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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

My Bully

Chapter Thirteen

"Ask Jerod if he has practice today, Charlie" Tanner said to me as we sat down in the lunchroom. "Tell him I want to see him right after school at the south bleachers." Tanner and I always sat in the same table near the East corner of the lunchroom. There was room for six, but nobody sat there with us without an invitation. Oh, Tanner's boys would stop by to say hi but Tanner seldom invited them to set with us.

This, of course, was why most of the them hated me, because I had this special relationship with Tanner, and they wanted it for themselves.

As well as being allowed to sit with Tanner, of course I served him. I made lunches for both of us everyday and I'd go get the milk and get everything out on the table and ready for him.

If anybody was really paying attention, it was obvious that I was acting as his servant, and it was pretty clear that he owned me. Other kids had to wonder about me carefully serving him, but I wasn't bothered by this 'peer pressure' bullshit. I didn't give a damn what they thought because Tanner was my whole life. Not only did I not care that they might see me as his flunkey, I wanted them to see it. Hell, anyone with eyes in their head could see that Tanner was a god, a very special human being. And I was the guy that he picked to be his best bud. I felt honored every fuckin minute I was with him.

So, I had to go over to the football player’s table and talk to Jerod, the guy who hated me. Just like all Tanner's other boys, Jerod was jealous of me, but for him it was more than that. The day Tanner fucked him, he made me prepare him by licking his ass, the first time I'd ever done that. I don't quite know why Jerod would be insulted by me licking his ass but he was. I would have thought he would have loved it. But, somehow he was offended that I would dare to not only stick my tongue up his ass, but stick my fingers up there as well. I guess maybe he just didn't want me there watching while he got fucked. It didn't seem to make any difference to him that Tanner ordered me do it.

But the real kicker was, I think, when Tanner got us into a three way kiss and said we were going to be good friends. I'm sure that's what really pissed Jerod off. He was the hunk, a very handsome, very muscled football star, one of the most popular kids in school, and I was a skinny little wimp, and in his eyes, not even deserving of wiping the dirt off his shoes. He was not about to accept a skinny runt like me as an equal, as a friend, no matter what Tanner said.

So he had developed this incredible hatred for me and wasn't shy about showing it. Twice when he saw me in the hall between classes, he told me if he ever caught me alone, he would rip my balls off. I believed him. So you better believe I made a determined effort to keep out os his way.

"Jerod" I said as I walked up to his lunch table and touched his shoulder. I knew what was going to happen and I knew it was going to be ugly, but what could I do? "Tanner wants ...." was as far as I got as he looked around, saw me, got this look of instant rage in his face, and jumped to his feet. "Tanner wants …." I started in again, but he knocked his chair over and grabbed me by the shirt.

This whole area of the lunch room suddenly got silent. Everybody seemed to hold their breath waiting for Jerod to tear me apart. Holding me by my shirt he jerked me up to my tiptoes, and looking down at me, gave me one hell of a shake.

Jerod is a hunk. As a wide receiver on the football team you can bet he's got muscle. He stands about 6'2" and must weigh 180 pounds or so, compared to my 5'8" and 134 pounds.

"Tanner" I said and gasped. "Tanner wants to know." He held on to my shirt and just glared at me, trying to decide whether to hit me.

"What" he snapped.

"Tanner wants to know if you have practice today" I blurted out. "He wants to see you after school." He held me for a moment longer and then let go. Everybody around us let out a sigh of relief. Or more likely, a sigh of disappointment, since they probably wanted to see Jerod wipe up the floor with me.

"Where?" He snapped.

"South bleachers. Right after class" I gasped.

"Okay" he said. "Now get the fuck away from me." He gave me a good shove knocking me over against a kid sitting at the next table. That kid gave me a shove too, damn near knocking me on my butt.

I still didn't know if he had practice today, but that no longer seemed important.


"Tell Darrell you're going to carry it today" Tanner said to me after class as he handed me his backpack. "I gotta go say hello to Mr. Carson." He gave me a big grin and grabbed onto his crotch as he said this. Tanner loved to tease. He teased all of his boys some, but Mr. Carson was a special case, being a teacher and all. I know Tanner was going to go in there and show Mr. Carson the big lump in his shorts and get him drooling. If there were no students there, he'd probably humiliate him in some way and make him perform for him. 'Perform'? Oh yeah, Tanner loved his games, and he knew how to make a guy perform.

That was Tanner. That was his style.

"Oh, and go meet Jerod. Tell him to wait." Oh shit! No way! I couldn't meet Jerod by myself.

"Tanner, please. I can't. He'll kill me" I said. Tanner didn't say anything, but just looked directly into my eyes until I got the hint. Then I gasped.

"I'm sorry, Tanner. Shit, I'm sorry" I said contritely. Damn if I hadn't done it again, disagreeing with him. I knew absolutely, positively that I could not disagree with Tanner, not ever. He simply would not stand for it. I could be such a nincompoop.

Tanner didn't say anything, but I could see the disappointment in his face. He was ashamed of me and it really hurt me to see him looking at me like that. It seemed like I disappointed him all the time; I just couldn't do anything right when I was with him. I just could not learn to keep my mouth shut. My mouth always seemed to start before my brain clicked into gear.

