This is a story of a Bully.  A story of gay dominance and rough sex.  If you don’t like this kind of story please don’t read it.   Also, underage laws are there for a reason.  If you are under the legal age of consent, you should not read this either.  

Disclaimer: There may be a mention of condom use or non-use in this story, but keep in mind that this is fiction.  In reality, safe sex should always be practiced.  This story is total fantasy and in no way is it meant to represent any characters or places or actual events in real life.  This is not a guide for sexual practices in your own home, this is for your reading pleasure only.

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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

Subtitle: My Bully

(Review:  Although Tanner had just got an amazing blowjob from Darrell and we were celebrating, he still wanted to catch up with Mr. Carson, our chemistry teacher.  Mr. Carson had stood him up so there was hell to pay.)

Chapter Six

Alright, so this was a surprise to me.  Tanner said that he found out where Mr. Carson lived and we were going to go there right now, on Sunday afternoon.

It had been a hell of a day for me so far.  I'd been so happy to see Tanner when he came into my house, but my happiness turned to disappointment when he told me Darrell was coming over.  Then my disappointment turned to total depression when Darrell gave him the blowjob of the century.

Then Tanner made me go out with them to celebrate and even wait on Darrell while Tanner spent the time flattering him.  Darrell's damn head was in the stratosphere, and mine was in the garbage.

But Tanner is not completely unfeeling.  He just gets caught up in his own pleasure and gratification, which is only his right, since he is such an incredible human being.  I mean, those of us who are lucky enough to be close to him are only here to serve him anyway, finding it totally awesome just to have the opportunity to be in his presence.   You think I'm crazy?  Hell no.  Tanner is just such an exceptional being that he deserves nothing less than total worship and devotion.  We followers don't even think twice about it, because it's just an automatic thing, to be totally delighted in even being allowed to admire him and love him.

But, anyway, part of my depression was because Tanner had promised that we would have the afternoon together, and he would fuck me for the first time.  I loved Tanner so much and wanted desperately to be a part of him, that I'd been wanting him to fuck me for weeks now.  But always something else got in the way.  The fact is, I was terrified that I might be losing Tanner to one of these built guys he was gathering together around him.  Tanner said I was his number one boy but I knew that was only because I had a pretty face that turned him on, and I lived across the street from him.  That was kind of a tenuous hold I had on him and it made me nervous, particularly since the guys he was picking as his 'aquaint' boys were all good looking hunks, muscle boys.   I figured if he liked fucking me, it might give him another reason not to get bored with me and drop me for one of those hunks.

Like now.  We were on our way to Mr. Carson's house and Tanner was planning on fucking him.  Mr. Carson was our chemistry teacher, easily the best looking man in our school, and Tanner had put him on his list of 'aquaint' boys.  Of course Mr. Carson wasn't a boy but he was gorgeous.  Since this was his second year of teaching, he must have been at least twenty-four or twenty-five.  Even though he was older, Tanner evidently felt that with his pretty face, he would fit in quite nicely among the boys he was planning to surround himself with.   His 'aquaint' boys.  His 'harem' which he was setting up, more or less, just to keep his big whanger entertained.  Yeah, that was Tanner.  We were all just his playthings, available for his pleasure whenever he wanted it.  

Unreal?  Yeah, you would think so, but Tanner was special.  A special human being.  Not only very good looking, with an astonishing physique, but with a controlling personality that attracted boys and girls alike, straight boys and gay boys both.  We were not only attracted to him, but with his overwhelming charisma, we literally became his dutiful acolytes.  Gratified to be able to dote on him.

It turned out that Mr. Carson lived in a third floor apartment not far from the school, so it wasn't that far for Tanner and Darrell and me to walk.

Not knowing what kind of welcome we'd receive, Tanner was ready, so when Mr. Carson opened the door he just pushed it on open and we walked in.  We already knew that Mr. Carlos was single and we assumed he lived alone, and we believed he was gay.  At least Tanner believed he was gay.

"Mr. Carson" Tanner said brightly as we walked in forcing Mr. Carson to step back.  "How nice to see you.  Can we come in?"  We'd already come in and I'd closed the door, so the question was meaningless.

"Tanner" Mr Carson said in surprise.  "What ….  What are you doing here?"

