"Thank you, sir," Hassan whispered and hung his head in defeat and humiliation.

The exotically beautiful man was stretched naked, spread-eagled in chains. Years ago as a solider in the Middle East Hassan had captured and interrogated Mark, then an army corporal, with brutal physical and sexual degradation. It had been a homoerotic battle of mutual strength and carnal desire. And now, years later, Hassan had just paid an agonizing price. Randy had been incensed by the story of his buddy's torture and had taken merciless revenge.

They had fought a vicious fight which Randy had finally won. He had hung Hassan in chains, tortured his balls, gut-punched him, whipped his muscular body, fucked his ass and then told Darius to fuck him with his monstrous ten-inch cock. In a final act of humiliation Randy had pissed all over the muscle-god's shuddering, battered body. Hassan was broken, destroyed and now hung in abject submission. Randy was his master.

There was a long silence. Nothing moved.

Then suddenly the stillness was shattered by the crash of the gate bursting open. Randy turned and saw ...... Mark!

Darius had witnessed the whole scene and had phoned Pablo and Jamie to tell them what was happening. And of course, Jamie had alerted Mark. The cop raced to the construction site straight from work, and now he stood there in full police uniform, black shirt unbuttoned halfway, still wearing his motorcycle helmet. He stood stock still in disbelief at the sight before him ...... a spectacular naked man, bound, spread-eagled, his gleaming muscles striped with the obvious marks a whip.

"Welcome," Randy said. "Good to see you, buddy. Here, I believe you know this guy from the past."

He grabbed Hassan's hair and pulled his face up like a trophy..... the face of a broken man, streaming with sweat and piss. He held the head up as Hassan opened his eyes and tried to focus. Gradually the image became clear ...... a stunning uniformed cop, standing legs astride. He saw the cop reach up and remove his helmet, then run his hand through his tangled blonde hair. He was beautiful, magnificent.

Hanging in chained humiliation, Hassan opened his eyes wide and he took a sharp intake of breath. Tears streamed down his face. From the depths of his despair and degradation came a pitiful sob of recognition.



It was a frozen tableau as Randy smiled in triumph, Darius held his breath, and Mark stood in shock and awe. Then there was movement behind Mark as Bob, Zack, Jamie and Pablo crowded through the gate and stopped in amazement. (As Bob said later, "When Darius gets on his damned megaphone it's enough to alert the neighborhood.")

Randy was the first to move. Expertly he unshackled Hassan's legs and wrists and the shattered, muscular body fell forward into the mud. Randy gave one last triumphant look at the beaten man and walked toward Mark. "He's all yours, buddy," he grinned. "I've finished with him. Don't think he'll be giving you any more trouble." He glanced at Bob with a satisfied smile as he strode out through the gate, and a few seconds later his truck roared away.

Lying on his stomach Hassan was beginning to stir. Painfully he raised his face and saw the spectacular image of Mark. He moaned softly and began to move. All the men watched spellbound as the broken man dragged himself agonizingly through the mud, his muscles rippling with the supreme effort. His naked body was streaked with mud, sweat and urine and his pain-racked efforts to reach Mark were agonizing to watch.

At one point he collapsed and his face fell back into the mud. From somewhere deep down he summoned his last ounces of strength, stretched his arms forward, clawed at the mud and finally hauled himself to Mark's feet. He grabbed his shining black boot, pressed his sobbing face to it ...... and passed out.

In the background Darius silently raised his camera to his face and got the last shot for his movie, the naked, degraded muscle-god collapsed unconscious at the feet of the man he had come so far and endured so much pain to see once more.


The effect of all this on Mark was profound. He had long since managed to bury the episode of his wartime captivity in the deepest recesses of his memory and never dreamed he would ever see Hassan again. He was not even aware that the man was in the U.S. let alone trying to reach him. Now the sight of him lying naked at his feet set his mind reeling with conflicting emotions. First, the harrowing image of Hassan torturing him flashed vividly into his consciousness and his body shuddered.

