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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

Chapter Two

 So, yeah, I was falling in love with Tanner.  Like hell I was.  I wasn’t falling, I’d already fallen over the cliff.  I was madly in love.  Tanner was so fuckin perfect in every way, beautiful body, beautiful face, and so dominant and powerful.  And he liked me!  He liked me!  I was just a wuss, a nobody, a weakling and he was a god.  Damn right he was a god.  We were about the same age but he was so strong and so muscular; he probably outweighed me by sixty pounds. 

And I know I’m damn lucky that he latched on to me to be his friend.  He said I was his number one bro, and we’re together all the time.  Alright, so I’m his puppy, tagging along after him all the time, but that’s fine.  With a guy like Tanner anybody’d be thrilled to be his puppy.  I sure am and I know I’m damn lucky.

The only thing I have going for me is my pretty face, but that gives me a certain amount of popularity.  The girls at school are wild about me and everybody says I’m good looking, even Tanner.   Tanner says ….  Well, he says that ….  Actually, he says he likes looking at my ‘pretty face’ when I’m sucking him.  So, yeah, I sucked him.  The most exciting thing in my life was when I sucked him.

But Tanner is a Bully.  Bully with a capitol B.  I was in love with a Bully.   Yes, he’s slapped me around some, and when he’s in a bad mood he can treat me like shit, but other times he is so warm and loving that he takes my breath away.  Yesterday, when I sucked him, it was unquestionably the most exciting event of my entire life.  Looking up at him when I was sucking and seeing that awesome look of bliss on his face actually brought tears to my eyes.  I love him so fuckin much.   Jesus, I can’t believe I’m so much in love.


Tanner was still having Darrell bring his pack by in the afternoon.  Today, just like yesterday, when we opened the door, Darrell was startled by seeing Tanner in all his muscular glory, damn near naked, his half hard prick being barely held in by a tiny white nearly invisible bikini.  He took a quick look up and down and gulped and then looked down at the floor in deference.  Seeing Tanner’s near naked build was a sight to behold for anybody at any time, but for Darrell, seeing those massive muscles in the flesh had to be a reminder of how Tanner had calmly manhandled him and kicked the shit out of him as if it were playtime.  Darrell just stood there looking down, not moving, obviously nervous.

“Come in” Tanner said.  Darrell stepped in and automatically handed Tanner’s backpack to me, but as he did, Tanner yanked his hair and dragged him down into a headlock.

“HEY” Darrell yelled in shock.  “WHAT?”  He didn’t have a chance to say anything else as Tanner began choking him, putting on the pressure.  Not just choking him, but actually grinding his neck between his body and his massive 17 inch biceps.

“Aaaaak” Darrell squawked as his neck was being crushed.  He tried to push Tanner away, but that was absurd and totally futile because there was no way he was going to get away from Tanner until Tanner wanted him to get away.

“Fuckin punk” Tanner snarled but when I looked at his face I saw a big smile.  He was enjoying the hell out of this.  “Fuckin pipsqueak.”  He laughed aloud now as he ground Darrell’s neck under his massive arm.  Darrell was trying to say something, probably pleading for Tanner to let him go, but it just came out as a croak.  Tanner headed across the room and up the stairs, pulling Darrell along, partially walking, partially being dragged as he continued to demolish his neck under his arm.  He was exulting all the way.

I followed along as he dragged Darrell into my bedroom and then dropped him on the floor.  Darrell was groaning and started desperately gasping for breath as he put his hands to his sore neck.  Tanner stepped over him straddling his body, and just looked down at his victim with that big grin on his face.   I watched in awe at Tanner’s easy control of the wrestling hunk, and I could only wonder what he was going to do to him next.  Darrell was looking up at him with a look of total shock and horror.  It just amazed me how fucking dominant Tanner really was, the way he could take total control of a guy like this and make him beg and crawl.

Tanner just stood there with his hands on his hips, looking totally arrogant as he watched Darrell gasping and moaning.  It was several minutes before Darrell could even talk.

