'What if they've gone to......?' Darius began eagerly, but Mark cut him off.

'Shut up, Darius,' the cop snapped. 'I know your fantasy motor is in overdrive but we don't want to hear it.'

They were all edgy and the Saturday morning breakfast was overhung with a cloud of doubt and foreboding. Mark was being well taken care of by the three boys who had prepared breakfast outdoors, but they were all wondering what had gone down between Randy and Bob.

All they knew was that Bob had gone off to San Bernardino with the architect Lloyd to view some of his work as a possible prelude to hiring him full time. Then Pablo had taken a phone call from Bob explaining that they were staying the night out there at the Hilton. When Pablo passed on the message to Randy he could not forget the look of cold rage in his eyes as, without a word, he had stormed out of the house and taken off in his truck.

All four men knew Randy's fiery anger personally. They had all been victims of the physical rages he could fly into. And they all knew that he valued his intense relationship with Bob above all else. Anyone who got in the way of that was dead meat. Randy was the undisputed master of the house and he and Bob were its bedrock. Any rupture in that could badly affect all their lives.

'We'll be OK, won't we, sir?' Jamie looked up at his master, the beautiful cop Mark, who put a reassuring arm round him.

'Sure, kid. You're my boy. Nothing's gonna change that. You'll see ...... those two guys will sort things out somehow.'


What they couldn't imagine then was the uniquely savage punishment that Randy had inflicted on Bob to 'sort things out'. In the searing heat of the remote Mojave Desert, Bob had been the recipient of physical and mental torture, naked in the wilderness. As had happened in the past, this trial of strength, and the ultimate reconciliation, had been a catharsis for the two powerful men and forged an even stronger bond than ever.


Breakfast was almost over when the waiting group finally heard the crunch of tires on the gravel outside as the truck pulled up. But were they both there? Had they come back together? What in God's name had happened? The guys held their collective breath.

The gate swing open ...... and Randy strode into the garden shirtless, in workpants and boots. They looked open-mouthed as Bob followed him .... buck naked with the shreds of a rope round his neck. They were stunned into silence .... but Randy wasn't.

'Hi guys,' he called out cheerfully.

Mark found his voice. 'Hey, buddy ..... er ...... everything OK?'

'Never better,' Randy grinned.

'Want some breakfast?'

'No thanks ...... we're busy.'

He grabbed the end of the rope dangling from Bob's neck and led him into the house. As they disappeared Darius grinned at Pablo, held up his open palm and they high-fived each other. Jamie smiled at Mark. 'You were right, sir. Seems like they worked things out fine.'

The pall of gloom was lifted and they relaxed into their Saturday routine. Only Randy and Bob did not join them. They stayed in their bedroom all day. As Randy had said, they were busy. It was early evening when the four guys, lounging by the pool in the warm sun, finally saw Randy and Bob emerge from the house, both freshly showered, barefoot in jeans and clean white T-shirts.

'Hey, Darius ..... boys,' Randy called out. 'Get off your asses. Shouldn't you be making dinner? On the table ..... out here ..... in an hour. And Pablo, bring out three beers. Move it!'

Yes, sir,' said the three young men in unison and ran into the house.

Mark sat down at the table and smiled up at the two muscle studs. 'Well you two sure have a glow about you. Could set the hillside on fire. Good day? And ....... night?'

'The best,' said Bob.

They joined him at the table and Randy said, 'OK, we three have to talk.'


In the kitchen the action, and the talk, was fast and furious. The three youngsters were tripping over each other, with Darius, of course, taking the lead. His speculation into what had gone on between Randy and Bob quickly morphed into extravagant fantasy, until Pablo stopped him.

'Look, dude. No use speculating. We want the facts. When I'm alone with Randy I'll see if he'll tell me. You ask Bob, and you, Jamie, talk to Mark. He shares everything with you.'

While the three young guys rattled on in the kitchen the talk around the table outdoors was more serious as Randy, Bob and Mark nursed their beers. The subject, of course, was Lloyd. The punishment Randy had inflicted on Bob had healed the rift between the two of them. When Randy got mad he took revenge and then put it behind him. But of course, he had not yet dealt with Lloyd.