"Just visiting" Tanner chuckled.  "We thought you might like some company since you've been sick."

"Huh?  What?" he said.

"Yeah, you missed two days of school, and we wanted to see if you were okay."  Tanner was wearing his usual snug muscle shirt and shorts, while Darrell and I wore t's and jeans.  Mr. Carson was wearing what looked like sweat pants and a wifebeater.  Although the TV was on, he had a book in his hand, so evidently he'd been reading.

"Tanner.  Listen …" he started to say, obviously frightened.  He had to know why Tanner was here.

"Mr. Carson" Tanner said sternly.  "We had an appointment on Thursday and you missed it."

"Listen, Tanner …." he started again, but again, Tanner interrupted him.

"You wouldn't believe how distressed I was when you didn't show" Tanner said, with a straight face.  Tanner may have had a straight face, but Darrell and I didn't, because we were trying to hold back our grins.  'Distressed.'   Tanner could be so cool.

"I was hurt that you didn't show, Mr. Carson" Tanner said, "and I was beginning to think you didn't like me.  But I can't imagine why you wouldn't like me.  I'm a likable guy."   He smiled at Mr. Carson now.  I suppose you'd call it a grimace.

"Tanner, please.  You don't what to do this" he said.  Oh yes, he was frightened.   I think he was about to pee his pants.

"Do what, Mr. Carson?" Tanner said as he stepped forward causing Mr. Carson to step back.  "What is it I don't want to do?"  Tanner reached forward and grabbed Mr. Carson's wifebeater and jerked him forward getting right in his face.  "You stood me up, Mr. Carson, and I don't like that.  I don't like that at all."

"Tanner" Mr. Carson yelped as Tanner jerked him forward.

"I think you'd better apologize, Mr. Carson.  You'd better apologize before I get really angry."  'Get angry', I thought?  Like hell.  Tanner had been angry for four days now, so I figured he was about to explode.  

"Tanner, Tanner" Mr. Carson said.  "Think what you're doing.  You can't …."

"Was that an apology, Mr. Carson?" Tanner said calmly.  Holding on to Mr. Carson's wife beater, he now grabbed it with both hands and ripped it down the front.  "Didn't sound like it to me."

Mr. Carson was now realizing that Tanner was out of control, and he had to try to calm him down.

"Tanner, I'm sorry, okay?" he said, now starting to plead.  "I'm sorry I didn't meet you.  Okay?"  Tanner ripped the shirt the rest of the way down the front, and left the tatters hanging from Mr. Carson's shoulders.

Then he spit in Mr. Carson's face.  Right in the face.  Mr. Carson was horrified.  He could see that Tanner really was out of control.

"That was an apology?" Tanner asked.  "I think you can do better."  He grabbed Mr. Carson with one big hand around his neck.  "I definitely think you can do better."  I was getting a little nervous, myself, because I was worried that Tanner, as angry as he was, might do something that we'd all be sorry for.

"Okay" Mr Carson croaked as Tanner squeezed his neck.  "Aaaak."  Tanner spit in his face again.

"You owe me, man" he growled.  "You owe me, and you're going to pay."  Mr Carson's face had turned white and he couldn't even choke or even breathe since it looked like Tanner was crushing his throat.  Darrell was standing there frozen, in total shock at Tanner's actions, but I felt I had to do something.  I stepped forward and grabbed Tanner's bicep.  

He turned and glared at me.  "Tanner, Tanner" I said softly.  "Calm down.  Please, Tanner, calm down."  And, then, just like that, his glare disappeared and he took a deep breath.

"Okay, babe.  Sorry" he said to me.  Yeah, he apologized to me.  He let go of Mr. Carson and stepped back, and took another deep breath.

"Okay, Mr. Carson.  So I'm not mad" he said.  "But what about that appointment?"

"Tanner, listen to me" Mr. Carson said, now seeing that Tanner was calming down, maybe he could reason with him.   "I'm a teacher, and you're a student."

"So?   What?" Tanner said.  "You don't like me?"  He raised his arms and flexed his massive biceps for just a second.  "You don't like this?"

"Tanner, please" he said and I saw that he was beginning to sweat.  "I'm a teacher."