I knew I'd be hearing from him later.

I tracked down Darrell and told him he didn't have to carry Tanner's stuff today. We were in the hallway with kids all around, but he ever so subtly touched his crotch and smiled at me anyway. I didn't smile back, trying to give him the hint that we had fucked up. I knew I'd never have sex with anybody without Tanner's permission again, and I doubted he'd give me permission to do Darrell. Hell, I hadn't even received my punishment for the last time yet.

So I headed out to the south bleachers.

Jerod wasn't there yet, but just as I arrived I got a blow to the back , right between my shoulder blades, sending me flying. Jerod must have been right behind me.

"You creepy little son-of-a-bitch" Jerod shouted at me. "You dare to fuck with me? I'll tear you a new asshole." He gave me a kick in the side.

"Jerod, he's coming" I shouted. "He's coming." He tried to kick me in the head but I got my arms in the way so he only got me in the forearm. But it hurt like hell.

"He told me to tell you, Jerod" I screamed. "Please, Jerod." He just stood there glaring at me evidently trying to decide whether to kill me or not. "Please, Jerod. He told me to tell you."

"Where the fuck is he?" he snapped as he looked around. I considered getting up, but then decided I'd be better off staying right where I was.

"He's coming, Jerod, he's coming" I whimpered. "He'll be right here." He glared back down at me, looking at me like I was something that had been dragged up from the sewer. I know he wanted to stomp me, I know he was ready to, but evidently thought better of it. He knew he didn't dare piss Tanner off and Tanner might not like it. So, instead of kicking me again, he kicked some dirt in my face. Then he walked over to the bleachers. I just stayed there on the ground. I wasn't about to move until Tanner showed up.

Jerod walked back over to me giving me a dirty look; no, not an dirty look, a malevolent look. I put my hands up to protect myself in case he decided to kick me again, but he only kicked more dirt in my face. Then he walked back to the bleachers, acting very impatient. I could see the hatred in his face as he blamed me for him having to wait. I hoped Tanner would show up pretty damn soon because it was easy to see the Jerod's patience was not going to hold out very long.

And then with a sigh of relief, I saw Tanner coming.

And you wouldn't believe Jerod. You should have seen his face. It was as if you turned on a lightbulb, instant brightness. He got a great big smile on his face that made him look like an angel.. And although Jerod may be an asshole, he was a very good looking asshole. Very youthful looking, almost cherob-like, but projecting an image of masculinity. He was a stud. A very handsome stud. And right now, looking at Tanner, he was glowing.

Tanner had a big smile on his face too as he walked up. He actually walked right up to Jerod with their noses almost touching, their eyes four inches apart.

"I want you" Tanner said softly. "I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you hard."

Jerod gulped and I noticed his face getting red. He was so excited that it looked like he was actually shaking. "T-T-Tanner" he mumbled. "I .... I …. I ...."

"I'm going to fuck your face, and then I'm going to ram my dick up that hot ass of yours." Raising one hand, Tanner grabbed Jerod's hair and jerked his head back. Then, with the other hand, he gave him a good solid slap. 'whap' Jerod's whole body shuddered. I don't think he came at that moment but he might have. He was utterly melting in Tanner's face..

"T-T-T-T-T-T-T-" was all he could mutter as he shook with emotion. He was absolutely staggered and overwhelmed with passion. I had a clear recollection of Tanner beating the crap out of Jerod, making him suck him off, and then fucking him. (ch. 7 & 8). So I already knew that Jerod liked it rough, very rough. He loved Tanner working him over and dominating him.

And I swear, at the moment, he seemed to be transported to another plane of existence, a place where only sexual energy and desire existed. I swear his eyeballs actually rolled right up into his head.

Tanner spit into his face.

Jerod groaned, turned on even more. "Ohhhh shiiiit" he moaned, his whole body shuddering. Tanner slapped him again. 'whap'

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh" Jerod groaned, and the groan went on and on and on, and I think he ejaculated in his pants. His whole body went weak and I think he might have fallen if Tanner had not caught him.

He kept groaning, and yes, he was ejaculating. "ohhh, ohhh, ohhh." Shit, how does Tanner do this to people?

Tanner was grinning up a storm. I mean, can you imagine, a guy having this kind of power over a another guy. Total control to the point of ecstasy. To the point of ejaculation. Jerod moaned some more as he finished shooting, and he leaned against Tanner, still not able to stand on his own. His face was red and he was panting heavily.

"I want you baby" Tanner repeated. "I want you on my dick." Jerod was now beginning to recover, beginning to return to earth.

"Oh, please, Tanner" he whimpered. "Please do me. Please. Please." I was literally dumbstruck. Jerod was a true masochist. The guy who could have torn me apart with one hand, was a total wuss, a complete pussy when confronted by Tanner. And, there was no doub in my mind, this was something Tanner could truly appreciate.

"You got practice today, baby?" Tanner asked. Jerod was still panting and gasping from his orgasm, but he finally spoke.

"Y-Y-Yes, T-T-Tanner. Y-Y-Yes, M-M-Master."

'Master' he said. Oh man, was he ever ready to serve. I could see Tanner's smile get bigger and bigger.

