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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

Subtitle: My Bully

Chapter Seventeen

Before we go on, we really must have a conversation about something. Is Tanner a god? Is Tanner supernatural? I’ve said several times that he is, but I was saying it mostly tongue-in-cheek. I didn’t really believe it. But, what if it’s real? Could it be that he is what they call a puppet master, and all these guys around him his puppets?

I mean, look what he did with my dad. Can you really believe it? He seems that he turned him into his sex slave in barely an hour. I simply can’t believe that that is humanly possible.

Here’s what I have come up with. There ain’t no way that Tanner could control the men and boys around him like he does without some special kind of power. I mean, just look at the things he has done. Look at the guys he is controlling. We’re talking about hunks. Yeah, he only picks hunks. Tommy, the monster muscle guy and Jim, the huge linesman from the football team. Jim weighs about 260 and Tommy weighs over 300, and those guys are as masculine as they can be. Tell me how Tanner could have made them into his lackeys without some special powers?

Then there’s Darrell and Larry the wrestlers, not huge but definitely studs. Then there’s Rasheed, the perfect physical specimen bodybuilder, and Jerod, the other football player. And let’s not forget Mr. Carter and now even my dad. Carter and my dad are both skinny guys but they are adults, not kids. And then there’s that Oro City crew: Drew and Mr. Strump and Mr. Gary and who knows how many others.

For god’s sake, the reason Tanner’s dad made them move here in the first place was because Tanner had a whole gang of guys he was fucking in Oro City.

And, here’s the kicker, Tanner’s never been wrong. There hasn’t been a single guy that he has gone after that hasn’t come around to being perfectly happy to become his slave. Not just his friend or his acquaintance, because the don't just like him, they love him. They love him and love being not just his slaves, but his sex slaves. They crave getting on his dick. That’s a fact. No normal human being could do the things that he does. I don’t know if he can control women like he does the men or not, because I don’t think he’s ever tried.

So, I would say, yes, he does have some kind of power. There’s simply no doubt about it. But what is it and where did it come from? Is it some special pheromone or fragrance? Or does he hypnotize just by looking in a person's eyes? I don't know. But I believe, whatever it is, he was born with it, because this could not possibly be something he learned.

But … But, here’s the big issue. Here's what I think.

Tanner doesn’t know it! He doesn't know he has this ability.

He thinks it’s normal to take command of anyone he wishes at anytime and anyplace, because he’s always been able to do it. It’s just second nature to him and he just takes it for granted. He thinks it’s a normal everyday occurrence that these guys should be falling all over themselves and each other in order to get access to his big schlong. I mean, you've seen it yourself; they almost get into fights with each other trying to be next to get that enormous prick up their butt or down their throat.

And think about this. Tanner turns everybody into masochists. He does. He doesn't make access to his prick easy because he berates them and slaps them around and requires them to perform to their upmost and give 110% of effort to please him. He roughs them up and makes them beg for more. He makes them beg to be allowed to serve him. And yeah, Tanner's pleasure is always paramount, and he makes sure his toys are focused on that and nothing else when they're doing him. He doesn’t often allow anybody to touch themselves when he's fucking them.

Okay, so we’ve resolved that he really has something special. Now let’s talk about me, Charlie. I’m a skinny runt with no special abilities of any kind. I’m a decent student in school, and I’ve got a pretty face, but that’s about it. My pretty face does attract the girls which obviously doesn’t do anything for me, but there’s absolutely nothing else special about me.

Do you see what I’m getting at? I am so fucking honored; really, really, really honored to be a part of this godlike creature named Tanner. I mean, anybody would be happy to be allowed to worship him. So, how is it that of all the millions and billions of people on this planet, I’m the only guy that has become the ‘best bud’ of a god. I don’t pretend to understand it, but I’ve got it; I’ve got him, and I can only thank my lucky stars and hope that whatever it is he sees in me, he continues to see it.

Now, for one other issue. How can I be such an asshole? How can I be so unappreciative and so stupid? How is it that I just keep fucking up? Not only am I a wimp and a nobody but I’m a stupid nobody. I have been honored beyond belief, like nobody else in this world, to be allowed to associate with Tanner, but I fuck it up damn near every time I’m with him.

My resolution. I’m going to be good. I’m going to be damn good. I’m going to be so good that he's going to have to love me. I'm going to worship him with all of my heart and with all of my soul, and with every breath I take. I will never, ever even consider disagreeing with him or talking back to him again. And if he's not very generous to me with his dick, well, I'll accept it without complaint and just wait my turn. And …. I promise I’m going to keep my fucking mouth shut. I swear. I do so resolve.


