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Recap: Tanner is a bully. Just ask Charlie, his best bud. He'll tell you. He is also a stud, with a physique and looks to die for. An absolutely perfect specimen of humankind at only seventeen years of age. Tanner has decided to get 'acquainted' with and build his own 'haram' of fuck boys. He's had Darrell and Larry, the high school wrestlers, and he's had Jerod and Jim, the football players as well as Rasheed, the black competitive bodybuilder, and Mr. Carson, the chemistry teacher. Tanner has a way about him, and all his 'acquaint' boys seem to fall in love with him. Charlie has blown Tanner twice, and is madly in love with him, and he wants to seal that love and his position as Tanner's number one bud by getting fucked. But while Tanner is fucking everyone else, he never seems to get around to Charlie. Scrawny little Charlie, being a perfect little puppy, just tags along and watches.

Today is Saturday, and Jim, the big lineman on the football team is meeting Tanner at Charlie's house at 10:00 AM to get fucked. To get fucked, and maybe get into some kinky stuff.

The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

Subtitle: The Bully

Chapter Ten

"Tanner, I didn't know" "I said. "I didn't know. Her weekend hours are always weird, you know that."

"You ignorant little shit, Charlie" Tanner growled back at me. "Why the fuck didn't you tell me this yesterday?"

"Please, Tanner. I didn't know" I said, pleading with him. "She didn't tell me until this morning. I'm really sorry Tanner, but I couldn't tell you because I didn't know." Somehow, no matter how careful I was, I always seemed to get into trouble with Tanner, and ended up pleading with him for forgiveness. So here we were again.

My Mom worked from 3:00 PM to 1:00 AM during the week, but weekends were just simply weird. She always took the overtime when she could get it, which was most weekends. I know she struggled to pay the bills since my asshole father left, so she just seemed to work all the time.

I admit we really did have a nice house. I've seen other guys houses and they aren't like ours. We lived in the fancy part of town and all the houses were enormous, including Tanner's and mine, all over 4,500 square feet, so that's why my bedroom is so big.

Mom said that it was almost paid for when Dad left, so with refinancing she was able to make the payments.

In case you missed it, the reason Tanner is at my house all the time is not because his bedroom is too small, in fact his is as big as mine. It's because his father is a real asshole with a terrible temper, so Tanner stays away from the house as much as possible. He says his mother is a mouse, terrified of her husband, and barely comes out of her bedroom. Weird, huh?

"You're a total asshole, Charlie. You know that?" Tanner growled. "Why the fuck didn't you find out yesterday?"

"Please, Tanner, please" I pleaded. "I'm sorry. I know I should have asked her, but I didn't think of it and I really didn't have a chance. I didn't see her until this morning. Honest, Tanner. I called you the minute I found out."

"It's nine o'clock you little fucker" he growled. "Jim's coming at ten. So what am I supposed to do with him?" I hated Tanner being mad at me. I hated, hated, hated it. But I kept getting myself into predicaments that really pissed him off. And it didn't take much to piss Tanner off anyway. He was accustomed to getting his own way, and was not very tolerant when he didn't get it.

"I don't know, Tanner. I …. I …. I …. I don't know" I whimpered. Yeah, I was tearing up now.

"Well, now that you've ruined my whole weekend, you call him and cancel" he snapped and hung up. I just sat there for a couple minutes with the tears dripping down. God, I hated it when he was mad at me.

Tanner told me to call Jim and cancel, but I didn't have his telephone number. I didn't even know what his last name was. I knew he and Jerod were best friends, but I didn't have Jerod's number either. I had no choice but to call Tanner back.

He didn't answer.

So, there was nothing else I could do except go across the street and get the number from him. I Didn't dare not make the call after Tanner had ordered me to do it. Tanner's order's were to be obeyed, period.

My mom was in the front yard cleaning the flower beds as came out of the house. "I have to run over and see Tanner for a minute" I said.

"He's not coming here? I thought he lived here" she joked. I wasn't in the mood for any jokes so I just headed across the street.

I didn't try to sneak around through the back door, like I'd done before, because those times I was trying to hide. This time he wasn't expecting me, and Mom was watching so I had to knock on the door. "What do you want" the man said as he opened the door. This had to be Mr. Tanner, and although I'd never met him before, I could see why Tanner said he was a shit.

"I'm Charlie, from across the street" I squeaked. Yeah, the guy was intimidating. He was a big man, not like Tanner of course, but he was big. Probably in his middle thirties, just like my Mom and looked to be in decent shape. "I'd like to see Tanner" I said.

"His name is Daryl" the man said, but he didn't snap at me this time. "He's upstairs" he said and let me in. I headed through the living room to the stairs. "Is your Mom home today" the man asked, which sure as hell caught me by surprise. I didn't know he had even met my Mom.

"Ah, yeah" I said. "She's home today." He turned to look out the window as I headed upstairs. I knocked softly but there was no answer. I knocked again. "Tanner, it's me. I'm ….. Ahhh ,…. Tanner, I don't have Jim's telephone number." I waited.

