“You better figure it out, because we’ve got to go back to class in a minute.”  That wasn’t entirely true that he had to figure something out, because Tanner was into flaunting his best features, and that enormous cock was certainly one of them.  So he didn’t mind at all walking down the hall with an enormous bulge in his pants,.  Hell, that was part of his reputation.

“I may have to stop fucking around with Rasheed, because I’ve got to get into Jim’s pants” he said.

“But you’re working out with him this afternoon” I said.  “You’ve got it all set up,  You can’t cancel now.”

  “Okay, okay” he said, grinning at me.  “I suppose that ass will still be there when I get around to it.”  He gave Jim a wave as we left the lunch room and Jim waved back.  Jerod frowned at us.  I had no doubts that Jim was going to become Tanner’s ‘acquaint’ very soon.  Very, very soon.  And, who knows, maybe Jerod as well.


Tanner being Tanner, he had Coach Ratell wrapped around his finger, and had convinced him to close the weight room for this afternoon.  So it was going to be Tanner and Rasheed alone, except for me and Darrell.  We were going to change weights for them.

When we got to the weight room there was a kid there who said Rasheed had to finish an English test and would be twenty minutes late.  I expected Tanner to explode, but he took it calmly and even thanked the kid.  “Rasheed is definitely worth waiting for, Charlie.   Those muscles of his turn me on like nobody’s business.  Getting him acquainted with my dick is going to be the most exciting thing I’ve done since I moved here.”

I guess he really was hot for Rasheed.  Ordinarily he has no patience at all, so this was definitely unusual.

“Come-on, Charlie.  Let’s go visit Mr. Carson” he said.  Tanner sure as hell wasn’t wasting any time.  He only had four names on this current ‘acquaint’ list and he’d already made the initial approach on two of them.  Mr. Carson would be number three.

“Hello, Mr. Carson” he said as we walked into the chemistry room.  “That was a cool experiment you did last week.  That puff of smoke scared the bejesus out of half of the class.”  Mr. Carson smiled at Tanner as he walked over to his desk and sat on the edge of it.  Yes, he actually sat on the edge of the desk.  Mr. Carson’s smile changed to wariness.

“I’m glad you liked it, Tanner.  But, ahhh … please don’t sit on my desk.”

“Oh, sorry, man.”  Tanner flexed as he stood up, raising his elbows back and pushing his chest out, and then slowly moving into a double bicep, making it look like he was just stretching.

 Jesus, Tanner looked incredible when he did that.  And, of course, he looked terribly intimidating too.  You can bet Mr. Carson was intimidated.  Tanner casually took a step closer, actually getting on Mr. Carson’s side of the desk, forcing Mr. Carson to roll his chair back.  Then he leaned his butt back against the desk and looked down at Mr. Carson from just a few feet away. He didn’t quite sit on the desk, he only leaned against it.

 “What can I do for you, Tanner?” Mr. Carson asked as he rolled his desk chair away.

“Nothing really” Tanner said.  Then he subtly reached up and rubbed his hand through his hair, acting totally casual, but making his bicep and triceps bulge magnificently.  Mr. Carson didn’t actually gasp, but his eyes certainly got big in amazement.  “I just wanted to tell you how much I liked your class.”

“Well, thank you.  I’m glad.”  Mr. Carson stood up and took a step away, to get out from under Tanner’s gaze.  I could see that he was uncomfortable, and wasn’t quite sure how to deal with this audacious student.  He looked to me like he was desperate to get away.  I had to struggle to hold in my laughter, because Tanner had him completely unnerved.  We’d been in the room for less than ninety seconds and Tanner was already bullying this teacher and demoralizing him.  I was shocked and incredibly impressed.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you get up” Tanner said apologetically as he stepped away from the desk and took hold of the desk chair.  “Here, go ahead, Mr. Carson.  Sit down.”  Mr. Carson was now in a quandary.  He was completely flustered and confounded, but Tanner had apologized and seemingly was being helpful to let him set back down behind his desk.  He would look foolish if he didn’t set down.

“Okay, ahhh…. thanks, Tanner” he said as he slowly stepped forward and sat back down in his chair.  Tanner, who was standing behind the chair, moved his hands for the chair to Mr. Carson’s shoulders.  I’m not sure if he massaged them or just held them as he gently rolled the chair back up to the desk.  As he let go of Mr. Carson’s shoulders, I noticed that one of his hands rubbed across the back of Mr. Carson’s neck.

 “Maybe I could stop by some afternoon and you could help me on some of this stuff, Mr. Carson.  Could you do that?”

 “Wha …. Wha …. What?  Ahhh …. Tanner” he stuttered.  “Wha …. What do you need?”  Just that quick he seemed to be completely subjugated and totally under Tanner’s control.

“Something big” Tanner said and then laughed as if he caught himself.  “Sorry, I meant nothing big.”  He evidently thought he was being cute and subtle.  As subtle as hitting someone over the head with a sludge hammer.  And then the son-of-a-bitch actually reached down and groped himself.  He did.  He was fuckin outrageous.  “I just wanted to know how you handle some situations.  Some chemistry situations.”