But there were also the more conflicting emotions of past admiration and lust for Hassan. And the sight of this proud, beautiful man lying broken and degraded at his feet filled him with revulsion and remorse. Remorse! ...... even though he had taken no part in it. Retribution was not in Mark's nature but somehow he still felt responsible. Someone else had brutalized Hassan ...... Randy!

In a daze Mark looked blindly around him, desperate for something, someone to hold onto. And he saw Jamie ....... his, beautiful, devoted boy looking up at him with his adoring blue eyes. He reached out to him, grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the scene and through the gate. Mark straddled his motorcycle, pulled Jamie on behind him and they roared away.

Back on the construction site Bob and Zack sprang into action. Zack fell on his knees and cradled Hassan's head as he slowly regained consciousness. "Zack," Bob said, "we have to get him out of here. Can we take him to your house?"

"Sure," Zack agreed. "Darius, Pablo ...... go on ahead and get the bathroom and spare room ready. Move it!"

The two boys raced out of the gate while Zack gently lifted Hassan's naked body into his powerful arms. Bob picked up the muddy remains of his clothes and helped Zack ease the exhausted man into his truck.

Behind them they left the now deserted construction site, the muddy ground littered with chains, ropes and the shredded remains of Hassan's black tank-trop.


Randy was home, sprawled in a chair by the pool, sipping a beer, feeling pleased with himself. There was nothing more satisfying than taking revenge, showing a big stud who's boss. He heard Mark's bike pull up and smiled as he and his boy came through the gate. Jamie hung back, but the uniformed cop strode right up to Randy. Randy was expecting gratitude, so he was not ready for the anger that flashed from Mark's eyes.

"What the fuck did you to him, man?" he shouted.

"Oh, pretty much the same as he did to you back in that cell, buddy."

"To me! He did it to me! Why the fuck did you have to get involved? What happened between that guy and me was my business, my job to handle ...... in my way. What? .... You were just showing him what a tough mother-fucker you are, is that it?"

"Hey, get a grip, buddy. You should know by now that nobody gets to torture one of my guys without answering to me. They insult you, they insult me."

Mark jabbed him in the chest. "Now get this straight, pal. I am not 'one of your guys' and neither is my boy here. We fight our own battles, and we don't need you and your fucking anger screwing things up. So stay out of our lives, OK?"

He walked back to Jamie and grabbed his shoulder. "Come and get changed, kid. We're going for a ride up the coast, spend the night by the ocean. I need to breathe some fresh air, 'cause the air round here is getting real stale."

Randy gazed in shock as the two disappeared into the House. What? What the fuck was that? What just happened here? God, he needed Bob. He always needed Bob.


At that moment Bob was helping Zack get a dazed Hassan into the shower and Darius volunteered to soap him up and massage his aching muscles (of course he did.) After that Pablo dried him off and Zack helped him into the bed that the boys had made up in the spare room. Zack gave Hassan a Xanax and in a few minutes he had fallen into the deep sleep of total exhaustion.

"He'll sleep 'til morning, Zack," said Bob. "Thanks for your help. OK if Darius and Pablo spend some time with you? The twins can make you all dinner here. I gotta go see Randy. I've a feeling I'll have a lot of bridges to mend."

As usual Bob was right. He found Randy in the kitchen on his second or third beer. He sat down at the table with him.

"You're getting drunk."

"Damn right."

"OK, what happened?"

Fucking bullshit, that's what happened." Slurring a bit Randy told Bob of how Mark had laid into him, yelling at him to stay out of his life. "After everything I did for him, destroying that prick!" He drained his beer and opened another.

"Yeah, I thought that might happen," murmured Bob.

"OK, wise-ass. So how the hell do you explain the attitude of that fucking cop?"

"Randy, listen. When Mark told me the story of his interrogation he was clearly confused. Sure, the way Hassan treated him was horrific ...... the guy was sadistic ...... but there were a lot of weird sexual feelings mixed up in it too. I remember how he described it. 'We were both beautiful men,' he said '..... me a muscular Scandinavian blonde, he with his Middle-Eastern dark looks and perfectly sculpted body.' In the middle of all that pain and suffering their trial of strength became almost homoerotic, and Mark no doubt still has the same confused feelings for the man to this day.