"Come in" I finally heard his voice, and it was not a friendly tone. So I went into his bedroom. He was lying down on his bed wearing blue training shorts and a wifebeater, reading a magazine. I closed the door and just stood there for a moment. Tanner didn't move.

"Tanner. Ahhh …. Master" I said and then gulped. "Master, I don't have Jim's telephone number."

"You don't call me that outside your bedroom" he growled, not even looking at me.

"Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. Ahhh … Tanner." I had to clear my throat. I just stood there waiting but Tanner didn't say anything. The magazine he was reading was 'Teen Muscle' with a muscle kid on the cover. He didn't look half as good as Tanner.

Finally Tanner spoke. "It's in my cell" he said and pointed at the bedside table. I walked over and picked up his cell phone from the table. I pulled up Jim's number.

"Shall I …. Can I call him now?" I asked.

"Of course, you dumb shit" he snapped. So I called Jim and told him that Tanner would get back to him. He could tell that I was calling from Tanner's phone and demanded to talk to Tanner. But Tanner seemed to be concentrating on his magazine and there was nothing I could say to Jim except that Tanner wasn't available. Tanner didn't offer me any help at all. Jim started yelling at me so I basically had to hang up on him. I hoped I wouldn't meet him around school anytime soon because he'd probably crush me like a bug.

Tanner still didn't say a word or even look at me, so I put the phone down and headed for the door. "Come here" he said just as I had my hand on the doorknob. That got me excited because maybe he'd let me explain and apologize. But it also frightened me because I knew he was going to punish me. Yeah, I knew it. That was simply the way it was with Tanner. Nobody, and I mean nobody, and me in particular it seems, was allowed to fuck with him and get away with it. I may love him and he may love me but a fuckup was a fuckup and always required a response.

To Tanner it's training. He says he gets 'acquainted' with guys, but actually it's more like he trains them. He trains them to serve him, and that requires equal amounts of reward and punishment, pleasure and pain.

As I walked over to the bed he sat up, putting his feet on the floor. He just looked me in the eye for at least a full minute while I stood there shaking. I can't actually say I was shaking in fear, it was more like exaltation. I knew he was going to hit me, he was going to hurt me, but that was okay. I deserved it for fucking up and getting him mad at me.

So I was ready, I knew he'd let me have it, probably slapping me in the face, maybe twice, but at least I'd be on my way back into his good graces again. All I wanted was for him to stop being mad at me. I loved him dearly and just wanted see him happy again. I just wanted to show him how devoted I was and how much I loved him. I could accept a little pain.

Then he punched me, hard, really hard, really really hard, in the stomach, sending me flying across the room.

That shows you his amazing strength. His fist couldn't have been more than a foot in front of me, but the power of that blow slamming into my stomach sent me flying six or eight feet away, and it felt like a sledgehammer had gone all the way through me and hit my backbone. I couldn't breathe.

It felt like he'd broken me in half but I couldn't even yell. I was so stunned, it must have been thirty seconds before I was even able to gasp for breath. I think I was damn near unconscious. But then I took a huge gasp, finally able to breathe, and then started gasping madly. It was a few seconds more when the pain actually hit me, and I really yelled. 'Aaaaaaach'. The pain was incredible. I had to wonder if he'd rearranged my innards.

Tanner had never hurt me like this before, and I was horrified beyond belief. How could he do this to me? I know he has unlimited strength, and I know he'd probably held back when he'd punished me before, but he sure as hell hadn't held back this time. I only hoped nothing was broke.

I just lay there stunned, holding my aching stomach and groaning for the longest time. Then, finally as I began to return to reality, I opened my eyes and looked up at him.

He was sitting there on the side of the bed looking at me calmly, seemingly not at all bothered by my pain. But of course he wasn't. Why would I expect him to be? I had enraged him with my stupidity. I had ruined his weekend so of course he was angry. This was the punishment that I deserved.

As I lay there looking at him, seemingly paralyzed and not able to move, I came to the realization that maybe I couldn't meet his expectations. For the first time since I'd met him, since he'd moved across the street from me, I was beginning to have doubts. Maybe I was simply too much of a drudge for him.

I know he's a god, really. Yes, really, I recognize that. He is definitely a superior being, superior to me by a long shot, and I've always accepted that. But somehow I thought I could get him to accept me as I am, a humble disciple, obviously inferior but totally devoted to him. An adherent who was grateful for any attention he could get.

That's all I wanted. His acceptance of my willingness to serve him in any way I could, just to keep his friendship. But it now seemed obvious that I was expecting too much. I simply wasn't good enough to meet his stratospheric demands and conditions. It seems obvious that I've lost him.

Finally I was able to speak, actually wheeze: "Tanner" I whimpered. But then I started to cry. "Tanner" I sobbed. "I'm so sorry." And I was. I really was. I was sorry for disappointing him, and I was sorry that I didn't meet his expectations, and I was sorry I was losing him.

Finally, keeping that stoic look on his face, he spoke. "You can be a real prick sometimes, Charlie" he said. I think my heart broke.

"Yes, s-s-sir" I sobbed; I was really crying now. "I know. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." I was still lying on my side on the floor holding my aching stomach, but my eyes were now filling with tears.

