Chapter 19

The graphic image of Zack still loomed large in the memories of all the men and their boys. The breathtakingly beautiful, tall black stud, perfect body, stunning face, had left a lasting impression, even though he had met the group just briefly at the beach.

Randy saw him as a danger, a potential rival, and with good reason. Bob had fought against his attraction to Zack, but couldn't forget him, all alone in his remote shack in the dunes, nursing his grief at the loss of his wife, and his guilt at having cheated on her. Worse still, Zack admitted that he had cheated on her with another guy, for the first and only time in his life.

Bob's heart went out to him and a few days later, when he was driving back from a business meeting, he found himself drawn back to the shack. Their mutual lust was undeniable, but Bob explained that he belonged to Randy. Still, Zack said, 'You're about the most beautiful guy I've ever seen, Bob. Shit, I've only ever done it once with a guy but if you were free I'd.........'

They even talked of Zack coming to L.A. Bob said, 'As a matter of fact Randy just moved Darius over to be his assistant so there's a vacancy for site manager. That's the job you did before, right? But Randy does all the crew hiring.'

Zack laughed. 'And from what you say he'd give me a job the day hell freezes over.'

'Well, you've got our phone number.'


When he got home Bob told Randy that he had stopped by to see Zack and had a beer with him. 'And before you ask, no, he didn't fuck me.' Randy actually smiled and said. 'I know he didn't. I could tell.' And, to Bob's surprise, Randy dropped the subject. He seemed lost in thought.

Just as well, though, that there was the diversion of Bob taking Pablo to San Francisco for the weekend. When they came back Randy met them at the airport and, as the three men strolled toward the airport exit, Bob asked, 'Everything OK at the house, buddy?'

'Sure, calm as a mill-pond. Oh, by the way, we have a visitor.'

'Oh, yeah? Who?'

Without missing a beat Randy said, 'Zack. I just hired him. He's the new site manager. He's up in your office right now filling out the paperwork with Jamie.'

Bob stopped dead in his tracks. He was in shock, unable to believe what he had heard.

'What!? Zack! ...... you mean ...... Zack?'

'Yeah, that Zack. He phoned, came into town and I gave him the job.' He looked at Bob's stunned face. 'Why? It's what you wanted, isn't it.'

'Well, sure. It's terrific, but I never imagined that you ..... I mean you don't even ......' He stopped to collect his thoughts. Then he asked the obvious question. 'Why, Randy? Why?'

Randy threw his arm around his lover's shoulder as they walked out of the airport.

'Because I love you, man. Simple as that.'


With Pablo in the truck with them they didn't discuss Zack on the drive home, though his image, and his presence, hung heavy in the air. When the truck drew up at the gate Darius was there waiting for them. He looked in amazement at Pablo, who had insisted on wearing the smart dress clothes Bob had bought for him in San Francisco ..... coat, tie, the works. It was an attempt to clean up the grease-monkey from his usual dungarees and oil-streaked face.

Darius grinned. 'Hell dude, I almost didn't recognize you. Very classy. Guess I'll have to make an appointment with your secretary next time I want to fuck your ass.' He stood back and frowned. 'Nah, I still prefer the naked look. Come with me and see how long it takes me to get those clothes off you.'

As they walked to the gate Darius put his arm round Pablo's shoulder and the gossip began. 'Dude, you'll never guess who's here.' ...... 'I know! Jeez, who'd have thought ......' and they disappeared into the house.

Randy smiled at Bob. 'Buddy, I gotta thank you for everything you did for Pablo this trip. He's still the same tough young kid, but at least you showed him the other side of life. And he looks great. Now come downstairs to the gym with me. Something I gotta tell you.'

In the basement gym the two men faced each other and Bob waited for the explanation. 'OK, here's why,' said Randy. 'I knew right from the start how you felt about Zack. The man is fucking gorgeous and I could feel the vibe between you, the one you usually have for me. My first reaction was fear ..... of losing you. Then I realized, for the millionth time, how much I love you. And I made up my mind then and there, to give my man everything he wants.'