“T-T-T-Tanner.  You ….”  Mr. Carson tried to say but couldn’t even continue.

I swear.  Tanner was unbelievable.  He was an absolute master of subtle seduction, or as he would say: getting guys into his ‘acquaint’, but he also knew when to go for the jugular.  Right now, he saw something in Mr. Carson’s eyes that told him that he had already won, that he was in complete command.  I could see it from across the room.  He dropped the subtle approach completely.

Reaching down and grabbing the hem of his T-shirt with both hands, he pulled it up and off, showing off his astonishing muscular upper body.  Giving his biceps a quick flex, he handed the T-shirt to Mr. Carson.

“Keep this for me, man, until Thursday.”  Grabbing Mr. Carson’s chin with one hand he forced him to look up into his perpetually grinning face, and reached down and started rubbing the outline of the enormous bulge in his pants.  Can anybody be any more brazen than that?  Obviously he was positive he had Mr. Carson completely under his thumb.

Mr. Carson’s eyes got big as he looked up at this incredibly aggressive student, and he was literally shocked speechless.

“We’ll just get better acquainted, you and me, on Thursday afternoon’ he said softly looking into Mr. Carson’s eyes.  There was absolutely no doubt in Mr. Carson’s mind what Tanner had in mind.  I actually saw him gulp.  Continuing to rub his big bulge for a few seconds longer, Tanner finally turned away.

 “Four-thirty on Thursday, Mr. Carson” he said as we left the room.

“I told you anybody that pretty had to be a fag” Tanner said to me as we left the room.  “I had no doubts, and that's the kind of fag I like.  One with a really pretty face.”  He gave me a pat on the butt in recognition.  “I'm going to have fun on Thursday.”

I was simply in awe of him.  He was brilliant.  And I had no doubts either.  No doubts that Mr. Carson was going to get ‘acquainted’ with Tanner’s dick on Thursday.  No doubts whatsoever

.Three of the four on Tanner’s list were now in the ‘acquaint’ mode.  One to go.

“Let’s go see Rasheed” he said and we headed for the weight room.


 “Rasheed, my man” he said when we entered the weight room.  “You in trouble with Mrs. Tractor?”

Rasheed was all ready to go, dressed in his tank top, shorts and Reebocks, and he looked like he’d been sweating.  “Hey, she likes me” he said, “so I stop by once in a while.”

“You help her out?” Tanner said.  “Well, I guess a little brown nosing doesn’t hurt anything.”

“You’re just jealous” Rasheed said.  We all laughed including Darrell who was sitting on the weight bench.

“Brown nosing, or a little something on the side?” Tanner asked.

“I said she likes me” Rasheed said with a sly grin.  “She really likes me, if you know what I mean.”  And there was no doubt we knew what Rasheed meant.

“Darrell,” Tanner said.  “You got gym shorts?”

“Ahhh…. n-n-no T-T-Tanner” he answered.  “Not here at school.”

“Strip down to your underwear then” Tanner said.  “Charlie, get mine from my locker and get into yours.”  Tanner had left his shirt with Mr. Carson, so now he performed a double bicep pose, really crunching them.  “What do you think, Rasheed” he said.  “You think you can deal with this?”

“No problem, bro” he said.  “You ain’t seen muscle until you’ve seen mine.”

“Well, take your shirt off then, and show me” Tanner said.  “I forgot and left mine in the chemistry lab.”

“You what?” Rasheed asked.

“Yeah,” Tanner laughed.  “I was showing Mr. Carson my pretty body.”

“Talk about brown nosing” Rasheed said.  “Sounds like you’re pretty good at it.”  The door to the locker room was open so I was listening to them talking as I quickly got into my gym shorts.  I heard Tanner say: ‘Darrell, move your ass.  Strip down like I told you’.  Darrell answered instantly: ‘okay T-T-Tanner’.  I didn’t hear Rasheed say anything, but I had to wonder what he thought about Darrell’s nervousness.  I didn’t bother with a shirt and when I re-entered the weight room I saw that Tanner was naked, Rasheed was pulling off his shirt and Darrell was getting out of his pants.

Rasheed simply took my breath away, leaving me gasping.  He was spectacular.  Bigger and even more defined than Tanner, which was hard to believe.  And I mean, really big.  Every single muscle on his body was bulging perfectly, and he wasn’t even pumped.  I don’t think he was anyway, because we hadn’t started yet.  The cuts between his muscle groups were simply unbelievable.  He couldn’t possibly have had an ounce of fat on his body.

“Jesus, fuckin Christ” Tanner said in awe.  Yeah, Tanner said that.  And you can bet that it took a hell of a lot to impress Tanner.  “You are fuckin incredible.”  I handed Tanner his shorts and he slipped into them going commando.

“You want to concede right now?” Rasheed asked.  “You ain’t got a snowballs chance in hell of beating me.”

“I don’t concede to nobody” Tanner said, “but, Christ, how the hell do you get a body like that?”

“Hard work, man.  Hard work,” he said.

“Darrell, what the fuck is that?” Tanner barked.  “Boxer shorts?”  Darrell was standing there in just a pair of baggy boxer shorts looking totally ridiculous.  I mean, he was really built.  Not like Tanner or Rasheed, but quite a hunk.  So, why would he wear those silly looking baggy shorts?  He actually jumped when Tanner spoke.  “Only assholes wear baggy shorts like that” Tanner said.