Still, on the long drive home Bob had felt freer to talk about Lloyd ....... solely on a business level .... and he enthusiastically described some of the buildings the architect had designed. They were really innovative, he said, but Lloyd felt stifled by the corporate bureaucracy of his current firm and was eager to make a move.

This was the topic that was now taken up by the three partners in the construction company as they drank beer around the table.

'No fucking way!' There was no doubt how Randy felt. No way was he going to hire the bastard who had just slept with his lover. He accepted that a staff architect was a good idea ..... just not that asshole.

But Bob and Mark did not give up. Bob had taken photos of the buildings he had seen and they had to admit they were impressive. 'His designs are really unique,' Mark said. 'A talented guy like this could put us on the map.'

'Unless, of course,' Bob said, 'you think these designs are too challenging for our construction know-how, Randy. We may not be up to it.'

'Fuck you, man,' Randy said. Bob always knew what buttons to press. Randy had no vanity, except in the quality of his work. He could build anything.

Dinner came and the subject was dropped. But it was resumed the next morning and Bob and Mark were finally wearing down Randy's resistance. Bob, characteristically, tried to find some area of compromise and came up with the idea of a probationary work period to begin with.

'You mean like an apprenticeship?' Randy asked, and Bob caught the light that glinted in his eye.

'Sure,' Bob replied. 'Let him work for you for a while ...... let you see what he's made of.'

There was a long silence as Randy reflected on this. Finally he slammed his hands down and looked up at his two buddies. 'OK ..... here's the deal. First of all, we see how he gets along with all the guys here. We're a tough bunch. See how he handles it.'

Bob frowned. 'What do you have in mind, buddy.'

'Never mind, that's my business. If he passes that test he comes to work on the building site for four weeks. He's got to know the construction side of the business inside and out, so he'll work for me and we'll see if he can take it. If he's still standing at the end of the month .... then OK, we take him on. Agreed?'

Bob looked sideways at him and grinned. 'You fucker.' He knew well that Randy had not yet got even for what Lloyd had done with Bob. For him that was unforgiveable. You fuck with Randy ...... worse, his lover ....... and you pay.

Mark grinned too, picking up on what was going on. 'Poor guy. Think he can take it?'

'Guess we're gonna find out,' Randy said. 'Let him come here a week from today.' And that closed the subject. He turned toward the house. 'Darius! We're ready for more beer out here.'

'Right away, sir.' Hovering nearby, Darius had overhead much of the conversation. His eyes gleamed. 'I can't wait,' he murmured to himself, and ran off to the kitchen.


So it was that early next Saturday Bob answered the door and there was Lloyd. He was dressed for a job interview ...... expensive suit, tie, the works. Bob instinctively knew that this was Lloyd's armor; his confidence came from looking immaculate. That was the currency in his business world.

They had spoken on the phone to set up this meeting but had not seen each other since their notorious trip. Their eyes met and they shook hands rather shyly. Bob again felt an empathy for this striking but lonely man. And despite everything he still admired the handsome face, with the moustache and goatee beard, and the perfect physique apparent even under the business suit.

'Come into the garden,' Bob said. 'Randy's in the shower but he'll be right out. Beer?'

They sat over beers and Bob filled him in on their meeting the previous week. He glossed over Randy's angry reluctance as he said tentatively, 'After what happened Randy had reservations about all this but we came up with a kind of solution. I'll let him explain. But I have to ask you, Lloyd ...... how bad do you want to work for us?'

Lloyd's gray eyes leveled with him. 'More than anything. I admire and respect you guys and really want to be with you.'

Bob frowned and spoke hesitantly. 'Just so you know ......Randy was real mad about what we did. He has ...... anger issues ...... and I paid a heavy price. Let's just say he hasn't addressed that with you .... yet.'

Lloyd smiled. 'Don't beat around the bush, man. You mean he's going to punish me. Fair enough. I deserve it ....... I can take it. Bring it on.'

Bob winced nervously but conversation came to a halt as they both looked up. Randy was striding out of the house, an intimidating sight, shirtless in just jeans and boots. He walked right up to Lloyd sitting at the table and towered over him.