"So when he saw what you had done, totally destroyed and humiliated Hassan, all he could see was that beautiful man lying naked in the mud. Mark probably hated you at that point, with no idea that you might have done it out of love and loyalty to a friend you think of as a brother. But you know what? My guess is when he cools down he'll start to see things as they really are. Don't forget he has Jamie with him. Never underestimate that young kid."


And once again Bob got it right. With Jamie beside him Mark was speeding up Pacific Coast Highway headed for a small inn he knew on the beach where he and Jamie would spend the night. They had driven for the first half-hour in silence. Jamie had his hand pressed against the inside of Mark's thigh and he was reading his master's expression like a book. When he finally saw the big cop's body relax, Jamie spoke.

"May I say something, sir?"

"Of course, kid. You know you always can."

"Well, sir ......." He cleared his throat. "I think Randy did what he did to Hassan because he loves you, sir."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean ....?"

Mark saw Jamie flinch and immediately regretted his tone.

"Sorry, Jamie. Go ahead. Explain yourself."

"Well, sir. I was in the office when Bob told Randy the story of your torture as a soldier, and I saw Randy's reaction. He was real angry, he paced around the room and I even saw tears come to his eyes. He hated the idea of anyone hurting you and ...... well you know Randy, sir .... the only way he could put things right was with his fists. He knew he had to beat the guy up. But it was because he loves you. He really does."

There was a long silence, then Mark said. "You think I over-reacted with Randy ..... balling him out like that. Come on, kid. Tell me the truth."

Jamie gulped and said in a small voice, "I think you did, sir." He held his breath, fearful of the cop's reaction to his boy's boldness.

Mark looked over at Jamie and his eyes misted over. "Jesus Christ, what did I do to deserve finding a boy like you, Jamie? You have become one hell of a guy ...... and so fucking smart. What you said there ....... you're probably right ..... and it helps me a lot, kiddo."

A mischievous smile crossed Jamie's face. 'There's another way I can help, sir ..... if you let me. You're still real tense."

Mark grinned at him. "Yeah. So what you gonna do about that, kid?"

No more was said. Jamie reached over and quickly unbuttoned the fly buttons of Mark's jeans. He pulled out the cop's huge dick that was rapidly getting hard. He bent forward and shuddered as he breathed in the intimate man-smell of his master's crotch. He closed his mouth over the round head of the cock, then lowered his face, feeling the rod slide in all the way down his throat. Mark's low groan of pleasure made Jamie's own dick get hard.

It had become Jamie's greatest joy in life to give pleasure to his god-like master. It was what he lived for. Now his master was tense with anger and he wanted to make everything right for him. So he put all his effort, all his love, into sucking his master's beautiful cock. Again and again he felt it slide down his throat. At its deepest he clenched his throat muscles tight round the shaft and heard Mark moan.

"God, that's incredible, kid. Yeah, keep doing that. Take it all the way down. I love you, boy. The cop's your master. Make him feel good. Don't stop."

Keeping one hand on the wheel Mark pressed his other hand on Jamie's head. Grabbing his thick, blonde hair he pulled the head back, then pushed it down hard on his raging cock. He pulled it back up, then plunged it down harder and harder. Tears were streaming from the young boys eyes as he felt his mouth being impaled on the huge pole. He was choking, gagging, trapped by the iron strength of his master forcing his face down on his cock.

As they roared up the highway Jamie was dimly aware of the sounds of the road, the wind and the waves, but his focus was on his master's manhood as it pistoned into him. He could feel the veins in the rigid pole, feel the blood racing through them. He knew Mark was close and again clenched his muscles round his cock. He felt the cop's body shudder, heard his ecstatic howl ....... and felt the sudden eruption deep down in his throat.

Frantically the boy swallowed ...... huge gulps .....as he tried to take the flood of semen that poured into him. He smelled, tasted the sweet juice of his master. He knew he was good at this, knew he had given his master exactly what he needed. He had done what he lived for ...... given his master infinite pleasure.