"So, you're sorry" he said. I wasn't sure what that meant, but in didn't matter now. It seemed to be obvious he wouldn't accept any apology I might have to offer. This had simply gone too far.

"Yes, T-T-Tanner. Yes, Master. Yes. I'm sorry" I whimpered. I could hardly see him for the tears in my eyes, but it looked like he was now frowning at me. I guess he was simply disgusted with me, and I guess I understood that. It was over. I still had this enormous pain in my stomach, but I also had an enormous pain in my soul. I couldn't stop crying, but I didn't even want to stop crying, ever. I felt like my life was over.

There was s long pause and then he spoke. "I think I'm falling in love with you, Charlie" he said. ????


What did he say?

Then he came over and lifted me up in his muscular arms and carried me to the bed. I was still holding on to my throbbing stomach as he laid me down on my back. Standing there next to the bed looking down at me, he gently pulled my t-shirt up and off. Then he took hold of my hands and raised them up over my head and held them there with one hand.

Bending down, he gave me a quick kiss on my nose, another on my lips, and then on my chin. "You are so cute. Yeah, I think I'm falling for you" he said, looking me in the eyes and smiling for the first time. I was still hurting so much that I couldn't really appreciate what he was doing and saying. But …. But, it was slowly sinking in that he was being incredibly sweet and loving.

Then he bent down to my chest and gave my right nipple a kiss, and then started licking around it. He kissed it and licked it, and then nibbled on the little bud a bit before moving over to my left side. I was shocked. I was hurting but I was shocked, and pain or no pain, I was beginning to get excited about it. He'd never done anything like this before. He'd been warm and loving but never like this. I loved it. Of course, obviously, I loved it.

"You're a skinny runt, Charlie" he whispered, as he momentarily raised his head and looked me in the eye. "But I love you anyway." He bent back down and kept licking his way around my chest. I was thrilled. I was still hurting but I was thrilled.

Then he moved down to my aching stomach and started with soft gentle kisses, as if he was kissing the pain away. And it was working, because my dick was beginning to wake up. I was going to be sore for days, but right now, with this demigod actually worshiping my wimpy body, I had to push the pain aside and begin to appreciate what was happening to me.

Still holding my hands above my head with one hand, which wasn't really necessary, but was a clear sign of his control, he kissed and licked and kissed and licked, covering every inch of my aching stomach over and over again.

After several minutes he raised his head and looked me in the eye. "Don't ever make me hurt you again, Charlie" he said. "Okay? Never again."

"Yes, sir. Yes, Tanner" I gasped. Yes, I gasped. Not from pain, but from lust. I was getting incredibly turned on. But how could I not? When was the last time you had a god, a superman, ardently kissing and licking your scrawny body? It was beyond glorious, it was stupendious.

He gave me a wink and a smile as he stood up by the bed and undressed, removing his wifebeater, his shorts and bikini. Giving me another wink and a smile, he performed a double bicep pose giving me the benefit of his incredibly muscular body. Then he moved to the 'most muscular' pose, showing his astonishing chest and shoulders and overall physique. As always, I was in complete awe of him, and gasped in amazement. He was so gorgeous, so perfect in every way, so massively muscular and beautiful, he could only be some superior being, a super human, a superman.

"This is yours, Charlie" he said, holding the pose and grinning at me. "All yours."

Stepping to the bottom of the bed, he removed my sandals and then pulled my shorts and bikini down and off. Giving me another smile, he got on the bed and raised my legs, putting them on his shoulders.

"No cream for you, baby" he said showing a big grin. "You want the real thing. You want to feel me in you." This was another one of those times when I think my heart skipped a beat, I was completely bewildered, call it astonishment overload. This was all happening so fast. He had just clobbered me violently, and now he was going to fuck me, something I'd been begging for. Tanner, my god and Master, was going to fuck me. I was so excited that I thought the top of my head was going to blow off.

Keeping his eyes on me, he spit on his hand and rubbed it in my crack. He spit a couple more times before finally sticking a finger into my hole, his eyes glued to mine the whole time. I moaned. Hell yes I moaned, but it was not a moan of pain, but a moan of excitement. A moan of exhilaration. Tanner was going to fuck me. It was finally going to happen.

He had this enormous grin on his face and he pushed two fingers into my hole. He knew how excited I was. Hell, I'd been bugging him for days for this, so of course he knew how badly I wanted it.

"Ohhh, Tanner, Tanner, Tanner" I whimpered. What else could it be except a whimper. My excitement was simply beyond belief. And the pain in my stomach? What pain was that? I didn't remember any pain. Oh, I'd remember it later, but right now it was insignificant.

"It's gonna be good, baby" Tanner said as he bent down and gave me a quick peck on the lips. "Tanner knows how to treat virgins. You're going to love it." Then, pulling my legs apart raising my ass, he took aim, lining up his enormous prick against my little pucker. I closed my eyes and prepared myself.

Actually, Tanner had done one hell of a job of preparing me. He'd spit a number of times, and had worked his two fingers around stretching my hole, so I was about as ready as I possibly could be.

