Mark's boy Jamie was alone in the house with Bob for the weekend.

The architect Lloyd would not start work for Randy until Monday, so in the meantime Randy had taken Pablo to the lake and Mark had driven Darius to the Security Expo in Las Vegas. It was all part of a plan to integrate the boys more into the running of the construction company. To that end Bob was introducing Jamie to the basic elements of business procedures.

Mark had no problem leaving his boy with Bob. In fact, he said, he wanted Bob to do him a favor. Mark explained, 'See, Jamie is crazy about me. Like hero worship or something.'

'Easy to see why,' Bob laughed.

'Yeah, but the thing is he's scared shitless I'm gonna leave him. So I need him to relax, get to know someone else well so he realizes I'm not the only guy in the world who likes him. This weekend you two will be alone in the house so .... I was .... well .... wondering if ....'

Bob smiled at Mark's hesitation. 'I think what you're trying to say is that if I want to get to know Jamie well, that's OK with you. Anything goes.'

Relieved Mark said, 'You're fucking terrific, man, you know that? I love Jamie and I trust him with you. No matter how close you get, day or night, that's fine with me. It would do him a power of good. He has to be confident enough to accept that he'll always be my boy.'

Mark had related the gist of this conversation to Jamie. After some hesitation Jamie realized that he would enjoy a weekend working with Bob and learning the nuts and bolts of the business.

'Well, sure,' he said with a grin. 'Bob's a great guy. Yeah, I'd like getting closer to him. Might be fun.'

So Mark and the other guys left town and they were alone. Jamie sat down with Bob at his computer and looked over at the beautiful face close to his, the square jaw, sculpted features and soft brown eyes. Yeah, he was gonna enjoy this.


They worked hard. Bob took Jamie through the basic elements of book-keeping, budgets, purchasing and payroll. Turned out that Jamie had a real affinity for the work. Some years back he had handled the books for his uncle's liquor store and enjoyed working with figures.

'You know,' Bob said, 'I was thinking of having an outside company take care of payroll but I'd rather keep it in-house. How would you like to have a crack at it?'

Jamie's face glowed. 'You would trust me with that, sir?'

Bob smiled at him. 'Jamie, you always under-estimate yourself. Mark has told me about your insecurities, how he has tried to give you more self-confidence. You gotta get over that, kid. That's partly why I'm teaching you the business. Still, we've worked enough for one day. Tell you what. Why don't we turn off the computer and treat ourselves to dinner in a fancy restaurant?'

Seeing the boy hesitate Bob smiled. 'And don't worry that you won't know the right fork to use. I'll guide you through that. Think of it as the start of your education as a young professional. Come on. Let's find something for you to wear.'


An hour later found them seated at a window table overlooking the ocean at Santa Monica. They were both well dressed, in slacks and dress shirts but Jamie was obviously intimidated by the stylish restaurant. Bob quickly put him at his ease ('just use whichever fork you want to .... it's your dinner') and soon they were talking animatedly about how Jamie's book-keeping duties would work.

'Sir,' he asked, 'are you sure Mark will be OK with this?'

Again Bob reassured him, but still Mark's name came up repeatedly. Bob realized why Mark was concerned about Jamie's intense idol worship. He would have to do something about that. Already he had a plan. Subtle but effective, he hoped.

After a great meal and long conversation they got home late and were both tired. 'Time for bed,' Bob said lightly. 'You might as well sleep in my room so we can get up together and make an early start. OK?'

Jamie felt a mix of nervous emotions but he stammered, 'OK, sir.' And they began to undress. At first Jamie half turned, shyly, not looking at Bob. But as he caught a glimpse of the beautiful man he began to shed his inhibitions. He watched as Bob unbuttoned his dress shirt, revealing the white tank underneath. He gasped as Bob took off the shirt and stood smiling at him, his magnificent physique visible under the tight tank top.

Jamie took off his shirt quickly and let it drop. Then he unbuttoned his pants and stepped out of them. He watched Bob pull the tank over his head until he stood there stripped to the waist. Jamie couldn't help himself.

'Oh man .... you're beautiful, sir.' Then he caught himself and blushed. 'Sorry, sir.'

'That's OK, Jamie. You can admire another guy.... even if it's not Mark.'

