This is a story of gay dominance and rough sex.   If you don’t like stories of domination, don’t read this.  You probably won't like it.   Also, If you are under the legal age of consent, please go elsewhere.         

Disclaimer: The characters in this story do not practice safe sex, but keep in mind that this is fiction.  In reality, safe sex should always be practiced.  This story is total fantasy and in no way is it meant to depict any characters or places or actual events in real life.  The events in this story have not happened, and are not likely to happen in the real world as we know it.        

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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner  

My Bully 

Chapter Fourteen

I swear to you, Tanner was not only a bully back in Oro City, he was a monster.  Well, maybe not a monster, at least not in the ordinary sense of the word, but he was absolutely controlling of his submissives with no limits.  Absolutely no limits.  They were his chattel and he could use them and abuse them in any way he wished.  And here's the key point, evidently his submissives loved it.  Yeah, it was obvious.  They loved being under his control, because after all, Tanner is a god.  He is a god and all his friends/partners automatically become his menials, his chattel, and they are elated to even be allowed to serve him.  And if he roughs them up a little while they serve him that just makes it all the more exciting and invigorating.   

 I couldn't believe the stuff Tanner did, the stuff he was telling me.  He raped his teacher, Mr. Strump, the very first time he saw him, the very first day of school.  Not only raped, but humiliated him and pissed on him.  And what was the result?  Mr. Strump fell for him, head over heels.  

So that means it wasn't rape, doesn't it?  If you take somebody by force and they love it, I don't think that can be called rape.   It's just rough sex, and everybody loves rough sex. 

But then he got another teacher as well, a Mr. Gary, and then decided he wanted them both at the same time.  And then the most egregious thing, the wildest thing of all, he says he was making them drink his piss.  Shit yeah.  He said he was training them to drink his piss.  The two teachers.  When have you ever heard of anything so eye-popping and outrageous?  When have you heard of anything so monstrous and so shocking?  When have you heard anything so fucking hot?  Christ, that is hot. 

Talk about 'domination' and 'control'.  Those words simply aren't adequate to describe what Tanner was doing.    But was what he was doing really, really awful?  Is 'atrocious' a better word to describe it? 

The answer to that question is that everybody was turned on.  Hell, I was turned on just hearing about it and I just know those two teachers must have been turned on.  Tanner said he was hotter than he'd ever been in his life, and I could just picture those two teachers on their knees, their eyes bugged out and their tongues hanging down, while looking up at him and lusting after him, body and soul.  Willing to do anything at his command. 

Yeah, I could see him sticking his dick in and forcing them to swallow his piss.  I knew him well enough now to imagine that he didn't give a shit whether they liked it or not, knowing they would accept anything from him because they loved being dominated.  He knew they would do anything and accept anything that he was willing to give them..   I'll bet he had them begging him for his piss before he was done.   

Anyway, Tanner was lying back in the beanbag chair with me cuddled up against him.  I loved this position.  My head was on his shoulder and he had his arm around me, reaching down with his big hand on my ass cheek.  He would squeeze it occasionally which gave me chills of excitement.  When we were like this, I always felt he was showing his ownership.  It was just a natural thing for him to grope my ass because he owned it.  It belonged to him.  I belonged to him.  I loved him, and I felt loved. 

The truth here, Tanner telling me this story was turning me on like nobody's business, and he seemed to be turned on as well.   One of Tanner's hands was on my ass and the other one was on his mostly hard prick, not stroking it or anything, but just kinda lying there on it.  He was hard, but I was more than hard.  I was hot and dripping.  I mean, Tanner was telling me the hottest stories I'd ever heard, telling me things that I hadn't even imagined.  I was taking deep breaths trying to keep from getting too hot. 

"May I kiss you, Master" I whispered.  Can you imagine how difficult it was for me to be in this position?  Lying against his hard body as he groped my butt, played with himself, and told me steamy stories.  All this but he wouldn't allow me to touch him or kiss him?  I had to have his permission to do that and he hadn't given it and it was driving me crazy. 

He ignored my comment and continued reminiscing about Oro City. 

"Those two fuckers made my life in Oro City" he laughed.  "I mean, I had a bunch of hunky kids my own age who were hot to serve, but fucking those teachers was awesome." 