“Tanner” he croaked, barely able to get the word out.  “Please …” he pleaded desperately, as tears began to show in his eyes.  “Please, Tanner.”

“You still my punk, boy?” Tanner asked, with that grin going on and on.  “Huh?  You my punk?”

“Yes, Tanner.  Yes” Darrell moaned, knowing he had to give Tanner what he wanted.  “I’m still your punk.”  What else could he say, with that nearly naked muscle kid standing over him, grinning at him with probable evil thoughts going through his head? 

“Kiss my feet” Tanner ordered.  Darrell was lying on his back with Tanner straddling his waist.  Realizing he’d better do what he was told, he rolled over and got on his knees, but then had to crawl forward, out from under Tanner, and turn around.  Tanner just watched, his hands on his hips as Darrell bent down and kissed each of his feet.  “Lick ‘em a little, and rub your nose against them” Tanner ordered.  Darrell did what he was told, starting to lick and rub his nose back and forth against Tanner’s feet. No argument, no backtalk, just heartfelt obedience. 

“Good, boy.  Keep it up” Tanner said, and Darrell kept licking.  “Since you’re my punk, that means I’m your Master.  Is that okay?  You want me to be your Master?  You wanna call me Master?”

At this point it didn’t matter what Tanner said, Darrell was going to say yes.  Without stopping his licking he mumbled.  “Yes, Tanner, yes.  Whatever you say.”

“What did you say?” Tanner growled as he reached down, grabbed Darrell’s hair and jerked his head up.  “You listening to me you little fucker.  What did you call me?”  Looking into Tanner’s angry face, it took only a moment for Darrell to figure out what he had done wrong.

“Master,” he blurted out.  “Yes, Master.  You’re my Master.”  Tanner hesitated for just a second, and then laughed aloud in pleasure at Darrell’s quick, almost desperate response.  He fluffed his hand through Darrell’s hair a few times, petting him.

Can you see how volatile Tanner was?  Can you see why I have to be so careful when I’m around him?  He went from laughing and having fun, too intense anger at Darrell’s mistake, and back to the laughing, all in just a matter of seconds.

“Good, boy” Tanner said cheerfully.  “My good little slave boy.  Get back down there slave boy.”  I wasn’t quite sure if I understand what Tanner meant by saying Darrell was going to be his lackey.  Evidently being a lackey and being a slave were the same thing.

Tanner gave him a couple minutes and then grabbed his hair, forcing Darrell to crawl, as he dragged him over to the beanbag chair.  “Don’t stop, slave boy” he said as he lay back in the chair, “but start sucking.  I want you to suck my toes.  Lift my foot so you can look me in the face.”   Darrell lifted one of Tanner’s legs, and taking a toe in his mouth, looked up at Tanner’s grinning face.

I couldn’t believe how acquiescent Darrell was being.   I know Tanner had stomped the shit out of him the other day, but even so ….   Actually, at the time I wondered why he continued to stomp Darrell, even after he’d submitted over and over and over again.  When I asked him he said ‘if you do it right the first time, you only have to do it once’.  Now I was seeing the proof of the pudding.  Darrell was being perfectly docile and subservient. 

Tanner had already told me that he had got lots of people acquainted with his power and control, as well as his dick back where he used to live.  He said he was an expert at ‘acquainting’ people with his obvious superiority and his sexual prowess.  Well, he was clearly showing he was an expert alright, because with almost no effort at all he had hunky Darrell slavishly crawling for him and worshiping him.  Royally kicking the shit out of him first and putting the fear of god in him, was obviously the perfect first step in the making of a slave. 

“You like sucking on your Master’s toes, slave boy?” Tanner chuckled, looking Darrell in the eye.  “I wanna hear you say it.  Tell me you like sucking my toes.”

Darrell was being completely obedient, but I noticed there were tears now dripping down his cheeks.  Tanner was totally humiliating him and enjoying the hell out of it, but Darrell must have really been hurting inside.   I mean, how much humiliation could a guy take?

“I like sucking your toes” Darrell said clearly. 

