The twin's question stunned Bob and Mark. "Sir, what does it feel like to have a guy's cock in your ass?"

It was Kevin who had plucked up the courage to ask the question. The twins were in the house with only Bob and Mark as the rest of the group had taken off on a trip up the coast. The twins had watched from an upstairs window as Mark had fucked Bob as they made love down by the pool. Later, when they confessed what they had seen, Bob laughed and asked them, "You've seen men fuck before, haven't you?"

"No, sir ...... never," said Kyle. Kevin jumped in, "Oh, we knew guys did that, sir. Some men wanted to do it to us or asked us to do it to each other, but we said no .... we could never ....."

"Never?" asked Mark. "You've never had another guy's dick inside you?"

And so the question came ..... "what does it feel like?" ..... and Bob and Mark were at a loss for words. Then Bob came to a decision. Look, guys, tomorrow afternoon I'll come down to your room and bring the officer here with me. Then maybe you'll understand, OK?"

Bob and Mark were both gone all next morning and, as it happened, they arrived back at the house at the same time in the early afternoon. Bob, in his business suit, was home from his corporate lunch meeting, and Mark, in his police uniform, had just ended his shift. They realized that the twins were waiting for them in their basement room.

"You sure you're ready for this, Mark?" Bob asked the cop.

"Sure," Mark grinned. "Just like we discussed. I'm all for it, so lead on. It's your show. You're the boss."

As the door to their room opened, the twins, wearing undershorts and white T-shirts, shot to their feet. At the sight of Bob and Mark they gasped and instinctively gripped each other's hands in a reflex of excitement and nervous anticipation. They had never seen anything like this.

Before them stood two male icons, figures straight out of a fantasy, like the erotic drawings the twins had stashed under their bed. The handsome business executive, with the sculpted features of a Superman, whose dark suit, shirt and tie did nothing to hide his muscular physique underneath. And the stunning blonde cop in full uniform, square-jawed, broad shouldered, with the commanding presence of a god.

As the twins stood stock still, hypnotized by the incredible sight before them, they both felt their cocks growing stiff in their shorts. They saw the executive loosen his tie, saw the cop unbutton his black shirt and, as if in a dream, they heard Bob's deep voice.

"OK, guys. On the bed. You're about to become my boys"


The boys instantly sat on the end of bed without taking their eyes off the two men towering over them. Bob had planned exactly what he and Mark would do next ...... but now he paused. He looked down at the young wide-eyes faces and hesitated. He realized that they were trembling. They were totally intimidated ...... in fact they were scared to death.

Of course, he thought, he should have realized that he and Mark must present an overwhelming picture to these two fragile young boys. This is not what he wanted at all and his heart went out to the twins. He touched Mark's arm lightly to restrain him, then he dropped to his knees, his face level with the boys'.

"You're frightened, aren't you?" he asked softly.

"Yes, sir," they said in unison.

"And why's that?"

Kevin cleared his throat. "Sir, we want to please you, sir ...... more than anything ..... but we're afraid we won't be able to."

Kyle explained. "When we've been with men before, sir ..... like, for money ...... lots of times they hurt us, and we don't know what you and the officer are going to do with us. We're afraid it might hurt."

Bob shook his head. "Guys, guys, I was hoping you knew me better than that by now. You should know that I'll never hurt you."

"Sorry, sir." They both blushed.

"Look. I told you before, you will never do anything with me you don't want to. If the officer or I do something you don't like you can always stop."

"But we don't want to stop, sir," Kyle said in a rush. "Sir, we've tried to imagine this moment .... we've jerked off thinking about it. But now that it's come ......."

"OK, OK, relax," Bob smiled at them. "Now, the officer and I are going to do nothing. We'll just wait for you. Take your time, let your imagination do its thing and, when you're ready, you do just what comes to your mind."