Bob kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants. As he stood in just his white boxers Jamie again half turned away, but this time it was because his cock was like a tent pole under his shorts. Bob pretended not to notice and threw himself on the bed.

'Jesus, I'm bushed. Thank God for cool sheets.'

Jamie hesitated then slowly climbed in beside him. Bob murmured, ''Night, kid. Good day's work,' and he turned on his side, his back to Jamie, ready for sleep.

Jamie lay on his back, his mind in a whirl of confusion. His hard-on wouldn't go down and the thought of sleeping next to this incredible man excited him in spite of himself. Of course, he would remain faithful to Mark but still .... He had half expected Bob to make a move on him and was ashamed to feel disappointed that he didn't. He didn't move. He knew he would never be able to fall asleep like this.

Ten minutes passed and he cleared his throat. 'Er .... sir ....are you still awake?'

'Just,' Bob muttered.

'Er ....' Again he cleared his throat. 'Sir, do you think Mark would mind if I touched you?'

Bob smiled to himself. This is what he had been waiting for. He turned over and looked into the boy's nervous eyes. 'No, he wouldn't mind if you did. But I'll certainly mind if you don't. I thought you'd never ask. Come here.'

Bob wrapped his muscular arms around Jamie and heard his deep sigh of pleasure. Bob ran his hands down over the beautifully formed young body until he reached the shorts.

'Hey, what's this tent-pole doing here?'

'I'm sorry, sir. I can't help .....' But Bob cut him off.'

'Kid, you never have to apologize for a hard-on. Especially to the guy who's causing it. OK. We'll take care of that real fast. On your knees.'

They both got into a kneeling position on the bed facing each other. 'See, me too,' laughed Bob, pointing down to the bulge in his own shorts. 'You ever masturbated just looking at a guy?'

'Well, Mark, of course, sir, but .....'

'..... but nobody else eh? Well this'll be a first. Take out your dick.'

Shyly Jamie pulled his cock out from his shorts and it stood straight out, rigid. He gazed at Bob as the muscle stud flexed his shoulders, then put his fists on his hips and pushed his shoulders forward, flaring his lats in bodybuilder pose. His handsome face broke into a gleaming smile. He looked magnificent. Jamie gasped as his eyes travelled over the incredible physique of this muscle god.

'Oh, God. That is so damn beautiful sir. Oh, man, I .....'

'Show me how much you like it, Jamie. Most guys would already have cum by now.' He raised his arms and flexed his biceps in a classic competition pose. 'Come on, kid. I'll start to think I don't turn you on.'

With this challenge Jamie's pulse raced and he could actually hear his heart thumping. He took hold of his cock and didn't even need to stroke it. The spectacular man posing before him was too much for him and Jamie screamed as a huge jet of hot white cum blasted from his cock, shot high in the air and splashed down on the slabs of the body builder's gleaming chest. It was followed by stream after stream of semen that covered Bob's shoulders, chest, legs and shorts.

Jamie was lost in a visual world of pure lust. He gazed in awe at the body covered in white juice and, without thinking, he fell forward and began licking greedily at the cum-soaked muscles. Bob brought his hands behind the boy's head and pressed his face against his chest between his pecs. Jamie felt the heat of the body, smelled the sweat and tasted the cum. It was a complete overload of the senses. Finally, from somewhere above him he heard Bob's commanding voice.

'On your back, kid.'

Jamie obeyed instantly. He lay on his back and watched as Bob sprang to his feet and stood astride him.

Bob smiled down at the handsome young man and said, 'I'm not the only beautiful man in this bed, Jamie. Look at this.'

From his shorts he pulled his cock that was hard as a rock. 'See what you do to me, kid.' He stroked his rod slowly. 'So, what do you want, Jamie? Look at me and tell me what you want.'

Jamie looked up at the awesome sight, the tall, magnificent muscle god towering over him, his body shining with sweat and cum. Jamie was intoxicated by the image. 'Sir, I want to feel your juice on me, sir. Oh, God. You are so beautiful. Please, sir. Cum for me, sir.'

Bob didn't speak. He simply smiled, then his body flexed as semen began to pour from his rigid cock onto the body of the awestruck boy beneath him. Jamie's body, his whole being, trembled as he was anointed by the warm liquid streaming out of this awesome man. As his face and chest were soaked, the rush of emotion was too much for him and he went blank for a few seconds.