“Good boy” Tanner laughed.  “But I’ll bet you even love it.  Tell me you love it, and call me Master.”

“I love sucking your toes, Master” Darrell mumbled.  Tanner laughed.

“Keep looking at me, slave boy” he said, almost cracking up with laughter.  “Look me in the eye.  Show me how much you love worshiping me.”  Obviously, Tanner was totally turned on to controlling and humiliating a guy because his dick was forcing his bikini out like a tent, and he seemed to be having the time of his life.  Of course the more he laughed, the more humiliating it was for Darrell.

Tanner gave him a good five minutes on each foot, having him lick every inch.  He’d been walking around the house barefoot, so he had Darrell pay particular attention to his soles.  He just lay there with this huge grin on his face, having a great time.  “Okay, slave boy” he finally said.  “Tell me once more how much you love worshiping my feet.”

“I love licking your feet” Darrell said obediently. 

“Worship” Tanner said, correcting him.

“I love worshiping your feet” Darrell said dutifully.

“I bet you want to worship the rest of me too, don’t you?” he chuckled.  “Don’t you?”

“Ahhh …. ahhh ….” Darrell murmured, trying to figure out how to answer that.  “ I …. ahhh …. ahhh …. Master.  Whatever you say, Master.”  I thought that was a safe answer, and evidently Tanner thought so too. 

“Okay, get out of here” he said gruffly.  “You don’t have to come over in the morning.  Charlie’s going to carry my bag, so I’ll see you at school.  See me after second period.  Charlie, show him out.”  I had been sitting at the desk, but I got up as Darrell headed for the door.

“Wait!” Tanner snarled angrily.  “Did you forget something?  Something I taught you yesterday.”  I looked at Tanner’s face and he was clearly angry.  I couldn’t believe how quickly his mood could change.  It took him only seconds from cheerful to being totally pissed.

Darrell’s face went white when he saw that anger on Tanner’s face.   I could see he was terrified.  But he was quick on the draw and figured out immediately what he had done wrong.

“Thank you, Tanner. (gasp)  I mean, Thank you, Master” he blurted out.

“Get the fuck over here on your knees” Tanner thundered at him.  Without hesitation, and obviously fearful, Darrell scurried over and got back on his knees in front of Tanner.  Tanner sat up in the chair and just glared at him for maybe a whole minute.  A whole minute is a long time when you’re terrified, and I could see Darrell shaking and his tears starting again.  After that long pause, Tanner reached up and slapped him, hard.  Darrell howled: ‘yeeeaaaoooh’.

“Tell me you’re sorry, you little shit” Tanner growled.

“I’m sorry” Darrell uttered instantly, putting his hand to his face.  “I’m sorry, Master.”

“Now thank me again, and do it properly.”

“Yes, Master” Darrell said, his mind churning, trying to figure out what he needed to say.  “Thank you, Master.  Ahhh …. thank you, ahhh …. thank you for letting me worship you.  Ahhh …. Master.”

“Better” Tanner said.  “But here’s a new rule.  You gotta kiss my crotch when you thank me.”  Darrell just looked at him stupefied as Tanner reached up and grabbed a handful of his hair.  Tanner just held him there for ten or fifteen seconds, staring into his terrified eyes.  Then, with a look of determination, he slowly, very slowly, pulled Darrell down to his crotch.  Inch by inch by inch, with Darrell’s eyes wide open, almost bugging out.

Tanner had hardly touched his crotch at all when Darrell was worshiping his feet, but he had stayed almost fully hard the whole time anyway.  And Tanner being hard in that bikini was a sight to behold.

“Kiss” Tanner said simply.  Having seen the terror showing in Darrell’s eyes I knew there would be no objection, and there wasn’t.  He kissed Tanner’s barely covered prick.  “Louder” Tanner said.  “I want to hear it.”  Darrell kissed him once more, this time with an audible smack.

“That’s more like it” Tanner said as he pulled Darrell’s head up by his hair and looked him in the eye again.  He just held him there for a few seconds, looking into his eyes, and then slapped him.  Darrell was stoic this time and didn’t yell, but I know it hurt.  