Now, if you recall, Tanner came into my bedroom leading my father on a leash attached to a dog collar. Tanner gave me a big smile: that proverbial ‘cat that swallowed the canary’ look.

“You're Daddy and I have had a talk, Charlie, and he has agreed not to change much of anything in our lifestyle. Haven't you Charlie’s daddy?” Tanner said.

“Yes, sir” my dad answered.

Tanner chuckled. “And he's promised to be good, haven't you Charlie’s daddy?”

“Yes, sir.”

Have I said something about a ‘puppet on a string’, or perhaps better said as a ‘puppet on a leash’. Tanner had been with my father not much over an hour, and he now seemed to have a perfectly docile, obedient servant. Wow! Do you now understand about those special powers Tanner has? His ability to control those around him?

“And what about that school in North Carolina?” Tanner asked.

“Charles doesn't have to go if he doesn't want to.”

“I don't” I said immediately.

“Then it's settled” Tanner said. He unhooked the leash from the dog collar. “Now go get settled in.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Leave the collar on.”

“Yes, sir.” My dad left the room. All I could say was WQW!

So, how did I feel about my dad being a zombie? I didn't give a shit about my dad, I had hated him ever since he left four years ago and I still had no reason not to hate him now, and since I was so much in love with Tanner, I was actually thrilled to see this. I even had an evil thought: maybe I'd ask Tanner if I could share in the ‘dog walker’ duties. Wouldn't it be a hoot to have my father calling me sir and following me around on a leash? Okay, okay so I'm just dreaming. You know me, you know Charlie would never do anything like that.

Jim had been waiting patiently all this time; well maybe not so patiently but at least he hadn't kicked my ass. He had been watching TV from the beanbag chair but now, with Tanner back in the room, he had gotten up. Tanner walked up to him, and what a contrast. Jim had Tanner by about forty pounds and three or four inches; one big hunk of muscle, but Tanner just out-shown him with his perfectly defined musculature. Tanner had been sweating so there was a glorious sheen on his light brown color which really emphasized his incredible physique. Jim still had his shirt off, and looked terrific but still could not begin to compete with Tanner. And, as I have said before, light brown skin brings out the musculature so much nicer than white skin..

"I'm sorry I've kept you waiting so long, Jim. I know you've been dying for a taste of my prick." Tanner said with a laugh. He patted Jim a couple times on the cheek and then pulled him down to a kiss. He kept his hand on Jim's head while Jim put his arms around Tanner's waist. It was a long warm kiss, and Tanner moved his hands to return Jim's hug.

"Jesus" Jim gasped as they broke the kiss. "I've wanted this so bad."

"I know you have, baby" Tanner chuckled. “I know you have." As they went back to the kiss, Jim reached down and grabbed Tanner's dick.

"Stop it, baby" Tanner said. "Don't get greedy." He pushed Jim's hand away. I knew Tanner would not allow this because he always called the shots.

"Sorry, sir. Sorry, Tanner" Jim said. "But I want you so bad."

Tanner grabbed his hair and jerked his head back. "You'll get it. Just be patient" he said. "Charlie, strip him." I had been just standing there like an idiot, watching, but now I jumped and got on my knees and removed Jim's shoes, socks and shorts. Glancing up at Tanner and getting a nod, I removed Jim's bikini as well.

Tanner pulled Jim's head down to his chest. "I'm all sweaty, baby. See what you can do about that." Jim started to lick. Big muscle hunk like Jim; he knew how to worship muscle.

Don't be angry with me, but I'm not going to belabor this action. Just accept the fact the Jim got one enormous dick up his ass, and he loved it. No water sports this time though. He left the house an hour later with a big smile on his face (and probably a sore butt).


So, Tanner fucked Jerod, and then he fucked my dad, and then he fucked Jim and it was still only early afternoon. Now it was just me and him, and as far as I know he has nothing planned for the rest of the afternoon.

I saw no sign of my father when I went down and made sandwiches for us. He must have been in his bedroom. Tanner came down and we had lunch, and then went back up to my room. Tanner didn't say a word. Not one word while we ate, and as you might expect, that made me nervous.

"What did you do this morning?" he asked gruffly as we entered my room.