The truck didn't reduce speed, didn't swerve, but roared straight on up the highway, seagulls wheeling overhead, screaming wildly as if they had seen everything. As clam began to return Jamie pulled his head back, still swallowing the last drops of cum. He slumped back against the truck door and gazed in awe at his gorgeous master.

Mark was still staring straight ahead at the road. A smile spread over his face and he said, "Thanks, kid. That was the best." That was all ...... but it was enough to make Jamie's cock rock hard. He couldn't take his eyes of the magnificent man. Mark was wearing a black tank top, a present from Jamie, stretched over his perfect torso. His muscular shoulders and arms gleamed with a thin film of sweat, his blonde hair fell over his forehead, and his square jaw clenched slightly. He was an awesome man, a Greek God, and Jamie felt pre-cum dribbling from his cock in his shorts.

Without looking at him Mark said, "Go ahead, kid. Do it. You deserve it."

Jamie pulled out his cock and didn't even need to stroke it. He held it straight up and it exploded with the creamy cum of excited youth. The juice arced high in the air and splashed back on his own face, in his hair, and streamed down his chest. For the first time Mark turned his head and looked at his boy who was blinking hard, cum running down his face and into his eyes.

Mark erupted into laughter, then pulled Jamie toward him and kissed him hard, their mouths slick with semen. When Mark pulled back and concentrated once more on the road Jamie knew he had never loved anyone as much as he did right now ...... at this very moment ..... on Pacific Coast Highway.

Mark pulled out his cell phone and hit the speed dial. "Hey, buddy. Just thought I'd check in, see if everything's OK."

"We're getting there," said Bob.

"Listen, man, what I said to Randy ..... I was way out of line ..... I was kind of in shock when I saw Hassan. I wasn't thinking straight. I ...... "

"No need to explain, Mark. I know."

"Of course," ..... Mark smiled to himself ...... "you always know. I love you man. Will you do me a favor and ...... well ..... just tell Randy I called?"

"Leave it to me," Bob said. "Enjoy your trip. And take good care of that boy of yours."

"I already am," grinned Zack glancing over at the blonde young man with cum all over his face.


Bob closed his phone and said non-commitally to Randy, "That was Mark. Said to tell you he called."

Drunk as he was by now Randy smiled to himself. Mark wanted him to know he had called ..... that was all he needed to feel vindicated. But his satisfaction lasted only a few minutes before the kitchen door opened and Zack came in, clearly in no mood to be messed with.

"Oh, Bob," Zack said. "Sorry. Didn't know you were here. I've come to see this guy, so I'll keep it brief."

He turned on Randy, eyes blazing. "Listen, asshole, the next time you go on one of your anger/revenge trips leave my boy out of it. I don't appreciate having Darius used as a weapon in whatever new macho crusade you're on. You got a problem with a guy ..... you deal with it. You do not .... repeat not ...... order my boy to fuck a guy he barely knows. He's your assistant at work, but that's as far as it goes. The rest of the time he's my boy and I'm the one who'll tell him what to do, and that includes fucking ass. You get that, pal?"

"Shit," Randy said, slurring his words. "I didn't hear him complain. He had a blast ..... one of his biggest fantasies."

Zack clenched his fists in mounting anger and would have hit Randy had he not felt the light touch of Bob's restraining hand. He turned to Bob. "OK, buddy, out of respect for you I won't slug him. But maybe you can talk some sense into that thick skull of his." He stormed out, slamming the door behind him.

Randy was really starting to steam. "Shit damn, you try to do a buddy a favor and the whole world dumps on you."

Bob put his hand on his arm. "I know how you feel, Randy, but this whole thing has stirred up a mess of raw feelings. You'll see, the dust will settle and the guys will calm down. Besides, it may feel like the rest of the world is against you, but not me, buddy. You've still got me."

Randy gazed into the soft brown eyes and once again realized how much he loved this man. But the mood was broken as the door suddenly opened again, and this time it was the twins. "Sir," Kyle said to Bob, "we just made dinner for the guys across the street and were wondering when you'll be ready to eat."