"I don't mind" Tanner said, and I saw that he was now smiling.  "I haven't fucked a teacher since I left my school in Oro City."

"But ….  But …." Mr. Carson sputtered, and hearing Tanner bluntly mention fucking him, he really got scared.  Darrell might be a student, but he was muscle bound, and twice his size, so Mr. Carson knew he could probably handle him with one finger.

"I'm going to fuck you, Mr. Carson" Tanner said.  "You can make it easy, or you can make it hard, but I'm going to fuck you.  And Charlie and Darrell are going to watch.  How's it going to be."  Tanner pulled his muscle shirt off and tossed it aside, and started undoing his shorts.  Mr. Carson seemed to momentarily speechless because he didn't reply.  "Here or in the bedroom?" Tanner asked as he dropped his shorts, leaving only one of his tiny spandex bikini's holding his big schlong.

Mr. Carson turned, evidently planning to run, which was rather stupid since Tanner was standing right in front of him.

"Okay, here in the living room" Tanner said calmly since Mr. Carson didn't answer.   Since Mr. Carson had started to turn away, Tanner grabbed the torn wifebeater from the back and jerked it down and off.  Then he grabbed him around the waist with one arm and lifted him off his feet.  He carried him, draped over his arm for just a few feet, and dropped him on a sofa.  That's when I realized how really small he was, even smaller than me.  He had a pretty face but he was short and slim, probably 5’8” and about 130 pounds.

Mr. Carson sat up and looked up at Tanner with this horrified look on his face.  Tanner stood there smiling down at him for just a second and then flexed his biceps.  Jesus, he was amazing.  Mr. Carson, as frightened and shocked as he was, was noticeably impressed since his eyes grew wide and his mouth dropped open.  Yeah, that's the way Tanner affects people.

Tanner climbed on top of Mr. Carson, facing him, sitting on his thighs with his knees on either side of him.  His face was inches from Mr. Carson's face when he stuck out his tongue and gave his nose a lick.

He now had an enormous grin on his face.  "Jesus, you're beautiful" he said, looking deeply into Mr. Carson's eyes.   "Has anyone told you how beautiful you are?"   And that's what this was all about.  Mr. Carson was beautiful, and of course that's what attracted Tanner in the first place.  

"Tanner …." he whispered.

"So am I" Tanner said softly, showing that big grin.  "I'm beautiful too.  You think I'm beautiful, Mr. Carlson?  Huh?"

"Tanner, please" Mr. Carson said.  Tanner took Mr. Carson's head in both hands and kissed him.  Really kissed him.  A long drawn out kiss that went on and on and on.  Darrell and I looked on in amazement because after only a minute or so it was clear to see that Mr. Carson was returning the kiss.  

And as the kiss went on and on, five minutes or more, they began to get more boisterous, Tanner jerking Mr. Carson's head and Mr. Carson reaching around and hugging Tanner, literally trying to crush him against himself.  Then they slowly leaned over and fell to their side on the sofa, the aggressive kiss going on and on, as Tanner started humping his crotch against Mr. Carson.

I thought that kiss was never going to end, but I could see what Tanner was doing, or rather, what he had done.  Mr. Carson was humping him back now, totally turned on.   It was absolutely astonishing how great Tanner was at seduction.  He was a genius.   In not more than fifteen minutes he had taken Mr. Carson from frightened anxiety and panic, to a 'too hot to trot' submissive who was probably about to blow in his pants.

Finally breaking the kiss, Tanner started licking Mr. Carson's face; his cheeks, his nose, his eyes, and then his forehead, as they lay there on their sides face to face.  "You're beautiful, sweetheart" he whispered.  "Absolutely beautiful."  

'Sweetheart?'  Tanner talking to his chemistry teacher?  Sweetheart?  Is that not incredible?  From my perspective he was talking to his teacher, but from his he was talking to a routed subdued zealot.

Mr. Carson was panting from the moment Tanner stopped the kiss, but now he pulled Tanner even tighter against him and latched onto his lips again.

Another long, long kiss, with both Tanner and Mr. Carlson humping their crotches against each other.  And then Tanner spoke.  "I'm going to fuck you, baby" he whispered.  "You want that?  You want me to fuck you?  Hmmm?"  Mr. Carlson didn't say anything but he kept hugging Tanner and trying to return to the kiss.  "Close your eyes, baby.”  As Mr. Carson closed his eyes, Tanner pushed himself away, stood up and ripped off his bikini.