“Ahhh …. ahhh …. s-s-sorry” Darrell stuttered.  He stood there actually shaking while Tanner glared at him.  Man, had Tanner ever done the job on him.  He was terrified of Tanner.  I swear he was about to pee his pants.

“Well, get out of them” Tanner snapped.  “I can’t stand to look at them.”  Darrell seemed to be frozen there for the moment and didn’t move.  “Charlie, you got something he can wear?”

“Ahhh … not really” I said.  “I …. I …. ahhh …. no.   Sorry, Tanner, I don’t have anything.”  I could be nervous around Tanner as well, because I know he didn’t like anybody saying no to him.  He says he doesn’t even recognize the word ‘no’.

“Well, get out of the damn things anyway” he snapped at Darrell.  “We’ll just have to look at that dinky pecker of yours.”  Darrell pulled off his boxers, and stood back up in the nude.  He was completely soft and fearful of Tanner as well, so his dick looked to be an inch or an inch and a half long.  Dinky was the word.

But, how was Rasheed taking this?  He had what might be called a bemused look on his face.  Somehow, he did not seem to be surprised at Darrell’s actions.

“This kid belong to you?” he asked, looking at Tanner.  All three of us froze.  Darrell and me, and Tanner too.  

There was a long pause, and then Tanner started laughing.  “Darrell’s my buddy,” he said.  “You know I’ve only been here a couple weeks, so I’m finding my way around.  Darrell’s helping me out.  Ain't you Darrell?”

“Y-y-yeah, s-s-sure, T-T-Tanner” Darrell stuttered.  I'm …. I'm ….  I'm your buddy.  I help you out.”

“I’ll bet he helps you” Rasheed said with a smirk on his face.  I gasped, because there was no question of the meaning behind those words.  Rasheed knew what was going on.  “I’ll bet he’s helping you a lot” he sneered.

“Smart guy, aren’t you” Tanner snapped, and it wasn’t friendly.  “So smart that you worked out before I got here, just to try to show me up.”

“Huh” Rasheed said, with a shocked look on his face.  “What?”

“You’re sweaty, Rasheed.  You think I’m blind or just stupid that I couldn’t see that you were sweating and you had pumped up your muscles before I got here.” he growled.  “You trying to embarrass me or impress me?”  He walked over in front of Rasheed, looking him right in the face.

“Hey, man.  Wait a minute” Rasheed started to say.

“You’re a damn showoff, Rasheed, and a conceited jerk” Tanner said, right in his face.  “And you know what?  I don’t like conceited jerks.”

“Hey, man.  Calm down” Rasheed said.  “Cool it.  So I worked out a little to get a pump.  It ain’t no big deal.  I just wanted to look good.”  My thought was: ‘wanted to look good’?  Why?  He wanted to look good for Tanner?

“You tried to make me look bad, Rasheed, and nobody does that to me.”  Tanner was standing nose to nose with Rasheed and he was furious.  I could see his hands clenching and unclenching.  

“Hey man, calm down” Rasheed said and he actually put his hands on Tanner’s shoulders.  “I’m sorry man.  I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Get your fuckin hands off of me” Tanner snapped at him.  

“Okay, okay, Tanner.  I said I was sorry” he said.  “Back off, man.”

“Back off?  Back off?” Tanner yelled.  Yeah, he was yelling now.  “What do you mean back off?”

“Hey, man.  Please” Rasheed said, beginning to realize how angry Tanner really was.  “Take it easy.  I don’t want to fight with you.”

“Well, maybe I want to fight with you, you son-of-a-bitch” Tanner shouted and gave Rasheed a push, forcing him to step back.  “I’m about to tear you a new asshole.”

Here we go again.  Tanner and his terrible temper.  I could see he was getting hotter by the second.

He already told me he thought Rasheed was a wimp and he could handle him easily, and I believed it.  And right now Rasheed was trying his damnedest to calm Tanner down because he probably also knew that Tanner could take him.

“Charlie, can you help me here” Rasheed said turning to me in desperation.  “Can you calm him down?”  That was kind of a laugh because there was no way I’d even get close to Tanner when he was this angry.

“Charlie, you and Darrell get the fuck out of here” Tanner yelled at me.  “Me and Rasheed gonna have a talk.”  Darrell grabbed his clothes and was out the door in two seconds and I was right behind him.  We went into the locker room and I closed the door.

Darrell was dressed and gone in about another two seconds.  I never saw anybody move that fast.  But I was there in the locker room and I wanted to know what was going on.  I put my ear to the door.  I didn’t hear anything at first, but then Tanner’s voice shouting.  I couldn’t hear what he was saying but I could tell he was still angry.  Then it was quiet for the longest time.

Then there was a bang.  Something fell over, and my best bet is it was Rasheed.  

Then I finally heard a yell.  I knew it was Rasheed and I think it might have been: ‘damn it’.  Then nothing.  Just silence.