As Mark stood back he watched and heard all this with increasing awe and respect. God he loved this man! Bob was so stunningly beautiful, and the twins obviously so crazy about him, that he could just as easily have thrown them on the bed and fucked their asses, one after the other. But instead here he was, on his knees, gently reassuring them, giving them time and space to feel comfortable. And the twins' devotion shone from their eyes as he spoke to them.

Mark had never loved Bob as much as he did at this moment. He had rarely seen such inner beauty in a man, and never in a man as spectacular as this one. Suddenly Mark realized that his cock was growing hard in his pants.

With all of his experience Mark had always thought there was nothing new for him to feel in life. But this was new ...... and astonishing. Sure he always lusted for Bob's body, his beauty, but now here he was sexually aroused ..... by kindness! .... by Bob's soft compassionate voice. Mark would do anything for this man ..... anything.

Bob stood up and smiled at Mark. "Just wait," he whispered. And so they waited.


They didn't have to wait long. The twins looked at each other, smiled slightly, leaned forward and kissed each other lightly on the lips. When they separated they gazed into each other's soft brown eyes. It seemed to Bob and Mark that an understanding passed between the twins, an acceptance of what they were going to do. It was as if they were speaking through their eyes.

Then they looked up into the faces of the magnificent men standing motionless before them. Their gaze was steady, the fear was gone. The worried frowns were replaced by a soft smile. Aware that they were witnessing a transformation the two men held their breaths as the twins slid off the edge of the bed and onto their knees. Kevin knelt in front of Bob, and Kyle before Mark.

The identical young men moved in unison ....... in total harmony with each other. Calmly they reached forward. Kevin unbuttoned the fly of Bob's pants and Kyle unzipped Mark's uniform pants. The move was so unexpected, and the rapt gaze of the twins so intense, that both men felt their cocks grow stiff, just as the young fingers curled round them and pulled them free.

They heard the twins sigh loudly as they gazed at the rigid cocks before them, then stroked them gently. They held in their hands the very manhood of these powerful men and touched them like objects of worship. Each boy pressed the cock against his cheek, rubbed it over his face, licked it, inhaled its musky scent. They lowered their heads and licked the balls, then opened their mouths wide and sucked them in, closing their lips firmly around the scrotum. Their mouths were full of their masters' balls.

"Oh, man," Mark sighed looking at Bob. "This is fucking incredible. These guys are sensational."

The twins swallowed and ran their tongues around the balls in their mouth. Then they pulled their heads back, stretching the balls until their lips slid over them and the balls sprang free. The rock-hard dicks slapped against their faces, and the twins looked up at the executive and the cop. There was a question in their eyes, and Bob answered it.

"OK, guys ...... now. Go ahead. You know what you want."

The twins gazed once more at the heads of the cocks inches from their face. They licked the opening, tasting the pre-cum already dribbling out. Intoxicated by the taste and the smell they brushed the heads with their lips, pushed their faces forward and let the long shafts slide into their mouths, all the way, pressing over the back of their throats and deep inside.

What amazed the men was that the twins did not hesitate, did not pull back, did not even gag. They wanted these cocks so badly they would have held them in their mouths forever. They glanced upward and what they saw made them clench their throat muscles hard around the stiff rods. Mark and Bob, elated by the incredible sensation in their cocks, knowing they were both feeling exactly the same erotic intensity, instinctively turned to each other and pressed their lips together in a passionate embrace.

As the twins made love to the cocks, they saw the men above them making love to each other. Then they felt strong hands grasp the sides of their face, felt the cocks pull back, then penetrate them once more.

The focus of all four men was intense. The twins were aware only of the thick shafts filling their mouths, of the taste of pre-cum, and the smell of the damp pubic hair pressing into their faces. Bob and Mark were electrified by the sensation in their cocks as they plunged into the soft young mouths, and by the taste of the man grinding his lips against him. They basked in the eroticism of this new experience, as the rhythm built and reached a crescendo. Finally they pulled apart and gazed down at the eager faces.

Bob moaned to Mark, "I can't take any more. I gotta shoot. I'm so close. You ready, man?"