"Hmmm" was all I said.  I knew my roaring hard-on was pressing against his side but he didn't react or acknowledge it in any way. 

"But it all went to hell when my dad walked in” he said. 

“He walked in on you and the two teachers?” I asked. 

“That's what I said didn't i?” he snapped.  Jesus, he could be temperamental.   

“Here's how it went.  I'd only moved in with Mr. Strump a couple weeks before," he said, "but his house was cramped.  He had only one bedroom and one bed, and I wasn't about to sleep with him every night, so I had the sofa.  I knew it wasn't going to work.   I used the bed whenever I had a trick, but otherwise I used the sofa.” 

“I'll bet you had a lot of tricks” I said, and he chuckled. 

“Yeah, I did” he laughed.  “I used the bed a lot more than he did.” 

"So he ended up using the sofa?" I laughed. 

"Not really" he answered and laughed.  "Most of my tricks were his students and he didn't want them to find out I was fucking him." 

"Jesus, how did you handle that?" I asked.  "What did you do?" 

"Will you shut the fuck up?"  Tanner reached over with his free hand and grabbed my chin, jerking my head.  "If you'd keep your mouth shut I could tell you about it." 

I gasped in alarm.  Shit, I have such a big mouth, and just can't seem to keep it shut.  "Tanner, please, I'm sorry" I whimpered.  "I'm sorry." 

"Dumb shit" he said.  There was a long pause as he let go of my chin.  I could see that he was annoyed, and I wondered it maybe he'd toss me out of the chair. 

"I'm sorry, Tanner" I said, barely above a whisper.   "Please go on." 

"So, anyway" he finally said.  "Allen spent a lot of nights in his car."  He laughed.  "Hey I loved the guy, he gave great head, but he was such a sap.  The shit he put up with from me was incredible." 

I wanted to say something, but I didn't know if I dared., but he didn't say anything more.  He was smiling so I knew he was enjoying reliving these events in his mind.  

"So you …." I said softly.  "He slept …." 

"Yeah, if I was fucking one of his students, he couldn't be there, so he stayed in his car.  Most times I didn't keep them overnight anyway, so he could move to the sofa after they left." 

"He ….  He …." I murmured hesitantly as I waited for him to go on.  "That was okay with him?" 

"Oh, he'd put up with anything for me, but I knew from the very beginning that it wasn't going to work out.  He blew me every morning that first week, but as you can expect, he was clingy, he wanted more." 


"Yeah.  The very first evening when he was serving dinner, he climbs down under the table and starts gnawing on my crotch.  I was trying to eat for god's sake." 

I got my nerve back now, since he didn't seem to be mad, so I laughed at his comment.  I could just picture him trying to eat with his Mr. Strump under the table trying to get into his pants. 

"He'd given me my morning blowjob of course, but I wasn't planning to do him twice a day,  I had young hunks to take care of so I couldn't be fucking him all the time." 

"I knew it wouldn't work" he said, "so I went home after barely a week.  I still used his bedroom a once in a while after that, but I wasn't about to live with him." 

Tanner just lay there with that big smile on his face.  "God, those were good times" he said. 

He didn't say anything for a bit, but kept that smile on his face, fondly remembering times in Oro City.  But I was still waiting to hear about his dad.  I wanted to hear what actually happened when he walked in on them and why they decided to move here. 

"But you said your dad interrupted …." I started to say. 





“Will you shut the fuck up.  Jesus" he said, exasperated.  "I'll get to it."  I gulped and said three times to myself: ‘keep your mouth shut’, keep your mouth shut’, ‘keep your mouth shut’. He pinched my butt.  A pinch, not a squeeze. 

“My parents were going away for the weekend and I wanted to use the rec-room.   I'd been thinking about making someone actually take my piss for quite a while; having them actually swallow it.  I'd read about it on the internet and it sounded so fuckin hot that I could hardly stand it.  Pissing on ‘em was fun but making ‘em drink it was a whole different ball game..  I had to do it.” 