It hurt like hell. I scrunched up my face and groaned softly as he pressed into me, forcing my little hole to open up, expanding enormously to accept his the head of his prick. I didn't scream, I groaned. But, I loved it! It was excruciating, but I really loved it. This was Tanner. This was my god.

It felt like a baseball bat forcing its way in as I opened up and took him. I was panting like mad, trying to ease the pain, as he stopped and just waited for me to adjust. "It's alright, virgin boy" he whispered. "It'll get better. A whole lot better."

And did it ever. Damn, did it ever get better. And as I've said before, I wanted the pain. Serving Tanner, allowing him the pleasure of using me, I didn't want it to be easy. I wanted him to know how much I loved him and how much I wanted him, how much I wanted to serve him, how much I wanted him to take his pleasure from me. My pain was giving him pleasure, so I would not only accept it, I would revel in it.

Yes, I'd revel in the pain as long as it was coming from my Master, my superman, my Tanner.

So far, Tanner only had the head of his boubous dick in my ass, but now, as he grinned down at me, he pushed in a couple inches. It hurt, but who cares. I was drowning in that grin on his face, and any other thoughts or feelings were insignificant.

Pulling back just a smidgen, he pushed in a little further.

It was obvious that he was doing this lovingly because he was being so careful with my very virgin ass. Very gradually, moving only an inch at a time, he pulled back and pushed, and then did it again, and again. Very slowly sinking his enormous pecker deeper into my butt.

Of course, it hurt, but I made an immediate decision that I would stop thinking of the pain and focus on my Master's beautiful smile. I won't mention it again.

It was minutes, maybe as long as ten, before Tanner had all of his many inches of man meat stuffed into my ass. He had his hands on my ankles holding my legs wide apart, and lifting my ass up slightly off the bed, to give him the best angle. Then he started to fuck. Up to this moment I know he was thinking of me and only me, very aware that I was a virgin, and taking great care.

But now, Tanner being the narcissistic macho man that he was, his own feelings took over, and he started to fuck. No more feelings of tender loving care, but just rough carnal fucking. I was there to be used for his pleasure, and he was determined to get a lot of pleasure. My feeling were now secondary to the feelings he was getting from his prick.

He pulled almost all the way out, right to the swollen head, and slammed it back in, shaking the bed.

I may be a skinny runt, and Tanner may love fucking muscle boys, but he knew how mad I was for him, and he knew how much I've been wanting this, so he was well aware that he could do anything to me and I would love him all the more. He could take me and use me, and be as rough or even cruel as he wanted and I would eat it up and love him for it. I was simply his fuck toy to be used and abused in any way he wished.

So he went at it, slamming into me and shaking the bed with each thrust. He had his eyes closed now and was facing up as he fucked, focusing totally on the feeling in his prick. I grunted with each thrust as he banged into me, keeping my eyes on that look of 'bliss' on his face.

I knew it was going to be good when he fucked me, but this was beyond good, this was glorious. I loved it. I loved serving him. I loved him, my Master, taking his pleasure from me. I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven.

I know Tanner must have been really hot, I could see from the look on his face that he was enjoying the hell out of this, but he kept going, on and on and on. I felt an enormous glow surge through my body as I realized how much he was enjoying this; he didn't want it to end.

So he went on and on, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, of hard fucking, each and every thrust banging into me. I was elated that he was getting so much satisfaction from fucking me and I didn't want to end, ever. I wanted that dick up my ass from here to eternity.

"Ohhhh fuuuuck" Tanner howled when he finally, finally, finally reached his peak, and slamming it to me one more time, so hard that I banged my head against the head board with a thud, he let loose. "Shiiit, shiiit, shiiit" he yelled as he fired into my ass.

I looked up in his sweating face in total awe, watching this superman's show of incredible euphoria as he let go into me. Of course my dick was standing up and dripping as Tanner fired over and over.

And then, as amazing as it seems, right in the middle of his own ejaculation, Tanner reached down and slapped my dick, hard, and then slapped it again. That's all it took; I let fly. Somehow Tanner knew that, he knew those two slaps would take me over the top. As Tanner continued shooting, I started shooting too.

My first shot landed on my chest, but my second was a woosey, shooting over my head to land in my hair. "Taaaaanner, Taaaaanner" I screaned.

"Shiiiit, shiiiiit" Tanner yelled. Firing at the same time, we fired our gism, his into my ass, and mine onto my chest.

And then it was done. Tanner was panting and I was panting and we were both dripping with sweat. Can you even imagine how dazzling Tanner looks, his muscled body glistening with sweat, and his bulging pectorals and his ribbed abdominals going in and out as he panted. He was so gorgeous, it was beyond words.

Then we both smiled at each other at the same time.

"Thank you, Master" I gushed in total exhilaration. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." Tanner smiled and bent down and gave me a quick peck on the lips. Then he pushed my legs off his shoulders and slowly pulled his still hard dick out of my ass.

"Was it as good as you thought it would be?" he whispered to me, keeping that smile on his face.

"Yes, Master" I replied. "Yes, yes, yes. It was even better." I was totally exhilarated, and my love for him seemed to gush out. "I love you Tanner. I truly, desperately love you." I reached up and grabbed his rock solid deltoids, not pulling him down since he didn't budge an inch, but pulling myself up to him.