"You're going to miss it today" Tanner said. "Let's go." Tanner gave him a smack on the butt as they headed off. I grabbed Jerod's backpack as well as mine and Tanner's and followed along behind. I knew this was going to be fun to watch. Jerod, a true masochist, and Tanner, the ultimate dominant, I knew I'd see Tanner at his best.

Tanner is a bully and demands subservience from his boys. But being subservient to Tanner doesn't make him a bully. What makes him a bully is when we are being completely subservient, and he kicks the shit out of us anyway, just for the fun of it. That's the sign of a true bully. Jerod might be Tanner's lackey, and his totally submissive boytoy, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that he was going to get his ass kicked anyway.

As I opened the door to my house, Tanner pushed Jerod in and unbuckled his belt. Pulling it off, he put it around his neck, making it into a collar and a leash, just like the last time. Tugging on the belt, Tanner led him upstairs.

And I was excited. I didn't hate Jerod, but I sure's hell didn't like him, since he hated me so much. So, you can bet your ass I wanted to see him get worked over by Tanner. I was going to enjoy every minute of this.

The minute we stepped into my bedroom, Tanner gave a sharp jerk on the leash, forcing Jerod to his knees. Than he jammed his face into his crotch. "Suck on it, bitch" he demanded as he humped his crotch into Jerod's face.

Tanner gave him only a few seconds, and then grabbed his hair, jerked his head back and slapped him. "I said suck on it." He jerked Jerod's face back into his crotch and gave him a slap on the back of his head. "Make me feel it, cocksucker." Jerod opened his mouth and tried to clamp onto Tanner's growing hard-on. He started sucking it through Tanner's shorts.

Tanner just stood there, hands on hips, frowning down at Jerod, looking truly godlike. He pulled his t-shirt off, tossed it aside and flexed.

"Pull my shorts down" he snapped. Jerod grabbed them and jerked them down, letting them fall to the floor, Tanner jerked his face back into his crotch, this time against his baby blue bikini, which was already having trouble holding his growing dick.

"Chew on it, bitch" he demanded giving Jerod another slap on the back of his head. "Chew on it." Jerod opened his mouth and started sucking and licking down the length of Tanne's hefty ten inches. He reached around and grabbed Tanner's butt and held on. Tanner hit him again. "Hands behind your back" he growled.

Jerod instantly obeyed, moving his hands behind his back, but keeping his mouth moving back and forth over Tanner's dick. I could see Tanner's bikini changing color, getting wet from Jerod's saliva as he sucked on the big whanger through the thin material.

Tanner let him go for a couple minutes and then grabbing his hair, jerked his head back viciously. He spit in his face. Jerod's mouth was open, his hair sticking up all over, and he was looking up at Tanner with complete adoration. Shit, yeah. He was in heaven.

"Say 'thank you'" Tanner barked. Jerod just looked up at him for a second, and his whole body shuddered.

"Thank you" he murmured worshipfully. Hell, yeah, worshipfully. He was in total awe of Tanner.

"Call me Master, you little shit" Tanner roared.

"Master, Master. Thank you , Master" he blurted out. Tanner spit on him again.

"For what" Tanner snarled.

"Thank you for spitting on me, Master" Jerod answered dutifully.

My god, I'd never seen Tanner like this before. He wasn't just being a bully, he was being a tormentor, a real tyrant. And I loved it! Shit yeah, I was so fuckin turned on, I could hardly stand it. I'd already pulled my shorts off, but now I pulled my dick out of my bikini and started jerking it. Shit, this was hot. And him doing it to Jerod made it even better.

Holding on to Jerod's hair, Tanner jerked him to his feet, getting a squeal out of him. 'Yeeaaooh, Master' he yelled.

"On your feet, cocksucker" Tanner yelled as he jerked him up. Then, still holding on to his hair, Tanner jerked his head down, forcing him to bend over, putting his face back into his crotch. Then he reached over his back and gave his ass a slap. A hard slap. That got another yell out of Jerod. 'Yeeaaooh.'

"Charlie, get him out of these shorts" Tanner yelled at me. I jumped to obey. I was embarrassed to have him see me with my dick out, but he was so wound up that I don't think he noticed.

I grabbed Jerod's shorts and underwear and pulled them down to his ankles, and then got back out of the way. Tanner gave him another hard slap, this time on his bare ass.

Tanner was still holding his hair, keeping his head at crotch level. So now, he pulled his bikini down under his balls, stuck his thumb into Jerod's mouth, and followed it with his dick..

Jerod was standing there on his feet, bent completely over with Tanner still holding his hair, as Tanner jammed his dick down his throat. Instant gagging. Tanner didn't seem to care, because he pulled back for a split second and jammed it back in again, all ten inches. This time he held it there for a few seconds. Jerod was almost going into convulsions when Tanner finally pulled back out.

Jerod fell to his knees, gasping madly as Tanner hold him there in front of his enormous dick. "Get ready, cocksucker" he said and jammed his dick in again, all the way. Believe it or not, Jerod didn't gag this time, evidently since he had some warning. He just kind of froze there as Tanner crammed his face tightly into his crotch.

And Tanner didn't let go. Ten seconds, fifteen and Jerod's face began to turn red. Can you believe this shit. I had to take my hand off my dick, because I was getting way too close.