“Now, you do it” Tanner ordered him.  Darrell obediently bent down, gave Tanner’s bikini covered cock a kiss, and raised back up, looking at Tanner with fearful eyes.

“Say it” Tanner snapped at him.

“Thank you, Master” Darrell said contritely, hoping he was now off the hook.

“Don’t you forget again, you little shit” Tanner growled.  “Now get the hell out of here.”

Darrell got up and hurried out the door with me following.

When I got back to the room Tanner hadn’t moved, but was lying back in the chair with his eyes closed and gently massaging his crotch. 

“Come here, Charlie” he said softly.  I walked over and got on my knees.  I mean, why else would he call me over, except to get on my knees.  There was a long pause while Tanner just lay there with his eyes closed.  Then he put his hands behind his head, impressing me as always, with those bulging biceps.  “Playing with Darrell got me all hot, Charlie.  You want to do something about that?”

He said ‘playing with Darrell’, but that’s what it was with Tanner.  We were just playthings for him.  Beating guys up, humiliating them and using them for his pleasure was just playtime for Tanner.  We were just his toys, here for his entertainment.  And for Tanner, it was always playtime.

“Get my bikini off and chow down on my prick.  Let’s see if you’ve gotten any better at sucking since yesterday.”

So I got busy.  Getting his bikini off and getting down between his legs, I looked up into his face.  God he looked terrific.  He looked beautiful.  He was a beautiful man.  With his eyes closed and completely relaxed and those biceps of his bulging even in repose, he looked like a supermodel.  But a supermodel never had big slabs of pectoral muscle and super defined ridged abs like he did.  Tanner was simply magnificent.

Putting my hands on his massive thighs to hold me I started by licking up and down his fully hard prick, just like yesterday.  He said playing with Darrell had made him hot and that was certainly true because his prick was bobbing up and down against his abs.

I figured he didn’t want me to use my hands, but it wasn’t practical for me to get it in my mouth without them, so I grabbed on and pulled it down to my face.  Looking up into his eyes I gave the head a kiss.  A momentary smile came and went across his face.   He was hot and ready and so was I.

I ain’t dumb so I know what deep throating is all about, but I’m not sure how to go about it.  But I was damn well going to try.  He came off with a gusher in my mouth yesterday, so he liked what I did, but now he wanted to know if I could do better.  I was damn well going to give it my best shot.

I took it in my mouth.  God, I loved the feel of its spongy hardness.  I swirled my tongue around it a few times and then tried to take more.  I figured I’d taken almost half of it yesterday, so I knew what I had to do to take more.  Opening my mouth wide I pushed, allowing the dick to force its way back into my mouth.  I went as far as I could so it was right up against my throat and I was trying my damnedest to keep from choking, and I realized I was nowhere near taking all of his dick. 

There was no way anyone could take all of that dick in their mouth.  There was no way I could ever swallow every bit of this monster.  I started sucking the six or seven inches I had in my mouth.

“That’s alright baby.  You’ll get there.  Practice makes perfect” I heard Tanner whisper.  I looked up at him and saw him looking at me with that pervasive grin on his face.  “God, you look beautiful down there with my dick in your mouth.”

I’m beautiful, he said.  I felt a warm glow throughout my body.  And here we go with that instant feeling of total love.  I know my face actually got red from the intense feelings that shot through me.  I never knew how fierce the feelings of love could be.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and forced as much dick into my mouth as was humanly possible.  It jammed against my throat and actually entered slightly, but I started choking and had to pull back.  I pulled back and then tried again with the same result.  I couldn’t do it.  I felt tears come to my eyes.

“I’m sorry, Tanner” I mumbled as I pulled back gasping for breath.  “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, baby” he said.  “You’ll get there.”  He reached down and fluffed my hair.  “Now make it good for me, baby.  Make me feel good.”

So, I tried my damnedest to make it feel good for him.  Sucking and licking and bobbing up and down on it, and occasionally taking it right up to the choking point.  It was finally feeling comfortable; not the deep throating but the sucking.  I felt like I knew what I was doing.  After all, this was only the second blowjob I’d ever given. 

