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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

The Bully

Chapter Eleven

Tanner and I walked into the weight room and I closed the door behind us. Tanner just stood there with his hands on his hips looking totally arrogant. He looked so fuckin sexy today that I'd been drooling over him ever since I first saw him this morning. And let me tell you a secret, an open secret: our second period World History teacher, Mrs. Russell and our fourth period chemistry teacher, Mr. Carson couldn't keep their eyes off of him. I mean it was almost embarrassing the way they lusted over him. And the kids in class? There couldn't have been a single pussy that wasn't wet nor a cock that wasn't hard in the whole room. He was a fuckin turn on.

He was wearing a snug white t-shirt, but not just white, but some kind of glistening material, spandex or something, which made the material look ultra white, almost glow in the dark white. It was totally form fitting and the way it fit around his incredibly defined musculature was almost obscene. I mean, Tanner was always sexy, hell, sexy was his middle name, but today he looked magnificent. As usual he was wearing short cutoffs, slit at the side to allow for his massive thighs. He was beautiful. Damn, he was beautiful.

Anyway, Tommy looked up from the curling bench when he heard the door close, and I swear to god, his face turned white. Just like that, boom, boom, boom, he was terrified.

He put down the weight and turned. “T-T-Tanner” he said, and with that one word I could see that Tanner had won. He had himself a new lackey. But, hell, I knew that yesterday when Tanner had knocked the crap out of him.

Yeah, yesterday, after Tanner fucked him, he was bawling up a storm and was completely broken. He didn’t even try to fight back when Tanner removed the cuffs and slapped him around some.

I was surprised to see a grown man cry like that, particularly a mountain of muscle like Tommy. After all he was almost twenty years old, hardly a teenager anymore. I don’t think he quit crying the whole time tanner worked him over. And, just to rub it in, when Tanner was done degrading him he made Tommy get down and kiss his feet. The ultimate in domination and degradation, and watching it was fuckin awesome.

It’s fascinating how Tanner can take complete control of a guy like this. Tommy was a lousy wrestler, and a poor fighter to begin with, but I think with his hulking body and his enormous strength, he scared people off without fighting, because everybody was afraid to try anything with him. So, the fact is, while Tanner had clearly defeated him physically, he had also defeated him mentally and spiritually. With his chutzpah and his incredible dominant nature he had simply broken Tommy's spirit.

I mean the word ‘dominant’ was Tanner’s. That word was created to describe him. And the phrase ‘Alpha Male’ was barely adequate to define him. Tanner was unquestionably the ultimate ‘Alpha Male’.

Tanner just stood there exuding arrogance with his hands on his hips, as Tommy put down the dumbbell and turned. “T-T-Tanner” was all he said, but it was clearly said with fear. Tanner just stared at him for, like, a full minute. And that minute seemed to last forever. Jesus, talk about putting a guy on edge; Tommy was actually shaking.

“Sir" Tanner said roughly.

Tommy stared at Tanner for a moment and then cleared his throat. “Sir” he said, barely whispering. Since he'd been working out, he may have been sweating already, but you can believe that he was sweating like crazy now.

There were two kids there, Seniors from his weight lifting class, evidently there to act as his spotters. Tommy always kept a couple of them round to do his bidding, and also as an admiration society. Their eyes were now darting back and forth between Tommy and Tanner in awe, wondering what was going on. I can't even imagine how humiliating it must have been for Tommy to say 'sir' in front of them. You know it would be all over the school by morning.

“You two, get out” Tanner growled at them. When Tanner uses that tone of voice you can believe that everybody jumps, and those two kids were out of the room in about two seconds.

I moved over out of the way, out of their line of sight. My dick was already hard and I was excited, because I knew I was going to see Tanner at his best and most powerful. Watching him handle Tommy was definitely going to be one of those benefits of being Tanner’s ‘best bud’.

“Get on your fuckin knees” Tanner snapped. It was almost like Tommy was attached to the words as Tanner said them, because he instantly dropped to his knees. Shit, yeah; instantly.

“Tanner, please, man. I ….” Tommy started to plead. Yeah, he was pleading already. He knew something bad was going to happen.