Then Tanner pulled out. "Suck it, bitch" he said as he hesitated for a moment giving Jerod a chance for a breath, and then pushed about five or six inches back into his face. Jerod started sucking.

"Charlie" Tanner yelled at me. "Get him back on his feet and get him ready." I had to think about that for a couple seconds. Since Tanner was holding Jerod's head in his crotch, I grabbed him by the waist and pulled his ass up, bringing him back to his feet. "No cream" Tanner said. "Spit only."

Tanner had made me suck Jerod's ass the last time he fucked him, but he didn't say anything this time, so I spit into my hand and rubbed it into Jerod's crack. I wasn't about to lick this son-of-a-bitch's ass if I didn't have to. Tanner didn't say anything so I guess what I was doing was okay.

Jerod kept wanting to sink back to his knees, so I had to keep an arm around his waist to keep him on his feet.

I spit a couple times and rubbed it into his crack and then stuck a finger in. I wasn't being gentle either. Fuck him if he didn't like it. But, he was way too busy sucking on Tanner's dick to worry about what I was doing, because Tanner was now face fucking him, pumping his dick in and out of his mouth. He wasn't forcing all ten inches in, but he was definitely pushing a goodly portion into Jerod's throat with each thrust.

I spit some more until I could work two fingers into Jerod's butt, and then got back out of the way. I grabbed onto my dick again. I just knew this was going to be good.

Tanner had a good grip on Jerod's hair this whole time, jerking him around every which-way. So, now, he pulled him off his cock and yanked him up to a standing position in front of him. Jerod howled again. 'Yeeaaooh'.

Tanner spit in his face, and then slapped him. Yeah, he did, and I swear to god, Jerod's body shuddered again in ecstasy. And his dick started spurting and he started moaning: 'aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah'. Tanner slapped him again, right in the middle of his ejaculation. His head snapped back from the blow, but his mouth was open, his tongue hanging out, and a look of complete elation on his face. God, he was really enjoying this.

"Turn the fuck around" Tanner growled at him. Tanner didn't wait for Jerod to make the move, but grabbed him by his shoulders and jerked him around. Holding him there , he pushed down hard on his neck forcing him to bend over with his ass sticking up. Taking aim at Jerod's little crack, Tanner jammed his big whanger in all the way. Jerod howled. Yeah, he howled. I don't know what else to call it. It was somewhere between a howl of pain and a howl of total rapture.

It must have been hurting him like hell but he was loving the pain. He loved being used and abused. I think he craved the pain. Did I say he was a masochist? Oh, man, was he ever.

Now Tanner really went to town. He slapped Jerod on the back of the head, letting him know to keep his head down, and then held on to his waist, holding his ass up as he slammed into him.

Since day one I've understood that Tanner is a bully, and he likes hurting guys. Yeah, he gets his jollies by knocking guys around. So, I knew he was in his 'without restraint' mode right now, totally controlling this muscle kid with no limits, knocking him around and abusing him, and enjoying the hell out of it.

Tanner didn't slow down for a second, but just kept slamming violently into Jerod's ass. No subtleness, no politeness, just hard, down and dirty fucking. Very rough fucking.

It wasn't more that three, maybe four minutes, when Tanner reached over Jerod's back and grabbed his hair again, really jerking it this time, getting a scream out of him. With one hand around his waist and the other in his hair, Tanner jerked Jerod up to a standing position, slammed his dick in one final time, almost lifting him right off his feet, and let go.

"Take it, bitch" he yelled as he started firing into Jerod's butt. "Take it, take it, take it." He pulled out slightly and slammed in again. Jerod's face was red and his head was pulled back by Tanner's grip and he was yelling. I think Tanner was about to pull his hair right out of his head.

Jerod was screaming, Tanner was yelling, and I was moaning as I jerked my dick like mad. Tanner was still ejaculating when I started to shoot my load. I saw that Jerod was still hard as a rock but he'd already come twice so he was not likely to be shooting again. But, shit, I think he was ready.

As I fired my final shot I saw that Tanner let go of Jerod's hair and put both arms around him. Hugging him close, Tanner started nuzzling his neck. "Oh, baby. Oh, baby" he murmured. "You are so fuckin hot." All three of us were gasping and panting from our exertions, but Tanner wasn't done yet.

With his big whanger still in Jerod's ass, he reached around and started jerking Jerod's dick. He wasn't being gently about it either. He still had one arm around Jerod, holding him against his chest, but I saw Jerod actually push back against him, shimmering his ass and pushing back against Tanner's crotch, evidently working that dick in even deeper and wanting it to stay in there forever.

Tanner was really jerking his dick so it only took a minute or so before Jerod began to spurt. "Master, Ohhh, Master" he groaned as his dick spewed a good two feet in the air before splattering onto the floor.


Saturday morning

I was really getting nervous about Tanner punishing me. I mean, I'd fucked up over and over again over the past four days, and he kept saying 'later', 'later'. I wasn't about to bring it up, since why would I ask for punishment? So far he hadn't said anything.

I'm very well aware that Tanner doesn't let a single slight go by, so I know all the idiotic things I've done are building up, and I'm not sure how much pain I can endure. I love Tanner with all my heart and soul, but I also understand our relationship. We were not equals by any means. Tanner can't possibly love me the way I love him. I know that. I understand that.