After ten minutes or so Tanner spoke: “Speed up, baby.  I’m getting there.”  I looked up and saw he had his eyes closed, but his mouth was open, and his massive chest was moving up and down with quick breaths.  I redoubled my efforts and started bobbing up and down as fast as I could manage.

“Ohhh, ohhh ohhh” Tanner muttered and I felt his hand on the back of my head.  He was there.  He was about to cum.  Then without warning, he jacked his hips up and pushed down hard on my head, pushing every damn inch of his monster prick right down into my gullet, with my face jammed against his pubes.

My eyes must have bugged right out of my head as I started choking uncontrollably.  Luckily he didn’t hold me there but let me go immediately.  I had to pull completely off of his cock to try to control my choking, but as I did I felt the first spurt of Tanner’s cum shoot into my face. 

I looked and saw that he had grabbed his dick and was aiming it at my face as he shot again.  This time it hit me right in the eye, and I quickly closed them.  I was hacking and coughing as I felt his cum splatter all over my face.  I was taking huge, massive breaths trying to get myself under control as his ejaculation seemed to be going on and on forever. 

As I finally started to recover I felt his hand take hold of my hair holding my head steady, and then he started rubbing his monster dick all over my face. 

“You were supposed to swallow it” he said softly as he laughed.  “Since you didn’t, I’m going to paint your face with it.”  He kept smearing his cum all over my face with his dick.  I couldn’t open my eyes because he had got me with his cum, but I was exulting inside.  He was happy with me.  He liked it.  And now I knew the true meaning behind deep throat.

After Tanner went home I looked at myself in the mirror, a look of exuberant joy on my face.  His drying cum was still there and I never wanted to wash my face again.  How many times could I tell myself I was in love?  Happiness just washed over my face and I think I just glowed.  I guess there was no limit to the number of times I could tell myself I was in love.

I reluctantly washed my face and went to bed.


As usual in the afternoon we were in my bedroom talking.  Tanner was lying back in the beanbag chair while I was lying on the bed.  I had stripped down to my jockeys as required but Tanner was naked today.  He was naked because Darrell was down between his legs, lapping away at his balls.  Yup, believe it, he was.

There was no afterschool practice today so Tanner had brought Darrell along and had him carry our packs.   Yeah, I admit it, Darrell was carrying my pack as well.  Okay, so Darrell was a hunk and a wrestler and could have stomped me like a bug, but as long as he was under Tanner’s control and I was under Tanners protection, there seemed to be no reason that I shouldn’t take advantage of the situation.  I mean, Tanner says that I’m his number one bud so why shouldn’t his ‘acquaint’ guy do stuff for me?   I know I was being a prick, but how often does a skinny guy like me get waited on by a real stud like Darrell?  Darrell kinda glared at me when I gave him my pack but I grinned back at him because I knew he couldn’t do anything about it.  God, I loved being able to do that to a hunk.    Having a musclebound best friend comes with benefits.

As we entered my house, me leading, I heard an ‘Ooof’ behind me.  As I turned I saw Darrell sinking to his knees with his hands on his stomach and Tanner standing there with that pervasive grin on his face.  He had evidently slammed Darrell in the stomach.  Putting his hand on Darrell’s face, Tanner pushed him over backwards onto the floor.  Then putting his foot just below Darrell’s armpit, he grabbed the arm and started to twist.

“Hey” Darrell yelled.  “Tanner.”  Then, as Tanner put on the pressure, he screamed: “Yeeeoooh, Tanner”.  Tanner looked like he was trying to twist his arm off.  “Pleeaasse, Tanner” he screamed again.

“Master” Tanner said calmly, as he gave the arm a jerk.  Darrell screamed again, and then yelled: ‘Master’, ‘Master’, ‘Please, Master’.  Obviously that arm twisting hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.

Then Tanner let go and stepped back.  Darrell pulled his arm in and grabbed on to his shoulder.  “Tanner, please.  That really hurt” he sobbed.  Yeah, he was crying.  I took note that he didn’t say ‘Master’ but Tanner didn’t correct him.