'So Zack called you?'

'Oh, he really wanted you, but I asked him to drive down anyway. And when he got here I could have just beaten the shit out of him and warned him to stay away. But there's an old saying, 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.' Not that he's an enemy. I think he's a terrific guy and he'll be a hell of a site manager. But first of all I have to square things away with him, make a few things clear ..... get to know him my way. We'll probably go out of town for a couple of days. After that I'm gonna let you spend the night with him.'

Bob looked startled. 'And something else too ....... I'm gonna let him fuck your ass. I know he's never done that but I also know he's the kind of guy will settle for nothing less. More important, I know you want it.'

There was a heavy silence as Bob gazed into Randy's eyes. He was blown away by what Randy had said. He always saw love, and lust, in those eyes but now he saw something far deeper, a love so profound that Randy was prepared to give him what he wanted, to offer him to another man. He also saw a kindness and wisdom there, born of his street smarts, probably, in his early life as head of a gypsy family. They were the same qualities Bob had seen in Randy's display of paternal warmth and love for his boy Pablo.

The man was incredible. Sure he could be arrogant, quick to anger, brutal when he dished out punishment. But now Bob was seeing another side of the big, rugged construction worker ..... affection, generosity and passion. Bob felt weak as he gazed at Randy in awe. He was totally, overwhelmingly in love with him .... and he needed to show it.

Bob sank to his knees. He was still dressed in his business clothes, still the suit-and-tie executive. But that didn't matter. He knew what he needed. He reached up to Randy's waist, and unbuttoned his jeans. He watched mesmerized as the long, thick, veined cock sprang out and grew quickly into a stiff rod. He looked up at Randy and said, 'Thank you, sir. I love you, sir.'

Then he pressed his lips on the head of the cock, pushed his face forward and let the thick shaft enter his mouth, slide downward, deeper and deeper until it came to rest far down in his throat. Bob had swallowed his master's cock and he let it rest inside him for a long time. Then he proceeded to give Randy the best blow job of his life. He pulled his face back until the head of the cock was between his lips, then fell forward, letting has master's shaft plunge deep inside him.

Randy moaned as he looked down at this spectacular man, this Superman face, pounding into his crotch, setting his cock on fire. This was his lover, his life, the man he worshipped. And he was on his knees before him. He was a proud, successful business executive, and here he knelt performing an act of total obedience, of total obsession.

Bob's throat was aching, raw, but he loved the pain. He loved swallowing his master's meat, loved the feel and smell of the sweaty pubic hair smashing into his face, loved the taste, the essence of the man he belonged to. He increased the rhythm, felt the cock bulging in his mouth, his throat, felt the throbbing pain in his jaws. His eyes streamed with tears ...... of pain and of joy. There was one thing he wanted now, more than anything in the world. He wanted to drink his master.

He worked hard, a labor of love, and soon he got desire. He heard Randy's deep moans of sheer ecstasy, looked up and saw the handsome, dark, demon face in a frenzy of animal pleasure, the blue eyes wide, thick black hair flying, face gleaming with sweat. He felt the huge cock pulse in his mouth, felt the surge of the liquid inside the shaft as it moved up from his groin. He heard his master scream, 'Now, man. NOW!' And deep inside his throat he felt the flood of semen erupt, pouring into him.

And so Bob drank his master. Hungrily he swallowed the creamy, sweet juice as it streamed into his throat. He gulped desperately, determined not to spill a drop. It was like drinking nectar, the juice he needed, the essence of his master, pouring inside him. It seemed never to stop. His throat was bruised, his jaws ached, his whole body was on fire as he swallowed stream after stream of the warm liquid spilling from his master.

Randy was flying, his body convulsing. He felt the throat muscles clench again and again round his cock as his lover swallowed the erupting liquid. It was as if the pulsing throat was squeezing the juice out of him in a never ending flood. Both men were in a trance as the spasms finally slowed, and then stopped.