Oh, shit. I knew he wouldn't forget it. I knew he'd remember that I'd shouted at him. Tanner never forgets. I instantly dropped to my knees. I bowed my head and waited.

"I asked you a question" he said.

"Please, Master. I'm so sorry" I whimpered. Yeah, whimpered. I knew what was coming.

"Answer my question" he growled at me.

"Please, Master" I said, and I already had tears in my eyes. I didn't mean to …."

"Answer my fuckin question" he shouted. I was actually shaking now, knowing that something really bad was going to happen.

"M-Master. I s-s-shouted at you this morning. I …. I …. I …. I didn't …."

"You, my best bud? You, the wimpy little son-of-a-bitch who says he loves me? You shouted at me?"

I started crying. Yeah, I'm such a wimp, I couldn't help but cry. I didn't know what to do or say, so keeping my head down, looking at the floor, I started to crawl towards him.

"Why do I put up with you, Charlie?" he asked. "You can be such an asshole." When I reached him I started kissing his bare feet. I knew apologizing wouldn't do. I'd just have to wait for him to get over his mad. And I had to hope he wouldn't hurt me too much before he was done.

Hurt me? Of course he was going to hurt me. I'd been a shit and I deserved it. I just hoped he wouldn't give me another one of those slams to the stomach, which damn near pushed my belly button into my back bone. I would gladly accept a few painful slaps to the face if he would just forgive me. For now there was nothing I could do except be as servile as I knew how to be, and wait for him to do what he needed to do.

"Charlie. My dad's gone and I don't have to come over here anymore" he said. I'm pretty sure my heart stopped beating for a moment when he said this. I was shocked, really shocked. I assumed he would knock me around and then forgive me, but it looked like he was going to dump me.

"No, no, no" I said, almost hysterically. I reached over and grabbed his ankles. "Please, Master. Please don't go. Please."

"I only came over here to get away from him in the first place" he said, ignoring my pleading. "There’s really no reason for me coming over here any more."

I didn't know what to do. It felt like my life was coming to an end. "Tanner, oh please Tanner" I sobbed, really crying now, and holding on to his ankles. "Please don't go. Please. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Master, I'm sorry." I started kissing his feet again, but fast and furious now. "Please, please, please" I whimpered through my kisses.

Tanner just stood there, not saying anything, as I frantically kissed his feet. I kept whimpering 'please, please' over and over as I kissed.

After several minutes of silence, he stepped back, pulling out of my grip.

"Charlie. Look at me.” I looked up with the tears dripping down my face. "I do love you, Charlie, but …”

I remembered that you never believe anything anybody says if it comes before the word 'but'. "I love you, Charlie," he said "but why should I put up with your shit?"

"Please, Tanner" I said through my sobs and I looked up at him with my tear filled eyes. "I know I'm a shit, but I try so hard. I try so hard to make you respect me. I really do. I love you so much I feel like my heart is going to break. I'll do anything, Tanner. Just give me another chance. Please give me another chance.”

"So, you think I should forgive you?"

"I don't deserve it, Master. I know I don't, but I worship the ground you walk on. You know I do." I was looking up at him, but because of my tears I really couldn't see him.

"Wipe your eyes and look at me, Charlie" he said to me, so I did. And he was smiling. Actually smiling. "I know you were having a bad time this morning, Charlie, with your dad coming and all. So I don’t blame you. But you must understand that I cannot allow you or anyone else to act that way."

"Of course not, Master. Of course not. I'll never act that way again. I won't. I promise,"

"I'll take that with a grain of salt" he chuckled. "But I know you, Charlie. I know you're trying your best, but you're my ‘best bud’ and I still don't think you appreciate what that means. You simply have to understand your place here. You must learn to conform completely to me without any thought of disagreement. I expect your obedience and your complete support at all times and you must give it wholeheartedly. I expect only complete self-abasement from you. Nothing less is acceptable.. You must try harder."

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master. Thank you, thank you." I actually sobbed again, but not from crying, but from relief. He wasn't going to dump me.

“Look me in the face, Charlie” he said. I looked into his eyes. As expected, he hit me, a pretty good smack to the face. (whap) I did not make a sound, but of course I thanked him.

“Thank you, Master.” He hit me again on the other cheek. (whap). “Thank you, Master.” Hey I'm not minimizing this because it damn well hurt. Tanner Is not gentle.

"I'm letting you off the hook here, Charlie” he said. “But if there is a next time, you had better understand that I will not be so lenient."