“It was Sunday afternoon when I got both of them there in our rec-room.  A and B as I called them, Allen and Bill.   The floor was tile but I had them put a mat down anyway.  They were both muscle hounds, so I got 'em stripped and we played around for a bit.  I mean, these guys were fuckin wild about my muscles, but who the hell isn't when they see me?.  So I let them do a little worshiping.” 

“I'd never had them together before, although they knew about each other.  So they kept pretending to each other that they were my favorite, each trying to outdo the other.  That was fun, the two of them trying to see who could be the biggest pussy.” 

I just sat there listening to Tanner, totally turned on, my dick almost shuddering.  I wanted to touch him so bad that it was almost painful.  It really wasn’t fair that he let me lie against his body like this, telling me incredibly hot stories, but not letting me touch him. 

“So we got into the pissing” he said.  “I made them kneel next to each other so I could swing back and forth between them.  I started out by drenching their hair which I hadn't done before, so they knew something was going on.  I started with Allen by grabbing him by the throat and pushing my dick between his lips.  I gave him a single squirt.  ‘Swallow it, bitch’ I ordered him as I squeezed his neck.  His eyes got big but he swallowed.  Yeah, he did, so I gave him another squirt.  ‘Again’ I said, and he swallowed again.  It was almost too easy. 

When I turned to Bill I just pushed my dick in his mouth.  Without saying anything I just started pissing slowly, and without objection he just started swallowing. 

“Fuck that was hot, Charlie” he said to me.  “There was no way I could keep my dick from getting hard and that was making it difficult to piss, but no way was I going to stop.  It was just too good.  So I simply bent it down, jammed it into their mouths and kept going.  I kept going back and forth between them and gradually increased the flow so they really had to go at it to keep up.  I had to give Bill a slap once when he didn't keep up and spilled some.”  Tanner laughed.  “I stopped and make him lick it up off the floor before I switched back over to Allen.  You can't imagine, Charlie, how hot that was." 

If fact I could imagine, and it was making me hotter than hell. 

“So anyway," he said, "when I was pretty well pissed out and ready to fuck, in walks my dad.  There wasn't much we could do since we were all naked and they were in their knees in front of me.  Besides, they were soaked and piss was dripping down their bodies, and the whole room smelled like piss. 

“Dad was screaming he was going to call the cops.  Even though I was a dominant hunk, my father didn't see me that way.  As far as he was concerned I was still his immature underage kid, and A and B were obviously adults.  Luckily he didn't know them and didn't know they were teachers, so I was able to get them dressed and out of the house. 

“Even though he threatened to, he didn't call the cops.  But, let me tell you he laid down the law with threats of getting me into reform school or something.  I was restricted to the house, to my room for every minute I wasn't in school.  He didn't tell me about it, but that's when he started to make arrangements to get his company to transfer him here." 

"So, here I am" he said giving my butt a pinch.  "Here I am with my favorite fuck boy.  My 'fuckup' fuckboy." 

His fuckup fuckboy?  Yeah that's what he said. 

"I'm sorry, Tanner" I said apologetically.  "I don't mean to be an idiot.  I really try to be good.  I love you, Tanner.  You know I do." 

He turned his head and gave me a kiss on the tip of my nose, and gave my ass a good squeeze.  "Maybe I'll call you my favorite 'fuckup' instead of my favorite 'pup'."  I wanted to return his kiss, but before I could he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down to his chest. 

 I was expecting a whole lot more punishment than he'd given me; hell he’d barely done anything to me; only two hard slaps.  Alright, so my face was red, but I was expecting more.  

So,  I was overjoyed, totally thrilled, that the punishment was so minor and we were going to be  back on good terms again.  And it looked like he was going to let me worship that glorious body of his.  I gave his left pec a big wet kiss and then stuck out my tongue. 

But before I could really get started, he pushed my head back and stood up. 

"Go get the oil, honey" he said.  "The scented one."  (He called me 'honey'.  I got almost light-headed with pleasure.)   

He wanted the body oil, the scented edible oil, and let me tell you that was exciting.  He was going to let me oil him up and then lick it off.  Oh, fuck.  My dick was pretty hard already, but now it became like a steel rod.  This was so fuckin hot. 

I went into the bathroom and got the one called 'sensual lavender'. 