'So, you came. Haven't spoken to you since you crawled off the building site that time. You clean up well, I'll give you that.' Both men recalled the shattered wreck Lloyd had been then, near naked body covered in mud, sweat, oil and Randy's piss.'

Lloyd didn't reply, but stood up and faced Randy, holding out his hand. After a moment's hesitation Randy shook it firmly. They eyes met with a mix of emotions ..... challenge, defiance, pride, muted anger from Randy and apprehension from Lloyd. As their hands clasped there was also something else, a kind of macho respect, though it was subliminal, fleeting, impossible to identify.

But both men understood one thing ..... it was going to be a very long day.


'Boys ..... get out here,' Randy shouted. They didn't need telling twice. Eagerly, impatiently they had been waiting in breathless expectation for their summons and they were outside in an instant, with Pablo's Doberman, Billy, yapping at their heels. 'Jamie, is Mark working?'

'Night shift, sir. Should be home any minute.'

'OK. You all met this man once before. Name's Lloyd and he wants to work for me. But I thought he should get to know us better before we consider taking him on board. So say hi, boys.'

'Hi, Lloyd,' they said in unison, their voices tinged with just a touch of mockery.

Bob winced, fearful about what came next. Randy spoke softly to him. 'You don't get to be part of this welcome party, buddy. As I recall you already had your party. So this time you just get to watch.'

Then Randy turned his full attention to Lloyd. 'I want to make one thing clear. At any point today, if our meet-and-greet gets too much for you and you want out, you're free to walk right out of here. You won't see us again .... no hard feelings. Got it?'

'Understood,' Lloyd muttered, determined to prove himself to this dominant man.

Randy grinned. 'I see you dressed for an interview, Lloyd. But this is no interview. More like a getting acquainted session. So lose the jacket.' Quickly Lloyd took off his jacket and let it drop.

'Now the tie.' Lloyd obeyed. Randy's face came close to Lloyd's and he said softly, intimately. 'Welcome to the house, Lloyd. But, of course, I forgot. You already made yourself welcome to Bob, didn't you? Bad idea, Lloyd. Bad move. See, he's mine.'

Lloyd gulped. 'Yes, sir.' The steel blue eyes boring into his were chilling.

'OK, now the shirt.' In one swift move Randy placed his hands at his collar and ripped the shirt downward so it came clear away from the body. As Randy tossed it away there was a gasp from the young onlookers, stunned by the sudden move and also by their first sight of the beautifully sculpted physique of the handsome architect. The muscles flexed slightly and the smooth, velvet skin gleamed in the early morning sun.

Randy's face hardened and his voice became ominous as he growled, 'On your knees, asshole.' Lloyd sank to his knees on the grass and looked up at the man he knew was about to punish him. But his fear was tempered by his admiration for the stunning, swarthy muscle-stud looming over him like a demon. He had a sense of what was coming and he felt his cock stir.

Everyone held his breath. The only movement was the breeze, the only sound the relentless buzz of the cicadas. Suddenly, the stillness was broken by the sound of a motor bike pulling up outside. The gate swung open and Mark walked in, still in his cop uniform, fresh off the night shift.

'Mark,' yelled Randy. 'Your timing's perfect, man.'

The cop stopped and looked at the group clustered round the shirtless kneeling man. 'What the fuck.....?'

'Just a getting-to-know-you session, buddy,' Randy grinned. 'Hey, Mark, I know when you've had that bike throbbing between your legs all night you come home horny as hell and always fuck Jamie. But if it's OK with you I need Jamie out here for a while and, besides, I have another idea ..... a great way for you to get your rocks off. Get over here.'

Mark joined the group and looked down at the kneeling architect. Randy stood behind Lloyd and clamped his hands on the side of his face, pulling it upward. 'Open up for the officer, Lloyd.'

After a moment of confusion Mark understood what was going on. This was Lloyd's 'apprenticeship.' For reassurance the cop looked over at Bob who smiled slightly at him and shrugged with a murmured, 'Go for it, buddy.'

