Dinner was the usual mix of rowdy banter and laughter ..... except that this time there was one new and subtle feature. Anyone with antennae fine-tuned enough to catch such nuances would have noticed a special connection that evening between Bob and the young twins. The twins' meal service was immaculate as always but when they came to serve Bob there was an extra deference as they made level eye contact and held his gaze. Always kind and considerate, Bob now seemed especially attentive to the two young boys.

Bob was well aware of the reason for all this. Earlier, the twins had tried to run away from the house and Bob had guessed correctly that there had to be some secret reason behind it. But he was amazed to hear that the reason centered on him, and their hesitant words kept running through his mind.

"Sir," Kyle had said, "you told us when we came here that nobody would ask us to have sex with us and we shouldn't think about it. But we can't help it, sir ....... I mean, sir, we've never met anyone like you. You are so incredibly beautiful, sir ..... your face, your body ..... and you're just so..... perfect ..... and gentle and kind and ......"

He ran out of words so Kevin took over. "Sir, sex for us has always been something we did to survive. We've never ...... like ..... well, wanted anyone ..... loved anyone. Except each other. But now ..... well ..... at night we talk about you all the time and ..... and we jerk off thinking about you. We can't help it. We're not really sure what love feels like but we think we might be in love with you, sir. And we know that's wrong, that you would forbid it, but we can't help it and ......and that's why we left, sir .... 'cause we knew you would send us away if you found out."

Taken aback by this revelation, Bob knew he was treading on delicate ground. The twins had so far had a difficult path to travel in their young lives. Inseparable, devoted to each other, they had kept their distance from others. Homeless and broke, they traded in the only currency they had ..... their sexuality. So sex had always been simply a means to an end ..... a form of self-protection. But now, it seemed, they were infatuated with Bob, thought they "might be in love with him." That was a stunner. Bob felt a real affection with these fragile young guys, but ...... he had to step carefully through what could be an emotional minefield.

Still, it had to be confronted, so Bob had said to them, "Guys, I have no idea where this all goes from here on. But why don't we find out? Later tonight, after dinner, I'll come down to visit you in your room and we'll see. OK?"


Of course, as always Bob confided in Randy as they sat in their bedroom after dinner. And Randy was surprisingly encouraging ...... even had a sparkle in his eye. "Buddy, could be just what you need," he said. "And if anyone can tiptoe round a situation like this it's you. Just don't forget ....." he grinned seductively "...... when you're finished in the basement with the twins I'll be waiting for you right here. And you know how horny I get just thinking about you."

"Yeah," Bob smiled, "but first things first." He went to his closet and thought carefully. He pulled on jeans, then a white tank top and a sleeveless plaid shirt over it, but remained barefoot.

As Bob looked at himself in the mirror Randy grinned at him. "Dressing for success, I see. You know how hot you look in that. You've got this all worked out haven't you?"

"Absolutely not. I have to be real careful not to damage these kids. They've been damaged enough already. All I can do is feel my way .... take it one step at a time. But I do know the first step ...... put them at their ease, make them relax. And there's one sure-fire way to do that."

"Go for it, tiger."


Bob tapped at the basement door and went in. He had been right about the twins' need to relax. They were standing stiffly, nervously together, almost at attention. Bob was moved to see they had chosen to be shirtless, wearing just their shorts. It must have been a conscious decision. "Hmm," Bob thought, "maybe this will be easier than I thought."

He flashed them a smile and said, "Hi, guys. Don't' you look great tonight!" And he wasn't just flattering them. Their bodies were slim but perfectly proportioned, with the smooth-toned velvet skin of youth. And the nervousness in their faces could not detract from their handsome features, perfect bone structure, high cheek bones and soft brown eyes ....... wide with anticipation right now.

"Now I want you to relax," Bob said. "Sit together on the bed. Lie back if you like ..... just so you're comfortable."

Hesitantly they lay back on the bed, propped up by pillows. They gazed at him as if he had just stepped off another planet, which in their limited world was not far from the truth. Bob realized that staring back at them would only make them more nervous, so he turned and walked around the room. Used partly as a gym, it was lined with mirrors so he had a good view of himself from all sides. He rand his hands over the plaid shirt, feeling his solid chest underneath, then undid a couple of buttons so the white tank became visible.