The interruption pushed Randy over the edge and his drunken anger returned. "Get the fuck out of here, assholes," he yelled. "Can't you see this is private? ..... nothing to do with you." They beat a hasty, terrified retreat from the room as Bob shot to his feet and glared at Randy. "You son-of-a-bitch ..... they're my boys. They're already scared shitless of you and I can see why. Way to go, champ!" He spun round and went after the twins, and once again the door slammed.

Randy buried his face in his hands. "Oh shit," he groaned, "not Bob too. I can be such a prize fuck-up." He heard the door open one more time and he looked up in anger as Pablo walked in. "Jesus Christ," Randy snarled. "It's like the Hollywood fucking Freeway in here tonight. What do you want, kid? You come to dump on your old man like everyone else? They all look at me like I'm Attila the fucking Hun."

Pablo sat at the table facing him, his eyes shining. "Sir, Darius just showed me the video he made of you and that guy Hassan at the construction site."

"Oh yeah?"

"Sir, you were totally awesome, sir! What you did to the guy ..... making him submit to you, beg you, before you even touched him, just because you looked so damned hot. And the part where you fucked his ass" ...... he blushed ..... "that made me cream my jeans. And how about the fight that started it? Man, you hammered him good. I've never seen a guy so totally destroyed."

Randy perked up, hearing the first note of enthusiastic approval all evening. "Yeah, I nailed him alright, kid, but only just. He had some pretty fancy moves of his own."

"You mean the karate kicks, sir. Yeah they were way cool. Wish I could learn something like that."

Randy was sobering up fast. "No reason you couldn't, kid. Sounds like a job for your old man." He gathered up the beer bottles and dumped them in the trash. "Come on, kiddo, let's take this outside."


Bob spent some time reassuring the twins that they had done nothing wrong, explaining that everyone was just a bit on edge right now. He promised to make it up to them, and went back to the kitchen. But Randy had gone. In alarm Bob glanced through the window ...... and he relaxed as a slow smile spread over his face. His shook his head in disbelief and murmured, "Son-of-a-bitch."

Outside a karate lesson was in progress. Both guys were barefoot, stripped down to their shorts, and Randy was evidently showing his boy some moves. His raised his leg high and kicked Pablo lightly on the shoulder, making him stagger sideways. He gave instructions to Pablo who copied the move, hitting Randy squarely in the small of the back. As the session continued it was in the nature of man and boy to become more combative and they both got in some pretty mean kicks.

But then the mood changed, from aggressive to playful. Randy got the advantage and began smacking his foot against Pablo's ass. The boy tried to dodge but Randy's aim was good. "You said you liked watching me hammer the guy's ass, kiddo. How does it feel when you're on the receiving end?" He reached forward, grabbed Pablo's thin shorts and ripped them clear off. He continued to kick the perfect mounds of his bare ass, and Pablo was squealing with laughter as he tried to run away.

Bob was laughing too as he watched the game from the kitchen window. He saw Pablo trip and fall flat on his stomach on the grass. Randy gazed down on the white globes of his ass and fell forward onto them. With the palms of his hands he gently pulled the cheeks apart and buried his face between them, breathing in the warm, moist smell of young flesh. He licked the opening, then pushed his tongue inside, reveling in the pungent taste of his boy's sweet ass.

Pablo was going wild, especially knowing what would surely come next. And it did. Randy sprang to his feet, dropped his shorts, then fell back on top of Pablo, the head of his rigid cock pressing between the globes of his ass. "OK, kid. You say that watching me fuck Hassan's ass made you shoot your load. Wanna know how it felt for him?"

"Yes please, sir," Pablo murmured into the grass.

"It was pretty rough. Just like this....." Randy raised his haunches, then with one quick, strong lunge, buried his thick cock deep inside his boy's ass. Pablo howled and clawed at the grass, instinctively trying to crawl away. But he knew his master well, and knew what he was in for. And as always he loved every second of it. God, his ass hurt, but he was thrilled by the sensation of his master's rod pistoning inside him as he lay helplessly pinned to the ground.