"Yes, Tanner, thank you. I understand." And I did understand. I knew it could have been a lot worse.

"I like coming over here, Charlie" Tanner said. "And as we said to your dad we're not going to make any changes. Okay?"

"Oh yes, Master. Yes."

"Now I've fucked three hot asses today and it's not even two o'clock yet" he said as he walked over to the bed. "So I'll tell you what I could use. I could use a leisurely all afternoon blow job. You think you could deal with that?"

"Oh yes, Master" I said with relief, and excitement, as I crawled across the floor after him. He picked up the ‘Muscle Boy’ magazine and lay back and I got up between his legs.

"No deep throating" he said. "Just a long leisurely blowjob. I expect it to last at least three hours."

On my knees between his legs, I lovingly took his prick in my mouth. I gently, very gently sucked on him for the next twenty minutes in that position and he stayed only about half hard. Then I lay down flat, put my head on his hard muscled thigh and continued sucking.

I'd lay my head on one thigh for a while and then the other. I'd spend minutes with my face pressed into his crotch licking his balls. I'd slurp my way up and down his pole, and I'd even deep throat it once in a while, but softly and gently. It was easy to do since he wasn't fully hard the whole time.

After a while Tanner put the magazine down and put his hands behind his head and I think he actually dozed off a couple times. He gave me no direction at all, although one time he raised his legs, giving me access to his ass, and I licked and sucked his ass for ten or fifteen minutes.

I wanted to worship that wonderful body of his but that was not in the works. This was a blowjob only activity. I admit I wasn't thinking of Tanner's pleasure every moment, because there were some things I really loved doing. For example, I'd slobber on his balls for a while getting them very wet, and then I'd burry my face in there, rubbing my nose up and down and sniffing his manly aroma. God, he smelled good. I just loved pushing my face into his crotch, mashing my nose against him, and giving him loving kisses. I loved it, loved it, loved it. I could almost say that was for my pleasure more than his. Almost.

No question about it I was in seventh heaven. I mean, think of it, really think of it. Here was my Master, my hero, (my lover), a god among men. A guy who made my heart beat fast every time I looked at him. A guy whom I loved so dearly and overwhelmingly that just being with him gave me more joy than I could have ever imagined. And I had his dick in my mouth. I had his dick in my mouth for hours. I've never had so much pleasure in my entire life.

This did go on for a couple hours, and I was actually disappointed when he said, 'suck me off, Charlie'.

I was disappointed but also thrilled. Now I could show him what I could do, what I was capable of.

The last blowjob I gave him was one of the best he'd ever had, he said so. But I was going to make this one even better For one thing, I was so nervous the last time, afraid that I wouldn't be able to handle it, that I never had a chance to actually enjoy it. I mean, how often do you get a chance to suck off a ten inch dick? You'd better enjoy it while you can, and I fully intended to enjoy it this time.

I'd been sucking him for over two hours and he never got hard the whole time. That was okay, that was what he wanted and I was happy with it. Oh yeah, I was happy with it. But now I had to make him hard.

I didn't know if he'd object if I used my hands but I tried it and he didn't say anything. So I started sucking on two or three inches while jerking it with with both hands. Yeah, it you've got ten inches to work with, there's plenty of room for two hands and a mouth.

It didn't take long before he started to grow and stiffen up. That was going to make it more challenging to suck on, but that was fine with me. I was definitely up for the challenge. I kept at it for a couple minutes while that monster of his grew up to its full size. That's when he reached down and pushed my hands away.

That didn't bother me in the least, I was ready. Taking a deep breath, I went down and down and down, letting the monster slowly sink into my mouth and into my throat. I kept going until my nose was buried in his crotch hairs. And I held it. I swallowed a couple times because I knew that would feel fabulous on his dick, and it did, because he groaned.

I got a hot flash of pleasure hearing that. I hadn't even started and I already had him groaning in pleasure. I swear this was definitely going to be the absolutely best blowjob he'd ever had.

I stayed there for thirty, forty, fifty seconds before pulling back. "Oh shit" he said softly as I pulled back. So I did it again; all the way down and holding it, keeping my tongue moving and swallowing so he'd feel the tightness of my throat. Again, it was at least forty seconds before I pulled back.

But sucking cock isn't just deep throating, so when I pulled back I started working a good six or seven inches, moving my head up and down and keeping good suction. And you can bet I was enjoying it. I was enjoying it most because I knew Tanner was enjoying it, but also because I knew I could handle it, and finally, why wouldn't I enjoy sucking on a big one?