“Call me Sir, you big fuck” Tanner barked.

“Sir” Tommy replied instantly. “Sir. Please sir ….”

“Shut up” Tanner said and he walked over and stood in front of him. Tommy didn’t look up, but kept his eyes on the floor in deference.

“Did I make you kiss my dick yesterday?” Tanner asked.

“Ahhh …., no, ahhh …., no sir” Tommy answered, his voice shaking. My dick gave a surge as I watched. Jesus, this was going to be good.

“Do it now” Tanner ordered. Tommy raised his head, looking into Tanner’s eyes, seeing a look of brashness and resoluteness. He knew he had to obey.

“Y-Y-Yes, s-s-sir” he stuttered. Tanner just stood there, his hands on his hips, not moving, as Tommy leaned forward and planted a kiss on the bulge in his shorts. No objections, no questioning, no nothing. Just a kiss.

I wasn’t surprised when Tanner snapped at him. “I didn’t say kiss my shorts, you stupid fuck. I said kiss my dick.” I wasn't surprised because Tanner never makes it easy when he's putting his boys through training. No matter what Tommy would have done, Tanner would objected and made him do it again. That was part of the training. I’ve said before that Tanner doesn’t get ‘acquainted’ with boys, he trains them to serve, and it was obvious that Tommy was now beginning his training.

Tommy glanced up and then immediately back down, evidently not willing to look into Tanner’s angry face. But, he knew what he had to do. He grabbed Tanner’s shorts and pulled them down, and then shimmied the tight bikinis down over his bulging thighs. Humiliating Tommy was obviously making Tanner hot, because his dick popped out into Tommy’s face when he pulled the underwear down. Maybe not fully hard, but pretty damn close to it.

Tanner didn’t say a word as he waited, but he kept an angry look on his face, letting Tammy know he’d better do what he was told.

Do you think Tommy knew what was coming? How could he not? I knew it? I knew damn well that Tanner was going to get a blow job. I also knew I'd probably blow my own load just by watching.

Tommy leaned forward and gave Tanner’s big schlong a kiss.

“I want to hear it” Tanner growled. Tommy leaned in and did it again, giving it a loud smack this time. “Again” Tanner said. So Tommy kissed him again.

“Now thank me for it” Tanner ordered him. Wow! I grabbed my dick and gave it a squeeze.

I knew this was going to be a big step for Tommy. It’s one thing for Tanner to turn him into a wimp and a flunky, but quite another to actually have to thank him for being forced to do something he really considered degrading. Yeah, being forced to kiss his dick and then having to thank him for it, this has to be the ultimate put-down. I felt another shot of adrenaline fire through my body all the way to the head of my dick.

There was a slight hesitation, but not much. Tommy was totally beaten. “Thank you, sir” he murmured.

“Thank you for what?” Tanner growled at him. More humiliation.

Another slight hesitation. But then: “thank you for letting me kiss your dick.”

Tanner reached down and fluffed Tommy’s hair, petting it actually, just like he does me. Evidently Tommy had passed the first test in Tanner's training program.

“Good boy” he said and that look of anger turned into a smile. “Good boy” he repeated. “Now kiss it some more. Make me feel good.” Tommy leaned in and started kissing up and down the big pole, now completely docile and obedient. I was really turned on, and had to take a couple deep breaths to keep from shooting my load right on the spot. Jesus, this was hot. Big muscled Tanner standing there, hands on hips, looking like a total god, while big hulking muscle man Tommy meekly kissed his dick.

Tommy kept kissing, doing what he was told, making Tanner feel good.

“How many guys have you blown, babe?” Tanner asked as he petted Tommy’s hair again. Tommy leaned back and looked up into Tanner’s eyes.

“I don’t …. I never ….” he tried to say.

“Lier” Tanner laughed. “How many guys?”

Now there was a hesitation. Obviously Tommy didn’t want to admit to doing anything so low as to suck some guys prick. “Well ,,,,, once” he mumbled. “Maybe twice.” Tanner laughed. "When I was eleven" Tommy said.