He put his muscular arms around me, pulling me to him and I joined him in a kiss. A long loving kiss. As it went on and on, he lay down on his side facing me, his arms still hugging me close. I never wanted the kiss to end.

Was Tanner a bully? Was he still a bully? Maybe not so much.


"I wonder where my dad is?" Tanner said while we were getting dressed. "He should have been in here screaming at us an hour ago." Among the pain and the fucking, that had never really crossed my mind.

"Yeah" I said. "I guess we were pretty loud." Loud, hell. We had been screaming.

"If he'd heard us he would have been up here in a second, and would have thrown us out on the street" he he laughed. "Well, maybe not thrown." Thrown? Somehow I couldn't picture anybody throwing Tanner anywhere

"But we were very loud" I said, "and you didn't seem to care. Didn't you care if he heard us?"

"Charlie. Truth" he said looking me in the eye. "I don't care any longer. I made my decision the minute I saw that look of pain on your face. You looked so hurt and so sad and so fucking cute that you broke my heart. That's why I fucked you. That's why I had to fuck you. So, I'm just not going to put up with that fucker's shit any more. I'll be eighteen in a couple months and on my own, so if he wants me out, I don't give a shit."

There didn't seem to be anyone in the house when we got downstairs. I knew Tanner's mother seldom came out of her bedroom, but with all the noise we had made it was a wonder. I mean, we were both yelling like crazy, so she had to know we were in there fucking.

"I don't know why the fuck he wasn't banging on my door an hour ago?" Tanner said as we entered the living room finding it empty.

"We were really lucky then" I said, giving him a grin. "You woulda hated it if he'd made you pull your dick out."

"No way, puppy" he laughed, fluffing my hair. "Nothing in this world would have stopped me from screwing that hot ass of yours." Another one of those shots of heat flashed through my body as he called me his 'puppy'. God, I felt a surge every time he petted my hair like that too.

I followed Tanner up to the living room window and there was his father, across the street at my house talking to my mother. A real animated discussion. No wonder he didn't hear us since he'd been outside the whole time.

I guess they were well acquainted.

Then I saw something that changed my entire outlook. He put his hand on her shoulder. And, it looked pretty damn intimate to me. It sure looked like it to me.

"What the fuck?" I gasped. "Did you see that?"

"What?" Tanner asked.

"He touched her. Didn't you see that?" Tanner didn't reply, so evidently he didn't see it the way I did. I could have been wrong, but it looked like an intimate gesture to me. And if so ….

And now things began to click. Those mornings when I heard the back door opening and closing. I had been looking for a car. It never occurred to me that it might be somebody walking across the street. I'd looked, but I'd never seen anyone; I'd never seen him. But it must have been him.

So, was my mom and Tanner's dad having an affair? It looked like it.


Now, I've got to tell you about Tommy. Remember Tommy, the hulk? Tommy is Larry's nasty brother. Yeah, Larry. Larry is Darrell's best friend; they're on the wrestling team together. You can''t remember? Come on now, you know Tanner is screwing Darrell and Larry, you gotta remember that. He had them both together last night. They're becoming members of his 'haram'. And you've also got to remember that Tanner agreed to take Larry's older brother, a very arrogant Tommy, down a notch.

I knew Tommy by sight because he volunteered in the weight room at school, and I can tell you he is nothing less than enormous. The biggest damn bodybuilder you've ever seen. He's one of those guys who make your head whip around when you see him, because you can't believe how big he is.

I mean, Tanner is big, with huge bulging muscles everywhere, but they are perfectly proportioned to his height and body type, so he looks like a normal human being, just an extremely well built one. While Tommy is simply gigantic. Yeah, he is motherfucken huge. Taller than Tanner by a couple inches, and at least a forty or fifty pounds heavier. And he wasn't fat by any means, in fact it didn't look like he had an ounce of fat anywhere. He was all muscle, incredibly enormous, almost to the stage of being grotesque. A real life 'Incredible Hulk'.

Ignorant people would say, ugh, his muscles are too extreme, they're absurd. However, guys in the know, guys who worked their asses off in the gym; they would be totally floored, astonished, and completely in awe of him, knowing the thousands of hours he spent building that enormous physique.

But, don't get me wrong, I lusted after him just like all the boys at school did, and just like every girl in the county did. With or without a touch of sthenolagnia, anybody would be absolutely wild about him.

Unfortunately he was straight, and it was well known that he played the field, but because he was such a hunk, he could get as much pussy as he wanted, and if he chose to, he could have new stuff every day of the week. And evidently he 'chose to'. Larry's sister said he was incredibly vain and on top of the sucking and fucking, he expected to have his body worshiped as well. But of course he did. And why not, he was such a hunk, and since the girls fought over who was going to be next in line to get screwed by him, you can believe that they were happy to worship his fabulous body.

Evidently he was also into humiliation, with some face fucking and ass licking, along with a little slapping and spitting. But anybody as vain as he was, with the girls fighting to get him, it's not surprising that he would treat them like shit. Besides, you expect a muscle giant like him to be rough and demanding. It's just human nature. He dropped Larry's sister after fucking her for only a week, but she would have given her right tit to get him back. He was a stud. An ultimate stud.