Bob wanted to stay there forever, on his knees, worshipping his master, but finally he let the cock fall from his mouth. He swallowed the last drops in his mouth and slowly, painfully stood up to face the man he loved. Randy put his hands on either side of Bob's face and held it tight. He was smiling.

'That was the best fucking blow job I have ever had in my life, buddy. And now ..... now that you've shown me just how much you love me, you can go upstairs and say hello to Zack. Go see how Jamie's getting on with him.'


Bob found that his heart was pounding as he climbed the stairs. When he entered his office Jamie and Zack were sitting together, bent over papers and forms. They both stood up and, as Bob and Zack's eyes met, there was a moment of awkwardness that was mercifully broken by Jamie's eager voice.

'Hello, sir. I think I've done everything right. I had the gentleman fill out the employment application and the W-4 Form. We've just finished the contract ..... I used the standard contract that we've used before. We had just started on the insurance forms.'

'That all sounds perfect, Jamie. You've done great. Now, could you leave us for a few minutes? I need to speak to Zack. Come back in about ten minutes for the rest of the paperwork. I'm sure you're eager to talk to the guys.'

Jamie ran quickly out of the room, leaving silence behind him. Bob gazed at Zack. He looked amazing, dressed in black jeans, boots, and a white tank top that gleamed against the smooth, dark ebony skin of his muscular physique.

Smiling nervously Bob tried to break the ice. 'First time I've ever seen you with clothes on.' Then, impulsively he walked toward the tall black man to embrace him. But Zack forestalled him, holding out his arm stiffly for a handshake. Bob stopped, disappointed, and they shook hands.

'Has to be this way, buddy,' Zack said. 'See, Randy told me about the job's pay and benefits, but ...... well, he also made very clear that you are not one of the benefits. 'At least not yet,' he said, which I didn't understand.'

Bob smiled. 'I think I do. Randy always sets the agenda. He knows what he's doing.'

Zack changed the subject. 'So does that kid Jamie apparently. He seems to know his stuff.'

'Yeah he's turned out to be a great assistant for me. And Mark's nuts about him. Did you notice the tattoo Mark gave him?'

'Yeah, but I doubt that Greek God needs to brand a man to keep him.'

'No, but Jamie needed it. Did wonders for him. You should see him offer himself to Mark after the cop's been riding his Harley all day. Now that's quite a sight.'

The image made Zack's cock stir again and he said quietly, 'Yeah. I'd like to see that.'

The subject was getting too intimate and there was another awkward pause. Then Bob smiled. 'So, I guess I should say 'Welcome aboard,' or something like that.'

Zack rushed to explain. 'Hey man, just so you know, when I phoned I was expecting to speak to you. Needed to talk. Didn't know you were out of town. Jamie put me through to Randy who suggested I drive down here. Didn't know what to expect .... a warning maybe, a fight. But we talked a lot, mostly about construction, latest techniques, my past work as a site manager, importance of team building, stuff like that. And then, whammo, all of a sudden he offered me the job.

'And you took it.'

Zack gazed into Bob's eyes. 'Couldn't resist an opportunity like that, man.' Bob felt his dick get hard and noticed the bulge in Zack's pants. 'There's another thing. Until I get settled Randy offered to let me stay in your basement room ..... a kind of bedroom-cum-gym, he said. I didn't know how you'd feel about that.'

Again Bob felt a surge in his cock. 'Great,' he stammered. 'Great idea. Give you a chance to get to know us all.'

There was a knock on the door. It was Jamie. Bob was thankful for the interruption. 'Come in Jamie. Why don't you go through the rest of the paperwork? I need another word with Randy.'

'He's down in the gym, sir, waiting for you.'

Bob and Zack locked eyes, for a little too long, and then Bob left.


As always, Randy had a way of surprising Bob ... and turning him on. He had stripped down to shorts and an old tank top and was working out hard. As he did pull-ups the muscles in his shoulders and arms bulged, veins standing out, his lats flared in a wide V and his dark, handsome face gleamed with sweat. He dropped from the bar when Bob came in.