"Get the vanilla one" I hear him say, so I put the lavender one back and got the one called 'vanilla sugar'.  He was standing in the middle of the room, naked and looking into my full length closet mirror.  As usual he was about half hard with that enormous dick of his hanging down; hell I don’t know if I'd ever seen him when he was fully soft.   

He didn't say a word so I got down on my knees and started with his feet. 


So I went at it, starting at his feet and working my way up.  'Just rub it on' he said to me.  'We'll get into the fun stuff later.'  That gave me a thrill when he said that: ''later'.   Not 'later' for punishment, but 'later' for worshiping his glorious body. 

The scent of the oil was marvelous, the whole room beginning to smell of vanilla.  He was watching himself in the mirror and I carefully covered every inch of his marvelous physique.   

When I was finished, oiling him all the way up to his neck, having the time of my life touching him and feeling him and swooning over him, he stayed there in the middle of the room, continuing to look into the mirror.    

He still hadn't actually said that he was going to let me lick the oil off, so after I put the oil away, I stood there waiting.  He must be planning to let me lick it, he must.  That's the whole point of the oil. 

As I stood there he began to rub his hands over himself, smearing the oil around over his super defined muscles.  Then he snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor at his feet.  

As I got down on my knees in front of him, he started going through a posing routine.   

"This is the new routine Rasheed's working on" he said as he moved smoothly from one pose to another.  I just sat there in awe watching him.  I mean, you can not imagine how gorgeous he looked all oiled up like that and crunching those muscles up to their maximum size.  Tanner always works out early on Saturday mornings, so he was still pumped from that workout. 

And....  And, he was doing this for me.  For me alone.  Wimpy little Charlie.  He was honoring me with this incredible show of his awesome physique.  My hard dick gave a shutter, and I didn't dare touch it or I would have shot in an instant.  I could not help but groan in ecstasy.   

Tanner smiled and went through the routine again.  Yeah, he appreciated me.  He appreciated me there on my knees with my tongue hanging out and groaning in uncontrolled lust.   

"You like what you see?" he said, giving me a big grin, obviously teasing me. 

"OH …. MY …. GOD …." was all I could say. 

That's when the doorbell rang. 

"Oh, no" I gasped.  "No, no, no."  This couldn't be happening.  Just as he was about to let me give him the tongue bath of a lifetime, somebody comes to the door. 

"That's Mr. Strump" Tanner said.  "Go get him."


I was naked of course, and although I had wiped myself off with a towel, I had smears of oil all over me, even in my hair, and I smelled of vanilla pudding.  But did it really matter, since I was only going to meet Tanners piss boy.  At least it was oil and not piss that was all over me.

I grabbed a pair of shorts, gym shorts and went down to answer the door. 

I admit I gasped aloud and my mouth fell open in shock when I opened the door.  Standing before me was a vision.  An absolute vision.  I know I'm always talking about everyone around me being gorgeous, but the fact is, Tanner only picks the beautiful one, so it's true, I'm surrounded by gorgeous guys.  Mr. Carson and I may not be hunks, but we're very, very attractive and Mr. Carson looks like a movie star.  The rest of Tanner’s boys are masculine and very handsome, except for Rasheed who is in a class all by himself and the word handsome just doesn't do him justice.

So I'm used to really good looking guys.  But this kid in front of me was like no one I'd ever seen before.  He was beautiful.  He was simply breathtaking.  With blond, almost white hair hanging down in ringlets over his forehead, and perfectly shaped features with the most amazing dimples you can imagine.   Just like Rasheed, he was in a class all by himself and calling him handsome or beautiful just didn't do him justice.  He was a tiny kid, probably four or five inches shorter than my 5'8" but absolutely dazzling.  Ordinarily I would have been jealous, but he was so much better looking than anyone I'd ever seen that I didn't even consider comparing myself to him.  He was in a league of his own.

I gulped.  “Ahhh …. You’re Mr. Strump?” I asked in a shocked tone of voice.

He laughed, and I had to gasp again.  His whole face lit up, and I swear to god, he was almost blinding.  I simply couldn't understand how anybody could be so perfectly beautiful.

“No, I'm hardly Mr. Strump” he said with that cheery look.  “I'm Tanners boy.”