When he finally opened his eyes he saw the big man sink to his knees, then fall forward onto him. As they embraced hungrily, their bodies slid over each, greased by their own sweat and semen. They didn't clean up. Just as they were they fell into an exhausted sleep.

And, for the first time in his life, Jamie was wrapped in the arms of a man who wasn't Mark.


Next morning Bob came slowly to his senses and reached over for Jamie. Not there. He wondered if the young man had left the room in embarrassment when he woke and remembered the events of the night before. Then he knew the truth as he heard and smelled what was about to come through the door. Breakfast!

'God, is that a sight for sore eyes early in the morning,' Bob grinned, watching Jamie, completely naked, come through the door weighed down by a huge tray containing a cooked breakfast. 'That's beautiful, kid.' He laughed. 'The breakfast looks good too.'

There was an initial hint of shyness in Jamie, but it soon dissolved as he found his voice and chatted animatedly, speculating about how the other guys were getting on and what work Bob would be doing with him that day. Nothing was said about last night's sex, but it had obviously made all the difference and opened the floodgates of Jamie's newfound confidence.

And so the day progressed in a flurry of activity and intense computer work. They broke only for a bite to eat, then worked on until finally in the late afternoon Bob said, 'OK, Jamie. Another thing you have to learn about work is when to stop. Time for a swim.' They stripped naked and dived into the pool, horsing around like seasoned buddies. Finally they hauled themselves to the side of the pool.

'What do you want to do now kid?'

'That's up to you, sir.'

'OK. Then here's the deal. I'm gonna have sex with you again but what I really want to know is what turns you on .... what really turns you on.'

'Well, I .....' Jamie stammered then trailed off.

'Come on, kid. Time for the truth. Time to open up. We all fantasize. What's your fantasy? After what we've been through you know you can tell me your secrets.'

Jamie looked deep into his eyes. He took a deep breath, hesitated, then took the plunge. 'Well, sir .....what I really like ..... what I fantasize about is .... being tied up.'

'Bondage, eh?' Mark smiled. 'Great. I can handle that. Shit, I live with Randy, so I've been through my share of that. The guy's an expert.' He paused to reflect. 'Tell you what. You go get a shower, get dressed and report to me in the basement room in half an hour. OK?'

'OK, sir.' As Jamie climbed out of the pool Bob saw his cock was already semi-erect.

After Jamie disappeared inside Bob got out of the pool, reached for his cell phone and hit the speed dial. 'Hi, Mark? You on your way home? How long? Perfect. I need to run something by you. Something I think you'll enjoy.'


Freshly showered Jamie went nervously down the stairs to the basement room. There was nobody there. He had not been down here often but knew that this was where the guys worked out and played their sexual games. It was lined with mirrors and Jamie admired his own reflection, simply dressed in jeans and tight, pale blue T-shirt. He waited apprehensively.

He heard footsteps on the stairs and got a surprise when Bob walked in. He was fully dressed in his business suit, shirt and tie .... as if he were going to the office. Even so, he looked stunning. Bob made no comment but he did look approvingly at the tall, handsome young blond standing before him. He walked over to a black leather bag that Randy kept in the corner and pulled out what he needed.

He came close to Jamie, looked deep into his eyes and quickly buckled leather restraints on his wrists. He clipped two ropes to the restraints and threw the other ends over the chin bar high above them. So in a few seconds Jamie's arms were stretched upward in a V, the ropes attached to each end of the bar. Bob took off his jacket, stood back and admired his work.

'Well, you asked for it, kid, and I gotta say you look damn beautiful like that.' He took a step back and folded his arms. 'OK, now try to get free.'

Jamie looked at Bob, then up at his shackled wrists. He pulled first one arm, then the other but the rope held them fast.

'Come on, man. You can do better than that. What if I told you I'd whip you if you didn't get free?'

Alarmed, Jamie really struggled now, yanking on the ropes trying to snap them. He tried to scrape the rope across the bar in an attempt to fray it, but that clearly wouldn't work. Then he made Bob gasp. He grabbed the rope and, with all his strength, pulled himself up to the bar and grabbed it. With great effort he tried to loosen the rope round the bar.