I desperately  wanted to open the door and see what was going on, but I knew I didn’t dare.  Tanner told us to get out and when Tanner says something he really means it, more than you can imagine.  I knew he’d tear my head off if I dared to open the door.

The silence went on and on and on, and I had to wonder what was happening.   I remembered Darrell.  Tanner complained that Darrell gave in so quickly that it really wasn't any fun beating him up.  Was Tanner beating Rasheed up?  I should hear yelling if he was.  Damn, I wanted to open the door.

Maybe Tanner was having his fun and Rasheed just wasn't a screamer.  Beating people up was fun for Tanner because he loved hurting people.  That seemed to be his favorite hobby.  So even though Darrell had been endlessly begging him to stop, he kept right on stomping him for another twenty minutes or so.  Just for the fun of it.

So I sat in front of the door and just waited as the silence continued.  One time it sounded like Rasheed said a muffled ‘no’ and another time it sounded like ‘please’.  I just waited and waited.   And then I waited some more.  It must have been a full half hour.

Then the door started to open and I had to scramble out of the way.  It was Tanner and he was now completely dressed with a shirt on.  I could see that he was wearing Rasheed’s shirt.

“Let’s go” he said and I scurried along after him.  “Rasheed’s coming over to your house tonight” he said.  “About nine o’clock.”


Darrell was sitting on the stoop when we arrived at my house.  Darrell may have taken off when he had the chance from the school weight room, but he knew he had to bring Tanner's backpack, and there was simply no way he would dare stand Tanner up.

“Darrell my Man” Tanner said jovially, and as Darrell stood up, he fluffed his hair.  I opened the door and stepped back.  Tanner let Darrell go first and gave him a couple pats on the butt as he entered.  Then he grabbed on and gave him a good grope and a squeeze.  Now, if that is not a clear sign of ownership, I don’t know what is.  Darrell did not seem to react at all.

“How you doin my man?” Tanner asked.

“I’m doing fine, Tanner” he said.  “Or, you want I should call you Master?”

“Don’t matter, babe, now that you’re my bud” he said and smiled.  Darrell smiled back.  I swear to god, he did.  He smiled at Tanner.  What the fuck?  What happened to the fear?

Without saying anything, Tanner headed up the stairs.  Darrell pushed me.  Yeah, he actually pushed me aside deliberately and followed Tanner.  Son of a bitch.  This was going to be a real problem.  He may have been Tanner’s lackey, but he was still a hunk and I was still a wimp.

“You still my punk, Darrell?” Tanner asked as we entered my bedroom.  “Huh?”

“Sure, Tanner” he said.  “Of Course.”

“Show me.”  Darrell immediately got down on his knees and kissed Tanner’s feet.  “Good boy,” Tanner laughed as he pulled him back to his feet.  “But just you remember.  You may be my bud now, but don’t forget that you’ll always be my bitch.”  (Bitch?)   I didn’t figure that would go over well with Darrell, because Tanner had never used that word before.  Calling him a bitch?  And I was right, it didn’t go over well.   I saw a look of surprise on Darrell’s face.

“Bitch?” Darrell said in surprise.  “I’m supposed to be your ….”

Tanner immediately reacted and grabbed Darrell’s chin making him look him in the eye.  “You are my bitch, babe” he snapped with obvious annoyance as he squeezed Darrell’s cheeks painfully.  “You’re my bitch and my cocksucker and …., and my fuckin slave. And don’t you fuckin forget it.”

“Okay, Tanner, okay, I’m sorry” he said quickly, recognizing his mistake.  “I’m sorry” he repeated.

“I’m your Master, you little fuck” Tanner growled.  “I’ll call you my bitch or my cunt or my fuck hole or any other damn thing I want to.”   You see how volatile Tanner can be?  Just the slightest look, and barely a hint of disagreement from Darrell and Tanner is steaming.

“Tanner, please” Darrell said, shocked at Tanner’s violent reaction.  “Please.  I’m sorry.  Tanner, I’m sorry.”

“Get on your fuckin knees and tell me you’re my bitch” Tanner snapped.  Darrell immediately dropped to his knees.

“I’m your bitch, Master” Darrell said, now pleading with Tanner.  (Master again?).  “Yes, I’m your bitch.”

“Don’t piss me off like that, Darrell” Tanner said as he pulled him back to his feet again, “because that really pisses me off.”  Then he laughed at his own gaff.  Darrell gave an audible gasp of relief.

Tanner leaned forward and gave Darrell a quick peck on the lips.  I gasped.  Tanner had done the same thing to me, and I didn’t understand it then and I didn't understand it now.  Tanner was as straight and as butch, and as dominant and powerful as anybody could be.  He was the epitome of masculinity, the absolute opposite of anything feminine.  Did straight guys kiss guys?  Tanner did.

“You don’t think a man can kiss” he snapped at me.  Uh-O, I thought.  I was in deep shit.  I didn’t say anything immediately because I didn’t know what to say, but Tanner grabbed Darrell by the neck and jerked him forward and latched onto his lips.

Dragging Darrell’s head around, taking total control, he started kissing aggressively and began trying to stick his tongue down Darrell’s throat.  Tanner kept the kiss going, roughly.  Very roughly.  They were going to have bruised lips when this was over.