“Shit, years ago then. Sounds like you need some practice” he said with a laugh. “Get to it.” Tommy looked up with a pleading look on his face. The handwriting was on the wall, but as he looked up, he was somehow hoping that Tanner might let him off the hook.

“Please, Tanner” he whispered, looking up into Tanner’s eyes. “Please.”

“I’m glad you said please” Tanner said, smiling down at him, still petting his hair. What was going on in Tommy's head when Tanner petted him like this? What was he thinking? Tanner was obviously showing his ownership and treating him like his puppy. Tommy had to know that, but he sure wasn't objecting. So, no question about it, he knew and accepted that Tanner now owned him.

“I like hearing my cocksuckers say please" Tanner said.

I was shocked and so was Tommy; being called a cocksucker. But Tanner just kept that smile on his face, evidently daring Tommy to say something.

"Now get busy" he said as he stood there, putting his hands back on his hips, his enormous dick sticking out. He waited. That's when the tears appeared in Tommy's eyes. Tanner had called him a cocksucker and was treating him like a pet, and he knew he couldn't do anything about it. Looking up at Tanner, hoping for a last minute reprieve, Tommy licked his lips, and then took the head of Tanner’s dick in his mouth.

Now, let me tell you, that is true Power, power with a capital 'P'. Tommy was so intimidated and so downtrodden, so tyrannized, that he had lost all dignity and confidence, and was totally under Tanner's control.

Tanner could have been rough on him; he obviously could have done anything he wanted since he had turned into such a meek and mild disciple, but he wasn't. He just stood there, keeping his hands on his hips and just letting Tommy do his thing, Tommy was obviously inexperienced, and was lousy at sucking cock, but Tanner kept whispering encouraging comments as he went at it. 'good boy', 'that's it', 'that's the way', 'yeah, like that', 'suck on it', he was saying.

Tommy wasn't any good at it, but what a vision it was watching them. I think I was the hottest one in the room. I mean, watching that giant muscular hunk on his knees, tears dripping down his cheeks with Tanner's dick in his mouth was nothing less that awesome. And yes, I'd pulled my dick out, and yes, I was jerking it like crazy. This had to be the hottest thing I'd ever seen.

Of course I know Tanner is the ultimate ''Alpha Male' but even so, seeing that three hundred pound muscle giant at his feet, crying while being forced to suck his prick was simply phenomenal. Can you even imagine how lucky I am to be Tanner's bud? To be able to see this?

Then I groaned and started to shoot. Tanner looked up and smiled, but he didn't move, he just stood there while Tommy worked on his dick. Of course I was embarrassed, but what the hell. It was happening and I couldn't do anything about it, so I just kept my eyes on Tanner's dick going in and out of Tommy's mouth and let fly. It is just astonishing how hot Tanner makes me.

It took a while, a good twenty minutes, before Tanner started to pant and his dick started to throb. And let me tell you, seeing Tanner panting was a sight to behold, those ridges of abdominal muscle forming and reforming and that big chest pumping in and out was fantastic.

It was twenty minutes later but I was still hard as a rock. How could I not be? I'd come once while barely touching myself, and probably could have done it again now.

And then Tanner came. This was the first time he even moved since Tommy started sucking him. He put his hand on the back of Tommy's head, making it clear the Tommy was going to swallow that jism as he fired into his throat. Tommy didn't fight it, but just accepted it and swallowed like crazy to take the flood of cum that Tanner was shooting into him.

When Tanner finally pulled out, Tommy looked up at him as he licked his lips. "Good job, babe" Tanner said as he gave him a couple gentle slaps to the cheek. "For a beginner that was pretty good." He petted Tommy's hair again. "You liked doing that for me didn't you? You liked sucking Tanner's dick?"

Tommy had to mull this around in his mind for a moment. I noticed that Tanner didn't ask him if he liked sucking dick, he asked him if he liked sucking Tanner's dick. Different thing.

"Yes, Tanner. Yes, sir" Tommy finally said as he looked up into Tanner's eyes. Tanner was smiling down at him, but I was trying to figure out what that look on Tommy's face meant. He wasn't angry, he wasn't afraid, he wasn't sad in any way. In fact his tears had pretty much dried up. Then it struck me: he meant it when he said he liked sucking Tanner. He liked it. He liked Tanner dominating him. Yeah, he did.