As he looked upward and struggled, his body twisted and strained, his legs kicking wildly. His jeans slipped down his waist and came to rest halfway down his ass, so the crack, his tan line, and the top of his perfect mounds were visible. His T-shirt rode up his body, revealing the six-pack of his hard-muscled stomach. Bob gazed in awe at the beautiful young stud as he struggled. His hands dropped to the crotch of his dress pants and he stroked the bulge of his rigid tool underneath.

'God, that looks sensational, kid. You really are fucking beautiful tied up like that.' He walked right up to Jamie, who still grasped the bar above him. Bob put his arms around his waist and locked him in a bear hug. Jamie felt the breath being squeezed from him and he now had to struggle to get loose from the vise of the muscular arms wrapped round him.

The boy's shirt had ridden higher and his waist and lower chest were bare. Bob pressed his face against the naked flesh and breathed in the smell of the youthful body, wet with sweat. He was intoxicated by the feel and scent of his young prisoner and the bear hug became intense. Jamie thought he would pass out and managed to stammer.

'Please, sir. You're gonna crush me, sir. I can't take it, sir. I'll do anything for you. Anything! Please let me go, sir.'

'Don't listen to him, buddy,' a deep voice growled. 'He's all yours.'

It was Mark.

Through his pain Jamie looked over Bob's shoulder in shock and terror. Mark had silently come into the room, dressed in his full police officer uniform. Jamie's mind reeled. He wanted to scream, to plead. He thought he was losing his mind.

'Just in time, man,' said Bob. 'Here, give me a hand .... or rather two arms.'

Jamie saw the big cop walk round behind him, felt the uniformed body press against his back and two brawny arms wrap round him and join Bob's. Jamie was now being crushed, front and back, by these two powerful body builders. The pressure of the two bodies was intense and his mind began to go dark. He knew he was losing consciousness when suddenly the pressure decreased. He was able to let go of the bar and his feet mercifully touched the floor.

But the men didn't leave him. Instead their hands wrapped around each other's backs and they hugged gently, with Jamie still in between. In his delirium he heard their voices.

'Welcome home, officer,' said Bob. 'Thanks for your help.'

'Anytime, stud,' said Mark.

In total disbelief Jamie watched the two beautiful faces coming together over his shoulder and the glorious men kissed hungrily. Their faces rubbed against his cheek as they ground their lips together. Jamie heard them, felt them, as they made love to each other as if he wasn't there, trapped between them.

Then suddenly it was over. The cop and the businessman separated and Jamie was left standing alone, his arms still tied to the bar above his head. His mind still reeled from his helplessness, the pain of Bob's brutal bear hug and, most of all, the shock of his master's sudden return. What happened next was an even bigger surprise when Mark spoke.

'Join me in a beer, Bob?'

'Sure, man. So tell me about your trip.'

Jamie was stunned. He was being ignored.


The contrast was hard to adjust to. From being crushed between the two men as they made love, Jamie was now a neglected bystander. The cop and the businessman sat together on the couch ten feet away from him, drinking beer and catching up on their weekend.

'Yeah,' Mark said. 'The Security Expo was terrific and I think Darius learned a lot. He's a great guy, you know, when you can get him out of his fantasy world. I can see why Randy made him foreman. What about your student?'

'He's a quick learner. He just needs more confidence. I thought a bit more discipline wouldn't hurt either.'

'So I see,' grinned Mark. 'Good for you, man.'

And so the conversation went on and the men downed one beer after another. Finally Mark stood up. 'Well, guess I better get out of this uniform.'

'I gotta change, too,' said Bob, standing up. 'Here, I'll give you a hand with that.'

Jamie desperately wanted to get free. He struggled and tugged at the ropes but to no effect. He was a prisoner. Then he thought he was entering another world as he witnessed the scene that unfolded before him. The two handsome men faced each other, the smart business executive, dark-haired with sculpted good looks, and the uniformed blond cop, with stunning, classic Nordic features. They reached up and began to unbutton each other's shirt.

They seemed oblivious of the bound young man struggling to get free as they slowly undressed each other. The black cop shirt came off first, then Bob's dress shirt. They both had white T-shirts underneath and they rubbed their hands over them, feeling the bulging pecs underneath. Jamie looked on wide-eyed as they reached behind each other's necks and pulled up on the T-shirts, which rose slowly over the abs, the chest then over the heads and off.