“Get up” was all Tanner said, and Darrell slowly got to his feet.  Instantly, Tanner grabbed his other arm, gave it one hell of a twist, and slammed Darrell against the wall, right next to the door.  Darrell really let out a howl this time: ‘Yeeeaaaoooh’ Tanner” he screamed.  Tanner held him there, twisting his arm viciously, and then slammed his shoulder against his back crushing him against the wall.  When he let go, Darrell sank to the floor crying, holding the other shoulder. 

“Please, Tanner, please, Tanner, please, Tanner” he sobbed.

I stood there with a shocked look on my face because I didn’t know what Darrell had done to deserve this.  I had no idea why Tanner was working him over.  Tanner just stood there for a couple minutes, his arms crossed over his chest, while Darrell’s crying changed to sobs and sniffles.  He now had a frown on his face instead of a grin.

“On your knees, and tell me you’re sorry” he said to Darrell.  Darrell glanced up at him for just a second and then looked back down.  Slowly he got off his butt and onto his knees at Tanner’s feet.

“I’m sorry, Tanner” he whimpered.

“Master” Tanner said softly.

“Master” Darrell sobbed.

“Show me your deference” Tanner said.  Darrell didn’t have to think for more than a second to know what that meant.  He immediately bent down and kissed Tanner’s feet.  His shoes actually.

“What are you sorry for, slave boy” Tanner asked, keeping that frown on his face.

“I …. I…. I …. I don’t know, Master” Darrell sniffled and actually cringed as he looked up into Tanner’s eyes.

Tanner’s frown immediately changed to a grin.  “Good boy” he laughed as he grabbed Darrell by the shoulders and pulled him to his feet.  “Good slave boy.”  He gave him a kiss on the forehead.

Grabbing Darrell’s chin and holding his face inches away with their noses almost touching he asked him: “why did I do that to you, slave boy?”  Darrell was still whimpering as he looked into Tanner’s eyes and smiling face.

“Because …. because ….” he sniffled.  “I don’t know, Master.”

“I did it because I wanted to” Tanner said and laughed aloud.  “I did it because I enjoy it.”  I wasn’t surprised to hear that because I’ve said before that he’s a bully.  He does enjoy hurting people.  “It’s okay with you because it’s coming from me, your Master.  Right?”  Darrell had quit sobbing but now, with Tanner looking at him from just inches away, he just looked shocked.

“You want me to enjoy myself, don’t you, slave boy?” Tanner laughed as he actually stuck out his tongue and gave Darrell’s nose a lick.  Darrell’s shocked look continued but he didn’t respond. 

Tanner turned and headed for the stairway.  “Pick up those packs and get up here” he said as he climbed the stairs.

So, here we were.  Me on my bed in my jockey’s and Tanner in the beanbag chair with Darrell licking his balls.  When we got into my bedroom, Tanner had ordered Darrell to undress him, and then strip down himself, because, as Tanner said: ‘I like my cocksuckers in the raw”.  Darrell didn’t even react when Tanner called him a cocksucker.

He also didn’t react when Tanner ordered him to get between his legs and stick his nose into his crotch.  This was totally humiliating for Darrell of course and I saw he had tears in his eyes, but he never said a word.  He simply obeyed.  That original beating and the subsequent updates that Tanner had given him had completely broken his spirit.  “This is the way I like my fuckboys’ Tanner said to me as Darrell got between his legs.  “Completely docile, and devoted, and totally obedient’.

I was shocked, amazed, impressed, astonished, dumfounded, excited, and aroused.   Yeah, aroused, turned on.  I’d never seen anything so fuckin hot as seeing Tanner in one hundred percent control of a guy.  A hunky guy at that, being slavishly obsequious to him.

So, anyway, Tanner ordered Darrell down on his balls, and he’d been down there for about ten minutes now.  The tears were still in his eyes, but he still hadn’t said a word.  Talk about control, Tanner was a genius.