But why not? Who could better understand real domination and real control, but someone as big and masculine and butch as Tommy. Someone who was accustomed to always being in charge, with everybody willing to kiss his ass. He was the ultimate authority in domination and being dominated.

"But you can do better, can't you" Tanner asked. "I mean, I let you off the hook today, but you can blow me better than that, can't you?"

Tommy again had to mull that around in his mind. Clearly, this was not going to be a one time thing. Tanner clearly expected future blowjobs from him, and he expected him to get better at it.

"Yes, sir, Tanner" Tommy said softly. "Yes, I can do better than that" I would say he had a wistful look on his face now. Kinda pensive maybe. Tanner smiled and ruffled his hair.

"Tomorrow afternoon, three o'clock at Charlie's house" Tanner said as he ruffled his hair one last time. Tommy just stayed there on his knees with that dreamy look on his face as Tanner and I left.


Now I gotta stop here and make an observation. This is me, Charlie, Tanner's best bud. How does Tanner do this? How does he control everybody around him so easily? Does he have a special something that gives him super powers? Is it witchcraft? Is it maybe enchantment?

I mean, just look at the guys that he has literally enslaved. Everyone of them got fucked but all seemed to fall in love with him, just like dominoes falling down, all in a row. And Tommy! The biggest, butchest stud in the state, a totally straight guy, actually apologizing to Tanner for not giving him an adequate blowjob. How can this be?

I don't have an answer. What I do know is that my love for him is overwhelming, almost painful in its intensity. My adoration for him is staggering in it's magnitude, and he makes me feel so incredibly privileged every moment I'm with him. Those can't be normal feelings, can they? He must have given me some kind of elixir to bring out my incredible adoration of him..

Maybe, but if it is an elixir, I want more of it.

I've said all along that Tanner was a god, and this just goes to prove it. He has some special way about him. He is definitely a special human being. The combination of his looks and his personality in some way just astounds and enchants those around him, literally causing them to fall at his feet, the ultimate 'Alpha Male'.


Now, I've got to tell you about this incredible adventure I had. I mean, Tanner is my world these days, but I was about to discover that there is another world out there.

As usual in the afternoon, I was sitting in front of my X-Box, this time playing 'Shadow of Mordor'. And surprise, Tanner, who literally spends all his waking hours here at my house, was not with me.

The doorbell rang. Mom was working and Tanner was gone so I wasn't expecting anyone. I assumed it was somebody selling something, so I ignored it.

When it rang again, and then again, I had to go down and answer it, so I pulled on a pair of shorts and a t=shirt and went down. And I was really startled when I opened the door and Darrell was standing there.

"Tanner's not here" I said. "Didn't he tell you he had to visit some relatives?" Yeah, Tanner, the god, the most dominant stud in town, our superman, even he had obligations. Even he had somebody who could order him around, namely his parents. Since he was only seventeen and still lived with them, he still had to listen to them, and for the next three days he was visiting his Aunt Thelma and Uncle Frank and a slew of cousins.

Darrell got a sly grin. "I didn't come to see Tanner" he said. And let me tell you, that really shocked me. I was floored.

"Wha-Wha-What?" I thought I was hearing things. He grabbed me by the collar of my t-shirt, twisted it and jerked me forward. Then he kissed me, right there on the front stoop. And it was a deep tongue dueling kiss too. I was taken aback for a moment, but then got into the kiss.

I mean, Darrell is gorgeous. Obviously he's not a god like Tanner, but he's got a body that won't quit, and his muscles are bigger than any of the other kids our age. Also he had the cutest damn dimples you've ever seen, except for mine of course. I knew damn well Darrell had fallen head over heals in love with Tanner, and was my main competition for Tanner's affection, so what was he doing here?

But when you've got a good thing going, don't knock it, so I returned the kiss with a vengeance.

Darrell was being very aggressive, pushing me back against the door casing and ramming his crotch into me. And he was hard. Oh yeah, he was hard. I tried to pull back, after all, we were in front of my house where anyone could see, but he grabbed my hair and held me there.