'So how did it go?' Randy grinned. 'Did he fuck you?'

Bob shook his head at Randy's joke. 'Jesus, man. We just talked, shook hands. He wouldn't even let me hug him.'

'Damn right,' Randy laughed. 'Not till I say he can.'

Bob gazed at the beautiful man standing smiling before him, body running with sweat. He was overwhelmed and pitched forward, falling into his master's arms. The surge of emotion in Bob overflowed in tears as their faces pressed together. 'God, I love you, man,' he sobbed.

'Then show me,' Randy said, holding him at arm's length. 'First of all, let me see you get out of those damn clothes.'

Bob took a few steps back and started to strip as Randy watched, his arms folded across his chest. Bob knew that this ritual always turned Randy on. He shrugged off the coat and loosened his tie. He stretched, upward, displaying the outlines of his bodybuilder physique under his shirt. Then he shed the tie and unbuttoned his shirt. He pulled it out of his waistband and threw it to the floor. Underneath was a white tank top, stretched over his sculpted chest. He knew he looked good and basked in Randy's hungry gaze.

Randy slowly shook his head. 'That's one reason I love the hell out of you man. You are so absolutely fucking gorgeous. God, look at you. I wanna see that chest.' He stepped forward, put both hands on the tank and, in one quick move, ripped it from Bob's body. 'Yeah, that's it fucker. That's how I like you.'

He stepped back and admired his lover, now stripped to the waist. 'OK, get naked.' Bob quickly kicked off his loafers, pulled off his socks and pants and stood naked before his master, his cock standing out hard as a rock.

Randy smiled at him. 'I love this, man. Just you and me, turning each other on. I could play like this all day.'

'Me too, sir. What do you want next, sir?'

'Well, after that sensational blow-job you gave me earlier it's time for me to make you shoot your load. Go sit in the chair over there.'

Bob settled back in the big chair in the corner and watched. As he had hoped, Randy continued his gym workout ...... bench presses, cable pulls, pushups, dumbbell flies. And every straining move outlined his breathtaking body even more perfectly, as the muscles pumped and flexed, pouring with sweat. Bob loved watching the handsome, rugged face crunch and twist in the pain of exertion. He could smell the stink of man-sweat.

'Oh, man,' Bob breathed. 'You are such a fucking turn-on .... such a gorgeous fucking stud.' Instinctively he reached for his own cock and started to stroke it. 'You're gonna make me shoot my load, man.'

'Oh, no! Not that easy, asshole.' Randy moved fast, picking up the shreds of Bob's tank and twisting it tight.

'Yes, sir,' Bob moaned. He knew exactly what to do and stretched his arms behind the chair, pressing his wrists together. In a few seconds Randy had bound them tight behind him with the tank, and stood back to admire his lover in bondage. The body was sensational as the shoulders and arms bulged with the strain of being stretched so tight behind the chair. The dark, square-jawed face looked up at his captor in helpless anticipation.

'That's it, man. Now you look perfect. Superman in bondage. And now it gets interesting.' Randy stood still, teasing Bob who held his breath, wondering what came next. He watched as Randy raised his arms and quickly pulled off his soaking wet tank. He stood for a moment, stripped down to his shorts. He smiled at Bob, walked forward closer to him, and then quickly dropped his shorts.

Bob gasped. Under the shorts Randy was wearing an old jock strap, stained with sweat, piss and old dry cum. Breathing deeply Bob could smell, almost taste, the rancid stink of the man's old juices. He saw the huge bulge of the rigid cock straining under the filthy cotton. 'No,' he gasped, straining to get free, his body writhing helplessly. 'Please, sir. Please let me touch you. Please untie me ..... just one arm so I can touch my cock. I'm begging you sir. I need to touch you.'

Randy threw his head back with a harsh laugh. 'You surely didn't think it'd be that easy, did you, asshole? We've a way to go yet, man, before I let you shoot your wad.'