Mark was breathing heavily. "I'm right there with you, buddy. Let's do it."

One last time they plunged their cocks deep inside the twins' mouths and they gasped as they felt the throat muscles clamp hard around them. They saw the twins reach over and grip each other's cock tight. There was a sudden stillness as everything tensed. Then Mark yelled, "Here it comes, man ....... Aaagh!" And all four men came at exactly the same time.

The twins felt their master's sweet, warm juice streaming down their throats. They swallowed hard, again and again, determined not to spill a drop, and simultaneously squeezed their brother's cock as it erupted. Suddenly Bob and Mark pulled their dicks out, changed places and pushed them into the other boy's mouth, shooting another load of juice. Again the boys swallowed hard as they felt their own second stream of cum surge from them, releasing all the pent-up sexual longing of their young lives.

It was a while before the cocks pulled out, the twins gasped for air, and the only sound in the room was the heavy breathing of four men. Bob and Mark looked at each other, not sure quite what they had just experienced. They had made love to each other while these fervent young boys had made love to their cocks. They had never felt anything quite like it.

They looked down and realized they were still grasping the young faces in their hands. The mouths still hung open and the eyes were wide with the wonder at what they had just done. The men released them, but when the twins lowered their faces they gasped and drew back in alarm. They were staring aghast at the police officer's black motorcycle boots, now running with streams of white liquid. The twins had shot their loads all over them. They looked up in fear and searched Bob's face, afraid of his reaction.

But Bob smiled and took a step back. "Well look what you did, guys. Made a real mess of the officer's boots. How about that?" He waited to see what their instincts would tell them to do. He saw them relax and a trace of a smile cross their faces. Already kneeling, they fell forward onto their hands and lowered their faces to the boots.

And then they started to lick ..... tentatively at first, then hungrily. They lapped at the shiny boots, sucking in their own cum, eagerly trying to restore the shine to the leather. They were enthralled by the strong smell of leather, a sensation they had never experienced and that now propelled them into a new world of sensual excitement. Each one grasped a boot in his hands, rubbing his face against it, kissing it, running his tongue the length of it, from the foot all the way up the long boot to the top until he buried his face in the rough serge of the uniform pants.

Bob stood back and found himself hypnotized by the sight. Mark, as always, looked spectacular, his chest still heaving under the open uniform shirt. The sculpted blonde features of his face gleamed with sweat and his cock was still hanging out of his pants. And worshipping at his feet were the two beautiful young twins, intoxicated by the smell and taste of leather, licking the last remains of their own cum from the police officer's boots.

The picture was sensational. In a trance, Bob was unaware that he was stroking his cock, which incredibly was hard again despite his recent orgasm. He looked up and found himself staring into the cop's pale blue eyes. Mark smiled at him. "Go for it, man. You can do it. Do it for me .... and for them."

Bob's gaze flicked from his buddy's beautiful face down to the sight of the identical twins worshipping the cop's boots, discovering the lure of leather for the first time. It was the perfect blend of authoritarian power and the wakening sexual appetites of two young novices. Bob smiled at Mark and felt the warmth of deep affection infuse his body. He had to contribute to this erotic tableau, he had to show Mark how much he loved him.

And he had to claim the twins as his boys!

He pumped his cock, his body shuddered, and he howled as a stream of semen exploded from his cock, down onto the boots and the faces of the twins. The boys paused for a second, then understood what had happened. Now it was not their own cum they tasted on the boots, but Bob's. The realization of this, the combined taste and smell of leather and semen, sent them soaring into a world of pure joy. They were drowning in the taste of the man they worshipped.

And now they understood ...... at last he was their master.


A few minutes later Bob made the boys lie back on the bed and relax. They watched in awe as he and Mark finally took off their clothes. Bob stripped out of his business suit, shirt and tie, and Mark took off his uniform shirt and T-shirt. He needed Bob's help to pull off his boots, which Bob then examined.