Lloyd could not believe his eyes. He gazed up at the stunning Greek God in cop's uniform. The tousled blond hair fell over his handsome, chiseled features, his muscular chest and shoulders filled out the black uniform, with the white triangle of T-shirt at his neck. The black pants were belted tight at the slim waist and tucked into high shiny boots.

The glorious face looked down at him and Lloyd watched mesmerized as Mark undid a few more buttons of his shirt, exposing more of the pecs straining under the T-shirt. Lloyd was beyond rational thought. Instinctively his mouth hung wide open ...... in awe and anticipation of what was coming.

The sight of the handsome architect's face clamped in Randy's big hands was a turn-on for Mark. And Randy had been right .... he was horny as a bull. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his rigid cock, the big head only inches away from the open, waiting mouth. Mark looked over at his boy Jamie and winked at him. Then, in one swift movement he plunged the length of his cock deep into the mouth, causing it to gag helplessly. Mark threw his head back and moaned with the pleasure of feeling the smooth, hot membrane close round his rod.

Lloyd was helpless, his head held rigid by the big construction worker. Despite choking on the rigid dick stuffing his mouth Lloyd was able to look up at the magnificent cop who was punishing his face. He had never seen anything more beautiful and, despite the pain and humiliation of his situation, he wanted to please this muscle god. He closed his throat tightly around the shaft plunging inside him. His eyes streamed with tears as the cop ravaged his mouth.

Mark's cock had badly needed release and the tightening of the muscles around it pushed him over the edge. Like a piston, his cock pumped back and forth in the architect's mouth until he felt himself getting close. His body shook and he looked again at Jamie.

'Watch this, kiddo,' he yelled as his cock exploded in a massive orgasm of hot semen, streaming down the throat. Lloyd swallowed hard, trying to gulp down the warm cream, though a lot spilled out of his mouth, ran down his chin and onto his chest.

Finally the cock pulled out of his mouth and he was left gasping for air. He gazed helplessly up at the faces of the cop and the construction worker, and he heard Randy's voice.

'What do you say to the officer, Lloyd?'

His eyes still watering Lloyd gasped, 'Thank you, sir.'

The three boys gazed in awe at the sight of the humbled architect kneeling before the cop. He had come into the house smartly dressed, the proud executive, and here he was displayed before them in shirtless submission, publicly humiliated. Jamie looked with adoration at Mark, his master, who had totally dominated the handsome architect and now smiled triumphantly at Jamie.

Like the other two boys he waited breathlessly for Randy's next move. He didn't have to wait long.


'So who's next?' Randy laughed. That's just what Darius had been waiting to hear and he hopped up and down eager to be chosen. But instead Randy said, 'What about Jamie? You didn't get your usual 'welcome home' fuck from your master, so what about a substitute? What d'ya say Mark?'

Mark looked gently at his hesitant boy. 'I think you can handle it, Jamie .... after what you did to me the other day,' referring to the time when Jamie had fucked a man for the first time. But this too was new to him, face-fucking another guy, so he waited for his master's cue. Mark took Randy's place behind Lloyd and clamped his face in his hands, tilting it up.

'Not bad, eh, kid? Great face, moustache, goatee beard. Wouldn't you like to fuck the handsome executive in the mouth?' With this encouragement from the cop Jamie felt his cock get hard and he stepped forward.

By this time Lloyd was feeling totally degraded. The guys were taking turns to use him, talking about him as if he were some animal being used for their pleasure. And the cop was offering him to the junior member of the group, a mere boy. But as Jamie came up to him his reflex once again was to open his mouth.

Mark smiled at Jamie and said, 'Go for it, kid. He's already slick with my cum. It'll feel great. Mix your juice with mine in his mouth.'

And that's exactly what Jamie did. For the first time in his life he pushed his cock into a guy's mouth and it felt terrific. He felt his master's wet semen in the warm hole and began to pump furiously. Mark leaned forward and their faces came together, their lips locking in a furious embrace. The sensation for Jamie was exhilarating as he felt his master's tongue exploring his mouth and the burning in his pulsing cock.