The pounding continued for minutes until Randy suddenly spun Pablo over on this back, without pulling out his cock. Pablo looked up with shining eyes to see his master's muscular body heaving and falling above him. "Yes, sir. Fuck my ass, sir. It belongs to you. I love you, sir!"

"Oh, yeah? Well that guy got off on me so much he shot his load without touching his cock."

"I can do that, sir," Pablo said eagerly. "Just say the word."

Randy ploughed the ass even harder and said, "OK, kiddo, I want to see juice all over that pretty body of yours. Do it, kid. Now!"

Pablo howled and his cock blasted a ribbon of cum high up to his face and chest. At the same time he felt his master's cum pouring deep inside his ass. But suddenly Randy sprang to his feet, his cock still erupting. He pointed it at his boy's face and Pablo opened his mouth, gulping in the hot, pungent taste of his master's juice. He gazed up at the dark muscle-god, his master, standing astride him and he was in total heaven.

Their bodies subsided and Randy smiled down at his boy, smothered in the cum of both their orgasms. "Remember how I finished the guy off?"

Pablo grinned. "You pissed all over him , sir. Please, sir. Do it to me too."

He saw the yellow liquid spurt from Randy's cock just a split second before it slammed into his face. He opened his mouth and once again swallowed the warm liquid streaming from his master. Randy had drunk many beers so the deluge lasted a long time. Urine splashed over the boy's whole naked body and as soon as he was able to breathe again Pablo shouted, "It tastes like beer, sir."

Finally the anointing was over and Randy laughed. "Damn, you're a mess, kid. We gotta clean you up." He bent down and picked his boy up bodily, carrying him in his arms to the edge of the pool. He paused as he looked down into his face. "I love you, kiddo. You're perfect for me ....... best boy a man ever had." And he hurled him into the pool. Pablo's joyous laughter was drowned out by the noisy splash as his flailing body hit the water.


Later, after they dried off and were walking toward the house Randy flung his arm over Pablo's shoulder. "You deserve a reward for that, kid. How about I take you to the Galaxy game tomorrow? They're playing Toronto."

"Wow, that would be cool. Beckham's in the line-up too. Oh wow."

But when they walked into the kitchen there was a sudden silence. Bob was sitting at the table with the twins, who shot to their feet and stood almost at attention. Bob looked up anxiously at Randy, but was relieved to see that all his previous tension had gone. The uneasy silence was broken by Randy himself as he looked at the twins.

"Hey, you guys ...... you into soccer at all?"

Surprised, Kyle cleared his throat. "Yes, sir," he said shyly. "We're big fans."

Now that the ice was broken Kevin felt bolder and took over. "We love it, sir. We used to watch it on TV all the time at the restaurant."

"You ever go to a game?"

"No, sir, never. We had no way of ......"

He trailed off but Randy jumped in. "OK, I'm taking Pablo to the Galaxy game tomorrow. How'd you like to come with us?"

"Galaxy? Wow, Beckham's playing isn't he? That would be awesome, but ......." Again Kevin trailed off, looking nervously from Randy to Pablo to Bob.

Randy roared with laughter. "Hey, no need to be scared, kid. I don't bite. And you'd have Pablo here to look out for you. I wouldn't dare try anything with him around. He can be a mean son-of-a-bitch ....... especially now he's got those killer karate kicks down."

Amid the laughter Bob stood up and gazed with surprise and affection at Randy. "I think it's a terrific idea. The four of you will have a blast. And now I have a suggestion. The twins have done enough cooking for today so how about the five of us go down the hill to that Mexican restaurant for fajitas? My treat.

The burst of approval was unanimous and half an hour later they were all walking down the hill. The boys were in front, Pablo between the twins with his arms over their shoulders.

"So, guys, who's you favorite European team?"

They answered together. Kyle: "Manchester United." Kevin: "Real Madrid."

Pablo laughed. "Hey, I heard you guys always thought alike."

"Not about soccer, sir," Kyle said. "So, what do you think about the Galaxy?"