Then Randy seemed to lose interest in him. He simply continued his workout. Bob watched in helpless agony as the incredible body put itself through a muscle-crunching routine. He watched the near-naked man hang from the chin bar, arms wide, veins etched in the straining muscles. Then came leg raises that flexed the chiseled eight-pack abs into bulging relief.

Most of all Bob could not take his eyes off the stained jock-strap, its wide band tight round the slim waist. The sweat streaming down the body soaked the thin cotton making it transparent so that even the veins in the rigid cock underneath were visible. Bob was beside himself, pleading, shouting obscenities as he strained to get free, to touch the man, to touch himself and relieve the agony of his straining, pent-up orgasm.

Then he went limp. 'Please, sir. I'm begging you now, sir. You own me, you can do anything to me, but I'm begging you, please let me cum.'

Randy stopped exercising and said. 'And why should I do that, asshole?'

Bob looked up into his cold, blue eyes. 'Because I love you, sir.'

Randy smiled. 'Good answer. OK, I'll have mercy on you.' He walked toward the bound man in the chair and loomed over him. He pushed his hips forward until the stinking jock-strap was pressing into Bob's mouth. Bob hungrily feasted on the rank-smelling bulge, licking the fabric, putting his mouth over the head of the cock underneath. He was like a ravenous, starving man, licking, biting, sucking at the cock and balls. He became delirious from the overwhelming stench filling his nostrils, the rancid taste assaulting his mouth as he sucked in the juices from his master's sweating, stinking crotch.

'OK, man,' he heard Randy's deep voice. 'I'm gonna give you five seconds to shoot your load.' As he began to count he reached down and suddenly, viciously, twisted Bob's nipples hard in his fingers.

The searing pain shot through Bob's heaving chest, his head flew back, he gazed up wide-eyed at the savage demon above him, felt his sweat pouring down on him. Then he screamed, his body convulsed, he felt flames rising from his crotch, and his cock exploded in a stream of hot semen that flew high and landed in his hair, on his face, his neck, his chest. A second eruption blasted upward and splashed onto the sinewy chest of his master above him. Bob's body was pulsing uncontrollably, as his incredible orgasm continued, unleashing stream after stream of hot, creamy juice.

Randy stood back and gazed in awe at the bound muscle-stud, his head hanging in submission, his exhausted body, covered in semen, convulsing in the chair. He smiled as he towered over the man he had just demolished so completely, enslaving him once more, reducing him to a pleading, helpless ruin, a man he owned, body and soul.


'Hey, Randy! Where are you?'

Bob's head jerked up at the sound of Zack's voice. Still bound to the chair, weak and helpless, body still streaming with his own cum, his eyes flew open wide in alarm. He couldn't believe what he heard next.

'Down here, Zack,' Randy shouted. 'In the basement. Come on down and join us.'

'No, Randy,' Bob begged frantically. 'Not like this. Please don't let him see me like this. Please let me go, sir.'

But Randy ignored him. They heard Zach's voice again as he came down the stairs. 'We're all finished upstairs. I just wanted to know if ......' but his words died in his throat. He stood in the doorway unable to get his mind round what he saw. Randy was wearing just an old, soaking jock strap, breathing heavily, looking downward. Zack followed his gaze and gasped at the sight of the big muscle-stud tied to a chair, body covered in what had to be semen, head bowed in abject humiliation.

The whole room was redolent of male sex, the smell of it, the heat, the vibrations that still hung in the air. What had happened here? Zack felt shock bordering on revulsion and fought to regain his senses.

'Oh, no, he gasped. I'm sorry, guys. I didn't mean to ..... I had no idea ...... I'll come back later when .......'

'Hey, Zack,' Randy smiled, throwing his arm over the black man's shoulder. 'No sweat, man. Just as well you caught us in a ....... private moment.'

Zack recoiled. 'No, man. No! I'm not ready for this kind of.....'

'Hey, Bob,' Randy cut him off again. 'Look up. Zack's here.'