He heard a soft gasp from the bed and knew he was on the right track. He raised his arms and stretched, flexing his biceps, and one side of the shirt pulled free of the waist. He turned to face the bed, but still looked at his own reflection in the mirror behind it. He undid more buttons until his shirt was open all the way, one side hanging loose. He ran his hands over the tank stretched over his chest and as his fingers grazed his nipples he sighed deeply.

Finally he looked down briefly at the twins who were gazing up at him in wide-eyed awe. Their fists were clenched by their sides on the bed.

"It's OK, guys," he smiled. "I know what you want to do. That's just fine. Go ahead." He expected them to pull their dicks out of their shorts, but it was his turn to be surprised. Instead, each one reached over to his brother. Each pushed his hand inside the other boy's shorts, pulled out his rock-hard cock and started to stroke it slowly. They were masturbating each other!"

Bob was surprised to find how much that that turned him on, and his own cock grew rigid in his jeans. But his eyes travelled back up to the mirror, then he pulled his shirt free and shrugged it off. Now the gasps from the bed were loud as the twins gazed up at this god-like man, dressed only in jeans and tank. His muscular shoulders and arms gleamed and the thin cotton of the shirt stretched tight over his sculpted torso.

Bob knew how good he looked and used it. He put his hands on his hips and flexed his shoulders in a bodybuilder pose. Then, with his hands behind is head he pushed his elbows forward, making his pecs flex hard. Although he kept his eyes on his own mirror reflection he was aware that the twins' breathing was heavier and that they were jerking each other's cock much faster.

Bob sensed that they were close and knew what would put them over the edge. One of his hands rested lightly on the crotch of his jeans while the other arm reached behind his neck and he pulled at the back of his tank. Slowly it rose up over his body ..... his waist, chest, lats. He paused at the top, then pulled the shirt clean off and flung it to the floor. Stripped to the waist he looked magnificent and he heard gasps as the twins inhaled sharply and held their breath.

He lowered his gaze to look at the boys and was again in for a surprise. As they pumped each other's cock frantically their eyes were riveted on him, but their bodies turned slightly inward toward each other and each boy pointed his brother's cock at himself. They did not utter a sound as their bodies jolted and two long streams of white liquid blasted over them from each other's cock. Mesmerized by the spectacle of this muscle-god towering over them, they were shooting their loads over each other.

Bob had rarely seen anything as erotic as these two identical twins being bathed in each other's cum. Throughout their breathless orgasms they gazed at him as if in a trance, until their cocks finally came to rest.


Bob's own cock was rigid in his jeans but that was not his focus right now as he carefully watched the reactions of the twins. They finally lowered their eyes away from Bob and were blushing a deep red. Now that their orgasms were spent they were embarrassed, confused ..... but elated as never before. They had no idea what to do next until they heard Bob's encouraging voice.

"That was terrific, you guys. You were sensational. I wanted you to cum right away so you would relax and we can talk a bit." He sat by the bed and tried to adopt a matter-of-fact tone. "If it's OK to ask, is that how you usually have sex?"

Reassured by his steady voice they found the nerve to look at him and their blushes faded. "Most of the time," Kyle said. "Jerking each other off. Never looking at you like that, sir, of course ....." ".......but thinking about you, sir," Kevin added.

Bob was on the point of asking how they had sex the rest of the time, but he felt that was too intrusive. Time for that later maybe. Instead, he walked over to the small fridge in the corner and pulled out three beers. And in a few minutes they were drinking and talking as the twins slowly overcame their shyness.

"OK," Bob smiled. "I asked you a personal question, now it's your turn. There must be something you want to know."

They looked briefly at each other, and it was Kevin who spoke. "Yes there is, sir. Kyle and me were wondering. Sir, what does it mean to be someone's boy? We've known a few guys who called themselves rent boys. Is that the same thing?"

"Absolutely not," Bob said firmly. "A rent boy is someone who hires himself out for money. But when a man chooses a young guy to be his boy, that's something entirely different." He saw the puzzled look on their faces and launched into an explanation. "First, the master and the boy have to love each other. The master takes care of his boy, protects him, teaches him, trains him, and has sex with him whenever the master wants.

The twins were listening with rapt attention. "And what about the boy, sir?" asked Kyle.