"I came here to see you" he said as he finally broke the kiss. I was literally speechless, not having any idea what to say. Darrell is a hunk and I'm a wimp. He's popular at school and I'm a nobody. Yes, I'd sucked him off and I enjoyed it, and yes, he has been friendly towards me, but it still made no sense that he was here kissing me. We were both in love with Tanner.

Still holding me by the shirt, he pushed me into the house and kicked the door closed. Turning me around and giving my butt a slap he said: "upstairs" and gave me a shove.

I liked Darrell, and he was a hunk, and somehow, it seems that he must like me. I mean, he was here, wasn't he? He said he came to see me.

Of course I loved Tanner dearly, and it had not even occurred to me that I might want to have sex with someone else. Was that even allowed? I'd never even thought about it before. Of course I'd sucked Darrell, and I'd even sucked Larry, but that was with Tanner's orders and knowledge.

I suddenly realized that I'd better figure out my relationship with Tanner, and damn quick, because one of the hottest hunks in school was standing right in front of me. And he seemed to be really hot-to-trot.

"Darrell, I don't think we can do this" I said.

Did Tanner own me? Of course he did, no question about it. I wouldn't dispute that for a second. I belonged to him. I wanted him to own me and I wanted to belong to him.

But did I own Tanner? What an absurd question. Of course not. Don't be ridiculous.

I'd watched Tanner fuck, like, a dozen times or more and he doesn't care what I think. Hell, I know he's treating me really special by allowing me to watch, and sometimes even jerk off. So, do I need his permission to fuck somebody else?

"Darrell, please. You know Tanner wouldn't like this." I still wasn't sure.

"Bullshit. I know he wouldn't care. In fact, if he were here he'd be urging us on. You know that." Actually I didn't know that, but I wasn't sure. Tanner made all of the decisions for all of his boys, and nobody even considered disputing him or disobeying him. None of us did anything without his okay. But now, he wasn't here to tell me what to do. But knowing Tanner and his mercurial temper, he'd probably kill me if I did this without his approval.

But then I figured it out. Tanner says that I'm his best bud, but he's also made it clear that he's my Master. Hell, he was Darrell's Master too. So, of course I couldn't have sex with Darrell without his permission. I was what? His slave? Is that the word? He's my Master so of course I'm his slave? Well, there is no question about it, slaves don't make decisions for their Masters.

"Sorry, Darrell" I said as I backed away from him. "We can't do this, and you know it. Not without Tanner's permission. You need to go."

I was surprised that Darrell got a smile on his face and actually chuckled. "You want me to rape you, don't you?" he said. "Actually, I had a wet dream last night thinking of exactly that."

Then I began to realize that he didn't care if I agreed. In fact it seemed like he didn't want my approval. I think he came here planning to rape me.

"No Darrell, no" I said and I made a dash for the bathroom. I'd barely taken a single step when Darrell grabbed me by the collar and jerked me back.

"This is going to be fun" he said with a laugh. "I'm going to enjoy the hell out of this." He pulled me in tight against him, and jammed his crotch into my butt. "Oh shit, I'm so hot" he said as he bit my neck, probably giving me a hickey. Holding me tight, he ground his crotch and his very hard whanger into my ass a few times and then grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it up and off. "I been dreaming about that blow job you gave me, Charlie. I want another one just like it."

"Darrell, come-on. Please. Don't do this." I tried pleading with him. I wasn't hard, in fact I wasn't even turned on. I didn't want this. I couldn't abide the thought of Tanner being mad at me again. I don't think I could survive his anger again. "Please, don't. Tanner wouldn't like this."

"I'll make this easy for you" he chuckled as he hugged me tight against him again, banging his prick back against my ass. "You give me a super blowjob just like the last time, and that'll make me happy. But, if you won't, I'll slap you around some and then rape that cute ass of yours. Your decision."

"Come-on Darrell. Stop it" I pleaded.

"Your decision, Charlie" he said. "I want that blowjob, but I'll bet raping you would be a lot of fun."