Stripped to the waist they looked at each other's beautiful torsos. 'Jesus, man,' Bob breathed to the cop. 'You are so fucking beautiful.' He ran his hands over Mark's naked chest and squeezed his nipples.'

'Oh, yeah,' Mark moaned and did the same for Bob. Jamie gasped as they squeezed hard, making each other groan with a mix of pain and pleasure. Again he struggled hopelessly to get free. Then the two men pressed their chests together, put their arms around each other and ground their torsos against each other. The young man's cock was raging inside his jeans and he longed to touch the growing bulge.

Then things got serious and went faster. With increasing passion they unbuttoned each other's flies and pulled down the pants. Boots and shoes came off until they were standing naked before each other. They sank to their knees, their bodies came together and they rolled over and over on the floor, in a passionate, building embrace. In a trance Jamie watched the two glorious muscle gods writhing together, their straining limbs locked in a strenuous battle for sexual supremacy.

They wrestled, kissed, thrashed, stroked ..... each glorying in the feel and musky smell of a body as superb as his own. It was a sight Jamie would never forget. He struggled frantically, desperate to touch them, to feel their magnificent bodies, to shoot his load all over them. But he was trapped in the bondage he had asked for.

Mark was on top now, holding Bob down as he lay on the floor. Suddenly he grabbed his legs and pushed them over his head. Mark lowered his face and buried it hard against Bob's moist hole. He licked ravenously, tasting, smelling the stud's musky warmth.

Jamie watched spellbound as the furious rimming continued, until the cop finally came upright on his knees and pressed the head of his raging cock against the beautiful ass. Jamie held his breath, waiting for the moment where the cop's hard rod would penetrate the waiting hole.


'NO!' With a sudden surge of strength Bob put his feet on Mark's shoulders and pushed hard, making the cop rear up onto his feet. He stood over the naked man, shuddering with frustration. Bob too sprang to his feet and placed his hands on Mark's shoulders.

'Oh, man. Oh, fuck. Jesus I wanted that, but you know I can't. You know I can't surrender my ass to anyone except Randy. God, I'm sorry, man. But it belongs to him.'

Mark sighed deeply. 'You're right, buddy. I guess I got carried away. It's just that you are so fucking hot. And I'm so fucking juiced up. What am I gonna do with this?' and he pointed to his rigid shaft.

'Well,' Bob said slowly. 'There's always the young stud here.' Jamie took a sharp intake of breath as they seemed to notice him for the first time.

'You're right,' said Mark. 'Jesus my dick needs a hot ass right now. And this kid is hot. But he's yours for the day, buddy.'

'No. I owe you this, man. You take him first. But leave some for me. Check his ass out.'

Mark stood behind Jamie, reached round to unbutton his fly and pulled the pants down round his ankles. 'Oh, shit, man. That is some ass. I gotta get inside that.'

Bob grinned. 'Here, I'll hold him for you.' In one quick move he grabbed the neck of Jamie's T-shirt and ripped the shirt clean off. Jamie trembled as he stood naked, his jeans round his ankles. For the second time that day Bob pressed his body against Jamie's and put his arms round him in a bear hug. His deep brown eyes penetrated Jamie's with an intense gaze and Jamie saw the trace of a smile on his face.

And suddenly he knew. All this had been for him. Bob had arranged with Mark that he would come in when he did, in full uniform. That's why Bob wore his suit .... they put on a show for him, a spectacular show that drove him wild with excitement and frustration. He had asked for bondage and he got it. Helplessly he had watched these two magnificent muscle gods strip each other naked and then make love before him, until the final moment when the penetration was abruptly abandoned.

And now! Now the two men had turned their attention to him. He was going to get fucked ... by his master and then by his new boss. Bob held him tight in his arms and Jamie felt his master's dick behind him touch his ass. He took a deep breath as he felt it slide all the way in. As it started to fuck him, slowly at first, then gathering speed, he looked into Bob's eyes and the face came closer. He felt Bob's lips touch his and immediately they were grinding each other's mouths, feeling, tasting, searching with their tongues.