Mr. Carson kept his eyes closed as Tanner picked him up and carried him to the end of the sofa, draping him over the arm with his feet on the floor and his face in the cushion.  Tanner put his hand on the back of Mr. Carson's head and pushed his face into the cushion as he grabbed the sweatpants with his other hand and jerked them down over his ass leaving him open for his assault.

Then he slammed him on the ass with his open hand.  Mr. Carson let out a scream of pain and surprise but it was muffled by the sofa cushion.  "Don't you ever stand me up again, you little prick" Tanner growled at him.

Leaning forward he pushed his super hard, ten inch monster into Mr. Carson's crack.  Then he humped him a few times, sliding his prick up and down in the crack.  Mr. Carson didn't do or say anything but was moaning very softly.

I wondered about Tanner telling Mr. Carson to close his eyes because Tanner always wanted his minion's to be looking him in the eye while he fucked them, but then I realized that Tanner was way ahead of me on that.  He knew that Mr. Carson would be less accepting if he saw Darrell and me standing there watching, so 'out of sight, out of mind', with his eyes closed Mr. Carson would be focusing entirely on the fuck and not on his students watching him.

Tanner looked over at me and gave me a 'come hither' motion with his head.  I scurried over and got on my knees, because I had no doubts he wanted me to do something to get Mr. Carson ready.   I wasn't sure what he wanted until he stepped back and turned to me.  He spit in his hand and rubbed it in Mr. Carson's crack.  I looked up at him and he nodded down at his dick, so I grabbed it, bent it down, and took it in my mouth.  

He was as hard as a rock so he didn't need me to get him hot, so I realized he wanted me to juice it up, getting it wet and ready.  So, rather than sucking him, which would have been stupid since he was all hard and ready to plow Mr. Carson's ass already, I got lots of saliva together, getting his big prick wet and dripping.  

I heard Mr. Carson grunt once, so I assumed Tanner had stuck a finger in, but that was all.  That was all the prep he was going to get,  and he was not going to get a condom this time either.  Pulling out of my mouth, Tanner turned back to Mr. Carson, took aim, and pushed.

"Here it comes, baby" he said as he pushed.  "Ready or not."

Mr. Carson let out a scream as Tanner entered him, but since Tanner was still jamming his face into the cushion, it was muffled.  Tanner pushed harder, getting a couple inches into him causing him to scream even louder.   I was still on my knees just a couple feet away, but wasn't about to move and lose my ringside seat.   I already had my hand in my pants, and I knew that watching Tanner fuck a guy from close up was going to be as exciting as hell.

Mr. Carson was moaning now as Tanner pulled back slightly, and pushed back in.   Then he started the 'Tanner ' fuck.  Long , slow strokes, very slow, but going deeper with each thrust. He kept at it for five minutes or more until he finally seemed to have it all the way in.  Then bending over Mr. Carson he whispered in his ear.  

"So hot, baby.  Real hot.  Your ass was just made for my big dick."  Then he actually nipped Mr. Carson's ear.  I had my cock out of my pants now, and I actually felt it jerk in my hand as Tanner spoke with that seductive voice.  Even as mesmerized as I was with the action in front of my face, I glanced over at Darrell for a second and saw he had his prick out of his pants as well.

Tanner started in again with that slow even motion, but now he was going deep, cramming every inch of his enormous dick into Mr. Carson's ass.  Mr. Carson was mostly silent with just an occasional moaning sound as Tanner went on and on and on.  When I glanced up at his face, I saw that his head was thrown back and his mouth was open, totally relishing the feeling of his prick in Mr. Carson’s tight ass.

It was at about ten minutes or maybe even twenty minutes of the slow motion before I heard Tanner begin to breathe heavier   And then, for the first time, he began to speed up.   Removing his hand from Mr. Carson's head, he grabbed him by the shoulders and started moving faster and faster.  And finally, jerking his  shoulders violently, he started slamming into him, really slamming, almost moving the heavy sofa each time he rammed into his ass.  