Slowly Bob raised his head and locked eyes with Zack. There was a moment of confusion, of fear, anger, humiliation ....... But then something passed between their eyes that Bob had experienced before only with Randy. It was a recognition, an understanding, and an overwhelming surge of lust. Zack's shock was replaced by desire, as he felt his cock grow rigid in his jeans.

The sight of this magnificent bodybuilder, cum-soaked, helpless in bondage, with his breathtaking physique and dark, Superman features, was simply stunning. And then Zack knew. Bob had once mentioned that it turned him on when Randy treated him rough. And Zack realized that from that moment, somewhere in his deepest subconscious, he had imagined a moment such as this. Zack had only once before been attracted to a guy, but this man was different. Zack desired Bob in a way he still could not define. He just knew that he couldn't leave this room.

Randy broke into his thoughts. 'So this is the gym, Zack, and your temporary home till you get settled.' Still in a daze Zack allowed himself to be shown round the room. Randy talked easily about the gym equipment, described some of his workout techniques and gradually put Zack at his ease. But still, bound in the corner, his gaze fixed on the tall, magnificent black stud, was Bob, helpless.

Randy was saying. 'Well, I hope you'll be comfortable here, man. There's a king-size bed and an adjoining bathroom. The boys will bring you whatever you want, and you'll eat your meals with us. Oh, just one thing.' He turned toward Bob. 'He doesn't come with the room.' And both men turned to focus on the man in bondage.


There was a long, strange silence as Randy and Zack stood shoulder to shoulder and gazed at Bob. Zack now could not take his eyes off him. The captive's muscles were still pumped from the effort to free himself. He was breathing deeply and his body was wet with sweat. Most of all was the cum. His body was covered in the stuff; his hair was matted, his face streaked, his beautiful torso streamed with it. Zack felt his heart beating wildly. He had never seen anything in his life that he found as exciting as this. He felt his cock pulsing in his pants.

Bob too was overwhelmed as he looked at not one, but two sensationally beautiful men. The one he knew as well as he knew himself, dominant, demonic, masterful. The other was a relative stranger, but felt he had known him a long time. He gazed at the tall, broad-shouldered, black muscle-god. The gleaming white tank was stretched tight over the ebony skin, over the V-shaped torso tapering down to a slim waist. The face that gazed at him was extraordinarily handsome, pale gray eyes, high cheek bones, square jaw, shaved head.

Bob was completely overpowered by the sight of these two glorious males standing before him. He groaned as he felt his cock get hard again, rising to a rigid pole. Randy grinned.

'See, Zack, what you do to him? He's crazy about you. And why not? You're one of the most magnificent studs I've ever seen. I'm looking forward to knowing you a whole lot better. And when I've done what I need to with you I'm gonna let you spend time with him. Do whatever you like.' He heard Zack take a sharp intake of breath.

'In the meantime,' Randy continued, 'we gotta help him out with that hard-on that's torturing him. I just made him shoot his load, but the sight of you can make him do it again. He tells me he beat off in the waves after he first met you. Well, that'll happen again, only this time without touching himself. Watch.'

'OK, man,' Randy said to Bob. 'If you can get free you can cum again.' Bob began to pull at his restraints, his body leaning forward, muscles bulging and flexing as he twisted and strained, desperate to free himself.

'Jesus Christ,' breathed Zack as he gazed at the struggling bodybuilder, and his hand went down to the bulge in his own jeans. 'That is phenomenal. God, I've never seen anything like that. It's fucking beautiful.'

'Please, sir,' Bob moaned. 'Please let me cum again sir.'

Randy smiled. 'He's talking to you, Zack, not me. This time he's begging you.'

Zack looked down at the pleading face, the straining body, and was hypnotized. He reached behind him, pulled off his tank top, and stood stripped to the waist, legs apart. He felt dominant, triumphant, and he gloried n the effect he was having on Bob.