Tanner says I'm his 'best bud' but I know he doesn't just give his intimacy and affection away for free, I have to deserve it. I have to earn it.

Tanner's my idol, my hero, and he is deserving of nothing less than my total devotion and allegiance. This will sound stupid, but I know I'm not worthy of his attention. Yeah, 'worthy' is the word. I know I don't deserve to be his best bud, especially since I constantly screw up. So obviously I'm thrilled that even though I'm such a fuck-up, he allows me be his friend anyway

But Tanner is understanding. Yeah, he is, he really is. He knows I'm a total 'fuck-up' but he's willing to put up with me, he's willing to work with me, and that's why I love him. Of course he has high expectations for me which I don't seem capable of achieving, but he's willing to correct me and take the time to teach me. Of course he believes in discipline and I appreciate that. I simply have to try harder to meet his high standards and if he feels he had to punish me, so be it.

Being Tanner's friend, his best bud, is something really special. And although everybody at school sneers at me for being his flunkey, I know they're jealous. Anyone of them would love to exchange places with me and be Tanner's loyal sidekick.

So, anyway, I was pretty sure that my number was up.

It was Saturday morning, and Tanner had just arrived. Just like most Saturdays, my mom was working an extra shift so we had the whole day to ourselves. As far as I knew, nobody was coming by today, none of Tanner’s 'haram'. So, there was no doubt he had planned this; just the two of us.

And, as far as I knew, the only thing we had on the books was my punishment.

I dropped to my knees when he came into the room, ready to take his shoes off.

"Stop" he said. I froze. "Look at me." I looked up. He just looked into my eyes, not angry or anything, but not smiling either. I knew what was coming and I tried not to cringe. He slapped me, hard, whipping my head around. I forced myself not to yell, but tears instantly appeared in my eyes.

"I'm sorry, Master" I whimpered as I looked down at the floor.

"Look at me" he repeated. As I looked up he still seemed calm and collected, like this was just a normal occurrence. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was prepared when he hit me again, but that didn't make it hurt any less.

"I'm sorry, Master" I whimpered again. I bent down and kissed his feet, his shoes, and then put my forehead to the floor between his feet. "I'm sorry, Master" I whispered.

Alright, so I'd fucked up. Over and over again, I'd fucked up, so I deserved this. As long as I kept fucking up, of course I deserved this. I loved Tanner, no matter what, and I really, really wanted to be worthy of him. I wanted to meet his expectations. I was desperate for his recognition of my loyalty, and my total devotion to him. If he had to hurt me to make me better able to serve him, I wanted him to hurt me.

What I didn't want; what I really didn't want, was for him to give up on me. If he felt it necessary to punish me, I wanted him to do it, just as long as he kept me as his 'best bud'. I'd do anything, put up with anything, accept any punishment if he would just keep me as his boy.

"Do your job" he said. With tears dripping down my cheeks, I removed his shoes and socks, and then gave each of his feet a kiss. He didn't say anything or react in anyway, so I pulled down his shorts and then stood up and removed his tank top.

I dropped back down to my knees. "I'm sorry, Master" I repeated. I was pretty sure the punishment wasn't over, but I didn't know where it was going from here. I desperately wanted him to let me honor him, worship him in some way, showing my devotion.

But that was always a problem with Tanner because worshiping him wasn't a punishment. Kissing his fee wasn't a punishment, it was an honor.

I wanted to abase myself and grovel at his feet, but I was already doing that. What more could I do to show him my remorse for my stupidity? Somehow I had to let him know how devoted I was to him. I started kissing his feet, trying to show him my complete sorrow and chagrin from my actions.

"I know I don't deserve you, Master" I whimpered through my tears. I kept kissing his feet as I said this. "But I am so sorry. Please, please forgive me. Give me another chance. I will do better. I promise."

"Lier" he said.

"No, Tanner. Please" I pleaded. "I will …. I will do better. I promise." I looked up at him.

"Are you ever going to learn not to talk back to me" he said softly, looking into my eyes. "Am I wasting my time with you?" That hurt. I felt a sharp pain through my body, right to my heart. This was what I was afraid of, terrified actually. Would Tanner give up on me?

"Please, Master. Please, please, please." Now, I started crying. "Tanner, don't. Please. I love you." I grabbed onto one of his thighs and hugged myself to him. I started bawling.

Without a word Tanner removed my hands from his thigh and stepped away from me, walking over to the beanbag chair.

"Mr. Carson asked me to move in with him" Tanner said bluntly, out of the blue.

Talk about being shocked. I stopped crying instantly. Mr. Carson?

"I wouldn't have to spend all my time here with you" he said.

"What?" I yelped, stopping my crying. "What? Why? How? What do you mean? Mr. Carson?"

"I mean what I said" he chuckled. "Mr. Carson wants me to move in with him. He wants to be my sugar daddy."

"Please, Tanner. Please tell me you're not serious" I said. I wasn't crying now, I was too shocked to cry. This was horrible. This would mean he wouldn't come to my house anymore. He wouldn't have any reason to keep me around anymore.

Of course I knew Tanner had a real problem with his father. He only had a couple months to go before his eighteenth birthday, and his father had already told him in no uncertain terms he was out on the street on that very day. We had talked about this.