Mark was smiling at him now. 'OK, kid. Show me you love me. Shoot your load for me.' Jamie looked into Mark's blue eyes and exploded in Lloyd's mouth, making the architect choke on his second load of cum for the day.

Jamie smiled at the cop. 'Thank you, sir. That felt great. I love you, sir.'

Lost in all this was the kneeling man, almost forgotten, choking on the double load of semen as the two men made love above him. He was just a tool, an instrument being used for the pleasure of others. He was reduced to an anonymous face, opening his mouth for whatever new cock was placed before him. His feeling of humiliation deepened, and he knew there was more to come.


'Not yet, Darius,' Randy laughed. 'I'm saving your ten inches 'til last. No, I want to give my boy a piece of the action.' He turned to Pablo. 'Hey, son .... been a while since we spent any quality time together. I'll make that up to you soon. In the meantime think of this as an appetizer. Let's take care of that bulge in your pants.'

Pablo grinned. He worshipped this man, the man who had adopted him as his son. He would do anything for him ...... and this time it would be a real pleasure. Randy again held Lloyd's face in a vise-like grip as the young man stepped forward unzipping his pants. He looked down at the handsome face of the architect, the open mouth still spilling with two loads of cum, and brought the head of his cock against the mouth. Pablo raised his head to look at Randy.

'Would you kiss me, please, sir?'

'Be a pleasure kid. Now fuck his face hard. Do it for me, for your old man.'

Their mouths came together at the same time as Pablo plunged his young cock deep inside the mouth beneath him. The swarthy construction worker and the exotic young man groaned with mutual pleasure, ignoring the sounds of the abused man choking beneath them.

'That's great, kid. Harder, now. Fuck him harder.'

Pablo was exhilarated by the harsh growl of his master and his cock became a relentless piston as it plunged into the suffering mouth. He couldn't hold back for long.

'Ok, now sir? Can I empty my load into him?'

'Sure thing, kid. Finish him off.'

Pablo again felt his master's tongue probing his mouth, his cock was on fire and it exploded in a huge jet of hot cum. He jammed his cock deep against the back of Lloyd's throat as he continued to grind his mouth against Randy's.

Finally Pablo gazed into his master's eyes and he breathed, 'Thank you, sir. You are the best.'

'I aim to please, kid,' Randy laughed.

Almost as an afterthought Pablo pulled his cock out of the mouth. He had all but forgotten the architect, and now he and Randy looked down at the suffering face, tears streaming from the eyes, white cream pouring from his mouth, coating his moustache and beard.

'You did great, kid?' Randy said. 'Your first lesson in how to destroy a man.'

'Think he's had enough, sir?'

'No way. I've been saving the biggest weapon 'til last. The grand finale. Hey, Darius! Get your ten inches over here.'


Finally it was his turn, his chance to re-live his fantasies. When he first laid eyes on Lloyd, Darius had imagined multiple scenarios of what he could do with this handsome, elegant man. Unnoticed by the others he had slipped into the house and come back with his cowboy hat, something he had once bought for one of his many fantasies with Pablo.

Now he swaggered forward like a fantasy icon. He was wearing jeans and cowboy boots and the hat, but no shirt. The black muscles of his sculpted chest and shoulders gleamed, his lats tapering down to his ultra slim waist. Pleased with himself, he took his hat off and bowed to acknowledge the amused applause, hoots and whistles of the onlookers.

The boisterous mood was not shared by Lloyd. He remembered before when Randy had made Darius display his cock to him. He was amazed then at the ten long black inches and the memory now filled him with fear.

'I guess we'll leave this one to you, Darius,' Randy said. 'Don't think you need any help from us.'

And he didn't. He walked confidently up to the fearful architect and said, 'OK, Lloyd ...... the cowboy and the city slicker. I think we can make something of that. I'm gonna ride you, man. Get ready, pretty boy. Open up.'

He had no choice. Randy stood over to one side, in control as always. Lloyd looked up at the beautiful young black body, then focused on the bulging crotch in the jeans. Slowly Darius unbuttoned his fly and the monster tool flopped out .... ten massive inches of it, even soft. Lloyd's eyes widened as he saw the huge pole stiffen and grow rigid, until it was pointing straight at his face.