Darrell didn’t react except with surprise at first.  But as the kiss went on and on, he reached his arms around Tanner and started hugging him and rubbing his hands up and down his back.  The son-of-a-bitch was feeling Tanner’s muscled lats.

I couldn’t believe that the kiss went on and on, for at least five minutes.  I just stood there stupefied and angry, knowing I couldn’t do anything or say anything.  As the kiss went on I actually got tears in my eyes.  I desperately wanted to be where Darrell was right now.  On the receiving end of that kiss.  It just wasn't fair.

Just to make it worse, Darrell’s hands never stopped, moving from Tanner’s rounded deltoids down almost to his butt, and back up again, feeling those amazing muscles.

After what seemed like forever, Tanner broke the kiss.  Then looking into Darrell’s eyes from only inches away with a shit-eating grin on his face, he said: “you want to blow me, baby?”

“Shit, yes, Tanner.  Yes” Darrell gasped breathlessly.  “Yes, if you want.”  He was so turned on by the kiss he would have done anything for Tanner at that moment.  Tanner started to laugh.

“Sorry, babe, but not today” he said.  “Rasheed’s coming over later, so you’re going to have to wait.  Besides somebody here is getting jealous and wouldn’t want to watch you blowing me.”

They both looked over at me as Tanner laughed.  Of course I was jealous.  I was also furious, and of course they could tell that the top of my head was about to blow off.  Yes, I was furious from what I was seeing, but what make it even worse was that with Tanner, I couldn’t do anything about it.  I didn’t dare say a word.

“Fuck him” Darrell said dismissively.

“Not Today” Tanner laughed.  “Rasheed’s coming.”  Tanner leaned forward and gave Darrell another peck on the lips and reached around behind him and gave him a good squeeze on his ass.  Did Darrell wiggle his ass when Tanner groped him?  I know he didn’t, but it pissed me off just the same, that he might have been thinking of it.

“Get out of here, Darrell” Tanner chuckled.  “I’ll see you in school tomorrow.”

Darrell disappointed me and pissed me off again by remembering.  He dropped to his knees and gave Tanner a kiss on the crotch of his cutoffs.  Looking up into Tanner’s eyes with this big grin, he said: “Thank you, Master.”  Tanner chuckled and fluffed his hair in a friendly way.  He was really pleased.

Jesus, Darrell annoys the shit out of me.

As Darrell left, Tanner turned to me.

“You, my little pipsqueak, are going to get yourself in trouble” he said with a frown.  That frown scared the shit out of me.

“Please, Tanner.  Please don’t” I gasped.  “I’m sorry.”

“Please don’t what?” he growled.

“Please don’t ….” I pleaded.  “Please don’t ….”  I wasn’t sure myself what I meant.  “Please Tanner, don’t hurt me” I whimpered.

He kept frowning at me, evidently trying to scare the shit out of me, and it was working.  I can assure it was working.  Then he smiled.  “Don’t worry, Charlie” he said through his smile.  “You’ll always be my number one bud.”  I gasped in relief.

“But” he snapped, “jealousy or not, I won’t put up with any shit from you.  Get over here.”

I’d been sitting on the side of my bed but now I hesitantly got up and walked over to him.  He grabbed my hair and gave it a jerk, and then he slammed me in the belly.  Really, really slammed me, putting his muscular strength into it.  I went ‘Ooof’ as the breath was knocked completely out of me, and if Tanner had not been holding my hair I would have went flying across the room.  I couldn’t breathe.  When he let go of my hair, I sank to the floor at his feet.  I just lay there holding my stomach and attempting to breathe.

You see what I mean?  Tanner never lets the least hint of disrespect go by.  Never, never.  He may say I’m his best friend but that doesn’t mean we are equals.  Tanner is still a god, and I’m still a wimp.  He is the Master and I remain his puppy.  And his lackey.  And his fuck boy.

He gave me barely a minute to recover before he said: “Get me undressed, babe.”  My stomach was hurting god-awful and I knew it’d be black and blue very soon, and I could still barely breathe.  In fact, I could barely move, but I was alert enough to know I had to.  Not even trying to get up on my knees I turned to him on the floor and started getting his shoes and socks off.

I'd started working out since I'd met Tanner but it had only been a month and I had no abdominal muscles to speak of, so I was in real pain.  Obviously, Tanner didn't care, because when I didn't move quickly enough to get up, he growled at me.

“Get the fuck up here and get me undressed” he growled.  I forced myself up and got him out of his shirt and shorts.  Tears were dripping down my cheeks but I didn't say anything.  “Strip” he said as he went over and sat in the beanbag chair and turned on the TV.

I slowly forced myself to remove my clothes, and then crawled onto the bed in a fetal position holding my horribly aching stomach.  I faced the wall and just lay there sobbing, but I did it silently.


It was just nine o'clock when the doorbell rang and I heard Tanner turn off the TV and get out of the chair and come over to the bed.  Then he grabbed me by the hair and jerked me around to face him.  As I looked up at him through glassy eyes, I saw that he was still angry.  