"Hmm," he said. "Still a few streaks, I see. Here, boys." He tossed the boots onto the bed and each boy grabbed one, happily holding it to him and licking it with the pleasure of once more breathing in the smell of leather.

"So what do you think, officer?" Bob asked as they looked down at the twins. "Think they'll do?"

The twins looked up anxiously as Mark stroked his jaw. "Well, I've gotta say, they're pretty damn special. Trouble is they're gonna need a really exceptional master. He has to be stunningly beautiful, of course, an alpha male, someone who's in complete control, someone who can protect and teach them. And most of all ....... someone they totally worship." He grinned. "A guy that spectacular doesn't come along every day of the week. Any ideas, buddy?"

Bob grinned at him, then became serious and looked penetratingly at the twins. "Kyle, Kevin ...... do you want to be my boys?"

Their gaze was clear and steady and they spoke in unison. "Yes, sir. Please, sir."

"Then it's a deal," said Bob.

Mark interrupted with a frown. "Wait a minute, wait a minute. I've just thought of something else."

"What's that, buddy?"

"Well ...... the boys also have to be really great cooks. Because I'm fucking starving."

The boys leapt to their feet. "No problem there, sir," said Kevin. "We'll whip up something in no time."

And in half an hour they were all sitting at the table. They had all showered, the boys were in shorts and matching Polo shirts, the men in jeans and T-shirts. The meal was perfect and the conversation, rather stilted at first, soon picked up steam as the boys gained more confidence with these authoritative men.

"Wonder how the guys are getting on in the dunes?" said Bob.

"I bet you a dime to a dozen they're wondering the same thing about us right around now," Mark smiled.

"Hmm, it's a safe bet that Darius's fantasy machine is working overtime. What do think, boys?"

The twins smiled shyly but didn't reply, and once again Bob picked up on a hesitancy in them ........ as if they were avoiding something.

"OK, guys. You've got something on your mind. Out with it."

The boys looked at each other nervously and finally Kevin spoke. "Sir, you said we're your boys ...... but ....."

Kyle completed his sentence ........ "but we don't think we can be properly until we ..... that is, until you ..... until .......

"....... until I've fucked your asses?" Bob said. "You're right there, kid. And that is gonna happen. It has to." Seeing them flinch slightly he softened his tone. "Look, I know you've never done that before, but there's just one thing I want to know. And you have to be sure about this. Kyle, Kevin ..... do you want me to fuck you?"

Their eyes opened wide. "Oh, yes sir," said Kyle. "More than anything in the world," said Kevin.

"That's all I needed to hear. Then it'll happen tonight ..... with the assistance of the officer here. Everyone OK with that?"

"Yes, sir," said the twins. Bob smiled at Mark and raised his eyebrow questioningly. "And you, officer?"

Mark grinned. "Wouldn't miss it for the world."


Actually, Bob had been right about Darius's fantasies, and they did center on the twins, but he would have been surprised at the form they took. Randy, Zack and the three boys were all kicking back at the beach in their own ways. Jamie was off body surfing, Randy and Pablo were sunning themselves outside the shack, and Zack and Darius were lying together in the dunes.

Zack had just made love to his boy and Darius was lying with his head on the black stud's chest. They were relaxing in contented silence, which was suddenly broken by Darius, with a question that seemed to come out of nowhere.

"Sir, I was wondering ......."

"Uh-oh," Zack grinned.

"No, wait, sir. Your guest-house we've been building is coming along pretty well isn't it?"

"Sure. We've put in a lot of work on it and the structure is pretty much finished. Just the interior to do now."

"And then, sir? I mean, what are you going to do with it?"

"Well, I was thinking of renting it out. It's small, but it would be perfect for a single guy, or a couple that's real close. Why, you have something in mind, kid?"

"I do, sir. It may not be my place to speak about it but ...... well, sir ..... what about the twins?"

"The twins? What about them? Come on punk, out with it."

"Well, sir, they can't live in Randy's basement forever," ..... Darius took the plunge ..... "so what if you let them live in the guesthouse?"