What a quandary. I didn't want to do anything Tanner wouldn't want me to do, but Darrell was a hell of a lot bigger and stronger than me, and he wasn't giving me a choice. There's no question he could rape me if he wanted too. And, besides, I loved sucking him. Yeah, I loved doing it.

"Okay, Darrell, I'll do it" I said, giving in. "But I'll tell Tanner that you made me. He'll be mad at you instead of me."

Darrell turned me around to face him, put a hand behind my head, and kissed me. Really kissed me. A long, lingering, spit exchanging kiss. A lip bruising kiss. It was wonderful.

The kiss went on and on, gradually going from frantic and rough, to gentle and loving. Darrell was a wonderful kisser.

Then, finally, he broke the kiss and whispered in my ear: "I wouldn'da raped you, Charlie" he said. "You know I wouldn't do that to you." He want back to the kiss and gently pushed me over to the bed.

Then, stepping back, he looked me in the eye. "You're beautiful, Charlie. Really beautiful." Now, how in the hell do I react to that? I was thrilled of course, and got a grin from ear to ear. Oh, everybody says I have a pretty face, but it was my body that embarrassed me; I was so skinny. But Darrell didn't seem to mind.

There I was, standing in front of him, without a shirt, showing my skinny sunken chest, and he says I'm beautiful. I was thrilled.

Darrell quickly stripped down as I stood at the side of the bed watching. Then he came to me and got down on his knees. Very gently, he pulled my shorts down, and then my bikini. My prick hadn't really started to wake up yet, but it was beginning to think about it. Darrell leaned in and gave it a kiss, right on the tip. Now it started to rise up.

Darrell moved me aside and lay down on the bed on his back and then spread his legs. "Here, Charlie. Between my legs" he said. I climbed up and got between his legs, and looked him up and down. God, he is just perfect. Even lying there in repose his body looks great. I know he works his butt off in the weight room, but even though he doesn't have enormous bulging muscles like Tanner, he had a very firm compact body showing expectations of greater things to come. And he's very handsome. Striking blue eyes and black eyebrows, with dark brown hair which he keeps cut short. Did I say he was perfect? Well, yeah, he was.

"You want to suck me, don't you?" he asked, looking me in the eye and he actually sounded nervous. He really wanted to be sure that I wanted to do this. He was really being thoughtful. "You do don't you?"

And yes, I did. His cock was rock hard lying flat on his belly, and you bet it was prime beef. I clearly remember how perfect it was when I had it in my mouth the last time.

"Yes, Darrell. Yes" I said giving him a huge grin. Yes, I wanted to suck him again. Right now I was getting hot, so I'd worry about Tanner later. My ridgid prick was taking over and was telling me that, yes, I wanted to suck him. Besides, even though I accepted that Tanner owned me, and may not like me having sex with someone else, he never actually said that I couldn't. No, he never specifically told me I couldn't have sex.

I bent down and kissed Darrell's prick, and then licked the drop of pre-cum off the tip. I took it in my mouth.

God, Darrell had a perfect prick. Big and hard, cut, and just the perfect size for sucking. Big enough that I had to stretch my lips to take it in, and long enough to reach into my throat, but not so big as to make it difficult. Damn, it was perfect. Just right for me to have to work at sucking it, but not so enormous as to feel like I was being strangled.

I pulled back off his prick and just admired it for a moment. Then I kissed it a couple times, and looked up at him. "Your prick is perfect, Darrell. Just perfect."

"Oh, you like it, do you?" he said with a bit of a smirk on his face. "Your favorite lollipop?" He laughed and I laughed along with him.

"Yes, my favorite lollipop" I agreed. I took it back into my mouth. Just like last time, Darrell was not rough or demanding, but just accepted my dedicated sucking.

Now, I may not have sucked many cocks, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to do it well. All that is required is a little determination and not worrying about gagging and stuff. Then you need the ability to envision yourself on the receiving end, pretending that you're the one being sucked, and imagining how you would want it to feel.

That's what I did. I imagined what Darrell must be feeling, and tried to give him the most incredible pleasure that I could manage. Darrell started groaning and carrying on, so I knew I was doing it right.