Now Mr. Carson was making a sound even though it was muffled.  A yell in fact, each time Tanner bottomed out in his butt.  "Ugh,  ugh, ugh, ugh" he howled as Tanner slammed into him over and over again.

"SON-OF-A-BITCH" Tanner finally yelled as he slammed in one final time and began to shoot.   "Shit, shit, shit" he yelled as he fired again and again into Mr. Carson's butt.  

I was ready too, so jerking only once or twice I started to shoot.  And as I looked up, Darrell was jerking his prick like mad right on the verge of cuming as well.  Tanner had pulled Mr. Carson partially upright, and with his hands tightly gripping his shoulders, he was almost crushed him against his chest with his dick crammed as deep into his ass as it would go.  Pulling back and ramming in to him one final time, he yelled ‘YES’ and fired his final shot.

And then he was done.  Dripping with sweat, he bent over Mr. Carson and kissed his neck.  "Jesus, that was hot" he said.  "For an old man you've got an ass that won't quit" he murmured into Mr. Carson' ear.

He was still holding Mr. Carson by the shoulders, so now, as he stood up, he pulled him up with  him.  He still had his dick up his ass, and as they stood up, I saw that Mr. Carson pushed back against him, keeping the dick there.   Tanner grabbed him by the hair, and twisting his head around,  started kissing him again, from behind.

I had shot my load on Mr. Carson's carpet and was putting my dick away, when he opened his eyes and looked at me, and then over at Darrell.  He did not react in any way, but just continued kissing Tanner.  The only move he made was to push back harder with his butt against Tanner's dick, keeping him inside.

Tanner finally pulled his softening dick out, and turned Mr. Carson around to face him.  That's when I noticed the puddle at the end of the sofa.  Mr. Carson had cum as well.  Tanner kissed him again.

"See what you've been missing, sweetheart" he said with a big grin.  "Hot dick action from the hottest stud in your school."  Mr. Carson didn't say anything, but he tried to kiss Tanner again.  

Tanner slapped him across the face.  Mr. Carson looked shocked at first but Tanner was still looking into his eyes and smiling brightly.  He tried to kiss Tanner again, but Tanner hit him again.  Hard.  He yelled in pain.

"Tanner" he yelled, putting his hand to his face.  "Why?"  Tanner kept the smile on his face, but now grabbed Mr. Carson by the hair and gave him a sharp jerk, showing his power and control.

"If I want you to kiss me, I'll tell you, sweatheart" Tanner said, giving his hair another jerk.  "Got that?"

"Huh?  Tanner?" he said.   Tanner slapped him once more.

"You don't do nothin unless I tell you, sweetheart.  Got that?" Tanner said.  He still had that smile, but it was more like a grimace.  An angry smile.

"Yes" Mr. Carson said softly.  The exhilaration and the excitement of the fuck was gone from his face, and the fear was back, but I realized that was exactly what Tanner wanted.  He made sure Mr. Carson enjoyed the fuck, but he also made sure Mr. Carson understood that he was only there for Tanner's pleasure.  Tanner was in charge, now and always, and he was making it clear that Mr. Carson was nothing more than his fuckboy.

"Tell me, sweetheart" Tanner said as he now put his arms around him and pulled him into a hug.  "Tell me you love getting it from Tanner.  Tell me you loved getting this hot dick up your ass.  Come-on, say it."

There was a long pause, as Tanner looked into his eyes..  "Yes, Tanner" he said softly.  Tanner reached down and grabbed Mr. Carson's butt, pulling him in tight, and went back to the kiss.

They didn't make any arrangements to meet again, but Mr. Carson asked for Tanner's cell phone and coded his cell number into it before we left.


I was in a terrific mood on the walk back to my house and all I could talk about was how cool it was that Tanner had so easily conquered Mr. Carson and turned him into another one of his fuck boys.  I had had such an incredible ringside seat watching from on my knees just a couple feet away.  My eyes had been absolutely glued to Tanner's enormous boner as it slid in and out of Mr. Caron's ass.

Of course, I was also in a terrific mood because of what was coming.   I was jabbering like crazy, building up Tanner's ego and brown-nosing him like you wouldn't believe.   But hell, I love fawning over him, and by the look on his face he was loving it too.  Darrell was the one that was not happy, in fact he barely said a word all the way to my house.