The helpless man opened his mouth and closed his eyes. He felt the head enter, followed by inch after inch of the long dick. He felt it slide to the back of his mouth, but it didn't stop there. It continued smoothly down into his throat until it finally came to rest. Lloyd knew his only hope was to relax his throat muscles, but even then he gagged on the monstrous tool.

Darius pulled back and began to fuck the handsome face. The rhythm increased until the long shaft was plunging in and out like a piston. Darius put his left hand behind Lloyd's head and took off his cowboy hat with the right. He waved it triumphantly in the air as he pulled the face forward onto his cock. For all the world he was a magnificent, shirtless cowboy riding a struggling bronco.

As Darius whooped and hollered Pablo yelled, 'Ride him, cowboy!' They all got into the spirit of the moment, shouting encouragement to the bucking black cowboy. Lloyd was being battered into another world. His face twisted and streamed with tears as the monstrous tool pounded his mouth and throat. He would have begged for mercy but his mouth was crammed full.

Darius put on a show for his buddies. He bucked harder, waving his hat in the air, whooping and howling in jubilation. The pounding grew faster, his body flexed and gleamed with sweat until it shuddered and became rigid. The cowboy threw his head back, tossed his hat high in the air with a triumphant 'Yahoo!' and his cock exploded.

Lloyd thought he would pass out as he felt the streams of hot liquid pouring straight into the depths of his throat. Darius laughed as he gloried in the taming of his broken stallion. His cum poured in a never-ending torrent into his 'city slicker' whose body was trembling in an agony of pain and humiliation.

There was a wild round of applause and whistles as the spectators cheered Darius on his spectacular performance. As the beaming black man went over to them and fell into Pablo's arms, Randy walked up to the shattered, broken man shuddering on the ground, his face a mask of pain, coated in the semen of four men.

'So now you know my boys, Lloyd. Shit, man, that's just their way of saying 'Hi'. They sure seem pleased to see you. But, hey, you don't really know me yet, do you? I gotta do something about that. Can't let my boys have all the fun.'

He turned to the group. 'Hey, guys. Can you go into the house and eat lunch or something? I need some time alone with Lloyd. We have business to discuss.'

As they all walked back to the house Randy looked down at the anxious face. 'I told you, Lloyd, that you can leave at any time and never see us again. Or you can stay and get acquainted with me. What's it to be, asshole?'

Lloyd looked up at him defiantly. 'Go fuck yourself, man.'

Randy grinned. 'Mmm .... somehow I don't think so, Lloyd. Probably not me that's gonna get fucked.'


A short time later Lloyd was thinking his bravado may not have been such a good idea. He was helpless, completely at the mercy of the construction worker. He had not noticed the hammock suspended between two trees, but now he lay in it naked, spread eagled, his wrists and ankles tied to the four corners. Randy towered over him.

'So, it's just you and me at last, asshole. You knew it had to come to this. You messed with my man, you shithead. Shouldn't have done that, Lloyd. Look where it landed you.'

The naked architect looked up with terrified eyes. 'What you gonna do to me, man?'

'Well, let's see what we got here,' and Randy pulled out two things from his pocket: a pair of tit clamps connected by a chain, and a length of rawhide. He reached down for the balls and tied the rawhide tight round the scrotum, prompting a moan from the prisoner. He dangled the tit clamps over his chest.

'This is where you really get to know me, Lloyd.' Quickly he attached the clamps to Lloyd's nipples and as the serrated edges bit hard his eyes opened wide and he howled in pain. But worse was to come. Randy attached the end of the rawhide to the chain, and pulled upward. The balls were now connected to the nipples, sending jolts of pain through both as Randy jerked them upward.

'Fuck you, man,' the agonized man yelled defiantly. 'That all you got?'

'Not quite, asshole. There's this too.' Randy ripped open his jeans, pulled out his thick, rigid cock and plunged it dry into Lloyd's ass. Even inside the house the guys heard the echo of the agonized scream and they knew that Randy had begun. The shirtless construction worker began to slide his dick in and out of his captive's ass, matching the rhythm with jerks on the rawhide and chain. His steely eyes bored into Lloyd's.