"Well," said Pablo authoritatively, warming to his subject. "They've improved a lot, but their defense still sucks. Now here's what they should be doing ......."

As the boys walked on ahead Bob looked at Randy and said, "You son-of-a-bitch. You beat up and torture a guy, and now this. Who knew the King of the Gypsies had a tender side?"

"You did."

"Yeah. But who knew, after all that's gone on here, it would be up to the boys to bring some sense to this place. I'm sure Jamie had a hand in calming Mark down ...... and Pablo sure did a number on you. Hope Darius is having the same effect on Zack."

Trying to sound casual, Randy said, "Did you, er, take that guy ..... Hassan ..... to Zack's place?"

"Yeah. He was exhausted and Zack gave him a Xanax so he'll sleep through the night. And ...... as it seems I'm the only guy around here who's not all steamed up about the whole deal, I'll be the one to sort it out. First thing in the morning I'll go and talk to Hassan. He doesn't know me yet ..... but he will."

Randy saw the set of Bob's jaw and grinned. "I bet he will. Should be interesting."

Bob relaxed and smiled. "But right now, buddy, I've really gotta thank you for what you're doing for the twins. That soccer thing was a great idea."

"Yeah, I had another thought too. Next weekend I was planning to take Pablo up to the lake .... do some fishing. What say you and the twins come with us? Hell, the five of us all together ..... we'll see what develops ...... no inhibitions ..... no holds barred."

"You're something else, you know that? Sounds like a plan. And when the twins really get to know you, maybe they won't be so shit scared of you."

"Yeah." Randy sighed. "Sorry about that, buddy. I know I can be a thoughtless prick sometimes, a real mother-fucker."

"Yeah, you could say that." Bob smiled. "You could, but I couldn't. If I said it I'd find myself getting tied up and fucked."

"Oh, that's gonna happen anyway," Randy grinned. "You can bet your sweet ass on that. Oh, yeah. I have plans for you, asshole."

He flung his arm over his lover's shoulder and they followed the boys on down the hill.


Across the street in Zack's house things were more muted. Dinner had been cleared away and Zack sat at the table morosely nursing a beer. His mood was still dark after his blow-up with Randy. Darius sat with him, shifting uncomfortably, but he couldn't stand the silence for long and he cleared his throat.

"Sir, I guess I messed up again, didn't I? I mean, what I did to Hassan, and all."

Zack put his hand on the boy's. "No, kid, I don't blame you. I've told Randy what I think of him, using you to fuck Hassan as part of his revenge."

Another silence, then Darius said tentatively. "Though I gotta say, sir, I didn't take much persuading. It was kind of a hot fantasy for me."

Zack looked at him and smiled. "Yeah, I guess all that action turned you on big time, right?"

"Yes, sir, and I got the whole thing on video ...... except for the part where I did the fucking. Couldn't manage to film that. I tried ..... but it's not easy filming while you're fucking. Not many people know that, sir."

Zack saw the earnest look on Darius's face and roared with laughter. He gazed with deep affection at his crazy, funny, beautiful boy. His mood lightened and he began to find Darius's enthusiasm infectious. "OK, so tell me, kid ...... what part turned you on the most?"

"Hmm ......" Darius reflected. "I think when Randy had Hassan tied up, stretched and spread-eagled. He pressed his body against Hassan's and made him shoot his load between them without even touching himself. That was awesome."

"I guess so," Zack said with a gleam in his eye. "You think anyone you know is hot enough to ever make you do that?"

Darius caught the look in his master's eye and played along. "Oh, I doubt it, sir. Takes a major muscle-stud to do that. Nah, nobody could ever make me cum like that."

"You little fucker," Zack grinned. "OK, you asked for it ....."

He left the room and came right back with a coil of rope that he tossed on the floor like a challenge. He stripped off shirt and towered over the awestruck boy. Darius gazed up at the magnificent black muscle-god, stripped to the waist, and felt his cock getting stiff in his shorts.

"On your feet. punk."

Darius stood up but felt his knees go weak. He had a pretty fair idea of what he was in for .........


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength ...... Part 96"


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