"The boy promises to obey his master at all times, do just as he is told and never, ever lie to him. If he steps out of line he gets punished, and you saw earlier today how Randy punished Pablo big-time for attacking Jamie. But Pablo is real tough, like Randy. In fact a boy often becomes a lot like his master."

"You mean," said Kevin, "Pablo is a real good fighter like Randy?"

"Well, yeah. See, Randy is the boss in this house and Pablo sees himself as a boss too. That's why he was rough on you at first, until he realized that was wrong. As for Mark, he is a cop, sure, but he is fair and kind, just like Jamie has become, as you saw for yourselves."

"And they're both incredibly handsome, sir."

"That they are," grinned Bob. "As for Darius, he has calmed down a lot since he became Zack's boy. He used never to take anything seriously, used to fantasize a lot more than he does now. He still has fantasies, of course. In fact, I'm sure he fantasizes about you two."

There was a silence as the twins took all this in. Then something dawned on Kyle and he looked quizzically at Bob.

"Sir, why don't you have a boy, sir?"

Bob laughed. "Just haven't found the right guy, I guess. Not yet, anyway."

"Sir," Kyle persisted. "Are you Randy's boy?"

Bob's laughter was louder this time. "Hell, no! Do I look like a boy? No, what Randy and I have is something much different. He's the boss, sure, but our relationship is .... well ..... it's complicated ....... someday I'll try to explain it to you."

Bob fell silent as his mind drifted off to Randy waiting for him upstairs in their room. All this talk of masters and relationships made him realize, for the millionth time, how much he needed Randy. He needed him right now. After this placid conversation with these mild-mannered boys Bob suddenly needed something rougher, needed to feel Randy possess him as only he could. But first there was one more thing he needed to do with the twins ..... to do for them.


Bob stood up and Kevin blurted out, "Are you leaving, sir?"

"Well, I do have to go soon, but there is one more thing I want to show you. I'm gonna help you do something that I bet you've never done before." He grinned. "It's kind of a specialty of the house. But you have to trust me."

"Oh we do, sir," Kevin said earnestly.

"One word of advice. Be very careful before you trust anyone as quickly as that. But here's the thing. If at any time you want to stop you have to tell me and we'll stop right away. OK?" He walked over to the closet and pulled two pieces of rope from the black bag there. "Now, I think you may have become a bit too dependent on each other when it comes to sex, always jerking each other off when you want to cum. I'll show you there are other ways. So sit up, take your shorts off and put your hands behind your back."

They obeyed instantly and Bob quickly tied their wrists tightly behind them. Then gently he pushed them back to where they were before, lying propped on the pillows, naked now, looking up at him. He was amazed at how readily they acquiesced without question, even though they were now helpless before him, hands tied behind them. They obviously trusted him implicitly, a faith in him that Bob found daunting.

Bob turned round and walked over to the chin bar hanging from the ceiling. He jumped up, grabbed it, and did a succession of quick, easy chin lifts. Once again, he knew how great he looked stripped down to his jeans. As he pulled himself upward the jeans eased down a bit, revealing the top of his white shorts above the waistband. His torso bulged and flexed as his muscular body rose up and down.

The sight was magnificent and the twins reflexively tried to touch each other's cocks, but they were surprised that they couldn't. So focused were they on the stunning bodybuilder that they had almost forgotten their hands were tied behind them. They pulled hard, trying to get free. The sight of them roused Bob as he watched the naked twins' beautiful, smooth bodies twist and struggle in unison, their faces wincing with the effort. Their cocks were standing straight up, rigid.

Bob dropped down from the bar, walked forward and stood at the foot of the bed looking down at them. Slowly he unbuttoned his jeans and eased them down over his shorts until they fell to the floor. The twins looked up at the muscle-stud, naked now except for his shorts, his body flexed from the brief exercise, and their struggles became more desperate.

"Please, sir," Kyle breathed. "Please, you look so beautiful, we have to touch our cocks. Please, sir, let us touch each other. We want to cum again, sir."

"You want me to stop?"

"No," they both shouted, desperate for it not to stop. Kevin said, "But we really, really want to cum again, sir."

"You will," Bob smiled. "Trust me."

He knelt on the edge of the bed, leaned forward and ran his fingers over their chests, one hand on each of them. Their eyes opened wide and their bodies jolted as the muscle-god loomed over them and they felt his hands caress their chests and then ..... oh god ..... brush their nipples. The electricity running through their bodies gave them added strength and they tugged harder at their restraints, chafing their wrists. Now Bob squeezed their nipples lightly and they gasped.