 Tanner’s boy?  He's Tanner’s boy?   What does that mean?  Doesn't he have a name of his own?

“You're a cute one” he said with a laugh, “so Tanner must be here.  I can see he'd pick you.”   This  gorgeous creature thinks I'm cute?  Wow.  That’s when I realized he wasn't a hunk.  That's when I was finally able to tear my eyes away from his beautiful face.  He was not only short but he was almost as skinny as I was.  He was wearing a snug light blue t-shirt and shorts, and I could see he had a nice shape, but he didn't have bulging muscles, the kind of guy Tanner likes.

He said he was Tanners boy, but Tanner doesn't like skinny guys; he goes for hunks. He puts up with me simply for convince since I’m right across the street and he ‘lives’ in my house.  I know this because that's what he's told me.  But …., this kid?  He's Tanners boy?  This skinny little kid?  I was confused.

“Is Tanner here?  You gonna let me in?”

“Oh yeah, sorry.  Come on in.  Tanner’s upstairs.”  I led him upstairs to my bedroom.

“Baby” Tanner said, sounding really shocked, when we walked in.  “What are you doing here?”  He was still standing in front of the mirror, still nude, still half-hard, with his glistening muscles making him look absolutely magnificent.

The kid just stood there for a few seconds, and I think I saw a tear in his eye.  “Ohhh, Tanner” he whispered.  Very slowly, in slow motion, he sank to his knees.  "Ohhh, Tanner" he repeated, and now there were definitely tears in his eyes.  "Please don't be mad."

I didn't know what was going on, but I was in awe.  I mean, Tanner really looked shocked, and this gorgeous kid was expecting him to be mad.

"I told you, you couldn't visit, didn't I?" he said.  There was a long pause, and I swear, Tanner was trying to decide how to react.  That shocked look on his face was going to change to anger or change to pleasure, and it was unclear which way he'd go.  The kid didn't reply but looked apprehensive.

But then Tanner spoke.  "Baby, baby, I couldn't be mad at you" he said as he got a big smile on his face.  "How could I be mad at my favorite boy?"  He stepped over in front of the kid and stuck out his hand.  The kid took hold of his hand with both of his and kissed it.

"Thank you, sir.  Thank you."  Holding onto Tanner's hand he kissed it a couple more times.  Tanner reached down and tussled the boy's beautiful blonde hair with his other hand as the boy got a big radiant smile on his face.  "I had to see you Tanner.  I just couldn't stay away."

Tanner took him by the shoulders and pulled him to his feet, and then just stared down into his eyes for a moment.  Stared down because Tanner had to be at least a foot taller.  Then he picked the kid up in his arms, one arm under his legs, and the other around his shoulders, and they kissed.  And kissed.  And kissed.  Tanner started to walk around the room; actually not walk, but a kind of a swirl, like a top.  He was holding the boy like he was no more than a feather as he spiraled around the room, more like a ballerina than anything else.

The boy was making humming sounds from deep in his throat as the kiss went on and on.  I swear, I was beginning to think it would never end.  Momentarily,  I considered clearing my throat to get their attention, but thank god, I caught myself and didn't do it.

But what about me?  What was I supposed to think?  I was in awe at what was happening, and of course, the Jealousy was beginning to seep in.  Who was this kid?  This gorgeous kid?   He must be from Oro City, and he’s ten times better looking than me, and Tanner called him 'my favorite boy'.  I think I'm in trouble.  I damn well know I'm in trouble.

Then Tanner put him back on his feet, and just looked at him with this enormous smile on his face.  "You are so beautiful, Drew.  I'd forgotten how really beautiful you were."  Then he turned to me, finally recognizing my existence.  "Charlie, meet Drew, my best boy from Oro City" he said.  "And Drew, meet Charlie, my best boy here in Falls Creek.  Go ahead, kiss."

The boy, Drew, stepped over to me with a big smile on his face, put his arms around me, and gave me a really warm kiss.  He acted like he was thrilled to meet me.  Although I couldn't really feel the same, I did return the hug and the kiss.  When the kiss was finished, he looked into my eyes from only inches away with that big smile.  “I’m very happy to meet you, Charlie.”  I didn’t quite melt in his arms, but I was pretty sure I was going to like him.  He was gorgeous: how many times do I have to say that?  He was gorgeous and he seemed genially happy to meet me.  He was the type of guy who you couldn't help but like,

Then he turned back to Tanner.  "Tanner, you look marvelous.  No, not marvelous, spectacular.”.