Jamie was transported into another dimension. As before, he had one man hugging him from the front and another behind him. But this time they were naked and the man behind was pounding his ass. Jamie's rigid cock was being crushed between his body and Bob's. He was in a delirium of pure pleasure as he felt the two muscle studs work on him. Then Bob took charge.

'OK, man. Let him have it. Show him who his master is. Fill up his ass.'

Jamie heard Mark yell and felt the eruption inside his ass as his master's orgasm exploded. At the same time his own cock pulsed and he felt the hot stream of creamy liquid shoot up between his own body and Bob's naked flesh pressing against him. The three men moaned and shuddered endlessly until finally their bodies subsided.

Jamie closed his eyes and was only dimly aware of the cock pulling out, of bodies moving, and when he opened his eyes he was looking into the smiling blue eyes of Mark, the man he worshipped. Bob and Mark had changed places.

Mark's voice was gentle. 'You doing OK, kid? Thought we'd give you a treat.'

Jamie's eyes filled with tears. 'Thank you, sir. You did all this for me. You .... you really do love me, don't you?'

'Crazy about you, kid. Glad you finally realized. But hey, I still have to thank my buddy. I'm gonna lend your ass to him. And while he fucks you you're gonna make love to me. Got it?'

Jamie didn't need to reply. He felt his master's lips touch his at the same time as a second cock entered his ass. Bob's fucking was gentle, loving, as Mark made spectacular love to him, kissing him, licking his face, rubbing his muscular body against his that was still slick with his own cum. It was a truly thrilling sensation and Jamie relaxed back onto Bob's cock as it blasted cum into his ass, adding to the semen that his master had just poured into it.

And it was over. The three naked men separated and looked at each other for a long moment. Then Jamie threw his arms round Bob's neck and said, 'Thank you, sir. I'll never, ever forget that. I love you, sir. And I'll work real hard for you.'

'You bet your ass, you will, kid. When you get off work tomorrow you report to my office, OK? Now I'm gonna hit the shower,' and with a wink at Mark he left the room.'

Mark frowned at Jamie. 'My man, I still have a problem. Trouble is, for the last five hours on the freeway from Vegas I've had a Harley throbbing between my legs. You know how horny that always makes me. One good fuck just won't cut it. I'm greedy ... and you're my boy. Think you can make love to me again, kid? And again after that?'

'Just as often as you like, sir,' Jamie smiled, and they went upstairs together.


Monday morning dawned sunny and hot. Randy and Pablo had got home late the night before and now the three young men were making breakfast, tripping over each other to relate their stories of the weekend. The air was thick with exclamation ..... 'No way, dude!' .... 'Awesome, man ... fucking awesome.'

Soon, though, they all left for their jobs. All day Jamie was eager to get home that evening and start his work for Bob. When at last he walked into Bob's office at home he got a surprise. Bob had worked fast. In the corner of the room was a brand new work-station and computer. Jamie sat at it and put his hands on the keyboard.

'It's all yours, kid ... for my brand new assistant.' Bob had just come in. 'Now, let's get to work.'


Much earlier that morning Randy had skipped breakfast and headed straight to the construction site. But he wasn't the first one there. Waiting at the gate, ready to begin work, was the architect .... the new apprentice .... Lloyd. He was dressed, as ordered, in the clothes he had been given the last time he was there .... Randy's old work pants and boots and the grimy tank top that still stank of Randy's sweat and piss.

Randy's eyes ran approvingly over the handsome face, with the trim moustache and goatee, and the chiseled physique. 'Impressive, Lloyd. You've bulked up since we last met. Been working out hard, I see. Even got some hair on your chest.' He ran his hands over the sculpted torso and Lloyd gasped as the fingers scraped against his nipples.

They walked across the construction site and into Randy's trailer office and confronted each other. Randy repeated the plan he had agreed to as a condition of hiring Lloyd permanently.

'OK, just so everything's clear. You work for me as one of the construction crew for four weeks. In the evening you stay here and work on the plans and blueprints in your architect role. At the end of this probationary period I decide if you'll become our full-time architect. Agreed?'

'Agreed.' Randy noticed that Lloyd was no longer addressing him as 'sir'. 'Soon fix that,' he thought to himself.