Okay, so I can be a real pain-in-the-ass sometimes.  It's just my nature.  I didn't necessarily want to antagonize Darrell, but I just couldn't help it, it was so much fun.  Him a hunk and me a wimp, it was just to good to be true that I could lord it over him.  Every time I caught his eye, I'd give him an ear to ear grin, and twice I even winked at him and laughed aloud.  I don't know if Tanner even noticed because I was working so hard praising his fuck of Mr. Carson.

If looks could kill, I'd be dead because at one point I actually pursed my lips and threw Darrell a kiss while I reached down and groped myself.  Hey, that's me.  I'm a little guy and if I get a chance to torment somebody a lot bigger than me, I can't resist the challenge.  If Tanner had not been walking between us, I think Darrell would have slugged me right then and there.

When we got to my bedroom, I immediately dropped to my knees and removed Tanner's shoes and socks, because I didn't want him to have a chance to ask Darrell to do it.   I even bent down and gave each of his feet a kiss which I hadn't done before.  As I unfastened and pulled down his shorts, I saw Tanner grinning down at me, and I think he knew what I was doing.  My flattery was simply to try to make Darrell look bad, as he stood there looking like an idiot, while I was being totally attentive and subservient.

As I stood up, I removed Tanner's muscle shirt and then started stripping myself.  I was all the way down to my underwear before Darrell had even moved.  He still didn't understand the ritual in my bedroom, where we only wore our skivvies.

Tanner, standing there with his hands on his hips, turned to Darrell.  "Well?" he said.  I think Darrell was so angry with me, and so upset about the coming blowjob that he wasn't thinking clearly.  But now, seeing Tanner's frown he jumped  to follow our actions and strip down.

Once he was down to his briefs he looked at Tanner.  Tanner smiled and gave him a 'come hither' motion with his head.  As Darrell stepped up in front of Tanner, Tanner reached around and put both hands on his ass, reaching inside his underwear and giving his cheeks a squeeze.  Then he kissed him on the lips.  "Do you love me, baby?" Tanner asked showing an enormous smile.  "Do you love your man?"

I think Darrell almost melted right on the spot, as he put his arms around Tanner and hugged him close.  "Oh yes, Tanner" he gushed.  "Yes, Master, I mean" he said, correcting himself, as he aggressively returned the kiss. "Oh yes."  

I was ready for my blowjob, but no way would I say anything to Tanner, and I was sure he'd get to it in his own time anyway.  They kissed for the longest time, Darrell feeling up Tanner's back, and Tanner squeezing Darrell's ass.  Darrell was trying to put on a show of adulation, probably trying to show me up,  as he kept his hands moving, feeling the muscles of Tanner's back, and actually wiggling his ass under Tanner's hands.  Yeah, I swear, he was wiggling his ass.

After a few moments, Tanner stepped back, giving Darrell a big smile and then a single peck on the lips.  Then he flexed his left bicep.  Nothing was said but Darrell got the idea and gave it a kiss.  Then another and another.  "Yeah, baby" Tanner whispered.  "Show me how much you love me."  So Darrell got busy.  Opening his mouth wide almost like he was going to eat that big muscle, he started licking and sucking and licking and sucking on the massive bicep.

Tanner didn't say a word, but kept crunching the bicep, trying to make it peak even more as Darrell worshiped it.  After a couple minutes, Tanner raised his arm, and Darrell automatically moved into his armpit.  "That's it, baby" Tanner murmured.  "Get a good taste of this body."  Darrell started licking up a storm, jamming his face into Tanner's pit.

Tanner had sweated like crazy while fucking Mr. Carson, so I knew there was some real man scent and man sweat in there for Darrell to savor.  And you bet he was savoring it, as he sucked on the pit and began moaning in pleasure.

"Oh shit, baby, you're good" Tanner said as he finally lowered his arm and pushed Darrell to the other side.  Darrell was actually making slurping sounds along with the humming sounds in his throat. I swear to god, he  was acting like he was in a trance, momentarily living in another universe, a universe of total worship.

Tanner whispered something in his ear, and he moved down to the big slabs of pectoral muscle.  Keeping up the same action, sucking and kissing and licking, he went to work on Tanner's right pec.  Tanner was in total pleasure mode and was actually beaming and he even glanced at me once, giving me a wink.  I'm not sure what that meant, but it made me feel like an insider, with a special relationship with him.  I got a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.  