"Hmm ..... " Zack stopped to consider. "You may be onto something there. Been on my mind for some time that I've been using you too much as a servant around the house .... cleaning up, cooking when we don't eat with the guys across the street. That's not what I want for my boy. But maybe the twins would have time to take care of me and the house and in return they could live in the guest-house. I'd have to run it by Bob, of course."

"Another thing, sir ...... well, I was thinking. I haven't done much for the twins so far .... except make them laugh sometimes. Jamie's been real good to them, and now Pablo's teaching them a whole bunch of things, so I was thinking. Maybe I could help them decorate the inside ..... paint the walls, you know. They could choose the color they want, the window blinds, that kind of stuff. It would make them feel more like ..... well, like they belong."

Zack stared at Darius as if he were seeing something for the first time. And in a way he was. Darius was growing up, using his imagination not just for lustful fantasies but as a way to help someone less fortunate. Zack found his eyes misting over.

"You know, kid, you're a hell of a guy. I was right to make you my boy. What you just said ..... the twins and all. That was a great idea .... and for all the right reasons. Come here, kid." He pulled Darius's head up off his chest and kissed his eyes, then his mouth in a building embrace. Both men were getting hard again even though they had recently fucked.

Zack looked down at Darius's rigid ten inches. "Uh-uh ..... not yet kiddo. We'll save that for later. Come on, let's go see what Jamie's up to all on his own."

They stood up, went down to the water, then turned and walked up the beach. Zack threw his arm over Darius's shoulder and the two men heaved contented sighs. Zack was feeling a warm glow of pride in his boy ....... and Darius was simply in heaven.


Eventually the two men caught sight of Jamie way off in the distance, still body surfing. "Hey that looks way cool," said Darius and ran ahead of Zack, breaking into a jog to join his friend. Randy and Pablo had got up and they now caught up with Zack as he sauntered along the beach. Pablo saw Darius in the distance running toward Jamie and he too started to jog, leaving the two men behind him.

Darius was the first to reach the spot where Jamie was out in the ocean trying the catch the crest of the waves. He saw Darius, waved and launched himself on a wave that carried him toward shore. He staggered to his feet, waist high in water and strode toward the beach as Darius watched.

"God, the dude is gorgeous," Darius muttered under his breath. Jamie had been in the water a long time and his whole body was pumped. Deeply tanned by now he was Darius's fantasy of a surfer dude, his muscular young body gleaming as water streamed off him, his blonde hair blowing in the breeze and his teeth shining in a dazzling smile. Jamie was wearing thin, faded surfer shorts that clung to him, and when he reached shallow water Darius gasped as he saw the outline of his gorgeous butt under the wet fabric.

Darius ran into the surf and threw his arms round his friend in a tight hug. His fantasy meter was cranked up high and he said, "Did I ever tell you, you are one hell of a hot dude, kiddo. God you looked gorgeous coming out of the waves. And that butt ..... wow!" Darius ran his hands down Jamie's back and clamped them over the hard mounds of his ass.

Jamie laughed good-naturedly, but his laughter was silenced by Darius's lips pressing impulsively against his. Instinctively Jamie put his arms loosely round Darius and the two boys held each other in the affectionate embrace of two good buddies.

But that's not the way Pablo saw it! As he ran closer he saw the bodies pressed together, saw the lips kissing and ...... most of all, saw his lover's hands locked over Jamie's ass as Darius ground his cock against his crotch. And Pablo saw nothing clearly after that. His anger took over ..... blinded him, consumed him. Irrational his fury may have been, but it drove Pablo forward with the howl of an enraged animal.

There is no strength like that of a wounded animal. Pablo screamed at Darius, "Take your hands off him," and he launched himself at Darius, heaving him off of Jamie. He shoved Jamie away hard and the boy fell on his back stunned, floundering in the surf. Pablo's eyes blazed at Darius, he pulled back and drove his fist onto his jaw. Darius staggered backward but somehow managed to stay on his feet. Dazed and not quite sure what was happening he just knew he had to defend himself.