"I'd get away from my father" he said.

"Tanner, please, think about it. I …. I … I mean, wouldn't Mr. Carson cramp your style?" I asked. "I mean, here with me, you can do anything you want."

"What?" he laughed. "You think I couldn't do anything I want living with Mr. Carson? Do you really think that? Hell, I've got him wrapped around my little finger and if I want him to crawl, he'll crawl. He'll support me and wait on me hand and foot, and you can bet I'll do whatever I damn well please."

"But Tanner. Just give me more time" I pleaded. "I'm still working on my mom. I know she'll come around." Of course, Tanner and I had talked about where he was going to go when he hit eighteen. And, of course, I wanted him to move in here with me.

I'd talked to my mother about it. Over and over and over. But that was a problem, since she was having an affair with Tanner's dad. We had a big house, with an extra bedroom, so there was plenty of room for him, but mom said Mr. Tanner wouldn't like it. I understood that that was a problem, since Mr. Tanner was a real son-of-a-bitch, but I'd always been able to manipulate my mother. I figured, with time, I'd be able to convince her.

"You know that ain't gonna work, Charlie. Me? Right across the street from the asshole? I'd see him everyday. And, besides you've said he spends a lot of nights in your mom's bed anyway."

"But Tanner ....," I said. I suppose maybe I knew that it wouldn't work either but I couldn't face that. I was desperate. I couldn't lose him. Tanner was my whole life. I couldn't lose him. "You can’t go, Tanner. You just can't." Every time we talked about this I got tears in my eyes, I mean, I simply couldn't conceive of my life without Tanner. It would be like my whole life coming to an end.

"I moved out once before" Tanner said, "back in Oro City."

"You did?" I questioned. "You did? You never told me that."

"Yeah" he said laughing. "But that was my downfall. That's when we moved here."

"You what?" I asked. "You moved out, but then you had to move? I don't understand."

"It's complicated" Tanner said, still laughing. "Very complicated."

"Please, Tanner" I said. "Tell me about it. I want to hear it." For the moment, it seemed that Tanner had forgotten about my punishment, so this was a good thing. A very good thing. "What happened?" I asked.

"I've got something to tell you, Charlie" Tanner said, looking over at me where I was still kneeling on the floor. "We've got a guest coming by this morning."

"Oh?" I queried.

"Yeah, my fuckboy from Oro City." Then he laughed. "My pissboy actually."

"What?" His pissboy? Hopefully my punishment was over, but now I was interested. Who was this, and how was he Tanner's pissboy?

Tanner had not talked much about why they had to move from Oro City. He just said he got into trouble with a couple teachers.

"You moved in with your pissboy?"

"He was one of my teachers, Mr. Strump. Allen Strump, my 'cum dump'. He was my PE teacher and football coach, but I turned him into my fawning boot-licker, and I mean that literally," he laughed. "I had the cleanest damn boots in the city."

"Shit, Tanner. Really?" I wiped the tears from my eyes as he chuckled, reminiscing past times.

"Yeah" he really laughed now. "He was also my ass-kisser, and I mean that literally too. So you can imagine how shiny clean my ass was." I had to laugh along with him, now, my tears forgotten.

"Jesus, Tanner. Jesus. You are something else."

"Yeah, I am" he said. He just lay there in the beanbag chair, remembering times past. Then he looked at me. "Come here, Charlie."

I stayed on my knees, but crawled over to him. "Up here" he said, and I crawled into the chair at his side as he put his arm around me. He grabbed onto my ass, as I snuggled up, and I swear to god this was my favorite position in the world. Lying there, up against his hard muscled body, his arm around me, his hand cupping my ass. This was nothing less than heavenly.

I gave him a light kiss on the shoulder, but knew I couldn't do more without his permission. If he wanted me to touch him and worship him he would let me know. But just lying there against his very hard body, with his hand squeezing my butt was nirvana.

"Please, Tanner" I whispered. "Tell me about Oro City."

"I was a mean bastard back then" he said which caused me to perk up my ears. "And I was really aggressive, but I've calmed down a lot now. I had a chip on my shoulder like you wouldn't believe. But now, I ain't near what I used to be."

He calls this 'calmed down'? Slapping guys around while fucking them and demanding total cringing subservience? This is 'calmed down;?

"You're kidding, right?" I said and laughed, trying to make a joke out of it. "You were aggressive then? You're not aggressive now? Huh?"

"Hell, you don't know the half of it" he laughed. "I mean, let me tell you about Mr. Strump, my first bitch. Even before I ever saw him I heard that he might be gay. That's what the talk was. I'm not sure if I was even sixteen then, but my gaydar was excellent, and I recognized his queer ass from the first day I saw him. I mean, the fucker couldn't keep his eyes off of me and my big prong. It took me two seconds to figure out that he was a wimpy fag, and I decided on the spot that he was going to be my wimpy fag.

Of course I admit I dressed to tease, just to see what would happen. The regulation outfit in gym class was white gym shorts and a white t-shirt. So on the first day of class I skipped the t-shirt completely and the white shorts I wore were skin tight spandex shorts which were molded around the outline of my prick. And you know me; even back then I spent my life in the gym so I was built like a brick shit house. I was a stud.