“I gotta get me some boys to ‘acquaint’” Tanner said to me.  Tanner liked to use the word acquaint to mean conquering or dominating, or maybe just beating up.   ‘Acquaint’ in context for Tanner meant that they were under his control, and it meant that they were also under ‘acquaint’ with his dick.  “You and Darrell are coming around, but I ain’t never going to be satisfied with just two fuckboys.”  (I was now his fuckboy?)  “Back in Oro City I had me couple dozen and I was finding new stuff all the time.”

“You’ve only been here a few weeks” I said.  “Besides, what if your father finds out.”

“Fuck my father” he growled.  “I’ve made the move and I ain’t stopping until I get me a god damn stable of fuck boys, just like before.   I don’t give a fuck what my father thinks.  There ain’t no way I can live like this.”

Leave it to me to be helpful.  “How about those three guys you beat up before Darrell?”

“Those little shits?” he said.  “I don’t know why I bothered with them, scrawny little fuckers.  My fuckboys got to be worth looking at.   I don’t want to watch some fat slob or some beanpole motherfucker sucking on my cock.  Fat and skinny and ugly are out.  My specialty is pretty boys, and muscle boys” he laughed.  “Yeah, there ain’t nothing like getting a pretty muscle boy into ‘acquaint’ with my fists and my cock.”

“But me …” I started to say.

“You’re a skinny runt, but at least you’ve got a pretty face.  You look good down there with my cock in your face” he laughed, looking over at me.  I suppose I turned red in embarrassment.   But admittedly there was some pride there as well.  I liked it when he said that. 

“Darrell here is almost perfect” he said.  “Not only pretty but well-built as well, a perfect fuckboy” he said reaching down and giving Darrell a couple easy slaps to the cheek.  “Ain’t you baby” he said, laughing.  “You’re my hunky cocksucker ain’t you?”   Darrell was looking into Tanner’s eyes with those tears still there, but he didn’t say anything and he didn’t stop licking Tanner’s balls.

I took another good look at Darrell, and I could tell that the fear was gone.  Yeah, he wasn’t afraid anymore.  His eyes still looked a little glassy but he wasn’t crying anymore.  What I actually saw was: I don’t know, maybe respect?  Was that a look of admiration on Darrell’s face?  Was he beginning to admire Tanner for his power and strength?  It was beginning to look like it and I didn’t like it.

Tanner reached down and grabbed Darrell by the hair and pulled his head up.  “I asked you a question, fuckboy.  I asked you if you were my hunky cocksucker.”  Tanner just held him there waiting for an answer.

“Yes, sir” Darrell murmured hesitantly.  “Ahhh …. yes, Master.”

“Say it” Tanner ordered him.

“I’m your hunky cocksucker, Master” Darrell dutifully quoted.

“You think you’re a hunk?” Tanner asked with a grin.

“Only if you say so, Master” Darrell said, and I swear for a second he had a smile on his face.  Maybe I imagined it, but I know it really pissed me off. 

“Good answer” Tanner laughed, giving him a couple friendly slaps on the cheek.  “Good little cocksucker.  Now get back to work, and keep your eyes on me.”  Darrell lay back down flat on the floor, his hands on Tanner’s massive thighs, and his face in Tanner’s crotch.  He stared up into Tanner’s eyes over the top of Tanner’s enormous hard-on as he went back to licking his ball sack.  I also noticed that his hands were now moving.  He was beginning to rub his hands over Tanner’s muscular thighs.  That pissed me off too.

“How about that Rasheed kid, the bodybuilder?” Tanner asked me.  “God, he’s so good looking.”

“The black kid?  The kid in our PE class?” I asked.

“Yeah, him” Tanner answered.  “I can barely take a shower when he’s there because he turns me on so much.  I have to fight to keep my dick down.”

“But he’s so big” I said.  “Those muscles of his are enormous.  I’m pretty sure he’s bigger than you are.  He must spend his life in the weight room.”