"I said you were my number one boy, you little prick, and you're damn lucky" he said, glaring at me and holding my head up by my hair.  "But if you're going to be special with me, you damn well better act special.  Don't you ever give me any shit again."

"Yes, T-T-Tanner" I whispered contritely, my voice shaking.  "I'm sorry, Tanner."

"You may be my best bud" he growled at me, "but I think it's about time you called me Master."  He gave my hair a jerk.

"Yes, M-M-Master" I mumbled.

"You watch your ass from now on" he snapped.  "Remember that you belong to me, I damn well don't belong to you."  Then he turned and headed down the stairs.

If I was crying before, I was really crying now.  Tanner was furious with me and I hated it.  I hated him being mad at me.  He was obviously disappointed as well because of my stupid actions.  After all, he picked me to be his best friend and I let him down by being jealous.  What right did I have to be jealous?  There is no way I can object to anything he does or anybody he does it with.  I've said all along that Tanner is a god, and I'm a little nobody, and I certainly don't deserve his friendship.    

But, what I now realized was that that was not the way I acted.  My mistake was thinking and acting as if he were just my friend, my equal.  He wasn't just my friend, he was my god.  Yes, I loved him, but more than that what I needed to do was to worship him.   I don't think he cared if I loved him because he certainly had never asked for it, but I was finally beginning to understand that he expected and demanded that I show him respect and that I worship him.  Well, let me tell you, from this moment on it was going to be total worship.   Total and complete devotion to him.  I'd give him everything I had.

My biggest fear now was that he would dump me.  I still loved him, of course I loved him, and if he dumped me I think I'd die.   Somehow I had to make it up to him for my fuckup.   I had to convince him that I was the best bootlicker or ass-kisser or whatever, that he'd ever had.  I'd do anything, absolutely anything to avoid losing him.

I heard murmuring for a while but I couldn’t tell what was being said.  But a few minutes later they came into my bedroom.  Tanner was almost naked as usual, wearing only those nylon type stretch bikinis, baby blue today.  Rasheed was not wearing a shirt, but I saw that Tanner had thrown it over his shoulder.  Rasheed and Tanner standing next to each other was simply astonishing.  Perfectly enormous, but perfectly proportioned muscles, perfectly defined, they showed absolute perfection in youthful human beings.

"Charlie, get your butt over here and get Rasheed naked" Tanner ordered me.  My stomach hurt like hell every time I moved, but right now, if Tanner had told me to jump off a building, I would have done it.  I got on my knees and removed Rasheed's shoes and socks.  When I reached up to remove his shorts he slapped my hands away.  He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his shorts and then let me peal them down over his massive thighs.  He was wearing a pair of red briefs underneath.

"Charlie" Tanner said, as I headed back to lie down.  "On top of my dresser there's a blue colored tube that says 'hot oil' on it.  Go get it."  It took me a couple seconds to comprehend what he said.  I was to go across the street to his house and get something from his bedroom?

Did I say I'd jump off a building for him?  I looked for my shorts.  "You don't need to get dressed" Tanner said.  "Just go."

"Tanner, please.  You're father's there" I said in shock.  "What will he think?"  This was a bit much even for me, going across the street in my underwear.

"What the fuck did I just say to you?" Tanner asked, giving me a dirty look.  "Haven't you learned anything?"  Shit.  I just couldn't do anything right with Tanner.    "Move it" he growled.  "If you're not back in five minutes you're going to know what hurt really means."

Shit, shit, shit.  My stomach still hurt like hell every time I moved, and Tanner was threatening to do it again.  How in the hell do I get myself into these predicaments?  It was becoming impossible for me to keep on Tanner's good side.  But right now I took off down the stairs.

We live on a quiet residential street so there's seldom any traffic, but now, of course, a car was coming and I had to wait for it to pass.  And, of course, it was filled with teenagers.  The one in the front seat yelled through the window 'nice panties kid' while the one in back yelled 'where's you diaper little boy'.  They were all laughing like crazy.   I didn't recognize any of them, and hoped to hell they didn't recognize me.  

I ran across the street to Tanner's house.   I had only been in there twice before, but I remembered the lay out.  Tanner had a way of climbing up a tree to the roof and then into his bedroom window, but there was no way I could climb a tree in my bare feet.  Besides, I didn't have any time.

I could see his father through the window sitting in front of the TV but I didn't know where his mother was, but I had to chance it.  I ran around back, and quietly entered through the kitchen.  As quietly as possible I got up the stairs to Tanner's room.  There was nothing I could do about the squeaky stairs, so I just held my breath and hoped for the best.  

I found the tube, 'Sensual strawberry flavored body oil;, brand name: 'Hot Oil'.  I grabbed the tube and headed back down stairs, and luck was with me because I didn't see either his mother or his father.  I ran out the back door and back across the street to my house.  Thank God, no cars this time.  But, Mrs. Ranger, from two doors down was out on her porch watching me, so I knew she'd tell my mother.  That is if she doesn't call the police first.    I'd have to be ready with some kind of excuse for my mom.  But that was the least of my worries because it was a lot easier keeping my mother happy than it was Tanner.

I was out of breath when I ran up the stairs to my room, but I knew it hadn't been five minutes yet.  At least I could do something right for Tanner.  