"Well, yeah" Tanner chuckled.  "It's devotion time and Charlie's got me all oiled up and ready.  I think you might remember something like this?"

"Oh, yeah, I remember” Drew answered.  "The most hottest, the most exciting, the most sensational couple hours of my life."

"Better than getting fucked?" Tanner asked slyly.

"Equal to being fucked" Drew answered with a big grin.

"So, tell me.  Where is Mr. Strump?" Tanner asked.  "And, why are you here?"

"That's a long story" Drew laughed.  "But, the short version is that Mr. Strump made the mistake of telling me he was coming to see you.  And you know how I am?"

"Yeah, I know how you are" Tanner chuckled.  "With that pretty face, you've got everybody wrapped around your finger."

"Except you, Tanner.  Except you" he said.  Tanner laughed but didn't say anything.  "So I turned on my charm and talked him into letting me take his place."

"Oh, I'll bet you did" Tanner said.  "So, what is the payment?"

"Two blowjobs" Drew answered and giggled.  He was so beautiful I had to wonder if the deal with Mr. Strump was to give those blowjobs or to receive them.  I suspect that anyone would be willing to blow him; I know I would.

Tanner turned to the mirror, raised his arms and performed the double bicep pose.  "So, have I changed."

"Oh, shit, Tanner" Drew swooned, "you are incredible.  You were perfect before, but now you're even perfecter.  There ain't no seventeen year old in the world looks as good as you."

"Yeah, I think you're right" Tanner answered with a laugh.  "You just might be right."  Then he spoke to me: "Charlie, what do you think?"

"Oh, shit, Tanner" I gasped as I watched those biceps form into huge mounds.  "You are ….  You are …. ah .. simply spectacular.  You gotta oil up everyday.  You gotta!"  

"You guys want a piece of this?" he said, giving us a grin.  "Huh?"

Drew and I just stood there with our tongues hanging out but didn't speak, or couldn't speak.  I guess lust had taken over our vocal cords.

"Strip down Drew" Tanner said.  "Get ready for action."

"Oh shit, Tanner" he murmured under his breath as he jerked his shirt off and pulled down his shorts.  He hoped around for a few seconds getting his shoes and socks off, but he was ready in less than a minute.  And you guessed it: he was wearing bikini underwear, red ones.

"Come here" Tanner said as he turned away from the mirror.  As we stepped closer he put his arms around us and pulled us into a hug.  "Kiss me" he said and we joined him in a three way kiss.  As we kissed he rubbed his hard muscles against us smearing us with oil.  Jesus, that was sensuous; his hard body gliding over mine, the hardness and the slickness creating an incredible feeling of passion and lust.

Tanner's big hand reached down to my ass, and then back up to my neck and then into my hair, and I assumed he was doing the same to Drew.  Then back down to my ass again, pulling me in tight.  Let me tell you there were three very hard dicks meeting in the middle, one huge one and two not so huge ones.  There were also soft humming sounds from two submissive boys.  

"Okay, start at my feet" Tanner said as he let go of us and turned back to the mirror.  Drew and I both dropped to our knees instantly and bent down to his feet.  I stuck out my tongue and got my first taste of 'vanilla sugar'; it was wonderful.  I don't know about Drew, but I was going to give Tanner the tongue job of his life; not just licking by rote, but making it as sensual and as worshipful as I could.  

So very slowly, I worked my way around Tanner's foot and then moved up to his ankles.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Tanner was flexing his muscles in front of the mirror, admiring himself as he went through a posing routine while we licked him.

Drew and I arrived at Tanner's ass at the same time, and Tanner reached back and put his hands in out hair.  He kept us there, licking his cheeks for five or ten minutes, encouraging us to suck up all the oil and then smother his cheeks with kisses while having us to take turns licking out his crack.