Bob couldn't stand the sight of this breathtaking, shirtless man. 'Oh God, no. Please,' he moaned. 'You are so fucking beautiful, man ..... its unbearable. I need to cum looking at you. I have to. Please let me cum, sir. Please help me.'

As if in a trance Zack walked forward until he was standing right in front of the pleading man. His hand went down to his crotch and he ripped open his jeans. And for the first time Bob saw Zach's cock. It was a club ..... long, thick and heavily veined. Tears came to Bob's eyes and he started to drool.

Randy stood at a slight distance watching with satisfaction at what came next. Zack reached down, grabbed Bob's hair in his fist and pulled his face back. With his other hand he was stroking his massive rod.

'Is this want you wanted, asshole? You wanted my cock, didn't you? You wanted me from the minute you first saw me?'

'Yes, sir. You know I did.' He gazed upward, helpless, his handsome face held rigid by Zack's fist.

'Are you gonna shoot your load for me, boy? Do you want me to make you shoot your load?'

'Yes, sir. I'm begging you, sir. Please let me cum.'

Zack's tone softened. 'God, you're beautiful. I love to see you tied up. It's so fucking hot. This is what I've wanted to see. And this, man, is what I've wanted to do.'

He beat his meat harder and harder and his breathing became ragged. Bob watched enthralled as the cock swelled even bigger. His eyes focused on the head, on the hole at the tip, and he screamed as a long jet of white semen blasted from it and slammed him in the face. He opened his mouth and let the streams of cum fill it. He swallowed hard, again and again as he tasted the bitter-sweet essence of the man, gulped down his juice deep into his throat, into his belly.

He saw the handsome, ebony face freeze, then open in a guttural scream that echoed round the room. 'YES! Yes, man. Oh, God, this is what I've wanted. This is it, man.'

Bob was hardly aware that his own cock was erupting again, until he saw white liquid splash onto the gleaming back chest of the man dominating him.


It was a long time before the orgasms ended and calm returned. Zack stood like a statue in front of the shuddering body tied to the chair. Gradually he became aware of the hand on his shoulder and Randy's voice in his ear. 'Now you know, Zack. Now you know what it's like. Beautiful, isn't he? Just follow me and I'll take you places you never dreamed of.'

Zack looked him in the eyes. 'You're an awesome fucking man, Randy. Letting me do that to him ..... thanks, man.

'Now,' Randy smiled. 'Untie him.'

Zack walked forward and, never taking his eyes off Bob's face, knelt and reached round to untie his wrists. Bob's arms dropped to his sides and they heard Randy's voice again.

'Now you can hold him. Now.'

Zack leaned forward pressed against Bob's cum-soaked chest and curled his arms around him. Their lips met in a fierce embrace. Then, as they held each other tight, they felt hot liquid pouring down on them. As Randy watched these two stunningly beautiful men embrace he couldn't hold back. With just a few strokes he shot a massive load over them. It was a kind of baptism, the initiation of a whole new adventure.


The table was being set for dinner in the garden and speculation filled the air as the three excited boys talked over each other. 'So spill the beans, dude,' Darius said to Jamie, 'tell us about Zack, all the stuff he wrote down on the application.'

Jamie became formal. 'Can't do that, Darius. Bob says that personnel files are strictly confidential. Zack's an employee now, the new project manager on Site 3.

'Ah, never mind,' Darius scoffed. 'I used to do that job, after all. Randy's bound to want me to work with Zack.'

'You wish,' Pablo grinned. 'The man's a walking fantasy.' He froze as the man himself appeared with Randy and Bob. The boys gazed open-mouthed and Darius murmured, 'Awesome. Totally awesome.' As the three men walked out of the house it was obvious from their sweating, heaving bodies that they had been having some serious sex. Randy had on just gym shorts, Bob was in boxers, and Zack was barefoot and shirtless in black jeans.

'OK, guys, listen up,' Randy said. 'You've already met Zack, and I'm sure Jamie's told you that he's joining our company as one of the site managers.' There was a spontaneous burst of applause from the three boys.