“Yeah, he works out but he doesn’t wrestle” Tanner said.  “In fact he isn’t into any sports that I know of.  Evidently he’s only into bodybuilding.  But Jesus, when he’s in the shower, the way his body glistens when the water pours down those glorious muscles of his, it just drives me bonkers.  I’ve never had a black guy, but I gotta have this one.”

“But he’s so big” I repeated.  “I even heard he was entering some bodybuilding contests.  You think you could beat him?”

Tanner just laughed.  “Shit.  Big muscles don’t mean anything.  I think his are just for looks anyway, but damn, they sure are worth looking at.  But, guys like him don’t know how to fight.  I could take him down with one hand behind my back.”

“You think so?” I asked without thinking.

Tanner looked over at me and glared.  “You questioning me?”

“Oh shit no” I blurted out.  “Of course not, Tanner.  Never, never.  I know you can take him.”  I actually gasped in fear because I knew Tanner’s volatility, and he could be pounding me in a second. 

“He’d look nice down there next to Darrell, wouldn’t he” he said, ignoring my comment with that pervasive grin on his face.  “It would be a great contrast.”

“Okay, yeah, it sure would” I agreed with him in relief.

“What do you think, Darrell?” Tanner asked.  “Would you like Rasheed down there with you?  You could duel your tongues together while licking me.  That’d be fun” he chuckled.

“So?” I asked.  “You going after Rasheed?”

“I’m thinking about it” Tanner answered.  “I’m also thinking about Jim Stanley, that football guy and also that other wrestler, Darrell’s friend.”

“You mean Larry?  Larry Stunt, the wrestler?” I asked.  “He’s a hunk.”

Tanner reached down and ruffled Darrell’s hair.  “Yeah, Larry.  Darrell would love having his buddy down there helping him” he chuckled.  “Wouldn’t you, baby?”  Darrell didn’t respond but Tanner evidently didn’t expect him to.  He just kept obediently slurping on Tanner’s balls.

But did the son-of-a-bitch actually grin at Tanner?  I wasn’t sure and couldn’t really tell, but he might have.

“It’s that linebacker that really turns me on though, that Jim Stanley” Tanner said.  “I actually had a wet dream about him the other night.”

“You?” I said in shock.  “You have wet dreams?”

“Yeah” he laughed.  “Jim has the cutest bubble butt I’ve ever seen and I dreamed about getting my dick in there.  Let me tell you, I shot a load.  I can hardly wait to do it for real.”

“So, you’ve got a lot of work cut out for you” I laughed.  “Rasheed and Jim and Larry.”

Tanner laughed along with me.  “Yeah, that should keep me busy for a while.  But what do you think of Mr. Carson?”

“Mr. Carson, our chemistry teacher?” I asked.

“Yeah.  Isn’t he gorgeous?”

“But …., but …., he’s our teacher” I said in surprise.  “He’s …., he’s ….”

“So what?” Tanner said.  “He may be a teacher but he’s hot.  You think I didn’t have me a teacher back in Oro City?  Hell, I had two of them, algebra and U.S. History, who just couldn’t get enough of my dick.  Allen and Bill.  A and B I called them.”  Tanner laughed aloud as he remembered past times.  “They were happy to chow down on me anytime.  In fact, I had them together once.”

“You had two teachers?  Together?” I said, hardly believing but I couldn’t help but join him in laughter.

Tanner kept laughing.  “Yeah I had the two of them, but that was my downfall because my Dad found out.”

“Oh fuck” I said, commiserating with him.  “Tanner, you are something else.” 

“Yeah, I am” he continued laughing.  “I had me some good times in Oro City.” 

Then he turned his attention to Darrell.

“How you doing down there, fuckboy” he asked as he fluffed Darrell’s hair again.  “You getting bored?”  Darrell still had his eyes glued to Tanner’s face as he lapped away.  “Well, I am.  Get up on my dick.  Start licking my dick.”

As I watched over the next half hour in growing anger, Tanner taught Darrell how to give him a blowjob.  I knew I didn’t dare say anything but I was angry enough to chew nails.  At least the motherfucker did a shit poor job and Tanner had to slap him a few times.

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