Ironically it was Pablo himself who had taught his lover the moves he needed as self-protection. Darius launched himself forward and instantly the two were struggling in the surf, rolling over, flailing, punching, Pablo screaming curses and Darius yelling desperately for him to calm down. Darius was taller and heavier than Pablo and eventually had him pinned on his back. As he held him down he pleaded with him to cool it.

"What the fuck are you doing, man?" he yelled. "You've completely flipped out. You've gone fucking crazy." But that made Pablo struggle even harder and Darius had to resort to force again.

Randy and Zack saw and heard what was happening up ahead. Randy sprinted forward and saw Darius kneeling over Pablo, punishing him with heavy blows to the stomach and chest. His boy was being beaten! The same irrational rage that had seized Pablo now coursed through every fiber of Randy's body. He reached down to Darius's shoulder, pulled him up bodily and slammed his fist into his stomach. As he doubled over he pulled his head up by the hair and began slamming the back of his hand against his face from side to side.

"You hurt my boy, mother-fucker," he screamed. "I'll kill you for that!"

Zack was the last to reach the scene and all he saw was his boy being thrashed by Randy. "Let him go!" he howled, leapt forward and tackled Randy down to the wet sand. They locked in combat, rolling over in the sand, struggling to gain the upper hand.

Jamie shook his head, regained his senses, staggered to his feet, and was horrified by what he saw. It was a scene of chaos and carnage as Randy and Zack fought with each other, and Pablo and Darius traded blows in the surf. At first Jamie froze, panicked, helpless. His mind flew to Mark. God, he wished he was here. He would have handled it. What would he have done? He envisaged the powerful cop in command, taking charge. Then he knew.

Jamie took a deep breath, yelled as loud as he could, and heard the bellowing single command come from his own mouth ...... "Freeze!" The roar drowned out the wind and the waves, and the shouts of the battling men. The word was the command of a cop, a trigger word, so authoritative that the men did indeed freeze. The fighting stopped suddenly and they all lay on the sand staring up at the young source of the command.

"Stop!" yelled Jamie. "You've all gone mad. You're mad at each other for no reason. Nothing happened ..... it's just your anger. That's all it is. It's making you crazy." His boldness began to crumble and his voice faltered. "Please stop it, guys. This was such a great trip and now ..... now ......"

Zack was the first to leap to his feet and put his arms round Jamie. "It's OK, kid, it's all over ..... thanks to you. You did great, Jamie. Mark would be real proud of you."

The other three men struggled to their feet, breath heaving, and tried to regroup, coming to grips with what had just happened. It was Zack who took charge. "OK, Darius, Pablo, shake hands." Shamefaced they looked at each other, held out their hands and came together in a bearhug.

"Man, I'm sorry," said Pablo. "I totally blew it. I saw you two and ..... my anger just kind of flared up. I wasn't thinking straight. You know I love you, dude. God, I'm sorry."

"You OK, Jamie?" Zack asked.

"Sure, sir," Jamie managed to smile. "No bones broken, as Mark would say."

Zack grasped his shoulder. "I'm gonna make sure Mark hears about this, kid ..... how you took charge. He's gonna love you for this." Then Zack turned to Randy. "You ..... come with me. We gotta talk."

Randy walked back along the beach with Zack without a word. He knew what had happened. He had lost his cool again, his anger had taken over. He had acted on impulse and fucked everything up ...... as he had done so often in the past.

"Shit, man," Zack said, "I thought all this was over. After everything you've done, after all the guys you've beaten up..... and especially after the way you whipped and thrashed Bob, the man you love ..... I thought you were over this. But your anger is still out of control, man. You're a fucking time bomb ...... a danger to others and to yourself."

"I know, Zack," Randy murmured lamely.

"And what about your boy? God he's so like you, the same uncontrollable streak of anger. You're both cut from the same cloth. You both need real heavy therapy, you know that?"

"I know, man," Randy said again.