He didn't even acknowledge me when I entered the room, but just held up his hand so I could give him the tube.  Rasheed was sitting on the side of the bed, and Tanner was sitting cross legged on the floor in front of him.  They were just talking.  I wanted to lie on the bed but had to settle for the beanbag chair.

"Okay, get up" Tanner said to Rasheed as he stood up.  Opening the tube of oil, he squeezed a line across Rasheed's chest, and then started massaging it around, coating Rasheed’s chest evenly.  And: WOW.  And again: WOW.  If I thought Rasheed's chest was amazing before, it was a hundred times better oiled up.  It was simply astonishing.  His black skin gleamed showing his enormous physique and his astonishing definition at it's absolute best.  He'd deserve the top prize in any bodybuilding contest he cared to enter.

“You are absolutely gorgeous, Rasheed” Tanner said.  Yeah, I know, it's hard to believe.  Tanner the bully saying that.  I couldn't believe it either.  Tanner poured some oil into his hands and then rubbed it up and down one of Rasheed's massive seventeen inch arms.  

When Tanner finished oiling Rasheed's upper body, he stepped back.  “Okay, show me” he said.  Rasheed performed a 'front double bicep' and then a 'most muscular'.  I don't even know how to describe him.  He simply left me breathless.  An astonishing vision, glistening, perfectly enormous, perfectly shaped and defined muscles, and somehow looking even more perfect for his dark brown, almost black skin.  He left Tanner breathless too I think.  “Yes, absolutely gorgeous” he repeated.

Rasheed, of course, was having the time of his life.  Muscle bound Tanner telling him he was gorgeous.  “Thanks, Tanner” he said, showing this enormous smile which just made him look even more gorgeous.

“Charlie, get over here and do Rasheed's legs” and I jumped to obey.  In a way this could almost be funny, because, as much as Tanner admired Rasheed, he wasn't about to get down on his knees in front of him.  Tanner gave me the cream and I coated Rasheed's legs with the oil.  I loved it.  Hey, I love muscles, even when they're not on Tanner.  And Rasheed's thighs were to die for.

Rasheed had stripped down to just a posing strap,  like you'd see in a contest, and I accidentally on purpose bumped his crotch half a dozen times while putting on the oil.  He finally said: “ Watch your fuckin hands, creep.”  I just smiled at him.  

Then it was Tanners turn.  Rasheed took the oil and carefully and I must say, lovingly, smoothed it all over Tanner’s amazing  physique.  He did not ask me to do Tanner’s legs but got down on the floor and did it himself.  Just looking at their incredible bodies made me hard, but seeing Rasheed on his knees in front of Tanner made me even harder.

Then, for the next fifteen minutes, Tanner and Rasheed looked and touched.   Each performing various poses for each other and then rubbing their hands over each other's muscles.  It was so fucking erotic I almost shot in my undies.  Tanner had no problem getting down on his knees when it came time to feel up Rasheed's massive quads.  He was every bit as wild about Rasheed's muscles as I was.

“So, what's your decision?” Tanner finally said.  “I said I'd let you decide.  You going to fight me for it?”  I had no clue what they were talking about, so it had to be something they decided while they were in the school weight room.

“Get rid of the creep, Tanner” Rasheed said, looking over at me.  Me?  The creep?  Motherfucker!  But I knew Tanner never allows anybody tell him what to do, so I waited for an explosion.

“Charlie.  Out” Tanner said.  Alright, so I'm sometimes wrong.  I got out.

Actually, I went into the bathroom and held the door open a crack.  Tanner and Rasheed.  The two muscliest guys from school at each other's throats.  This was simply too good to miss.

"Answer my question, muscle boy" Tanner said.  "We gonna wrestle for it or what?"  

"Listen, Tanner" Rasheed said.  "I heard about Jay and Evan.  I saw them after you were done with them."

"Little shits, shouldn't have dissed me."

 "And Darrell too."

"What do you know about Darrell?" Tanner asked in surprise.

"I don't need to know anything" Rasheed said.  "I could see it.  You must have whipped his ass good."  Tanner chuckled.  He still had fond memories of kicking the crap out of Darrell.

"So you're chickening out?"

"I ain't chicken, Tanner, but I ain't stupid either" he said.  "I ain't gonna fight you."

"Too bad" Tanner chuckled.  "I woulda loved kicking your ass."

"But, Tanner …" he started to say.

"No, buts" Tanner interrupted.  "You belong to me.  That's the deal.  I own you."

"Okay, Tanner" Rasheed said.  "Okay, but you've got to promise …."

"I'll promise shit" Tanner said.  "You'll do what the fuck I tell you.  Now kiss" he said.  After a moment I heard an audible kiss, and as I peaked through the crack in the door I saw Rasheed kissing Tanner's right pectoral muscle.  Tanner had his hand on the back of Rasheed's head, but Rasheed didn't seem to be objecting.  "Now lick it" Tanner ordered and Rasheed started to lick.  Raspberry flavored oil?  Or was it strawberry?  Now I knew why.