But there was no hurry here, so I pulled back and nestled my face in his crotch staring over his cock up at his face, and started licking and sucking his balls. He kept right on groaning in pleasure, and I could see the contortions on his face, the visual of the feelings of enjoyment I was giving him.

I kept working on his balls until he finally started pleading with me. "Please, Charlie. Suck me. Suck me.." He reached down and rubbed him hands through my hair, encouraging me to get back on his dick. "Charlie, please, you're killing me" he moaned as he looked down and saw me looking up at him. "Please, Charlie. Suck me."

God, it's wonderful to be in control. A little guy like me controlling a hunk like Darrell.

I pressed my face against his dick and pushed it back and forth with my nose, and then started licking it up and down, but not taking it in my mouth.

"Please, Charlie, please" Darrell groaned. I was driving him crazy and I was loving it. I looked up at his face as I licked and saw the contortions as he pleaded with me. God, this was fun. I never imagined I could be in complete control of a hunk like Darrell, and I was having the time of my life.

I couldn't continue torturing him forever, but I was going to milk this for all it was worth.

"Beg for it, Darrell" I exulted. "Beg me."

"Oh, shit, Charlie" he pleaded. "Please, please, please." So with an enormous grin on my face, a grin of triumph, I finally took him in my mouth, and I took him deep, going down and down on him until my nose was mashed against his crotch. Then I swallowed a couple times, forcing my throat to close against his dickhead, squeezing it, and forcing groans of elation from him. All the time I kept my tongue working.

He didn't scream that time, it was only a groan, but when I pulled back and did it again, slamming my face into his crotch, forcing his now throbbing dick into my tight throat and swallowing a couple more times; now he screamed. "Yeeeaaaoooh." With that scream he let loose and fired his first shot deep into my throat. I wasn't quite ready for that, so I had to pull back a bit in order to swallow, but I kept his dick in my mouth as he screamed and ejaculated on and on and on.

I didn't know Darrell was a screamer, but wow, did he ever go wild when he ejaculated. He didn't grab my head as I expected, but was just slamming his arms against the bed in a frenzy as he yelled and fired.

Did I tell you I loved sucking Darrell the last time? Well, that was nothing compared to this. This was heavenly. This was like nothing I'd ever imagined. This hunk, completely under my control, and screaming in pleasure as I sucked him off, made me so hot it was about to blow my head off. I grabbed my own dick and started jerking it like mad, while I sucked up and swallowed the last of Darrell's gism.

As I pulled off his dick, I saw that Darrell still had his eyes closed with a look of such euphoria that it almost took my breath away, and my dick woke up with a vengence. I jerked up to my knees between Darrell's legs and let go. My first shot barely made it to his belly button, but my second one damn near hit his chin.

Darrell opened his eyes and looked at me with such tenderness and appreciation that I actually gasped. Yeah, in the middle of my ejaculation I actually gasped to see that look in his eyes. Nobody had ever looked at me like that before, and I loved it. Hell, maybe I was falling in love with Darrell.

Darrell was lying there smiling at me as I stopped shooting my cum onto him. I was on my knees between his legs and we were both panting up a storm, grinning at each other, and trying to get our breath back.

"Premature ejaculation" we both said , almost at the same time. We laughed.

"Come up here you little bugger" Darrell said sweetly as he reached for me. He put his arms around me, pulling me in close, as our lips met in a warm loving kiss. A warm, loving kiss, very gentle and drawn out, it went on and on.

We lay there hugging and kissing for the longest time, fifteen minutes or more, and I think I almost dozed off for a bit. I was so comfortable in his arms.

"I have to get going, Charlie" Darrell finally whispered in my ear. He kissed me again.

"Don't go" I said softly.

"Sorry," he said. "And, I'm sorry about the premature ejaculation. But you were terrific. I loved it. Next time I'll hold out longer."

"Next time?" I asked dreamily. "Will there be a next time?"

"Of course there will" he said. "I wouldn't miss it for anything." We kissed. It was at least another fifteen minutes before he was able to drag himself away.

Authors comment: As usual, I'm pleading with you, my readers. Just as Darrell pleaded with Charlie to suck him, I'm pleading with my readers to ...., to give me feedback. Please take a few seconds to send me a comment.


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