"No!" Kyle yelled. "Please no, sir. We can't take it, sir. We have to touch ourselves. We have to cum, sir. Please stop."

Bob took his fingers off their nipples and said, "You want to stop?"

"No!" they both screamed again. "Please don't stop."

Bob squeezed their nipples again, harder this time, increasing the pressure until he yanked his hands back and the two faces screamed, unsure if they felt pain or pleasure. Their cocks were shuddering, desperate to release their loads, and Bob knew the time was approaching. He got to his feet and once again stood looking down at them. He smiled. "You OK, guys?"

"Oh, sir," said Kevin in a wild delirium he had never felt before. "You are so beautiful, sir. We've never seen anything like that. But we want so badly to shoot our load sir. Please release us. Please help us."

"OK," Bob said. "You asked for it guys. You look so hot lying there together. I think we're gonna have good times together. And this is just the beginning." He put his hands under the waistband of his shorts, pushed them down to the floor and his thick cock sprang free. For the first time he stood before them naked. Their frenzy reached a pitched as once again they pulled helplessly at their bound wrists, their bodies bucking and twisting with rage and frustration.

Bob knew it was time to end their agony. As he gazed at their beautiful young bodies straining before him his cock was rock hard. He began to stroke it and knew it would not be long. The boys could not believe their eyes. It was a living fantasy as they saw the naked bodybuilder ..... gorgeous, spectacular ...... standing over them beating his meat. They were in a dream world, hallucinating as they gazed up at the incredible sight. Then they heard the voice.

"You ready guys? Are you gonna shoot your load for me? You're gonna do it? Just for me?"

"Yes, sir ..... yes, sir," they shouted. They held their breath as they saw the muscle-stud hold his cock still, saw the muscles of his body flex, saw his face jerk backward.

"Here it comes, guys. Feel it ..... feel my hot juice on you."

They saw the huge cock explode, saw a huge stream of semen blast from the cock and slam into their faces then onto their chests, first one boy, then the other. Their bodies shuddered, they felt as if they were on fire, and in perfect synchrony their own cocks erupted over themselves. They were drowning .... drowning in cum ..... and it was the most spectacular moment of their lives. Dimly they saw the beautiful man above them, his body rigid as his cock blasted stream after stream of juice over them.

Their bodies went limp with exhaustion. Their struggles were over. At first, as they regained their senses, they couldn't understand why they felt so drained, so relaxed, so .... blissfully happy. And then they realized they had shot their loads in the most spectacular orgasms of their young lives. They man they now looked on as God had emptied his semen over them .... anointed them ...... like a baptism. And they, for the first time ever, had shot their loads without touching themselves in a breathtaking, spontaneous orgasm.


Dimly they were aware of a body kneeling over them, of hands behind them untying the ropes that bound them. They opened their eyes and saw the most beautiful face in the world gazing down at them. It smiled a dazzling smile. And they heard the voice.

"See, I told you there was another way. You like that?"

They gazed up at him, incapable of speech. They pulled their arms free, regained their breath and finally found their voice. "Sir," said Kevin. "Could we ..... would it be alright if we ..... touched you?"

Bob smiled at them and held out his arms. "Here I am." Tentatively at first, fearful their touch would break the spell, they reached up and touched Bob's chest with the tips of their fingers. They grew bolder and ran their hands over his chest, up over the shoulders, down over the muscular arms and then stroked the hard, washboard abs. They threw caution to the winds and ran their fingers lightly over his beautiful face, feeling his features, like a blind man seeing a face for the first time. Now there was no doubt at all ..... no "might be" about it. The twins were helplessly in love.

Suddenly Bob broke free and stood up. Dismay filled their eyes, panic almost, as Kyle said. "Are you leaving us, sir?"

Bob laughed lightly. "I have to, guys. But I've gotta tell you, that was spectacular sex. And it won't be the last. Like I said, this is only the beginning. We've got a long way to go and it's gonna be a great ride. You up for that?"

"Yes, sir!" they said in unison.

"Look at you," Bob laughed. "Your bodies are soaked with cum ..... a lot of it mine. Now here's what you do. You don't wipe any of it off. When I go you're gonna hug each other, feel the cum between your bodies, joining you together. And when you jerk off ..... and you'll jerk off a lot tonight ..... think of me. And imagine what you want me to do with you next time."