I saw Tanner drop his hand from Rasheed's head, but Rasheed continued licking the big slab of muscle on his own, and there was no question he was enjoying it.  He kept at it for several minutes, and when ordered, he moved to the other side.  I was in awe.  I didn't know what the deal was that they made, but Tanner, as always, was completely in charge.  I wondered about Rasheed refusing to fight him, and my best bet was that Tanner was disappointed.  He loved fighting.  He loved hurting people.  So I know he would have loved having Rasheed down on the floor screaming for mercy while he worked him over.

"You need to grow some hair" Tanner chuckled.  "Give me something to hold on to."  Rasheed had his hair cut right to the scalp, so it looked more like a shadow on his head instead of actual hair.  But it looked damn good on him. Rasheed not only had that amazing physique, but he was incredibly handsome as well.  

"Yeah, right, Tanner" Rasheed said sarcastically.  "I'll grow it out, just for you."  He actually chuckled too.  He was enjoying this.  Again, I don't know what the deal was between them, but it seemed that Rasheed was enjoying being under Tanner's control.

"Okay, baby, you know what you gotta do" Tanner said.  He called Rasheed baby?  Somehow it just seemed incongruous for muscle hunk Rasheed.  But for Tanner, I think that was a sign of indulgence.  A sign of ownership. He was staking his claim.  "I don't need to tell you. Get down there and do it."

As I peeked through the door, I saw Rasheed get down on his knees and pull Tanner's skimpy bikini down and off. Did my eyes bug out? Damn right they did. Rasheed on his knees in front of Tanner? Wow!  Tanner was probably as hard as he ever had been, with all the foreplay and the muscle worship, so his prick shot up like a jack-in-the-box when Rasheed pulled the bikini down.  

Rasheed took hold of it and pried it down to eye level and took it into his mouth.  Just like that.  Boom, boom, boom.  No argument, no hesitation, he just took it into his mouth.  Tanner's pervasive grin looked like it was changing into a look of absolute joy.  But why not?  A hunky beefcake like Rasheed kneeling at his feet with his dick in his mouth?  That had to be heavenly.  

"Look at me, baby" Tanner exulted, that look of joy getting even bigger.  "Look at me. I want to see your eyes. I want to see your face while you're sucking on my dick."

I know how much pleasure I got from seeing a blissful look on Tanner's face while I was sucking him, so I had to wonder what Rasheed was thinking when he looked up into his eyes.  Did he feel honored like I did?

"Way to go, man.  Way to go" Tanner said as Rasheed looked up at him, his mouth stretched wide over his enormous dick.  There was no doubt Rasheed knew what he was doing.  This most definitely was not the first blowjob he'd ever given.  "That's it, muscle boy.  That's it.  Suck on that mutha" Tanner exulted.

Then Rasheed swallowed it.  I swear to god he did.  All the way to the root.  Why in the hell am I the only guy that can't do that?   Pulling back and taking a breath, he did it again.  And then again.  I was shocked.  Tanner howled.

"Aaaaaaa …. shit" Tanner wailed.  Tanner may be a god but he obviously has some human frailties as well, because as I watched, I saw his body jerk and shudder, and then, with a look of surprise on his face he yelled: "Aaaaaaaaa Shhhhiiiit".  And he came. He couldn't hold back. "Shit, shit, shit" he yelled as he fired into Rasheed's mouth. He grabbed on to Rasheed's ears and seemed to be holding on for dear life, because Rasheed was gobbling up his cum like gangbusters, and obviously enjoying it.  

"You god damn cocksucker" Tanner shouted in euphoria, and I now saw him push his hips forward, pushing his prick in and out of Rasheed's mouth a couple times. Rasheed did not seem to react at all; with his hands on Tanner's butt he just kept right on swallowing. Tanner was holding him there by his ears, and it looked like Rasheed had damn near the whole thing down his throat and he wasn't choking. The fucker. He wasn't choking at all.

Then Tanner let go and Rasheed pulled back, but not all the way. He was looking up at Tanner as he held the head of his prick in his mouth and was evidently licking it.  

"You, fucker" Tanner laughed as his whole body shuddered in delight. He put his hand on Rasheed's forehead and pushed him away.  "You gotta know I'm sensitive after I cum" he laughed. Rasheed was smiling.  Yeah, he was.  He knew he was torturing Tanner and he was enjoying it.

Pushing Tanner's hand away, he grabbed Tanner's dick again and put his mouth back on it. Tanner laughed and said through his laughter: "no, no, no", as Rasheed kept teasing him.

I suppose Rasheed had his hand on his own prick the whole time, but who’s to notice? My eyes were glued to Tanner's dick in his mouth. But now, I saw Rasheed jerking up a storm on his dick, and almost immediately it started to squirt. Shooting a couple feet in the air like a fire hose, once, twice and three times, I was amazed.  Hell, that must have been a record for distance.  Jesus, was he ever turned on. I could hear him moaning as he fired but he didn't take his mouth off of Tanner's dick.

And then it was over.  Well, almost.  I'd had my hand on my dick the whole time, but now I jerked it only once and started shooting. Hell yes, just one jerk. Seeing those two hunks go at it, how could I possibly not shoot my own wad.  I forced myself to remain completely silent.

As I fired my final shot I quietly closed the bathroom door.

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