Of course I was feeling all warm and fuzzy, but I still wanted my blowjob.  I wanted to see Darrell on his knees with my dick in his mouth, and of course I was jealous.  Watching Darrell worshiping Tanner's fantastic physique was hotter than hell, and yes, I was hard, but as you can imagine, I wanted to be there doing what he was doing.  I wanted to be the one worshiping that incredible body. I wanted to be the one Tanner was praising and smiling at.

Tanner gradually got Darrell over to his left pectoral, and eventually down on his knees and working his ridges of abdominal muscle.  Darrell kept slurping back and forth, gradually going lower and lower, until he finally reached Tanner's bikini.  Tanner wasn't even fully hard, but there was one hell of a bulge stretching off to his right.  Darrell kissed it; Tanner’s prick.

Typical Tanner, with that big smile permanently on his face, he grabbed Darrell by the hair, jerked him back off his dick, and slapped him.  Darrell let out a yelp and looked up at him in shock.  Tanner kept smiling but let go of his hair.  Darrell didn't know what to do, or what the slap meant, but he leaned in and gave Tanner’s dick another kiss.  Tanner grabbed his hair, jerked him back and hit him again.

He hit him harder this time and Darrell yelled in pain.  Tanner kept smiling down at him but now he spoke.  "Wrong prick, fuck boy.  Wrong prick."  That got my attention.  I'd been sitting on the side of the bed but now I jumped up and scurried over next to Tanner.  My grin was so huge, it was beyond belief.  

I was half hard anyway, but now in just seconds I grew out to my full six and a half inches.  Darrell had been looking up into Tanner's eyes, but now looked over at me.  He was shocked from Tanner hitting him but he was also shocked to see me standing there in front of him.  

I knew he hated me, but that just made it better as I grinned down at him.  "I'm ready" I said, and couldn't control a laugh.  Yeah, I can be obnoxious sometimes, but this was going to be the hottest thing that had ever happened to me.

Besides, believe it or not, I'd never had a blowjob before.  Never.

“Please, Master” he pleaded softly.  He moved his eyes from me back to Tanner, looking into his eyes, perhaps hoping that he might relent, but no such luck.

"You know what you've got to do" Tanner said, still with that smile on his face.  The look on Darrell’s face was now one of resignation.  He turned back to me.  "Pull his shorts down" Tanner ordered him.  Darrell did what he was told, pulling my jockey's down to my ankles.  "Now do what you've got to do, and do it good."

Darrell looked up at me with sorrowful eyes, actually tearing up now.   I bent my hard dick down towards his face giving him a huge grin as I did it, and watched as he took it in his mouth.  I was incredibly excited and my dick gave a big surge, and I was so hot I was almost afraid that I would explode right on the spot.  But luckily, I was able to hold on as Darrell began to suck.  

His mouth was turning me on like crazy, but those tears in his eyes were frosting on the cake; totally heaven sent.  I was elated.  I was getting my first blowjob, and I was getting it from a real muscle hunk, a muscle hunk who despised me and who was doing it against his will.  That gave me a feeling of superiority like I'd never had before in my life, a feeling of incredible power and dominance.

 I'd always been a bit of a weakling, a skinny kid afraid of his own shadow, so I'd never had a chance to browbeat or oppress a guy before, particularly a muscle hunk who hated me and was actually crying as he was forced to blow me.  Yeah, forced.  Forced to be my cocksucker.  My very own cocksucking slave.  Okay, so I wasn't doing the forcing, but it still made me feel like a superman.  Yeah, me.  Superman Charlie.  I felt like I had been transported onto another plain of existence.

I couldn't help but laugh aloud in euphoria. And I couldn't help but reach down and grab Darrell's hair with both hands and ram my dick in.  He choked and jerked his head back violently spitting my dick out of his mouth.  Darrell was one hell of a cocksucker and I'd seen Tanner take him more violently than this, so I guess he was more surprised than anything else.

"TANNER" he yelled as he looked up at me in fury.  He reached up and grabbed my wrists and jerked me hard, bringing me down to my knees.