"T-T-Tanner, those are not regulation gym s-s-shorts" Mr. Strump said to me. Yeah, he stuttered. That pretty much let the cat out of the bag. Right then and there I knew he was going to be my bitch. "And everyone must wear a t-shirt" he said.

"You don't like these shorts, Mr. Strump?" I said slyly. I know he was fuckin turned on, and was trying his damnedest not to look at me and that lump in my shorts, unsuccessfully. Hell, I could see it in his pants, his sweatpants. No doubt about it, there was a big lump showing there.

"Get regulation ones by tomorrow" he said. "Now go get a t-shirt." I gave him a big shit-eating grin as I stood up.

"Okay, coach. Gotcha."

"But I had no patience back then," Tanner said. "I was incredibly aggressive. So, I waited out in the parking lot for Mr. Strump that same day. The minute he started to get into his car, I slid into the passenger side."

"Tanner!" he yelped in surprise.

"Remember those shorts you liked so much, coach?" I held those spandex shorts up in his face. "I'll bet you'd love to suck the juices out of them." I grabbed his hair with one hand, and jammed the shorts in his mouth with the other. He reached up to try to stop me, and I slapped him across the face, hard. "Suck on 'em, bitch" I snapped at him, "or I'll tear you a new asshole."

He got this huge shocked look on his face, his eyes bugging out, as I glared at him. I jammed some more into his mouth and then jerked his arms down. "Suck on 'em" I shouted. Totally terrified now he didn't try to remove them again. "Now drive over to the park on second street." He just sat there in shock, so I slapped him again, hard. "Move it. The park on second street."

That woke him up, and he started the car and drove to the park. He didn't make a sound, but with his mouth full he couldn't say anything anyway. I just sat there next to him glaring at him. I had him pull in among the trees in the park.

"Get out" I said to him. His eyes were bugged out, his face was red, and he was sweating, but he still didn't try to remove the shorts. "Get out there on your fuckin knees" I growled at him as he got out. He dropped to his knees. I got out and sauntered around the car and stood in front of him. I was wearing cutoffs now with an extra wide black belt, and my standard snug black t-shirt.

Standing there looking arrogantly down at him, I slowly undid the belt and pulled it off. Then I put it around his neck and pulled it tight. Unbuttoning and unzipping my fly, I pulled my dick out. I wasn't fully hard yet, but it was getting there, well on its way to its full ten inches.

I let him look at it for a couple seconds and then I slapped him, hard.

That's when he changed. Like a chameleon changing its color, that look of fear on his face instantly disappeared and changed into one of intense excitement. He now realized what was going to happen. He knew I was going to use him and abuse him sexually. And he was fuckin turned on. Ain't no doubt about it, he was more turned on than he's ever been in his life.

I just chuckled. Of course he was fuckin turned on. Isn't this every faggots hottest wet dream, to be used by a dominant young muscle stud like me.

I jerked my shorts out of his mouth.

The look that he had in his eyes now was incredible, fuckin hilarious to tell the truth. He looked like a fuckin dog with his tongue hanging out begging for attention.

"Not a fuckin word" I said to him. "I don't want to hear your queerass voice." He didn't say anything as I pushed my dick into his mouth.

I was an ornery son-of-a-bitch back then, so I didn't give a damn whether he knew how to suck cock or not, because I intended to fuck his face anyway. And I did, roughly. He choked and spewed up saliva over and over as I roughly rammed my dick into his face, but I didn't give a damn.

He actually pulled away a couple times, attempting to get a quick breath, but each time I gave him a good whack across the face and dragged him back.

Even though I wasn't even sixteen yet, this wasn't the first time I'd fucked somebody's face. This was maybe the tenth time, but this was the first time doing it to a teacher. And it was hot. Really hot.

You gotta understand. I really love rough sex. I love hearing a guy whimpering and crying and begging as I'm doing him. And let me tell you, Mr. Carson was doing a lot of whimpering and crying, and a lot of choking too. Hell, I don't think he stopped choking and gagging the whole time I was fucking him, But hearing a guy choking on my dick like that, it’s pure music to my ears.

When I finally shot my load, I jerked him in, forcing every inch of my dick deep into his throat, and I held him there. Of course he couldn't handle that. He coughed and choked and spewed it all up all over us and saturating my cutoffs.

I gave him another good swat as I pulled my dick out and stepped back. I got a great big grin on my face when I was done. I felt like a god. I'd just used and abused my first teacher. A hunky one at that. My PE teacher. And it was fuckin fabulous.

As he sat there at my feet panting and gasping for breath, I flexed my biceps, and as he watched I bent each way and gave each of those mounds of muscle a kiss. I was a superman.

"Oh, shit that was good" I laughed as he began to recover. He was totally bedraggled, his hair pulled every-which way where I'd been pulling it and his cheeks red where I'd been slapping him. And it looked like my cum had actually come out his nose. He was a mess. It was funnier than hell. I just laughed and waited, giving him a couple minutes to finally recover.

I grabbed his hair and made him look up into my grinning face. He wasn't angry. He was …. I don't know, he was …. He was kind of shocked, but he was also sated. He was spent. But he wasn't mad. I don't think it had really sunk into him what had happened yet, but the truth is, if he wasn't mad at me, he must have liked it.