According to Larry, although Tommy was straight, he had a regular tryst every Sunday night with the couple's club, sometimes with couples and sometimes in an orgy. Obviously he wasn't a 'couple', he went alone, and it seems that he didn't mind fucking husbands as long as their wives were watching and participating.

So, Tanner told me to figure out how he and Tommy could get together. And actually, that was very easy to figure out, because three times a week when the 'after school' weightlifting class was over, Tommy stayed on and worked out on his own. And he always kept a couple kids as spotters to handle the weights.

And, sometimes, when he couldn't get any of the other kids to spot for him, he'd make Larry and Darrell do it. And, no, they didn't have any choice. He could be a mean son-of-a-bitch if you crossed him, so you didn't mess with him. Larry and Darrell did what they were told.

So, all we had to do was wait until the next time that Larry and Darrell had to spot for him, and we'd have him alone in the weight room. Alone, that is, with Tanner and me and Darrell and Larry.

So, we set it up for Monday.


Tanner gave Tommy time to get into his routine before he and I entered the weight room. Tommy was doing bench presses, heavy bench presses. Larry said when he was really into working his chest, he'd do fifteen or twenty sets of bench's. As we entered he was finishing his final rep with 315 pounds and Larry and Darrell helped set the bar back on the rack.

"Damn it Larry. I told you to lock the door" he said then turned to Tanner and me. "Sorry, kids, the weight room's closed. Get out." Nice guy huh? It was just 'get out'.

"Jesus, man, you're really big" Tanner said. Evidently Tanner and Tommy had never seen each other before, because they sure as hell would have remembered. They were both amazing muscle men. "You're enormous." Now Tommy actually looked at us for the first time.

"I said the room's closed. Get the fuck out" he ordered, and then did a double take, jerking his head back. Didn't I tell you that that always happens with Tanner? He does that to people, even huge hunks like Tommy. "Who the fuck are you?" he asked as he sat up on the bench.

"I'm your savior" Tanner said and grinned.

"My savior?" Tommy said. "What the fuck does that mean?"

"That means I'm going to improve your personality" Tanner laughed. Darrell and Larry grinned, and even I chuckled hesitantly. Hesitantly, yes, because I was afraid for Tanner. As much as I loved and respected him, I had real doubts about him taking Tommy. The stories I'd heard said that Tommy was invincible, and once you see him stripped to his wife beater and shorts, like now, you believe it.

In fact, I was worried enough that I'd brought insurance. Of course I did. I was tanner's number one bud, so even thought he was a hundred times stronger than me, I could still look out for him at times like this. I had four pieces of clothesline and a pair of handcuffs in my backpack. Handcuffs? Yeah, but they were Tanner's. Don't know why Tanner had handcuffs but he didn't say anything when I asked to borrow them. Yes, he gave me a funny look when he handed them over, so I think he knew why I wanted them.

"You go to school here?" Tommy asked, but didn't wait for an answer. "How come I haven't seen you? How come you haven't been in my lifting class?"

"I don't need any pointers from you, big man" Tanner chuckled. "As you can see I do alright on my own." Then Tanner walked up to Tommy and slapped him across the face, hard. Boom, just like that. No warning, no nothing; just slapped him. "But you're going to get some pointers from me" he said.

Larry gasped, and Darrell gasped, and I gasped, and Tommy yelped in shock. Then Tanner grabbed him in a head lock, pulled him off the bench and dropped, slamming Tommy's head on the floor.

It took another few seconds for Tommy to recover and even realize what was going on. But Tanner was squeezing with all his strength, literally crushing Tommy's neck,.

But now Tommy jerked up onto his knees, actually lifting Tanner up with him, and grabbed him. Using his enormous strength, he jerked Tanner away, breaking the hold and actually throwing Tanner about four feet. Tanner was back at him in a second, shoving him over on his backside and grabbing him in an armlock. He only held it for less than a minute when Tommy broke the hold.

But Tanner was back on him instantly, twisting the other arm.

It was happening just as I expected. Tanny was very strong and very fast, and an excellent wrestler, but Tommy was just too powerful. Over the next twenty minutes Tanner got him into lots of holds, but he just couldn't keep him there. Tommy would always break loose. Not once did Tommy get Tanner into a hold, although he came pretty close a couple times, because Tanner was just too fast for him. But that was the way it had to go. My fear was that if Tommy ever did get Tanner into a hold, Tanner would never be able to break it.

"You fuckin little son-of-a-bitch" Tommy grunted. He was incredibly strong, but he was getting winded. "I'm going to tear you a new asshole."

"You gotta catch me, you big fuck" Tanner said and actually chuckled. Yeah, he chuckled, and let me tell you, that really pissed Tommy off. That's when I realized that Tanner was enjoying this. I was standing there worrying about him, while he was totally confident and having fun. Go figure.

Darrell and Larry were both standing there with stunned looks on their faces. I don't know what they expected to happen, but of course they were rooting for Tanner. But, as much as all three of us loved Tanner, and respected his strength and power, I don't think any of us thought he could take Tommy. I don't know how they felt, but I was ashamed and embarrassed. Ashamed and embarrassed not to have total faith in Tanner. Yes, I was ashamed and embarrassed, but I was also really worried.