Zack was steamed. "I don't get it. After the episode with Bob I thought Mark set you up with your therapist Steve again for an anger management session. Didn't he make an appointment for you?"

"I never went," said Randy, with a guilty look.

"Shit damn. Now listen, asshole. If you don't get back into therapy .... you and your boy ..... I'm gonna take Darius away, and I'll suggest to Mark that he does the same with Jamie. We can't trust you, man. Who are you gonna beat up next?"

Randy stopped and looked at Zack. "Look, buddy. I never apologize ..... but I am now. I apologize to you and your boy. And I promise you, this time I'll go see Steve. And I'll take Pablo with me."

"And this time you won't slug your therapist?"

Randy grinned. "Try not to."


That evening Zack and Randy took the boys to dinner at a small restaurant in Guadalupe, and it didn't take long for the group to recover from the afternoon's dramatic turn of events. They were a resilient bunch and the boys especially were irrepressible. Good-naturedly they rehashed the details of the fight, each one telling the other the moves he should have used.

"I had you down good," boasted Darius. "You were finished, admit it."

"Like hell I was," Pablo protested. "You didn't have your grip locked tight enough. If Randy hadn't shown up I'd have powered out of that easily and then I'd have whipped your ass."

"Guys," Zack said. "I know you're juiced about the fight, but could we change the subject? Remember the old saying ...... make love, not war?"

But later that night Randy and Pablo revisited the same topic. They had thrown down a big blanket in the dunes and had decided to sleep in the open as the night was warm, while the others stayed in the shack. Randy had his arm round Pablo as they looked up at the stars.

Pablo sighed. "I guess I messed up real bad today, sir, didn't I?"

"You and me both, kid. We both lost our cool and now we're both in the doghouse."

"No one I rather share the doghouse with than you, sir."

"Asshole," Randy smiled. "Seriously though, kiddo, things have come to a head. No fooling around this time. We both have to go through anger therapy with Steve. You gonna be OK with that?"

"Sure, sir. Steve is a hunk. Of course he is ..... he looks so much like you. It'll be hot seeing him again."

"I mean it, kid ..... no fooling around. We both have to take it serious when we meet him."

There was a silence and Pablo smiled as he looked up at the sky. "You gonna do a number on the therapist again, sir?"

"What the fuck's that supposed to mean?"

Pablo turned his head and looked at the rugged face beside him. The boy had a mischievous look in his eye and his trademark crooked grin on his face. "I mean, rough him up a bit, like you did last time, sir ..... and the time before that."

"Hmm ......" Randy flashed a roguish grin at his boy. His mind went back to his last couple of encounters with Steve, when he had fucked his ass both times .... let him know who was boss. Then he caught himself and snapped back to reason.

"Fuck you, kid, I'm serious." But then his grin returned. "You know, you're bad for me ..... lead me astray. And come to think of it, fucking you is not such a bad idea. Come here, kiddo," and Pablo rolled into his arms.


Back at the house Bob and Mark had got the whole story from Zack on the phone ..... the fight and Randy's promise of anger therapy. He also made much of how Jamie had been so authoritative and stopped the fight with his "Freeze."

"I knew the kid had it in him," Mark said to Bob, his eyes shining with pride. "Gotta think of a reward for that boy when he gets home."

"And in the meantime ....." Bob smiled.

"Yeah, in the meantime, the twins. Buddy, you sure about this? I mean, we're all content with one boy, and you're the only guy in the world I can think of who deserves two. But that's quite a handful."

"I know, Mark, but ..... somehow ..... they move me. I think they have the makings of great young kids. But I need your help with the final act of breaking them in. They're waiting for us in my room. You ready?"

"Lead on, stud."

When they entered Bob's bedroom they looked down at the bed and tears came to Bob's eyes. The twins were lying there naked, gripping each other's hands, with a look of nervous excitement in their eyes.

They knew what was going to happen to them..... for the first time in their young lives.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength ...... Part 88"


Rob Williams

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