When he turned around to face us, he pulled us into his crotch.  "Just my balls, kids.  Just my balls" he said.  So the two of us, Drew and I, cheek to cheek, started lapping away at his balls, him on the left and me on the right.   Tanner grabbed his very hard dick and started gently banging it against our faces as we worked on his balls.

Then he stepped away, and went over and lay back on the side of the bed with his feet hanging down off.   "Up here, jump" he said.  Drew and I scurried over and got on the bed on our knees, Drew at the top of the bed, and me at the bottom.  "My abs" was all Tanner said and we bent over and started licking those amazing rippled abdominals of his.  He evidently had other plans for his dick, since he didn't let us touch it.

So we worked out way up to his chest; god, those glorious pecs of his, and then to his arms; his biceps, and finally into his armpits.  

The only sound for the next half hour was occasional slurping sounds as we sucked and licked and kissed and worshiped.  Drew also never stopped that soft murmur from the back of his throat.  

I was as hard as a rock, a steel post, but I knew better than to touch myself.  I knew Tanner's wouldn't like it and I didn't want to take the chance of a premature ejaculation anyway.  Drew was the same way, very hard, but not touching.

After the longest time, Tanner finally spoke.  "Oh shit.  I definitely need two of you.  You two have got the hottest mouths in the world, and this bod of mine loves 'em."  Then he sat up, pushing us away, turned himself around and lay back on the bed.

"Drew," he said.  "Go get that desk chair and bring it over here."  Drew got up and brought the chair over to the bed.  "Sit" Tanner said.  "Sit, and watch."

"Charlie" he said.  I was still on the bed on my knees.  "Charlie, here's your chance to show what you can do.  Get between my legs."  He spread his legs and I got between them and looked up into his eyes.  Drew was only about three feet away watching.  "I want you to give me the best damn blowjob, absolutely the best blowjob I've ever had in my life."  He reached up and patted my cheek a couple times.  "Can you do that?  Are you ready to show me what you're worth?"

"Oh, yes, Tanner.  Yes, Master" I gushed.  "Yes, yes, yes."  This is what I'd been waiting for, another chance to prove to him that I could handle his dick.  I just wanted him to know I was there to serve, and I wished he'd give me more chances to show it.

Putting my hands behind my back I bent down and started licking that beautiful ten inch dick of his.  Drew was watching and since he'd been Tanner's best bud in Oro City, my best bet was that he could do one hell of a job on Tanner's dick, so I knew I not only had to prove that I was worthy to Tanner, but I had to prove it to Drew as well.  I got busy.  Tanner had to know, without a doubt, that he made the best choice when he picked me to be his 'best bud'.

In all the time I'd known Tanner, I'd only blown him three times.  He had so many other guys around wanting to serve him that he could never fit me in.  And of those three blowjobs, I'd only deep throated him the third time, and I knew I'd done a piss poor job of it.  I'd been thinking about it a lot since then, since I'd last sucked him over two weeks ago, and I knew if I really, really concentrated, I could do a lot better.  I'd seen the incredible blowjob Tanner'd received from Mr. Carson, and I wanted to duplicate that.  At least I wanted to have the chance to try to duplicate it.

Of course Tanner was hot already, his prick was like a steel rod, so we didn't have to do any kind of warm up.  Avoiding the use of my hands, I got my mouth down on his abs and grabbed onto his dick.   Prying it up and holding only the head in my mouth, I looked up at him.  He was watching me with a kind of a smirk on his face, evidently wondering if I was going to be able to handle his prick this time.  

Keeping my eyes on him, I slowly let that dick sink into my mouth and then into my throat.  I didn't even think about gagging or choking because I simply wasn't going to allow it to happen.  I had to close my eyes to concentrate but I kept going until my nose was pressed into his crotch and his big dick was reaching down into my esophagus.  I swallowed once, knowing he'd love the feeling, but just held it there.  Ten seconds, fifteen seconds, until I couldn't go any longer, and I lifted up, letting it slowly slide out of my mouth.  Very slowly.  

Although I was desperate for breath, I didn't gasp or show any signs of distress, but stayed calm and collected, as if there were nothing to it; making it look like deepthroating was easy as pie.

I looked up at him.  What I thought was a smirk had turned into a smile, and his eyes had opened wide  He was impressed.  Yes, he was.  He was impressed.  So I did it again; taking it deep, just like the first time.  His smile got even bigger.