So the match went on and on with Tanner getting Tommy into holds, trying to hurt him, and Tommy quickly breaking those holds. And this was not kid stuff either, every damn one of those holds were hurting him. Tommy had to be in pain. Actually, he was on the floor most of the time, because Tanner seldom gave him a chance to get up on his feet before he was on him again.

So after what?, 30 minutes, 40 minutes?, Tommy was exhausted, and although Tanner didn't show it, he must have been as well. But nothing was happening. They were both moving slower now, but no matter what Tanner did, he couldn't keep Tommy in a hold. Tommy was just too powerful.

There hadn't been much talking, just a lot a grunting and groaning, but now Tanner spoke. "What's the matter, big man? You met your match?" he said.

"You (pant) little (pant) fuck" Tommy said. "You'll (pant pant), you'll be sorry you messed with me."

"Charlie" Tanner said and I jumped. "I'm getting bored. You got those cuffs?"

"Ah, yeah, Tanner" I said. "Yeah, right here." I pulled them out. Tanner waited for a few seconds for Tommy to get on his feet, and then leaped behind him, pushed him forward, and slammed him down on the lifting bench on his belly. Jumping on top of him he jerked his arms up around the bar supports.

"Cuff him, Charlie" he said. I'd already anticipated what he was going to do so I was there in an instant and snapped the cuffs on.

""Shit, you are one strong motherfucker" Tanner said as he stood up. He was panting and dripping with sweat but he was grinning. "I'll give you that. You're a piece of shit, but you're one powerful piece of shit."

"What the fuck" Tommy said as he realized he was cuffed to the bench. Up to this point he had been nothing but totally confident, and incredibly angry. Even now, there was no fear showing. Obviously Tommy was not accustomed to being beaten, ever. "What are you doing, you son-of-a-bitch?" he yelled.

"I'm showing you what an Alpha Male is like" Tanner chuckled.

Darrell and Larry? I've never seen such big grins on guys faces before as I did now. They were having the time of their lives. They were already falling in love with Tanner, but now I could see looks of absolute worship in their eyes. Yeah, they were perfect members for Tanner's 'haram'.

"Charlie." Tanner said. "Here." He stepped to the front of the bench in Tommy's line of sight. Knowing exactly what he wanted, I jumped to obey, getting on my knees and removing his shoes and then his shorts. "My bikini" he said as he tossed his shirt aside. I pulled his bikini down and off, and his prick, now about half hard, bobbed up. Yeah, as always, we were in total awe of his incredible physique, as he stood there in the nude.

"Larry, help me" Tommy yelled. I had to wonder if he'd ever asked for his brother's help before. I figured not.

It became clear when Larry spoke. "Fuck you" he said.

"Put those in his mouth" Tanner said. It took me a second for it to click, but I still had the bikinis in my hand, so I turned and stuffed them into Tommy's mouth.

"Oh, man, that was fun" Tanner said as he stretched and flexed, making his muscles ripple and making his prick bob up and down. "That was the best workout I've had in weeks. Thanks, man. I appreciate it." Tommy was grunting, trying to scream at Tanner, I think. He was also jerking around; stupidly, because there was no way he could break the bench or the cuffs.

"It's pay up time, man" Tanner siad. "I hear you've been a real prick, and you think your shit doesn't stink. So, I'm going to fuck you." Tommy's eyes got big.

"This ain't for me, you understand, it's for everyone you've been screwing around" Tanner said. Tommy jerked on the cuffs and rattled the bench as he tried even harder to get loose. He kept trying to yell too, but it was pretty much muffled by the bikini.

"Oh, don't get me wrong" Tanner laughed. "I'm going to enjoy it. I'm definitely going to enjoy getting my prick up your muscled ass." He stepped up to Tommy and forced his growing prick to swing back and forth in his face. "The question is, I guess, are you going to enjoy it?" He reached over and gave Tommy and good hard smack on the ass. "What do you think, babe? You wanna get fucked?"

Tommy's eyes got really big, and for the first time there was fear showing on his face. It was sinking into him that Tanner was serious and he was going to get fucked. He tried even harder to yell. "mfgh, mfgh" was all that came out.

Tanner laughed. "You got something to say, big man? You don't think you'd like my dick up your ass? Huh?" Now he really laughed, and Tommy visibly turned white in fear. He was suddenly terrified. "I hope you're virgin, baby" Tanner said. "I love taking virgins." Just ot humiliate Tommy even more he gave him a couple light slaps to the cheek. "That's my favorite pastime, baby. Taking virgin ass."

Standing right in Tommy's face, Tanner grabbed his dick and started working it, making it grow. He had the biggest grin on his face I've ever seen. Hell, I already knew he liked fucking muscle boys, so of course he'd love fucking a muscle giant, the biggest of them all.

"I'll tell you what, Tommy" Tanner said as he stood there playing with his dick. "I'll make a deal with you. Can you imagine what it would be like for me to fuck you dry? You ever done that to anybody?"