Anybody that loves sucking cock, and that definitely included me, would have to be in pig heaven with a big fat ten inches in your mouth. You can't grin when you have a monster like Tanner's dick in your mouth, but you can bet I was grinning on the inside. Jesus, did I love this!

Remember, I'd been at this for over two hours, so I knew it wouldn't take much more to bring him off. Whatever pleasure I was going to get, I was going to have to get quick. So I deep throated again. And again. Tanner groaned in pleasure each time I did it.

I went back to sucking, but started to move my head faster. I'd bob up and down five or six times, and then take him deep and swallow against his dick. Then I'd do it again.

It wasn’t long before I felt Tanner shudder and felt his hand on the back of my head. He was there already, ready to blow, way before I was ready. I wanted more. But Tanner was now in charge. With his hand behind my head, he pushed down hard, forcing his dick all the way in, and then humped his crotch up against my face a couple times trying to get even deeper.

Grabbing me by the hair, he jerked me up almost off of his dick, and then slammed me down, banging my face against his crotch and holding me tight with his enormous strength. He held me there and again humped his crotch into my face over and over, actually throwing my entire upper body up in the air with each thrust.

Dragging me up, he slammed me down again, and then again.and yet again. I was trying to get a breath each time he pulled me up, but was not totally successful, so I was running out of breath. I was on the verge of choking, but I was fighting it.

Dragging me up one last time, he pulled mc completely off of his dick, reached down and slapped me across the face. (whap) I gasped, but was able to get a good breath as he grabbed his dick, aimed it towards my open mouth, and slammed me down one last time, jamming my face tight into his crotch.

"Shit, shit, shit" he screamed as he ejaculated into my throat; once, twice. I knew my face was red and I was going to choke, but luckily he dragged me up giving me a split second to swallow, before his third shot fired into my mouth and not in my throat. I still felt like I was choking, but I forced myself to hold on as he continued to ejaculate. I would totally ruin the moment if I coughed now, before he was finished cuming.

So I held on as he loaded my mouth with cum, not quite as much as you might expect because he'd already cum three times that morning.

When he fired his last shot, I pulled up and swallowed and gasped and coughed, actually trying to swallow and breath at the same time. I was barely able to manage it, swallowing the cum and then taking several enormous gasping breaths as I started to recover.

I finally recovered enough to look up at Tanner and saw that he had this enormous smile on his face.

"You are a champ, Charlie" he said as he reached down ad gave me a couple loving pats to the cheek. "Without question, that is the best blowjob I've ever had. You can bet I'm going to have my dick in your mouth every Sunday afternoon from now on.

I was still gasping and trying to get my breath. But I said: "Thank you, Master." Then I got a brainstorm, knowing the perfect thing to say. "It is a real honor, Master, to be able to suck you cock. Thank you for giving me this pleasure." Yes, it was clever of me to say this, but in fact I believed it. It was an honor. I did feel honored.

Tanner got an enormous grin on his face. Yeah, I said the right thing.. "You're welcome, baby" he said, again patting my cheek. "We'll be doing this again real soon. Real soon." That's what I wanted to hear. Hell, I'd suck him three times a day if I could.

I hadn't cum myself, but actually I didn't care. I was so thrilled of what a great job I had done, and how pleased Tanner was. I couldn't wait until the next time.


One thing I must say about Tanner is he's consistent. He is what he is. When I fuck up he's going to punish me. I know that, and he never forgets.

Also, he’s always in charge, no bones about it, he's the boss, and it's clearly understood by everyone. And I mean everyone. You see him in the hall surrounded by a bunch of kids, and when he talks it becomes silent. I think that's why he had such a problem with his father. He said his father was a real shit, demanding, and impossible to get along with. But, actually, I'll bet Tanner just couldn't stand anyone having authority over him, and obviously his father had that authority. Of course, I'd never even hint to Tanner that I thought this.

Tanner is seldom moody. Oh, he can get angry. Oh yes, let me tell you he can get angry; I've experienced it. However, he never loses complete control; he tends to keep his head together even in the worst of times.

So I was surprised one day when he started out grouchy from the moment we headed for school.

"Something happen last night?" I asked. He didn't say a word so there was a long pause.

So I tried again. "Are you okay, Tanner? Is everything okay?" He still didn't say anything.

So once more. "Are you feeling okay, T....."