"Way to go, Charlie" he whispered.  "You're doing great."

Now I really went at it.  Having a clear picture in my mind of the blow job Mr. Carson had given him, I tried to do it exactly the same way.  I wanted Tanner to remember this blowjob as something really special.  

I didn't deep throat with every thrust, because it wasn't necessary, but I kept good suction as I bobbed up and down, swirling my tongue around, sometimes slow and sensual and sometimes fast and furious.  But I interspersed that sucking with regular deep throats, swallowing each time as I did it so he'd feel my larynx squeezing the head of his prick.

I could do it.  I was doing it.  But I admit, the hardest part was making it look easy.  It was harder than hell, I was desperate for breath, it was hurting my throat, I was sweating up a storm, and tears were pouring from my eyes, but none of that mattered.  It was important for Tanner to know that I was capable of giving him an great  blowjob any time he wanted it.  I wanted him to want this everyday.  I wanted him to beg me to suck him.

I was concentrating on Tanner and his dick but I knew Drew, his other best boy, was watching.    So I knew that I not only had to impress Tanner but I had to impress Drew as well.  Knowing Drew was Tanner's boy, I imagined he was a terrific cocksucker, so I wanted he and Tanner both to know that I could give one hell of a blowjob as well, maybe even better.

With all the licking and worshiping that led up to the blowjob, I knew Tanner couldn't last all that long.  With the stimulation I was giving him, there was simply now way he could hold out for very long.  And I was right.  It wasn't ten minutes, or maybe fifteen, when he reached down and grabbed my head with both hands.  

Now was the challenge.  I knew when he got hot, when he got really close, he'd take over and fuck my face, and that's what he started to do.  He now took charge, and I was simply the hole that he was using to ram his dick into.

He was moaning so I knew he was almost there as he started slamming my head up and down like a piledriver.  Slamming my head down, and jamming his hips up at the same time, he was forcing his dick deep with each thrust, with my face banging into his crotch.  I just held on for dear life, trying to grab a breath when I could.  

Slamming me down one final time, he fired deep into my throat, once, twice, before pulling back from my throat.  Of course I choked, there was no way humanly possible for me not to choke.  But I kept control, forcing myself to remain calm as I tried to swaldlow and breathe at the same time.

Tanner held on to my head, as he fired volley after volley into my mouth.  

I know my face had to be red and tears were dripping down my face, but I managed to hold on until Tanner finally let go of my head.

"Oh, fuckin, hell" Tanner swooned.  "Jesus, Charlie.  That was something else."  He had let go of my head but I still had his dick in my mouth, and I was still sucking on it.  But I looked up at him, and he had this beautific smile on his face.  "I loved it, Charlie" he gushed.  

I was in heaven.  I'd done it.  I'd really done it.  I'd blown Tanner and I'd done it perfectly.  And Tanner loved it.  He was wild about it.  I just knew he'd be wanting it again, and again.  

"That was fantastic, Charlie" he said.  "What do you think Drew?"

"Oh, yeah, he's good" Drew said and I think I heard real respect in his voice.  "He's really good."  I glowed inside, because he had to be wondering if I was better than him.

I finally pulled back off of Tanner's dick.  "Thank you, Master" I said smugly.  Yeah, I was smug.  I knew I was good, and I knew Tanner'd love hearing me think him.

Tanner grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me up on top of him and latched his lips onto mine.  I put my arms around his neck as we kissed and he put his hands on my ass cheeks, squeezing them gently.  The kiss went on and on, maybe ten minutes.

Yes, I could have cum, but Tanner gave no attention to my needs, ignoring my hard-on, and I loved him for it.  Yeah, I loved him for it.  Oh, he lets me cum sometimes, but I wanted him to know that it wasn't necessary.   I was there to serve him and nothing more, and my needs were insignificant, unimportant.  I wanted him to understand that just being allowed to serve him was all I needed.  I was an honor to serve, and I didn't want him to think I needed or expected anything in return.

Besides, I knew without a doubt that I'd jerk off at least twice before going to sleep reliving this event.


To be continued ------------------------------ 


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