As they looked at each other they both had mixed emotions. Randy's priority was to see if he could mold the arrogant man to fit in with the tough work crew ... rough him up a bit. He told himself there was nothing personal in it, but deep down his macho dominance was at work. Part of him admired the handsome, well-built man and he needed to subdue him as a matter of pride. Randy was always the alpha male and needed to prove it. He would never admit that even deeper down he felt a simmering lust for the man.

Lloyd's feelings were on a similar track. Above all he wanted to prove that he was man enough to join the crew. He wanted the job. But stronger than this was his admiration and hunger for this incredible stud. He had been already been fucked and humiliated by him and was reluctant to face the truth .... he had loved it and wanted more.

Neither man would admit that they both felt their dicks stir in their pants.

'Hey, Luke!' Randy yelled. The rest of the crew was arriving and one of them strode over in answer to Randy's call. 'This here is Lloyd.'

'Yeah,' said Luke. 'I've seen the architect here before. Never looked like this, though,' he grinned. Luke was a big, beefy guy .... shirtless, plenty of hair on his chest but none on his shaved head. He had worked for Randy for years and usually knew what the boss wanted. He knew this time too.

'Lloyd's gonna be working here for the next four weeks,' Randy said. 'Think you can take care of him for me?'

'Sure thing, boss. Yeah, no sweat, I'll take care of him alright.'

Lloyd looked at Randy, startled. 'But I thought I'd be working with you.'

' 'For' me, Lloyd, not 'with'. You'll be working with Luke.'

And he abruptly turned and went back to the trailer, leaving Lloyd with the brawny, bald-headed construction worker.


And Luke knew just how to take care of Lloyd. Luke worked on the principal that if there was a dirty, unpleasant task to be done it was given to the low man on the totem pole. 'And you're the lowest, Lloyd,' he growled. So all day in the scorching sun Lloyd sweated and strained through the most menial work on the site. He dug ditches, demolished old walls, broke up concrete and anything else Luke commanded.

At one point they discovered that there was a blockage in a wide drainage pipe. Luke made Lloyd crawl through the pipe to open it up. He emerged with his handsome face and body streaked with grease, dirt and rust stains.

He endured the physical tests of strength, but the hardest thing was catching sight of Randy, his wet tank clinging to his chest, sometimes with his arm over Darius's shoulder explaining work projects to him. God, he wanted to be close to the man .... he wanted to serve him.

The exhausting day finally ended and Randy called him into the office.

'Jeez, you're a fucking mess, Lloyd. Looks good on you. Anyway, now your architect duties begin. There are new plans here that you need to go over. There's food in the refrigerator over there. You'll sleep the night here on the couch. If it gets cold there's a bunch of my old filthy clothes in the dirty laundry pile in the corner. Feel free to wear what you want.'

As Randy turned to leave, he added, 'By the way, you did OK today, Lloyd. I was watching.'

'Thank you, sir,' Lloyd stammered. (Randy heard with satisfaction that the 'sir' was back.)

Lloyd desperately wanted to say more .... just touch him, for God's sake .... but Randy's look was intimidating.

'Get some sleep,' Randy said. 'You're gonna need your strength for tomorrow.' And he was gone. Lloyd was alone.

Lloyd turned to the drawing board in an agony of frustration and longing. Evidently Randy saw him just as a work horse, nothing else. He worked for a few hours on the plans but he was exhausted. He needed to sleep. But he didn't lie on the couch.

Instead he knelt on the floor in front of the pile of Randy's old, filthy clothes. His mind was spinning. He fell forward and buried his head in the pile, breathing deeply, inhaling the essence of the man, the dirt on the pants, the sweat on his shirts, the piss in his shorts. He couldn't get enough of this man who was driving him wild.

He knelt back up and stared down at the clothes. He pulled his raging cock out of his pants and started to stroke it. In his mind he saw the image of Randy as he had been today, sweat running from his black hair and down his handsome face, his magnificent physique straining under his tight tank as he worked.

'God you're beautiful,' he breathed as his body shuddered and his cock erupted in a long stream of hot cum that splashed on the pile on the floor. He was sobbing with frustration as he fell forward and buried his face in the heap of stinking clothes.

And that's how he slept all night.


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 54.'


Rob Williams

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