"Will you shut up" he snapped at me. Well, that took care of that. I remembered my promise to myself to keep my mouth shut. I zipped it.

But something was obviously wrong, because he never acted like this. The best that I could come up with was that it had something to do with his mother, the nut case. It was just a guess, but I couldn't think of anything else that could have happened overnight. I'm sure he'll tell me later, because I know he doesn't keep secrets from me. He confides in me. He trusts me. I'm his 'best bud'.

I saw him several times during the day and at lunch we went out to the bleachers with Jim and Jerod and he seemed a little more relaxed. Our conversations were generally about school activities, football and stuff but today we talked about other guys, at least Tanner did and when Tanner talked we listened. Evidently he had his eye on a couple freshmen. Freshmen for gods sake; fourteen year old's. I didn't know who they were but I knew they had to be something special, because Tanner only goes after hunks; guys with pretty faces and muscular bodies. And there weren’t many fourteen year-old's like that around.

Perhaps to make us jealous or something, Tanner talked about how great it would be to see those two pretty faces buried in his crotch. So, of course, that led the conversation to Tanner's dick. Yeah, somehow Tanner’s dick came up quite often in discussion, but how could it not? We were all lusting over it all the time, and I know Tanner liked hearing us talk about it.

Today, while we were joking around, Tanner made Jim and Jerod each get down and kiss his shoe, and we laughed about it. Jim and Jerod wrestled for a couple minutes until Jim sat on top of Jerod and made him give. Anyway, Tanner seemed to be feeling pretty good.

After school while standing in front of his locker Tanner handed me his backpack and said: "Let's go see Mr. Carson." That was fine with me. He seemed to be in a better mood now, but if he was still down in the dumps I didn't want to be on the receiving end of his frustrations when we got home. Let him take it out on Mr. Carson.

As we turned from the locker, there was Darrell, standing in front of us. It was really awkward because of course I'd been avoiding him all week. I still had feelings for him, and would have liked to still have him as a friend, but I knew it would have been difficult. And not.for one second would I consider disobeying Tanner.

I don't know what Tanner had said to Darrell, but he made it clear to me that he was no longer a member of our group, his haram.

"Tanner, sir. May I carry your backpack?" Darrell asked. There was a pause as Tanner just looked at him.. He didn't say anything, and I didn't dare say anything. "Nothing more; sir" Darrel said. "Just that. I'd love to carry your backpack for you. Please." As you recall, Darrell had carried Tanner's backpack damn near every afternoon for weeks, and he'd even carried Tanner's books around during the school day. "Please, sir" he said.

Tanner hesitated for a moment. Then spoke. "Hand it over, Charlie" he said and walked away. I handed the pack to Darrell, and he winked at me. So hell, I winked back. Maybe we could still be friends after all. But I knew I'd have to be careful. I don't think I'd dare be alone with him, because, remember, I'm a wimp and he's a stud. He could probably make me do anything he wanted with one hand behind his back.. Just imagine. But, as exciting as that sounds, I loved Tanner too much to allow anything to happen. Besides, I knew Darrell would never do anything like that to me.

I liked Darrell, and evidently Tanner still had feelings for him too, or he wouldn't have allowed him to carry his pack.

I hurried down the hall to catch up with Tanner with a big smile on my face. I really liked Darrell and of all Tanner's boys, he is the only one that actually likes me. Darrell actually said he loved me.

“Lock the door” Tanner said as we entered Mr. Carson’s room and saw that it was empty. Empty except for Mr. Carson, that is.

“Hello” Tanner said brightly as he walked up to Mr. Carson’s desk. “How’s my favorite cocksucker?” Mr. Carson looked pleased at first, obviously happy to see Tanner, but then he frowned, hearing Tanner’s ‘cocksucker’ comment.

“Tanner, please. We’re in school” he said.

“Yeah, I noticed.” Showing a big smile Tanner walked right up to Mr. Carson and pushed his thumb in his mouth. “Suck” he said. Mr. Carson swung his chair around to face him and sucked.

“Good, boy” Tanner said. (boy?). “So, how's my favorite cocksucker?” he repeated. “You miss me?”

“Tanner, please. Not in school” Mr. Cason said as Tanner pulled his thumb out.

Tanner reached and grabbed Mr. Carson’s hair, giving it a jerk. “You ain't listening, Mr. Carson. I asked you a question. How’s my cocksucker?”

“Tanner, please.”