By the look in Tommy's eyes I knew the answer to that. Yeah, he knew what it meant to fuck somebody dry. We knew he was into rough sex, so of course he'd done it to somebody. "Well, I'm going to give you a choice" Tanner said. "I'll take you dry, or, if you ask me nicely, I'll have Charlie grease you up and make it good. What'll it be?"

Both Tanner and Tommy were soaked and dripping with sweat, but now I could actually see that there were tears in Tommy's eyes, and they were beginning to drip down his cheeks. He was humiliated for having lost, but he was also terrified.

"I'm ready, man" Tanner said letting go of his prick and allowing it to slap up against his belly. "How's it going to be? Tell me now." Tommy had suck a sorrowful look on his face it was almost funny. There was definitely no arrogance showing now. He nodded his head slightly.

Tanner jerked the bikini out of his mouth.

"Please don't fuck me" Tommy blurted out. "Please don't." Wow! He said please! What happened to that arrogance?

"That ain't on the agenda" Tanner chuckled. "You're going to get fucked. Just tell me how you want it." He waited for a few seconds and then stepped around the bench and gave Tommy another good slap on the ass.

"Wait, wait" Tommy shouted. "Hold on." Tanner stepped back in front of his face, his hand back on his dick, keeping it hard.

"Kinda big ain't it" he laughed. "But I think we can make it fit."

"Please, man" Tommy said. "Don't."

"Okay, we'll do it dry then" Tanner said.

"No, no" Tommy screamed immediately. "No. Use the cream."

"Charlie, get the cream" Tanner said to me, and of course I had a tube in my backpack, just like Tanner knew I would. I held it out to him, but he didn't take it, so I just held it there. "Ask me nicely" Tanner siad with a smirk on his face.

"Please, man, don't" Tommy sobbed. Yeah, sobbed. He was actually crying.

"Forget it Charlie," Tanner said to me. "Put it away."

"Wait, wait, I'll do it" Tommy screamed. "I'll do it."

"Good, man" Tanner said sweetly. "Good man." He reached forward and tussled Tommy's hair. "Now tell us, Tommy" he said. "Tell Charlie, and Darrell and Larry and me that you want to get fucked. Say it now and say it nicely." There was a long pause with the only sound being Tommy's soft sobbing. "I'm losing my patience, Tommy" Tanner said softly. "Say it now."

"Yes, man" Tommy whispered. "Yes. Fuck me."

"Charlie?" was all that Tanner said, and I got to work. Using plenty of cream and working my fingers into his little hole, I prepped Tommy's ass for Tanner's big prick. Hey, I'm good at this. When I prep a guy he's hardly going to feel any pain at all. Muscle giant or not, I think Tommy was going to enjoy this fuck. Hell, this was Tanner! How could anyone not enjoy getting fucked by him?

While I was working on Tommy's butt, Tanner stepped forward and rubbed his dripping prick against Tommy face. Smearing precum over his cheeks and chin and even his lips. Tommy closed his eyes but didn't react at all. He was now totally broken.

Spreading Tommy's legs apart, Tanner got behind him on the bench. Pushing his very hard dick down, he fit it into the crack and pushed it against the well greased hole. Then he pushed, hard. Tommy screamed.

You can believe that with all that muscle on Tommy, that his ass was all muscle as well. But Tanner had a ramrod of steel, and nothing could stand against it. "Open up for me baby" he said as he forced the little hole to open up and accept his enormous prick.

Tommy was screaming bloody murder, but I knew it couldn't be totally bad. When I grease a guy up, I grease a guy up, so I knew Tanner's dick was going to slide right in. Of course there was going to be some pain, after all Tommy was certainly a virgin, but he was damn lucky he was getting broken in by Tanner. Tanner the virgin breaker, the hottest stud in the state.

So Tanner fucked him. Tommy stopped screaming but never did stop whimpering. Yeah, that enormous muscle giant was a wimp, and couldn't take any pain. Not surprising I guess. Some of these really macho guys that are so good at delivering pain can't take it themselves.

He may have still been whimpering when Tanner finally shot into his ass, but I know damn well it must have been feeling good. So all the simpering was just because he had been beat up and topped, which must have been devastating to his ego. So he'd never admit to enjoying the fuck.

But I had to wonder. Yeah, I wondered. After a few days to think it over, was he going to want it again? Everybody else that Tanner fucked seemed to fall in love with him and beg for more, so would this 'incredible hulk' want it again?

By the way, Tanner let Larry and Darrell and me take our dicks out and jerk off so we ejaculated as well. Don't know about Tommy since he was lying on his belly on the bench and I couldn't see his dick, but the rest of us blew some gigantic loads.

To my readers: Okay, so we've finished ten chapters. Tanner has now fucked everybody on his list. So, where do we go from here? At the moment I have no ideas of where to take the story. Any ideas? I suppose he'll have to fuck some of his 'haram' over again, perhaps Rasheed and Mr. Carson. I have an ending in mind, so maybe we should finish the story now. What do you think?

Remember, in order to keep my enthusiasm up I need feedback. Don't worry if you are repeating yourself, because I just love hearing from you. So please, take a few seconds and make a comment.


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