'Yeah, yeah,' Randy said. 'Now, for the next few weeks Zack will be sleeping in the basement room here until he gets himself settled. He'll be eating with us so you'll set another place at the table here. Now for you, Darius. I am relieving you of your duties as my assistant for a week or two. During that time you will work closely with Zack.'

Darius dug Pablo in the ribs. 'Told you so,' he whispered triumphantly.

'You're familiar with that work site and the crew so you'll give his all the assistance he needs. You will also help him transfer his gear into the basement. Do whatever he asks you to.'

'You bet I will,' Darius again whispered to Pablo.

Zack came forward and stood before Darius. 'Hey, bro. It'll be a pleasure working with you. I look forward to it.' They bumped fists and Zack grabbed his hand, pulling Darius to him in a quick hug. 'You OK with all this, bro?'

Darius felt his legs start to buckle and his cock grow rigid. 'You bet, sir. It'll be an honor.'

Just then there was the roar of a motor cycle outside and in a few seconds Mark came through the gate. He had just finished his shift and was in his full black uniform. The effect on everyone was striking as always, but especially on Zack who had never seen Mark in uniform before. Everyone heard Zack gasp as he looked at the gorgeous Greek god striding toward them, stunning in his police gear.

'Good timing Mark,' Randy said. 'I know you've had that Harley vibrating under you for the last eight hours and you want to spend time with Jamie, but can you spare us a few minutes?'

Mark joined Randy, Bob and Zack at the table and the boys brought them beers. Randy explained what had happened that afternoon and Mark beamed at Zack. 'Congratulations, man. It'll be great to have you as one of us. We need a good-looking guy around here for a change.' There was a roar of laughter and the two men shook hands. Then Randy looked hard at Mark.

'There's something special I want to ask you, buddy ..... a favor ..... couple of favors actually.' He caught Bob's eye who picked up on his cue and said to Zack, 'Here, let me show you the rest of the house while these guys talk.'

Randy edged closer to Mark and spoke softly. 'Look, buddy, I want to ease Zack into the group gradually. He's new to all this. I think he fooled around a bit with a guy once, but ..... well, we can be kinda heavy duty ...... so I want to take it one step at a time. He doesn't know it yet but next weekend I'm gonna take him out to the creek in the desert.'

'Uh-uh,' Mark grinned. 'Guess I know what that means.' He recalled vividly when Randy had taken him there and introduced him to what could only be described as man-sex of the most intense kind. 'Go easy on him.'

'You know me better than that, buddy,' Randy grinned. 'Anyway, I don't like leaving Bob out of this but I have to for now. So while I'm gone I'd really appreciate it if you'd keep him company ...... take care of him ....... in whatever way you can.' He looked him in the eyes. 'And I mean that in every sense. Anything goes.'

Mark smiled, knowing exactly what he meant. Randy cleared his throat. 'There's another thing you can do right now, but only if you're comfortable with it. I know you can still feel that Harley throbbing under you and you're dying to fuck that boy of yours. So how do you feel about this?

Randy explained what he wanted. Then they stood up, just as Bob and Zack came out into the garden. Mark winked at Randy. 'Hey, Jamie,' he called out. 'Get your sweet ass over here. We're going upstairs.'

Jamie beamed, broke away from the other guys and came running to Mark. The cop threw his arm over his shoulder and they walked toward the house. Zack was watching them, his eyes wide, his thoughts racing. Mark stopped and looked at him.

'You know, man, I never did thank you properly for saving my life that day at the beach. Let me do something for you.' He paused deliberately. 'See, I get real horny after riding my bike all day and my boy Jamie here always takes care of me. Would you like to come and watch?'

Zack froze. This had come out of nowhere and hit him between the eyes. So he hardly believed that it was his own voice saying, 'Er, yeah, man. Sure. If that's OK with Jamie.'

Jamie's eyes sparkled. 'Of course, sir. It would be an honor.'

And so the three men walked inside the house together.


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 70'

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