Tanner yanked on his hair, dragging him off of his chair onto his knees. “Answer my fuckin question” he growled.

“I'm …. I'm …. I'm okay”

“You miss me, cocksucker?”

I think Mr. Carson understood Tanner as well as any of us; his arrogance and incredible ego, .so he knew Tanner was going to do what he was going to do, no matter what. It was simply easier to go along with him.

“Yes, I missed you” he said. And it sounded completely heartfelt too. “Yes I did.”

“Show me” Tanner said.

“Please, Tanner.”

“Show me” Tanner repeated, looking down at him.

Giving into the inevitable, Mr. Carson reached out and unbuckled and unzipped Tanner’s pants, and pulled them down. When he reached to pull down Tanner’s bikini, Tanner stopped him.

“Suck on it” he said. “Suck it through my undies.” So Mr. Carson leaned forward and started sucking on Tanners growing piece of meat. It didn't take long for it to start sticking out like a tent pole.

“Okay, get it out.” Mr. Carson knew there was no point in objecting any longer and since he must have seen me lock the door, he pulled Tanner's bikini down. As he leaned forward to take it in his mouth, Tanner put his hand on his forehead, stopping him.

"What's that do for you?" he asked.

"Ahhh, ahhh" Mr Carson said, not knowing quite what Tanner wanted. "Ahhh, it turns me on?" he said in a questioning tone. "Yes, it turns me on."

"Is that all you've got to say?" Tanner asked. "This dick that you haven't seen in weeks. This dick that you were wild over? It turns you on? Is that all?” Actually it hadn't been even two weeks, but I didn't need to remind Tanner of that.

"It really does turn me on, Tanner. And I want to suck it." Tanner had one hand on Mr. Carson's forehead, and now, reaching over, he slapped him across the face with the other. Mr. Carson yelped and got a shocked look on his face.

"I don't give a flying fuck what it does for you. I want to know what you're going to do for me. Tell me what you see" Tanner growled at him.

Like a light turning on, I think Mr. Carson realized what Tanner wanted from him. "It's beautiful, Tanner and it's huge. I've never even imagined anyone having a dick like this one. And I want it. I …. I …. I want to suck it, for you. For you Tanner. I want to give you the blowjob of the century."

Now Tanner smiled. That what he was asking for: clear acknowledgement that it was Tanner's pleasure that was paramount, and Mr. Carson was just the provider; the utensil or the orifice.

"Open your hole, and stuck out your tongue" Tanner said. Mr. Carson obeyed, opening his mouth. Tanner banged his almost fully hard erection against his tongue a few times, and then pushed in. Mr. Carson took it with pleasure.

"I've got to get home, so let's make this quick, babe" he said as he let go of Mr. Carson's head and let him take over.

He had to get home? Why? He didn't say anything to me. Was it something to do with his mother? What else could it be?

Mr. Carson really got going, on his knees right there behind his desk, while Tanner stood there, hands on hips, looking down at him. As you already know, Mr. Carson is an accomplished cocksucker, so I watched really close to get ideas for improving my own sucking. In fact, the last two times I'd sucked Tanner, I'd had a picture in my mind of how Mr. Carson did it. He was a Master.

Somebody tried the door twice while Mr. Carson was sucking, but they went away. But it was only ten minutes later when Tanner started panting. This was Tanner's first ejaculation of the day so he was hot, and Mr. Carson was a miracle worker anyway. His technique of sucking and licking and deep throating was phenomenal.

Tanner always takes charge at the end, just before the ejaculation, so I was surprised and impressed when he kept his hands on his hips and let Mr. Carson do his thing, and finish him off. He went through the normal contortions and the moaning, but he never moved his hands from his hips. He also didn't react when Mr. Carson finally pulled back and licked the final drop of cum off of his dick.

"You got something to say?" Tanner said, looking down at him. Mr. Carson looked puzzled for just a second. Then he knew what to say.

"Thank you, Tanner. Thank you for letting me suck you."

That was what Tanner wanted, and he now got a great big grin. "You are terrific, Mr. Carson. As before. My favorite cocksucker” he said and he bent down and kissed him on the lips. (favorite cocksucker? Mr. Carson? I had to do something about this). That hurt when he said it, so I knew I had work to do to change his mind.

I unlocked the door and we headed out.

Duane (aka: Gladiatorkid)

Yes I do enjoy writing this story, but what I enjoy even more is hearing from readers like you who are reading it and enjoying it. Let me know.




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