Bob picked up his clothes from the floor and headed for the door. When he looked back the twins were already tight in each other's arms. A wave of emotion swept over him of a kind he had never felt before .... a blend of sympathy, affection, fascination, and a whole new kind of loving. He felt an overwhelming need to protect these young boys, help them, nurture them, teach them. Suddenly, with a jolt of recognition, he realized that he had heard these very words earlier, coming out of his own mouth.

They were the words he had used to described what a master feels for his boy.


"Well look at you!" Randy was lying on the bed and smiled broadly as Bob walked in, wearing just his shorts and carrying the rest of his clothes. "You've got a glow about you that could set the room on fire. You look fucking gorgeous, man. A great first date, by the look of you."

Bob was still a bit dazed. "They're really something special, Randy, you know that? There's something about them ...... I dunno ..... something ......"

" ...... something that brings out your protective instincts, maybe?" Randy asked.

"Well yeah, now that you mention it. Shit, you know me so well. I suppose you know what comes next."

"Hell, yes. Let's see, you've been with two nervous, fresh-faced young boys, playing the mentor, the teacher. But now you want something different, an antidote ..... a bit of rough. You want a man to dominate you. In short, old buddy, you need to get your ass fucked raw."

"Asshole!" But suddenly Bob realized that was exactly what he wanted. He dropped his shorts and fell onto the bed, into the powerful arms of the man he lived for.


In the days to come there was a lightness in the house that everyone felt. They were all a little in love with Bob and were happy to see him so happy. The glow Randy had mentioned was still glowing and everyone waited to see what would come next.

As it turned out, nothing much happened for several days between Bob and the twins, though their special connection was now obvious to all, and the twins had an added poise and ease about them as they continued to work around the house and serve great meals.

Pablo made good on his promise take to the twins under his wing, working with them in the gym and showing them a few martial arts moves to boost their masculine egos. The effort was very good for Pablo's own ego and Randy was proud of his boy as he watched him grow into the role of mentor for two young guys who were still feeling their way in their new world.

"You're doing great, kiddo," Randy said to him. "I can see they really look up to you. A bit better than beating them up, don't you think?" Pablo blushed, still ashamed of his previous behavior, and Randy took pity on him. "Why don't you show them around the construction sites? It's about time they got to know what the hell we do in this company."

The tour was a great success and Pablo was in his element as he moved easily among the various crews, greeting the workers and introducing the twins to them. He enjoyed impressing the twins when he showed them the heavy equipment he did maintenance work on. Kyle especially was intrigued by the various machines and vehicles and asked a lot of smart questions.

"If you like," offered Pablo, "I'll bring you here one day soon and you can give me a hand while I work. Maybe we'll make a mechanic out you," Pablo grinned, and he was surprised at the enthusiasm Kyle showed to this suggestion.

The work week was coming to an end and Randy came up with an idea. He suggested to Zack that they should take the boys up the coast to Zack's shack in the Guadalupe dunes for a weekend break. "After everything that went down between Pablo and Jamie it would be good for them to spend some down time together, relax on the beach. Be a bit crowded but I don't think they'll mind that." He grinned. "Probably turn them on, more like it."

Zack was all for it as he had been thinking of taking Darius up there, so it would be great to take the whole group. Randy had another ulterior motive too. He knew that Bob had an important business lunch at a client's house on Sunday so he would have to stay home, but Randy reckoned that a weekend with the twins was all it would take for Bob to seal the deal with them once and for all.

As it turned out, Mark had a couple of shifts to work that weekend so he couldn't go with the group either. He spoke to Jamie to make sure he had no problem with that. "It'll be great for you to get away with the other boys, kiddo, and you have my permission to do anything you like with any one of the guys. Now I'll be here with Bob and the twins and I don't want you getting all insecure and thinking I'm dumping you for someone else."

"No fear of that, sir. I'm over that." Jamie grinned cheekily. "And you have my permission to do anything you like with any one of the guys."

"Now don't get smart with me, boy," laughed Mark. "And get this straight. The minute you get home I'm gonna want to fuck your ass. You got that?"

Jamie saluted. "Loud and clear, sir."