"You're my bitch now, Mr. Strump" I said, grinning down at him. "You-are-my-bitch." I was still holding his hair making him look up at me.

I spit in his face. He really looked shocked now. He gulped, his Adam's apple moving up and down.

"Tanner" he croaked through his sore throat. "Please. Don't."

"Open your mouth" I ordered him. He hesitated, looking up at me with this shocked, sorrowful look on his face. "Open" I repeated. He opened his mouth knowing what I was going to do. I spit again. "Swallow" I said. He swallowed.

"You made a mess, bitch" I said, looking down at myself. "You threw up all over my shorts. Go get my backpack." There was a long pause as I let go of his hair, as he made sense of what I said. "My backpack" I repeated.

We were only about ten feet from the car, so I just stood there with my hands on my hips, my softening dick hanging out, as he got up and went over. I wasn't the least bit surprised to see a wet spot in his sweatpants. Hell yes he got turned on. Anybody that gets it from me has got to be turned on.

"Get my towel out of there" I said when he came over with the backpack. He didn't say anything as he got back down on his knees and got the towel out of my pack. "Clean me off" I said. He cleaned me off as much as he could with the towel.

"Tanner" he finally croaked, softly. "Tanner …." There was no doubt he was going to have a sore throat for days.

"You're my bitch, Mr. Strump" I said, interrupting him as I grabbed on to his chin, making him look up. "And you know what? You liked it. You liked being my bitch." He didn't react. He didn't say anything.

I gave him a big grin. "And I liked it too" I said. "You were hot."

"No, Tanner. I …." He -could still barely talk because of his sore throat.

I interrupted him again. "I got something for you, Mr. Strump" I chuckled. Grabbing on to my completely soft prick and just holding it for a minute, i started to piss. I pissed up and down and up and down totally saturating him. The fucker didn't react at all, not in the least. He just closed his eyes and stayed there without moving, just letting it happen. I didn't piss in his face, but sure saturated his clothes.

You think pissing on someone isn't hot? I felt myself getting hard again. But, shit, I didn't want to cum again now. So I stuffed it back into my cutoffs and zipped up.

"We've got to do this again sometime, Mr. Strump" I chuckled. "What do you think?" I gave his cheek a couple friendly pats. He didn't say anything. "I'll tell you what I think" I said. "I think you liked it. I think you liked being my bitch. That's what I think." He still didn't react.

"See you later, teach" I said. "You can take my belt with you but I want it back." I turned and walked away. I only lived about four blocks away so it was no big deal. My backpack had some clothes and a couple school books in it, but they were all pissy and I wasn't about to take them home like that.

I had the biggest grin on my face that you could imagine and I started whistling as I walked home. Damn, did I ever feel great.


"So, Charlie, that was my first bitch in Oro City" Tanner said to me. "And that's when I decided to collect them. That was when I came up with the idea of having my own collection of fuckboys." He laughed.
"Shit, I had a lot of fun in Oro City."

"Jesus, that is so fuckin hot, Tanner" I said in awe. "You are such a stud." Yeah, what a stud; but what a wicked stud.

"And, believe it or not" he said, "I got my backpack and my clothes and my books back a couple days later, all cleaned and perfumed." He laughed. "But I never got my belt back."

"No?" I asked.

"Nope. He just kept it and put it around his neck everytime I fucked him."

"So, is Mr. Strump the one that is coming by this morning?" I asked.

"Yeah, Gary said he was."

"Gary?" I quiered.

"Yeah, Bill Gary, the other teacher I was fucking, my history teacher. He's the one that called me. He's still got the hots for me too. They're the ones that got me into trouble.”

"They are?" I queried. "You said you got caught with the two of them? Is that what you said?"

"Hey, you remembered" he said and gave my ass a good squeeze. "Yeah. It was the two of them. The first time I had both of them together."

"And?" I asked. "You gonna tell me about it?"

"My old man walked in on us. The fucker wasn't supposed to be home."

"Oh, shit. That must have been horrible."

"It was worse than horrible. I was in the middle of the hottest fuck session I've ever had in my life."

"What? Really?"

"No doubt about it. It makes me hard, just thinking about it."


"Yeah. I was training them to drink my piss. Yeah, I was. They didn't want to, but that was the whole point. That's what made it so fuckin hot, making them do it. You cannot imagine how hot it is pissing in a guys mouth as he looks up at you in horror." Tanner give a big belly laugh, shaking the whole beanbag chair. "Shit, that was hot."

"Wow!" I said.

"It was their first time, my first time too actually," he said. "But they were really getting into it, hardly spilling any of it when my dad walked in. I was probably hotter at that moment than I've ever been in my life, and I hadn't even got around to fucking them yet. I coulda screamed when my dad interrupted us. Hell, I think I did scream."

What can I say? Do you understand why I'm in total awe of Tanner? Can you see why I'm so madly in love with him. He's a superman. He's a god. There ain't a seventeen year old on the planet that's as dominant and powerful as Tanner.

I was still lying there, cuddled up next to him in the beanbag chair as he squeezed my ass. God, his body was so hard. Big muscles bulging, even in repose, and hard as steel.

"May I kiss you, Master?" I asked.

To be continued ------------------------------

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