Tanner was just a couple feet away so he now reached and grabbed Darrell's hair and jerked his head back to look into his angry face.  "DARRELL, STOP" he shouted.  Darrell froze.  "Let go of him."   Slowly getting control of his anger, Darrell let go of my wrists.  "This is Charlie's blowjob" he said slowly and distinctly, "and you'll do whatever he wants."  

Darrell was still furious even though Tanner was holding his head back by his hair and glaring at him.  "Tanner, he …."  he started to say.  Tanner slapped him, and Tanner doesn't slap easy.  

"Are you listening to me?" Tanner growled, sounding angry himself now.  He gave Darrell's head a shake.  "Are you listening?"  There was a hesitation as Darrell got control of his own anger.  But he knew he didn't want Tanner angry with him.  "Don't you dare ignore me."

"Yes, sir, Tan....,  Master.  Sorry" Darrell said contritely.  "Sorry."

"I said, this is Charlie's blowjob, and he'll do whatever the fuck he wants, and you'll take it.   You got that?"

Darrell gulped a couple times as the angry tears in his eyes turned to tears of hurt  "Yes, Master.  Yes.  I'm sorry."

"Now apologize to Charlie" Tanner said.  Darrell's eyes opened wide in shock, and even I thought this was going a little too far.  Him apologize to me?  There was a momentary hesitation, but Darrell knew he had to do what Tanner said, and he knew he didn't dare hesitate too long either, because Tanner was glaring at him.

"I'm sorry, Charlie" he mumbled softly.

"Okay, get to it" Tanner said, letting go of his hair.  My dick hadn't gone down in the least, so as I got back on my feet, I bent it down and stepped up to his face.  He took it in his mouth.

You know the phrase: 'the cat that swallowed the canary?'.  Well, that was me.  

So, how did I handle the blowjob?  Was I contrite and sorry for poor Darrell, and let him off the hook and go easy?  

Hell no I didn't.  I fucked his damn face.  Darrell didn't blow me, I fucked the hell out of his face.  I mean, I probably would not get another chance like this in my entire lifetime, so no way was I not going to take advantage of it.   I wasn't about to let this chance get away so I plowed the hell out of him.

Tanner just stood there, a few feet away with his hands on his hips, with this big grin on his face.  He was enjoying it and I took that as encouragement to keep banging away.

As we all know, Darrell is a great cocksucker, and my prick ain't near as big as Tanner's, so he took it like a pro.  He only choked two, maybe three times while I was ramming my prick into his throat.  

So I finally came, and to make my pleasure all the greater, I pulled out and blew it all in his face.   Jesus, that was cool, seeing his teary eyes and piteous look and watching my cum dripping down his face and off his chin.  Fucken heavenly.

Alright so I'm a son-of-a-bitch.  A real prick.  But I do have my fun.


Okay, so I deserved it.  I know that, but it doesn't make it any easier.  It doesn't make the pain go away.  

I've had a hell of a time explaining my bruises to my mom.  I kept my clothes on to hide the ones on my chest and my back, and even on my thighs, but I couldn't hide my swollen nose and the bruises on my face.  My Mom wanted to take me to the hospital, so, while the pain was killing me, I had to pretend it didn't hurt.  She also wanted to call the police, but I told her I didn't see the faces of the gang of guys that beat me up.  That they came on to me from behind.

But you can probably figure this out for yourself.   Tanner usually leaves sometime after 10:00, and I go up and play video games for a while.  But when the doorbell rang at 10:15 I just expected that he forgot something.  But when I opened the door it was Darrell, and he was very angry.  Very, very angry.  And, Tanner or no Tanner, he had a whole lot of anger built up that he had to work off.  

So, he beat the shit out of me in my own house.  And I have to tell you, he was totally systematic and methodical about it.  I had bruises on almost every inch of my body, and I could barely get out of bed the next day.  My mom was frantic, so I had to pretend I was okay to try to keep her from freaking out.

Okay, so maybe I deserved it since I got so carried away.  But, I have to say, no matter how much the pain, ultimately, it was worth it.  I mean, the bruises will go away eventually, but I have no doubt that on my dying day, when I'm in my deathbed, I'm still going to remember sticking my dick into Darrell's face.  No doubt about it.

----------------------- To be continued --------------------------

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