The guys' departure early on Saturday morning was quite a circus. It had been decided that Randy, Zack and three boys would all go together in Randy's big truck and the boys were so high-spirited and rowdy that Bob said the truck looked more like a clown car.

Randy hugged him goodbye. "I'll miss you, buddy. And remember, you're free to do whatever you want ..... with Mark or the twins. My jealous days are over ..... just so long as I have you to myself when I get back." He squeezed Bob's ass, then jumped into the truck and they were off.

When they had finally left, a sudden silence descended on the house and Bob breathed a sigh of relief. The twins decided, now that the guys had all gone, that this would be a good time to give their rooms a thorough clean so they got to work. Bob had work to do in his office to prepare for the next day's meeting and Mark was not due home from the night shift until mid-morning.

After a couple of hours Bob heard the gate open and saw Mark come in, still in his uniform. Bob went to Mark's room and they looked at each other a bit shyly. "So, here we are," Bob said. "Just the two of us .... except for the two cute boys taking care of us."

"You really like those guys, don't you? Mark said.

"I do .... a lot. And I've a feeling that this weekend you'll be able to help me with a little plan I have."

He watched as Mark stripped off his uniform. He unbuckled the belt and it dropped heavily to the floor, with all its cop paraphernalia. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, and Bob took a deep breath as he saw the gleaming white T-shirt stretched over the bulge of his chest. Then the T-shirt came off and, stripped to the waist, Mark stretched and twisted his head from side to side to get out all the kinks from the stress he had built up on the night shift.

Bob shook his head. "Officer, you are one gorgeous hunk. Like we always say ...... the most beautiful cop ever to straddle a Harley?"

"Yeah, a lot of good that does me now with my boy gone. That Harley under me all night makes me horny as hell and I always fuck his sweet ass when I get home."

Bob grinned. "Have to find a substitute, I guess."

"Is that an offer?" Mark asked. "Come on man, let's go for a swim."

Half an hour later they pulled themselves out of the pool and fell on their stomachs on two chaises. They both sighed contentedly as they felt the hot midday sun warm their naked bodies. They turned their heads to face each other. They didn't speak .... didn't need to. They both knew what the other was feeling, both felt the heat of the sun, both felt their dicks getting hard under them.

Mark's eyes travelled down from Bob's stunning face, over his muscular back, down to the dip at his slim waist where a small pool of sweat had gathered. His eyes rose up to the perfect mounds of his ass and, as always, he gazed at it in awe. "You know I want it, man. I have to have it. You know that."

"Go for it, stud," Bob said lazily.

Mark heaved himself to his feet and stood at the foot of Bob's chaise gazing down at the beautiful white ass. He fell forward with his arms out straight, and his hands hit the chaise on either side of Bob's head. His body was poised over Bob with his rigid cock pointing straight down at his ass. He paused for mere seconds then lowered himself so his cock entered the moist hole, then slid in easily all the way down into the warm depths of his body. His body rested on top of Bob, two muscle-gods pressed together.

"God, that feels incredible, Mark. I love you, man, you know that. Please, sir, fuck my ass."

And Mark did just that, pulling up then easing his cock deep inside again. The head of his dick passed over the hard muscle of the inner sphincter and the two beautiful men sighed with shared pleasure. Gently, repeatedly, Mark caressed the willing ass until he suddenly said, "I've gotta see that face, man. I wanna look into the eyes of the gorgeous man I'm fucking."

Without pulling his cock all the way out Mark flipped Bob's legs over until he was square on his back. He grabbed his ankles, pushed them backward and again his long cock sank into the velvet ass. It was not rough, just a slow gentle movement back and forth as they both felt a warmth begin at their groin and suffuse their entire bodies.

They were making glorious love, with a passion that was all-consuming. They gazed into each other's eyes, the dark, handsome features of one and the blonde, god-like beauty of the other. They smiled at each other .... no words. After many minutes Mark leaned forward and lowered his face to Bob's. "Now, buddy? You want it now? You want to feel my juice inside you?"

"Oh yeah. Please, cum inside my ass. Now!"

And together they felt their semen rising from their balls, through their pulsing cocks, and pouring out of them ..... Mark inside his buddy's ass, and Bob gushing between their heaving bodies. They were joined in a physical passion and an emotional intensity that bordered on spiritual. Finally, spent, their bodies and their mouths pressed together and they were still.