'Feel that, asshole? It's called revenge. See, I'm the boss around here and this is what I do to someone who fucks with me or my men. You still wanna work for me, Lloyd? Fat chance. I'll break your fucking body before that happens. But here's the deal. When the pain gets too bad .... and it will ...... all you have to do is submit to me. Then you walk free ... and we never see you again.'

Lloyd managed to open his eyes and groan hoarsely, 'Fuck you, man. I'll never submit to you.'

In reply Randy plunged his dick in deeper and yanked savagely on the man's balls and tits. The screams pierced the warm air.

It is said that a man can feel only one source of pain at a time. Not so for Lloyd whose ass, balls and nipples were being tortured at once. His ass felt as if it were being ripped open by a ramrod, and his balls and tits were being torn from his body.

The pain was indescribable and Lloyd was sure he had to give up. He looked up at Randy and was about to speak. But he said nothing, mesmerized by the spectacle above him. The man was glorious, black hair falling over the swarthy, chiseled face, sinewy muscles of the spectacular physique flexing, shining with sweat, as the body plunged into him and the bulging arms pulled brutally at his chest and balls.

He flashed on Darius earlier. Again he was being ridden like a tortured stallion. As Randy's pelvis plunged forward his torso leaned back. His right hand held the rawhide and chain, like reins, and his left arm was held high in the air triumphantly. He pistoned forward again and again, thrilling to the hot furnace of the suffering ass and the joy of riding his horse to the breaking point.

'Give up, man. You know it's agony. You know you can't win. Submit, fucker. It's all you can do.'

But as the tortured man looked up at the magnificent dark demon above him, he knew he could never submit. He had to be with this man, work for him, serve him. He would do anything, suffer any pain, just to be near him. He would willingly submit to him every day ..... but just not this time. Now he had to prove himself to his new master.

Randy watched in amazement as the look in Lloyd's eyes changed. The agony slowly dissolved into something different, a trance-like ecstasy, exhilaration even, as the pounding continued. Randy caught his breath as he saw the tortured man's cock become rigid. He looked deep into the gray eyes and a smile came to his lips.

'You fucker. I'm not gonna break you, am I?'

'No, sir. I want this, need it. Torture my body, sir. I want to serve you. You're my master, sir.'

'OK, man. You got it!' and Randy increased the savage rhythm of his cock, pulled mercilessly on the tits and balls until he knew the pain must be unbearable. Lloyd looked up at him and moaned.

'Please sir, I beg you. Untie my hand. Let me touch my cock.'

'No need, Lloyd. Not with me. Never is. Just show me how much you want me. Let me see you shoot your load.'

The two men joined in an ecstasy of pain and punishment, united in the thrilling sensation of two alpha males becoming master and slave.

'Now, Lloyd. Are you ready?'

'Yes, sir,' Lloyd moaned.'

Randy yelled, 'Then do it now, man!'

He gave one last brutal tug to the chain, buried his cock deep inside his victim's burning ass and felt it explode deep inside. He watched the handsome face shudder, the head flew back, the cock pulsed and a huge stream of white cream spurted high in the air and splashed onto the face and chest of the agonized man.

The piercing screams of both men were too much for the group inside the house. With fear and apprehension they ran out into the garden ..... and stopped dead. They gazed in awe at the sight of the heaving construction worker pouring with sweat, his cock buried in the ass of the shattered architect, the naked, bound body soaked with semen.

Randy was gazing into the wild, gray eyes with a newfound admiration. He spoke softly.

'You're a tough son-of-a-bitch, Lloyd.'

'Thank you, sir.'

'So, you want to work for me?'

'Yes, sir.'

'It'll be rough. I can be brutal.'

'I know that, sir. And I love it.'

Suddenly Randy pulled his cock out of the ravaged ass and turned back toward the amazed group. He smiled at Bob.'

'OK, buddy. Go untie him. Clean him up. The man's hired.'

And he strode back into the house.


TO BE CONTINUED in 'A Trial Of Strength - Part 52.'


Rob Williams

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