But passion was not theirs alone. At an upstairs window two young faces look down in amazement. The twins had been cleaning the bedrooms and happened to glance down to the garden. They stopped working and watched the two naked men, hardly breathing, hardly able to believe their eyes. They had never seen two men fuck before. It was electrifying. Instinctively each one reached across to the other boy's pants, pulled out his cock, and began stroking it. Masturbating each other, mesmerized by the scene below, it took only seconds for them to shoot their loads, two streams of white juice running down the window until it obscured the view.


Later in the afternoon Bob asked the twins, "What's this?" as he as he looked down at the kitchen table.

"Well, sir," said Kyle, clearing his throat nervously. "You said you and the police officer wanted an early dinner in here, so we set the table."

"But you've set only two places." He smiled at them. "Guys, you don't get it do you? You're joining us at meals from now on. You're part of the family. You're not servants, though you do have a job just like the other boys do. Yours is to take care of the house and cook for us, and I'll pay you wages. Not much at first, but enough to give you some independence."

And so there were four for dinner. But once again Bob sensed a reticence in the twins as they sat with them. They looked furtively at Mark, then at Bob, and he detected a slight blush on their cheeks. Bob raised his eyebrows at Mark, then said to the twins, "OK, guys, what's up? I can always tell when something's bothering you. And no pussyfooting around. Just come right out with it and tell me the truth."

The twins looked at each other and it was Kevin who spoke. "Sir, we ..... we were upstairs cleaning the bedrooms and ......we couldn't help it but we ..... we saw you down by the pool."

They dropped their eyes in embarrassment and there was silence for a few seconds. Then Bob threw his head back and laughed, and Mark joined in. "Hell, is that all?" Bob said as he regained his breath. "So you saw Mark and me making love ...... he was fucking me. Better get used to seeing that kind of thing around this house, guys. You've seen men fuck before, haven't you?"

"No, sir ...... never," said Kyle. Kevin jumped in, "Oh, we knew guys did that, sir. Some men wanted to do it to us or asked us to do it to each other, but we said no ...... we could never ........ "

"Never?" asked Mark. "You've never had another guy's dick inside you?" Then his voice grew softer. "OK, but tell me something. What did you think when you saw us?"

"Well, sir," Kevin managed a shy smile. "As we watched we jerked each other off." He paused uncertainly, as if he wanted to say more.

Bob smiled at him. "What?"

Kevin took a deep breath and the question came: "Sir, what does it feel like to have a guy's cock in your ass?"

There was another silence as Bob and Mark both searched for words and failed. Finally Bob said, "Look guys. Tonight I have to have an early night and Mark and I will sleep together. We'll be gone all morning, but tomorrow afternoon I'll come down to your room and bring the officer here with me. Then maybe you'll understand, OK."

"Yes, sir," they replied together, and once again their eyes shone with nervous excitement.


As it happened, the next afternoon Bob and Mark both arrived back at the house at the same time. Bob, in his business suit, was home from his lunch meeting and Mark, in his police uniform, had just got off another shift. As they walked through the gate they were both struck by the unusual silence that had settled over the house.

"Jesus," Mark said. "Calm as a millpond. Where are the twins?"

"Waiting for us," Bob smiled. "I told them we'd go check on them in their room when we got home, remember? You sure you're ready for this, Mark?"

"Sure," Mark grinned. Just like we discussed. I'm all for it, so lead on. It's your show. You're the boss."

Wearing undershorts and white T-shirts the twins shot to their feet as the door to their basement room opened. As they saw Bob and Mark enter they gasped and instinctively gripped each other's hands in a reflex of excitement and nervous anticipation. They had never seen anything like this.

Before them stood two male icons, figures straight out of a fantasy, like the erotic drawings they had stashed under their bed. The handsome business executive, with the sculpted features of a Superman, whose dark suit, shirt and tie did nothing to hide his muscular physique underneath. And the stunning blonde cop in full uniform, square-jawed, broad shouldered, with the commanding presence of a god.

As the twins stood stock still, hypnotized by the incredible sight before them, they both felt their cocks growing stiff in their shorts. They saw the executive loosen his tie, saw the cop unbutton his black shirt and, as if in a dream, they heard Bob's deep voice.

"OK, guys. On the bed. You're about to become my boys"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength – Part 87"


Rob Williams

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